Feb/March 2021

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FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong><br />


DRIVING FORWARD IN <strong>2021</strong><br />

DRIVING FORWARD IN <strong>2021</strong><br />

Made for Trade continues to build on the successes of its Bi-fold<br />

door Made operation for Trade and continues the Multi to build Award on Winning the successes Korniche of its brand, Bi-fold<br />

prepared door operation for the and new the year Multi with Award a new Winning fleet of Korniche vehicles... brand,<br />

prepared for the new year with a new fleet of vehicles...<br />


TOTAL Installer Cover - JAN/FEB <strong>2021</strong>.indd 1 12/01/<strong>2021</strong> 08:29

We have what you need<br />

At Kestrel we stock a vast range of aluminium extrusions for the fabrication of windows,<br />

doors and roofing – in a variety of lengths - standard, half and quarter. This means the<br />

most economical option is always available for your project. Minimal waste and high<br />

sustainability in profiles of the highest standard from a company with a 30 year pedigree.<br />

For more information please call 0121 333 3575 or email info@kestrelaluminium.co.uk<br />


www.kestrelaluminium.co.uk<br />

Tel: 0121 333 3575

Editor’s Comment<br />


EDITOR<br />



DRIVING FORWARD IN <strong>2021</strong><br />

While the vaccine roll-out is making good progress in getting Covid-19<br />

under control, the UK remains in lockdown [at the time of writing], with<br />

restrictions likely for some months to come.<br />

But for those of us chomping at the bit to get back out there and have a<br />

good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation with somebody other than the<br />

members of our own household, hope is on the horizon in form of the FIT Show.<br />

Hot on the heels of announcing new September dates, FIT Show event director<br />

Nickie West talks about the challenges of the past year, what we can expect<br />

from the show’s <strong>2021</strong> outing and why “nothing beats the power of live events<br />

when it comes to connecting with the market and bringing your products and<br />

services to life” (see pages 32-33).<br />

Elsewhere in this issue, CAB, Exlabesa and Window Ware all give us their<br />

predictions for the year ahead (see pages 18, 22 and 44 respectively); UAP’s<br />

David Jennings discusses the importance of resilience planning as supply<br />

chain disruption continues to impact the fenestration sector (see pages 42-<br />

43); and in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, Adam Turk, CEO of Siderise and<br />

chair of the Construction Products Association Marketing Integrity Group,<br />

explains the newly-proposed Code for Construction Product Information – and<br />

appeals to the glazing industry to help rebuild confidence, credibility and<br />

integrity in the construction sector:<br />

“Whether you are making windows and doors, specifying them, fitting them or<br />

maintaining them, we all need to be confident that the products we come into<br />

contact with everyday behave and perform as they should. It’s your reputation<br />

on the line,” comments Adam, and you can read what else he has to say from<br />

page16 ...<br />

Enjoy the issue.<br />

Sophie<br />

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Made for Trade continues to build on the successes of its Bi-fold<br />

door operation and the Multi Award Winning Korniche brand,<br />

prepared for the new year with a new fleet of vehicles...<br />

Cover courtesy of Made for Trade: find out more about their recent<br />

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FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> TF 3

Contents<br />


42<br />


The proposed new Code for Construction<br />

Product Information is explained<br />

32 FIT AND READY FOR <strong>2021</strong><br />

FIT Show’s Nickie West talks about the<br />

challenges of the past year and what we<br />

can expect from September’s event<br />


As the effects of Covid continue to ripple around<br />

the world, the importance of planning and<br />

ensuring an efficient supply chain is discussed<br />



A word from CAB on what the aluminium fenestration<br />

sector might expect in <strong>2021</strong> and how it compares to<br />

the wider construction sector<br />

26<br />


Alutech Systems explains how it has adapted its<br />

fabrication training and customer service in response<br />

to the coronavirus pandemic<br />


While some difficulties are inevitable, there are plenty<br />

of opportunities for the fenestration sector says Exlabesa<br />


ODL Europe explains the concept behind the<br />

Guardsman composite fire door<br />


Business Micros argues that there’s more to automation<br />

than just cutting and prepping<br />


Thermoseal Group discusses the company’s plans to<br />

increase warm edge production to meet growing demand<br />

for more energy efficient components<br />





Safety concerns over bi-fold door deliveries and<br />

supply issues are both in focus<br />

38 VIEWPOINT<br />

<br />

Elumatec’s Neil Parton on why the pursuit of<br />

perfection is not always the best path to success<br />

12<br />


20<br />

DOORS<br />



Glass processors and IGU manufacturers should<br />

prepare now for increased prices and lower<br />

availability says Mackenzie Glass<br />


The Secretary of State for Education has highlighted<br />

the negative economic impact of the skills shortage in<br />

the government’s Skills for Jobs White Paper<br />

26<br />


36<br />

HARDWARE &<br />


42<br />

06<br />


FEB/MAR<strong>2021</strong> T F 5

Industry News<br />


Three-fifths of manufacturing firms<br />

experienced “hell” due to border delays in<br />

recent weeks, according to Make UK.<br />

A survey by the manufacturing trade body<br />

revealed 60% of manufacturers experienced<br />

disruptions due to increased “paperwork and<br />

red tape” moving goods in and out of the EU,<br />

despite being prepared for the end of the Brexit<br />

transition period.<br />

This comes as the UK manufacturing sector<br />

recorded the longest supplier lead times in the<br />

last 30 years due to Brexit and Covid impacts,<br />

according to the latest PMI.<br />

Make UK called for the UK government and EU<br />

to ease disruptions, by simplifying customs<br />

paperwork on both sides of the border, fasttracking<br />

training of customs agents, and<br />

working with haulage firms to reduce issues.<br />

Ben Fletcher, policy director at Make UK, told<br />

The Guardian: “The last month has been like<br />

Dante’s fifth circle of hell for importers and<br />

exporters unable to move supplies because of<br />

new red tape.”<br />

Source: www.cips.org<br />


Glass processors and IGU manufacturers<br />

should prepare now for increased prices and<br />

lower availability of product caused by the<br />

global shortage of shipping containers.<br />

This warning from Mackenzie Glass is made amid<br />

reports of price increases of as much as 35% on<br />

some products in as little as 24hours.<br />

This, according to the company’s joint managing<br />

director, Mark Herbert, is attributable to a<br />

massive jump in the price of shipping containers<br />

from the Far East, because of a 30% increase in<br />

demand and the significant disruption caused by<br />

Covid-19 to global shipping.<br />

This has seen the price of a 40ft container to<br />

the UK from China soar from $2,000, to between<br />

$8,000 and $10,000 – a price Mark warns will<br />

have to be passed on through the supply chain.<br />

Mark said: “Shipping containers aren’t in the<br />

right places at the right times, and that means<br />

the slots allocated to them at ports are being<br />

missed and the problem becomes worse. The<br />

implications for UK glass supply are massive at<br />

a time when scheduled maintenance is about to<br />

significantly reduce domestic capacity.<br />

“We have been talking to our suppliers and the<br />

price increases in only a few months have been<br />

Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />

Mark Herbert<br />

staggering. That’s impacted the price of products<br />

coming from China and Japan – purely because<br />

of the cost of shipping. What it’s also created<br />

is increased disruption at UK ports, something<br />

which makes the plans by many of the big glass<br />

manufacturers to bring product in from Europe<br />

while carrying out cold maintenance programmes<br />

in the UK, more challenging.”<br />

Cold maintenance programmes scheduled for<br />

spring and summer this year, by Saint Gobain<br />

and Guardian are expected to run anywhere from<br />

12-20 weeks, significantly reducing capacity.<br />

Mark added: “We’d encourage glass processors<br />

to think as far ahead as they can and talk to<br />

us now about the projects that they have on<br />

the horizon, so that we can work with them<br />

to manage out price increases and potential<br />

shortages in the months ahead.”<br />


VEKA is “facing the future with fearless optimism”<br />

and “ambitious plans” according to the systems<br />

house’s newly appointed MD, Neil Evans.<br />

Having begun the year with “record breaking sales”<br />

and order books that are “healthier than ever”,<br />

Neil, who took the helm of the business in January,<br />

said: “We are in a good position, facing the future<br />

with fearless optimism, but a newly earned respect<br />

for the need to be able to flex our strategy and be<br />

nimble in these extraordinary times.<br />

“We are committed to supporting our customers<br />

as the ripples of the pandemic continue to provide<br />

after-shocks not only for our industry, but for<br />

the economy as a whole. As a business, and as<br />

management team, we have a shared ruthless<br />

focus on where we want to be by 2025 and how<br />

we’re going to get there, whilst remaining mindful<br />

that there will be some unexpected twists and<br />

turns along the way.<br />

“Our plans are ambitious, but sustainable, as<br />

we will never put the stability of the business or<br />

people at risk.”<br />

VEKA reports that the year ahead will see it<br />

concentrate on further innovation and driving<br />

improvement for the industry, while ‘continuing to<br />

ensure the business is a great place to work and<br />

always keeping customer service at its heart’.<br />

VEKA will also be exhibiting at the <strong>2021</strong> FIT Show;<br />

continuing to support the industry and embracing<br />

face to face connections once again.<br />

Neil Evans<br />

Neil added: “Standing still is effectively going<br />

backwards, and that has never been an option<br />

for me or VEKA... We know where we are going,<br />

we have learnt from the events in 2020; we know<br />

what we are going to achieve and as a team we<br />

will tackle <strong>2021</strong> as part of our 2025 strategic plan<br />

not only with energy & positivity, but with a clear<br />

call to action.”<br />


VISOFOLD 1000<br />


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Safer Uninterrupted site delivery Sight Lines<br />

www.madefortrade.co<br />

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The best trade lantern<br />

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* Per leaf price is unglazed and may vary depending on size and specification of the door. Lead time is based on a standard colour. Postcode restrictions apply<br />

* Discount applies to new trade customers and first, single item purchase only of the Visofold Bifolding Doors

Industry News<br />


Hardware supplier, VBH, won three of the<br />

four categories in which it was shortlisted<br />

at the 2020 National Fenestration Awards.<br />

For the second year running, VBH was crowned<br />

Hardware Company of the Year, and also recorded<br />

wins in the Social Networker and Young Person<br />

categories, through marketing manager Gary<br />

Gleeson and Northern England area sales manager,<br />

Tyler Shutts, respectively. Customer service team<br />

leader in VBH’s Gillingham head office, Louise<br />

Eagle, finished as runner up to Tyler. Gary Gleeson<br />

said: “We see all these wins as a reflection of<br />

how hard the whole VBH team works to make<br />

our customers’ working days easy, as well as<br />

recognition of the excellent products and services<br />

on offer. These include new products such as our<br />

greenteQ Invicta window shootbolt and Orion 3 star<br />

profile cylinder, and the recently refreshed Q-secure<br />

consumer security guarantee.” www.vbhgb.com<br />


The Secretary of State for Education has<br />

highlighted the negative economic impact of<br />

the skills shortage in the government’s Skills<br />

for Jobs White Paper, suggesting that college<br />

courses and apprenticeships can offer “better<br />

outcomes” than university.<br />

In the forward to the Department for Education<br />

document, Gavin Williamson said that “too many<br />

people – and too many employers – wrongly<br />

[believe] that studying for a degree at university<br />

is the only worthwhile marker of success”.<br />

He continued: “Although our universities are<br />

world-class, it is not the only choice: in many<br />

cases, a college course or apprenticeship can<br />

offer better outcomes.<br />

“As a result we have a skills gap that is holding<br />

us back economically. We do not have enough<br />

technicians, engineers or health and social care<br />

professionals. Redressing this will be critical<br />

to improving our productivity and international<br />

competitiveness. This is why we intend to prioritise<br />

the courses and qualifications that enable people<br />

to get great jobs and which will support our<br />

economy to compete with the world’s best.”<br />

Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />

Gavin Williamson<br />

In response to the government’s publication of the<br />

White Paper, the Federation of Master Builders<br />

(FMB) said that improvements to the vocational<br />

education system will help address skills gaps in<br />

construction and support local builders to train.<br />

Brian Berry, chief executive of the FMB, said:<br />

“Enhancing apprenticeship opportunities in the<br />

construction sector is vital if we are to ‘build back<br />

better’ from the coronavirus pandemic, and local<br />

builders must be at the forefront of these plans. The<br />

White Paper’s intention to create greater parity of<br />

esteem between vocational and academic education<br />

is an important first step and will encourage more<br />

young people into apprenticeships.”<br />

Photo credit: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/<br />


VEKA Recycling has invested £150k in six new<br />

silos to increase storage capacity at its stateof-the-art<br />

Wellingborough recycling plant, said<br />

to be the most advanced of its kind in Europe.<br />

The extra space created by the installation of the<br />

two 20m 3 and four 10m 3 silos, completed in January<br />

<strong>2021</strong>, will increase efficiency by reducing the manual<br />

handling of product via forklift. This will greatly<br />

improve the flow of materials around the pioneering<br />

site, which is now fully operational following the<br />

completion of a phased, £15 million investment<br />

programme spanning three years.<br />

Simon Scholes, managing director at VEKA Recycling,<br />

said: “This latest investment in six new silos not<br />

only increases our storage capacity in order to<br />

streamline our own operations but further illustrates<br />

the commitment of our organisation to increase the<br />

capacity for PVC-U recycling in the UK.<br />

“We have obtained planning permission for additional<br />

20m 3 silos at the plant, if and when required and,<br />

although installation is not imminent, there is plenty<br />

of future capacity available should VEKA Recycling<br />

decide to construct these later down the line.”<br />

The six new silos join an existing 130-tonne capacity<br />

silo installed by VEKA Recycling, in late 2019, to hold<br />

a significant proportion of the old window frames<br />

delivered to site prior to processing.<br />

Ultimately, the new silos will enable the organisation<br />

to recycle even greater amounts of waste PVC-U<br />

product in order to achieve its objective to keep as<br />

many end-of-life PVC-U windows and doors out of<br />

landfill as possible.<br />

Simon added: “The recyclability of PVC-U is<br />

becoming a major selling point, as organisations<br />

– along with consumers – become increasingly<br />

aware of the impact of post-consumer waste<br />

on the environment. At VEKA Recycling we are<br />

absolutely determined to reduce this impact and<br />

our ongoing investment in our Wellingborough<br />

plant, which is the most advanced in Europe –<br />

and possibly the world, demonstrates that.”<br />


ROOF<br />


FITTED<br />

IN<br />







3m x 2.5m possible with no mid rafters<br />

Premium seals, class leading thermals<br />


Uninterrupted SLIMMER Sight Lines<br />

Seamless joints and cappings<br />


The best trade lantern<br />

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Industry News<br />

Obituary:<br />


Hardware specialist VBH has announced<br />

that Des Turnbull, until recently the area<br />

sales manager for the Northern Counties,<br />

passed away in hospital on the morning of<br />

Saturday 16th January.<br />

VBH said in a statement: “Des was an<br />

integral part of the VBH team for the best part<br />

of two decades before retiring last <strong>Feb</strong>ruary.<br />

He was very well respected and much liked<br />

by his customers, suppliers, and all at VBH.<br />

“Des was very knowledgeable and enjoyed<br />

passing on his expertise. He was particularly<br />

helpful to newcomers to our industry, helping<br />

them understand some of the vagaries of<br />

window and door hardware. He was always<br />

quick with a joke and will be well missed by<br />

his friends across the whole of VBH.<br />

“Des and his wife, Cath, often combined their<br />

holidays with charity work, frequently taking much<br />

needed equipment to under-funded schools.<br />

“Our sympathies are with Cath and their<br />

family and friends at this very sad time. We<br />

will miss our friend Des dearly.”<br />


Window and door sales bounced back from the last year, to wider concerns about the economy?<br />

decline seen in December, with a 34% jump We can draw confidence from the start that we<br />

in sales and new leads up 111% in January, have seen this year, especially when we consider<br />

according to the latest Business Pilot Barometer. that a number of retailers came back later in the<br />

month, following extended Christmas breaks.<br />

Commenting on the Business Pilot Barometer,<br />

Edition 13: November/December/January 2020/21, “As we have highlighted in previous editions, the<br />

Neil Cooper-Smith, senior analyst, Business Pilot, housing market remains active and we should<br />

said: “The latest Business Pilot Barometer shows expect completions in <strong>March</strong>, ahead of the<br />

that window and door sales bounced-back from Stamp Duty holiday deadline, to convert into new<br />

the decline seen in December with a 34% jump in business in April and May.<br />

sales. More promising still, new leads more than<br />

“Forecasts that unemployment will peak at 6%, while<br />

doubled – up 111% in January on December!<br />

significant, could also have been very much worse<br />

Conversion rates remained more or less static,<br />

given the size of the shock to the UK economy.”<br />

hovering at around the 42% mark.<br />

Year-on-year analysis January 2020 v. <strong>2021</strong><br />

“This bounce in demand for windows is in stark<br />

“January <strong>2021</strong> is the first month in which we<br />

contrast to forecasts for the wider economy. This<br />

can draw a year-on-year comparison. This was<br />

includes the consumer confidence index from<br />

obviously a time when Covid-19 appeared a far<br />

market research firm GfK, which recorded a drop<br />

and distant problem.<br />

to -28 from -26 in December, when it jumped by<br />

the most in eight years on the back of news about “Although given the unique set of challenges the<br />

Covid-19 vaccines.<br />

UK has seen in the last year, we should need to<br />

“This may be in part driven by growing concern resist the temptation to apply too much weight to<br />

about the impact of increased hospitalisations, the figures. A comparison of leads, January 2020<br />

the knock-on effect of how and when, the UK will to <strong>2021</strong>, shows new business enquiries were<br />

come out of lockdown. This has also prompted down year-on-year by around 8%. Sales were<br />

a downgrading of economic forecasts in the 25% down. The caveat is that in January 2020,<br />

first quarter of this year. KPMG, for example, we weren’t in lockdown and conversions were far<br />

suggesting UK growth for <strong>2021</strong> could oscillate easier to achieve.<br />

anywhere between 2.2 and 5.6%.<br />

“These are perhaps the learning points for all of<br />

“The million-dollar question is, will the home us. We need to make sure that our businesses are<br />

improvement sector remain immune, as it did ready for whatever we don’t see coming next!”<br />


