Lanchester Wines Brochure 2022

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Contents<br />

Welcome<br />

Our Team 2<br />

Welcome to <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> 3<br />

Introduction 4<br />

A Sustainable Wine Business 5<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> Brands<br />

Waters Edge 6<br />

Founders Stone 7<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> Fruit <strong>Wines</strong> 8<br />

Event <strong>Wines</strong> 9<br />

What’s New in ‘22 10 - 11<br />

<strong>Wines</strong> of the World<br />

Argentina 12 - 15<br />

Australia 16 - 25<br />

Austria 26 - 27<br />

Chile 28 - 35<br />

England 36 - 37<br />

France 38 - 43<br />

Germany 44 - 45<br />

Italy 46 - 51<br />

Moldova 52 - 53<br />

New Zealand 54 - 57<br />

Portugal 58 - 61<br />

Romania 61<br />

South Africa 62 - 67<br />

Spain 68 - 73<br />

USA 74 - 79<br />

Sparkling Wine<br />

England 80<br />

Europe 81 - 82<br />

New World 82<br />

Bucks Fizz 97<br />

Champagne<br />

Champagne 83 - 84<br />

Packaging Formats<br />

Half Bottles 375ml 85<br />

Magnums 150cl 85<br />

Quarter Bottles 187ml 86 - 87<br />

Back Label Only 88<br />

10 Litre Boxes 88<br />

Dessert and Fortified<br />

Dessert and Fortified 89<br />

Port 90 - 91<br />

Rum 91<br />

Spirits<br />

Distillery Partners 92 - 94<br />

Spirits and Liqueurs 95 - 96<br />

Alcohol Free<br />

<strong>Wines</strong> 97<br />

Beers and Ciders<br />

Ciders 97<br />

Full Circle Brew Co 98<br />

Services<br />

Wine Lists, Staff Training, Services 99<br />

Export 100<br />

Bonding and Distribution 101<br />

Greencroft Bottling Company Ltd 102<br />

Spicers of Hythe 103<br />

Terms of Trading 104<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />



Our Team<br />

Group Chief Executive Officer<br />

Tony Cleary MBE<br />

Managing Director Wine Division<br />

Andrew Porton<br />

Sales Team<br />

Director of Sales: Mark Roberts<br />

Sales Office Manager: Michelle Alderson<br />

Head of Export: Michael O’Brien<br />

National Account Team: James Dainty, Heather Scott, Tom van der Neut, Rebecca Vernon<br />

Regional Account Team: Ben Cotts, Hannah Fennelly, Matt Murray, Robert Winder<br />

Sales Office Team: Joanne Goldsmith, Diane King, Tracy Robson, Beth Whitwood<br />

Credit Controller: Andrea Richards<br />

Procurement Team<br />

Director of Purchasing: Lesley Cook<br />

Assistant Manager: Amy Wilson<br />

Supply Chain Co-ordinator: Stephen Buddle<br />

Marketing<br />

Marketing Manager: Emma Campbell MCIM<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> Group Board<br />

Tony Cleary MBE, Chairman<br />

Adam Black<br />

John Carling<br />

Veronica Cleary<br />

Alexandra Cleary<br />

Ben Cleary<br />

Caroline Cleary<br />

Andrew Porton<br />

Mark Satchwell<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> Group<br />

Paul Baird FCCA Group Chief Financial Officer<br />

Victoria Dixon FCCA Group Accountant<br />

John Mitcheson Director of Logistics and Bond<br />

Richard Lewin Logistics Manager<br />

Wine Style Guide & Logo Key<br />

White <strong>Wines</strong> are numbered from 1 to 9<br />

1 - being the driest, through to<br />

9 - being the sweetest.<br />

Rosé <strong>Wines</strong> are numbered from 1 to 9<br />

1 - being the driest, through to<br />

9 - being the sweetest.<br />

Red <strong>Wines</strong> are listed from A to E<br />

A - being the lightest, through to<br />

E - being the most powerful and full bodied.<br />

*all allergens correct at time of printing, subject to change by vintage<br />

Wine is Suitable for Vegans<br />

Wine is Suitable for Vegetarians<br />

Organic<br />

Gluten Free<br />

Fair For Life<br />

Fairtrade<br />

2<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Welcome to <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong><br />

Welcome to <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong><br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality wines and spirits to<br />

the trade, successfully operating and innovating across every element of the UK wine<br />

industry.<br />

Established in 1980, we’ve never lost focus on what’s important and that’s consistently<br />

over-delivering on quality and service. Our portfolio is relevant and credible, and we<br />

have over 3,000 SKUs across the business. This provides our customers with wines<br />

and spirits to meet every requirement, from some of the finest wines in the world,<br />

through to award-winning house wines.<br />

We’re an independent, family-owned business which allows us to focus on delivering<br />

quality products and service over dividends, and to be both flexible and fast moving in<br />

line with the ever changing global wine market.<br />

We also feel strongly that it’s our duty to preserve our planet, which is why we’ve<br />

to date invested over £8million in developing clean, renewable energy and heat<br />

generation for our offices and warehouses which greatly reduces our business’ carbon<br />

footprint.<br />

Approved Economic<br />

Operators<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> Wine Cellars Ltd t/a <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong><br />

AWRS Registration No. XRAW00000101534<br />

Company Registration No. 01517126<br />

VAT Number No. GB353824253<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Introduction<br />

A warm welcome to our <strong>2022</strong> portfolio and my first time writing this introduction! Having<br />

founded and run The Wine Fusion - another of the <strong>Lanchester</strong> Group’s wine businesses -<br />

since 2008, it’s an honour to be entrusted with the task of taking Tony Cleary’s remarkable<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> legacy and to lead and build the group’s wine division in its entirety.<br />

Tony of course continues to lead the overall <strong>Lanchester</strong> Group as Chief Executive Officer,<br />

including our logistics, transport, bonding and financial teams at our main County Durham<br />

site, as well as our operations in the Tyneside area and nationwide, while the inimitable Mark<br />

Satchwell heads up Greencroft Bottling. Both of them are in for a hectic year as we forge ahead<br />

with the construction of our brand new Greencroft Two and further improve our sustainability<br />

credentials - recognised once again by the Drinks Business Green Awards 2021 via a Special<br />

Commendation in the “Green Company of the Year” category.<br />

Closer to home, I’m delighted to be working with a group of talented colleagues led by Mark<br />

Roberts in Sales, Lesley Cook in Purchasing, Michelle Alderson in our Sales Office and Emma<br />

Campbell in Marketing.<br />

Yes, exciting change is very much afoot here, but some things will not be changing - namely,<br />

our dedication to bringing you, our valued customers, the most delicious wines, coupled with<br />

personal, heartfelt customer service - as you would expect from a business that is more than 40<br />

years young and still family-owned.<br />

In last year’s list, Tony remarked that in 2021 “we must build our trade and businesses back<br />

to be stronger and smarter.” COVID of course has continued to have a huge impact in so<br />

many spheres of life but we now find ourselves grappling with logistical issues and price<br />

increases that, one year back, we could not have predicted. We are doing our best to ride the<br />

rollercoaster of these turbulent times and we are lucky to have so many long-term partner<br />

producers who, despite the difficulties, are doing remarkably well at keeping us in stock of the<br />

wines that you love.<br />

Never resting on our laurels, <strong>2022</strong> sees the introduction of many new wines to our portfolio<br />

including Moloko Bay, our Kiwi-busting South African Sauvignon Blanc (page 63), the addition<br />

of Ventopuro half bottles (page 31) and the new Seaglass range from Trinchero (page 76).<br />

Sadly one thing we lack is a crystal ball, but here’s hoping <strong>2022</strong> will be a year of relative calm<br />

and stability. Thank you all, as always, for your custom and support - it is never taken for<br />

granted, and is very much appreciated by us all.<br />

Managing Director, <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> Wine Division

A Sustainable Wine Size Business<br />

Matters<br />



We believe every business has a duty of care to minimise its impact on<br />

the environment.<br />

We identified our biggest opportunity was to minimise, eventually eliminating, our reliance on<br />

fossil fuels. To date the <strong>Lanchester</strong> Group, which includes <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> and Greencroft<br />

Bottling, has invested over £8million in renewable heat and energy generation at our sites<br />

across the North East of England. And, today our business is powered almost completely by<br />

renewable wind and solar energy.<br />

Our four wind turbines produce around 5.5million kWh (kilowatt hours) of clean,<br />

renewable electricity per year. We use around 42% of this electricity to run operations at our<br />

Greencroft Estate with the remaining electricity – enough to power 800 three bedroom homes -<br />

feeding into the National Grid for use within our local community.<br />

We have a 41 kilowatt solar array on the roof of <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong>’ office complex,<br />

which is calculated to produce enough clean electricity to cover our day-to-day use. The<br />

chemical reactions which occur within solar panels are more efficient at cooler temperatures so<br />

County Durham’s bright and sunny, yet rather chilly, weather is perfect for our solar panels.<br />

We are pioneering world-changing heat pump technology using water from<br />

disused mines. Our 4mW (4million Watts) Open Loop Water Source Heat Pumps system<br />

draws water from the disused mineworkings below and extracts the latent energy to generate<br />

heat. We are currently heating 33,445m2 (360,000 ft2) of warehouse with this clean,<br />

geothermal energy, maintaining an ambient temperature perfect for storage of wine.<br />

As a business, we continue to make choices about our long-term sustainability which go above<br />

and beyond both legislation and common practice. This not only enables our customers to<br />

further reduce their carbon footprint but also revolutionises how clean technology may be used<br />

in former mining areas across the world.<br />

Further information about <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong>’ sustainability is available at<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk/sustainability<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> is proud to be a member of the Porto Protocol<br />

www.portoprotocol.com<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Waters Edge<br />

Different countries are famed for different wines,<br />

which is why we’ve searched the world to find only<br />

the highest quality wines for our house ranges.<br />

We’ve carefully selected our favourite classic varietals<br />

to enjoy both with great food and in great company.<br />

Available in 75cl and 187ml bottles, the six varietals<br />

in the Waters Edge range are firm favourites for every<br />

wine lover.<br />

Australia<br />

Chardonnay<br />

WE030 6x75cl<br />

QB200 24x187ml<br />

A classic dry white wine with<br />

vibrant aromas. Flavours of<br />

apple, pear and tropical fruits.<br />

Shiraz<br />

WE004 6x75cl<br />

QB223 24x187ml<br />

A soft and rounded, easy<br />

drinking red with well balanced<br />

fruit flavours and a light spicy finish.<br />

USA<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

WE062 6x75cl<br />

QB237 24x187ml<br />

Coral pink in colour. Delicate<br />

and refreshing with soft fruit<br />

flavours of strawberries and<br />

peaches.<br />

Chile<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

WE033 6x75cl<br />

QB201 24x187ml<br />

A fresh, clean dry white with<br />

hints of citrus and gooseberry<br />

on the palate. A crisp fruity<br />

finish.<br />

Moldova<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

WE006 6x75cl<br />

QB203 24x187ml<br />

Pale lemon colour with aromas<br />

of citrus fruits muted with<br />

subtle floral notes. Crisp and<br />

refreshing with citrus and green apple.<br />

Merlot<br />

WE001 6x75cl<br />

QB220 24x187ml<br />

An easy drinking red with lively<br />

cherry and blackberry flavours.<br />

Hints of both cocoa and violets.<br />

6<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Founders Stone<br />

Australia Moldova Chile<br />

WE473<br />

QB130<br />

QB130A<br />

Chardonnay<br />

6x75cl<br />

12x187ml<br />

24x187ml<br />

Fresh, ripe Chardonnay<br />

flavours of melon and<br />

peaches. A rich, creamy<br />

texture with a rounded<br />

crisp finish.<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

WE477 6x75cl<br />

QB131 12x187ml<br />

QB131A 24x187ml<br />

Crisp and refreshing with<br />

citrus and green apple<br />

with subtle notes. This<br />

wine has superb<br />

length and flavour.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

WE472 6x75cl<br />

QB132 12x187ml<br />

QB132A 24x187ml<br />

A light, fresh and crisp<br />

dry white wine with<br />

hints of citrus and<br />

gooseberry on the<br />

palate. A crisp fruity<br />

finish.<br />

Shiraz<br />

WE474 6x75cl<br />

QB135 12x187ml<br />

QB135A 24x187ml<br />

A rich, plummy and<br />

spicy nose. A soft berry<br />

palate with a rounded,<br />

long finish.<br />

Merlot<br />

WE470 6x75cl<br />

QB134 12x187ml<br />

QB134A 24x187ml<br />

A medium bodied soft<br />

Merlot. Aromas of dried<br />

plums and chocolate<br />

with a juicy fruit-filled<br />

palate of cherries and<br />

dark currants.<br />

Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon<br />

WE476 6x75cl<br />

Ruby red colour, full dark<br />

fruit aromas of blackcurrant<br />

and blackberry. Dark cherry<br />

and spice in the mouth with<br />

good integrated tannins and<br />

a long finish.<br />

USA<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

WE475 6x75cl<br />

QB133 12x187ml<br />

QB133A 24x187ml<br />

Delicate and refreshing<br />

Californian White<br />

Zinfandel with delicious<br />

soft fruit flavours<br />

of strawberries,<br />

raspberries and melon.<br />

Founders Stone celebrates the wines consistently at<br />

the top of customer wish lists. This range forms the<br />

foundations of house wine; the must-haves and the<br />

favourites.<br />

These are exceptional quality wines at exceptional<br />

prices.<br />

N.B. When 12x187ml stocks are exhausted case size will change to<br />

24x187ml.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


<strong>Lanchester</strong> Fruit <strong>Wines</strong><br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> Fruit <strong>Wines</strong> are made with real fruit, not concentrate, and are inspired by<br />

traditional wines made from hedgerow fruits and flowers.<br />

Many of these fruit wines make delicious spritzers when mixed 50-50 with soda water<br />

or lemonade, but equally as enjoyable served simply with ice.<br />

Mead<br />

GB152A 6x75cl<br />

Mead has been drunk since<br />

the middle ages. Blended with<br />

Deluxe Heather Honey for a<br />

beautifully rounded rich flavour.<br />

A great dessert wine.<br />

Cherry Wine<br />

GB148A 6x75cl<br />

Lovely aroma of black cherries<br />

with a fruity luscious flavour.<br />

Black Malt and Raisin<br />

GB156 12x75cl<br />

A full flavoured dark wine with<br />

a rich malty character.<br />

Ginger Wine<br />

GB151 12x75cl<br />

A classic, smooth, heart<br />

warming ginger wine. Well<br />

made with a clean, fresh and<br />

true taste.<br />

Damson Wine<br />

GB149 12x75cl<br />

Light red in colour, dry in style<br />

and flavour. Smooth and well<br />

balanced.<br />

Apple Brandy<br />

GB046 6x70cl<br />

An elegant Apple Brandy<br />

produced in France, boasting<br />

a refined and unique taste. Be<br />

prepared for effervescent fruit,<br />

bitter sweet chocolate, sweet but not too<br />

sweet. With a lush and tangy note.<br />

8<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Event <strong>Wines</strong><br />

Inspiral<br />

Inspiral is our range of high quality wine in PET bottles, perfect for any outdoor event, function<br />

or venue where glass is not appropriate.<br />

Our PET wine bottle is made with sustainable material and is recyclable.<br />

Specially designed for wine, the lightweight bottle holds a barrier which gives at least 24<br />

month’s shelf life – that’s four times the normal shelf life of regular PET bottles!<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

WE806 6x75cl<br />

QB288 12x187ml<br />

QB288A 24x187ml<br />

Crisp and refreshing with green apple<br />

notes.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

QB282 12x187ml<br />

QB282A 24x187ml<br />

A fresh white wine with a hint of<br />

gooseberry and a clean crisp finish.<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

WE807 6x75cl<br />

QB287 12x187ml<br />

QB287A 24x187ml<br />

Bright pink in colour. Raspberries and<br />

strawberries on the palate. Very easy<br />

drinking.<br />

Shiraz<br />

QB281 12x187ml<br />

QB281A 24x187ml<br />

Ripe cherries and raspberries dominate<br />

the palate, with pepper-spice and<br />

well integrated toasty oak.<br />

Merlot<br />

WE805 6x75cl<br />

QB285 12x187ml<br />

QB285A 24x187ml<br />

A dry but luscious red, giving plenty<br />

of fruit and a light spicy finish.<br />

Wine in Cans<br />

The wine bottle dates back to 4100 BC so, as with all<br />

products, an evolution is inevitable. Step forward the<br />

aluminium can.<br />

Canned wine sales are growing at a rate of approx. 6%<br />

year on year in Western Europe. The can is a format<br />

consumers are familiar with, whether through soft<br />

drinks, beers or ciders. It’s an uncomplicated packaging<br />

solution which resonates across all age groups and<br />

lifestyle choices – the environmentally conscious<br />

millennial through to Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers<br />

seeking both convenience and variety.<br />

Our sister business, Greencroft Bottling, is home to the UK’s first wine canning line. It boasts<br />

filler speed of 17,000 cans per hour offering both still and carbonated filling for wine and RTDs<br />

in slimline 187ml, 200ml and 250ml cans.<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> is launching a number of canned wine ranges, keep in touch with your<br />

account manager for further details.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Argentina<br />

The Argentinian Wine industry has<br />

seen significant growth over the past<br />

five years, as has the quality of the<br />

wine produced. Chile previously<br />

dominated South American wine<br />

exports but Argentina makes almost<br />

five times as much wine, and has been<br />

catching up fast on export markets.<br />

The Mendoza province produces more<br />

than 60% of Argentine wine and is<br />

the source of an even higher percentage<br />

of the total exports<br />

San Juan is the second largest wine<br />

producing region, and is located between<br />

Mendoza and La Rioja (the third largest)<br />

in the north-western corner of Argentina.<br />

The most important wine making regions<br />

in San Juan are the five valleys: Tulum,<br />

Ullum, Zonda, Pedernal and Calingasta.<br />

Of these, Tullum Valley is the most<br />

successful in uniting the necessary<br />

climate conditions to create fruit laden<br />

wines with unique personality and style.

