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Dear Readers,

There is an environmental theme with The

Green Corner focusing on recycling, while

Wildlife Matters this month sets a garden

challenge. In addition, David Horne on page

9 looks at the work that is being actioned to

try and protect terns in our area.

Do also read about volunteering at the

Community Centre. There are such a

variety of roles available and with very

flexible hours.

We deliver to homes in the Village and this

edition should be through your letterbox

between the middle to the end of July. If

you have been missed, please let me know

(contact details on this page).

National Prayer Weekend is coming up.

Please see the back page of this magazine

for the dates and more details.

We have Lesley from Beach Hut ‘n Boats to

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In 1901 when Fred Keeping moved from

Pennington to Milford it was the start of an

association with the village which included many

years of public service and produced two very

successful sportsmen on the world stage.

By the time he was 29 Fred was working as a

clerk at the British Embassy in Athens and he

entered the cycle races in the 1896 Olympics.

Objections were raised about Fred entering

because he worked for a living and was not a

gentleman so he could not possibly be an

amateur. The protests were overruled and Fred

took part in the 333 metres cycling sprint and

the 12 hour endurance race.

The 12 hour race started at 5am with six

entrants, four from Greece, Adolf Schmal from

Austria and Fred Keeping. Early in the race,

Schmal, gained an early lap. He then rode with

the pack until one by one the riders dropped

out. Schmal rode directly behind Fred's wheel

throughout and won by that single lap.

Richard Mandell, in his book The First Modern

Olympics, wrote: “Just two finished, in total

distress, neither had eaten and had only sipped

liquid. They were squalid from excreta and

delirious from fatigue... their legs swollen

gruesomely... both could be heard weeping”.

Schmal completed 900 laps [314.997 kilometres]

winning a silver medal and Fred won the second

place copper medal.

After returning to England, Fred opened a cycle

shop in


and later a

garage. He

also had

garages in


Milton and


As well as

a successful businessman Fred was also very

prominent in local affairs:

M.D. of the Milford Electric Light Co/ Member of

Lymington District Council and Chairman from

1922 to 1932/ Member and Chairman of several

local Poor Law committees / Member of the

County Council/ Justice of the Peace and

Chairman of the bench.

Following his death in 1950 his obituary said:

“He was not only a great business pioneer, but

was also for many years one of the outstanding

figures in the public life of the community which

he served so faithfully and well and his white

Edwardian beard, his distinctive cravat and hats

made him a well-known personality”.

Fred's son, Mike, was born in Milford in 1902

and it was by chance that, one Saturday

afternoon, he was persuaded to turn out for

Milford Football Club to deputise for an injured

player. Watching the match was a Southampton

scout who had come to assess another member

of the team and the scout immediately signed

up Mike.

Southampton were still in the Southern League,

in the summer of 1919, when they signed Mike

as an amateur. He was a talented left-back and

became a professional in December 1920. He

remained with Southampton for 13 years and

was then transferred to Fulham, where he

stayed until 1939.

In 1926 he was with the England Football

Association team which toured Canada, and

three years later was a member of the England

side which won all 17 of their fixtures when

touring South Africa.

He made



in 1948

when he

became the

manager of


Madrid FC, one of the biggest football clubs in

the world based at the famous Bernabeu

stadium. At that time they were in danger of

relegation, but Mike kept them in the first

division and played a key part in building up the

side which was to dominate European football,

and in June 1948 he won the Copa Eva Duarte

de Perón in the final against Valencia.

Mike died in Southampton hospital in March

1984 and apparently the man in the next bed

said that the old fool thought he used to play

football for England!

For further information visit the MOSHRS website which is a core part of its Bringing History Home project supported by

the Heritage Lottery Fund and Milford-on-Sea Parish Council. https://www.milfordhistory.org.uk/content/history/


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Rumour has it that many of

you have been asking

about local recycling

facilities because there is

some understandable

confusion about what to

recycle. As a long standing

environmental group we will address this first,

but we do have many other exciting projects to

share with you also, including Abundance

Lymington, Jean Genie, Boomerang Bags and our

own 2020 Vision.


Try and find brands and shops that have reduced packaging and re-use or up-cycle what you can.

After this point look to recycle as much as possible

NFDC Clear Sacs*

Paper and Card, Tins, cans and aerosols, All plastic bottles (no lids).

* It’s worth noticing this DOES NOT include tetrapaks, bottle tops, cellophane wrappings or

plastic pots, tubs and trays. If you include any of these items in the recycling bag it is highly likely

that the whole bag will be treated the same as a black sack. So, if in doubt, leave it out.

Below is a list of items (not collected by NFDC) and where you can recycle them:


Biscuit Wrappers:

Clothes and Shoes:

Crisp Packets:

Glass Bottles:

Hearing Aids:

Milk Bottle Tops:

Mobile Phones:-

Pet food pouches:

Small ink Cartridges:


Tassimo T-discs:

Toothpaste tubes/


Supermarkets entrance/exit

Milford Car Wash

Village Charity shop or Charity bins in Car Parks

Milford Parish Office or Milford Car Wash

Village Car Park

Help the Aged, Lymington

New Forest Mencap, Bin in car park of Nedderman Centre, N. Milton

Dog Trust Charity Shop or Oxfam, Lymington High Street

Washed – Milford Car Wash

Lymington Community Centre or 9 th Lymington Sea Scouts

Specsavers or Boots

Pennington drop off (email Sarah events@newforesttransition.org.uk)

Milford Car Wash


Why not get together as a group of friends to collect these items so that just one

person needs to go to the drop off point.

Happy Recycling

Sarah and Kate

New Forest Transition

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Quality men’s


Traditional &

modern styles

Run by


friendly and



Open Weekdays 9am - 5.30pm

Saturdays 8.30am - 1.30pm

Special rates for OAPs and Children

52 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

01590 645594


Lymington Branch: 01590 610000

84 High St, Lymington

Weekdays 9.30am-5.30pm Sat: 9am-4pm

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In this issue, MCV member, David Horne

writes about our local terns.

Anyone walking the seawall between

Lymington & Keyhaven in early summer is likely

to encounter terns.

These delightful, slender silver grey and white

birds have long tails which have earned them

the nickname “sea-swallow”. They frequently

hover over water before plunging down for


Here in the Western Solent, we are fortunate

to have three species of tern breeding mainly

on small offshore shingle ridge islands known

as “cheniers”.

However, all is not well. Our locally breeding

seabirds face increasing threats from a number

of factors:

• Rising sea levels periodically flooding their

breeding islands

• Higher water temperatures affecting food

type & abundance

• Increased disturbance from expanding

recreational activities and

• Ongoing predation, even on the islands, from

foxes & large gulls

The three species are; Sandwich tern, identified

by its relatively large size and yellow tipped

black bill. The Common tern by its medium size

and mainly red bill and the Little tern by its

diminutive size and yellow bill. Until recently a

fourth species, Roseate tern, bred locally in

small numbers.

Chris Cooke with his donated Tern Craft

Roseate Tern – tail streamers project well past

wingtips when the bird is at rest

This year I was recruited by the RSPB as the

Summer Tern Warden. The post is funded

under the Roseate Tern LIFE Recovery Project

by the European Union and aims to create the

right conditions to allow the species to return

and breed in the Solent.

Significant amounts of money and effort have

been expended over the last 3 years in an

attempt to provide more secure breeding areas


1. Floating shingle covered rafts

2. Concrete shingle covered

platforms on Lymington


3. Shingle recharge on small eroding

islands and

4. Maintenance of electric fencing

around Normandy Lagoon.

The aim being to give the terns a fighting

chance to successfully rear their young and in

so doing protect the species for generations to


For further information see blog on the project

website: Roseatetern.org

or contact david.horne@rspb.org.uk

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10th & 11th August: Lymington Seafood


30th August: 5.30pm Gourmet Grilled

Cheese ‘Pop Up’

Unique Five Colour Luxury Espadrilles

Now up to 60% off in our summer sale

Designed in London - Made in Spain


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Discovering wines from the Roussillon region

Tucked away in the south/west corner of

France, the Languedoc-Roussillon is one of

the largest wine regions in the World. This

large production does create some

challenges for the area because consumers

find the diversity and range of styles being

produced a bit confusing. When you think

about Burgundy, you immediately think

about Pinot Noir for reds, and Chardonnay

for whites. However, in the Languedoc-

Roussillon dozens of different varieties can

be used and are often blended together,

none of which clearly define the region.

the Spanish

border around

the village of

Trouillas. Their

wines are

regarded by

Jancis Robinson

to be some of

the best in the

region and we


recommend you

trying them too!

The best way to understand this region is to

split it down into appellations or smaller

areas. One of our favourites is the

Roussillon. This region offers richly

flavoured wines from small producers

making artisan wines of excellent quality

that are also great value.

Domaine Treloar is one of the smaller,

highly regarded producers of this region.

Englishman Jonathan Hesford and his Kiwi

wife Rachel purchased 10 hectares of old

vines 13 years ago after relocating to the

region from New Zealand where Jonathan

was winemaker at Neudorf. Prior to this the

couple lived in New York when 9/11

happened and this is what spurred them on

to make their dream of owning their own

vineyard a reality. The vines are located an

hour from the Pyrenees and an hour from

Jonathan & Rachel

There's the fresh, dry and aromatic ‘One

Block’ Muscat is great with salads and fresh

seafood. 'Terre Promise' is a blend of

Macabeu, Grenache Gris and Carignan

Blanc, it has a lovely texture on the palate

and would partner roast chicken really well!

The popular ‘Three Peaks’ is made from

Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and shows off

the unique terroir of the region. The ‘One

Block’ Grenache is a great example of this

single grape variety. Both reds pair

perfectly to BBQ meats at this time of year.

The wines from Domaine Treloar show off

the exciting potential of the wines from the

Roussillon region which are far removed

from the bulk wines produced by the

cooperatives that the region is known for.

