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Gina pull River Time into the shade against the left

cliff wall and tie off to a piton anchored into the wall.

There Mick gets out his guitar and the kayakers, still

in their kayaks, pull in close and listen to Mick play

his guitar and sing some of his original river songs,

which were inspired by this very stretch of river.

After listening to Mick, we thank him for sharing

his wonderful music with us, and then push out into

the current again into the canyon’s beautiful afternoon

light. Early morning and late afternoon are my favorite

times to be on the river. A summer morning on the

river is one of life’s great delights. The air is cool.

The light is soft. Swallows, sometimes by the thousands,

skim over the surface of the water catching insects.

On mornings following a nighttime rainstorm,

mist and fog lift off the river which gives the canyon

a just-created quality.

Smell the river. Smell the willows. Smell the grass.

Late afternoon on the river is also amazing.

John D. Lee, for whom

Lee’s Ferry is named, moved

to the area in 1870 with the

goal of establishing a Ferry

Crossing. The ferry, which

was a wooden barge pulled

back and forth across the river

by a cable, was finally established

in 1873.

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