Ascot Ladies v Chichester and Selsey Ladies 141121

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A S C O T U N I T E D L A D I E S F C<br />

#WeAre<strong>Ascot</strong><br />

sarah DAVERN<br />



Sun 14 Nov 2021<br />

Vitality Women's FA Cup First Round<br />

Matchday<br />

Programme<br />

Season<br />


twitter.com/<strong>Ascot</strong><strong>Ladies</strong>FC<br />

www.ascotunited.net<br />

T H E Y E L L A W O M E N<br />

Yellow <strong>and</strong> Blue<br />

T H E G R E E N A R M Y<br />

Green <strong>and</strong> White<br />

Lisa Phillips (GK)<br />

Lauren Townsend<br />

Beth Roche<br />

Alix Todd<br />

Kelly Rideout<br />

Izzy Woods<br />

Katie Vince<br />

Jen Thraves<br />

Sarah Leonard<br />

Nicole Brown<br />

Sarah Davern<br />

Georgia Luckhurst-McCord<br />

Hayley Cruickshanks<br />

Emma Hutton<br />

Frankie Henderson<br />

Georgia Bowers<br />

Laura Spark<br />

Katrina Webb<br />

Maddie Robertson<br />

Hannah Swallow<br />

Maddie Woods<br />

Freya Johnson<br />

Claire Couzens<br />

Amy Woollard<br />

Isobelle Foster (GK)<br />

Sharna Watson<br />

Lauren Clark<br />

Megan Fox<br />

Philippa Holden<br />

Amber Howden<br />

Nicky Lake<br />

Sophie Phelps<br />

Gemma Simmonds<br />

Gemma Staple<br />

Natasha Wild<br />

Emma Alex<strong>and</strong>re<br />

Charlie Davey<br />

Laura da Silva<br />

Ariana Fleischman<br />

Sienna Howell<br />

Jane Yeates<br />

Sarah Saunders<br />

Rebecca Bell<br />

Sadie Blakely<br />

Darrel Evans<br />

Jamie Ashdown<br />

Ian<br />

Bath<br />

Alix Todd<br />

Ellie Bennett<br />

Manager<br />

GK Coach<br />

Coach<br />

Coach<br />

Coach<br />

Therapist<br />

Match Officials<br />

Stephen<br />

Saunders<br />

Sadie Blakely<br />

Emma Alex<strong>and</strong>re<br />

Laura Galway<br />

Hannah Humphries<br />

TBC<br />

Last Match:<br />

Oxford City <strong>Ladies</strong><br />

H<br />

Sun 24 Oct<br />

4-0<br />

FAC 3Q<br />

Next Match: Chesham United A Sun 21 Nov<br />

Berks/Bucks Cup



with Simon Negus<br />

Racecourse Ground, Winkfield Road, <strong>Ascot</strong>, SL5 7LJ<br />

Chairman: Simon Negus<br />

Club Secretary: Dan Birchmore<br />

Director of Football: Neil Richards<br />

1st Team Manager: Jamie Tompkins<br />

Assistant manager: Dan Masters<br />

Coaches: Bjorn Dunkley, Steve Quelch<br />

Goalkeeping Coach: Jamie Ashdown<br />

Allied U18 Manager: Josh Nice<br />

Therapist: Chad Smith<br />

Sports Psychology: Izzy Woods<br />

Racecourse Facilities Manager: Jo Gavin<br />

Administration Manager: Emma Paton<br />

Clubhouse Catering: Lisa Richards<br />

Reporting, Comms <strong>and</strong> Programme: Neal Jeffs<br />

Directors:<br />

Doug Page<br />

Mark Cooper<br />

Rob Jones<br />

Zoe Reilly<br />

Phil Wray<br />

<strong>Ascot</strong> United Football Club Limited. Registered in<br />

Engl<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> Wales. Registration No. 6883550<br />

Registered Office: Ternion Court, 264-268 Upper Fourth<br />

Street, Central Milton Keynes MK9 1DP.<br />

Affiliated to the Berks & Bucks F.A. No. Q-B&B0165<br />

Welcome to The Racecourse ground for today’s FA Cup<br />

First Round fixture <strong>and</strong> a special welcome to our visitors<br />

<strong>Chichester</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Selsey</strong> <strong>Ladies</strong>.<br />

