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Red Lion Revamp ahead of Reopening

Since we've been closed, due to the covid situation,

we have spent the time upgrading and decorating

the pub, restaurant, rooms and outside areas.

We've remained open for takeaway food, including

drinks as we're an off license and have created some

special offers, such as our 'pub in a crate' deal, as

pictured below.

Reeds in Downham Market Reopened

Popular home and furniture store Reeds, with outlets

in Downham Market and Ely, and the Reeds Toy Shop

in Downham Market reopened on Monday 15th June.

Along with the majority of retailers, Reeds temporarily

closed its doors in March following guidance by the UK

Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now

all three stores are preparing to welcome customers

back safely. Social distancing measures and cleaning,

hand washing and hygiene procedures in line with

Government guidelines have been introduced to

protect both staff and shoppers.

We've also put in place our covid action plan ready

for when we can open fully. We've been producing

PPE such as face shields and ear protectors which

are used by all front line and key workers in Norfolk,

Suffolk and Essex. If you are a local keyworker or

business owner, you can still pick up these PPE items

from the Red Lion.

Jim Carlile, owner and managing director at Reeds,

said: “I and all my team were only ever willing to reopen

when it would be safe for our valued customers and for

our employees. We are following expert guidance on

the different measures that retailers can put in place to

allow people to shop and work with confidence. We will

do everything we can to minimise any disruption, but

we also know our fantastic customers will understand

and respect why any changes in the stores are needed.”

The 65-seater café at Reeds Furniture, Bed and

Homestore in Downham Market will remain closed for

now but furniture home deliveries restarted with effect

from 15th June.

Jim Carlile added: “Many people have spent a lot more

time at home recently and may be considering some

interior design updates as a result. You can’t beat being

able to see furniture and homewares in person to be

able to make the right choice for your home. That is

why we can’t wait to welcome people back to our

stores so they can safely browse our great range of

trusted brands, all backed by our price guarantee.

We also hope that our Toy Store in Downham Market

reopening will help our local community. Its wide range

of toys and products cater for all ages and include

creative and educational items, as well as providing lots

of fun to help keep all the family safely entertained at


Reeds Furniture, Bed and Homestore is located at

Bridge Street in Downham Market. Reeds Toy Shop

can be found at Wales Court, Downham Market. Both

stores will be open between 9am and 4pm, Monday to


For more information about Reeds visit www.


Greetings from the Allotments

We have had the most wonderful, hot dry weather.

Unfortunately, after such a long spell the poor

allotments began to flag. We developed upper arm

strength lifting watering cans of water to try to give

our new crops a chance to grow. Fortunately we had

a full week of “the right kind of rain” and the peas

and beans literally grew several inches overnight.

You will be reading this in July so I hope we will be at

least eating our strawberries.

I told you in one of our last letters that I had

successfully grown tomatoes by slicing a squashy

one and placing it in compost. I got 20 viable plants

from this and they are now ready to bear fruit. My

next project is to carefully peel a strawberry and lay

the strips in a pot as I did with the tomatoes. Watch

this space!! I see no reason why this cannot be done

with any seed bearing fruit providing you have the

means to grow sufficient to their needs i.e. warmth

and protection in some cases.

The Allotments have been a godsend during the

lockdown period. We have had a large interest from

people with time on their hands, many have gone

on to take on plots and it has been a hive of industry

for families. Children, particularly, have been able to

run and play in safety whilst helping their parents.

Another learning experience and one I am sure they

will remember. Things are slightly getting back to

normal and we sincerely hope that the allotments

will continue to be worked as nothing is nicer on a

lovely day to tend to the produce you are growing

with the promise of succulent eating to follow.

We have had no events (obviously); the AGM was

cancelled for this year. Later on we hope we may be

allowed to have a BBQ to reunite SCALGA members.

On a very unpleasant note. A group of older children

armed with an air rifle found it good fun to break on

to the Tumbler Hill plots and shoot some chickens.

Obviously the owners were devastated to find these

lovely inoffensive creatures just lying where they had

been killed. The perpetrators were seen and have

been described to the police.

We hope as the summer approaches that you have

all stayed safe and well. Make the most of your space

as fresh air and sun taken safely can only be a bonus.


