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Cove School gives students with learning

disabilities education they deserve

The Cove School provides

highly individualized

education and life strategies

for students with complex

learning disabilities.

For over 70 years, Cove

has believed that every

child, given the appropriate

support, accommodations

and time, has the potential

to learn, grow and

flourish. The Cove School

has changed lives and built

futures for countless students

and their families.

A private K–12 day

school in Northbrook,

Cove is a national leader

in learning disability education,

a special education

center approved by

ISBE to serve students

with Learning Disabilities,

Speech and Language Disabilities,

Other Health Impaired

(OHI), Emotional

Disabilities and Traumatic

Brain Injury (TBI).

Cove’s dual purpose is

to provide students with

customized learning strategies

to complete an academic

curriculum and to

facilitate the development

of their social, emotional

and self-advocacy skills.

This approach creates a

space for students to build

the self-confidence necessary

to make a successful

transition to their community

schools or to make

post-secondary choices.

While serving nearly

170 students from over

50 school districts each

year, Cove limits class

sizes to no more than 10

students per class. Cove’s

118 staff members range

from unit-level teachers

to clinical support-minded

specialists, such as speech

and language pathologists,

social workers, reading

teachers, occupational

therapists and more.

At all unit levels, Cove

provides individualized

“whole child” education,

implementing robust programs

in STEAM, art, music,

drama, PE, transition

services and more. In the

classroom, Cove integrates

cutting-edge research into

every aspect of its instructional

methods, including:

• 2, 3 & 4Year Olds Pre-School Programs

• Full Day, Partial Day, Full Time and

Part Time Programs

• Preschool For All

• Researched-based Curriculum

• Fine Arts Programming

• State CertifiedTeachers

• Meals Included

A school-wide executive-functioning


embracing the

development, growth and

utilization of students’ E.F.


Orton-Gillingham, a

proven multi-sensory approach

to reading, incorporated

into every reading


Neurobiological understandings

of core cognitive

processes, matching methodologies

to each student’s

learning attributes.

Cove parents, teachers

and specialists work handin-hand

to ensure the best

possible educational plans

for students. When students

arrive at Cove, they

immediately feel the dif-

Please see cove, 9

Register today. Call



LFA enters new

era of globalism

This year, Lake Forest

Academy is proud to welcome

José De Jesús as the

Academy’s 30th Head of

School. De Jesús was born

in Puerto Rico and migrated

to New York City

with his family when he

was 6 years old. Over the

past 31 years, he has been

a student, teacher and administrator

in independent


He was most recently

the head of the upper

school and a history teacher

at the Packer Collegiate

Institute in New York City.

He earned a bachelors

degree from Wesleyan

University, a masters degree

in history from Tufts

University and a second

masters degree in private

school leadership from the

Klingenstein Leadership

Program at Teacher’s College,

Columbia University.

De Jesús began his official

duties on July 1.

LFA’s community will

also greet over 100 new

students from Chicago’s

suburbs, across the United

States and many different

countries around the globe

this fall. No matter where

they call home, students

at the Academy are committed

to excellence, possess

a curiosity about the

world, and are excited to

learn in a diverse school


The Academy’s focus

on globalism stretches

far beyond the make-up

of the student body. The

school places the utmost

importance on helping its

students become better

global citizens. Whether

in the classroom, on service

trips, traveling with

a class, or spending a year

abroad, LFA students are

encouraged to widen their

horizons both figuratively

and literally.

In addition to standard

and individualized coursework,

LFA students have

the unique opportunity to

work with veteran filmmakers.

Last year, LFA

was featured in “The

Global Generation,” a film

produced by LFA former

trustee and Hall of Fame

member Mike Leonard ‘66

and Executive Producer

of Leonard Films Mary

Kay Wall. The film aired

on Chicago’s WTTW

channel on Oct. 25, 26

and 27, 2018. Throughout

the year, Leonard and

Wall held academic sessions

on various aspects of

filmmaking and provided

individual evaluation of

student work. Other students

participated through

interviews, musical contributions,


operation, and technical

assistance. A second edition

of the documentary is

currently in the works.

As LFA students develop

new skills and build on

their interests, they work

closely with their college

counselors at the Academy

during junior and senior

year to create college

lists, attend workshops,

and work on their college

applications. LFA’s Class

of 2019 will matriculate

to 75 colleges and universities

in 23 states and

five countries. Visit www.


for more details about

LFA’s college counseling


For more information

about LFA’s admissions

process and academic program,

visit www.lfanet.

org. LFA’s fall open house

will take place on Oct. 6.

Registration for campus

tours, information sessions

and shadow days can be

completed at www.lfanet.


Submitted by Lake Forest

Academy, 1500 Kennedy Rd.,

Lake Forest, IL, 60045, (847)

615-3210, lfanet.org.

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Woodlands Academy

prepares tomorrow’s

global leaders with

global education today

As aptly stated by the

Brookings Institution,

“The challenges that face

the world today — from

global poverty and climate

change to financial

systems and conflict —

require globally-minded

solutions. Global competency

skills are necessary

so that young people can

invent a future that appropriately

addresses global


Additionally, research

shows that students who

learn about global issues

are more than twice as

likely to see the importance

of personally taking

social action. Global learning

encourages awareness

and critical thinking about

issues such as poverty, climate

change, religious and

cultural differences, world

trade and politics.

Graduate of Woodlands

Academy of the Sacred

Heart Julie Bateman was

inspired to help solve

global challenges because

of the experiences of

her Rwandan-born high

school best friend who

was forced to flee her native

country because of the

country’s cruel past. After

receiving an engineering

degree from University of

Michigan, Bateman spent

two years at Vayu Inc.,

a company dedicated to

delivering vital supplies

anywhere, anytime using

drone technology. The

company spends a great

deal of time working in

Africa. This is just one

of the many examples of

Woodlands alumnae applying

the global competencies

they learned to

make a difference.

