Get Out! GAY Magazine – Issue 414 April 17, 2019

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay population is interested in.

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay population is interested in.


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Berlin<br />

Pride <strong>2019</strong><br />

Summer Intensive German Program<br />

B1 - C1 Intermediate / Advanced<br />

Sunday July 21, <strong>2019</strong> - Friday July 26, <strong>2019</strong><br />

BOOK NOW: www.jacobiteacher.com/berlin<strong>2019</strong>

week in pictures >> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com<br />





Danny Wood and Jessie Chris:<br />

‘Bodyguard’<br />

New Kids on the Block member Danny Wood and Billboard’s Country<br />

Artist to Watch Jessie Chris have collaborated on an emotional and<br />

touching anti-bullying duet titled “Bodyguard.”<br />

Inspired by country singer and anti-bullying activist Jessie Chris’ music<br />

videos and anti-bullying speeches that she has given at schools, Wood<br />

composed and created a sensitive and compelling story performed<br />

together by the two. “I watched a music video and saw some anti-bullying<br />

speeches Jessie had given at schools,” Wood says. “I just started writing<br />

notes down on a pad of paper. It went from a pad on my desk to my<br />

guitar, and it turned into this song.”<br />

The 21-year-old Chris has made it her mission to visit 100 schools across<br />

America to speak to kids about bullying, while healing from her own<br />

bullying issues. Coming from Massachusetts and desiring to become a<br />

country singer made her different than the rest, causing her to be bullied.<br />

