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Schulthess Spinning for joy


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<strong>joy</strong><br />

<strong>Spinning</strong> <strong>for</strong>

By professionals.<br />

For professionals.<br />

Thomas Marder <strong>–</strong> CEO<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> has been the leading Swiss washing technology<br />

group since 1845. The traditional company stands <strong>for</strong><br />

innovation in laundry care and is a pioneer in breaking new<br />

ground with the aim of simplifying customers’ lives.<br />

At <strong>Schulthess</strong>, we promote a culture of self-responsibility,<br />

continuous improvement, mutual trust and personal development.<br />

We work in per<strong>for</strong>mance teams and in a climate of<br />

excellence in the context of a world-class company.<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> develops and produces high-quality machines,<br />

systems and system solutions <strong>for</strong> private, commercial and<br />

industrial customers in Switzerland. We know the high<br />

demands that the appliances have to meet every day under<br />

high utilisation. Our products stand out due to their high<br />

durability under the toughest conditions, large laundry<br />

volumes and strict hygiene and disinfection specifications.<br />

The economic and ecological use of resources and the consistent<br />

focus on sustainability are our hallmark and the basis<br />

of our strong brand position. This is how we generate added<br />

value <strong>for</strong> our customers.<br />

We would be delighted if you were to opt <strong>for</strong> Swiss innovation<br />

with <strong>Schulthess</strong>.

Innovation<br />

Swiss tradition. Swiss

01<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong><br />

values<br />

Quality 08<br />

Innovation 10<br />

Sustainability 12<br />

06<br />

Payment<br />

systems<br />

Digital solutions 70<br />

02<br />

Total<br />

solution <strong>for</strong> your<br />

perfect laundry<br />

Your expert 16<br />

Ideal laundry 18<br />

One-stop-Shop 20<br />

Dosing technology and detergents 24<br />

07<br />

Laundry<br />

technology &<br />

accessories<br />

Smooth to the finish 74<br />

03<br />

Solutions<br />

<strong>for</strong> every sector<br />

The perfect programme 28<br />

08<br />

The<br />

<strong>Professional</strong> service<br />

all-round service 82<br />

04<br />

Innovative<br />

wash programmes<br />

Care programmes 32<br />

wetClean 34<br />

Disinfection 37<br />

09<br />

Contact,<br />

Partners, Legal notice<br />

86<br />

05<br />

<strong>Professional</strong><br />

<strong>for</strong> professionals<br />

Our models 40

Our values<br />

are your advantage<br />

P 07

Quality<br />

means durability.<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> laundry machines are fully designed <strong>for</strong> durability<br />

and developed and constructed <strong>for</strong> the high demands and<br />

long periods of use in commerce and industry. Their robust<br />

bearings and strong shock absorbers have been tested on<br />

30,000 loads. We stand <strong>for</strong> a high level of process reliability<br />

and also make your everyday washing work in the professional<br />

sector easier with simple operation and economical consumption.<br />

You can rely on that.<br />

Machinery directives met<br />

All <strong>Schulthess</strong> laundry machines con<strong>for</strong>m to Machinery<br />

Directive 2006/42/EC, which sets out comprehensive safety<br />

regulations <strong>for</strong> commercial machines. This minimises the<br />

potential <strong>for</strong> danger in commercial laundries and provides<br />

operators with comprehensive protection in their daily work.<br />

P 08

Many years of experience, intensive research,<br />

innovative development work <strong>–</strong> that’s how<br />

efficient and durable quality products are created.<br />

Head of Laundry Technology<br />

P 09

P 10<br />

Innovation<br />

is evident in the technology.

The <strong>Schulthess</strong> appliances brim with innovative<br />

features that make you radiant and make your<br />

daily laundry routine easier.<br />

Smart Control operation<br />

From the smallest to the largest machine, <strong>Schulthess</strong> appliances have a consistent<br />

operating concept. The user interface is logically and intuitively designed and thus<br />

easy to use.<br />

Power Blades<br />

The power blades can do it all: Asymmetrically shaped carriers specially designed<br />

<strong>for</strong> <strong>Schulthess</strong> ensure optimal laundry treatment. Depending on the direction of<br />

rotation, they have a different mechanical effect on the various fabrics.<br />

Water Recovery <strong>–</strong> we care <strong>for</strong> clean water<br />

With the unique <strong>Schulthess</strong> Water Recovery function, <strong>for</strong> example, expensive impregnation<br />

chemicals are recovered from firefighters’ uni<strong>for</strong>ms and can be reused.<br />

This protects the environment <strong>–</strong> and your wallet.<br />

Hygiene Care programmes<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> offers a variety of disinfection programmes, which are Robert Koch<br />

Institute (RKI) compliant. With practical hygiene monitoring, it is possible to prove<br />

at any time via the cloud that hygiene regulations have been observed.<br />

Smart Dry function<br />

Our dryers are equipped with Smart Dry, meaning optimal use of waste heat and<br />

increased energy efficiency. At the same time, the outer walls are kept cool so that<br />

no one burns their fingers. The axial-radial airflow in the dryer also optimises the<br />

airflow so that the laundry is dried more gently and quickly.<br />

P 11

Sustainability<br />

means acting responsibly.<br />

The energy and water consumption of <strong>Schulthess</strong> machines has fallen<br />

almost sevenfold over the last 40 years.<br />

In 1975 a washing machine still needed 55 litres of water<br />

per kilogram of laundry; today it is 88% less, just 6.8 litres. Equally<br />

astonishing is energy consumption: In 1975 one kilogram of laundry<br />

needed 0.49 kWh, today it is only 0.08 kWh. Choosing <strong>Schulthess</strong><br />

means taking responsibility <strong>for</strong> the environment and washing in a<br />

sustainable manner.

