ACTive Voice issue 3 2021

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Back Page Bloopers

From The Guardian (UK)’s regular corrections and clarifications column.

• Malapropism corner: “With the prime minister and his cabinet publicly flaunting their own guidance, it is

perhaps little wonder mask wearing has dropped significantly” (No masks and no plan: a perilous winter

awaits, 19 September 2021, page 40) https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/sep/26/for-the-record.

[It would have been much better if they had been flaunting the guidance, rather than flouting it! -Ed]

• Homophone corner: “He then had a dozen oysters and a draft Guinness, followed by some Sachertorte”

(Why Len Deighton is set to thrill a new generation, 2 May 2021, page 42)


[Sounds like it was a very sketchy meal! -Ed]

• An analysis piece (“Agreement to tax Google, Facebook is historic. Will Brexit Britain stay onside?”,

6 June 2021) said Joe Biden had “a headwind of support for higher taxes on corporations and the super-rich

to pay for his recovery programmes”. The intended word was “tailwind”


[It’s all a matter of perspective – perhaps it looks like a headwind from the direction of the super-rich? -Ed]

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