She struggled with her own self confidence, and now finds strength in<br />

those experiences.<br />

New Kids on the Block just released a brand-new anthemic song and<br />

video tributing boy bands, and celebrating their own 30 years of success,<br />

called “Boys in the Band.” The video also features cameos from Bell Biv<br />

DeVoe, NSYNC’s Lance Bass and Debbie Gibson.<br />

Members Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight, Jordan<br />

Knight and of course Danny Wood will embark on a massive “Mixed<br />

Tape” tour visiting 53 cities beginning May 2 and ending in Hollywood,<br />

Florida, July 14. Tickets can be purchased at ticketmaster.com.<br />


Danny, how did Jessie inspire you—<br />

actually, how did you even find her?<br />

Danny: I know her manager, Jeff. He<br />

sent me a few of her songs and then<br />

links to watch her speak at the schools<br />

with her anti-bullying campaign. I was<br />

inspired; she’s so young and talented<br />

and already giving back to kids like<br />

that, which was pretty fantastic. I<br />

thought, “Wow.” I started writing down<br />

some notes, listening to her speak<br />

and wrote the song. We recorded it<br />

and then did a video the same day. So<br />

I’m really proud of it, and I hope that<br />

people enjoy it and that it helps some<br />


Danny, did you feel that inspired<br />

that you felt compelled to create<br />

this song, and why?<br />

Danny: Yeah, I mean, I watched<br />

her speak, and her speaking at the<br />

schools hit me personally. Obviously<br />

everyone has an experience being<br />

bullied. I mean, for me, it was when<br />

I was younger in school. But also I<br />

have three kids that are between the<br />

ages of 20 and 26, and I had to advise<br />

them with social media bullying and<br />

all of that. It hit home right away.<br />

Jessie, what exactly have you been<br />

doing to combat bullying that<br />

inspired Danny to write this song?<br />

Jessie: I’ve been visiting schools in<br />

my free time for about four years<br />

now just having the kids hear my<br />

story, because I dealt with bullying.<br />

I wrote a children’s book about it,<br />

so I read my book, do some songs<br />

and hopefully help some kids who<br />

are struggling. About a year and a<br />

half ago I made a goal to visit 100<br />

schools in one year.<br />

I completed that<br />

goal, and now I still<br />

visit schools when<br />

I have time. It’s just<br />

something I like to<br />

do to help others<br />

when I have the<br />

time.<br />

Jessie, do you<br />

feel that you were<br />

bullied as a child,<br />

and if so, how so?<br />

Jessie: For me, a<br />

big reason why I<br />

was bullied was<br />

because I was a bit<br />

different. Growing<br />

up in Massachusetts<br />

I knew when I was<br />

little that I wanted to<br />

sing country music,<br />

and so kids in my<br />

school made fun<br />

of me for it. I got<br />

cyber bullied a lot. I used to even<br />

get pushed against the lockers just<br />

because I was different. It really took a<br />

toll on my self-confidence afterwards.<br />

So once I regained that selfconfidence<br />

I felt that it was important<br />

to talk to these kids in school. I don’t<br />

have an older sibling. I am the oldest<br />

sibling; I have two younger brothers.<br />

So I think some of these kids need<br />

kind of like an older sibling figure to<br />

share their story with and help them<br />

through it.<br />


Danny, the idea of a “bodyguard”<br />

in regard to bullying is a genius<br />

idea. What prompted it?<br />

Danny: I don’t know exactly how that<br />

came to me, but looking back on<br />

writing this song, it’s obvious that<br />

Jessie is a bodyguard to a lot of these<br />

kids. I mean, she is openly speaking<br />

about her experience, and that’s the<br />

best way to get through to these kids,<br />

speaking from experience. Definitely<br />

she inspired it.

