Summer Solstice Edition Vol. 1 Cosmic Women Magazine is a portal for Holistic Well-Being and SuperNatural Lifestyle. Connect with powerful cosmic ladies through literature, art, photography, self-awareness, travel, food, spirituality, relationships...

Summer Solstice Edition Vol. 1
Cosmic Women Magazine is a portal for Holistic Well-Being and SuperNatural Lifestyle. Connect with powerful cosmic ladies through literature, art, photography, self-awareness, travel, food, spirituality, relationships...


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2 0 1 9 S U M M E R S O L S T I C E E D I T I O N<br />

V O L . I<br />



TO LIVE ON<br />

Breathtaking view away<br />

from the city | p. 14<br />



Top secret hideaways<br />

and exotic escapes | p. 35<br />



Surprising retreats &<br />

local favorites | p. 112

W e l c o m e t o<br />

t h e<br />

P o r t a l<br />

This is the Creative Space where the knowledge of Mind, Body,<br />

Energy meet. This is the Sacred Space for Healing, Evolution, Organic<br />

Healing Arts, Meta-Physics, and Spirit. Those who come forth with the<br />

Insights to seed the New Earth, are the Vessels known as<br />

Cosmic Women.

M E T A - P H Y S I C A L G I R L<br />


LOPEZ<br />

Artist. Creative Director. Intuitive Coach.<br />

Meta-Physical<br />

Artist. Writer. Cosmic Woman<br />

Performance<br />

Cosmic Women Magazine is a spin off from my podcast,<br />

Transmissions of a Cosmic Woman. (If you haven’t<br />

already, please, take a listen on The Dialogue Internet<br />

Radio Network, https://dialogep.com/index3.html)<br />

My perspective of the world is through the lens of<br />

Meta-physics, the greek philosopher, Socrates. would<br />

refer to Meta-physics as one of the main sciences and<br />

philosophies. My path has led me to learn and explore<br />

the fabric of our Cosmos and the Universe within<br />

ourselves. We are both a microcosm and a macrocosm<br />

of existence. We are both the individual physical vessel<br />

and the Divine Spirit.<br />

Signs and Synchronicities took me to a deeper<br />

understanding of myself, my mission, and who I am. My<br />

passion is expressed through my art forms. It was my<br />

love for Meta-physics that activated my Creative Force.<br />

We create our realities through thought, sound, and<br />

actions. So, surely we must be creating our best lives<br />

yet…..as well as adding to the patterns of Suffering<br />

and the old paradigm.<br />

How can we get a hold of our majestic power of<br />

self? How can we fuse our creative self with our<br />

intellectual mind, and our grace of spirit? How can<br />

we create New Realities?

C O S M I C W O M E N M A G A Z I N E<br />

Cosmic Women Magazine is a tool in your journey. It is an Alchemist’s Manual, a Portal to<br />

other worlds & perspectives. A fun, mystical, graphic & literary map, an invitation to<br />

becoming holistic in your whole being. It is a template for building new forms of a<br />

SuperNatural lifestyle. Cosmic Women Magazine is where the Earth merges with the<br />

Cosmos and gives rise to higher creative thoughts, speech, and actions. I started this brand<br />

as a way to teach metaphysical science and self awareness in a creative way. Because of my<br />

studies on the subjects of Spirit and Energy, my perspectives are very paradoxical.<br />

The grand design of the Universe and Cosmic Connections have always made for interesting<br />

real life stories. In this first issue, we will take a journey inside the portals of other Cosmic<br />

Women. That’s right! There are many Cosmic Women already walking the Earth from all<br />

locations, walking in their Divine Power, Mission, and Grace. Lucky for me, they are all my<br />

friends, soul sisters, and fellow teachers.<br />

We hope you enjoy the Portal Jump!


C O S M I C W O M E N<br />



EDITOR<br />



Creative Intelligence/Metaphysical Insights MANDY SHANTYNE LOPEZ<br />

Playwright/NYC Correspondent GIGI HERNANDEZ-ESCOBAR<br />

Young Adult Correspondent/ Cosmic Tarot Girl EMILY RUTH SHACKELFORD<br />

Motherhood/ DIY RACHEL AMANN<br />

Fabulous Living after 50 SATYA TSAI<br />

Australian Correspondent/ Retreat and Sound Healing Guide RACHAEL TEWANO<br />

Border Activist/ Cosmic Pedagogy HILDA SOTELO<br />

Artist/ Spanish Correspondent LAURA AMADOR<br />

Music/Mexico Mysticism ADRIANA LOPEZ<br />

Kundalini Yoga Expert PARAMDAYAL KAUR<br />

Mezcal Expert/ Earth Healing SOFIA TORRES<br />

Travel/Food/Astrology ESME OJEDA<br />

Feature Exhibit: Dina Edens Parlasca<br />

@cosmicwomenmagazine<br />





Journalist. Astrologist.<br />

Editor.<br />

Mixologist.<br />

Cosmic Woman<br />

Welcome to Cosmic Women Magazine, beautiful reader. Our first issue!<br />

For us astrology lovers and dabblers, we know July is jam-packed with important celestial events,<br />

including Mercury Retrograde. So, why on earth is this Mercury-ruled editor (Virgo Sun and Gemini<br />

Rising) even contemplating launching an important publishing project this month?<br />

Good question.<br />

In all honesty, we were so excited to bring this project to life, we never even considered Mercury<br />

Retrograde to be an issue. We felt our message, our labor of love, was too important to wait for a better<br />

cosmic climate. A few days ago, my hesitation did get the best of me, and I asked the fabulous Mandy if<br />

we should wait until August. She quickly reminded me of our mission: WE ARE <strong>COSMIC</strong> <strong>WOMEN</strong>! We<br />

ride the energies and the tides of the celestial realm. We are the cosmos itself!<br />

This brought up a very good conversation. At what point should we stop asking the universe for<br />

permission to do what we want? That’s really what we’re doing, isn’t it?<br />

Oh, I should wait until next month to take that job.<br />

Oh, maybe that’s why everything is going to shit with my family.<br />

Oh, this eclipse will reveal he’s cheating and will end my relationship.<br />

The internet and Astro-Twitter is full of “crisis survival guides” and “things that will go wrong” and other<br />

fear-based messages telling you what you can and cannot do. Doubtful users asking astrologers what’s<br />

acceptable and what’s not. Are you kidding me?!<br />

That’s like being scared of every storm ever. Yes, some storms will cause damage and bring with it hail<br />

and flooding. Some will wipe out the electricity and leave us in the dark. But other storms will also help<br />

cleanse. Some storms will have us dancing in the rain. Some will even be welcomed, bringing with it the<br />

soothing rumbles of thunder as we drift into our slumber.<br />

Yes, there will always be storms…..but it’s up to us how we react and adapt. We can’t be scared of every<br />

Mercury Retrograde. We can’t put our lives on hold anytime a planet shifts energy or Saturn squares a<br />

natal planet.<br />

(If anything, the worst trips I’ve had happened when Mercury was direct!)<br />

This is why this magazine means so much to us. We’re here to help inspire you to start living. To stop<br />

being scared. To speak louder. To shine brighter. To light up and connect in ways never thought<br />


E D I T O R N O T E<br />

To the soul-aligned yoga instructor leading bad ass classes:<br />

We see you, we are you.<br />

To the crystal-hoarding witch who collects moon water:<br />

We see you, we are you.<br />

To the 70-year old woman who radiates pure joy, living her<br />

best life: We see you, we are you.<br />

To the girl who couldn’t tell her crown chakra from her<br />

sacral chakra, but hears a caressing whisper that<br />

lets her know there’s something more: We see<br />

you, we are you.<br />

To the person who’s so heart-broken and can’t fathom why<br />

she keeps attracting narcissists: We see you,<br />

we are you.<br />

To the girl who is so disconnected from her feminine<br />

energy,<br />

she doesn’t even know how to receive nor<br />

accept love: We see you, we are you.<br />

To the jaded heart who feels so alone and lost: We<br />

see you, we are you.<br />

WE ARE ALL <strong>COSMIC</strong> <strong>WOMEN</strong>. WE ARE ALL<br />


This magazine is for you. Let’s help each other heal, grow, and love in ways that are pure and connected<br />

to the infinite.<br />

And more importantly, this magazine is also for those women who have gone before us. The silent<br />

heroes of our past. Our ancestors. The witches and mystics and the indigenous persecuted for their<br />

beliefs. The women that hurt us also. The grandmothers and mothers who couldn’t find self-love, the<br />

ones who kept perpetuating trauma and abuse for generations because that’s all they knew, the ones<br />

who forgot about their connection to the infinite.<br />

We see you, we are you. We love you.<br />

Esme Ojeda



| C O S M I C W O M E N M A G A Z I N E<br />

Artist. Playwright. mexico native. new York resident<br />

Cosmic Woman<br />

Interview by<br />


Photo credit<br />


Georgina Escobar is an artist and writer born and raised in México who employs multiple mediums<br />

to create impossible narratives for the stage. She writes sci-femme, Futura funk, frontera wabisabi,<br />

and ultra humanism. Productions include: Then they forgot about The Rest (World Premiere,<br />

INTAR) Sweep (World Premiere, Aurora Theatre; Lincoln Center Directors Lab), B.I. (Milagro,<br />

Steppenwolf's "The Mix"), and Penny Pinball Presents The Beacons (World Premiere Kingsborough<br />

College), among others. Escobar’s plays have been seen, nurtured, and developed at and with INTAR,<br />

Dixon Place, The Flea, Lincoln Center, The Sol Project, Clubbed Thumb, Exquisite Corpse Company,<br />

and The Movement Theatre Company. She is on the 2019 Kilroys List, a Djerassi Residency artist, a<br />

MacDowell Colony fellow, and writer at the Fornés Writing Workshop and Paula Vogel Bootcamp.<br />

She was the finalist for the 2019 National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater<br />

Center, and the 2016 National Latino Playwriting Award. She is the recipient of the Kennedy<br />

Center's National Theatre for Young Audiences Award and an Outstanding Service to Women on<br />

the Border Award.