umption kWh/kg<br />

Energy consumption kWh/kg<br />

Water consumption l/kg<br />

Water consumption l<br />

1975<br />

0.49<br />

0.49<br />

1975<br />

55<br />

55<br />

0.30<br />

0.25<br />

1985<br />

1991<br />

0.30<br />

0.25<br />

0.17<br />

0.08<br />

2006<br />

Today<br />

0.17<br />

0.08<br />

20<br />

14<br />

7.8<br />

6.8<br />

1985<br />

1991<br />

2006<br />

Today<br />

20<br />

14<br />

7.8<br />

6.8<br />

P 13

02<br />

Total solution <strong>for</strong> your<br />

perfect laundry

P 15

Your expert in<br />

washing technology<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> is your laundry partner when it comes to smart<br />

laundry solutions <strong>for</strong> greater efficiency. As an expert, we<br />

provide you with comprehensive advice and show you the<br />

most modern and ecological solutions that revolutionise the<br />

laundry experience. We also offer every conceivable accessory<br />

<strong>for</strong> modern, per<strong>for</strong>mance-oriented laundry businesses.<br />

Laundry technology <strong>for</strong> all areas<br />

From semi-professional washing machines with a load capacity<br />

of 7 kg to professional industrial machines with a capacity<br />

of up to 120 kg, we have the right product <strong>for</strong> every<br />

application. For every washing machine there is a matching<br />

dryer in all sizes, available with exhaust air, gas or heat<br />

pumps. We offer our own Swiss-made starLine, topLine and<br />

proLine product lines as well as other appliances under the<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> brand. These are also of high quality and attractively<br />

priced.<br />

Laundry accessories<br />

We are the only One-stop-Shop in Switzerland <strong>for</strong> flatwork<br />

and cylinder ironers, ironing tables and their accessories and<br />

finishing equipment such as shirt finishers, universal finishers,<br />

trouser toppers, presses and modern drying cabinets<br />

from 4 to 20 kg capacity.<br />

You will also find weighing systems such as floor and flatbed<br />

scales or products <strong>for</strong> smooth laundry logistics <strong>–</strong> such as<br />

laundry collectors, laundry bags, spring base, transport and<br />

mobile trolleys or mesh roller containers <strong>–</strong> in all their variants.<br />

Clothing dispensing systems<br />

With our clever clothing dispensing systems, you can guarantee<br />

the availability of clothing around the clock with a minimum<br />

of ef<strong>for</strong>t.<br />

P 16

Image: Roger Frei, Zurich<br />

P 17

The concept<br />

Laundry<br />

<strong>for</strong> the ideal<br />

It all begins with expert advice<br />

Independence, speed and fabric-friendly washing are just a<br />

few reasons why hotels, restaurants, care homes or commercial<br />

enterprises prefer to wash their laundry themselves.<br />

This is because the ideally equipped laundry saves<br />

money. The prerequisite <strong>for</strong> this is a precise needs analysis.<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> sets up a large number of laundry systems every<br />

year and can provide you with optimal advice. Our experts<br />

analyse your needs and requirements on site, and your operational<br />

and spatial environment, and collect your exact target<br />

specifications.<br />

Nothing beats good planning<br />

Once the needs analyses have been completed and the<br />

premises have been defined, the <strong>Schulthess</strong> planning department<br />

gets to work on designing your laundry. Which appliances<br />

best suit your needs? Which appliance combinations<br />

and ergonomic arrangements produce the most efficient results?<br />

How can you manage more laundry while saving costs<br />

and energy? Which finishing products perfectly complement<br />

your washing machines and dryers? Which chemical solutions<br />

best suit the selected appliances?<br />

P 18

wash-Q-lator <strong>–</strong> provides transparency and ensures profitability<br />

The <strong>Schulthess</strong> wash-Q-lator precisely calculates your individual<br />

total washing costs including machine investment,<br />

electricity, water, detergent and personnel costs. This calculation<br />

serves as a basis <strong>for</strong> deciding whether your own inhouse<br />

laundry is worthwhile. In most cases, running your own<br />

laundry is cheaper than a traditional laundry service.<br />

Perfectly equipped and maintained<br />

Once the planning is complete, we not only deliver your appliances<br />

but also set up your laundry perfectly <strong>for</strong> you. Washing<br />

machines are connected and adjusted to your needs. It’s<br />

best to book an all-round carefree package with extended<br />

warranty and maintenance contract. If you have any questions<br />

or problems, we have a 24-hour service that is always<br />

there <strong>for</strong> you.<br />

Laundry Academy<br />

At our Laundry Academy you will learn everything about<br />

perfect washing. Turn your employees into washing experts<br />

and register them <strong>for</strong> our practical seminars and training<br />

sessions. You will learn everything about professional ironing,<br />

stain removal and hygiene measures.<br />

P 19

Everything from<br />

a single source<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> offers you the entire range <strong>for</strong> hygienically clean laundry from a single<br />

source. From collection to washing to service <strong>–</strong> as a One-stop-Shop, we have the<br />

