SoulStrings Issue 3 2019


The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

זצוקללה”ה נבג”מ זי”ע

Dear Friend,

The college years offer endless opportunities

and challenges. Students can travel

abroad, study every discipline, and forge

new and lasting friendships. But what about

their Jewish identity? What about Jewish

life and community?

Thankfully, #ElonJews can count on an

extensive assortment of activities and resources

to help them connect with their

Jewish identity and heritage. At Chabad,

students find Torah classes, Shabbat and

Holiday celebrations, community and joy.

They can access mentorship, a listening

ear and a caring heart, without fear of judgment

or alienation.

Students are empowered to ask the hard

questions and probe deeper into themselves,

their surroundings and their values.

Chabad Elon was founded in 2015,

guided by the Rebbe’s boundless

love and teachings, which are an

endless source of inspiration and



They meet over their common bond to our

timeless tradition, and together they elevate

themselves and one another.

Thank you for being their indefatigable ally

and staunch supporter. We, as well as the

students, are thankful to have your friendship

and care.

With tremendous gratitude

for your support,

Rabbi Mendy & Rivka Minkowitz



Chabad at Elon is home to me and many

other Jewish students. It is a place that you

always leave feeling better about whatever

is affecting you in your life. Whether you go

for the food, the homey feeling, or the people,

there is no doubt that having a Chabad

as strong as Elon’s is a game-changer.

Chabad is the definition of unconditional

giving. Rabbi Mendy and Rivka along with

their wonderful, adorable kids create such a

welcoming atmosphere, allowing students

to make it their home away from home.

Chabad serves as a break from reality.

During any stressful week, I look forward

to the next time I get to schmooze with an

awesome group of people on Friday for a

fun themed Shabbat.


Chabad is an outlet for me to help keep my

Jewish heritage alive and growing in the

hectic world of college. It is a place where

I can go to further my Jewish education

through Sinai Scholars, a course in which

we not only discuss Jewish ideas and traditions

but are given a chance to ask the

hard questions, leading us down the path to

understanding the deeper meanings behind

it all.

Chabad is the chance to step up and hold

leadership roles. Together with Rivka, I

have had the opportunity to create a weekly

meeting that fosters a strong support system

where we discuss hot topics and what

it means to be a woman in Judaism.

Chabad is the place I turn to in a time of

hardship. This semester wasn’t the easiest

for me. After struggling for the first few

months, I turned to Rabbi Mendy & Rivka,

who completely shifted my outlook on my

challenging time.

Judaism and Chabad is the place I turn to

for guidance, love and learning. The abundance

of knowledge and support that exists

within the Chabad community is tremendous.

I truly can’t imagine my college experience

without Chabad.

“Judaism and Chabad is the place I turn to

for guidance, love and learning.”

I will forever be extremely grateful to the

#ElonJews community, Rabbi Mendy and

Rivka, and Judaism for guiding and making

me the person I am today.

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