Argentina<br />

High Side<br />

This high altitude, single vineyard Malbec is from grapes grown 1,650 metres above sea<br />

level in Calingasta, San Juan, on the slopes of the Cordillero de Los Andes. This area is<br />

home to some of the highest cultivated vines in Argentina which creates wines with high<br />

concentration of aroma and big body.<br />

The water which irrigates this area comes exclusively from the completely pure snow<br />

thaw of the Andes Mountains.<br />

“Soft and velvety with an intense hit of ripe blackberries and dark plum on the tongue allied to notes<br />

of dark chocolate and a slight touch of black pepper. It also benefits from a long and satisfying finish”<br />

- John Clark, The Independent<br />

High Side<br />

High Altitude Single Vineyard Malbec 2020<br />

AR024 6x75cl<br />

With a fresh and fruity bouquet, this aromatic Malbec from<br />

Argentina provides an abundance of bramble fruit and ripe dark<br />

plum. The palate combines fruit, with light spice and smooth<br />

tannins.<br />

Alfonso The Grape<br />

2019/20<br />

AR023 6x75cl<br />

Alfonso Lavalle is a little known<br />

grape variety with limited<br />

production in only a handful<br />

of countries around the world, including<br />

Argentina – our wine is from Caucete in the<br />

La Puntilla district of San Juan.<br />

Light pigmented skins give this wine a<br />

beautiful violet colour. The wine is medium<br />

bodied with elegant aromas of blackberry,<br />

mint, fresh strawberries and raspberries.<br />

Alfonso The Grape is presented with six<br />

different front labels – up to six in each case<br />

of x6 bottles – each with caricatures of our<br />

famed ‘Alfonso’ making<br />

the wine as exciting on<br />

the shelf as it is to drink.<br />

Haçienda de Calidad<br />

AR019<br />

AR020<br />

Haçienda de Calidad<br />

Malbec 2019/20<br />

6x75cl<br />

24x187ml<br />

A deep, inky, violet Malbec with<br />

tempting flavours of blackberry,<br />

plum and black cherry. Full bodied<br />

and luscious with well-rounded<br />

tannins, nice length and weight to<br />

the finish.<br />

Haçienda de Calidad is a pure and<br />

unoaked expression of Malbec.<br />

It’s a great value fruit-forward wine<br />

with round, silky tannins and fresh<br />

acidity. Well balanced to give a<br />

delicious, food-friendly wine.<br />

The Brand<br />

The Brand Malbec<br />

2019/20<br />

AR246 6x75cl<br />

An intense, juicy Malbec<br />

with a fresh and fruity<br />

nose.<br />

Hints of plums, blackberries and<br />

a touch of vanilla from gentle oak<br />

ageing.<br />

Incredibly easy to drink, The<br />

Brand Malbec is made for food.<br />

It pairs perfectly with grilled and<br />

barbecued meats, as well as<br />

pasta, spicy dishes and cheese.<br />

Presented with a new label for<br />

<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Argentina<br />

Nestled in the sub region of Tupungato in the province of Mendoza, lies the Gouguenheim<br />

Winery. Its location in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, with vineyards at more than<br />

1,000m altitudes, means there is a huge difference between wines from this region with<br />

those that come from other parts of Mendoza.<br />

Established by Patricio Gouguenheim nearly 20 years ago, it was in 2014 that the winery<br />

became the first in the country to make and sell a sparkling wine made from the country’s<br />

signature grape sparkling Malbec Bubbles Rosé.<br />

Gouguenheim<br />

Pinot Noir 2019<br />

AR043 12x75cl<br />

Gouguenheim Reserva<br />

Malbec 2019<br />

Bright ruby red colour with medium<br />

intensity. Robust aromas of raspberries<br />

AR048 12x75cl<br />

and cherries with mint notes. Medium<br />

body wine with soft, silky tannins and<br />

Big cherry and plum flavours with<br />

well balanced acidity.<br />

elegant oak tannins. Argentina’s keynote<br />

grape at its finest. Aged for 6 months in<br />

oak barrels, half of which are brand new<br />

and the other half third year barrels. Gouguenheim Reserva<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2017<br />

AR038<br />

Flores Malbec<br />

2016<br />

12x75cl<br />

A rich dark wine with red and black fruit<br />

character on the nose and palate, a<br />

delicious creamy vanilla spice character<br />

and a lovely lifted finish. It is very well<br />

balanced with good length.<br />

AR045A 12x75cl<br />

Rich blackcurrant fruit, displaying<br />

chocolate and tobacco flavours with well<br />

integrated oak. This ‘Reserva’ is aged<br />

for 6 months in oak barrels which gives<br />

an added warmth and depth to the wine.<br />

It is a perfect partner to richly flavoured<br />

meat, including steak.<br />

Gouguenheim Sparkling<br />

Malbec Bubbles<br />

Rosé NV<br />

AR039 6x75cl<br />

Love Malbec? Love Bubbles? This<br />

excellent extra brut Malbec Rosé ticks<br />

both those boxes and is incredibly easy<br />

to drink.<br />

This dry sparkling wine is a delicate pink<br />

with small and brilliant bubbles. Aromas<br />

of cherries and strawberries on the nose.<br />

Very fresh in the mouth, soft tones with a<br />

balanced acidity.<br />

Great served as an aperitif.<br />

14<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Argentina<br />

32 Degrees South<br />

Malbec 2019 /20<br />

AR250 6x75cl<br />

This Malbec has notes of vibrant cherry<br />

and blackberry. Beautifully balanced with<br />

hints of vanilla and caramel.<br />

The name ‘32 Degrees South’ pays<br />

homage to the vineyards where the grapes<br />

for this Malbec are grown.<br />

At this latitude, the sun shines between 10<br />

and 15 hours per day (depending on the<br />

season), bathing the vines in sunlight and<br />

allowing them to absorb enough nutrients<br />

from the sun to develop healthy crops<br />

of grapes.<br />

Zuccardi<br />

Zuccardi Concreto<br />

Malbec<br />

2020<br />

AR256 6x75cl<br />

Red colour with violet hues, this wine<br />

expresses a great herbal character with<br />

notes of red fruits, strawberry, cherry<br />

and plum.<br />

These are complemented by distinctive<br />

mineral notes and, in the mouth, the<br />

palate is prolonged and deep. A wine of<br />

grand structure and acidity.<br />

Las Pampas<br />

Chenin Torrontés<br />

2019/20<br />

AR080 12x75cl<br />

This blend is a fabulous combination<br />

between the tropical and the floral<br />

crispness from the Torrontes grape.<br />

AR081<br />

Shiraz / Malbec<br />

2019/20<br />

12x75cl<br />

A full, meaty wine with lots of spicy<br />

plum fruit and soft tannins providing the<br />

structure. Nice weight and good length.<br />

Malbec 2020<br />

AR010 12x75cl<br />

Deep red colour with violet hues. A clean<br />

nose with aromas of plum and cherry.<br />

Smooth palate with medium intensity.<br />

Trivento<br />

Tribu Malbec 2020<br />

AR200 12x75cl<br />

Vibrant red with violet hues, this has a clean nose with<br />

a presence of red fruit. The palate has good quality<br />

rounded tannins with a medium intensity.<br />

Golden Reserve Malbec 2018<br />

AR217 6x75cl<br />

Aromas of mint, cherry and chocolate open for this<br />

incredible Malbec. Aged in French oak it is deep and<br />

full bodied while remaining delicate and well rounded.<br />

Eolo Malbec 2016<br />

AR022 6x75cl<br />

Dense purple in colour with pronounced aromas of<br />

raspberries, dark chocolate and cream. An opulent<br />

palate of sweet cinnamon spice, dark fruit, pepper and<br />

toasty oak. Creamy tannins and long finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Australia<br />

From the iconic to the lesser known,<br />

Australia’s 65 wine regions extend from<br />

the Granite Belt in southern Queensland<br />

to Tasmania in the south and Margaret<br />

River in the west.<br />

Most of the regions are located on or<br />

near the coast, with a vast range of<br />

climates, soils and varietals.<br />

And, we Brits love Australian wine -<br />

in 2020 the UK imported just under<br />

1.5 billion litres making Australia the<br />

second largest source of wine imports<br />

into the UK by volume and fourth largest<br />

by value.<br />

Australia is the number one country of<br />

origin in the UK off-trade market, with<br />

nearly twice the market share of its<br />

nearest rivals, France and Italy. In the ontrade<br />

Australia ranks at 4th.<br />

The 2021 harvest was good, with whites<br />

around the same price as 2020. Reds<br />

fell slightly in price, due in part to the<br />

geopolitical issues which have resulted in<br />

a drop in demand from China.

Australia<br />

Waters Edge<br />

WE030<br />

QB200<br />

Chardonnay<br />

6x75cl<br />

24x187ml<br />

A classic dry white wine with<br />

vibrant aromas. Flavours of<br />

apple, pear and tropical fruits.<br />

Shiraz<br />

WE004 6x75cl<br />

QB223 24x187ml<br />

A soft, rounded easy drinking<br />

red with well-balanced fruit and<br />

a light spicy finish.<br />

Water Stop Station<br />

A true Australian classic.<br />

WE461<br />

Chardonnay<br />

2021<br />

6x75cl<br />

Tropical fruits, apple and pear<br />

on the palate with a delicate<br />

creamy texture and a crisp<br />

clean finish.<br />

Shiraz<br />

2021<br />

WE460 6x75cl<br />

Dark red colour, flavours of plums and<br />

blackberries with a light spicy finish.<br />

Founders Stone<br />

Founders Stone is our pan-country range of wines, celebrating<br />

varietals that are consistent favourites on all wine lists. We’ve<br />

refreshed the label to ensure the wines continue to stand out from<br />

the crowd.<br />

Chardonnay<br />

WE473 6x75cl<br />

QB130 12x187ml<br />

QB130A 24x187ml<br />

Fresh, ripe Chardonnay<br />

flavours of melon and peaches.<br />

A rich, creamy texture with a rounded<br />

crisp finish.<br />

Shiraz<br />

WE474 6x75cl<br />

QB135 12x187ml<br />

QB135A 24x187ml<br />

A rich, plummy and spicy nose. A<br />

soft berry palate with a rounded, long<br />

finish.<br />

Yarrabrook<br />

The Yarra River or historically, the Yarra Yarra River, is a perennial<br />

river in south-central Victoria, Australia. The lower stretches of the<br />

Yarra are where Victoria’s state capital Melbourne was established<br />

in 1835. The Yarrabrook wine range celebrates this region’s key<br />

wine varietals of Chardonnay and Shiraz.<br />

Chardonnay<br />

AU0042A 6x75cl<br />

AU0042 12x75cl<br />

A medium bodied Chardonnay<br />

with typical tropical fruit<br />

flavours and a creamy,<br />

textured finish.<br />

Shiraz<br />

AU0041A 6x75cl<br />

AU0041 12x75cl<br />

Cherries and plum on the<br />

palate with a spicy, peppery<br />

finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Australia<br />

Silver Creek Varietal Range<br />

Celebrating Australia’s most synonomous grapes, Chardonnay<br />

and Shiraz. And, with a nod to the country’s silver mining<br />

heritage.<br />

While not as famous as the Gold Rush of the 1850s, Australia<br />

has a long history of silver mining and remains the 4th largest<br />

producer of silver in the world. The original mines were powered<br />

by water from nearby creeks, which would often be left with<br />

flecks of the precious metal.<br />

AU653<br />

QB003<br />

Chardonnay 2021<br />

6x75cl<br />

24x187ml<br />

South Eastern Australia. A medium to full bodied wine<br />

showing buttery flavours along with fresh tropical fruit<br />

nuances.<br />

Shiraz 2021<br />

AU656 6x75cl<br />

QB004 24x187ml<br />

With flavours of plums, blackberries and spice, this Shiraz is<br />

enhanced on the palate by vanilla, dark chocolate and spicy<br />

pepper tones.<br />

Rowlands Brook<br />

Rowlands Brook meanders through our Australian<br />

vineyards, each bend and twist of its course telling<br />

a tale in its history. Its waters give life to our vines<br />

which in turn grow bold and true.<br />

Rowlands Brook Never Runs Dry<br />

Chardonnay 2021<br />

AU262A 6x75cl<br />

The classic Australian house wine, straight-forward fruit with<br />

lovely tropical aromas. Ripe pineapple and melon flavours of<br />

the distinctive Chardonnay grape.<br />

Pfeiffer <strong>Wines</strong><br />

Rutherglen Muscat 17%<br />

AU450 12x50cl<br />

The Pfeiffer Rutherglen Muscat is a fine example<br />

of this foundation style.<br />

It has a bouquet of floral and raisin fruit, and a<br />

rich, luscious palate.<br />

The blend has been carefully prepared to<br />

incorporate the youthful freshness of younger<br />

parcels, with complex, concentrated flavours of<br />

older parcels.<br />

Typical of the fruit-driven style<br />

that has made Australian wines<br />

so popular. Serve chilled.<br />

Shiraz<br />

2021<br />

AU263B 6x75cl<br />

Australia’s favourite red<br />

grape variety. Soft, spicy<br />

blackberry tones emanate<br />

from this delicious Shiraz.<br />

A succulent, fruit-driven<br />

red with a long and wellbalanced<br />

finish.<br />

Deen de Bortoli Vat 5 Botrytis<br />

Semillon 2017<br />

AU088A 6x37.5cl<br />

An elegant sweet white dessert wine with aromas<br />

of apricots and citrus. A whole riot of tropical and<br />

autumn fruits upfront, lusciously textured yet<br />

with a light layer of tang on the finish. Peaches,<br />

nectarines, apricots, candied orange peel,<br />

drizzled with a little honey and attractive vanilla<br />

oak.<br />

Fruit is sourced predominately from De Bortoli<br />

vineyards that have been producing Botrytis<br />

Semillon for many years. Each vineyard is<br />

harvested, fermented and matured separately<br />

as they each have their own characteristics.<br />

This enables us to capture all the elements we<br />

are looking for in this wine. Elegance, fruitfulness<br />

and a touch of oak.<br />

From Riverina, certified Sustainable Winemaking Australia<br />

18<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Australia<br />

This wine is a labour of love - one our accountant (Gary)<br />

didn’t know about. In 2014, winemaker Jo Nash discovered<br />

an exceptional parcel of Shiraz which she gently crushed,<br />

then tucked away in some ridiculously expensive French<br />

oak barrels to age for 12 months. The legend continues...<br />

Just #Dont Tell Gary.<br />

Don’t Tell Gary Shiraz<br />

2019/20<br />

AU208 12x75cl<br />

A beautiful dark garnet colour with black<br />

cherry, blueberry and mixed spice on the<br />

nose. Hints of pepper and soft oak spice<br />

are beautifully integrated with blackberry<br />

fruits and medium bodied silky tannins.<br />

Bella Luna combines the best of Italian grapes<br />

mixed with top notch Aussie winemaking to create<br />

excellent all rounders. As you’d expect with all<br />

great Italian inspired wines, these are versatile<br />

and perfect to pair with an array of foods.<br />

Bella Luna Nero d’Avola 2019<br />

AU284 12x75cl<br />

The nose is floral with a touch of spice, yet earthy<br />

with lots of character. The flavour profile covers the<br />

spectrum, from red-fruit juiciness and eastern spices,<br />

through to dried herb and savouriness.<br />

This wine delivers on fruit and style and is a great all<br />

rounder. Nero is a lighter style of red and matches<br />

beautifully with red meats, and is crying out to be enjoyed<br />

alongside an antipasto platter or some pasta.<br />

Bella Luna Fiano<br />

2018/19<br />

AU283 12x75cl<br />

Our modern Australian Fiano<br />

is textural and rich showing an<br />

abundance of fruit complexity<br />

in perfect harmony. You will<br />

find strains of honey, hazelnuts,<br />

spice, pine nuts and floral<br />

notes.<br />

A rich, creamy cheese, your<br />

favourite Italian pasta or any<br />

seafood dish will make this<br />

wine sing!<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> has created a range of video tasting notes, which may be used by our customers to<br />

promote McPherson wines. Introduced by Jo Nash, the tasting notes are each around 60 to 90 seconds in<br />

length and are perfect for any website or social media sharing.<br />

Please visit <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong>’ YouTube Channel to download.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Australia<br />