Woodlands graduates

are uniquely qualified

to understand and solve

challenges of global significance

thanks to the

school’s long-standing tradition

of global education

and commitment to social

justice. Blending traditional

classroom learning with

opportunities for meaningful

community service

and global experiences,

Woodlands Academy educates

tomorrow’s global

leaders. The Center for

Global Studies equips students

to navigate through

and flourish in a rapidly

changing global landscape

by preparing each student

with essential global competencies.

As a part of the worldwide

network of Sacred

Heart Schools that spans

the United States and 40

other countries, internationality

is a part of

the school’s DNA; the

school’s international exchange

program dates to

the 1930s. Founded in

1858, Woodlands Academy

is an independent,

Catholic, college preparatory

day and boarding high

school for young women

of all faiths. The school’s

identity is rooted in Saint

Madeleine Sophie Barat’s

desire to inspire young

hearts and minds to excel,

to lead lives of integrity

and to serve. By empowering

girls to lead, compete,

engage, and explore,

Woodlands Academy empowers

girls to change the


Submitted by Woodlands

Academy of the Sacred

Heart, 760 E. Westleigh Rd.,

Lake Forest, IL, 60045, (847)

234-4300 woodlandsacademy.org.


A Joyful Education

Serving Children Ages 1-14

Call for a Tour

Forest Bluff School is an internationally renowned, AMI-accredited

Montessori School, serving children between the ages of 18 months

and 14 years. A Forest Bluff School education provides students

with hands-on learning opportunities that encourage discovery and

exploration, honoring the innate curiosity that resides within every child.

Contact Lynn Lillard Jessen at 847-295-8338,

or info@forestbluffschool.org to set up your tour today


8 West Scranton Avenue, Lake Bluff, Illinois | 847-295-8338

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Lake Forest Country Day School dedicated to inspired teaching

Located on more than

30 acres of property,

Lake Forest Country Day

School offers programming

for students aged 2

through eighth grade and

provides a rich and diverse

educational experience

grounded in rigorous academics,

arts, athletics and

social-emotional learning.

Drawing students from

more than 35 local communities,

students across

all grade levels have access

to engaging learning

spaces that include two

Outdoor Classrooms, a

2800-square-foot Innovation

Center, a newly renovated

gymnasium and a

reimagined Performing

Arts Center that was transformed

just last year.

Highlighted by a better

than 7:1 student/faculty

ratio, an LFCDS education

sets the stage for a bright

future in secondary school

and beyond, with 20 percent

of LFCDS graduates

attending colleges and

universities ranked in the

top 20 by U.S. News and

World Report.

“Teaching and learning

are not by rote here,”

head of school Joy Hurd

said. “The classrooms,

technology offerings, laboratories,

art spaces and

playing fields all serve as

vital staging grounds for

a rich program, designed

to prepare LFCDS graduates

to be compassionate,

independent thinkers with

a strong sense of personal

integrity and intellectual


An integral part of the

LFCDS Experience is the

strong public speaking

strand embedded in the

school’s curriculum beginning

with the youngest

students. Learning the

skills required to be a good

audience member in first

STEP builds to extensive

opportunities to present in

front of increasingly larger

groups and culminates

with the Robbie Bermingham

Speaking Competition

in which students in

grades five through eight

research, write, revise

and present a five-minute

speech on a topic of their

choice. During the course

of their time at LFCDS,

students develop their ability

to express themselves,

take risks in a nurturing

environment, and cultivate

the self-confidence to present

to large audiences.

LFCDS faculty and staff

live the school’s mission

with unparalleled dedication.

Whether for an open

house, a Special Speaker

Series lecture or an individual

campus tour, visitors

to the School experience

the palpable warmth and

caring that is a hallmark of

the LFCDS Community. In

short, Lake Forest Country

Day School fosters an environment

in which students

feel empowered to dream,

try new things, take academic

risks and achieve at

their highest level.

“Research estimates that

60 percent of the jobs our

students will fill have yet

to be created,” Hurd noted.

“Our ultimate goal at

LFCDS is to graduate students

who are able to think

critically, self-advocate,

persevere when faced with

a challenge, create and

communicate in innovative

ways and interpret the

world around them. The

School endeavors to help

each student craft a durable

foundation that will

provide them with greater

opportunities to pursue

their passions and make a

difference in the world.”

This year, LFCDS was

named 22nd Century Media’s

Best Preschool and

Best Private K-8 Grade

School on the North Shore,

and Better’s Best of 2019


“We are deeply honored

by this recognition,” Hurd.

“These awards are a direct

reflection of the partnership

between our families

and the faculty in delivering

the School’s mission

of inspired teaching, academic

rigor, attention to

individual needs, and a

commitment to responsible


To learn more or to

schedule a tour, please call

(847) 615-6151 or visit


Submitted by Lake Forest

Country Day School, 145 S.

Green Bay Rd., Lake Forest,

IL, 60045, (847) 234-2350,


Rochelle Zell Jewish High School



Sunday,November 3, 2019 • 1:00 -3:00 p.m.





At The Cove School, students with complex learning disabilities receive direct support

to make and maintain authentic peer relationships. Cove’s leading-edge instructional

methodologies, including classroom ability-grouping, allow students to feel at home

within alearning environment. With over twenty-five after school activities, monthly

social events and limited class sizes, Cove gives students the opportunity to find the

community meant for them.