“Paying close<br />

attention to<br />

words as<br />

enchantments, to<br />

created realities<br />

as a way of<br />

summoning, we<br />

can shift what<br />

we create<br />

towards the type<br />

of realities that<br />

we want to see<br />

activated."<br />

MSL: What does being a Cosmic Woman mean to you?<br />

GE: It’s a state of being that comes as second nature to me. It’s as<br />

natural as breathing or dreaming. A cosmic woman is a being who<br />

maintains a constant and vigilant awareness to the many energetic<br />

fields that affect all human and more-than-human things and the<br />

collective consciousness. We are stardust, right? But what does that<br />

actually mean? A Cosmic Woman is she who launches the daily<br />

investigation into that and many more questions about potentiality,<br />

activation, and inviting the full potential of our mental, bodily and<br />

spiritual functions towards becoming, what I call, “Fully Human.”<br />

MSL: How would your passion for writing<br />

shift the planet?<br />

GE: Hopefully, it is not my passion that shifts<br />

the planet, but the effect my words and<br />

worlds have on every consciousness that<br />

comes across them in concert with a<br />

universal shift. The minute something I write<br />

hits the stage, it stops being mine and it<br />

becomes everyone’s. In this way, the same<br />

way a farmer would hope his/her/their crop<br />

can sustain a happy consumer pool, I would<br />

hope my ‘seeds’ become a rich harvest of<br />

transcendental consciousness—which we<br />

desperately need.<br />

| C O S M I C W O M E N M A G A Z I N E<br />

MSL: How did you come out of the Spiritual<br />

Closet? (How did you become comfortable<br />

with your spirituality)?<br />

GE: It was less of a coming out and more so a<br />

reintegration to the world I knew I was born<br />

to belong to. As I was growing up, I was<br />

meditating with angels, and bathing in blue<br />

light every morning. My grandmother kept a<br />

very healthy spiritual discipline and taking<br />

part of it was more expected of me than was<br />

attending mass or finishing my math<br />

homework. Attending to the spirit, to the<br />

dream realm, deciphering the causality of the<br />

“gut” instinct, regressions, and trusting the<br />

overactive energetic receptors I was born<br />

with was part of my ‘fitness program’ from<br />

childhood until now.

| C O S M I C W O M E N M A G A Z I N E<br />

MSL: How do you connect to your Cosmos?<br />

(God, Higher Self, Spirit)<br />

GE: Taking the plunge into the creativity well,<br />

alongside my muses, is my favorite pastime. I can’t<br />

help it. I paint, sketch, write, play music, and overall<br />

create as a form of connecting to the higher self and<br />

divine intelligence. It’s in creation and in nature that<br />

I find the truest form of spirit. And what is ‘nature’ if<br />

not that which mimics the other, within. My<br />

connection to the more-than-human world has<br />

always been more in tune to my higher vibrations<br />

than my connection to others. I find the constant<br />

meeting of ego as it is presently in our human<br />

kindred exhausting and for a good recharge; all I<br />

need is a week or two alone in the woods, writing.<br />

MSL: What is your favorite type of food/meal?<br />

GE: Well, I’m Mexican and part-Italian. I don’t need<br />

to go very far from my heritage to end with a happy<br />

stomach. I love love LOVE cooking, and I mostly<br />

cook Mexican and Italian from scratch. I love<br />

making all types of pasta sauces from puttanesca to<br />

cacio a pepe and also salsas from the Chilena to the<br />

roasted poblano. There’s nothing worse than sad<br />

food (which I encounter a lot in this country) so give<br />

me anything with flavor, heat, and heart and I’m all<br />

for it.<br />

MSL: How do you Activate your Creative Force/Creative<br />

Intelligence?<br />

GE: In the dream realm (or lucid dream) mostly, or at least,<br />

most effectively. The close second is writing and creating<br />

worlds, in concert with animal company and a source of<br />

natural running water. I hear the harmonies of chords we<br />

don’t yet recognize in water. Water is an extremely strong<br />

source of activating my creative force—though I’m<br />

terrified of the ocean! The paradox of existence is typically<br />

the strongest place for me to recharge and activate<br />

creative intelligence. It’s also about submergence, so for<br />

the playwright, that means the rehearsal room. Getting<br />

lost in the re-make of imagined realities is a strong<br />

component of human existence and imagination. I dedicate<br />

my life to literally re-imagining relationships, situations,<br />

realities, circumstances, and givens—when you do it long<br />

enough, you realize doing it outside of the rehearsal room<br />

is not that difficult.<br />

MSL: How can playwrights bring Holistic Healing to<br />

themselves & the audience?<br />

GE: By paying close attention to the energy they are<br />

putting out into the world. Three words: Realization<br />

through Repetition.

| I N T E R V I E W G E O R G I N A E S C O B A R , C O S M I C W O M A N I S S U E 1 J U N E 2 0 1 9<br />

The narratives you create for the stage have the<br />

capacity of being repeated over and over throughout<br />

centuries (cue Shakespeare), and so, should we lock<br />

narratives of violence onto our creative realities, we<br />

perpetuate violence inherently. Paying close attention<br />

to words as enchantments, to created realities as a way<br />

of summoning, we can shift what we create towards the<br />

type of realities that we want to see activated.<br />

MSL: What are some of your favorite Feminine &<br />

Masculine qualities about yourself?<br />

GE: Well, I think I navigate in the non-binary more<br />

fluidly, but I suppose if I had to stick to the feminine and<br />

masculine, I could say I drink and cuss like a sailor but<br />

make love and art like a nymph. I think that’s why I<br />

identify with the mischievous likeness of the Fox, whom<br />

is very rarely gendered and mostly identified for their<br />

behavioral qualities. However, around certain people,<br />

certain qualities flare—depending on past life<br />

connections or energy balances as needed.<br />

MSL: What Animals are in your totem?<br />

GE: The feline, the fox, the otter, and the eagle.<br />

Although, lately, the chameleon has been very present in<br />

dreams and manifestations. It's the one I’m still hoping to<br />

ask questions to, but it’s a new friend that I think is<br />

looking for their place on my totem.<br />

MSL: What is your zodiac sign, and do you feel it suits<br />

you?<br />

GE: I am a Scorpio with rising sign in Scorpio.<br />

HOWEVER, my moon is in Libra, so it makes me a pretty<br />

chill Scorpio—which is rare. Jealousy is unnatural to me,<br />

and so when I feel it, I know it’s my lower vibrations and<br />

it probably has to do with the other person and not me.<br />

Like a true Scorpio, I am a fan of the mystery, of the<br />

unknown, of physical pleasure, and extreme intelligence.<br />

But with my moon in Libra, I am also well balanced and<br />

less prone to drawn-out vengeance tactics. With age, I<br />

have found that I am less attracted to being in the<br />

spotlight, which I think is actually a pretty accurate<br />

Scorpio tendency. We do very well in public settings, we<br />

are indeed charmers, but we find it trite and exhausting.<br />

I find my best matches in a Capricorns, a passion with<br />

Sagittarius, intrigue in other Scorpios and a very natural<br />

polar-opposite type rejection to Virgos and Pisces.<br />

MSL: Tell us about you latest project.<br />

GE: I recently had an Off-Broadway premiere at INTAR<br />

of my play Then They Forgot About The Rest. So, that<br />

was awesome. It was followed by a college production at<br />

CUNY KBCC of my ultra-humanistic pinball action piece<br />

Penny Pinball Presents The Beacons. I then went<br />

straight to workshop rehearsals for a kid’s musical I<br />

wrote with original Son Jarocho music from Zenén<br />

Zeferino Huervo called All Strings Considered and, after<br />

spending a week in Mexico at the Hemispheric Institute,<br />

I am currently typing this from an Indianapolis hotel<br />

as I start rehearsals tomorrow for La Casa Azul: The<br />

Musical, (written by Gregory Hancock) about—yes,<br />

you guessed it—the life and death of Frida Kahlo.<br />

MSL: Where else can we see it, read it, purchase it?<br />

GE: Come to the theatre in NYC, Indianapolis, and<br />

soon, in El Paso! I’m also published by Lambert<br />

Academic Publishing (Playwright as Enchanter), as<br />

well as have excerpts on the recent Scenes for Latinx<br />

Actors as well as on the Texas Review (Issue 11) and<br />

Lxs Barbarxs (2018). A recent translation of the play<br />

Cósmica by Mexican playwright, Gabriela Roman<br />

Fuentes, is also available on Amazon. There’s plenty<br />

of arts journalism I’ve written over the years on my<br />

website, too.<br />

MSL: How can we stay connected to you?<br />

GE: My website, georginaescobar.com is pretty<br />

current. If you want to see my cats and artwork its<br />

best to follow me on Instagram<br />

@thegeorginaescobar. Facebook is not the best place<br />

to find me as I often go on FB purges that last months<br />

on end.<br />

MSL: Are there any future plans/projects you'd like<br />

to announce or share?<br />

GE: My play StoneHeart made this years’ Kilroys List,<br />

which is extremely exciting! More importantly, I will<br />

be taking a visiting professor position at UTEP’s<br />

Department of Dance and Theatre for two semesters<br />

only teaching playwriting, directing, special topics<br />

and other fun stuff! Meanwhile, some exciting<br />

projects are on the horizon for the 2020/21 season<br />

nationwide! Stay tuned. heading<br />

Then They Forgot About The Rest | Off Broadway Premiere |<br />

INTAR NYC | April-May 2019<br />

Written by Georgina Escobar<br />

Directed by David Mendizábal<br />

Photo by Christopher Swader<br />

Pictured: Renata Friedman as JEANIE

L A U R A<br />

A M A D O R<br />

I L L U S T R A T O R ,<br />

G R A P H I C<br />

D E S I G N E R ,<br />

L A T I N A M E R I C A N<br />

S U R R E A L I S T<br />

Columbia Born. Florida Student.<br />

Barcelona Artist.<br />

Cosmic Woman

Cosmic Women Magazine Issue 1<br />

Original Art By Laura Amador<br />

. . . " I D I D N ’ T<br />

F E E L L I K E<br />

M A R R Y I N G<br />

A N Y O N E F O R<br />

C I T I Z E N S H I P<br />

P A P E R S . . . "<br />

My name is Laura Amador, I am an artist, illustrator, graphic<br />

designer, creator of dreams, part of a long standing<br />

ascendance of magical realists, AKA, latin american<br />

surrealists, and so very thankful to be part of this sorority of<br />

Cosmic Women.<br />

My journey on this fantastic reality began on December<br />

24th of 1991, in the colorful Colombian town of<br />

Barranquilla. A city where the Magdalena river and the<br />

Atlantic Ocean encounter each other in the Equator to<br />

produce a sublime display of colors, music, culture,<br />

traditions, fauna, flora, and of course, people.<br />

Unfortunately, back when I was young, the interests of<br />

shady Colombian people, like in many other Latin American<br />

countries, forced many of us to flee the country and look for<br />

better opportunities elsewhere.<br />

After graduating high school in 2006 at the tender age of 14,<br />

my parents were kind enough to send me to Vancouver,<br />

Canada to study English abroad. This was my first taste of a<br />

culture different than my own, which also allowed me to<br />

appreciate my own in a whole different level than before.<br />

After a fruitful year abroad, I returned to Colombia to start<br />

a degree in International Business. I thought then, that was<br />

the degree that would help me travel all over the world...and<br />

turns out it did! After two years studying at Universidad del<br />

Norte in Barranquilla, I applied and got a scholarship to<br />

continue and finish my studies at USF in Tampa, FL. I did so<br />

great in school, I graduated with honors (cum laude) in 2013<br />

with a degree in International Business with a Minor in<br />

Marketing and another one in Economics. I also took French<br />

classes since the beginning of my degree, so, I am officially a<br />

Frenglish or Frañol speaker. Haha!After graduating, I<br />

worked for at a production studio with an OPT permit, a<br />

permit the US Government gives to international students<br />

in order to work for a year after graduating college. I was<br />

doing administrative and sales work, however, since I was<br />

working with creative people, and I knew how to manage<br />

adobe software, they saw the interest I had in learning<br />

about the creative side of business and they allowed me to<br />

work with them on several creative projects.<br />

I edited videos, translated subtitles from English to Spanish<br />

videos, worked as a production assistant in different<br />

occasions for tv shows, helped with photoshoots, assisted in<br />

auditions and castings, created designs for flyers and other<br />

marketing material, etc.