For us, these are the wines you should

expect to find in an independent wine

shop, made in small amounts, offering a

connection to the vineyards where the

grapes are grown and that have a unique

story about the people who carefully

produce the wines.

Heather & Simon

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Milford on Sea Community Centre started life in

2007, moved into its current building on Sea

Road in 2010, and is run almost entirely by

volunteers. There is a wide variety of activities

for volunteers (see below) some of whom work

in more than one area, and others might just do

one shift a month thanks to flexible rotas – all

are greatly appreciated.

Let’s hear from volunteers in three of those

areas –

Shop talk – Kath has been volunteering in the

shop for over 7 years and does about 5 shifts per

month, each one around 3 hours, sometimes less

with prior agreement. She said “I love unearthing

precious objects from all eras – after all, one

person’s junk is another person’s treasure! I also

enjoy meeting the visitors to Milford and they

often tell us they love the variety of goods in the

shop, and that they think it’s quite unique for a

charity shop. It has an easy-to-use till, and

although rarely a quiet moment – there’s always

something to do - it is really good fun. So, if you

like meeting people, having fun and keeping

busy, then volunteering at the shop is for you!”

Life behind the bar – “Like many people I want

to give something back to the community and at

the same time do something interesting,

enjoyable and different – but I don’t want to feel

tied. So, I help behind the Community Centre bar

and have done so for about 3 years.

I started by trying out different events, helping

alongside someone experienced, so I learnt the

bar routines. Some, such as film nights, are

relatively quiet and straightforward, whilst

others such as live events are busier and can take

a whole evening. I now help a few evenings a

month at the events I like best and which fit in

with other activities. I simply look at the online

bar calendar and decide when to offer to help. I

have got to know lots of people and have seen

incredibly talented people performing live. If you

are interested why not try it?” John Welsh

Café life - Christine has been a volunteer in the

Café for over 4 years and does a couple of shifts

a month plus any special daytime events. She

also organises the cake bakers so that delicious

cakes are on sale every day – and cooks some

herself! She said – “I took early retirement to

look after my elderly mother which took up most

of my time. So, when my mother passed away, I

realised that I had lived here some time but

didn’t know many people. Helping in the café has

been a great introduction to the social side of the

village – and a way to find out what’s going on as

there is a wide range of

activities on offer at the

Centre. I also feel good

about providing a place of

social interaction for

people who live on their

own as well as those who

pop in for a coffee when

they are new to the

village. I would certainly

recommend volunteering

at the café.”

There are many other

areas where volunteers play a major role, for

example Box Office, Gardening, Playgroup,

Technical/Audio, Youth Club and ad hoc. Not

forgetting Kitchen/Waiting, which covers evening

events and First Friday Lunch for different

charities each month; and the monthly Sunday

Lunch Club for the elderly in the community.

If you would like to help in any of these areas,

please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Mary

Jane Baily on 01590 381487 or email


Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


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Historically there have always been

specific times of the year where everyone

feels inspired to get fitter, tone up and

perhaps lose weight. Aiming for the ‘beach

body’ before the summer gets fully

underway or just after Christmas because

of overindulgence, making yet another

short term New Year’s resolution.

statistics regarding weight, body fat

percentage, hydration levels, metabolic

age, bone mass and visceral fat. This can

be followed up with one-to-one


There is also a monthly subscription or a

30 day pass.

Here, at Active Nation Boutique Fitness,

our aim is to encourage and support

everyone, regardless of age or ability, to be

‘actually active’ all year round and commit

long term to being healthier – not just

looking good but feeling good!

We have years of proven success for a

wide variety of clients and pride ourselves

in making a real difference in muscle tone,

flexibility, balance and mobility, especially

to those who may not have felt confident

enough to exercise in more conventional

fitness facilities.

We strive to improve the physical and

mental health of those with long term

health conditions and individuals awaiting

surgery and provide post-surgery


You could of course choose the annual

option. Not only will you be saving £80,

you will be making that all important, lifechanging

commitment to becoming all

year round actually active!

Active Nation Boutique Fitness is located in

the centre of Lymington and is a fun and

friendly facility. There are no sessions and

no need to book.

We have lots of options for people to

benefit from unlimited use of the effective

and user friendly, power-assisted exercise


Our latest offering, the Actually Active

package, at only £45.99, includes 6 weeks

unlimited use of the facility, a

comprehensive and individual induction,

healthy lifestyle advice regarding nutrition

and weight loss management. Body

analysis is available to provide your

Peta, Carol, Gladys,, George, Terry and Tony

Kenna Hockley (Club Manager).

Drop in for a FREE visit and have a chat

with one our friendly and knowledgeable


3, Angel Courtyard, Lymington.

[01590] 677333 www.activenation.org.uk

Or visit our Facebook page.

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Whether it’s staycation or vacation for you this

year, we’ve got stacks of essentials at The Hub

to ensure you have a happy, healthy summer

holiday. From chemical-free suncare products

to supplements and sprays to beat mozzies to…

water bottles with an extra bonus.

Natural suncare products

Tropic suncream is plant-based rather than

packed with chemicals. From illawara plum

extract and kahai oil (high in omega 6 to retain

skin’s natural moisture and help condition and

soften it) to roucou oil (100 times richer in

betacarotene than carrots, so it provides UV

protection and stimulates melanin production

to help skin respond faster to UV rays).

they hydrate and nourish nails at the same time

as looking fantastic. This year’s hot colours

include a baby blue and soft pink, subtle greys,

as well as all-time favourite corals and reds.


holiday kits

Suitcase like a

medicine cabinet?!

Here’s the perfect



holiday kits. They

look like a purse,

so they tuck into

luggage or

handbag, and

contain 14

homeopathic remedies in tablet form covering

just about all holiday eventualities for the

family – from sunburn, to sickness and

diarrhoea, to food poisoning, to bites, cuts,

scrapes and bruises… even hangovers!

BeWater bottles

These are a favourite at The Hub: glass water

bottles with crystal infills. As well as staying

hydrated, you get the healing energy of the

gem stone infused through your water,

changing and improving its structure and

oxygen and pH levels. Select your gem –

perhaps to give you more vitality, to smooth

through a sadness, to gain positivity, for clarity.

There are 16 to choose from.

Non-toxic nail polish

Did you know that

standard nail polishes are

full of unnecessary

toxins? We were shocked

to find how many. Our

Dr’s Remedy varnishes

are totally natural – plus

For long-haul trips

We recommend that anyone travelling to

countries where food is unfamiliar and water

may not suit western stomachs to take Optibac

for Travelling Abroad probiotics, which contain

special probiotic strains to give protection

against bugs. We also supply a homeopathic

remedy to help reduce symptoms of jetlag.

Skin saviours

Protect yourself from mosquitoes by taking a B

Vitamin Complex that includes Vitamin B1 and

spraying with Incognito Insect Repellent spray.

This award-winning blend of essential oils is

clinically proven to protect against mosquitoes

that carry zika, malaria, dengue and

chikungunya. It is also free from harmful DEET

and safe for children over six months.

Also worth packing just in case of skin mishaps

is Weleda’s Calendula Cuts & Grazes Salve or

Spray, or HyperCal Wound Salve.

The Natural Health Hub


87b High Street, Lymington SO41 9AN

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25 High Street, Milford-on-Sea,

Lymington, SO41 0QF

01590 644486

Open: Monday - Saturday

10am - 5pm


Follow us

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If you can remember the original Green

Cross Man before he went over to the

dark side and became Darth Vader, the

phrase Stop, Look, Listen, Think will be

indelibly imprinted on your brain.

It was designed to make children aware of

the dangers of crossing the road even

before they had mobile phones to distract

them. Incidentally, if you don’t know what I

was on about in the first paragraph, Google

“David Prowse” and it should all make


So why am I invoking a mid-seventies road

safety campaign? It’s because I think we

should have something similar to help use

mobile devices more safely.

1. Stop

Always think twice before posting

information on the Internet, especially if

you are away from home. To make sure

your holiday fun stays confidential, set the

privacy and security preferences on web

services and devices to your comfort level

for sharing. Limit how and with whom you

share information because if you let on that

you are away for a few weeks, you are

broadcasting that your home is likely


onto to your 3G or 4G mobile provider. It’s

secure. After you’re done, you can go back

to using public Wi-Fi.

3. Listen

Phishing is the most common way for

criminals to steal your personal details. If

something doesn’t seem right to you, then

listen to your doubts, don’t click on that

link or enter your password on what may

be a bogus website.

4. Think

Particularly when we are away, be it a day

out shopping, a coffee at the local coffee

shop, or your annual holiday, we can be

caught up in what we are doing and don’t

take the care we should.

Just remember, Stop, Look, Listen, Think.

2. Look

If you are connected to Wi-Fi, is it a free

public WiFi connection? If you are away

from home, free Wi-Fi definitely comes in

handy, but there are few reasons to keep

connected all day and night. Using your

device with public WiFi is something you

should control to keep safe, so check what

you are connected to.

If your activities involve nothing more

complicated than a Facebook post or two,

assuming you are careful to take account of

point 1, this may not seem like a big deal.

But if you’re checking your bank account or

shopping online, forget public Wi-Fi and go

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Reflexology can help alleviate a range

of symptoms including stress,

insomnia, migraines, arthritis, IBS,

back pain and ease pregnancy.

