Jesus' Kingdom Spiritual Law of Revealed Things

GOD takes care of the hidden things. It's our responsibility to address the things He reveals.

GOD takes care of the hidden things. It's our responsibility to address the things He reveals.

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Jesus‛ <strong>Kingdom</strong> <strong>Spiritual</strong> <strong>Law</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Revealed</strong> <strong>Things</strong><br />

GOD takes care <strong>of</strong> the hidden things.<br />

It‛s our responsibility to address the things He reveals<br />

GOD is fair. If He doesn‛t reveal something to us,<br />

He won‛t judge us for not acting on it.<br />

Did you know that forgiveness as a desirable, life-improving<br />

practice between humans was introduced to us by Jesus?<br />

In the Hebrew Bible, powerful beings (like GOD & Joseph)<br />

could pardon the less powerful, but forgiveness between<br />

regular humans wasn‛t expected or even requested. I cringe<br />

every time I hear someone quoting David saying, “Against<br />

You, and You alone, have I sinned” in Psalm 51:4a (NLT).<br />

David proved he didn‛t understand GOD‛s forgiveness when<br />

he made Solomon promise to retaliated against his enemies<br />

(1 Kings 2). Against GOD, and GOD alone, have I sinned” is a<br />

building block that leads to a destination <strong>of</strong> unforgiveness on<br />

our deathbed.<br />

This didn‛t cause David any problems with his salvation<br />

because GOD hadn‛t revealed His requirement that we<br />

forgive one another to receive His forgiveness for our sins.<br />

But once Jesus did so, going back and playing by old rules like<br />

the game didn‛t change puts us at risk.<br />

“GOD, our GOD, will<br />

take care <strong>of</strong> the<br />

hidden things but<br />

the revealed things<br />

are our business.<br />

It‛s up to us and our<br />

children to attend<br />

to all <strong>of</strong> the terms<br />

in this Revelation.”<br />

-Moses in Deuteronomy<br />

29:29 (MSG).<br />

Toto<br />

This is the danger <strong>of</strong> reading the Bible like it‛s an a-la-carte buffet. A young child‛s teacher<br />

makes things simple to understand with rules & consequences explained specifically. Generalizing is reserved for<br />

when they are older & can connect dots. By my calculations we are on game 7. Each game comes with new rules, so it<br />

is incumbent upon us to discern what is an absolute truth from GOD, what rule was appropriate for the time &<br />

peoples‛ maturity level, and what new revelations from GOD have placed new responsibilities on us.<br />

Game 1:<br />

Game 2:<br />

Game 3:<br />

Game 4:<br />

Game 5:<br />

Game 6:<br />

Game 7:<br />

Adam & Eve in the Garden <strong>of</strong> Eden with 1 rule: “Don‛t eat from the Tree <strong>of</strong> Good & Evil”<br />

After the fall, with ‘producing new‛ cursed with difficulties<br />

Times <strong>of</strong> Noah where GOD limited us to 120 years & punished Angels who took human wives<br />

Tower <strong>of</strong> Babel where GOD needed to confused our languages to make us obey filling the Earth<br />

The <strong>Law</strong> <strong>of</strong> Moses summarized by: Love GOD & treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated<br />

Jesus with His replacement <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Law</strong> <strong>of</strong> Moses with 1 rule: “Love others as I have loved you”<br />

Fullness Games 7 - Let the end times begin!<br />

Jesus is embarking on a new move <strong>of</strong> GOD. We will be invited into a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus where<br />

He will lead His sheep. He will be showering new revelations on His sheep. No longer will we be reliant on blind men<br />

trying to lead us with their limited understanding <strong>of</strong> who GOD is and how GOD sees us. We will be able to turn to<br />

Jesus and ask Him what something means and receive truth & understanding directly from the source <strong>of</strong> all truth.<br />

We need to put semitic, racial, gender, & sexual orientation<br />

differences aside & unite as one Body to win against Team Satan<br />

I don‛t think GOD is impressed that we can only unite as churches with other believers that look like us and think<br />

like us. Even heathens can do that. We let our ‘Statements <strong>of</strong> Faith‛ destroy dissension from our websites so we<br />

don‛t have to kill people with different perspectives and viewpoints face-to-face.<br />

When we unite together we will be able to bind the strong man (Satan), and incarcerate all <strong>of</strong> Team Satan in the<br />

Abyss and Jesus will rule for a while with us acting as His hands, feet, and voice.<br />


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