Contact Info:<br />

Carrer Joan de Peguera, 58<br />

Bajo 1a 1a<br />

08026<br />

Barcelona, Spain<br />

Website: lauraamador.com<br />

Email:<br />

lauramadorg@gmail.com<br />

Instagram: @lauramadorg,<br />

@trippycalapparelg<br />

After that wonderful year had come to an end, I had to make a decision to go back to Colombia, keep studying, or<br />

marry someone to stay in the country...so I did the second one. I will always remember taking an introduction to drawing<br />

class while I was studying Business. I took this class with a magical human being, an artistic shaman, and an encouraging<br />

teacher called Bradley Shanks. Back then, he saw the artist in me and always suggested I follow my heart blindly and enter<br />

what I thought then was an impossible field to be in, and that is the beautiful, mythical, and complicated world of Fine Arts.<br />

So, I did exactly that, I followed my heart passionately and blindly and I went back to school to get a degree in Studio Arts. I<br />

loved every minute of it, and I met so many talented people, I got to travel around the States, went to different art fairs,<br />

museums, artists studios, and galleries, I was in many group art shows and I even had a big individual show. I also got a<br />

research scholarship that allowed me to travel to Paris and London with an art program organized by USF. After the degree<br />

was over, and since I didn’t feel like marrying anyone for citizenship papers, I had no option but to move back to Colombia,<br />

which at the time excited me so much, to finally be back and doing, creating, and living the life I wanted in my hometown.<br />

As soon as I moved back, I had an art show in favor of women’s rights in Puerto Colombia and in Barranquilla, Colombia. I<br />

started to work with so many artistic and interesting people. The art industry in Colombia, is slowly but surely growing,<br />

especially in my hometown, so it is hard to make it as an artist (as it is everywhere else). But, it sure is an amazing process<br />

filled with great energy and truly creative individuals.<br />

I wanted to do something more. I wanted to use the hype of my shows and the support from all the people around me, so I<br />

began to create patterns, play with colors, and shapes in order to create my own clothing brand called Trippycal Apparel. It<br />

was doing so great, so many people loved, bought, and believed in the brand and my point of view as an artist and designer. I<br />

also started a group called De-Generadas (female degenerates), which supported female artists in the Colombian Caribbean<br />

coast in order to show their work, to promote themselves, and to do it surrounded by other fellow female artist/creatives<br />

who are willing to help support and collaborate with love, empathy, and empowerment.<br />

After two amazing years in Colombia, that feeling of wanting to travel and feed my soul with a different visual language<br />

came back. I already knew I had to do a masters program, that was always the plan after graduating from college. So, I<br />

applied to school, packed my things and moved to Barcelona this past fall to do a Masters in Graphic Design and Illustration,<br />

all to keep following my dream as a creative and empowered soul, and to get more credibility as an artist and as a designer.<br />

Now I live, work, and study in Barcelona and continue to work to pursue my dreams, to keep creating, to expand my<br />

consciousness, to share love, art, and nothing but empowerment and light to everyone else around me because we all<br />

definitely deserve that.

SOTELO<br />

HILDA<br />


WRITER.<br />

M U J E R E C Ó S M I C A<br />

<strong>COSMIC</strong> PEDAGOGY<br />

<strong>COSMIC</strong> WOMAN<br />

Photo by: Mandy Shantyne Lopez<br />

Cosmic Women Magazine Issue 1

Cosmic Women Magazine is a creation that has been brewing in my Mind & Spirit<br />

for the last couple of years. Imagine changing your life and jumping to another<br />

timeline. I did just that and along the way met a woman who had already wrote the<br />

book "Mujeres Cósmicas", in 2012. In 2017, this woman walked into my apartment<br />

with a book in her hand (Mujeres Cósmicas), and as she looked around and took in<br />

my space. She said to me... "You are a REAL LIFE <strong>COSMIC</strong> WOMAN." In her<br />

recognition of seeing that sacred aspect within me, I too could see the very same<br />

fierce Cosmos within her. Now we continue to infuse the power of the Cosmic<br />

Woman in life through Art, Literature, Education, and Spirit. Hilda Sotelo continues<br />

to reach new heights in her writing and cosmic pedagogy work. She is a PhD<br />

Candidate and was recently featured on TED Talk X.<br />

This is her interview...<br />

-Mandy Shantyne Lopez<br />

Cosmic Woman Magazine Issue 1<br />

MSL: Why have you chosen writing as your tool to shift the<br />

planet/consciousness?<br />

HS: I write because I learned to read not only books, but I know<br />

how to read nature, situations, symbols, gender roles, and<br />

spirituality. When humans learn reading in a holistic way, they<br />

are ready to write, create a rebel print, and reveal what is beyond<br />

words. Write organically without restrictions, then make sense<br />

of the interpretations and change reality when is necessary<br />

MSL: You are an activist of the Borderland. How will activism<br />

take shape in the future?<br />

HS: I will call it organic activism, which will use social media as a<br />

main tool of communication. Local communities will know each<br />

other better, by the way they think and the world they want to<br />

create. I see activism as a way of saving our planet. Returning to<br />

Mother Earth should be our priority. Programs like Sembrando<br />

Vida implemented by the Mexican government could be a<br />

doorway for Mexicans to work our own land, the land of our<br />

ancestors. I see activism as calling each human heart to move<br />

their bodies for the benefit of all.<br />

MSL :How do you connect to your Cosmos?<br />

(God, Higher Self, Spirit)<br />

HS: I consider myself a transfeminist or cosmic woman. I am<br />

already connected with higher self. When I am connected to my<br />

body, with each breath that I take, I am here down to earth, and at<br />

the same time, I am interacting with that big collective will, or<br />

voice which we tend to call God. But, I call it the power of all. I<br />

share each second of my life because I am not alone. We are part<br />

of a chain, a very wise structure that is changing its view to a more<br />

female and compassionate perspective. We are redefining our<br />

structures and symbolism. I want to think that is for the good.

during Drug War from 2008 to 2012."<br />

"I wanted to access parallel realities to see a different<br />

perspective of the situations that we lived in the border<br />

MSL: What was your Inspiration for writing Mujeres Cósmicas?<br />

HS: My inspiration was my mind. How could I use intelligence<br />

for resistance during difficult times? My inspiration were my<br />

friends from college. I wanted to access parallel realities to see a<br />

different perspective of the situations that we lived in the<br />

border during Drug War from 2008 to 2012.<br />

MSL:How do you activate your Creative Force/Creative<br />

Intelligence?<br />

HS: By reading, feeling. By thinking that reality has many lenses<br />

and I want to see some of them as a child views it. By observing<br />

and being empathic.<br />

MSL: How may we use Literature as a portal for holistic wellbeing?<br />

HS: Well, one psychologist recommends to watch a certain<br />

movie to overcome mental issues. I can recommend books<br />

which explore all kinds of forms, genres, expressions, times,<br />

spaces, voices to open your minds.<br />

MSL: What are some of your favorite Feminine &<br />

Masculine qualities about yourself?<br />

HS: Feminine and Masculine to me, at my age, hold the<br />

same qualities. I can say that since both of my parents died,<br />

I am more conscious about their qualities and they are part<br />

of my body, I have accepted the change and I am trying to<br />

fuse both energies and not make general statements about<br />

genders.<br />

MSL: What animals are in your totem?<br />

HS: Snakes, eagles<br />

MSL: Why is dual-language and linguistics important in<br />

our current society?<br />

HS: Because we live in a very multicultural world, we need<br />

to respect each other's culture, learn languages, foods,<br />

regions, traditions and keep the best of each world.<br />

Monolingualism is outdated. It is part of the colonial mind<br />

and should be part of the past. We should learn to speak<br />

and practice at least two languages.<br />

Cosmic Woman Magazine Issue 1

MSL: Tell us about you latest project.<br />

HS: I am writing Juan Monologue to perform the macho side, to<br />

leave it in the arts, and for it not to exist in my body.<br />

MSL: What is your favorite plant medicine?<br />

HS: Manzanilla. Laurel. Ayahuasca.<br />

MSL: What's your vision for the present reality?<br />

HS: We need to heal, as well as heal one another. We need to<br />

stop egocentric views and redefine success. We need to become<br />

more organic, as our communities connected with other<br />

communities, and find more ways of healthy enjoyments and<br />

lifestyles.<br />

MSL: How can we stay connected to you?<br />

HS: You can talk to me, and get connected immediately, I am a<br />

natural healer. Or you can find me on social media.<br />

MSL: Are there any future plans/projects you'd like to<br />

announce or share?<br />

HS: I am going on a ten-day silent retreat to service and meditate<br />

Vipassana. Then, I am going to travel to Athens, Greece to see<br />

the origins of western civilization. I am finishing my doctoral<br />

proposal and will graduate later this year. I am planning on<br />

teaching about medicinal herbs.<br />

I will continue my writing projects.<br />

Mujeres Cosmicas- Serpent<br />

Tongues<br />

Exhibit El Paso TX<br />

Hilda Sotelo<br />

www.mujerescosmicas,com<br />


A Few Things I<br />

Want My Girls To<br />

C O S M I C M O T H E R H O O D<br />


Know...<br />

Letter To All New Cosmic Creatures.<br />

A<br />

When you’re young, you dream of the<br />

life you will have when you grow up. Who<br />

you will marry, what your job will be,<br />

where you will build your foundation. I<br />

wish I knew the things I know now, then.<br />

As important as those dreams are, it’s<br />

always vital to remember to be true to<br />

yourself, even if those dreams don’t come<br />

true. Your unfulfilled dreams and goals do<br />

not define who you are as a person, and<br />

you should not let others guilt you into<br />

believing their criticism.<br />

It’s completely normal to change the direction of your life, even multiple times. Having one obtainable<br />

goal is far better than a laundry list of things you won’t be able to achieve. Sometimes, even getting out<br />

of bed is an achievement. Don’t let others’ victories determine your own.<br />

You do not need validation from ANYONE to feel wanted or even to be yourself. You are your own<br />

source of happiness. You are your greatest advocate. Self-love is the best love. Do not let others<br />

dictate to you who you are; that is up to you.<br />

It is okay to step back and take a break. Nothing is worth spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical<br />

anguish. Whether it be a project, a situation, or even somebody else. Sometimes, taking a step back and<br />

seeing things from another perspective is vital to any decision making process. Jumping into something<br />

before you’re ready is the easiest way to achieve disappointment.<br />

Cosmic Woman Magazine Isssue 1

emotional health are, too."<br />

T h e e n e r gy you expel into the<br />

"<br />

n i v e r s e i s a lways returned."<br />

u<br />

Surround yourself with people on your vibration level. When you have people around you who are constantly<br />

negative and narcissistic, they become emotionally and spiritually draining. Your own happiness is more<br />

important than their feelings. Do not be afraid to say no! Your tribe should consist of positive, thoughtful people<br />

who want the best for you. All others are unworthy!<br />

It is okay to want to be alone. You do not have to always perform for others, and the weight of the world can be<br />

heavy. Spending time with yourself is healing and so important for growth. Learning to be happy alone keeps the<br />

fake people away. You will not have any time for the drama. Making time for yourself is a great way to heal the<br />

soul and repair inner issues.<br />

Your vibe literally attracts your tribe. The energy you expel into the universe is always returned. If you<br />

surround yourself with toxic negative energy, do not expect any other results. Good people cleanse the soul and<br />

provide a buffer to filter out the negativity.<br />

"Your health is so important. Not only is eating<br />

healthy extremely important, your mental and

Cosmic Woman Magazine Issue 1<br />

Your health is so important. Not only is eating healthy extremely important, your mental and<br />

emotional health are, too. Filtering the negativity out is one way of keeping a cleansed mind and<br />

soul. Avoiding topics that cause agitation, and people that can’t get enough of those said topics,<br />

should be the first to go. No one can keep you healthier than yourself.<br />

If someone hurts you, TELL them. This is the best way to determine if a friendship/relationship, is<br />

real. Most people will apologize and make sure to never make that mistake again. Others will push<br />

the blame onto you because they have no sense of morals, and making someone else feel bad is their<br />

main goal. Avoiding those people is necessary for your well-being. If someone refuses to<br />

acknowledge your grievances, move on. Fast.<br />

Never let anyone tell you you cannot be yourself. If you cannot be true to yourself, what is the point?<br />

Being yourself is an important quality lost on many, and appreciated by few. In a world full of others,<br />

be yourself.<br />

It is okay to go to therapy. Sometimes, having an outside opinion on your thoughts and issues is the<br />

best way to determine a course of action to resolution. It is okay to ask for HELP.<br />