Anna Plesniar, a process development<br />

scientist at AluK, has been elected<br />

as vice chair of the Qualicoat<br />

Council for the UK and Ireland.<br />

Anna has been AluK’s representative on the<br />

council since the company joined in December<br />

2016 and has been a long-standing advocate<br />

of the benefits of membership to systems<br />

houses and applicators, as well as pretreatment<br />

and powder-coating suppliers.<br />


Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />

Obituary:<br />


Emmegi (UK) has announced the very<br />

sad death of Kully Hunter, the company’s<br />

service manager. She died suddenly on<br />

Friday 8 January <strong>2021</strong>.<br />


Cornwall Glass Manufacturing has committed<br />

to more than triple the size of its Highbridge<br />

IGU and glass processing operation as part of a<br />

£6million investment programme.<br />

To be delivered over three-years, the<br />

investment programme will give Cornwall Glass<br />

Manufacturing’s Highbridge IGU lines new<br />

capacity to handle jumbos as well as manufacture<br />

over-sized units.<br />

It will also house a new heat soak oven and<br />

autoclave, reflecting increased demand for heatsoaked<br />

products from the commercial sector,<br />

as well as laminated and specialist products,<br />

creating up to 30 new jobs.<br />

Mark Mitchell, chairman of the Cornwall Group,<br />

said: “We are at the start of what is a three-year<br />

investment programme. What Highbridge will give<br />

us at the end of that journey, is one of the UK’s<br />

most advanced manufacturing facilities with the<br />

ability to handle and process almost any product,<br />

from over-sized IGUs, through to walk-on insulated<br />

glass units; nonslip glass floors; staircases and<br />

other specialist processed glass products.<br />

“While the market remains competitive, we<br />

see significant opportunities going forward.<br />

Investment in our Highbridge site, gives us new<br />

reach along the M4 corridor and the southern half<br />

of the UK.”<br />

The investment programme takes the site from<br />

15,000ft 2 to 55,000ft 2 , making it the largest of the<br />

Cornwall Group manufacturing division’s three sites,<br />

with the other two located in St Austell and Plymouth.<br />

Ian Latimer, Emmegi (UK)’s managing<br />

director, commented: “The whole team here<br />

is devastated by the news. Kully was a friend<br />

as well as a colleague, and we will all miss<br />

her terribly.<br />

“Kully had worked in this industry for many<br />

years and was really popular and well-liked,<br />

so I know her death will be felt by many.<br />

“All our thoughts are obviously with her<br />

husband Wayne, daughter Jess, and her<br />

family and wide circle of friends.”<br />


GGF Group Vice-President Tony Smith,<br />

of Pilkington United Kingdom, has been<br />

elected as the Federation’s new President.<br />

Former President, Mark Austin, stepped down<br />

from the role on 31st December 2020 but will<br />

remain on the GGF Board as immediate Past<br />

President.<br />

Tony Smith said that despite the “huge<br />

challenges ahead” due to the issues posed<br />

by the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit,<br />

there are also “exciting opportunities for the<br />

industry and the GGF”.<br />


The Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) working with him.”<br />

has named its new CEO as Phil Slinger, who will<br />

Phil (pictured below) said: “I’m thrilled to be<br />

join the Association in <strong>March</strong> <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

named as the new CEO and eager to<br />

CAB President, Mo Panam, said:<br />

continue the advancement of the<br />

“Phil has a strong trade association<br />

business strategy and developing<br />

background including working<br />

additional services for CAB<br />

with and for membership bodies<br />

members.<br />

in the UK construction sector and<br />

“I look forward to meeting with our<br />

European hardware and DIY markets.<br />

diverse membership, to learn more about<br />

“It was Phil’s enthusiasm, focus and experience each member and discover what we can do to<br />

in trade associations that secured him his<br />

support their businesses, alongside promoting<br />

appointment and we are all looking forward to aluminium within the construction industry.”<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> TF 11

Letters to the Editor<br />

Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Handling and moving big, heavy and<br />

cumbersome aluminium bi-folding doors is not<br />

a task you would expect just anyone to do, but<br />

this is something the window and door industry<br />

has turned a blind eye to for many years.<br />

In reality, handling a large door off a delivery<br />

vehicle is fraught with danger... an accident<br />

waiting to happen.... out of sight... out of mind.<br />

The industry seems to just expect the driver to deal<br />

with off-loading on site himself and this is a worry .<br />

This is an issue that we, at Made for Trade, have<br />

grappled with for years and although we have<br />

done everything possible to maintain safety,<br />

accidents could happen.<br />

It only takes one serious accident for the Health &<br />

Safety Executive to be all over it and have ongoing<br />

consequences for the industry as a whole, and<br />

when our insurers get hold of it, you can be sure<br />

they will demand stricter risk assessments and<br />

higher premiums.<br />

Think about it !... we always request that the<br />

customer have people in attendance to receive a<br />

bi-fold door delivery but if it is a private residence,<br />

then it might just be an old lady, so what does the<br />

driver do? He struggles... helps when he shouldn’t<br />

and a lost time accident beckons.<br />

With the ever increasing volumes of aluminium<br />

bi-folding door sales, the decision was taken to<br />

add 12 new delivery vehicles to our fleet and with<br />

it, we set our engineering department the design<br />

task of improving delivery safety.<br />

The result is greatly improved safety for drivers<br />

and customers peppered with some relief.<br />

All deliveries are lifted off our vehicles automatically<br />

with our custom designed hoist, ensuring the door is<br />

delivered safely to ground level.<br />

‘Safety’ in the industry, I believe, is taken very<br />

seriously but fully assembled bi-fold deliveries<br />

seem to have been forgotten about.<br />

Some companies deliver bi-fold doors as a kit ,<br />

separate panels with the outer frame to assemble<br />

together on site... which entails a great deal of<br />

time and potential hassle on site for a skilled<br />

installer, because all the parts have to be fitted<br />

together during the erection process.<br />

Made for Trade like most in the industry deliver<br />

completely assembled doors which are quicker<br />

and less dependent on skilled tradesmen to<br />

install, hence the importance of safe handling of<br />

a delivered door to site.<br />

Made for Trade now offer safer delivery options,<br />

but the safe delivery of an assembled bi-fold door<br />

to site I think needs addressing by the industry<br />

as a whole.<br />

Richard Gaunt<br />

Made for Trade<br />


The fenestration industry has seen an<br />

enormous increase in sales over the last nine<br />

months and I believe this places the industry<br />

in a strong position to welcome and embrace<br />

change as we continue into <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

For that change to benefit the industry as a whole,<br />

we must widen our consideration to include the other<br />

businesses in the industry rather than focussing just<br />

on ourselves. The businesses that make up a supply<br />

chain are not singular entities, rather they are part of<br />

an ecosystem that supports and is supported by the<br />

other businesses above and below them. It makes<br />

sense that decisions are made that strengthen these<br />

connections rather than adding undue strain.<br />

Freighting components and raw materials into the<br />

UK from China and the Far East has gone up nearly<br />

270%, and when sea freighting isn’t available, the<br />

price of air freighting is exorbitant. These panicdriven<br />

decisions are not sustainable. These supply<br />

issues are not permanent, and we will be able to go<br />

back to meeting our usual lead times at some point in<br />

the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, there is a<br />

quick fix that will ease the pressure we are all under:<br />

lengthening lead times across the industry.<br />

Increasing lead times is a way that we as individual<br />

businesses can offer breathing space to both<br />

ourselves and the other businesses in the industry.<br />

If we extend delivery times, we would be avoiding<br />

the current ‘feast or famine’ situation that we’re<br />

all in now. When materials arrive, there is a glut of<br />

fulfilled orders but when supply slows, businesses<br />

are back to not being able to deliver. This yo-yo-ing<br />

is frustrating for everyone in the supply chain and is<br />

especially exasperating for our ultimate customers<br />

who have been assured of delivery times and are<br />

bored with hearing about Covid-related delays.<br />

The cost of buying raw materials from Asia is<br />

going to increase and it will inevitably be in a<br />

permanent way. We don’t need to hamstring the<br />

industry by overspending on the delivery of these<br />

goods at their current prices. Bring lead times up<br />

to two weeks (or longer) across the board so that<br />

we all know where we stand without the stress of<br />

failing to meet deadlines.<br />

I know we can and will all get through this by working<br />

collectively and collaboratively, and that ultimately<br />

by doing this, our industry will come out stronger and<br />

more resilient.<br />

Giovanni Laporta, Smart Ready<br />

Got a comment, contribution or rant? email<br />

sophiestevens@media-now.co.uk<br />


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Advertorial<br />

Made for Trade<br />

Driving forward in to <strong>2021</strong><br />

Made for Trade complete<br />

investment in enhanced<br />

safety delivery fleet<br />

Made for Trade have announced a significant long-term<br />

investment in the expansion of their fleet of delivery<br />

vehicles. Each of the 10 new vehicles also comes equipped<br />

with another MFT design innovation, changing the way<br />

their products are handled both at the factory and also at<br />

delivery sites, the new design significantly decreases risk<br />

and puts safety of their employees first.<br />

MFT’s announcement, along with other news of their product<br />

expansion is a strong indication of their industry position and<br />

growth plans throughout 2020-<strong>2021</strong> and beyond.<br />

“For some time, we have been looking at the handling<br />

challenges presented by the loading and unloading of large<br />

heavy products from our wagons and we had some good<br />

design ideas of what we wanted to achieve. With sales<br />

dictating a need for more wagons to satisfy increasing<br />

delivery requirements we took the opportunity to kill 2 birds<br />

with one stone and had a custom fleet developed with local<br />

vehicle suppliers. We think this is a first in fenestration and<br />

is a significant step forward in transport safety.” Chris Wann.<br />

Business Manager.<br />

2020 has been a tough year for many businesses within<br />

the fenestration industry and some of the industry heavy<br />

hitters are either gone or have been significantly reshaped.<br />

Thankfully, it has not all been doom and gloom and there are<br />

many winners as a market driven by home improvements<br />

went stratospheric. With ongoing investment in new vehicles,<br />

additional staff and the expansion of their delivery coverage,<br />

Made for Trade really do mean business as they enter <strong>2021</strong> in<br />

a strong position with some exciting new developments on<br />

the brink of release into the market.<br />


The new 12-tonne Rollaflex vehicles have been commissioned<br />

from a local vehicle supplier with the functional design<br />

concept provided by the engineering team at MFT. The brief<br />

was to come up with a cost-effective loading and unloading<br />

solution which minimised the risks associated with manual<br />

lifting and provided a safe means of working at a height.<br />

Health and safety is one of MFT’s top priorities when it<br />

comes to the welfare of their staff and the safe delivery of<br />

their products.<br />

depending on the style of door. Once all stillages are full,<br />

the wagons move into the loading positions, the retractable<br />

curtain is drawn back, and the stillage is moved by forklift<br />

onto the wagon bed and locked into place.<br />

Once at the customers site, the driver conducts a risk<br />

assessment, cordons off the area and uses an articulated<br />

crane mounted to the vehicle bed for the safe and secure<br />

unloading of the door from the wagon to the ground in<br />

readiness for the customer to collect. The new design<br />

ensures that manual lifting of the doors is eliminated and<br />

that the operator is always safe, even when working from the<br />

unprotected wagon sides to attach the crane hook to the<br />

slings via a retractable barrier.<br />


The addition of more vehicles to the fleet also allows MFT to<br />

increase their delivery coverage area to include several new<br />

postcodes in Scotland. This move, the implementation of the<br />

first phase of a larger growth plan, cements the company’s<br />

intention to provide their top class service to customers<br />

that had previously struggled to obtain MFT door products<br />

alongside the Korniche lantern roof which is delivered<br />

nationwide.<br />

For more updates on this news, new product releases and<br />

to see how MFT provide the BEST PRODUCTS, at the<br />

BEST PRICES with the BEST SERVICE, head over to www.<br />

madefortrade.co and register online to receive regular emails.<br />

We would also like to take this opportunity to say a big<br />

thanks to all our customers in what has been a turbulent<br />

2020. Your loyalty has contributed entirely to our great<br />

sales volume, which in turn allows us to maintain the level of<br />

investment needed to improve service and expand our trade<br />

product range available to you, our customers.<br />

With these improvements to our service and 2 new products<br />

ready for launch in the new year, here’s hoping for a<br />

smoother journey in <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.madefortrade.co<br />

The logistics cycle starts off with the doors being moved<br />

from coded dispatch racks and loaded onto specially made<br />

stillages at floor level. As each door is placed onto the stillage<br />

a set of soft slings are fitted to predetermined safe positions<br />


Advertorial_layout - Vehilces_DEC_2020 copy.indd 1 09/12/2020 13:19



Made for Trade<br />

complete investment<br />

in enhanced safety<br />

delivery fleet<br />


MFT’s fleet of 12 NEW vehicles incorporate an in-house<br />

designed assisted loading and unloading solution, this innovation<br />

significantly minimises risks associated with manual lifting and<br />

provides a safe means of working at a height.<br />

SAFETY... AT NO<br />


www.madefortrade.co<br />

Tel: 01642 610799<br />

from<br />

£345<br />

PER<br />

LEAF<br />

find us on facebook

Product Standards<br />


Adam Turk, CEO of Siderise and Chair of the Construction Products Association Marketing<br />

Integrity Group, explains the new proposed Code for Construction Product Information and<br />

appeals to the glazing industry to help rebuild confidence, credibility and integrity in the<br />

construction industry in the wake of Grenfell.<br />

In the aftermath of the Grenfell disaster, Dame<br />

Judith Hackitt was commissioned to carry out<br />

an independent review of Building Regulations<br />

and fire safety. Her final report – Building A Safer<br />

Future – included important recommendations<br />

for greater clarity in construction product<br />

information. The report also made clear that<br />

action was needed to ensure events like Grenfell<br />

never happened again.<br />

MIG Chair Adam Turk<br />

Providing misleading product information is not<br />

common practice and in 30 years of working in<br />

the industry, I’ve found that most businesses<br />

operate with integrity. So, while they are in<br />

the minority, companies who provide false or<br />

misleading product information negatively impact<br />

the whole industry’s reputation.<br />

To stand up to the credibility challenge facing<br />

construction and address the findings of the<br />

report, the Construction Products Association<br />

(CPA) established the Marketing Integrity Group<br />

(MIG) in 2018. I was appointed to lead the Group,<br />

alongside Polypipe divisional marketing director<br />

and MIG deputy chair, Catherine Fyfe.<br />

Creating the Code<br />

The first step was to understand what the<br />

industry thought, from both providers and users<br />

of product information. So we undertook a Call<br />

for Evidence survey in 2019, which received<br />

over 500 responses and almost 200 pages<br />

of free text information. It was clear from the<br />

detail submitted that change was needed and<br />

in particular that product information could be<br />

relied upon by those that depend on it. The MIG,<br />

as representatives of product manufacturers from<br />

across the construction supply chain, set about<br />

creating a new Code of Conduct.<br />

“Whether you are making windows and doors,<br />

specifying them, fitting them or maintaining<br />

them, we all need to be confident that the<br />

products behave and perform as they should”<br />

This Code would ensure construction<br />

manufacturers provide reliable, accurate<br />

information – whether written in a brochure, a<br />

presentation, on a website or said in conversation<br />

– so users of product information have all the<br />

facts when making decisions about specifying or<br />

installing their products.<br />

The Code would be voluntary but there would be<br />

encouragement to join and achieve widespread<br />

compliance. The alternative could be something<br />

devised and imposed by the Government,<br />

developed with minimal input and involvement<br />

from the industry.<br />

Working with industry marketing and technical<br />

professionals, the Code for Construction Product<br />

Information (CCPI) was created. The Code is built<br />

around five ‘acid tests’, derived from the Call for<br />

Evidence survey where most people told us that to<br />

be trustworthy, product information must be Clear,<br />

Accurate, Up-to-date, Accessible and Unambiguous.<br />


The Code has 11 clauses and is broken down into<br />

four main sections:<br />

1. Information creation<br />

Ensure rigorous sign off procedures are in place,<br />

that version control is used so the latest information<br />

is always available and ending the practice of<br />

misleading and/or ambiguous wording or images.<br />

2. Core information<br />

Where performance or compliance information is<br />

given, it must be supported by evidence.<br />

3. Associated information<br />

This covers information regarding the handling,<br />

installation, operation, maintenance and disposal<br />

of construction products. This section also<br />

covers guarantees and warranties, to ensure<br />

manufacturers are transparent about what is<br />

covered, excluded and required to comply with<br />

any terms and conditions.<br />

4. Support and competence<br />

Ensuring that people providing support and advice<br />

have sufficient training and knowledge for their role.<br />

Management & auditing<br />

For this Code to truly make a difference, it’s<br />

important compliance is independently assessed<br />

and verified. We don’t want manufacturers<br />

‘marking their own homework’, but equally, we<br />

need to recognise the effort behind compliance.<br />

So the CPA, with the support of the Considerate<br />

Constructors Scheme (CCS), have established<br />

Construction Product Information Limited (CPIL)<br />

– an independent, not-for-profit organisation<br />

that will be responsible for administering and<br />

managing the forthcoming Code, and auditing<br />

registrants. CPIL will have an independent<br />

Board as its governance structure with Amanda<br />

Long, CEO of CCS also taking on the CEO role for<br />

CPIL. All successful assessments will be given<br />

a numbered licence to demonstrate compliance<br />

with the CCPI. The licence will be valid for one<br />

year and subject to ongoing assessment.<br />

Working together for change<br />

Ideally, we’d like the Code to go live in June <strong>2021</strong>,<br />

with the first companies being CCPI approved<br />

by the end of the year. But before we reach that<br />

point, we need your help.<br />

We are running an industry-wide consultation<br />

from 1 <strong>Feb</strong>ruary <strong>2021</strong> to 31 <strong>March</strong> <strong>2021</strong> to gather<br />

feedback on the Code, its launch and the ongoing<br />

management and policing of it.<br />

Why are we asking you to take part? Because we<br />

are all in this together. Construction products are<br />

used throughout the life cycle of a building and<br />

have a critical impact on safety, energy efficiency<br />

and performance. Whether you are making<br />

windows and doors, specifying them, fitting them<br />

or maintaining them, we all need to be confident<br />

that the products we come into contact with<br />

everyday behave and perform as they should. It’s<br />

your reputation on the line.<br />

The country is watching how we respond to<br />

Grenfell and while our industry’s integrity has<br />

been damaged, we can demonstrate our strength<br />

by rising to the challenge and building a legacy of<br />

safer buildings.<br />

The CCPI Consulation Report gives further<br />

details on the proposed new code<br />

For more information, read the Consultation<br />

report at: https://bit.ly/36Zn5w9 and then tell us<br />

what you think before 31 <strong>March</strong> <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

