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2 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Spring 2021

Edition of Gateway

Safford, Clifton

Hiking in the Gila Valley.........................................4

Adventure Awaits You in Clifton, Arizona..............5

Hayden, Winkelman, Kearney

Gila River Music Festival........................................7

San Carlos

Nnee Bich’o Nii Transit.......................................8, 9

New Apache Clan Project................................10, 11


Discover Gila County.............................................13

Sunrise Challenge..................................................16

Center preserves area art........................................17

New additions at Dream Manor Inn.......................18

Map..................................................................20, 21


Gila Monster UTV Fest.........................................22

Hiking around town.........................................24, 25

City of Globe First Friday events..........................26

Copper Bistro is a small town favorite..................27

Stepping into mining history at Old Dominion park.

.........................................................................28, 29


Cherry Creek UTV event.......................................31


Adventure awaits in the Copper Corridor.........32-34

Hiking LOST Trails................................................35

Award winning wines and more at Bruzzi Vineyard..................................................................36,



Hiking at the lake...................................................38


Antiques, art and more...........................................39

Arizona Silver Belt

PO Box 31

298 N. Pine St.

Copper Country News

PO Box 1692

298 N. Pine St.

Globe, AZ 85502

Globe, AZ 85502





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Paul Wolterbeek, Stephanie Irish

Cover photo:

Stephanie Irish

Cover photo was taken by Paul Wolterbeek. It is a

picture of the poppies from last spring at the Tonto

National Monument in Roosevelt.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Hiking in the

Gila Valley

Safford: Mt. Graham and the rest of the Pinaleno

Mountains, south of Safford, are a popular

Gila Valley hiking spot.

By David Sowders

Mt. Graham and the rest of the Pinaleno

Mountains, south of Safford, are a popular

Gila Valley hiking spot with their pine

and aspen forests, large meadows, wildflowers and

cool temperatures; some of the Pinaleno peaks, including

Mt. Graham, climb to over 10,000 feet.

Though several mountain trails remain closed and

some are damaged after the 2017 Frye Fire, which

burned over 40,000 acres in the Pinalenos, others are

still open.

For more casual hikers, there are shorter – and more

level – walks through the riparian areas of Roper Lake

and Dankworth Ponds State Parks, also south of town.

Heading up a mountain trail near Safford

David Sowders

For more information on Pinaleno Mountains trails,

contact the Safford Ranger District at (928) 428-4150.

For more on the area’s state parks, call Roper Lake State

Park at (928) 428-6760.

David Sowders

Jacobson Creek and Johns Dam, near Safford.

David Sowders

A waterfall along Noon Creek Trail, near Safford

4 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Adventure Awaits You in Clifton, Arizona

Clifton, Arizona

is fortunate to be

surrounded by

spectacular natural beauty

as well as copper, gold

and molybdenum ore that

has been extracted for

over 145 years.

The surprising thing is

that it is such a well-kept

secret. You might want to

check the town out firsthand,

as it is extraordinary.

Here you can see a vast

array of birds (hummers,

neo-tropicals, eagles), Mexican

grey wolves, brown

bears, elk, rare Arizona native

fish, bighorn sheep,

ring-tailed cats, javelina,

coatimundi - the list goes on

and on.

Visit the Clifton Museum

as you peruse historic

Chase Creek Street, with

many old buildings restored

and offering a wide selection

of items; walk in the

paths of famous spiritualist

and healer Teresita (she

lived and died in Clifton);

travel the scenic Black Hills

Back Country Byway; fish

the streams; photograph

the scenery; get locked in

the cavernous Clifton jail

(the tiny entrance belies its

immensity); climb aboard

the Copperhead rail engine;

check out the old electric

shovel - Clifton has something

for everyone (did I

mention the hot springs?).

With the Gila River’s

largest tributary, the San

Francisco River, flowing

through town, Clifton’s citizens

are currently working

towards establishing a kayaking

and rafting experience

with a town beach park adjacent

to US Highway 191. At

an elevation of 3,500 feet,

the town’s highest temperatures

average 10 degrees F

cooler than Arizona’s major


Just six miles upriver, the

Morenci Mine is the largest

open-pit copper mine in all

of North America at over

100 square miles. There is a

beautiful new mine overlook

to enjoy at milepost 174 on

your drive up Highway 191.

Railroad buffs love to watch

the intricate dance between

the Morenci mine train and

the Eastern Arizona Railroad

at the historic Clifton

transfer yard.

For thrill seekers, Highway

191 (formerly US 666

- “The Devil’s Highway”)

winds 75 miles through lush

wilderness to Alpine. Prudent

driving requires three

hours to make the trip - one

way! With all the surrounding

hills, I have always

wanted to try hang gliding,

and hot air ballooning views

have to be the best.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


6 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Gila River Music Festival

The Gila River Music Festival is the first of its kind

for the community and we hope to make it an annual

event. The goal is to bring people from the

surrounding areas to share in two days of music, arts and

culture along the Gila River.

Live music will be provided for two full days, from 11 a.m.

to 11 p.m. on Friday, May 21 and Saturday, May 22. Reckless

Envy will play a fun blend of rock, country and today’s

hits on both nights. The band is from Reno, Nevada and consists

of four very talented musicians. You can read about them

at http://www.recklessenvy.com.

Sydney Swanson, a gifted 14-year-old musician and songwriter,

will be opening the festival with her own songs and

some covers. We also have the duo Megan & Shane, performing

at 5 p.m. on Friday. They are a little bit country, a little bit

folk and all the way cool; read more about them at https://


On Saturday at 4 p.m., rockabilly trio The Joeys takes the

stage to play their high energy retro rock and get your blood

pumping. Check them out at http://www.joeys.band/.

