JHB West - Sept 2020

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Cheers! We’re<br />

sipping on these<br />

crushed grapes<br />

Pretty in pink<br />

table decor<br />

HELLO<br />

SPRING<br />

AGE-<br />

PROOF<br />


Keke<br />

Moeca<br />

Unleashing her<br />

(many) creative<br />

sides<br />


<strong>Sept</strong>ember <strong>2020</strong>


WHY DON’T YOU...<br />

05 Words, wheels, and edge-of-your-sofa thrillers<br />

06 Nothing but time ... to read and drink wine<br />


08 Welcome Spring with these bright and cheerful must-haves<br />

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PEOPLE<br />

10 A creative at heart, Keke Moeca chats<br />

about her love for all things leather and DIY projects<br />

12 Terrence and Chené Calitz are very much like their clothing brand<br />

… unpretentious, easy-going and tastefully rebellious<br />

THIS MONTH WE’RE ...<br />

14 Helping those who’ve been retrenched • working towards ageing<br />

beautifully • taking our collagen daily • and celebrating Heritage Day<br />

with fine wine and a braai<br />

FOOD<br />

24 Fill up a jar with scrummy ingredients and tuck in<br />


26 Spring is the perfect time for shades of a pink tablescape<br />

28 The weather’s warm and the flowers are blooming<br />

TRAVEL<br />

32 A fusion of sun, sea and sand, with lashings<br />

of luxury and touches of seaside chic at The Bungalow<br />

WIN<br />

11 Win a gorgeous leather toiletry bag from Rustic City<br />

34 Win a hamper of exceptional Nuxe Bio Organic goodies<br />

SEPTEMBER <strong>2020</strong><br />

08<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 03

A hot date!<br />

Words, wheels, and edge-of-your-sofa thrillers<br />

Words ...<br />

If ever you needed a nudge to pick up a book, now is the time. Be part of<br />

the latest book launches, author Q&As and more, that are happening via<br />

Zoom by checking Exclusive Books’ Facebook page. It is free of charge; all<br />

you need to do is register for the webinar!<br />

While on the topic of books, don’t miss this year’s South African Book<br />

Fair virtual event. A mix of poetry sessions, author-led panel discussions,<br />

SMME skills development workshops, kids-related programmes such as<br />

online storytelling, and puppet and theatre shows will form part of the<br />

fair. Pencil the 11th to 13th in your diary. For the full programme and<br />

tickets, visit www.southafricanbookfair.co.za<br />

Are you a budding young author looking for a challenge? Enter this year’s<br />

Word Warrior competition and you could walk away with R1 000 cash and<br />

books to the value of R5 000 for your school. If you’re nine to 16-years-old,<br />

you can enter by writing dialogue for a play or a movie about the foxy<br />

detective Inkomba. Details: 087-237-7781 or visit www.read.org.za<br />

Wheels ...<br />

So you think driving on our highways, byways<br />

and dodging potholes make you a good<br />

driver, right? Well, even the most seasoned<br />

driver can benefit from an advanced driving<br />

course. Spending time with a professional<br />

driving instructor will help you gain insights<br />

into defensive driving, road safety, hijacking<br />

defence, as well as teach you how to get the<br />

best performance from your car – safely.<br />

Speed on over to Google, search for one of<br />

these great training schools and learn how<br />

to really drive. adrenalindrivingacademy.<br />

co.za; amgdrivingacademy.co.za;<br />

bmwdrivingexperience.co.za; ford.co.za;<br />

toyota.co.za; vw.co.za and landrover.co.za.<br />

Vroom vroom.<br />

And a thrill a minute<br />

We’re on the edge of our seats with this<br />

must-watch series on Showmax. Oscar<br />

nominees Jude Law and Naomie Harris star in<br />

The Third Day, a six-part psychological thriller<br />

set on an alluring and mysterious island. This<br />

delightfully dark show is divided into two<br />

parts. In ‘Summer’ a man visits a creepy island<br />

off the British coast and discovers a group of<br />

inhabitants intent on preserving their home at<br />

any cost. In the second half, ‘Winter,’ a strongwilled<br />

outsider comes to the island seeking<br />

answers, but instead causes a battle to decide<br />

its fate. • Then we’ve got a gripping sci-fi drama<br />

on Netflix. As American astronaut Emma Green<br />

(Hilary Swank) prepares to lead an international<br />

crew on the first mission to Mars, she must<br />

reconcile herself to her decision to leave behind<br />

her husband and teenage daughter when they<br />

need her the most. As the crew’s journey into<br />

space intensifies, their personal dynamics and<br />

the effects of being away from their loved ones<br />

back on Earth become increasingly complex.<br />

Away shows that sometimes, to reach for the<br />

stars, we must leave home behind.<br />

Away<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 05

06 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20<br />

Book club<br />

Nothing but time ... to read and drink wine<br />

There’s no doubt that when it comes to her novels, Karin Slaughter<br />

has a sick and twisted mind. Quite possible our favourite thriller writer<br />

ever! In The Silent Wife, we jump from present day Atlanta, Georgia,<br />

where medical examiner Sara Linton and Will Trent – GBI investigator<br />

and Sara’s boyfriend – are investigating the brutal murder of a young<br />

girl. The investigation takes a wild and unexpected turn, and readers are<br />

taken back a decade to Grant Country, and a case being investigated<br />

by Jeffrey Tolliver –Sara’s husband ... and jumps back and forth between<br />

the cases and the two decades. Just JOY for those who started the<br />

Grant Country books from the beginning, with Blindsighted. Wicked<br />

twists, as there should be, a little love story to keep things sweet, a<br />

thriller we could. not. put. down. HarperCollinsPublishers. • It’s been a<br />

good month for tense reads. Massively edge-of-your-seat, beautifully<br />

written and also with a great big unexpected twist, Sarah Vaughan’s<br />

Little Disasters looks at issues of mothers not coping, friends and trust<br />

issues, families keeping secrets. Very believable, with characters you<br />

just ache for. Simon and Schuster • Lesley Pearce. Perfect for an easy,<br />

weekend read. She’s just released a new thriller titled Liar, revolving<br />

around a young woman who is desperate to be a reporter (the closest<br />

she’s come is selling advertising in the local paper!). When she discovers<br />

the body of a murder victim near her home, and hears the lies the<br />

police and reporters are spreading, she convinces the local paper’s<br />

editor to let her tell the true story. And when another body is found,<br />

she thinks she may be the one to solve the mystery and stop more<br />

murders. Michael Joseph • Staying with thrillers – that November 2019<br />

tour! Siya Kolisi – Against All Odds by Jeremy Daniel tells the story of<br />

the boy from the Zwide township who beat the odds and followed his<br />

passion from the African Bombers Club to his appointment as first black<br />

Springbok captain. Thrilling indeed. Jonathan Ball Publishers.

When a missing girl returns two years to the day after she<br />

disappeared, with no memory of where she’d been or what<br />

happened to her, her best friends are delighted. But the<br />

excitement doesn’t last ... this girl is more like a stranger. Who<br />

– or what – is she? Rachel Harrison combines thriller and<br />

horror in The Return. Hodder and Stoughton • An office fire.<br />

The death of an advertising agency CEO. And three women,<br />

each with a reason for wanting revenge. Start Three<br />

Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks early on a Saturday morning<br />

and set aside the entire weekend ... full of twists and<br />

turns, you won’t put it down. Century • The story’s<br />

nothing new ... but that doesn’t make it any less<br />

enjoyable. An intern appears to be determined to<br />

undermine and sabotage her magazine editor boss.<br />

In Precious You, a terrific debut novel psychological<br />

thriller, Helen Monks Takhar tackles the Generation<br />

X vs Millennials issues in the workplace, along<br />

with ageing, feminism, and toxic obsessions.<br />

Exceptional. HQ • Another psychological thriller<br />

set in the glamorous world of a glossy magazine,<br />

The New Girl is a freelance journalist who fills in for<br />

the fashion editor who’s going on maternity leave.<br />

It’s an exceptional job, and when it’s time for the<br />

stand-in to leave, she’s not too keen to give up the<br />

position. Harriet Walker’s book is a brilliant weekend<br />

read. Hodder and Stoughton. • Good grief. More<br />

drama. Sarah Pinborough’s Dead to Her follows the<br />

story of a woman who’s a second wife, an outsider,<br />

hanging onto her fabulous life by a designer thread<br />

... and coping just fine until her husband’s 65-year-old<br />

boss comes home from a trip with a new, lovely,<br />

22-year-old wife. Fur will fly. HarperCollins Publishers<br />

With all the drama on the pages this month, we’re looking for a down-toearth,<br />

no-nonsense wine ... like Four Cousins. The revamped collection of<br />

single-cultivar wines offers something for everyone in the club ... from a gentle<br />

smooth Merlot to a fresh and fragrant Sauvignon Blanc. This month we’re<br />

serving the medium-bodied Chardonnay – all fresh grapefruit and creamy<br />

citrus-vanilla. The wines are well priced, too ... when you can buy wine again,<br />

you’ll find them for around R59.99 a bottle. Details: fourcousins.co.za<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 07