“Our industry’s integrity<br />

has been damaged but<br />

we can demonstrate<br />

our strength by rising<br />

to the challenge and<br />

building a legacy of<br />

safer buildings”<br />

www.buildingsafely.co.uk<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 17

Aluminium<br />

ALUMINIUM INSIGHTS FOR <strong>2021</strong><br />

With Brexit and Covid-19 issues still very much with us, Adrian Toon, board director<br />

at the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB), analyses the data with regard to the<br />

aluminium fenestration sector and the wider construction industry.<br />

CAB’s 2020 final quarter ‘State of the Trade<br />

Survey’ showed a distinct caution within<br />

the fenestration industry compared to<br />

the wider construction industry. CAB’s survey<br />

is taken from its membership and the results<br />

benchmarked against the wider construction<br />

industry by the CPA. Normally CAB members fare<br />

much better, or are more optimistic than that of<br />

the general construction industry, but the last<br />

report of 2020 offers an interesting insight.<br />

Only 36% of the CAB membership, on balance,<br />

said that their historic sales, which reflect the<br />

fourth quarter of 2020 against the third quarter<br />

of 2020, had increased compared to 85% on<br />

balance of the wider construction industry.<br />

Looking forward to the first quarter of <strong>2021</strong>, on<br />

balance, only 32% of CAB members expected<br />

sales to increase, whilst 48% on balance of the<br />

wider construction industry expected sales to<br />

increase. The change could be reflecting the delay<br />

in which the supply of aluminium fenestration<br />

follows some time after building starts on site.<br />

The year ended with a net balance of 14% of<br />

CAB members suggesting that sales volumes had<br />

reduced in the previous year.<br />

The main driving factor for CAB members remains<br />

the costs of materials and obviously the exchange<br />

rate, as much of the UK’s aluminium is imported.<br />

Looking forward, 62% of CAB members suggested<br />

that the demand for product would be the likely<br />

constraining factor in business for the next 12<br />

months, reflecting the conservative figure in both<br />

reported historic and expected sales forecasts.<br />

Looking at capacity utilisation and companies<br />

that are operating at over 90% of capacity, less<br />

than 50% of CAB members suggested they were<br />

running at this level and there does not seem to<br />

be an expected improvement in the year ahead.<br />

The wider construction industry is faring a little<br />

better, but the restrictions imposed by the Covid-<br />

19 outbreak continue to make business difficult<br />

for most.<br />

On balance, 27% of members have indicated that<br />

labour costs during the last year have increased,<br />

and on balance 64% of members expect that there<br />

will be further increases in cost in the year ahead.<br />

Both historic and expected costs remain higher<br />

than that of the wider construction industry.<br />

Encouraging to see is that capital investment<br />

from CAB members, on net balance across all<br />

capital assets, is set to double in the year ahead,<br />

suggesting confidence in the coming months.<br />

Construction output will rise<br />

The Construction Products Association (CPA)<br />

anticipates that construction output in <strong>2021</strong><br />

will rise by 14% with the largest growth rates in<br />

<strong>2021</strong> expected to be in infrastructure at 32%,<br />

public housing RM&I at 21% and industrial<br />

construction by 19%. The CPA’s main scenario<br />

for 2022 anticipates that construction output will<br />

rise by a further 4.9%, with the largest growth<br />

rates expected to be in public housing (10%) and<br />

industrial construction (8.5%). Obviously, these<br />

figures are based on combating the Covid-19 virus<br />

as one of the main restrictions we currently face.<br />

In fenestration circles, whilst commercial newbuild<br />

and refurbishment outlooks may be a little<br />

cautious, there is a possibility that the home<br />

improvement sector could bounce back after the<br />

current lockdown, as it did for the first lockdown<br />

in 2020. With homeowners looking to spend<br />

capital not spent on holidays, in improving their<br />

homes and property, these improvements often<br />

include replacement windows and doors. Whilst<br />

still far from the most widely used fenestration<br />

material in the UK today, aluminium continues to<br />

grow and is arguably the material of choice for<br />

the homeowner given its affordability.<br />

Despite the pandemic, it is business as usual<br />

at CAB and staff are on hand at the offices and<br />

working remotely to answer any aluminium<br />

fenestration related questions. Information is also<br />

regularly updated on the CAB website.<br />

Contact CAB:<br />

01453 828851<br />

www.c-a-b.org.uk<br />

@CABaluminium<br />


Innovation comes built-in<br />




UNITS<br />

RELIABLE &<br />


FREE<br />




60 MINUTES<br />






Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd<br />

Unit 3, Leeds 27 Industrial Estate<br />

Bruntcliffe Way, Leeds LS27 0HH<br />

Email: info@morleyglass.co.uk<br />

Direct fax for quotations: 0113 277 8723<br />

www.morleyglass.co.uk<br />

Tel: 0113 277 8722

Customer Service<br />


Aluminium systems supplier, Alutech Systems, tells Total Fabricator how it has adapted its<br />

fabrication training and customer service in response to the coronavirus pandemic, to ensure<br />

its customers continue to thrive in testing times.<br />

The full extent of the impact of the<br />

coronavirus pandemic on the UK economy<br />

is still unknown. But for some businesses,<br />

adversity has fuelled innovation and changed<br />

the way they operate forever. That is certainly<br />

the case for West Yorkshire-based aluminium<br />

systems supplier, Alutech Systems, whose quick<br />

response to supporting customers through the<br />

pandemic has resulted in significant growth.<br />


Despite these testing times, Alutech has<br />

continued to challenge the levels of customer<br />

service that the fenestration industry has come<br />

to expect from suppliers, in the way it has<br />

adapted its processes and procedures during the<br />

pandemic to continue to provide the support its<br />

customers need to not only survive, but thrive.<br />

“When lockdown began in <strong>March</strong> last year,” says<br />

managing director, Steve Hudson, “we quickly<br />

adjusted to continue the set-up training we offer<br />

to new customers, which is usually delivered at<br />

our in-house training and product demonstration<br />

suite or at their own premises, and instead<br />

deliver it virtually via a live online video link.<br />

“We also produced a series of fabrication<br />

training videos for our YouTube channel,<br />

designed to work alongside<br />

our technical manual for our<br />

BF73 system for bi-folding<br />

and French doors, enabling<br />

our customers to review any<br />

technical training information<br />

accessibly and easily, at a time<br />

that suits them.<br />

“As part of our ‘new normal’<br />

going forward, virtual training<br />

will continue as a fantastic<br />

addition to our available services,<br />

enabling our friendly and skilled<br />

Above and below: Set-up training for new<br />

customers is now delivered virtually, via<br />

video link. Right: Fabrication training videos<br />

are available on Alutech’s YouTube channel<br />

training staff to connect with<br />

customers around the country<br />

from the comfort of their own<br />

warehouse.”<br />

Alutech’s adaptability, hardworking<br />

staff and huge stock capacity has certainly<br />

stood the company in good stead, with volumes<br />

up 50% last summer. Existing customers have<br />

grown and new ones have come on board, in<br />

favour of Alutech’s personal,<br />

friendly approach to customer<br />

service, on which the business<br />

is founded.<br />

Steve adds, “Our customers<br />

come to us wanting more than<br />

to be treated like a number and<br />

that’s not how we do things<br />

here. We like to be on first<br />

name terms and will work<br />

closely with each customer<br />

from one order to the next.<br />

“Customer experience is<br />

everything to us, nothing it<br />

is too much trouble and we believe in going the<br />

extra mile by doing the little things that count a<br />

lot. Such as, taking the time to individually wrap<br />

each length of profile for every order to ensure it<br />

arrives in perfect condition, cutting down on the<br />

time spent on remakes and returns. We also offer<br />

flexibility when it comes to delivering profile, so<br />

our customers get what they want, when they<br />

need it. And thanks to our large storage facility in<br />

Yorkshire, we’ve been able to hold many weeks’<br />

worth of finished product and hardware, right<br />

here in the UK, available for immediate delivery,<br />

throughout the pandemic. This has allowed us to<br />

maintain our five-day delivery on stocked product.”<br />

Contact Alutech Systems:<br />

01924 350 110<br />

alutechsystems.co.uk<br />

@AlutechSystems<br />


Modern and<br />

on-trend with<br />

Rio flush fit<br />

Your home is at the heart of your family,<br />

creating moments you will treasure forever.<br />

Our Rio flush fit offers inspiration and creativity<br />

using a beautiful array of on-trend colours that<br />

add a quality finish to your home.<br />

Windows. Reinvented for modern life.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> Forecast<br />


REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL IN <strong>2021</strong>?<br />

While 2020 is behind us, the impact of Covid-19 is not and many are wondering what this<br />

year will bring. Kevin Warner, Exlabesa Building System’s sales director, argues that while<br />

some difficulties are inevitable, there are plenty of opportunities for the fenestration sector.<br />

F<br />

enestration weathered the coronavirus crisis<br />

of 2020 better than most industries. Retail<br />

and hospitality were devastated. Travel and<br />

tourism were forced to close down almost entirely.<br />

But partly through a summer where millions were<br />

shut inside and forced to face home imperfections<br />

that otherwise would’ve been easy to ignore,<br />

and partly through people diverting income that<br />

normally might’ve gone on pricey foreign holidays,<br />

the glazing sector has boomed.<br />

After the first extremely challenging lockdown<br />

of 2020, fabricators and installers returned to<br />

find shockingly high demand for their services<br />

– so much so that many struggled to keep up,<br />

particularly given the severe disruption to the<br />

supply chain.<br />

The second half of the year went on to be one of the<br />

most buoyant periods in the history of fenestration.<br />

Over the Christmas period, naturally, things<br />

slowed – and while 2020 is finally over, the crisis<br />

isn’t. Coronavirus is still very much a present<br />

threat, and even with the roll out of the vaccines,<br />

we are unlikely to see substantial changes until<br />

mid-<strong>2021</strong>.<br />

But at Exlabesa Building Systems, we’re confident<br />

that <strong>2021</strong> will be a positive, prosperous period for<br />

UK glass and glazing.<br />

Construction-led recovery?<br />

For the first quarter of this year at least, we know<br />

we’ll still be riding the wave of the post-lockdown<br />

boom that kicked-in last summer. Many of our<br />

customers are fully-booked months in advance,<br />

and I can easily see them being busy well into Q2.<br />

After that, it’s much harder to say. It’s possible<br />

that this summer might look something like the<br />

last – with much of the population vaccinated,<br />

life could start to get back to something<br />

“Millions of<br />

homes will<br />

need upgrades<br />

to windows and<br />

doors if they’re<br />

going to be fit for a net<br />

zero future”<br />

approaching reality, but I suspect it will be a<br />

while before millions of people are able to start<br />

jetting around the world again.<br />

In that scenario, you can foresee people again<br />

using their disposable income to make the most<br />

of warmer weather in the UK, by installing patio<br />

doors, bi-folds, balustrades, balconies and other<br />

products that help blur the lines between indoors<br />

and outdoors.<br />

One thing we know from past recessions is that<br />

governments often make housebuilding and<br />

construction more generally a major part of their<br />

plans for economic recovery.<br />

In the UK, Downing Street has repeatedly stated<br />

its intention to ‘build back better’, and I think<br />

it’s certainly possible that fenestration could<br />

benefit from a government-backed increase in<br />

construction projects around the country in the<br />

year ahead.<br />

Climate back in the spotlight<br />

As we gradually get on top of the pandemic<br />

throughout <strong>2021</strong>, I think we’ll see climate change<br />

quickly take corona’s place as the world’s most<br />

urgent priority – and dominate the conversation<br />

in our sector and the country more generally<br />

between now and 2050.<br />

Again, that presents opportunities<br />

for fenestration. Millions of<br />

homes around the country<br />

will need renovation work –<br />

including upgrades to windows<br />

and doors – if they’re going to be<br />

fit for a net zero future.<br />

New products in the pipeline<br />

At Exlabesa Building Systems, we’ve got ambitious<br />

plans for the months ahead – including the launch<br />

of new product lines, and a raft of enhancements<br />

to our already extensive existing range.<br />

After a long year of Zoom and Teams calls, we’re<br />

very excited for the chance to showcase all this<br />

and more at the FIT Show in September.<br />

We’re sure it might look a little different<br />

than normal, but we’re still looking forward<br />

to reminding the industry of the outstanding<br />

selection of products Exlabesa Building Systems<br />

can provide.<br />

Contact Exlabesa Building Systems:<br />

01302 762500<br />

www.exlabesa.co.uk<br />

@exlabesaBS_UK<br />


Updates<br />


Garnalex has launched Sheerline Prestige, described as its most<br />

versatile and thermally efficient aluminium window and door system.<br />

Featuring a full-depth Eurogroove, Prestige lets fabricators use their existing<br />

PVC-U hardware to streamline manufacturing, and according to Garnalex, is<br />

set to help ‘redefine installer expectations’ in <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Prestige boasts what Garnalex claims is the widest range of window styles<br />

and includes doors and French doors. The system is available in the same<br />

style options and 12 stocked colours as Classic, Sheerline’s ultra slim<br />

window system. Prestige also includes 28-44mm glazing options and a<br />

choice of small, intermediate and large outer frames to accommodate<br />

different plaster lines and window reveals for a perfect finish for any size and<br />

style of home.<br />

Prestige was developed from Sheerline’s core principles of beautiful<br />

aesthetics, top performance and innovative, fabricator and installer-friendly<br />

design. Built around Sheerline’s Thermavic multi-chamber, thermal design,<br />

U-values are as low as 0.9 W/(m²K) for triple glazing and 1.3 U-value W/<br />

(m²K) double glazed. Sheerline’s cills feature this same technology coupled<br />

with innovative in-built weather sealing that keep draughts and rain safely<br />

outside. Prestige also incorporates Sheerline’s patented corner jointing<br />

method, ‘making it easy and quick to fabricate beautiful, easily repeatable<br />

perfect corners, time and time again’ according to Garnalex.<br />

Roger Hartshorn, Garnalex CEO, said: “The launch of Sheerline Prestige<br />

is timely. The market remains strong and consumer demand for high<br />

performance, beautiful products is soaring. Sheerline is perfectly poised to<br />

help fabricators and installers benefit from this demand. Our first system,<br />

Sheerline Classic, is a super-slim specialist window, ideal for replacing<br />

traditional steel-framed windows or contemporary properties. Our second<br />

system, Sheerline Prestige is our most versatile system with beautiful looks,<br />

and doors and French doors, and a choice of sizes and designs to suit any<br />

type of property. The feedback from fabricators has been extremely positive<br />

and we’re excited about the year ahead.” www.sheerline.com<br />


Technal aluminium window, curtain walling and doors have been<br />

specified and installed at Heathervale House – transforming the<br />

outdated office development.<br />

Situated in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Heathervale House is a<br />

commercial property, which has been used as an office space for decades.<br />

Originally clad in brick, slate and hung tile, the building had started to show<br />

signs of disrepair, looking tired and dilapidated. To bring it back to life, the<br />

building owner developed plans to undertake a wide scale refurbishment<br />

and extension of the property. Following a feasibility study, the building was<br />

handed across to design-led architectural practice, MortonScarr.<br />

From the outset, MortonScarr recognised how important updated glazing<br />

systems would be in improving the aesthetics and performance of the<br />

building, both internally and externally. Previously, Heathervale House had<br />

featured small, brown-framed windows, which limited how much sunlight<br />

those inside the offices received through the day.<br />

Explaining how the architectural aluminium systems supplier got involved,<br />

Technal project consultant, Graeme MacInnes said: “MortonScarr<br />

contacted us at an early stage of the design process to provide the build<br />

team with technical advice on how it could best achieve its vision whilst<br />

improving the building’s external envelope performance. One of the project<br />

team’s key ambitions was to incorporate more glazing products into the<br />

build, to create a much brighter, lighter space.”<br />

The entire façade of the original three-storey building was re-clad with<br />

concrete tiles, with projecting brass window boxes also incorporated.<br />

The window boxes, which feature Technal systems, added visual<br />

relief to the building externally, whilst maximising internal vistas for<br />

occupants. www.technal.com/en/uk/<br />




A 20-year partnership between Senior Architectural Systems and Rapierstar demonstrates how a<br />

continued focus on fastening systems is a key factor in achieving long-term success for window,<br />

door and curtain walling systems.<br />

Senior Architectural Systems is approaching 30 years in the market and is renowned for the continuous<br />

innovation which has delivered a technically superior range of UK designed and made aluminium systems.<br />

Rapierstar worked closely with Senior in the original development of the SF52, launched in 2015, to ensure<br />

the suite of fasteners recommended for the assembly of the curtain wall provides a robust, reliable fix for the<br />

duration of the installation’s service life and beyond. This included developing a bespoke screw to fix a cleat<br />

that was key to the success of the system, and five years on Rapierstar is supplying an average of between 60,000-70,000 of these fasteners every month.<br />