I’m delighted that we are doing this programme for today’s<br />

game, <strong>and</strong> I’d like to thank Neal Jeffs for his time <strong>and</strong> effort<br />

to pull it together - as a club we are really proud of our<br />

<strong>Ladies</strong> <strong>and</strong> Girls section, <strong>and</strong> it’s great they are now<br />

starting to get the recognition they deserve.<br />

The journey for girls at <strong>Ascot</strong> Utd starts with the Wildcats -<br />

this is a FA supported initiative to get younger girls into<br />

the game from 5 years old, <strong>and</strong> we have a big <strong>and</strong> growing<br />

Wildcats community playing on the 3G every Wednesday.<br />

They can then progress into the teams who play<br />

competitive fixtures, <strong>and</strong> our girls section now has over 15<br />

teams operating from U10 to U16. It was great to see some<br />

of our talented U16’s recently sign for professional clubs<br />

Reading <strong>and</strong> Arsenal, so the pathway into professional<br />

football is established. But the girls section isn’t just<br />

about the elite players - under our Head of Girls Football,<br />

Carol Checkley, the ethos is very much about<br />

opportunities for all <strong>and</strong> a focus on increasing<br />

participation.<br />

It’s fair to say that our senior section is the strongest it<br />

has ever been. The Reserves Team are now unbeaten in<br />

nearly 20 games, <strong>and</strong> manager John Swallow is working<br />

closely with the First Team to ensure there is competition<br />

for places for those in the First Team. As is often the case,<br />

the success of the First Team over the past couple of<br />

years has brought new players into the club to further<br />

strengthen the squad… manager Darrel Evans (the<br />

legend!) <strong>and</strong> player/coach Alix Todd have a fantastic spirit<br />

amongst the players, <strong>and</strong> the results are certainly there<br />

for everyone to see including this fantastic Cup run. They<br />

certainly make themselves heard in the bar, <strong>and</strong> are now<br />

very much part of the club <strong>and</strong> the “one club” approach we<br />

are trying to build.<br />

Hope you all enjoy the game today…<br />



Welcome to the players, officials<br />

<strong>and</strong> supporters of <strong>Chichester</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Selsey</strong> <strong>Ladies</strong>. Enjoy the game!<br />

Darrel Evans<br />

First Team Manager<br />

Hello <strong>and</strong> welcome to <strong>Chichester</strong> & <strong>Selsey</strong> players, staff, club committee <strong>and</strong> all supporters in<br />

attendance for this afternoon’s Vitality Women’s FA Cup 1st Round Fixture.<br />

It’s two firsts today for the Yellawomen, the <strong>Ladies</strong> have been competing in the Women’s FA Cup since<br />

season 2012-13 <strong>and</strong> there have been many highs <strong>and</strong> lows in the preliminary Rounds but today is the<br />

first time we have reached the 1st Round Proper of the Women’s FA Cup <strong>and</strong> it’s also the first time we<br />

have faced a FA Women’s National Premier League team.<br />

Recent form has been good for the <strong>Ladies</strong> but our last 2 League fixtures have been postponed due to<br />

both our opponents having Covid <strong>and</strong> self-isolation issues. Today will be our first game since the<br />

previous round’s 4-0 win at the Racecourse on the 24th October so preparation for the game has been<br />

fully on the training ground.<br />

We have limited information on our opponents today, so we have been focusing our attention inwards<br />

<strong>and</strong> growing on what we have achieved to date on <strong>and</strong> off the pitch as a team. We know there are<br />

plenty of areas in which we can improve but we take pride in the progress we have made thus far, in<br />

what is a relatively short period of time. Whatever happens today - win lose or draw - we will take this<br />

as part of our learning against one of the top 50 <strong>Ladies</strong>’ teams in the country.<br />

In terms of squad news we have had to deal with quite a few injuries already this season <strong>and</strong><br />

unfortunately Maddie Woods who has been in excellent form this will miss the game through injury,<br />

but on a more positive note apart from Mads we have a clean bill of health with everyone back in<br />

training vying to make the starting 11.<br />

Thank you to our Sponsors, club officials <strong>and</strong> volunteers for all the fantastic work <strong>and</strong> ongoing support<br />

towards our <strong>Ladies</strong> team <strong>and</strong> football Club.<br />

Back to today <strong>and</strong> I hope everyone enjoys the game <strong>and</strong> gets right behind the Yellawomen; we will<br />

need that 12th player today against a very talented <strong>Chichester</strong> & <strong>Selsey</strong> team <strong>and</strong> I know the team will<br />

be giving their all to reach the 2nd Round.<br />

Enjoy the Game! Darrel

W E L C O M E T O T H E G R E E N A R M Y<br />

W E L C O M E T O T H E G R E E N A R M Y<br />

ON COURSE!<br />

With Programme Editor Neal Jeffs<br />

Welcome to the players, officials <strong>and</strong><br />

supporters of <strong>Chichester</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Selsey</strong><br />