Wish list<br />

Are we going bright for Spring? Hell yes!<br />

Dreams, drugs and stardom<br />

make for one helluva tale<br />

Have you heard of the British band Utopia<br />

Avenue? Don’t worry ... neither had we. Made<br />

up of folksinger Elf Holloway, blues bassist Dean<br />

Moss, guitar virtuoso Jasper de Zoet and jazz<br />

drummer Griff Griffin, who were e part of London’s<br />

psychedelic scene in 1967, and who created a unique<br />

sound, with lyrics that captured their turbulent times.<br />

The band produced only two albums in two years, but<br />

their musical legacy lives on.<br />

And this is their story. One of<br />

a brief, blazing journey from<br />

Soho clubs and draughty<br />

ballrooms to the promised<br />

land of America, just when<br />

the Summer of Love was<br />

receding into something<br />

much darker. r. It’s a multifaceted<br />

tale of dreams, drugs,<br />

love, sexuality, madness and<br />

grief, of stardom’s wobbly<br />

ladder and fame’s Faustian<br />

pact, and of the collision<br />

between youthful idealism<br />

and jaded reality as the<br />

sixties drew to a close. It’s<br />

a story that celebrates the<br />

power of music to connect<br />

across divides, define an era<br />

and thrill the soul. Hodder &<br />

Stoughton, R355<br />

Dinner from a tin<br />

If you’re anything like us, you’ve gone through your regular recipe<br />

books a few times during this lockdown period ... so meal options are<br />

getting a little tired. Add to that the dilemma of how many times you<br />

should be going out grocery shopping, and suddenly dinner’s a palaver.<br />

Hello, Take One Tin. A collection of quick, versatile meals, straight from<br />

the storeroom cupboard, with just a couple of added ingredients that<br />

you’ve probably got on hand anyway. We admit, we were sceptical<br />

(thinking baked beans on toast), but Lola Milne has given us recipes<br />

for sweetcorn cakes with green chutney, flageolet bean and artichoke<br />

gratin, peach mango and passion fruit pavlova. Recipes you can cook<br />

every day ... and ones that won’t break the bank. Bonus ... less food<br />

wastage and fewer trips to the store. Great stuff. Octopus, R340<br />

Even a Spring<br />

shower won’t bring us<br />

down ... we’ll whip out our<br />

Tropical Tangerine umbrella.<br />

R621 from rosehipdesign.co.za<br />

Compiled by KYM ARGO<br />

08 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20

When it comes to bright and<br />

cheerful, Lou Harvey’s always top<br />

of the game. She’s just teamed ed<br />

up with Mr Price Home for<br />

her second Creative Colab<br />

Collection ... it’s all brilliant,<br />

bright and botanical. Soft<br />

furnishings, kitchen and<br />

bathroom accessories, crockery<br />

and stationery in oversized bold<br />

florals, sunbirds and paisley. You’ll<br />

find the range in store, or on online.<br />

Details: mrphome.com<br />

Wild about Spring<br />

Our favourite season of the year<br />

... and apparently the fave of the<br />

Macaroon crew too, who every<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember launch their new<br />

range ... each one better than<br />

the last. This year it’s all about<br />

Wild Wreaths. They’re dressing<br />

the animal kingdom – think<br />

apes and ellies, leopards and<br />

lions – in blossoming crowns<br />

of wild flowers. Available online<br />

this month on macaroon.co.za<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 09


Colourful<br />

reative<br />

10 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20

Keke Moeca oozes classic glamour and a sunny persona. A creative at heart, she chats<br />

about her love for all things leather and DIY projects.<br />

In heels, a gorgeous dress and with<br />

her killer smile, she looks every inch<br />

the showstopper. We saw that at our<br />

cover shoot. During lockdown, she<br />

missed dressing up so much that she<br />

drove around the block … looking as<br />

chic as if she was about to strut her<br />

stuff on the runway.<br />

But, don’t be fooled by her looks …<br />

she easily rocks the mom jeans and<br />

sneakers look to get her hands dirty<br />

with her latest DIY project or to create<br />

stunning pieces with leather.<br />

‘I am a creative at heart who thrives<br />

on building something out of<br />

nothing. The truth is that once I’ve<br />

started a DIY adventure there’s no<br />

looking back! It’s addictive and there’s<br />

nothing quite like the feeling you get<br />

when you stand back and admire<br />

something you created, designed or<br />

built yourself.’<br />

Mother of two busy (and very<br />

adorable!) toddlers Kwadiwa and<br />

Kgabo, Keke works in the Corporate<br />

and Investment Banking division of<br />

a bank as a graphic designer, and is<br />

also the founder and owner of Rustic<br />

City. They craft exceptional leather<br />

products, ranging from belts, sunglass<br />

pouches, toiletry bags to tote, laptop<br />

and travel bags in their home studio.<br />

She and husband Kevin started<br />

Rustic City in 2016 and have since<br />

established themselves as a premier<br />

brand in the leather industry. But how<br />

did it all started?<br />

‘So many women spend a fortune<br />

on their wedding dress, I being one<br />

of them. I simply didn’t want it to<br />

gather dust in my closet, hoping that<br />

one day my daughter will wear it, so I<br />

figured I’d sell it. I didn’t want to blow<br />

that money on something frivolous,<br />

but rather reward myself with a new<br />

skill or hobby that would also enable<br />

me to generate an income. My love of<br />

self-empowerment made me explore<br />

leather crafting. With my mother’s<br />

assistance, I enrolled for the course.<br />

Once Kevin saw some of my creations<br />

he got inspired and we started<br />

Rustic City.<br />

‘Having originally crafting leather bags<br />

for friends and family, we have since<br />

evolved into supplying handcrafted<br />

leather products to clients all over<br />

the country.’<br />

Although they are creating their<br />

leather products after hours and on<br />

weekends, it is a dream to do this on<br />

a more permanent basis. Keke and<br />

Kevin used to do everything from<br />

start to finish, but with both working<br />

full time they often engage the<br />

services of a skilled person to assist<br />

and to ensure there is no<br />

delay in getting the final product to<br />

their clients.<br />

Although there are four<br />

basic grains or qualities in<br />

leather (full-grain, top-grain,<br />

genuine and correctedgrain<br />

leather), Keke’s favourite type of<br />

leather to work with is full-grain.<br />

‘Simply put, full-grain leather is the<br />

real deal, the best you can get. When<br />

people first hear the term ‘full-grain<br />

leather’ they sometimes think it<br />

means that the leather will look grainy<br />

or pebbly. That is not the case. Fullgrain<br />

refers to the full, unadulterated<br />

hide in its natural form. As full-grain<br />

leather ages rather than wearing<br />

out, it burnishes and beautifies,<br />

developing a much sought-after<br />

patina and unique character that<br />

cannot be duplicated easily. Truly, the<br />

more you use it, the better it looks<br />

and feels.<br />

‘Leather gives you value for money – it<br />

is durable, timeless, and who doesn’t<br />

love the smell and feel of it? Next, I<br />

would love to include leather shoes<br />

and jackets in our product range. It’s<br />

a classic wardrobe staple that can last<br />

years if you take good care of it.’<br />

And that is not where Keke’s creativity<br />

stops … She loves nothing more<br />

than getting stuck into DIY projects,<br />

and repainting and decorating as<br />

often as possible. For her, there’s no<br />

greater satisfaction than perfectly<br />

accessorising a room.<br />

‘We’re constantly looking for<br />

ideas to spruce up our<br />

WIN!<br />

We’re giving away an<br />

Aviwe toiletry bag to the<br />

value of R950. To stand in<br />

line to win, simply visit our<br />

GetItJoburg<strong>West</strong> Facebook<br />

page, like the post and<br />

tag a friend. Entries close<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 30.<br />