We still have 2 starter plots available on Shouldham

Lane. The pricing is as follows:-

1st plot £2 per month, Second plot £1.00 per month

and if you require a 3rd it is free, so for £3.00 per

month you can grow a good amount of veg. Not bad


If you are interested in taking a plot or a starter plot,

please call Graham or Jennifer Edwards on 07919



Painting Through Tough Times

Poppi Interiors have just re-opened their doors and

pleased to be welcoming back their customers.

"We managed to carry on through the lockdown -

just differently" says owner Traci, "we ran a delivery

service for our 'Frenchic Paint' range, it helped to

keep people at home and gave them a sense of

purpose during a difficult time. So many people

shared their projects and experiences with us via our

Facebook page, it was really inspiring".

Poppi Interiors offer a wonderful range of products

and services and promise some really exciting news

coming soon! Watch this space.


19 Market Place Swaffham PE37 7LA

Blinds - Rollers, Vertical, Pleated, Woodslat , Roman

Curtains Upholstery & Fabrics

Gifts, Home Fragrance, Home Accessories

Measure : Design : Installation

01760 722541

Uncle Lukes Sign & Sticker Shop

We are a local business based on Turbine Way

specialising in vehicle graphics, signage and digital

print solutions. With some of the latest technology

in print and design we are the number one choice for

your branding solution. We also offer vehicle wrapping

and personalised gifts, clothing and workwear. Why

not visit our website or call in

to our showroom at 43 Turbine Way Swaffham.

Ashill, Holme Hale & District

Garden Club



Enjoy Your Summer Garden

While the gardening club is currently not able to hold

monthly meetings we are

providing gardening advice

via newsletters and our

website (address above) to

keep everyone active with

gardening tasks. The RHS

website ( is also good source of things

you should do each month in your garden, as is the

BBC’s Gardeners World on a Friday evening on BBC2.

Summer is a time to enjoy your garden with many

flowers in bloom and your vegetable garden starting

to provide you with home grown produce.

Gardening jobs for early July

Trees, shrubs and Flowers:

• Cut back early flowering herbaceous perennials such

as Pulmonaria and oriental poppies if they are looking

tired as this will encourage a second flush of fresh

foliage and later flowers.

• Deciduous shrubs that flowered in spring on the

previous year’s growth, such as Weigela and Exchordia,

should be pruned now. Removing older stems soon

after flowering allows time for the development of

new growth that will carry next year’s flowers.

• Deadhead repeat flowering roses to encourage a

good display all summer. Using sharp secateurs, cut

down to the first leaf beneath the flower.

• Keep bedding plants, containers and hanging

baskets well watered and feed them weekly with a

high potassium liquid fertiliser for impressive displays.

• New growth on climbing plants like clematis and

jasmine should be tied in regularly.

Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs:

• A second sowing of courgettes can be done now. A

good tip is to plant the seeds in pairs and then remove

the weaker seedlings as they come through.

• Mid-June to mid-July is the ideal time to sow

Florence fennel. They are less likely to bolt but will still

have time to produce good-sized bulbs.

• Tomatoes should now be in their final size pot. If

growing cordon (indeterminate) tomatoes they will

need staking. Remember to pinch out side shoots

regularly. Keep roots well watered.

• For greenhouse/polytunnel grown tomatoes try

to keep temperatures below 25 degrees by getting

maximum ventilation.

• Sow chicory directly into the garden, to give you

delicious meals right through the winter. Choose

varieties such as Treviso, Sugar Loaf, or the F1 hybrid


Cesare, and sow widely and evenly into the soil with

plenty of organic matter added.

• If troubled by carrot fly enclose your carrot beds in

Enviromesh or fleece. As long as you surround your

patch to a metre in height, you don’t need to cover

the roof. The carrot fly flies near the ground and can’t

fly up and over.

• If you want salad leaves all summer through you need

to successionally sow seeds about every two weeks

to keep a good supply ready to eat. In addition to

lettuces why not try some oriental leaves like Mizuna

or Mustard or the peppery flavoured wild Rocket.

Wildlife Gardening:

• Keep ponds topped up, preferably with water from

a butt. Pour in very slowly so as not to disturb wildlife

living in the water, e.g. frogs, newts, insect larvae, etc.

