Belle Inspiration Magazine March-April 2019 FINAL COPY


ina, you’re an American in Paris. Is living in the City of

Light as exciting as it sounds? And do you think romantic

is the best way to describe her, and why?

Even after ten years of living here, I can honestly say that yes, it is

as exciting as it sounds. Paris is fascinating, and living in a different

culture means never getting bored!

And I think Paris is romantic in a broad sense. There’s so much

incredible beauty here, and the city never stops flirting whether it’s

with the alluring smell of some divine pastry or just the sparkling

reflection of light on the Seine, almost everything about Paris is


What was your journey like from your hometown of Raleigh,

North Carolina to Paris?

Ha-ha! Complicated. I’d fallen in love with the city while on vacation,

and I’d come back a couple of times to see what it was like to be

here alone. It sounds odd to say, but I always felt very at home in

Paris – even before I could speak French. The decision to move was

relatively easy, but I didn’t have a job here, didn’t have the right to

work here, and didn’t speak the language, so making it happen was

a challenge.

The only way to do it was to come as a student, and since I needed

to learn the language anyway, I enrolled at La Sorbonne. I rented a

25 square meter studio, quit my job in the US, sold my condo and

my furniture, and didn’t sell my car until the morning I left to come

here! Although in retrospect, getting here was the easy part!


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