Rapierstar fasteners have been tested with all Senior’s aluminium systems which gives any fabricator of SF52 and its other systems full confidence in the<br />

long-term success of an installation. www.rapierstar.com<br />

A Rapierstar stainless steel self-tapping drill point screw,<br />

which is typically used in products manufactured using<br />

Senior Architectural Systems’ aluminium profiles<br />


Garnalex has produced a suite of high impact, engaging videos to support the launch of Sheerline<br />

Classic. With a dedicated website, www.sheerlinevideo.com, Garnalex’s practical videos tell fabricators<br />

and installers everything they need to know about this groundbreaking new window system.<br />

The quality videos, which are short, bite-size length for quick and easy viewing, demonstrate clearly<br />

Sheerline’s innovations and key benefits. A useful reference and sales aid for fabricators and installers,<br />

the comprehensive library covers a range of practical topics including: Assembly; Installing and<br />

deglazing; Installer and fabricators benefits; Maintaining Sheerline aluminium windows for homeowners.<br />

Garnalex CEO, Roger Hartshorn said: “Sheerline is so innovative – and different from older aluminium<br />

systems – that it needs to be seen to be believed. We’d originally invested in a state-of-the-art training suite but with Covid-19 restrictions likely to be<br />

in place for some months, we realised we needed to adapt. So, we commisioned this series of practical and easy-to-digest videos so fabricators and<br />

installers can start fabricating, selling and installing Sheerline straight away to maximise their sales... The response has been very positive – and it’s<br />

great to see so many fabricators and installers using our dedicated video library website so frequently.” www.sheerlinevideo.com<br />


Some 200 Spectus Flush Tilt & Turn windows were specified for a 60-home extra care development<br />

in Grimsby. The three-storey building, Burchester Court, comprises of 60 one and two-bedroom<br />

apartments, all with accessible and open plan living space.<br />

With contemporary design a key feature of the new development, the window contractor choices were critical.<br />

Spectus Flush Tilt & Turn windows are an ideal solution for both medium- and high-rise buildings such<br />

as residential housing, offices, hospitals and universities. Specifically designed to prevent the framework<br />

from overlapping to give a more ‘flush’ appearance, a high-performance centre seal system with optional<br />

third weather seal means the window can achieve a Window Energy Rating of A++ with double glazing<br />

and a U-value of 0.8 W/(m 2 K) with triple glazing. The Spectus Flush Tilt & Turn is suitable for large window apertures and can accommodate opening sizes<br />

of 1,464mm x 2,314mm with a sash weight load of 150kg. A triple seal is also available for improved weather and thermal performance.<br />

In this project, the sleek look of the windows, combined with a grey on white colour, created the contemporary look required. www.spectus.co.uk<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 25

Composite Doors<br />


Dan Sullivan, MD of composite door manufacturer, DOORCO, tells Total Fabricator why<br />

the company’s new solid core composite door, engineered using GRiPCORE Technology, is<br />

pushing boundaries.<br />

DOORCO is driven by innovating products<br />

which help our customers stand out from<br />

the crowd in the increasingly competitive<br />

composite door market. We have unique doors<br />

in our portfolio, like the leading contemporary<br />

composite door Monza II, the unrivalled<br />

aluminium alternative LINKS, the versatile and<br />

fashionable Farmhouse and the 6/4 Combi for<br />

easy manufacturing of traditional styles. All these<br />

products have one thing in common – a traditional<br />

foam filled core. Developing a DOORCO solid core<br />

door was a logical step for us.<br />

A solid core composite door is not groundbreaking,<br />

therefore DOORCO needed to create something that<br />

really pushed the boundaries and engineer out all<br />

the issues consumers face with the current market.<br />

With GRiPCORE Technology we have done just<br />

that, thanks to our collective experience and new<br />

specialist partners.<br />

“It is truly the most<br />

engineered door I have<br />

ever seen”<br />

What is GRiPCORE?<br />

GRiPCORE Technology is a hybrid of modern<br />

and traditional materials. It has the same 4mm<br />

GRP skins as the rest of our products, which are<br />

pressed on to a unique matrix of cross laminated<br />

engineered timber and hardwood stiles and<br />

rails. Safety and security have been built into<br />

GRiPCORE’s DNA, delivering a stronger, heavier<br />

and more robust door that will not crack, move or<br />

de-laminate. It is truly the most engineered door<br />

I have ever seen. In fact, we are so confident in<br />

the product and the engineering and investment<br />

behind it, we are offering a 10 Year Warranty on<br />

all GRiPCORE doors, with a further guarantee that<br />

the door blank will not move/bow/twist more than<br />

3mm in that time. Both will give you and your<br />

customers confidence for years to come.<br />

Launching GRiPCORE<br />

The new GRiPCORE doors will be available in the<br />

next few months and if you are an existing DOORCO<br />

customer, very little investment is required to<br />

introduce the new range into your product portfolio.<br />

GRiPCORE’s manufacturing requirements do<br />

not vary from our standard door product, so no<br />

additional tooling or equipment is required. Stock<br />

is also often a big challenge, so we’ve made this<br />

simpler too: GRiPCORE is available in a one size<br />

fits all 914mm blank. This means that from one<br />

slab, you can make all required door sizes which<br />

minimises complex ordering and storage, saving<br />

you time and money.<br />

To put it simply, as the majority of our existing<br />

door styles are available, GRiPCORE is a premium<br />

DOORCO alternative. We will, of course, be<br />

launching some bespoke glass and colour options<br />

to match and a new suite of marketing materials<br />

to support your sales. This includes a new stateof-the-art<br />

video illustrating how GRiPCORE is<br />

made, which can be viewed on the homepage of<br />

our website.<br />

We are really excited about GRiPCORE’s potential<br />

and anticipate it being a real game-changer for<br />

DOORCO and the composite door market as a<br />

whole.<br />

Contact DOORCO:<br />

01625 428955<br />

www.door-co.com<br />

@DOORCO_Official<br />


GRiPCORE technology is<br />

a hybrid of modern and<br />

traditional materials.<br />

DOORCO’s signature 4mm GRP skins are pressed on<br />

to a unique matrix of cross laminated engineered<br />

timber and hardwood stiles and rails.<br />

Safety and security have been built into GRiPCORE’s<br />

DNA, delivering a stronger, heavier and more robust<br />

door that will not crack, move or de-laminate.<br />

Available as a one size fits all 914mm (44mm) door.<br />

Register your interest today →<br />

01625 428955<br />

Email. info@door-co.com | Visit. www.door-co.com<br />

Motorway House | Charter Way | Macclesfield | Cheshire | SK10 2NY

Fire Doors<br />


The Guardsman composite fire door is the result of a two-year, six figure development by<br />

ODL Europe in conjunction with Capstone Engineering. Nathan Barr, managing director at<br />

ODL Europe, discusses its development, features and benefits with Total Fabricator.<br />

What prompted the Guardsman’s development?<br />

Our goal was simple: to develop a 30-minute<br />

composite fire door that offered reliable<br />

performance and consistent test results. We<br />

wanted to develop a product that would perform<br />

over and above anything else currently seen in<br />

the composite fire door market.<br />

What was the biggest challenge when<br />

developing the door?<br />

There were two key challenges we needed<br />

to overcome. We needed a material that would<br />

replace the phenolic foam core that’s at the heart<br />

of most composite fire doors. We also needed a<br />

design that would consistently meet the required<br />

standards even when assembled by different<br />

fabricators. We worked with the engineers at our<br />

partners Capstone, the world-leading supplier of<br />

composite doors. We also enlisted the help of a<br />

handful of experienced fire door fabricators and<br />

we then put a six-figure investment sum behind<br />

the development.<br />

How does the door perform in tests?<br />

To know we had succeeded, we set ourselves the<br />

toughest test. The doors would have to be tested<br />

to the European fire test standard of BS EN 1634-<br />

1:2008, the more onerous test standard required<br />

by Part B of building regulations. This would give<br />

evidence of our success because many other<br />

fire doors on the market still rely on BS476-22<br />

test evidence. While this means they meet legal<br />

standards because it’s listed as an alternative<br />

standard in Part B of building regulations, it doesn’t<br />

take a door out of its comfort zone. We wanted to<br />

do better. At ODL Europe we have a saying ‘good<br />

enough, isn’t good enough’ and with the safety<br />

performance and responsibility of a fire door, we<br />

needed to ensure that we were delivering something<br />

over and above anything else in the market.<br />

You have described the Guardsman as a<br />

‘gamechanger’. How does it differ from the<br />

composite fire doors currently on the market?<br />

You only have to look at the headline benefits. The<br />

Guardsman’s performance – in both glazed and<br />

unglazed versions and across multiple fabricators<br />

– has proved unrivalled and most importantly,<br />

consistent. Consistency in fire door performance<br />

is critical and our Guardsman door slab has<br />

achieved the same consistent results, with several<br />

fabricators during rigorous testing. We set out to<br />

develop a 30-minute fire door and in our most<br />

recent tests, the doors achieved, on average, a<br />

100% overrun past the 30-minute mark. In some<br />

instances, they achieved over 70 minutes.<br />

We tested the doors in conjunction with our<br />

market-leading TriSYS glazing cassettes and<br />

TS008 letterplates. Both achieved ratings far in<br />

excess of anything they’ve achieved with any other<br />

composite fire door and we don’t say that lightly.<br />

We have the testing evidence to back this up.<br />

Nathan Barr<br />

Of course, the fire rating was the critical element<br />

for us. But we knew there were other factors that<br />

were important. For fabricators, that means the<br />

Guardsman can be fabricated to a range of sizes<br />

from just two base designs. This comes on top<br />

of the reassuring reliability of the fire resistance<br />

ratings. And the quality of the 2mm GRP facings<br />

and the classic low maintenance benefits of a<br />

composite door mean it is able to withstand the<br />

rigours of day-to-day life.<br />

What is Agrifiber and what are the<br />

environmental benefits?<br />

Our first challenge was to the replace the<br />

phenolic foam core. In its place, we are using<br />

Agrifiber, which is a board material made from<br />

resin-bonded agricultural fibres. At the right<br />

density, it has the superb structural properties<br />

and the excellent fire resistance we needed. It’s<br />

also a green building product, which will help<br />

specifiers wanting to maximise the environmental<br />

standards of a scheme. We’ve coupled Agrifiber<br />


“We believe that Guardsman can kickstart a step<br />

change in the composite fire door sector and deliver<br />

better, more reliable fire protection”<br />

with hardwood stiles and rails and Capstone GRP<br />

skins. It means we have developed an exceptional<br />

composite fire door with all the superior qualities<br />

of a Capstone door.<br />

What advantages does Agrifiber hold over the<br />

phenolic foam traditionally used in fire doors?<br />

Agrifiber is stronger and more stable than the<br />

phenolic foam that most other composite fire doors<br />

within the market use. It offers consistent material<br />

densities, which delivers the same consistently<br />

exceptional fire resistance results every time.<br />

We believe that Guardsman can kickstart a step<br />

change in the composite fire door sector and<br />

deliver better, more reliable fire protection.<br />

What are the specific benefits of the<br />

Guardsman for fabricators?<br />

We are working with strategic fabricating partners<br />

who are undertaking independent testing as<br />

a criteria of supply. The Guardsman Fire Door<br />

can be manufactured to suit any structural door<br />

aperture in a range of door styles from just two<br />

base designs.<br />

What are the colour options? And what about<br />

security, weather testing and warranties?<br />

Colour: Black, white and grey.<br />

Testing: The Guardsman Fire Door has been<br />

independently tested to the European fire test<br />

standard of EN 1634-1:2008.<br />

Security: The Guardsman Fire Door has been<br />

tested and complies to PAS24:2016 accreditation.<br />

Environmental Standards: Timbers used in the<br />

manufacturing of the Guardsman Fire Door slab<br />

are subject to FSC chain of custody certification,<br />

ensuring they are from sustainable sources.<br />

Management: Capstone and ODL Europe operate<br />

certified management systems to ISO 9001 and<br />

ISO 14001.<br />

Manufacturing: The Guardsman Fire Door<br />

slab is manufactured as part of the BM Trada<br />

Q-Mark scheme, which means we have full<br />

manufacturing traceability.<br />

Memberships: ODL Europe are members of the<br />

Association of Composite Door Manufacturers<br />

(ACDM), which means that all our door slabs are<br />

tested to and comply with all current UK standards.<br />

What’s next for ODL Europe when it comes to doors?<br />

<strong>2021</strong> has already seen the launch of two<br />

new door slabs – Deco and Moderne. The<br />

new Moderne door taps into the trend for<br />

contemporary door design and offers elegant<br />

modern detailing throughout. And the new Deco<br />

door is a cottage door design that gives the<br />

sophisticated heritage styling that is so popular at<br />

the moment. Both door slabs were as the result<br />

of customer feedback and deliver on the latest<br />

trends in composite door design. As for the future<br />

– I would just say, watch this space!<br />

Contact ODL Europe:<br />

0151 933 0299<br />

www.odleurope.com<br />

@ODL_Europe<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 29

Updates<br />

For further info on all these updates and more, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Distinction Doors’ popular Infinity Collection has been extended for <strong>2021</strong> with the addition of 10 striking<br />

new designs, featuring distinctive groove detailing and a variety of glazing apertures.<br />

Distinction Doors has reported a huge increase in demand for its products over the past 12 months as<br />

consumers spend more on home improvements during the pandemic. The buoyant market prompted the<br />

entrance door supplier to expand its Infinity Collection – a premium set of ‘on-trend’ grooved door styles.<br />

The 10 new designs all feature five grooved horizontal lines running the full width of the door. Building on the<br />

unswerving popularity of Distinction’s top 10 best-seller, the original grooved design – GD01, GD07 is available<br />

as a solid door.<br />

For those homeowners who wish to add natural light to their home, GD08, GD09 and GD10 all come with<br />

glazing apertures, each with three options for positioning – left, centre and right. Glazing to complete and<br />

complement the new door designs is available through Distinction Glass. www.distinctiondoors.co.uk<br />


Designed to ‘future-proof’ for an ageing population, more extreme weather conditions and increasingly<br />

noisy, high-rise cities, Technal has launched Tigal. This new, hybrid sliding aluminium system combines the<br />

advantages of a sliding door with the high performance of a window, and is especially suitable for tall buildings.<br />

Designed to provide quiet, comfortable surroundings for occupiers whilst performing well in challenging high-rise<br />

conditions, Technal has paid particular attention to Tigal’s design. Combining sleek lines and concealed hardware, it<br />

delivers a balanced aesthetic that won’t detract from the overall design intent of the building.<br />

This hybrid system combines multi-point locking around the perimeter and Technal says its patented central<br />

sealing system guarantees exceptional water-tightness performance which is up to four times better than a<br />

traditional sliding door. www.technal.co.uk<br />


Independent hardware supplier, Window Ware, has launched its new commercial door hardware ebrochure.<br />

Featuring 20 pages packed with closing solutions for all kinds of commercial aluminium doors developed by Axim<br />

Architectural Hardware, the ebrochure is the final piece of a launch campaign which started back in <strong>March</strong> 2020 but got<br />

interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.<br />

The ebrochure showcases Axim’s collection of durable, easy-fitting EN 1154-complaint concealed overhead transom<br />

closers, including the TC8800 transom closer and its longer spindle variant, the TC9600 – both top choices for<br />

commercial door fabricators – as well as the fully adjustable TC9900, which Window Ware describes as ‘the go-to<br />

replacement closer for many a door repair’. The Axim commercial door hardware ebrochure is available to read now in<br />

the download section at: www.windowware.co.uk<br />


Alutech says it is taking away the headache of having to stock multiple systems by offering fabricators one<br />

system that caters for all door styles with the BF73 aluminium door system.<br />

Whether the project is a single door, French door or bi-folding door, they can all be fabricated from the same BF73<br />

system. The system is so versatile that it can cater for projects that call for shaped frames, fixed frames, sidelights,<br />

astragal bars, blinds in glass and can even be used as an entrance door with optional inserted aluminium panels.<br />

The BF73 system has been designed to be quick and easy to fabricate and install. The system offers a unique<br />

adjustable jamb feature for maximum adjustability during the installation stage. The optional adjustable jamb offers<br />

easier installs with 4mm tolerance. Alutech says its aluminium door systems also offer high levels of security, thermal<br />

efficiency, noise reduction and weather proofing. www.alutechsystems.co.uk<br />






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FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 31

