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Christmas Windows at Gibb Stuart

BoW Hillwalkers - Glens of the Cairngorms


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Advertising Feature

Spring time turns our attention to pressure washing and softwashing

ready for the Summer ahead. With over 20 years experience of exterior

cleaning systems, we are your local qualifi ed and experienced cleaning

company with the state of the art equipment, knowledge and experience

to achieve the best results. Whether it is soft-washing moss on roofs,

algae from render, pressure washing decking, patios, monobloc drives or

anything in between, please give us a call for free, friendly information on

our services or for a free quotation.

01505 863 863 www.nutechcleaning.co.uk

This month

I seem to always be going on about local groups and their reliance on the

support of local people - whether through attendance at their events, or

more importanly, through the giving of their time as volunteers.

Sadly, my words have come true with the unfortunate news that Bridge of

Weir’s annual Gala will not take place this year. It’s disappointing when this

happens as typically when these events stop it’s a big struggle to get them

going again. Having said that, I am delighted to say that Lochwinnoch has

managed to resurrect their Gala event this year after not running last year.

The Lochwinnoch event will take place on Saturday 8th June on the theme of

‘Superheroes’ - a term that could apply to all the wonderful volunteers who

make it happen!

On to Planning and Gladman are back in the news. A fresh application has

been submitted for 88 houses on North Denniston only - the land to the

left of the main road approaching Kilmacolm. News of this came in too late

to include in our last issue, and the comments deadline was 26th April so

too early for this issue. However, the Kilmacolm Civic Trust held a very busy

meeting to inform villagers of this new development proposal.

In Linwood there are plans for a housing development which will be sited

directly opposite St Benedict’s school, consisting of 200 houses on the

Linwood side of the A737 and 50 on the Johnstone side, with the only

vehicle access being via Bridge of Weir Road. Again, notice came too late/

early for our past and present issues. There is also news of a proposed 246

development next to the Erskine Bridge Hotel which has been met with

objection by the town’s community council.

The Local Development Plan is currently under consultation and can be

viewed at the Customer Service Centre, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street,

Paisley, PA1 1AN between the hours of 8.45am to 4.45pm, Monday to

Thursday and 08.45am to 3.55pm on Friday, online at www.renfrewshire.

gov.uk/article/3070/Preparation-of-the-next-Local-Development-Plan or at

Council Libraries. The closing date for comments is Monday 10th June 2019,

so if you want to have your say please do so before the cut off date.

I found a very interesting post on Facebook regarding fl y-tipping. It’s a horrible

sight and terrible for the environment. It also costs the local councils every

time they have to go out to clear up these dumps. Why people prefer to drive

all the way into the countryside to dump rubbish when we are well served by

our community refuse centres beggars belief. One thing we should all do is,

if using a waste disposal company when helping to clear rubbish ensure they

are fully accredited and that they have a waste carrier registration, otherwise

you may inadvertently be sponsoring a fl y-tipper. The SEPA website advises

that anyone who transports controlled waste within the UK in the course of

their business must register as a waste carrier. The transport of waste is

highly regulated to ensure that waste is properly and legally disposed of, and

failure to comply will result in a fi ne of up to £5,000.

May and June are the main months for our local shows and events. There’s

lots of information in our village news pages and our diary section.

Christian Aid collections will be taking place locally from 12th to 18th May. If

you can, please give, and if you pay income tax, please complete the Gift Aid

form on the fl ap of the envelope, to allow Christian Aid to increase the value

of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you.

And fi nally, the Charity Car Wash held in April at Beaton Brothers in Bridge of

Weir raised £800 for charitable causes. Well done Rotary in Action

and many thanks to Beaton Bros and all the customers on

the day.


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May 2019


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No More Steamers by Guy Phillips

Alison & Andrew’s

Adventures in Abu


Local known gymnasts Alison MacKenzie,

from Houston and Andrew Macintyre from

Bridge of Weir bring home Gold, Silver and

Bronze Medals from the 2019 Special

Olympic World Games in Abu Dhabi.

Just a few weeks ago, these good friends

were representing Great Britain in the Special Olympic World Games. This

is the fi rst time this event has ever been held in the Middle East. It was the

biggest humanitarian and multisport event of this year. Uniting an estimated

7,500 athletes, with intellectual disabilities from 190 countries around the

World competing in 24 different sports.

Alison was delighted to be selected for her

second World Games. Back in 2015, she was

chosen to represent Great Britain at the Los

Angeles Special Olympic World Games. A

memorable event for Alison, she won four gold

medals and one silver. Alison’s Mum, Elizabeth

says “I was so proud after Los Angeles, to see her

come back this time with medals again.”Alison,

is 29 and has been training at Bellahouston Park

Sports Centre for over

twenty years. This

year in Abu Dhabi,

Alison won fi ve silver

medals in Rhythmic gymnastics for ribbon, clubs,

ball, rope, as an overall competitor and a bronze

for the group as well.

Andrew, aged 31, had been training at

Bellahouston Park up to three times a week in

the lead up to the games. He won seven medals

this year at his very fi rst World Special Olympic

Games. Andrew has been competing since he

was thirteen, proud Mum, Fiona says she was

“absolutely overwhelmed”, watching Andrew. “I couldn’t take it in. I never

thought when Andrew started out that he would compete.”

Andrew won Gold for pommel horse, and rings, and Silver for all around,

fl oor, horizontal bar and parallel bars. He also picked up Bronze for Vault.

Alison and Andrew were in the minority when they fi rst started at training at

Bellahouston Park. There are now fi fty gymnasts with disabilities or learning

diffi culties who train regularly at the club.

These two young gymnasts from Renfrewshire have opened doors to show

what can be achieved.


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May 2019

Laser Therapy at the Osteopaths

An exciting new therapy has been introduced at The Osteopaths, designed

to help speed up tissue repair and recovery for people with musculoskeletal


“We are always looking to provide the best care for our patients and Laser

Therapy is proving to be very effective.” Says Teresa, Clinical Director.

Treatment is gentle and can last up to 15 minutes or so, depending on the

problem. It’s ideal for treating acute injuries and there is growing evidence

for its effectiveness in treating more complex conditions like plantar

fasciitis. Visit https://www.theosteopaths.org.uk/let-there-be-light/ for

more information, or ring 0141 887 3734.



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Erskine at Ideal Home

Show Scotland

Erskine are once again

looking for Volunteers to

Assist at this year’s Ideal Home Show.

The event runs from 24th to 27th May 2019,

and Erskine needs your help raise vital funds

for Scotland’s ex-servicemen and women. We

are looking for volunteers to help with bucket

collections, setting up and running the Erskine

stand during the four days of the show.

Would you be able to help us for 2 hours between

10am and 6pm? You are welcome to do more than

one shift if you wish! In return for you giving up

your time you will receive free access to the Show.

Please contact info@engagerenfrewshire.com or

events@erskine.org.uk to apply, or call 0141 814


Accord Procession Virtual Balloon Race

The fundraising team at ACCORD Hospice are delighted to introduce their fi rst every Virtual Balloon

Race at a cost of £3 per balloon and a winning prize of £500! Visit www/rabr.co/accord and once you

have created a login, you can design your own balloon, decide on how thick it should be, how much

aluminium it should have and you can return back to your account and change elements of your

balloon as often as you like, up to the race launch date at 12 noon on Saturday 8th June 2019.

Once the balloons are ‘launched’ they will then be subject to a simulated set of weather conditions

that are based on the prevailing wind and weather conditions at the actual launch site for the time

of year. From that point onwards, the fate of your balloon is controlled by how it will react to the

weather conditions it is subjected to. This

is simulated using an advanced computer

modelling programme linked to Google

maps and weather data.

At exactly 12 noon on Saturday 15th June

2019 the race will be closed – and the

balloon that has travelled the furthest

from the start point in a straight line is the

winner! The winner will be contacted that they

have won the race.

To Buy a Balloon visit www.rabr.co/accord

Is hay fever affecting your eyes?


by Kerry Taher, New Vision Opticians

For many of us the summer also means the start of seasonal suffering which is hay fever. If the

eyes are involved it’s called seasonal allergic conjunctivitis, with symptoms varying from mild

irritation to severely itchy, swollen, red, gritty and watery eyes, although vision thankfully tends

to be unaffected.

If you suffer, there are various ways to relieve your symptoms. Firstly, try not to rub your eyes

because this will make things worse. Cold compresses are nice and soothing. Ocular lubricants

fl ush out and dilute the allergens (eg pollen) – these are surprisingly effective and can be

used as often as necessary. If you wear contact lenses, using daily disposables will be more

comfortable. Other tips include wearing close-fi tting wraparound sunglasses, and keeping car

windows closed.

Oral antihistamines don’t fully reach the eye so something more direct is often needed to

provide more relief. Over-the-counter anti-allergy eye drops (mast cell stabilizers) are very good

but can take 2-4 weeks to start working effectively. Annual hay fever sufferers often start using

these preseason to prevent symptoms occurring. For instant relief, a decongestant combined

with an antihistamine can be used but only for a short time as prolonged use can cause more


Drops containing both antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers will provide instant and

prolonged relief, but a GP prescription is required. However, before rushing to see your GP, you

should have an eye exam to confi rm the diagnosis. If any prescription drops are required, we

can contact your GP to request them.

With all that said, most of the hay fever sufferers still wouldn’t wish away any of the rare good


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May 2019



Age is no limit as 81-

year-old wins Strictly

Come Prancing

At St. Vincent’s Hospice’s Strictly Come

Prancing dance event, the unlikely

duo of Lynn Ferguson and 81-year-old

Alex Glass shocked both the audience

and the judges by beating 12 other

couples to win the competition.

The 8th annual Strictly Come Prancing,

based on the hit TV series, was the

biggest in the organisations history

with nearly 500 people in attendance,

raising an astonishing £57,500 for the

local charity.

With 13 twinkle toed contestants

taking to the fl oor, the audience were

Photo: Alex and Lynn wowed our

judges and live audience to take

home the prize at Strictly Come

Prancing 2019

treated to quicksteps, cha-chas, jives, sambas and tangos as the couples

looked to impress the judges following months of training and preparation,

all to support St. Vincent’s.

Argentine Tango Dancers, Lynn and Alex, put their best feet forward and

triumphed in the dance off against joint runners up, Martin Innes and Toni

Kane and Joe McCrystal and Morag Lewis.

Alex said: “It was a joy to win the trophy and help raise such an amazing

amount of money for St. Vincent’s. I have had such a wonderful time taking

part and would recommend this experience to anyone. You’re never too old

– I’m 81!”

His partner on the evening, Lynn, added: “I had a fantastic time taking

part in Strictly. I met great people, from fellow dancers, to Hospice staff

and volunteers, it was just a great experience for a great cause and I can’t

believe we won!”

The Hospice are already looking forward to Strictly Come Prancing 2020

and welcome all applications from potential dancers and sponsors. For more

information, contact info@svh.co.uk.

Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Houston Girl Double

Scottish Swimming


Ren 96 brought home 3 national

championships from the championships:

in addition to Stella, Anna Williamson

became Scottish National Age Group

Champion at 200m Free (girls, 14); and

Clare Wallace became champ at 100m

Free (girls, 17-18).

Stella lives in Houston, and swims for

Ren 96, out of the Onyx in Linwood. She

participated in the Scottish National

Age Group Swimming Championships

(SNAGs) at Tollcross International

Swimming Pool in Glasgow from 27th-

31st March. This is the primary national

swim meeting of the year for young Scottish swimmers, and qualifying to

participate at all is a great achievement. Over 1,100 swimmers participated,

representing 102 Scottish clubs and selected clubs from across the UK and

as far afi eld as Dubai.

Stella had a very successful meet, becoming a double Scottish champion, in

the 100m Fly and 200m Fly, amongst a haul of 2 gold, 2 silver & 2 bronze

medals. Her full results were:

• 100m Fly - Gold & Scottish National Age Group champion (PB)

• 200m Fly - Silver & Scottish National Age Group champion (PB)*

• 1500m Free - Silver (PB) • 800m Free - Bronze (PB)

• 50 Fly - Bronze (PB)

Stella also fi nished 4th in the 400m Free, 5th in the 400m Individual Medley,

& 7th in the 200m Free, with PB’s in all swims. Stella also represented her

club, REN96, in 3 relay events.

* the gold medallist in this race was a non-Scottish guest swimmer, and so Stella is awarded

a further gold medal & the Scottish title


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May 2019

Broken Double

Glazing Unit

or Misted Up


Advertising Feature

If this sounds familiar Cloudy

2 Clear Windows can help. Instead of replacing the whole window,

door or patio door we simply replace the glass and can even upgrade

with our superb energy effi cient double glazing units, all of which carry

our 25 Year Guarantee.

Our highly trained engineers, based in Houston, can visit your property to

measure-up and provide a free quote.

Give us a call today and see how much money we can save you!!

0800 61 21 118 | www.cloudy2clear.com



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Superman Syndrome

May 2019

by Sheila Macintyre, Practice Owner at Kilbarchan Dental Practice

You may have heard of “Superman Syndrome” which a tendency amongst

some men to think that they are invincible.

This state of denial is common and can often mean that men are less

concerned about their overall health. Rather than face up to any problems

“supermen” ignore early warning signs in the hope they will just go away


It may therefore be no surprise to know that men are lagging behind women

when it comes to practicing good dental hygiene and ensuring good oral

health. A recent nationwide survey conducted by the Oral Health Foundation

found that more than three in fi ve (62%) men regret not taking better care of

their oral health earlier in life.

Another survey of both men and women by GSK revealed a real indifference

towards bleeding gums – an early sign of gum disease. Only one in ten

surveyed who noticed blood in their spit when brushing said they would visit

the dentist about it.

If you suffer from superman syndrome (or know someone who does) you can

make some easy improvements. Whilst it can be diffi cult for a lot of man to

speak openly about any concerns and worries go and speak to your dentist

who can offer plenty of confi dential support and advice. Think about cutting

down on alcohol – many alcoholic drinks and mixers contain high levels of

sugar and/or acid that can increase the risk of dental erosion. Don’t use

your teeth as a tool as men are prone to do and often leads to chipped teeth

or enamel damage. Make a habit of chewing sugar free gum, this produces

saliva that can help rinse off and neutralize the acids released by the bacteria

in plaque, which are harmful to tooth enamel.

Visit your dentist for regular check-ups that will help

us catch any problems early and before they become

more serious - we can also offer advice on improving

your oral health to avoid them developing in the

fi rst place. To fi nd out more or to make an appointment

call us on 01505 704969 or visit our website at


DELIVERY STAFF WANTED visit www.advertizer.co.uk/delivery or email your details to info@advertizer.co.uk



Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Weir Networking

Our meetings are now held quarterly, on a Wednesday in Amaretto, Bridge of

Weir. Breakfast starting at 9.30am. There is a cover charge of £5.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

Following dates are 11th September and 4th December. Venue may change

for later dates, so please check facebook page nearer time or email colin@

magifi lms.co.uk. We look forward to seeing you all.

New Practice Manager joins

Affl uent Financial Planning

Affl uent Financial Planning Ltd, the multi

award winning independent fi nancial adviser

fi rm based in Bridge of Weir has hired Kitty

Stirling as their new Practice Manager. Kitty

has more than ten years’ experience in the

fi nancial services sector with a background in

the compliance-led service of paraplanning.

Kitty holds a 1st class honours degree from

the University of Strathclyde and numerous

professional qualifi cations and, until now, has

been running her own business. All this aligns

perfectly with her new role at Affl uent F.P. where Picture: Kitty Stirling

her talents and experience will ensure that the

Affl uent team are even better placed to deliver outstanding customer service.

“Carl Melvin (managing director of Affl uent FP) has already demonstrated

to me that customers come fi rst and that he’s willing to invest in technology

and training to ensure that Affl uent continues to deliver for our clients.”

says Kitty. “That’s one of the reasons why I am so excited to be joining the

Affl uent team. I can’t wait to play my part in ensuring our clients get the

fi nancial future they deserve.”

Kitty will manage the operational, staff training, marketing and compliance

functions for the company. She takes up the post in May 2019 and will

operate from the newly refurbished offi ces in Main Street, Bridge of Weir. This

appointment takes the Affl uent team to seven, as the company continues to

grow by recruiting and developing stars of the future in the fi nancial planning


Carl stated “We are delighted to have attracted a person of Kitty’s calibre

to our senior management team. Kitty will help support our exciting future

growth plans”

Affl uent FP can be contacted on 01505 59 50 60 or info@affl uentfp.co.uk.

Gryffe Valley Rotary Club


At the business meeting on 3rd April the Club agreed to

make donations to three international charities:

• Water Aid £500 • Freedom from Fistula £500

• Sight Savers a charity which distribute tablets to prevent River Blindness

in Uganda. The sum of £320 will help to protect about 1,700 families by

distributing the tablets.


Euroscola – this project offers an immersive experience in the Chamber of

the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Shaun Sweeney was there at the

end of January and had an experience of a lifetime which he described to the

club at the meeting on 24th April.

Youth Speaks – teams from St Columba’s represented the Club in the District

Competitions at Caledonian University in February. The Intermediate team,

Bronte Marritt, Laurie McDougall and Emma Ventham were the Runners-up;

the Senior team performed well but was unplaced.

Young Writer – Entries were received from Houston, Bridge of Weir and St

Columba’s (Senior and Junior Schools). The judges (Mary Mungin, Rosemary

Harrison and Brian Berry), made separate assessments then met to agree

the award winners. Presentations will be made at assemblies or meetings

and the pieces by the overall winners, Anna Carruth of Bridge of Weir Primary

School and Stella McCardie of St Columba’s Senior School, have been

entered for the District 1230 Competition.


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May 2019



B2B Business Matters full page ad

to go alongside editorial already placed

Next deadline - Friday 17th May


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May 2019

Business Matters Event 2019

Renfrewshire Chamber’s annual B2B event “Business

Matters in Renfrewshire” returns for the ninth year.

Renfrewshire’s largest free business event returns to Paisley for

the 9th consecutive year on Thursday 16th May at the Lagoon,


“Business Matters in Renfrewshire – your local B2B event” is organised

by Renfrewshire Chamber and is open to all members & non-members,

business people, start-ups, senior school pupils and students.

With 50+ exhibitors and 6 seminars running throughout the day the

event is sponsored by Paisley.is, the new destination brand for Paisley &


Seminar line-up:

1. 10.15 - 11.00 “Paisley.is: “Future Paisley” cultural regeneration

& game changing city deal developments” with the Paisley.is

team & Renfrewshire Council.

2. 11.15 - 12.00 “Social Now to Social Wow!” with NSDesign

3. 12.15 - 13.00 “Doing Business with Renfrewshire Council” with

Invest in Renfrewshire & Procurement Team.

4. 13.15 - 14.00 “How to win business using LinkedIn” with fatBuzz

5. 14.15 - 15.00 “How to Grow a Greener Business” with Resource

Efficient Scotland

6. 15.15 - 16.00 “Business Futures: Accelerating Digital, Social &

Transformational Tech” with UWS

Commenting on the event chief exec Bob Grant said, “Renfrewshire’s largest

free business event is an excellent way to engage with the wider business

community. There is a varied and interesting line-up of six informative

seminars for you to attend throughout the day so please register your free

place now. We are expecting 50 + exhibitors and where else do you get the

opportunity to network with so many companies in one go? It’s a great use

of time and I would encourage you and your colleagues to attend. The free

informative seminars are an excellent way to learn new skills and refresh

old ones. We look forward to welcoming you on the day.”

For more information and to register your place please visit the Chamber

events page at www.renfrewshirechamber.com The event is free to attend

(there is a cost to exhibit). Hashtag for the event is #b2bpaisley

Charges for Parking on Private Property by Dallas McMillan, Solicitors

Commercial car park owners have for years legitimately charged drivers

parking in their car parks. It is a matter of contract: the display signs make

a contractual parking ‘offer’ to drivers, accepted by every driver entering the

car park.

A recent Dundee court case confi rmed that the legal position is very similar

with regard to owners of private property generally. The case concerned

a new private housing development along the Dundee waterfront and a

daughter of the tenant of one fl at which had its own garage but no right in any

parking space. The daughter had no greater parking rights than any ordinary

member of the public. Nonetheless, she repeatedly ignored the numerous

clear parking signs around the development setting out substantial parking

charges, and regularly parked her car in the development.

Eventually the lady was sued £24,500 of parking charges by the factoring

company employed jointly by the development various owners. She argued

that the owners (and therefore the factoring company) had no right to charge

members of the public to park on private land. The court fundamentally

disagreed, and found the lady liable to pay the whole parking charges of


Owners of property can quite legitimately charge members of the public to

park on their land (in a similar way to commercial car park owners) as long


1. The parking ‘offer’ has been set out in clear terms and displayed

prominently, giving all drivers fair notice of the parking charges they are

accepting by parking.

2. The parking charges are reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances,

rather than clearly excessive or amounting to a penal charge.

All drivers are therefore advised when parking (on public or private land) to

locate and check all display signs, to be aware of the potential substantial

parking charges.


Law Awards of Scotland 2018



Next deadline - Friday 17th May



Rumble in the Jungle

Hope Hall, Maxwell Pl, Bridge of Weir

PA11 3NT 6pm to 7pm

Special Week of Kids Clubs. Singing, Quizzes,

Bible Stories, and much more ... And loads

of fab prizes! For more information contact:

07828 267073. Come to as many as you can!

bridgeofweirchurch.co.uk Free.


Legally Blonde, the Mmusical

Johnstone Town Hall, Johnstone

7.30pm (matinee at 2.30pm on Saturday)

Johnstone Phoenix Theatre Group presents

this fabulously fun award-winning musical

based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde.

Tickets available from https://seaty.co.uk/




Kidston Hall, High Street, Kilmacolm

2pm to 4pm

The work of Kilmacolm Community Council –

with Mike Jefferis and Helen Cook.


RSPB Local Group - AGM and

Members Night

McMaster Centre, Donaldson Drive,

Renfrew 7.30pm

The Birds of Great Cumbrae - An illustrated

talk and the AGM. Eddie Williams will deliver

an illustrated talk entitled ‘The Birds of Great

Cumbrae’. All welcome.


Explorer Trail: Fantastic Minibeasts

and Where to Find Them!

RSPB, Largs Road, Lochwinnoch

10am to 4pm

This is a self-led activity! Spend some quality

family time together at RSPB Lochwinnoch!

This event is not your usual kind – you do it

with your own family in your own time! Simply

pop into the visitor centre where the friendly

staff will get you started. Cost: £4 per child/

RSPB members £2.50 [Normal trail fees apply

for adults].


Binocular & Telescope Open Day

RSPB, Largs Road, Lochwinnoch

10am to 4pm

Come and peruse a range of telescopes and

binoculars, with knowledgeable staff on hand

to help you find the right one for you! Our

optics are competitively priced, with the added

bonus that you are helping conservation.

Free event.


Magic with Tickles the Clown

Finlaystone Country Estate - Langbank

1pm to 3pm

Meet Tickles the Clown and be amazed at her

magical skills and balloon animals.

Pedal the Park 2019

Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, Calder

Glen Road, Lochwinnoch 8.30am - 3.30pm

100km cycle ride tours through the park

departing from Castle Semple Visitor Centre

in Lochwinnoch. Cycle through the rolling

countryside of Renfrewshire; enjoy coastal

views in Inverclyde and an uphill to Loch Thom,

before descending the Brisbane Glen to the

popular seaside town of Largs. Over a third of

entry fee goes to CLIC Sargent. £20.

RYA Push The Boat Out Day

Castle Semple Sailing Club

11am to 3pm

Come and try dinghy sailing at Castle Semple

Sailing Club - wear something warm and old

trainers. Buoyancy aids provided Come

and meet our small friendly club and have

a cup of tea and cake with us. Email info@

castlesemplesc.co.uk for further info.


Introduction to Gardening

Finlaystone Country Estate - Langbank

1pm to 3pm

Are you the next Alan Titchmarsh? Discover

more about our wonderful gardens.


BoW Horticultural Society

The Bridge, Main Street, Bridge of Weir


Alan Mackenzie talks about “Growing

Windowsill Orchids” – a must as we all have

orchids! Visitors welcome!


Consultation on Fireworks

Trades Hall of Glasgow, 85 Glassford

Street, Glasgow G1 1UH 1pm to 3pm

Individuals, communities and professionals

are invited to come along to give their views.

This is an opportunity to explore and discuss

the use and impact – both positive and

negative – of fireworks use in Scotland and a

chance for those with an interest in discussing

views and ideas on what action can be taken

to ensure fireworks continue to be enjoyed

safely and responsibly. The closing date for

comments is 13th May 2019.

Sòlas Bereavement Group

Kidston Hall, High Street, Kilmacolm

2pm to 4pm


Kilmacolm Friends of Ardgowan

Hospice - donations for show

The Old Kirk, 40 High Street, Kilmacolm

2.30pm to 4.30pm

Collecting donations of baking and preserves

for our Baking and Bottle Stall at Kilmacolm

and Port Glasgow Agricultural Show at

the Old Kirk Church Hall. Bottles can be

deposited in the box at the Cargill Community

Centre Reception Area. We look forward to

seeing you at the Show and thank for your



Kilmacolm and Port Glasgow

Agricultural Show

Knapps Loch, Bridge of Weir Road,

Kilmacolm 9am to 4.30pm

With lots of attractions including sheep, cows,

horses (light and heavy), dogs, industrial,

plus small pets in the Children’s Pet Show.

Craft Tent, Trade Stands and entertainment

including: Chainsaw Sculpture, Pipe Band,

Birds of Prey, Dancers, Vintage Tractors and

Country Capers. Schedules, Entry Forms and

more details at: www.kilmacolmshow.co.uk

Millport Classic Car Rally

Millport Isle of Cumbrae

Join us at the Garrison Grounds in Millport, Isle

of Cumbrae and travel down memory lane, you

may even get a chance to sit in the drivers seat.