Food trucks and vendors will be in attendance at the festival,

and we hope to have many of them.

Tent camping will be available onsite for just $10 for the

two nights. Tickets will be required for the event. Tickets can

be purchased through the

website, http://www.gilarivermusicfestival.com


on eventbrite.com. If you

are an artist, musician, vendor

or interested in being a

sponsor please email gilarivermusic@gmail.com



Kearny, Arizona is situated in a valley along the Gila River.

It sits at the base of the majestic Pinal Mountain range. Treelined

streets and quaint houses give the community that small

town charm that makes it very inviting to both families and

retirees. The desert location of the town provides for fantastic

outdoor recreation. Not only do we have the river, but there

are UTV trails, campgrounds and some of the best hiking you

will find in Arizona. It is only 1.5 hours from Phoenix or Tucson,

20 minutes away from Superior and about 45 minutes

from Globe.

Kearny has a grocery store, automotive shops, a hardware

store, a credit union, several restaurants, a hotel/event center,

convenience stores, two bars, several churches, a barber and

beauty salon, a K-12 school, a clinic with a pharmacy, an airport

and a golf course.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


8 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


New Apache Clan Project

Seeking Participants for Pilgrimage to Clan Homelands

In February, the Apache

Clan Project announced the

15-month grant project to research

and compile information

on the Apache clans and their


The Apache Clan Project plans

to travel to four different areas of

Apache clan homelands; the Chiricahua/Discheen

homelands, the Aravaipa

homelands, the Tonto/Camp

Verde homelands, and the White

Mountain homelands. In an effort

to begin interviews with clan members

and plan the pilgrimage trips,

San Carlos Apache tribal members

are being asked to contact San Carlos

Apache Culture Center Director

Marlowe Cassadore or Apache

Clan Project Coordinator Tia Early

if their clans are from these areas.

The Apache Clan Project is interested

in hearing any stories about your

clan, their practices in food harvesting

and preparations as well as other

historical and cultural information

that can be shared with others who

wish to learn more about their clan

Giant Apache Squash

and where they came from.

As part of this Apache Clan Project,

the mission is to help tribal

members to identify themselves as

being from a certain clan with positive

characteristics and traits that

will strengthen their awareness of

who they are and also learn of the

healthy foods their clans ate in their

homeland regions. Additional information

such as family stories

about different experiences and other

historical information about the

clans can also be shared through

interviews and become a part of archiving

efforts for our Apache people

as all information will become

available through the San Carlos

Apache Culture Center for others.

The first Homeland pilgrimage

will be to the Cochise Stronghold

Mountains and we are currently focusing

on gathering a list of Chiricahua/Eastern

Discheen clan descendants

who are interested in joining

the pilgrimage to learn or share.

Within the project scope, the activities

planned include travel to clan

Continued on page 11

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Apache Clan continued from page 10

homelands, clan member interviews and collection of historical

data that will be available at the San Carlos Apache Culture Center

for future reference.

Small workshops will be conducted for each clan segment and

held in each of the four San Carlos Apache districts shortly after

each pilgrimage and a finale conference is also planned for the community

to participate in and gather the research findings.

If you would like to learn more about your clan or would like to

share, keep in mind the San Carlos Apache Culture Center and the

Apache Clan Project is constantly seeking elders, youth, and community

members who are interested in sharing their clan information or

learn more about their cultural practices, as well as traveling to their

clan homelands. If you have any questions regarding this new Apache

Clan Project, please feel free to contact Marlowe Cassadore or Tia Early

at (928) 475-2894 or feel free to send an email to marlowe.cassadore@scat-nsn.gov

or tiamtearly@gmail.com.

The Apache Clan Project plans to travel to four different areas

of Apache clan homelands; the Chiricahua/Discheen homelands,

the Aravaipa homelands, the Tonto/Camp Verde homelands, and

the White Mountain homelands.

Apache Clan Project Coordinator Tia


Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


12 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

‘Explore The Wild’: Your GATEWAY

Online is discovergilacounty.com

Gateway magazine

is your quarterly

update and invite

to visit Gila County and

explore scenic spots along

the Copper Corridor.

For the most up-to-date,

thorough and comprehensive

intel about where to

stay and what to do while

you’re here, bookmark discovergilacounty.com

as a

browser favorite, and connect

on the award-winning

website’s companion Facebook

and Instagram pages

to see enticing photos of

cobalt-blue lakes, tree-lined

hiking paths – and where

to find local, family-owned

restaurants for a unique taste

of this region.

Launched by Gila County’s

Board of Supervisors

two years ago, the stylish

website’s a thorough portal

to outdoor adventure ranging from

the tall, cool pines of the Rim Country

towns of Payson and Star Valley down

through our Copper Corridor heritage

here in Globe and Miami – including

travel and tourism information about

all three Apache Nations: San Carlos,

Tonto and White Mountain. Wilderness

areas, hiking trails, singular local

restaurants - and the area’s most comprehensive

event calendar, too.

Centrally-located Gila County

is truly the heart of Arizona, with

53,500 residents and 4,796 square

miles of desert, canyonlands and

lakes. Bookmark discovergilacounty.com

as a browser favorite; you’ll

find planned itineraries for three-dayweekend

trips that hit the highlights

for shopping, relaxed hikes, Native

American culture and history, and

outdoor adventure. Gila County has

seven wilderness areas: Hell’s Gate

and the Mazatzal canyons and forests

offer scenery that’s approachable yet

remote enough for peace, quiet and

solitude. Arizona’s majestic saguaro

cacti? See and photograph these

desert icons at our lowest elevations.