Always think for yourself – regardless of the people who come and go in your life. Having an opinion<br />

for yourself is so very important. It is okay to go against the norm, and conduct your own research on<br />

topics. It is also okay to change your opinion upon learning new information and facts on the subject.<br />

Love yourself - this is the most important lesson to be learned. Loving yourself in times of heartache<br />

is how we grow as people. Loving yourself could mean stopping and smelling the flowers, or staying<br />

home even if you’ve made plans. It is okay to cancel those plans. It is okay to be alone and to heal<br />

yourself. You are your best friend, and your biggest fan.<br />

with love,<br />

Earth Mom<br />

Hi all, my name is Rachel, I currently reside in Ayer, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.<br />

I was born in Cincinnati, and moved to south Florida when I was 11.<br />

I spent 20 years blindly navigating my way around Florida, then by a stroke of good luck, and by jumping<br />

in with both feet, I made it to Massachusetts to pursue my happiness.<br />

I enjoy photography, food, animals, fashion, reading and helping others. I’m currently pregnant with my<br />

second child - another sweet girl. My newly recharged motherhood batteries have been running full<br />

speed. My daughter Malin, 7, can not wait to be a big sister this fall. She is looking forward to big sister classes<br />

this summer. Currently engaged to Adam Ravagni. His goal is to eventually own a restaurant in our area.<br />

Facebook: Facebook.com/Rachelamannphotography<br />

Instagram: @Rachelamann_photography<br />

Photography: Mandy Shantyne Lopez

Photography: Mandy Shantyne Lopez<br />

G E N Z<br />

E M I L Y R U T H<br />

S H A C K E L F O R D<br />

Hello! I'm Emily, and I am an Artist, Actor, and<br />

Writer, as well as a Tarot Reader, intuitive and<br />

clairvoyant.<br />

I am nineteen-years old, and I live in the beautiful<br />

desert state of Arizona. It is such a beautiful place to<br />

live, and I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such<br />

natural beauty.<br />

Ever since I was little, I remember being in awe of<br />

how alive, connected and extraordinary this world<br />

seemed to be. That sense of awe and wonder is<br />

something that has stayed with me to this day, and I<br />

think that's really where my spiritual journey began.<br />

Like any journey, it had its highs and lows over the<br />

years. It was heavily influenced by my family's<br />

background in Christianity, but as I grew older and<br />

started to experience life for myself, I came to<br />

realize that the path of my family wasn't necessarily<br />

the path for me.<br />

R E A L I T Y S H I F T<br />

Then when I was sixteen, I met someone who would<br />

not only confirm and validate this but who would also<br />

introduce me to ideas and concepts that would force<br />

me to question everything I had learned up until that<br />

point.<br />

That person was none other than Mandy Shantyne<br />

Lopez. I started taking classes with her, and under<br />

the guise of acting lessons, she opened my eyes to<br />

just how supernatural life could be if I decided I<br />

wanted to experience it that way. That is what<br />

propelled me forward onto the path that I am on now.<br />

If someone had told me three and a half years ago<br />

that I would be where I am now, I would have<br />

laughed in their face and called them crazy. However,<br />

I must say, now that I am here, it is one of the most<br />

fulfilling things that I've experienced in my life.

Young Adult Spirit Tip of the Month:<br />

G E N E R A T I O N Z<br />

P E R S P E C T I V E<br />

"That's what being a Cosmic Woman<br />

is to me; to accept and fully embrace<br />

all aspects of yourself and your<br />

journey, regardless of whether or not<br />

you think they were "good" or "bad".<br />

Not to love the rose despite its<br />

thorns, but instead, to accept and<br />

love the rose - thorns and all."<br />

Energy Cleansing<br />

Have you ever walked into a space and instantly<br />

felt like something was strange or even "off"? Have you<br />

ever wondered if there was a way to change the way<br />

that space felt? Well, one of my favorite ways of<br />

transforming the feeling of a room is the process of<br />

Energy Cleansing. Energy Cleansing is one of many<br />

methods of removing unwanted energies from a<br />

person, place, or thing. Below is a list of suggested tips<br />

you can use to clear out old, stagnate energy and<br />

replace it with fresh and flowing energy.<br />

Sage:<br />

Think of sage as an energetic bleach. It clears out<br />

everything, which makes it ideal for creating a blank<br />

canvas, so you can then create the type of energy you<br />

wish to facilitate. Sage can be burned and the smoke will<br />

cleanse the space, or it can be diffused as an essential oil.<br />

(If you decide to burn anything, make sure you do so in a<br />

fire-safe and well-ventilated area.)<br />

Crystals:<br />

Crystals are a great way to cleanse<br />

energy, and many of them are small<br />

enough that you can take them with you<br />

everywhere! Amethyst, clear quartz and<br />

selenite are amazing crystals for<br />

cleansing. They are also super pretty to<br />

look at, which is an added bonus.<br />

Cosmic Woman Magazine Issue 1

Tarot Forecast with Cosmic Tarot Girl!<br />

The tarot forecast is a mixture of a tarot reading and intuitive messages.<br />

There are four different monthly forecasts, that are grouped together by the<br />

four elements (earth, water, fire and air). The four different elements then<br />

correspond to the twelve different zodiac signs.<br />

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and<br />

Capricorn<br />

For my Earth Signs, I heard “Putting your best foot<br />

forward". During the month of July, I feel like you’re going to<br />

be busy, but it’s a very calculated and focused kind of busy -<br />

You’re going to be working hard to build up and expand the<br />

things that are important to you. No matter what those<br />

things are, it definitely feels like you are working to cement<br />

your dreams into reality. Also, with this potent and focused<br />

energy, now would be the time to start a new hobby or<br />

creative outlet. If there’s a project you’ve wanted to do for a<br />

while, but could never find the time for it, then July is the<br />

month to complete those goals.<br />

With all of this energy that is propelling you forward,<br />

remember that it is okay to make mistakes, mess up, and ask<br />

"silly” questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t<br />

worry about how others may perceive you. Remember that<br />

even the people you admire and look up to had to start from<br />

somewhere. This is YOUR somewhere.<br />

With all of that being said, don’t forget to take time for you<br />

this month. You can work hard, but make sure you play<br />

harder and enjoy yourself! Whether that means going out<br />

with friends, or staying home, taking a bubble bath and<br />

watching your favorite movie. Make sure you do things that<br />

fill you up so that you stay balanced as you move forward!<br />

Emily Shackelford<br />

If any of this resonated with you,<br />

or if you would like to see more<br />

from Cosmic Tarot Girl, you can<br />

find her on<br />

Instagram @cosmictarotgirl.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces<br />

For my Water signs, July is going to hold a lot of<br />

new and interesting opportunities. For some of you,<br />

that could be a new career opportunity or perhaps<br />

the chance to travel. If you’ve been thinking about<br />

starting your own business or pursuing a creative<br />

venture, now is the time to lay the foundations for<br />

those things. I heard “Don’t be afraid to do the dirty<br />

work”. Don’t be afraid to take the time to do the<br />

things necessary to move forward.<br />

It also feels like this month is going to hold a lot of<br />

lessons in boundaries; What kind of boundaries do<br />

you need to have in place in order for you to thrive<br />

to your fullest potential? Please remember that<br />

having boundaries isn’t a bad thing - it is a<br />

necessary thing. Having boundaries doesn’t mean<br />

that you’re closing yourself off from others, it<br />

means you’re showing others how they should or<br />

shouldn’t treat you. Sometimes boundaries look like<br />

saying no to others, other times it means saying<br />

"no" to old habits or patterns that no longer serve<br />

us, so we can then move forward.<br />

As you move through July, Water Signs, remember<br />

that abundance can take all forms; in finances, in<br />

health, in love, in travel, and in opportunities of all<br />

kinds. Even in opportunities to connect with<br />

yourself and the people in your life on a deeper and<br />

more meaningful level. Most importantly, don’t try<br />

and force the flow of things in life. Just follow<br />

where the flow goes, and you’ll be truly amazed at<br />

where life will take you.<br />

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius<br />

For my Air Signs, I heard the message of “Here is a blast from<br />

the past”. For some of you, it feels like maybe people you<br />

haven’t heard from in a while are wanting to reach out and<br />

reconnect with you. Or if there is someone that you can’t stop<br />

thinking of, then that is a sign that you should maybe try and<br />

reconnect with them. I’m also feeling like you’ll get a chance to<br />

do some traveling in July. If that’s the case, be sure to have an<br />

attitude of gratitude and to be grateful for the opportunity<br />

and for the memories you make. There is also the sense of<br />

major transformation in July. Like a butterfly finally coming<br />

out of its cocoon, you’ll need a little extra time and care before<br />

you use your wings and take flight. So, don’t be upset if you<br />

find yourself in need of extra self-care as you move through<br />

July. Allow the people in your life to support you. Don’t be<br />

afraid to take the time to sit back and allow transformation<br />

and healing to happen.<br />

Cosmic Woman Magazine Issue 1

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius<br />

For my Fire Signs in July, there is this cautionary message of not spreading yourself too thin - either by<br />

your own volition or in response to the people in your life. If you are the friend that people go to when<br />

they are feeling down or need a shoulder to cry on, as beautiful as that is, you need to be able to<br />

disconnect your own emotions from the emotions of others. You can still be empathetic, but you need<br />

to do so without investing so much of your own personal energy. When you become 100% invested in<br />

the problems of others, you’re not going to have any energy left to invest back into yourself, and that's<br />

when you risk having a "burn out". This is where boundaries come into play, as well as honest and open<br />

communication with yourself and the people in your life.<br />

There is also this sense of needing to reevaluate the structures of your life and ask if they are still<br />

serving you in a healthy way. If they are, great! But if they are not, and they need to be updated and<br />

changed, then you’ll need to put in the time and energy to do so. You need to nourish and nurture<br />

yourself first before you do that for others. It may be uncomfortable, especially if that’s not something<br />

that you are used to. However, it is necessary if you wish to have balance in the long run.<br />