Great fun and you can vote for your favourite

car. For more info and to enter a car please

visit www.millportclassiccarevent.com/

Lilifest Events

A great mix of music, comedy, theatre and

entertainment, starting on Saturday 11th

May and running until Friday 14th June.

A list of events is available on p28.


Comedy Night Kilbarchan

Performing Arts Centre in Steeple

Square 7.30pm

Lilifest Event: MC Graham Barrie with a

selection of talented comedians. Doors open

7.30pm. Tickets £10 available at the door. It’s

Bring Your Own Bottle.


The Kilbarchan Singers Summer

Concert ‘America’

Holy Trinity and Saint Barnabas

Episcopal Church, Back Sneddon

Street, Paisley PA3 2AB 7.30pm

Summer Concert ‘America’, includes works by

or made famous by Gershwin, Duke Ellington,

Barber, Whitacre & The Kings Singers.

Cunninghame Choir’s 40th

Anniversary Concert

Church of our Lady of Perpetual

Succour 4pm

The First Toll, Peter Shepherd (Chamber Organ)

Tiffany Vong (Musical Director) Erin McCrystal

(Soprano) Maciej Granat (Piano) Matthew

McKinney (Tenor) Brodick Quartet Michael

Longden (Bass-baritone). For more visit www.

cunninghame-choir.org.uk Tickets: £7.

Bible Prophecy Sunday

Carrick Centre, Main St, Houston 11am

Houston Baptist is hosting a special day of

prophecy presented by Dr. Charles Sommerville

who is a representative of Prophetic Witness

Movement International. If you wish to know

what God’s time-clock holds for this world,

this is your opportunity to know God’s plan.

Please call 01505 612722 for information. All

welcome to this special event.


Paddlesport Taster Evenings

Castle Semple Visitor Centre, Lochlip

Road, Lochwinnoch 5.30pm to 7.30pm

Most Mondays. Join us for an easy introduction

to kayaks and canoes. Check online for exact

dates & book today - very popular!!! Cost

£25pp, details & bookings online or t: 01505



@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019


The Big Conversation

McKillop Hall, Main Street, Lochwinnoch

2pm to 4pm

An informal meeting to encourage open,

supportive conversations about death, dying

and bereavement. Organised by St. Vincent’s

Hospice, to raise awareness and overcome

fear about discussing these sensitive topics.

Information available to help with practical

planning for the future. The event is open to any

adult, but may not be appropriate for someone

recently bereaved. Free refreshments. Booking

recommended. Contact: June.Burgess@svh.

co.uk or 01505 705635.


Meddle & Make, Lochwinnoch

ReMode, 39 High Street, Lochwinnoch,

PA12 4DA 7pm to 9pm

One of our ever popular make, mend and

upcycle workshops led by one of our team

of experienced designers and makers. Bring

along a garment you would like to adjust

to a new size, mend with some beautifying

embroidery, adapt a hem or add a new zipper.

Or maybe you have an ambitious make-project

you’d like some advice about? This event is

free, no experience necessary.


Buddy Beat Hit That Beat Open


Johnstone High Parish Church Hall,

Ludovic Square, Johnstone PA5 8EE

10am to 11:45am

Part of the Renfrewshire Mental Health Arts

Festival and open to anyone of all ages to join

our regular Thursday morning. It’s free and no

experience is necessary. Just a willingness

to have fun! Anyone can email to ask any

question to tom.thebuddybeat@sky.com

Business Matters Event 2019

11 Christie Street, Paisley PA1 1NB

10am to 4pm

With 50+ exhibitors and 6 seminars running

throughout the day the event is sponsored by

Paisley.is, the new destination brand for Paisley

& Renfrewshire. For more information and to

register your place please visit the Chamber

events page at www.renfrewshirechamber.

com Free to attend.


Kidston Hall, High Street, Kilmacolm

2pm to 4pm

Sunshine Wishes Children’s Charity with Linda

Ford plus Christian Aid Week celebration with

Gospel Music.



McKillop Hall, Main Street, Lochwinnoch

Jay brings her sell-out Edinburgh Festival

run on tour.

Kilmacolm Golf Club Bridge


Kilmacolm Golf Club, Porterfield Road

Welcome drink and nibbles for £40 per table


AND LADIES Members and non members

welcome. Reserve a table at the Bar or by

calling Rosemary Hammond 01505 872345

or 07757 705188. Prizes for Bridge and raffle

on the night.

Summer Concert: Magnificat

Lylesland Church, 123 Rowan Street,

Paisley 7.30pm

The Arkleston Singers perform their summer

concert, “Magnificat”. Tickets £10 are

available from choir members, online from

www.wegottickets.com/event/469220 (+

booking fee), by phone from 0141 580 6292

/ 07398 102607, or at the door.

FRI 17 - SUN 19 MAY

Annual Plant Sale

Kilmacolm Masonic Hall, Glebe Road,


Come along to our annual plant sale and pick

up some beautiful summer blooms! Friday

17th ~ 5pm - 8pm, Saturday 18th ~ 10am -

3pm & Sunday 19th ~ 11am - 3pm.


If you have any news items you

would like included in our next

issue, email them to us at:


before Friday 17th May

Calder Church Summer Fayre

McKillop Hall, Main Street, Lochwinnoch

10am to 12noon

Stalls include:- Home Baking, Plants and

garden, Jewellery and Accessories, Books,

DVDs & CDs, Toys, Bottle, Soft goods, Lucky

Dip and more.... Adults £2.50, Children FREE

includes Tea/Coffee and Cream scones. ALL


Little Seeds Woodland Nursery

Acorn House, Brediland Road, Linwood,

PA3 3RX 10am to 2pm

Open day at the nursery.


Art Evening Class Exhibition

St Columba’s School, Duchal Road,

Kilmacolm 10am

Art Evening Class exhibition and sale of work

in the Girdwood Building, St Columba’s Senior

School. Guest artist - Robert Kelsey. This is a

community event open to all.

140th Anniversary Coffee Morning

Kilmacolm Community Centre,

Lochwinnoch Road, Kilmacolm

10am to 12noon

Quality plants from Parklea Nurseries, plus a

gift Tombola, and a Garden Card Competition

with special prizes. Entertainment from the

Ceol Mor Trio will be the icing on a perfect

morning’s cake. Come along, bring your

friends, enjoy a celebratory morning, helping

financially towards the Annual Flower Show on

Saturday 7th September.

Bridge Of Weir Horticultural

Society Plant Sale

Bridge of Weir Primary School, Warlock

Road, Bridge of Weir 10am

Come along and find bargains!

Summer Fete Extravaganza!

St Anthony’s Primary School, Hallhill

Road Johnstone, PA5 0SD

12noon to 4pm

This event is being supported by so many

different organisations it promises to be

an absolutely activity packed time for all

the family to enjoy. Community partners

and stall holders welcome. Please email:

stanthonyspc@gmail.com to explore how you

can be part of our fun community event.

Langbank Church Plant Sale

Langbank Parish Church, Main Road,

Langbank 10.30am to 12.30pm

Taking place in the church car-park. Plants

supplied by Parklea Association Branching

Out in Port Glasgow. A wide selection of great

quality plants available. Cream teas will be

served in the church hall from 10.30am.

Royal Gourock Yacht Club Open Day

Royal Gourock Yacht Club, Ashton

Road, Gourock PA19 1DA

Come along and experience the exhilaration of

sailing on one of the club’s six Piper keelboats

and find out about our social activities

throughout the year, including BBQs, cocktail

parties, quiz nights and dinner dances. For

more information check out our website at




It’s starting to hot up in Renfrewshire

Next deadline - Friday 17th May


British Pipe Band Championships, Saturday 18th May 2019

Paisley has won the rights to host the British Pipe Band Championships

– one of the most prestigious events in the world piping calendar - until

2021, having also hosted the event for the past three years. Up to 130 pipe

bands will compete at this year’s championships at St James playing fi elds in

Paisley on Saturday 18th May. Thousands are expected to attend this year’s

event, which will also feature a Highland Games, family entertainment and

a Food and Drink Village. Event organisers Renfrewshire Council and the

Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association will also be teaming up with McGill’s to

provide a free shuttle bus service to take spectators to and from the event.

Ian Embelton, chief executive of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association,

said: “Paisley is a popular venue with the bands for its central location,

transport links and the many excellent options available locally to stay

overnight and to enjoy a meal or a drink.”

“This is the fi rst of the annual majors and many of the world’s best bands will

be competing – for anyone who hasn’t been before, my message would be

come along on the day and enjoy some top-class piping and drumming.”

Cunninghame Choir’s 40th Anniversary

In celebration of 40 years since its fi rst concert, Beith-based Cunninghame

Choir, an amateur adult mixed-voice ensemble, is delighted to present a very

special concert to mark this historic milestone. Taking place at 4pm on

Sunday May 12th at the Church of our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Beith, the

Anniversary concert takes its title from a brand new choral work specially

commissioned by the choir for the occasion.

Tickets priced £7 are available at the door, from choir members or by

calling 01505 503822. | www.cunninghame-choir.org.uk

Comedy Night Kilbarchan

Join us for a Comedy Night on Saturday 11th May in the Kilbarchan Arts

Centre. MC Graham Barrie with a selection of talented comedians.

Doors open 7.30pm. Tickets £10 available at the door. It’s Bring Your Own



Cargill Centre, Kilmacolm

10am - 2pm


Loch Lomond Shores

10am - 3pm Tel: 07977 179 861


Paisley Cross

10am - 2pm Tel: 01655 770217


Kip Marina, Inverkip

11am - 4pm www.kipmarina.co.uk


Lochwinnoch Community Walk

The Cross, Lochwinnoch 10.30am

This event will not take place on public holidays.

Gryffe Voices Community Choir

Freeland Church, Bridge of Weir 8pm to 9.45pm

Join us to sing pop, rock, folk, show tunes, gospel.

Contact gryffevoices@gmail.com

Strathgryffe Motorcycle Club

The Trust Inn, Kilbarchan, 9pm - 10.30pm

Visit www.strathgryffe.org for details.


Singing for Wellbeing

Bishopton Community Centre 6pm - 7.15pm

A fun, no pressure choir singing feel good songs.

Bridge of Weir Walking Group

Outside the Co-op, BoW, 10.30am

1 hour walks. Call Senga on 0141 842 3000.

Bridge of Weir Choral Society

Small Hall St Columba Church, Kilmacolm 7.30pm

- 9.30pm

All welcome.

Crafty Play Café

Quarriers Village Café, Faith Avenue, Quarriers

Booking slots available 10am-12noon; 12noon

-2pm; 2pm - 4pm

Relax and have a coffee while your children or

grandchildren play! Free entry; £2 for kids craft

materials (optional)


Knitting Group

Three Sisters Bake, Quarriers 10am - 12noon

Knitters of all levels welcome!

Weekly Memory Café

Active Communities Hub, 16 Quarry Street,

Johnstone, 10.30am -12.30pm

A welcoming place for individuals living with

Alzheimer’s, or any type of dementia, their families,

friends & carers. Drop by to find out about Community

Activities, Community Support, and professional



Babies, Bumps and Boobs

St. Columba’s Church Lesser Hall, Duchal Road,

Kilmacolm. (term-time)

A new-mums’ support group welcomes pregnant

women as well as new mums, and is being run in

conjunction with the Breastfeeding Network. Offers

the chance for a chat and to swap stories of sleepless

nights in a welcoming environment, whilst relaxing

with a cup of tea and cake. Pregnant women and

those with babies under 6m go free. For more

information please contact playgroupmembership@



Inverclyde Carers Outreach

Cargill Centre, Kilmacolm 11am - 2pm

Email enquiries@inverclydecarerscentre.org.uk or

call: 01475 735180.


BoW Senior Citizens Club

Cargill Hall 7 - 9.15pm

Tea, biscuits & a raffle each meeting along with

entertainment. Contact Sheila Patterson for further

information on 01505 690521.


Weekly Volunteer Group

Castle Semple, Lochwinnoch 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Conservation Volunteers - adult group. Newcomers

always welcome.

Kilmacolm Walkers

Birkmyre Park Pavilion, Kilmacolm, 10am

David 01505 874192 kilmacolmwalkers@talktalk.net



Kidston Hall, Kilmacolm 2pm - 4pm

Social activities group for the community in

Kilmacolm. Guest speakers, afternoon tea, local

issues of interest. Everyone welcome.

Crafty Hobbies

Carrick Centre, Main Street, Houston 7.30pm

No previous craft experience necessary. Call Lorna

on 01505 612844 for further details.


Sòlas Bereavement Support Group

Kidston Hall, Kilmacolm. 2pm - 4pm.


Singing for Wellbeing

Bishopton Community Centre 2pm - 3.15pm

A fun, no pressure choir singing feel good songs.


Hearing Aid Clinic

The Bridge, Bridge of Weir 1 - 2pm

Hearing aid batteries and hearing aid checks.



St Machar’s Ranfurly Church Hall

Soups, sandwiches, tea/coffee, biscuits. £4.


Weekly Volunteer Group

Greenock Cut Visitor Centre 10.30am - 2.30pm

Conservation Volunteers, adult group. Newcomers

always welcome.


‘Brunch & Browse’

St Fillan’s Hall, Kilmacolm 10am - 2pm

Soups, baking, tea, coffee, books & lots of stalls


Table Top Sale

Linwood Parish Church, Blackwood Ave 11am - 1pm

This is a free event. Call 01505 328802 for



Weekly Volunteer Group

Castle Semple, Lochwinnoch 10am - 12noon

Youth Volunteer Group - age 14 - 18 years. Newcomers

always welcome.

Houston Litter Crew

Co-op Car Park 10am – 11.45am

All volunteers welcome and all equipment supplied.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019


British Pipe Band Championships

St. James Playing Fields, Paisley PA3 2LB

Up to 130 pipe bands competing, featuring

Highland Games, family entertainment and

a Food and Drink Village. Free shuttle bus

service to take spectators to and from the

event. Come along on the day and enjoy some

top-class piping and drumming.


Falconry Day

Finlaystone Country Estate - Langbank

1pm to 3pm

Join us for a fantastic raptor experience.

Family Volunteering

RSPB, Largs Road, Lochwinnoch

1pm to 3.30pm

Who says that volunteering is only for

grownups! Kids bring the grownup in your life

to our reserve. Come and do a day’s practical

volunteering at our beautiful reserve and

help us to give nature a home. Please book.

Free event.

Christian Aid Lunch

Kidston Hall, High Street, Kilmacolm


Please come along, bring family and friends,

and enjoy simple Soups, a selection of Bread

and Cheeses, finishing with tea/coffee and a

few treats. Donations in thanks for a delicious

lunch will be most welcome too, and will be

forwarded directly to Christian Aid Scotland.

GVRC 10K Run

West Halls, Main Street, Houston PA6 7EL

(next to Carrick Centre and Village Hall)

Run on country roads around the villages

of Houston and Bridge of Weir. Entry fees

£13.50 online or £16 on the day. £5.50 for

runners 16/17 years of age. Suitable for all

abilities. Sandwiches, home baking, tea and

coffee available to runners and spectators

in the halls at the end of the race. Water is

available at the halfway mark and at the end.

Start and Finish: Houston Public Park, Houston

Road entrance.


Give Blood - Johnstone

Johnstone Town Hall, Johnstone

5pm to 7.30pm & 2pm to 3.30pm

Give Blood - Bridge of Weir

Cargill Hall, Lintwhite Crescent, Bridge

of Weir 4pm to 7.30pm


Give Blood - Johnstone

Johnstone Town Hall, Johnstone

4pm to 7.30pm

FRI 24 - SUN 26 MAY

Annual Plant Sale

Kilmacolm Masonic Hall, Glebe Road

Come along to our annual plant sale and pick

up some beautiful summer blooms! Friday

24th ~ 5pm - 8pm, Saturday 25th ~ 10am -

3pm, Sunday 26th ~ 11am - 3pm

FRI 24 - MON 27 MAY

Treasure Hunt - Wildflowers

RSPB, Largs Road, Lochwinnoch

10am to 4pm

Explore woodland trails and search for hidden

wildflowers, match up to the creatures that

may visit them using your handy guide.

Collect the hidden letters along the route and

un-jumble them to claim your reward at the

visitor centre Cost: £3 per child non-member,

£1.50 for child members (Usual trail fees

apply to adults).


Birds for Beginners

RSPB, Largs Road, Lochwinnoch

11am to 1.30pm

Learn about common birds, pick up tips and

advice on wildlife watching techniques. Head

out onto the reserve with your new skills, and

top it all off with a hot drink. Binocular hire

available from the shop! Please book, as

places are limited. Adults: £6; Children: £4.80

(RSPB members: £4.80/£3.80).

SAT 25 - SUN 26 MAY

Super Hero Weekend

Finlaystone Country Estate - Langbank

1pm to 3pm

Dress up as your favourite super hero and join

the Rangers for a fun filled day with games and

prizes for best dressed!


Ayrshire Motor Show 2019

Livestock Auction Mart, Whitefordhill,

Ayr KA6 5JW 12noon to 4pm

Tickets £5 per adult (kids under 14 free when

accompanied by an adult). We look forward to

welcoming you along to our show whether you

are showing a vehicle or just coming along for a

day out. www.ayrshiremotorshow.co.uk


The Buddy Beat Drumming Group

Open Night

The Charleston Centre, 49 Neilston

Road, Paisley PA2 6LY

Our sessions are easy going and always fun,

no experience necessary - open to anyone

regardless of a mental health condition.

Check us out on Facebook at Renfrewshire’s

The Buddy Beat or at www.thebuddybeat.co.uk


Movie Night - West Side Story

Old Kirk, 40 High St, Kilmacolm 7.30pm

Free entry and the offer of a glass of wine.

Donation if desired to support the creation of

a Pilgrim Pathway in Kilmacolm.


Houston and Killellan Agricultural

Society Annual Show

Houston Public Park, Four Windings

Schedules for the Craft and Baking Section

available from committee members, the

Post Office, the Paper Shop or by contacting

Isabelle Stuart at issistuart@gmail.com or

telephone 01505 613479.

Lilias Day

Kilbarchan from 1pm

Lots of new family attractions plus music,

crafts and food, zorbing, pony rides, dog show

and Tug of War. Parade of floats, pipe bands

and historic costumes. Details on p29.

Gryffe Manor Nursery Open


The Butts, Houston Road, Houston

10am to 1pm

Come along and explore the wonderful

environment we offer children on a daily basis.

Visit our beautiful purpose built facility set in

acres of woodland. For children aged 0-5yrs

with friendly staff members. Information on

spaces available can be provided on the day.


Renfrew Gala Day

Robertson Park, Longcroft Drive,

Renfrew 1pm to 5pm

Enjoy live entertainment, music, dance,

fabulous stalls, funfair rides, free activities for

kids and the dress up parade! Free.



Paisley Abbey



Applications are now being received from boys and girls aged 7½ and over

for places in the famous Paisley Abbey Choir.

The Choir enjoys an international reputation through recordings and

broadcasts on both radio and TV.

Choristers are given payments for singing in the choir as well as receiving a

fi rst-class musical education.

Although singing is centred around the Abbey services, there are other

activities such as concerts with opportunities, for example, to sing with the

Dunedin Ensemble.

Saturday Recitals

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays and

Saturday 4th May - 12.30pm

Thursdays from 4.30pm - 5.45pm and

Abbey Strings with Margo Smith &

often on Fridays from 7pm - 9.30pm.

Catriona McGilvray (Violins),

On Sundays the choir practice is at

Claire Griffi ths (Viola) and

9.45am for morning service, fi nishing

Priscilla Routley (Cello).

at 12noon. On the second Sunday of

the month evensong is sung at 4pm

Admission £5 payable at the door

with a rehearsal at 2.45pm.

Paisley Abbey (Church of Scotland) –

Registered Charity No. SC007633

Why not give it a try?

Contact the Director of Music profmcphee@aol.com to set up a meeting or,

for more information, call the Abbey on 0141 889 7654.

Next deadline - Friday 17th May

The Carrick Players


Sketch on the Beach

Thursday 6th & Friday 7th June

from 7pm

The Old Library Centre, Kilbarchan

Tickets: £10 Available

online at thecarrickplayers.

eventbrite.co.uk or

from Bobbins

Coffee Shop

(£1 booking fee

for online ticket)

Memories Café

Drop-in for a Chat, Tea and Homemade


Thursdays 1pm - 3pm

Active Communities Hub

Quarry Street, Johnstone

The Arkleston Singers

Summer Concert: Magnificat Friday 17th May at 7.30pm

Lylesland Church, 123 Rowan Street, Paisley PA2 6RZ.

The concert will contain the choir’s usual mix of music to suit

a range of tastes including the beautiful ‘Magnifi cat’ by Kim

André Arnesen, a “Back to the 60s” Medley and music by

Carly Simon, Leonard Cohen, and young Paisley composer

George Swann. The concert also features a piece especially

written for bass fl ute by acclaimed Glasgow composer Eddie


Musical Director Marcus Kitchen is supported by Myrna

Tennant (soprano), Ewan Robertson (bass fl ute), Javier

Ucendo (accompanist) and The Arkleston Chamber


Tickets priced £10 are available from choir members, online

from www.wegottickets.com/event/469220 (+ booking fee), by

phone from 0141 580 6292/07398 102607, or at the door.

The Haven Kilmacolm

Painting Workshop

Saturday 18th May, 10am - 3pm

All supplies included and you will take a painting

home. Workshop taught by Elizabeth Humpfries.


• Painting Workshop only £15

(10am - 1pm)

• Full Day £30 (10am - 3pm)

Afternoon Tea

Saturday 18th May, 1pm -


Tickets: £15/person

To purchase tickets: contact

Sherri on: sherri@thehavenkilmacolm.com or

01505 872099

Royal Gourock Yacht Club

Open Day

Special Week of Kids Clubs

Hope Hall, Bridge of Weir

Monday 29th April - Friday 3rd May

from 6pm - 7pm

Singing, Quizzes, Bible Stories, and much

more ... And loads of fab prizes!

For more info contact: 07828 267073

Free admission - Come to as many as you can!


Saturday 18th May 2019

Come along and experience the exhilaration of sailing on one

of the club’s six Piper keelboats; Learn about the advantages

of keeping your yacht on a mooring serviced by two private

launches for club members’ exclusive use.

Sample our fi ne dining and members’ private bar facilities;

Join in our social activities throughout the year, including

BBQs, cocktail parties, quiz nights throughout the winter and

dinner dances, entertained by local musicians and catered

for by our own chef. Find out about opportunities for adults

and children to learn how to sail at the club (cadets over 12

years old).

For more info check out our website at http://rgyc.org.uk


@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

The Buddy Beat

Buddy Beat: Hit That Beat is a fabulous

rhythm and drumming group for wellbeing.

As part of the Renfrewshire Mental Health

Arts Festival there will be an open session

on Thursday 16th May at 10am to 11.45am

at the Johnstone Parish Church Hall,

Johnstone PA5 8EE. Our regular meetings

(on Thursday mornings) are free and no

experience is necessary. Just a willingness

to have fun! For more info, and to ask any

question, email: tom.thebuddybeat@sky.


We were recently



Renfrewshire Provost

Award in the Arts

& Culture category.

This is recognition for

our work in helping

people with mental

health issues and for

our outreach work. This is a great honour

and thrilled everyone at Buddy Beat.

Get Your

Dancing Shoes


The OIR Dance Group meet

on a Monday at 1.30pm in

the Clark Memorial Hall,

Largs. Dancing consists of

Ballroom, Sequence, Old

Time and Scottish.

All new members are made

welcome, so dust off your old

dance shoes and come along

and join us, come alone or

bring a partner.

Contact: Bill Alexander

01475 522043 or Archie

Adams 01475 649008.

May 2019

Move it or Lose it!

Come and join the fun throughout Renfrewshire and Inverclyde. We’ve

celebrated St George’s Day with a little Morris Dance. Come and see if you

can do the “Car Wash” or the “Helicopter”! Classes are very friendly - we

would love to meet you.



Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Kilmacolm Dramatic Society, photo taken by David Walker



Lollipops for

Langbank - by the

Chamber Pots

The Chamber Pots quartet has been

playing together for about ten years,

having met when they all played in

the Glasgow Chamber Orchestra. On

Sunday, 9th June they will present a

selection of their favourite lollipops

in Langbank Church from 2.30pm –

3.30pm. The music will range from

Pirates of the Caribbean to a medley

from the Sound of Music. Admission

is £5. Why not come along and

enjoy an afternoon of light musical


Bridge fo Weir

Elderly Forum

Annual General Meeting:

Tuesday 14th May, 2pm, The

Pirie, Freeland Church

All members are requested to

attend. Our outing to Dundee is

on Wednesday 29th May. If you

would like to come please contact

Margaret Mills or any member of the


Your Ward 11


James MacLaren, Natalie Don,

Colin McCulloch | Advice

Surgeries: http://www.


Community Council

Visitors are welcome at these

monthly meetings.

BISHOPTON: Primary School: 1st

Thurs at 7.30pm |


BRIDGE OF WEIR: 1st Tuesday

of the month, Cargill Hall: 7pm |


February - June & September -

December (October AGM). (No

meetings July and August)

LANGBANK: Church Hall: 2nd Wed

at 7.30pm

Community Halls to

Let ...

Bridge of Weir: Freeland Church.

Tel: 612245

Bridge of Weir Community Council

Roads: The Community Council were dismayed to learn that Carruth Road

has not been included in in Renfrewshire Council’s capital programme for

resurfacing works. We have campaigned for a number of years for this area

to be resurfaced and once again our plea to the Council has gone unheard.

A Community Councillor, a resident in the area, comments “It’s disappointing

a 40 year old road surface has once again missed the annual list, as Carruth

Road has required full resurfacing for a decade.” The Council’s stance of

disproportionate funding to Paisley town centre means certain adopted

roads will only receive minimal attention. The cost of the temporary repairs

performed in the last decade would certainly exceed the cost of proper

resurfacing. We have written to the Head of Roads strongly requesting this

decision be revisited.