Deep tissue & therapeutic massage


07930 338819 01590 689420

Mobile Visits


If you have any of these concerns, please contact us to

arrange your free consultation

We also use electrolysis for hair removal and offer thread vein removal

using Sclerotheraphy

T: 01590 719329 E: tusei.bella@yahoo.com

Tu Sei Bella: Offering a wide range of Beauty Treatments

and Massage for Men & Women


47 High Street, Milford On Sea, SO41 0QG

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The Dog Friendly Detective

Did you know that about a quarter of the

British population own dogs? (the figure

according to a recent poll is actually 24%

or about 8.9 million dogs). If you're one of

those, then you'll know that it's fun to try

to integrate your dog into your lifestyle, as

opposed to leaving them out; in effect

then, trying to make them one of the


results; just start follow "The Dog Friendly

Detective" on Instagram using

#dogfriendlydetective, or follow along on

Twitter at https://twitter.com/


Up until recently, this has been no easy

task. The majority of places have made no

provision at all for allowing dogs to

accompany you, and so, invariably, you

have had to leave them at home. They're

not happy about that, looking up at you

with their sad "oh no, not again" eyes as

you close the front door. And you probably

haven't felt too good about it either. Well,

the good news is, it's all starting to change

out there, and dogs are at last - not just

being tolerated in public places like pubs,

hotels and at local attractions - but actively

being encouraged. The trouble is, how do

you identify which ones these are? You

can't just turn up with your hairy hound in

tow and hope for the best, can you? Not to

worry; for readers of this magazine, help is

at hand...

Sophie and Poppy sniffing out another dog

friendly location at Spot In The Woods,

Boutique B&B, Kitchen Cafe and Deli.

Forget Sherlock Holmes, Poirot and all the

rest. There's a new investigator at large

and causing quite a stir round these parts,

and it's "The Dog Friendly Detective."

Devoted to sniffing out all the places that

you can reliably visit with your four-legged

companion and actually be welcomed. This

unique detective scours our area looking

for clues to the location of dog-friendly

haunts. From hotels to cafes, from shops

to restaurants, our intrepid DFD is putting

them all under the magnifying glass and

taking a very close look to identify whether

they really are as dog-friendly as they say.

And it's dead easy to access these unique

If, despite The Dog Friendly Detective's

best efforts, you still have to unavoidably

leave your dog out of your activities on

occasions, then the detective can fix that

too, as she's also the mastermind behind

Sophie's Pet Care® and Sophie's Dog

Holidays, the area's leading dog and cat

care experts. You can contact them on

01425 262100 or online at

sophiespetcare.com and


So, whether you want bring your dog into

your life, or occasionally leave them out,

they've got you covered! Perfect.

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Your Local Independent Travel Agent

Come to us for our Personal Service and Experience

We aim to make your holiday planning as stress free as possible!

Tel: 01590 644 899


78, High Street, Milford on Sea

T: 01590 750063 M: 07501 636064

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Atlantic Canada is made up of various islands

and land masses off the North East Coast of

Canada. It has 43,000 kilometres of dramatic

coastline stretching across four provinces;

New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador,

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

For people wanting nature at it’s finest and

most rugged this is a perfect place to explore.

All four provinces offer quality wildlife

viewing excursions, ideal for nature lovers

and photographers. You can spot puffins,

moose, black and brown bears, deer, caribou

and more.

Whale watching is a major draw to Atlantic

Canada. The Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia

attracts a variety of whales including

humpbacks, minky, pilot, fin and the

endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.

Dolphins, sharks, seals and seabirds are also

seen on tours from Cape Breton Island.

New Brunswick has over 50 beaches to

choose from and it has the warmest saltwater

beaches in all of Canada. These beaches are

perfect for spotting shorebirds or combing

the tidal pools in search of ancient fossils.

TRAVEL guide

Atlantic Canada: A perfect

Discovering Place to Explore Seville :

both traditional A beach Wonderful holidays and hiking City

trails and costal driving trails that highlight

the islands

ecosystems. A

stop at Basin

Head to hear

the singing, or


sands is a must.

Getting around

Atlantic Canada is easy, car hire in Canada is

cost effective and the roads are good but to

get around the vast distances and there are

internal flights with WestJet and Air Canada

which fly between the many airports in the


Flights go direct to Montreal from London

which is a nice start to your holidays for a

couple of days or you can fly direct to Halifax

with Air Canada or with no frills airline


To enter Canada, UK citizens need an

Electronic Visa (eTa) which we are happy to

help you with at Milford Travel if you book

your trip with us.

The best time to visit Atlantic Canada is early

Summer to late Autumn, the winters are

harsh here but beautiful on a sunny day.

Prince Edward Island has jagged red

sandstone cliffs, stunning costal drives and a

beach with ‘singing sands’. The Island offers

If you are interested in a trip to Atlantic

Canada or anywhere else in the world please

contact us at Milford Travel on 01590

644899, email us at enquiries@milfordtravel.com

, visit our website at

www.milford-travel.co.uk or pop into our

shop on the High Street, Milford on Sea.

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Do you feel overwhelmed by too many

options and nervous about expensive


Do you know which upgrades will add

value and which won’t?

Or……... are there just not enough hours

in the day?

Whether you are looking for a single pair of

curtains, a new kitchen, bathroom or a total

refurbishment, we have the knowledge and

experience to assist. At No 19 can help to

make the most of your home with stylish

practical solutions, tailored to your taste and

pocket, either using existing furnishings or

starting afresh, to create a personal space

tailored to your unique needs. We are happy

to work with your preferred tradespeople or

supply our own, with or without full project


We are well known for our close attention to

detail, friendly personal service and ability to

see things through from concept to


You do not have to be wealthy to utilise the

services of an interior designer, but you do

have to be wise – professional guidance can

avoid costly mistakes and assist in ‘getting it

right first time’. With our free of charge

consultation within a 10 mile radius of

Lymington, there is nothing to lose by giving

us a call.

Contact Val Plummer

T: 01590 641804 M: 07767 342542

E: val@atno19.co.uk W: www.atno19.co.uk

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Our Cover page Designer

Lesley De Gruchy

My heart sunk at the beginning of the year

when I went to visit Lesley at Beach Hut ‘n

Boats to find an empty shop. A sigh of

relief shortly followed when I saw the note

- “We have moved!’

For those of you who haven’t discovered

Lesley’s shop, you are missing a treat. The

colours alone that meet you are sure to

brighten any day. It’s a place that just

makes you smile.

I met up with Lesley to find out more

about her designs:

What is your best selling product?

I am asked this so often. It’s hard to say, as

most of my products believe it or not, have

a season. However, tea towels are always

a very popular and useful item that sells all

year round

How did you first start your business?

I originally started selling at my local

farmers and craft market in Jersey, in

2007. My work became more and more

popular and by 2009 I realised I had turned

my craft into a part time business. It was

2010 when I finally plucked up the courage

to take my business live.

Have you made any bespoke


Yes, all the time. I am constantly asked to

design or make items for boats, camper

vans, as well as items for the home.

What are the most

the unusual things

you have made?

I guess boat

cushions, as they

are all very

different in shapes

and sizes. However,

I love to design where I can. For example

my peg bag is the shape of half a boat that

can be worn as a bag or fixed directly to

the washing line.

So have you won many awards and what

were they for?

Yes, I have been very lucky to have won 3

awards over the years. It’s tough, as there

is a lot of excellent competition out

there. The awards given were for ‘Useable

Design’ these were for the boat peg bag I

just mentioned, Cushi cube, door stops,

lavender bag, pot mitt amongst other

items. I continue to design pieces for the

shop. I love thinking outside the box.

You can visit Lesley at

Beach Hut 'n Boats

Ashley Lane, Lymington,SO41 9AN

E-mail : beachhutboats@gmail.com

Web: www.beachhutboats.com

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9 99 High Street, Milford-on-Sea, SO41 0QF






Tel: 01590 644933



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1. Bestselling novel by

Peter Benchley (4)

4. Insignia used by the

medical profession


8. Front limbs of an

animal (8)

9. Run competitively


10. Administrative

capital of Bolivia


11. Stiff hair (7)

14. New World vulture


16. Symbol, logo (6)

18. Ablution facility (7)

20. Freight (5)

23. Cogwheel (4)

24. New Year's Eve in

Scotland (8)

25. Publican (8)


26. Slender doublereed

instrument (4)


2. Hawaiian greeting


3. Attendant on an

aeroplane (7)

4. Musical notation

written on a stave


5. One who runs away

from service in the

armed forces (8)

6. Substance used to

make cheese (5)

7. Strainer (5)

12. Caustic washing

solution (3)

13. Checkerboard

game for two

players (8)

15. Female

reproductive cells


17. Swaggering show

of courage (7)

18. Ring-shaped

bread roll (5)

19. Equine animal (5)

21. Dung of sea-fowl,

used as manure


22. Fit of shivering or

shaking (4)


Each letter in this puzzle is

represented by a number

between 1 and 26. The

codes for three letters are

shown. As you find the

letters enter them in the

26 18 15 25 7 26 7 26 10 11 12 6

18 8 23 24 18 6 22

25 22 25 7 25 10 12 15 10 9 4 8

19 26 6 10 8 26 25

24 4 6 21 6 20 10 5 22 4 22 3

7 16 3 19 18

4 22 26 6 15 15 25 24 26 6 9


7 6 8 15 4

24 12 10 26 6 10 25 8 2 26 6 22


8 15 22 22 22 15 1

17 22 6 12 26 9 4 8 14 4 9 6

6 7 6 7 25 11 7


22 10 26 25 15 6 4 22 13 6 21 26

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5.5 BILLION Plastic bottles are landfilled, littered or

incinerated every year in the UK.

Introducing the Quooker CUBE - ‘The tap that does it all’

The only true all in one tap—Hot/Cold/Mixed/100c Boiling/Filtered/ Sparkling water



www.iceinterior.co.uk TEL: 01590 675675

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Perfect Plastering & Plumbing

Home Improvement Specialist

New walls/ceilings plastered

DIY disasters

Repairs for decorating

Plasterboard and partition walls

Plastering & Artex

Plumbing problems

New bathroom suites supplied/fitted

New en-suites & cloakrooms

Wall & floor tiling

Painting & decorating

Kitchens installed

Replacement taps, radiators

For a free estimate, from a local, friendly

professional, no job too large or small,

evenings & weekends at no extra charge.