Gila County includes Sonoran Desert

at 2,000 feet above sea level, proceeding

up to stately ponderosa pine forest

(the largest stand of ponderosa pines

on the planet!). Gila County lures

outdoor enthusiasts choosing a place

to live, work and enjoy the best mix of

Arizona’s desert, mountains

and lakes.

Where to Stay?


com lists our biggest

hotels, of course – but

gives equal space to bedand-breakfast

lodging in

Pine-Strawberry, Payson,

Globe and Young. Where

to eat while you’re here?

Restaurants are all listed,

too; from family-owned

Mexican restaurants of

Globe-Miami to unique

eateries in Hayden and

Star Valley, a popular

brewery in Pine, and vineyard-wineries

in Young

and Globe.

Etymologists tell us

the word ‘Gila’ originates

from a Spanish contraction

of Hah-quah-sa-eel,

a Yuma word meaning

“running water which is

salty.” Gila County includes the towns

of Payson, Star Valley, Christopher

Creek, Strawberry and Pine. Mining,

ranching and Old West traditions still

thrive here. Payson takes pride in being

the birthplace of rodeo, and San

Carlos Apaches still practice their

ancient tradition of Sunrise Dances

during the spring, summer and fall.

Looking for a half-day hike, or a

two-three day backpacking adventure?

Explore the Mogollon Rim - a

topographic and geological wonder

that extends about 200 miles across

central Arizona. It forms the southern

edge of the Colorado Plateau - providing


Continued on page 15

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


14 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

‘Explore The Wild’ continued from page 13

door adventure to campers, hikers, mountain bikers,

photographers, bird-watchers and hunters; discovergilacounty.com

is your guide to hiking trails and nearby lodging.

Located on the northeastern edge of the Sonoran Desert,

Gila County covers a wide variety of life zones - from

iconic saguaro cacti in the low desert to pinyon-juniper

grasslands, chaparral, and montane forests of pine, fir and

aspen. Roosevelt Lake is one of Arizona’s most popular

for fishing, boating and recreation – and wholly within

Gila County. Tonto National Monument, Fossil Creek, the

Salt River, Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, designated

Wilderness Areas and popular camping areas within the

Tonto National Forest are also among Gila County’s bragging


Don’t miss Tonto Natural Bridge, between the towns

of Payson and Pine, which became an Arizona State Park

in 1990; now thousands of visitors marvel each year at

the largest travertine bridge in the world and the beauty of

Pine Creek Canyon.

The high desert community of Pleasant Valley is a serene

scene of peace and quiet today – but in the 1880s it

was the origin of a range war that’s among the most famous

(and deadly) feuds in American history. The Pleasant

Valley War, also called the Tonto Basin Feud or the Tonto

Basin War, matched

the cattle-herding

Grahams against the

sheep-herding Tewksburys.

Copper’s luster still

shines in Gila County

- an industry employing 3,000 people. Mineral deposits

brought miners back in 1874 when silver was discovered

in Globe – eclipsed within a decade by our vast deposits

of copper. Dig into online databases listing Arizona

mines and you’ll find an impressive 641 mines across Gila

County, from A to Z - that is, from the Abbie & Ross Mine

(copper, gold, lead, silver) to the Zulu Mine near Rye. 641

mines! And 30 ranches continue to manage some 15,000

cattle spread out across Gila County rangeland.

City of Globe

Globe is currently the Gila County seat; it boasts a history

laced with Wild West events from murders and stagecoach

robberies to outlaws, hangings and Apache raids.

Local historians guide seasonal walking tours that narrate

the connection to famous residents and itinerants from Ike

Clanton (one of the gunfighters from the OK Corral) to

Geronimo, the Apache Kid, Big-Nose Kate and more.

Globe is about 87 miles east of Phoenix and at the crossroads

of highways 60, 70 and 77.

Payson is a scenic and convenient 90-minute drive

from Phoenix on the recently-expanded four-lane ‘Beeline

Highway.’ Read more at discovergilacounty.com, or see

daily photos and join an online community of thousands

who love Gila County at facebook.com/discovergilacounty.

Payson: The

Mogollon Rim

has breathtaking

views and is

a popular Gila

County camping

and fishing area

just 30 miles outside

of Payson.

Cassie Tafoya

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Globe Rotary’s 21st Annual Sunrise Challenge

Globe Rotary will host its

Annual Sunrise Challenge;

this year will be a

7K Run and 2-Mile Walk at Round

Mountain Park on Saturday, June


Registration takes place from 5-5:50

a.m. and event begins 6 a.m.

Runners and walkers of all skill levels

are invited to celebrate National

Trails Day and sign up for the Sunrise

Challenge to explore trails that ascend

Round Mountain Park in Globe. The

21st annual race is sponsored by Globe

Rotary in partnership with the Gila

County Division of Health and Emergency


The challenging 7K route has rocky

trails and some boulder-hopping.

Round Mountain Park is open daily

and admission-free; winners from prior

years suggest at least one visit ahead

of time to scope out the trail and experience

the course

before race day.

Entry forms

are available at

the Globe-Miami

Chamber of Commerce,

1360 N.

Broad St. and Cami

Lucero’s State Farm

Insurance office,

905 E. Ash St.

The entry fee is

$25 prior to May

30, then $30 until

race day. Special

discounts are available for students and

families. Make entry checks payable to

Globe Rotary Club-Round Mountain.