FIT Show Q&A: Nickie West<br />



Hot on the heels of announcing its new September 26th – 28th dates, we chat to FIT Show<br />

event director Nickie West about the challenges of the past year and what people can expect<br />

when the show opens its doors later this year...<br />

TF: It’s been a very difficult year or so for<br />

the live events sector – what’s been going<br />

on behind the scenes at FIT Show?<br />

NW: Well, we have become quite good at<br />

changing dates, which isn’t something I wanted<br />

to add to my repertoire. Across the event industry,<br />

we have all had to adapt to the challenges<br />

presented by the ever-changing impact of the<br />

global COVID-19 pandemic. But we are a resilient<br />

bunch, we know how to manage even the most<br />

challenging of situations, we know how to run<br />

safe and secure events and I know that the<br />

events industry will return stronger than ever as<br />

soon as the Government gives the go ahead to<br />

do so.<br />

Behind the scenes we have very much been<br />

focusing on enhancing our proposition to meet<br />

the changing needs of the market. We’re in a<br />

very fortunate position in the sector because of<br />

the uplift in home improvement demands on the<br />

back of the amount of time people have spent at<br />

home during the various lockdown periods. We’ll<br />

be introducing new features, such as our outdoor<br />

living focus, as a direct reflection of the demand<br />

within the market.<br />

We have also been putting exciting plans in place<br />

to increase the lifetime value of the show. We’ve<br />

worked on our brand story and have also been<br />

exploring new and innovative ways to work with<br />

exhibitors to develop content that will add value<br />

to a visitor both pre and post FIT Show. A great<br />

example of this is the ‘WorkSmart’ campaign we<br />

have just launched with Business Pilot to help<br />

installers increase profitability. We have had<br />

more time to develop our content and this will<br />

directly benefit our FIT Show audience.<br />

“It’s going to be a very<br />

exciting showcase<br />

of the very latest<br />

products from every<br />

corner of the industry”<br />

Many exhibition organisers opted<br />

for virtual events – was this ever a<br />

consideration for FIT Show in some format<br />

– even in addition to the Live event?<br />

A virtual FIT Show was never on the cards, nor<br />

is it on the horizon any time in the future. FIT<br />

Show is all about face-to-face connections,<br />

seeing the latest products up close, being able<br />

to compare them side-by-side. You cannot do<br />

this virtually. I am yet to see one example of<br />

an online alternative to a B2B trade show that<br />

has delivered. Yes, virtual has a role to play in<br />

enhancing the show experience, such as hybrid<br />

events, or in delivering learning content, but it<br />

doesn’t match up to the power of live events.<br />

We are already looking at ways to increase the<br />

shelf life of the content delivered at FIT Show, and<br />

how we can extend our whole offering above and<br />

beyond the three physical days at the show. You<br />

can expect to see some hybrid elements to our<br />

next instalment, but it will be very much the live<br />

FIT Show platform that our audience expects with<br />

enhancements rather than replacements”<br />

It’s exciting to have the new dates in place<br />

– what has the response been like to the<br />

announcement? Are you getting a strong<br />

feeling people will be happy to be back at<br />

live events?<br />

Nickie West, FIT Show event director<br />

We’re really pleased to have secured new dates<br />

for the show later in the year, when we feel we<br />

will be in a much stronger position to deliver a<br />

successful FIT Show for the industry. As always,<br />

our community has thrown its weight behind the<br />

dateline. As well as moving our exhibitors over to<br />

the new dateline, we have also attracted some<br />

exciting new brands on the back of the new date<br />

announcement.<br />

The sentiment across the sector is very much that<br />

people are desperate to get back to face-to-face<br />

business. In addition to the need for face-to-face<br />

interaction, there has been no industry event<br />

since 2019 and throughout this time businesses<br />

have still been developing new products. Brands<br />

are relying on FIT Show as a platform to bring<br />

these products to market. It’s going to be a very<br />

exciting showcase of the very latest products from<br />

every corner of the industry – and a celebration of<br />

bringing everyone back together again.<br />

With regards to the format of the show,<br />

will you have any measures in place and<br />

do you envisage any differences in terms<br />

of social distancing, hand sanitisers,<br />

stand layouts etc.?<br />


FIT Show will still have the same award-winning<br />

look and feel that the industry expects from our<br />

event. We will be running one seminar theatre<br />

in September with an extremely comprehensive<br />

learning programme and will be introducing new<br />

demonstration and meeting areas so that we can<br />

give our audience more opportunities to see the<br />

latest products in action and build connections.<br />

In terms of mask wearing and hand sanitizing,<br />

we will follow whatever guidelines are in place at<br />

the time. Our operations team are staying abreast<br />

of the ever-changing guidelines for running safe<br />

events, which might include rapid testing and<br />

screening. Whatever happens over the next few<br />

months, I can assure our audience that we will<br />

deliver a safe and successful FIT Show when we<br />

are allowed to do so.<br />

Do you feel the types of challenges the<br />

pandemic has presented for fabricators<br />

and installers around supply of materials,<br />

working in the home, remote-selling etc.<br />

will influence seminars and debates at<br />

this year’s FIT Show?<br />

We will absolutely be addressing key industry<br />

issues as part of the FIT Show <strong>2021</strong> learning<br />

programme. We have not finalised the seminar<br />

programme as yet, but our core pillars will<br />

include; ‘doing better business’, ‘sustainability’,<br />

‘innovation’ and ‘legislation’. We expect that<br />

these topics will evolve significantly over the<br />

coming months, especially as we see the full<br />

impact of Brexit and the Greener Homes rollout.<br />

Our learning programme will be fully up-to-date<br />

to help arm our visitors with the content that is<br />

most relevant to them at the time of the show.<br />

Likewise, I’m sure on the tech and<br />

product side there’ll be many new<br />

launches to assist installers and the<br />

supply chain, as well as present new<br />

offerings to the home-owner who we’re<br />

constantly hearing has more money to<br />

spend and extend…<br />

New products are an element I am hugely excited<br />

about when FIT Show returns. I’ve spoken to<br />

so many exhibitors who have got multiple new<br />

“Quite simply, we would not run FIT Show if it<br />

was not safe to do so. All of the necessary safety<br />

measures will be in place before we open the<br />

doors to anyone”<br />

products and innovations that they are going to<br />

be bringing to FIT Show - this will be the first time<br />

that visitors will have had the opportunity to see<br />

these products up close.<br />

“I’ve spoken to so<br />

many exhibitors who<br />

have got multiple<br />

new products and<br />

innovations that<br />

they are going to be<br />

bringing to FIT Show”<br />

In terms of new offerings, alongside the<br />

unprecedented surge in demand from<br />

homeowners for home improvements in general,<br />

outdoor living enhancements have seen a<br />

massive 64% increase in demand. To reflect<br />

this, we have developed a brand new ‘Outdoor<br />

Living’ feature which will showcase everything<br />

from sun rooms and garden rooms through<br />

to conservatories and canopies, decking and<br />

fencing, awnings, gates and other associated<br />

outdoor home improvement products.<br />

What would your message be to potential<br />

exhibitors or visitors, if there are any, who<br />

are perhaps still reluctant to venture to<br />

the FIT Show this year?<br />

I would reassure anyone who had reservations<br />

about attending a live event that event organisers<br />

are experts in delivering safe events. We have<br />

dealt with various health and safety issues, from<br />

natural disasters through to terrorist threats.<br />

Quite simply, we would not run FIT Show if it<br />

was not safe to do so. All of the necessary safety<br />

measures will be in place before we open the<br />

doors to anyone. And, if during the run up to FIT<br />

Show, I did not hand-on-heart believe that we<br />

could deliver a safe event, we would work with<br />

our exhibitors and stakeholders to find a solution<br />

that was right for them.<br />

We were ahead of the curve in terms of moving<br />

the May show to a dateline we felt offered us all<br />

more room for the climate to improve, but we will<br />

of course remain nimble. As always, our priorities<br />

are protecting ROI for exhibitors and visitors,<br />

alongside protecting the FIT Show brand for the<br />

industry.<br />

I believe that it’s more important than ever that<br />

brands support FIT Show <strong>2021</strong>. We believe that<br />

the exhibitor line-up will be a real marker of those<br />

brands that have not only survived the pandemic,<br />

but indeed thrived. Our team is poised and ready<br />

to bring new exhibitors on board and work with<br />

them to deliver a seamless FIT Show experience.<br />

What have you learned from the past year<br />

with regards to Live events and is there<br />

anything you’ll take with you from this<br />

experience going forward?<br />

Over the last year, I have been reminded how<br />

resilient the events industry is. We have had to<br />

think on our feet throughout the pandemic and<br />

react to the needs of the market where we would<br />

usually be proactive.<br />

The biggest thing that the pandemic has<br />

highlighted is that nothing beats the power of<br />

live events when it comes to connecting with the<br />

market and bringing your products and services<br />

to life in the live event arena. I cannot wait to do<br />

what we do best when we open the doors on FIT<br />

Show in September.<br />

Find out more about FIT Show / book a stand<br />

0207 886 3100<br />

fitshow.co.uk<br />

@fitshow #FITShow21<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 33

Advertorial: Metal Technology<br />


With a product portfolio encompassing over 30 window, door, curtain walling, brise soleil<br />

and louvre system solutions, and extensive experience across all sectors, it’s no surprise<br />

Metal Technology has established itself as a trusted partner of fabricators, developers,<br />

contractors and architects...<br />

The company<br />

Since 1985, Metal Technology has been<br />

defining spaces through its architectural<br />

glazing solutions and has grown to become<br />

one of the UK and Ireland’s leading designers<br />

and suppliers of bespoke aluminium window,<br />

door, curtain wall and solar shading systems for<br />

commercial and residential applications.<br />

Committed to excellence in all aspects of<br />

sustainable product design, customer service<br />

and technical support, the company has become<br />

a trusted partner of fabricators, developers,<br />

contractors and architects.<br />

Product range<br />

Metal Technology’s product portfolio<br />

encompasses over 30 window, door, curtain<br />

walling, brise soleil and louvre systems. Its<br />

Thermally Enhanced (Hi+) portfolio offers the<br />

designer a wide and diverse choice of profiles<br />

that provide structural integrity, weather<br />

performance, thermal enhancement and security.<br />

The company has recently launched a new<br />

65mm capped curtain walling product, System<br />

17-65, which has been designed specifically to<br />

accommodate greater floor slab deflection and<br />

glass movement in high-rise or multi-storey<br />

applications.<br />

Sectors<br />

Education<br />

Metal Technology has vast experience of<br />

providing fenestration solutions for over 1,000<br />

universities, colleges, schools and student<br />

accommodation throughout the UK. The company<br />

was a key supplier in a number of recently<br />

completed projects: the award-winning Horizon<br />

Heights student accommodation development<br />

Above, examples of projects Metal Technology have been involved with. Left: CDE Global HQ; Right: Queensferry High School<br />

in Liverpool, City Campus at Canterbury<br />

Christ Church University, the environmentally<br />

sustainable Queensferry High School and the<br />

£29m South West College in Enniskillen, which is<br />

Northern Ireland’s first Passivhaus Premium Plus<br />

education facility.<br />

Retail<br />

From leading supermarkets and shopping centres<br />

to high-spec showrooms, Metal Technology’s<br />

products have provided designers with the<br />

flexibility to combine aesthetic architectural<br />

statements with value engineered practicality,<br />

performance and durability.<br />

Leisure<br />

Metal Technology has supplied its design<br />

solutions and high-performance systems for<br />

major hotel groups such as Maldron, Marriott,<br />

Hilton and Jurys across the UK and Ireland.<br />

Recent developments include Hastings Grand<br />

Central Hotel in Belfast and Dublin’s new stateof-the-art<br />

Marlin Hotel. A vast range of Metal<br />

Technology’s systems were utilised for South<br />

Lake Leisure Centre, a significant new multi-use<br />

sports and leisure facility in Northern Ireland.<br />

Healthcare<br />

From Glasgow’s Victoria and Southern General<br />

Hospitals to its Maryhill Health Centre, Metal<br />

Technology has applied its expertise in close<br />

collaboration with designers to deliver financially<br />

economic yet technically robust solutions.<br />

Commercial<br />

Contracted for many commercial schemes<br />

throughout the UK, Metal Technology supplied<br />

their architectural glazing systems for a number<br />

of recently completed developments: CABI’s<br />

stunning new low energy headquarters in<br />

Wallingford, Earl Grey – the signature Grade A<br />

office space in Dundee, and the award-winning<br />

CDE Global headquarters in Cookstown.<br />

Residential<br />

Signature apartment blocks in London, Belfast<br />

and Manchester are excellent examples of how<br />

Metal Technology’s windows, curtain walling,<br />

sliding and bifold doors meet the aesthetic,<br />

security and thermal performance requirements<br />

of any building. Finishes can vary internally and<br />

externally, adding to the design possibilities, while<br />

the intrinsic qualities of aluminium – infinite<br />

recyclability, durability, strength and lightness<br />

mean it is one of the most sustainable building<br />

materials in use today.<br />

Contact Metal Technology:<br />

028 9448 7777<br />

metaltechnology.com<br />

@MetalTechAlumin<br />


Ultimate Security<br />

High-Performance<br />

Low U-Values<br />

System 10-35 Hi / Hi+<br />

Commercial Door<br />

and Framing<br />

PAS24 Security Tested<br />

Mag locks<br />

Panic Exit<br />

Multi-point locking<br />

metaltechnology.com<br />

Providing high-performance strength and security,<br />

Metal Technology’s new innovative, commercial door<br />

and framing system has been developed to offer<br />

exceptionally low U-values, delivering as low as<br />

1.27 W/m 2 K with double glazing and 0.93 W/m 2 K with<br />

triple glazing. Ideal for high traffic locations within the<br />

commercial, health, education or retail sector.<br />

Multi-point locking is achievable on sash heights up<br />

to 3 metres and 100kgs with glazing from 28mm to<br />

44mm units. With the full 10-35 range of door and<br />

framing systems tested to PAS 24, designers can<br />

specify security doors with confidence.<br />

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Software<br />



Nick Bailey, business development manager at window industry software supplier Business<br />

Micros, argues that there’s more to automation than just cutting and prepping....<br />

In a typical year, the Business Micros team<br />

probably averages one machine link installation<br />

every three weeks. Over the last extraordinary<br />

year though, that increased to one every other<br />

week as fabricators invested record amounts in<br />

machinery to try to increase their output, while<br />

constrained by social distancing in their factories.<br />

“Using software to automate more<br />

factory processes can arguably<br />

make an even bigger impact on<br />

accuracy and margins than the<br />

CNC machine itself”<br />

We’re still quoting at much higher volumes on<br />

machine links than ever before and, with no<br />

sign of any tailing off in demand, I think that will<br />

continue for the foreseeable future.<br />

For most fabricators, investing in a CNC machine<br />

is obviously all about automating as much of the<br />

cutting and prepping process as possible to increase<br />

volumes, and maximise efficiencies and output<br />

per person. But it’s also about achieving greater<br />

accuracy, reliability and consistency and eliminating<br />

errors which ultimately compromise margins.<br />

There’s no reason though why automation needs<br />

to stop at cutting and prepping. Using Business<br />

Micros EvoNET software to automate more of the<br />

processes within the factory can arguably make<br />

an even bigger impact on accuracy and margins<br />

than the CNC machine itself.<br />

For instance, EvoNET can be used to automate<br />

batching – freeing up the admin time used on the<br />

task, improving the flow around the factory and<br />

making the machine itself work more efficiently.<br />

Users can set their own filters and batching rules<br />

according to how orders are placed with them so<br />

that when they come to release a day’s work, it<br />

has already been filtered by colour, product, route<br />

and even complexity.<br />

Adding EvoNET barcode scanning alongside<br />

allows for an even smoother journey round the<br />

factory and lets users know exactly where every<br />

frame is at every given moment. Custom scan<br />

points can even be added which push some<br />

frames ahead of others based on their priority<br />

status. And, once a frame is completed, EvoNET<br />

can even be used to trigger automated alerts for<br />

customers to advise that orders are ready for<br />

collection or set to be delivered on time.<br />

Despatch and delivery can be automated using<br />

EvoNET in exactly the same way. The software<br />

can be set up to pre-allocate customer orders<br />

onto specific delivery routes and despatch scan<br />

points used to ensure vans are loaded in the drop<br />

order set by the transport team. When the frames<br />

arrive at the customer, the process completes with<br />

a digital signature on the delivery device. This is<br />

automatically sent back to EvoNET and a delivery<br />

note is sent direct to the customer’s inbox.<br />

Users can add automated invoices and a whole<br />

raft of other custom paperwork options to the<br />

collection and delivery notes, and free up admin<br />

and processing time to reduce costs while also<br />

improving service and customer satisfaction levels.<br />

Effectively, EvoNET can eliminate the vast majority<br />

of paperwork, which takes out the opportunities<br />

for manual errors either at the fabricator or at their<br />

customer, and frees up time for both parties to<br />

focus on other areas of their business.<br />

As well as all the aspects of automation,<br />

EvoNET is also, of course, an effective business<br />

management and reporting system. It allows<br />

customers to view a real-time dashboard showing<br />

everything from work in progress to quality errors<br />

and generate reports on turnover, margins, bills<br />

of materials and even fitting schedules. The data<br />

it produces helps customers to analyse areas for<br />

improvement within the business, and to support<br />

better forecasting and optimised stockholding.<br />

There is wide range of standard modules<br />

available within EvoNET so customers can add<br />

the ones which are the best fit for their business<br />

and focus on those areas where they can<br />

generate the biggest payback in terms of both<br />

accuracy and efficiency.<br />

Contact Business Micros:<br />

01925 296105<br />

www.businessmicros.co.uk<br />

@Business_Micros<br />


This label is not a statutory requirement. It is a voluntary label provided as a customer service to allow consumers to make informed<br />

decisions based on the noise reduction performance of competing products.<br />

© Only to be reproduced by permission of British Fenestration Rating Council Ltd<br />

This label is not a statutory requirement. It is a voluntary label provided as a customer service to allow consumers to make informed<br />

decisions based on the noise reduction performance of competing products.<br />

© Only to be reproduced by permission of British Fenestration Rating Council Ltd<br />

the benefits with BFRC<br />

Noise Reduction Ratings<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Window<br />

Company Name Ltd<br />

PVC-U Casement Window<br />

A Rated Windows<br />

Noise Reduction (R w )<br />

(In accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 or<br />

BS EN 14351.) Actual acoustic performance for a<br />

specific application depends on: the type and<br />

location of the external noise, the location of the<br />

window or door, and how the elements or fabric of<br />

the building perform.<br />

A ++<br />

A +<br />

A<br />

B<br />

C<br />

D<br />

E<br />

Correction for high frequency and low<br />

frequency (C,C tr )<br />

Licence No. 123456<br />

A ++<br />

Company Name Ltd<br />

Composite Door<br />

A Rated Doors<br />

Review Date: 03/08/2020<br />

51<br />

(-1,-4)<br />

To verify this licence please contact<br />

enquiries@bfrc.org<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Door<br />

A ++<br />

A +<br />

A<br />

Noise Reduction (R w )<br />

B<br />

C<br />

D<br />

E<br />

(In accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 or BS EN 14351.)<br />

A ++<br />

51<br />

Licence No. 123456<br />

Review Date: 01/01/2019<br />

To verify this licence: enquiries@bfrc.org<br />

British Fenestration Rating Council<br />

Prove acoustic performance with BFRC ratings<br />

BFRC Noise Reduction Ratings let you prove the<br />

acoustic performance of your window and door<br />

products with our highly recognised ‘rainbow’<br />

rating label - independent, impartial, trusted.<br />

Homeowners no longer select new windows and<br />

doors simply based on price. They want to know<br />

what they purchase will improve their home’s<br />

comfort, so product performance is now a priority.<br />

Find out more at bfrc.org<br />

By using the renowned BFRC rating scale to<br />

demonstrate the noise reduction properties of your<br />

windows or doors, you can show installers and<br />

consumers the quality of your products.<br />

Your products will stand out from your competitors’<br />

and you’ll be able to avoid a race to the bottom<br />

on price. Sell using BFRC proven performance and<br />

leave your customers in no doubt.