Areas to be included in this year’s programme are Hazelwood Road to Eldin

Place and Warlock Road. Perhaps if this resurfacing had been done properly

in the fi rst place last year funding may have been available for other areas.

Pavements, Main Street to Kirkinner Place.

Signage: No date yet for the much awaited 30mph speed limit on the

Johnstone Road beyond St. Mary’s Church. We have been informed that

the traffi c order has now been fi nalised, and that Renfrewshire Council has

requested quotations to reposition new signs, however these signs require

to be illuminated and need a power supply. Until the quotations are returned

and reviewed, they are unable to give a timescale for the works.

Local Plan: The Planning Convener informed the Community Council

that Renfrewshire Council is currently consulting on the proposed Local

Development Plan 2019. The plan affects the entire council area, including

Bridge of Weir, and outlines the council’s policy on housing and preferred

sites for meeting the housing needs over the next 10 years. Maps associated

with the plan show graphically the areas for potential development. There is

no planned release of any green belt surrounding our village. However, this

does not mean that developers will not try to have the proposals changed or

breach the green belt with future planning applications.

Anyone wishing further information on the proposals can access the plans

via Renfrewshire Council’s web site www.renfrewshire.gov.uk

Polling Places: In response to Renfrewshire Council’s review of Polling

Places the view of the Community Council is that we prefer the Primary

School not be used and this will be relayed to Renfrewshire Council.

Police report: Community Police reported between 5th March and 2nd April

there was a total of 15 recorded crimes, 5 of which have been detected.

Speed Limit: A Community Councillor requested the speed limit on the

Kilmacolm Road, Bridge of Weir to Kilmacolm, be reduced. We have

written to our neighbouring Community Council in Kilmacolm seeking their

views. Meanwhile we have asked the Traffi c Police to monitor the current


Pavements: The Community Council has agreed to support residents

in Clevans Road who are attempting to have the pavement repaired to a

satisfactory condition to allow Renfrewshire Council to adopt and take over

full responsibility.

Easter Egg Hunt event: A big thank you to everyone who came and supported

the Community Council’s Easter Egg Hunt held on Saturday 13th April. It was

hard to gauge the type of response we would receive, however the turn out

exceeded our expectations. We were delighted with the positive feedback

and hope this can become an annual event. Congratulations to the winners

for fi rst back, fi nding the golden ticket and how many sweets in a jar.

Sincere thanks to Bernie’s Cafe for donating the juice for the event.

If you have any news

items you would

like included in our

next issue, email

them to us at:


before Friday 17th May

Churches in Bishopton,

Langbank & Bridge of Weir


Services 10am with Sunday School, Crèche

and young people’s group, the Welcomers.

Tea/coffee after the service. Church service

starts at 10am. Come along and meet in the

Hall from 9.50am. Charity No. SC015085.

FREELAND CHURCH - Sunday Morning

Service 10.30am and Sunday Evening Service

7pm. For details please check website: www.



Rd, Bridge of Weir, PA11 3EE. St Mary’s

Episcopal Church is a small, lively and

mature Christian community. We are united

by our belief in Jesus, the One in whom God

fully revealed Himself and through whom

we have life in all it’s fullness. Come and

worship with us. Our main Service is held on

Sundays at 10am. A warm welcome awaits

you. Contact: Rev. Heller G. 01505 872961



morning service 10.30am.

HOPE HALL: Sun 1.15pm Sunday School,

4.30pm Gospel Service; Mon 6pm Investigators

for Kids, 7.30pm Bible Study and Prayer.



Services: 9.45am Early Bird Service @ The

Cornerstone - Tea/Coffee followed by 45

minute service commencing at 10am. Sunday

School for children and easy access for

those with mobility issues. 11.30am Morning

Worship at The Church (Erskine Ferry Road)

Tea & Coffee following service. Please see

our website Bishoptonkirk.org.uk or Facebook

page for further details as we have Family

Services at the beginning of each month which

alternate between Church and Cornerstone. A

warm welcome awaits you and your family.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019

Singing for Wellbeing

A fun, no-pressure choir singing feel-good songs every Tuesday from 6pm - 7.15pm

and Fridays at 2pm - 3.15pm in the Bishopton Community Centre.

Bridge of Weir Tenants & Residents


The latest meeting of Bridge of Weir TARA was well attended and we’d like

to thank Councillors Natalie Don and James MacLaren, P.C. Eilidh O’Hanlon,

Housing Offi cer Joanne Devan, and David Sloan and P. McParland from

Renfrewshire Wardens Service for their attendance.

Police report: The Police have asked us to let residents know of possible

scammers going door to door in the village looking for building work. If you

are offered such services and are suspicious, and you can see any vehicle

being used, please take details of its colour, make and number plate, and

let the police know as soon as possible on 101. They may be genuine but

better to be safe than sorry. There has also been an increase in phone

scammers purporting to be from BT, Microsoft, etc., and even the Tax Offi ce!

You are asked to remain vigilant when answering your phone and hang up

immediately if you become suspicious.

Dog fouling: The Wardens continue to fi ght the scourge of dog fouling in our

village, with a number of areas having been highlighted for special attention

over previous months and in the near future.

Play Park equipment: TARA are delighted that after over two years of

meetings and discussions with Community Services at Renfrewshire Council

we have fi nally got a proposal rubber-stamped to provide new play equipment

at Houston Road park which will include equipment more easily accessed by

children with mobility problems. This has been the number one priority for

us during these many months of negotiations, and we’d like to thank the

Community Council for their support, and Councillor Natalie Don for helping

us get our plans to fruition.

Roads: In conjunction with the Community Council and Councillor Natalie

Don, TARA had a site visit with Renfrewshire Council Roads Department

concerning the junction of Prieston Road/Kilbarchan Road/Main Street

earlier in the year. As a result of this site visit the junction has now had its

road markings renewed, and a survey of traffi c usage at the junction is due

to take place in the coming months.

Garden/Food Waste: Four TARA members recently had a very informative

visit to ENVA in Blantyre, the company that process the garden and food

waste from our brown bins into compost. We were made most welcome

during our visit as were shown around the facility, with each step of the

process explained to us in detail. One point we were asked to convey to

people was the need to put our brown bins out on its due date regardless

of how much was contained within it. If a collection is missed there’s every

chance the waste will start to breakdown into sludge which is of no use for

composting. Our thanks goes to TARA member Neil Thomson for arranging

the visit.

Village clean-up: Members of TARA will be taking part in Renfrewshire

Council’s ‘Team Up to Clean Up’ campaign during April and will be initiating

a clean-up of Houston Road Park.

Next meeting: The next meeting of Bridge of Weir Tenants and Residents

Association will be on Tuesday 21st May at 7.30pm in the Pirie Centre at

Freeland Church. So if you’ve got something you’d like to discuss concerning

our village why not come along and air your views. All are welcome.

Langbank Church Plant Sale

Saturday, 18th May, 10.30 – 12.30pm, Langbank Church car-park

The plants will be supplied by Parklea Association Branching Out in Port

Glasgow, an organisation which provides horticultural training for adults and

young people with special needs. There will be a wide selection of plants

available, which are always of the best quality.

Cream teas will be served in the church hall from 10.30am.

Bridge of Weir Senior Citizens Assoc

Our Annual Outing is going for a sail on Loch Katrine and then to Callendar

for High Tea on Wednesday 5th June. There are a few tickets still available

and if you wish to go please get in touch with Ann McEwing or any member

of the Committee.

BoW Lace Group

Bridge of Weir Lace Group meets fortnightly on Tuesday mornings (10am -

12noon) during the winter months. If you’d like to try lacemaking we can

provide materials & tuition. For further details phone (01505) 613967.






Christian Aid Week

Each year Christian Aid Week shines a spotlight on

one specifi c aspect of Christian Aid’s work combating

poverty and the causes of poverty in some of the poorest countries in the

world. This year the charity is focused on reducing the rate of “maternal

mortality” – mothers dying during child birth.

In wealthy countries the incidence of maternal deaths is now around 12 per

100,000 ‘live births’. In sharp contrast, the comparable fi gure in the world’s

least developed countries is 436 deaths. And in the African country of Sierra

Leone it is a staggering 1,360 deaths per 100,000 live births. Every day in

Sierra Leone ten mothers die trying to give birth to their child.

There is no single answer to this terrible situation. However, by working

closely with local partner organisations, Christian Aid has developed an

effective programme to address its multiple causes: building local health

clinics, training midwifery staff, overcoming cultural barriers to healthcare,

educating young women, empowering women’s groups, and even running

programmes to enhance the status of women in the family setting.

During Christian Aid Week a donation envelope will be delivered to your

house and will be picked up later in the week by a volunteer collector. Please

give generously – and if you pay income tax, please complete the Gift Aid

form on the fl ap of the envelope, to allow Christian Aid to increase the value

of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you.

Thank you.

Bridge of Weir Christian Aid Group St Machar’s Ranfurly Church, Freeland Church & St

Mary’s Church. For more information on Christian Aid please go to: christianaid.org.uk

Annual Spring Fayre

Saturday 11th May 10.30am - 12.30pm, St Machar’s Ranfurly

Church Hall, Kilbarchan Road

St. Machar’s Ranfurly Guild invite you to join them with Baking, Soft Goods

and Letter Cards on sale. Come along and have a look and enjoy a cup of

tea or coffee with your friends.

The Bridge

Post Office: Over the last month the post offi ce has had restricted opening

with staff unexpectedly ill or on holiday. We are very sorry to report that

Fiona is still seriously ill and we all wish her a full recovery. In the meantime

we are trying to fi nd a replacement at least in the short term. Usual opening

hours will be maintained for The Bridge and we will try to have the post offi ce

open as much as possible. We may still have some closures on Fridays and

/or Saturdays. We are grateful to Donald, Stuart and to all our volunteers for

their valuable contribution and thank all customers for their understanding.

Post Office and Shop - for all your Post Offi ce services, purchases of

stationery, greeting cards and pocket money toys. Please support your

Community Centre where our volunteers and Post Offi ce staff work hard

to meet your needs. Our stock of greeting cards has expanded with most

occasions catered for.

Adding to the atmosphere are our regular Art Exhibitions. During May,

Bishopton Art Group will be exhibiting a selection of paintings. Please pop in

to view and purchase their pictures.

Volunteers - the Community Centre and Shop is run entirely by volunteers.

Do you have a spare four hours each month? Consider joining us, meet new

friends and become involved in your community. Please speak to any of our

volunteers for more information. We look forward to your involvement.

What’s happening in May? - Apart from the usual activities, - Bridge Classes,

Film Showings, Hard of Hearing Clinic, MSP/MP surgeries there is always

the opportunity to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in warm, pleasant

surroundings. We thank you for your custom and continuing support.

Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Langbank SWI Annual Dinner April 2019

We held our Prizegiving Dinner and AGM at Gleddoch. Prizes were awarded

to members for success in the monthly competitions.

The President Marion Dornan thanked all her committee for their help during

the year.

Roads & Pavements: Council has announced its Roads

Improvement Programme for this year. The following roads

in Ward 11 are due to be resurfaced:

• Bishopton: B815 Ferry Road , A8 Greenock Road, Stuart

Road, Teviot Drive, Ettrick Drive, Carrick Road.

• Bridge of Weir: Warlock Road, Hazelwood Road

• Langbank: Barrochan Rd, Seath Ave, Beechwood Ave

There are a number of roads that I feel and wish were included and will

remind the Roads department of their obligation to keep the roads in a

safe condition. Potholes continue to be an issue. There are a couple of

pavements only that are to be resurfaced. These are Middlepenny Road in

Langbank and Main Street (Kirkinner Place) in Bridge of Weir. If you would

like more detail of the area and section being resurfaced then please get

in touch. Likewise, if you feel your road should have been included then I

would like to hear from you. But perhaps what is more important to some of

you will be sorting our Renfrewshire’s drainage issues and I will endeavour

to get you details of the Drainage Capital Schemes 2019/20 for next month,

because so much damage is done to the roads due to water sitting on the


Bin Collections: Also of issue is the number of people reporting that their

bins have not been emptied, and perhaps of even more concern is the

number of times people report the problem before they approach me to sort

it. Council really needs to get on top of the refuse collection and recycling.

The problems have been going on for too long now.

Charity Fundraising: I am in training for “The June 15 Big 200”, a 200 mile

cycle from Kilmacolm to Newcastle on 15th June and will be fundraising for

Freeland Church car park and garden, The Haven Kilmacolm, and one other

(to be decided). If you would like to motivate me then please donate at www.

justgiving.com or add your name to one of my sponsorship forms. Thank

you in anticipation.


• Langbank Parish Church Hall - 1st Monday of every month (6.30pm)

• Bridge of Weir Cargill Hall - 2nd Monday (sorry, not in May) (6.30pm)

• Bishopton Community Library - 3rd Monday of every month (6.30pm)

For further information on any of the above, please contact me by phone

on 0300-300-1291 or by email to cllr.james.maclaren@renfrewshire.gov.

uk Check out my Facebook page for more information and copies of my

community council reports etc. www.facebook.com/councillormaclaren

Working with you and improving our local area. Please feel free to contact

me with any of your concerns, and I am happy to meet with you at a mutually

convenient time.

Bridge of Weir SWI

The AGM and Mini Show were held in April at Bernie’s. The speaker was

children’s author Lindsay Littleson. Her latest book based on the Titanic will

be launched at the end of April. In the mini show winners were as follows:

Duncan Cup, Mabel McPherson; Muirhead Cup, Brenda Lindsay; Woodrow

Cup, Rhona McLean. Brenda Lindsay was in fi rst place for the points cup

followed by Joyce Bennie 2nd and Mabel McPherson 3rd.

We will round off this session with an outing to Falkland Palace.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019

Report on Public Meeting 15th April 19

At very short notice a public meeting was arranged to discuss the ‘New’

application made by Gladman Scotland for a development at North Denniston

comprising 88 housing units of various types and sizes. This was held on

Monday 15th April in Kilmacolm St Columba Church Hall.

This came as a complete shock to the village as the previous application

for this site had been refused by Inverclyde Council and by the government

appointed Reporter.

The lawyers for Gladman Scotland argued that this was a ‘New’ application

because the area in question was different to the previous application in

that it omitted the area of the Knapps. Under the government planning

regulations, it does state that any application for more than 40 housing units

is to be treated as a major development and as such it should be preceded

by a 3-month Pre-Application Consultation period before the application can

be submitted to the planning authority. This has not happened and the preapplication

consultation report is a cobbled together version of the previous

consultation held in 2017.

Over 220 people turned out for the meeting where they were addressed

by Louise Eadie of the Kilmacolm Civic Trust, Mike Jefferis who is Chair of

the Kilmacolm Community Council and Nicol Cameron who is Chair of the

Kilmacolm Civic Trust. They outlined the current situation and informed the

meeting that time was short and all comments/objections are to be with

Inverclyde council by close of play on 26th April. At the end of the meeting

Councillor David Wilson informed the meeting of the situation regarding

other application that are pending including Carsemeadow, Plaintreeyetts

and West of Quarry Drive.

Planning: I voted to amend the proposed plan to remove

housing at West of Quarry Drive and from a strategic point

of view I do not favour house building in Kilmacolm and

Quarriers Village above that identifi ed in the proposed plan.

I am glad to see that the reporters considering the Inverclyde

Local Development Plan have determined that “there is

not a requirement to allocate additional housing land in

the Kilmacolm and Quarriers Village area of Inverclyde”.

This, of course, does not stop developers making planning

applications which will be considered by council offi cers with respect to

the current and proposed local development plans. I attended the public

meeting held on 15th April in Kilmacolm which discussed the current

planning application by Gladman Developments at North Denniston.

Public Transport: I am interested in trying to get a new bus service between

Port Glasgow Train Station and Johnstone Train Station as I think that this

will be a good way to improve connectivity in the Gryffe Valley. I would be

interested to hear the views of constituents on this matter and their views on

the existing X7 and 1/1A bus services.

Surgeries: Kilmacolm New Community Centre from 7pm to 8pm on 22nd

May 2019 and Port Glasgow Community Campus Enterprise Centre from

7pm to 8pm on 29th May 2019. Please contact me directly to discuss

any matters by telephone on 07768 460073/01475 712370, by email:

christopher.curley@inverclyde.gov.uk or by messaging me via my Facebook

page (@Ward1chriscurleySNP).

Positive Thinking

The only thing you can control in

your life is your thoughts. The

only thought you have power

over is the present one. Find

out how to control your thoughts,

and attract exactly what you

want into your life. Phone or text

07463 570464.




If you would like to play

Bridge during the summer

months why not come

along to the Kilmacolm

Community Centre on

Monday evenings?

Starting on 13th May at

7pm for a 7.15 pm start.

Come with a partner or

come alone and hope to

fi nd one there.

Further information Tel:

87 2345

Every 4th

Monday the local


offi cer, will hold

a surgery in the

Community Centre between

10.30am - 11.30am.

Guide Hut to Hire

A great venue with easy access near to

the village centre. Main hall, additional

kitchen facilities and outdoor area...

Perfect for children’s parties, weekly

classes and one off special occasions.

Anyone wanting to hire the Guide Hut

please contact Heather on 07488







Kilmacolm Village

Litter Pick

18 volunteers turned out on Saturday 13th

April 209 to help with the Village Litter Pick.

We were very lucky with the weather – cool

and no rain.

They were split into teams of two or three

and sent off to differing areas which were

checked out beforehand by Mike Jefferis,

Chair of Kilmacolm Community Council.

They were also equipped with litter pickers,

high visibility vests and bin bags.

The aim was to do as much as they could and be back at the rendezvous by


As Chair of the Kilmacolm Community Council I would like to thank the

following persons for turning out and doing their bit to help make the village

a cleaner place to live:

Joyce Jefferis, Drew Livingston, Adrian and Judith Kent, Peter McKerrell,

Jennifer Hogg, Maureen Wells, Liz Finnie, Lisa Griffin, Judith Russell, Marion

Armour, Louise and Ken McLaren, Caroline and Logan Muir, Jack Lamont

and Councillor David Wilson.

The village certainly looks a lot less untidy thanks to their efforts.

Mike Jefferis, Chair, Kilmacolm Community Council

Kilmacolm Community Council

Details from our meeting on 26th March 2019.

Police Scotland: There were no recorded crimes in the Kilmacolm and

Quarriers area for the month of March.

Planning/Licensing: 8 validated planning applications were considered at

the meeting none of which were opposed but as one was for the conservation

area it was agreed that the chair would comment on this to the planning


Parking: A new Traffic Regulation Order was being raised which would

effectively turn four of the parking places in Barr’s Brae into electric charging

vehicle spaces only between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 30th April at 7.30pm

Old Kirk News


This year the Old Kirk marked Holy

Week by creating the Stations of the

Cross around the church. The Last

Supper station was located in the

Murray Chapel.

Your Ward 1 Councillors

David Wilson, Stephen McCabe,

Christopher Curley | Advice

Surgeries: http://www.inverclyde.


Community Council

... Visitors are welcome at these

monthly meetings.


Tuesday at 7.30pm, Kilmacolm

Cargill Centre

(NB: No meetings: July or Dec) |


Community Halls to

Let ...

Kilmacolm, Cargill Centre. Tel:


Kilmacolm, Brownie/Guide Hut. Tel:

07584 359007

Kilmacolm, Masonic Hall. Tel:


GENEVA TRIP May 2nd - 5th

A group are going to Geneva and

will visit a number of important

sites related to the evolution of the

Protestant church. A report of the

visit will be in June Advertizer.

OUTLOOK is a social community

group, formulated for friendship and

fellowship. It is led by the Community

Issues team of Kilmacolm Old Kirk.

The group meets In Kidston Hall,

2pm - 4pm. Everyone is most


Programme for May:

2nd May The work of Kilmacolm

Community Council – with Mike

Jefferis and Helen Cook

16th May Sunshine Wishes

Children’s Charity with Linda Ford

plus Christian Aid Week celebration

with Gospel Music.

OUTLOOK will close for the summer

after the May Programme. It opens

again on 5th September with a

coach outing to Paisley Abbey.


19th May Bread and Cheese Lunch

at 12.15pm. Kidston Hall.

Lunch will be soup, bread and

cheese, tea/coffee to support

Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Kilmacolm Dramatic Society

Kilmacolm Dramatic Society’s production of Stepping Out was greatly

enjoyed by our audiences last month.

Under John Gilchrist’s enthusiastic direction and the expert dancing

guidance of Liz Addison, Carol Biggin and Julie Gibb, the cast of ten women

and one brave man put on a very entertaining show. They all put in a huge

amount of effort in learning their lines and – for many - how to tap dance for

the first time. They were well rewarded by the appreciative applause which

greeted their rousing finale tap dance routine. Well done to John and the

whole company – on stage and behind the scenes.

We’re now busy deciding what our next production in November will be. We

intend it to be something for all the family to enjoy, so look out for details.

If you’re interested in finding out more about KDS, just visit our website

kilmacolmdramaticsociety.co.uk/ or contact Claire Fraser on claire.fraser@

scotech.ltd.uk or Rosie Thirde on rosiethirde33@gmail.com

We’re also delighted to welcome new members who want to act, help out

with costumes, lighting, set design and building, hair and make-up or stage

management – and you don’t have to have previous experience. As well as

our two annual productions, we organise social events for members. Look

out for details of our next production!

Kilmacolm Dramatic Society, photo taken by David Walker

Kilmacolm Golf Club Bridge Evening

FRIDAY 17th MAY - Welcome drink and nibbles for £40 per table


members welcome. Reserve a table at the Bar or by calling Rosemary

Hammond 01505 872345 or 07757 705188.

Prizes for Bridge and raffle on the night.

Christian Aid Week. Everyone

welcome. Any donations to say

thank you for a delicious lunch will

be sent directly to Christian Aid



30th May West Side Story.7pm for

7.30. The Old Kirk

Free entry and the offer of a glass of

wine. Donation if desired to support

Churches in Kilmacolm & Quarriers

the creation of a Pilgrim Pathway in


SOCIAL MEDIA In addition to the

website - kilmacolmoldkirk.org.uk,

you can follow the Old Kirk on

Facebook at Kilmacolm Old

Kirk@kilmacolmold, and Twitter and

Instagram @kilmacolmold

KILMACOLM OLD KIRK: Church of Scotland (Charity no. SC009291). www.kilmacolmoldkirk.org.

uk. Minister Rev. Dr. Peter McEnhill (01505 873174). All Sundays in May – morning worship at

11am. Tea and coffee served afterwards. Sunday May 5th 6pm, Night Kirk in Murray Chapel. Sòlas

Bereavement Group is held in Kidston Hall on the 2nd Thursday each month at 2pm. OUTLOOK

on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 2pm.

ST COLUMBA CHURCH OF SCOTLAND: (Charity no. SC007992) Morning Worship Sundays at

11am. All welcome. Coffee/tea served in the hall after the service.

GRACE CHURCH KILMACOLM: in association with Downavale Free Church of Scotland (Charity

No: SCO38274) - Sunday Service at 10.30am in Kilmacolm Guide Hut, Woodrow Avenue, PA13

4QF - all welcome.

ST COLM’S CATHOLIC CHURCH, Smithy Brae Kilmacolm. Rev. Vincent Byrne. Family mass

Sundays 10am with children’s liturgy, followed by tea and coffee. Eucharistic service Thursdays

11am. Rosary Tuesdays 6.30pm. Prayer group meets Thursdays 7.30pm. Further information

and contact details www.stcolmsparish.co.uk. All welcome.

BUDDHIST MEETINGS: Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. Phone Margaret on 01505 871343.

ST FILLAN’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Moss Road, Kilmacolm, PA13 4DL. Services on Sunday at

11.30am. Wednesday: 10.30am Holy Communion. On the last Sunday of the month at 11.30am

we welcome families to come and join us for our monthly Family Service. We are united by our

belief in Jesus, who sustains and encourages us in all the ups and downs of life. Everyone is

welcome to join us! www.heartlandsec.org/KLM/index.html Contacts: Revd. Heller G.P 01505

872961 / Maureen Russell (Pastoral Assistant) 01505 872905.

MOUNT ZION CHURCH: Rev. Andy Lunn BSc, (01475 791282) Mount Zion Church, Law View

Road, Quarriers Village, PA11 3FD. Sunday Worship: 10.30am, Bible Study and Prayer Meetings:

Wednesday at 7pm and Friday at 10 am. Please come and invite others: all welcome.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019

Planning: A packed St Columba’s Church Hall heard a

protest meeting with regard to the Gladman planning

application for 88 houses at North Dennistoun. Mike

Jefferis and Nicol Cameron spoke respectively on behalf

of the Community Council and the Civic Trust. There were

many questions and observations. In my role as Chair of

Planning I outlined the procedure that the Council observes

when dealing with a major application, as this is. There will

be a public hearing in Greenock Town Hall, probably in June

when objectors, the applicant and council planning offi cers will state their

case. The 11 members of the planning board will then come to a decision

whether to approve or refuse and this result will then go to the Full Council

of 22 councillors for their determination.

Local Plan: The Inverclyde Local Development Plan has been examined by

the Reporter and came back with few changes. During the fi ve years of the

plan the reporter agrees with the Council that there is no need to release

green belt in and around Kilmacolm for housing. This may be challenged but

it is the settled position of the Council.

Roads: SPT are considering new bus shelters in the village near the Cross.

It is hoped that they will have lighting. The upgrading of the Lochwinnoch

Road at the Cross has been completed. This area had been patched and

patched to extinction and some who observed our staff at work commented

on their professionalism.

Rural roads continue to be upgraded. Craiglinsheoch, Muirhouse, Burnbank

and Auchenfoyle Roads have been completed and works will be done to

strengthen the parapet at the old Auchenfoyle bridge and widening of the

one at Glenmill. The latter keeps getting damaged.