Call Mike 01590 643546

07970 484 579


• Foggy, misted, broken double

glazed units replaced in UPVC

& aluminium

• Door & window locks

• Hinges & handles

• Patio rollers

• Upgrade to energy efficient glass

• Fire escape hinges

• Draughts & leaks

• Perished window & door rubber


• Cat flaps & letter plates

• Supply and install windows, doors

and conservatories

• Local family business

• Fully insured

• Established 35 years

07500 110 464

Email: pauldgd1@gmail.com

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Food served 12 noon - 9.30pm

Large garden & play area

Families Welcome

Well kept real ales

Dogs welcome

Sunday roasts

Lots of character

Comfy sofas

Open fires

Great welcome

Home cooked food

Excellent selection of wine & beer

Part of The Hare & Hounds, Sway

88 High Street, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington SO41 0QE

Tel: 01590 644414

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Mat Watson Property Services

For all your property needs

Fences - Sheds - Jet Washing

General DIY - Gutter Cleaning

Gardening & Hedge work

Interior & Exterior Painting

Flat pack Furniture

01425 620678 07712 641714


Ocean Cars & Milford Cars

Long Distance Specialist

Available in Milford-on-Sea

Airports | Docks | Stations | Hospitals

Saloons, Estates, MPVs and 7 - Seater

No Hidden Charges

Lady Driver available on request

Hampshire Travel Vouchers acceptable

Telephone - 01590 678 325


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The Old Clock House - 22 High Street - Milford-on-Sea - Hampshire - SO41 0QD

Parish Clerk: Graham Wells Asst. Parish Clerk: Sarah Pitt

Tel: 01590 644410

Website: milfordonsea.org.uk Email: milfordpc@btconnect.com

MOS2—Local Plan Review 2016 -2036

Milford-on-Sea Parish Council was

represented at the public consultation in

early July hearing, to examine the

evidence involved in the District Council’ s

proposal to include site MoS2 for

development as part of its emerging local


MoS2 has been put forward by New

Forest District Council with a

recommendation for 110 houses to be

built on this site which borders the B3058

opposite the school, Manor Road and

Barnes Lane. This development forms part

of the 10,500 new homes which the

District is required to supply during the

period 2016 – 2036 and which will replace

the current local plan which compelled

Milford-on-Sea to supply 30 houses; a

requirement which has now been

completed with the addition of an extra

12 dwellings on the School Lane site.

Parish Councillors informed the Inspector

that its basic conviction is that the Manor

Road site is inappropriate for development

on the grounds that loss of more Green

Belt land would be a huge blow for the

village, that the village infrastructure -

roads, parking, sewerage could not cope

with a large increase in housing and that

August/September 2019

this development on the edge of the

National Park was inappropriate and

detrimental to the Park. It was also

pointed out that 90 new bungalows had

appeared without any need for planning

consent on the former Carrington Park

caravan site (now called Solent Grange),

that 9 new houses were being constructed

in the centre of the village off the

Keyhaven Road, so the village’s

contribution to new homes within the

local plan has largely been met. Vitally,

neither of these developments carried an

obligation for the affordable housing that

the village needs.

It was made clear to the Inspector that the

village feels cheated of the opportunity to

build the affordable houses that are

required and which the School Lane site

should have provided. It was made clear

that the Village therefore has no faith that

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


the target of 50 per cent of new homes on

the Manor Road site should be affordable

will be honoured.

Pennyfarthing, who already own part of

the Manor Road site and have an option to

purchase most of the rest, was also

represented at the hearing. The parish

Council was shocked to hear that the

developer wants to develop the land with

170 dwellings in defiance of the NFDC’s

proposal for 110. NFDC was adamant that

it would not condone any more than 110

homes. The District Council’s spokesman

made a compelling argument for what

would be a relatively low density and

which will include much ‘buffering’ and

efforts to create a ‘sylvan’ environment

aiming to respect the rural location. So,

pressure is expected from the developer to

increase the number of dwellings on this

site and one can only hope that, if the

Inspector determines that MoS2 will

remain within the local plan as a

development site, NFDC will be constant in

its stance that it is not prepared to

compromise on any greater number.

The Parish Council will continue in its

efforts to support appropriate

development, to fight inappropriate

development and will strive to supply the

affordable housing that the village needs

for local people.

MOS1 Land North Of School Lane

Following the decision of the Planning

Inspector to uphold the appeal by

Pennyfarthing Homes to build 42 homes

on the MOS1 site, Land North of School

Lane, the developer has issued details of

how the scheme will progress.

Subject to County Council Highways

agreement and the result of archaeological

surveys, work will commence on 23rd July.

The developer is aiming to complete the

car park/ school drop off area to the north

of the site and associated footpath to the

school during the August in order to have

this completed for the start of term in

September. In addition, all site traffic is

scheduled to end the northern part of the

site with no site traffic coming through

School Lane and no deliveries taking place

during school run times.

Following discussions with the Parish

Council, Pennyfarthing has confirmed

allotments will be comply with national

size guidelines and the open space area

will also be complicit with guidelines or

soft landscaping so that it will be properly

levelled and drained. On top of this, the

proposed play area will consist of informal

equipment such a wooden trim trail,

tunnels, mounds and so on. The Parish

Council has requested this area be fenced

off in order to protect from incursions by

dogs. Both the Pennyfarthing and the

Parish Council will continue to press for

better traffic control at the Everton

junction but recognise this may be subject

to the outcome of MOS2 Local Plan

Review, as discussed earlier. The timescale

for the completion of the development is 2


Speed Indicator Device Up & Running

You may have noticed the new SID (Speed

Indicator Device) purchased by the Parish

Council, at various spots around the village.

To date, it has been sited near the primary

school, on

Cliff Road

and also

Park road.

As well as

flashing the speed of vehicles to their

drivers it is also colleting data on speeds

and times of day. These numbers will be

analysed by the Parish Office to see if

patterns emerge. We will publish this data

in future editions.

36 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

Community Meadow Picnic

The opening of the new Community

Meadow took place with picnic at the end

of June. Lots of people turned up and

enjoyed a pleasant couple of hours in the

sun, enjoying the sunshine. New raised

beds, a sensory planting scheme and new

paths have all been designed in order for

everyone in our community to be able to


Crisp Packet Recycling at the Parish Office

Continuing the work to make Milford-on-

Sea Plastic free, the Parish Office has been

designated a crisp packet recycling point.

You can bring your empty crisp packets

(any brand) into the office from where they

will collected and sent off to recycling

facilities, saving them from going to landfill

or being incinerated.

Parish Council Chair Bob Bishop thanked

the efforts of the Milford Conservation

Volunteers and Milford Gardening Club

and the input of the Dementia Group and

Little Explorers Nursery, who have all

contributed to this lovely tranquil space.

Photo: Keith Metcalf

Hurst Road Toddler Playpark Upgrade

Following last year’s

extension to the play

facilities on the sea front

at Hurst Road, the Parish

Council is now looking at

options to upgrade the

existing toddler facilities

sited there. It is hoped

that some new pieces of

equipment will be

installed over the next

few months to replace

worn items. Watch this

space for more details in the next edition.

In addition, the local Brownies and Guides

conducted another Beach Clean in early

July and a community-wide beach clean is

set for Saturday 21st September, at

10.30am by the Needles Eye Café -

everyone is

welcome and

equipment will be

provided. Pop the

date in your diary!

Village Green events

Here’s a round up of what is happening on

the Village Green over the coming months:

17th & 18th August—Art on the Green

10th & 11th November—Remembrance


If you would like to book the Village Green

and/ or Phone Box for your event, contact

the Parish Office.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Hedge Cutting On Parish Council Land

At a recent Forward Planning meeting, the

Parish Council

agreed to a plan

to reduce all

parish Councilowned

hedges to

4 feet in height.

The plan will start

to be rolled out

over this second half of the year.

Cornwallis Commemorations a huge


Friday 5th July saw Milford-on-Sea step

back in time, with the National Service of

Commemoration for Admiral Sir William

Cornwallis, Milford resident who died 200

years ago. Cornwallis played an key role in

preventing a French invasion during the

Napoleonic Wars but despite his

achievements he was a modest fellow and

requested that he was to be largely

forgotten after his death, with no memorial

on his grave at All Saints’ Church. Fast

forward to the present day, when Georgian

Naval Interest group the 1805 Club

contacted the Milford-on-Sea Historical

Record Society to try and track down

Cornwallis’ last resting place. With the

help of the MOSHRS, the grave was located

and repaired and the two organisations,

and supported by the Parish Council

amongst others, planned a

day of commemorations for

the whole village to enjoy.

In addition, a new Heritage

Trail leaflet, illustrated by

local artist Shaun Stevens has

been produced. The leaflet is

available from various

outlets in the village and

beyond, including the Parish

Office, Village News, Library,

Hurst Marine and Community Centre. The

trail highlights various key places and

people in Cornwallis’ life and will help

locals and tourist alike discover Milford’s

role in Georgian naval History.

We are pleased to highlight a few of the

key moments, captured by local

photographer Paul French from Southpoint

Films, to remember the day.

Royal Navy

parade & Sea

Cadet band




the news

of the

victory at


Cornwallis’ Grave

New stained glass window at All Saints’ Church

Next meetings

Planning - Monday 5th August, 2nd

September, 7th October.

Parish Council - Monday 19th August, 16th

September, 21st October.

Village Hall, Park Lane at 6.30pm. Agendas

available 5 working days in advance.

38 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

Milford’s Florist for all Occasions


Do 07901 951034

Contemporary & Traditionally

Designed Arrangements

01590 641001

33 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

Geoff Dunk DipPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER) Independent Financial Advisor

• Retirement Planning

• Savings & Investments

• Portfolio Design & Management

• Pensions Freedoms & Annuities

• Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

• Long Term Care

• Equity Release

• Protection

Initial meeting without charge or obligation

We make the complex simple.

Clear, unbiased and independent advice for every stage of your life.