Viewpoint<br />



Neil Parton, managing director, Elumatec UK, explains why the pursuit of perfection is not<br />

always the best path to success, even when it comes to machinery...<br />

As I write this, it’s damp and grey and we’re<br />

back in another lockdown. Right now, the<br />

new year’s resolutions set back in January<br />

are starting to look somewhat optimistic but<br />

I’m okay with that. I’ve seen enough Januarys<br />

to realise that progress isn’t always smooth but<br />

even small steps move you forward. I also know<br />

that aiming for perfection doesn’t always serve<br />

us well.<br />

The joy of imperfection<br />

I’m thankful that we’re not perfect because it’s<br />

our imperfections that make us interesting. They<br />

are the source of so much richness, creativity and<br />

excitement. If you’re not sure what I mean, imagine<br />

you’re watching your football team. By relentless<br />

application, the team has achieved perfection.<br />

Every single member of the squad is in peak<br />

condition, every pass they make is judged to the<br />

millimetre and they never lose possession. Every<br />

shot on goal sails past your opponent’s keeper.<br />

You’d stop celebrating when the score was sixnil.<br />

By 10-nil you would have stopped caring<br />

because this is the most boring display you’ve<br />

ever seen. As soon as the novelty wears off, there<br />

is zero tension. No drama, nothing to debate,<br />

no attacking play on which to pin your hopes,<br />

no heart-in-the-mouth final injury-time minutes<br />

when an equaliser seems inevitable.<br />

Perfection isn’t only a problem in sport. It’s also<br />

well documented that some faces are deemed<br />

unattractive because they are too symmetrical,<br />

too cold, too alien to our expectations. We like<br />

our fellow humans to look human and we like<br />

them to be human in their behaviour too. And that<br />

applies across every walk of life, from the football<br />

pitch to the catwalk, from the shop floor to the<br />

boardroom. We relate to people we can relate<br />

to, but it’s very hard to establish rapport with<br />

someone who doesn’t seem to have any flaws.<br />

It’s imperfect and that’s okay<br />

I’ve used the expression ‘seem to have’ because I<br />

don’t believe perfect people exist, and if someone<br />

is trying to convince you of their perfection, you<br />

can bet they are feigning something. The same<br />

applies, of course, to plant and machinery.<br />

If someone tells me they are looking for the perfect<br />

machine, I’ll make certain they know all the pros<br />

and cons of what we’re offering. The last thing<br />

we want to do is erode long-term trust by using<br />

a false pretence to make a sale. If we can deliver<br />

something that comes close − possibly closer<br />

than any alternative − we’re happy, but we’re not<br />

blind to the fact that our machinery and software<br />

are still being refined by our engineers. As a<br />

business, Elumatec isn’t standing still. We are<br />

proud of what we do, but we remain determined<br />

to enhance our products and service. And that’s a<br />

good thing because thinking you are already at the<br />

very top of your game is a route to complacency.<br />

To make improvements happen, you need to<br />

Neil Parton<br />

“If you wait for<br />

perfection − which you<br />

will never find − you<br />

paralyse your operation”<br />

believe that things need improving and honesty<br />

about that is essential because only an honest<br />

appraisal will help you fix an issue. Going back<br />

to the football pitch, there’s no point pretending<br />

there’s nothing wrong with your defence if you<br />

concede every five minutes.<br />

Paralysed by perfectionism?<br />

But let’s go back to that search for the perfect<br />

machine, and let’s assume for a moment that<br />

it doesn’t exist. The ones on the market all<br />

have a drawback − it could be something like<br />

delivery timescale or spares availability. What<br />

are you going to do? Will you keep on looking for<br />

perfection or will you compromise?<br />

If you compromise, you have the capacity to<br />

start improving your business now. If you wait<br />

for perfection − which you will never find − you<br />

paralyse your operation. In time, because your<br />

competitors have capitalised on sub-optimal<br />

gains, you find yourself going backwards.<br />

Perfectionists can be crippled by their high<br />

standards. They might believe, wrongly, that<br />

they can’t be faulted, and their arrogance makes<br />

them unstable or difficult to work with. For other<br />

perfectionists, nothing is good enough, so nothing<br />

gets done and that’s no way to take a business<br />

forward.<br />

We’re all human. Things go wrong and during<br />

these exceptional times, we have sometimes<br />

been caught out by events, but we always strive<br />

to do our best − for our customers, our people<br />

and our community. I say forget perfection: it’s<br />

far smarter to aim for the best you can manage,<br />

with good intentions, honesty and complete<br />

understanding of your position. That way you will<br />

make progress.<br />

Contact Elumatec:<br />

01908 580 800<br />

www.elumatec.com<br />

@elumatecUK<br />


36 Years Experience Supplying<br />

Market Leading Aluminium Machinery<br />

to the Glazing Industry<br />

n Supplier of the first FOM LMX 650<br />

cutting line in the UK<br />

n Agents for Comall and FOM<br />

machines for over 20 years<br />

n Specialists in providing aluminium<br />

machinery solutions<br />

01753 885 408<br />

sales@rogerfranklin.co.uk<br />



Updates<br />


Fabricator D&I Window Solutions is scaling up its operation with investment in numerous<br />

aluminium fabrication machines from industry specialist, Haffner Murat.<br />

The large-scale investment is a result of D&I Window Solutions’ strategic expansion into trade manufacture.<br />

David Saxon, director of D&I said: “We’ve seen a considerable increase in demand for aluminium bi-folds<br />

in recent months and we spotted an opportunity to capitalise on the growth by expanding into the trade<br />

market. When it came to investing in the machinery we needed, Haffner Murat was the only choice for us.”<br />

D&I will be investing in six new machines in total to set up their new trade production: an Adir C<br />

Fom Industrie CNC machining centre, a Panda Echo 300 Fom Industrie pneumatic saw, a Quota Base<br />

Fom Industrie 3m discharge roller table, a Porter Fom Industrie 3m infeed roller table, a Crab XL Fom<br />

Industrie corner crimper & rollertable, and a TT 405 Haffner Murat double mitre saw.<br />

www.haffnermurat.com<br />


Premo Fabrications is the first façade manufacturer in the UK to take delivery of a new L3 version of<br />

Emmegi’s flagship, 20-axes Quadra aluminium machining centre.<br />

The L0, L1 and L2 versions of the Quadra can all cut, drill and machine in one single operation, delivering huge<br />

advances in efficiency, but the L3 adds an extra dimension with a secondary module equipped with a dual drilling<br />

unit. This can mill, drill and tap at any angle on the ends of the profile as well as on the horizontal, allowing<br />

companies like Premo to broaden the options they can offer in unitised curtain walling.<br />

Jack Tait, the facades production manager at Premo Fabrications, explained the benefits of the new machine:<br />

“This dual drilling unit opens up additional new business streams for us and gives us capabilities which go beyond<br />

our immediate needs but which we know will be useful in the future.” www.emmegi.com<br />

Premo Fabrications has taken<br />

delivery of a new Emmegi Quadra L3<br />


Colin Shorney, managing<br />

director at Dudley’s<br />

Cardiff-based aluminium fabricator, Dudley’s Aluminium, has invested £96,000 in state-of-the-art machinery as it<br />

continues to work on a number of important projects throughout the UK.<br />

The company has purchased a Phantomatic M3 CNC machining centre, featuring three controlled axes allowing processing on<br />

three sides of the workpiece, as well as an electronic double mitre saw complete with a swarf extractor and connection kit.<br />

The machines have both been purchased from Emmegi, a leading supplier of advanced equipment for aluminium, light alloy and<br />

steel fabricators, to complement Dudley’s existing major CNC machining centre.<br />

CNC machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools. The<br />

new and existing equipment will be able to read each other’s programmes as well as standardising operation and maintenance<br />

procedures, leading to improved product accuracy, increased output and shorter lead times.<br />


In what is said be an industry first for aluminium, Sheerline fabricators can now use Sheerline’s product<br />

database on Business Micros Evolution, First Degree and LogiKal.<br />

While it is common for PVC-U systems companies to provide compatibility with multiple software systems,<br />

Sheerline, by Garnalex, says it is the only aluminium systems company to offer this benefit and its software<br />

partners ‘make it quick and easy for fabricators to set up with Sheerline’.<br />

Adrian Girling (pictured right), Garnalex’s software development director, said: “We understand the importance<br />

of user-friendly software systems for fabricators. The Garnalex team has a lot of in-house experience of using<br />

this type of software and we’re delighted to offer compatibility with Business Micros Evolution, First Degree and<br />

LogiKal. www.sheerline.com<br />



For further info on all these updates and more, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Sternfenster has invested in state-of-the-art aluminium crimping technology, bringing new levels<br />

precision to its aluminium product lines.<br />

Its new 4-head Ever Theta frame crimping machine from FOM brings exceptional accuracy to manufacture<br />

using profile scanning technology. This includes flagging out of tolerance profiles of as little as 0.4mm out in<br />

length or 0.9mm on the diagonal, bringing a very high degree of accuracy to 45º mitre and 90º joints.<br />

Mike Parczuk, managing director, Sternfenster, said: “The precision that the new crimper brings<br />

to manufacture is incredible. It picks up out of tolerance profiles in a way that you simply cannot do<br />

manually – however, good the individual operative.<br />

“More importantly it does it over and over again, bringing a far higher degree of consistency to<br />

manufacture compared to manual processes. That means we can guarantee product quality from the first<br />

to the two hundredth frame. It’s about repeatability.” www.sternfenster.com<br />


Epwin Window Systems has increased its foiling capacity with the investment of sixfigures<br />

in a second Luna R automatic profile lamination machine.<br />

Clare O’Hara, managing director at Epwin Window Systems, said: “This latest investment will<br />

support the continuing growth for our coloured products by reducing set up times, increasing<br />

product output and delivering superb product accuracy.”<br />

The Luna R machine offers the best in lamination technology with an automatic set-up, allowing<br />

Epwin Window Systems to efficiently scale-up its foiling capacity in line with demand. The<br />

machine’s flexibility and intelligent technology can wrap even the most complex of profiles whilst delivering exceptional product quality.<br />

www.epwinwindowsystems.co.uk<br />


Quickslide is using EvoNET software to<br />

streamline its operations<br />

Quickslide has highlighted its commitment to improving standards and service with a comprehensive overhaul<br />

of its business management and IT infrastructure.<br />

The latest investment will allow the West Yorkshire based fabricator to drastically reduce its reliance on old<br />

fashioned paperwork, introduce digital, automated documents for invoicing and order notes, plus allow for greater<br />

efficiency in the processing, manufacture, transport and delivery of its product range. Developed using the latest<br />

EvoNET management tool from Business Micros, the new system means that every order that arrives at Quickslide<br />

can now be tracked from the factory floor, right up to point of delivery. As well as being able to automatically<br />

generate orders into delivery runs, the new system integrates with satellite navigation to work out the most<br />

efficient delivery route and introduces a host of other commercial benefits for Quickslide. www.quickslide.co.uk<br />


Oxfordshire-based 3D Aluminium has upgraded its original Emmegi Phantomatic T3A 3-axes machining<br />

centre to a brand new Phantomatic X4 4-axes model, to add to the X4 it already owns in order to expand<br />

capacity and increase its versatility.<br />

The fourth axis on the X4 model allows it to machine profile at any angle from 0 to 180°, in comparison with the<br />

T3A which can machine from above and from 90º to right and left from the vertical. This gives 3D more flexibility<br />

for machining on profile edges and on more complex profile shapes.<br />

Alongside the new machining centre, 3D has also invested in a new Emmegi Precision TS2 twin-head electronic<br />

saw, complete with a patented profile clamping device which, as the name suggests, achieves extremely precise<br />

cuts. www.emmegi.com<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 41

Supply Chain Challenges<br />


David Jennings from door hardware specialist, UAP, discusses the<br />

importance of resilience planning and ensuring an efficient supply chain<br />

for fabricators and installers.<br />

For anyone waiting for consignments of<br />

products arriving from overseas, the news<br />

coverage of stationary lorries marooned<br />

nose-to-tail at British ports in December was<br />

a worrying sight. Those scenes may have been<br />

the result of a perfect storm that has, for now,<br />

abated, but they were also a premonition of what<br />

may lie ahead for fabricators and installers that<br />

rely on an international supply chain. It may be<br />

manufacturers who need to manage the prompt<br />

production and transport of goods to the UK but<br />

the knock-on effects will be felt throughout the<br />

wholesale, retail and installation sectors too.<br />

As we’ve been told more than once by both<br />

media and government over the past year, these<br />

are unprecedented times. During 2020, we all<br />

navigated the challenges of Covid-19, with<br />

lockdown restrictions, reduced staffing, social<br />

distancing and PPE requirements. Fluctuations<br />

in demand affected companies across all<br />

links in the supply chain which, coupled with<br />

changing rules, made it difficult to plan. With<br />

the end of the Brexit transition period on 1st<br />

January and the continuing battle against the<br />

pandemic, those challenges remain in <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Even before the temporary border closures in<br />

December, stockpiling strategies to safeguard<br />

against potential ‘no deal’ shortages were already<br />

causing chaos at UK ports and a number of<br />

shipping lines have been avoiding consignments<br />

to the UK as a result. Now that the EU trade<br />

deal has been agreed, that backdrop has been<br />

embellished with confusion over new import rules<br />

and paperwork requirements, which is having<br />

an impact on goods entering the UK from beyond<br />

Europe too. It’s a complex supply chain landscape<br />

with the potential to spell one word for the<br />

fenestration sector: delays.<br />

“It’s a complex supply chain landscape with the<br />

potential to spell one word for the fenestration<br />

sector: delays”<br />

It may be complex, and there have definitely<br />

been a few curve balls along the way, but it<br />

was clear from the earliest stages of Covid-19<br />

that supply chains would be affected and that<br />

the effects would last beyond the peak of the<br />

pandemic. As time has gone on, the impact has<br />

been cumulative. Breaks in production, demand<br />

for warehousing and logistics and port delays<br />

have all had a profound and lingering impact on<br />

lead times and the fenestration sector has relied<br />

on manufacturers acting promptly and wisely with<br />

contingency planning to get them the components<br />

they need on time.<br />

How China affects the UK<br />

Even when the disruption of the pandemic has<br />

subsided and the dust has settled following the<br />

new EU trading relationship, the consequences<br />

of the past 12 months will continue to affect<br />

supply chain efficiency, particularly for any goods<br />

imported from China.<br />

The Chinese manufacturing landscape is one we<br />

know very well at UAP, because we have been<br />

working with trusted manufacturing partners<br />

there for many years. Our products are designed,<br />

developed and tested by us in the UK, but<br />

manufactured to our exacting quality assurance<br />

standards by Chinese factories, so we understand<br />

how the sector operates over there. Just as<br />

the Christmas and New Year break punctuate<br />

production schedules and influence the timing of<br />

maintenance shut downs in the UK, Chinese New<br />

Year is a time of celebration that has a major<br />

impact on manufacturing capacity in China. Every<br />

year, workers who have travelled to the cities to<br />

work in factories travel home for Chinese New<br />

Year, often spending a two-week break with their<br />



family, which is bookended on either side by a<br />

journey of at least a week. Each year, a proportion<br />

of the Chinese workforce opts to stay in the<br />

provinces after the celebrations and the need<br />

to replace them can cause further production<br />

delays and reduced capacity. That annual cycle<br />

has a significant effect on production schedules,<br />

for which UK companies importing goods from<br />

China need to prepare by ordering in advance<br />

and managing their UK stockholding. This year,<br />

the fall-out from Chinese New Year is likely to<br />

be even greater than usual because lockdown<br />

restrictions prevented the 2020 celebrations so<br />

Chinese factories are anticipating a longer hiatus<br />

and an increased worker drop off this year.<br />

Against this backdrop, changes in the Chinese<br />

manufacturing sector are also affecting capacity.<br />

For example, the drive to meet international<br />

environmental standards has reduced the number<br />

of metal plating operators, cutting capacity for<br />

plating of hardware products. As a result, UK<br />

companies must have established relationships<br />

and diligent lead time planning in place if they<br />

are to meet demand and offer acceptable delivery<br />

terms to customers.<br />

established manufacturing partnerships and a<br />

good understanding of how the Chinese market<br />

operates. Indeed, our relationships in China meant<br />

that we were faster than most in recognising how<br />

severely it was likely to affect the UK market.<br />

Because of those insights, we were able to plan<br />

and implement a strategy for maintaining stock<br />

levels and mitigating the risk of delays. Product<br />

development and investment continued, and we<br />

looked at where we needed to add more warehousing<br />

capacity in order to build resilience for the company<br />

and our customers. As a result, we started <strong>2021</strong><br />

with an additional 25,000ft 2 of warehousing space,<br />

with a further 35,000ft 2 planned for this year. Our<br />

All of these factors make manufacturing products<br />

overseas for the UK market more challenging<br />

for the fenestration supply chain, but none of<br />

them are insurmountable. At UAP, we began the<br />

pandemic in a position of strength with longstockholding<br />

currently sits at £7m, and will increase<br />

to £8m by the end of <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Because we anticipated delays and production<br />

capacity issues in China during <strong>Feb</strong>ruary and <strong>March</strong><br />