• Remove unsightly thread algae from ponds by

twisting it around a stick or rake. Leave blanket weed

at the side of the pond for a day to give any creatures

time to return to the pond. The blanket weed can then

be composted.

• Do not be surprised to find a grass snake in your

compost heap at this time of year as they find them

ideal warm sites to leave their eggs which usually

hatch in early July. They are non-poisonous and will

slither away if disturbed.

Our Tai Chi & Qi Gong Journey

through lockdown...

We had to suspend

our Tai Chi classes

as soon as the social

distancing started,

and then very quickly

we were in lockdown.

Connecting with

family, friends and

our fantastic Tai Chi family it became obvious we

all needed something positive in our lives to focus

on, and to ease the social distancing, our online

Zoom virtual gathering was born ‘Keep Well, Stay

Safe, & Do Tai Chi’

Being new to Zoom and online classes, we started

with a small group to see how we could move

forward with our classes. We practiced for a

few days and in that time, with feedback from

everyone, we learned how to teach online using

Zoom, and our Tai Chi family learned about a

new way to practice this wonderful relaxing and

health beneficial art in their own homes.

As we are doing more practice than before, some

of our practitioners are joining us four times a

week, the strength, health, mobility and balance

of the practice are much more evident.

We wanted to take advantage of this time while we

are all at home to encourage a healthy habit of a

consistent Tai Chi & Qi Gong practice. Personally,

we have benefited from this experience in many


By sharing this time with others, even though

it is online, we have bonded further using our

practice to help us cope with isolation while

trying to figure out how to live and manoeuvre in

this new world created by Covid19. Our student's

generosity in sharing their time with us is greatly

appreciated, and we feel privileged to have been

able to keep a sense of normality and structure

going in these unprecedented times.

We have no idea how long we will be Zooming,

but in the meantime, our IT skills have improved

immensely, and we are keeping safe and looking

after each other! We have found new ways to

introduce new students to the classes, so if you

are interested, please get in touch...

01760 723102 07587 567406

Friends of Swaffham Heritage

As this edition is being distributed to householders

etc we are repeating the important information

included in the June edition last time. We were

due to hold our AGM sometime in March but we

were overtaken by “the virus” and then at about

the same time, a number of our members on our

committee decided to retire. Despite efforts to

recruit more committee members we have been

unable to do so. This means we are not legally

constituted under the Charity Commission rules

and we are obliged to “wind up” the organisation.

The only thing that will save us is if there are a

number of volunteers, perhaps from our existing

membership list who are willing to join the

committee and take an active role in organising

events, once the “lockdown” has been removed.

Our Annual Accounts (Jan to Dec 2019) have now

been completed and financially examined and it

is our intention to hold an AGM as soon as we

are allowed to do so. A decision will have to be

taken at that meeting regarding the winding up

depending on whether enough volunteers come

forward to fill our committee vacancies (ideally,

four people are needed). Do, please, consider

volunteering as otherwise an organisation which

has been in existence for many years, will cease

to operate. Please contact James Dean, as below

for more details.

If “winding up” has to happen, we will have to

decide to where the balances of our funds are

transferred, after which approval has to be sought

from the Charity Commissioners. One obvious

option is to credit Swaffham Museum Ltd with

these funds as the objective of the Friends is to

support the museum financially anyhow.

Our 100 Club is something we would very much

like to see retained as it has been in existence for

many years and apart from the prize – winning

aspects, it does provide a steady source of income

for the Friends. The present organiser, Barbara

White is willing to continue running the Club on

the assumption that it is taken over in the transfer

arrangements as a going concern.

Winners in our end of May draw were: Special

Prize, £100 No. 86, 1st prize (£40) No. 7, 2nd (£20),

No. 46 and 3rd (£10) No.6. The next Special Prize is

at the end of November.

JAMES DEAN (Hon Secretary, Friends of

Swaffham Heritage).

Contacts, and

tel: 01760 720756


Swaffham & District Lions

With the Coronavirus closing the

local churches, Swaffham Food

Bank have had their main supply

of food donations reduced. To

Support the Food Bank, Swaffham Lions have set up

a collection point in Swaffham Market Place which

will be open every Sunday 10am to Noon, they will

be collecting the non-perishable food as well as

hygiene items.



