2020 Mineapolis Prospectus

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SENG‘s mission is to empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented

individuals to reach their goals:

intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Following the suicide of a gifted student in Michigan, the late Dr. James T. Webb founded

SENG in 1981 to support and guide the

gifted community through education, research and connection.

With the right intellectual and emotional support, gifted people can accept themselves, fulfill

the potential of their incredible capabilities, and learn to feel balanced, happy and at peace

by working with their high sensitivities. SENG is the only nonprofit organization specifically

supporting the social and emotional needs of gifted individuals.





Nature and Nuture: Guiding the Gifted Experience











Since 1981, SENG has been helping gifted, talented and twice-exceptional (GT/2E)

people grow through their social and emotional well-being. It has trained countless

professionals, aided educators in increasing their knowledge, and expanded the understanding

of what it means to be GTE for people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs.

Today, SENG is highly regarded in the GT/2E community. It continues to

re-evaluate its impact, benefits, and relevance so it can continue to be inclusive

through diverse programming. It also measures its reach so it can continually push its

mission and services into communities where there is a great need for GT/2E develop

effective, beneficial partnerships.

In fact, SENG lowered the price of conference attendance and membership, beginning

in 2019, to make it more affordable and inclusive. What matters most is that the GT/2E

community is well-supported with resources to help them live their best lives.



At a glance


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bloomington - Minneapolis South

Thursday, August 6 , 2020: Pre-Conference Activities (optional)

• Accredited continuing education courses

• Interest based workshops

• SMPG (SENG Model Parent Group) Facilitator Training

• Move-in day for exhibitors

• Evening welcome panel discussion

Friday, August 7-Sunday, August 9: Conference

• Exhibitors

• 3 keynote speakers

• 85+ breakout sessions

• Young Adult Meet Up

• Awards and Welcome Reception

Attendance: 400-500

Attendee demographics: 70% female, 60% parents & families, 40% educators & GTE professionals

Average Marketing reach

(as of December, 2018)

Facebook: 240K / 28K followers

Twitter: 2.7M impressions / 11K followers

Other sites, including LinkedIn, Instagram,

VIMEO and Youtube combined: 5K

Active email list: >23K subscribers

General open rate: 22.4%

Click-through rate: 4.7%



Promotional or targeted open rate: 79%

41% on Mobile / 59% on Desktop

Website traffic: 960K




Presenting Sponsor $10,000

As the premiere-level, presenting sponsor of SENG Minneapolis, your company name and logo will be used

as co-branding (in conjunction with SENG’s logo) for all marketing and communications related to the conference,

from the date of sponsorship. This includes, but is not limited to:

• the SENG website;

• conference program booklet and addendum;

• conference app (Attendify); and

• pre-event marketing, such as e-blasts, postcards, flyers, social media,

and the SENGVine newsletter.

At the conference, the Presenting Sponsor will receive:

• registration for 4 with Presenting Sponsor badges;

• reserved seating at the Welcome & SENG Awards Reception;

• 3 minutes of speaking time before opening keynote;

• placement of promo materials on reception tables and in breakout sessions;

• inclusion of logo on main Registration/Check-in banner;

• 6’ welcome table or exhibitor booth in a prime location for the duration of conference;

• full color vertical banner displayed in the keynote room;

• full page, full color ad (8” x 10.5”) in front inside cover of program;

• conference tote insert; and

• acknowledgement by SENG Board President from the stage.

Platinum Sponsor $5,000

Includes benefits of Gold Sponsor, plus:

• 12’ exhibitor table, instead of 6’, including table drapes, two chairs, wifi, and basic signage;

• full color, full page ad in program (8” x 10.5”), instead of half page ad;

• listing in the conference program and app as a Platinum Sponsor;

• conference tote insert; and

• acknowledgement as a Platinum Sponsor by SENG Board President from the stage of the Welcome &

SENG Awards Reception.

Gold Sponsor $2,500

Includes benefits of Silver Sponsor, plus:

• half page, full color ad in program booklet (8” x 5.25” or 4” x 10.5”), instead of quarter page;

• link and logo on SENG webpage until December 2019;

• listing in the conference program and app as a Gold Sponsor; and

• acknowledgement as a Gold Sponsor by SENG Board President from

the stage of the Welcome & SENG Awards Reception.