As a New Kid on the Block you<br />

have an influence with kids.<br />

On your tour that you will be<br />

beginning in May, have you had<br />

any plans to perform this song<br />

with Jessie during that time?<br />

Danny: Probably not. The New Kids<br />

thing is a whole different world.<br />

This is my solo stuff, and I do it<br />

with Jessie, so I kind of keep them<br />

separate. We have to keep our<br />

show moving. People are there to<br />

see the New Kids—not to see me,<br />

but rather the whole group. So<br />

I’m going to keep the two things<br />

separate, and hopefully me and<br />

Jessie will be able to perform the<br />

song soon.<br />

If I could ask you any question in<br />

the world, what would you want<br />

me to ask you?<br />

Jessie: That’s a cool question. Now<br />

I’m trying to think; that was a really<br />

thought-provoking question. I guess<br />

I would say, “What’s your favorite<br />

color?” because nobody’s asked me<br />

that. I would say pink.<br />

OK, Danny, what’s your favorite<br />

color?<br />

Danny: I don’t really have one.<br />

If either one of you could make a<br />

statement to kids who are being<br />

bullied, what would you say?<br />

Jessie: To the kids that are the<br />

bullies I would say that if there is<br />

something going on in your life<br />

that’s making you angry or upset,<br />

you shouldn’t take that out on<br />

other kids. Also, when you bully<br />

other kids you have no idea what<br />

is going on in their personal life,<br />

and you have no idea how much<br />

harder that bullying can make their<br />

life. So just be cautious of other<br />

people’s feelings, and if you think<br />

about the golden rule we learn in<br />

kindergarten, to treat others the way<br />

you want to be treated, if we really<br />

just live by that, the world would be<br />

a totally different place.<br />

Danny, what about to the kids<br />

that are being bullies?<br />

Danny: I would first tell them that if<br />

it’s in school or social media, I live<br />

by just posting and getting out. I<br />

don’t read any of the comments.<br />

I kind of make it a one-way<br />

conversation, because it’s a lot<br />

easier to deal with. At school I<br />

would tell them that school doesn’t<br />

last forever, and they’ll eventually be<br />

out, and all those bullies usually end<br />

up being not so successful. From my<br />

own experience, when I go back to<br />

Boston and run into people that I<br />

went to school with, if they were one<br />

of the bullies they are definitely not<br />

so successful. So what goes around<br />

comes around.<br />

If you could have your ultimate<br />

stage fantasy, what would need<br />

to happen, and for Danny, you<br />

probably have had it already—so<br />

what was it?<br />

Danny: For me already, anything<br />

I’ve ever dreamt of happened. We<br />

got to play Fenway Park twice, and<br />

for five guys from Boston that’s the<br />

ultimate goal, to be able to play<br />

there. We did it a couple years<br />

ago, so I’m good. I don’t have any<br />

fantasies or wish list or bucket list or<br />

anything like that. I’ve done it all.<br />

Jessie: I would say for me just<br />

playing somewhere at home like<br />

Fenway Park or Gillette Stadium<br />

would just really be a dream come<br />

true, because that’s where I grew<br />

up, going to concerts and wishing<br />

I could be on that stage. So I think<br />

my ultimate stage fantasy would be<br />

performing at Gillette Stadium with<br />

glitter and confetti everywhere.

5 0 0 W 4 8 T H S T .<br />

N Y , N Y 1 0 0 3 6<br />

Cover: Paul Montoya<br />

Photo by WILSONMODELS<br />

ISSUE <strong>414</strong> - APRIL <strong>17</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />




