2019 Fall Gateway


Story and photos by Steven Law

The river is coke bottle green. The mid-morning

sunlight falls gently on whiskey-colored

cliff walls. The Cicadas are making their rasping

noises from the tamarisk trees which line

shores, a sound like a card dealer repeatedly fanning his

thumb over the edges of a deck of cards.

Up on the rim the temperature on this August morning

is already in the mid-90s, but down in the bottom of

Glen Canyon, which only recently emerged from the canyon’s

wall shadow, the temperature is ten degrees cooler.

We arrange our small amounts of gear in our kayaks

– water bottles, lunches, and cameras in drybags – then

push off the bank and into the current. The river below

the Glen Canyon dam is exceptionally clear and healthy.

Looking over the side of our kayaks into the water we

see trout swimming beneath us and a healthy ecosystem

of river weeds and other aquatic plants waving in the water.

To get to this spot on the river we hired a company

called Kayak the Colorado to haul our kayaks, gear and

ourselves from Lee’s Ferry up the river. We choose to

disembark about 10 miles upriver at a beach and campsite

called Ferry Swale. There are seven of us, a group

of friends from Page, Arizona. We’re also joined by an

old friend of mine, and his mom, from Oakland, California.

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