Awards Reception Sponsor (2) $2,000

Includes benefits of Silver Sponsor, plus:

• half page, full color ad in program booklet (8” x 5.25” or 4” x 10.5”), instead of quarter page;




• full color vertical banner displayed in the Welcome & SENG Awards Reception venue;

• listing in the conference program and app as one of 2 Awards Reception Sponsors;

• placement of promo materials on tables at the reception; and

• acknowledgement as Awards Reception Sponsor by SENG Board President

from the stage of the Welcome & SENG Awards Reception.



Double page ad

Full page ad

Back interior cover

Full page ad

Back exterior cover

Item Description Size Price

Full color, 2-page spread in the middle

of the program booklet. Only 1


Full color, full page ad on the interior

back cover. Only 1 available.

Full color, full page ad on the exterior

back cover. Only 1 available.

Hi-res artwork must be provided to SENG no later than June 5, 2019.

Resolution must be 300 dpi or higher.

Preferred formats include: JPG, PDF, EPS, TIFF, PSD, or PDF.

Please do not send a PNG, GIF, PUB or Word file.

Send files to Brian.Shea@sengifted.org.

All artwork is subject to approval by SENG.

Artwork editing is subject to a design fee of $25 per edit.



16” x 10.5” $1,500

8” x 10.5” $700

8” x 10.5” $850

Full page ad Full color, full page ad. 8” x 10.5” $500

Half page ad

Full color, half page ad.

8” x 5.25” or

4” x 10.5”

Quarter page ad Full color, quarter page ad. 4” x 5.25” $200


Conference app

Tote bag logo


Floor decal

Tote bag insert

Logo on nametag lanyard provided

to all attendees and worn throughout

the conference. Only 1 available.

Conference App Underwriting, includes

logo in all promotion and in heavily

used, popular Attendiy app at conference.

Only 1 available.

Logo placed on tote bags provided

to all attendees. Only 1 available.

Logo placed on t-shirts provided to

ambassadors, staff, sponsors and

exhibitors. Only 4 available.

Colorful logo placed prominently on

floor of exhibition hall.

Up to 500 pieces of your promotional

pieces inserted into tote bags provided

to all attendees.


N/A $850

N/A $800

N/A $500

N/A $250

24”x 48” $200

Up to 8.5” x

11” or small





Our exhibitors are educators, publishers, academic institutions, booksellers,

counselors, product vendors, authors, and retailers! Sign up today to showcase

your business at SENG Minneapolis and make a lasting impression your new

connections will remember.



SENG’s Exhibitor Hall is back this year! The Exhibitors Hall will host our vendors

throughout the common areas in order to maximize their networking time with all


Conference attendees will pass your booths many times a day and have

dedicated time to stop and learn about your company.

Booth Type or Add-On Description Price

Standard Booth

Double Booth

Corner Booth

End Cap Booth



Full Island/Square


Entry for 2 reps with sponsor ribbons on nametags, 6’

table with basic linens and draping, 2 chairs, free wifi,

standard signage with booth number.

Entry for 2 reps with sponsor ribbons on nametags,

12’ table with basic linens and draping, 2 chairs, free

wifi, standard signage with booth number.

Same as Standard Booth, but located in a corner with

more standing and display room - premium, high-traffic


Same as Double Booth, but located on the end of

an aisle as the only exhibitor “capping” the row in a

premium, high-traffic location.

Stand-alone booth with 3, 6’ tables and chairs arranged

in a triangle. Includes entry for 2 reps with

sponsor ribbons on nametags, wifi, standard signage

with booth number.

Stand-alone booth with 4, 6’ tables and chairs arranged

in a square. Includes entry for 2 reps with

sponsor ribbons on nametags, wifi, standard signage

with booth number.







Electricity 2, 120V outlets in booth $100

Extra table

An extra 6’ table in booth space behind existing table,

not side-by-side.


Booth orders must be received by June of 2020 (specific date will be provided in later editions

of this prospectus). Orders can be placed at www.sengifted.org or by

sending in the form on pages 12-13 with payment. Note: mounted items are not allowed

on walls or ceilings. Please plan your booth display accordingly.

Contact Mike Postma at Mike.Postma@sengifted.org with questions.