Ts & Cs apply.<br />

home. The most<br />

recent project is<br />

the German smear<br />

wall we did in our<br />

braai area (the<br />

wall used to look<br />

so blah), all done<br />

following some<br />

Pinterest boards<br />

and Instagram pages.<br />

If you’re looking for a<br />

cost-effective upgrade to an<br />

existing exposed brick wall<br />

without having to redo or<br />

compromise the structure,<br />

then you should definitely<br />

consider this whitewashed/<br />

shabby chic finish.<br />

As if Keke is not keeping<br />

herself busy enough, she is<br />

also a Mrs SA Top 50 semifinalist<br />

who will embark on<br />

a journey of fundraising, networking<br />

and self-development.<br />

‘People have a lot of misconceptions<br />

about women entering beauty<br />

pageants. They tend to think that it<br />

is all about flaunting your physical<br />

beauty. I feel I must go on a growth<br />

journey by stepping out of my<br />

comfort zone. Your comfort zone<br />

is not where the magic happens<br />

and I firmly believe as women and<br />

community builders, we have to give<br />

from a full cup – we cannot care for<br />

others without caring for ourselves<br />

first. I hope my journey to self will<br />

inspire women, young and old, to be<br />

kind to themselves, always.’<br />

Details: www.therusticcity.com or follow<br />

them on Facebook and Instagram<br />

@therusticcity<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 11

Well WORN<br />

Getting ready to go out for the<br />

evening (long before there was a<br />

curfew), Terrence flipped through his<br />

‘four’ shirts, the only four he wears<br />

because they fit and look good.<br />

‘That’s when I mentioned to Chené<br />

that we should make our own shirts<br />

exactly the way we want them. Then<br />

I’ll have more than four to wear,’<br />

says Terrence.<br />

‘A few weeks later while at home<br />

relaxing, I started drawing. I showed<br />

Chené and she replied ‘so do it’. I<br />

printed a few shirts with my designs<br />

and when I happened to wear one<br />

of my designs to the gym, the guys<br />

asked where I got the shirt. And<br />

that’s that. We started taking orders,<br />

thinking this would be short-lived.<br />

Seven months later we both quit<br />

our jobs.’<br />

They started Worn Apparel in<br />

February 2019 and mainly supplied<br />

men’s clothing. Towards the end of<br />

last year, they started catering for<br />

women as well, including flip-flops,<br />

shorts, dresses, vests and T-shirts.<br />

The name of their business came<br />

about by chance when Terrence put<br />

on a shirt he had worn the day before<br />

and Chené commented that it<br />

had been worn and he needed to<br />

change it.<br />

‘I felt that it still fitted perfectly and<br />

looked good. Chené joked and said<br />

we should call our company Worn<br />

because your favourite shirts are<br />

always worn.’<br />

Both Terrence and Chené have<br />

dabbled in many industries<br />

and businesses. Terrence has a<br />

background in architecture, steel<br />

engineering and construction, but<br />

always enjoyed being creative. Chené,<br />

on the other hand, had a horse<br />

riding school and livery yard, been in<br />

clothing retail, worked as a personal<br />

assistant and did marketing at a real<br />

estate agency.<br />

‘The fashion industry is a completely<br />

Terrence and Chené<br />

Calitz don’t fit into any<br />

of society’s ‘boxes’. They<br />

are very much like their<br />

clothing brand …<br />

unpretentious, easy-going<br />

and tastefully rebellious.<br />

different world to what we are used<br />

to, but in the best possible way. The<br />

design and creativity aspect is an<br />

awesome outlet in this new world we<br />

have found ourselves in.<br />

‘Being from an older generation (yes,<br />

the 1990s and 2000s are now classified<br />

as nostalgic) we felt left behind when<br />

it came to fashion … Lumo colours,<br />

ridiculously high-waisted jeans, shirts<br />

that could be dresses and shorts<br />

that make you unintentionally shake<br />

all that ‘yo mamma gave ya’. Not to<br />

mention being out in public and<br />

seeing 437 unique individuals all<br />

dressed the same.’<br />

The husband and wife duo decided<br />

to create, or in this case recreate, what<br />

they grew up with. In their own words<br />

‘unapologetic clothing and style, for<br />

those who live, for those who dare<br />

step out of line and off the path’.<br />

‘Worn is not the type of brand that<br />

changes its style according to what<br />

is trending or what is in fashion right<br />

now. Being in our late 20s and early<br />

30s, fashion trends come and go, but<br />

everyone goes back to a staple jeans<br />

and T-shirt vibe. We keep our designs<br />

simple and subtle, aiming to be your<br />

every day, every mood and every<br />

situation clothing brand.’<br />

According to the duo, the inspirations<br />

for their designs come from the<br />

people they spend time with, their<br />

lifestyle and the places they go.<br />

Going into business with your<br />

significant other is a brave decision,<br />

but Terrence and Chené have<br />

discovered the secrets of married<br />

business partnership success.<br />

‘Yes, we do have our tense moments<br />

as you can imagine, but we manage<br />

to hash it out and don’t take it<br />

personally,’ says Chené.<br />

‘Stepping back and taking a deep<br />

breath also does wonders! But, we<br />

have a good understanding of each<br />

other’s strengths and weaknesses;<br />

Terrence is the people’s person and<br />

does well with the business and<br />

strategy side, where I work better<br />

behind the scenes with marketing<br />

and planning. And we always try<br />

to keep things as light-hearted as<br />

possible which makes business and<br />

life much easier,’ she added.<br />

Terrence and Chené are currently<br />

hard at work on their summer range<br />

with its unique Worn spin on current<br />

trends. They want to provide more<br />

variety on an on-going basis, with<br />

the first items being launched end<br />

of August. Be sure to keep an eye on<br />

their website!<br />

We’ve heard via the grapevine that<br />

their flip-flops have more oomph<br />

than those you normally find in<br />

stores. So, Terrence, what’s the secret?<br />

‘We supply premium rubber flip<br />

flops – no flimsy foam, which<br />

means they will look as good at the<br />

end of summer as they did at the<br />

start. They’re manufactured from a<br />

carefully selected premium rubber<br />

blend – consisting of 30 per cent<br />

recycled rubber – in such a way<br />

that there is zero waste. And the<br />

rest is confidential! What we can say<br />

is that they are 100 per cent local,<br />

comfortable and durable.’<br />

Well, although they’re still the new<br />

kids on the block, it is evident that<br />

their passion, positive vibes and<br />

unpretentious clothes will take them<br />

a long way.<br />

12 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20

Snippets:<br />

Terrence:<br />

• Will never wear extra-long<br />

baggy T-shirts that can be<br />

used as a dress • His<br />

favourite colour is navy blue<br />

because it makes his eyes pop<br />

• He is a jeans and T-shirt, or<br />

shorts and flip flops kind of<br />

guy • He likes to feel comfortable<br />

and unrestricted as ‘you<br />

never know when you may<br />

need to climb a tree’.<br />

Chené:<br />

• You will never see her in anything<br />

sparkly or frilly<br />

• Her favourite colour is teal<br />

because it reminds her of<br />

beach holidays and happy<br />

times spent with friends and<br />

family • She is a bit of a tomboy<br />

at heart and is the happiest<br />

in jeans, a strappy top and<br />

flip-flops.<br />

Details: Visit wornapparel.co.za<br />

or follow them on<br />

Instagram @wornsouthafrica<br />


<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 13

14 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20

Shown the door<br />

In an already dreadful business year, being laid off is, quite frankly, terrifying.<br />

We find out how to accept, move on and perhaps learn from the experience.<br />

Laid off. Let go. Retrenched. Axed. It doesn’t matter how you word it ... it is one of the hardest, harshest experiences to<br />

endure. Yet, like any and all life experiences, it passes and life moves on. But for life to go on, you need to get through<br />

this. We spoke to life coach Graeme Butchart, and asked how to deal with, and get past being retrenched.<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