Roads offi cers have been working with residents in Duchal Road to assist

access to their driveways due to congestion. T Bars are being painted at

driveways to attempt to deter parking nearby. I shall monitor this initiative

closely but the parking study established clearly that we need extra long stay

parking in the village.

Public Transport: The Greenock/Kilmacolm/Quarriers/Houston/Linwood/

Johnstone1/1a/2a/X6a/X7 McGills bus services are going to SPT committee

for renewal for 5 years at a cost of approaching £1m subsidy. I will report

the outcome at the next edition. There is a social necessity to subsidise bus

routes to towns and villages with no service.

PGHS annual music concert: This was a tour de force. It featured 43 acts/

performances featuring a dozen winners from the Inverclyde Music Festival.

A smashing evening and academically and musically this school is going

places. The fi nal medley by the Soul Band was a show stopper.

Stepping Out: presented by the Kilmacolm Dramatic Society had a fabulous

fi nal act when the whole cast performed tap in top hat and tails. Given that I

understand that only one member could tap before rehearsals it was a quite

superb performance. I was happy to sponsor the society’s application for

funds for stage lighting.

Conservation: There is a Conservation Area appraisal of Quarriers Village

being conducted. The Council have appointed architectural fi rm Austin-

Smith for this purpose. The appraisal helps to identify the special interest

and changing needs of a conversation area. They inform policy and assist

development management.

Cruise control: The cruise season has started in Greenock and 75 stop

offs, a record , are expected. The Cunard Queen Victoria and Elizabeth

return again to the Clyde. The council is in partnership with Peel in a £15m

expansion of the Ocean Terminal. The development on shore and in the

water will be ready for next year.

Plant Sale: The Annual Plant Sale at the Masonic Lodge Glebe Road will be

on the 17th, 18th, 19th and 24th, 25th and 26th May.

Surgeries: at St Mary’s Episcopal Port Glasgow 5.30pm - 6.30pm 20th May

and the Cargill 10am - 11am 25th May.

I can be contacted at: david.wilson@inverclyde.gov.uk 01475 741969 and

712975 and 07766 992294.

Christian Aid Week.

Kilmacolm Old Kirk are holding a Bread and Cheese

Lunch in Kidston Hall on Sunday 19th May from

12.15pm. Everyone is most welcome to come along,

bring family and friends, and enjoy simple Soups, a selection of Bread

and Cheeses, fi nishing with tea/coffee and a few treats. Any donations in

thanks for a delicious lunch will be most welcome too, and will be forwarded

directly to Christian Aid Scotland.

Advertisement Feature

Home Care Services

At Home Instead Senior Care, we work with you to provide fl exible,

personalised home care based on your specifi c requirements, We’ll help

you to stay in your community and live under your own roof, surrounded

by your own things continuing to live by your own rules. Our home care

services span home help, companionship and personal care; specialising

in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Our Promise:

• To Match you with your CAREGiver

• To see the same CAREGiver every time

• To spend a minimum of one

hour each visit

Registered with

Care Inspectorate

Each Home Instead Senior Care® franchise offi ce is independently owned and operated

Kilmacolm and Port

Glasgow Agricultural


Saturday 11th May — at Knapps Loch,

Kilmacolm from 9am to 4.30pm.

There will be lots of attractions including

hundreds of entries across dozens of

classes of sheep, cows, horses (light and

heavy), dogs, industrial, plus small pets in

the Children’s Pet Show. Craft Tent, Trade

Stands and entertainment including:

Chainsaw Sculpture, Pipe Band, Birds of

Prey, Dancers, Vintage Tractors and Country

Capers. Schedules, Entry Forms and more

details at: www.kilmacolmshow.co.uk

Kilmacolm Friends of Ardgowan

Hospice - baking & bottles

We will be collecting donations of baking and preserves for our Baking and

Bottle Stall on Friday 10th May between 2.30pm and 4.30pm at the Old Kirk

Church Hall.

Bottles can be deposited in the box at the Cargill Community Centre

Reception Area. We look forward to seeing you at the Show on Saturday

11th May and thank for your contributions.

St Columba Church -

Lazarus Awakening

Come and join us for an 8 week course

and open your heart to the truth that you

are cherished by God. Study includes DVD

teaching, discussion and a time of fellowship

at St Columba Church Large Hall (Bridge of

Weir Road end) from 7pm - 8.30pm, starting

Thursday 2nd May. Please confi rm your place by emailing: edithforrest@

gmail.com or telephone 07764 765927.






Boys Brigade

Annual Display

Kilbarchan Parish Church Boys

Brigade Annual Display takes place

in the Parish church hall on Friday

10th May at 7.30pm.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid week in Kilbarchan

begins on Sunday 12th May.

Your Ward 9


Andy Doig, Derek Bibby, Bill

Binks, Emma Rodden | Advice

Surgeries: http://www.


Community Council

Visitors are welcome at these

monthly meetings.

Howwood: Village Hall: 2nd Tues at

7.30pm. | www.howwood.com/


Kilbarchan: Steeple Hall: monthly

at 7.30pm. | www.kilbarchan.


Lochwinnoch: Bowling Club: 1st

Tues at 7.30pm

Community Halls to

Let ...

Kilbarchan, Guide Centre. Tel:


Kilbarchan, Old Library Centre. Tel:


Animal Welfare: This is not one of the usual subjects that a

councillor, such as myself, would normally write about, but I

feel sure the majority of you will be very pleased that action

is being taken.

A Consultation was sent out about to all Authorities,

Amendments to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland)

Act 2006. The closing date for the consultation was the

26th April 2019. Currently the maximum penalty for cruelty

to animals is twelve months imprisonment and a fi ne up to

£20k. I am happy to say that in response Renfrewshire Council have elected

to approve having the upper limit for fi nes being removed altogether and also

the upper limit being moved from fi ve years maximum to no upper limit. This

would allow more fl exibility when the courts make a decision on the level of

punishment. Cruelty to animals in any form is unacceptable and I hope that

these amendments will be adopted ASAP.

Sheltered Housing:

Link Housing is about to commence consultation

meetings with tenants of the sheltered House in Glenpark Road, Lochwinnoch.

Concerns have been expressed about the withdrawal of funding by two local

authorities. I have asked for further details as it is another case where council

cut backs can affect the most vulnerable and needs to be addressed.

A737 Action Group:

I attended the meeting in Howwood, organised by

Howwood Community Council, to further discuss the ongoing issue of

upgrading the A737 bypass. The group have now adopted the name of A737

Action Group and representatives from the following community councils

attended – Howwood, Lochwinnoch and Beith & District. Invitations have

been sent to Kilbarchan, Houston, Bridge of Weir and Brookfi eld CC’s to join

the group as they are all likely to be affected by any decisions made. I have

been tasked with writing on behalf of the group to all our MSP’s and Chief

Executives of the departments responsible for making major decisions with

regard to infrastructure decisions.

Charity Shop opens: It was a pleasure for me to be at the opening of the

St. Vincent Charity Shop in Lochwinnoch after its major refurbishment.

Congratulations to Eric Whitfi eld and all his co-workers who volunteered their

time and expertise in carrying out this wonderful act of dedication. I was

honoured to have been able to help in a small way with this worthy cause.

Increases: In my previous report I gave my reasons for not supporting

the increase of 4.79% and 2% increase in council tax and housing rent

respectively. It seems that I have been proved correct in my prediction of

the cost of these implementations to the community. Sharon Bell, head

of StepChange Scotland (the debt advisory charity), said she was “alarmed

by the increases in the proportion of clients struggling with household bills,

particularly council tax”. Research

by the charity “shows that our

clients in Scotland are signifi cantly

more likely to have council tax

arrears compared to elsewhere in

the UK”. StepChange Scotland said

the average amount of arrears its

clients had was £2,017.


Week 1 Tuesday LOCHWINNOCH

McKillop Institute 6pm/7pm.

Week 2 Tuesday HOWWOOD

Village Hall 6pm/7pm.

Week 3 Wednesday JOHNSTONE

Town Hall 6pm/7pm.

Week 4 Wednesday KILBARCHAN

Steeple Hall 6pm/7pm.

Email: cllr.bill.binks@renfrewshire.

gov.uk Tel: 0300 300 1423

Next deadline - Friday 17th May

LiliFest 2019

Saturday 11th May 8pm

Comedy Night with Graham Barrie &


Kilbarchan Performing Arts Centre

This popular comedy night returns

featuring a great line up of comedians

in a great venue. With your host for the

evening, the indomitable and irrepressible,

Graham Barrie. £10/BYOB

Sunday 12th May 2pm

Kilbarchan Junior Choir & Village

Voices: “Tea and a Tune”

Kilbarchan Parish Church, Steeple Square,


A hugely entertaining afternoon of song

and fun. Directed by the wonderfully

inspiring Moira Gray both choirs are open

to join to anyone interested, no experience

necessary 01505 704948. Tickets: £5/

Family £12. Available from Moira on 01505

704948 or in person from Bobbins.

Thursday 23rd May 7.30pm

Leon Hunt and Jason Titley

Kilbarchan Performing Arts Centre

As well as leaning heavily on traditional

music from the US and The British Isles,

their own compositions take on musical

references from just about everywhere

else. £12.50 from Dave Currie 01505


Thursday 23rd May 8pm

The Legendary Trust Quiz with the one

and only Quizmaster General The Trust

Inn, Kilbarchan. Free.

Saturday 25th May 9pm

IKON Habbies, Kilbarchan. Classic Rock.


Thursday 30th May 8pm

Special Lilias Day Quiz with the one

and only Quizmaster General The Trust

Inn, Kilbarchan

Friday 31st May 7.30pm

The Paisley Open Mic Collective


Kilbarchan Performing Arts Centre

The Paisley open mic scene regulars

have recently returned from performing in


Come and join them for a full night’s

entertainment with some of the best

acoustic, duo and band performances in


The night will be compèred by regular

hosts of the Paisley open mic nights scene,

Johnny Barr and Graeme Kerr, and will

include the collective house band for all of

the acoustic acts performing.

Churches in Kilbarchan, Howwood, Lochwinnoch & Elderslie

KILBARCHAN PARISH CHURCH: Services continue at 11am each Sunday, conducted by Rev

Stephen Smith, with Junior Church and the Crèche meeting in the halls from 10.45am. All welcome.

Refreshments served in the hall after the service. Donations for the Paisley Foodbank are collected

every week in the hall. Be sure to visit Kilbarchan Parish Church stalls in the park on Lilias Day 1st

June. There will be home baking, tombola and delicious strawberries and cream. Kilbarchan Parish

Church Boys Brigade Annual Display takes place in the Parish church hall on Friday 10th May at

7.30pm. Eastern Star. The annual service takes place in Kilbarchan Parish church on Sunday

12th May at 6.30pm, conducted by Rev Stephen Smith. Christian Aid week in Kilbarchan begins

on Sunday 12th May. Kilbarchan Parish Church Tots’ Club will be on holiday on 6th and 27th May

but will be open on 13th and 20th from 9.15-11.30am. Kilbarchan National Women’s Register has

3 meetings in May-firstly a walk around the West End and University, followed by a fi lm night, The

Dressmaker and finally an evening of Random Questions when we shall talk about anything of

interest! For further details, phone 703786 and visit the website: www.nwr.org.uk.

HOWWOOD PARISH CHURCH: Minister Rev May Bell. Sunday Service and Sunday School. 10am

each Sunday. Prayer meeting held at 3 Bowfield Way, Howwood, 7.30pm on Tuesdays.

LOCHWINNOCH PARISH CHURCH: Mary Jane Bird. Sunday 11am: Morning Worship and

Sunday School. All welcome.

CALDER UNITED FREE CHURCH: (Church Street, Lochwinnoch) Sunday: 11am Morning worship

with Sunday School and Crèche. 6.30pm Evening Fellowship group, 7.30pm ABC’s Teen group.

Wed 6.30pm - 7.30pm.

SPIRITUALIST CHURCH, Lochlip Rd. All services commence 7.30pm.

ELDERSLIE KIRK: Sunday service every week at 11am. Minister - Rev. Robin Allison. All welcome.

Weekly meetings:- Monday Club every week from 12noon - 2.30pm. Light lunch and a varied activity

programme. Midweek Fellowship will meet every Wed from 10.30am for Tea/Coffee followed by

a short Service of Worship at 11am.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

Lilias Day Saturday 1st June

We are delighted to announce our plans for Lilifest and Lilias Day 2019.

Once again we have host of new entertainment and activities for you to enjoy

and get involved with over the coming month and on Lilias Day. This year

we are introducing a Village Scarecrow competition, to go alongside the ever

popular ‘decorate your house’ competition, and following the success of last

year’s art completion we are holding a kids photography competition.

LILIFEST - After last year’s sell-out gig we are delighted to have Big Vern

N The Shootas to headline Lilifest and welcome The Carrick Players on

their fi rst appearance at the festival with Sketch on the Beach. IKON, The

Shacklelton Trio and Start are just a few of the other acts to perform at

venues throughout the village. For a full line up visit www.liliasday.co.uk

LILIAS DAY - SATURDAY 1st JUNE - Lilias Day itself promises to be another

fantastic day with plenty new attractions including parkour, mini golf, slime

workshop and a nerf zone along with the tried and tested Lilias Day faithfuls.

Johnny Barr’s music tent will be showcasing the best of local talent, Franc

Karpo’s amazing magic show will top the bill in the kids tent, Britannia XIV’s

will take to the battlefi eld whilst the craft and food villages grow each year.

For the more active amongst you you can enjoy zorbing, pony rides, the dog

show or take part in the Tug of War.

The days celebration will kick off with the biggest historic parade in

Renfrewshire. Leading the parade will be the best in local piping

with Kilbarchan, St Columba’s and Houston Pipe Bands, followed by the

historic parade, the renowned procession of fl oats and a few surprises along

the way.

Our grand fi nale this year will be the big prize raffl e, when one lucky winner

will leave the park £1,000 richer. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet

you can buy them at local shops throughout the village and on the day at

the Lilias Day Committee stall.

As always we are delighted to have the support of the village, local

organisations and businesses without whom Lilias Day would not happen.

Each year the event raises tens of thousands of pounds for charities and

good causes.

GET INVOLVED - Decorate your house or premises - give the village a real

festival atmosphere to help us celebrate Lilias Day. Let us know if you’re

taking part so that your masterpiece can be entered for the coveted prize of

best decorated house. Judging commences at 10am on Lilias morning.

New for 2019 - Build a scarecrow! - If decorating your house seems a bit

daunting why not make a scarecrow to display? You can bring to life your

favourite characters and enter our new competition. Judging commences at

10am on Lilias morning.

Enter a team in our annual Tug of War and compete for a shiny new shield,

kindly sponsored by last years winners, Kilbarchan Pipe Band. Email us at

info@liliasday.co.uk to enter a team.

Get snapping for our Kid’s Photography Competition (5-11 years) - Whether

it’s a selfi e with Habbie, the changing seasons or the scenic countryside,

show off your creative talent. All entries will be displayed in the Kid’s Tent

on Lilias Day and prizes awarded for the best photographs. All entries to be

submitted to Kilbarchan Primary School or to the Co-op by the deadline of

17th May.

Come along and join the fun on Saturday 1 June! - The park opens at 12noon

and the parade starts at 1pm at Tandlehill Rd and proceeds through the

village to the park. Entry costs £2.50 for adults and 50p for children.

Contact us: info@liliasday.co.uk or message us via Kilbarchan Lilias Day on


You can keep up to date on all the latest news on the Lilias Day website www.

liliasday.co.uk or follow on twitter: @LiliasDay


The leading lady of

Kilbarchan’s Lilias Day has

been announced. Mabel

Wylie is Miss Lilias 2019.

The Lilias Day committee

choose Miss Lilias each year

based on her contribution

to the community or good

causes. Mabel is in 5th year

at Johnstone High School

and volunteers weekly to

teach swimming to local

kids. She also gives up

May 2019

Liz and Morag are now going for 1000

people through the course!

Morag and Liz beside the AED in Lochwinnoch

Would you know

what to do in an


♥ Every week in Scotland, 70 people

suffer cardiac arrest.

♥ More than 3500 people per year

in Scotland are treated by the

Ambulance Service following a cardiac arrest.

♥ Only one in 20 people will survive.

♥ Without resuscitation, cardiac arrest is always fatal

♥ But, performing CPR could double that person’s chance of survival

Heartstart courses are free of charge and it only takes two hours to learn the

skills which may someday save a life:

♥ CPR and using an Automated External Defi brillator (AED)

♥ Heart Attack

♥ Recovery position

♥ Choking

♥ Serious bleeding

To learn the simple skills that save lives, contact Morag Thow on 07868

752814 to book onto one of our courses in 2019:

Tuesday 28th May 7pm - 9pm Lochwinnoch Masonic Lodge

Tuesday 18th June 1pm - 3pm Lochwinnoch Masonic Lodge

If you have a group in the Lochwinnoch / Howwood area that would like

a Heart Start Course Liz and Morag are pleased to come to your group to

deliver the course.

much of her summer to volunteer at Renfrewshire Leisure activity camps.

She has completed her Duke of Edinburgh Silver award and really looking

forward to take up her role as Miss Lilias. As part of her duties Mabel will

read a proclamation to offi cially open Lilias Day and, later in the year, will

have the honour of switching on the Christmas lights in Kilbarchan.

Her attendants are Sarah Sandground and Lauren Breckenridge.


This year the school Queen,

King and attendants have

been chosen by Kilbarchan

Primary school based on

merit and exemplifying the

core values of the school.

The group takes a leading

role in the parade and Miss

Lilias crowns the Queen and

King as the parade arrives in

the park.

Poppy Edgar and Ian Grant

are the Queen and King, with attendants Kayla Drummond and Matthew


Tots’ Club

Kilbarchan Parish Church Tots’ Club

will be on holiday on 6th and 27th

May but will be open on 13th and

20th from 9.15am - 11.30am.

Knitting Bee

Meets fortnightly on a Tuesday

from 7pm to 9pm at Knit Knax, 37

High Street Johnstone, also weekly

Thursday from 2pm to 4pm.

Contact: Pamela 07743 156738 or

email bknitting@hotmail.co.uk.






The Old Library Centre

Kilbarchan Tea Towels: We have for sale a fabulous teatowel with pictures

of Old Kilbarchan. These are high quality large linen tea towels which are

being sold for £4.50. Profi ts from these will contribute too much needed

funds for the centre, so please pop in and buy one.

Pilates Class: We are starting a new Pilates class on

a Thursday morning at 9.45am. This replaces the

Wednesday afternoon class. If you would like to give

Pilates a try but times didn’t suit then please do come

along or phone the centre on 01505 706070 for

further information.

Tai Chi Class: Don’t forget the taster session for the

Tai Chi class is on Tuesday 30th April at 10.30am with

classes starting on Tuesday 7th May. Places for this

class are fi lling up fast so phone 01505 706070 to ensure your place.

The Old Library Centre is a registered Scottish Charity and is ran by

volunteers. For more details please phone 01505 706070, email kipcokil@

hotmail.com or visit our website www.kipcokil.com

Howwood Village Fete

Saturday 15th June 2019 1pm - 4pm

Stall Holders Required

The Howwood Village Fete is a great way to

raise funds for your group or promote your

business. Stalls cost £20.

For more information and to book your stall

please contact:

Sarah Galloway 07982 042654


Calder Church Summer Fayre

Tea Dance

Thursday 6th June in


The next Tea Dance is a

trip to Troon to join with

Prestwick and Troon’s Tea

Dancing groups.

A free bus will be provided.

Contact Ann on 07868

752814 to book.

Sat 18th May, 10am - 12noon, McKillop Hall, Lochwinnoch

Stalls include:- Home Baking, Plants and garden, Jewellery and Accessories,

Books, DVDs & CDs, Toys, Bottle, Soft goods, Lucky Dip and more....

Adults £2.50, Children FREE includes Tea/Coffee and Cream scones. ALL


LCDT - Have Your Say Before 10th May!

The Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust Consultation is now

underway! The survey has been completed by around 100 individuals at time

of going to press, which is great, but we would like many more responses,

especially from local village groups and organisations.

The survey has around 10 questions and will take you around fi ve

minutes to complete. If you are an individual, you can complete it online

at: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Lochwinresidents for groups go to: www.

surveymonkey.co.uk/r/Lochwingroups There are also paper copies available

at The Junction and Brown Bull.

LCDT are aiming to demonstrate community support for the Trust, which

has a vision to see Lochwinnoch fl ourish and thrive. The fi rst project being

developed is the Water Abstraction Project, which could provide a stream of

income to the village through the sale of water pumped from an underground


A summary of the responses and recommendations for a community action

plan will be collated by independent facilitators and experts from Community

Enterprise. Feedback from the survey will also inform that community action


The directors are always keen to involve local people who have expert

skills such as legal, fi nancial, managerial, project management, as well

as the equally important skills of delivering newsletters, collecting surveys

and putting up banners. If you think you can help, please get in touch at


LCDT will keep members updated on developments through our own

newsletter, the new website www.lochwinnochtrust.org.uk and Facebook

page @LochwinnochCDT

You can become a member online, and it is a very simple and effective way to

demonstrate your support for LCDT. You can also ‘like’ our facebook page.

Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Fantastic Lochwinnoch Arts Festival ‘19

There were over 4,000 people at the 16 day 2019 festival in March! There

was something for everyone and many workshops and come and try events.

Some of the highlights were Allan Bisset and his Moira Monologue with a

fascinating Q and A session. Christine Bovill’s Piaf show and the Iconic

women evening was also outstanding. For many the chance to see the

Scottish musical legends Karen Matheson and Donald Shaw supported by

the Orkney Quartet of Fara performing in our wee village hall is a special

memory for many!

There was a number of charities and groups who were able to raise some

funds over the festival including:

• £1,270 to Dementia friendly Lochwinnoch from Calder Church and Betty

McKellar’s sales of her anthology of poems

• £614 for the festivals chosen charity My Name’5 Doddie Weir Motor

Neurone Disease research

• £127 Lochwinnoch International Aid

• £534 for St Vincent’s hospice (£400 at the sing for St Vincent’s and

£134 Rowena’s second hand books)

• £138 Johnstone High and Gryffe student’s world challenge

• £110 Catherine’s wheels

• £90 the Red Cross

A massive thank you to all who helped, performed and attended the festival.

Next Lochwinnoch Arts Festival is from 18till the 29th March 2020.


Community Council

Meetings are held on the second

Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in

Howwood Village Hall. Please feel free

to come along - all welcome.

Howwood WI

May – Tuesday 21st: Day outing –

details to follow

Roads: The road and footpaths resurfacing programme for

2019/20 has now been published by Renfrewshire Council.

Kilbarchan will see road works on sections of Kibblestone

Road, Wheatlands Drive, New Street, Church Street, and

Glentyan Avenue and work on footpaths at Locher Road and

Steeple Street. In Lochwinnoch Calderpark Avenue, Calder

Street, and Braehead Avenue have been included for road

resurfacing, with Calder Drive destined for footpath repair.

Howwood, which did not see any resurfacing work in the last

year, has Midton Road and Hill Road/Semple View for road resurfacing on the

list. However it has again been excluded from the footpaths programme.

While the residents of the above locations will welcome the news, others

who have highlighted the state of their roads will be dismayed that they have

not been included. Milliken Park Road and Cunnighame Drive in Kilbarchan

are to name but two. It is evident that the administration has allocated

the bulk of resources elsewhere in Renfrewshire, with for example Erskine

having 12 roads included with three times the area to be resurfaced than

Kilbarchan, Howwood and Lochwinnoch combined. This needs to change,

and I will be exploring ways in which additional roads can be added to our

villages in the forthcoming programme.

Villages Local Partnership: The next meeting of the new Villages Local

Partnership will be in June, when decisions on grant funding applications

from community organisations are likely to be made.

At its most recent meeting there was much discussion on identifying what

the priorities are for West Renfrewshire Villages. Unsurprisingly connectivity

in regard to rural public transport was seen as a key objective. In this

regard it is vital that the Transport Bill currently going through the Scottish

Parliament addresses issues such as re regulation of rural bus services and

the transport needs of disabled and older people.

Consequently I am urging all elected members, community councils and

other community groups to make representation in order that a fi t for

purpose rural transport service is delivered.

Surgeries: On the fi rst Saturday of every month except January and July, at

9am in the McKillop Institute Lochwinnoch, at 10am in Howwood Village

Hall, at 11am in the Steeple Hall Kilbarchan, and 12.30pm in Johnstone

Town Hall.

Meantime please contact me at: cllr.derek.bibby@renfrewshire.gov.uk or

phone 0300 300 1274 or 07534 156007.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019

Village Clean-up: One of the privileges of representing the

ward that I do is that there are a great many community

minded organisations who support regular litter picks in

our villages to supplement the statutory role of the Council.

These organisations include many of the Community Councils

and bodies such as Kilbarchan Smiles. So it was with great

pride that in recent weeks I supported the annual Howwood

Community Council clean up, which attracted a fantastic

twenty two adults, myself included, and fi ve children, which

together managed to achieve a major effort in the environment in and

around Howwood village.

Roads: Renfrewshire Council has recently published its annual roads repairs

list and whilst I can commend many of those in my ward which are included

there are notable exceptions which really need attention. For example, many

of my Kilbarchan constituents have frequently complained to me about the

state of both Fulton Crescent and Milliken Park Road. I think two issues that

need addressing are fi rstly, that the Council does not seem to have enough

roads inspectors to actually check the repairs that are done, and secondly,

the Council got all party support a year ago to investigate plastic infi ll for

road repairs, as Glasgow City Council and East Renfrewshire Councils are. It

seems bizarre to me that for most road repairs we are using tar macadam

which was the material of choice some fi fty years ago.

