Commando News issue 15 2019


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Welcome to Edition #15 April - July 2019.

All of us at Commando News trust you

had a wonderful Xmas and New Year

break and hopefully 2019 has been very generous and

prosperous for you all thus far.

The year has kept us busy thus far and we can’t

believe it’s April already.

There are some great articles in this edition as there

always is and it is great to see people are very

enthused about getting on board and providing input

into our magazine.

Some people have contacted me about the amount

of advertisements that are in the magazine, well to be

honest this what pays for our magazine. If we didn’t

have these paid adverts in Commando News the ACA

would be paying for it so let’s not look a gift horse in

the mouth.

Keep the articles coming and remember you can

send the articles to me at any time to the email address


Commando For Life

Nick Hill


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