We are the


At The Paddocks Care Home, we

believe in a healthy, active lifestyle

– one in which our residents can

feel like winners. That’s why we

personalise each day to meet the

individual activity needs of our

residents and their families.

And hearing their laughter

is music to our ears.

The Paddocks






President's Corner


Swaffham 5 Throughout Rotary,

from the international

organisation down to individual clubs, the President

and his or her team hold office for a year from 1st July.

In Swaffham the handover of chain of office etc usually

follows a meal with partners and friends and is a very

pleasant evening before the serious work begins.

And so it was in 2013 when I succeeded President Claire.

On that occasion we were treated to an unannounced

visit from “Compo” and “Foggy” of Last of the Summer

Wine who sat down and discussed a wide range

of subjects from the political situation to the latest

Swaffham news including the goings on at the tea room

at Ceres Bookshop and how “Roterry” would fair under

this incomer Wallace and his partner Gromit.

Oh, how different it has to be this time round! No

meal with friends, no ceremony and no entertainment.

Instead outgoing President Steve has “handed” me

the chain of office virtually – I will get the real thing

once we are able to meet again. We are having to

learn new tricks in order to continue meet as a club

virtually. Instead of planning events to raise funds to

support charities and good causes, we are having to

cancel them. Although golf courses have been allowed

to reopen with restrictions, clubhouses remain firmly

shut. So we have reluctantly had to postpone our Golf

Day scheduled for the 20th July to 2021. All entrants

have been given the option of a refund to transfer to

next year’s date. One brilliant piece of news is that

our main sponsor, Adrian Flux Insurance Services, has

generously agreed that we may donate the sponsorship

money to Alzheimer’s Society.

This is our 25th Anniversary Year of our Art Exhibition

so we were intending to add something special. We

are still hoping to hold the exhibition as planned but

sadly have had to cancel the other events planned for


As someone who likes to “do his bit” in the community,

I was taken aback by the Government directive which

put me in a vulnerable group instructed to stay at home.

My initial frustration at being “confined to barracks”

has been replaced by admiration for those who have

come forward and made sure that help is available for

all who need it. They have all been brilliant.

Although it was a while back now, we did say we

would publish the winners of our Easter hampers in

the Newsletter. The hamper at The 20 Churchwardens

was won by a lady from Mundford and the one at The

George was won by our President Steve. I must make

sure I buy more tickets next year!

If you want to find out any more about or Club, please

visit our website –

or e mail me

John Wallace


VJ Day – the Forgotten Army?

Does your family have a connection to the war in the

Far East? If so, Swaffham Heritage would very much

like to hear from you.

Swaffham Heritage and the Town Council are working

together on a project to commemorate the 75th

Anniversary of VJ Day and would like to collect and

record stories of Swaffham families that relate to the

Far East Campaign.

We have the stories of several Swaffham men who

part of the Far East Campaign or were in the prison

camp at Changi and worked on the Burma-Thailand

Railway but we know that there are more and would

very much like to hear from any families who would

be happy to share their stories.

Picture: Bert Frost carrying the FEPOW Standard

Contact Sue Gattuso at Swaffham Heritage on

Swaffham Museum, 4 London Street, Swaffham,

PE37 7DQ

01760 336029

Age Concern Swaffham & District

As this is a “delivered” edition of

the Newsletter, I thought I would

repeat some items contained in last

month’s “virtual” edition. This year

was to have been a celebration year

for our Age Concern charity, having been in operation

for 21 years. Of course, “the virus” has intervened

and our special event set for the 28th April had to be

postponed. Resuming meetings of groups still seems

to be some way off as the government has said

that any gradual easing of restrictions would leave

meetings at the end of the line. Maybe September/


A particularly worrying matter is that our Befriending

Service and Hospital Buddy Service are on hold

and so the people on our lists who are essentially

those who are already suffering from loneliness and

frustration by an inability to get around without

help, are suffering the most. Perhaps this element

of our work might be “released” fairly early as they

are basically one-to-one so with appropriate PPE

we might be able to restart both services. We have

to manage with telephone conversations with our

clients which are OK but it is not the same as direct


However, although the monthly members meetings

held usually in the Assembly Rooms (2 pm) on the

last Tuesday in the month will not be able to resume

until Autumn at the earliest, we welcome those who

might wish to join our group for when things get

back to normal. We charge £5 per year to cover our

expenses but the monthly meetings, where there

might be a speaker or entertainer are held with no

charge to members. We also organise trips out by

coach but these are not possible at the moment

either. Anyone interested in joining Age Concern

should contact our Membership Secretary, Barbara

White, email or phone

01760 720756. Thank you.