Check-in is from 5-5:50 a.m. on race

day at the Globe Elks Lodge,1910 E.

Maple St.

Awards will go to top 7K finishers,

male and female, in age classes 12-20,

21-35, 36-50, 51-65 and over 65.

Cassie Tafoya

Globe Mayor Al Gameros presented trophies to the first place


To find Round Mountain Park from

downtown Globe heading east, turn

left at Denny’s and drive past the Best

Western motel, then continue straight

past the Samaritan Veterinary clinic

and continue uphill to Round Mountain


For more information, call the

Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce

at 928-425-425-4495.

16 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Andrea Justice

Located at 101

N. Broad St. in

downtown Globe,

the Cobre Valley Center

for the Arts is a non-profit

member-supported center

founded in 1984. The

Andrea Justice

Center preserves area art

Andrea Justice

restoration of the Old

Gila County Courthouse

was achieved by several

local artists. Many volunteer

hours transformed

this 110 year-old building

into a venue for exhibiting

local talent while

preserving the building’s

historic features.

Today the center consists

of a gallery housing local

art along with areas designed

for crafts and community

theater. As the days

get longer and the weather

warmer, the center looks

forward to reopening the

community theater for public


Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


New additions complete at Dream Manor Inn

David Sowders

There’s new room at the Dream

Manor Inn after the business

recently expanded, raising

six new buildings to accommodate


Needing more rooms for their wedding

and lodging business, in September

2019 Dream Manor Inn owners Carl

and Rebecca Williams started expanding

on their hilltop location in Globe.

Six new structures were added, including

a two-story building that houses the

lobby, bar and several suites – including

the Governor’s Suite with a large Jacuzzi

tub and a fireplace.

By Jan. 1, 2020 the Williamses had

finished 10 additional rooms with kitchenettes

on the hilltop just east of Highway

60, which boasts splendid views of

the area. The new lobby building, completed

in June, offers guests a bar with a

big screen TV, a coffee bar and a small

convenience store.

“We started off as a five-room bed

and breakfast in 2006, then we became

an inn as we grew,” said Rebecca Williams.

“Now we have 32 rooms, and we

call ourselves a boutique resort.”

Dream Manor Inn started out of

the Williams’ own house on the hill, a

1968 ranch house the couple bought as

a retirement home in 2005. They came

to Globe from Las Vegas, where Carl

worked as a realtor and Rebecca was

with a technology company. He had

previous construction experience and

she had once owned a small motel in

Globe, both of which would come in

handy when they started the inn.

A few suites are still being rented in

the ranch house, which retains Dream

Manor Inn’s original check-in counter.

The Williamses used to host weddings

in their carport; now those ceremonies

are held in a grassy wedding area that

also hosts Easter Sunrise services. The

inn, which features Tuscan décor, also

hosts community meetings, birthdays

and funerals, and Christmas parties as

well as their annual New Year’s Eve party.

Many groups get their friends together

and purchase a table for the fun event.

Rebecca Williams said couples have

booked Dream Manor Inn weddings

from as far away as Chicago, Alaska and

all over the world. The inn offers a bridal

suite where the bride and bridesmaids

can dress and a basement “man cave” for

the groom and groomsmen, with videos,

foosball, ping pong and pool tables. Rebecca

said that couples bring as many as

100 guests, and some brides and grooms

return to the honeymoon suite for their


Dream Manor Inn has won several

awards. In 2017 the inn was named best

wedding venue in Arizona by Wedding

Spot, and it won Trip Advisor’s certificate

of excellence from 2011 to 2019.

Now the award is called the Traveler’s

Choice Award, which was once again

awarded to the inn. In 2011 the inn received

an Arizona Small Business Development

Center Success Award. “We

filled a niche in the area,” Rebecca said

on receiving the award. “We’ve grown

every year and we’ve tripled the size of

our business since we started. We love

what we do and the people we meet. It

has been very rewarding.”

Before its latest expansion, the business

had added an outdoor garden, a

small putting green, long-term rental

units with kitchens and apartment-style

housing that accommodates tourists,

hunters and workers on temporary assignment

locally. Rebecca said many

people come to Dream Manor just to get

away from home for a bit, and that renting

a suite was a good way to shop local.

“There’s no need to go out of town to

go out of town,” she said.

Dream Manor Inn also offers gift certificates,

reservations for Christmas parties

or the New Year’s Eve Party which

can be purchased at the inn, 1 Dream

Manor Dr. in Globe, or by calling (928)


For more information on Dream

Manor Inn (and to watch a time-lapse

video of their recent expansion), visit


18 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Gateway to the C




Queen Valley Golf



(520) 463-2214

Boyce Thompson



Superior Chamber

of Commerce


Bullion Plaza

4 Museum

21 Plaza Circle, Miami, AZ

(928) 473-3700

Jake’s Corner






Tonto Basin

Punkin Center



To Payson,








Chamber of Commerce


Gila County

Historical Museum


Cobre Valley Center

for the Arts


Besh Ba Gowah

Archeological Park


Round Mountain

Hiking Park


Old Dominion Park

Superstition Mountain

Dolly Steamboat





Apache, Canyon & Saguaro


Queen Valley




Apache Trail



Miami’s Bullion Plaza

Top of the




60 Gold


To East Valley

79 177





14 Tortilla Flat









Besh Ba G


Kearny, Hayden &


opper Corridor

White Mountains

Show Low,




Roosevelt Lake

& Visitor Center




Mountain Museum



Dolly Steamboat



Tortilla Flat


Roosevelt Lake


Salt River Canyon


Apache Gold

Casino and Resort





San Carlos

Rec. & Wildlife











owah Archeological Park


Antique Dist.