Understanding the role of acceptance<br />

In order to move on, understanding the role of<br />

acceptance becomes very important. For if you don’t,<br />

or can’t accept, then moving forward may well be<br />

harder than the retrenchment itself. For moving on<br />

is what you have to do. If you linger, you faulter and<br />

perish. You fail to regrow.<br />

Know it’s not personal<br />

If acceptance is the starting point, the second is to know,<br />

importantly, that it’s not personal. Hard to do – but<br />

this isn’t about your person. This is purely economics,<br />

circumstances and very often – most often – the roll of<br />

the dice. If you get stuck on ‘why me?’ then you get stuck<br />

in the history of the event and that holds us back. It’s<br />

paralysing and pointless. There is no value in feeling sorry<br />

for yourself or looking for pity. A period of reflection may<br />

be valuable, to take stock, to take account, but that should<br />

be based on what you can learn and act on. Deal with<br />

this mental aspect quickly, be mindful you have to keep<br />

moving forward. We need to acknowledge you are not<br />

faulty, wrong, or broken in any way. You have skill sets. You<br />

have evidence of prior successes. You have value which<br />

you can still add. That’s the thinking required to move into<br />

the present. To acknowledge and reaffirm what you have<br />

to offer – is to reframe your view of self, from a limiting,<br />

negative view back into the positive. It’s the same mental<br />

framework that separates success from failure.<br />

Remember to be grateful<br />

Regulating the emotional disturbance of loss, hurt,<br />

wound, is critical and failure to do so will lead to negativity,<br />

anxiety and depression. It helps here to be mindful of<br />

what you should be grateful for. So, if the emotional<br />

challenge becomes all possessing then counter it by<br />

writing what you are grateful for – a gratitude list – and do<br />

it daily to support the move back into positive territory. It<br />

keeps you in action and in the present.<br />

Ready. Steady. Action.<br />

Now’s the time to act. So, all that practical stuff that you<br />

already know you should be doing – do it. Update CVs<br />

and bios. Network. Make phone calls ... yes actually speak<br />

to people, don’t just send emails. Emails don’t secure jobs,<br />

conversations do. Be open and be honest. Don’t ever feel<br />

ashamed. Engage and get straight to the point.<br />

‘Hi Jo, unfortunately, I was retrenched and I am looking<br />

for an opportunity, can you help me – or do you know of<br />

anyone else who could?’<br />

Being direct, will communicate a great deal about<br />

your state of mind and confidence. And to be clear –<br />

most, if not all the work we secure, is from people we<br />

already know and those who know of us. It’s all about<br />

networking and leveraging our social network, so get all<br />

that stuff done and sorted. Reach out and ask for help. Be<br />

vulnerable. Be human.<br />

Learn new skills<br />

Sometimes, the retrenchment highlights that we have<br />

to up our game. So think about learning new skills or<br />

acquire new tools. One of the positives of the global<br />

lockdown is that all learning and development has gone<br />

online – and a lot of those courses are absolutely free.<br />

Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and many others, provide<br />

excellent short programmes. So use the moment to<br />

improve the version of who you are. Put the effort in and<br />

the reward will soon show itself.<br />

Become more relevant<br />

Part of that renewing of who you are and what you offer<br />

the world may require coaching. Again, this is about you<br />

becoming more relevant to the market place, increasing<br />

your market value, your marketability. Products, services<br />

and businesses have to reinvent and innovate all<br />

the time to stay competitive in their marketplaces.<br />

People are no different. Invest in your development.<br />

Reinvent yourself.<br />

As one door closes ...<br />

Don’t underestimate the power of the universe. It is said<br />

as one door closes, another opens. But that can only<br />

occur if you take the right actions, take care of all the<br />

mental challenges and – importantly – believe, have faith<br />

that it will all work out. And then let it do just that.<br />

In a nutshell<br />

“Accept, move on, prepare and network, invest in the<br />

development of a better version of who you are,” sums<br />

up Graeme, adding “be grateful of the opportunity – it<br />

may prove that this retrenchment turns out to be the<br />

best thing that ever happened to you. It was for me.”<br />

Details: graeme@graemebutchart.com<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine

Brand new on the beauty shelved, Nuxuriance Gold has four<br />

products that promise instantly brighter skin that’s nourished,<br />

supple, soft and replumped. With exceptionally melting textrues,<br />

infused with golden micro-reflectors which illuminate your<br />

compexion, start using these Absolute Anti-Aging products<br />

- all designed specifically for dry skin, weakened by age - as<br />

soon as the engagement’s announced! The range includes<br />

Nutri-Revitalising Serum with a multi-sensory velvety feel, it<br />

includes Micro-Hyaluronic Acid for fortified skin (R995);<br />

Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream, whichmakes the skin appear<br />

brighter after the first application, and day after day, skin is more<br />

radiant and wrinkles are smoothed (R895); Nutri-Fortifying<br />

Night Balm which is enriched with Shea<br />

Butter ... each morning signs of fatigue are<br />

diminished, yourskin appears less lined and<br />

more luminous (R850); and Radiance Eye<br />

Balm, , infused with golden micro-reflectors<br />

instantly illuminates, nourishes and smooths<br />

the eye contour area<br />

(R775). Available at<br />

Woolworths, Foschini<br />

and Truworths.<br />

Our favourite, trusted products from Clarins<br />

include Plant Gold - is a one-of-a-kind<br />

dual formula which combines Clarins Blue<br />

Orchid Oil and a melting emulsion that<br />

blend together into a lightweight non-greasy<br />

texture to nourish, repair and illuminate<br />

your skin; Double Serum a Complete Age<br />

Control Concentrate - a powerful serum<br />

which acts on the appearance of all signs of<br />

skin aging and promises a more youthful,<br />

radiant compexion; Extra-Firming Eyes, , a<br />

2-in-1 balm which concentrates on wrinkles,<br />

dark circles and puffiness; and Extra-Firming<br />

Phyto-Serum, , which has an instant lifting<br />

effect, making your skin look visibly younger,<br />

firmer and more sculpted. Prices from R785 to<br />

R1350. Details: clarins.co.za<br />

Collagen is the hottest supplement of the year ... and<br />

we’re massive fans. Our favourite is Collagen Lift Paris,<br />

and the newest version, Luminous Gold, is exceptional.<br />

It targets pigmentation and melesam, as well as other<br />

visible signs of aging. Made in France, this drinkable<br />

collagen contains powerful anti-oxidants, acids, vitamins<br />

and ingredients that are needed for a youthful glow and<br />

to reduce wrinkles. We’ve tested it. It works! Brilliant for<br />

nails and hair, too. We LOVE this product. R1450 (and free<br />

delivery in SA) from collagenliftparis.co.za<br />

Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20


It’s a sad fact of life. For many of us, as we’ve got to what the French kindly call ‘une<br />

femme d’un certain age’, we find we’ve lost that golden bloom. Our skin’s a little drier,<br />

a little thinner than before, and we need a lot more help than we used to. Luckily, with<br />

some extra care and exceptional products, we can prove that beauty’s ageless.<br />

For a gorgeous glow, we love this trio of LUMA products.<br />

Prep your skin with Crushed Pearl Facial Polish which<br />

promises a fresh, healthy compexion in a flash (R375). On<br />

the big day use Liquid Light Illuminating Primer<br />

for all-day<br />

luminosity (R285), and finish with Illuminating Highligher,<br />

an ultra-sheer, creamy highlighter for a<br />

fresh, dewy look. Details: lumabeauty.com<br />

Loaded with ingredients that targets anti-aging for all skin types, Elizabeth<br />

Arden’s Ceramide range is extensive, and known to work wonderfully<br />

on mature skins. The products contain youth-restoring lipids that help<br />

replenish youth factors skin naturally loses over time. With basics like a<br />

Purifying Cream Cleanser and Toner, capsules that include Advanced<br />

Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum and an Eye Serum, a<br />

Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal Activation Cream<br />

and Overnight Regeneration Cream as well as the (incredible) Overnight<br />

Firming Mask, this range really does get gold<br />

stars. Prices from 435 to R1145, from your favourite<br />

Elizabeth Arden stockist.<br />

Compiled by KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine

Collagen<br />

hype<br />

Collagen products are<br />

booming right now …<br />

drinks, powders, capsules<br />

and creams - you name it,<br />

it’s out there. Consuming<br />

it may have a variety of<br />

health benefits, so read on<br />

to know why there is such<br />

a hype around it.<br />

Collagen is a fibrous protein that’s a<br />

vital part of your skin’s health, keeping<br />

it youthful, elastic and resilient. But<br />

this protein, found throughout our<br />

bodies, has many more far-reaching<br />

benefits than simply helping to<br />

reverse the effects of ageing.<br />

From your muscles and bones to your<br />

skin and tendons, collagen provides<br />

the strength and elasticity that allows<br />

you to function. In essence, collagen<br />

is the ‘glue’ that both holds you<br />

together and helps you move.<br />

We chatted to skin therapist, and<br />

owner of Heaven on Earth Skin,<br />

Body, Laser Studio, Rachel Rodriguez,<br />

who gave us the scoop on all<br />

thing’s collagen.<br />

‘Your body naturally produces<br />

the collagen it needs when you’re<br />

young but production starts to<br />

decline at about the age of 30, so it is<br />

worthwhile to invest in high-quality<br />

collagen products,’ she says. But, she<br />

added, while it might seem more<br />

convenient to pop a pill daily, the best<br />

way to take collagen is via a liquid<br />

supplement, that is, a collagen drink.<br />

Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20<br />

‘Sipping collagen, rather than<br />

applying it topically or injecting it,<br />

provides the entire body with the<br />

foundational and building blocks<br />

it needs to support the creation<br />

and repair of the body’s connective<br />

tissues. Providing your entire system<br />

with collagen can help kick start its<br />

developmental abilities again.’<br />

It’s important to look for hydrolysed<br />

collagen - it’s a process whereby<br />

collagen is broken down into small<br />

peptide chains that make it more<br />

bioavailable – that means your<br />

body can use them more quickly<br />

and easily. They’re more effective at<br />

helping to repair muscles, improve<br />

skin elasticity, and keep joints<br />

healthy.<br />

For the highest quality, choose<br />

collagen products made from<br />

organic and grass-fed cows, or<br />

sustainably sourced seafood. Pure<br />

collagen should be colourless when<br />

mixed with water and virtually<br />

tasteless - unless, obviously, you’re<br />

using a blend that includes flavours,<br />

extracts, or other ingredients. If it has<br />

a yellowish or brownish colour or an<br />

‘off’ taste, it’s likely lower in quality.<br />

To get the most out of your<br />

supplement without ingesting the<br />

evils of artificial sweeteners or sugar<br />

additives, the smartest choice would<br />

be to go for an unsweetened, sugarfree,<br />

and unflavoured form.<br />

Benefits may - and often do - include<br />

the improvement of skin, hair, nail,<br />

gut, joint and muscle health and may<br />

aid in weight loss or management.<br />

When is the best time to take<br />

collagen? Some recommend<br />

consuming collagen on an empty<br />

stomach before your stomach acid<br />

has the chance to break down the<br />

collagen peptides. Others believe<br />

it’s best to take collagen right before<br />

going to bed since your body<br />

replenishes your skin as you sleep.<br />

The truth is, collagen can be taken at<br />

any time of the day.<br />

Add some collagen to your morning<br />

coffee, or mix some into a smoothie.<br />

Over time, you’ll be pleasantly<br />

surprised by what this little protein<br />

can do.

With so many supplements on<br />

the market today, it can be hard<br />

to make choices concerning your<br />

health and well-being. Here’s some<br />

of our fave products:<br />

Pure collagen quality ...<br />

just a click away!<br />

We’re loving the huge variety of collagen<br />

products available from The Harvest<br />

Table – from creamers, powders and<br />

granules to an easy-to-follow starting<br />

kit. They even have a vegan option as<br />

well! Some of the products are perfect<br />

to add to smoothies and shakes, some<br />

for baking and cooking. Try the Collagen<br />

Loading Kit – 30 day transformation<br />

which includes two packets of 700g<br />

Pure Collagen Granules (R1 410). Or go<br />

with the Pure Collagen.X that contains<br />

age-defying Astaxanthin. It is six thousand<br />

times stronger than Vitamin C, plumping<br />

out wrinkles, smoothing pores and<br />

nourishing you from deep within, making<br />

you stronger. R520 for 325g. We’ve tried<br />

this brand, and it works wonders on hair<br />

and nail growth. Details: harvesttable.co.za<br />

For vivacious vegans<br />

Natural Living’s Vegan Collagen<br />

Boosting Protein Powder is formulated<br />

using 100 per cent plant-based<br />

ingredients to naturally promote collagen<br />

production. It is a blend of superfoods<br />

consisting of all nine essential amino<br />

acids, vitamins and minerals your body<br />

and skin need to boost your collagen<br />

level and build fibroblasts. R275 for 250g.<br />

Details: naturalliving.co.za<br />

Also definitely worth a try:<br />

• Beauty Gen Pure Hydrolysed Peptan<br />

Collagen Sachet in Blueberry flavour<br />

is good for your skin, hair and nails.<br />

R27.50 from Dis-Chem • Mojo Me<br />

Pure Collagen Peptides is a highly<br />

bioavailable source of 18 amino acids<br />

which are essential for the strength<br />

and lustre of skin, hair, nails, tendons,<br />

joints and bones. R339 from www.<br />

faithful-to-nature.co.za • Collagen Lift<br />

Paris Red Carpet is a drinkable collagen<br />

supplement containing hyaluronic<br />

acid. Providing plumpness, it is clinically<br />

proven to reduce wrinkles by 50 per<br />

cent and contains no sugar. R995 from<br />

Dis-Chem. • Enjoy a Golden collagen<br />

latte that packs 10g of Hydrolysed<br />

Bovine collagen, and functional<br />

ingredients like Magnesium and<br />

Selenium for restful sleep, healthy skin<br />

and joints and digestive support. R299<br />

from www.plushy.co.za<br />

A helpful lift for men<br />

Men are becoming more and more interested in anti-aging. And why<br />

shouldn’t they? Men deserve to look their best too! So Collagen Lift Paris<br />

developed drinkable collagen just for men to target the areas men need it<br />

most – skin, hair, stamina, energy and immunity.<br />

When you’re young, high levels of collagen provide smooth, plump, glowing<br />

skin but as you age the body produces less which leads to the visible signs<br />

of ageing with wrinkles and sagging skin. Now lost collagen can be replaced<br />

with Collagen Lift Paris Men. It is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up<br />

to 50 per cent and increases the skin’s hydration and elasticity. Its formula<br />

contains a unique combination of Collagen, Biotin, Zinc, Guarana, Glutathione,<br />

seaweed and Vitamin C.<br />

• Biotin is good for healthy hair, skin and nails and the body needs keratin and<br />

biotin to provide this.<br />

• Zinc is an important supplement for men as it supports and promotes<br />

natural testosterone levels and can help with sexual health and the libido.<br />

Zinc promotes more endurance and energy and helps to boost the<br />

immune system.<br />

• Guarana is well known for its ability to boost energy, reduce fatigue and<br />

improve mental focus.<br />

• Glutathione is important and is probably best known for its protective<br />

abilities as a powerful antioxidant and is frequently called the body’s ‘master’<br />

antioxidant.<br />

• Seaweed is an essential micronutrient which stimulates collagen production,<br />

protects elastin and provides skin with essential amino acids, antioxidants and<br />

minerals. It is also beneficial in soothing dry and irritated skin.<br />

• Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which helps to protect cells from damage<br />

caused by free radicals and is vital in the synthesis of collagen in the skin.<br />

The packs, available at DisChem, cost R850 for a four week supply. Also<br />

available from www.collagenliftparis.co.za<br />

WIN!<br />

You’ve read what it<br />

can do for you so we’re sure you’re<br />

amped to give it a try. Enter our Collagen<br />

Lift Paris Men competition by heading over<br />

to GetItNationalMagazines on Facebook<br />

and follow the prompts. Entries close<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 30. Ts & Cs<br />

apply.<br />

Compiled by: RIALIEN FURSTENBERG<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />


... and celebrating Heritage Day with the exceptional Cape of Good Hope wines<br />

SA<br />

Pan-fried<br />

Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20<br />

is celebrating Heritage Day this <strong>Sept</strong>ember ... and what better way to celebrate than by<br />

enjoying a meal with the family ... one that includes a taste of South Africa and a nod of<br />

approval to the extraordinary Cape of Good Hope wines. The Anthonij Rupert Wyne<br />

farm - which dates back to the early 1700s, boasts an impressive wine portfolio, the most<br />

noble being the Cape of Good Hope range, which forms part of South Africa’s Old<br />

Vines Initiative. Initiated by Johann Rupert in 2007 this is regarded as a valuable<br />

contribution to the protection of South African heritage, and mirrors the Rupert<br />

family’s contributions in the preservation of heritage in other fields such as iconic<br />

art and architecture. To celebrate Heritage Day, food writer Ilse van der Merwe<br />

worked with Anthonij Rupert Wyne to develop a handful of wonderful dishes ...<br />

each that pays tribute to South African tastes.<br />

trout with nartjie and<br />

dill butter sauce<br />

with Cape of Good Hope Serruria Chardonnay<br />

Locally farmed rainbow trout is quick and<br />

easy to prepare. Ask your fishmonger to pinbone<br />

the fillets for a completely boneless<br />

experience that’s popular with the whole<br />

family. Also an elegant choice for a dinner<br />

party. Serves 4.<br />

You’ll need:<br />

125 g butter •1 clove garlic, finely grated •<br />

juice of a naartjie • juice of half a lemon •<br />

a handful fresh dill, finely chopped • salt &<br />

pepper, to taste • 30 ml olive oil, for frying<br />

• 600 g fresh trout fillets (rainbow trout or<br />

salmon trout), cleaned and pin-boned, cut<br />

into portions • a crisp green salad, for serving<br />

To make:<br />

Make the basting sauce: in a small saucepan<br />

over medium heat, melt the butter, then<br />

add the garlic, naartjie juice, lemon juice and<br />

dill. Season with salt & pepper and stir until<br />

mixed. Boil briefly, then remove from the heat<br />

and set aside.<br />

In a large non-stick pan, heat the olive oil over<br />

medium-high heat. Place the trout portions in<br />

the pan skin-side down and fry for about 2 to<br />

3 minutes, seasoning the flesh side with salt<br />

& pepper. Turn over briefly and fry for another<br />

30 seconds - don’t overcook the fish, it should<br />

still be slightly pink in the middle.<br />

Remove the fish from the pan and plate up,<br />

spooning the sauce over the fish generously.<br />

Serve at once with a crisp green salad.