Ja mes D ea n , H o n . S ec reta r y


Painters and Decorators Est. 1970

Call us today for a free quote and experience the difference.

We offer competitive quotes on all interior and exterior jobs

TEL: 01760 - 722511

MOBILE: 07902 013785 or 07789 906854


52 Filby Road, Swaffham, Norfolk PE37 7SX

We are looking forward to welcoming you back!

We are hoping to open at least the shop and TIC in July. Because of the small space we

will need to put some restrictions in place such as limiting the number of people to two at

a time in the shop and waiting in the foyer.

We are afraid it will be "look, not touch" but our volunteers will be there to help.

For our second-hand books - we are selling these for the time being on Saturdays only. A volunteer will be

with you outside to help.

We are also shortening our opening hours slightly. Mondays to Fridays 10 – 12 am and 1-3 pm. Saturdays as

normal 10am-1pm. This will allow us to clean between shifts. If we are allowed, we also hope to open the

museum at the same time. We will need to remove the children's activities but are replacing these with a

Swaffham Heritage activity booklet and pencil for each child for them to use in the museum and take home.

There is a change in one gallery. We have replaced the Rotary photographs with a selection of posters from

the early 20th century to the war years of events and instructions for Swaffham and nearby villages. The

photographs remain with us as part of our archive.

And in our Conflict and Consequences Gallery we are now focusing more on 2020 as a year of exactly that!

We will be developing that theme throughout the rest of the year.

We had promised a display or similar to commemorate VJ on 15 August. Whatever else is possible we will

be putting a publication on our website in August which will give brief details of the Far East Prisoners of

War of the Swaffham, Watton and District FEPOW Association, together with some details of what the Far

East Campaign was all about.

We are fortunate that the Association deposited its archive at Swaffham Heritage and we have been lent

the scrapbook of the early days of the Association compiled by its founder chairman who served in that

position for over 30 years.

What we don't have is any information about the Burma Star Association. If anyone does have any

information could they please let us know so that we can complete the project. Drop a note through the

letterbox at the museum or contact Thank you.


Even ironing!

Tracy: 01362 820 966

Caroline: 01953 882 154

Mobile: 07927 161 201

A different sort of accountant


Viruses and bacteria

live in your carpet

To improve air quality in your home and to create

a safe environment for your family your carpet

should be cleaned professionally every year

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• Sole trader accounts

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• Management accounts

• Buy to let returns

• VAT returns

• Tax returns

• Payroll and wages

• Business plans

• CIS returns for building trade

• Business consultancy and recovery

Come and see us for a free chat and advice session -­‐ no obligation


7a Corn Exchange, Market Place

Next to War Memorial

01760 723830

Family Action, Swaffham Services

The last three months have been challenging for

all of us for so many reasons. Hopefully you have

been able find support from family, friends and your

community to help you to stay physically healthy and

emotionally well.

Family Action has continued to provide services

during this time. It took us a couple of weeks to adapt

to new ways of working and communicating, but we

have been able to provide emotional and practical

support to many people. We have been able to

ensure that there is someone in our office Monday

to Friday 9.30-3 every week if you need to ring and

talk to someone – the numbers are 01760 720302

or 01760 725801. We also have a Facebook page

where you can keep in touch and find out more

Here is a reminder of the services we provide and

how to contact us;

Swaffham Wellfamily Service

Promotes emotional support and practical advice

and signposting to patients of all ages registered at

the following GP practices – Campingland, Manor

Farm, Plowright, Feltwell, Brandon, Litcham and

Great Massingham. Patients can refer themselves by

ringing 01760 720302 or can be referred by their GP.

Norfolk and Waveney ASD/ADHD Support Service

– Our West Norfolk ASD Support Service and Great

Yarmouth and Waveney ASD/ADHD Support Service

were expanded on 1 April to cover the county of

Norfolk. We have been commissioned to provide

support for families with a child waiting to be

assessed for ASD or ADHD, but we are happy to offer

advice to parents who are concerned their child may

have ASD or ADHD and are unsure of the assessment

process and to parents of children who have been

diagnosed. We also provide advice and signposting

to adults age 18-25 who have a diagnosis.