<strong>Ladies</strong> for this Vitality Women's FA Cup<br />

match.<br />

Happy<br />

reading, <strong>and</strong><br />

enjoy the<br />

game! Neal<br />

A warm welcome to The Racecourse for what is a historic day for our <strong>Ladies</strong>’ team,<br />

making their first ever appearance in the First round proper of the Women’s FA Cup.<br />

Our visitors today are two levels higher in the football pyramid which is a huge gap in<br />

the Women’s game, so it will take a monumental effort from our ladies to cause an<br />

upset – but this is the FA Cup after all! Last season, Southampton from step 4 won at<br />

Lewes from step 2, so it is possible… Anyway, it will be interesting to see what a few<br />

weeks off has done for the team. After beating Oxford three weeks ago we saw<br />

Winchester <strong>and</strong> Wycombe both pull out of the last 2 Sundays’ league matches, so<br />

Darrel’s side with either be very rested or very rusty! I know he was still hoping for a<br />

10v10 training session last Sunday in lieu of a match, but there’s no substitute for a<br />

competitive game. Our visitors today have had a difficult season in the FA Women’s<br />

National League South, but they come into this match off the back of a moraleboosting<br />

3-1 league cup win over Plymouth Argyle last weekend which was their first<br />

win in five games since a previous league cup win –<br />

Worth another watch! Click the<br />

image to the right to watch Sarah<br />

Davern's fine goal which wrapped<br />

up <strong>Ascot</strong>'s 4-0 win in the previous<br />

round (opens via Twitter).<br />

- although they have struggled to score goals in the league with just six goals scored<br />

in ten league games. As for <strong>Ascot</strong>, the postponements <strong>and</strong> blank Sundays mean the<br />

Yellawomen have played just six matches since the season started in early<br />

September, <strong>and</strong> after losing that opening game at Abingdon United they remain<br />

undefeated. What has struck me in the games against Moneyfields <strong>and</strong> Oxford City is<br />

just how far the team have come. they are now more organised, the players mop up<br />

<strong>and</strong> cover for each other, <strong>and</strong> we have a bit of pace up front which is hugely important<br />

at this level. It will be interesting to see how our defence cope with the pace <strong>and</strong><br />

fitness a National league side will bring. My only hope is we do ourselves justice <strong>and</strong><br />

enjoy the occasion. Over to the two teams now! Enjoy the game. Neal





Southern Region Womens Football League Premier Division (Tier 5 of Women's Football Pyramid)<br />

National League Premier Division South (Tier 3 of Women's Football Pyramid)


Sponsor a Yellaman! Contact Neil Richards at neil.richards@ascotunited.co.uk.


Below are <strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong>' appearances<br />

