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Liverpool | Maple House


Welcome to

Maple House


Here’s your new address

Maple House

25 Caledonia Street


L7 7DX

New room. New home.

New city to explore.

You’re right next to everything. Your university for lectures

and libraries. The city for shops and bars. And all your

fellow students. Where you live at university makes all

the difference. The perfect home is where you’ll achieve

academic success, form lifelong friendships – and bloom.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here when you want us and in the background when

you don’t. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest

news, competitions and events on our Facebook, Twitter

and Instagram pages. It’s completely up to you how much

or how little you want to get involved.


You’ll find your check in date on the front page of your

tenancy document. It’s under ‘start date’. You can arrive

on your check in date, or any day after that. Arriving on

the day? We’ll give you a time slot to help you avoid traffic.

Drivers: we recommend checking out the area beforehand

and making sure you know where to park. Coming in by

train or plane? Book your taxi in advance. Our staff will

be here to help you - giving you your keys, showing you

around, and telling you about your new home.

Your room is your space –

to relax, to unwind, to be

you. So hang up your jacket.

Choose a drawer for your

socks. Make it feel like home.


Your Wi-Fi is included in the rent. If you’re experiencing

problems contact customer support on 0333 123 0115 and

make sure you’re by your screen.


There’s a radiator to keep you warm. You can control the

temperature and when it comes on and off. If it stops doing

that, let the accommodation team know.


Lights off. Windows shut. Heating on low. Try to save energy

when you’re not in your room.


Cook safe. No chip pans or deep fat fryers. And keep it clean. If

things get too messy, we’ll have to charge for a cleaner.


There’s a TV in your room – but no licence. If you want one,

you’ll need to purchase one, either at or at

the Post Office.


Please look after your keys but if you do lose them or get

locked out of your room speak with the accommodation

team. If the accommodation team are not on site, call the

Out of Hours number on 07580 939 855.


If you have a non-emergency maintenance issue, please

report it directly through your residence portal. Once

reported, we will visit your home to review the issue and

resolve it for you as promptly as we can. If there is an

emergency maintenance issue, please speak to the

accommodation team. If the accommodation team are

not on site, please go to The Numbers You Need section

later in this book and call the Out of Hours number for



Guests are welcome. But too much noise isn’t. So if you

have people over, try to keep it down. And sorry, but no

stays over seven days.


If you want to swap or move rooms, speak to your

accommodation team. Depending on availability,

you’ll just have to pay a £50 admin fee and sign some new



Remember to empty your bins! They go into the communal

rubbish and recycling bins in the courtyard.


Find some time to check it and fill it in. It’ll save you time when

you’re moving out.

Here you’ll find common

rooms. Plenty of shared

spaces. Places to meet and

mingle. So get exploring.


Get together. Study, Watch a movie. Play games. Unwind. All the

spaces are open 24 hours a day. Located in Art School Lofts ground



Work up a sweat in our complementary gym.

Located on the ground floor in Art School Lofts.


Your mailbox is on the ground floor – that’s where your letters will

be delivered.


Parcels will need signing for. Your accommodation team will email

you when your parcel arrives. They can be collected between the

hours of 09.00am till 6.00pm from reception in Art School Lofts.


The laundry room is accessed via the courtyard.


Our bike store is in the right courtyard. It’s your responsibility to

ensure they are locked up and unfortunately we can’t take any

responsibility for any loss.


Even if it’s an accident, own up – otherwise, everyone gets charged.

See your tenancy agreement for a full list of charges.

Your safety and security

is our number one

priority. We’ve got it

covered – but you can

help us by following a

few safety tips.


If you have an accident, please report it to your accommodation

team. There’s a first aid box in the office for minor accidents.


Your room is fitted with a smoke detector. So are kitchens and

corridors. Don’t tamper with them. When a fire alarm goes off,

never assume it’s just a drill. Make sure you know your nearest

exit, and know how to leave the building safely. Your designated

assembly point is on Caledonia Street at the rear of the building.


We ask that you keep doors closed at all times and lock your door

and windows when you’re going out. Fire doors are there to protect

you and when closed they will stop the spread of fire, so please

don’t prop your door open. Windows will only tilt outwards and for

your own safety will not be opened fully.


If you’re worried about the safety of any of the equipment in your

room or the communal areas or you see any suspicious behaviour,

please inform your accommodation team.

If you’re not feeling

yourself, talk to someone.

Whoever you are.

Whatever it is. However,

you feel. We’re here.


See the doctor. If you’ve registered with the University Health

Centre on Mount Pleasant, you’ll usually get a same day

appointment. Call them on 0151 285 4578.


Talk to Student Minds uk. Or grab your

accommodation team they’re here to support you.


Noise. Mess. Antisocial behaviour. If it’s bothering you, speak to

your accommodation team.


NHS Choices


Victim Support

The numbers you need

Accommodation Team and Out of Hours

0844 371 5674

Emergency Maintenance Issues –

(Out of Hours only)

0844 371 2578

Internet helpline

0333 123 0115

Moving Out

You’ll have to move out by the end of your tenancy – you

can see when that is on your tenancy document. If you

want to move out earlier, you can arrange that with your

accommodation team. At the end of the academic year,

we’ll let you know when you’ll be expected to move out

and exactly what you’ll need to do. Before you go, your

accommodation team will make an appointment to

inspect your room – making sure it hasn’t been damaged

or dirtied.


This handbook provides useful advice for students

throughout their tenancy. But it doesn’t cover everything.

For full legal obligations, see your tenancy agreement in

your Resident Account and visit the Hello Student website

and click on How it Works.

Hello Student takes data protection very seriously and

access to all resident data is strictly controlled and will

only be disclosed with the resident’s permission and this

applies equally to enquiries from parents or relatives.



In the first instance, please speak to your accommodation

team who will always try to resolve your issue. If you feel

the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction then

please follow the 3-stage procedure as specified on the

notice board in reception.

Hello Student complies with the data protection act (1988)

which governs the use of all personal data we hold and the

controls requires over its accuracy, access and security.

Also, legislation aimed at giving you more control over

your data is called the General Data Protection Regulation

(GDPR). Please visit the Hello Student website to view our

Privacy Policy in which explains how we collect, store and

handle your personal data.

If you need us, we’re here to help

T: 0844 371 5674 M: 07580 939 855


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