ESCAPE Community Allotment Project and Growing

Communities Project

We have remained open with a small number of hard

working and committed volunteers (including Master

Gardeners) and service users who do not have

underlying health conditions helping us to maintain

the site. 20 people each week have been going to

the allotment individually in 1 and a half hour slots

to take their daily exercise. In the next couple of

weeks we hope to increase this number to 30. We

have also been supplying Salad Bags and plants to

the community who collect from the allotment in

timed slots and who then make a donation through

our JustGiving Page

fundraising/escapeproject Thank you to everyone

who continues to support the project in so many

different ways. Please do contact us if you want to

find out more about becoming a Master Gardener

and promoting organic gardening to family, friends

and your local community.

Weekly Wellbeing Group

Although the group has not been able to meet,

Kelly has been making weekly phone calls to regular

attenders to have a chat and make sure they are ok.

Social Prescribing

The Living Well Workers are able to provide short

term practical and emotional support. Referral to

this service is through your GP only but please do

contact us to find out more if you think this service

might be able to help you.





building better families


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Expert legal help and advice from

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Talk face to face with your local lawyers, at our

London Street office, who are here to help by

giving you clear and practical legal advice.

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Settling a Dispute • Moving Home • Personal Injury • Commercial Services

01760 721992

Chatteris • Dereham • Downham Market • Ely • Heacham • King’s Lynn • Swaffham • Watton

Swaffham Camera Club

The camera club remains a victim of

the wider events of the world, and

currently remains unable to resume its

normal pattern of meetings

The clubs first competition under "lock down" was held

May meeting Highlights were an evening of Tips and Hints followed by a quiz

and "Prints of Norfolk Wild Life" the theme of the externally judged


The club held its first "Zoom" meeting at the beginning

of June, where members were subjected to a brain

On the issue of cars, there seems to be a distinct

Our First June meeting will be an illustrated talk by Chris Bell on "Storm

teasing quiz, with questions relating to all aspects of

Government trend to try and encourage electric car

Chasing", at which members of other clubs are cordially


sales, invited following to join announcement us. of a cash subsidy for

Some degree of cribbing, with the additional use of those buying new electric cars, together with a countrywide

programme enquires of electric please charging point installations.

For further information on the club's activities, or membership

search engines and phones was noted, however an

visit enjoyable the clubs thought website provoking

evening was had by all. Our Chairman, Colin has actually built with Epicams of

For the time being the club will continue meeting Cambridge an Air Engine which runs on liquid nitrogen

electronically on its normal evenings, with a revised which is not a fossil fuel like petrol and diesel. Other

programme of events.

experimental engines run on hydrogen.

The club, under normal circumstances meets on the Should anyone wish to join our group (there is no

first and third Wednesday of each month. It is rightly membership subscription) please contact either our

proud of its established , ongoing, reputation catering

Chairman, Dr Colin Abbiss,

for, and assisting photographers of all abilities, within

Tel: 01760 723118 or myself James Dean as Secretary,

its convivial environs.

For further information please contact us via e-mail Tel: 01760 720756, for more

information. Thank you.


Swaffham Climate Action

This note is being prepared a day before

the shops are able to open generally

albeit with restrictions especially the

social distancing rules. Let’s hope it will prove

possible to relax these measures somewhat to help

The via clubs its internet new connections programme with of events members. and Winners meetings was make launched all the small with businesses a well and the Saturday Market

and runners up over the two classes were:-

received "Open" Stephen evening Ward of stunning with "Cherry photographs Blossom" and of Alan African wildlife, more viable. presented One side by benefit of all this has of course

Steve Peggs DeRoeck with "Artistic The Pink shots Poppy", left many "Picture members, in Picture" who are



the reduction

versed in

of vehicle air pollution in the town

photographing David Taylor with British "Smile" wildlife, and glad Stephen that Ward animals with centre. To maintain this improvement, it is hoped that it

in the UK do not generally

"Frame and Frames". These images are shown below:- will be possible to divert the larger goods vehicles who

have the teeth or demeanour and built in ability to plan do to not kill have you. business We soon in the town on to different routes.

realised a camera lens does not offer much protection In from addition, a determined we understand Norfolk County Council


have decided to carry out a Feasibility Study for the

proposed North – South Relief Road around the town

(if funding can be made available) which could remove

all the longer distance traffic yet providing improved

accessibility and a more pleasant environment for

pedestrians in the centre. There is no doubt that very

significant reductions in vehicle pollution could be

expected as well. A further initiative is that Breckland

Council plan to carry out a public consultation exercise

this year in order to develop a “Climate Strategy” for

the whole District.