ideal solution <strong>for</strong> every station in the laundry cycle. For you this is practical <strong>–</strong> and the<br />

savings potential is considerable.<br />

Providing you with greater convenience<br />

A wide range of accessories and technical devices <strong>for</strong> transporting, weighing,<br />

sorting, intermediate storage and warehousing is essential <strong>for</strong> clean processes in<br />

a well-organised laundry.<br />

Always well dosed: environmentally friendly detergents<br />

Together with <strong>Schulthess</strong> appliances, Flow <strong>Professional</strong> ensures perfect washing<br />

results. Fat solvents, oxygen bleaches, neutralising agents, detergents <strong>for</strong> delicates<br />

and colours, textile finishers or fibre protection and impregnation are perfectly<br />

coordinated. And our dosing systems determine the necessary amount.<br />

Meaning it’s exactly right.<br />

<strong>Professional</strong> <strong>for</strong> professionals: washing machines<br />

In the <strong>Professional</strong> sector, everything revolves around efficiency and the fact that<br />

laundry quantities have to be managed in ever shorter times. <strong>Schulthess</strong> laundry<br />

machines are developed and designed to cope with these high requirements.<br />

P 20

Collection,<br />

sorting, weighing<br />

Service<br />

Dosing systems,<br />

detergents<br />

Distribution,<br />

storage<br />

Shop<br />

One stop<br />

Washing<br />

Ironing,<br />

finishing<br />

Drying<br />

Rotary ironing<br />

P 21

Quick and easy laundry in the bag: dryers<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> commercial and industrial dryers are high per<strong>for</strong>mers in overdrive.<br />

They stand <strong>for</strong> fast and gentle drying with minimal energy consumption and are<br />

designed to meet many different needs. Robust, powerful and equipped with segment-specific<br />

programmes, they meet every industry-specific requirement.<br />

Keeping it smooth: our rotary ironers<br />

Clean, fresh and perfectly smoothed laundry is the calling card of any business.<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> offers an impressive range of rotary ironers with maximum versatility<br />

and a fair price/per<strong>for</strong>mance ratio.<br />

Perfect to the very end: ironing and finishing<br />

High-quality ironing and finishing systems make your everyday life easier in next<br />

to no time. Our range includes easy-to-use ironing machines, ironing tables, dummy<br />

finishers, professional irons and related accessories.<br />

Cleanly distributed all around the world<br />

To get clean laundry back to the people who need it, technical devices are indispensable<br />

<strong>for</strong> smooth processes in a laundry.<br />

The <strong>Schulthess</strong> multi-brand service: your professional <strong>for</strong> all eventualities<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Service cleans, checks and repairs machines of all brands. <strong>Professional</strong>,<br />

efficient and reliable, our service technicians ensure that your appliances last<br />

longer, protecting the environment, the machines and your wallet.<br />

P 22

P 23

Revolutionary dosing<br />

technology and<br />

environmentally<br />

friendly detergents<br />

Save time, detergent, water, energy and personnel costs<br />

and keep track of your laundry processes. With Permatech,<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> offers fully automated dosing technology with<br />

the right liquid detergents. Whether <strong>for</strong> industrial or commercial<br />

fabric care: we have economical liquid detergent systems<br />

which, thanks to optimised dosing, significantly reduce<br />

your overall costs. You not only save money, but also make a<br />

decisive contribution to environmental protection.<br />

Clear and comprehensive control<br />

With the Permatech detergent dosing system, you monitor<br />

your machines and processes in real time and in a cen-<br />

tralised manner. You maintain an overview at all times and<br />

receive fully automated, detailed reporting and ongoing process<br />

documentation.<br />

smartDos<br />

Permatech 4DOS1, 6DOS1, 8DOS1<br />

With the ingenious, ultra-compact dosing system, you have<br />

the perfect solution even <strong>for</strong> small laundries or dry cleaners.<br />

profiDos<br />

Permatech 8DOS4, 10DOS4, 20DOS5<br />

The powerful and reliable dosing system is flexible and scalable.<br />

It is suitable <strong>for</strong> larger laundries up to washing tunnels.<br />

P 24

Reliable and built to a high standard<br />

All dosing systems are made of high-quality materials and<br />

are there<strong>for</strong>e almost maintenance-free. The CPU and the<br />

control monitor are operated independently of each other.<br />

This ensures that the fabric cleaning system functions<br />

smoothly even without a control monitor.<br />

Flow <strong>–</strong> professional liquid detergents<br />

Our new Flow line, together with our <strong>Schulthess</strong> appliances,<br />

ensures perfect washing results. Fat solvents, stabilised oxy-<br />

gen bleaches, neutralising agents, detergents <strong>for</strong> delicates<br />

and colours, textile finishers or fibre protection and impregnation<br />

are perfectly matched. And best of all: We deliver our<br />

Flow line directly to your door.<br />

P 25

03<br />

Solutions <strong>for</strong> every sector<br />

P 27

A perfect<br />

programme<br />

<strong>for</strong> every<br />

need<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> knows the special requirements of laundries in a<br />

wide range of sectors. With the large selection of our up to<br />

94 user-specific profiClean programmes, <strong>Schulthess</strong> offers the<br />