McPherson Family Series<br />

Classical wines inspired and named after<br />

members of the McPherson family.<br />

Premium. Elegant. Defined.<br />

White<br />

Catriona’s Chardonnay 2019/20<br />

AU191 6x75cl<br />

A delightful, fruit driven wine displaying aromas of tropical fruits<br />

and peaches with just a hint of lightly toasted oak. The palate has a<br />

delicate, creamy texture and a crisp, clean finish.<br />

AU193<br />

Pickle’s Sauvignon Blanc 2019/20<br />

6x75cl<br />

This beautifully balanced unoaked wine displays intense tropical<br />

fruit aromas of passionfruit, papaya and ripe pineapple with a hint<br />

of herbaceous characters and a refreshing, crisp finish.<br />

AU216A<br />

Bella’s Pinot Grigio 2019/20<br />

12x75cl<br />

A fresh and fruity Pinot Grigio. Pear and passion fruit nose, backed<br />

up by delicate floral aromas. Refreshing ripe pear and green apple<br />

on the palate followed by a clean citrus finish.<br />

Rosé<br />

Lucie’s Promise Rosé 2020/21<br />

AU190 6x75cl<br />

Lucie’s Promise is a fresh and lively wine, with a lovely perfumed<br />

nose of raspberries and strawberries. The palate displays great<br />

fruit intensity with underlying hints of mint, reminding us of Lucie’s<br />

family garden in the Spring.<br />

AU187A<br />

Aimee’s Garden Moscato 2020/21<br />

6x75cl<br />

Lifted floral aromas and flavours of strawberries, rose petals and<br />

a hint of musk. This wine has a fine spritz, an uplifting finish and is<br />

best enjoyed chilled.<br />

Red<br />

Andrew’s Shiraz 2019/20<br />

AU196 6x75cl<br />

Andrew’s Shiraz is deep purple, with delicious ripe berries, plums<br />

and a hint of pepper on the palate. This is a medium bodied wine<br />

with impressive length and a great finish.<br />

AU195<br />

The Angus Merlot 2018/19<br />

6x75cl<br />

Rich garnet in colour, this wine has smooth fruit flavours of<br />

blackberries and stewed plums. It is supple and fleshy with a<br />

characteristic smooth mouth feel and soft finish.<br />

AU194<br />

Jock’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2018/19<br />

6x75cl<br />

This classic Cabernet exhibits rich berries and mint bouquet with a<br />

full flavoured, fleshy, fruit laden palate. A great all rounder.<br />

20<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Australia<br />

Reaching the big 5-0 is undoubtedly a momentous occasion and certainly cause for<br />

celebration, which is exactly what McPherson Wine Co did throughout 2018 as it<br />

celebrated its half-century.<br />

In true McPherson style, celebrations took place across the world from the UK to<br />

Germany, China, USA and, of course, Australia.<br />

And, we continue to celebrate this momentous year long into the future through<br />

celebratory wines created to mark the occasion.<br />

McPherson 50th Anniversary<br />

Shiraz 2016<br />

AU237 6x75cl<br />

An elegant Shiraz which displays intense notes<br />

of spice, rich blackberries and plums carefully<br />

balanced with subtle oak.<br />

Moscato<br />

AU377 12x75cl<br />

This delightful Moscato is pale blush pink in colour with a light<br />

spritz to add a tingle on the palate.<br />

Aromas of rose petals and pink grapefruit dominate the<br />

bouquet, while the palate refreshes with fruit flavours of<br />

strawberries, nectarines and lime.<br />

Limited Stock<br />

A multi layered collage as a front label, beautiful<br />

and simple, the closer you look the more there is<br />

to find. This wine is much the same, made from<br />

vineyards and parcels that stand out from the<br />

rest, beautiful in their own right. What you bring to<br />

the wine will finish the story, it will provide value<br />

and meaning,and we hope that you enjoy.<br />

MWC<br />

AU209<br />

MWC Pinot Noir 2019<br />

12x75cl<br />

The aroma is enticing with intense plum,<br />

cherry and strawberry fruit with a hint<br />

of spice. The fresh fruit momentum<br />

continues on the palate with vibrant plum<br />

and dark stone fruits finishing with some<br />

firm acid, beautiful tannins and integrated<br />

oak.<br />

Soft, savoury, earthy styles with a European influence, the MWC <strong>Wines</strong><br />

are a rustic style, full of interesting and complex characters made for<br />

those who love great, honest wines.<br />

MWC Shiraz Mourvedre<br />

2017/18<br />

AU681 12x75cl<br />

This is a bold, modern Australian wine<br />

exhibiting aromas and flavours of<br />

blackberry and spice. Rich, earthy with<br />

elegant and supple tannins. The rich and<br />

full palate is complemented by hints of<br />

French oak leading to a seamless finish.<br />

The grapes for this Pinot Noir were<br />

picked from single vineyards located in<br />

North Eastern Victoria. Grapes were<br />

crushed during the cool of the evening<br />

to retain their varietal character, while<br />

modern winemaking techniques were<br />

employed throughout the winemaking<br />

process. Fermentation took place in<br />

sweeping arm red fermenters, giving the<br />

wine a dense, rich colour and allowing for<br />

gentle and maximum flavour extraction.<br />

This Pinot is a great match with roast<br />

duck, rabbit or pork. Also perfectly<br />

balances dishes like porcini mushroom<br />

risotto, rich pasta dishes or fine cheese.<br />

This wine is ripe, complex and<br />

wonderfully rich and brooding. This is in<br />

part due to the distinct Shiraz parcels,<br />

but also as a result of the Mourvedre<br />

which imparts a fruit driven yet earthy<br />

character to the wine.<br />

This Shiraz Mourvedre is perfectly paired<br />

with char grilled steak, rich red meat<br />

dishes or mushroom risotto. Its wide<br />

appeal makes it the perfect dinner party<br />

wine!<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Australia<br />

Aquarius Marsanne<br />

Viognier 2017<br />

AU219 12x75cl<br />

Let the sun shine in with Aquarius Marsanne<br />

Viognier. A fresh, vibrant and crisp wine with<br />

flavoursome notes of fresh honeysuckle<br />

and floral aromas. The Marsanne provides<br />

structure whilst the Viognier lends a fragrant<br />

carefully balanced punch. Minerally and<br />

lean in its youth, it is sure to become a wine<br />

of generosity and honeyed complexity with<br />

some bottle age.<br />

Crafted from 70% Marsanne grapes and<br />

30% Viognier grapes, sourced from<br />

McPherson’s Goulburn Valley vineyards<br />

in Central Victoria.<br />

This free spirited wine is a heavenly<br />

match with modern Asian food. She<br />

also pairs perfectly with anything from<br />

the sea. Alternatively, match with a<br />

fresh fruit platter and some handmade<br />

cheese to blow your mind!<br />

AU282<br />

Aquarius Sangiovese<br />

Shiraz 2017/20<br />

12x75cl<br />

This is a medium bodied, rustic wine<br />

with flavours of ripe cherries and earthy<br />

herbaceous notes. A delicious blend of<br />

80% Sangiovese and 20% Shiraz grapes<br />

sourced from vineyards in Goulburn<br />

Valley, this is spicy and elegant. The<br />

Sangiovese gives a burst of refreshing<br />

cherry fruit and a savoury finish.<br />

This wine works perfectly with rich<br />

roasted meat, cured sausages and a<br />

selection of hard cheese. Can be served<br />

with a slight chill to allow the fruit and<br />

florals to shine.<br />

This funky, carefree wine is crafted<br />

from grapes grown in McPherson’s<br />

spectacularly beautiful vineyards in<br />

Central Victoria.<br />

*2020 vintage is 100% Sangiovese<br />

Enjoy in peace, love and happiness.<br />

McPherson’s Laneway series celebrates<br />

Melbourne’s iconic laneways (alleys). Present for<br />

just 27 days, laneway art celebrates the transient<br />

beauty found in the city; the bottles’ labels each<br />

capture a moment in time, as does the wine<br />

inside.<br />

Sunburnt Chardonnay is made for those who<br />

love to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the chill<br />

of a great Australian wine in equal measure.<br />

Vermentino<br />

2018<br />

AU297 12x75cl<br />

With its light to medium body this Vermentino is perfect to drink<br />

on it’s own or with most foods. Notes of lime, almond, green<br />

apple, white florals, a unique sense of sea spray<br />

and a refreshing acidity.<br />

Sunburnt Chardonnay 2018/19<br />

AU675A 6x75cl<br />

A rich and textural wine displaying lovely aromas of tropical<br />

fruits with a hint of apple and spice. The palate is mouth-filling<br />

and generous with excellent length and harmony carrying<br />

the fruit to a full clean finish. Lovely light oak balances and<br />

completes the picture.<br />

A blisteringly good Chardonnay.<br />

22<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Australia<br />

Plan B! <strong>Wines</strong> is dedicated to creating free range wines<br />

free of corporate taint. All are made in a style which is fruit<br />

forward with savoury complexity, usually with an unusual<br />

twist.<br />

Awarded Five Stars in James Halliday Wine<br />

Companion 2020 and named one of the Top 10 Dark<br />

Horse Wineries to watch.<br />

‘GT’ Cabernet Sauvignon Sangiovese<br />

Ferguson Valley 2018<br />

AU290 12x75cl<br />

Dark chocolate, sour cherry, fresh plum, bay leaf and leather<br />

spice, with background tomato leaf tannin, a lovely medium<br />

bodied structure and crunchy acidity. Barrel matured for 12<br />

months in new and seasoned French oak. 75% Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon and 25% Sangiovese.<br />

‘TV’ Tempranillo Viognier<br />

Ferguson Valley 2017<br />

AU292 12x75cl<br />

Fruit from separate vineyard patches picked at night and<br />

fermented between 24-26C for 12 days with extended postfermentation<br />

maceration to optimise flavour, colour and tannin<br />

profiles. Individual batches aged in barrel for 60 months.<br />

Rounded off with 2% Viognier for good measure.<br />

‘ST’ Frespañol Shiraz Tempranillo<br />

Frankland River 2017/20<br />

AU289 12x75cl<br />

The Shiraz, sourced from Frankland River, was barrel aged for 20<br />

months before the final rustic addition of 6% Tempranillo from the<br />

Ferguson Valley in Geographe rounded off the blend beautifully.<br />

The wine is an orgy of bright red berries and yummy fruit. Rich,<br />

ripe and full of delicious Frankland River Shirazy goodness and<br />

old world savoury charm.<br />

‘MR’ Modern Red Shiraz Pinot Noir<br />

Frankland River 2018/19<br />

AU291 12x75cl<br />

67% Shiraz and Pinot Noir at 33% from 20 year old vines, hand<br />

harvested, barrel matured in French oak barriques for seven<br />

months. Pretty, floral, red cherry and strawberry aromatics with<br />

the raspberry and spice of cool climate Shiraz adding punch to<br />

the palate. These challenging times call for a Modern Red with<br />

old fashioned values!<br />

AU285<br />

‘DR’ Riesling<br />

Powderbark Vineyard,<br />

Frankland River 2019/21<br />

12x75cl<br />

Vibrant aromatics of lemon<br />

and lime blossom with talc and<br />

minerality. The palate is generous<br />

showing great persistence of soft citrus<br />

and textural weight leading a long and<br />

structured finish of line and length without<br />

undue austerity.<br />

‘OD’ Riesling<br />

Frankland River 2021<br />

AU286 12x75cl<br />

It’s a riot of semi-sweet freshness and<br />

citrusy zing. Serious at the front but there’s<br />

a party going on out the back. It’s an<br />

Angelic Germanic!<br />

‘MW’ Modern White,<br />

Margaret River 2018<br />

AU287 12x75cl<br />

Bright and textural with lifted flowers and<br />

stonefruit aromatics ahead of a long and<br />

satisfying palate. Matured for nine months<br />

in French oak, 89% Chardonnay and 11%<br />

Viognier.<br />

‘The King’ Chardonnay<br />

Margaret River 2015/16<br />

AU288 12x75cl<br />

Margaret River is world renowned for<br />

producing excellent Chardonnay. Ours is<br />

fine, elegant and long. Sourced from the<br />

Wallcliffe sub-region in the cooler end of<br />

the district and bottled whilst still fresh and<br />

lively. 100% barrel maturation, 10 months<br />

in French barriques and battonage for 7<br />

months.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Australia<br />

Grounded Cru Pinot Gris<br />

2021<br />

AU296 6x75cl<br />

Excellent aromatic and flavour intensity with<br />

fresh citrus, pear, honeysuckle and spicy notes<br />

abounding. The palate is wonderfully textural and<br />

has great length of flavour.<br />

Bright, crunchy acid and savoury spice combine<br />

with a delicate minerality resulting in a wine<br />

which is both flavoursome and intriguing.<br />

Based in McLaren Vale, South Australia,<br />

Grounded Cru creates handcrafted wines<br />

from the vale, hills and creek.<br />

Matches beautifully with poultry dishes. Try<br />

chicken breast with creamy garlic sauce and<br />

seasonal vegetables.<br />

Cru chief and winemaker, Geoff ‘Joffa’<br />

Thompson, produces wines with passion<br />

and honesty, delivering the vineyard to your<br />

table.<br />

Grounded Cru McLaren<br />

Vale Grenache 2020<br />

AU294 6x75cl<br />

This Grenache comes from three separate blocks of 80+<br />

year old McLaren Flat Grenache. These old vines provide<br />

wonderful history and intensity, and each block contributes<br />

its own distinct character to the wine.<br />

The wine offers a delicious raspberry lift, with plum and spicy notes<br />

adding to the array of aromas. The palate is pretty and brooding,<br />

rich and textural with raspberry and plum flavours. This is seriously<br />

good McLaren Vale Grenache – terrifically versatile with food, it’s<br />

well suited to many occasions.<br />

Grounded Cru<br />

McLaren Vale GSM 2020<br />

AU295 6x75cl<br />

A beautiful example of this classic Southern Rhone blend.<br />

Old Vine McLaren Flat Grenache from 80+ year old vines<br />

forms the backbone, Shiraz provides structure and weight<br />

whilst Mourvedre adds the X-factor of fruit cake spice, earthiness<br />

and interest.<br />

A tremendous array of aromas and flavours are on offer – raspberry,<br />

plum, blackberry and spicy notes abound, all wrapped up in<br />

a beautifully textured palate. The finish is long, generous and<br />

satisfying. Grounded Cru GSM is a truly versatile food wine.<br />

McLaren Vale Wine Show - Best Grenache Blend<br />

Grounded Cru McLaren Vale Shiraz<br />

2019<br />

AU293 6x75cl<br />

This McLaren Vale Shiraz is superbly regional – being<br />

a blend of the sub-regions of McLaren Flat, McLaren Vale,<br />

Aldinga and Blewitt Springs. Each sub-region brings a<br />

different character<br />

Deep inky purple in colour, the wine displays intense plum,<br />

blackberry and black olive aromas and flavours. Beautifully<br />

integrated French and American oak add complexity to the rich red<br />

fruits, resulting in a truly moreish wine. This well balanced Shiraz<br />

is at once bold, robust and intriguingly elegant. Pair with great food<br />

and friends for a relaxed weekend barbeque – enjoy!<br />

24<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Australia<br />

Gravel Tracks, Barossa Valley Wine Company<br />

Gravel Track pays tribute to the long gravel and limestone track that winds its way through The<br />