Clyde Muirshiel: I have had a meeting with the Council Leader expressing

my concern that the current governance structure may not be the best for

Clyde Muirshiel, and this may involve discussion with North Ayrshire and

Inverclyde Councils as the three local authorities, including Renfrewshire,

are custodians of the Park. I am actively seeking input from my Lochwinnoch

constituents about their vision for the Park and how it can be improved. I

make no secret of the fact that I think it requires nothing less than national

park status to make the Park fulfi l its potential, but I am actively open to

guidance on this from constituents.

Surgeries: My advice surgery in Kilbarchan is on the 2nd Wednesday of the

month in the Steeple Hall at 7.30pm, and my advice surgery in Howwood is

on the 4th Wednesday of the month in Howwood Village Hall at 6.30pm, then

at Lochwinnoch also on the 4th Wednesday of the month in the McKillop at

7.30pm, excluding July and December. But I am also always available to

constituents who can call me on 07534148224, tweet me on CllrAndy4Ward8,

facebook me on Independent Voice/Ward9JohnstoneAndVillages, or e-mail

me at cllr.andy.doig@renfrewshire.gov.uk.

The Big Conversation

McKillop Hall, Main Street, Lochwinnoch.

An informal meeting to encourage open, supportive conversations about

death, dying and bereavement. Organised by St. Vincent’s Hospice, the

event will raise awareness and overcome fear about discussing these

sensitive topics. Information will be available to help with practical planning

for the future. The event is open to any adult, but may not be appropriate for

someone recently bereaved. Free refreshments. Booking recommended.

Contact June.Burgess@svh.co.uk 01505 705635

Meddle & Make, Lochwinnoch

One of our ever popular make, mend and upcycle workshops led by one of

our team of experienced designers and makers. Bring along a garment you

would like to adjust to a new size, mend with some beautifying embroidery,

adapt a hem or add a new zipper. Or maybe you have an ambitious makeproject

you’d like some advice about?

This event is free, no experience necessary.

Wednesday, 15th May 2019 from 7pm - 9pm at Remode, 39 High Street,


Kilbarchan National

Women’s Register

We have 3 meetings in May. Firstly

a walk around the West End and

University, followed by a fi lm night, The

Dressmaker and fi nally an evening of

Random Questions when we shall talk

about anything of interest!

For further details, phone 703786 and

visit the website: www.nwr.org.uk


Coffee Shop

First Friday monthly

Howwood Parish Church:

10am - 12noon

“In the community, for the


Adults £2 | Children free.

All welcome.

GCHC quiz night, Kilbarchan

The 11th of April may have seemed like an ordinary day,

but it was special; let me tell you why.

That Thursday afternoon, our friends’ little boy John rang

the bell at Glasgow Childrens Hospital to signify the end

of his 8 months of treatment for renal cancer.

Throughout his treatment, the Glasgow Childrens Hospital

Charity made a massive difference to him and his family. This charity does

so many wonderful things, from developing new treatments for sick kids,

to organising family events that siblings can attend. It really helps families

achieve a little bit of normality during what is a very stressful time.

As a thank-you, friends of the family are organising a quiz night to raise funds

for the Glasgow Childrens Hospital Charity.

The quiz will be held in Kilbarchan Guide Centre on Saturday 11th May at

7.30pm, tickets are £5, teams of up to 6. (BYOB)

Highland Hustle Kilbarchan and an anonymous donor are sponsoring the

hall hire, and if you would like to buy tickets for the quiz, the raffl e, or if

you or your business would like to sponsor the winners’ prize, please email

habbiecharityquiznight@outlook.com for more details.

The Kilbarchan Singers Summer Concert


Sunday 12th May @ 7.30pm, Holy Trinity and St Barnabas Church,


The Kilbarchan Singers invite you to their Summer Concert ‘America’, which

includes works by or made famous by Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Barber,

Whitacre & The Kings Singers.

Dementia Friendly

Dementia Friendly Meeting 10th April

The Dementia Friendly Lochwinnoch had a very informative talk from Gillian

Johnstone from the Renfrewshire Carers Centre on the many activities and

support for carers. The next meeting is our end of year social on Wednesday

5th June in the Calder Church 7.30pm.

Gillian Johnstone and some of the Lochwinnoch Dementia Friendly Group

Next Dance - Thursday 6th June in Troon

The next tea dance is a trip to Troon to join with Prestwick and Troon’s

dementia friendly tea dancing groups. A free bus will be provided. Contact

Ann on 07761 114567 to book!






I was very pleased recently to attend as an Elected

Member the fi rst meeting of the new Bridge of Weir,

Houston, Brookfi eld, Elderslie, Kilbarchan, Howwood, and

Lochwinnoch Local Area Partnership. All village Community

Councils, including Houston and Brookfi eld, were

represented and one of the big improvements about the

new LAP’s, which replaced the old Local Area Committees,

is that all community representatives are on an equal basis

with Councillors and also have a vote on the business

before the LAP. Those present were enthusiastic about how the Villages

LAP can become a powerhouse to listen to local village needs across West

Renfrewshire, and actually act to improve the local quality of life.

The administration of Renfrewshire Council believes very strongly in putting

our money where our mouth is and supporting the educational needs of

our children. Therefore I was very pleased to support, at the last meeting

of the Finance, Resources, and Customer Services Board, new contracts for

electrical upgrades for two schools in my ward, Houston Primary and East

Fulton Primary in Linwood. These substantial investments, of £364,799.31

for Houston Primary, and £588,333.05 for East Fulton Primary, will ensure

that these local primaries are fi t for purpose for the 2020’s and beyond.

Your Ward 10


Audrey Doig, Scott Kerr, Alison

Jean Dowling, James Sheridan

Advice Surgeries: http://www.


Community Council

Visitors are welcome at these

monthly meetings.

BROOKFIELD: Brookfield Village

Hall: 2nd Thursday at 7.30pm

February, April, June, August, October

and December.

HOUSTON: Carrick Centre: 3rd

Wednesday at 7.30pm | houstoncommcouncil@yahoo.co.uk

Community Halls to

Let ...

Brookfield, Village Hall. Tel:


Houston, Carrick Centre. Tel:

612203 / 331488

Houston, Compass Centre. Tel:

Gillian Peters - 07879 407574 or

01505 613759.

Linwood Masonic Hall. Tel: 07825


Across Renfrewshire many

community minded individuals seek

to serve their communities, from

running youth groups to organising

local gala days, and look for no

recognition or reward save the

satisfaction of doing a good job.

Therefore, it was a genuine pleasure

to recently attend the annual

Provosts Community Awards Night

where our unsung local heroes

and heroines were recognised for

their community service. There will

be many such people in Linwood,

Houston, Brookfi eld, and Crosslee,

so I encourage all local Community

Councils to nominate them for


My advice surgery in Brookfi eld is

on the 2nd Thursday of the month

at 6.30pm in Brookfi eld Village Hall,

and my advice surgery in Houston is

on the 4th Thursday of the month

in the Carrick Centre, Houston,

at 7.15pm, excluding July and

Christmas. But I am also always

available to constituents who can

call me on 07768 130935, or e-mail

me at cllr.audrey.doig@renfrewshire.


Next deadline - Friday 17th May

FANCY DRESS JUDGING: 12noon at Houston & Killellan Kirk


We are nearly there, fi nal preparations are in hand and we are waiting in

anticipation to see all our SUPERHEROES on Carnival day.

The day starts off down at the Kirk at 12noon where the judging of the

Fancy Dress takes place. We will then be led up to the West Halls by the

1st Houston Boys and Girls Brigade Pipe Band.

The Carnival Queen Jenna McKenzie and her attendant Beth Callaghan

along with the King Jude Steele and his attendant Harris Clark will be

driven in an open top car up to the hall. The parade is a very important

part of the day, get your SUPERHEROES outfi ts on and join in.

After arriving at the church hall our minister Rev.Gary Noonan will crown

the King and Queen. The winners of the colouring competitions and

fancy dress winner said will be announced before the Carnival opens.

After the offi cial opening there will be so many things to do and see.

There are many new stalls and attractions and not forgetting the food

stalls which you will not be able to resist. Go to the tearoom where you

can taste some lovely home baking and meet your friends.

This is an immensely popular event for the community a lot of hard work

is involved. We would love to see you all there in support!.

H.O.S.T. The Carrick Centre, Houston

(Houston Old School Trust)

Monday to Friday, Gryffe Manor Out of

School 01505 615438

Coffee Shop: - Mon - Fri 9am - 4.30pm

Sat, 9am - 4pm Coffee shop/Centre

01505 229597


Yoga (Weekly) @ 1pm - Mary Laidlaw

01505 229112 | Complete Beginners

Yoga (Start 13th) @ 11am - Mary

Liadlaw 01505 229112 | Diaporama

@ 7.30pm (13th) R2 | Galaxy (own

room) | SNP Gryffe Branch (27th) @



Paint Pot Tots (Weekly) @ 10am - Dawn

Campbell 07789 262350 | Yoga

(Weekly) @ 7pm - M/s Lawson 01505

613690 | Councillor Surgery (Scott

Kerr) @ 6.30pm - 7.30pm | Councillor

Surgery (Allison Dowling) @ 12noon

| Houston Show (7th) @ 7.30pm |

Galaxy (own room)


Gryffe Melody Makers @ 7pm (1st,

15th, 29th) | Community Council

(Monthly) @ 7.30pm 20th | Gryffe

Camera Club, (Weekly) @ 7.30pm |

Baby Class (MOO MUSIC) (Weekly) @

10am | Galaxy @ 3.45pm

Please Note:


available at the

West Halls (Church) on Main Street


Gryffe Quilting Group (Weekly) @

1.15pm - 3.15pm (16th - 10am) |

Primary Colours (Weekly) @ 3.30pm -

4.30pm | Crafty Friends (Bi Weekly)

@ 7.30pm (7th - 21st) | Folk Club

(Weekly) @ 8pm - iaintdawson@gmail.

com 07786 078952 | Galaxy ( own

room) | Councillor Surgery (Audrey

Doig) @ 7.15pm 28th | Move It or Lose

it (Weekly) @ 10.30am - 11.30am


Yoga (Weekly) @ 10:30am - M/s

Lawson 01505 613690 | Galaxy

Dancing (Weekly except 10th) @

3.30pm - 7pm | Gavin Newlands M.P.

Surgery@ 12.30pm – 1.30pm (10th) |

Kirk Carnival 10th @ 12noon Onwards

| Houston Show 31st @ 7pm | Jennifer

Tinney B/Party 31st @ 7.30pm



Galaxy Dancing (Weekly except 11th)

@ 9.30am - 5pm (25th fi nish 12noon)

| Councillors Surgery (J Sheridan) @

11.30am – 12noon (2nd) R5


Baptist Church (Weekly) @ 11am and


Booking enquiries to: Barry Walker 01505 614039

Bill Haddow 01505 690693 Stewart Scally 01505 674277

thecarrickcentre@gmail.com or hostbookings@outlook.com or The Coffee Shop

May 2019

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

Houston Show – Saturday 1st June 2019

Bible Prophecy


May 12th, @ 11am, Carrick Centre

Houston Baptist is hosting a special

day of prophecy presented by Dr.

Charles Sommerville who is a

representative of Prophetic Witness

Movement International. Dr. Charles

shares the revealed Word of God

throughout Scotland. His schedule

is full for 2019 and quickly being

fi lled for 2020. He also regularly

speaks at Barnards Court Mission in

Greenock as well as other locations

in Scotland.

Dr. Charles will present the, soon to

be, future events, revealed in God’s


If you desire to know what God’s

time-clock holds for this world, this

is your opportunity to know God’s


If any questions, please call 01505

612722 for more information. All

are welcome to this special event.



Our French conversation groups

are still going strong. We meet in

the Fox and Hounds in Houston on

Wednesdays 9.30am till 12noon

and alternate Tuesday afternoons

2pm - 4pm. If you want to join us

just come along. Details phone/

text 07463 570464 or email avril.

forbes2015@outlook.com We look

forward to welcoming you.

Churches in Houston ...

Crafty Friends

Crafty hobbies is what we do

Come and join our crafty crew

Come and learn some crafty


Followed by some tea and cakes

(or biscuits)

We are a group of ladies who enjoy

making things. No experience

necessary. We just have a chat

and do a bit of sewing/knitting/

cross stitch or anything you like. We

meet the fi rst and third Thursday in

the month. Please come and join

us. Contact Lorna Cairns - 01505

612844. Shirley White - 01505


Crafty Friends will fi nish for the

summer on Thursday 6th June

and start again on Thursday 5th


Houston &

Crosslee SWI

After a very successful AGM and

Spring Show last month the fi nal

meeting of our 2018/19 year will be

our MacMillan Tea and Chat Charity


We meet in the Compass Centre,

South Street, Houston on the

second Wednesday of each month

at 7.30pm. Please come and

join us, everyone will be made

very welcome. If you wish further

information please contact Arlene

MacKay on 07932 459994.

Houston and Killellan: The Services will be conducted by the Rev. Gary Noonan unless otherwise

stated. Sun May 5th - Early Communion - 9.45am (last one until September). Morning Worship -

11am. Sun 12th - 11am Morning Worship. Sun 19th - 11am Morning Worship (Worship Team). Sun

26th - 11am Morning Worship.You can fi nd out more about us at www.houstonkillellankirk.org

St Fillan’s, Main St, Houston: Sun Masses: Vigil (Sat) 5pm, 9.30am & 11am. Weekday Masses: Mon -

Sat 9.30am. Rosary: Tue, Thurs & Sat 9.10am. Exposition: Mon, Wed & Fri 9.05am. Confessions:

Sat 10am - 10.30am and after Vigil Mass. Baptism: By arrangement. Parish Priest:- Rev. Paul

Brady. Assistant Priest:- Rev. Chima Kingsley Opara. Pastoral Assistant: Sr. Mary Frances Collett,

RNDM (Tel 01505 613514). Address: ‘Abbotsfield’, St. Fillan’s, Main St, Houston, PA6 7EL. T.

01505 612046. E. StFillan@rcdop.org.uk www.stfillan.org.uk

Houston Baptist Church at Carrick Centre: 11am Family services with SS for children age 5 - 12;

6pm Eve Service; Mid-week Home Bible Study; For more information contact; Rev. D Snelson

01505 612722.

Church of the Nazarene Village Hall, Main Street, Houston PA6 7EL. Rev Geoff Austin (Interim Pastor)

Family Service at 10.30am, Creche available. Communion service first Sunday of the month. Tel

01505 610862. www.houston.nazarene.org.uk

Join us in the Playing Fields right in the heart of Houston Village for our

annual show. Gates open at 9am for a fun fi lled family day out. Come along

and see our horse section with show jumping and different horse classes

throughout the day. The ridden Clydesdale class and many more. See one

of our local Farriers do a demonstration. See our cattle and sheep classes

and our Sheep shearing demonstration.

Visit the Secretary’s tent before 1pm and enter your prize pooch into the dog

show. For the fi rst time this year we will have some Alpacas for people to see

them close at hand.

Come along and see the talented local school children perform in our

Houston’s Got Talent Competition and see all our fantastic entries in our

craft and baking section. Have a look and support our local community

trade stands with all their goods to buy. Anyone who would like to have a

trade stand please contact the Show Secretary.

Cheer on your favourite Tug Of War Team enjoy all the fun on the Bouncy

Castle and food provided by the Fox & Hounds. Ice cream van will also be

there on the day.

This year The River Inn and the Fox and Hounds are thrilled to bring a

licensed bar to the Houston Show for the fi rst time. We will also be bringing

back our famous BBQ with a selection of burgers and hot dogs. So look out

for our tent on the day to enjoy a refreshing drink & tasty treat.

Schedules for all sections of the show can be obtained by contacting the

Show Secretary Mo Lyle at: houstonshow@hotmail.co.uk or by visiting our

facebook page.

Schedules for the Craft & Baking section available from committee members,

the Post Offi ce, the Paper Shop or by contacting Isabelle Stuart at issistuart@

gmail.com or telephone 01505 613479.

Houston Community Council

Details from our meeting on 20th March 2019

Planning: The revised local development plan was released for consultation

during March and the Community Council have until 10th June to respond.

Feedback on the plan from local residents is welcomed. Community Council

members recently attended the Renfrewshire Community Council Forum.

Fraser Carlin, Head of Planning and Housing for Renfrewshire Council talked

about planning policy and answered questions. He reaffi rmed the Council’s

policy that planning applications for Greenbelt land would be refused.

Defibrillator: With Houston’s fi rst defi brillator now installed and activated at

the church hall in Main Street, funding has been secured for a second unit.

A second suitable location is now being sought.

Policing: The attending Community Police Offi cers reported relatively few

crimes within the last month. Five recorded crimes in total. These included

theft, common assault and anti social behaviour.

Speeding: Vehicles’ exceeding the speed limit in and around the village

was again discussed at the meeting. A local resident attended to highlight

the speeding issue in Main Street. The Community Council has joined the

‘Community Speed Watch’ initiative. This is a national initiative where

active members of the local community join with the support of the Police

to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection equipment. Vehicles

exceeding the speed limit are referred to the Police with the aim of educating

drivers to reduce their speeds. To date Renfrewshire Police Division have not

participated in this initiative but the attending Community Police Offi cers are

working with the Community Council to explore the possibility of launching

a pilot scheme.

It is pleasing to see that since the Community Councils meeting in March,

the Police have been actively monitoring the speed of vehicles in Houston

with several drivers warned and educated regarding their driving.




Next deadline - Friday 17th May

SSPCA Rehoming Week

Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May 2019



Re-homing Pets

10 ways to help bees in your garden

1. Set up a bee garden right away

2. Choose bee friendly plants

3. Plant through the seasons to provide year-round bee habitat

4. Ask for advice on the best plants for bees

5. Plant a mix of bee-friendly seeds and grow plants, fruit and veg

6. Give bees shelter by letting the grass grow

7. Save the bees and put away the pesticides

8. Use peat-free compost to save wildlife


9. Grow from seed to create great bee


10. Welcome benefi cial insects in your garden

Read more about helping the bees by visiting


Local Animal Charities

Scottish SPCA

0141 882 1688 | www.scottishspca.org

Dogs Trust Glasgow

0141 773 5130 | www.dogstrust.org.uk

Cats Protection

0141 779 3341 | www.cats.org.uk

Johnstone Cat Rescue

01505 337321

Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue

01505 502415 | www.hessilhead.org.uk

The Underheugh Ark Rescue



14 y/o male

domestic short-hair

14 year old Caspa has come

into care of the branch as his

elderly owner could no longer

look after him.


He is a friendly, tabby male

cat that loves to be the centre of attention. Be careful as he likes to be

around your feet when you’re walking and likes to make himself a tripping

hazard. He is very vocal and likes to let you know that he is about and he

loves to get a good head scratch from you.

He is looking for an outdoor home, with no children or other pets and

if you would like to offer him a forever home or know more about him

please call the branch on 0345 371 2722 or homing@glasgowbranch.

cats.org.uk and include your full address details & contact number.

Cardyke Farm, Langmuirhead Road, Auchinloch, Glasgow G66 5LD

Telephone: 0141 779 3341

PLEASE NOTE: By time of publishing the pets featured may have been

rehomed but there are plenty others looking for homes.

Do you run a local animal charity? Want to get the word out about fundraising

or appeals? Contact us at info@advertizer.co.uk or call 01505 613340.

Give a Dog a Bone


Any Dog’il Do


Harvey’s Army Scotland


Animal Support & Rescue

www.animalsupportandrescue.co.uk| facebook.


Lamont Farm


These centres and many more are always on the lookout for donations and fundraising.

If you can help, please get in touch with them.

A Snail Tale

Infection of dogs with the lungworm

parasite (Angiostrongylus Vasorum)

can cause a wide range of clinical

problems and can be fatal. The adult worms live in the dog’s heart and large

blood vessels leading to the lungs. The larval stages of the parasite live in

slugs and snails and dogs are infected by eating these or from ingestion of

slime from their trails. The peak times for infection are spring and autumn as

numbers of slugs and snails are highest at these times of year.

Signs of lungworm infection are varied and can be vague, making diagnosis

diffi cult. The most common signs are coughing and tiring more easily on

exercise, but signs of infection can include:

• Weight loss

• Reduced appetite

• Lethargy and depression

• Seizures

• Bleeding problems such as nose bleeds, bleeding into the eye, excessive

bleeding from cuts and anaemia

Until recently lungworm was confi ned to specifi c areas in the south of the

UK, however over the last few years it has been identifi ed in a number of

other locations across the UK. While still a relatively uncommon disease it is

gradually spreading and becoming more common.

Diagnosis of the condition is based on clinical signs, chest x-rays and either

a blood test or a faecal sample to confi rm the presence of the parasite.

Once diagnosed lungworm can be treated with drugs to kill the parasite and

most dogs make a full recovery.

As it is potentially such a serious, sometimes fatal, disease use of preventative

treatment in at risk dogs is recommended. Your vet can advise you on the

risk for your dog and the best products available for prevention.

Microchip Details

If you have changed any of your contact details such

as your phone number or you have moved house, don’t

forget to update your pets microchip details.

It could be what helps reunite you with them if they are

lost or stolen.


Petidentity UK


Pet Protect



0190 448 7600

0800 975 1960

0129 633 6579

0800 077 8558

0800 652 9977

0844 542 0999

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019

© Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park

The startline at Castle Semple Visitor Centre, Lochwinnoch

Call for 3 Hours Free Parking in Paisley

Paisley First - an initiative to help create a better business environment -

is calling on the public and members of the local business community in

Paisley town centre to get behind their Free for Three campaign – a petition

to allow free parking for three hours for visitors to the town centre. They

are keen for Renfrewshire Council to implement a pilot project to test the


Paisley First believes that free parking for three hours will bring the optimum

benefi t to those businesses in Paisley who currently lose out to retail

parks such as Braehead and Silverburn, and very soon, the new Wallneuk


Furthermore, with visitor attractions such as Paisley Museum and Paisley

Town Hall now closed for a number of years for refurbishment footfall to the

town centre may be reduced. Paisley First believes that more people would

visit Paisley to shop and socialise if there was increased free parking on


The petition will be available to sign on the Paisley First website until the

28th May. For more details go to www.paisleyfirst.com

Millport Classic Car Rally - 11th May

Now in its 5th year and grows in popularity and number of cars each year.

Come along on Saturday 11th May 2019 to the Garrison Grounds in Millport,

Isle of Cumbrae and travel down memory lane, you may even get a chance to

sit in the drivers seat. Great fun and you can vote for your favourite car.

For more info and to enter a car please visit https://www.


LEAP Car Club

Your car cost over £100 a week

on average.

• Join LEAP Car Club from £5

a month.

• Hire by the hour 24/7

• Pay-As-You-Go

• Cut your car costs.



T: 0300 020 0639

Ayrshire Motor

Show 2019

A brand new motor show for Ayrshire

from the organisers of Dumfries

Motor Show will be held on Sunday,

26th May 2019 from 12:00-16:00.

The venue is the Livestock Auction

Mart, Whitefordhill, Ayr KA6 5JW.

Gates open to the public at 12 noon.

Tickets are £5.00 per adult (kids

under 14 free when accompanied

by an adult).

We look forward to welcoming you

along to our show whether you are

showing a vehicle or just coming

along for a day out.


Pedal the Park 2019 - 5th May 2019

The longer days and lighter evenings have arrived and there is still time to

get a few cycles in before the 2019 edition of this amazing cycling sportive.

Pedal the Park, a 100km cycle ride is taking place on Sunday 5th May. The

entry fee is just £20 and over a third of this goes to CLIC Sargent who help

children and young people with cancer, and their families.

The Sportive itself is 100km and tours through Clyde Muirshiel Regional

Park. The route departs from the Park’s Castle Semple Visitor Centre in

Lochwinnoch. Cycle through the rolling countryside of Renfrewshire; enjoy

coastal views in Inverclyde and an uphill to Loch Thom, before descending

the Brisbane Glen to the popular seaside town of Largs.

The most challenging part of the sportive comes just slightly further on…

the climb of the Fairlie Moor Road. Love or hate the challenge - it gets our

cyclists talking (once they have their breath back) and keeps them coming

back year after year.

The event is hosted in collaboration with Ride63 Community Cycling Club

whose members not only take part but volunteer as marshals and at the

feed station. Volunteers and spectators are most welcome to cheer on

and support our cyclists, contact routes@clydemuirshiel.co.uk with your

availability on the day.

Entry is through British Cycling as a registered Sportive. Just search Pedal

the Park 2019. For more information see the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park

website or visit the event Facebook page. Last year participants were very

complementary with 5 star comments such as:

“Thanks so much for a great day; everything ran very slickly and the support

from staff and volunteers along the route was fantastic - those individuals

standing in the rain directing cyclists along the route were absolute heroes!

Well done, it was magic.”

“Well done to all who played a part in PTP18, a great event as always, despite

the rain this time. Thanks to all the organisers, marshals and the providers

of the tray bakes at the feed station... much appreciated.”

Organisers are hoping 2019 will be no different - well maybe more dry

weather and less rain if this can really be organised! Regardless of the

weather organisers would like more cyclists to take part, enjoy the challenge

and the friendly atmosphere and so increase the donation made towards the

valuable work carried out by CLIC Sargent.

© Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park - Girl power at the finish line at Castle Semple



Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Jane Robertson - Brian

For more information about the reserve or

any of our events,

please call 01505 842 663 or email


Spring has well and truly sprung! The wildfl owers are in full bloom, the trees

are green once again, the sun feels warm and the birds are singing their

hearts out, as if to celebrate!

But would you be able to recognise the bird just by sound alone? Some birds

are relatively easy to identify, such as the chiffchaff or the cuckoo that sing

their own name, or the great tit that calls “teacher, teacher” but what does

a robin or a chaffi nch sound like? These days, we have ready access to a

wealth of technology via our smartphones, which offer a variety of birdsong

apps. These are handy for learning a few songs at a time, which you can

listen out for when you’re out and about, but what if you hear a song you’ve

not learned yet, or a song you’ve never heard before? Nothing beats being

outside with an expert, who can listen to what’s happening around you and

point out the distinctive identifying features of birdsong in a way you’re

unlikely to forget – through fi rst-hand experience.