right setting <strong>for</strong> every application.<br />

Also there <strong>for</strong> your sector<br />

• Retirement homes, nursing homes, residential homes<br />

• Hotels, guest houses, restaurants<br />

• Hospitals<br />

• Fire and rescue services<br />

• Contract cleaning services<br />

• Commercial enterprises such as bakeries, butchers,<br />

hairdressing salons, garages<br />

• Laundries and dry cleaners<br />

• Saunas, sports clubs, fitness centres and spas<br />

• Physiotherapy and therapeutic massage practices<br />

• Launderettes and camp sites<br />

• Livery and riding stables<br />

• Industry (e.g. manufacturers of bags and accessories)<br />

P 28

P 29

04<br />

Innovative<br />

wash programmes<br />

P 31

Care programmes<br />

cleanliness<br />

<strong>for</strong> gentle<br />

P 32

Sensitive fabrics require extremely<br />

gentle care. With our diverse wash programmes,<br />

we ensure that even demanding<br />

materials can en<strong>joy</strong> a long life.<br />

Even nursing and hospital garments,<br />

which need to meet high hygiene and<br />

disinfection requirements in everyday<br />

use, are not only clean with <strong>Schulthess</strong><br />

but also germ-free.<br />

P 33

wetClean:<br />

<strong>for</strong> your<br />

sensitive<br />

fabrics<br />

This new way of wet cleaning is ingeniously<br />

simple and specially tailored to<br />

your highly sensitive fabrics. With the<br />

versatile wetClean programmes, almost<br />

all materials can be thoroughly cleaned<br />

in one load without prior sorting. With<br />

this fabric-friendly process, uni<strong>for</strong>ms<br />

of fire brigades, outerware and duvets,<br />

<strong>for</strong> example in retirement and nursing<br />

homes, restaurants and hotels or hospitals,<br />

are cared <strong>for</strong> in a value-preserving<br />

and hygienically clean way.<br />

Ideal combination<br />

wetClean unleashes its full effect in<br />

combination with the drying process<br />

matched to the programme. wetClean<br />

drying serves as the ideal preparation<br />

<strong>for</strong> the finish. Due to the fabric-specific<br />

process technology and the special<br />

finish, creasing is very low, which reduces<br />

the ironing ef<strong>for</strong>t to a minimum.<br />

Extended lifetime<br />

With low consumption figures <strong>for</strong> electricity<br />

and water, the programme also<br />

takes the environment into account.<br />

The gentle process extends the life of<br />

your fabrics and reduces your procurement<br />

costs.<br />

P 34

P 35

P 36

Disinfection<br />

in a gentle way<br />

With the new disinfection programmes, <strong>Schulthess</strong>, as a leading manufacturer<br />

in the field of fabric disinfection, ensures hygienically clean and germ-free laundry.<br />

The programmes are particularly suitable <strong>for</strong> use in retirement and nursing<br />

homes, hotels and restaurants, saunas and wellness facilities, as well as in clinics,<br />

emergency services, contract cleaning services and other service and commercial<br />

businesses.<br />

Your wash-sensitive fabrics such as outerwear or clothing made of wool can be<br />

disinfected gently and effectively at the touch of a finger <strong>–</strong> and thus more easily<br />

than ever be<strong>for</strong>e. All topLine and proLine washing machines are equipped with<br />

disinfection programmes.<br />

Service life extended<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> appliances have precise temperature control and holding times, ensuring<br />

that the disinfection process is completed after the main wash cycle. The<br />

effectiveness of the programmes has been tested and confirmed by the wfk<br />

(Cleaning Technology Institute). All thermal and chemo-thermal disinfecting washing<br />

processes of <strong>Schulthess</strong> washing machines comply with the guidelines of the<br />

Association <strong>for</strong> Applied Hygiene and the Robert Koch Institute.<br />

P 37

05<br />

<strong>Professional</strong> <strong>for</strong> professionals

P 39

Models<br />

starLine<br />

topLine<br />

P 40

proLine<br />

P 41

P 42<br />


The Power Star<br />

starLine<br />

The small professional <strong>for</strong> commercial use. With the starLine<br />

appliances, <strong>Schulthess</strong> has developed a robust and powerful<br />

series <strong>for</strong> you, fully tailored to the needs of small businesses<br />

and service providers. The machines impress with 35 profiClean<br />

programmes and a further 24 freely programmable<br />

positions, a modern interactive 4.3" colour display and new,<br />

simple programming software.<br />

With first-class quality, a long service life and simple control,<br />

the machines always ensure smooth operation <strong>for</strong> you.<br />

Needs-based programmes<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> has expanded its range of segment-specific programmes<br />

<strong>for</strong> you. The 35 additional profiClean programmes<br />

are especially geared to the sector-specific needs of, <strong>for</strong> example,<br />

day-care centres, hairdressing salons, doctors’ surgeries,<br />

beauty salons or small commercial enterprises.<br />

Plinth with fluff filter drawer<br />

Extreme soiling is efficiently removed with the profiClean<br />

programmes. Of particular interest <strong>for</strong> contract cleaners. A<br />