Classic cape tomato bredie<br />

with Cape of Good Hope Riebeeksrivier Syrah<br />

The perfumed fragrance of this humble Cape<br />

favourite will seduce you into second<br />

helpings. Don’t substitute canned tomatoes for<br />

fresh ones - the magic lies in using fresh.<br />

Use a food processor to help with the dicing, if<br />

you want to skip some labour. Serves six guests.<br />

You’ll need:<br />

45 ml olive oil • 1,5 kg lamb/mutton rib<br />

chunks (or neck chops) • salt & pepper • 2<br />

onions, chopped • 1/2 teaspoon each whole<br />

peppercorns and whole cloves • 4 whole<br />

cardamom seeds • 2 cinnamon sticks • 2<br />

cloves garlic, finely grated • a knob of fresh<br />

ginger, finely grated (1-2 tablespoons) • 1,2 kg<br />

ripe tomatoes, diced • 5 ml sugar • 4 medium<br />

potatoes, diced (optional) • cooked jasmin or<br />

basmati rice to serve<br />

To make:<br />

In a large heavy based pot over medium-high<br />

heat, add the oil. Add the rib chunks and fry on<br />

the fatty side until brown, seasoning with salt<br />

& pepper as you go. Fry in batches if necessary.<br />

Remove the meat and turn down the heat<br />

to low.<br />

Add the onions, cloves, cardamom & cinnamon<br />

sticks. Fry until translucent and soft, stirring<br />

often. Add the garlic and ginger and fry for<br />

another minute.<br />

Add the tomatoes and sugar (and potatoes,<br />

optionally), and stir to loosen any sticky bits on<br />

the bottom of the pot. Bring the mixture to a<br />

simmer, then place the meat back into the pot<br />

and stir.<br />

Cover with a lid, then simmer over low heat for<br />

about 1,5 hours or until the meat is very soft<br />

and falls from the bone. You can remove the<br />

bones with tongs at this point, if you want to.<br />

Taste and add more salt & pepper if necessary.<br />

Serve hot with fluffy warm rice.<br />

The range ...<br />

The heritage-inspired range includes the two<br />

latest additions - Riebeeksrivier Chenin Blanc<br />

and Riebeeksrivier Syrah, as well as Parel<br />

Vallei Merlot, Basson Pinotage, Serruria<br />

Chardonnay, Van Lill & Visser Chenin<br />

Blanc, Laing Semillon, Altima Sauvignon<br />

Blanc, Southern Slopes, Caroline and<br />

Sneeuwkrans Pinot Noir. Details: For more<br />

recipes, visit getitnationalmagazine.co, for<br />

more info and to order these special wines, visit<br />

capeofgoodhopewines.com<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine

The ultimate braai<br />

Let’s be honest. We don’t need it to be <strong>Sept</strong>ember. Or Heritage Month.<br />

Or even a Sunday. We’re a nation of braaiers. Cheers to that!<br />

Light the fire. It’s time to braai. And to help you along, get your red hot hands<br />

on the newest book from Weber ... Weber’s Ultimate Braai Book. Crammed<br />

with Jamie Purviance’s innovative recipes and imaginative ingredients, with<br />

step-by-step instructions and photography, it’s just a wealth of sound advice<br />

for novice cooks and experienced braai-masters. For new braaiers, the book<br />

gives tips on everything from how to handle the four Ts (temperature, time,<br />

technique and tools) to the mysteries of direct and indirect heat, to how to<br />

use a smoker. Never mind the borewors rolls ... think pizzas done to perfection,<br />

burgers with attitude, succulent ribs, Texas-style brisket, spatchcocked chicken<br />

and even roast turkey. R390 from Exclusive Books and takealot.com<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