San Carlos


To Tucson

Gila River



To Clifton,







Discovery Park

Graham Observatory


Graham County



Greenlee County



To Safford

Roper Lake

Courtesy photo

Gila Monster UTV Fest April 16-18 in Globe

Love to explore Forest Service

dirt roads and scenic

canyons in your UTV, or

meet new off-roading fans on a

group ride?

Mark your calendar for the Gila

Monster UTV Fest April 16-18 in

Globe, weekend days that will start

with breakfast catered by local businesses

followed by group rides, a

cornhole tournament, BBQ dinner,

music, raffles, vendors -- even a Miss

Gila Monster UTV contest. Online

registration runs from $100 - $140;

expect higher prices after online registration

closes April 5. Registration

includes guided trail rides, camping,

two breakfasts, Saturday night dinner,

a raffle ticket, a swag bag, cornhole

tournament and the Miss Gila

Monster contest.

Visit the website gilamonster.utvoffroadadventures.com

for specifics

about registration for ages and

younger. Also find more detail on the

website about required passengers’

release of liability forms, and similar

release forms required for those under

age 18. These must be notarized

(no exceptions), and can be downloaded

from gilamonster.utvoffroadadventures.com.

“The UTV Fest includes two different

guided trail rides throughout

the Tonto Forest, which will range

from 50-100 miles long,” reports organizer

Kyle Krause from utvoffroadadventures.com.

“You will have the

option to choose one ride each day.

The trails will be similar in miles,

and they will take you through beautiful

scenery and wildlife. There will

be a leader and a sweep rider for each

of the rides to make sure everyone is

safe and accounted for. There will

also be a Friday night ride which will

range about 30 miles.”

“This is a great venue for a UTV

Fest! We are happy to be teaming up

with the city of Globe to host this

spectacular UTV event. Gila County

Fair Grounds is an excellent location

to host this event. There will be lots

of areas to park your RVs, tents and

trailers. It’s a great camping location,

with a nice building to have registration,

raffles, food, entertainment and


Globe is located in the heart of Arizona’s

magnificent Tonto National

Forest and is surrounded by some of

the most spectacular mountain vistas

in the Southwest. It has a colorful

history, punctuated by mining discoveries

and is supposedly named for

a globe-shaped piece of pure silver

found nearby. Everyone is welcome.

Are you ready for a great time on

some of the best trails in Southern


22 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Hiking around town

Globe: Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy a number of

trails around Globe, from a park right in the city to

the Pinal Mountains south of town.

By David Sowders

Round Mountain

Hiking Park, located

at the end of

South Street off Highway

60 in Globe, is home to

over six miles of trails for

everyone from beginners

to experts, with benches

and shaded ramadas


The park’s West and East

Trails both climb to the

summit of Round Mountain,

which offers a sweeping

view of the city and

surrounding mountains.

From the West Trail, hikers

can enjoy the scenic,

and short, Bullseye Rock

Loop. Round Mountain

Hiking Park also includes

the Boulder Canyon, which

requires a bit of rock scrambling

in places, Box Canyon

and Ridge Trails. The

park is operated by the City

of Globe; more information

is available at http://www.



Continued on page 25

David Sowders

View from the top of Round Mountain, Globe

24 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Continued from page 24

David Sowders

Six Shooter Canyon Trail, in the Pinal Mountains near


In the Pinal Mountains

south of Globe, hikers,

mountain bikers and horseback

riders can ascend

from the desert to tree-covered

mountains like 7,800-

foot Pinal Peak. These

more challenging trails include

the Check Dam, Icehouse

Canyon, Six Shooter

Canyon, Telephone and

Toll Road. The Six Shooter

Canyon and Telephone

Trails can be reached from

the Icehouse CCC Campground,

off Icehouse Canyon

Road (Forest Road

112). Telephone Trail

connects to Icehouse Canyon

Trail, and Check Dam

Trail can be reached via

Six Shooter Canyon Trail.

The Toll Road trailhead

is located off Six Shooter

Canyon Road; as its name

implies, the trail follows an

old toll road. It connects to

Six Shooter Canyon Trail

via the Check Dam Trail.

Cattle are a frequent sight

along the trails, which are

in an active ranching area.

For more information

on Pinal Mountain trails,

contact the Globe Ranger

District at (928) 402-6200.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Andrea Justice

City of Globe hosts First Friday events

The City of Globe sponsors a First Friday event every month in historic downtown

Globe. The event features special deals and hours from local shops and businesses,

vendors, local art, music, delicious food options at downtown restaurants and more.

Andrea Justice

Andrea Justice

26 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Copper Bistro is a

small town favorite

Co pper



small town favorites


through Friday

from 11 a.m. to 8

p.m. and on Sunday

from 11 a.m.

to 3 p.m.

They offer daily

specials, famous

Famous Hot Mess Burger

burgers, sandwiches, pastas, salads, dinner, dessert and a

full bar that is sure to appease the whole family.

Kari Courtney took her love for cooking and made the

decision to go from waitress to restaurant owner in 2017

when the opportunity arose. Her love for cooking and baking

began as a child; she grew up with her mom and grandma

in the kitchen.

The support from her family and the community helped

her dreams become a reality and years later Copper Bistro

has been named Globe’s American Restaurant.