Join us for an Open House at The Cove School on

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Please RSVP to mditthardt@coveschool.org

1095 LakeCook Rd, Deerfield • 847.470.6700 • www.rzjhs.org

Apartner with the Jewish United Fundinservingour community.




350 Lee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062

847.562.2100 • www.coveschool.org

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Forest Bluff School fosters independence in joyful learning environment

At Forest Bluff School,

an internationally renowned


Montessori school in

downtown Lake Bluff,

students between the ages

of 18 months and 14 years

experience the joy and satisfaction

of a self-directed

learning approach that

honors their innate curiosity,

encourages independence

and respects the

individuality of each child.

A Forest Bluff School

education focuses on the

child’s skills for discovery

and exploration through

hands-on learning opportunities

at every age. The

child-centered instructional

methods allow students

to take ownership of their

learning and provide students

with the skills and

confidence to take risks,

challenge themselves, and

embrace their “failures” as

learning opportunities.

Forest Bluff School students

begin developing

their independence in the

youngest of classrooms,

where they are given the

opportunity to choose their

own work, ranging from

practical life skills such as

preparing food and setting

a table for a communal

meal to painting, sewing

and arranging flowers. As

they progress through the

years, students take on

greater responsibilities,

such as creating daily and

weekly work plans, coordinating

small-group field

trips to supplement their

classroom research and

participating in service

learning trips that require

detailed planning and

preparation, all of which

the Secondary Level

(ages 12-14) students do

themselves. By allowing

children the freedom of

choice in their learning at

every age, a Montessori

education allows children

to be the primary agents

in developing their own

intellect and character,

an experience that is both

profound and joyful for

Forest Bluff students.

As a true Montessori

school, we support the

development of the whole

child. Students at Forest

Bluff School not only exhibit

academic excellence,

but also the many qualities

that constitute positive

character development:

empathy, integrity, grit,

resilience, responsibility,

initiative, self-discipline,

self-reflection and respect

for themselves, others and

the environment.

Graduates of Forest

Bluff School achieve excellent

records at public

and private high schools,

large and small, local and

national. Recent graduates

have gone on to attend

Lake Forest High School,

Lake Forest Academy,

Woodlands Academy, St.

Paul’s School and Phillips

Exeter Academy, among


Every member of the

Forest Bluff School faculty

holds a Masters degree

and is AMI Montessori

certified. Our experienced

and dedicated teachers

work closely with one

another, sharing their wisdom

and best practices for

supporting all students in

their quest for knowledge,

understanding, and genuine

human connections.

Forest Bluff School recognizes

the importance of

building strong relationships

with the families it

serves. As such, we maintain

close communications

with parents on an ongoing

basis through our Parent

Education programs that

include book discussions,

Parent & Baby classes (for

children under 18 months),

guest lecturers and more.

Adults and children alike

benefit from the supportive

and welcoming parent

community at Forest Bluff

School. For more information

or to schedule a

tour, please contact Lynn

Lillard Jessen at 847-295-

8338. For practical parenting

suggestions, read our

blog at forestbluffschool.


Submitted by Forest Bluff

School, 8 W. Scranton Ave.,

Lake Bluff, IL, 60044, (847)

295-8338, forestbluffschool.


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Countryside Day School continues to fill niche in community

Countryside Day School, a

renowned institution in Northbrook

for more than 50 years,

continues to fill a niche in the

educational market by providing

students 16 months through

eighth grade with an unique

learning experience that emphasizes

not only rigorous academic

studies but also the development

of critical character skills

essential for success not just in

school, but more importantly in

life. Countryside is committed

to working in partnership with

parents to help young people become

more than great students

but also exceptional adults.

Faculty at Countryside understands

education in a broader

and deeper context than conventional

schools. Teachers

see school as an internship to

adulthood in which students develop

a strong sense of agency

and empathy. Countryside students

feel a deep responsibility

to make a contribution. This is

accomplished in classes that

are “micro-societies” designed

to emulate real life, with mixed

ages, the expectation to take

initiative, permission to follow

interests which develops deep

concentration and an intrinsic

love of learning and room to

learn that failing is necessary

in order to accomplish great


This great work is also accomplished

with uniquely strong

one-to-one student-teacher relationships

where teachers do

more than offer academic content

but also serve as mentors to

their students. Teachers’ knowledge

of each individual student

is one of the most treasured aspects

of the Countryside experience

by both students and parents

alike. It is also what makes

the role of teaching so inspiring

that Countryside Day enjoys

very little teacher turnover.

The final piece of the Countryside

success strategy is a

close working relationship with

parents in which faculty share

observations of their students,

seek information from parents

about what they see at home,

and make recommendations regarding

parenting based on the

expert, collective experience of

master teachers. The CDS faculty

is keenly aware of the changes

in culture that are impacting

children and families and how

these changes are affecting the

development of young people.

The mission of Countryside

Day School is to provide an

education that assists students

in developing the qualities of

respect, responsibility and resourcefulness

so they become

great students and exceptional


Countryside’s website, countrysideday.org,

is a great place

to start your research, but families

say, without exception, that

it is a visit to the classrooms

themselves that reveal the unparalleled

and awe-inspiring

educational experience. Parents

are encouraged to schedule a

personalized tour anytime.

Submitted by Countryside Day

School, 1985 Pfingsten Rd., Northbrook,

IL, 60062, (847) 498-1105,


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Montessori School of Lake Forest sees unique potential in each student

Montessori philosophy

sees each child as a unique

individual, with magnificent

potential that is all

their own. It emphasizes

learning through handson

experience, utilizing

all five senses, not just listening,

watching, or reading.

Children learn at their

own pace and according

to their own choice of activities

from hundreds of

possibilities. Learning is

an exciting process of discovery,

leading to concentration,

motivation, selfdiscipline

and a life-long

love of learning.

