Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report




“When Reese was 8, she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, severe ADHD, and

Sensory Processing Disorder along with several food allergies. Life has always been a struggle

for her. After 2 years of therapy for Autism, we decided to take a break around the time

the COVID-19 closures happened. I was nervous about her going into lessons without autism

therapy happening, but I was blown away at how much the lessons have replaced the therapy.

Horseback riding has helped Reese in ways I could never have imagined. She is learning to

strengthen the leg muscles she has always had problems with. She is learning to listen to

instructions in an outdoor environment. She is learning to follow multiple instructions at a

time. She is learning to make split second decisions, which has always been one of her greatest

struggles. Now that she has completed a full session of riding lessons, she never wants to stop.”

Jamie Chandler, Reese’s mom


Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report

Our Mission

Southern Reins serves individuals with physical,

cognitive, and emotional disabilities and hardship by

providing equine-assisted activities and therapies to

empower, inspire, nurture and succeed.

Since our inception in 2015, we have

served 443 children and adults with

disabilities and hardship throughout

the Mid-South.

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report 3


About Southern Reins

Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy was founded in July

of 2015 to serve children and adults with disabilities and

hardship throughout the Mid-South. Located in the heart of

Memphis horse country, Southern Reins offers equine assisted

services throughout the year, and programming is provided six

days a week.

Southern Reins offers programming to individuals with

disabilities including Down syndrome, autism, multiple

sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, amputation,

mental and physical disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and


Participants range in age from 2 to 78, with no upper limit to

age. Southern Reins is committed to improving the quality of

life for people with disabilities through our programs that

provide access and inclusion, foster compassion and caring, and

encourage goal achievement and personal growth.

We offer adaptive horseback riding, Occupational Therapy

incorporating Hippotherapy, Making Strides Recreation

Therapy Program, Silver Stirrups Program, horsemanship and

barn lessons through our Unbridled Horsemanship Program,

equine-assisted psychotherapy and PATH Intl. Equine Services

for Heroes.

We offer sessions throughout the year and all activities are

conducted by PATH, Intl. certified riding instructors,

AHA certified therapists and mental health professionals.

Our program uses the talent of our staff, the time of our

dedicated volunteers, and the training of our therapy horses to

create a community of care for our participants.

Southern Reins subsidizes the cost for EVERY PARTICIPANT

in our program through fundraising income, grants, and

generous donations received from individuals, businesses, and

clubs and organizations.

Serving the Mid-South since 2015

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report 5


“We are very appreciative of the services and therapy offered by Southern Reins for our son.

Therapeutic riding greatly benefits Clark, and we see a major difference in his gait and balance

after riding. His self-esteem is amazing and he is very proud of his riding accomplishments.

Thank you for the opportunity Southern Reins provides for Clark.”

Cheryl and Tom Tompkins


Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report

Southern Reins is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization

EIN# 47-4647784

Participant Demographics

In 2020, we provided services to 88 participants

Representing 18 unique diagnoses, 66 individuals were enrolled in our adaptive horseback

riding program, and 22 participated in unmounted activities

Female 48%

Male 52%

Caucasian – 79%

African American– 13%

Asian– 7%

Hispanic– 1%

2-5 years – 3%

6-10 years – 25%

11-18 years – 34%

19-30 years – 22%

31-50 years – 6%

51-65 years – 6%

66+ years – 1%

Serving 18 municipalities throughout the Mid-South

Participants represented 6 counties, including Shelby, Fayette and Tipton counties in Tennessee,

and DeSoto, Marshall, and Tate counties in Mississippi

Memphis– 36%

Germantown – 16%

Collierville - 14%

Senatobia - 8%

Eads - 3%

Lakeland - 3%

Millington - 3%

Cordova - 2%

Hernando - 2%

Olive Branch - 2%

Arlington - 1%

Bartlett - 1%

Byhalia - 1%

Covington - 1%

Oakland - 1%

Rossville - 1%

Southaven - 1%

Walls - 1%

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report 7


Message from the Chairman

2020 was certainly a year that no one could have predicted.

At a time when resources and support for people with

disabilities were scarce, Southern Reins was one of the first to

reopen its doors when the shelter in place mandate was lifted.

Our team quickly pulled together to pivot our approach in the

services we offer to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our

participants, families, volunteers, and staff.

During a challenging year, we successfully offered 30 weeks of programming to serve the

Mid-South Community, and experienced historic growth in our adaptive horseback riding program.