Please read the Terms and Conditions in full. Complete and return the forms on the

following 2 pages with payment OR complete and pay online at www.sengifted.org.

Assignment of Space

Beginning on February 1, 2020, booth spaces for SENG Minneapolis will be assigned in the

order that requests are rived and payment is made in full. A basic floor plan will be provided

in later editions of this prospectus and to confirmed exhibitors once available. Your

choice of booth location will be more readily available with early registration. Every effort

will be made to place your booth as close to your choice location as possible. However, the

SENG Minneapolis Committee reserves the right to relocate exhibitors or modify the floor

plan should it be deemed necessary.

Payment Requirements

Payment is due in full at the time of reservation. Space selections will

not be considered reserved until this payment is received.

Cancellation of Exhibit Space

Cancellations of booth space must be made in writing and refunds for approved

cancellations will adhere to the following schedule:

• January 30 - May 15, 2020: cancellation fee of 50% of the total booth cost;

• After May 15, 2020: No refund.

SENG reserves the right to refund any money paid for exhibit space on this contract and

cancel space with no notice required. In case of cancellation of SENG Minneapolis due to

act of God, fire, strike or any other circumstances beyond the control of SENG, the exhibitor

will be refunded any money paid for booth space, less the prorated share for the expenses

incurred by SENG in connection with the exhibition. In case of cancellation of SENG

Minneapolis for any other reason, or change in the place or date of the exhibition which is

unsatisfactory to the Exhibitor, the Exhibitor will be entitled to a full refund of monies paid

for exhibit space.

Use of Exhibit Space

Exhibit space is to be used solely for the display of the exhibitor’s products and services offered

for sale to the educators and parents of gifted students. Exhibitors are not permitted

to sublet any portion of their space or to display merchandise of other manufacturers or

distributors where no direct business relationship exists between them. All exhibits must

conform to the IAEE Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations, and must not be of such

nature or arrangement to obstruct the view or interfere with exhibits of others. No exhibit

material may extend beyond the boundaries of the exhibit space, or exceed the height

restrictions. No materials may be suspended from the ceiling or bridged across an aisle.

Tape, tacks, nails and other materials may not be adhered to the venue’s walls and fixtures.

All demonstrations must be confined within the exhibit space. No exhibitor may solicit attendees

or distribute literature or other materials outside of his booth space. The height of

displays may not exceed 8 feet, with the exception of island and half-island booths located

in the foyer where island booths may be as high as 12 feet. Should there be any question

on conforming to display rules or interfering with other exhibitors, final judgment will be

made by the SENG Minneapolis Committee or SENG management.

Selling Policy

Exhibitors may sell products during regular exhibit hours. Exhibitors are responsible for any

and all permits required by law or local ordinance.

Care of Exhibit Space

Exhibitors must not place any refuse or any materials which will endanger public

safety or cause inconvenience to other exhibitors during exhibit hours. Booths must

be in order before the opening of the show. Exhibitors shall not injure, mar, mark,

paint or in any manner deface the venue, or use nails, hooks, pins, screws or tape on

the structure or fixtures. The exhibitor is liable for any and all damages they cause to

the building or otherwise in connection with their exhibit.

Insurance and Liability

Insurance on the exhibit is entirely at the exhibitor’s expense. Each exhibitor must

maintain adequate insurance to cover injury, loss or damage to the general public,

their employees and property. SENG will not be responsible for the loss of property

of exhibitors from theft, damage by fire, water, accident or other causes. Although

we will do all in our power to protect the venue against such loss, it is recommended

that all exhibitors have representatives in attendance at all times, especially when

exhibits are being set up or dismantled, to protect them against loss.

By accepting these rules, it is expressly understood and agreed that the exhibitor

will make no claim of any kind against SENG - Supporting Emotional Needs of the

Gifted, or any of its members, volunteers, contractors, or employees, for any loss,

damage to, or destruction of goods, or for any injury that may occur to the self or

employees while in the exhibit hall, or for any damage of any nature or character

whatsoever. The venue is not liable to the exhibitor for any damage to, or for the

loss or destruction of, any exhibit.

Decorations/Equipment Provided



A booth sign showing booth number and company name will be provided with each

booth, as well as 6’ tables with basic linens and 2 chairs. All other furnishings and

displays will be at the exhibitor’s expense.