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THOMAS<br />

TALKS<br />

I’ve always been<br />

afraid of HIV, but it’s<br />

gotten so bad that<br />

I’ve basically stopped<br />

having sex. Please<br />

help me! Every single<br />

time I have sex with<br />

someone, I ask him<br />

about his HIV status,<br />

when he was tested<br />

last, and I ALWAYS<br />

use condoms. But<br />

afterwards, I freak<br />

out, even if it was<br />

just oral sex. I get<br />

really paranoid that<br />

something went<br />

wrong. Sometimes I<br />

don’t even enjoy the<br />

sex I’m having, because<br />

I’m scared while we’re<br />

doing it. How can I get<br />

over this? My friends<br />

say to just relax and<br />

forget about it. - Male,<br />

Gay, 26<br />

It’s great that you’re<br />

being so vigilant about<br />

your sexual health, but<br />

it’s also stopping you<br />

from enjoying your<br />

sexuality. Where’s the<br />

happy medium? You’re<br />

already doing a lot of<br />

things that I recommend<br />


to my patients who<br />

have similar fears. But,<br />

there are a few other<br />

things you might want to<br />

consider.<br />

First, challenge the<br />

thoughts you’re having<br />

that keep screaming<br />

you’re at-risk. Those<br />

thoughts are what’s<br />

causing you to stress out<br />

and have anxiety. For<br />

most of my clients, these<br />

thoughts include tons<br />

of “what ifs.” Remind<br />

yourself that you’ve<br />

taken the steps you<br />

know to be necessary<br />

and question your “what<br />

ifs.” Educate yourself on<br />

HIV, how it’s transmitted<br />

and how it’s treated.<br />

Assuming you haven’t<br />

had recent dental<br />

work, your chances of<br />

acquiring HIV from oral<br />

sex are very low. It may<br />

also relax you to know<br />

that although you may<br />

prefer to stay HIVnegative,<br />

becoming HIVpositive<br />

is not a death<br />

sentence anymore. You<br />

can be HIV-positive and<br />

still live a very happy and<br />

healthy life.<br />

Second, PrEP might be<br />

a good option for you.<br />

Last month, I published<br />

a study in the Journal<br />

of Sex Research that<br />

showed a statistically<br />

significant decrease<br />

in sexual anxiety once<br />

gay men began taking<br />

PrEP. This medication<br />

may offer another layer<br />

of protection for you<br />

that might calm your<br />

anxieties. However,<br />

there’s a catch. Based on<br />

what you’ve said about<br />

your sexual behaviors<br />

and risk-prevention<br />

techniques, you<br />

don’t seem like you’d<br />

actually meet objective<br />

qualifications for uptake.<br />

This doesn’t mean a<br />

doctor won’t prescribe<br />

it for you, but you may<br />

want to weigh the pros<br />

and cons yourself.<br />

Third, accidents happen.<br />

Be prepared. For most<br />

sexually active adults,<br />

accidents happen when<br />

it comes to sex. Maybe<br />

a condom is forgotten,<br />

a condom breaks, or<br />

someone lies about their<br />

status (although research<br />

shows this is rare). Find<br />

out where you can<br />

access post-exposure<br />

prophylaxis (PEP). It’s<br />

a set of pills that you<br />

take daily for about a<br />

month that prevents HIV<br />

infection, should you be<br />

exposed. You have to<br />

start taking it within 72<br />

hours of the exposure,<br />

the sooner the better.<br />

It’s available at most<br />

emergency rooms.<br />

There are tons of places<br />

in NYC where you can<br />

get tested for HIV and<br />

STIs at low or no cost.<br />

Make getting tested<br />

a regular part of your<br />

sexual health practice.<br />

You’re in control and<br />

doing a great job.<br />

Sex/Love/Relationship advice? Send your questions to: ThomasTalksAbout@gmail.com<br />



JUNE <strong>17</strong><strong>–</strong>19, <strong>2019</strong><br />

SVA THEATER—333 W 23RD ST<br />

JUNE <strong>17</strong> 6:30PM<strong>–</strong>11PM | JUNE 18, 19 7PM<strong>–</strong>11PM<br />