Cosmic Women Magazine Issue 1

LIVING<br />


OVER 50<br />

A <strong>COSMIC</strong> CALL<br />


ANY AGE…<br />


Whoever said age is a ‘state of mind’ – got it right.<br />

Yes, I eat all the right things and exercised most of my life<br />

to stay healthy and live longer, but I’m pretty certain it’s my<br />

‘state of mind’ that’s kept me younger.<br />

I figured out early in life that it has got to be fun…worth<br />

living for…one filled with adventure, excitement,<br />

inspiration,<br />

and things that interest me.<br />

So, if you asked me what’s kept me so youthful at 51?<br />

I’d say …”the joy of living fully!”<br />

I love sharing my story because I want everyone to know<br />

what’s possible for their lives when they follow joy and go<br />

for it. It’ll keep you young at any age!<br />

When you follow your joy in life…it gives you an<br />

effervescent, youthful rush…like you can accomplish<br />

anything! From that place, life brings you people, things,<br />

and situations that are for your highest and best life,<br />

effortlessly. I highly recommend it!<br />

I created a fabulous life, even after 50, and I hope my<br />

sharing inspires you to kick things up a notch or two, and<br />

open yourself up to even greater heights!<br />

When you know you’re living life to your fullest…you can’t<br />

help but be excited for what’s next. I see people of all ages<br />

gravitate to me, and it has nothing to do with how young or<br />

old I am…it’s my ‘joy’. Call it my light…but you’ve got it<br />

too…<br />

how bright are you shining yours?<br />

Following my joy in life has made it magical. I have fears<br />

and doubts like anyone else, but I don’t let them stop me.<br />

I face them and STRETCH into a world of possibilities. I<br />

tilt the odds in my favor every time I go for it. I’ve been<br />

witness to the most amazing things unfold because I took<br />

a chance on things going my way, even when age, money,<br />

education or status, wasn’t in my favor. And that has made<br />

for a very fulfilling life.<br />

Cosmic Woman Magazine Edition Vol 1<br />

R E I S E | P A G E 4

The Flip Side<br />

I grew up with a suicidal father that didn’t want to live<br />

anymore, and that experience taught me ‘I better create a<br />

life that I want to stick around for’. When I looked around for<br />

people living fulfilled lives, all I saw were people doing things<br />

because others expected them to, not knowing who they<br />

really are or should really be doing.<br />

There was a lot to learn about what it was going to take to<br />

live a happy life, and I wasn’t going to be from the people<br />

around me. I was propelled on a hardcore, ‘whatever-ittakes’<br />

journey, to figure out this whole ‘life’ thing and how to<br />

best live it.<br />

I already knew on the flip side of living a fulfilled life was<br />

regret, emptiness and despair. That wasn’t going to be me.<br />

Oh hell no!<br />

Livin’ like a Rockstar!<br />

So yeah…I’m 51 and feel like I’m living life like a Rockstar!<br />

I’ve lived 5-10 times more than the average person, call me<br />

an achievement-adventure junkie. I’ll have the eventual<br />

crash and burn…but I’ll rest and giddy up for the next ride.<br />

When you’ve pushed the boundaries of existence and been<br />

bountifully rewarded as I have…you can’t help but get<br />

addicted to the joy.<br />

Following joy sometimes feels like you don’t have to eat or<br />

sleep. Joy does that. It propels you…lifts you…it’s where the<br />

magic happens.<br />

What most people fail to realize is that they are creating<br />

their reality. It’s a tough concept to swallow, but it’s also<br />

incredibly empowering if you can get your head around it.<br />

I’ve reinvented myself so many times, each time peeling back<br />

the layers of who I’m not, in order to reveal more of who I<br />

am.<br />

You can be anybody and you can have the life you envision.<br />

Maybe not 100% all of the time, but pretty close a lot of the<br />

time. If you never give yourself the chance, you’re missing<br />

out on what the universe has to offer.<br />

Anything is Possible<br />

If you were to ask me “What is ‘Fabulous living over 50’<br />

like?”, I’d say it’s like flying on a magic carpet. If we can rise<br />

above the matrix and surf the endless waves of<br />

possibilities…I’m here to tell you…magic happens there!<br />

Anything IS Possible!<br />

I want to share all this with you beautiful, cosmic, galactic,<br />

multi-dimensional goddesses ...if a ‘thought’, ‘idea’ or ‘dream’<br />

comes to you…that’s your ‘golden tip’ into what you are<br />

capable of. If I lined up a 100 people…I bet you they’re not<br />

having the same ‘thoughts’, ‘ideas’ or ‘dreams’. So, why you?<br />

Yes, you?<br />

The ‘golden tip’ into ‘why you?’….is…. because….you are the<br />

seed of potential for that vision, that’s why it came to you.<br />

Before you start to listen to the voice of doubt and<br />

skepticism…consider that your ‘Vision’…already happened,<br />

somewhere in space and time.<br />

In case you are still wondering and pondering that…just<br />

know that every amazing thing created in the world…came<br />

from those very things.






Business Coach, Speaker,<br />

Bestselling Author, Change Agent<br />

Cosmic Woman

Cosmic Woman Magazine issue 1<br />

Live Your Dreams<br />

I surfed life’s waves trying out all things that called<br />

to me. I made it to the top in 5 fields. And when I<br />

discovered that ‘wasn’t it’, I would just move on to<br />

the next thing. If I had ‘ideas’, ‘thoughts’ or<br />

‘dreams’…I’d get excited about them and go for it. I<br />

think the energy of ‘joy’ is what attracted those<br />

things to me. If it’s possible, boy I can’t wait!<br />

Each experience pulled back the curtains on what<br />

was possible, I just needed to believe in myself, life<br />

…and follow my joy.<br />

Living one dream after another can be the norm<br />

for you, too. So many times, all it took was just the<br />

first step, and the universe would step in and<br />

unfold everything for me so magically.<br />

My mantra for many years was, “I’m always<br />

magically surprised”. I got tired of being surprised<br />

and realized I wanted to have some advance<br />

notice. So, I swapped it out, but I invite you to have<br />

some fun with it if you’re just inviting magic into<br />

your life.<br />

Vision and Victory<br />

The one thing most successful people have in common is they<br />

only see the vision and victory. I can attest to the verity in that…<br />

magic happens when our vision is clear…there is no question if<br />

we will achieve it, nothing now but to do it…make that shit<br />

happen like a rodeo-ride.<br />

Saddle up, jump on, this rodeo-ride is your life...time to pull out<br />

the Superhero powers you pretend not to know about.<br />

The world needs more Superheroes. Do you have the gift of<br />

Compassion, Caring, Love? Whatever your superpower is, amp it<br />

up, shine it bright, and play with it. Let more people experience<br />

it. Untether your wings, doubts, and fears…and fly high towards<br />

your greatest existence possible.<br />

Be filled with joy by believing in yourself and what’s possible for<br />

Go 5D…<br />

your life…the clues have been in you all along!<br />

I’ve always lived my life on my terms, on the fringes of<br />

social norms, making the magic happen in my own lane. I<br />

just didn’t accept the cookie-cutter way of life the<br />

matrix presented…put me in a box? Definitely not. I<br />

know to my core that anything is possible…and that<br />

makes me want to live life like ‘play’!<br />

I can’t wait to see what the years ahead hold. Whatever<br />

it is, you’ll bet I’ll be living it like a party, because that’s<br />

how I roll.<br />

Satya Tsai

E R A M I C I S T . M E T A L S M I T H . B O R D E R L A N D A R T I S T .<br />

C<br />

O S M I C W O M A N<br />

C<br />

C O S M I C W O M E N A R T E X H I B I T I O N S<br />


E D E N S . D I N A @ G M A I L . C O M




24"x36"<br />

Photographs of body<br />

and unfired clay<br />

sculptures, mounted<br />

on aluminum plates.<br />

Dina grew up on the Border of Mexico and the U.S. She attended school in Mexico, and<br />

graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso on December 2018 with a BFA with<br />

concentration in Ceramics and a minor in Metal-Smithing. She is currently the Ceramic<br />

Sculpture Instructor at The El Paso Museum of Art and a Visiting Artist in Local School Districts.<br />

Dina has exhibited her work locally and nationally and will be pursuing her MFA in Ceramics at<br />

New Mexico State University in the fall of 2019. She was raised between two countries and four<br />

cultures, navigating Italian, Spanish, Mexican and American expectations of how women should<br />

look and act. Although hose standards are part of her life, she refuses to fit the mold. The<br />

friction between the way she was brought up and who she has become has been motivation to<br />

create art.

B U R N - O U T I S M O R E T H A N J U S T W O R K -<br />

R E L A T E D :<br />

I T ’ S Y O U R S O U L C A L L I N G O U T<br />

E s m e O j e d a<br />

I’m not proud of this, nor is it easy for me to talk about, I finally saw a semi-truck headed my way. “Cross over the median,”<br />

but I was determined to end my life a couple of<br />

my thoughts told me. I hesitated.<br />

years ago. On my birthday celebration no less. (Can you<br />

“Do it, dummy!” But I still couldn’t. I tried, I did. I really tried. It was<br />

speeding closer, the truck’s grill<br />

say selfish?)<br />

getting bigger, the noise getting louder. “Now or never! Just do it!”<br />

My family and I gathered at my dad’s house to have a<br />

Ahhhhhhh!<br />

small, intimate dinner and a cake. Perfect Sunday.<br />

I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. Instead, I pulled over to the side of the<br />

Labor Day weekend. Summer vibes still in full swing.<br />

road, and just broke down. Sobbing<br />

Oldies playing on the speaker, cold beers and limes<br />

uncontrollably, the kind of sobbing where you can’t even breathe.<br />

What the f**k was I doing? Nothing<br />

on the patio, the skies began to turn that perfect shade<br />

made sense anymore. I just didn’t know what to do. I had never felt<br />

of pink and orange. Dinner had finished, and my<br />

so lost, so alone.<br />

sister and mother were clearing the table to set up the What I didn’t realize was that my soul was calling out, begging for<br />

cake. The perfect transition to slip away, I<br />

attention. I had spent so many years<br />

thought.<br />

ignoring my inner voice, my true essence, my umbilical cord to the<br />

I quickly got up and grabbed my car keys, and made up<br />

cosmos! I had completely forgotten<br />

that I was a child of the celestial realm, clinging to this dense and<br />

a lie that I had to stop at the gas station quickly<br />

low-vibrating identity that was never<br />

to get more cokes. “Hurry back”, my sister yelled as I<br />

rooted in any truth. It took a major, life-altering breakdown for me<br />

left. I got in the car and drove straight to the highway to finally stop and listen. Haha! Life is a truly a paradox, my friends.<br />

that leads right out of town.<br />

It turns out that burn-out saved my life. I didn’t end my life<br />

that day. But I did let my false identity die, making room for my<br />

I don’t know what came over me, but I just needed it to<br />

truth, my new reality living as the<br />

authentic me. And it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.<br />

stop. Whatever “it” was. I just wanted the noise<br />

******<br />

to stop. I wanted the soul-crushing emptiness to stop. I The month before, I had what most would classify as “burn-out”.<br />

needed that sweet relief from the constant pain. In late May, the World Health Organization officially recognized burn-out as<br />

No matter what the cost. I told myself, “When you’re<br />

a work phenomenon. It<br />

states it is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not<br />

ready, just drive head-on into the first semi-truck<br />

been successfully managed.<br />

you see as soon as you get out of the city limits”.<br />

Here are the three dimensions:<br />

I had my windows down, and like a child, I stuck my<br />

hand out, making it surf the cool evening breeze<br />

that was sweeping the desert. The sun was setting<br />

behind the mountain, and my god, was it majestic.<br />

The clouds that perfect amount of fluffiness, that<br />

cotton candy pink, contrasted against the orange sand<br />

dunes. My favorite song then came on the radio, and it<br />

just seemed so perfect. Really, it was a perfect<br />

Sunday. So, why did I want to leave so bad? Why<br />

couldn’t I connect, why couldn’t I be happy, why<br />

couldn’t I just enjoy one day alive? What was wrong<br />

with me? Why did I hate myself so much?<br />

- feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion<br />

- increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of<br />

negativism<br />

or cynicism related to<br />

one's job.<br />

- reduced professional efficacy<br />

Yup. I had all three, and I had them in spades.<br />

I was working in television news at the time. A coworker had walked out and<br />

quit earlier that year, and I<br />

took over his workload for the time being. But what was supposed to be<br />

“temporary”, turned into a month's -long assignment.