T: 01590 636472 | M: 07540 334688 | E: gd@ifa-affinity.co.uk

W: www.ifa-affinity.co.uk

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Number 457234. The value of investments may go down as

well as up. Investors may lose some or all of their money. The FCA does not regulate taxation and trust advice or will writing.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


40 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

Mark Jones: 07900 800050

01590 674532

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cj skyvac is a gutter clearing business in the New Forest, that offers a

high quality service. We also offer an optional cleaning service.

An on-board camera is used, so nothing is left behind.

We use a powerful, free

standing, gutter clearing

machine, with a reach of

up to 12metres high.

Clearing is done safely from

the ground, so no need for

scaffolding and ladders.

Modern Terrace: £65

Town House: £65

Standard Detached: £80

Large Detached: £90+


Garages & Carports:

Attached: £15 each

Detached: £20 each

Contact Christopher

M: 07900 53 55 44

E: cj.skyvac@gmail.com

W: www.cj-skyvac.co.uk

42 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

WILDLIFE MATTERS ……... to all of us


Gardening with wildlife in mind is easy and

lends itself perfectly to busy or lazy gardeners

like me!

If you want a pristine garden with no weeds, a

neatly manicured lawn and lots of back

breaking work, then this challenge is definitely

not for you! However, if you don’t mind a

scruffy bit of garden that is unbelievably good

for wildlife, then I shall show you just what you

need to do.

1.The ‘Lazy Gardener’ Challenge: Our

collective and greatest challenge to help bring

wildlife back to our gardens is to do little or

even less than that! Weeding and tidying are

not on my gardening agenda, so take a rest and

let your garden ‘go wild’!

2. Lawn Challenge: Don’t mow your lawns as

often or, preferably, consider simply cutting a

meandering grass pathway through it and see

the wildflowers thrive. You won’t be surprised

at how quickly they grow but I think you will be

pleasantly surprised at the variety of colour

and this will attract pollinators (bumblebees)

back to your garden.

3. Hedgehog Tunnel Challenge:

adjoining fences to allow hedgehogs to roam

along these wildlife corridors. Indeed, ask your

neighbour to speak to their neighbour on the

other side to see if they would do the same.

How many consecutive gardens can you link

together to create your wildlife corridor?

4. Swift Box Challenge: With the decline of

many aerial summer birds, why not attach a

Swift Box under the eaves of your property?

For just £15, MCV will supply you with a

suitable wooden swift box that you simply need

to mount on your wall. The most impressive

thing about Swifts is that they do not defecate

as they leave their nest boxes, unlike House

Martins which do leave rather a mess!

My final challenge is:

5. The Nettle Challenge: I can already hear you

say, ‘oh no, not nettles in my garden!’ Well,

you will be surprised when I tell you that over

40 species of bugs that love a nettle patch.

Don’t relegate it to a shady corner. Find a

bright sunny position where they will provide

early spring food for ladybirds. In late summer

the nettles will develop large quantities of seed

for House Sparrows, Chaffinch and, if you’re

lucky, the beautifully colourful Bullfinch. Small

Tortoiseshell and Peacock butterflies and Small

Magpie and Mother of Pearl moths are also

likely to be attracted.

When did you last see or hear a live hedgehog

roaming your garden? He/she could be merrily

munching away on all those slugs for which we

have all, at some time or another, been guilty

of putting down pellets so harmful to our

wildlife. So no pellets, no upturned jam jars

and no steep-sided ponds for our hedgehogs to

fall into and drown.

Speak to your neighbour and ask if they mind

you putting a hole in the bottom of your

If you can’t bring yourself to take up all five

challenges, try one or two and know that you

have done your bit for wildlife.

Further information from:

Keith Metcalf – MCV Conservation Officer

(01590) 645825 or (07771) 918449 or email



Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


44 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

to protect it from future rising sea levels or

storm events. Over the summer months

there are various planned live theatre and

music events and children’s holiday




Something you may not know about

Hampshire County Council is that it owns a

number of beautiful country parks and

visitor farms and exciting children’s

outdoor activity centres, open to the

public. The council has worked hard over

the past few years to develop and improve

these assets, transforming how they are

run, and, in so doing, has succeeded in

making them self-funding.

Lepe Country Park in Exbury is the nearest

park for those living south of the New

Forest. The ‘Lepe Loop’ provides a

picturesque walking route for visitors who

can then enjoy lunch or a coffee in the

stylishly designed new cafe building. The

Lookout café was recently rebuilt on ‘stilts’

A little further at Bursledon is Manor Farm,

a working visitor farm with animal fields,

hatchery, milking stall, Victorian school

room, deer hide, wildlife meadow, pond,

play area and café, amongst many other

interesting traditional rural experiences for

children and families – or indeed for

anyone! As a bonus, the picturesque River

Hamble Country Park is right next door, for

you to enjoy on the same day if you wish.

You can also book a BBQ party on site!

I have made it a goal to visit all Hampshire

County Council’s country parks this year. If

you are looking for things to do or places

to visit during the summer months, why

not plan to visit some of them yourself and

get to know the spectacular wider county

of Hampshire a little better. Full details on

the link below or phone 0300 555 1375 to

find out more.


Cllr Fran Carpenter

Hampshire County Councillor

New Milton North, Milford & Hordle

(01425 614665 / 07867 502624


Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Call on 07496 570387 or 01590 615566

46 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts






The New Forest’s leading, family run,

garden centre, offering you the quality

and choice from our own 25 acre


Whether you’re looking for bulbs & bedding or

trees & shrubs, we are sure to have something to

suit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff are

always on hand to help and advise.

If it’s a gift you are after, then why not come along

and browse our houseplants or gift area. There are

lots of lovely ideas.

And after all that shopping rest awhile in

Camellias with a slice of cake and a cuppa, or

even one of our home cooked lunches.

Everton, nr. Lymington, SO41 0JZ

Tel: 01590 642155


Tel: 01590


19 Lymington

Enterprise Centre

Ampress Lane


SO41 8LZ


enquiries@ johncoopercarpets.co.uk

48 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

In the Garden

with Alan Edmondson of

Bowercot Garden Design


Gardening Tips

• Disbud chrysanthemums if large blooms are required. Prevent earwig damage by smearing

Vaseline around the stems.

• Remove growing tips from tomato plants about the middle of the month to encouraging the

ripening of the fruit.

• Many shrubs can be propagated from cuttings of semi-ripe shoots detached with a heel of

older wood.

• Dahlias must be fed regularly. About the middle of the month change the feed to a high

potash one.

• Keep the vegetable garden well weeded to avoid competition between them and your


• If you have grown wallflowers from seed, remove their growing tips to encourage good

bushy plants.

• Fix grease bands around the trunks of apple trees to avoid future problems from winter


• Towards the end of the month seed of hardy annuals can be sown in the greenhouse. They

will produce early flowering plants for the greenhouse or very large plants for planting

outside in the spring.

• This is a good time for moving any trees and shrubs that are not suited to their present

position. Water them in well.

• Reduce the watering and feeding of your houseplants and transfer plants which like plenty

of light to a south facing window.

• If you have bare patches in the lawn, cut out the area of turf, fill with sieved soil and firm

gently. Sow seed at a rate of about 2oz per square yard.

• Put in plants of spring cabbage; also any late winter cabbages savoys or kale.

• Prepare storage places for apples and pears.

• Give hedges their final cut. New evergreen hedges can be planted from about mid-


Alan Edmondson of Bowercot Garden

Design, Lymington, is a regular

contributor to BBC Radio Solent’s ‘The

Kitchen Garden’ formerly ‘The Good Life’.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Ellis & Co

Independent Broker

offering sound advice for

Commercial, Liability, Household,

Motor and Property insurance


Elgars Court, 17a High Street

Lymington, Hants, SO41 9AB

Authorised & regulated by the

Financial Conduct Authority

01590 673382



Margaret Clarke

Chartered Certified


Personal Taxation

Pensioners a speciality

Home visits if required

Local resident

Tel: 01590 642689



The Village News

Traditional Newsagent

Mark Cummings & Family

National Lottery Outlet - Newsagent

Local Information Point

Open Mon - Sat: 6.30am - 5.00pm

Sunday: 6.30am - 1.00pm

74 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

01590 645595

50 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk


3rd AUGUST 2019

2pm – 5pm

27th of July to 10th of August, 2019

Milford Hospital

League of Friends

Garden Party +

Strawberry Cream Tea

in Milford Hospital


Admission £1

Opening Daily: 10.00 am - 5.30 pm

Sundays 11.00am - 5.30 pm

Last Saturday 10am - 4.00 pm



Happy to help!

for transport to medical appointments

Call 01590 641700

World’s biggest Coffee Morning

Everton & Lymore Social Club

27th September 10.30-12.30

Apart from tea, coffee and cakes there will

be a few fun games, side stalls and a raffle.

Further details: Kathy McClure:

01590 641055

Milford Hospital

League of Friends

every Tuesday

9am - 1pm at

Milford War

Memorial Hospital

Friendly and


Donations gratefully


Phone: Anna

01590 643376

or Wanda 07815


Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


September 16th - Anthea Streeter

“Thomas Heatherwick: Outstanding

British designer of acclaimed

buildings and constructions”

For more information about joining,

call our Chairman Mark Gussin:

01590 381786


For those on their own At MILFORD BAPTIST CHURCH

2nd Friday of each month To book please call 01590 645800

the week before

Milford on

Sea Youth




T:01590 644861


Community Centre. Time:

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Mondays for Seniors aged 13

to 16

Tuesdays for Juniors aged 10

to 13.Activities include: table

tennis, football, badminton,

games console, cooking,

craft, dance, painting and


Milford on Sea Community Panel News

In July, members of the Panel

heard about the plans to

introduce a community minibus

for the benefit of residents of Milford, Everton,

Keyhaven, Downton and Lymore. A meeting to

launch the Milford Minibus project

was fixed for July 20 th at 10am in

the Community Centre. Many local

organisations are signing up to using the bus.