<strong>2021</strong>, we ordered our products months in advance<br />

and ensured that consignments for Q1-2 were either<br />

received or en route by the end of 2020. Products<br />

for Q2-3 are already on order and we will continue<br />

to build the likelihood of extended lead times and<br />

shipping delays into our production planning.<br />

Capitalising on potential<br />

It’s been a tough year for the fenestration sector<br />

but, with a strong housebuilding sector and<br />

consumers spending their holiday budgets on<br />

home improvements instead, the potential for a<br />

strong recovery is very promising. But recovery<br />

can only happen if the products needed are<br />

available to respond to demand, so supply chain<br />

resilience is central to the future prosperity of the<br />

industry. That’s why UAP has been so focused<br />

on planning ahead with high stock levels and<br />

advance orders, not only to underpin our own<br />

business continuity, but also to ensure fabricators<br />

and installers can rely on consistent service<br />

levels and short lead times.<br />

Contact UAP:<br />

0161 796 7268<br />

uapcorporate.com<br />

@UAP_Limited<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 43

2020 Review<br />



2020 created both challenges and opportunities in equal measure for all kinds of<br />

businesses. Sam Nuckey, managing director of Window Ware, tells Total Fabricator how her<br />

company successfully navigated what was an unprecedented year.<br />

S<br />

am Nuckey, managing director of window,<br />

door and conservatory hardware distributor,<br />

Window Ware, admits that the past ten<br />

months have been “tough going”.<br />

But, she says, “thanks to careful pre-planning, hard<br />

work and determination, our resilient teams and brand<br />

partners have rallied together and come through.”<br />

Sam goes on to explain, “It turned out that by<br />

diligently maintaining our usual buffer stock and<br />

high stocks pre-Covid, we had at the same time<br />

ensured we were in a strong position to weather<br />

the first national lockdown and better manage<br />

the impact of the pandemic. All those months<br />

spent putting Brexit contingency measures in<br />

place and managing essential stock to cushion<br />

our customers against supply chain issues has<br />

proved invaluable.<br />

“Despite those efforts, like many providers, we<br />

know our service has still suffered somewhat in<br />

the past few months, but the situation could have<br />

been far worse were it not for our primed agility,<br />

adaptability and planning.<br />

“Regular conversations with all stakeholders and<br />

persistent forward thinking have been crucial in<br />

our company’s ability to stay agile, take action<br />

and adapt, both throughout lockdown and during<br />

more recent months as restrictions lifted and the<br />

industry finally got back to work.”<br />

Despite the complications the pandemic has<br />

caused, Window Ware has nevertheless been<br />

able to maintain a strong OTIF of 92% and an<br />

input accuracy of over 99%, with the whole team<br />

going the extra mile to make dependable next day<br />

deliveries the norm even in abnormal times.<br />

Customers could still count on a quick<br />

response too. Even during the tightest lockdown<br />

restrictions, the Window Ware crew made sure<br />

to answer all queries the very same working day,<br />

picking up 95% of customer calls within just 10<br />

seconds, and continuing to keep their customers<br />

informed with all the usual order updates.<br />

Sam Nuckey<br />

“Obviously, we know we haven’t succeeded<br />

to satisfy our customers first time, every<br />

time”, admits Sam. “But our aspirations and<br />

service targets remained high and didn’t waver<br />

despite the challenges we faced. We’ve had<br />

to temporarily change team and resource<br />

responsibilities, as well as adapt our alter<br />

processes in order to save time or add immediate<br />

and continuous visibility.”<br />

Successful year<br />

While no one could have predicted how 2020<br />

would ultimately turn out, Window Ware made<br />

sure to begin the year with a bang when it<br />

launched its new premium Glide Hardware sliding<br />

door solutions and was appointed approved<br />

hardware distribution partner for PVC-U systems<br />

house, Kömmerling.<br />

The following month, the preferred hardware<br />

distributor extended its offering of tilt-and-turn<br />

gearing with the arrival of the GU Uni-Jet range.<br />

Alongside Maco T&T components, fabricators could<br />

now take their pick from two leading-brand systems<br />

for their PVC, aluminium and timber windows.<br />

That same month, Window Ware celebrated<br />

10 years since the launch of the specialist<br />

tools range, Xpert, which has helped trade<br />

professionals work faster, smarter and safer<br />

since 2010 with a tried and tested selection of<br />

essential tools such as moon knives, PVC-U saws<br />

and gasket shears.<br />

When autumn arrived, Window Ware kept up<br />

the pace with a new campaign to promote Yale<br />

Lockmaster 21, the latest iteration of Yale’s bestselling<br />

multi-point door lock. At the same time,<br />

it extended its range of RW Simon Framevent<br />

window trickle vents with several on-trend grey<br />

finishes and continued to give fabricators a<br />

hassle-free way to offer a ‘smart’ upgrade on<br />

their doors with the Kubu-version multipoint door<br />

lock from Avantis Hardware.<br />

Safety first<br />

For every order, every process and every<br />

interaction with customers, colleagues and<br />

brand partners alike, Window Ware has made<br />

health and safety the utmost priority. Strict<br />

social distancing, new operational ‘bubbles’<br />

and rigorous hygiene measures have been<br />

implemented throughout the warehouse, trade<br />

counter and office space to minimise risk of<br />

infection and keep everybody fit and well.<br />

Sam concluded: “We know that the challenges we<br />

faced in 2020 are spilling over into <strong>2021</strong>, but with<br />

our proven technical and commercial skills and<br />

many years of industry experience on our side,<br />

I’m confident that we will continue to go from<br />

strength to strength.”<br />

Contact Window Ware:<br />

01234 242 724<br />

www.windowware.co.uk<br />

@WindowWare<br />


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FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 45

Updates<br />


Yorkshire-based aluminium systems supplier, Alutech, says it is offering its<br />

fabricator customers ‘the ultimate security kit’ for aluminium bi-folding doors, with<br />

the launch of its new AluLock.<br />

Alutech MD, Steve Hudson, explained: “AluLock is available exclusively for Alutech<br />

customers, providing a top security solution for their bi-fold doors in one easy to order<br />

kit, which combines a one-star barrel, with the option to upgrade to the Ultion three-star<br />

barrel, along with the Brisant Sweet handle and an exclusively designed Duplex double<br />

hook lock. The AluLock kit has been designed to remove the headache for our fabricators<br />

of sourcing locking hardware separately and provides premium security and aesthetics to<br />

help them differentiate their product above that of their competitors.”<br />

Download the brochure from: https://alutechsystems.co.uk/downloads/<br />


Fabricator, TruFrame, made a significant contribution to the design and development of Mila’s new range of Heritage espag<br />

handles, helping to make the range “more attractive, easier to fit and much less prone to mechanical failure”, so it’s no<br />

surprise that the fabricator has become one of the first customers to start fitting the new handles on its flush sash windows.<br />

TruFrame worked closely with Mila’s design team to give a fabricator’s perspective on how the perfect ‘heritage’ espag handle<br />

would look and function – and Mila reports that the finished product ticks every item on its wish list.<br />

Stand-out features include a ‘proper’ push-button key locking mechanism, a simple push-fit screw cover cap with faux clocked<br />

screw detail for truly authentic styling, and a unique rosette key design.<br />

Mila reports that the Heritage range is already proving popular with customers fabricating in all of the ‘big name’ sculptured and<br />

flush sash ranges, including the likes of Liniar, Deceuninck, Epwin, Rehau and R9. www.mila.co.uk/heritage-espag-handles/<br />


Working with established manufacturer partner, FUHR, Carl F Groupco has created a bespoke stainlesssteel<br />

locking package for Senior Architectural Systems, PURe aluminium door range.<br />

Carl F Groupco’s brief was to source stainless steel multipoint locking solutions to address every door type<br />

in the PURe range including lever, key wind up and SmartSecure electronic operated single commercial doors,<br />

panic/emergency escape and French doors.<br />

Working with FUHR, a tailored package of door locks was created to Senior’s exacting specification, all with<br />

bespoke keeps designed specifically for the profile. Flexibility of the hardware supplied enables special extensions<br />

and add-ons for full multipoint locking for doors up to 3m high.<br />

www.seniorarchitectural.co.uk/architectural-systems/pure-commercial-door/<br />


Yale has strengthened its relationship with trade fabricator U70, after developing a new<br />

Encloser window lock as part of the launch of U70’s Kommerling C76 window system.<br />

Martin Killick, MD at U70, said: “We have been using a range of Yale products, including window and<br />

door locks, friction hinges and cylinders, for over a decade and have complete faith in the brand and the<br />

quality of its products. As we expand our range, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our PVC-U window systems<br />

have superior security credentials. As such, we are thrilled that Yale have developed a new 26mm backset<br />

Encloser window lock specially tailored to the requirements of the Kommerling C76 window system.”<br />

The Yale Encloser features bi-directional locking technology with optimal weather proofing and<br />

security performance. www.yaledws.co.uk<br />



For further info on all these hardware updates and more, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Hardware supplier, VBH, has added the Q-Smart electronic smart handle to its range of premium<br />

quality window and door hardware and furniture.<br />

It’s a keyless product which gives the homeowner three methods of gaining access. The first is a<br />

proximity fob that communicates with a reader built into the handle unit; the second is via the Blusafe<br />

app that allows the user to use their mobile phone as a key, and the third is fingerprint recognition. The<br />

app enables the main user to send permanent or temporary timed keys to people’s phones.<br />

VBH says that this eliminates any need to lose control of physical keys by leaving them with neighbours<br />

or in a ‘safe’ place’. The app has the added benefit of keeping a log of operations, thus providing visitor<br />

management records.<br />

Q-Smart is fully tested at BSI and certified to ETSI TS103 645 (CYBER; Cyber Security for Consumer Internet<br />

of Things). www.vbhgb.com<br />


UAP, the manufacturer of security and fire safety hardware for doors and windows, has launched<br />

the Fullex Kinetica+ K4; a state of the art locking system that combines advanced, patented<br />

features to deliver what it claims is ‘one of the most secure 3* cylinder locks ever produced’.<br />

Building on the credentials of the Fullex Kinetica locking range, Kinetica+ K4 breaks new ground in<br />

security hardware by combining a standard 3* cylinder lock profile with multiple intricate design features,<br />

delivering a lock that is easy to install but ‘virtually impossible’ to bypass. Rigorously tested at UAP’s inhouse<br />

test facility and by a third party testing house as part of the product development process, the new<br />

lock has defeated the newest methods of gaining entry developed by locksmiths and is Secured by Design,<br />

British Kitemarked and Sold Secure Diamond Standard. https://uapcorporate.com/<br />


Supplier of aluminium bi-fold hardware, AT Precision, has recently passed the PAS<br />

24:2016 test, meaning all of its products now meet the industry standard.<br />

AT Precision sells to more than 100 fabricators across the country, and its Everglide range<br />

includes bi-folding door rollers, high-quality top-guides, pull handles and hinges, all of which are<br />

made from cast aluminium and are compatible with major systems.<br />

The company’s sales director, Michael Hewitt, said: “We are delighted to have been PAS<br />

24:2016 accredited, as it means we can confidently guarantee all our customers that our<br />

products meet the industry standards, and that they are of the highest quality.”<br />

www.atprecision.co.uk<br />


Mila has launched what it is calling ‘the most fabricator focused’ TS008 certified letterplate on<br />

the market. And, claims Mila, it’s ‘the best looking’ to boot.<br />

Developed in response to feedback from fabricators on what their ideal TS008 letterplate would look<br />

like, it is slimline, ‘stylish’, leakproof and easy to fit in standard apertures.<br />

The Mila letterplate is available in both stainless steel SupaSecure and standard ProSecure versions. It<br />

has ‘sailed through’ the Door & Hardware Federation’s TS008: 2015 security standard, which is now part<br />

of the updated PAS24: 2016 required to achieve Secured by Design accreditation and Approved Document<br />

Q. The letterplate also incorporates patent-pending ‘anti-fishing fins’ which open with a smooth<br />

concertina action to allow mail to be posted through. www.mila.co.uk/supasecure-ts008-letterplate/<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 47

Glaze Tube: Video Content<br />



Glaze Tube is the new platform for digital content from the leading players in your sector.<br />

Easily accessible on any device, Glaze Tube is packed full and constantly updated with<br />

practical, informative and entertaining video content, including how-to’s; project and<br />

product focuses; installation advice; training and webinars; plus interviews and opinions<br />

from those operating throughout the glazing and associated products supply chain.<br />

With new FIT Show dates in<br />

place, hear why VEKA feel it’s<br />

such an important event in the<br />

industry calendar...<br />

Find out more about hardware<br />

expert VBH’s Q-Smart electronic<br />

smart handle....<br />

E<br />

TUBE<br />









See why installers think<br />

Deceuninck’s Decalu88<br />

aluminium bi-fold door is<br />

perfect for those in the<br />

retail sector...<br />

Watch how Dakea<br />

develop and produce their<br />

maintenance-free PVC<br />

roof windows...<br />

So head over to www.glaze-tube.co.uk to view all these videos and so much more, or<br />

if you’d like to make the most of your digital content, contact Andy or Jake on<br />

01892 732 047 to put your company and products in front of your potential customers.<br />

GLAZE<br />

TUBE<br />



FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 49

Warm Edge<br />



Thermoseal Group’s sales director, Mark Hickox, reflects on the ‘rollercoaster’ that was 2020<br />

and discusses the company’s plans to increase warm edge production to meet growing<br />

demand for more energy efficient components.<br />

Thermoseal Group has a clear strategy to<br />

become a world leader in the warm edge<br />

spacer market.<br />

We estimate over 50% of all insulated glass<br />

produced in the UK contains our products, the<br />

vast majority of which will now be our highest<br />

performance warm edge spacers. Whilst the impact<br />

of using a warm edge spacer is relatively small in<br />

relation to the whole window, it is enough to help in<br />

pushing a Window Energy Rating of a ‘B’ to an ‘A’ or<br />

even from an ‘A+’ to an ‘A++’, thus generating an<br />

increased demand for our products as we all strive<br />

for a more energy efficient offering.<br />

I am sure everyone will agree that the past year has<br />

been a rollercoaster and will not be surprised to see<br />

that our sales of warm edge spacers have followed<br />

a similar path to most of the window industry. If you<br />

look at the graph (below), you will see the steep fall<br />

in sales from the end of <strong>March</strong> which is synonymous<br />

with Covid-19 lockdown number one. You will then<br />

see a period of increased sales which follows a<br />

similar trajectory to 2019, but at a higher volume.<br />

This past year has been one of the most uncertain<br />

in everyone’s lifetime for many reasons, but it is<br />

thanks to our team and their vigilance in following<br />

strict Covid-19 guidelines and remaining in small<br />

“We have a list of customers<br />

waiting for our production<br />

capacity to be increased”<br />

work bubbles that we have kept the virus at<br />

bay across the business and even managed to<br />

increase our production of warm edge products to<br />

meet the increased demand. Like most, we have<br />

had a few isolated incidences of the virus when<br />

we have had teams self-isolating (all of which<br />

have recovered well), but multi-skilling our staff<br />

has meant that we have managed to stretch our<br />

resources to cover.<br />

We are in the fortunate position that we<br />

purchased a new warm edge production site in<br />

the latter part of 2019, which has been extremely<br />

useful this past year. It allowed us to move<br />

Thermoflex production to our new site which gave<br />

our team a larger workspace to implement and<br />

maintain Covid-19 guidelines. It has also allowed<br />

us to increase production capacity of Thermoflex.<br />

This site has now become our ‘Centre for<br />

Innovation and Manufacturing’. It has two new<br />

laboratories and additional test rooms to give our<br />

technical team everything they need to develop<br />

new energy efficient products, whilst maintaining<br />

the highest quality standards and enhancing our<br />

current product portfolio.<br />

Another vital use of this building has been to<br />

house our increased stockholding to help ensure<br />

continuity of supply to the UK and export markets<br />

to counter supply issues caused by Covid-19 and,<br />

of course, Brexit. Where possible, we have also<br />

dual-sourced products to counter any delay in<br />

sourcing materials that are vital for production.<br />

We only work with established high-quality<br />

suppliers, so this is not always the easiest thing<br />

to do.<br />

Moving into <strong>2021</strong>, I think we have all accepted<br />

that we will have to live with the constraints of<br />

the Covid-19 virus, but on the basis that we have<br />

a list of customers waiting for our production<br />

capacity to be increased, we are planning to<br />

continue to invest, broaden our product range<br />

and grow our warm edge capacity. We have new<br />

machinery currently being installed and further<br />

equipment on order to increase our capacity<br />

further throughout this year. This includes<br />

both production of warm edge spacers and an<br />

expansion of our ever-growing injection moulding<br />

division which currently produces many millions<br />

of fittings per year.<br />

Contact Thermoseal Group:<br />

0121 331 3950<br />

www.thermosealgroup.com<br />

@SamThermoseal<br />


Introducing the ultimate marketing blueprint.<br />

Only from Purplex - the PR, digital and<br />

creative agency for ambitious companies.<br />

Discover why more companies choose Purplex as their marketing<br />

and digital partner. Book a Zoom call, telephone 01934 808 132,<br />

email grow@purplexmarketing.com<br />

or visit purplexmarketing.com<br />

Scan here to book your<br />

free Zoom marketing<br />


Glass<br />


Leeds-based Morley Glass & Glazing has pledged £500 to help fund<br />

repairs to an important piece of Yorkshire’s World War One heritage.<br />

Morley’s contribution to the Yorkshire Trench is its first donation from its<br />

GreenVision Fund, where it uses the money it receives from supplying Saint-<br />