Barossa Valley Wine Company’s historic 60-year-old Farms vineyard.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018<br />

AU061 6x75cl<br />

Lifted notes of cassis and blackberry characters on the nose<br />

with hints of spice and cigar box, which flow through to a rich<br />

yet soft palate packed with dark fruit flavours. Juicy and fruit<br />

driven, powerful yet elegant and with hints of black spice<br />

through the mid-palate leading to a rich, velvety tannin finish.<br />

Shiraz 2018<br />

AU059 6x75cl<br />

Vibrant plum and blackberry characters on the nose with hints<br />

of chocolate and earthiness that flow through to a rich, bold<br />

palate packed with dark fruit flavours. Juicy and fruit driven,<br />

powerful yet elegant and with hints of black pepper spice<br />

through the mid-palate.<br />

GSM 2019<br />

AU060 6x75cl<br />

Lifted aromas of red cherry and plum complemented by hints of<br />

liquorice and vanilla on the nose with a rich fleshy palate. Soft<br />

velvety tannins provide a silky yet persistent finish, punctuated<br />

with bright redcurrant and blueberry characters with a subtle<br />

background of oak spice.<br />

McGuigan Black Label<br />

AU027A<br />

QB020A<br />

Chardonnay 2020/21<br />

6x75cl<br />

12x187ml<br />

A modern style Chardonnay showing<br />

intense tropical fruit flavours. Full bodied<br />

and fresh with good length, this wine is<br />

ideal for drinking on its own or with white<br />

meats and pasta.<br />

Pinot Grigio 2020/21<br />

AU016 6x75cl<br />

Distinct aromas of pear and passionfruit<br />

with delicate floral perfumes. A refreshing<br />

white wine featuring delightful flavours of<br />

ripe pear and green apple. It is a nicely<br />

balanced wine that delivers a clean citrus<br />

finish typical of the Pinot Grigio style.<br />

Riesling 2019<br />

AU022A 6x75cl<br />

Lovely straw colour, aromas of luscious<br />

tropical fruits, lychees and melon.<br />

Excellent balance, medium sweet in<br />

style.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc 2020/21<br />

AU045A 6x75cl<br />

The palate is full and generously<br />

flavoured with a clean, crisp aftertaste.<br />

Ideal for drinking with all entrees,<br />

particularly seafoods, plus pasta and<br />

chicken.<br />

Rosé 2020/21<br />

AU044 6x75cl<br />

Deep pink colour, dryish in style with<br />

flavours of soft red fruits.<br />

Red 2019/20<br />

AU025A 6x75cl<br />

Delightful, soft red produced from<br />

carefully selected grapes. Bulging with<br />

rich fruit flavours, with just a hint of spice<br />

on the finish. Perfect with most foods or<br />

on its own.<br />

Shiraz 2020/21<br />

AU058A 6x75cl<br />

QB021A 12x187ml<br />

Deep red colour, peppery finish. Very<br />

fruity with flavours of plum on the palate.<br />

Perfect with most red meats and cheeses.<br />

Merlot 2020/21<br />

AU028A 6x75cl<br />

A lovely mellow style combined with rich,<br />

ripe red fruit flavours. Perfect with most<br />

red meats, poultry or cheeses.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Austria<br />

Austria‘s winegrowing area comprises<br />

44.912 ha and, due to more favourable<br />

climatic conditions, most winegrowing<br />

regions are located in the eastern part<br />

of the country.<br />

Grüner Veltliner is arguably Austria’s<br />

most important grape accounting<br />

for almost one third of the country’s<br />

planting.<br />

2021 saw cooler than usual weather<br />

at the start of the year followed by<br />

a summer of extreme rain, hail and<br />

high temperatures which, combined,<br />

caused a slightly later picking of grapes.<br />

Fortunately the early cool weather<br />

caused the grapevines to develop late<br />

which significantly reduced the risk of<br />

damage from late frosts.<br />

As a result, fruity and harmonious wines<br />

are predicted to come out of Austria’s<br />

2021 harvest. In terms of volume, an<br />

average harvest of around 2.4 million<br />

hectolitres is expected, similar to the<br />

previous year.

Austria<br />

Austria’s wines are highly acclaimed both by wine experts and wine lovers all around the<br />

world. As artisan products crafted by winemakers with a special link to their land, they<br />

consistently demonstrate their potential at international blind tastings.<br />

Over recent years, the great potential of Austrian grape varieties has become ever more<br />

apparent, and Grüner Veltliner is pre-eminent amongst these. Indeed, it continues to be<br />

the undisputed leader among Austrian grape varieties – occupying 14,376 ha or 47.1%<br />

of the total white wine area. It became the most widely planted in the 1950s because of<br />

the introduction then of Lenz Moser´s Hochkultur (High Culture) training system. Today,<br />

the variety is widely planted especially in Niederösterreich and northern Burgenland.<br />

Grüner derives from a crossing with Traminer, however the second parent remains<br />

unconfirmed, but it is thought to be a Century old variety discovered in St. Georgen in<br />

Burgenland.<br />

AT001<br />

Graf Josef Grüner Veltliner 2020<br />

6x75cl<br />

Refreshing, aromatic, full of natural spice, citrus and lightly<br />

exotic flavours.<br />

Consistently excellent grape quality management together with<br />

modern vineyard and cellar practices to ensure drinking pleasure<br />

is delivered every time.<br />

Johann Joseph Wenzel Anton Franz Karl Radetzky von Radetz<br />

(1766-1858) known simply as “Graf Josef” to his friends, was the<br />

most celebrated military figure of the Habsburg Monarchy.<br />

He was immortalised by Johann Strauss in his world famous<br />

“Radetzky March”.<br />

Graf Josef wines supports the St. Vincent de Paul Society,<br />

donating profits to help the charity with its work to help the<br />

homeless in the cities of the UK and Ireland. Visit www.svp.<br />

org.uk for more information.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Chile<br />

Chile is geographically and climatically<br />

dominated by the Andes to the east and<br />

the Pacific Ocean to the west, with its<br />

vineyards found along an 800-mile stretch<br />

of land from Atacama Region<br />

to the Bio-Bio Region in the south.<br />

The climate is varied with northern regions<br />

being very hot and dry compared to the<br />

cooler, wetter regions in the south. This<br />

creates a widely varied viticulture.<br />

The Valle Central is Chile’s most productive<br />

and internationally known wine region, due<br />

in large part to its proximity to the country’s<br />

capital, Santiago. It spans the O’Higgins and<br />

Maule administrative regions as well as the<br />

Metropolitana Region, and within it are four<br />

subregions: Maipo Valley, Rapel Valley,<br />

Curicó Valley and Maule Valley.<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> is proud to work with<br />

Ventopuro, from the famed Matetic family<br />

vineyards. Ventopuro wines bring together<br />

the best that Chile’s valleys have to offer,<br />

demonstrating the tremendous diversity<br />

of terroirs within the wine growing valleys<br />

of the San Antonio and Casablanca<br />


Altaria leads you on a<br />

journey of discovery to some<br />

of the best wines that Chile<br />

has to offer, focusing on the<br />

famed Valle Central wine<br />

region which runs between<br />

the Chilean Coastal Range<br />

and the Andes Mountains -<br />

the ‘Between Cordilleras’<br />

area.<br />

CL310<br />

CL316<br />

CL316A<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2021<br />

6x75cl<br />

12x187ml<br />

24x187ml<br />

Crisp and refreshing, this wine<br />

offers an abundance of invigorating<br />

acidity. A perfect accompaniment to<br />

lighter style dishes particularly seafood<br />

and fresh pasta, or ideal on its own.<br />

Merlot<br />

2021<br />

CL312 6x75cl<br />

CL317 12x187ml<br />

CL317A 24x187ml<br />

Rich, intense aromas and<br />

flavours of bramble fruits, this Merlot<br />

is well rounded with good weight and<br />

length. The rich velvety texture of this<br />

wine makes it an ideal partner for red<br />

meat and pork dishes. It is also excellent<br />

enjoyed on it’s own.<br />

Chile<br />

Chardonnay<br />

2021<br />

CL311 6x75cl<br />

Delightfully fresh with citrus<br />

and tropical fruit flavours<br />

and a gentle, creamy vanilla<br />

oak. A versatile wine which makes a<br />

great accompaniment to most food,<br />

in particular cream-based pasta and<br />

succulent chicken dishes.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2021<br />

CL313 6x75cl<br />

Enticing, opulent aromas of<br />

blackcurrant with spicy notes.<br />

Fine concentration with rich<br />

and jammy black fruit flavours,<br />

good structure and length. This fullflavoured<br />

Chilean Cabernet would be<br />

ideal with rich pasta, casseroles or<br />

simply served on it’s own.<br />

Cavadorra<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2021<br />

WE495 6x75cl<br />

Crisp and elegant with fruity<br />

herb notes, tantalising citric<br />

notes and mineral character.<br />

Refreshing and juicy.<br />

Waters Edge<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2021<br />

WE033 6x75cl<br />

QB201 24x187ml<br />

A fresh, clean dry<br />

white with hints of<br />

citrus and gooseberry<br />

on the palate and a<br />

crisp fruity finish.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2021<br />

WE496 6x75cl<br />

Deep red colour, blackberries<br />

and cherries with a hint of<br />

spice on the palate. More dark<br />

red fruits with a slight peppery<br />

finish.<br />

Founders Stone<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

WE472 6x75cl<br />

QB132 12x187ml<br />

QB132A 24x187ml<br />

A light, fresh and crisp<br />

dry white wine with<br />

hints of citrus and<br />

gooseberry on the<br />

palate and a crisp fruity<br />

finish.<br />

Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon<br />

WE476 6x75cl<br />

Ruby red colour, full dark<br />

fruit aromas of blackcurrant<br />

and blackberry. Dark cherry<br />

and spice in the mouth with<br />

good integrated tannins and<br />

a long finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Chile<br />

Otra Tierra<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2021<br />

CL314 6x75cl<br />

A classic example of why<br />

Sauvignon Blanc is so popular.<br />

Fresh and crisp with citrus<br />

lemon and lime on the palate.<br />

Chardonnay<br />

2021<br />

CL299 6x75cl<br />

Fruity aromas in combination<br />

with butter, flowers and toast.<br />

Long and fresh mouth.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2021<br />

CL305 6x75cl<br />

A deep red in colour, dark<br />

red fruits on the palate. High<br />

intensity nose with aromas of<br />

berries and butter. In the mouth<br />

it is balanced and smooth with a medium<br />

persistence and a good finish.<br />

Merlot 2021<br />

CL315 6x75cl<br />

Rich, intense and packed full<br />

of blackberries and blueberries.<br />

Well rounded with good weight<br />

and length. Smooth and easy<br />

drinking.<br />

CL306<br />

Rosé<br />

6x75cl<br />

Strawberry pink in colour with a delicate<br />

soft fruit nose. Strawberry and raspberry<br />

on the palate.<br />

Luccello<br />

Sauvignon<br />

Blanc 2021<br />

CL354A 6x75cl<br />

CL354 12x75cl<br />

Explosive aromas of<br />

gooseberry, cut grass and<br />

guava. A delicious fresh, floral scented<br />

Sauvignon Blanc.<br />

Merlot 2020<br />

CL353A 6x75cl<br />

CL353 12x75cl<br />

High intensity on the nose with<br />

aromas of purple fruit. On the<br />

palate it is a balanced and soft wine with<br />

medium / high persistence and a good<br />

finish.<br />

The Speakeasy Club<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2019<br />

CL346 6x75cl<br />

Deep red colour, blackberries<br />

this is a classic Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon with a rich berry<br />

palate showing black cherries<br />

and plums with a minty note.<br />

Good integrated tannins with a slight<br />

peppery finish.<br />

The Brand<br />

This intense, juicy Malbec has a fresh and fruity nose with hints of<br />

plums, blackberries and a touch of vanilla from gentle oak ageing.<br />

And, as you’d imagine with a wine from asado (BBQ) country, this<br />

Malbec pairs perfectly with grilled and barbecued meats, as well<br />

as pasta, spicy dishes and cheese.<br />

Malbec<br />

2018<br />

CL249 24x187ml<br />

CL247 6x150cl<br />

Dark blackberry and cherry fruit with silky<br />

firm tannins. An explosion of fruit on the<br />

palate with hints of chocolate and spice.<br />

30<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Chile<br />

Ventopuro wines bring together the best that Chile’s valleys have to offer, demonstrating the tremendous<br />

diversity of terroirs within the country’s wine growing valleys of the San Antonio & Casablanca appellations.<br />

The proximity to the Pacific Ocean provides vineyards with cool nights, morning mist and afternoon sea<br />

breezes, with rain only during the winter season. All these conditions help to achieve slow ripening, healthy<br />

grapes with crisp natural acidity and intense flavours. While the area’s granite soils are poor in nutrients and<br />

very rich in quartz minerals, they allow for excellent drainage and root penetration.<br />

Combined with this passion for wine is Ventopuro’s commitment to sustainability. The team believes it is<br />

their duty to preserve Chile for future generations and has developed three key sustainability projects:<br />

• Plastic recycling, which recycles any plastic necessary within the winery<br />

• Woodworking which invites the local community into workshops and woodworking projects using wood<br />

from the winemaking process<br />

• Native trees project sees Ventopuro plant one native tree for every 100 cases of wine sold<br />

Reserva<br />

CL056<br />

CL069<br />

Sauvignon Blanc Reserva,<br />

Curico Valley 2020/21<br />

6x75cl<br />

12x37.5cl<br />

Aromas of fresh tropical fruit with delicate<br />

vegetal notes. Fresh on the palate with<br />

concentrated citrus flavours. Perfect with<br />

fish, shellfish and pastas.<br />

Carmenere Reserva,<br />

Colchagua Valley 2020/21<br />

CL059 6x75cl<br />

Aromas of strawberries and<br />

cherries with a hint of black pepper. Silky<br />

smooth on the palate with sweet tannins<br />

and a long finish. Perfect with spicy food,<br />

pasta and BBQ.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

Reserva, Colchagua<br />

Valley 2020<br />

CL058 6x75cl<br />

Aromas of red fruits, blueberries<br />

and plums. Flavourful and gentle on the<br />

palate with pleasing finish. Perfect with<br />

red meats and aged cheeses.<br />

Merlot Reserva,<br />

Curico Valley 2020<br />

CL057 6x75cl<br />

CL070 12x37.5cl<br />

Aroma of cherries and red fruits. Soft<br />

and silky on the palate with a wellbalanced<br />

structure. Perfect with red<br />

meats and pastas.<br />

Pinot Noir Reserva,<br />

Itata Valley 2019/20<br />

CL060 6x75cl<br />

Dark cherry red in colour with<br />

aromas of berries and floral notes.<br />

Medium bodied on the palate with a long<br />

and lingering finish. Perfect with risotto.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Chile<br />

Single Vineyard<br />

CL061<br />

Sauvignon Blanc Single Vineyard,<br />

San Antonio Valley 2020/21<br />

6x75cl<br />

Intense citrusy aromas with mineral and herbal notes. Crisp on<br />

the palate with delicious acidity. Perfect with fish, shellfish and<br />

fresh cheeses.<br />

Chardonnay Single Vineyard,<br />

Casablanca Valley 2020/21<br />

CL062 6x75cl<br />

Floral and tropical fruit aromas with subtle oaky notes. Soft and<br />

elegant on the palate with pleasing acidity. Perfect with fish,<br />

white meats and pastas.<br />

Gold Drinks Business Autumn Tasting 2020<br />

Winemaker’s Blend Single Vineyard,<br />

Central Valley 2018/19<br />

CL063 6x75cl<br />

This is a remarkably seductive Chilean wine showcasing<br />

complexity, depth, concentration and personality. It’s delicious<br />

and finely tuned with a wide array of well-integrated aromas<br />

recalling black cherries, blackcurrants, plums and spices with<br />

silky tannins and a long, lingering finish. Perfect with grilled beef,<br />

lamb, well-seasoned stews, pasta and aged cheeses.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard,<br />

