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City Girl Confessions

Grateful for wind, cold and air

Kelly Anderson

Contributing Columnist


can’t stop chuckling.

It’s November but

I’m still marveling at

the visual of my daughter,

clad in a red tomato

costume, running up and

down snow-covered driveways

to trick-or-treat, as

more snowflakes swirled

through the air. It was

delightful, it was maddening,

and it was so whimsical

that one couldn’t help

but laugh.

But let’s face it: the

cold weather arrived fast.

Much faster than anticipated.

I would be lying if

I said that I didn’t walk

outside of my home each

morning, steeling myself

for the icy chill that hits

my skin and freezes my

face. This kind of weather

is not exactly welcomed

with open arms ... more

like gritted teeth.

“I love the Midwest

but I can’t stand the cold

weather.” I hear this

statement so often that I

should make it my iPhone

ringtone. The thing is,

over the past few years,

I’ve made a conscious

effort to shift my outlook

on cold weather. What

I’ve discovered is that

this tiny shift had an

incredible ripple effect

when it came to winter


I began by welcoming

the serene visual of

snow, whether that be a

soft snowfall or a blanket

of white covering every

lawn on the street. I saw

this clean, blank canvas

among nature and one

word came to mind:

peaceful. I studied the

romantic way the snow

clung to tree branches or

the cheerful way it was

piled into a snowman

by children. I made a

point to slow down and

watch the snow- even if

just for a minute or two.

The effect was akin to

meditation: slow down,

calm down. Once again,


Additionally, when the

temps dip low, I focus

on the community element.

Gathering around

a crackling fireplace or

baking a lasagna to enjoy

with neighbors allows for

warmth to exist within

our homes. For my family,

cold weather is a nice

excuse to make a huge

bowl of popcorn (side

of M&Ms) and put on a

movie. Sometimes we

skip the movie and listen

to music while playing

spirited games of UNO.

I learned some valuable

lessons about preparing

my wardrobe for the cold.

Instead of throwing on a

bulky sweater, I dress in

several layers of thinner

clothing to keep warm. I

don’t resist a hat, scar, or

pair of mittens; I embrace

function over fashion

A scenic winter view captured on Halloween in Glencoe by The Anchor’s Contributing

Columnist Kelly Anderson. photo submitted

because function is usually

warmer. I heartily

endorse blanket snuggles

on the couch, as well.

Lastly, I have a mantra

that I whisper to myself: I

am in awe of nature every

single day. This is one of

the Midwest’s greatest

gifts: four full yet individual

seasons. Our trees are

laid bare, only for Spring

to sprout green and gold.

Summer allows gardens

and flowers to flourish

until Fall colors our

world like an artist with a

palette. Winter wipes the

slate clean. Think about

it- how lucky are we to

witness these evolutions


I’ll confess, I didn’t arrive

at this cold weather

clarity overnight. But

when I walk outside and

into the chill, I take a

slow, deep breath and

express gratitude for

what I see and feel. It’s


Kelly Q. Anderson is a writer,

photographer and former

Chicagoan. She pens blogs

and books from her home in

Glencoe, which she shares

with her husband, son and



From Page 8

to the Glenview Municipal

Code, which the Village

Board approved at their

most recent meeting.

Trustees John Hinkmap

and Chuck Gitles voted

against the ordinance, on

which trustees will take

a final vote on Thursday,

Nov. 21.

Reporting by Chris Pullam,

Freelance Reporter. Full

story at GlenviewLantern-


Application for recreational

marijuana dispensary

heading to vote

An application for

Northbrook’s first recreational

marijuana dispensary

is moving forward.

The Northbrook Plan

Commission instructed

village staff to prepare a

resolution recommending

approval of an application

filed by Greenhouse Group

LLC as the potential lessee

of the property located at

755 Skokie Blvd. during

its Tuesday, Nov. 5 regular


Commissioners conducted

their second public

hearing on the application

during the meeting. The

commission held its first

review of the proposal

during its Tuesday, Oct.

15 meeting, where almost

two dozen members of the

public spoke during the

public-comment portion.

Commissioners considered

all elements of the

application Oct. 15 except

a text amendment to allow

adult-use cannabis dispensaries

as special-permit

uses in Northbrook. At that

time, Village trustees had

not yet determined their

opinions on the matter.

Members of the commission


agreed that the applicant’s

requested relief was appropriate

at that meeting.

The Village Board of

Trustees then unanimously

voted Oct. 22 to allow special-use

permits to be issued

for recreational marijuana

dispensaries in the

C-2, C-3, C-4 and C-5 districts,

but not in downtown

Northbrook. With the Village

Board’s approval, the

Plan Commission was then

able to consider all parts of

Greenhouse Group’s application.

The current proposal

calls for a renovation of

the existing 9,938-squarefoot

building at 755 Skokie

Blvd., which used to house

the Rehabilitation Institute

of Chicago and has long

been vacant. According

to the board packet, the

applicant is proposing to

completely renovate the

inside of the structure to

create two distinct zones

within the building: a publicly

accessible zone for

retail area and communal

activity space; and a private,

restricted area for

back-of-house business.

Approximately 15-25

full-time employees will

staff the potential dispensary,

according to the applicant.

Reporting by Martin Carlino,

Contributing Editor. Full

story at NorthbrookTower-