<strong>and</strong> goals statistics since joining the Southern<br />

Region Women's Football League in 2013/14<br />


GOALS<br />

Top 20 (current players in red ) All-time (current players in red )<br />

1. Hannah Evans 137 1. Hannah Evans 53<br />

2. Lauren Broadhurst 136 2. Lucy Holzman-Clarke 52<br />

3. Lucie Kroutilova 108 3. Amy Woollard 26<br />

4. Steph Fettes 103 4. Georgia Bowers 19<br />

5. Claire Hudson 87 5. Lauren Broadhurst 17<br />

6. Niomi Collins 85 6. Nicole Brown 17<br />

7. Lisa Phillips 70 7. Jodie Webb 12<br />

8. Lucy Holzman-Clarke 69 8. Darcey Young 11<br />

9. Sarah Davern 62 9. Olivia Hazell 10<br />

10. Georgia Bowers 60 10. Sarah Leonard 9<br />

11. Alix Todd 58 11. Lucie Kroutilova 9<br />

12. Laura Rowley 55 12. Steph Fettes 8<br />

13. Livvie Hazell 53 13. Alice Hyde 8<br />

14. Amy Woollard 47 14. Alix Todd 7<br />

15. Jen Thraves 46 15. Freya Johnson 7<br />

16. Katie Vince 43 16. Sarah Davern 6<br />

17. Harriet Fry 43 17. Emma Hutton 6<br />

18. Nicole Brown 40 18. Jen Thraves 5<br />

19. Darcey Young 40 19. Cecillia Gonzalez 5<br />

20. Alice Hyde 37 20. Katie Vince 5<br />

21. Kelly Rideout 5<br />

Others: 22. Thea Taylor-Hindle 4<br />

Laura Spark 33 23. Dom Carrington 3<br />

Kelly Rideout 31 24. Annie Ackroyd 3<br />

Emma Hutton 31 25. Niomi Collins 3<br />

Freya Johnson 30 26. Lauren Townsend 3<br />

Lauren Townsend 29 27. Alex Franken 3<br />

Courtney Gibbons 25 28. Mia McCreesh 3<br />

Izzy Woods 16 29. Emma Wallace 3<br />

Georgia Luckhurst-McCord 12 30. Georgia Luckhurst-McCord 2<br />

Frankie Henderson 7 31. Tracey Ellis 2<br />

Sarah Leonard 5 32. Lauren Futcher 2<br />

Lily Last 4 33. Sian Miller 2<br />

Maddie Woods 4 34. Laura Rowley 2<br />

Beth Roche 3 35. Gloria Bitria 1<br />

Lou Pullen 3 36. Kate Brown 1<br />

Carol Checkley 2 37. Charlotte Crook 1<br />

Hannah Swallow 2 38. Nicole Edwards 1<br />

Claire Couzens 2 39. Courtney Gibbons 1<br />

Maddie Robertson 1 40. Dominic Gilbert 1<br />

Hayleigh Cruickshanks 1 41. Chloe Hazell 1<br />

Kat Webb 1 42. Simone Martin 1<br />

Club legend! Hannah Evans, pictured top<br />

right, holds the records for the most<br />

appearances <strong>and</strong> most goals.<br />

43. Viv Moore 1<br />

44. Natalie Morey 1<br />

45. Jess Perkins 1<br />

46. Lauren Sherman 1<br />

47. Hayley Cruickshanks 1


Below is the <strong>Ascot</strong> United Players' Hall of Fame since the team<br />

joined the Southern Women's Football League in 2013/14.<br />

2013/14 Season 2017/18 season<br />

Southern Region WFL Division One<br />

Southern Region Premier Division<br />

(Berks & Bucks Women's County Trophy Winners)<br />

Players Player – Lisa Phillips<br />

Players Player - Niomi Collins<br />

Managers Player – Georgia Bowers<br />

Manager Player - Alice Hyde<br />

Golden Boot – Lucy Holzman-Clarke<br />

Golden Boot - Hannah Evans (13 goals)<br />

(11 goals team SRWFL Premier Division record)<br />

2014/15 Season 2018/19 Season<br />

Southern Region WFL Division One<br />

Southern Region Premier Division<br />

Players Player - Lucie Kroutilova<br />

Managers Player - Claire Hudson<br />

Golden Boot - Olivia Hazell (7 goals)<br />

Players Player – Lisa Phillips<br />

Managers Player – Darcey Young<br />

Golden Boot – Hannah Evans (7 Goals)<br />

2015/16 Season 2019/20 Season<br />

Southern Region WFL Division One<br />

Southern Region Premier Division<br />

Players Player - Lucie Kroutilova<br />

Managers Player - Lauren Broadhurst<br />

Golden Boot - Lucy Holzman-Clarke (16 goals)<br />

2016/17 Season<br />

Southern Region WFL Division One<br />

(Promoted as Runners Up)<br />

Players Player - Emma Hutton<br />

Managers Player - Jen Thraves<br />

Golden Boot - Hannah Evans (7 Goals)<br />

Steve Young Award - Darcey Young<br />

2020/21 season<br />

Southern Region Premier Division<br />

Players Player – Amy Woollard<br />

Players Player - Laura Spark<br />

Managers Player – Hannah Evans<br />

Managers Player - Kelly Rideout<br />

Golden Boot – Amy Woollard<br />

Golden Boot - Nicole Brown (5 Goals)<br />

(18 goals Team SRWFL Div 1 record) Steve Young Award - Georgia Luckhurst-McCord<br />

Current holders (clockwise from<br />

top left): Laura Spark, Kelly<br />

Rideout, Georgia Luckhurst-<br />

McCord <strong>and</strong> Nicole Brown.