SHE/HER<br />




O<br />

U<br />

T<br />

C<br />

I<br />

N<br />

E<br />

M<br />

A<br />






HE/HIM<br />





@ianmichaelinwonderland<br />

When I woke up on my<br />

last birthday, James was<br />

already up, doing yoga<br />

(or meditating? Or do you<br />

meditate while you yoga?<br />

Hell if I know.) in the corner<br />

of the room. He stopped<br />

when he heard me sit up.<br />

“Good morning,” he said,<br />

sitting on the bed with me.<br />

“I have a present for you.”<br />

“I don’t need any more<br />

presents,” I smiled,<br />

wiping the sleep from my<br />

eyes. The night before<br />

we’d gone to see Book of<br />

Mormon at the Eugene<br />

O’Neill Theater, his treat.<br />

“Just one more,” he<br />

said, taking a few of his<br />

books off the bookshelf<br />

and retrieving a hidden<br />

blue box.<br />

I knew instantly from its<br />

long, rectangular shape that<br />

it was a jewelry box. I didn’t<br />

know what it could be: I<br />

hadn’t insinuated there was<br />

anything I wanted. My mind<br />

buzzed as he brought the<br />

box to the bed: silver letters<br />

proclaimed “Swarovski”<br />

across the top.<br />

“I really don’t need anything<br />

else,” I insisted. “Between<br />

this and the show, it must<br />

have cost—“<br />

“I got it because I wanted<br />

to,” he said calmly, offering<br />

the box.<br />

It was a Swarovski crystal<br />

tennis bracelet. I had<br />

mentioned something<br />

about this: an ad for cheap<br />

diamond tennis bracelets<br />

was on my Instagram feed,<br />

and I mentioned how much<br />

I liked tennis bracelets. “But<br />

the metal can’t be silver or<br />

anything that can tarnish,”<br />

I’d said about the bracelets<br />

in question.<br />

“I know it’s not<br />

diamonds,” he said, “but<br />

the metal is rhodium, so it<br />

won’t tarnish or scratch.”<br />

I extended my wrist,<br />

letting him fasten the<br />

clasp for me.<br />

Sitting there, wearing<br />

the most beautiful thing I<br />

owned with bedhead and<br />

terrible breath, I realized<br />

it was the first piece of<br />

jewelry I’d ever been<br />

given by a partner, except<br />

for a ring when I was<br />

proposed to in 2011.<br />

When I was 16, my dad<br />

took me to a gay novelty<br />

shop, where I bought a<br />

set of stainless steel rings<br />

with rainbow jewels in<br />

them. I gave one to Bill,<br />

my first love, and kept<br />

the other for myself. (I<br />

still have it.) I remember<br />

pretending he had given<br />

it to me, even telling<br />

Swarovski<br />

Crystals<br />

are a Gay’s<br />

Best Friend<br />



WEARING:<br />




people he had, because<br />

I wanted to feel special.<br />

One of my favorite movies<br />

growing up was “Some<br />

Like It Hot”: I longed for<br />

someone to fall madly in<br />

love with me and give me<br />

something pretty. I knew it<br />

was materialistic—I blame<br />

Marilyn for that—but I<br />

loved the fantasy anyway.<br />

And this: this sparkling,<br />

thoughtful gift that<br />

spawned from a comment<br />

I’d made offhandedly<br />

months ago... I felt special.<br />

“I remember the first piece<br />

of jewelry your father gave<br />

me,” my mom told me<br />

later over the phone. “It<br />

showed a certain amount<br />

of investment in the<br />

relationship. I still have it.”<br />

Back in bed, I leaned<br />

forward and kissed James,<br />

desperately wishing I tasted<br />

like peppermint. “I love it,”<br />

I said. “It’s perfect.”


What inspired you to become<br />

an actor?<br />

I was born in a small Caribbean<br />

island with a lot of limitations,<br />

especially culturally, as there<br />

weren’t many outlets for artists.<br />

Fortunately, my mom instilled in<br />

me the importance of the arts.<br />

She was an actress herself,<br />

and whenever possible she had<br />

me take part in her plays. She<br />

showed me the world<br />

through a different set<br />

of eyes. She showed<br />

me that magical<br />

feeling of being able to<br />

portray anyone and convey<br />

emotions to an audience. My<br />

mom has always been a huge<br />

inspiration for me.<br />

What projects are you working<br />

on right now?<br />

I continue working with Repertorio<br />

Español’s play El Coronel<br />

No Tiene Quien Le Escriba,<br />

and I just started a new project<br />

for a gay-themed play called<br />

“La Posteridad De Las Ratas<br />

(Buscando a Copi)” which will<br />

be playing at FUERZAfest, the<br />

first LGBTQ+ Latino arts festival<br />

in the northeast (May 8 to 19).<br />

You have been traveling quite<br />

a bit the past few years. How<br />

has that inspired you?<br />

I would say travel is my second<br />

passion, and these last few<br />

years I’ve tried to pursue it as<br />

much as possible; life is too<br />

short, and we only have one<br />

to enjoy, and there are millions<br />

of things to discover and experience.<br />

I love “getting lost” in<br />

another country, tasting different<br />

flavors and experiencing new<br />

cultures. I set myself a goal to<br />

see the Seven Wonders of the<br />

World—well, eight, including<br />

the pyramids—in the next two<br />

years. I’ve already visited three.<br />

What are your plans for World<br />

Pride month? What events<br />

will you be going to?<br />

I’m super excited for World<br />

Pride. There are so many<br />

events and parties to enjoy! I invite<br />

everyone, especially theater<br />

fans, to Repertorio Español,<br />

which will be featuring the play<br />

“Smiley” (LGBTQ+ comedy).<br />

Also, Teatro SEA will be featuring<br />

their micro theater project,<br />

celebrating love and pride. And,<br />

obviously, I will be going to THE<br />

party everyone will be talking<br />

about for years to come: Alegria<br />

World Pride <strong>2019</strong>at the beautiful<br />

Avant Gardner with three amazing<br />

theme parties and some of<br />

the best international DJs. I will<br />

see you there!<br />



SPA<br />




•Relaxing atmosphere<br />

•Professional skills<br />

•Clean and hygienic<br />

•Respectful and friendly<br />

30mins $40 60mins $60<br />

Free cold drinks<br />

Free shower<br />

Value packages are available!<br />

Massage - Waxing - Trimming<br />

Table shower - Body scrub<br />

Like Nowhere,<br />

You’ve Ever Been!<br />


● NAILS<br />


● BODYWORK<br />



● FACIAL<br />

(212) 989-5075<br />

163 W 22 ND STREET<br />

NEW YORK, NY 10011<br />

(BTWN 6TH & 7TH AVE.)<br />

HOURS: SUN 11AM-11PM<br />

MON - SAT 10:30AM - 11:30PM<br />

www.UtopiaSpaNYC.com<br />

965 Lexington Ave<br />

2FL @ 70th Street<br />

Tel: 212 -879 -0402<br />

Hours: 10:30AM-11:00PM<br />

Trains: 6, F, Q

week in pictures >> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com<br />