I D I D N ’ T E V E N<br />

U R N O U T<br />

B<br />

E s m e O j e d a<br />

K N O W W H A T R E A L I T Y I<br />

The workplace was toxic in itself, and all my<br />

coworkers would bitch and complain about the place,<br />

but<br />

we kept showing up. Our outlet was commiserating<br />

after work and drowning our jaded sorrows with<br />

alcohol. We were journalists. It was expected we<br />

would be jaded and hardened. The world sucked, and<br />

it was our job to report on it.<br />

Fear-mongering was our game, and boy, was I great at<br />

it.<br />

Will that third cup of coffee give you breast cancer?<br />

Tune in at 10.<br />

Is your teen child involved in the latest deadly trend?<br />

The signs YOU NEED to look out for.<br />

Tension with North Korea is simmering! What this<br />

means for your safety tonight at 10.<br />

Migrant crossings at an all-time high! Is measles<br />

something we need to look out for now? The interview<br />

you don’t want to miss.<br />

The place was toxic, but it was almost impossible not<br />

to give in. (Still not an excuse) If someone took a<br />

day off, we would talk shit about them. If someone<br />

complained about the workload, we would joke<br />

about them being a little bitch. They couldn’t handle it.<br />

There was some sort of pride we took in being<br />

able to handle all the bullshit.<br />

This identity of being a “journalist” was something we<br />

all took pride in. Our job was protected by the<br />

first amendment. Who else could say that? We were<br />

badass and we got shit done. The stress was just a<br />

part of the gig. But my ways of “relaxing” were getting<br />

worse. It wasn’t just a couple of drinks here and there.<br />

It was<br />

getting drunk most nights. Throwing up in an Uber<br />

wasn’t a one-time incident. Hell, I was even drinking<br />

at work. During lunch, I’d go throw the drive-thru of a<br />

nearby store that sold alcoholic slushies. (Gotta<br />

love Texas). I’d drive up, order my alcoholic drink, add<br />

extra shots, and go back to work.<br />

“Whatever,” I thought. “That’s what the bosses get for<br />

over-working me.”<br />

I’d eventually Google ways to handle the stress. Working<br />

out. Drinking more water. Sleeping. I was<br />

working out regularly, and it felt good. I had been the<br />

thinnest I’d been in my whole adult life. I had gone<br />

vegetarian a year before, and my eating habits were getting<br />

better. I took vitamins. I drank a gallon of<br />

water a day. I made sure I got my 8-9 hours of sleep. Selfcare<br />

masks, getting my hair done,<br />

aromatherapy candles, positive affirmations, bad bitch<br />

attitude, etc.<br />

“I got this shit”, I told myself.<br />

Haha, nope! Not by a mile. Looking back, I was so delusional.<br />

It’s almost laughable at how disconnected I<br />

was from my truth, my essence.<br />

The burn-out started with small symptoms at first.<br />

Forgetting where I placed my keys. Forgetting simple<br />

tasks at work. Making tiny mistakes here and there. No<br />

biggie.<br />

But the symptoms began to creep up in bigger ways. Pulling<br />

up to work in the mornings, I’d have a panic<br />

attack in the parking lot. I would be driving home, and I’d<br />

forget how to get home! I’d pull over and had<br />

to put my address in Google Maps. At the store, I’d forget<br />

my pin number while paying, and I’d start<br />

crying because I was so nervous and felt bad holding up the<br />

line.<br />

Eventually, it felt like I didn’t know what was up or down. I<br />

didn’t know who I was anymore. I didn’t even<br />

know what reality I was living in!<br />

I finally broke down, and went to my boss’ office crying,<br />

telling her I can’t take it anymore and that I<br />

quit. She sternly reminded me I was under contract, that I<br />

couldn’t break it, and heavily laid on the guilt<br />

by telling me I’d be letting down my peers because we were<br />

short-staffed. A broken shell of myself, I<br />

whispered to her with tears in my eyes, “I can’t do this<br />

anymore.”<br />

She said the hiring process for my coworker’s replacement<br />

wasn’t going well, and to be patient. She<br />

then said, “Let me see what I can do”.<br />

W A S L I V I N G I N !

B U R N O U T<br />

I did have vacation time coming up. The General Manager<br />

pulled me into his office, and told me to just<br />

relax, take my vacation, and come back refreshed. He<br />

admitted they were over-working me, and as a<br />

“thank-you”, he gave me a $500 bonus to coincide with my<br />

vacation. “Wow,” I thought. “If his cheap ass<br />

is willing to fork over money, then he must care,” I told<br />

myself. He also said they were going to hire an<br />

assistant for me in the meantime.<br />

*******<br />

I booked a vacation to my ultimate dream locale. I took<br />

myself to Kauai. I had been dreaming about<br />

Kauai since a teen. It was a magical getaway, full of steamy<br />

romantic nights on the beach, exciting ocean<br />

adventures, and amazing food and drinks. I was the happiest<br />

I had ever been in a long time.<br />

It didn’t last long though. I came back home and immediately<br />

went back to work, expecting the magic of<br />

the vacation to be a short buffer from the sBut NO. I felt<br />

even worse. I felt completely empty. Miserable was an<br />

understatement. I didn’t<br />

understand. What was wrong? I literally checked off an item<br />

from my bucket list. Why didn’t it mean<br />

anything?<br />

Two weeks later, as you know, I was driving down a highway<br />

looking to end my life.<br />

"Two weeks later, as you know, I was<br />

driving down a highway...<br />

Here’s the thing. When you lie to yourself, nothing you do will mean anything. Because you’re NOT<br />

coming from a place of authenticity.<br />

Also, when you lack boundaries, it’s time to look inside and ask, “Why am I allowing this?”<br />

Why was I allowing my boss to overwork me? What was I trying to prove? Why was I so scared to stand<br />

up for myself? Why didn’t I feel like I deserved help or support? Why did I feel I had to take on the weight<br />

of the world?<br />

No matter what I did, it wasn’t enough for my bosses. I clung to my victimhood - like a cat and its claws<br />

clinging so hard to your flesh, it begins to tear skin and bleed.<br />

“They’re making me work harder, they’re refusing to acknowledge me, they’re refusing to appreciate me.<br />

It’s their fault I’m miserable”.<br />

*Inserts “Sure, Jan” GIF right here*<br />

The more I was able to “handle” the workload, the less they worried about me. I was so desperate to<br />

prove I can handle it, it’s no wonder they kept allowing it to happen. BECAUSE I WAS ALLOWING IT TO<br />

HAPPEN!<br />

If you’re a fellow high-achiever, you probably know what I’m talking about. Doing things like taking on<br />

extra duties, always making sure you’re not only doing your job, but you’re doing it better than<br />

everyone else, taking pride when the bosses trust you with bigger projects, etc.<br />

My inner teacher’s pet, never fully going away. Even in my 30s. It’s time to quit that shit. Yes, take pride<br />

in your job. But do it for you! NEVER for anyone else’s approval or validation.<br />

looking to end my life."

Cosmic Women Magazine Summer Solstice issue 1<br />

Eventually, my work did hire someone to help me. I begged to get off the shift I was on. Surprisingly,<br />

they allowed it. I found out coworkers complained that I got the day shift. “Just because Esme has a<br />

mental breakdown, she can get the shift she wants?”<br />

That hurt. I wasn’t ashamed of my breakdown, but at the same time, I was never using it as a sympathy<br />

ploy. But you know what, it didn’t matter.<br />

As time went on, I realized I was still unhappy. I knew recovery from a breakdown isn’t fast, and it’s a<br />

journey to self-love and self-discovery. But I still wasn’t feeling right. And it hit me, it wasn’t that I had<br />

suffered from work burn-out. My soul was experiencing burn-out.<br />

I didn’t know what I wanted in life, but I knew I needed out of my current “identity”. I finally committed<br />

to leaving and told my bosses I would not be re-signing, no matter what they offered.<br />

Coworkers eventually found out I was leaving. “Where are you going? What market are you moving to?”<br />

they would ask. I told them the truth. “I don’t know”. They were shocked.<br />

How could I not know what I was going to do? What was I going to do for money? Where was I going to<br />

live? How you can be without a job?<br />

What’s funny is that they were more worried about me than I was. I never doubted I was making the<br />

wrong choice. I never doubted I wouldn’t be okay. Thing is, when you live in your truth and connect back<br />

with the cosmos, you know everything will be okay.<br />

Of course, I had my setbacks. Of course, I had days where I cried. Of course, letting go of my identity as a<br />

“journalist” wasn’t easy. It was hard at first. My older brother calling me stupid for leaving a good job.<br />

Others doubting me when I didn’t find a job after a month.<br />

But, readers, I didn’t care. Their programming and views of me is just a projection. It meant nothing to<br />

me. When you see someone living their truth and not dialing into that fear paradigm, it can be scary for<br />

some.<br />

I left that job, that lifestyle, and it’s definitely been a journey since. Yeah, I’m not contributing to my<br />

401k at the moment. Yeah, I’m in my 30s without a definite career. Yeah, I’m still figuring things out. But<br />

compared to where I was two years ago – I’d NEVER go back to that.<br />

Fear is just an illusion, my friends. Jump into the unknown. Trust that the universe has your back. You’re<br />

a Cosmic Woman! That’s why you’re reading this! You know you have a connection to the cosmos, and<br />

you know that living your truth is a way to bring joy into your life.<br />

Burn-out is a serious thing. It can lead to a multitude of issues, both mental and physical.<br />

But burn-out isn’t just work related. If you or someone you know is experiencing burn-out, it’s time to<br />

do some soul-searching and really listen and find out if you’re living your truth.<br />

Burn-out is a sign that you’re misaligned, a sign that your soul is not living in truth, a sign that you’re<br />

heart and mind aren’t connected, a sign that you’re listening to others and not listening to your soul.<br />

It’s time to ask yourself:<br />

- Where are you not enforcing your boundaries?<br />

- Are you carrying a false sense of guilt?<br />

- Is you role/function clearly defined?<br />

- Why are you scared of saying no?<br />

- Why don’t you feel you deserve support?<br />

- What other areas do you feel undeserving?<br />

- Are control issues keeping you from letting others carry their share?<br />

- Where are you refusing to take responsibility?<br />

- Why do you care so much about what others think?<br />

- Where are you not loving and accepting yourself?<br />

Again, burn-out is never just work related. Remember, gorgeous reader, you create your reality. Don’t<br />

cling to victim hood. Take responsibility. And if you can’t or don’t know how, take some time to really<br />

do<br />

soul searching.<br />

Remember, asking help is not a sign of weakness! If you feel you need professional help or a therapist,<br />

then do it. No man is an island. We all need support. Don’t ever feel bad for needing help. a

S M E O J E D A<br />

E<br />

d i t o r E<br />

j o u r n a l i s t<br />

a s t r o l o g i s t<br />

m i x o l o g i s t<br />

c o s m i c w o m a n<br />

I G : @ e s m e a n d t o n i c<br />

I’m proud of how far I’ve come, but I still have work to do. Self-love is definitely a journey of acceptance,<br />

and there are days where I lose my way. But, eventually, I snap out of it and remind myself to quit that<br />

nonsense.<br />

Of course, there are still days when I find myself falling into old habits, getting angry scrolling on Twitter,<br />

worrying about silly things, gossiping about people I don’t even talk to anymore. Just because I’m<br />

embracing my spiritual journey, doesn’t mean I don’t have days where I fall into a low-vibrating state.<br />

But it’s easier for me to recognize it and turn it around.<br />

Also, all the rose quartz crystals and selenite and candles in the world isn’t enough to make you love<br />

yourself and accept yourself. That has to come from within. But I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t help to<br />

have those tools and rituals.<br />

My thing is, whatever it takes to find your truth and accept yourself, there’s no wrong way. Spirituality<br />

may look different for all Cosmic Women. But what unites us all at the end of the day, is that we all<br />

believe in our connection to the infinite, our connection to the cosmos, to the Earth, and most<br />

importantly, our connection to each other.