plinth with integrated fluff filter drawer additionally prevents<br />

fluff from clogging the drain pipes.<br />

• Load capacity 7 kg<br />

• Drum capacity 60 l<br />

• Spin speed 1,500 rpm<br />

• g factor 605<br />

• Residual moisture 44%<br />

• 4.3" colour display<br />

• 35 profiClean programmes and<br />

24 freely programmable positions<br />

• With drain valve or drain pump<br />

Product in<strong>for</strong>mation sheets<br />

available at <strong>Schulthess</strong>.ch.<br />

P 43

The Power Star<br />

starLine<br />

As an optimal complement to the washing machine, we recommend<br />

the starLine TC 7730 condensing dryer with its<br />

electronically controlled drying programmes: Cotton Mangle<br />

moist, Iron damp, Slightly dry, Cabinet dry, Extra dry, but also<br />

Easy care, Time drying or Mixed laundry. The condensing dryer<br />

offers further optional programmes <strong>for</strong> shirts, blouses,<br />

silk, wool, outdoor clothing, down fabrics, towels and impregnation.<br />

• Load capacity 7 kg<br />

• Drum capacity 118 l<br />

• Stainless steel drum<br />

• Electronically controlled and timed<br />

drying programmes<br />

• Residual moisture measurement<br />

• Condensation system<br />

Product in<strong>for</strong>mation sheets available<br />

at <strong>Schulthess</strong>.ch.<br />

P 44

starLine<br />

P 45

S 46

Our machines are<br />

absolute professionals:<br />

powerful<br />

and enduring.<br />

Michael Winkler <strong>–</strong> Head of Production<br />

P 47

topLine<br />

• Load capacity 7 kg / 8 kg<br />

• Drum capacity 60 l / 70 l<br />

• Spin speed 1,600 rpm<br />

• g factor 690<br />

• Residual moisture 43%<br />

• 4.3" colour display<br />

• 94 wetClean programmes and<br />

24 freely programmable positions<br />

• USB interface<br />

• With drain valve or drain pump<br />

P 48<br />

Product in<strong>for</strong>mation sheets available at <strong>Schulthess</strong>.ch.

The Visionary<br />

topLine<br />

In the commercial and industrial sector, everything revolves<br />

around efficiency. Modern technologies and the extended<br />

range of 94 professional segment-specific profiClean programmes<br />

ensure excellent results with the topLine. Four<br />

programme families (Homecare, Businesscare, Sportswear<br />

and Antibac) and new, fast disinfection and express programmes<br />

offer you even more plus points. And using the<br />

USB interface, you can even install an additional 24 of your<br />

own wash programmes, fully oriented towards your specific<br />

user com<strong>for</strong>t, efficient processes and cost-effectiveness.<br />

3D-Washing <strong>for</strong> perfect results<br />

With its six specially shaped and intelligently arranged 3D<br />

drivers, this <strong>Schulthess</strong> washes in a new dimension. The<br />

3D-Washing adjusts the washing mechanism individually and<br />

precisely to your type of laundry, the load quantity and the<br />

degree of soiling and guarantees perfect washing results<br />

with maximum preservation of the value of your fabrics.<br />

Smart Control operating field <strong>–</strong> logical and even simpler<br />

At a glance, you understand how your appliance works.<br />

Thanks to the clear touchscreen, you can quickly find and<br />

select the right programme. The large 4.3" colour display is<br />

particularly easy to read and communicates in 23 languages.<br />

Plinth with fluff filter drawer<br />

An intercepting tank with integrated fluff filter drawer in the<br />

plinth prevents fluff from entering and clogging the drain<br />

pipes when washing mop covers. To remove the fluff, all you<br />

have to do is pull out the drawer.<br />

Practical liquid detergent connection<br />

A liquid detergent connection enables you to control up to<br />

eight dosing pumps, which can be mounted at the rear of the<br />

machine to save space if desired. This eliminates the need<br />

<strong>for</strong> wall mounting and the appliances can be freely repositioned<br />

at any time.<br />

P 49

The Visionary<br />

topLine<br />

topLine dryers<br />

topLine dryers are designed to handle large volumes of laundry<br />

in the shortest possible time. With the innovative drum<br />

system and 10 selectable special programmes, you get a<br />

very gentle, crease preventing and even result.<br />

Minimal space requirement<br />

topLine appliances are extremely space-saving and compact.<br />

With the tower kit, the washing and drying appliances<br />

can be stacked on top of each other on only half a square<br />

metre.<br />

Integrated residual moisture measurement<br />

During the drying process, the residual moisture measurement<br />

built into the drum system continuously checks the<br />

laundry moisture. When the selected drying level is reached,<br />

the programme ends automatically.<br />

Quiet operation<br />

The Supersilent noise insulation makes the professional<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> dryers pleasantly quiet when in operation.<br />

• Load capacity 8 kg<br />

• Drum capacity 150 l<br />

• Electronically controlled and timed<br />

drying programmes<br />

• Residual moisture measurement<br />

• Exhaust system (TA 9340)<br />

• Condensation system (TC 9350)<br />

• Condensation system with heat<br />

pump (TW 9360)<br />

Product in<strong>for</strong>mation sheets<br />

available at <strong>Schulthess</strong>.ch.<br />

A fingertip is all it takes<br />

Ten special programmes can be selected at the touch of a<br />

finger. The same applies to the language selection button:<br />

23 languages <strong>–</strong> from English, German and Spanish to Polish<br />

or Russian.<br />

Easy handling<br />

Loading and unloading the dryer could not be easier: the<br />

door hinge is on the right or left as desired, and the opening<br />

angle is a com<strong>for</strong>table 180 degrees. The interactive 4.3" colour<br />

display ensures easy operation.<br />

P 50

topLine<br />

P 51

Powerful duo<br />

To make the washing and drying process even more efficient,<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> has perfectly matched the programmes and<br />