Our group, Swaffham Climate Action is supporting any

moves which will result in less pollution coupled with a

reduced carbon footprint and we are including in each

edition of this Newsletter a Tip of the Month. For the

June edition we did suggest we should all review our

energy suppliers to obtain the best and “greenest”

The next meeting was our yearly photography competition deal. For with this the month, July, we recommend that we all

try to do less car driving and take up cycling / walking

Lakenheath club, displaying talents in both projected and printed images.

or even use public transport instead!

.Lakenheath triumphed by a small overall margin at the end of the evening..

The series is now scored as one all, with both clubs looking forward to next

year's event.

Swaffham History Group

One of the many pursuits and activities of the members

within our History Group is the ongoing research in all

things relating to Swaffham from a bygone age. Using

the search engine of Google is fantastic, but of course it

is limited to what other persons upload into the system.

Due to this we have a reliance on Swaffham Heritage,

the County Archives in Norwich, Libraries and also the

National Archives at Kew. Visiting these avenues of

research are now, of course, unavailable to us due to

the present situation during lock-down. Currently we

are ploughing on with our engrossing items of research

and if not having a finished article in writing there

will be plenty of notes to put together so to produce

a written work of interest at a later date. One of our

members Michael Medlar is currently in the final stages

of completing his new book entitled 'Aspects of Life in

Georgian Swaffham'. Michael, of course is the author of

two other successful books about Swaffham published

by the Swaffham History Group.

Due to the above comments, our meetings, like many

other groups are curtailed for the moment but we are

in touch with one another via email. We are hopeful

that this present situation will shortly come to an end

with things becoming more normalised sometime

soon. At the current time I notice more traffic on the

road and I am pleased to see the Swaffham Saturday

Market has now reopened, for fresh produce, etc. if

somewhat limited.

For further details of The History Group please phone

01842 879140 or Email

Swaffham Counselling and Psychotherapy

Due to Covid 19, Barbara O'Hanlon MA is now offering

telephone & Skype sessions

For more details or an initial consultation contact Barbara on:

07516 917171 /


Mayor's Parlour

Hello there People of


Yes, it does feel as though

we’ve been shut away for a

long time and just starting to

emerge from our doorsteps.

The new “norm” still feels pretty restrictive,

but I suppose it’s just a case of getting used

to things.

Council wise we are still functioning

virtually but cannot wait to get back to face

to face meetings, it’s all very well working

from home but there’s nothing like people

for good communication. Let us hope we

can progress safely , get out and about

without too much stress that Covid19 has

put us under.

Moving on to happier things , we have the

market functioning well with the new rules,

I cannot wait to include a cup of coffee in

my visit.

Pleased to say the skate park and MUGA

at Haspalls Rd is now up and running, I am

so pleased about this ,our young people

on the whole have been so patient with

the lockdown. Thank you again to the

young people who sent letters to our older

generation who could not get out and

about, these were very much appreciated.

Kurt at the White Hart continues with his

food distribution although it will revert

to the community centre I should think by

early July.

As I have said before, without Kurt and

his volunteers we would have been in real

difficulties to provide this vital service and

as always, cannot thank him enough.

Rob Bartrum from the Red Lion has also

been busy providing PPE plus I know

many others who have given their time to

others really pulling together as a town ,

thank you, I’m sure we won’t forget this

community spirit as hopefully we move on

into better times.

Events at the moment are not happening but

maybe a bit of entertaining on the Buttercross

might be permissible, we will see.

Gardens are enjoying this welcome rain,

so I will be looking forward to pulling the

weeds easily.

Take care of yourselves and please contact

me if you need help.