Colchagua Valley 2018/19<br />

CL064 6x75cl<br />

Intense aromas of red fruits with a touch of pepper and<br />

blackcurrant. Good structure on the palate with notes of vanilla<br />

and cacao. Perfect with game meats, red meats and cheeses.<br />

Carménère Single Vineyard,<br />

Colchagua Valley 2018/19<br />

CL065 6x75cl<br />

Aromas of ripe red and black fruits, chocolate and spices with<br />

good concentration and silky tannins on the palate. Perfect with<br />

pastas, fish and red or white meats.<br />

Pinot Noir Single Vineyard,<br />

Casablanca Valley 2018/19<br />

CL066 6x75cl<br />

Deep and intensely red in colour with aromas of strawberries,<br />

raspberries and a touch of blueberries along with subtle spice<br />

notes characteristic of this variety. The palate is concentrated with<br />

elegant, smooth tannins, vibrant acidity and a long, smooth finish.<br />

Decanter 90 Points<br />

Estelar<br />

Estelar Carménère,<br />

Colchagua Valley 2018/19<br />

CL067 6x75cl<br />

This elegant Carmenere is ruby red with violet tones. On the<br />

nose we find aromas reminding us of strawberries and cassis<br />

with a perfect balance of oak. In mouth it has powerful but<br />

rounds tannins. Long persistence at the end with a great finish.<br />

Estelar Cabernet Sauvignon,<br />

Colchagua Valley 2018/19<br />

CL068 6x75cl<br />

A classic Cabernet with deep red colour. An intense nose with<br />

aromas of tobacco, bitter chocolate and ripe red fruit, balanced<br />

with elegant and soft oak notes. In the mouth we find elegant and<br />

very lively tannins, delivering a generous and long finish.<br />

Silver IWC 2020<br />

32<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Chile<br />

Pato Torrente<br />

CL366<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2020/21<br />

12x75cl<br />

Invitingly fruity, offering a juicy citrus and<br />

gooseberry backbone overlaid with notes of<br />

fresh green apples.<br />

Chardonnay<br />

2019/20<br />

CL365 12x75cl<br />

Aromas of peach, apricot, dessert apples and<br />

vanilla open the show for a palate with more<br />

round, ripe stone fruits and citrus.<br />

Merlot<br />

2020<br />

CL368 12x75cl<br />

Offers good concentration and depth, a soft<br />

and plummy texture, hints of vanilla and<br />

spice.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2019/20<br />

CL369 12x75cl<br />

A fruit-driven style of Cabernet which offers<br />

rounded, ripe berry fruit with a plummy and<br />

easy-going feel.<br />

Los Coches<br />

Viognier 2020/21<br />

CL320 12x75cl<br />

The aromatic qualities of this refreshing<br />

white are perfect with a wide range of<br />

foods including chicken, fish and pasta<br />

dishes.<br />

Pinot Noir 2020/21<br />

CL322 12x75cl<br />

A very versatile red wine with lots of<br />

black fruit flavours. Will pair well with<br />

poached salmon, roast chicken, pork<br />

and most pasta dishes.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Chile<br />

CL014<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2020/21<br />

12x75cl<br />

Estate grown in the Maipo Valley with<br />

its mild climate and gravelly well drained<br />

soil. A fresh, fruity, stylish dry wine.<br />

Rosé<br />

CL019 12x75cl<br />

Beautiful strawberry pink colour with<br />

intense fruit aromas. Delicate and<br />

elegant, fresh and crisp with a smooth<br />

and well balanced finish.<br />

The iconic Andes mountains combined with the warm<br />

climate and gentle cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean<br />

create near perfect conditions for producing wine.<br />

Mountain Range wines are fruity and bursting with<br />

mouthwateringly luscious flavours.<br />

Merlot 2020<br />

CL013 12x75cl<br />

This wine is appreciated for its silky<br />

smoothness, fruity taste and lingering<br />

finish. Serve with all meats and most<br />

cheeses.<br />

Chardonnay Pedro<br />

Ximinez 2019/20<br />

CL052 12x75cl<br />

Fruity and delicate with notes of herbs,<br />

tropical fruits and vanilla. Fresh,<br />

balanced and refreshing with a little<br />

sweetness and long lasting flavour.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2020<br />

CL053 12x75cl<br />

Fruity herb notes and some vanilla.<br />

Fresh dry and balanced. Superb as an<br />

aperitif or with fish and white meats.<br />

Rosé 2020<br />

CL055 12x75cl<br />

Soft summer fruits on the palate with a<br />

delicious sweet finish.<br />

Merlot<br />

2020<br />

CL051 12x75cl<br />

Young, peppery wine with flavours of<br />

herbs and berries. Soft rounded and<br />

long, very smooth. A violet red colour.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2019/20<br />

CL050 12x75cl<br />

Full of blackberries and spice, plums<br />

and vanilla. This Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

has a ruby colour and gives a prolonged<br />

taste in the mouth. Good body and finish.<br />

34<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Chile<br />

Los Gansos<br />

Los Gansos takes its name from the flock of geese which roams<br />

the vineyards acting as protection for these precious vines. The<br />

geese seek out harmful pests and parasites ensuring the vines,<br />

and grapes, are in full health.<br />

The passion for sustainability at the vineyard extends not just to<br />

looking after the environment, it also ensures fair treatment for<br />

Los Gansos vineyard workers and its local communities.<br />

Viognier<br />

2021<br />

CL153 6x75cl<br />

Rich and golden, with full-bodied<br />

flavours of peach and apricot. An<br />

aromatic delight that pairs splendidly<br />

with spicy food or shellfish.<br />

Pinot Noir<br />

2019<br />

CL154 6x75cl<br />

Bright, ruby red in the glass with vivid<br />

flavours of strawberry and red cherry. A<br />

light, refreshing red wine perfect to pair<br />

with roast chicken or mild curry dishes.<br />

Super Reserve <strong>Wines</strong><br />

CL248<br />

Ocio Pinot Noir<br />

2017<br />

6x75cl<br />

Beautiful and concentrated ruby red<br />

colour of high intensity. In the mouth it<br />

shows intense sweet fruit, elegance, rich<br />

texture and concentrated flavours.<br />

This amazing Pinot Noir has very soft<br />

tannins, a great structure and a rich and<br />

long lasting ending.<br />

Ladera Verde<br />

Half Bottles 375ml<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2020<br />

CL451 24x37.5cl<br />

Crisp and elegant with fruity herb notes,<br />

tantalising citric notes and mineral<br />

character. Refreshing and juicy.<br />

Merlot<br />

2020<br />

CL450 24x37.5cl<br />

This has lovely plummy merlot fruit with<br />

a ripeness that is so typical of Chile.<br />

Easy and very drinkable.<br />

Pico a Pico<br />

Wine of Valle Central. Artisan wine created by specialist<br />

boutique winemaker Fernando Torres. Hand-made with<br />

grapes picked from small<br />

parcels of inherited land,<br />

keeping traditional Chilean<br />

winemaking alive.<br />

Grapes are Fairtrade certified<br />

and sourced from Fairtrade<br />

producers. Fairtrade means<br />

fairer trading conditions and<br />

opportunities for producers<br />

in developing countries to<br />

invest in their businesses and<br />

communities for a sustainable<br />

future.<br />

Visit www.info.fairtrade.net for<br />

more information.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2020/21<br />

CL286 6x75cl<br />

Typically tropical and fresh Sauvignon<br />

with aromas of gooseberries and fresh<br />

mown hay. Crisp and well balanced.<br />

Merlot Carménère<br />

2020<br />

CL287 6x75cl<br />

Very lush and rounded with lots of ripe<br />

blueberry and raspberry character and a<br />

hint of smoke.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


England<br />

While Sparkling dominates the English wine<br />

category, still wine production is on the up<br />

with wine producers having learned huge<br />

amounts in recent years about the optimum<br />

conditions for growing vines.<br />

English wine is growing in popularity and is<br />

increasingly recognised as a premium wineproducing<br />

region - sales in 2020 rose by 30%<br />

to reach 7.1m bottles.<br />

The majority of plantings are the three<br />

traditional varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir,<br />

Pinot Meunier which account for some 75%<br />

of hectarage planted. These are primarily for<br />

sparkling wine, however an increasing number<br />

of producers are using these for still wine too.<br />

The English harvest hasn’t escaped recent<br />

global extreme weather. Late frosts in 2019<br />

plus warm conditions early 2020 leading to<br />

lower bunch weight, smaller berries and lower<br />

production volumes. A total of 8.7m bottles<br />

were produced in 2020 compared to 10.5m in<br />


England<br />

Bolney Wine Estate is now a third generation business,<br />

it has come a long way since it’s first vines were planted<br />

in 1972. Now a 104 acre vineyard with numerous awards<br />

along the way including ‘Winery of the Year 2017’.<br />

Bolney Estate Pinot Gris<br />

GB121A 6x75cl<br />

Medium bodied and smooth, plenty<br />

of fresh pear along with citrus and<br />

honeysuckle. A fresh finish with some<br />

grassy notes.<br />

Bolney Estate Bacchus<br />

GB124A 6x75cl<br />

This complex Bacchus marries classic<br />

Elderflower and Gooseberry with<br />

savoury notes of white pepper and citrus<br />

undertones. This rounded vintage is<br />

ideal for ageing.<br />

Bolney Estate Lychgate<br />

Rosé<br />

GB122 6x75cl<br />

Delicate and light, with a fashionable<br />

coral pink colour. Aromas of red cherry,<br />

red apple, strawberry and pear are<br />

balanced by crisp acidity and a fresh<br />

juicy finish.<br />

Bolney Estate Pinot Noir<br />

GB123A 6x75cl<br />

This perfectly balanced Pinot has<br />

soft tannins and juicy red cherries on<br />

the palate. Leather, spice and chocolate<br />

complement fresh plums and a smooth<br />

and creamy finish.<br />

Bolney Estate Lychgate<br />

Red<br />

GB120 12x75cl<br />

A medium-bodied dry red wine with lovely<br />

blackcurrant aromas. The palate shows<br />

ripe blackberry and black pepper flavours<br />

held together with good tannic structure.<br />

See Page 80 for further Bolney Sparkling <strong>Wines</strong>.<br />

Bacchus Block<br />

GB146 6x75cl<br />

A full-bodied Bacchus with broad tropical-fruit notes and herbal<br />

undertones. 100% Bacchus, made with slightly overripe grapes,<br />

some with a touch of Botrytis. This has resulted in a wine<br />

brimming with bold, zesty, intense tropical fruit notes.<br />

Sandbar<br />

GB142 6x75cl<br />

Made from 100% Bacchus grapes, this fresh and zesty wine is a<br />

clear, pale lemon in colour. Crisp with balanced acidity, fresh and<br />

zesty with a zingy grapefruit finish.<br />

Based in Devon’s beautiful<br />

Axe Valley, Lyme Bay’s<br />

range of still and<br />

sparkling English <strong>Wines</strong><br />

have captured the<br />

imagination of many<br />

and achieved incredible<br />

international award success.<br />

Shoreline<br />

GB153 6x75cl<br />

Clear, pale lemon in colour, Shoreline is a blend of Bacchus,<br />

Pinot Blanc, Seyval Blanc & Reichensteiner. A clean fresh nose<br />

with lemon and enticing citrus fruits. A dry and crisp palate but<br />

with balanced acidity. Refreshing lemon, grapefruit and nettle<br />

lead to a subtle floral finish.<br />

Decanter Bronze & Silver medal<br />

Pinot Noir Rosé<br />

GB154 6x75cl<br />

This soft delicious Rosé is medium dry, with hints of strawberries<br />

and cream, and a rosehip undertone. A light sweetness tempts the<br />

palate to a very juicy ending with fantastic length of flavour.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


France<br />

With eight billion bottles produced<br />

every year and 53 litres of wine per<br />

capita per year, French wine-making is<br />

a serious business. From the luscious<br />

green landscapes of Bordeaux to<br />

Burgundy, and from the gorgeous Loire<br />

Valley to the Rhone Valley and beyond,<br />

wine in France is a unique art.<br />

These famed grape growing regions<br />

which are linked to the concept of terroir,<br />

making some regions more valuable in<br />

the wine market than others.<br />

Bordeaux is France’s most famous<br />

wine region and the reference point<br />

for Cabernet Sauvignon. But there’s<br />

actually more Merlot (66%) in Bordeaux’s<br />

vineyards overall than Cabernet (22.5%).<br />

In recent years, Provence rosé has<br />

become the consumer’s rosé of choice<br />

with exports to the UK increasing 51%<br />

in both volume and value (2019-2020).<br />

Provence rosés are very clearly defined<br />

as pale pink wines that are dry, minerally<br />

and delicately fruity.