1 Farsley Celtic (5) v Mossley Hill (5)<br />

2 Huddersfield Town (3) v Sir Tom Finney FC (6)<br />

3 Hartlepool United (5) v Leeds United (4)<br />

4 Cheadle Town Stingers (5) v Bradford City (4)<br />

5 Barnsley (4) v Alnwick Town (4)<br />

6 Blackburn Comm. SC (6) v Hull City (3)<br />

7 Wakefield Trinity (5) v AFC Fylde (3)<br />

8 Chorley (4) v Middlesbrough (3)<br />

9 Liverpool Feds (4) v Fleetwood Town Wrens (5)<br />

10 F.C. United of M'chester (4) v Brighouse Town (3)<br />

11 South Shields (5) v Norton & Stockton Ancients (4)<br />

12 Burnley (3) v Durham Cestria (4)<br />

13 Newcastle United (4) v Harrogate Town (5)<br />

14 Northampton Town (5) v Bedworth United (4)<br />

15 Long Eaton United (4) v Peterborough United (4)<br />

16 Crewe Alex<strong>and</strong>ra (5) v West Bromwich Albion (3)<br />

17 Shifnal Town (6) v Lincoln United (5)<br />

18 Sporting Khalsa (4) v Wolverhampton W<strong>and</strong>erers (3)<br />

19 AFC Telford United (6) v Leafield Athletic (4)<br />

20 Solihull Moors (4) v Loughborough Lightning (3)<br />

21 Shrewsbury Town (6) v Lye Town (5)<br />

22 Stoke City (3) v Doncaster Rovers Belles (4)<br />

23 Nottingham Forest (3) v Lichfield City (5)<br />

24 Netherton United (6) v Knowle (6)<br />

25 Sheffield F.C. (3) v Sutton Coldfield Town (5)<br />

26 Burton Albion (4) v Lincoln City (4)<br />

27 Derby County (3) v Stourbridge (5)<br />

28 Milton Keynes Dons (3) v Ipswich Town (3)<br />

29 Chesham United (4) v Cambridge United (4)<br />

30 Billericay Town (4) v Luton Town (5)<br />

31 Herts Vipers (6) v Stevenage (4)<br />

32 Wymondham Town (5) v Norwich City (4)<br />

33 Hashtag United (4) v Southend United Community SC (7)<br />

34 London Seaward (4) v Cambridge City (4)<br />

35 Clapton Community (6) v Bedford (5)<br />

36 Herne Bay (6) v Actonians (4)<br />

37 Fulham (5) v Oxford United (3)<br />

38 Queens Park Rangers (4) v Bromley (7)<br />

39 Worthing (5) v Hounslow (3)<br />

40 Portsmouth (3) v Dorking W<strong>and</strong>erers (6)<br />

41 Crawley Wasps (3) v London Bees (3)<br />

42 Millwall Lionesses (5) v AFC Wimbledon (4)<br />

43 <strong>Ascot</strong> United (5) v <strong>Chichester</strong> & <strong>Selsey</strong> (3)<br />

44 Steyning Town Comm. (7) v Kent Football United (4)<br />

45 Abingdon United (5) v Southampton Women's (4)<br />

46 Abingdon Town (5) v Gillingham (3)<br />

47 Sutton United (6) v Ashford Town (Middx) (5)<br />

48 Cheltenham Town (4) v Liskeard Athletic (6)<br />

49 New Milton Town (6) v Bridgwater United (3)<br />

50 AFC St Austell (5) v Torquay United (5)<br />

51 Ilminster Town (5) v Sherborne Town (5)<br />

52 Bournemouth Sports (6) v AFC Bournemouth (4)<br />

53 Southampton F.C. (3) v Swindon Town (4)<br />

54 AFC Stoneham (6) v Eastleigh In The Community (5)<br />

55 Keynsham Town (3) v Plymouth Argyle (3)<br />

56 Exeter City (4) v Cardiff City <strong>Ladies</strong> (3)<br />

There are 56 ties<br />

today featuring<br />

112 teams. These<br />

are the 85<br />

winning teams<br />

from the 3rd<br />

qualifying round<br />

joining the 27<br />

teams from the<br />

3rd-tier FA<br />

Women's National<br />

League Premier<br />

Division. The<br />

teams' levels on<br />

the football<br />

pyramid is shown<br />

in brackets.<br />

Southern<br />

Regional<br />

Women's Football<br />

League teams are<br />

in red (AFC<br />

Stoneham play in<br />

Division 1) .



A selection of photos from the 4-0 win over Oxford City in the<br />

previous round.<br />

Clockwise from top left: Alix Todd brings the ball forwards, Hayley<br />

Cruickshanks scores a fine third goal, Nicole Brown flicks home<br />

number two with the outside of her right foot, Katie Vince gets a<br />

challenge in, Sarah Leonard is tackled as she unleashes a shot,<br />

Nicole Brown's penalty hits the crossbar with the score at 1-0.