Everyone’s help is needed, both young and old,

to plan what the minibus is used for and to get

the project up and running. If you would like to

get involved or find out more about the

project, contact the Project Coordinator: Ivan

Chandler ivan@ivanchandler.com

Lip reading classes - Please see page 59 for

more details or contact Christine Luxon 01590

719 286 or alecluxon@hotmail.com

The Dementia Action Group

(DAG) have been raising funds to

support their work. Have a look at

their website:

www.milfordonseadementia.co.uk It gives

information on support and activities in the

village for people affected by dementia, their

families and carers. They also run free

information sessions for organisations,

businesses and families and friends of people

affected by dementia. Contact Lesley on 01425

614981, lturnnidge@yahoo.co.uk

Milford on Sea Befrienders All

our Befrienders and Befriendees

matched so far are quietly

getting on with being Friends and some very

positive relationships are developing, with both

sides reporting huge benefits and

improvements in their lives. A great success! If

you feel you would like to join us as a volunteer

to become a Befriender or would appreciate an

hour or so a week of company for a cup of tea,

an outing or a game of cards, please get in

touch. It can make a world of difference so

why not give it a try, there is no obligation

either way. All our volunteers are fully vetted

and trained, and Milford Befrienders is

registered as part of the Hampshire County

Council Good Neighbours scheme.

Contact: Steve Anderton on 01590 637088

or befrienders@steveanderton.com

The next meeting of the Panel is on Sept 3 rd at

6pm in the Community Centre Café. It is open

to anyone interested in the community, and

any local voluntary organisations. If you are

interested in the work of the Panel, please

contact Jenny on jenny@whitleyonsea.net

52 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk


Sun 18th Aug:


for sale (weather dependent)

Sat 31st Aug:


Souvenirs/Cards will be on sale All

Saints’ Church Hall 10am-4pm

Thurs 19th Sept: Ticket event

QUIZ NIGHT, Keyhaven Yacht Club 7pm

Everton Rambling Club

Merv : 01590 642509


Contact Mervyn for walk details


Tues 13th 10.30am

Thur 29th 10.30am


Tues 10th 6.30pm

Thur 26th 10.30am



Sunday August 4 th sees the return of the

Lymington Spectacular

and Classic Car show to

Woodside Park in


This year 280 Classic Cars have booked in.

The Food Village has a choice of food from

over 20 stalls and of course there is the

Pimms and Ale marquee. The music stage is

headlined by Zac and the Zeros and the

Lymington Town Band. There will be lots of

entertainment for children including a Fun

Fair, Punch and Judy and Magic Jack. The

Fun Dog show and the Car Boot will be there

as will over 50 Trade and Charity stalls. This

is a day out for the whole family with arena

entertainments including the Ringwood Pipe

Band and the ever popular Birds of Prey.

There is more information at


Allied Services Trust (AST)

Contrary to public opinion, your next of

kin does not have an automatic right to

access your accounts unless you have

given them legal authority in the form of

a Lasting Power of Attorney. An LPA can

also give your loved-ones the right to

have a say in your health and welfare if

you cannot make decisions yourself.

AST is a locally based charity who can

draft LPAs on a not for profit basis for

those that do not have the means and

offer further discounts for those most in


Allied Services Trust can be contacted on

01590 644073 or


Milford-on-Sea Dementia Action Group

Everton & Milford

Activity Group

We provide entertainment & afternoon tea,

for people in the south of the New Forest.

Milford Community Centre 9 Sea Road, Next

meetings 2 nd Thurs of each month 2-4pm

We are a friendly group who welcome people

living with dementia, their carers, family &



Run entirely by


volunteers, so we

ask for

£2 per person


From Sandy

01425 610122

or Joan

01425 623263


Tues Aug 6th: Passports, Assassins,

Traitors & Spies—Martin Lloyd

Tues 3rd Sept: 50 Years in TV

Production—Roy Norton

Milford-on-Sea Community Centre, Sea Road,

2 p.m. Visitors £3.

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Milford Green Club

is part of the Brendon Care group, a charity

which runs clubs for older people in

Hampshire and Dorset.. We meet twice a

month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday afternoon

at 2.00 pm at the Community Centre.

We have speakers on a wide range of

subjects, interspersed with the occasional quiz

afternoon. The cost is £4 per session. We

always end with tea and cakes. Please contact

me for further information:


Lunch Club Milford on Sea Methodist


lunch club

If you live on your own then you will be

most welcome

12.30pm: 2nd & 4th Thursday in each month

To book your place or for more details

please call Margaret on 01590 641189

Bridge Club

We meet twice a week at the Baptist Church

Hall, Wayside Close, Barnes Lane.

Mondays: 1.45pm to 5pm

Wednesdays: 6.45pm to 10pm.

Everyone welcome.

Terry Kirkpatrick at:-



Health Walks Milford on Sea

Do join us for a free, led, group walk lasting

up to 90 minutes. Our walks are designed

to encourage wellbeing, whilst enjoying the

company of others. The group meet at the

Community Centre Café, Sea Road, Milford-

On-Sea SO41 0PH on Fridays at 10.15 am.

Information: www.cfnf.org.uk/healthy-walks

Marcella House Tel:02380 841341

Or just turn up on the day: Fridays 10.15am

Milford Floral Art Club

8th Aug: Outing to floral art &

design show

12th Sept: Demonstration by graham

king, Floral madness

Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd

Thursday of each month 1.30 for 2pm at

All Saints’ Church Hall

McLellan Hall, Lymington Community

Centre, 7pm for 7:30 start Visitors most

welcome. Contact 01425 613684

or visit: w.railwayclubofthenewforest.org

Sept 27th: The Railways of Sweden, Alan


Parkinson’s UK New Forest

01590 672951 Meet at Boldre War Memorial

Hall in Pilley 3rd Thurs of each month 2pm -

4.30pm (except December)

Gentle Chair Based Exercise

For Parkinson’s sufferers Tuesday 10.30am

Contact Roni: 01590 688 887



Milford Community Centre

7.30pm, Doors open at 7pm

August—No meeting

September: 18th : Container bulbs for a

year of flowers

Our programme for the year can be found

on our website


Sheila Quinney 01590 641867

54 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

Milford Community


OPENING TIMES : Mon., Tues., 2-30 – 5

pm. Wed., Thurs.,

Fri., 10am. – 12.30pm.

Summer Reading Challenge :

July 13 th – 15 th September (see below)

August :

Wed. 7 th Aug - Draw a Space Picture/ Write a

Space Story 10am. – 12.30am. Free activity

for Children.

Tues. 20 th Aug. – Milford Community Reading

Group 1.30 – 3.30 pm.

Wed.28 th Aug. - Draw a Space Picture/Write

a Space Story 10am. – 12.30pm. Free

Activity for Children.

September :

15 th September – Summer Reading

Challenge finishes.

Tues. 17 th Sept. – Milford Community

Reading Group – 1.30 – 3.30pm.

Tues.24 th Sept. – After School Storytime -

3.30 - 4pm.

Wed. 25 th Sept. - Tea and Quiz 2 – 4pm. £3

Incl. Refreshments.



This year’s Summer Reading Challenge takes

place in Space, in celebration of the 50 th

Anniversary of the first Moon Landing!

Join us all Summer for space related activity

sheets, 2 drawing/writing mornings on 7 th

and 28 th August, and lots of lovely books to

read and share.






The annual Lymington Seafood Festival is

gearing up for a weekend of gastronomic

delights with over 90 local artisan producers,

live music and some of the region’s top chefs in

the demonstration kitchen. With its stunning

Solent backdrop, Bath Road Park hosts the free

two-day festival which takes place on Saturday

10 th and Sunday 11 th August and this year they

are raising money for Lymington’s RNLI.

An estimated 12,000 people attended last

August and with an even greater array of

seafood stalls set to attend there’s plenty to get

those taste buds excited about! Gin lovers can

gravitate towards the Conker Spirit Bar or

perhaps a glass or two of Exton Park’s award

winning English sparkling wine? The

Portsmouth Distillery Company will be unveiling

their newly crafted local rums and Ringwood

Brewery on hand for all ale lovers.

The demonstration kitchen will once again be

led by ‘God Father of Seafood’, Chef Patron

Alex Aitken from the Jetty in Christchurch. He’ll

be will be joined by a dazzling line-up of

talented chefs including Matthew Whitfield

who has recently taken up the reins at the

Montagu Arms, Luke Matthews from Chewton

Glen and Gordleton Mill’s head chef, Ian Gibbs.

The festival also welcomes back 2016

Masterchef winner Jane Devonshire.

With over 150 different dishes including lobster

mac n’cheese, scallops, cockle popcorn, soft

shell crab, shrimp burgers, mackerel, gurnard

and oysters…..there’s no chance of leaving

hungry! With live music across the weekend

including soul, blues, rag-time, pop and rock

classics to get the crowds up dancing. All set to

magnificent views across the Solent estuary the

weekend is becoming one of the south coast’s

leading festival for foodies.

Gate open 11am – 8pm Saturday and 11am –

6pm Sunday. Parking is available at Woodside

Park, about 15-20mins walk to Bath Road and is

£5 all day.

For more information visit


Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Samaritans Purse is an

international relief and

development organisation that

works through local churches to

demonstrate the love of God amongst

communities in Africa, Eastern Europe and

Central Asia. Operation Christmas Child is

an initiative whereby shoeboxes filled with

a selection of items are sent overseas &

distributed to needy children.

I will be once again holding workshops in

All Saints’ Church Hall on 16 th & 30 th Oct &

13 th Nov 2-3pm when we will fill

shoeboxes. Leaflets detailing the items

required are available from All Saints’

Church, the local newsagents and the

community centre.

