NZPhotographer Issue 27, January 2020


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Exploring Myanmar

with Lyn Alves


am a female solo traveller in my late 60’s, who

enjoys wandering the world, journeying along the

‘road less travelled’, off the tourist trail. My camera

is my companion on my adventures but I haven’t

always been a solo traveller - my husband shared my

passion for travel and adventure but, sadly he passed

away so I have been traveling on my own for the last

5 years.

Looking back, photography has always been part of

who I am. It started with my first box Brownie at the

age of 9, progressing through a range of point and

shoots until my first real camera in my early 20’s, a

Zenit. My love affair with this solid Russian beauty died

when it froze on me on a mountain holiday in the


I have been a Canon girl ever since, buying a SLR

when my husband and I backpacked around South

America way back in 1996. 16 precious films were

guarded with my life. Those were the days of placing

your films into black bags so they could ‘safely’ be

scanned by the X-ray machine at airports and not

knowing if they would be okay until being developed

on returning home. How times have changed. I

resisted buying a digital camera for as long as I could.

I couldn’t get out of my head the term ‘spray and

pray’, but have to admit my photography changed

in 2009 when we travelled across North Africa - Egypt,

Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco. We were going to do a

camel trek out into the Sahara, stay with the Bedouins

and sleep on our camel blankets under the stars so

I needed a camera that was dust and sand proof -

enter my first DSLR, the Canon 40D.

Capturing on my camera moments, scenes,

occasions and people is such a pleasure and a

privilege. It enables me to relive the journey whenever

the occasion arises. My fascination with cultures

from around the world, I’m sure, stemmed from the

National Geographic Magazine that I devoured as a

youngster – it’s a passion that I cannot get enough of.

I travel for 2 months each year and have plans for at

least the next 5 years! I’m simply one of those people



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