During the first three

years of life, the brain absorbs

and processes more

information than at any

other time in life. Children

are born learners, but

need the right environment

to grow, learn and

unlock their full potential.

The Montessori School of

Lake Forest offers a weekly

Parent — Infant program,

which provides just

such a place to begin. This

is an educational resource

for parents and children

as they begin to explore

the larger world, with the

support of a Montessori

trained Director.

As children start to interact

with their peers and

develop their language

and movement skills, they

are preparing for the learning

opportunities of the

MSLF Toddler Program.

This program maximizes

the development of young

children through meticulously

prepared environments.

The Montessori

trained Toddler Directors

conduct carefully planned

activities which lead the

Toddler age child to build

sensory-motor skills, high

self-esteem, inner security,

and abiding habits of


Starting at age 3, Montessori

classrooms group

children across three-year

age spans. Each child

moves through periods

of being the observer, the

participant and the teacher.

Older children help

younger children learn,

which reinforces their

own knowledge. Younger

children admire their older

classmates and eagerly

anticipate the day when

they too will have enough

knowledge to act as role

models. MSLF provides

the caring, supportive

and prepared atmosphere

that promotes the development

of responsibility,

collaboration, and cooperation.

Continuing the multiage

classroom into the elementary

years, students

now strive for intellectual

independence. While following

their interests and

passions, they naturally

collaborate with others,

and self-direct their efforts

creating an atmosphere of

intellectual rigor, experimentation

and challenge.

By the time these MSLF

students complete the elementary

cycles, they are

well prepared to meet the

challenges ahead of them

in middle-school and succeed,

academically, socially

and emotionally.

MSLF’s approach emphasizes

the development

of the whole child and

encourages academic and

character development

equally. Curricula at each

developmental level are

broad and deep. Our standards

exceed the Illinois

State Board of Education’s

requirements, and

students thrive at every

level. MSLF alumni go

on to succeed at renowned

high schools, universities,

post-graduate institutions

and workplaces.

Our programs include

Parent-Infant, ages 0 to

15 months with caregiver,

complimentary; Toddler,

15 months to 3 years; Primary,

3 to 6 years; Lower

Elementary, 6 to 9 years;

Upper Elementary, 9 to 12

years. Full Day and Full

Year Options are available

Monday through Friday

7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Montessori School

of Lake Forest (MSLF) is

currently enrolling in all

programs, with immediate

openings in our new Toddler

classroom, for children

ages 15 months to 3

years, and children ages

3 to 6 in our Primary program.

Please come visit

our school to learn more.

Please call us at (847)

918-1000 or email admissions@mslf.org

to arrange

a visit.

Submitted by The Montessori

School of Lake Forest, 13700

W. Laurel Dr., Lake Forest,

IL, 60045, (847) 918-1000,


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Why do families choose Rochelle

Zell Jewish High School?

At Rochelle Zell Jewish

High School, we nurture the

whole student — academically,

spiritually, physically

and socially. Our mission

is to create a culture of

academic excellence that

inspires and prepares our

students to think critically,

achieve their full potential

and live Judaism as responsible

and involved citizens

in the modern world.

Rochelle Zell Jewish

High School is committed

to an intellectual and spiritual

environment in which

questions, critical thinking,

experiences and relationships

are at the center

of our Jewish and secular

general studies curricula.

Teachers at Rochelle Zell

come to know their students

as multi-dimensional

human beings. The close

relationships that form

between them contribute

to students’ confidence in

their ability to advocate for

themselves and for others

in high school, in college

and beyond.

RZJHS offers students

an exceptional college preparatory

curriculum that

includes honors and AP

classes in all subject areas

as well as a comprehensive

Jewish studies curriculum.

The dual curriculum is supplemented

by strong athletic

and fine arts programs

and numerous extracurricular,

social and leadership


Rochelle Zell alumni are

bright and articulate young

women and men who have

enrolled at the nation’s leading

colleges and universities.

They are well rounded

and confident and possess a

strong sense of values and a

commitment to making the

world a better place.

Visit us at www.rzjhs.

org or find us on Facebook

and Instagram.

Submitted by Rochelle Zell

Jewish High School, 1095

Lake Cook Rd., Deerfield,

IL, 60015, (847) 470-6700,


School of St. Mary develops

students’ unique gifts

The School of St. Mary

is committed to the development

of the unique gifts

of each child: spiritual,

intellectual, physical and

emotional. In a supportive

atmosphere, students are

challenged to academic excellence

and provided with

the knowledge and skills

necessary for future success.

In an atmosphere that

deepens Catholic values,

students pray and worship

while focusing on responsible

decision-making and

cooperation. Faith development,


academic achievement and

responsibility prepare our

students to be leaders with

high integrity. We accomplish

this mission in a partnership

with cooperative

parents, highly qualified

faculty, as well as supportive


Many factors contribute

to the excellence of

the School of St. Mary.

Our students benefit from

a rigorous, differentiated

academic curriculum. Faculty

offer acceleration as

well as honors courses. We

are blessed with a stateof-the

art STEAM Lab,

both Spanish and Latin instruction,

art appreciation

and expression, as well as

music theory and performance.

Additionally, we

integrate technology into

all disciplines; all classrooms

utilize interactive

technology to enhance instruction.

Students in all

grades have access to computers

in addition to iPads.

We provide a Chromebook

to every student in sixth,

seventh and eighth grades.

St. Mary’s remains committed

to maintaining

small class sizes for optimal


St. Mary’s believes

in educating the whole

child both in and out of

the classroom. We offer a

variety of extracurricular

clubs and organizations,

including a dynamic athletic

program, vocal and

instrumental musical opportunities,

science and

math clubs, chess, Junior

National Honor Society,

Student Council, as well

as an extended day program

both before and after


Service to others remains

central to our mission. All

Please see st. mary, 11

Make This Their Best

School Year Yet.