Gobain Glass with recycled glass cullet to support charities and support<br />

sustainable projects.<br />

Located just outside the Belgian town of Ypres, The Yorkshire Trench earned<br />

its name after it was manned and improved by the 49th West Riding of<br />

Yorkshire Division in 1915. The small section of trench is one of the very few<br />

World War One front line trenches that still exists in its original position, after<br />

being rediscovered by a group of amateur archaeologists in 1992.<br />

Now, a campaign led by Yorkshire historian John Morrison, is seeking to reinstate<br />

the site after recent bad weather conditions in Flanders have led to<br />

serious damage to the trench, which until recently was accessible to the public.<br />

An initial estimate for repairs is £135,000, part of which will be contributed by<br />

the city of Leper, which owns the site. The campaign is crowdfunding the costs<br />

via a JustGiving page, which has already amassed over £3,000 in donations.<br />

Ian Short, managing director of Morley Glass & Glazing, commented: “Morley<br />

Glass is honoured to help preserve the memory of such heroic men. It would<br />

be a terrible shame for such an important piece of Yorkshire history to be<br />

lost. Together with our customers, we have recycled 318 tonnes of postconsumer<br />

waste glass, saving 95,400 tons of Co2 emissions, and are looking<br />

for more charities and green initiatives to support with the money we receive<br />

for the cullet.”<br />

If you would like to make a donation, visit the campaign’s JustGiving<br />

page: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/yorkshiretrench or email<br />

YorkshireTrench@gmail.com for more information.<br />

If you’d like to be considered for a Green Fund donation of £500 email<br />

greenvision@morleyglass.co.uk or visit:<br />

www.morleyglass.co.uk/glass-recycling-leeds/<br />


Lake Huron House sees local ‘cabin country’ architecture completely<br />

reimagined to create a modern family retreat on the banks of one of<br />

North America’s five Great Lakes.<br />

Taking a contemporary architectural approach, the residence maximises<br />

its lakeside views, while remaining sensitive to its surroundings and<br />

sustainability impact in the extremes of the Canadian climate.<br />

Glass not only provides distinct visual features throughout the home,<br />

but also serves as a robust external surface that plays a vital role in<br />

maintaining the building’s energy efficiency.<br />

iron Pilkington Optiwhite, it ensures that the neutral appearance does not<br />

spoil the beautiful views of the landscape and creates a bright and airy<br />

internal living space.<br />

The glazing ensures that the occupants can enjoy the vistas and are<br />

comfortable all year round, while reducing the need for constant air<br />

conditioning, in turn cutting energy bills and making the home more<br />

environmentally friendly.<br />

The lake-facing side of the house features a double-height glass wall<br />

that maximises natural light in the interior of the building and also offers<br />

expansive views towards the lakeside.<br />

Pilkington Suncool 70/35 OW T was specified for the project to help bring<br />

the outdoors in by creating the perfect balance of natural light, while<br />

minimising solar heat gain. Having an eye on sustainability was key,<br />

and this specification delivers excellent thermal properties that can help<br />

reduce the home’s energy consumption.<br />

By combining the Pilkington Suncool coating with extra clear true low<br />




Highways UK has recognised an innovative roadside barrier concept,<br />

developed by Pilkington United Kingdom, in its Civils and Materials<br />

Innovation Awards.<br />

The barrier concept designed by Pilkington UK features a special coating<br />

that’s able to break down gaseous nitric oxide emissions from road traffic,<br />

while its lamination also gives it sound-attenuating properties that help to<br />

reduce noise pollution.<br />

The company, which hopes to arrange trials of the barrier, expects the<br />

combination of features to have a big impact on the health and wellbeing<br />

of communities that live near busy roads and motorways. The concept<br />

won the award scheme’s environment category against strong entries from<br />

infrastructure giant, Balfour Beatty, and road marking specialist, WJ-Group.<br />

Meanwhile, the barrier’s self-cleaning functionality and hurricane-rated<br />

lamination make it a low-maintenance solution for highways authorities. It<br />

can also be screen-printed with a pattern visible to birds – preventing them<br />

from flying into the reflection they see in the barrier.<br />

While less common in the UK, highway barriers are often used across Europe<br />

to help protect against crosswinds. Pilkington Optiwhite glass manufactured<br />

at Pilkington Italia’s Venice plant was recently specified for barriers on Renzo<br />

Piano’s San Giorgio Bridge in Genoa – the replacement for the Morandi<br />

Bridge that collapsed two years ago.<br />

Rory Back, R&D incubator technical manager at Pilkington parent company,<br />

the NSG Group, said: “This recognition of our concept ultimately represents<br />

the increasingly expansive role that innovative flat glass can play in our built<br />

environment. Billions are set to be injected into necessary UK infrastructure<br />

projects and much-needed housebuilding in the next few years – which is<br />

likely to put more of the population living within reach of busy roads.<br />

“Our roadside barrier concept will help infrastructure planners and<br />

developers in meeting their obligations to the environment and the wellbeing<br />

of the communities they build by.”<br />

www.pilkington.com/en-gb/uk<br />


Glassolutions has opened what it claims is the UK’s largest stock<br />

glass distribution centre, in Elland, West Yorkshire.<br />

The Glassolutions Northern Hub comprises a 30,000ft 2 warehouse and<br />

10,000ft 2 office space and will employ 35 people from its former premises<br />

in Bradford and Huddersfield, including the creation of 11 new jobs.<br />

Lisa Dunn, distribution director at Glassolutions, which has invested<br />

more than £1million in the new premises, said: “The Northern Hub is<br />

an impressive facility that will lead to an even better service for our<br />

customers and is an exciting development for Glassolutions in the UK.<br />

“Situated close to the M62 between Leeds and Manchester we are<br />

perfectly located to serve the North of England with fast, efficient<br />

deliveries of the widest range of glass and glazing products, plus our<br />

enhanced online ordering system means that our customers can even get<br />

their glass on the go. The Northern Hub puts us in a fantastic position for<br />

the future growth of the business.”<br />

https://glassolutions.co.uk/en-gb<br />

“This will be a complete one stop shop for all glass and glazing products<br />

including clear float, tinted float, low iron, soft and hard coat, laminated,<br />

patterned, wired, silvered, fire-glass and self-cleaning glass in stock, cut<br />

sized and processed.<br />

“All our customers from small traditional glaziers and joiners to large<br />

sealed unit manufacturers, window fabricators and installers, fit out<br />

companies and glass merchants will benefit from daily deliveries across<br />

the North of England, as well as online ordering and a collection service.<br />


FEB/MAR <strong>2021</strong> T F 53

Updates<br />

Swisspacer has claimed there are ‘good opportunities for window<br />

makers in Europe to turn their gaze overseas’ as the US and Canada<br />

begin to ‘catch-up in matters of energy-efficient construction’.<br />

With the North American market showing an increasing interest in windows<br />

made in Europe, two studies prepared by EMU Systems in Colorado, on behalf<br />

of Swisspacer, list the differences between the relevant American and European<br />

standards. According to Swisspacer, these provide important insights for those<br />

looking to engage with the North American and Canadian markets.<br />

In ‘The Impact of Glass Spacers on Energy Performance and Risk of<br />

Condensation in American/Canadian Windows’, five glass spacer bars<br />

were combined with nine window frame profiles. The studies investigate<br />

the thermal resistance on the frame, the glass edge and across the entire<br />

window, as well as the surface temperature at the glass edge on the basis of<br />

the locally applicable standards and calculation methods. In some cases, the<br />

latter differ significantly from European regulations and designations.<br />

While, for example, the spacer bars are included in the formula as a separate,<br />

purely linear factor in Europe, in North America the spacer bar is considered<br />

in the calculation as being a ‘glass edge’ area. This involves calculating a<br />

corresponding value for an area with a width of 63.5 mm (2.5 ins) all round. As<br />

this overlaps with the “U-frame”, a better spacer bar also results in a better<br />

value for the frame. Based on the North American calculation methods, it is<br />

possible to improve the U-values of windows by up to 22%.<br />



The studies supply relevant results in the area of condensation precipitation<br />

in the various climate zones of the North American continent. With a highly<br />

efficient spacer bar between the panes, the risk of condensation reduces<br />

significantly: thus the temperatures on the glass edge were on average 7.2<br />

°C higher than for aluminium spacer bars across all systems. A maximum<br />

improvement of up to 11 °C is possible.<br />

The studies also explain the classifications for the Energy Star label used<br />

in the USA and Canada. The requirements are based on climatic zones and<br />

primarily measure the U-value of the windows and the solar gain. In Canada,<br />

an energy rating factor of at least 40 is also required for new buildings. Even<br />

in high-quality profile systems, this is achievable only in conjunction with the<br />

best spacer bars available, such as the Swisspacer Ultimate.<br />

‘The Impact of Glass Spacers on Energy Performance and Risk of Condensation<br />

in American/Canadian Windows’, is available at: en.swisspacer.com/studies<br />


Edgetech’s warm edge products have been used at a 415,000ft 2<br />

student accommodation block in Copenhagen, Denmark, with ‘costeffectiveness<br />

and sustainability at the forefront’.<br />

BaseCamp Lyngby’s ventilated curtain wall was insulated with rock wool<br />

and clad with slabs made of pressed volcanic basalt rock from Rockpanel,<br />

while its green roof is covered in solar panels to generate electricity. Any<br />

rain that falls on the structure is disposed of via evaporation, reducing the<br />

ambient temperature and strain on the sewer system.<br />

It required more than 4,000 IGUs, which had to conform to the irregular<br />

shape of the undulating building – and that, combined with the need for<br />

outstanding thermal performance, made Super Spacer T-Spacer Premium<br />

Plus a suitable choice.<br />

Danish IGU manufacturer Glaseksperten, which was contracted to work on<br />

the project, operates a fully-automated, state-of-the-art Super Spacer line.<br />

“Super Spacer is of key importance to Glaseksperten in supplying quality<br />

products which also ensure we are a leading company in economical<br />

and ecological terms,” said sales manager, Jesper Hønning. “The fully<br />

automated continuous application of spacer from the reel saves time and<br />

money, while guaranteeing top-class product quality.”<br />

Chris Alderson, Edgetech managing director, said: “We’re absolutely<br />

delighted to see Edgetech products used in such a stunning building.<br />

Scandinavia is a global pioneer in sustainable construction, and a major<br />

growth market for warm-edge technology.<br />

“We’re confident that Super Spacer T-Spacer Premium Plus will offer the<br />

building’s residents outstanding performance for many decades to come.”<br />

www.edgetechig.co.uk<br />


NEC BIRMINGHAM, 26-28 SEPTEMBER <strong>2021</strong><br />

Register for a FREE ticket today by scanning<br />

the QR Code or visiting FITShow.co.uk<br />


Sustainable Workwear<br />


Peter Dumigan, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK, which owns Snickers<br />

Workwear, Hultafors Tools, EMMA, Solid Gear and Toe Guard safety footwear, as well as<br />

Hellberg Safety PPE, talks ‘Preferred Fibres’ and sustainable workwear…<br />

Just as the effects of plastic waste on the<br />

environment have been brought to the<br />

centre of consumer consciousness in recent<br />

years, so the problems caused by the disposal of<br />

clothing and shoes are coming to the fore.<br />

Images of ‘ragpickers’ on our waste clothing<br />

mountains in Africa are an increasing cause<br />

for concern as landfill sites in the UK become<br />

overwhelmed and we dispose of our waste on<br />

someone else’s doorstep. That’s why the sourcing<br />

of sustainable and environmentally responsible<br />

workwear and safety footwear is becoming a key<br />

part of our environmental consciousness.<br />

Fabric technology has always been a key driver<br />

in the design and development of Snickers<br />

Workwear garments. Fabrics that deliver comfort<br />

and functionality, flexibility and durability are key<br />

components of every single product in the range.<br />

Now, as consumers and corporates strive to<br />

reduce their impact on the planet, the Hultafors<br />

Group is implementing a policy of replacing<br />

conventional fabrics in its workwear products<br />

with sustainable fabrics – Preferred Fibres.<br />

Given the increasing levels of awareness about<br />

the impact of waste on our environment, this<br />

will surely have an impact on the clothes people<br />

choose for work in years to come. For Snickers<br />

Workwear, this product development and design<br />

philosophy is being applied to every new product<br />

in the Snickers Workwear collection with the<br />

additional assurance that the Snickers hallmarks<br />

of design, comfort, functionality and durability will<br />

not be compromised in any way.<br />

Snickers Workwear’s objective is to ensure that<br />

by 2030, 70% of the fabrics used are Preferred<br />

Fibres – those with sustainable properties and<br />

a lower environmental footprint. As early as<br />

2023, the company will be at 40% – a significant<br />

achievement by any measure. For those that<br />

haven’t come across the term, Preferred Fibres<br />

are those that have more sustainable properties<br />

compared to conventional man-made alternatives.<br />

Given that almost any fabric and garment can be<br />

developed with recycled polyester yarn, Snickers<br />

Workwear’s aim is to replace conventional fibres,<br />

such as polyester, with Preferred Fibres which<br />

have full manufacturing transparency, traceability<br />

and thus reduce our climate impact and prevent<br />

waste from going into landfill.<br />

Environmentally friendly fleece jackets<br />

Man-made materials such as nylon and polyester<br />

fabrics can easily be recycled to create new,<br />

Preferred Fibres, that have the same performance<br />

levels in comfort, flexibility and durability as the<br />

originals. Take Snickers Workwear’s new fleece<br />

jackets and gilets for example.<br />

Snickers Workwear’s new fleece Jackets<br />

for men and women are made from 100%<br />

recycled Polartec polyester, which increases the<br />

breathability of the fabric and makes them very<br />

comfortable and warm.<br />

They’re lightweight with great insulation<br />

properties and, with designs for both men and<br />

women – and a fit that ensures mobility and<br />

flexibility on site – these soft and versatile<br />

Safety footwear that's creating<br />

a positive footprint<br />

We’ve all seen how quickly clothing and footwear<br />

containers at waste disposal centres fill up, which is why<br />

we all have to ensure that footwear and garments are<br />

disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.<br />

EMMA Safety Footwear, the Hultafors Group’s latest<br />

brand addition to its market-leading PPE portfolio,<br />

has the solution to this problem. It’s a policy of ‘100%<br />

Circularity’ in all its products. Every shoe and boot in the<br />

EMMA range is made entirely from recycled or recyclable<br />

materials. It’s a 100% ‘circular’ manufacturing, usage<br />

and recycling process for every shoe and boot it produces.<br />

www.emmasafetyfootwear.com<br />

garments are great for both work and leisure.<br />

Either as an everyday outer jacket in dry, cold<br />

weather, or as an insulating mid-layer on cold<br />

and wet workdays.<br />

Wearing sustainable garments such as these<br />

is an easy but very urgent step in developing<br />

your company’s and your own sustainability<br />

roadmap, so you will be able to make a conscious<br />

contribution to the environment and save<br />

valuable resources such as energy and water<br />

with your buying decisions.<br />

Contact Hultafors Group / Snickers Workwear:<br />

www.hultaforsgroup.co.uk<br />

www.snickersworkwear.com<br />



DISC<br />

VER<br />

THE BEST<br />




PERF<br />

RM<br />

WITH<br />


01934 808 293<br />

hello@insightdata.co.uk<br />

@insightdata<br />

www.insightdata.co.uk<br />

502 Worle Park Way, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 6WA

Workwear<br />


With ‘street-smart’ designs for men and women,<br />

all Snickers Workwear jackets include ‘must-have’<br />

features that focus on fit and freedom of movement,<br />

as well as using innovative fabrics that are designed<br />

to deliver long lasting protection and stretch comfort.<br />

Snickers says whatever you need – for work, play or<br />

protection against hazards – Snickers can offer jackets<br />

that will work on site and are also ideal for leisure,<br />

ensuring optimal performance, comfort, good looks and<br />

visibility.<br />

Snickers’ AllroundWork Jackets are just what the name<br />

suggests, delivering a great all-round performance.<br />

There’s also FlexiWork Jackets that provide ‘superb’<br />

comfort and weather-proofing for those on the move,<br />

and LiteWork jackets that keep the wearer ‘feeling cool<br />

and looking good’ in warmer weather.<br />

www.snickersworkwear.co.uk/products/93<br />

<strong>2021</strong> SNICKERS CATALOGUE OUT NOW<br />

With a focus on comfort, performance and sustainability, the <strong>2021</strong> digital<br />

catalogue from Snickers Workwear includes new products made using the<br />

recycled performance fibre brand, Repreve.<br />

There’s also new AllroundWork Topwear with the cooling 37.5 moisture<br />

transportation fabric, as well as upgraded FlexiWork Stretch trousers with extra<br />

functionality and durability. By popular demand, there’s also a stretchy hi-vis<br />

work jacket with great comfort and flexibility for high-performance work and<br />

high visibility in low-light conditions.<br />

‘Street-smart’ stretch fabrics in the AllroundWork clothing range offer mobile<br />

comfort and a layered clothing system to suit the weather on site – rain or<br />

shine, wind or snow – plus an extensive range of EN-certified ProtecWork and<br />

PPE products.<br />

Complemented by Snickers Workwear’s profiling and embroidery services and<br />

the most extensive range of garment sizes, Snickers Workwear says this clothing<br />

system delivers the ultimate solution to make every man and woman’s workday<br />

easier and safer.<br />

Visit: www.snickersworkwear.com/page/product_guide_media to download a<br />

digital catalogue.<br />


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Product Updates<br />

Total Talk Q&A<br />

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Put your company in-front of over 7,000 Glazing Installers for as little as £250<br />

Total Installer is read exclusively by glazing installers including:<br />

All CERTASS<br />

Approved Installers<br />

+<br />

The Leading FENSA<br />

Approved Installers<br />

Contact Andy or Jake on 01892 732 047<br />

Email: andydunn@media-now.co.uk or jakeroxborough@media-now.co.uk<br />

And they will advise you on the best marketing package for your budget.<br />


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