Smashed burger with special sauce<br />

A tiny bit of sugar in this seasoning salt goes a long way towards<br />

browning the top and bottom of the burgers. This recipe is an<br />

exception to the rule never to smash the patties with a spatula. Here,<br />

the hotplate captures the juices and uses them to flavour the meat.<br />

You’ll need: Special sauce ... 1/2 cup mayonnaise • 3 tablespoons<br />

tomato sauce • 2 tablespoons finely chopped dill pickle • 1tablespoon<br />

spicy American mustard • l/4 teaspoon hot sauce, such as Tabasco •<br />

Special sauce ... 1teaspoon sea salt • 1/2 teaspoon sugar • l/4 teaspoon<br />

ground black pepper • l/4 teaspoon onion powder Burgers ... 680 g<br />

beef mince • Canola or sunflower oil • 4 sesame hamburger rolls, split •<br />

4 slices white onion, each 3mm thick • 4 slices ripe tomato, each about<br />

5 mm thick • 4 large iceberg or cos lettuce leaves, torn to fit rolls<br />

To make: In a medium bowl, stir together all the sauce ingredients. In<br />

a smaller bowl, stir together all the seasoning salt ingredients. Prepare<br />

the braai for direct cooking over medium-high heat (200°-260°C).<br />

Brush the cooking grates clean. Place a cast-iron hotplate over direct<br />

heat, close the lid and preheat until very hot (5 to 10 minutes).<br />

Shape the beef into four balls of equal size. Using your hands, press<br />

each patty firmly and evenly to flatten it into a 10-cm round patty,<br />

about 1 mm thick. Season both sides evenly with the seasoning salt.<br />

Lightly brush the hotplate with oil. Place the patties on the hot plate,<br />

spacing them well apart so you can turn them easily later. Using a<br />

spatula, smash each patty to flatten it to about 8 mm thick. This will<br />

help create a deliciously browned crust. Cook over direct mediumhigh<br />

heat, with the lid closed, for 3 to 4 minutes.<br />

Using a clean spatula, scrape the patties from the hotplate, keeping<br />

the browned crust on the underside as intact as possible, and flip<br />

them over. Cook, with the lid closed, until the second side is browned<br />

and the patties are cooked to medium – 3 to 4 minutes.<br />

During the final minute of grilling time, toast the rolls, cut side down,<br />

on the area around the hotplate. To build the burgers, spread the<br />

bottom half of each roll with some sauce, top with a patty, then add<br />

an onion slice, a tomato slice and lettuce. Spread the top half of the<br />

roll with more sauce and close the burger. Serve at once.<br />

Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20

Fighting off illness and disease is<br />

helped along by a healthy immune<br />

system, which gets the boost it<br />

needs from healthy, mindful eating<br />

and living. Immune-boosting fruit<br />

and vegetables include citrus, bell<br />

peppers (especially red), broccoli,<br />

garlic, ginger, spinach, almonds,<br />

sunflower and pumpkin seeds,<br />

turmeric, papaya and kiwi fruit. While<br />

it’s not always easy to eat healthily,<br />

especially when you are on the<br />

run or at work, there are ways of<br />

making it easier, which is why we<br />

recommend rustling up an immuneboosting<br />

jar.<br />

There’s a reason why jar food is<br />

such a popular thing. Economical,<br />

versatile and easy, you can whip up<br />

something yummy and nutritious<br />

the night before, and by the time<br />

you open it up for lunch the next<br />

day, it will be the perfect pick-me-up.<br />

Delicious and wholesome, it’s the<br />

next best thing to a healthy spread<br />

at home.<br />

What you put into your jar is up to<br />

you, as is your preferred order of<br />

ingredients. There really are no hard<br />

and fast rules when assembling<br />

your items. Either way, the first thing<br />

to remember is that fresh is always<br />

best. Next, concentrate on getting<br />

your prep right by making sure<br />

everything is washed and/or peeled,<br />

and diced or chopped accordingly.<br />

Our jar started with a layer of cooked<br />

red lentils, then we added quartered<br />

tomato and bell peppers. Then our<br />

greens came into play. We used torn<br />

Swiss chard, but you can use lettuce,<br />

kale or baby spinach, whatever you<br />

fancy. Then we added sliced red<br />

onion and smoked chicken. You can<br />

also use marinated feta, smoked<br />

tofu or cubed gouda/mozzarella/<br />

cheddar, the sky is the limit. Next<br />

up is sliced avocado, but bear in<br />

mind that if you are not going to be<br />

eating your jar soon after making it,<br />

the avo must be rubbed with a little<br />

lime or lemon juice to prevent it<br />

from turning black.<br />

Last but not least is a delicious<br />

dressing, lightly drizzled over the<br />

top (see our homemade, simple<br />

vinaigrette recipe). You can also<br />

squeeze the juice of half an orange<br />

over your final ingredients. It’s<br />

24 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20<br />

J<br />

oyful<br />

ars<br />

Scrummy ingredients to go!<br />

delicious. The finishing touches are a<br />

scattering of nuts and seeds of your<br />

choice, such as pumpkin, sesame or<br />

sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts,<br />

peanuts or cashews. Pop the lid on<br />

and into the fridge, and your lunch<br />

for the next day is sorted, if you can<br />

wait that long!<br />

A few other items that you can<br />

put into your goodie jar are diced<br />

cucumbers, carrots, beans, broccoli,<br />

peas, corn and mushrooms. Instead<br />

of lentils you can use pasta, rice,<br />

couscous or quinoa. Planning<br />

nourishing meals around our<br />

immune-boosting guide is easy, and<br />

as appetising as you choose to make<br />

it. You can make salad, as we have,<br />

Eating healthily is<br />

easy ... and fun. Simply<br />

fill up a jar with<br />

goodness and tuck in!<br />

or you can make a soup for when<br />

the weather turns. Another firm<br />

favourite is a breakfast jar, with oats<br />

and fresh fruit such as strawberries<br />

and blueberries. The sky is the limit,<br />

so give it a go; we promise you’ll feel<br />

better than ever!<br />

Dressing<br />

• Juice from ½ lemon<br />

• 2 tsp apple cider vinegar<br />

• 5 tbs olive oil<br />

• ½ teaspoon dried herbs<br />

• Salt and cracked black pepper<br />

to taste<br />

• Chilli flakes (optional).<br />



A creative ESCAPE<br />

The Art Fusion Studio offers the perfect space where you can let your<br />

creativity and imagination run wild.<br />

Loraine Harding is a qualified financial planner with a love for all things arty.<br />

Although going through immense hardship with the loss of the two biggest<br />

pillars in her life, her husband and her mother, Loraine did not let the grief get the<br />

best of her, especially during lockdown. Instead, she created a platform and an<br />

escape in the form of an art studio.<br />

Keeping herself busy with various DIY projects she came across a policeman who<br />

asked her to assist with a project. After completing the project she soon found<br />

herself connecting with inspiring people via social media who are all talented in<br />

a way, but they’ve experienced the wrath of Covid-19, losing not only an income,<br />

but in some cases their full-time jobs as well.<br />

‘Everyone is fighting a battle of some sort … The moment you hear of someone<br />

else’s struggles, you tend to be grateful for what you have.<br />

‘After connecting with all these gifted people, I simply couldn’t look away while I<br />

know I’m in the position to offer a helping hand. So, I created a space for them to<br />

showcase their talents and products to enable them to earn an income again. It is<br />

awesome the difference we all can make if we take the time to care.’<br />

At Art Fusion studio everyone is welcome, whether you are interested in sprucing<br />

up your old furniture (you can bring your own materials!), interested in taking a<br />

mosaic, chalkpaint or cake-decorating class, or just want to have a coffee and<br />

advice on a DIY project, Loraine’s biggest mission is to offer an escape and a happy<br />

place for all. There is even a boutique, Té Clothing with some lovely clothes you<br />

cannot resist! Plus, a very talented gent who works wonders with wood.<br />

Art Fusion Studio stocks brushes, decoupage kits, embellishments, Granny B’s,<br />

Tjhoko Paint, Val du Charron Chalkpaint, The Velvet Attic, Colour Me Decorative<br />

Paint, You Stencils, Memories by Cat, Unicorn Spit and Trunell Mosaic.<br />

Details: Visit them at 22 Bergzicht Office Park, Rooibok Street, Allen’s Nek, or follow them<br />

on Facebook @ArtFusionStudioCrafts.<br />

Loraine Harding in front<br />

of one of her projects.<br />

The talented Chante Verster<br />

from Té Clothing.<br />

The Velvet Attic’s Lizelle Steenkamp<br />

with some of their vintage<br />

chalkpaint colour options.<br />

Cat Duvenage from Memories<br />

by Cat which makes the most<br />

gorgeous lace goodies.

Pretty in pink<br />

Shades of pink make for the prettiest Spring table ... perfect for a Spring al fresco lunch<br />