France<br />

Plaimont<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

Côtes de Gascogne<br />

2020<br />

FR458 6x75cl<br />

This Sauvignon Blanc comes from<br />

selected parcels within Gascogne. A<br />

stunning expression of the region, this<br />

wine has zesty lemon notes with vibrant<br />

gooseberry character. A delicious wine<br />

perfect as an aperitif or with food.<br />

FR452A<br />

Colombard Côtes<br />

de Gascogne 2020<br />

6x75cl<br />

The colour of the wine is a wonderful<br />

pale gold. The bouquet is floral thanks to<br />

the typical Colombard, grapefruit, acacia<br />

and honeysuckle flavours giving a long<br />

lasting fruity palate.<br />

Merlot-Tannat<br />

Côtes de Gascogne<br />

Ribeton 2019<br />

FR457A 6x75cl<br />

Aromas of red fruits with floral hints and<br />

vanilla in the mouth. The tannins offer<br />

a good balance. Supple and fruity with<br />

final spice notes. A beautiful deep purple<br />

colour.<br />

Cuvée du Roy Plaimont IGP Range<br />

Located halfway between the Pyrenees and Atlantic Ocean<br />

in southwest France, the Cuvée du Roy vineyard covers 250<br />

hectares of clay and limestone rounded hills. The climate<br />

enjoys the ocean influence from the Atlantic to the West and<br />

of the Pyrenees to the South.<br />

Dry White<br />

Côtes de Gascogne<br />

FR002A 6x75cl<br />

Hints of citrus fruit on the nose, the<br />

palate is fresh and fruity with a very<br />

refreshing finish of grapefruit and lemon.<br />

Medium Dry White<br />

Côtes de Gascogne<br />

FR003A 6x75cl<br />

Aromas of white fruit with hints of<br />

pineapple and melon. Fresh and fruity<br />

palate, with an uplifting and aromatic<br />

finish. Notes of grapefruit and mango.<br />

Rosé<br />

Côtes de Gascogne<br />

FR009 6x75cl<br />

Light, soft and fruity with delicious flavours<br />

of soft cherry fruits. A very fragrant and<br />

easy drinking wine.<br />

Red<br />

Côtes de Gascogne<br />

FR001A 6x75cl<br />

Garnet red in colour with purple tints. A<br />

delicious bouquet of red fruits, fresh with<br />

notes of sweet spices lead to a round<br />

and generous palate with a soft, fruity<br />

finish.<br />

Pfaff Wine Estates,<br />

Alsace<br />

Riesling 2019<br />

FR173 6x75cl<br />

Fresh, open and elegant. Well<br />

balanced with a firm, dry palate.<br />

Pinot Gris 2019<br />

FR171 6x75cl<br />

Firm structure with an intriguing, almost<br />

exclusive, scent and taste.<br />

Gewürztraminer 2019<br />

FR170 6x75cl<br />

Dry and fresh with a superb spicy<br />

aroma. Ideal with Oriental food.<br />

Tariquet<br />

Colombard<br />

Ugni Blanc<br />

2020<br />

FR459 6x75cl<br />

Magnificent intensity of<br />

this ‘open wine’. Floral and<br />

citrus aromas and beautiful<br />

nuances of exotic fruits. The<br />

taste is round, full of ripe<br />

fruits, enhanced by a frank<br />

and citrusy finish.<br />

A perfect example of<br />

lightness and balance that<br />

makes this wine a real<br />

companion of thirst and<br />

pleasure.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />



France<br />

Provence<br />

Bieler Père et Fils Sabine<br />

Provence Rosé 2019/20<br />

FR330 12x75cl<br />

On the palate you discover<br />

raspberry, cherry, peach,<br />

herbal, citrus and a mineral<br />

core. The palate has<br />

tremendous length.<br />

A delicate balance between floral, herbal<br />

and wild red fruit. A wine that is in total<br />

harmony with a balance of flavour and<br />

freshness.<br />

Created by esteemed US winemaker<br />

Charles Bieler in Aix-en-Provence as<br />

homage to his father Philippe. Named for<br />

Charles’ daughter Sabine.<br />

90 Points Vinous<br />

Whispering Angel<br />

Provence Rosé 2020<br />

FR331 6x75cl<br />

Côtes de Provence Rosé. Very pure,<br />

round and flavourful supported by<br />

beautiful acidity adding body and<br />

volume. There is a fine and elegant<br />

aromatic framework enhancing length.<br />

Finely aromatic with a beautiful, sharp<br />

structure.<br />

Soleil des Alpes<br />

Provence Rosé<br />

IGP 2020<br />

FR400 6x75cl<br />

A beautiful pale pink colour with a nose<br />

of red berries and a touch of floral notes.<br />

The mouthfeel is pleasantly complex<br />

with a remarkable balance between<br />

freshness and minerality on the finish.<br />

Southern France<br />

FR671<br />

Terre d’Eole Picpoul de Pinet 2020<br />

6x75cl<br />

Fresh and lively. Citrus notes (lemon, lemongrass), marked<br />

by minerality with iodine sensation. Splendid with seafood,<br />

shellfish and traditional Mediterranean dishes. Also pairs well<br />

with cheeses and chocolate.<br />

Guillame Aurèle Pinot Noir 2019<br />

FR670 6x75cl<br />

This is a delicious little gem from the South of France. Showing<br />

wonderful aromas of cranberry and raspberry fruit, it is light<br />

and soft with a delicate, velvety finish.<br />

Le Bio Balthazar Minervois 2020<br />

FR672 6x75cl<br />

The dominant Grenache gives a real juiciness to this wine.<br />

Red fruit on the nose, the mouth is very smooth and round<br />

with well developed tannins.<br />

Chemin des Pèlerins, Côtes de Saint Mont<br />

White 2017<br />

FR482 6x75cl<br />

Light yellow in colour with<br />

green hints. Ripe bouquet<br />

of exotic fruit and grapefruit.<br />

Well-balanced, soft and rich<br />

on the palate with notes<br />

of quince, pineapple and<br />

lemon. Fresh with good<br />

length.<br />

Rosé 2020<br />

FR481 6x75cl<br />

A delicious, fruity rosé made<br />

from the local grapes of Saint<br />

Mont. Attractive aromas of<br />

soft cherry reveal a palate of<br />

summer fruits with a delicious,<br />

moreish finish. A very well<br />

made and thought through<br />

wine.<br />

Red 2014/15<br />

FR480 6x75cl<br />

Purple in colour. Fresh black<br />

fruit nose (blackcurrant and<br />

blackberry) with spicy and<br />

liquorice hints. The mouth<br />

is powerful but subtle with<br />

silky tannins, yet consistent<br />

and balanced on the palate.<br />

40<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


France<br />

Bordeaux Red<br />

Château Malbat Claret<br />

2019<br />

FR133 12x75cl<br />

FR460 24x37.5cl<br />

FR140 6x150cl<br />

Good purple to rim. Ripe, fresh aroma,<br />

bright fruit in the mouth. Balanced and<br />

clean to the finish.<br />

Beaujolais<br />

Beaujolais Villages<br />

2020<br />

FR205 12x75cl<br />

Fresh, fragrant bouquet with soft cherry<br />

fruit on the palate. A wine of the highest<br />

quality from one of the leading producers<br />

of Beaujolais.<br />

Fleurie 2020<br />

FR207 12x75cl<br />

Firm, fresh fruit with velvety texture. Light<br />

and luscious with a silky, smooth finish.<br />

FR157<br />

Château Moulin de Mallet<br />

2019<br />

6x75cl<br />

Great colour for such a modest wine.<br />

Very dense and sweet on the attack,<br />

with lots of fruit and a juicy feel ahead of<br />

a light, grippy finish. Very ripe and great<br />

value.<br />

Château Batailley,<br />

Pauillac 2015<br />

FR122A 6x75cl<br />

Medium to full bodied, supple textured,<br />

layered, rich and long, This wine marks<br />

the renaissance of this fifth-growing<br />

Pauillac that is displaying strong signs of<br />

moving into the big leagues.<br />

Château de Trébiac,<br />

Graves 2017<br />

FR126 6x75cl<br />

A stunning medium bodied wine with<br />

excellent structure and style. Made<br />

predominantly from Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

and Merlot, the wine also has small<br />

proportions of Malbec and Carménère<br />

in the blend. Aged in oak barrels for 18<br />

months before bottling.<br />

Château Moulinet<br />

Lasserre, Pomerol<br />

2012<br />

FR149 12x75cl<br />

The Merlot really shows through on this<br />

wine. Dried plums are evident on the<br />

nose and its enticing colour makes this<br />

wine very inviting. Jammy cassis fruit<br />

on the palate integrates with rich, silky<br />

tannins.<br />

Château La Tour<br />

Bel Air, St Emilion 2018<br />

FR128A 6x75cl<br />

Deep ruby red. Fruit notes of cherries<br />

with liquorice and menthol. A fleshy and<br />

harmonious wine.<br />

Château Puy-Blanquet,<br />

Grand Cru, St Emilion<br />

2014<br />

FR135 12x75cl<br />

There’s a superb purity of vibrant cherry<br />

and plum fruit on the nose. The tannins<br />

on the palate are soft and fine, and there<br />

is a core of pure, plummy red fruit.<br />

Les Tourelles de<br />

Longueville, Pauillac<br />

2015<br />

FR378A 6x75cl<br />

For some time, this second wine of a<br />

famous Bordeaux château has been<br />

a bit of a wine trade secret. Its big<br />

brother, Château Pichon-Baron has<br />

produced some of the most iconic wines<br />

of Bordeaux over the last 30 years, and<br />

Les Tourelles has often given its fans<br />

not just a glimpse of the Grand Vin, but<br />

something truly fantastic in its own right.<br />

Bordeaux White<br />

Petit Guiraud<br />

Sauternes<br />

2016<br />

FR105 12x37.5cl<br />

Bright lemon-gold with rich,<br />

spicy, ripe apricot aromas.<br />

The palate is clean and<br />

fine with splendid middle<br />

richness. The finish is lively<br />

and strong.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />




France<br />

Burgundy Red<br />

FR200<br />

Domaine Parent<br />

Bourgogne<br />

Pinot Noir 2017<br />

12x75cl<br />

A fruity and supple wine with good<br />

weight and a surprising long finish.<br />

Typical of this ripe and rich vintage.<br />

Domaine Parent<br />

Les Epenottes,<br />

Beaune Premier Cru<br />

2017<br />

FR213 12x75cl<br />

This vineyard is located on the boundary<br />

of Beaune and Pommard, and produces<br />

an elegant combination of the two,<br />

harmonising the finesse of Pommard<br />

with the power of the finest Premiere Cru<br />

Beaune wines.<br />

Chassagne‐Montrachet<br />

Vieilles Vignes<br />

2019<br />

FR234 12x75cl<br />

Pure and refined cherry notes persist<br />

across the palate of this elegant stylish<br />

wine. Boasting a stunning floral bouquet<br />

and silky smooth elegance on the palate.<br />

Santenay Premier Cru<br />

Clos Rousseau<br />

2018<br />

FR235 12x75cl<br />

From perhaps the best 1st Cru in<br />

Santenay, 100% Pinot Noir. This has an<br />

excellent combination of softness and<br />

structure. It is full of dark fruit - damsons<br />

and loganberries - and is very intense,<br />

masculine and long.<br />

Burgundy White<br />

Mâcon-Villages Château<br />

de Charnay 2019<br />

FR253A 6x75cl<br />

This unoaked Chardonnay is produced<br />

from grapes grown in the villages of<br />

Bussières in the Mâconnais on the estate<br />

of Jean-François Gonon. It is a delicious<br />

combination of minerality and zesty<br />

complexity. Dry.<br />

Mâcon-Lugny Les<br />

Genièveres Louis<br />

Latour 2019<br />

FR259 12x75cl<br />

A fruity and supple wine with good<br />

weight and a surprising long finish.<br />

Typical of this ripe and rich vintage.<br />

Petit Chablis Domaine<br />

Manants Brocard<br />

2020<br />

FR249 12x75cl<br />

A wonderful expression of the minerality<br />

for which the best Chablis wines are so<br />

rightly renowned. Ripe fruit and a clean<br />

crispness are the hallmarks of this wine.<br />

Chablis<br />

Jean de Chaudenay 2020<br />

FR239 12x75cl<br />

Acacia, lemon, white peaches<br />

and minerals provide an inviting and<br />

intense nose. On the palate the texture<br />

is lovely and the finish long and dry.<br />

Domaine Gonon Pouilly-<br />

Fuisse Vieilles Vignes<br />

2020<br />

FR470 12x75cl<br />

A memorable dry white Burgundy with<br />

power, complexity and a clean dry palate.<br />

Chablis Domaine<br />

des Manants<br />

Brocard 2020<br />

FR250 12x75cl<br />

A lovely straw colour edged in green.<br />

With a clean crisp dry flavour and well<br />

structured finish. Gold Medal Winner<br />

Chablis Premier Cru<br />

Montmains Brocard<br />

2018<br />

FR252 12x75cl<br />

Beautifully made single vineyard Chablis.<br />

Dry and full flavoured with elegant nose<br />

and harmonious finish.<br />

Santenay Sous La Roche<br />

2019<br />

FR238 12x75cl<br />

A very stylish white burgundy from a<br />

single vineyard site. Old vines give a fullbodied<br />

wine with an appealing fragrance,<br />

good acidity and long after-taste.<br />

42<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Loire<br />

Muscadet AOP Drouet<br />

2018/19<br />

FR303A 6x75cl<br />

Clean, fresh, fruity, dry white wine. The<br />

ideal complement to meat or fish.<br />

Vouvray la Forcine<br />

2020<br />

FR308A 6x75cl<br />

Stylish demi-sec flavour of the Chenin<br />

grape has a hint of sweetness and a rich<br />

after-taste in stunning packaging.<br />

Domaine Daulny,<br />

Sancerre 2020<br />

FR310 12x75cl<br />

FR309 24x37.5cl<br />

Excellent domaine Sancerre. Good nose<br />

and intense fruit on the palate with a<br />

steely rich character.<br />

Muscadet Sèvre et-Maine<br />

Sur Lie, Domaine Le Fief<br />

de la Brie 2020<br />

FR305A 6x75cl<br />

A beautifully made ‘Domaine Wine’.<br />

Soft and dry with a delicious flavour<br />

reminiscent of citrus.<br />

Pouilly-Fumé,<br />

Domaine des Fines<br />

Caillottes 2020<br />

FR312 12x75cl<br />

A fine aromatic character with rich complex<br />

fruit. Smoky, flinty palate. One of the<br />

finest wines produced in the appellation.<br />

FR315A<br />

Domaine De La<br />

Bergerie Touraine<br />

Sauvignon 2020<br />

6x75cl<br />

Lovely clear colour with green hue, rich<br />

fragrant nose. Superb presentation with<br />

a dry, intense palate.<br />

France<br />

Pouilly-Fumé,<br />

Château de Tracy<br />

2019<br />

FR314 12x75cl<br />

Probably the most famous<br />

Pouilly-Fumé of all. Excellent<br />

presentation, the wine is a classic with<br />

superb style, flavour and bouquet.<br />

Limited Stock<br />

Rosé d’Anjou<br />

Les Roseraies AOC<br />

2020<br />

FR412 6x75cl<br />

Fragrant, medium in style rosé showing<br />

fresh fruit flavours with a soft easy<br />

drinking style.<br />

Rhône Red<br />

Côtes du Rhône,<br />

Les Côteaux du Rhône<br />

2019<br />

FR600A 6x75cl<br />

A quality Rhône red, deep colour<br />

showing good balance and soft<br />

subtle palate.<br />

Le Télégramme, ,<br />

Châteauneuf-du-Pape<br />

2019<br />

FR153 12x75cl<br />

Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe is one of<br />

the oldest and greatest estates in the<br />

famous wine region of Châteauneuf-du-<br />

Pape. “Le Télégramme” represents the<br />

Domaine’s second label wine, which is<br />

produced from younger vines located in<br />

the region of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.<br />

Arbouse Côtes du Rhône<br />

Villages 2018<br />

FR276 6x75cl<br />

Deep ruby colour with violet tints. Rich<br />

soft and elegant in the mouth with a firm<br />

ripe flavour.<br />

Les Galets de la<br />

Berthaude<br />

Châteauneuf-du-Pape<br />

2020<br />

FR608A 6x75cl<br />

Rich, strong full bodied Southern Rhône<br />

red, with a powerful fruit scent.<br />

Crozes Hermitage<br />

Frédéric Reverdy<br />

2018<br />

FR620A 6x75cl<br />

Intense cherry-red colour. Aromas of<br />

small red fruits and blackcurrants on<br />

the nose. Very round wine with a good<br />

lengthy finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Germany<br />

The last couple of years’ weather in<br />

Germany has been sporadic to say<br />

the least: 2020 saw the worst drought<br />

in half a century while 2021 brought<br />

catastrophic flooding which claimed 180<br />

lives in the Ahr Valley, washing away<br />

vineyards.<br />

Overall, 2021 was a challenging year<br />

for wine producers. Firstly, a cool and<br />

humid spring led to comparatively late<br />

budding which resulted in some late frost<br />

damage in Baden and Württemberg. The<br />

vines then grew so fast in June, that the<br />

winemakers had trouble keeping up when<br />

binding them to the trellis. Fortunately,<br />

the somewhat late flowering of the vines<br />

led to a promising fruit set.<br />

However, the 2021 harvest started well<br />

and after the cool and partly rainy<br />

summer, Germany’s sunny September<br />

was extremely good for ripening<br />

grapes. Depending on the region, the<br />

must weights increased by up to 17<br />

degrees Oechsle for the Pinot varieties<br />

(Burgunder) and up to 21 degrees<br />

Oechsle for Riesling. In the official<br />

ripening measurements, on average<br />

almost all varieties are at the level for<br />

quality wine.

Germany<br />

Rhein-Nahe<br />

Liebfraumilch<br />

DE003 6x150cl<br />

BIB25 1x10lts<br />

A high quality Liebfraumilch<br />

produced by one of the<br />

quality German vineyards.<br />

Mosel<br />

Piesporter Michelsberg<br />

2020<br />

DE058 6x75cl<br />

Franz Reh and son produced by<br />

Kenderman, this cold fermented wine is<br />

really crisp, fresh and zesty.<br />

Riesling Kabinett<br />

2020<br />

DE066A 6x75cl<br />

Super presentation for this zingy, clean<br />

Kabinett. Good acidity and balance,<br />

proving very popular.<br />

Hochheimer Hölle<br />

Riesling<br />

Kabinett 2019<br />

DE004 6x75cl<br />

An authentic style German Riesling<br />

with elegant balance in harmony<br />

between natural fruits and lively acidity,<br />

developing rich and delicate aromas.<br />

Perfect marriage with pate. Light meat<br />

or fish with creamy sauces, spicy Asiatic<br />

dishes, blue cheese or fruit desserts.<br />

DE006<br />

Guts-Riesling Trocken<br />

2019<br />

6x75cl<br />

Ripe yellow peach and hints of<br />

apple blossom. Tangy, juicy limes<br />

and rhubarb with persistent and<br />

fresh finish. A versatile wine which<br />

pairs perfectly with almost any food.<br />

Produced in Rheingau.<br />

Hochheimer Hölle<br />

Riesling Spätlese<br />

2016<br />

DE005 6x75cl<br />

Delicate noble Riesling Spätlese from<br />

full, ripe grapes harvested late in<br />

October, with rich, natural fruit aromas<br />

of peach and apricot. The sweetness of<br />

this wine is balanced in harmony against<br />

the stimulating acidity. Produced in<br />

Rheingau.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Italy<br />

Italy is home to some of the oldest<br />

wine-producing regions in the world and<br />

Italian wines are wonderfully diverse.<br />

The Italians’ individuality, long<br />

history, and stubborn campanilismo<br />

(hometown pride) has developed a<br />

bewildering diversity of both grape<br />

varieties and wine styles.<br />

Italy’s vineyards are home to more than<br />

2,000 grape varieties, the best-known<br />

being Sangiovese, Barbera, Nebbiolo,<br />

Montepulciano and Pinot Grigio. This<br />

diversity is primarily due to two factors:<br />

the varied topography and climate, and<br />

the strong identities of each region – Italy<br />

was only united as one country in the<br />

19th Century.<br />

A new phenomenon in the world of<br />

Prosecco, 2020 saw the first ever vintage<br />

of Prosecco Rose. Previously, only 100%<br />

Glera could legally be called Prosecco<br />

and still all of the grapes used to make<br />

any Prosecco must be grown in a specific<br />

region.<br />

In terms of taste, new Rosé Prosecco is<br />

similar to regular Prosecco: it retains the<br />

vibrant bubbles and freshness, but with<br />

the enhanced colour comes a floral and<br />

fruity flavour addition, think summer<br />


Italy<br />

Fioroso<br />

Celebrating classic Italian varietals, the Fioroso range brings wines from celebrated regions<br />

including Benevento, Sicily and Veneto.<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