Please come to the workshops armed with

any empty shoeboxes, Christmas wrapping

paper and lots of goodies (Toothpaste &

Sweets can not be sent). It also costs £5 per

box for transportation costs. All donations

gratefully received

Beverley Smith 01590 643427

Milford Historical Record


Thurs 26th Sept: Our Ancestors &

their lives in Dorset

All Saints’ Church Hall 7.45pm (doors open


For more information please contact:

Christopher Hobby 01590 645164

Milford - on - Sea

Whist Club

We meet every Thursday

at the Village Hall, Park

Road. Doors open: 1.45pm Play starts:

2pm.It costs £2 for the scorecard

Why not come along and join us for a


Linda Cooper 01590 644571


Oh, no, ….. it’s not …..??

Oh, yes, …..IT IS !!

The 2020 Milford on Sea Village Pantomime is

being prepared for launch in January 2020…..

A read-through of the panto script (…it’s behind

you!) will take place at the Community Centre

on Sunday, 15 th September 2019, at 3pm.

Please come along if you’re interested in taking

part, or to discuss further contact –

Brenda Evans 01590 641641,


Milford on Sea Recorded Music Society

Sept 13th: Random Memories,

Margaret Grant

Sept 27th: John Beaumont

Further information please contact Andy

Clark: 01590 643249 or David Scourse 01590



Village Hall, Park Road on Thursdays

10.30am - 12 noon

Coffee, friendship & a warm welcome.

Donations to Naomi House

We meet to make lace & chat about what is

happening in the lacemaking world.

Sept 6th, 2 – 4pm £3 per session

Barton-on-Sea Methodist Church Lounge,

Cliffe Road, Barton-on-Sea, BH25 7PA

Contact: Jackie Barton 01425 620334

56 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

Downton Holiday Park Ltd

Quality range of holiday homes to rent, close to sea and forest.

Stay in an Exbury, Forest, Sway or Oak holiday home, sleeps from 4 to 8 people.

Pet friendly holiday homes also available.

Open 1 st March to 30 th November for long or short breaks.

Shorefield Road, Milford-on-Sea SO41 0LH T: 01590 642515/01425 476131

E: downtonoffice@btconnect.com W: www.downtonholidaypark.co.uk

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


Nursing Home

01590 648000


Nursing Home

A higher ratio of qualified nursing staff to

ensure the very best 24 hour nursing care


Excellent cuisine from our award winning chefs


Residents enjoy regular and stimulating

activities and outings provided

by our dedicated team


Warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere


Ambulance and wheelchair transport available

St. George’s


Home Care

01590 644258


Home Care

Personal Care (including bathing,

showering, toileting & dressing)


Cleaning, laundry & shopping


Meal preparation


Companionship and Support


Assistance with appointments,

outings and social events


Night visits, sleep-ins & live-in care

De La Warr Road, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, SO41 0PS



01590 615181

07502 338725


Please call Martyn for an appointment

Latest technology

Speech enhancement

Noise suppression

Affordable in the ear aids

Free home trial before you buy



Martyn Bowles RHAD MSHAA

58 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk



Challenging to keep up with

conversations and

feeling isolated due to hearing loss?

A lip reading class is a positive step to

overcoming the impact of hearing loss.

Can you hear me? Can I hear you?

Are you a 1 in 6 or 5 in 6?

How often do you wonder if the person

you are talking to can actually hear

you? In fact, surprisingly, 1 in 6 people

have hearing loss.

Deafness is such an isolating disability, for

speech is a key element in our lives. This

can be so difficult in some of our

gatherings: a big meeting or a group of

friends chatting over coffee - anyone with

hearing loss can quickly feel really isolated

and withdraw.

The good news is that everyone can help

to reduce this sense of isolation. Those of

us with hearing loss can learn new skills,

and those with clear hearing can learn to

support the others by speaking more

clearly and slowly, facing the person

directly etc.

Since March 2018, classes have been held

on Friday mornings in All Saints’ Church

Hall led by Caroline Court a lively Lip

Reading Tutor and 43 students have been

to classes. The lessons bring plenty of

laughter and students feel more confident:

some stay for one or more terms, others

are soon beginning their 5 th term.

‘I came to lip reading classes and now….

I’ve met a lot of people who understand.’

‘Lipreading lessons have shown me how to

help myself’

I was really isolated until going to

lipreading classes gave me the confidence

to face the world, and the people in it!

‘At lipreading lessons people really LISTEN

to you. We all get a chance to have our


Face me


Come to the point

‘Lipreading classes gave me back my selfesteem’

‘I am far more confident in asking for help

when I haven’t heard something’


Cover Your Mouth Turn away Whilst Talking

Classes restart on October 11th, with a

special Taster session September 13 th at

11.15 am. All Saints’ Church Hall

Please contact for details: Christine Luxon

01590 719286 or alecluxon@hotmail.com

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts


• Gas Boiler Servicing

• Same Day Repairs

• Central Heating System Upgrades

• Gas Appliance Installations & Repairs

• Bathroom/Shower Installations

• Tiling

• Landlord Safety Checks


• Solar & Renewable Heating Installations

Free estimates and advice

W: www.pablake-heating.co.uk

E: info@pablake-heating.co.uk

T: 01425 622138

M: 07710 451565

60 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk


Emergency Services

Emergency police, fire,

ambulance, coastguard,



Gas escapes

BT Fault Line

Southern Water


Rail Enquiries

Morebus (was Wilts & Dorset)

National Express

Council & Government

Milford Parish Council


NFDC Emergency Service

Hampshire CC

NF National Park


Police - Non Emergency, Anti -

Social & Neighbourhood issues


MP Desmond Swayne

Forest Animals

Forestry Commission

Traffic Accidents


All Saints’ Church Hall bookings

All Saints’ Church Office

Citizens Advice Bureau

Community Care Group

Community Centre

Community Centre Box Office


Milford Library

Milford Health Centre

(Out of Hours)

New Forest Advice Network

NHS Direct

NF Disability Info


Tourist Information

Trading Standards

Verderers’ Office

Village Agent

Village Hall

Youth Club



Oakhaven Hospice

Southampton General

Romsey Hospital

Royal Bournemouth

Royal South Hants

Princess Anne


105 (all suppliers)

0800 111 999

0800 800 151

0800 820 999

03457 48 49 50

01202 338 420

08717 81 81 81

01590 644 410

02380 285 000

02380 285 250

03005 551 375

01590 646 600


0800 555 111

01425 629 844

02380 283 141


07561 806 196

01590 644 992

03444 111 306

01590 641 700

01590 643 404

01590 644 861

01425 629 009

07950 941 818

01590 643 022


01425 628 750


01425 628 750

08457 90 90 90

01590 676 769

03454 04 05 06

02380 282 052

01590 645 404

01590 642 779

01590 643 786

01590 663 000

01590 670 346

02380 777 222

01794 834 700

01202 303 626

02380 634 288

02380 777 222

Pollyanna Salon

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts

Expert hairstyling &

service guaranteed


Tuesday to Saturday

104 High Street, Milford on Sea

Tel 01590 642101


For Home PC & Laptop users

Want to get more out of

your home computer?

Computer repair, upgrades

and tuition

T: 0784 103 1464

E: david@f1computersolutions.co.uk

W: f1computersolutions.co.uk

62 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk


of Pets in Your Will

We are a nation of pet lovers with

approximately 12 million households

having pets with 51 million pets owned.

They are part of the family and very

important to us, so it seems right we

should give them some consideration

when it comes to preparing our Wills. So

what can be done to look after them after

we are gone?

Pets are considered personal chattels, and

can therefore be left to a beneficiary in

your Will. You can either name the pet that

you have or make it apply to any pet that is

alive when you die.

You should consider who you want to look

after your pet. It can be left to a particular

person or to an animal charity. Pets cost

money and you should consider whether

you wish to leave a sum of money to the

beneficiary in order to be able to provide

for your pet. The sum of money can be

made conditional in that the beneficiary

will only receive it if they undertake to look

after the animal.

It would be wise to consider putting in a

substitute beneficiary also to ensure there

is someone able to take on the

responsibility. The life span of your pet and

the age of the beneficiary should be

considered also.

Kerry Richardson

If you did not wish to name a specific

beneficiary, you could leave your pet to

your Executors along with a Letter of

Wishes detailing how you would wish the

animal to be dealt with. This leaves more

options open to the Executors at the time

of your death.

Alternatively, your animal could be left to

an animal welfare charity with a request

that the charity find a suitable home.

Your pet could also be included in a

Discretionary Trust with the residuary

estate again with a Letter of Wishes. This

would give the Trustees flexibility to decide

who should look after your pet.

We can talk you through all of the above

options and your initial Will appointment.

If you concerned about these issues,

Heppenstalls can help

you explore the issues in

a friendly and informal

way. If you would like to

make an appointment, or to talk to our

team about this article, please contact us

on 01425 610078 or 01590 689500.

enquiries@heppenstalls.co.uk enquiries@heppenstalls.co.uk

75 75 75 High High High Street, Street, Lymington 01590 01590 689500

75 High Street, Lymington 01590689500

www.heppenstalls.co.uk www.heppenstalls.co.uk

82 82 82 Station Station Rd, Rd, Rd, New New New Milton. Milton. 01425 01425 610078

82 Station Rd, New Milton. 01425610078

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts





We offer free no obligation quotations for any work including:

Extensions - Alterations - Plastering & Decorating - Kitchens - Bathrooms

Groundwork - Brickwork - Roofing - Electrics - Plumbing

Need help with plans? We can help with this as well


T: 01425 837950

E: paulbeltonconstruction@gmail.com

64 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk

•Fire escape hinges

•Security advice &


•Draught & leaks

•Local family business

•Fully insured

Technician: Iain Frampton

E: doubleglazingrepairuk@gmail.com

M: 0790 965 4025 T: 023 8073 1884

W: www.doubleglazingrepairuk.com


Double Glazing Repair UK are proud members of



Professional and Affordable

Quality Assured

Free Estimates and Advice

Interior and External

Fully Insured

Reliable Team

No job too small

01590 643 516

07901 808 722

LLPD Local Lady Painter & Decorator

Catherine Perham

14 Kivernell Road Milford-on-Sea

Conservatory Erectors



Established 1971







7 High Street, Milford-on-Sea

Tel: 01590 642261

Please mention The Village Voice when responding to adverts





Date When Event & Description Where

1st to 10th Milford Art Group Exhibition of Paintings All Saints' Hall

2nd 1pm First Friday Lunch: Royal British Legion Community Centre

3rd 2-5pm Milford Hospital League of Friends Garden Party Milford Hospital Gardens