This month, we’ll be offering this opportunity

through a ‘birdsong for beginners’ workshop

which will provide expert tuition on common

birdsong and hints and tips on recognising

birds out in the fi eld. Spring is the perfect time

to practise this skill, and Lochwinnoch is the

perfect place, as the reserve is made up of a

variety of different habitats, and experiences a

hustle and bustle of activity as birds seek to impress potential partners and

outperform the competition. By exploring the reserve at this busy time of

year you’ll get the full surround-sound experience and will be enveloped in a

diverse range of birdsong, with an expert on hand to keep you on track and

hone your newly developed skills. An experience you won’t forget!

RSPB Local Group

Friday 3rd May

AGM and members night

The Birds of Great Cumbrae- An

illustrated talk and the AGM.

McMaster Centre, Donaldson Drive,

Renfrew PA48LX. 7.30pm.

Eddie Williams will deliver an

illustrated talk entitled ‘The Birds of

Great Cumbrae’

All welcome.

Birdsong for beginners

Saturday 25th May,

11am – 1.30pm

Non-members: £6 adults,

£4.80 children, Members:

£4.80 adults, £3.80 children

Annual Plant Sale

The annual plant sale will take place

in May in the Lodge, Glebe Road,


Friday 17th May ~ 5pm - 8pm

Saturday 18th ~ 10am - 3pm

Sunday 19th ~ 11am - 3pm

Friday 24th ~ 5pm - 8pm

Saturday 25th ~

10am - 3pm

Sunday 26th ~

11am - 3pm

Come and visit Finlaystone Country

Estate, enjoy our beautiful bluebell

woods, play areas and gardens. Join our

Rangers for fun events at weekends.

At this time of year, the gardens here at Finlaystone are a blaze of colour.

The rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolia will be in full bloom and the apple

blossom on the espalier apples in the walled garden will be fi lling the space

with its wonderful sweet scent. Also fl owering this month are the bluebells,

which can be seen all around the gardens and woodlands.

Each spring the kitchen garden is a hive of activity and this year is no

exception. Beetroot, parsnip, onion sets, and peas have already been sown.

Squash, pumpkin, courgette, sweetcorn, leek, broad beans, French dwarf

and climbing beans - all lovingly nurtured in the polytunnel thus far - will be

planted out. We are always happy to welcome volunteers into the garden

where the gardener will fi nd suitable work for those interested in getting

their hands dirty.

We’ve a range of exciting family and public events on this month, from our

Falconry Day to our Superhero Weekend - there’s fun for all the family. See

‘What’s On Section’ for more details.

In addition to public events we also organise various activities for children’s

parties, scout & guide groups or corporate events. We would be pleased to

discuss your requirements further and would be pleased if you email us at

info@fi nlaystone.co.uk

Membership: Annual Memberships running from April 1st, 2019 – 31st

March 2020 are available for purchase at the visitor centre.

The tearoom is open at weekends bank holidays and school holidays.

Wildlife Crime Liaison Offi cer

These offi cers can be contacted to report crime or to seek advice on wildlife

crime matters. Call Police Scotland on 101 to report a wildlife crime or email

us at Contactus@scotland.pnn.police.uk.


@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019

Garden Openings

HIGHWOOD, off Lochwinnoch Road,

Kilmacolm PA13 4TF - Dr Jill Morgan:

A beautiful woodland walk around 50

acres of native bluebells in a delightful

setting bordering the Green Water

river with tumbling waterfalls. A haven of tranquility only three miles from

the centre of Kilmalcolm. Homemade teas and plant sale.

Openings: Sunday 12th May, 2pm - 5pm. Admission £3, children free.

WRAES: Corseliehill Road, nr Houston PA6 7HU - Tim and Jo Mack: A new

seven acre garden developed since 2012, with far reaching rural views. Only

surviving historic 1860 wood planted by Lady Anne Spiers of Houston House

for the Wraes. Formal garden with raised herbaceous borders, with 100 plus

rhododendron species and hybrids. Pond, burnside walk, peaceful woodland

walk with seating areas to allow visitors to take in the surrounding views.

Large productive garden. Croquet lawn. Homemade teas and plant sale.

Openings: Sunday 19th May, 2pm - 5pm. Admission £4, children free.

CARRUTH, Bridge of Weir PA11 3SG - Mr and Mrs Charles Maclean:

Over 20 acres of long-established rhododendrons, woodland with good

bluebells, young arboretum and lawn gardens in a lovely landscaped setting.

Homemade teas and plant sale.

Openings: Saturday 25th May, 2pm - 5pm. Admission £4, children free.

Kilmacolm Horticultural Society

Coffee Morning

Kilmacolm Horticultural Society committee invite you to

their fundraising 140th Anniversary Coffee Morning in the

Community Centre at 10am - 12noon on Saturday 18th May. Quality

plants from Parklea Nurseries will be on offer, plus a gift Tombola, and a

Garden Card Competition with special prizes. Entertainment from the Ceol

Mor Trio will be the icing on a perfect morning’s cake. Come along, bring

your friends, enjoy a celebratory morning, helping fi nancially towards the

Annual Flower Show on Saturday 7th September.

Kilbarchan Smile

A group of children from Kilbarchan Community Nursery visited the Gateway

Garden for a session of bird feeding, tidying the garden of fallen twigs to

provide nesting materials, bug hunting, colour matching in Nature and

chasing blowing bubbles in the sunshine. They planted Sweet Peas and left

with the Spring fl owers that they had grown from bulbs last Autumn.

Lochwinnoch Community


We’re delighted to report that the garden has received

lottery funding to develop a sensory garden and nature

friendly community planting.

Our garden group will be selling plants and veg at the Gala Day 8th June.

We will be using proceeds to provide plants for the village. You can reserve

plants and veg with Willie Thomson send message or email williethomson@

hotmail.co.uk Plants: Geraniums, lobelia, petunias, marigolds, sweet peas,

begonias, lupins, Californian poppies, chrysanthemums. Veg: Tomatoes,

cucumber, courgettes, kale, leeks, caulifl ower, cabbage, chilies mild to hot,

hot hot!

Come join us! We need volunteers to help plant on Sunday 26th May 2pm

in community Garden.

The North East 250

North Coast 500 too long? Why not

experience a journey of stunning scenic

contrasts with The North East 250. The

trail explores everything Scotland is

famous for in a unique road trip taking

you through the Speyside distilleries, the

spectacular Cairngorms National Park, the

castles of Royal Deeside, the Granite City

& the rugged North Sea coastline


Colourful Kilmacolm

After a slow start, when it looked as if

the bulbs in our displays were going to

be stopped in their tracks the weather

improved and they shot up. We hope

you like the hyacinth (Blue Pearl) and

daffodil (Minnow) combination which we were trying for the fi rst time.

Our volunteers, including our Explorer Scout helpers, have been out weeding,

cutting back and generally getting everything ready for the growing season

ahead. The spring to summer turnaround is a busy time for Colourful

Kilmacolm, with a nursery visit, plants to choose, bulbs to be cleared and

summer displays planted, and just before all that our AGM on 6th May and a

presence at the Agricultural Show.

Colourful Kilmacolm is open to

everyone. If you have not yet joined,

your £5 annual subscription will

help our efforts. You can opt just to

be a supporter, or to be an ‘active

gardener’ and assist with planting,

weeding etc. It’s also another way

to make new friends.

Membership forms can be

downloaded from our website www.

colourfulkilmacolm.org.uk or you

can phone Peter (01505 872448)

or Liz (07963 973031).



Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Welcome to Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park

Countryside Ranger Bulletin

It’s been a busy time for the three Ranger staff who look

after Castle Semple and Muirshiel Country Parks over the

last month as we have been getting the sites ready for

spring. General tidying up around both centres has been

carried out by our Duke of Edinburgh youth volunteer

group. At Muirshiel you may notice our new pallet planters

at the back of the visitor centre. These were built with

the help of our monthly adult volunteers - Community

Networks. They helped us to prepare the ground and fi t

the pallets with lining before assembling them ready to fi ll

with plants. Still a bit to go to fi nish them off.

Our Thursday Volunteers have also been industrious.

We had a lot of storm damage along the avenue after

storms Erik and Freya which brought down some of the

large beech trees – trapping our pickup for a couple of

days until our Estate Team brought their chain-saws to

cut them up and release our vehicle! The volunteers

stacked the brashings into piles and did a bit of burning.

Everyone has been busy burning the Sitka Spruce piles

too after the conifer trees were felled as per our woodland

management plan. We will have to stop soon until later

in the year as the breeding season has started and the

piles make cosy homes for Blackbirds, Robins and Wrens

to make their nests.

The Thursday volunteers also had the thankless task of

fi lling our never-ending avenue of potholes in time for the

Easter break. They only seem to last a few weeks before

needing done again. We have seen an increase in the

birdlife at both Castle Semple, and our feeders at Muirshiel

with the welcome return of some of our migrants. Our

Niger feeder has remained full for most of the winter but

in the last couple of weeks the Siskin’s have returned

and are hammering their way through the seed. Our

male Nuthatch is very vocal just now and can be heard

around the visitor centre or spotted on the feeders. He

and his mate have both been colour ringed so if you see a

bird with a red and white ring on its leg it is the male, the

female has a green and white ring.

On your drive up the Calderside Road it’s worth looking

out for the primroses on the sheltered verges, one of the

earliest spring fl owers or Wheatears standing on the fence

posts. These wee birds are another migrant and can be

easily identifi ed by their white rumps which are visible as

they fl y in front of your car.

Over the next couple of months remember the farmers

around Castle Semple and Muirshiel are busy lambing so

please keep your dogs under close control out with the

country park area. The ewes can abandon their lambs if

disturbed before they have bonded.

Our centre at Muirshiel is open again at weekends for the

season (10am – 3pm) but feel free to come in to the ranger

offi ce if the centre is closed for further information.

Tag-n-Track Project update

It’s time for the monthly roundup from Countryside Ranger

Hayley Douglas.

Our gulls are returning and we were delighted that our

fi rst one to return for the second year in a row was Gary

from Greenock Police Station. Gary really is a special gull.

We have followed his migration for two years now and it

is fascinating to see the differences and similarities in

his journey. When he left Portugal this year he followed

the coast north into Spain before spending six and a half

days, during a period of high winds, trying to cross the

Bay of Biscay into France. Last year this crossing took

him about 10 hours. This time, when he fi nally reached

France we thought he might decide to rest up and recover

his strength but not Gary. He motored across the Channel

and headed

up through

England into

S c o t l a n d

and arrived

at Greenock

P o l i c e

Station in

the early

hours of the

4th of April.

In fact he

arrived on

the same

day but an

hour later

than he did

in 2018.

What a gull!

Eric Flapton and Happy Gullmore are both in France at the

moment. Eric is from Pladda and we are looking forward

to seeing if he returns there for the breeding season this

year. Happy was offl ine for most of the winter but his tag

started to download when he came back within range in

March. He is a Lochwinnoch bird and he spent the winter

in Morocco in Casablanca along with another of our

Pladda birds, Ollie, who has also just come back online.

It’s not just our Lesser Black-backed Gulls who have some

impressive journeys. Recently a ringed Herring Gull was

spotted at Castle Semple. It was thought it was a local

bird until the ringing report came back and we found out

the bird was from Canna, one of the Small Isles. So if

you are down at the Loch it’s worth reading the ring

numbers on the birds and seeing where they are from by

reporting at www.bto.org . The members of Team Gull can

be identifi ed by their colour rings on their left leg which

are white with red writing. Keep your eyes out for Roland,

Stuart and co.

Remember you can keep up to date with our gull

movements in a number of ways. You can check out their

web pages, follow us on Facebook or download the free

“Animal Tracker” app on your tablet or phone.

More Info…

Details can be found on the Park’s website www.

clydemuirshiel.co.uk/tag-n-track or by emailing tnt@

clydemuirshiel.co.uk. The Project also has its own

Facebook Page which can be found at www.facebook.

com/TagnTrack/. We are happy to come along and deliver

talks about the project, just get in contact.

Keep up to speed with events and activities taking place on the Park’s Facebook: facebook.

com/ClydeMuirshielRegionalPark or Twitter @Clydemuirshiel pages and Instagram pages.


@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

Bee Happy Houston

Around a year ago Bee

Happy began planning

a small orchard to be

planted in the village.

Supported by the

Community Council, our

members spent a lot

of time researching the

project and looking for compatible Scottish heritage tress.

The purpose of the orchard is to support local wildlife, including valuable

pollinators, whilst hopefully providing fruit to be picked freely by members

of our Community.

On the day of the planting members of Bee Happy were assisted by

enthusiastic residents and their children who planted 24 apple trees and 20

fruit bushes. The trees have been temporarily fenced to protect them from

deer and rabbits. One lovely lady provided us with tea, coffee and some

lovely home baking to keep us going whilst another lovely lady took some

photographs which will be on display at The Kirk Carnival in May. We very

much hope that this orchard will thrive into the future to provide blossom,

fruit and a little bit of colour to our beautiful village.

Bridge of Weir Hillwalkers

March and April saw six walking trips by BOWHW including a round at Glen

Branter in Argyll, an exploration of the hills above the Sma’ Glen and a

fabulous weekend in Braemar which saw an ascent of Lochnagar and a walk

in the glens below the high Cairngorms.

May will include a trip to Fife for the Chain Walk on the weekend of 10/12

and an old favourite Ben A’an

on May 20th. We are pleased

that several new associates

have joined in with us recently

and you can follow us on the

BoWHW facebook page. My

contact is donwwsmith@gmail.


As always it is the company and

coffee that is just as important

as the walks and we have been

benefi ting from some very good,

if cold weather so far in 2019.

Brighter Bridge Of



Brighter Bridge of Weir decided to

cheer up a corner of the village by

planting at the former Bull’s Garage

site at the Houston Road junction.

Ultimately, that area will be the

public access road into the site, but

that’s about 18 months away, so the

group thought: why not? The ground

was prepared and Brighter Bridge of

Weir set about it, transforming the

area in a day.

Beaton Brothers will be providing

a load of tree bark which should

fi nish it off nicely. That should give

folks something soothing to look at

while they’re stuck in the school run

traffi c.

Our annual delivery of the summer

plants will touchdown sometime this

month. It’s a frantic few days for the

volunteers, but it’s always worth it.

May 2019

Bridge Of Weir Horticultural Society

At our last gathering, garden designer Sandra Halliday described how

to create a new garden in three years. First, cover basics: measure the

garden, identify the soil Ph, check the gradient and aspect. Choose a layout,

infrastructure and outbuildings. Select paving slabs refl ecting the house

stone or brick - then retain professionals to undertake hard landscaping,

cabling and water pipes. Check plants in neighbouring gardens for ideas.

Work your soil - essential for new-builds - add compost and slow-release

fertiliser. Aerate heavy clay with garden gravel. Ensure paths are wide

enough for your wheelbarrow and for two people to walk along. For distance,

narrow your paths towards the rear of the garden and place compact,

smaller trees and white or pastel colours to enhance this perspective. Place

brightly coloured fl owers and larger-leaved plants in borders near the house.

“Skirt lift” tree canopies and under-plant with spring bulbs. Add a statue for

summer interest.

‘Borrow’ landscapes: include a neighbour’s tree or a fi eld by leading paths

towards an interesting subject or view. A hedge with gate by a fi eld, or

strategic trellis in front of a next door’s tree, implies this is your garden.

On 9th May, Alan Mackenzie talks about “Growing Windowsill Orchids” –

a must as we all have orchids! We meet at 8pm in The Bridge. Visitors

welcome! On 18th May we hold our Plant Sale at the Primary School from

10am. Come along and fi nd bargains!

Tip: Bedding plants bought in-store need to acclimatise. Water and leave

in a warm and sheltered spot. Bring in if frost is forecast and wait for good

weather before planting out. DO NOT SPRINKLE WITH SLUG PELLETS. These

are also deadly for hedgehogs and birds. Saucers of beer/cider placed

nearby will prove irresistible and keep slugs off young plants.





Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Sailing on Castle Semple © Alex Workman


Ranfurly Castle Golf Club

Tom Eckford Testimonial Dinner

Friday 6th April saw a sold out event to mark the 25th

anniversary of Toms’ appointment at Ranfurly Castle Golf


Firstly, can we congratulate and thank Heather, Louise

and all the team for their efforts throughout the night -

the food and drink service as ever, was fantastic.

Guest speakers Alan Gordon and PGA Professional

Campbell Elliott entertained an eager crowd with

outstanding routines and Jack Snell, as ever, proved to

be a great host for the evening. We were also delighted

to have PGA Professional John Mulgrew in attendance to

offer some memories from Toms’ early years.

To mark Toms dedication and service to the club, we were delighted to present

him with Honorary Membership on the night and this was met with a standing

ovation – a fitting tribute for such a long standing and loyal servant of the club.

If you missed out on Toms’ Testimonial Dinner, there’s still availability for team

entry into the Testimonial Pro-Am which takes place on Friday 28th June. Please

contact our General Manager for more details.

Ladies news

With the golfing season now under way it is good to see the weather taking a turn

for the better. The first competition for the Ladies was played on 20th March in

pretty cold conditions but there was a good turn out for the 5 Club event over

12 holes. It was won by Captain Jan Macnab with 26 points and runner up was

Anne Judge with 24 points.

On Wednesday 27th March 12 couples played in the Winter Greensomes and the

winners were Jan Macnab and Sheila Biggart with 41 points with Mary Hardie

and Helen Abram runners up with 39 points.

Unfortunately the first Medal of the season failed to have any entries due to the

very wet and cold weather on 3rd April, but this was reversed on Wednesday

10th April when 25 ladies played the Stableford Competition in sunny conditions.

Agnes Williamson was the winner with 40 points and Helen Abram runner up

with 37 points.

On 17th April 14 couples played in the Coronation Foursomes competition.

Winners, once again, were Jan Macnab and Sheila Biggart with 37 points and

runners up we’re Allison and Jean Murray with 34 points. Congratulations to the

winners who will now go on to represent the club in the Area Finals.

Brookfield Bowling Club Open Day

There was a great turnout to our Open Day.

The first

photo shows

the winners

of the first


b e i n g


with the


prize. Left to right: Robert Cherry, Catherine

Gray, Mary Taylor and John Campbell along

with President Dennis Taylor. The second photo shows the President’s wife,

Mary Taylor, bowling the first bowl of the Season.

Special Olympic


for the Clyde Muirshiel trained GB

Sailing Team

Two local sailors from the Special Olympics

GB Sailing Team, received bronze medals

after competing in their first World Games

in Abu Dhabi last month.

The team have done all their training at

Clyde Muirshiel with Senior Instructor and

Head Coach David Hill at Castle Semple

Centre in Lochwinnoch. They swapped

the cold wet Scottish conditions for very hot and windy sailing on the

Persian Gulf.

Jamie Cairns and unified partner Darren MacGregor were awarded a

bronze medal in the Division 2 fleet. Their team mates Shannon McGhee

and Laura Carrick were 4th in Division 3, with Lewis Nicolson sailing with

Mick Kelly finishing 5th.

Bronze medallist, Jamie Cairns said: “A few days we couldn’t actually sail

because it was far too windy. We capsized once only, but the water was

quite warm, well very warm. It’s been an amazing experience”.

As his unified partner, Darren MacGregor (19) added: “The whole thing,

the whole journey has been amazing and it has been the people that

have really made it amazing.”

David Hill is also an RYA

SOGB Team ready to go sailing

Sailability coordinator,

as Competition and

Coaching advisor for

the team, he said “It

goes without saying I’m

immensely proud of the

team, not just at these

World Games but also

the journey to get there.

They have shown great

commitment to this for

almost 2 years now and it showed during the competition with the guys

holding their own against sailors with more experience of big events.

So now, looking ahead, the challenge

is to get more people into this kind of

sailing, we have the boats at Castle

Semple so we can develop crews for

the other levels in Special Olympic

Jamie and Darren in action

Jamie and Darren with their

Bronze Medal

Lewis and Mick with their position

medals with coach David

Sailing. It’s only two years till the

next national games in Liverpool

and four until the next World Games

in Berlin 2023.”

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

Children are Egg-static

at Strathgryffe!

May 2019

Strathgryffe Tennis, Squash and Fitness Club had

a successful Easter holiday camp, culminating in

fancy dress day (pictured). The children took part

in tennis coaching, skills challenges, races and

of course an Easter egg hunt!

The new block of tennis coaching has recently

begun offering tennis coaching for children

age 3 years age and upwards. There is also a

comprehensive adult coaching programme for

players who are new to the game or who haven’t played for several years and want to brush up on their

skills. Players of all standards are welcome. For further information, visit: www.strathgryffe.net or email


Kilmacolm Golf Club


On Tuesday 26th March 40 ladies took part in the season opener. It was

a dry but chilly day. They played 9 holes and then a fun 10th hole where

you had to choose only one club !!

Lesley Brown and Tricia Kellock won over 9 holes with 22 points, closely

followed by Judy Scholes and Nicky Stirrup with 21 points. In third place

was Liz Hunter and Jacki Sayers with 20 points. Well done Ladies!

On the 10th hole Sally Dillion had a amazing 4 using a 5 Iron and Pat

Briggs had a 5 using a rescue club. Clubs selected ranged from a driver, 5

wood, and lots of rescue clubs. It was a most enjoyable fun day and here’s

to a wonderful sunny golfi ng season.

BIG NEWS @ Kilmacolm Golf Club ... New Membership Categories

The golf calendar got underway with ladies and gents enjoying the Club Captain’s season opener,

followed by hospitality in the lounge afterward.

Our large screen coverage of the Home

Nations rugby and Champions League

football is proving very popular and the club

went Gaga for ‘A Star is Born’ - our fi rst

fi lm night. Look out for our next fi lm event,

coming up soon.

The BIG NEWS is our new membership

categories. Social memberships now

available for just £75*. And for golfers who

fi nd they can’t commit to a full membership,

there is K10 - enjoy being a member with the

benefi t of full club and clubhouse access,

maintain your handicap but with restricted golf. Cost is £500* with additional incentives for our fi rst 20

members. Enquire today! 01505 872139 or admin@kilmacolmgolfclub.com

*terms and conditions apply

We’ll be hosting an Open Day soon too. Follow us and watch out for details on our Facebook page.

Glasgow Mens 10k

On the go since 2004, the Men’s 10K Glasgow has fi rmly set itself as THE run for men in the west. The

life expectancy of a man in Scotland is, shockingly, still the lowest in the UK. Suicide, in addition to other

mental health problems, continues to be an issue of high signifi cance to men in Scotland. Suicide is the

biggest killer of young people (18 - 34) in Scotland and almost three out of four suicides are by men. Our

aim is to help change this, little by little – and the Men’s 10K is how we are doing it!

Entries are now open for The Glasgow Men’s 10K on Sunday 16th

June. The route starts at the spectacular setting of the Riverside

Transport Museum. The route heads East along the River Clyde and

takes in the scenic views. Iconic buildings to look out for include

the Glasgow Science Centre, The Armadillo, The SECC and the SSE

Hydro and all within the fi rst 2KM. The route then heads under the

Kingston Bridge, crossing over the Clyde via George V Bridge, and

back via Glasgow Bridge as you approach the halfway point.

The second half of the route will take you past the south side of

George Square and down towards Glasgow Green, crossing the

Clyde twice more via Crown Street and Kings Bridge before heading

back towards George Square where cheering crowds await to help in

one last effort to cross the fi nish line where you’ll receive your well

earned medal, water and goodybag. To sign up or for more info visit


Old Course Ranfurly GC

Ladies & Junior ‘Introduction to Golf’ Classes

The very popular ladies “Introduction to Golf”

classes, will start on Wednesday 1st May from

7pm to 8pm, running for 5 weeks until 29th


If you know anyone who would like to learn the

basics at our fun and friendly sessions they

should contact Marion Downie (downie.family@

ntlworld.com or mobile 07453 969569) to book

a place. No equipment or prior golf experience

is required and is guaranteed to be great fun.

All welcome, whether you are entirely new to the

game or have attended our classes before and

would like a refresher.

We are also running ‘Junior Coaching’ - open to

members and non members aged 6 - 17. These

sessions will run also from Wednesday 1st May

till 29th between 6pm & 7pm.

No dress code or equipment required for these

fun and friendly coaching sessions. The cost is

£10 for the 5 week course, payable on the fi rst

evening. Meet at the putting green at 5.45pm.

For more information contact Suzanne Smith

07770 632999 or admin@oldranfurly.com.

Ladies Open Greensomes, Thursday 4th July.

£8 entry fee. Booking available through BRS

and club website. Come along and enjoy a great

friendly game of golf.




Avoiding Weekend Over-eating

You have done great and followed a great eating plan all week, however when

it gets to the weekend it’s time to relax and reward yourself a bit, right?

While it may seem a bit harmless if you are trying to lose weight, the habit

of weekend overeating can destroy health and fi tness goals and especially

weight loss. And sometimes you don’t even realise how much you are overeating


Here are 4 tips for healthier weekend eating habits:

1. Good enough is better than perfect! Often strict meal plans can stress

you out and sets you up to crave ‘cheat’ days where you can relax and

eat differently. Eating what you want in moderation throughout the week

will help prevent these strong cravings and stop you eating them in

abundance at the weekend. Often having little things through the week

that you enjoy will total less than what you would consume of it at the

weekend when the cravings kick in.

2. Let go of food rules. Having strict food rules or classifying foods as

‘good’ or ‘bad’ often leads to failure. Eating at certain times of the day, or

a set amount of meals and snacks throughout the day will undoubtedly

fail. Instead, follow your hunger: eat when you are hungry and stop when

you’re not.

3. Don’t self-justify. When you make that unhealthy choice, don’t rationalise

it. Instead look at everything else that is going on in your life at that time.

