Fledgelings Brochure



We would like to welcome you to Fledgelings Day Nursery. In this

booklet, you will find information that demonstrates how we promote

Outstanding practice, appropriate facilities and a caring, safe and

stimulating environment.

Choosing childcare is one of the most important decisions you will ever

make. So, when it comes to selecting a nursery for your child you cannot

make a better choice than Fledgelings Day Nursery.

Mission Statement

We support and enhance children’s learning and development, providing

high quality childcare and educational learning opportunities through

first hand real life early years experiences. We recognise the child as

an individual and work as a key approach with families to care for their

needs. Our highly skilled practitioners tailor their practice, through varied

language to further challenge their thinking, adapting the environment

and resources.

“I have always found the management at Fledgelings

friendly, supportive, approachable and generous with

their time. The other positive thing is they really take on

board whatever topic we bring to the nursery or want

to talk about. An active effort is always present from all

the management. I also love their humanness, I feel like I

have actual people supporting us who are grandma’s and

mums and that really makes a difference. Everybody is

always really understanding.

Overall I am really pleased Debyani attends Fledgelings

and think it’s a fantastic nursery and have applied for a

place for my second daughter.” Seema Barua



Our Nursery

Fledgelings Day Nursery is passionate about a child-focused learning environment that offers a wide range of activities and experience

that meet all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The three rooms are equipped to meet the needs of your children through their progressive stages of development.

I like the toys at nursery, there are lots and lots and lots and lots Harry, aged 3

Robins (3 months-2 Years)

This big, bright room offers a stimulating space for our youngest children to explore. Our aim is to provide a

warm, safe and stable environment that will stimulate and nurture the needs of our youngest children. This

room benefits from having a sensory room.

Sparrows (2-3 Years)

This colourful and inviting room dedicated to our 2-3 olds is gentle step up from Robins Room. With

emphasis on learning through play. With lots of language and creative activities on offer, the children

benefit from having slightly more structured daily routine. This room offers its own changing room to

support toilet training.

Owls (3-5 Years)

Our pre-school room offers the children plenty of opportunities to develop their individual learning styles

and skills as we prepare them for the transition into school. The children have access to various ICT

equipment. Children have opportunities to be independent, selecting and choosing their own resources

which helps imagination. Our teachers interact with the children enhancing their play and their learning,

challenging their thinking presenting new problems to solve.


Both Hornchurch & Romford garden is an extension of the nursery and provides a safe and secure area for

the children to freely access, learning through first hand natural experiences. Water wall and mud kitchen,

the opportunities for their imagination are endless.


Fledgelings Day Nursery (Romford)

We are a 60 place Day Nursery opened in 1992 within a converted semi-datached house.

We are located a 5-minute walk from Romford Mainline train and bus stations offering

close links to Central London.

Open 51 weeks per year Monday-Friday from 7:30-18:30. We cater from children between

the ages of 3 months upto 5 years. Our baby unit provides places for up to 12 children

ages between 3 months and 2 years. Our toddler room provides places up 16 children

between the ages of 2 years to 3 years. Our Pre school room provides 32 places ages 3

years to 5 years.

Nursery has a fantastic outdoor area which enables children to play freely and safely with

activities that encourage every area of development.


Fledgelings Day Nursery (Hornchurch)

We have a 48 place Day Nursery within a converted detached house

conveniently located close to Hornchurch train station which runs on the

District Line offering direct links to Central London. We have been running

as a day care nursery for over 25 years. We were the first nursery to open

in Havering.

Open 51 weeks per year Monday - Friday from 7:30 – 18:30, we cater for

children between the ages 3 months up to 5 years. Our baby unit provides

places for up to 12 children aged between 3 months and 2 years. Our toddler

room provides places up to 16 children between the ages of 2 years to 3

years. Our pre-school room provides 20 places ages 3 years to 5 years.

We aim to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that recreates

the warmth and familiarity of being at home. Our nursery offers the children

the opportunity to thrive in an environment where the main focus is the

children’s well-being and development.

The nursery has been designed so that the children have direct access to

the outdoor provision offering children continuous access to our outdoor

play equipment.



We offer an open door policy to view our setting or you can contact us and make an appointment for a personal guided tour.

We encourage you to spend time in our environment and talk to our staff to gain a full understanding about our provision.

Partnership with Families

Each family is assigned a Key person and Buddy. The key person helps the child and parent/carer during their transition into

nursery and this professional relationship is crucial, providing continuity of care, developing a secure attachment with the child.

We encourage a positive partnership. Continuously exchanging information to further meet the child’s needs to ensure the child

feels safe and secure in familiarly surroundings, thriving to become a strong confident, capable learner.


Our practitioners are aware that even when children are happy and settled it can be a big step for them to move to a new room

within the provision with older children or different activities and routines.

Room-to-room transitions also requires planning and staff ensure that children are fully supported in this move. Key points we

consider include the following.

• Introduce a new key person to the child and his or her parents before they move rooms.

• Organise settling-in sessions in the new room so that children can adjust to the new environment and staff gradually.

• Consider how a child’s friendships will be affected by moving rooms.

• Transitional objects such as special teddies or blankets may help the process.



Health eating

Healthy eating is not just about what we put on the plate. It is

about educating the children and giving them the knowledge and

independence to make healthy choices that will leave them in good

stead for the future.

We have a huge responsibility to make sure the food served is of the best quality

Many of the children at Fledgelings eat up to ten meals at nursery a

week, making this the majority of their weekly nutritional intake. For

us, this is a huge responsibility and we want to ensure that everything

the children eat is of the best quality, the menus are balanced and the

children enjoy their food.

“My daughter is currently in the Preschool room and

has attended Fledgelings for over 3 years. During her

time there, She has made outstanding progress both

academically and socially and I credit this to the care

and education provided by the staff.

There have been many changes at Fledgelings over the

years but the leadership provided by both Salma and

Tammy have ensured that my daughter and the other

children are at the centre of every decision made. The

staff are highly trained and well equipped to deliver

the EYFS curriculum and this is evident in both my

daughter’s attainment and also in her desire to come to

nursery and learn.” Miss A. McAuliffe

We felt so passionately about this that we have teamed up with the

the Children’s Food Trust, a highly prestigious and influential partners.

By trying to achieve this recognition we are guaranteeing that the

food we serve your children is locally sourced, high quality, freshly

prepared and nutritionally balanced.

We are lucky to have talented and passionate people working with us

to create these fantastic meals for the children. Our chef love coming

up with new ways to excite the children with food and even enjoy

getting out into the nursery to cook with them - a messy job indeed.


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