running times of the topLine dryers to the topLine washing<br />

machines.<br />

P S 52

topLine<br />

P 53

Swiss Mop Cleaner<br />

topLine and proLine<br />

The machine <strong>for</strong> contract cleaners<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> also offers professional solutions <strong>for</strong> the hygienic<br />

cleaning of mop covers and cleaning cloths. Our Swiss<br />

Mop Cleaner machines effectively and thoroughly remove<br />

dirt, germs and pathogens from mop covers and microfibre<br />

cloths. They are there<strong>for</strong>e the ideal partners <strong>for</strong> cleaning<br />

floors in hospitals, schools, office buildings, commercial<br />

enterprises, wellness centres, saunas or in retirement and<br />

nursing homes.<br />

autoClean self-cleaning programme<br />

The 10 profiClean programmes, specially adapted to the<br />

needs of contract cleaners, guarantee efficient and gentle<br />

washing of all fabrics and can be programmed up to 100 hours<br />

in advance, which increases machine utilisation and productivity.<br />

The autoClean self-cleaning programme cleanses the<br />

drum, detergent tank, heating elements and detergent dispenser<br />

hygienically clean in just 25 minutes and automatically<br />

signals when the machine needs cleaning. This prevents<br />

disruptions in the operating process due to dirty machines<br />

and reduces servicing and maintenance costs.<br />

Plinth with fluff filter drawer<br />

Thanks to our professional programmes, fabrics are cleaned<br />

gently and hygienically. We also have optimal solutions <strong>for</strong><br />

the special requirements of contract cleaners. Special wash<br />

programmes clean mops down to the pores, while the fluff<br />

filter drawer ensures that drain pipes do not become blocked.<br />

For regular cleaning, the drawer can be conveniently pulled<br />

out and the filter removed.<br />

P 54

P 55

P 56<br />

Changer<br />

The Game

P 57

Models proLine<br />

The Game Changer<br />

W65/W80/W100<br />

• Load capacity 7 kg / 9 kg / 11 kg<br />

• Drum capacity 65 l / 80 l / 100 l<br />

• Spin speed 1,200 rpm<br />

• g factor 416<br />

• Residual moisture 46%<br />

• profiClean, wetClean, disinfection programmes<br />

• Laundry slide<br />

• With drain valve or drain pump<br />

P 58<br />

Product in<strong>for</strong>mation sheets available at <strong>Schulthess</strong>.ch.

The Game Changer<br />

W130/W160<br />

• Load capacity 14 kg / 18 kg<br />

• Drum capacity 130 l / 160 l<br />

• Spin speed 1,100 rpm<br />

• g factor 419<br />

• Residual moisture 48%<br />

• profiClean, wetClean, disinfection programmes<br />

• Laundry slide<br />

• With drain valve<br />

Product in<strong>for</strong>mation sheets available at <strong>Schulthess</strong>.ch.<br />

P 59

P 60<br />


The Game Changer<br />

proLine<br />

Washing records with hygiene guarantee<br />

The latest generation of our commercial and industrial appliances<br />

is fully adapted to your industry-specific needs and is<br />

state of the art. With the multilingual operation and the versatile<br />

profiClean programmes, professional cleaning is guaranteed.<br />

In addition, wetClean offers you an environmentally<br />

friendly way to wash delicate fabrics gently. And thanks to<br />

disinfection programmes, germs don’t stand a chance.<br />

Save time and cut costs<br />

Saving time while getting more done, cutting costs and<br />

protecting the environment at the same time has never<br />

been easier. With the fastest wash programmes currently<br />

available, you can do up to 500 more loads a year and save<br />

more than 10% electricity per wash. Thanks to the perfectly<br />

coordinated programmes of the proLine from <strong>Schulthess</strong>,<br />

you can now wash faster and more economically than ever<br />

be<strong>for</strong>e. And of course, the high-quality industrial appliances<br />

<strong>for</strong> professionals are as robust as ever and thus extremely<br />

durable <strong>–</strong> typical Swiss quality products.<br />

Hygienically clean laundry <strong>–</strong> black on white<br />

Our new hygiene monitoring function stores all the relevant<br />

hygiene data from every wash cycle: date, time, programme,<br />

target/actual comparison of water temperature, speed, water<br />

level in the appliance, liquid detergent pumps and heating.<br />

The data can be downloaded on USB and then visualised.<br />

P 61

P 62

Never lose<br />

laundry<br />

again<br />

The new laundry slide from <strong>Schulthess</strong><br />

When removing laundry, small and fine laundry items often<br />

fall into the narrow gap between the housing and the inner<br />

caustic tank. There they can get jammed or even disappear<br />

completely. The laundry slide from <strong>Schulthess</strong> provides<br />

the remedy: It bridges this gap and ensures convenient and<br />

problem-free laundry removal.<br />

P 63

The Game Changer<br />

D200 / D325 proLine dryer<br />

smartDry <strong>–</strong> a revolutionary way to save money and time<br />

The proLine dryer also keeps its promise in terms of quality.<br />

Thanks to its new axial-radial airflow, it enables extremely<br />

fast drying <strong>–</strong> in an average time of 25 minutes. Its precise<br />

and reliable residual moisture measurement also eliminates<br />

the need <strong>for</strong> additional drying, and the laundry can be folded<br />

immediately or passed on <strong>for</strong> mangling or ironing. Pretty<br />

smart, because that not only saves time but also cash.<br />

• Load capacity 11 kg / 18 kg<br />

• Drum capacity 200 l / 325 l<br />

• Precise residual moisture<br />

measurement<br />

• Robust construction <strong>for</strong><br />

high durability<br />

• Fast drying times<br />

• Low energy consumption<br />

• Quiet, ‹60 db(A)<br />

• Reversing drum<br />

• Fluff filter drawer<br />

• Internal heat recovery <strong>for</strong><br />

shorter drying times<br />

Product in<strong>for</strong>mation sheets available at <strong>Schulthess</strong>.ch.<br />