Give them the Mathnasium advantage

Does your child have the skills and confidence they

need to succeed this school year? Mathnasium makes

the difference. We’re the authority inmath education,

with over 1,000 learning centers worldwide. Our

expert instructors teach each child individually, using

customized learning plans tohelp them start off strong

and achieve their academic goals for the entire school

year and beyond!

Contact ustoday to schedule afree trial session.

Mathnasium of Highland Park



600 Central Ave, #142, Highland Park, IL 60035

Mathnasium of Lake Forest



514NWestern Ave, Lake Forest, IL 60045

Changing Lives Through Math.

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Explore what’s possible at

Codeverse this school year

Explore a world full of

endless possibilities, fun

and creativity at Codeverse

— Chicago’s best interactive

coding studio for

kids ages 6-13.

Codeverse is a modern,

high-tech studio where

kids learn how to code,

build apps and video games

and interact with top-notch

technology including, professional-grade

sound and

light equipment, CraftBot

3D printers, a 20-ft high

definition TV wall, strobe

lights and robotic arms.

Whether your child is

new to coding or has already

had experience at

school or at home, the

Codeverse curriculum

is designed to be engaging

and easy to digest for

children of all experience.

At Codeverse, kids turn

their creativity into action

through developing their

own video games from

scratch or designing a 3D

print of their own name.

Codeverse gives kids the

tools to invent tomorrow.

Right now, Codeverse is

offering $100 off its Codeverse

Crew Membership.

The Codeverse Crew

Membership includes:

75-minute weekly after-school,

evening, or

weekend classes at the

award-winning studios in

Wilmette, Lincoln Park and

Naperville, one complimentary

‘Kids Night Out’

per month and early bird

specials on Summer Camps

and Day-Off Camps

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the Codeverse Crew membership

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Submitted by Codeverse, 517

Green Bay Rd., Wilmette, IL,

60091, (844) 644-CODE,


North Shore

Country Day

Chicagoland’s vibrant, engaging independentschool

for junior kindergarten through grade 12.


From Page 2

ference that comes from

a nurturing, supportive

setting. They feel safe yet

challenged to reach their

fullest potential, and they

often make new friends,

establishing the social relationships

that are so important

in life.

Furthermore, students at

Cove receive direct support

to make and maintain

those authentic peer

relationships. Cove’s

cutting-edge instructional

methodologies, including

classroom ability-grouping,

allow students to feel

at home within a learning

environment. With over

25 after school activities,

monthly social events and

limited class sizes, Cove

gives students the opportunity

to find the community

meant for them.

If you know a child

who could benefit from

an enhanced learning atmosphere,

we invite you

to explore our website,

coveschool.org, and visit

our school for an in-depth

personal tour. We look forward

to sharing our vision

for a world where every

child finds the tools they

need to adapt, to learn and

to grow.

Join us for an open

house at The Cove School

on Oct. 16 at 9:15 a.m.

Please RSVP to mditthardt@coveschool.org.

Submitted by The Cover

School, 350 Lee Rd., Northbrook,

IL, 60062, (847) 562-

2100, coveschool.org.


310 Green Bay Road, Winnetka




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Mathnasium makes math fun again

Students are settling into

the new school year and

learning new math concepts

nearly every week.

Math topics introduced in

class today build on concepts

taught prior years.

Sometimes students have

knowledge gaps from previous

years. These gaps

can prevent kids from

keeping up with the class

— and cause them to fall

behind. Other times, students

may lose interest in

math because they don’t

feel challenged. They are

finishing work early and

acing their tests and quizzes.

Either way, Mathnasium

is the place for you.

Is Your Student Behind?

“Children don’t hate

math. What they hate is

being confused, intimidated,

and embarrassed by


Every day children

struggle in math — not for

lack of natural potential,

but because they haven’t

yet developed the right

way of thinking about


At Mathnasium, we believe

that every child has

the ability to be successful

in math. It’s just a matter

of teaching math the way

that makes sense to them.

We’ll work with your child

so they understand math

and get on the path to improvement.

Our Approach

Our approach, the Mathnasium

Method, pinpoints

exactly what makes math

difficult for each child in

grades 2–12. Every day,

struggling students attend

Mathnasium to work

with our specially trained

instructors who are great

with math and great with

kids. We’ll lend a helping

hand to every struggling

student in an individual

setting—our unique approach

enables us to effectively

explain concepts

and teach a personalized

learning plan that addresses

each child’s specific

needs. With regular

attendance at Mathnasium,

we’ll teach your child how

to think the way natural

mathematical thinkers do

and open doors.

Is Your Student Ahead?

“With understanding

comes passion, and with

passion comes growth—a

treasure is unlocked.”

At Mathnasium we love

math — using it, talking

about it and especially

teaching it. We think math

is exciting, fun and interesting.

Every day, students who

excel at math and are eager

for greater challenges attend

Mathnasium for math

enrichment to broaden

their math knowledge and

learn from our experienced

math tutors.

Our Approach

Our programs are designed

to give kids more

than they get at school.

Our specially trained instructors

are exceptional

at math and love working

with kids — they make

all the difference. Our

educational materials and

teaching techniques are

designed to challenge students

in grades 2–12 beyond

what they’re learning

in school and broaden their

horizons in math. In our

centers, we nurture and

grow your child’s natural

enthusiasm for math by

broadening skills and challenging

students to think

the way that natural mathematical

thinkers do.