This might allow you to see patterns in your over-eating behaviour that

you can then address and work on.

4. Finally, if you count calories, instead of having a daily calorie intake, work

to a weekly one! This will allow you to consume more at the weekend if

this is what you tend to do and compensate for it during the week - as

long as the daily differences aren’t extreme. So, for example if you were

targeting 1800 cal a day, this equates to 12600 cal a week, so you could

eat 1600 cal a day during the week to allow you 2300 cal for sat/sun.

Lesley, FitSmart Fitness Ltd

‘Capped’ At

Aged 80 . . . .

Kilmacolm man, Alan McNeilage

was recently selected to play for

the Great Britain Team in the

ITF World Super-Seniors Team

Tennis Championships held in

Umag, Croatia, in the 80 ’s age

group, and he won 4 of his 5

matches played.

He fi rst played his tennis at

Alan is pictured second from the right.

Hillpark Tennis Club on the

south side of Glasgow at the age of 7, and in 1954 he became Scottish Junior

under 18 Champion, and played in Junior Wimbledon that same year.

He retired from tennis for 30 years, and returned to play again at the age of

55, and still plays every week, and has enjoyed competing Internationally for

many years, culminating in winning his recent GB ‘Cap’.

Gryffe Valley Rotary 10K Run

The Gryffe Valley Rotary Club 10K returns on Sunday 19th May 2019. Save

the date and plan your training! The club is delighted to announce that

Arnold Clarke will support the event this year and St Vincent’s Hospice is

the benefi ciary. Local sports clubs and groups, friends and families are

encouraged to enter sponsored teams. The Strathgryffe Tennis and Squash

club are already out recruiting their sponsored team. Why not resolve to get

fi t and prove it by taking part? To register go to https://entries.runabc.co.uk/

listed-races/gryffe-valley-rotary-10k .

Lady Bowlers wanted

Kilmacolm Bowling Club Ladies Section invites you to try

your hand at Green Bowling.

Please come along for a try on any Tuesday or Thursday

afternoons at 1.45pm. Bowls will be provided, fl at shoes

required. Special membership fee of £50 for the fi rst year. For details

contact Sandra on 01505 873126 or Diane on 01505 874265.



Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Castle Semple Sailing Club

Congratulations to Alice Lawrie, Health and Safety Steward of Castle

Semple Sailing Club on being appointed to the RYA Scotland Pioneer


The Pioneer Project aims to increase the number of women and girls

participating in sport and physical activity, in particular boating. Alice is one

of 10 volunteers appointed to deliver initiatives that meet the aims below in

their clubs and local communities:

• Encourage Women and Girls, reaching out to at least one of the following

demographics: age, disability, SIMDs

• Build active partnerships with different local community group

• Focus on both positive physical and mental wellbeing

• Improve opportunities for groups or individuals to participate, progress,

develop and achieve

• Structured towards sustainability and offering a lasting impact

Alice volunteered for the project having attended annual RYA Principals

Conference. It was an informative conference including the changing

face of sailing clubs becoming more integrated into the local communities

and different ways of increasing memberships. Contact us as www/


Kilbarchan Athletic Club - On-X,

Linwood, Mondays & Thursdays, 7pm

All abilities welcome. Tel: 07941 686990.


The Shotokan Karate Club

Woodlands Primary, Linwood

Mondays & Thursdays - 7pm - 8pm/8pm - 9pm


Taekwon-Do - Johnstone Sports

Complex PA5 0LD

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6pm

Call 07951 365166 for details.

Bishopton Belles Line Dancing

Tuesdays - Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic

Hall 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Improver class. All welcome. Call David or

Mair 07886 034037.

Fitsteps with Jen

Monday - Kilmacolm Guide Hut,

Woodrow Ave 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Strictly inspired dance/fitness class that

allows you to learn the basics of ballroom

and latin style in a fun environment. All

welcome. Call Jennifer 07709 340675 or f:


Boogie Effect with Jen

Saturday - Kilmacolm Guide Hut,

Woodrow Ave 9.10am - 10.00am

A unique dance based fitness class, bringing

together the heart-pumping fun of boogie

with the strength and conditioning effects

of dance techniqes to create long, lean,

strong and healthy bodies that aren’t just

the privilege of the pros! All welcome.

Call Jennifer 07709 340675 or f: @



Bridge of Weir Ladies Badminton

Mondays - BOW Primary School,

Warlock Road, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Gryffe Badminton

Tuesdays - Strathgryffe Tennis Club, 8pm

Greenock Hockey Club

Wednesdays - Inverclyde Academy,

Greenock, 6.30pm - 8pm

Contact Liz Baldwin, mobile 07944 607005.

Birkmyre Rugby Club, Kilmacolm

Sundays - Youth Rugby Section, 11am

- 1pm



Zumba Light

Mondays - St Fillan’s Church, Kilmacolm,


Suitable for all fitness levels. Tel: 07505

126416 for more information.


Tuesdays - Cargill Centre, Kilmacolm,


Entry level class suitable for all fitness

levels. Come dance yourself fit at Zumba, no

experience necessary! Contact Diane 07943


Move it or Lose it! FABS Fitness -

Move it or Lose it! FABS Fitness classes.

More than just a fitness class for the over 60s!

Monday - Old Gourock and Ashton Parish

Church, 3.15pm

Tuesday - Cargill Hall, Bridge of Weir, 10.30am

Tuesday - West Burn Church, Greenock, 2pm

Wednesday - Scout Hall, Canal Street,

Johnstone, 9.15am

Thursday - Carrick Centre, Houston, 10.30am

Thursday - Old Library, Kilbarchan, 2.30pm

Come and join the fun! First class is free!

For more information or to check availability

call, Fiona 07811 766672

Pilates classes

Mondays - St Machars Church Hall,

Bridge of Weir, 9.30am & 10.40am.

Kilmacolm Community Centre, 6.30pm

Tel: Yvonne 07786 224367 or yvonne@


Mondays - Kilellan Halls Houston, 6.15pm

- 7.15pm & 7.30pm - 8.30pm

For more information or to book a place call

Katie on 07972 474965.

Wednesdays - Kilmacolm Community

Centre, 6.15 - 7.15, 7.30pm - 8.30pm.

For more information or to book a class

call Jennifer Sloan 07731 303709 or email


Katie Black Pilates and


Pilates classes Monday Evenings in

Killellan Hall, Houston, 6pm - 7pm,

7.20pm - 8.20pm and 8.30pm - 9.30pm.

To book contact Katie on 07972 474965.


5-a-side Football

Mondays - Powerleague Paisley, 6pm

Tel: Jim on 01505 874215; or jimbretherton@


Football Training - Johnstone High School

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6pm - 9pm

Call Ali on 07775 578795 for details.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019

Renfrewshire’s Slave Legacy: The

Napiers of Milliken

The Government’s slave compensation

records from 1834 reveal that many of

Renfrewshire’s landed elite owned hundreds of African men, women

and children on sugar plantations. Contrary to the misconception that

Scots were banned from the empire before the Union of 1707, the

connections started early. From the 1640s, ships from the lower Clyde

ports ventured to the Caribbean.

James Milliken was born in 1669, the

year after Port Glasgow was founded.

One of the reasons why Renfrewshire’s

slave ownership has been hidden for

so long, is that those involved tried to

cover up their activities. In the history

books, Milliken was allegedly a career

soldier who rose to the rank of major in

the British army. However, Milliken’s

father was a seafarer in Irvine, and his

uncle was a partner in Glasgow’s fi rst

sugar house. Through their infl uence,

Milliken ventured to the Leeward

islands c.1690, as a slave overseer

(not a soldier). When the French The Sugar Works Chimney

were driven out of St Kitts from 1710,

Milliken acquired the 200-acre Monkey Hill plantation. This was the

family’s main source of income for the next century. The Sugar Works

Chimney, at Monkey Hill, St. Kitts still stands today.

James Milliken was among the fi rst of the new sugar elite to invest

in Renfrewshire. He came home from the Caribbean in 1729 and

acquired half of Johnstone estate from the Houstons. He demolished

Johnstone castle, and built a mansion, renaming his new estate

‘Milliken’. He expanded his estate, and became patron of the parish


Milliken died in 1741 and was succeeded by his son James II of

Milliken. In the third generation, Milliken’s grandsons went on the

Grand Tour, but died in Paris and Venice in their early twenties. In

1768, the estate went to their sister, who had married a Napier,

and the family became the Napiers ‘of Milliken’. By the 1780s the

family were the third largest landowners in Renfrewshire, dominating

Kilbarchan and surrounding parishes.

Returning to our interest in the slave compensation records. In 1834

the second Napier of Milliken was awarded £2,555 (nearly £200,000

at today’s value) in compensation, for the loss of 161 enslaved

Africans on his Monkey Hill sugar plantation, St Kitts. Given the death

rate and through managing plantations of associates, the family had

worked their way through thousands of Africans between 1710 and


Much of the money that the Napier-Millikens poured into Kilbarchan

parish and its church, came directly from the labour of their African

slaves. Through their sugar fortune, and the improving ideas brought

home, the Millikens were described as the earliest enclosers and

improvers in Renfrewshire, and the main fi nancers of new roads and


The Milliken’s wealth and route to fortune infl uenced others to

invest in sugar plantations. Two years after the return of the fi rst

James Milliken to Scotland, his neighbour, Cunningham of Craigends

acquired a plantation in Jamaica. More about the Cunninghams next


© 2019 Stuart Nisbet, Renfrewshire Local History Forum

Johnstone History Society

Adam Birkmyre 1848 - 1906

Adam Birkmyre was one of Kilmacolm’s greatest benefactors and a resident of

Shallot now part of St. Columba’s School in the village of Kilmacolm. He purchased

an eight-acre site, to the west of his house which he overlooked and presented

it to the community. Opened in 1890, it was named by the community, not by

Adam, as Birkmyre Park. Now held in trust by Inverclyde Council and maintained by

them. It is in constant use and is the centre for a full range of sporting activities

including rugby, cricket, putting, football, hockey and tennis. In addition, there is

a gymnasium on site run by Inverclyde Leisure and in a separate building Duchal

Nursery for young pre-school children.

Adam was a popular and memorable character and a well loved member of the

community although somewhat eccentric. He always carried an open umbrella

regardless of the weather and wore a deerstalker hat and a cape. From the garden

of Shallot across from Birkmyre Park, he viewed the Kilmacolm countryside through

a small window in a totally enclosed Sudan chair mounted on a pivot, which rotated

to follow the sun.

Research on the Birkmyre name has led to several interesting fi ndings. The name

can be traced with certainty from the Kilbarchan parish records during the sixth

decade of the 18th Century. At that point in time, weaving was a principal village

industry. These records show that Henry Birkmyre, a weaver, was born in 1762. At

the age of 30, he joined the Gourock Ropework Company, which had established a

sound reputation for the manufacture of rope and sailcloth. In 1814, he was made

a partner in the fi rm having previously been made a foreman. In 1814, his sons

and grandsons gained full control of the Gourock Ropework Company, which rose

to be an international power in the rope and heavy canvas industry.

Records show that Adam was a New Lanark World Heritage Site

descendant of Henry Birkmyre and

so confi rmed his association with

Gourock Ropework Company. Adam

was part of the fi rm’s operational

team with responsibility for foreign

travel and overseas business

development. In 1894, Henry

Birkmyre formed a partnership with

his sons to run New Lanark where

they introduced new machinery

and broadened the product range signifi cantly.

Eventually in 1983, New Lanark was placed in public ownership and became the

fi rst Industrial site in Scotland included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Adam died in Switzerland in May 1906 while on holiday.

Our fi nal meeting of this session will be on the 14th May in the Masonic Hall Collier

Street at 7pm. Our speaker will be Matthew Moranfrom the Scottish Maritime

Museum and he will be showing us a selection of photographs from the Museums

collection. It is hoped we will have a good attendance and all will be made most

welcome. We had a fairly good attendance at our April meeting and all were

treated to a very good talk about the Paisley Pamphlets something many of us

knew nothing about for this we must thank Valerie Reilly our secretary for stepping

in at the last minute we our arranged speaker had to cancel fo health reasons.

The Museum continues to open Wednesday Friday and Saturday from 10.30am till

4pm. Our displays have all been updated so if you have not been in for some time

now would be a good time to come. We also have many books and publications on

sale, these can also be purchased online and paid via PayPal at johnstonehistory.

org We still have a few Calendars left selling at the bargain price of £2 each.



Next deadline - Friday 17th May

St Columba’s School Hockey


St Fillan’s Primary School

Spring Chickens!

Primary 6 welcomed some ‘newbies’ to their

class during the last two weeks in March. The

children embraced the challenge of nurturing

and caring for eight baby chickens. They fed,

cleaned and cuddled the babies until it was time

for them to be re-homed in a nearby farm. It was

lovely to see the children care for the chicks and they invited their parents

and other classes into their classroom to learn more about the chick’s

lifecycle and development. The whole school was fi lled with excitement as

all eyes were on the chick’s daily progress.

Fairtrade Community Coffee Morning

At the end of March, we hosted our third ‘Fairtrade Community Coffee

Morning’ of the year in our lunch hall. The Fairtrade Committee worked hard

to organise the event which raised over £150 for SCIAF. The event was a

huge success and we were delighted to welcome Minister Gary Noonan

and some of his Parishioners along to join in this event. We hope everyone

enjoyed our hospitality and the Fairtrade goodies!

STEM Week 2019

Our ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology,

Engineering and Maths) Committee

Group organised an amazing STEM week

during ‘British Science Week’ where

we enjoyed taking part in lots of STEM

challenges. Each class participated in

a variety of workshops which helped to

develop their understanding of STEM

subjects and their application in the

world today. The children demonstrated enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity

throughout the week and they enjoyed welcoming parents who are involved

in STEM related careers including: engineering, digital technologies and

genetics. St. Benedict’s pupils and staff delivered explosive science lessons

as did a visiting Science specialist. There was even a visit to the Science

Centre for Primary 6 children. There was lots of fun whilst developing skills

for learning, life and work.

St Anthony’s Primary School

St Anthony’s Parent Council are delighted to announce the total raised by our

latest fund raising event was £1061.30. This was raised at our Great Race

Night last month. It was an evening of fun and frivolity. A huge thank you

to all who attended and contributed

so generously to making the night

such a success.

Summer Fete Extravaganza!

Saturday 18th May at St Anthony’s

Primary School Hall, Hill Road

Johnstone: This event is being

supported by so many different

organisations it promises to be an

absolutely activity packed time for

all the family to enjoy. Community

partners and stall holders welcome.

Please email: stanthonyspc@gmail.

com to explore how you can be part

Houston Primary School

St. Vincent’s Hospice Toadstool

The pupils of Primary 6 raised over

£300 for St. Vincent’s Hospice.

With some of the money raised

they purchased a toadstool from

the hospice to be decorated and

placed in the nearby woodland

walk in Howwood.

Rotary Quiz

Houston Primary pupils took part in the annual Rotary Quiz, which was held

at Houston Bowling Club in March. They were competing against Bridge of

Weir Primary, Lochwinnoch Primary and St. Columba’s Primary. We were

absolutely delighted to be this year’s winners.

Well done to Sam, Eva, Owen and Kai.

Gryffe High Partnership

We were delighted to receive support from Mr

McBlain from Gryffe High School, who brought

down a group of secondary pupils to support

our Primary 6 pupils with their Bridge building

project. For many of the pupils it brought back

fond memories of being at Houston Primary.

Easter Parade

Primary 1 pupils performed for their invited guests at the annual Easter

Parade. They designed and made their own boater hats and fascinators with

a little help from their wonderful Primary 7 buddies. A great time was had

by all!

Fairtrade Fortnight

All pupils took part in Fairtrade

Fortnight to raise awareness of

the logo and what it means. Pupils

were asked to donate a Fairtrade

item to create delicious baskets to

be raffl ed off to raise funds for local

Fairtrade charity, Rainbow Turtle.

We had such a fantastic response,

we decided to share some of the delicious goodies with the oldest lady in

Houston, Mrs Dawson. She was delighted with her gift.

of our fun community event.

Not one to rest on her laurels, our head teacher Mrs McBurnie after our recent

Literacy Award success along with Miss Duffy, fl ew to Stanford University in

San Francisco. They took part in a “Mindset Mathematics” course with Jo

Boaler, a leading professor of Mathematics in Education based at Stanford.

The growth mindset offers a different approach to teaching maths. It makes

learning maths creative, fun and exciting. Mrs Mc Burnie and her dedicated

teaching staff are embracing the opportunity to do this extra 2-3 hour a

week training to further the schools passion of encouraging more and more

children to achieve their full potential in numeracy.

There will be an opportunity for the newly acquired skills to be used at the up

and coming Maths Camp which will be hosted next month by St Anthony’s for

primary 6 & 7’s from local primary schools. There will also be input from the

team at Stanford University via the web. We wish staff and pupils alike every

success and look forward to the feedback from it.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

Gryffe Manor Nursery

May 2019

The children at Gryffe Manor Nursery have been working alongside “The

Woodland Trust: Nature Detectives” for the past year and have been rewarded

with the coveted “Gold Award”. We gained our wonderful achievement

through enhancing our wonderful outdoor learning environment and our

surrounding woodland areas by planting 50 trees and hedgerow bushes to

create a wonderful habitat for wildlife for years to come, we viewed the world

from a “Bug’s Eye View” and encouraged children to take photos of their

experience, we also enjoyed “Inviting a Tree to Tea” where we encouraged

children to investigate the existing trees within our setting. Great fun has

been had along the way by both the children and staff! Well done everyone


Gryffe Manor Nursery are having an

open morning on 1st June 2019,

please feel free to come along and

see our fabulous outdoor learning

areas and nursery setting.


Lochwinnoch Baby & Toddlers

McKillop Hall, 9.45am - 11.30am

£2/family fee incl tea & children’s snacks.

Kilmacolm Playgroup

St Columba Church Hall, Kilmacolm,

9.30am - 11.30am

Howwood Baby & Toddler Group

Howwood Parish Church, 10am - 12noon

Kilbarchan Parish Church Tots’ Club

Kilbarchan Parish Church Hall, 9.15am

- 11.30am


Kilbarchan Tots

Kilbarchan Scout Hall, 10am-12noon

£2 contribution. Tea, coffee & biscuits.

Bridge of Weir Toddlers

Cargill Hall, Lintwhite Cres, BoW

Pop along and see us from 9.30am - 11.30am

Kilmacolm Playgroup

St Columba Church Hall, Kilmacolm,

9.30am - 11.30am

Howwood Playgroup

Howwood Church Hall, 9.45am - 11.35am


Kilmacolm Toddlers

St Columba Church Hall, Kilmacolm,

10am - 11.30am

For children from birth to 3 years.

Lochwinnoch Baby & Toddlers

McKillop Hall, 9.45am - 11.30am

£2/family fee incl tea and children’s snacks.

Howwood Playgroup

Howwood Church Hall, 9.45am - 11.35am


Houston Toddlers

Church Hall, Main Street, Houston

Pop along and see us from 9.30am - 11.30am

Kilmacolm Playgroup

St Columba Church Hall, Kilmacolm,

9.30am - 11.30am

Howwood Playgroup

Howwood Church Hall, 9.45am - 11.35am


Langbank Playgroup

Langbank Village Hall, 9.45 - 11.45am

For 2.5 - 5yr olds.

Contact Jen Burrows 07947 983025.

Langbank Under 3’s

Church Hall, Langbank, 10am - 11.45am

For children from birth to 3 years

Baby and Toddler Group

Elderslie Kirk, Main Rd, Elderslie,

9.30am - 11.30am

£2 includes children’s snack and tea/coffee.

Lots of different toys to play with. All welcome.

Community Bookbug Sessions

Livingstone Hall at St Columba’s Junior

School, Knockbuckle Road, Kilmacolm.

From 9.30 - 10am

1ST & 3RD FR I D A Y

Renfrewshire Inverclyde Twins Club

McKillop Hall, Lochwinnoch, 1pm -2.30pm

£3. Bring a mug along for a cuppa.

Bridge of Weir Primary

Sporting success seems to be our theme this month.

Finally, after 9 years, the school is delighted to have won

the Strathgryffe Tennis Club trophy. The P6 team did us

proud; showing off their racquet skills and playing some

excellent matches.

We also hosted a Ninja Warrior tournament, as Sophie

James from P6b reports:

In March, pupils came in their sports clothes ready for

a challenge. Mrs Calvert, Miss Pieczara and P6b were

running a Ninja Warrior obstacle course race. Each pupil

brought in a donation to raise money for the teachers’

trip to Malawi in July to help build a new nursery.

All the pupils took part. For P1 to P3, the fastest person

to complete the course would be the winner. For the older

children, there were three knockout rounds to make it

more of a challenge. Everyone gave it their all, with lots

of encouragement from their teachers and P6b.

The winner for P1 was Alexander Watt, the runner-up was

Riley Rankin. In P2, Emilia Fabiana beat off competition

from Murray Allan. The overall winner for P3 was George

Mimnagh, followed by Joe Caldwell.

Best ninja warrior for P4 was Hamish Pitcairn, Oliver Kerr

as the runner-up. In P5, Holly Bright was the winner, the

Houston Toddlers

We have been busy making Easter crafts and enjoying

playing with our friends. The boys and girls made Easter

cards and pictures.

We have also changed from using disposable cups

for tea/coffee and we are now asking for you to bring

a reusable cup for tea/coffee and toddler drink. This

is cutting down on washing up and of course more

importantly waste.

We welcome all children age between 0-4 years old,

together with their parents, grandparents or carers to

Babies, Bumps and Boobs

close second was Imogen Barratt. The fastest for P6 was

Jack Cook, the runner-up was Peter Cook (no relation).

The champion for P7 was Michael McLaughlin followed

by Lucy McLaughlin (also no relation).

It was a great effort by the whole school, and raised a

fantastic £488 pounds.

In other news, the Parent Teacher Council has a new


Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Rob

Ramsay, and I’ll be supporting the PTC as Chair. I have

already attended my fi rst meeting, and I take my hat off to

the existing team; they’ve been working incredibly hard to

support our children and the school. What’s immediately

evident is that we need more volunteers to share the

workload. I hope to meet as many of you as I can over

coming months, don’t be surprised if I ask you to help!

join in with the games, crafts and play

on offer every Thursday. The children

can enjoy playing, making friends and

of course snack time while the adults

can catch up with a cuppa.

We meet between 9.30am -

11.30am so come along when you

are ready to the West Hall, Main

street Houston PA67EL (next to Carrick centre).

We look forward to meeting you all.

Kilmacolm Playgroup and Toddlers has launched a newmums’

support group, ‘Babies, Bumps and Boobs’, to

run alongside its existing toddler group on a Wednesday

morning. As the name suggests, the group, which

started on 1st May, welcomes pregnant women as well

as new mums, and is being run in conjunction with the

Breastfeeding Network. Also on hand, is Jo “the bra

lady”, from Bosom Buddies, who is available to fi t and

sell feeding bras and vests.

Babies, Bumps and Boobs hopes to replace the

breastfeeding support group which historically ran out of

Duchal Nursery but which has ceased over recent years.

This was a much-loved service which connected newmums

and was where many friendships

were made. The new group, therefore,

offers the chance for a chat and to swap

stories of sleepless nights in a welcoming

environment, whilst relaxing with a cup of

tea and cake. Pregnant women and those

with babies under 6m go free.

Babies, Bumps and Boobs will run on the 1st Wednesday

of each month, term-time out of St. Columba’s Church

Lesser Hall, Duchal Road, Kilmacolm. For more

information please contact playgroupmembership@





Kilmacolm Playgroup

This month at playgroup the children explored

traditional fairy tales. The story of Little Red Riding

Hood was brought to life in our fun crafting activities

and the children showed off their dramatic skills

by putting on costumes and acting out the story!

We’ve also been busy making Mother’s Day

personalized crafts and we hope all our Mummies

enjoyed opening these special gifts. Easter week

has seen more crafting fun - painting Easter eggs

and making Easter bunnies. We even had some time to make chocolate

baskets for our little chicks.

Playgroup is open to all children from 2 years 4months and operates on a

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 0930-1130. Spaces available. Please email

Kirsty on playgroupmembership@gmail.com for more details.

Are you a new parent, or new to our village or surrounding villages, our baby

& toddler group is open as a drop in session every

Wednesday morning from 10-1130am. Pop in for a

hot drink and cake while your child enjoys a play, a

healthy snack is also provided for children .A great

chance to meet new friends and fi nd out all about

our fabulous group. Open to all parents, carers and


For more information on any of our groups https://

kilmacolmplaygroupandtoddlers.jimdo.com or check

out our Facebook page for latest information.

Duchal Nursery

The Spring term ended in great eggcitement with

a visit from the Easter Bunny just as we were

fi nishing off making our Easter Chocolate Nests.

The children love a bit of cooking and baking using

their measuring and mixing skills to the full!

With the start of term we will be getting very

creative with egg boxes and stone painting for

the entries to this year’s Kilmacolm Show, we will

have a stand there too so please pop over to say


The children have chosen our new topic for the term – “Transport” which will

no doubt include some interesting and varied modes of getting from A to B!

We have been making the most of our outside area, the “Mud Kitchen” has

been producing some fi ne mud products, we have been out in the park and

preparing for Sports Day – it’s going to be a hectic term!

Things have all settled down after our wonderful night of celebrating our

50th Anniversary, it was a great event with so many former pupils, parents

and staff reuniting. We are now looking forwards to the next 50 years of

providing specialist pre school education for the next generations of local


We are now offering places for the intake in August 2019. If your child

will be of nursery age after the summer and you are looking at your pre

school options, please do get in touch to have an informal look around. With

our extended hours we are open daily 8.15am – 3.30pm, offering greater

fl exibility of care for parents. As an independent nursery our children move

on to various schools in Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Glasgow. Please

visit our website for more information – www.duchal.com and fi nd us on

Facebook. If you would like to come and visit the Nursery please get in

01505 874358 or email info@duchal.com

Next deadline - Friday 17th May

Kilbarchan Community Nursery

The children were out and about in the community

before the Spring holiday. We were delighted to

be asked back to the local community ‘Gateway

garden’ and discovered that all the bulbs which

were planted on the last visit have grown into

beautiful daffodils. These were then made into

little bouquets to take back to nursery. While

there the children also helped to fi ll the bird

feeders and planted some seeds.