2020/21<br />

IT150 6x75cl<br />

Light golden colour with lifted aromas<br />

of stone-fruits and melons. Medium<br />

bodied, containing flavours of ripe<br />

peaches and tropical fruit.<br />

Fiano<br />

IT153 6x75cl<br />

Pale straw coloured wine with strong<br />

aromas of spice and floral notes. On<br />

the palate, notes of honey and nutty<br />

hazelnut.<br />

Bianco Verduzzo<br />

Chardonnay 2020/21<br />

IT149 6x75cl<br />

This white wine is a blend of 50%<br />

Verduzzo and 50% Chardonnay. Crisp<br />

and clean and bursts with mineral and<br />

citrus fruit.<br />

Pinot Grigio Rosé<br />

2020/21<br />

IT151 6x75cl<br />

The nose displays gentle summer fruit<br />

fragrances while delicate strawberry<br />

fruit dances on the palate.<br />

Rosso Cabernet Merlot<br />

2020<br />

IT148 6x75cl<br />

A fruity and easy-drinking red made<br />

from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and<br />

Merlot. Flavours of red fruits and aromas<br />

of wild summer berries.<br />

Nero d’Avola DOC<br />

2020<br />

IT152 6x75cl<br />

Bright ruby-red colour, this wine offers<br />

layered notes of cherry, mulberry and<br />

raspberry. On the palate, it is complex<br />

and supple, with ripe berry flavours<br />

framed by silky tannins.<br />

IT156<br />

Archivio Pecorino<br />

Terre di Chieti IGT<br />

2020/21<br />

6x75cl<br />

Classic Pecorino. Dry, straw-yellow in<br />

colour and an elegantly floral bouquet<br />

of acacia and jasmine. Medium acidity<br />

with melon, pear and white peach<br />

notes on the palate and nose.<br />

This white wine is made from a rare and<br />

long-forgotten Abruzzo grape variety<br />

now being rediscovered. ‘Isn’t Pecorino a<br />

sheep’s milk cheese?’ Yes, it is the name<br />

the well-known Italian cheese, but it is<br />

also the name of this great grape variety.<br />

According to local legend the variety gets<br />

its name from the fact that the sheep<br />

(‘pecora’ in Italian) enjoy nibbling the<br />

leaves of this particular vine.<br />

Awarded five stars in<br />

Harpers Wine Stars Italy<br />

Archivio Primitivo<br />

Rosato 2020<br />

IT360 6x75cl<br />

A delicate rosé with a light pink hue.<br />

Primitivo Rosato Puglia IGT has an<br />

intense and persistent aroma with notes<br />

of black cherry and violet. Harmonious,<br />

smooth and fruity.<br />

Made in Puglia, this wine is ideal with<br />

grilled fish-based dishes and fish soup<br />

with tomato. Excellent with Pizza!<br />

Archivio Aglianico<br />

Beneventano IGT<br />

2020<br />

IT361 6x75cl<br />

Big, rich, warming and smooth. Plenty of<br />

fruit flavours with some spice on the long<br />

finish. This wine is clear and complex, with<br />

enjoyable hints of cherry and red berries<br />

fragrance, followed by a marked vanilla<br />

and spicy note.<br />

Aglianico combines very well with all<br />

roasted red meats and aged cheeses.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Italy<br />

Le Argille<br />

IT157<br />

Cabernet di Cabernet 2017/18<br />

6x75cl<br />

A strong, serious and unique wine that ages in concrete barrels for<br />

two years and then in its ‘concrete’ bottle for at least six months. It<br />

is immaculate and free from barrel aromatic interference so that its<br />

uniqueness is fully preserved along with its warm, refined and mature<br />

taste.<br />

The wine is made up of a 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and<br />

Cabernet Franc, and is initially structured through Double Reasoned<br />

Maturation.<br />

An intense ruby red colour with garnet highlights, aromas of<br />

blueberry, blackberry and wild strawberries lead onto hints of<br />

plum, black cherries and vanilla with light nuances of tobacco, dark<br />

chocolate and green pepper. In the mouth it is warm, elegant, mature<br />

and complex. Notes of ripe berries and the wine is soft and pleasantly<br />

tannic, a long finish with good after-taste that calls for another glass.<br />

‘Le Argille’ translates as ‘the clay’ in Italian paying homage to both<br />

this excellent wine’s packaging - presented in a cement-dipped<br />

bottle with wax seal and leather label - and also its<br />

production process.<br />

Origine Bianco IGT<br />

This unusual yet delightful orange wine is a blend of Grillo<br />

and Zibibbo from Lake Arancio in Sicily. Origine pays<br />

homage to traditional winemaking and is the result of several<br />

years’ worth of travelling, research and new experiences by<br />

winemaker Alessandro Gallici.<br />

His mission was to rediscover wine’s ancient flavours and<br />

aromas all too often lost through modernity and advances in<br />

technology. The paper wrap of this bottle maps Alessandro’s<br />

journey across Sicily learning from the oldest producers and<br />

understanding ancient winemaking techniques.<br />

Origine is a labour of love with each bottle taking almost<br />

four years from conception to release. There are three<br />

fermentations in total, the last of which takes place in half<br />

buried clay jars. Next is gravity clarification followed by ageing<br />

in old chestnut casks, previously used to age wine for at least<br />

10 years.<br />

Origine Bianco IGT Terre Siciliane<br />

DOCG 2016<br />

IT160 12x75cl<br />

This orange wine is a blend of Grillo and Zibibbo. Hints of<br />

dehydrated apricots on the palate with a light vanilla note, raw<br />

sugar and tobacco. A very persistent after-taste. Great with strong<br />

cheeses, Asian food or even as a dessert wine with apple strudel.<br />

Best drunk at 12-14 degrees.<br />

Open at least one hour before drinking.<br />

Gold Bartenders Brand Awards 2020 - Design, Taste & Value<br />

Silver IWC 2020<br />

48<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />






Italy<br />

Trevisana Bio Organic Range<br />

This new range from the Trevisana Winery<br />

in Veneto is 100% Organic and its wines are<br />

certified by the Vegan Society.<br />

Pinot Grigio Della Venezie DOC<br />

2020<br />

IT363 6x75cl<br />

Dry and velvety texture with a slight after-taste of almond.<br />

Well-bodied and harmonic, good acidity and very persistent on<br />

the palate.<br />

Chardonnay Veneto IGT<br />

2020<br />

IT364 6x75cl<br />

The bouquet is delicate with apple and ripe fruits. The palate is<br />

fruity and reminiscent of apples, floral with acacia and honey<br />

overtones. Medium-bodied with a long lasting after-taste.<br />

Merlot Veneto IGT<br />

2020<br />

IT365 6x75cl<br />

A deep ruby red colour with violet hues. On the nose you will<br />

find hints of raspberry, morel and dewberry with a little green<br />

pepper. Dry and full bodied, well-integrated tannins with a very<br />

hearty and persistent palate.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

Veneto IGT 2020<br />

IT366 6x75cl<br />

Full bodied with a fabulous palate of cherry jam and green<br />

pepper with good tannic content. Pleasant herbaceous aromas<br />

with hints of cherry and blackberry.<br />

Tuscany Red<br />

Marco Gavio Chianti DOCG 2018/19<br />

IT367 12x75cl<br />

A beautiful deep ruby colour, this wine has intriguing red fruit<br />

and cherry hints followed by an elegant sensation of tea and<br />

spices, especially black pepper. Ideal with grilled red meats<br />

and game. 100% Sangiovese.<br />

Marco Gavio Chianti Classico<br />

DOCG 2017/18<br />

IT368 6x75cl<br />

Light ruby red colour with a harmonious nose of cherry and<br />

violets. A medium bodied, young and fresh wine with good<br />

balance between tannins and acidity. Ideal partner for red<br />

meats, medium-hard cheeses and tasty soups. 12 months<br />

ageing in oak barrels followed by at least 6 months in bottle<br />

before release. A delicious blend of 95% Sangiovese and 5%<br />

Canaiolo.<br />

Marco Gavio Chianti Classico<br />

DOCG Riserva 2016/17<br />

IT369 6x75cl<br />

Full bodied and great structure, excellent balance and<br />

persistence. A very complex and elegant nose, lots of dark<br />

fruits along with floral and spicy notes. This wine is aged for 18<br />

months in French oak barriques followed by at least 6 months<br />

in bottle and its this slow ageing in French barriques which<br />

enhances the wine with notes of vanilla, tobacco and cocoa.<br />

Ideal with medium-hard cheeses and red meat, especially<br />

roasted and braised. 100% Sangiovese.<br />

IT009<br />

Vino Nobile di<br />

Montepulciano 2016/17<br />

6x75cl<br />

Intense colour, full nose with black fruits, spice and tobacco.<br />

Rich silky fruit with morello cherries and red fruit on the finish,<br />

which is long and sweet. Ripe tannins give balance.<br />

Super Tuscan<br />

Chioccioli Altore<br />

Toscana Super Tuscan,<br />

2013/14<br />

IT119 6x75cl<br />

50% Sangiovese and 50% Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon, this is a wine of extraordinary<br />

identity. Very intense, elegant, refined, rich and<br />

complex with rich fruit notes of red and black<br />

berries and complex spices. Sweet tannins,<br />

dense, thick, voluminous, long and balanced<br />

with a fresh acidity leading to a long and<br />

intense finish.<br />

Limited Stock<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Italy<br />

Popular Regional Classics<br />

Puglia<br />

Grillo Rupe Secca 2020<br />

IT011 6x75cl<br />

This dry white wine has<br />

an intense bouquet and<br />

lovely palate of citrus and<br />

tropical fruit flavours with<br />

refreshing acidity.<br />

This wine is perfect for<br />

drinking on its own as an<br />

aperitif or accompanied<br />

with seafood or salads.<br />

Nero d’Avola<br />

Rupe Secca<br />

2020<br />

IT012 6x75cl<br />

Nero d’Avola is the<br />

most important red wine<br />

grape in Sicily and one<br />

of Italy’s most important<br />

indigenous varieties. It is<br />

named after Avola in the<br />

far south of Sicily and is<br />

frequently compared with<br />

New World Shiraz wines<br />

due to its sweet tannins<br />

and plum or peppery<br />

flavours.<br />

Fiano Carlomagno 2020<br />

IT010 6x75cl<br />

This wine is very full<br />

and intensely fruity on the<br />

nose with exotic fruit such<br />

as melon and banana,<br />

featuring hints of citrus<br />

reminiscent of grapefruit.<br />

On the palate it is very<br />

well-balanced, with a<br />

good acidity, backbone<br />

and length. A beautiful<br />

straw yellow colour shot<br />

with hints of green.<br />

Barolo DOCG<br />

Manfredi 2017<br />

IT176 6x75cl<br />

A deep red garnet, full bodied red made<br />

from the Nebbiolo grape which turns<br />

rich red with age. Drink with roast meats<br />

or strongly flavoured foods.<br />

Gavi di Gavi<br />

DOCG Manfredi 2020<br />

IT051 6x75cl<br />

Obtained by the gentle pressing of<br />

Cortese grapes, this wine is bottled in<br />

the spring immediately following the<br />

harvest. Pale straw yellow with green<br />

hints, it has aromas of fruits. Dry on the<br />

palate, it is particularly suited to hors<br />

d’oeuvres and fish dishes.<br />

Montepulciano<br />

d’Abruzzo DOCG<br />

Noi Cento 2020<br />

IT076 6x75cl<br />

The rugged coastline of the Abruzzi<br />

region is home to the wonderful juicy,<br />

Montepulciano grape. A vibrant purple<br />

coloured wine bursting with cherry and<br />

violet aromas and flavours. This is really<br />

gulpable stuff and one bottle inevitably<br />

leads onto a second.<br />

Primitivo IGT<br />

Piantaferro<br />

2020<br />

IT159 6x75cl<br />

Explosion of raspberries,<br />

ripe black cherries and<br />

blueberries on the nose.<br />

Silky tannins and full,<br />

round texture on the<br />

palate.<br />

This is a warm, full-bodied<br />

wine which pairs perfectly<br />

with red meats, swordfish<br />

and mature hard cheeses.<br />

The grapes for this<br />

Italian classic are grown<br />

in Puglia, in warm and<br />

fertile soil where heat and<br />

breeze alternate to give<br />

character to the grapes.<br />

Central Italy<br />

IT075A<br />

Verdicchio<br />

Pontemagno<br />

2020<br />

6x75cl<br />

This refreshing dry white<br />

comes from the hills behind<br />

Ancona on the Adriatic, in<br />

the superior Castelli di Jesi<br />

Classico zone. It’s crisp but<br />

has richness and character<br />

that lifts it above the<br />

competition.<br />

Fremondo<br />

Falanghina<br />

del Sannio<br />

DOP 2020<br />

IT117 6x75cl<br />

The wine has a strawyellow<br />

colour and a strong<br />

fruity bouquet. The fruity<br />

nuances increase as the<br />

wine opens up, leading to<br />

a well-balanced, pleasant<br />

and refreshing finish.<br />

Appassimento<br />

Primitivo 2020<br />

IT202 6x75cl<br />

This powerful, rich<br />

wine is full-bodied<br />

with aromas of overripe<br />

cherries, summer<br />

fruits, plum spices and<br />

chocolate. On the palate,<br />

are flavours of dried and<br />

black fruits with hints of<br />

spice finishing with an<br />

excellent balance.<br />

50<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Italy<br />

Veneto<br />

Amarone D.O.C.G.<br />

della Valpolicella<br />

Scuola Grande 2016/18<br />

IT168 6x75cl<br />

This wine is powerful, rich and smooth<br />

with bitter cherry and sweet plummy fruit<br />

on the palate - backed by notes of bitter<br />

chocolate. Rich and warming yet fresh<br />

and well balanced, with supple tannins<br />

and a rich texture. Cherry,<br />

plum and black cherries<br />

on the nose with a hint<br />

of toasted almonds. A<br />

deep, dark, intense<br />

colour with pleasant<br />

slight granite<br />

shades.<br />

IT370<br />

Valpolicella Ripasso<br />

Scuola Grande 2018<br />

6x75cl<br />

Lovely, well balanced and very<br />

approachable. Produced from a blend of<br />

Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes<br />

which are left to ferment on the pomace<br />

(marc) of Amarone. This re-fermentation<br />

process is called “Ripasso”<br />

Valpolicella Classico<br />

Cantina di Negrar<br />

2020<br />

IT018A 6x75cl<br />

This wine is obtained from Corvina,<br />

Rondinella and Molinara grapes. It<br />

is a perfect accompaniment to hors<br />

d’oeuvres and fresh cheeses.<br />

Miopasso<br />

From Puglia and Sicily, Miopasso is a range of quality wines made with indigenous Italian grape<br />

varieties. With Miopasso, our aim is to bring traditional styles of Italian wines – a genuine taste<br />

of Italy.<br />

Fiano Terre<br />

Siciliane IGT 2020<br />

IT081 6x75cl<br />

Very fashionable Southern Italian grape<br />

variety. This has peach and apricot<br />

richness but lovely fresh character and a<br />

hint of almond and hazelnut.<br />

Pinot Grigio Terre<br />

Siciliane IGT 2020<br />

IT085 6x75cl<br />

Fruity flavours of lemon and green apple.<br />

A refreshing, aromatic dry wine. It is a<br />

lively, succulent and easy drinking wine.<br />

Primitivo Puglia<br />

IGT 2020<br />

IT083 6x75cl<br />

Rich and spicy but also very soft and<br />

rounded. Has an almost cherry black<br />

olive character giving a savoury edge to<br />

the lovely redcurrant and dark plum fruit.<br />

Well integrated tannin adds balance and<br />

complexity.<br />

Nero d’Avola Terre<br />

Siciliane IGT 2019<br />

IT084 6x75cl<br />

Made from the native Sicilian Nero<br />

d’Avola grape, around 30% of which are<br />

‘passito’ (dried virtually to raisins before<br />

pressing). This is lush, juicy and very<br />

moreish with a hint of bitter chocolate<br />

and sweet black cherry character.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Moldova<br />

When thinking of European wine<br />

regions, Moldova may not be the first<br />

country thought of however, Moldovan<br />

winemaking dates back to 3000BC.<br />

And, there are currently over 200<br />

wineries in the Republic of Moldova.<br />

Shaped like a bunch of grapes, Moldova<br />

is situated in the South-East of Europe<br />

between Ukraine and Romania, in the<br />

Black Sea basin. The country lies on the<br />

same latitude as Bordeaux though its<br />

climate is more continental creating<br />

ideal conditions for growing grapes.<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> has long championed<br />

Moldovan wine and our Pinot Grigio<br />

shows Moldovan winemaking at its finest,<br />

creating a crispy, tangy and refreshing<br />

wine similar in style to the classic Italian<br />

Pinot Grigio.