P 64

proLine<br />

P 65

P 66

The practical<br />

fluff filter<br />

Where there is a lot of drying, regular machine cleaning is also essential. With the<br />

Game Changer an easy job! Its fluff filter drawer can be removed ergonomically<br />

and conveniently from the front, and the degree of soiling is immediately visible.<br />

It is easy to clean it in just a few seconds and ready <strong>for</strong> use again. For machines<br />

in laundrettes, there is an optional lockable version with a lock right next to the<br />

handle.<br />

P 67

Payment systems

P 69

P 70<br />

Digital<br />

payment with<br />


washMaster <strong>–</strong> the new digital payment system<br />

With washMaster, you have the master plan <strong>for</strong> cashless payment in the laundry<br />

room. This means that the users’ machine use is simply billed digitally. Card charging<br />

via the janitor, time-consuming checking and accounting of washing services<br />

are no longer necessary. An overview of use is available at a glance at the touch of<br />

a button. Another convenience: With washMaster <strong>Professional</strong>+, users book their<br />

washing appointments digitally. The master plan <strong>for</strong> neighbourly cooperation.<br />

With card or small change <strong>–</strong> payment made easy<br />

Operating costs <strong>for</strong> laundry care in communal laundry rooms are apportioned in<br />

accordance with the user-pays principle <strong>–</strong> secure, fair, straight<strong>for</strong>ward. <strong>Schulthess</strong><br />

offers the right payment system <strong>for</strong> every need and makes laundry room billing<br />

transparent.<br />

Cash or with card? Two systems are available:<br />

Unique and transparent PrePaid system<br />

The <strong>Schulthess</strong> PrePaid Card can be loaded by the janitor conveniently with special<br />

PC software on the computer or directly at the machine. Its use is contactless and<br />

wireless using an RFID chip, which enables reliable data transmission without wear<br />

and tear (e.g. of the magnetic strip). This new system can be integrated into all<br />

topLine models on request or retrofitted as a wall-mounted card reader.<br />

Single or twin?<br />

For example, if you want to connect a washing machine plus a dryer, the twin card<br />

reader is recommended (can also be combined with a room air dryer).<br />

This is how it works:<br />

• Select programme<br />

• Read programme price on display<br />

• Insert the card into the slot<br />

• Programme costs are debited<br />

• Ready<br />

Proven coin system<br />

Easy to use and reliable in operation, the <strong>Schulthess</strong> coin-operated machine is<br />

also an option among the payment systems. This can be used to operate connected<br />

machines with coins and to read off the remaining washing and drying time on<br />

the display. Advantages <strong>for</strong> the janitor are the simple programming and emptying<br />

of the cash cassettes.<br />

P 71

07<br />

Laundry technology<br />

& accessories<br />

P 73

Smooth<br />

to the finish<br />

Clean, fresh and perfectly smoothed laundry is the calling card of any business.<br />

Finishing appliances from <strong>Schulthess</strong> impress with quality and an attractive price/<br />

per<strong>for</strong>mance ratio.<br />

Rotary ironing<br />

Robust, durable, powerful, fast, user-friendly and safe <strong>–</strong> flatwork and cylinder<br />

ironers from <strong>Schulthess</strong> are ideal <strong>for</strong> use in commerce and industry. The range<br />

includes units with roller lengths of 1 to 2.5 m and more, with a roller diameter of<br />

25 to 50 cm and more.<br />

Ironing<br />

With <strong>Schulthess</strong> ironing products, everything is guaranteed to run smoothly in<br />

professional laundries. Height-adjustable ironing boards <strong>for</strong> ergonomic work, ironers,<br />

steam generators and practical accessories ensure perfectly ironed laundry.<br />

Finishing<br />

The <strong>Schulthess</strong> finishing range includes powerful and energy-saving multi<strong>for</strong>rm<br />

finishers, trouser toppers, com<strong>for</strong>table and fast shirt finishers, powerful and quiet<br />

universal finishers, fast and optimally drying collar and cuff presses, powerful<br />

folding presses, steam generators with the highest safety standards and compressors<br />

<strong>for</strong> various consumers in the laundry. This makes finishing easy and the<br />

result is impressive.<br />

P 74

P 75

P 76

Gentle drying<br />

The drying cabinets dry clothes and other items with warm<br />

air. The steamed air is evacuated through a ventilation duct<br />

or condensed with heat pump technology. Clothes that<br />

should not be dried in the dryer (about 40 to 45% of all fabrics)<br />

can be dried in the drying cabinet. As the drying cabinet<br />

dries the clothes without mechanical action, the life of fabrics<br />

and clothes is extended.<br />

Application<br />

• Protective clothing<br />

• Delicate clothing<br />

• Workwear<br />

• Sportswear<br />

• Special items<br />

Working in an ergonomic, organised and efficient manner<br />

Every laundry needs the right additional equipment <strong>for</strong> rational<br />

and hygienic processes. <strong>Schulthess</strong> offers a wide<br />

range of aids and technical equipment <strong>for</strong> collecting, transporting,<br />

weighing, sorting, intermediate storage and warehousing.<br />

Hygiene, cleanliness and well-coordinated processes are vital<br />

in the healthcare and hotel industries. <strong>Schulthess</strong> offers<br />

aids and technical equipment <strong>for</strong> these essential processes.<br />