How can Mathnasium help


The experts at Mathnasium

can help by conducting

a thorough assessment to

learn more about your student’s

math strengths and

weaknesses. The next step

is developing a customized

plan to get your child

back on track or start to

get ahead and celebrating

math successes throughout

the school year! To learn

how Mathnasium can help,

call your local learning

center today.

Submitted by Mathnasium,

various locations, mathnasium.com.

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St. Norbert School prepares

students for lifelong success

For over 100 years, St.

Norbert School has enriched

the lives of students from

Pre-K-8th grade through its

challenging curriculum designed

to prepare students

for a life of success. This

curriculum, when combined

with our unique culture of

care, inclusivity and community

grounded in values

and faith, facilitates the

development of the whole

child that is ready to thrive

in the 21st century.

At St. Norbert School,

we are committed to equipping

students with the skills

needed for success in a rapidly

changing world. This

means students learn how to

learn. They learn to navigate

knowledge, think critically

and develop a viewpoint

all while exhibiting respect,

integrity and excellence —

three of our four core values.

This ensures our students

are prepared to enter

the unknown and thrive in

whatever they choose to do.

More importantly, a highquality

education such as

st. mary

From Page 8

students participate in programs

and projects that

foster heightened awareness

of the needs of others

throughout the world. This

offers students the experience

of both giving and receiving

from those served.

Our Catholic-based

education provides graduates

with the foundation

to compete in challenging

academic environments.

Many of our students are

recognized in their respective

high schools as

valedictorians, student

council and class officers,

club leaders, exceptional

service providers, athletes

that found at St. Norbert

School ensures all our students

develop not only

academically but also spiritually

by instilling the sustaining

values that ensure

our kids do what is right

when no one is watching.

Instilling these lessons at

a young age ensures the

next generation of leaders

have the moral foundation

needed to lead our world in

the years to come. This is

what drives our foundation

of faith where students learn

compassion for others and

a shared sense of service.

Service to our world and to

God — our fourth core value

and the foundation with

which we live.

Just as it is important to

develop the mind and spirit,

our holistic approach to

learning ensures students

have the opportunity to participate

in an array of athletics.

Students can choose

from nine different sports

and our no-cut policy ensures

every child gets the

chance to do so because

it’s in these opportunities

that kids learn invaluable

skills of teamwork, sportsmanship

and discipline.

Whether it is cheerleading,

basketball, track and field

or football, there is an array

of athletic opportunities for

kids to try.

Students at St. Norbert

School are inspired

to become confident, independent,

lifelong learners

skilled with the critical

thinking, collaboration, resilience

and responsibility

needed to reach their full

potential in school and in


St. Norbert School creates

the path for success, but

it’s our students that reach

for it and achieve it during

their time with us and beyond.

Submitted by St. Norbert

Catholic School, 1817

Walters Ave., Northbrook,

IL, 60062, (847) 272-0051,


and talented contributors

to various aspects of the

fine arts. Additionally, we

are recognized for fostering

social emotional

growth in our students

through research based

programs and modeling.

The United States Department

of Education has twice

recognized the School of

St. Mary as a Blue Ribbon

School of Excellence. Likewise,

the Archdiocese of

Chicago Office of Catholic

Schools praises the School

of St. Mary for the “outstanding

efforts of school

administration, faculty, staff

and pastor in maintaining a

school of the highest caliber

in the areas of Catholic

identify and academic excellence.”

Our standardized test

scores are in the top-3 percent

of the Archdiocese.

The Illinois State Board of

Education also recognizes

the School of St. Mary.

For more than 100 years,

the School of St. Mary has

remained true to its motto:

To Learn, To Serve, To

Lead. Hopefully, you will

schedule an appointment to

see these words in action.

For further information,

please call (847) 295-4830.

Submitted by The School of

St. Mary, 900 W. Everett Rd.,

Lake Forest, IL, 60045, (847)

283-9800, schoolofstmary.




Lives Here


teens from all walks of life who are capable of achieving


We are rated one of the top Christian boarding schools in the

country a perfect

score at the 2019 JROTC Program of Accreditation

Visit us online to explore our outstanding academic

year program

Better yet, make a visit to our beautiful 110-acre campus

Midterm Registration Available

Open Houses Held Monthly


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Regina Dominican, where North Shore

enrollment continues to grow rapidly

“This fall, Regina Dominican High

School is looking at a 51 percent increase

in freshmen enrollment, with the

most significant numbers coming from

the North Shore,” president Elizabeth

Schuster remarked. “Never has the value

of single-gender education been more

important to parents and students than it

is today. At open houses, we outline the

science. There have been significant studies

on the impact of the all-girl environment

during this important developmental

stage — and it shows when these young

women enter college and the workforce.”

Admittedly, the school’s best marketing

comes from its graduates. On average, 91

percent of Regina Dominican graduates

are accepted to their university of first

choice and 46 percent of the 2019 graduates

choose majors in the STEM fields.

“Keep in mind, most of these students

did not walk in the door focused on the

sciences, but given the opportunities we

offered they developed the interest and

confidence to pursue these passions,”

Schuster noted.

Known for launching leaders, the

school’s Leadership Institute has grown

to offer opportunities to all students at every

level, from freshmen to seniors. Students

learn to use their strengths to listen,

inspire and empower others to be the best

they can be and make a difference in the


“We find involvement in the Regina

Dominican Leadership Institute is a key

differentiating factor during the college

application process,” Schuster said. “Universities

are taking note of this program,

the impact it is having on a young woman’s

college choices is evident. Not many

students walk away from high school

with a veritable leadership portfolio, but

at Regina Dominican they have that opportunity.”

Regina Dominican’s campus is also


“We are embarking on a campus redevelopment

plan to ensure the physical

school reflects the innovation seen in our

classrooms,” Schuster explained.