Installation of Exhibits

All exhibits must be completely installed and ready for viewing by the date and hour the

show is scheduled to begin. Exhibits or displays may not be removed from the show until

the show has been officially closed. SENG Minneapolis exhibitors install and remove their

own exhibits, or appoint a firm to do so, so long as these firms conform to all rules and

regulations and do not disrupt the orderly installation and removal of other exhibits. If an

outside contractor is used, the exhibitor must furnish SENG with the name and address of

the contractor, as well as a certificate of insurance at least 15 days prior to the show. There

are certain exclusive contractors with specific responsibilities for services, such as electrical,

drapage, cleaning and catering, with which exhibitors must contract.

Removal of Exhibits

All exhibitor property must be removed from the exhibit area by the end of the

designated exhibitor move-out time. In the event that exhibit space is not vacated

by that time, show management is authorized to remove, at the exhibitor’s expense,

all goods and property of the exhibitor, and SENG or its agents shall not be liable

for any damage or loss to such goods or property by reason of such removal.

Conditions of Contract

This contract is subject to all rules and regulations named herein, and also to all

conditions the exhibit facility has made available. Exhibitor agrees to abide by all

applicable fire, utility and building codes. All points not covered herein are subject

to settlement by SENG management, and SENG management reserves the right

to make such changes, amendments, and additions to these rules and such further

regulations as may be deemed necessary by SENG.

Exhibitor Representative

The signer of the Contract for Exhibit Space shall be the official representative of the exhibitor

and shall have the authority to act on behalf of the exhibitor in all matters relating to

exhibiting at SENGMinneapolis.

Photo Releases

Exhibitor and representatives agree to allow SENG to use their image and likeness in video,

audio and photos for marketing and outreach purposes related to future conferences or

engaging the community in its activities. If an individual wishes to not be photographed

or videoed while exhibiting at SENG Minneapolis , they must indicate this on the Contract

form and a “NO PHOTO” indicator will be applied to their conference badge. It is the individual’s

responsibility to notify others they do not wish to have their photo taken. SENG

will ensure they do not utilize their image, with the exception of non-identifying crowd or

background photos, in its marketing.



Please check all items you wish to purchase and complete the payment information on the

reverse side of this form. Physical forms and payment should be sent to:

SENG, P.O. Box 972, Clifton Park, NY 12065.

You can also order online, beginning February 1, 2019, at www.sengifted.org.

Check all

that apply

Booth Type/Add-on


Standard Booth $450

Double Booth $725

Corner Booth $600

End Cap Booth $875

Half-Island/Triangle Booth $1,500

Full Island/Square Booth $2,500

Electricity in booth $100

Extra table in booth $275

Check all

that apply

Advertising Opportunity




(Depth x Width x Height)


Double page center ad (1) 16” x 10.5” $1,500

Full page ad, back int. cover (1) 8” x 10.5” $850

Full page ad, back ext. cover (1) 8” x 10.5” $700

Full page ad 8” x 10.5” $500

Half page ad 8” x 5.25” or 4” x 10.5” $350

Quarter page ad 4” x 5.25” $200

SOLD OUT Lanyards (1) N/A $850

Conference app (1) N/A $800

Tote bag logo (1) N/A $500

T-shirts N/A $250

Floor decal 24”x 48” $200

Tote bag insert

Up to 8.5” x 11” or small

promotional items





all that


Sponsor Level


Presenting (1) $10,000

Platinum $5,000

Gold $2,500

Awards Reception (2) $2,000

Silver $1,500

Keynote (3) $1,000

Billing & Contact Information


Company Name


Contact Name


Contact Title






TOTAL CHARGE: $_______________

Check #__________ made out to

“SENG” is enclosed.

Credit Card Authorization


Name on Card


Card Number


Exp. Date Billing Zip Code Security Code

Exhibitors only:

The undersigned hereby contracts with SENG for exhibit space at the SENG Minneapolis conference,

beginning with move-in on Thursday, August 6, 2020, at 12 PM, and

ending with move-out on Sunday, August 9, 2020, at 1 PM. Exhibitor agrees to abide by all

Terms & Conditions on page 10 of the SENG Minneapolis Prospectus.


Signatory Name (please print)



Agreed and Understood:







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