The Courtneys took advantage of the quarantine to

build dividers on the booths to help provide more privacy

between the customers, but made sure to keep the homey

atmosphere. They also offer a drive-thru window for takeout


Thursdays they serve their infamous pasties, Friday

nights are prime rib night, and of course the original Hot

Mess Burger can be enjoyed daily.

Follow them

on Facebook

to see what the

daily specials

are or visit their

website www.


com; better yet,

stop by to satisfy

your cravings.

Kari’s favorite dish, grilled ribeye.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


David Sowders

David Sowders

Stepping into mining history at Old Dominion Park

By David Sowders

It’s a walking park, a

historic site and an

educational step back

into Arizona’s copper

mining history.

However you look at

it, the Old Dominion Historic

Mine Park in Globe

is an exciting place for

the whole family to spend

some quality time.

The headframe for the

Old Dominion Mine,

which was in operation

from 1880 to 1931, stands

high above the park, but

visitors willing to “walk

the walk” will find themselves

in a good position

for photos of this iconic


The walking park features

a variety of trails tailored

to all fitness levels,

whether it’s a flat stroll to

view the “boneyard” of

old mining equipment or

a more strenuous hike of

the hills, as well as shaded

picnic tables and benches

throughout. Along each

of the trails


signage, complete


photos from

early-day operations


the site, will

give visitors

a feel of how

life was in the

Old Dominion

Mine’s heyday.

Trails include

the Silver


Trail, a generally

flat stroll along the

picnic areas and the “boneyard”;

along the way, visitors

will pass by an old

mine smelter. The Mine

Cycle Circle includes a

series of informative signs

on the history of mining

and a moderate climb to

the top, but that short hike

goes on to a hilltop trail

with sweeping views.

The Muleshoe Pass Trail,

named after the mules that

once labored underground,

will take visitors from the

entrance back to the Noftsger

Hill area with its large

dog park. Buffalo Butte is

the highest trail in the park,

has a picnic table near the

top and offers a unique cement

compass that identifies

the mountains viewed

from its vantage point.

Another trail of note is the

Interloper Loop, which

Continued to page 29

David Sowders

28 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Old Dominion Park continued from page 28

climbs the hill towards the headframe

that still stands sentinel over

the park. While visitors cannot get

into the headframe area, Interloper

Loop offers good photographic access

as well as wonderful panoramic

views of old Globe, where many of

the early-day miners lived.

A full map of the Old Dominion

Historic Park is available through

a large sign at the entrance and brochures

at the restroom building. The

park, located off Murphy Street in

Globe, is open from dawn to dusk;

there is no admission fee. Park amenities

include restrooms and a drinking

fountain, including a basin for watering

pets at the entrance. The park also

features a mining-themed playground.

For more information about the

park, call the Globe-Miami Chamber

of Commerce at 928-425-4495.

David Sowders

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


30 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Cherry Creek UTV

Fest April 30 - May 2

Connect with other UTV fans for guided trail rides,

camping, cornhole, food, entertainment, raffles and more

- don’t miss the Cherry Creek UTV Fest April 30 - May

2. Register online before April 25 and the fees are $150

per driver and $120 per passenger; single day registration

is also available for this event at $75 per driver and $60

per passenger. Online registration includes guided trail

rides, camping, event t-shirt, swag bag, two breakfasts,

one dinner, one raffle ticket and a cornhole tournament.

Dry camping is available at the Cherry Creek Lodge where

all activities and rides will take place - check the website

cherrycreek.utvoffroadadventures.com for complete details

on fees. For those unfamiliar with the road to Young,

be aware and expect 13 miles of maintained dirt road, then

a five-mile ranch road to get into Cherry Creek Lodge.

Want more info, or to sponsor the event? Call (623) 363-

9665 or email kyle@utvoffroadadventures.com.

“Are you looking to see what Arizona has to offer and

at the same time get your adrenaline pumping and enjoy

the great outdoors? UTV Offroad Adventures is your onestop-shop

for the experience of a lifetime,” said organizer

Kyle Krause. “We believe in spending time exploring what

this amazing state has to offer, from the lower desert to the

tall pine trees. We have it all while spending time with

friends, family and meeting new friends with the desire to

get outdoors. Our business will provide lifetime memories

in exploring and seeing parts of Arizona that some only

dream about. Do you own a UTV of some kind and want

to explore the trails Arizona has to offer? Then look no

more; we will make this dream a reality. We provide memories

and lifetime experiences.”

Road to Young, Arizona.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Adventure awaits in the Copper Corridor

By Andrea Justice

Arizona’s landscapes

have been

known to attract

a rowdy crew. Often the

desert is seen as a barren

land of rocks, cactus and

cliffs; true adventurers

see much more.

Heart-thumping danger

awaits at every turn, up every

steep grade and beneath

every dark pool.

For Stephanie Irish, special

education teacher at

High Desert Middle School,

adventuring kind of fell

into her lap. After seeing a

friend post photos of kayaking

on Facebook, Irish

thought it looked fun and

invested in a few kayaks.

Trips to Roosevelt Lake

with friends during the

monthly full moon added to

her draw toward adventure.

“I think it’s just addicting,”

said Irish. Kayaking led to

hiking unfamiliar territory

and even activities like rock

climbing and spelunking.

Climbing Devil’s Canyon

After joining up with a

few adventuring groups on

Facebook, Irish was excited

to see a Chicks on Ropes

group dedicated to rock

climbing. She always wanted

to try it and was amazed

to see a large group of participants

gather around the

Continued on page 33

Stephanie Irish

32 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Adventure continued from page 32

rugged monoliths just

outside of Superior in the

famed Devil’s Canyon.