More photos from the 4-0 win over Oxford City in the previous<br />

round.<br />

Clockwise from top left: Izzy Woods makes tracks down the<br />

left wing, Jen Thraves in possession in midfield, celebrations<br />

for Kelly Rideout's opening goal, Sarah Davern cracks home<br />

number four, Lauren Townsend on the right wing, Kelly<br />

Rideout in determined mood.



Yellawomen make history with 4-0 win<br />

Sunday 24th October 2021 - Vitality Women's FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round -<br />

<strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong> 4 - 0 Oxford City <strong>Ladies</strong><br />

<strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong> advanced to the Vitality Women’s FA Cup First Round for the first time in their history with an<br />

ultimately comfortable win over Oxford City <strong>Ladies</strong> on Sunday afternoon. After establishing a slender half-time<br />

lead, <strong>Ascot</strong> resisted early second half pressure from the visitors, before Sarah Davern scored an injury-time<br />

stunner to cap a memorable afternoon for Darrel Evans’ side<br />

After an even opening quarter of an hour, <strong>Ascot</strong> broke the deadlock in the 16th minute. Davern did well to win a<br />

corner, <strong>and</strong> from her resultant delivery Kelly Rideout got enough on a header to beat Iona Ffrench-Adam in the<br />

visitors’ goal. But the visitors might have drawn level had it not been for Lisa Phillips, who made a brace of good<br />

saves to thwart City’s Christina Hadjiyianni. First, she was at full stretch to deny the lively forward when clean<br />

through, before producing another save to claw away the same player’s volley.<br />

<strong>Ascot</strong> came close to extending their lead in the 24th minute in a heart-stopping moment for City defender Georgia<br />

Slater. After Nicole Brown had raced onto Sarah Leonard’s pass <strong>and</strong> seen her shot well-saved by Ffrench-Adam, the<br />

ball cannoned back off Brown’s head <strong>and</strong> bounced towards the centre of the goal only for Slater to produce a<br />

clumsy but effective goal-line clearance. After a scrappy spell for both sides, the hosts’ Izzy Woods tried her luck<br />

from distance two minutes before the break, but Ffrench-Adam was well placed to pluck the effort out of the air.<br />

After the interval, City’s best player – Ellie White – tracked back superbly to deny Leonard who looked odds-on to<br />

score, before seeing her own direct free kick sail over at the other end. Nicole Brown then won a penalty for the<br />

hosts only to see her own effort cannon back off the bar, although it was only a minute later when she clipped<br />

home with the outside of her right foot after good work from Alix Todd <strong>and</strong> Leonard in the build-up.<br />

Slater’s brilliant challenge for Oxford would deny Leonard again before White threatened again at the other end<br />

only to elect to take her shot early when clean through, allowing Phillips the chance to make an easy save.<br />

But Evans’ tactical change after 73 minutes would ultimately seal the victory. Replacing Leonard with Hayley<br />

Cruikshanks looked a bold move, but eight minutes later her brilliant first touch from Brown’s cross bamboozled<br />

her marker, before she coolly slotted into the bottom left to make it 3-0.<br />

Incredibly, that goal came with <strong>Ascot</strong> down to ten following Woods’ exit with cramp – Emma Hutton would later<br />

replace her – before fellow substitute Georgia Luckhurst-McCord came close to converting Davern’s wicked leftwing<br />

corner. But after Phillips had made a late save <strong>and</strong> then watched Kim Slessor volley over from the resultant<br />

corner, the stage was set for Davern’s late masterpiece. Driving forwards, she ploughed through one tackle, got<br />

her head down <strong>and</strong> then unleashed an unstoppable long range thunderbolt into the top left h<strong>and</strong> corner with the<br />

last kick of the game.<br />

<strong>Ascot</strong> United: Phillips, Townsend, Roche, Todd, Rideout, Woods (Hutton), Vince (Luckhurst-McCord), Thraves,<br />

Leonard (Cruikshanks), Brown, Davern. Sub unused: Henderson


A selection of photos from our visitors' last match - a 3-1 league cup win over Plymouth<br />

Argyle at their <strong>Selsey</strong> FC home ground last weekend (credit Sheena Booker -<br />

@girltinyshooter). <strong>Chichester</strong> wear green/white, Plymouth wear green/black.


<strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong> play in the Southern Region Women's’ Football League – the highest level at<br />

which they have competed. The <strong>Ladies</strong>’ section starts down at the junior level with a host of teams –<br />

beginning with mixed teams at U7 - rising through girls’ sides from U10 up to a senior Development<br />

(reserve) side playing in the Thames Valley League. The junior sides operate on Saturdays or<br />

Sundays, with the Seniors (First <strong>and</strong> Development) playing on Sunday afternoon. The first team are<br />

managed by Darrel Evans <strong>and</strong> coached by Alix Todd. The reserve team is managed by John Swallow.<br />

Find out more on our website. Sponsorship packages now available - ask a member of the committee!<br />

Below: <strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong> Reserves, who are enjoying a fantastic run<br />

of form in the Thames Valley League Division 3 (East) - the 9th level of<br />

The Women's football pyramid. They have won their past 13 competitive<br />

matches (19 including pre-season) - a run stretching back to December<br />

last year - <strong>and</strong> this season their 100% record (P6 W6) puts them well in<br />

the hunt for promotion to the 2nd division.<br />

<strong>Ascot</strong><br />

United<br />

4<br />

Oxford City<br />

0<br />

FA Womens Cup 3QR<br />

Prior match results<br />

<strong>Ascot</strong><br />

United<br />

Reserves<br />

Holyport<br />

17<br />

1<br />


St Kitts Veterinary Group proudly sponsor <strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong><br />

striker Sarah Leonard. The Group have practices in<br />

Basingstoke, Yateley, Church Crookham <strong>and</strong> Hartley Wintney.<br />

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Ian is a Biomechanics coach, supporting players returning from injury <strong>and</strong><br />

improving strength <strong>and</strong> conditioning.



• Southern Region Women’s Football League (SRWFL) Division 1 Runners Up 2016/17<br />

• Berks & Bucks FA County Women's Trophy Winners 2013/14<br />

• Elected to the Southern Region League for the 2013/14 season<br />

• Thames Valley Counties Women’s Football League (TVCWFL) Division 1 Runners Up 2012/13<br />

• TVCWFL Division 2 Champions 2011/12<br />

• Berks & Bucks FA County Women’s Trophy Runners Up 2011/12<br />

<strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong> FC were formed in the 2005/06 season. The 2021/22 season will be the team’s 16th<br />

season, <strong>and</strong> they are currently competing at step 5 of the Women’s Pyramid in the SRWFL Premier Division.<br />

The team started out competing in the Surrey County Women's League where they stayed for two years,<br />

winning the sportsmanship award for both the 2005/6 <strong>and</strong> 2006/7 seasons. At the start of the team’s 3rd<br />

Season <strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong> moved to the Thames Valley County Women's Football League. In their first<br />

season starting in Division 2 the Yellawomen just missed promotion after a final day draw away to<br />

Marlborough <strong>Ladies</strong> FC. The 2008/9 season was the start of a barren spell for the team as they finished 9th<br />

in Division 2 followed by relegation to Division 3 in 2009/10 season.<br />

2010/11 was the beginning of the upturn in the team’s st<strong>and</strong>ing in the <strong>Ladies</strong> game. After a strong finish to<br />

the season the <strong>Ladies</strong> were promoted back to Division 2 at the first attempt.<br />

In the 2011/12 campaign, the <strong>Ladies</strong> were promoted for the second consecutive season - winning the<br />

TVCWFL Division 2 title - <strong>and</strong> this was also the first time the <strong>Ladies</strong> reached the Berks & Bucks County Trophy<br />

Final, although sadly they were beaten by Reading Women FC.<br />

2012/13 saw the progress up the football pyramid continue with <strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong> being promoted again<br />

for a third successive season finishing as runners up to Milton Keynes City in Division 1 of the TVCWFL. This<br />

was also the first season United played at a level which allowed them to enter The Women’s FA Cup where<br />

they were knocked out by Oxford City <strong>Ladies</strong> at the first hurdle.<br />

Finishing Runners up the previous season the Yellawomen were promoted into the Southern Region<br />

Women’s football League for the 2013/14 season; step 6 on the football pyramid. Playing in Division 0ne of<br />

the SRWFL the team finished 8th in the league with a total of 18 points, reaching the quarter final of the<br />

league cup, competed in the FA Cup again <strong>and</strong> winning their first County Cup with a 2-1 win against Milton<br />

Keynes City in the Berks & Bucks County Trophy Final.<br />

The <strong>Ladies</strong> had their first backward step for several seasons in 2014/15. After a promising start, by<br />