& BALANCED<br />

Paramdayal Kaur<br />

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Guide<br />

Cosmic Woman<br />

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is known as<br />

‘The Yoga of Awareness’;<br />

it awakens your consciousness, goes right to your heart and connects you to your<br />

soul.<br />

"There is no pill<br />

for what<br />

Kundalini Yoga &<br />

Meditation can<br />

provide."<br />

Some of the many benefits of Kundalini Yoga<br />

& Meditation are:<br />

Clearing the mind<br />

Clearing mental, physical & emotional blocks<br />

Reducing cortisol, strengthening internal systems, especially the<br />

nervous system (“Nerves of Steel”), that support health and<br />

happiness<br />

Alleviating: Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Paramdayal Kaur<br />



Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a sacred ancient science dating back<br />

more than 5000 years originally from Tibet and India. It is the science, art and<br />

technology of Awareness, enabling every human being to access and to utilize<br />

his own creative energy and potential for a better whole well-being.<br />

It is a science based on the most ancient of all yogic practices to heal yourself<br />

and the foundation of all higher spiritual realizations. It is capable of bringing<br />

us to unimaginable states of bliss, profound wisdom and the amazing power to<br />

achieve anything we set our mind on.<br />

This science has been studied in the monasteries of India and Tibet for<br />

thousands of years through use of yoga to awaken “Kundalini” energy, also<br />

referred to as life force energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. It is<br />

the flow of energy that keeps you going and growing. Using yogic techniques<br />

helps awake and arise this energy which all are born with, that spurts our<br />

growth until our teens, then goes dormant.<br />

The more connected we are to this life force energy, the more aware we<br />

become of our own individual consciousness and connection to the intelligence<br />

of infinite consciousness.travel was in the 14th century..<br />

How does Kundalini Yoga work?<br />

It is the mastery of Energy. The practice includes specific designated methods as well as a system of<br />

profound Kundalini-awakening using Techniques of “Induced Aware Mindfulness”, reducing<br />

perceived stress and cortisol levels.<br />

Kundalini Yoga consists in doing postures (Asanas) with special breathing (Pranayama), hand and<br />

finger gestures (Mudras), body locks (Bhandas), chanting (Mantras) and Meditation, to create<br />

specific powerful and amazing results, to bring yourself into alignment and inner peace, taught by<br />

Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini Yoga balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system,<br />

expands lung capacity and purifies the blood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul.<br />

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is referred to as “The Mother of Yoga” not only because it is the oldest<br />

of yogas, whereas the descendant yogas predominantly focus on ‘one’ chakra energy point, it<br />

encompasses all yoga forms to clear and align…all the chakras…in every session.<br />

It is all in preparation of the mediation that follows at the end of each session…all a preparation to<br />

help you connect with the infinite within you and beyond.

C O S M I C W O M E N M A G A Z I N E<br />

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is Not a Religion<br />

Master teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi<br />

Bhajan, broke a code of secrecy to<br />

introduce Kundalini Yoga & Meditation to<br />

the west in 1969 because he saw people<br />

depending on exterior things for peace and<br />

happiness, rather than cultivating those<br />

things from the inside-out.<br />

True Kundalini Yoga offers deep and<br />

profound yogic realization, without<br />

mumbo-jumbo, that opens up the energetic<br />

channels, liberates potent latent forces<br />

within, and sets in motion heroic changes<br />

that enhance overall well-being and<br />

enhance consciousness.<br />

Awakening our life force energy helps us<br />

to fulfill the promise of living as a spiritual<br />

being in today’s world. Everyone can<br />

benefit from this transformational healing<br />

and empowering yoga. All people are<br />

encouraged to join this journey of spiritual<br />

discovery, through the practice of true<br />

Kundalini Yoga.<br />

It is a science and technology. There is no group to<br />

join, no guru to obey, no cult mind control. Instead<br />

there is a practice. The methods, when practiced<br />

regularly, yield enormous benefits of clarity, energy,<br />

spiritual awareness, emotional wellness and harmony.<br />

The practice leads to deep realization of pure spirit,<br />

the essence of well-being. It has the effect of uplifting<br />

the spirit. It is for everyone. It is universal and<br />

nondenominational.<br />

People from all religions and backgrounds can benefit<br />

from this yogic practice and do not need to follow a<br />

religion in order to experience it. Most people report<br />

feeling closer to their religion, whatever that may be.<br />

As mentioned, each class applies specific kundalini<br />

yoga techniques that focus on postures, mudras,<br />

breathing, chanting and mantras…that cultivate inner<br />

peace, inner connectedness, clarity and inner bliss.<br />

Everything in the class prepares you for the last part<br />

of the class, deep meditation, which is one of the<br />

highlights of the experience.

The Use of Sacred<br />

Healing Sounds<br />

A symphonic Tibetan “Gong Bath” is often played in class for<br />

‘Re-tuning’, ‘Clearing Emotional Issues’ and ‘Releasing<br />

Negative Thought Patterns’.<br />

The therapeutic gong instrument and beneficial vibrations<br />

provides what’s called a “Gong Bath”, to clear energetic blocks<br />

mentally, emotionally and physiologically. During the Gong<br />

Bath, mallets are used to bring out the full spectrum of<br />

beneficial vibrations and frequencies.<br />

Gong Meditation is the practice of "re-tuning" the human<br />

being back to ideal frequencies via a universal physical and<br />

biological principle known as Sonic Entrainment.<br />

The human body knows what feels harmonious and tunes into<br />

what is needed during the meditation, and via sonic<br />

entrainment brings us back into harmonic balance, the peak of<br />

physical and emotional well-being.<br />

The vast range of rich overtones produced by the gong deeply<br />

bathes every cell of the body - muscles, bones, organs, nervous<br />

system, etc. - and research* has shown that the sound can<br />

progressively destabilize the structure of cancer cells,<br />

ultimately leading to their explosion.<br />

The listener only has to let go and let the sound of the<br />

gong do the work. The experience is effortless and the<br />

results profound. This is a time of deep relaxation and<br />

expansion, where transformation and healing occur. This<br />

quiet time allows the listeners to receive the information<br />

that is most beneficial to them.<br />

*The Influence of Sound on Human Cells by Fabien<br />

Maman (Series XII - Cancer Cells with Gong).d<br />

Just as a body massage works out tight and knotted muscles,<br />

the "deep, healing resonance" of a gong bath works out<br />

emotional issues that we need to release in order to move<br />

forward in life.

C O S M I C W O M E N M A G A Z I N E E<br />

Paramdayal Kaur<br />

Certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher through the<br />

Kundalini Research Institute.<br />

Paramdayal Kaur combines her training in the ancestral knowledge<br />

of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, as taught by Master Yogi Bhajan,<br />

the Tibetan tradition of self-healing.<br />

In her method, she brings a unique approach to emotional healing<br />

and self-awareness, and her own wide and well-travelled journey<br />

into Inner Peace & Personal Development.<br />

Through Paramdayal’s group and private classes, retreats and<br />

workshops, she provides a seamless and serene experience for those<br />

who come and need healing on some level in their lives. Each full<br />

class provides an experience rooted in deeply grounding the<br />

individual, balancing the mind and heart to work together,<br />

cultivating clarity of mind by clearing stuck energy of worry, fears,<br />

sadness, anger, and depression held in the body.<br />

Students who practice Kundalini Yoga & Meditation most commonly<br />

share that the experience quickly shifted their lives in positive ways,<br />

with new openings, opportunities, greater ease, and walked away<br />

with the experience of “Bliss”.<br />

For more information or for<br />

collaboration to spread the sacred<br />

healing teachings of “Kundalini<br />

Yoga & Meditation”, please call or<br />

text Paramdayal Kaur: 954-708-<br />

4035.<br />

Instagram: kundaliniyogaep<br />

FB: Kundalini Yoga El Paso

Sofie<br />

Torres<br />

J A L A P A , V E R A C R U Z N A T I V E<br />

M E Z C A L G U I D E O F M E X I C O C I T Y<br />

S T U D E N T O F A N T H R O P O L O G Y<br />

C O S M I C W O M A N<br />

Spirits of<br />

Mexico: Mezcal<br />

& Agave<br />

Women<br />

The way I got connected with Mezcal was a very beautiful and unexpected process.<br />

I started bar tendering at Playa del Carmen a few years ago, and the<br />

first time I worked at a bar I really had no idea of the new world I was coming into.<br />

After learning the basics for a year, time and circumstances brought me into Mexico<br />

City, where I started a job at a cocktail bar, and with it the journey into learning<br />

more and more about this complex and amazing drink: Mezcal. After being<br />

some years behind the bar every weekend, the opportunity to work specifically with<br />

Mezcal came to me and I couldn’t refuse it, I was at the beginning of an adventure<br />

that would lead into not only learning about this ancestral drink, but also getting<br />

closer to another way of seeing the world.

Maguey: the plant<br />

In Mexico there are more than 150 species of Maguey, this plant has been here for<br />

so long that the relationship that people have with it goes back to ancestral times.<br />

This is a plant that has been used for human consumption for more than 6000 years,<br />

and it is probably one of the key species in the process of change from nomadism to<br />

sedentarism, this was because people with time learned to use all of it, without<br />

affecting its life cycle. This means, knowing where and when to cut it, so all of it<br />

could be used, with no part of it going to waste. Mesoamerican people developed not<br />

only techniques but tools to process magueyes in an artesanal way, making the most<br />

use out of it: a really important part relies on the pencas, from where the fiber called<br />

Ixtle is taken and used to make bags, fabrics, rugs, clothes etc...; then the center,<br />

where all the sugars and spirits of the plant are living and ready to burst into the<br />

sweet spirit of Mezcal, Aguamiel and Pulque. The produces of Maguey have been<br />

traditionally used as a medicine for as long as the history tells us that people have<br />

consumed it, all of the beverages that come out of it are not only full of flavor but also<br />

nutritious healing substances.<br />

Mystic history: Mayahuel, the Maguey Goddess<br />

Between the Mexicas, Maguey had such an importance and was so full of symbolism<br />

that they even venerated a goddess who they called Mayahuel, which coming from<br />

the Náhuatl words “metl” and “yahualli” means “the round thing that sourrounds<br />

maguey”, and it was directly related to fertility, life, nourishing and soil.<br />

Ancient mythology tells us that Mayahuel used to live trapped in the sky by Tzitzímitl,<br />

her grandmother who conditioned Mayahuel’s life to obey her, staying in darkness.<br />

When other gods saw that the humans had all they needed to live except for<br />

something that gave warmth, pleasure and joy to their hearts, Quetzalcóatl (the<br />

Feathered Snake and for what we know probably the principal deity for the Mexicas)<br />

thought of Mayahuel as the carrier of potential life and the powerful plant that would<br />

bring delight, viands, drink and other gifts for the humans, so he transformed himself<br />

into Ehécatl (god of the wind) and traveled far looking for her to take her into the<br />

human world so she could share her wholesome sustaining plant. As Mayahuel fell<br />

in love with Ehécatl, se accepted and they ran away together. They transformed<br />

themselves into a big two branch tree and lived there until Tzitzímitl, looking for her<br />

granddaughter, separated both branches and punished Mayahuel turning her into<br />

pieces and devoured her. Nevertheless, Quetzalcóatl / Ehécatl branch was still<br />

there, so that when the dark Tzitzímitl left, he planted his loved ones bones giving<br />

birth to the sacred plant “Metl”: Maguey.<br />

Mezcal tradition: Maestros Mezcaleros,<br />

Maestras Mezcaleras<br />

For as long as it is known that Maguey exists, people in Mesoamerica made<br />

beverages from it. Maguey is a plant that, depending on the specie, takes at least<br />

five years to be mature, at the most it can even live for 35 years in the ground before<br />

it’s ready and full of the sugars needed for the cutting, it’s big consistent leaves grow<br />

and undertake the environment for as long as it lives, collecting a great amount of<br />

strength and wholesome properties. The first beverage to be made with it was<br />

Pulque, due to the relative simplicity of the process which consists in fermenting<br />

Aguamiel, a sweet liquid that comes out of the specie “Salmiana” very common in<br />

the central territory.