We also visited the Foodbank in

Johnstone taking parcels of food to

donate. Children each carried food

donations in their backpacks and

then helped to put them into big

crates for sorting into food parcels.

Now in our last term, we are focusing

on our outdoor area by; designing and

creating our new pond and planting

seeds and potatoes.

Little Seeds Woodland Nursery

As part of our transition model, the children at Little Seeds Woodland

Nursery have been learning about plants and their process of growing – this

has shown the children how a seed forms in to a fl ower with the correct care

and nutrients. We’ve been planting in our big outdoor planters, as well as in

our individual plant pots that we can take home to grow with our families.

The children have been on a number of different

bug hunts this month; searching for butterfl ies,

lady birds, beetles and many more – this week we

were focusing on lady birds and were able to fi nd

out lots of different interesting facts about them

– did you know there are 5000 different species

of ladybird?

Our Little Seeds spend a lot of their time in our

community woodland – this month has been fi lled

with role play; we have been building a boat out of

branches and sticks, learning about survival skills

and building our confi dence.

Gryffe High School

Paralympian Guide Brett returns to Gryffe

S1 to S3 pupils were treated to an inspirational

guest at their House Assemblies.

Former pupil Brett Wild is a submariner for

the Royal Navy. Brett has been given time to

be a guide for skier Millie Knight and they won

2 Silver medals and a Bronze medal at the

PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

This was in the Downhill, Super-G and Slalom.

Brett brought his medals in for pupils to see and he also gave pupils some

very good advice about maximising the opportunity that they have at Gryffe.

Brett has realised his dream and inspires all pupils to do the same.

Awards Ceremony 2019

Very well done to the pupils who received Awards at our annual Awards

Ceremony in April. More than 550 awards were presented for a vast range

of both academic and wider achievement, with the main focus on pupils

excelling in giving their best. Guests presenting the awards were former

Head Girl and Boy, Emma Harper and Calum Shiels, as well as Mr Steven

Quinn Acting Director of Education/

Chief Education Offi cer Children


The evening was enhanced by some

wonderful music from the Jazz Band

as well as soloists on the bagpipes,

piano and harp.

School Captains Shaun Sweeney

and Matthew McCaw gave a nicely

balanced Vote of Thanks. We are

extremely proud of ALL of our pupils.

@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340

May 2019

St Columba’s School

Former Pupils’

Hockey and

Rugby Matches

This year

marked the 40th

anniversary of

boys joining St

Columba’s and we

celebrated this at

our Former Pupils’

hockey and rugby

matches. Our Scottish School’s Pipe Band Champions were there to pipe

both rugby and hockey teams onto the pitch and set the scene for what was

a wonderful weekend of sport.

The School’s 1st XI hockey girls won 3 - 1 against the FP team, and the

School’s Vice Captain won 19 - 7 against the Captain’s team while the Old

Old Boys beat the Old Boys 36 – 0 in the rugby matches.

Scotland’s Baby Box Competition Winner

Holly Hendry (SV) was part of the winning team

to have its design feature on Scotland’s Baby

Box. The Baby Box helps families prepare for

the arrival of their baby and comes complete

with a mattress, bedding, clothes and lots of

other useful items. You may have seen Holly

on the evening news, along with her four

team members, who received an award from

Children’s Minister Maree Todd.

Donation to Renfrewshire Foodbank

Mrs Dickson, along with Junior 6 Class Captains, visited Renfrewshire

Foodbank headquarters to deliver a huge amount of food and toiletries

that Junior School families had so generously donated. Fully inspired, the

children are now planning a presentation at assembly to share the great

work being carried out by the Foodbank.

Junior School Welcomes Wildlife

There was much excitement at Junior School

when the Early Years children received a

special delivery of baby chicks. The children

thoroughly enjoyed watching the chicks

hatch and develop right before their eyes -

as did many parents

who were able to

watch the chicks hatch

out through a live

webcam feed. Junior

4 celebrated the end of their Clyde in the Classroom

topic, by braving the inclement weather to release the

baby trout they had been nurturing since January into

the River Gryffe.

Dates For Your Diary:

Art Evening Class Exhibition - Sat 18th May, 10am-4pm

Please join us, and guest artist Robert Kelsey, for an exhibition and sale of

work from our talented evening class artists. Everyone is welcome. It will

take place at the Girdwood Building at St Columba’s Senior School. (Please

use the Gryffe Road entrance.)

Silver Tablet Concert - Mon 10th June, 7pm

The Silver Tablet celebrates the best of musical talent from Senior VI

pupils who compete for this award by performing musical pieces of Grade

8 standard. The concert will be held on Monday 10th June in St Columba

Church, Duchal Road, Kilmacolm at 7pm. Everyone is welcome at this

community event - please contact marketing@st-columbas.org if you wish

to attend.

We will be out and about at various gala days over the summer, please come

along and visit us at the Kilmacolm Show on Saturday 11th May.

Keep an eye out for further community events on our social media pages

and website - www.st-columbas.org.



Next deadline - Friday 17th May









Houston registered ers. For an informal chat to


nd your best childcare, call

Elizabeth Waddell T: 01505


Kilmacolm/Quarriers area registered


P/time or F/time vacancies

for u-5’s and after school.

T: 01505 873839.



BOXED AD £8.00* per column cm

PHOTO £8.00* (car sales only)

* Prices subject to VAT

The Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order 1977 - the Law requires that Advertisers selling goods in the course

of a business MUST include the word Trader, Dealer, Agent, Breeder or appropriate wording in the Advertisement

to distinguish from private advertisers.


@GryffeAds | e: info@advertizer.co.uk | t: 01505 613340


Baby Equipment

Car seat for baby. Great condition. £25. Tel:

07802 434912 .

Kids baby walker car designed. Never used,

pristine condition. Cost £90 - sell £30. Tel:

07802 434912 .

Child Safety Fireguard, extendable 3 sides &

top, bronze - £15; Little Tikes child slide, suit

age 2-5 - £15; Child table & 4 chairs, red

plastic - £10; Folding/portable cot or play

pen, square shape, Mamas & Papas - £30.

Grandchildren outgrown them, excellent

condition. Smoke and pet free home. Tel:

07747 611003.

Mothercare car seat (new) 9 - 12 kg. £50.

Tel: 01505 872761.

Boys Toddlers blue trike with dual controls for

parent to steer. Sun canopy fitted and safety

harness. Great condition as hardly used.

£30. Tel: +44 7802 434912 .

Clothes & Shoes

Closet clearout: Long coats (size16-18) £50-

£100, long skirts (14-16) £10, long dresses

(16-18) £10, jackets (16-18) £10, shoes

(size 6) £10, boots (size 6) £10. All good

makes. Tel: 01505 704830.

Nearly new, still in original packaging, Men

Hunter Wellies. Size 8. £30 ono. Tel:

07908 879043.

Brand new, Ladies Knee High Black Knee

High Leather Boots Size 39. £15 ono. Tel:

07908 879043.

Brand new, still in original packaging, Ted

and Muffy Knee High Ladies Black Leather

Boots, Size 38. £30 ono. Tel: 07908


BERGHAUS Women’s Walking Boots,

Expeditor Ridge, Size 6.5 (eur 40), dark

grey – as new. New £110 will accept £60.

Tel: 01505 863630.

Household & Garden

Solid Pine (m&s) Heavy Duty Bunk Beds with

both mattresses. Very good condition. Can

be detached into two single beds. £120 ono.

Tel: 07719 944783.

Navy blue basic sofa bed from Ikea. Never

been used. £40. Tel: 07968 048446.

Beautiful Marks & Spencer mahogany coffee

table. Excellent condition as good as

new. Cost £750 sell for £100. Tel: 07557


2 Marks & Spencer 2 seater armchairs.

Excellent condition, as good as new. Cost

£1,000 each would sell for £100 each,

collection required. Tel: 07557 564350.

3 drawer bedside tables x 2- solid pine -

suitable for up cycling. £50. Tel: 07867


Kingsize bed frame - good condition - solid

pine. £80. Tel: 07867 767106.

Wardrobe - large, solid good quality pine. Very

good condition with 6 drawers. £150. Tel:

07867 767106.

Collectors Item: Black & White harlequin

pattern floor cabinet. 1.5m long x 0.9m high

x 0.5m wide. Cost £900 sell for £450. Tel:

07950 261902.

Double Z-Bed. £75. Tel: 01505 704830.

Mahogany fi re surround with marble back

panel, hearth and coal effect electric

fi re. Very good condition. All for £100. Tel:

07788 915602.

Frisky Fox 18” Cut Self Propelled Lawnmower.

Excellent condition, can be seen working.

£80. Tel: 07971 843893.

2 x 3 seater black leather sofas immaculate

condition. Pet and smoke free house. 3

years old from Harvey/Reids. £490. Tel:

07508 450305.

Metal Patio Table (approx. 5ft x 3ft). Good

condition. £100 ono. Tel: 01505 874815.


Ladies bike - Giant Cypress DX. £10. Tel:

07774 683835.

Nike, Ladies SB Trainers Size 5.5, brand new,

still in original packaging. £15 ono. Tel:

07908 879043.

Gents bike - Raleigh Pioneer Classic. £5. Tel:

07774 683835.

2 x cycle helmets for sale - Bontrager, 1 x

S/M, 1 x M/L £20 for pair or £10 each. Tel:

07774 683835.

Ladies Raleigh Caprice Bicycle, lilac, 3

gears, with front basket -vintage. Excellent

condition. £90. Tel: 01505 324439.

Gents Universal Epic Collection Bicycle. Good

condition. £30. Tel: 01505 324439.

Racing Cycle - ‘Merida Ride 77’. - 16 speed

paddle shift gears, 21 inch white frame on

700 x 23c tyres. Manual and purchase

receipt available. Hardly used. Stored in

garage - off the ground and under a cover.

Pictures available upon request. Cost

£500 - sell £300. Tel: 07843 484172. Email:


Girls Raleigh bike, suit 6 - 8 years old.

Excellent Condition, always kept indoors,

immaculate. £30. Tel: 07802 434912 .

Fold down bike classic puch 20inch wheels,

3 speed sturmey archer gears, carrier,

mudguards, metallic blue, £50. Also classic

bmx chrome frame, 20inch wheels, £40.

Text or call: 07810 523742.

Boys Bike to suit 2 - 4 year old with stabilisers.

Black and orange. Good condition. £15.

Tel: +44 7802 434912.

Technical & Games

Brand new, still in original packaging, Bush

DVD/VCR Player. Ideal for people wanting

to play old video cassettes or DVDs. £10.

Tel: 07908 879043.


Child’s Electric Go Kart, very good condition,

with charger and helmet, suit 3-7 year old,

and child’s Black and Decker Workstation.

£30 for lot. Tel: 01505 322854 or 07867


Other Items

Brand new steel car wheel 6JX15H2 and new

Jinyu tyre 185/60 R15. Stored as spare

wheel only. £80. Tel: 07736 067169.

Brand New Tyre 225/45ZR18 95W XL

Tubeless (Autogreen SSC5 National Tyres

and Autocare Stock). £50. Tel: 07712


Large metal trunk with keys for sale. Size

L99cm, W66cm, H64cm. Very good

condition. £65. Tel: 07788 915602.

Fujifi lm instax mini 8 camera, instant camera,

raspberry colour, with matching case, perfect

condition. £30. Tel: 07968 048446.

Brand new, still in original packaging,

15,000,000 Candle Power Search Light.

£25 ono. Tel: 0790 887 9043.

Card making materials. Books, stationery,

lightbox, peel-offs etc. No charge - suggest

a small donation to charity. Tel: 01505


Rietti 2 gun safe, black, new condition. £50.

Tel: 07931 567003.

Audi A3 spare wheel. New. Continental tyre.

135-70-R-16. Tel: 07968 121750. £45

donation to go to the RNLI.

Pride Revo 2 boot/travel mobility scooter. 6

months old. Still under guarantee. 170 KG

user weight. Front and rear lights, front and

rear suspension. Under seat storage. Used

4 times at short distances, large wheels for

rough ground. Adjustable tiller. This is a

very strong scooter in very good condition.

Cost £1400 looking for £850. Please call

07983 656421.


Old records Wanted 45`s & LP`s CASH Paid.

Tel: 07710 777571.

Local lily grower requires the use of a

greenhouse/polytunnel in Kilmacolm area in

return for light gardening duties. Tel: Vince

01505 872082.

Cash paid for Vinyl Records and Music CDs

(a few or a lot). Tel: 01505 324683 or

07765 115347.

Westclox Big Ben alarm clock. Tel: 07756


Collector seeking trains, model cars, etc.

Any condition (not a dealer). Tel: 07939


Seeking old VHS Video Tapes and Vinyl

Records, also Turntable Record Player

or Gramophone (Collector). Tel: 07484


Yong Muli coloured wobbly Toast Rack, no

longer available from Gibb Stuarts. Tel:

01505 704398.

Bowls, Ladies size ‘00’. Tel: 01505 873051.


Raleigh mountain bike, free to a good home.

About 25 years old. Would suit a teenager.

In fair condition. Needs new tyres but

serviced some years ago and not used

since. Contact: 01505 873778.

15 concrete blocks (Each measures 455 x

225 x 150mm). Free of charge to take

away. Must have your own transport. Tel:

07710 896842.

May 2019

Public Defibrillator Sites

in the Gryffe Area

Bridge of Weir & Quarriers

Co-Op Bridge of Weir

Old Ranfurly Golf Club

Ranfurly Castle Golf Club

William Quarriers House @ entrance

to Faith Avenue

Country View, Quarriers

The Gate House, Bridge of Weir

Leather Works

Houston & Brookfield

Outside Church Hall, Main Street,


Co-Op Houston

Strathgryffe Squash & Fitness Club


Brookfi eld Village Hall Main Entrance


Kilmacolm Golf Club

St Columba’s Senior School

Gym, Birkmyre Park, Kilmacolm

Kilmacolm Library (at rear of New


Kilbarchan, Johnstone & Linwood

Scout Hall, Kilbarchan

Kilbarchan Bowling Club

Onyx Leisure Centre, Linwood

Spar, Clippens Road, Linwood

Keystore, Spateston

Keystore, Corseford


The Cornerstone, Greenock Road

Bishopton Community Centre

There is limited access to the

defi brillators, please check with venue

for full details.



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Accountants & Financial

Affluent Financial Planning . . 12

CLA Accountancy Services Ltd . . 15

F Christie Accounting . . . . . . 12

Fergusons CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Stewart Independent Financial . . Bk

Architectural Services

CHG Architecture Ltd . . . . . . . 7

Grid Design Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Automotive Services

ABC Taxis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bk

AK Vehicle Rental . . . . . . . . . 1

Collins Tyres . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35


Affordable Luxuries . . . . . . . 7

G Woods Bathrooms . . . . . . . . . 6

Instyle Kitchens & Bathrooms . . 5


Burndale Workshop . . . . . . . . . 4

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McLaughlan Metal Fabrication . . 29

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A O’Hare - Building Services . . 5

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James Kerr Joiner . . . . . . . . . 17

JBC Joiners and Builders . . . 6

KC Building & Roofing . . . . . . 4

Kilellan Roofing . . . . . . . . . . 17

M Addison Joiners & Builders . . 3

MBS Roofing & Building Contrac . . 33

Old Mill Chimneys . . . . . . . . . 17

Rukeri . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

SMG Roofing & Building Contrac . . 2

SW Scott - Joiners & Builders . . 28

Thomas McMaster & Son Ltd . . 46

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Opere Facto Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Ren Chamber of Comm . . . . . . . . 14

Care Services & Homes

Confident Care Ltd . . . . . . . . . 8

Home Instead Senior Care . . . 27


Gadds Gourmet . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17


Gryffe Manor Nursery Ltd . . . 45

Cleaning & PowerWash

Come Clean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

DS Cleaning (Windows) . . . . . . 28

Eclipse Deep Clean . . . . . . . . . 3

Fastclean Scotland . . . . . . . . . 20

Gryffe Roofing & Cleaning . . 6

KC Building & Roofing . . . . . . 4

Nutech Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Platinum Cleaning Services . . 25

Computer, Web &

Graphic Design

ColCom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Opere Facto Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . 12


Gryffe Driveways . . . . . . . . . . 7


St Columba’s School . . . . . . . . 47


Delta Electrical Services . . 33

GasMan Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

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Russell Milne Electrician . . 32

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LJX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

Old Mill Chimneys . . . . . . . . . 17

W B Smith & Son . . . . . . . . . . . 38

Funeral Services

Beaton Brothers . . . . . . . . . . . 9

John Roach Funeral Directors . . 16

Garden Service & Design

3D Garden Design . . . . . . . . . . 38

A Peebles Landscape Contractor . . 37

Apple Tree Gardens . . . . . . . . . 37

Bencairn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

Care & Repair Gardening Servci . . 39

CHG Architecture Ltd . . . . . . . 7

Craig Kennedy Gardening . . . . 39

Garden Services . . . . . . . . . . . 39

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Bridge of Weir Dental . . . . . . 23

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Ferringtons Hypnotherapy . . . 20

Footprints Podiatry . . . . . . . . 19

Kilbarchan Dental Practice . . 11,Bk

LaserLight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Lasting Perfection . . . . . . . . . 44

New Vision Opticians . . . . . . . 7

NLP Positive Changes . . . . . . . 17

The Osteopaths . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Home Hardware

Gibb Stuart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

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3D Garden Design . . . . . . . . . . 38

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PetVets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

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James Kerr Joiner . . . . . . . . . 17

Kilellan Roofing . . . . . . . . . . 17


Bell Plumbing & Heating . . . . 17

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G Woods Bathrooms . . . . . . . . . 6

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I D Plumbing & Heating . . . . . 20

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JDPS All Trades . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Mackie Plumbing & Heating . . 3

The Shower Expert . . . . . . . . . 23

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Corum Property . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Dallas McMillan Solicitors . . 15

Hames Estates . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Kingsley Wood & Co Solicitors . . 1

Lind Letting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1


@ease Removals & Transport . . 16

The Right Move . . . . . . . . . . . . 8


Gibb Stuart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10


Bridge of Weir Roofing . . . . . 21

Bryan Slaven Slater & Plaster . . 8

Gryffe Roofing & Cleaning . . 6

I & J Building & Roofing Serv . . 2

KC Building & Roofing . . . . . . 4

Kilellan Roofing . . . . . . . . . . 17

MBS Roofing & Building Contrac . . 33

SMG Roofing & Building Contrac . . 2

SW Scott - Joiners & Builders . . 28

Thomas McMaster & Son Ltd . . 46


Affinity Family Law Experts . . 3

Dallas McMillan Solicitors . . 15

Kingsley Wood & Co Solicitors . . 1

Special Occasions

ABC Taxis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bk


Old Mill Chimneys . . . . . . . . . 17

Taxis & Minicoach hire

ABC Taxis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bk

Gryffe Radio Cars . . . . . . . . . 21,51


Gordon James Ceramic Tiler . . 17

Scott Russell . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Travel Agents

Travel Actually . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Tree Surgeon

Branch Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

Glenmoss Landscapes . . . . . . . . 38

Kenmore Tree Care . . . . . . . . . 39

LJX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

R Williams Tree Services . . . 39

W B Smith & Son . . . . . . . . . . . 38

TV & Satellite

Clearline Aerial & Satellite . . 3

D Darroch Aerial & Satellite . . 22

Derek McBride Aerials . . . . . . 31

Kieran Turner Aerial&Satellite . . 5

Upholstery Services

Eclipse Deep Clean . . . . . . . . . 3

Fastclean Scotland . . . . . . . . . 20

JM Upholstery . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

Window Cleaners

DS Cleaning (Windows) . . . . . . 28

Fastclean Scotland . . . . . . . . . 20

Gryffe Roofing & Cleaning . . 6

Matthews Cleaning Services . . 20

Window, Consv & Repair

1on1 Double Glazing . . . . . . . . 3

TD Cameron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Window Scene Scotland . . . . . . Bk

@ease Removals & Transport . . 16

1on1 Double Glazing . . . . . . . . 3

3D Garden Design . . . . . . . . . . 38

A Gallagher Painter&Decorator . . 20

A O’Hare - Building Services . . 5

A Peebles Landscape Contractor . . 37

ABC Taxis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bk

Affinity Family Law Experts . . 3

Affluent Financial Planning . . 12

Affordable Luxuries . . . . . . . 7

AK Vehicle Rental . . . . . . . . . 1

Alvic Sliding Wardrobes Ltd . . 19

Apple Tree Gardens . . . . . . . . . 37

Arco Locksmith . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Arlene Mitchell Hair & Beauty . . 32

Beaton Brothers . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Bell Plumbing & Heating . . . . 17

Bencairn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

Bluewater Dental . . . . . . . . . . 18

Boundaries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

Branch Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

Bridge of Weir Dental . . . . . . 23

Bridge of Weir Roofing . . . . . 21

Brookfield Alarms Ltd . . . . . . 3

Bryan Slaven Slater & Plaster . . 8

Burndale Workshop . . . . . . . . . 4

C Hunter Plumbing Heating Gas . . 15

Care & Repair Gardening Servci . . 39

CHG Architecture Ltd . . . . . . . 7

CLA Accountancy Services Ltd . . 15

Clearline Aerial & Satellite . . 3

CLH Joinery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Cloudy2Clear Windows . . . . . . . 9

ColCom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Colin Docherty Painter Decorat . . 23

Collins Tyres . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

Come Clean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Confident Care Ltd . . . . . . . . . 8

Conservatory Conv & Windows . . Bk

Corum Property . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Craig Kennedy Gardening . . . . 39

D Darroch Aerial & Satellite . . 22

Dallas McMillan Solicitors . . 15

David Kennedy Decorator . . . . 3

Decorus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Delta Electrical Services . . 33

Derek McBride Aerials . . . . . . 31

DJY Joinery Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . 12

DS Cleaning (Windows) . . . . . . 28

Eclipse Deep Clean . . . . . . . . . 3

Elliott Locks . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

F Christie Accounting . . . . . . 12

Fastclean Scotland . . . . . . . . . 20

Fergusons CA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Ferringtons Hypnotherapy . . . 20


Footprints Podiatry . . . . . . . . 19

G Woods Bathrooms . . . . . . . . . 6

Gadds Gourmet . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Garden Services . . . . . . . . . . . 39

Gasfit Plumbing & Heating . . 9

GasMan Energy . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Gibb Stuart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Glenmoss Landscapes . . . . . . . . 38

Gordon James Ceramic Tiler . . 17

Grid Design Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Gryffe Driveways . . . . . . . . . . 7

Gryffe Manor Nursery Ltd . . . 45

Gryffe Radio Cars . . . . . . . . . 21,51

Gryffe Roofing & Cleaning . . 6

Hames Estates . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Home Instead Senior Care . . . 27

I & J Building & Roofing Serv . . 2

I D Plumbing & Heating . . . . . 20

Instyle Kitchens & Bathrooms . . 5

Jack Murphy Plumbing & Heating . . 28

James Kerr Joiner . . . . . . . . . 17

James Martin - Painter & Decor . . 3

JBC Joiners and Builders . . . 6

JDPS All Trades . . . . . . . . . . . 1

JM Upholstery . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

John Roach Funeral Directors . . 16

KC Building & Roofing . . . . . . 4

Kenmore Tree Care . . . . . . . . . 39

Kieran Turner Aerial&Satellite . . 5

Kilbarchan Dental Practice . . 11,Bk

Kilellan Roofing . . . . . . . . . . 17

Kingsley Wood & Co Solicitors . . 1

Lamont Electricians . . . . . . . . 3

LaserLight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Lasting Perfection . . . . . . . . . 44

Lind Letting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

LJX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

M Addison Joiners & Builders . . 3

M&E Painters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

M&M Garden Services . . . . . . . . 38

Mackie Plumbing & Heating . . 3

MAS Electrical & Security . . 2

Matthews Cleaning Services . . 20

MBS Roofing & Building Contrac . . 33

McGowan Joinery . . . . . . . . . . . 15

McLaughlan Metal Fabrication . . 29

MJ Lawnmowers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

New Vision Opticians . . . . . . . 7

Nix Hairdressing . . . . . . . . . . 25

NLP Positive Changes . . . . . . . 17

Nutech Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Old Mill Chimneys . . . . . . . . . 17

Opere Facto Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . 12

PetVets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34

Phoenix Gas Services . . . . . . . 1

Platinum Cleaning Services . . 25

R C Garden Services . . . . . . . . 37

R Williams Tree Services . . . 39

Ranfurly Decor . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

RED Pest Control . . . . . . . . . . 7

Ren Chamber of Comm . . . . . . . . 14

Rukeri . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

Russell Milne Electrician . . 32

Scotland’s Bath Company . . . . 20

Scott Russell . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

Smart Dog Grooming . . . . . . . . . 34

SMG Roofing & Building Contrac . . 2

St Columba’s School . . . . . . . . 47

Stewart Independent Financial . . Bk

Strathgryffe Tennis & Squash . . 41

SW Scott - Joiners & Builders . . 28

TD Cameron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

The Osteopaths . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

The Right Move . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

The Shower Expert . . . . . . . . . 23

Thomas McMaster & Son Ltd . . 46

Travel Actually . . . . . . . . . . . 3

W B Smith & Son . . . . . . . . . . . 38

Waggys Dog Grooming . . . . . . . . Bk

West of Scotland Landscape . . 36

Window Scene Scotland . . . . . . Bk

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