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Our prophetic authorization from our King Jesus provided by Graham Cooke

Our prophetic authorization from our King Jesus provided by Graham Cooke


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Dear Lord,

I enter Your Courts of Heaven with praise knowing that You delight in the prosperity of Your servants. You are

good all of the time and I’m so excited to help You unleash upon this World Your goodness and fullness.

I submit into Your Heavenly Court’s record Your promises that You will help us transform this Earth into Your

Kingdom that has banished measure which Graham Cooke prophetically released on Your behalf:

Watch: https://youtu.be/u15wvX6Xp0Q

Transcript: https://www.yumpu.com/s/d3wHbuLxS5kJQicl

King Jesus’ Word of Honor:

Beloved, I am determined to build a house in the Earth. A temple of goodness so tall its light will be seen

in the highest and the lowest of places. Goodness shall be the antidote to greed and self-preservation.

The building blocks of trust and faith shall make a way for untold millions to find their way into the


Beloved, real growth comes from the questions you ask Me not from circumstances that question you.

Fullness is the only certainty in life. I speak these words over you so My joy will be in you in full. I am

commissioning you to cultivate goodness in your life, in your city, in your region. In these days of chaos,

it shall be the evidence of being in Christ of living in the new man.

I am banishing measure from your midst. Measure cannot handle the chaos that has been released upon

the Earth. Only a life focused on fullness and abundance and inheritance can inherit all that the Earth

needs to rise up. Only the beloved will grasp the good pleasure of My will. Do not disown My

glory. You’re not the same as everyone else. You’re being changed from glory to glory so that the Bride

will begin to be revealed in and through astonishment. The stories of glories must be recorded and sent

around the World. In goodness, shall there become a union between the Head and Body and the mindset

of the Bride shall speak from a new realm of anointing. Behold, I give you more promises than you will

ever need and We will create a new economy built on strategic extravagance. I tell you, the power of the

Kingdom will overwhelm the World!

This promise is personal for My people and therefore carries My guarantee. My Word of honor will not

return to Me empty. It will accomplish My purpose. If you let go of it, others will pick it up. So that the

promise will succeed in the matter for which I sent it. Let the promise impregnate your secret place so

that it comes to fruition in you. It is vital that you allow these promises to put you ahead of worldly

matters. You will become the bandwagon that people will want to jump on. Blessings, favor, miracles,

and resources will flow into the places that connect with the Kingdom; and as world events darken the

landscape your light of goodness will open up the heavens and the Church will no longer be in

recovery. It will be the fulfillment of Isaiah 61:4 that you will rebuild the ancient ruins. You will raise up

the former devastations. You will repair the ruined cities and the desolation of many generations.

I make this promise of your inheritance in Me in the midst of the chaos of your own circumstances that

you may stand and not be moved away from a hope that I am bestowing upon you even this evening.

This is your time to rise up and do exploits with Me, so that wherever you go water will be in your

footprints. Everyone you touch will see and hear something and feel something of My presence. I AM is

with you. I AM is with all those you connect with. This is your Word of inheritance for yourself, for your

family, for your friendships, for your places of work. This is your inheritance. You carry an inheritance

for the community around about you. And now it’s time to look Me in the face and smile! Because this is

your day. This is the day when you rise up out of your circumstances into a whole new place of

relationship with Me! You will no longer be traumatized by events. You will not live under the tyranny

of your circumstances. Instead, you will live in the fullness of My Heart towards you.

Beloved, this is your time. The Bride is rising up in the Earth and I have allocated untold billions of

dollars to the Bride that she may grow and be seen and become beautiful. Even as Esther had twelve

months of beautifying treatments, so I am beautifying the Bride. I’m doing it through goodness. I’m

doing it through an inheritance. I’m doing it by resourcing everything that is in your heart. This is time

for you to step into a new oneness with Me; A new partnership with Me! For the upgrade of your own life

and your own family, for the upgrade of your wider family and friends, and your community, and your

workplace, and your city, this is your moment. Beloved, it starts right here, right now, right here, right

now! ‘Cuz I’m not waiting anymore!

When I grant you something, please have the kindness to take Me for granted so that we flow together

in a oneness, in a provision, in a power, in a grace, in a love that changes people and situations. This is

your inheritance and I freely give it to you this evening out of joy and out of a sense of wonder about

who you will become as you take hold of it and partner with Me for the sake of goodness. Amen.

Father, the truth is Jesus deserves this to happen. He deserves that. He deserves to see us powerful. He

deserves to see us resourced. He deserves to see us on top of our gift in our calling. He deserves to see us

living in Your love and in Your kindness and in Your goodness. He deserves us to be successful in the

World. He deserves it. He paid a price for that to happen and it is important for us that He is honored by

our trust, by our faith, and by our response to all that You are and all that You want to do. So when we

say, “Father, we ask it in Jesus’ Name” we’re saying we ask it because He deserves it! He deserves it! He

deserves it! He deserves it! He deserves it! So, we’re asking for His sake, not for ours; For His sake in

Jesus’ Name, amen.

- GOD with Graham Cooke

As Nehemiah commissioned each family to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall in front of their home, I ask You to help each

Kingdom family to rebuild Your Kingdom’s wall in the community You have given them. Help us be Your bright,

Jesus-Magnets that draw the lost home to You with kindness, gentleness, generosity, boldness, and

faithfulness. May You demonstrate to everyone who You are without Satan’s slime on Your Name and

Reputation. Help us know You as three Beings and be in relationship with You. I ask that our RELATIONSHIPS with

GOD destroy RELIGION and we become FEARLESS FOLLOWERS of Jesus ready to be as radically inclusive and

irresistible as Jesus is.

You are the Gardener who will spread Your flowers throughout Your Kingdom. A rose can bloom by itself and be

beautiful or part of a garden of other beautiful flowers. I ask for the opposite of globalization and centralization. I

ask for our inheritance through You so anyone plugged into You has access to everything You are.

Teach us to be dependent upon You alone for our peace, joy, and contentment rather than on humans. Train us to

be like flowers who depend on Your rain, sunshine, and soil nutrients to grow and then transform us into linen

through Your Rainbow Talent Training process so we can be woven together to make beautiful tapestries that

glorify our King Jesus. Make this Earth into Your flower garden where everywhere we look we see You and Your

beauty that reflects Your goodness, kindness, gentleness, love, peace, joy, patience, faithfulness, and selfcontrol.

I ask this so we can worship our King Jesus for everything He has done for us. He deserves this World as His

footstool. He deserves our trust, love, and devotion. He deserves every song of praise and all of our gratitude. He

has made our eternity with Him possible by dying a torturous death on a cross that took our sin to Hell and gave us

His clean robe so we can know Papa GOD.

Lord, grow our gratitude for what Jesus has done for us like a tiny seed into a giant redwood. Gratitude is the

antidote for our feelings of entitlement. As citizens of Heaven, we are here as ambassadors to serve those who

don’t know our King Jesus yet and to accurately represent Him as He is. He is perfectly fair, radically inclusive,

irresistible with every other good characteristic that He demonstrated to us as GOD’s Perfect Witness. Transform

us into Your witnesses that demonstrate Your fairness, radical inclusion, and Your good fruit like Jesus


Signed, Dated, and Declared by Royal T Berg-Fullness in King Jesus' Power, Authority, and Name on Adar 7, 2023

Anno Domini (2/25/2023).

Royal T Berg-Fullness | MJBC.one | Executives' Assistant


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