To do this, they are working with alumna,

architect Carol Ross Barney, most recently

lauded for her work on Chicago’s


On the athletic front, the school is more

vibrant than ever with the recent launch of

home fields for soccer, lacrosse and softball,

plus a new athletic director who is

focused on raising the school’s competitive


Open houses are slated for Oct. 17

and Nov. 10, all are welcome. Till then,

please call to schedule a Shadow Day for

your daughter or visit rdhs.org for further


Submitted by Regina Dominican High School,

701 Locust Rd., Wilmette, IL, 60091, (847)

256-7660, rdhs.org.

1500 WKennedy Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045

847-615-3267 | www.lfanet.org

•Grades 9 to 12

• 30 miles north of Chicago

• 100% College Matriculation

•Class of 2019 will attend 69 colleges

in 22 states and 4 countries

Lake Forest Academy is an independent,

co-ed, college preparatory school for

boarding and day students located in the

Chicago suburb of Lake Forest.

Fall Open House:

October 6, 2019

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Missouri Military Academy teaches young men

roots of how to take control of their lives

Since 1889, thousands of parents

have looked to Missouri

Military Academy (MMA) to

give their boys the structure, responsibility

and love they need

to grow, compete and thrive —

and ultimately become young

men who are in full command of

their lives.

Students come from across

the United States and around

the world to attend MMA. Focused

on the education of boys

in grades seven through 12 and

post-grad year, the Academy is

a college-preparatory boarding

school with a military tradition.

MMA’s comprehensive 360°

Education empowers boys and

young men to unlock their full

potential. Through MMA, families

give their boys gifts of courage,

strength, heart and pride —

an edge to triumph in college and

in life.

“We have known what potential

he has and he is now seeing

for himself,” MMA parents Bob

and Jennifer Wever said. “MMA

has been the best decision we

have ever made for our son.”

MMA understands and embraces

how boys learn and what

inspires and challenges them.

Through MMA’s tight-knit environment,

supported by peers,

teachers, and mentors, boys learn

personal accountability, perseverance,

and self-discipline.

“MMA has given my son the

ability to think about his choices

and to take responsibility for

them. He has learned that he is

in charge of his freedom, privileges,

and future,” MMA mom

Dr. Victoria Thompson said.

“He said to me, ‘I know I don’t

tell you enough, but I am very

grateful for the opportunity you

have given me to be able to go

to MMA.’”

Known for their sense of character

and strong leadership traits,

MMA graduates consistently

achieve 100 percent college acceptance

and earn an impressive

number of scholarships. The

Class of 2018 earned more than

$6.5 million in college scholarships,

and recent graduates have

been accepted to Loyola Marymount

University, Case Western

Reserve, Savannah College of

Art and Design, the Citadel, the

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy,

University of Washington, and


MMA’s unique Triumph Program

gives students an early

start on college. Qualifying students

can finish high school with

one year of college -- or even

earn their associate degree. Supported

by MMA’s structured environment,

students take classes

with William Woods University

faculty on MMA’s campus. Parents

and students benefit from a

map to college graduation, starting

as early as middle school, to

help understand their college investment

and academic plan.

Located in central Missouri,

approximately six hours from

Chicago, Missouri Military

Academy’s 288-acre campus

provides a safe, supportive, and

scenic setting for learning and

growth. Visit missourimilitaryacademy.org

for more information.

Submitted by Missouri Military

Academy, 204 N. Grand St.,

Mexico, Missouri, (573) 581-1776,









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A Roman Catholic School since 1917





Primary Grade Center, 900 W. Everett Road, Lake Forest


Upper Grade Center, 185 E. Illinois Road, Lake Forest

Twice Recognized by the

U.S. Department of Education,

Excellence in Education Blue Ribbon Award

847-295-4830 / www.schoolofstmary.org

North Shore Country Day

focuses on what matters

In 1919, North Shore Country Day

(NSCD) was the visionary answer to

a fundamental question: What matters

most when educating a child? Since then,

NSCD has continually refined its answer

to propel the school’s educational model

forward with purpose and passion, building

a transformative JK-12 community on

four essential pillars:

Purposeful Challenge — Truly knowing

each student allows faculty to challenge

and support them as people and


Intentional Design — NSCD carefully

crafts its entire JK-12 program to optimize

learning, develop skills and prioritize


Courageous Exploration — The school

pushes students to participate widely and

take risks regularly, ensuring they stretch,

explore stumble and grow.

Conscientious Community — The diverse

community and collaborative culture

help students understand themselves

and their obligations to each other, their

communities and their world.

North Shore Country Day is a place

where school is engaging, interesting, rigorous

and fun. Teachers know each student

and set the bar high in order to build

confident, independent thinkers. Students

balance passions with responsibilities and

learning becomes a way of life.

Early Childhood

Every moment in NSCD’s junior and

senior kindergarten program is an opportunity

for joyful learning. These youngest

students are known and loved, they’re

empowered and encouraged. Asking

questions, making choices, listening, participating

in discussions, sharing, reading

books, creating art, making music, speaking

Spanish and moving about.

Lower School

NSCD believes that learning is engaging

when it’s meaningful, awakening the

senses and opening the mind. Students

develop a solid academic foundation,

venture into local communities and are

encouraged to think globally — not only

growing in knowledge but in character.

Students learn to speak up and become

self-advocates. The goal is to see each

child thrive by helping them develop the

self-confidence needed to truly blossom

in a challenging program.

Middle School

NSCD Middle School faculty sees the

world through students’ eyes, and not only

understand but truly enjoy adolescents.