Irish was able to connect

with four other educators

and meet with adventurers

from all over the state,

each attracted to the epic

rocks that are literally in

Globe-Miami’s backyard.

“All it takes is the equipment

and the knowledge

to climb,” said Irish. “The

experience was so memorable.

That’s another one off

of my bucket list.”

The upper Devil’s Canyon

climb follows a deep

north-south canyon located

just east of the Oak Flat

Campground. The routes

are found on various outcroppings

along the western

slope of the canyon.

According to Mountain

Project.com the route tends

to be of a mixed nature, both

edges and pockets-maybe a

little heavier on the pockets,

with lots of little pockets

to work the fingers.

Those interested in

climbing out of lower Devil’s

Canyon can take the

Magma Mine Road past

the Oak Flat campground.

Mountain Project.com details

the best route. After

1.5 miles, turn left onto

the dirt road FR315; and

close the gate behind you.

Head south and then southeast

along FR315 after two

miles, descend into a valley,

Hackberry Creek.

Continued on page 34

Stephanie Irish

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Stephanie Irish

Stephanie Irish

Adventure continued

from page 33

Head along the valley (for the

road area, head west instead); after

½ mile, the road will start ascending

to the parking area. The last ¼ mile

going to the parking area is rather

rough. This area has arguably the

best climbing and gets relatively little

traffic due to its difficult approach.

Legends of Superior Trail

Back in February, Irish along with

friends hiked the Legends of Superior

Trail marking the lost link between

Superior and the old Claypool Tunnel.

“I’ve always admired the beauty

of this canyon and was able to stop

and explore it,” said Irish. “It’s just

cool to know that our great-grandparents

used that tunnel.” The LOST

trail is a 4.6 mile lightly trafficked

out and back trail located near Superior,

featuring beautiful wild flowers

and rated as a moderate hike with a

708 ft. elevation gain. Starting from

Superior, the hike follows along an

old gravel road that can be an easy fit

for mountain bikers as well as hikers.

Kayaking and hidden hiking

trails at Roosevelt

“Roosevelt is easy access for

kayaking,” said Irish. “There are so

many places to launch from.”

There are also amazing traila that

pass through the lower Sonoran Desert

around Roosevelt - trails like

Vineyard Trail 131, which boasts

spectacular views of Roosevelt Lake,

Apache Lake, Roosevelt Dam and

Four Peaks. Signs of long abandoned

tent sites and building foundations

are also visible from the trail.

For Irish, as the days get warmer

Arizona’s desert calls her toward adventure.

“There are still a lot of places

left to explore and just not enough

time in the day,” said Irish.

34 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Hiking LOST trails

Superior: The Legends of Superior Trails (LOST)

Stephanie Irish

By David Sowders

The Legends of

Superior Trails

(LOST) is an

11.65-mile hiking, biking

and equestrian trail

that travels through Superior

and the beautiful

Sonoran Desert 60 miles

east of the Phoenix metro


The trail creates a connection

from the stunning

Arizona National Scenic

Trail, through Superior, to

rugged Queen Creek Canyon.

Along the way it passes

through Arnett Canyon’s

riparian forest and the remains

of the abandoned

town of Pinal, with majestic

Picketpost Mountain looming

to the south and Apache

Leap to the east.

LOST is divided into five

segments, all open to hiking,

running, mountain biking

and horseback riding:

Arnett Canyon, Pinal City

The original Queen Creek Bridge, on Legends of Superior Trails.

David Sowders

Panther, Miners & Ranchers,

Superior Town Center

and Queen Creek Canyon.

The 2.25-mile Queen

Creek Canyon segment follows

the old “million dollar”

highway from Miami

to Superior, and still boasts

extensive sections of pavement.

It also passes through

the historic Claypool Tunnel

and crosses the original

Queen Creek Bridge,

built in 1926 and 1921 respectively.

An ore bin and

closed-off mine openings

along this trail segment reflect

the area’s mining history.

The segment winds up

at Magma Avenue in Superior,

where hikers can continue

with a stroll through

the town center.

For more information on

LOST, call (602) 935-9034.

Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Award-winning wines and more at Bruzzi Vineyard

By David Sowders

Located in scenic

and historic

Young, Arizona,

Bruzzi Vineyard is the

first vineyard in Gila

County and produces

some of the state’s finest

wines – most notably

their Vidal Blanc, which

has won local competitions

and earned awards

in the azcentral Arizona

Wine Competition.

Bruzzi Vineyard offers

wine tastings at tasting

rooms in Young and Superior,

wines by the bottle

and the case (with free delivery

throughout Arizona

on orders of three bottles

or more), a seasonal farm

stand, a delicious dining

menu featuring fresh local

ingredients and even a

chance to meet one of their

llamas up close.

The vineyard showcases

unique varietals at

onsite farm-to-table culinary

events celebrating the

summer/winter solstice and

spring/fall equinox, as well

as Thanksgiving and New

Year’s Eve.

Having worked in hospitality

and landscaping, a

vineyard seemed to make

sense to owner James Bruzzi.

“It kind of started as

a hobby, and just started

to grow on its own,” said

Bruzzi. He started planting

the vines in Young in 2010,

and opened his first tasting

room six years later. Today

the vineyard grows around

eight acres of grapes, as

well as blackberries and

other produce.