The passion of our participants is what drives our mission EVERY DAY and it was a paramount initiative

for our organization to continue operating to provide a sense of normalcy and enjoyment in the midst of a

chaotic year. Working with horses can spark unparalleled change for people with special needs, and over the

past year, our participants experienced incredible breakthroughs toward independence, as well as improved

strength, balance, and cognitive function. At a time when being homebound was the ‘new normal’, our

participants were able to experience community and friendship, not just with their horses, but also with the

staff and volunteers who have become an extension of family to so many. This year, we were grateful to

provide unparalleled experiences where enthusiasm was kindled, friendships were made, and everyone was

safe to flourish in who they are in their abilities.

The achievements, inspiring moments, and lifelong relationships forged at the farm would not be possible

without the contributions of many. On behalf of our entire organization, we are grateful to be a part of such

a wonderful community that supports the work we do. Together, we are giving children and adults the

chance to discover their purpose and identity by helping them uncover their true potential.

As our journey continues, we look forward to every step and stride that makes a world of change

possible to help our participants achieve, aspire, and amaze.

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report 9

Our Commitment to Efficacy during a

Challenging Time

Plans for 2020 took a sharp turn when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, and programs like ours were

presented with unique challenges. Inspired by the tenacity of our participants, our team was able to

quickly pivot from our traditional services to a modified format so that we could continue to provide the

essential services our participants have grown to rely on.

With a focus on safely serving as many individuals as possible, programs were adapted to accommodate

each participant's needs to give them the opportunity to remain active, social, and connected. This

process resulted in a significant increase in our Adaptive Riding Program, rising from 22 riders in

January 2020 to 51 riders in September 2020.

With the support of the community, Southern Reins hosted a successful Jockeys & Juleps virtual event,

raising over $250,000 to ensure the sustainability of the organization that simultaneously enabled our

program to flourish and grow in the coming year.

Throughout the year our generous donors and friends continued to provide their support, and our

dedicated team of volunteers continued to serve. As we continue to persevere during this challenging

time, we are grateful to all who have stood by us so we can continue to change lives . . . one ride at a time.


Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report

We served 88 participants

and delivered


individual and group

lessons to children and

adults with disabilities

in our community

In 2019 and 2020, our

horses contributed


hours of service to

improve the quality of

life for the participants

we serve


by the numbers

Throughout the

pandemic, we offered


weeks of programming

to provide essential

services to

individuals with 18

different diagnoses

259 active volunteers




service hours as

sidewalkers and horse

leaders, barn and

equine care, and

landscaping projects

Over the past five years,

we have trained



volunteers to provide

support for our

participants, facility,

fundraising and special

events, and more

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report 11




Cash and Cash Equivalents

Accounts Receivable

Unconditional Promises to Give, Net

Prepaid Expenses

Property and Equipment, Net






Total Assets 2,467,732



Accounts Payable and Accrued Expense

Deferred Revenue

Paycheck Protection Program Loan

Total Liabilities

Net Assets

Without Donor Restrictions

With Donor Restrictions

Total Net Assets








Total Liabilities Net Assets 2,467,732


Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report




Special Events

Capital Campaign


In-Kind Contributions

Program Service Revenue, Net


Interest Income








Total Revenue 599,843


Program Services

Management and General


Total Expense





Change in Net Assets

Net Assets - Beginning of Year



Net Assets - End of Year 2,397,053

Total Liabilities Net Assets 2,126,086

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report 13

Our Vision

To provide transformative experiences through equine assisted activities and

therapies to serve the growing needs of the Mid-South community.


Vice Chairman



Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Courtney Smith

Kim Jordan

Lee Alexander

Charles Burkett

Cliff Hunt

Kevin Kimery

Lance Moll

Jill Haag

Valerie Calhoun, FOX-13

Miranda Harbor, FedEx Freight

Bruce Hopkins, First Horizon Bank

Brett Hughes, Harris Shelton

Whit Marbut, AutoZone

Gary Lynch, Lynch Ranch

Bridget Trenary

Bill Williams, Allen Electric

Kakki Wright, Full Circle Equine Services


Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report


Executive Director

Program Director

Volunteer & Program Coordinator

Communications Assistant



Community Liaison

Barn Staff

Barn Staff

Barn Staff

Barn Staff

Barn Staff

Jill Haag

Sara Zurenko

Kendall Christian

Diane Kirksey

Mariah Johnson

Amanda Cobb

Ginna Rauls

Katharine Allen

Alicia Lartigue

Terry Lemmon

Carrie Ross

Elena Smith

Volunteer Impact

Southern Reins volunteers are the foundation of

our programs, aiding instructors and therapists to

promote growth and celebrate success in the saddle

for every participant.