They also set high standards and demand

academic accountability. The school welcomes

spontaneous ideas that enhance

learning: An experiment becomes a Science

Olympiad project, a debate evolves

into a Model United Nations presentation

and a service-learning exercise builds

awareness to enlighten others.

Upper School

The North Shore Country Day Upper

School is vibrant, challenging, engaging

and intentionally designed for learning.

The long-block schedule is just one example.

With four 75-minutes classes per

day, students have time to practice and develop

skills, and understand and analyze

material on a deeper level. It also provides

teachers flexibility to design a range of

learning experiences. The goal is to support

meaningful academic engagement,

inquiry-based and experiential learning

and a more balanced and healthy school



The true outcome of a North Shore

Country Day education is seen in graduates

who advance into college and the

world fully prepared for whatever comes

next. They are exceptionally equipped

with the skills and the mindsets to make

an impact on their world after years spent

exploring, collaborating and embracing

the school’s motto, “Live and Serve.”

Submitted by North Shore Country Day

School, 310 Green Bay Rd., Winnetka, IL,

60093, (847) 446-0674, nscds.org.

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Leadership lives at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

Beyond the gates of St. John’s

Northwestern Military Academy

lies a historic institution that has

prepared teens for college and a

lifetime of opportunity for 135


“We attract a diverse group

of young boys and girls capable

of significant achievement, and

looking for guidance on how to

maximize their potential,” said

Tom Stocks, president of St.

John’s Northwestern and a 1969


St. John’s Northwestern (SJN-

MA) opened in 1884 as a private,

college preparatory and leadership

development school. In

1995, it merged with Northwestern

Military and Naval Academy

of Lake Geneva to become St.

John’s Northwestern. Nestled in

the center of beautiful Delafield,

Wisc., SJNMA is principally a

boarding school for boys and

girls, grades 7-12; while also offering

an active day student program

to the local community.

SJNMA follows a long-established

military format for

the benefit of structure, and the

advancement of honor, dignity

and respect. Hundreds of

its graduates have been admitted

to the Five Military Service

Academies, and the overwhelming

majority advance to notable

colleges and universities.

Prominent alumni include Curtis

“Buzz” Roosevelt, the actor

Spencer Tracy and Martin Torrijos

Espino, former president of

the Republic of Panama.

The academic curriculum at

St. John’s Northwestern features

a student-instructor ratio that

allows for personal support by

highly dedicated faculty.

“Individual attention and

classroom interaction optimize

mastery of the subject matter,

and the learning process itself,”

said Dr. Eric Wozniak, SJNMA’s


In addition, cadets learn outside

the classroom through field

trips, excursions, community

service and study abroad. Diploma

options include STEM Honors,

Humanities Honors, as well

as technical diplomas and paths

to earn dual college credit. St.

John’s Northwestern also offers

courses in English as a Second

Language, music, art, engineering,

technology and aviation.

St. John’s Northwestern places

a high value on faith formation

as a foundation for solid character

development. Cadets are

taught the importance of service

before self through a variety of

community service activities.

The stunning Noble Victory

Chapel — St. John the Divine,

was constructed by highly-dedicated

returning cadets serving

in World War I. The chapel is

part of the Episcopal Diocese of

Milwaukee and is celebrating its

100th anniversary.

A commitment to athletics and

wellness is yet another important

pillar of SJNMA’s program.

“Through varsity-level competition

or intramural sports or activities,

athletic competition instills

valuable life lessons such as

teamwork, dedication, and good

sportsmanship” said Mike Fink,

SJNMA’s Athletic Director.

A variety of sports are offered,

including football, basketball,

baseball, cross country, wrestling,

swimming, golf, tennis and


The Academy’s 110-acre campus

is a sight to behold. The

beautiful terrain is accented by

historic early-20th Century architecture

and features a ninehole

golf course, impressive outdoor

athletic complex, obstacle

course, tennis courts and indoor

swimming pool.

St. John’s Northwestern is

rated a top Christian boarding

school by Boarding School Review

and received a perfect score

at the 2019 JROTC Program

of Accreditation review. Open

houses are held every month for

families to tour the campus, meet

the leadership, and learn about

the various scholarship and financial

aid options available.

SJNMA is a 501C-3 non-profit

organization. To learn more

about St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy, visit www.

sjnma.org or call (800) SJ-CA-


Submitted by St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy, 1101 N.

Genesee St., Delafield, WI, 53018,

(262) 646-7199, sjnma.org.

“Iencouragemystudents to solveartistic problems creatively and to strivefor a

unique perspective. LFCDS students areeager to see what theycan create and

recognizethat theycan reach beyond their expectations of themselves as artists.

Iteach at LFCDS because authenticity and academic rigor arehonored and

encouraged in the teachers, in the curriculum we develop, and in our students.

This combination of individualism and high expectations provides the foundation

for an incredible education.”

–Rhonda Venard-Darin, Lower School &Upper School Visual Art Teacher

145 South Green BayRoad, LakeForest, IL 60045

Aco-educational independent school for students age2through Grade 8.

Graduating students of strong character with apassion for learning since 1888.

16 | august 8, 2019 | 22nd century media private school Guide






Experience the St. Norbert difference and

give your child the best start in school.

Contact our admissions office to learn more

and schedule your tour.

Preschool -8th Grade

1817 Walters Ave, Northbrook




Daily bus service available from Holy Cross inDeerfield.

Structure + Responsibility + Love =

Since 1889, parents around the world have looked to Missouri Military Academy

to give their boys structure, responsibility and love they need to grow, compete

and thrive and become young men in full command of their lives.

Residential boarding school and summer leadership, confidence and academic

programs are available.

Serving grades 7 through 12 PG • Mexico, Missouri

888-564-6662 • missourimilitaryacademy.org



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