Stylish tablescapes<br />

Aloes and Proteas in hot summer<br />

shades. Cool Amalfi Coast inspiration.<br />

Tables with blue and white willow<br />

pattern plates, with green cabbage<br />

ware, with pink Spode crockery and<br />

local linen. Half the beauty of having<br />

a lunch or dinner is setting the table,<br />

says Susan Greig ... and is giving us the<br />

most marvellous inspiration through<br />

her Instagram Table Tops posts. Her<br />

tablescapes really are fabulous ...<br />

she mixes old with new, pricey with<br />

cheap-and-cheerful, layering textures<br />

and colours and adding loads of<br />

flowers ... many straight from the<br />

garden. She’s worth following ... you’ll<br />

find her stories on susan_greig. Once<br />

your table’s looking grand, click on<br />

Susan’s website and book for one of<br />

her cooking classes. You (and your<br />

guests) can thank us later. Oh ... and<br />

she stocks some of the crockery she<br />

uses ... ask her about it.<br />

Details: susangreig.co.za<br />

26 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20

Getting the lookok<br />

Susan has used the Serena Ikat print in pink and<br />

red on oatmeal linen from Botanica Trading<br />

as her tablecloth (botanicatrading.com or via<br />

Instagram). We’re thinking of going classically ly<br />

French, with this provincial stripe tablecloth<br />

(from R1 085 depending on size), and the<br />

Mungo Huck Kitchen Cloth (R240) for napkins,<br />

both from mungo.co.za (where you’ll find<br />

loads more lovely table linen). On her table, ,<br />

Susan has used her Spode crockery (we’re<br />

green with envy), but we’re using platters<br />

and plates from the Maxwell and Williams<br />

Contessa range, alongside this, this lovely,<br />

palest pink New York Stoneware, which we<br />

found at Mr Price Home (R19.99 - R29.99).<br />

Tip: Now’s the time to go through gran’s<br />

kitchen cupboards!<br />

kitchen<br />

We adore these La<br />

Rochere Lyonnais amethyst<br />

goblet glasses, inspired by<br />

the Florentine<br />

Renaissance. R594 for<br />

a set of six (and free<br />

delivery). And from<br />

British lifestyle designer<br />

Katie Alice, this embossed glass goblet<br />

is all blooming English country gardens<br />

and vintage heirlooms. R199 each. Both<br />

from yuppiechef.com. The Maxwell and<br />

Williams Contessa range is perfect for<br />

this pretty pink look.<br />

Plates, platters, and this elegant cup<br />

and saucer in rose, R199 each from<br />

maxwellandwilliams.co.za<br />

These natural woven grass placemats are<br />

similar to the ones used on Susan’s table.<br />

R219 for a set of two from yuppiechef.com.<br />

You’ll find really inexpensive ones at Mr Price<br />

Home, and @Home too. And finally ... here’s<br />

a statement piece for the centre of your<br />

table. Large, chunky, blown art vase in deep<br />

shades of purple and pink, just shouting out<br />

for a big bunch of fresh blooms. R4 000 from<br />

guidovanbesouw.co.za<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 27

We’re planting …<br />

Osteospermum Flowerpower Magic<br />

Orange 20, a glowing orange daisy<br />

with sunny yellow tips ... a bright<br />

perennial which flowers mainly in<br />

spring and autumn. This hybrid of<br />

the spring-flowering,<br />

indigenous Cape daisy<br />

is hardy and vigorous,<br />

tolerating cold and rain.<br />

It is a well-branched,<br />

low-growing plant that<br />

is covered with masses<br />

of flowers, so excellent for<br />

garden borders, beds,<br />

and containers. For<br />

a real show-off bed,<br />

group three to five<br />

plants together ... lovely.<br />

Plant in full sun or partial shade<br />

in well-drained soil, and water<br />

regularly, for consistently<br />

moist, but not soggy, soil.<br />

You should also fertilise<br />

once a month during the<br />

flowering season and removed<br />

faded or dead flowers to prolong<br />

its blooming. Once established,<br />

the weeds will struggle to push through.<br />

Details: ballstraathof.co.za<br />

What to do in the garden<br />

• Sow annual herbs like basil,<br />

coriander and rocket. Trim back<br />

perennial herbs and enrich the beds<br />

with compost.<br />

• Increase watering from once a week<br />

to twice a week as the temperatures<br />

rise, especially for vegetables.<br />

• Keep deadheading, watering, and<br />

fertilising pansies, violas and primulas<br />

and they will continue flowering<br />

until early October.<br />

• Plant bedding begonias for nonstop<br />

summer colour ... they’ll grow in<br />

semi-shade or full sun.<br />

• Lift and divide flowering perennials.<br />

• Fertilise lawns with 5:1:5 and begin<br />

regular weekly mowing – but set the<br />

blades high so that the grass can<br />

establish deep roots.<br />

• Veggies to sow this month are<br />

cabbage, spinach, Swiss chard,<br />

lettuce, root veggies, green beans,<br />

brinjals, cucumber, peppers, bush<br />

and trailing squash, sweetcorn,<br />

and tomatoes.<br />

In the veggie garden, we’re<br />

planting beetroot – an<br />

excellent early-spring crop<br />

since it germinates in cool<br />

soil. Chioggia (pronounced<br />

kee-OH-jee-ah) Guardsmark<br />

is not just any beetroot. The<br />

plants have bright green<br />

leaves with light pink stems,<br />

and when sliced open, it’s<br />

candy-striped. This Italian<br />

heirloom variety produces<br />

medium-sized beets that<br />

also work well as baby beet<br />

... its mild, sweet flavour<br />

becomes super sweet when<br />

roasted, so lovely used in<br />

salads. It can be sown yearround<br />

in warmer areas, a<br />

spring planting matures in<br />

about two months, and you<br />

can order seed online from<br />

Gro-Pak. Details: gropak.co.za<br />

28 Get It Magazine<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20


The weather’s warm,<br />

flowers are blooming,<br />

it’s our favourite<br />

season of the year!<br />

Order now, plant and reap<br />

the (beautiful) benefits<br />

The Dahlia Cornel – perfectly formed,<br />

dark cherry-red velvety flowers,<br />

productive and reliable – is, according<br />

to Adene Nieuwoudt, hands down<br />

the best red variety in the world. Well,<br />

we think Adene’s job is hands down<br />

one of the best in the world. She’s<br />

the passionate force behind Adene’s<br />

Farm Flowers, a working flower farm<br />

dedicated to producing high-quality,<br />

beautiful and long-lasting cut flowers.<br />

And it’s from their website that you<br />

can shop for seeds and tubers ...<br />

Amaranthus and lace and dahlias<br />

(swoon) and sunflowers ... a collection<br />

of the most magnificent blooms<br />

imaginable, for you to grow at home.<br />

There’s also linen and pretty floral<br />

masks for those who don’t have green<br />

fingers. Details: adeneflowers.co.za<br />

From pod to plate<br />

We know we’re not the only ones embracing growing our own herbs and<br />

veggies ... and we know you’re going to love our new discovery as much<br />

as we do. Vegepod gives the average person (that’s us) a simple and easy<br />

way to grow veggies at home. Boasting to be an award-winning Australian<br />

designed product, these are raised gardening beds (no more crouching<br />

down with stiff knees), which have a self-watering, built-in mist irrigation<br />

spray (so plants last weeks without you having to do any watering), and<br />

a permeable mesh canopy, which keeps out bugs, and helps manage<br />

the temperature. It comes in three sizes, so will suit every household, and<br />

you can choose to have it on a permanent stand, or a trolley on wheels –<br />

massively helpful if you have a small space. The pods cost from R2799 to<br />

R5999, depending on size, with stands and trolleys starting at R1499. You can<br />

also buy gardening tools and accessories online, as well as RAW seed packs –<br />

the Summer Seed 10 Pack costs R300 and has all the veggies and herbs you<br />

need for the season. Really fabulous idea ... we’re massive fans.<br />

Details: vegepod.co.za or email info@vegepod.co.za.<br />

Compiled by KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 29


To advertise here call 011 955 1130<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

(Private, Secure& Safe. Shower Facility available)


To advertise here call 011 955 1130

Sitting on the<br />

deck of the bay<br />

Sitting right on the water’s edge at Hobie Beach – one of the best-rated locations in<br />

Plett – The Bungalow, Plettenberg Bay is a fusion of sun, sea and sand, with lashings<br />

of luxury and touches of seaside chic … the perfect spot for beachside living. And it’s<br />

where we want to be the minute the travel ban lifts.<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

We’re not breaking the<br />

law. It’s a virgin cocktail!<br />

32 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20

A quiet corner. A firepit.<br />

The shade of a milkwood.<br />

Happy days.<br />

This privately owned bed and breakfast may be five star, but it’s not<br />

stuffy. In fact, it’s the perfect spot to kick off your flip-flops at the<br />

door, collapse on a sofa, and sip something cool while letting the<br />

kids have fun.<br />

There’s sophisticated, but laid-back accommodation – cool and<br />

breezy, sea-facing, luxuriously furnished rooms. There’s a fabulous<br />

family suite, but also a cleverly designed ‘Pod’ room, where the kids<br />

sleep in bunk-like compartments.<br />

There’s a lovely, casual restaurant, where the kitchen’s open all day<br />

... dishing up holiday fare nachos, sushi and signature pizzas.<br />

When the weather’s warm, you can relax in the sun on the pool<br />

terrace, finding shade under the beautiful indigenous milkwood<br />

trees, or head on up to the rooftop deck which overlooks the<br />

entire bay. For cooler evenings, you can gather up the family and<br />

sit around a cosy fire in the private tranquil boma area, with comfy<br />

beanbags and oversized scatter cushions.<br />

If you can bear to tear yourself away, there’s a beach just a pebble’s<br />

throw away and loads of other attractions ... think hiking through<br />

the Robberg Nature Reserve, taking a cruise on the Keurbooms<br />

River, swimming, surfing, whale, dolphin and seal watching,<br />

boating, fishing and kayaking - The Bungalow supplies kayaks, surf<br />

and body boards to guests. Good grief, there’s more ... try cycling<br />

and golfing, or a spot of birdwatching.<br />

After the stressful months, we’ve all had this year, we think falling<br />

asleep to the soothing sounds of the sea are just what we need ...<br />

see you there!<br />

Rates are from R2 400 for two sharing a room.<br />

Details: The Bungalow, Plettenberg Bay is one of Cape Summer Villas’<br />

boutique collection of exclusive accommodation properties in the<br />

<strong>West</strong>ern Cape. Phone 044-533-1864 or capesummervillas.co.za<br />

Take a surfboard and<br />

catch the perfect wave.<br />

If we’re going to sit on a<br />

deck ... this is the one!<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember 20 Get It Magazine 33

Spoil<br />

<strong>Sept</strong>ember<br />

The force of nature<br />

Socially responsible. Organic. Green. Three reasons why we’re massive<br />

fans of NUXE. But for so many other reasons too. Nature is the main<br />

source of inspiration and innovation for this French brand, which we<br />

first discovered when they introduced Huile Prodigieuse natural beauty<br />

oils to the SA market. Since then, they’ve become one of the leaders<br />

in natural anti-ageing skincare. This month, with advances in<br />

green technology, the new Nuxe Bio Organic ranges will be<br />

launched ... an exceptional, certified organic, vegan skincare<br />

range with luxurious ingredients ... think hazelnut, chia<br />

seeds, citrus. Textures, with 100 per cent naturalorigin<br />

scents, melt into the skin, making this<br />

a joy to use. There are nine products in<br />

the range – suitable for men and<br />

women – from anti-puffiness and<br />

anti-dark circles reviving eye<br />

cream and rich moisturising<br />

day creams, to a micellar<br />

cleansing water and<br />

an antioxidant serum.<br />

Available at select<br />

Woolworths, Truworths<br />

and Foschini stores and<br />

selected independent<br />

stockists, and online at<br />

absoluteskin.co.za. To win<br />

a hamper, visit our Facebook<br />

page (GetItNationalMagazines),<br />

and like our NUXE post.<br />

Entries close 25 <strong>Sept</strong>ember.<br />

34 Get It Magazine <strong>Sept</strong>ember 20

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