Over the past 5 years we have trained hundreds of

volunteers who contribute their time as sidewalkers

and horse leaders, helping hands with barn and

equine care, and talents for our special events.

Since our inception, volunteers have

contributed 38,705 hours of service valued

at $1.1M to help us deliver life-changing

experiences for children and adults with

disabilities in the Mid-South.


for your service to our community

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report 15


“Due to the pandemic, Elizabeth had very little contact with anyone outside of our house,

except for her doctor and therapist visits. Since they started back with lessons, Elizabeth has

had something to look forward to each week. That is why Southern Reins has meant so much

this year. She is a very social little girl, so the isolation really affected her. She is just so happy to

be talking to people other than her family.


The pandemic has been really hard on children, and especially special needs kids because they

don’t understand why they can’t leave the house, and why there is a break in the typical daily

routine. Being able to participate in adaptive riding lessons has brought back a small piece of

normalcy for Elizabeth, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you Southern Reins for

giving my baby a reason to be excited during such a difficult time.”

Neely Draughon, Elizabeth’s mom

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report


Southern Reins is honored to have the generous support of


donors in 2020 who contributed


to foster life-changing experiences for people with

disabilities through the healing power of horses.

In Gratitude, we are proud to recognize our 2020 contributors:



Bryan and Kim Jordan

First Horizon Advisors

$10,000 - $24,999



Carol and Charlie Kronquist

Charles and Judy Burkett

Dr. and Mrs. John Whittemore

and Mrs. Julie Bondurant Mills

Lee and Margaret Alexander

Lexus of Memphis

Pattie Hearn

Stefan and Barbara Smith

$5,000 - $9,999

Baptist Memorial Health Care

Donna and Mike Glenn

Grinder Taber Grinder

International Paper

Jean and Charlie Tuggle

John and Debbie Bryce

Kimery Wealth Management

Leonard H. Armistead III

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jubbard



Stephen P. Bratkowski Memorial Foundation

Scott and Susan Plunkett

Susan and Jared Patterson

Youth Villages

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report

$1,000 - $4,999

Allen Electric

Barbara and Lewis Williamson

Bill and Amy Rhodes

Brian McBride

Bridget Trenary

Cargill Animal Nutrition

Carolyn and Kent Brown

Carrie and Mark Temme

Christina and Richard Roberts

Cliff and Louise Hunt

Clifton and Debbie Phillips Fund

Collier Insurance

Collierville Community Fund

Daniel Bishop

Darrell and Jodi Kirksey

Deborah Dunklin Tipton

Don and Marcia White

Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn Israel

Dr. Steve and Brister Shum

EQUUS Foundation

First Horizon Foundation

Full Circle Equine Services

Galler Foods, Inc.

Gill Properties

Ginna and Jason Rauls

Haygood Realty

Heather and Alan Durham

Hollywood Feed

James and Margaret Lackie

Kim Coppess

Lance and Nancy Moll

$1,000 - $4,999 cont.

Leigh Rhea Frazier

Linda Adams

Linda Conlee

Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance

Lu and Wayne Burkett

Marsha Cayce

Max and Sally Shelton

Melanie Smith Taylor

Mercy for Memphis

Michael and Leslie Bisignano

Mid-South Endodontics

Nancy Bauman

Nancy Kirksey

North Berkeley Imports

Off the Square Catering

Rachel McKinley

Rhea and Ed Crenshaw

RKA Construction

Robert Coleman Family Fund

Solutions Medical Center

Tammye and Mark Christian

The Addison Family

The Downs Family

The Live Love Memphis Group

Tim and Carrie Sellers

Watkins Uiberall

Wendy Shea

Will and Angie Deupree

$500 - $999

Bill and Katherine Kaelin

Camille McNeill

Courtney and Bryan Smith

Elmer Sidney Miller Fund

Goddard Foundation

Jenny and Wilbert Bynum

Joel and Avery Kaserman

Julie and JN Raines Family Fund

Julie Issacson

Michael Wilder

Mike and Elizabeth Neel

Miller Cowan

Natalie Joyner

Orrion Farms

Robert McDill

Ryan Burkett

Sally and Bobby Alston

Sharon Farris

Stachia and Brett Cutchin

Sunde Smith

Terri Harris

Terry Lemmon

Whit Marbut


“I love horse lessons.

I like to walk the horse and ride it, and I like to

jog the horse the best. When I ride the horse

it makes me feel comfortable and free.

I love my time with the horse

because it makes me happy.”

Southern Reins 2020 Annual Report 19

916 Billy Bryant Road

Collierville TN 38017


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