4th 10am MCV : Task Day Sturt Pond Bird Hide

4th 5.30pm Glyndebourne Cinema Season: The Magic Flute Community Centre

6th 2pm U3A: Passports, Assassins, Traitors & Spies Community Centre

8th Milford Floral Art Club: Outing (contact secretary) Floral Art & Design Show

8th 2pm Milford Carers' Café Community Centre

8th 7pm Milford Folk Club: Singers' Evening Community Centre

16th to 26th Splinters Art Exhibition Community Centre

17th to 18th Art on The Green Village Green

16th 8pm Blues Night: Reverend Robert Community Centre


Fastnet race. RNLI Souvenirs for sale

21st 7pm People's Poetry Community Centre

21st 7.15pm New Forest Organ Society: David Thomas Community Centre

23rd 8pm Jazz Club: 5* Swing Community Centre

29th 7.30pm Comedy Club Community Centre

31st 10am Model Boat Show. RNLI Souvenirs/cards for sale All Saints' Hall

31st 5pm Summer Opera Evening: Carmen Community Centre


General Knowledge:

Across: 1 Jaws, 4 Caduceus, 8

Forelegs, 9 Race, 10 La Paz,

11 Bristle, 14 Condor, 16

Emblem, 18 Bathtub, 20

Cargo, 23 Gear, 24

Hogmanay, 25 Licensee, 26






Down: 2 Aloha, 3 Steward, 4

Clef, 5 Deserter, 6 Curds, 7

Sieve, 12 Lye, 13 Draughts, 15

Ova, 17 Bravado, 18 Bagel, 19

Horse, 21 Guano, 22 Ague.



















































49 High Street Milford-on-Sea






Maureen & Paul Holland

Tel: 01590 641882

66 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk


Date When Event & Description Where

1st Fr. 10am Artisan Market Community Centre

1st 10am MCV : Task Day, Rhododendron work Gate 12 Pless Road

2nd 7pm Milford Movies: Fisherman’s Friends (12A) Community Centre

3rd 2pm U3A: 50 Years in TV Production Community Centre

3rd 6pm MOS Community Panel meeting Community Centre

3rd 7.15pm New Forest Organ Society: Chris Powell All Saints' Hall

6th 1pm First Friday Lunch: Community Hospital, League of Friends Community Centre

7th 2pm Lymington Town Band Community Centre

8th 2pm Screening: Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake Community Centre

12th 2pm Milford Carers' Café Community Centre

12th 2pm Milford Floral Art Club: Demonstration All Saints' Hall

12th 7.30pm Folk Club: Claude Bourbon Community Centre

13th 2pm Relaxed Screening: Fisherman’s Friends (12A) Community Centre

13th 11.15am Lip Reading taster session (page 59)

All Saints’ Hall

13th 2.30pm Milford Recorded Music Society Library

13th 7pm Milford Movies: All is True (12A) Community Centre

14th 7.30pm A Million Dreams' charity concert in aid of Oakhaven Community Centre

15th 3pm Village Pantomime: Read Through of script Community Centre

16th 10am The Arts Society All Saints' Hall

16th 10am Around and About Italy Community Centre

18th 7.30pm Milford Gardeners' Club: Container Bulbs Community Centre

19th 7pm RNLI Quiz Night Keyhaven Yacht Club

19th 7pm Screening: Rigoletto on the Lake Community Centre

20th 7pm Quiz Night Community Centre

21st 10.30 Beach Clean - All Welcome Needles Eye Cafe

24th New Forest Organ Society: Dinner & Concert South Lawns Hotel

25th 7pm Out of a Hat Community Centre

26th 7.45pm Milford Historical Record Society All Saints' Hall

26th 7pm NTLive!: One Man, Two Govnors Community Centre

27th Fr.10.30 Macmillan Cancer : Coffee morning event

Everton & Lymore Social


27th 2.30pm Milford Recorded Music Society Library

27th 8pm Jazz Club Community Centre

28th 7.30pm The Dolly Show Community Centre

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St Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, Park Lane, Milford-on-Sea

Sunday Mass: 9am Weekday Mass: Wed 10am


All Saints’ Church, Church Hill, Milford-on-Sea


Fridays 10.30 am Holy Communion


4th: 8am Holy Communion,9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am Morning Worship, 6pm Compline with

prayers for Healing

11th: 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Holy


18th: 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am Morning Worship. No Evening Service/


25th: 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Family

Communion, 6pm Evening Service


1st: 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am A-Live, 6pm Holy Communion with prayers

for Healing

8th: 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Holy Communion,

6pm Evensong

15th: 8am Holy Communion, 9.15am Tea & Toast,

10am Morning Worship, 6pm Evening Service

22nd 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Family

Communion, 6pm Taiz Reflective Service

29th 9.15am Tea & Toast, 10am Harvest Festival,

6pm Christians Together Community Centre, Sea


Milford-on-Sea Methodist Church,

108 High St, Milford-on-Sea


Morning Worship every Sunday at 10.45 am

Minister – Revd Martin Keenan

Sunday 4 th August 10:45 am - Holy

Communion - Revd Martin Keenan

Sunday 1 st September 10:45 am – Holy

Communion - Revd Martin Keenan

Sunday 29 th September 10:45 am – Harvest

Festival – Mr Tony Coghlan followed by

Harvest Lunch

Sunday 29 th September 6:00 pm –

Ecumenical service at the Village Community

Centre (including prayers as part of National

Prayer Weekend)

WAYFARERS: Bible Study/Discussion Group

– first Monday of each month at 10.45 am

meeting at the church.

LUNCH CLUB: Second and fourth Thursday

each month at 12:30 pm

Milford-on-Sea Baptist Church,

Barnes Lane, Milford-on-Sea


(01590) 645469

St Mary’s Church, Branwood Close, Everton



Minister – Revd David Hellsten

Sunday Services (Children Welcome)

4th: 10am Holy Communion


11th: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Morning 4 th 10.30am Geoff Coop (with Communion)

Worship , 6pm Evensong

11 th 10.30am

18th: 10am Holy Communion. No Evening Service/ 18 th 10.30am Jenny Yates


6.00pm Communion

25th: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Family Service 25 th 10.30am Dudley Andrews



1st: 10am Holy Communion, 4pm Family Tea 1 st 10.30am (with Communion)

8th: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Morning

8 th 10.30am


15 th 10.00am

15th: 10am Holy Communion

22 nd 10.30am Harvest Thanksgiving

22nd: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Harvest Family 29 th 10.30am, 6.00pm United Church

Service, 5.30pm Harvest Praise

Service in Community Centre

29th: 8am Holy Communion, 10am Family Service Lunch Club on the 2 nd Friday of each month

for those on their own. To book please


phone 01590 645800 the week before.

To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk


• Misted & broken units replaced

• Broken hinges & handles

• Patio door rollers

• Locks for windows & doors

• Upgrade to energy efficient glass

• Fire escape hinges

• Perished window & door rubber

gaskets & seals

• Cat flaps & letter plates

• Supply & fit new windows, doors

& conservatories

• Fully insured

Please call Vinny for a free, no obligation quote

T: 023 8084 2288 M: 07802 657 771

E: hampshirewindowservices@gmail.com

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Margaret Clarke 50


Extension Design 50

Plan it Design 47


Sears 7


Coastal Bathrooms 8

Flair Interiors 40

Ice Interior 31

Lentune Property Services 41


A Warne Property Maintenance 4

Ancient & Modern 45

Mat Watson 34

NF Home Improvements 24

Paul Belton Construction 64



St George's 58


Andrew Day 45


John Cooper Carpets 48

Lymington's Carpet Store 26


New Forest Carpet Clean 26


Buffet Belle 39


Mr Sweep 32


FI Computers 62

Paul Wood 19


Bailey Decorating 34

Calico 24

Catherine Perham 65

Décor Aid 41

Payne & Sons 22

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Dorset Denture Clinic 44


Ellis & Co 50

Highcliffe Dental Practice 71 INTERIOR DESIGN

Solent House 44


At No 19




Double Glazing Specialist 32

Alice X 10

Double Glazing Repair 65

Time & Tide 18

Evergreen Home Solutions 4 LOCKSMITH

Hampshire Window Service 69 New Milton Locksmith 3


B&R Electrical Ltd 24


Pennington Mobility 58

Browning Electrical 61 NEWSAGENT


The Village News 50

Collins & Butler 57


Hayward Fox 29

New Forest Cottages 28

Hordle Explorers Nursery 16


Affinity 39


OvenU 61


New Seasons 39


Kait's Canine Care 10


Tapper Funeral Service 69

Sophie's Pet Care




Picture Perfect

Christchurch Garage Doors 65



Harfield Motors



Mike Thomas 32


Bowercot Garden Design 48


First Choice Plumbing 41

Everton Nurseries 48 Mike Thomas 32

Gardenworks 47 P.A. Blake 60

Jeremy Arnold Gates 42 Stephen Harris 12



South Lawn Hotel 18

All About You 7

The Smugglers 33


Holland's 66



CJ Skyvac 42

Dagless & Whitlock




New Forest Drive Clean 60 TAXI


Pollyanna 61

Ocean Cars




Ally Brown Reflexology 20

Downton Holiday Park

Milford Travel



Active Nation 14


Home Hearing 58

The Natural Health Hub 17

Street & Parker 47

Tusei Bella 20


The Solent Cellar 10

70 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 The Orange Stick 562358 Nail Company or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk


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72 To advertise call 01590 643969/07801 562358 or e-mail info@lymingtondirectory.co.uk