Best wishes Jill

In Touch With Your Town

'In Touch with your Town' is

put together by the Town

Clerk Richard Bishop or

occasionally by the Deputy

Town Clerk Claire Smith. It

deals with some of the most topical items

of the day and the odd item where the

Council want to share information with

the Town.

CORONAVIRUS – (COVID-19) Getting back

to Normal

Over the last month we have welcomed the

re-opening of facilities, shops, businesses

and services that have been closed during

the lockdown period. Most of these still

have restrictions on how they operate and

we must all continue to be aware of social

distancing measures set out in government

guidelines, but they are a welcome sign

that we are on our way to returning to


Open Spaces - Our outside team have

continued to work during most of the

lock down period keeping public spaces

open and safe for people to exercise. We

have now been able to open the skate

park, fitness equipment and MUGA at the

Recreation Ground. At the time of writing

this the play areas remain closed, please

do not use these areas or remove the signs

stating that they are closed.

will be phasing our return to working in

the office, and putting in place measures

so that we can open the office safely to

the public.

Saturday Market - Our phased return

of the Saturday general market traders

is almost complete and we have had

enquiries for new stalls who would like to

come along. They will be allowed onto the

market as soon as we are confident that

this can be managed, keeping everyone

as safe as possible. Again, at the time of

writing our auction has not returned but

we hope it won’t be long before that is


Allotments – Our allotments have proved

very popular at the moment, they are a

great way of getting exercise outside in

the fresh air. If you think a plot is too large

perhaps consider sharing with a friend

or relative. If you would like to enquire

about renting an allotment please contact

us, we do have a few plots available on

Shouldham Lane.


- Has your garden been your place of safety

and consolation in this very strange time?

Is it looking fabulous? Could it be the star

of the show?

Town Hall Office Administration staff

are continuing to work from home, but

we are available by telephone or email

during office hours. Please contact us

with any queries on 01760 722922, leave

a message and we will get back to you.

Alternatively email contacts can be found

on our website. In the next few weeks we


Swaffham Town Council are inviting

entries to their Virtual best garden

competition. Just submit up to 5 photos

or a short video by email or ‘We Transfer’

to: administrator@swaffhamtowncouncil. If you aren’t techy just get in

touch for advice on how to enter.

There will be 6 categories with prizes for

the Best:

- Cottage Garden

- Modern Garden

- Children’s Garden

- Small Garden

- Communal Garden

- Formal Garden

Entries must be submitted by Friday 10th

July 2020. We are aiming high for a

celebrity to help us judge the entries so

watch this space!

Town Council Committee

meeting dates

Virtual Zoom meetings

• Wed 8th

Full Town Council

6.00pm. – 5.30pm

• Mon 13th

Recreation & Community Services


• Mon 20th

Market, Events & Tourism


• Mon 27th

Finance Committee


• Tue 28th

Planning & Built Environment


The Town Council

Mayor – Cllr Jill Skinner

Deputy Mayor – Cllr Keith Sandle

Cllr. Judy Anscombe

Cllr. Lindsay Beech

Cllr. Stewart Bell,

Cllr. Wendy Bensley

Cllr. Paul Darby

Cllr. Graham Edwards

Cllr. Brendan Holmes

Cllr. Colin Houghton

Cllr. Shirley Matthews

Cllr. Ian Pilcher

Cllr. Les Scott


Richard Bishop – Town Clerk,


Claire Smith – Deputy Town Clerk

Hannah Duggan – Office Administrator

Swaffham Town Council

Tel: 01760 722 922

Town Hall opening times:

Currently Closed

(at time of printing)

Your Breckland District Councillors:

Cllr. David Wickerson

01760 725 741

Cllr. Ian Sherwood

07795 236 878

Cllr Ed Colman - also your Norfolk County Councillor

07940 406 356 /

Breckland District Council

01362 656 870. For all enquiries regarding:

Planning, Refuse Bins, Housing, Recycling, Licensing

& Benefits.

Highway issues

Norfolk County Council –

– 0344 800 8020

For Highway issues & faulty street lights:

- Highways - please give the location of the issue and

a telephone number where further information can

be obtained.

- Faulty streetlights – please give the precise location

of the light and the number on the column.

Alternatively visit the website and search for

Highways or Street Lights to report your concerns.













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