While the vines grow in

Young, in November 2020

Bruzzi opened a second

wine tasting room in historic

Superior. Located at

Continued on page 37

36 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Bruzzi wines continued from page 36

20 N. Magma Ave., it offers

wines by the glass and

the bottle, as well as wine

tasting flights. The Superior

location also features a

boutique, local honey and

the world-class La Paloma

Art Gallery, which showcases

paintings and pottery

by local artists.

Bruzzi Vineyard has a

full kitchen, offering a rotating

menu of prix fixe dinners

– including a recently

launched series of historical

dinners that spotlight moments

in time. The series

has included a medieval

feast and a Titanic-themed

Visitors can also book a meet & greet with one of Bruzzi

Vineyard’s retired or rescued llamas.


Visitors can also book a

meet & greet with one of

Bruzzi Vineyard’s retired

or rescued llamas, getting

to pet, feed, walk and

take pictures with them, or

stop by the farm stand in

Young to check out seasonal

produce. The farm stand

works with local producers,

and the vineyard recently

unveiled a “local board”

with locally-made sausage,

cheese and bread. Bruzzi

Vineyard also hosts a yearly

pumpkin festival and can

host private events.

Bruzzi Vineyard is located

at 47209 N. Highway

288 in Young, Arizona. The

Young tasting room is open

Friday-Saturday from noon

to 6 p.m., and the Superior

tasting room is open Thursday-Sunday

from noon to 6

p.m. Reservations are preferred

at both locations.

To book a tasting or event

reservation, or learn more

about Bruzzi Vineyard, call

them at 928-462-3314, like

them on Facebook at www.


or visit their website,


Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


Hiking at the lake

Stephanie Irish

Roosevelt Lake: In addition to all the water activities

on Roosevelt Lake, a few hiking trails feature

local history and desert scenery.

By David Sowders

Across Highway

188 from the

Roosevelt Lake

Marina a paved trail

winds uphill to the Historic

Roosevelt Cemetery,

where men who

lost their lives building

the nearby dam are buried.

Most of the markers

are wooden crosses, but

there are a handful of

stone memorials.

Just past the cemetery,

climbing into the hills south

of the lake, is the Thompson

Trail, one of the links

in the Arizona National

Scenic Trail. A right turn

on this trail leads back to

the highway near Roosevelt

Lake Bridge. Other trails

near the lake include the

Tule, Frazier and Cottonwood

Trails. Signs along

the highway mark the head

of the Frazier Trail, which

leads to Cottonwood Trail

and Cottonwood Canyon –

another link in the Arizona

National Scenic Trail.

For more information on

trails in the Roosevelt Lake

area, contact the Tonto Basin

Ranger District at (602)


David Sowders

The way to Thompson Trail, near Roosevelt Lake

38 Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021

Antiques, art and more

It’s amazing what you’ll find

inside each one of these

shops located throughout the

Globe-Miami communities.

The Globe Antique Mall, 171

W. Mesquite St. in Globe, is open

Wednesday through Sunday from 10

a.m. to 4 p.m. Their phone number is


Turn the Page Vintage and Western

Apparel, 101 N. Broad St. in Globe,

is open Wednesday through Saturday

from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are

closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Their phone number is 623-910-9033.

Simply Sarah, 661 S. Broad St. in

Globe, is open Tuesday through Saturday

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 928-425-3637.

Hill Street Mall, 393 S. Hill St.

in Globe, is open Thursday through

Monday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They

are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Their phone number is 928-425-0022.

The Pickle Barrel, 404 S. Broad St.

in Globe, is open Thursday through

Monday from 10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.,

and Sunday from 11 a.m. to

5 p.m. Their phone number

is 928-425-9282.

Miami Rose Trading Post, 401 W.

Sullivan St. in Miami, is open Saturday

and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5

p.m. Their phone number is 928-473-


Sullivan Street Antiques, 407 W.

Sullivan St. in Miami, is open from 9

a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Cowgirl Antiques, 416 Sullivan St.

in Miami, can be accessed through the

entrance located at the Wild Horses


Donna by Design, 501 Sullivan St.

in Miami, is open Thursday through

Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and

Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. They are

closed Monday through Wednesday.

Soda Pop’s Antiques, 503 Sullivan

St. in Miami, is open most Saturdays

or by appointment. Their phone number

is 480-980-6804 or 480-695-2251.

Inspired by Time, 409 W. Sullivan

St. in Miami, is open Thursday

through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5

p.m. Their phone number is 928-812-

1270, and they are on Facebook at


Lemonade’s Antiques, 413 W. Gibson

St. in Miami, is open on weekends

only from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Their

phone number is 480-213-8817.

Cobre Valley Center for the Arts,

101 N. Broad St. in Globe, is open

Wednesday through Saturday from 9

a.m. to 3 p.m. Their phone number is


Miami Art Works, 509 Sullivan

St. in Miami, is open Friday through

Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Their

phone number is 602-300-7575.

Jim Coates Studio Café and Gallery,

422 Sullivan St. in Miami, is

open Saturday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and

Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Their

phone number is 928-200-2743.

Splash of Copper Art Gallery and

Gifts, 656 N. Broad St. in Globe, is

open Tuesday through Saturday from

9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Their phone number

is 623-466-6901.

Yesterday’s Treasures,

209 W. Hackney Ave. in

Globe, is open Monday

through Saturday from 9

a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed

Sunday. Their phone number

is 928-425-7016.

Grandma’s House of Antiques

and Treasures, 123

N. Miami Ave. in Miami,

is open Thursday through

Monday from 10 a.m. to 5

p.m. Their phone number is


Gateway to the Copper Corridor 2021


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