Christmas United were in 4th spot <strong>and</strong> thoughts turned to possible promotion, but after Christmas the<br />

team’s fortunes took a turn for the worse <strong>and</strong> the Yellawomen ended the season down in 9th position. The<br />

team almost made it to the chairman’s Cup final but a late goal for Fleet Town <strong>Ladies</strong> was enough to<br />

eliminate United 1-0 in the semi-final.<br />

2015/16 proved to be a disappointing season for the team, only winning 3 league games all season <strong>and</strong><br />

taking some heavy defeats along the way <strong>and</strong> finishing one place off the bottom of the table.<br />

After a disappointing 2015/16 season the team considered voluntary relegation moving back down to<br />

county level but decided to stay in the SRWFL for 2016/17 <strong>and</strong> what a good decision that proved to be as the<br />

team had a complete turnaround from the previous season. After losing their opening 3 league games of<br />

the season, the squad went on to be undefeated for the remainder of the season, including an unbeaten<br />

home record to finish runners up to New Milton Town <strong>and</strong> gain promotion to the Southern Region Premier<br />

Division for the 2017/18 season. The team also recorded their first ever win in the Women’s FA Cup,<br />

defeating Milton Keynes City 3-2 at The Racecourse in the 1st Qualifying round. Continued...


In 2017/18 <strong>Ascot</strong> United <strong>Ladies</strong> competed in the SRWFL Premier Division, <strong>and</strong> after the first 4 games of the<br />

season an away win to Shanklin saw the team top the table where they stayed for 3 weeks. Going into the<br />

Christmas break the Yellawomen were still sitting in the top 3. Unfortunately, some indifferent form in the<br />

2nd half of the season saw United slip into their final league placing of 6th. Overall though, the team could<br />

be pleased with their first year competing at step 5. For the second season in a row United made it to the<br />

2nd qualifying round of the cup. In the 1st qualifying round United avenged their 1-0 FA Cup defeat away to<br />

Newbury <strong>Ladies</strong> in 2014/15 by beating them on penalties at The Racecourse after the game finished 1-1 AET.<br />

However, United were eliminated in the 2nd Qualifying round once again with a 2-0 defeat against Chesham<br />

United <strong>Ladies</strong> at the Racecourse.<br />

2018/19 Season saw big improvements on the pitch, but the final league table showed only a small<br />

improvement. The team yet again finished 6th in the League but improved on their points tally by 2 points<br />

from the previous season’s debut season at that level. The team lost their 2nd game of the season away to<br />

Winchester City Flyers which was the Yellawomen’s only defeat against teams that finished outside the top<br />

3, but although United were difficult to beat too many draws cost the team, denying them a higher finish<br />

than 6th. After a 1st qualifying round win against Wycombe W<strong>and</strong>erers United again come unstuck for the<br />

third consecutive season in the 2nd Qualifying round of the Women’s FA Cup going out to Ashford Town.<br />

United exited the Berks & Bucks Senior Women’s County Cup in the quarter finals to Chesham United. And,<br />

there was no luck in either the League or Chairman’s Cup, with two narrow defeats to AFC Bournemouth <strong>and</strong><br />

Abingdon United respectively.<br />

In 2019/20 the Yellawomen were again in 6th place with 3 games remaining but due to the Covid p<strong>and</strong>emic<br />

the League was halted <strong>and</strong> the season remained unfinished. In the Women’s FA Cup United fell at the first<br />

hurdle away to Abingdon Town but got their revenge over Abingdon in the League cup 1st round before<br />

United were knocked out at the Quarter Final stage to Moneyfields Women. In the Berks & Bucks Cup it was<br />

Quarter Final heartache as <strong>Ascot</strong> lost to Chesham United once again.<br />

The 2020/21 season again saw Covid come away as the winner as the league was terminated after just 5<br />

games with the Yellawomen sitting 2nd in the league with 3 wins <strong>and</strong> 2 defeats. In the Women’s FA Cup,<br />

United recorded their best result in the competition with a 6-0 win over Swindon Supermarine in the<br />

Preliminary Round, before defeat against Denham United <strong>Ladies</strong> in the 1st Qualifying round. As the country<br />

came out of Lockdown the SRWFL ran a subsidiary Cup which saw the Yellawomen top their group, but only<br />

to fall to AFC Bournemouth Women in the Quarter Final.<br />

And, as the team moves through 2021/22, everyone hopes for a safe <strong>and</strong> successful campaign <strong>and</strong> more<br />

progression for its players throughout the junior to senior ranks.

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