With more dazzling royalty<br />

than the centuries of events at<br />

Buckingham Palace, The Imperial<br />

Court of New York held its 33rd annual<br />

extravaganza, Night of a Thousand<br />

Gowns, at the posh Marriott Marquis<br />

in the heart of Manhattan, this year<br />

benefiting the Trinity Place Shelter.<br />

The most lavish gowns and sparkling<br />

jewels paraded the red carpet while<br />

celebrity photographers, including<br />

<strong>Get</strong> <strong>Out</strong>!’s own Wilsonmodels (Jeff<br />

Eason), captured and kept alive the air<br />

of magnificence forever.<br />

I was honored to be accompanied<br />

by my fabulous friend, the infamous<br />

Michael Musto, star journalist, TV<br />

personality, TRAX record recording<br />

artist, actor, film sensation, author<br />

and the most popular, sought after,<br />

diversity activist on the planet of<br />

Manhattan.<br />

Featured guest performer Debby<br />

Holiday, a Billboard Top 10,<br />

internationally popular singersongwriter<br />

and dance chart sensation,<br />

rocked the house. When asked what<br />

the honor of being chosen to perform<br />

meant, she replied, “For me, it means<br />

honoring diversity, it means honoring<br />

people getting together and doing<br />

something all in one space and<br />

helping so many others, and having a<br />

great time while doing it.”<br />

She went on to say, “This is a<br />

community I very much cherish.”<br />

Holiday has new music out called<br />

“Free 2 Be,” which is half dance and<br />

half rock n’ roll. According to Holiday,<br />

the message of the song is: “You<br />

are free to be whatever the hell you<br />

want to, whatever makes you happy,<br />

whatever makes you feel good.”<br />

Night of a<br />

Thousand<br />

Gowns<br />

Guests were also treated to the court’s<br />

rendition of “Little Shop of Horrors”<br />

by Skyla Versai, a drag veteran of the<br />

famous Lips Restaurant, and a special<br />

performance by seasoned Broadway<br />

dancers staged by Broadway Cares/<br />

Equity Fights AIDS.<br />

Needless to say, the dinner was<br />

over the top, the goodie bags were<br />

loaded with diamonds and jewels<br />

and the silent auction was inundated<br />

with sensational items, with all<br />

the proceeds going toward the<br />

beneficiaries.<br />

We said goodbye to Empress XXXII<br />

Gayle Banter and Emperor XVII and<br />

Regent Emperor XXVII Rob Hunter<br />

de Woofs and welcomed the new<br />

Empress Imperial Crown Princess<br />

Royale Chuleta Devine and the new<br />

Emperor Imperial Crown Prince<br />

Royale Antonio T. Ventura to the<br />

throne. Queen Mother of New York<br />

Absolute Empress Coco Lachine made<br />

a glittering appearance as well. When<br />

the new empress was asked what her<br />

new title meant to her, she answered,<br />

“Right now it hasn’t sunk in for me.”<br />

The new emperor exclaimed, “I’m<br />

overwhelmed!”<br />

It was a marvelous production, a night<br />

of love, caring and bursts of color<br />

and eclectic magnificence. <strong>Get</strong> <strong>Out</strong>!<br />

magazine was proud as always to be<br />

included as a sponsor, and to support<br />

“Night of a Thousand Gowns.”

week in pictures >> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com<br />


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