The range<br />

• Laundry collectors<br />

• Laundry bags<br />

• Light metal boxes<br />

• Spring base trolleys<br />

• Trolleys<br />

• Mesh roller containers<br />

• Floor and flatbed scales<br />

• Mobile trolleys<br />

• Tables and clothes racks<br />

• Shelf and cupboard trolleys<br />

P 77

Clothing dispensing<br />

Intelligent garment management that cuts costs. If this is also an issue <strong>for</strong> your<br />

company, then LCT-Textilligence is the optimal solution. We offer a wide range of<br />

products from Chiptex and Walk’n Closet.<br />

Workwear dispensing and management<br />

Insight and manageability are the watchwords at LCT-Textilligence when it comes<br />

to garment management, automated garment dispensing and pick-up. Solutions<br />

<strong>for</strong> providing hanging or folded garments, this on different RFID plat<strong>for</strong>ms, remain<br />

the standard. All LCT systems have these three features, among others:<br />

Hygiene<br />

All systems take the hygiene aspect into account. Depending on the system type,<br />

the workwear can be packaged and, if desired, provided with an expiry date. This<br />

guarantees a high level of hygiene.<br />

Cost savings<br />

LCT solutions efficiently match supply and demand. This leads to cost savings in<br />

fabrics and working hours.<br />

24/7<br />

Service availability, continuity and reliability: this is what these solutions stand <strong>for</strong>,<br />

which can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption.<br />

P 78

08<br />

<strong>Professional</strong> service<br />

P 81

service<br />

The all-round<br />

<strong>Professional</strong> service 24/7 *<br />

With the right maintenance at the right<br />

time, you not only extend the service<br />

life of your machine, but also ensure the<br />

reliable operation of your laundry. This is<br />

easy on your nerves, saves electricity<br />

and water and prevents unnecessary<br />

costs from cropping up. And if something<br />

should not run as usual, our promise<br />

applies: your machine will be repaired<br />

within 24 hours * .<br />

* This service is guaranteed by <strong>Schulthess</strong><br />

in Switzerland. Outside Switzerland, the<br />

service conditions of certified <strong>Schulthess</strong><br />

partners apply.<br />

P 82

P 83

P 84

Service at its best,<br />

professional<br />

and reliable<br />

Call centres <strong>–</strong> personal and straight<strong>for</strong>ward<br />

Our trained staff will help you with any faults, advise you<br />

personally and arrange any service appointments. Our call<br />

centres are distributed throughout Switzerland by language<br />

region so they are always close to you.<br />

Service technicians <strong>–</strong> punctual and professional<br />

As a manufacturer, we know our appliances best. Our fully<br />

trained service technicians will solve your problem <strong>–</strong> 92% of<br />

the time on the first visit.<br />

Service organisation <strong>–</strong> fast and high quality<br />

As we develop and produce our appliances in Switzerland,<br />

first-class quality is guaranteed without fail. In our central<br />

warehouse in Wolfhausen, we have easy access to the most<br />

important spare parts and can ensure fast delivery, even<br />

overnight.<br />

Troubleshooting <strong>–</strong> prompt and reliable<br />

Our more than 100 service technicians are on duty throughout<br />

Switzerland. In the event of faults, they will be quickly<br />

on site and rectify them within 24 hours. All this makes our<br />

customer service a proud award winner.<br />

Bespoke service contracts<br />

Maximum reliability and value retention of your machine at<br />

fixed calculable costs.<br />

Guaranteed safety<br />

Carrying out the electrical safety test according to VDE<br />

guidelines.<br />

Comprehensive advice<br />

Our service technicians will advise you on all aspects of our<br />

services as well as on environmentally and economically sensible<br />

modernisations.<br />

P 85

24-hour hotline Customer service<br />

0844 888 222<br />

Sales advice<br />

0844 880 880<br />

Headquarters<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Maschinen AG<br />

Alte Steinhauserstrasse 1<br />

6330 Cham<br />

+41 55 253 51 11<br />

Customer service branches<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Maschinen AG<br />

St.-Karli-Strasse 76, 6004 Lucerne<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Maschinen AG<br />

Elestastrasse 16, 7310 Bad Ragaz<br />

Production<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Produktion AG<br />

Landstrasse 37<br />

8633 Wolfhausen<br />

+41 55 253 51 11<br />

Service centre with showroom<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Produktion AG<br />

Landstrasse 37, 8633 Wolfhausen<br />

Austria<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Maschinen GmbH<br />

Hetzendorferstrasse 191, A-1130 Vienna<br />

United Kingdom<br />

Wolf Laundry<br />

Unit B8, Grove Park, Springvale Road,<br />

GB-S72 7BF Barnsley<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Maschinen AG<br />

Ey 5, 3063 Ittigen<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Maschinen SA<br />

Ch. de la Venoge 7, 1025 St-Sulpice<br />

<strong>Schulthess</strong> Maschinen SA<br />

Via Industria 1, 6814 Lamone

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