But then with time people also started producing the deep and<br />

powerful Mezcal spirit which involves a more complex process consisting in cutting,<br />

cooking, grounding and then fermenting the hearts (center parts) of the maguey so<br />

that the released sugars mixed with their surrounding water could be transformed<br />

with the help of the environment bacteria into alcohol, then distilled with the help of<br />

the fire evaporating the spirits of the plant into the crystal clear inebriating<br />

substance.<br />

This process is not written, it’s not scientifically measured, it is an ancient pre<br />

hispanic tradition that has passed from generation to generation until now a days,<br />

which means that the making rules exist but are mainly empirical. Every family has<br />

their recipe, but traditionally it is known that the man of the family is the one with the<br />

title of being the “Maestro Mezcalero” and consequently the one that defines the<br />

recipe for the mezcal which consists in measuring time and quantities to accomplish<br />

the flavour they dreamed of. Nevertheless it is primarily important for us to consider<br />

that even though the patriarchally established man of the family has the title of being<br />

a “Maestro”, that does not mean that he is the only one involved in the process or the<br />

recipe for mezcal.<br />

Women have been vinculated to Maguey and it’s transformations since the<br />

very beginning, Maguey is known for being a female plant because of its means of<br />

reproduction in which the new plants “the sons” literally grow around their “mother”<br />

which is the big mature maguey. Even though and as a consequence of the physical<br />

strength needed to cut a maguey and then processing it, women are not known to be<br />

related to the process of mezcal, but this is just a result of the systematic<br />

invisibilization of the work and abilities of woman in the country for as long as years<br />

can count. Even if they are not named as such, “Maestras Mezcaleras” are involved<br />

in the creation of marvelous mezcal recipes, passing their knowledge in a<br />

matriarchal way from generation to generation until now, that though for a lot of<br />

people may seem strange, their mezcal production is beginning to be visualized and<br />

appreciated.<br />

Creating Networks: Mezcal Women And The City<br />

Nowadays Mezcal is a popular drink not only in the places it is produced in,<br />

but trough new commercial connections a lot of people from the city gained the<br />

interest in travelling to palenques, which are the places where people produce their<br />

mezcal, and buying big quantities of mezcal to bottle it and sell it at bars and liquor<br />

stores. Though there are a lot of ethical implications in over exploiting the maguey<br />

lands to fulfill the consumption hunger of a postmodern society, and though most of<br />

the mezcal that reaches our means is principally known to be made by a “Maestro<br />

Mezcalero” (which is a feature that also brings a more luxurious quality to it), there<br />

are also new networks being consolidated by women who meet each other and<br />

decide to make fair commercial traits for them to sell their strenuous smooth and<br />

complex spirit. And this is what comes to our interest today, that the cosmic mezcal<br />

women, vinculated with the land and the substantial transformations of it, with the<br />

spirits and the marvelous Maguey plants, are able to enter an exchange world that<br />

for centuries has been reduced to the willing pubic power of man. That if we are<br />

interested in drinking Mezcal made by a woman, that can be named and that all the<br />

women wanting to be part of this network can be, in order for us to gain strength and<br />

be empowered with the recognition of a mystic, sacred and full of love work.

"And this is<br />

what our<br />

interest is<br />

today, the<br />

Cosmic Mezcal<br />

Women..."<br />

I was born in Jalapa, Veracruz and raised in Puebla city where I<br />

studied the first part of a college degree for psychology. Then I<br />

moved to Playa del Carmen, where I started learning about<br />

drinks and flavors, first working at a Teashop and then as a<br />

waitress in a bar. After a year of amazing experiences I decided<br />

to move to Mexico City, where I was sure I could grow more and<br />

meet more people to create networks with. In here I worked at<br />

bars for a few years untill I entered the mezcal world and started<br />

colaborating with mezcal brands and events,; then I entered<br />

college again and these days I am a very happy anthropology<br />

student and I also work with mezcal tastings which is a great<br />

way not only to share the knowledge that years have given me,<br />

but to meet great women and create amazing networks.

Rachael<br />

Te Wano<br />

Australian<br />

Sound Healer<br />

A K A S H I C R E A D E R .<br />

L I G H T L A N G U A G E .<br />

W O M B W I S D O M .<br />

S O U L R E T R E A T S<br />

Perth. Bunbury. International

A message from Rachael,<br />

There is much hidden beneath the veils of the human consciousness.<br />

Let’s together discover, remember and take the journey within.<br />

This magical path of oneness and infinite power.<br />

Thank you for taking the time to understand what I do and what together,<br />

we can create. Not only for yourself, but for the whole of humanity.<br />

Let me introduce myself to you before we go on this inner journey together.<br />

I Am Rachael Te Wano and it is my honour to serve you.<br />

It is not the easiest to talk about oneself but I will say upon my journey, I<br />

have been shown that to be vulnerable and stand out, to be judged, to show<br />

who you really are is true Authenticity.<br />

I Am That I Am<br />

It has taken me years of wandering the earth, learning and feeling my way<br />

through this human life to bring me to this moment. It is only now as I<br />

reflect I understand why.<br />

Why they came to me.<br />

Why the Ascended Masters, Great Teachers and Creators shared their<br />

attunements and taught me, guided me and gifted to me the knowledge.... in<br />

my training in the etheric realms.<br />

It was to prepare me to Serve, and to walk with you on your journey to<br />

awakening, your remembering of ALL that you are.<br />

I am humbled and honoured to share with you the knowledge, vibrations,<br />

activations and codes to anchor New Earth in the here and now. So you may<br />

once again walk in Heart and ONENESS again.<br />

Much Love<br />

Rachael x<br />

Cosmic Women Magazine Issue 1

www.rachaeltewano.com<br />

facebook.com/rachaeltewano<br />

Email:<br />


AD<br />

RY<br />

Identifícate<br />

Con El Alma<br />

Me encontraba en medio de la obra más<br />

grande de vitrales en el mundo, rodeada<br />

de un jardín encantador. Los rayos de<br />

sol entran y encandilan con sus<br />

magníficos colores que cautivan tu<br />

imaginación.<br />

Los colores de amarillo canario, naranja<br />

quemado, con la yuxtaposición de azul rey y<br />

un morado berenjena te dejaba anonadada.<br />

Simplemente sus colores eran suficientes<br />

para impresionarte, sin embargo me quede<br />

confundida tratando de encontrarle forma a<br />

los más de 500 cristales que forman esta<br />

obra titulada, “El Cosmovitral.”<br />

Llegue a Toluca con muchas preguntas y mi<br />

alma nómada sin encontrar descanso. La<br />

paz y reverencia de este lugar me aturdían,<br />

reflejando la<br />

LO<br />

(fotografîa: Diego Muñiz)

Adry Love<br />

turbulencia interna que estado<br />

cargando.<br />

Un señor se acercó a invitarnos<br />

para escuchar la explicación de la<br />

historia de el vitral.<br />

Fue un hilo de cariño arrojado,<br />

que al jalarme me acariciaba las<br />

inquietudes, y sin querer lo me<br />

acerqué.<br />

Empezó por explicar que un lado<br />

representaba la luz, ilustrada por<br />

los colores amarillos y naranjas; y<br />

del otro, la obscuridad, ilustrada<br />

por los colores azules y morados.<br />

“Vean el vitral detrás de mi...aquí<br />

empieza el cuento. ¿Pueden<br />

encontrar la figura de una mujer?”<br />

Y si se reconocía una mujer con<br />

rasgos Maya, hermosa en amarillo<br />

y naranja con vientre circular, casi<br />

infinito. Y también la forma de un<br />

hombre fuerte guerrillero, con<br />

máscara de águila. Lo<br />

impresionante era su conexión<br />

corporal que trasmitía un fuerte y<br />

puro amor.<br />

Cosmic Women Magazine Issue 1<br />

“Si ya encontraron las formas del hombre y<br />

la mujer ...de ese amor, nació el<br />

cosmos.Nació el cosmos, y con ella las<br />

bellezas del mundo y la vida del ser humano<br />

que constantemente se encuentra en<br />

batalla con la luz y la obscuridad.”<br />

Sin tenerlo esperado estos vitrales estaban<br />

iluminando mis más profundas<br />

incertidumbres.<br />

Explicaba el guía que los vitrales de la<br />

obscuridad representaban lo negativo y<br />

batallas que enjaulan al ser humano:<br />

envidia, rencor, venganza. Cuando uno<br />

escoge esos sentimientos no puede ver, ni<br />

vivir en la luz.<br />

Mientras los vitrales de la luz,<br />

representaban la vida, no nomás atraves de<br />

sus colores vivos pero por imagines de<br />

(fotografîa: Diego Muñiz)

Identifícate Con El Alma<br />

mujeres voladoras y<br />

embarazadas. Dándole<br />

reverencia a la mujer por su<br />

poder de dar a luz y la belleza de<br />

escoger vivir en lo positivo, en lo<br />

que hace nacer la felicidad,<br />

esperanza y el amor.<br />

Esta experiencia me dejo humilde,<br />

arrodillada a la grandeza y hermosura<br />

de Dios, Universo y nuestra conexión<br />

divina a ello. Espero que se ubiquen<br />

en el amor y que sigan escogiendo la<br />

luz.<br />

Mi alma gozo con piel chinita de<br />

emoción por que fue como<br />

recibir un abrazo compasivo que<br />

reconocía mis esfuerzos y mi<br />

determinación a escoger la luz.<br />

Los invito a que estudien sus<br />

reacciones a las circunstancias<br />

que los rodean. Nuestras almas<br />

tienen una profundidad de<br />

sentimientos y expresiones. Es<br />

sumamente necesario darle<br />

espacio para que se exprese y<br />

ubicarnos en lo que nos trae<br />

felicidad.<br />

Muchas de las veces sofocamos<br />

el alma, escogiendo deber,<br />

dandole importancia a lo que<br />

opina la gente, o no<br />

reconociendo la obscuridad que<br />

nos abruma atraves de<br />

sentimientos que refundimos.<br />

(fotografîa: Diego Muñiz)<br />

Su hermana,<br />

Adrylove<br />

#artista #maestra #cantante #artesescénicas<br />

Tomate el tiempo de rendirte<br />

ante lo más obscuro que cargas<br />

...abrazarlo y dejarlo ir. Y tendrás<br />

el espacio para ver y vivir la vida<br />

como el regalo que es.

Adry Love<br />

Is a dynamic teaching artist and poetic<br />

improvasionalist from the Borderland of El<br />

Paso TX and Juárez, Chihuahua. She is<br />

dedicated to radical love and passionate work<br />

whether it be singing, acting, writing, directing<br />

or teaching. She received highest honors at The<br />

University of the Arts in Philadelphia<br />

Pennsylvania and has enjoyed the start of her<br />

career in over 85 productions, dramaturge for 4<br />

productions, director of 8 plays, collaborator in<br />

devised work, and front woman for a band with<br />

a 44 year old legacy, and recipient of Teacher of<br />

the Year in her current position.<br />

Cosmic<br />

Woman<br />

Cosmic<br />

Woman<br />

Cosmic<br />

Woman<br />

Woman Cosmic<br />

Woman<br />

Cosmic<br />

Cosmic<br />

CosmicWoman<br />

Woman Cosmic<br />

Woman<br />

Cosmic<br />

Woman<br />

Cosmic<br />

Woman<br />

Cosmic<br />


Track: Cosmic Women<br />

Origins: Mujeres Cosmicas - Serpent Tongues<br />

Exhibit: El Paso, Texas & Juarez, Mexico<br />

Vocals & Writing: MSL<br />

Editor: Jesse Fraire<br />

Sound Engineer: Phil Pagan Rosado

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