Waters Edge<br />

WE006<br />

QB203<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

6x75cl<br />

24x187ml<br />

A classic dry white wine with<br />

vibrant aromas and flavours<br />

of apple, pear and tropical<br />

fruits.<br />

Merlot<br />

WE001 6x75cl<br />

QB220 24x187ml<br />

An easy drinking red with lively<br />

cherry and blackberry flavours.<br />

Hints of both cocoa and violets.<br />

Founders Stone<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

WE477 6x75cl<br />

QB131 12x187ml<br />

QB131A 24x187m<br />

Crisp and refreshing with<br />

citrus and green apple. Muted<br />

subtle notes. Superb length and<br />

flavour.<br />

Merlot<br />

WE470 6x75cl<br />

QB134 12x187ml<br />

QB134A 24x187ml<br />

A medium bodied soft Merlot.<br />

Aromas of dried plums and<br />

chocolate with a juicy fruit-filled palate<br />

of cherries and dark currants.<br />

Moldova<br />

Orario<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

2019<br />

WE499 6x75cl<br />

QB010 24x187ml<br />

This crisp, dry Pinot Grigio<br />

is packed with citrus fruit<br />

and subtle floral aromas.<br />

Merlot<br />

WE497 6x75cl<br />

Soft and easy drinking<br />

Merlot, chocolate and<br />

dark red fruits on the<br />

nose with a jammy juicy<br />

palate of cherries and<br />

dark red fruits.<br />

Luccello<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

MO352 12x75cl<br />

MO352A 6x75cl<br />

A delicious and perfectly<br />

balanced wine that delivers all<br />

the typical characteristics of the<br />

Pinot Grigio style.<br />

Famiglia Ferratti<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

MO0019 12x75cl<br />

MO0019A 6x75cl<br />

A fresh modern style Pinot<br />

Grigio which has citrus and<br />

green apple notes leading to a<br />

fruit filled palate which is crisp<br />

and subtly floral.<br />

Orietto<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

2018/19<br />

MO264 6x75cl<br />

Pale straw gold in colour with<br />

wonderful aromas of citrus fruits<br />

with a hint of ripe green apples.<br />

Water Stop Station<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

WE462 6x75cl<br />

Pear and passionfruit nose<br />

backed up by delicate floral<br />

perfumes. Refreshing ripe pear<br />

and green apple palate with a<br />

clean citrus finish.<br />

Quartetto<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

2019<br />

WE490 6x75cl<br />

QB235 24x187ml<br />

Citrus and green apple notes<br />

lead to a fruit filled palate which<br />

is crisp and subtly floral.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


New Zealand<br />

New Zealand’s 2021 harvest problems<br />

have been well publicised. Indeed<br />

New Zealand crushed 370,000 tonnes<br />

of grapes during the 2021 harvest,<br />

equating to a 19% drop on from 2020.<br />

Due to the pandemic, New Zealand also<br />

suffered a labour shortage which added<br />

to increased production costs. And,<br />

such was the popularity of the previous<br />

vintage that there was nothing left from<br />

2020.<br />

Historically there has never been a really<br />

small harvest followed by a substantial<br />

one, so we are expecting <strong>2022</strong> to be<br />

small to average harvest. And, though<br />

prices are unlikely to be as high as 2021,<br />

they almost certainly will be considerably<br />

higher than we have been used to.<br />

However, while the 2021 harvest was<br />

smaller than hoped for, the quality<br />

of the vintage has been described as<br />

“exceptional” throughout the country’s<br />

various wine regions.<br />


Marlborough<br />

New Zealand<br />

Marlborough put New Zealand on the international wine stage in the 1980s with its<br />

exquisite Sauvignon Blanc. Over 20,000ha of vines (around ⅔ of the national total) are under<br />

the care of local wine producers, making it the country’s largest wine region.<br />

Marlborough’s 2021 vintage was excellent for quality, but the yields were incredibly low due to<br />

the early spring frosts resulting in high demand and very low supply. We await the results of<br />

vintage <strong>2022</strong> and will keep you updated.<br />

Nika Tiki<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

NZ110 6x75cl - <strong>2022</strong><br />

A wonderful crisp and refreshing<br />

Sauvignon Blanc, showing true and<br />

traditional citrus notes on the nose.<br />

Inviting fresh lemon/lime and tropical<br />

fruit flavours on the palate with a long<br />

lasting fruit finish.<br />

Vintage <strong>2022</strong> subject to availability.<br />

Gold International Bulk Wine<br />

Competition<br />

Four Stars Harpers Wine Stars<br />

Silver Sommelier Wine Awards<br />

Silver Global Sauvignon Blanc<br />

Masters<br />

Bronze International Wine<br />

Challenge<br />

Nika Tiki<br />

Sauvignon Blanc Rosé 2018/19<br />

NZ118 6x75cl<br />

NZ119 6x150cl<br />

Refreshing floral aromas with berry and spices.<br />

The palate exudes fresh tropical Sauvignon Blanc<br />

flavours complemented<br />

by hints of berries<br />

from the addition 2.8%<br />

Marlborough Pinot Noir.<br />

Gold Mundus Vini<br />

Land of<br />

Plenty<br />

Sauvignon<br />

Blanc <strong>2022</strong><br />

NZ116 6x75cl<br />

Showing true and<br />

traditional citrus notes on<br />

the nose.<br />

Inviting fresh lemon/<br />

lime and tropical fruit<br />

flavours on the palate<br />

with a long lasting<br />

fruit finish.<br />

Vintage <strong>2022</strong><br />

subject to<br />

availability.<br />

NZ111<br />

Waverider Sauvignon<br />

Blanc <strong>2022</strong><br />

6x75cl<br />

A crisp, green and grassy<br />

Sauvignon Blanc with bundles of lemon/<br />

lime bursting through on the palate.<br />

Gooseberry and melon follow; a lovely<br />

textured finish.<br />

Vintage <strong>2022</strong> subject to availability.<br />

Waverider Sauvignon<br />

Blanc Rosé 2018/19<br />

NZ120 6x75cl<br />

A beautiful pale pink colour, a floral nose<br />

with a little berry spice. Fresh tropical<br />

palate with a hint of berries and a little<br />

spice nodding to the addition of Pinot<br />

Noir.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />






New Zealand<br />

Marlborough<br />

Perfect Cut<br />

Sauvignon Blanc <strong>2022</strong><br />

NZ257 6x75cl<br />

Bursting with lemon and tropical fruit<br />

flavours, this refreshingly crisp Sauvignon<br />

Blanc is ideal with food, as an aperitif or<br />

simply in great company. Dazzling lime<br />

and kiwi, passion fruit and cut grass.<br />

Vintage <strong>2022</strong> subject to availability.<br />

Waitonga Falls Pinot Noir<br />

NZ115 6x75cl<br />

Aromatic bouquet of fresh mixed red<br />

berries. Some hints of chocolate raisins<br />

also noted. Wine is light with a fresh<br />

fruit profile and a fine grained tannic<br />

structure. Flavours of red cherries and<br />

plums exist on the palate.<br />

Topuku Sauvignon Blanc<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

MSBB 6x75cl<br />

Light straw in colour. Inviting fresh citrus<br />

and tropical fruit flavours. A wonderfully<br />

crisp and refreshing wine, delicious<br />

drinking anytime.<br />

Vintage <strong>2022</strong> subject to availability.<br />

Greenhough Range<br />

Family owned Greenhough Range is located in Nelson, which is in the far<br />

north-west of South Island around 90 minutes drive from Marlborough.<br />

The estate is organic and some of it’s vines date back to 1976 – which<br />

in New Zealand’s terms is positively ancient! All wines are suitable for<br />

vegans too.<br />

NZ050<br />

River Garden Sauvignon Blanc 2019/20<br />

12x75cl<br />

The wine is juicy and ripe with tangelo and tropical passion fruit flavours balanced by a<br />

bright line of ‘crunchy’ freshness. Classic aromas of fragrant citrus zest and passion fruit.<br />

Road Block Chardonnay 2019<br />

NZ052 12x75cl<br />

Ripe aromas of tangelo, apricot and subtle savoury, bakery notes. Citrus fruit flavours<br />

in the 2018 vintage are at the riper end moving to tropical papaya and a fleshy, creamy<br />

succulence. A little new oak spice and barrel-ferment richness adds complexity to this<br />

riper fruit spectrum. The palate retains the elegance of juicy acidity throughout.<br />

Apple Valley Riesling 2020/21<br />

NZ051 12x75cl<br />

This medium-sweet, fragrant style is reminiscent of a fresh, ripe apple delicately scented<br />

with citrus blossom. There is a lightness and crunchy liveliness to the feel of this wine in<br />

the mouth while the palate is concentrated and linear. It is bursting with juicy, sweet fruit<br />

up front flowing seamlessly to a refreshingly long, crisp finish.<br />

Stone’s Throw Pinot Noir 2017/18<br />

NZ053 12x75cl<br />

Fragrant, spice-drawer, orange citrus and cassis flavours. The palate is fresh and<br />

defined with flavour’s of blackberry and brambles, savoury notes and a supple<br />

structure of well-bound tannins. Fine and long on the finish.<br />

56<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Domain Road, Central Otago<br />

New Zealand<br />

Owned by Graeme and Gillian Crosbie, Domain Road specialises in award-winning cool<br />

climate wines from grapes grown in the heart of Central Otago wine country. Dedication to<br />

excellence combined with a traditional approach means Domain Road Vineyard’s wines are<br />

internationally recognised.<br />

The stunning land formations on Domain Road’s property are ghosts from the Gold Rush of<br />

the 1860s. This is evident in the exceptional mineral characteristics and depth of the wine<br />

grown here, as well as the non-invasive, traditional wine growing methods favoured by<br />

vineyard manager Fiona Johnman and winemaker Peter Bartle.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2020<br />

NZ031 12x75cl<br />

A very bright straw colour and a<br />

nose which has everything a classic<br />

Sauvignon Blanc should have.<br />

Gooseberry, melon and passionfruit on<br />

the fruit spectrum, followed by green<br />

pepper and floral nuances. The palate<br />

has lovely texture and flavour with<br />

perfect balance to finish.<br />

IWSC Silver medal winner.<br />

Pinot Gris<br />

Defiance 2020<br />

NZ033 12x75cl<br />

This Pinot Gris has been whole bunch<br />

pressed and fermented to retain a hint of<br />

sweetness in an off dry style. Pears and<br />

stonefruit dominate the bouquet, together<br />

with hints of quince. The sweet taste of<br />

pears and peaches comes through on the<br />

palate. This medium bodied wine has a<br />

good texture and fine balance. Enjoy with<br />

seafood, white meats, salad dishes or as<br />

an aperitif.<br />

Dry Riesling<br />

The Water Race<br />

2018<br />

NZ034 12x75cl<br />

The wine has lifted aromas of melon<br />

and citrus fruits with honey and floral<br />

notes on the nose. The small amount<br />

of residual sweetness is well balanced,<br />

and will allow you to experience ginger<br />

and lime on the palate, with excellent<br />

persistence on the finish. Enjoy as an<br />

aperitif or with lightly spiced dishes or<br />

seafood.<br />

Pinot Noir,<br />

2019<br />

NZ032 12x75cl<br />

An elegant Pinot Noir made from handpicked<br />

fruit. The wine displays subtle<br />

velvety fruit with vibrant aromas of<br />

cherry and plum as well as hints of<br />

cream and spice.<br />

CJ Pask, Hawkes Bay<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

Gimblett Gravels 2020<br />

NZ004A 6x75cl<br />

Tropical fruit flavours characterise this<br />

harmonious easy-drinking Sauvignon.<br />

Very fresh, lively and fruity.<br />

Syrah<br />

Gimblett Gravels<br />

2019<br />

NZ018A 6x75cl<br />

This wine is rich and elegant with white<br />

pepper and violet aromas. Blackberry<br />

and raspberry on the palate with hints of<br />

cherry and fine oak.<br />

Mount Riley,<br />

Marlborough<br />

Pinot Noir<br />

2020<br />

NZ106 6x75cl<br />

Mid-red with garnet and<br />

ruby hues. Ripe cherry<br />

and plum characters are<br />

supported by hints of<br />

savoury spice and dried<br />

herb. Approachable with<br />

soft tannins and intense<br />

fruit flavour. Silky<br />

texture and great length.<br />

Great as an aperitif or<br />

with savoury tomato<br />

or mushroom based<br />

dishes, salmon, red<br />

meat or pasta.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Portugal<br />

Despite its size, Portugal is among the<br />

10 largest wine-producing countries in<br />

the world with still wine sales up 37.1%<br />

by volume and 45.8% by value in the<br />

UK last year.<br />

Portugal has more indigenous grape<br />

varieties than any other country – more<br />

than 250 plus a few imports (ie Alicante<br />

Bouschet) that have adapted well to the<br />

Portuguese landscape. And, because<br />

Portugal’s wine culture developed in<br />

relative isolation, there are many grape<br />

varieties that do not grow anywhere<br />

else in the world.<br />

Of all Portugal’s 14 Vinho Regional (wine<br />

regions), the north eastern region of<br />

Douro is considered one of the best. It is<br />

also the oldest demarcated wine growing<br />

region in the world. <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong><br />

is proud to work with Vallegre, which<br />

has been deeply rooted in the Douro<br />

region for five generations. The Vallegre<br />

Old Vines Reserva Especial (ES393 -<br />

page 60) was crowned Star of Douro at<br />

Harpers Wine Stars 2021.

Portugal<br />

Vallegre<br />

Vallegre is a Portuguese family business which, for five generations, has been deeply rooted in<br />

the Douro Region, the oldest demarcated wine growing region in the world.<br />

The head office is located at Quinta da Vista Alegre, just a few kilometres from Pinhão - Vista<br />

Alegre in Spanish means ‘happy view’ which makes reference to the name of one of Vallegre’s<br />

most beautiful vineyards.<br />

The name Vallegre is the merging of two of the winery’s most important Quintas - Valle Longo<br />

and Vista Alegre.<br />

Vallegre<br />

Reserva Branco 2018/19<br />

ES390 6x75cl<br />

A combination of freshness with notes of<br />

wood and minerality. Aroma marked by<br />

mineral notes combined with smoked wood<br />

and fresh fruit. Ends long and intense.<br />

A blend of Viosinho, Arinto, Gouveio,<br />

Rabigato.<br />

Vallegre<br />

Colheita Rosé 2020<br />

ES389 6x75cl<br />

Produced from a blend of Touriga Nacional<br />

and Touriga Franca. The wine is enhanced<br />

by the elegant aromas of red fruits. A soft<br />

and fresh palate of raspberries and<br />

currants follows.<br />

Vallegre<br />

Reserva 2016/17<br />

ES391 6x75cl<br />

A combination of fruit from old vines and<br />

younger vines from Quinta da Vista Alegre.<br />

This wine is elegant and full of aromas and<br />

flavours of the Douro.<br />

Matured for 18 months in new French oak.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Portugal<br />

ES392<br />

Vallegre<br />

Reserva Especial Branco<br />

2018/19<br />

3x75cl<br />

Straw yellow with greenish reflections.<br />

Aroma is intense, especially mineral notes<br />

with some fruit and the elegance of wood<br />

notes. This gives it an unusual complexity<br />

which combines the elegance of old vines<br />

with the freshness of younger vines. Ends<br />

long and complex<br />

Vallegre Old Vines Reserva Especial<br />

2016<br />

ES393 3x75cl<br />

Made from vines over 80 years old this wine is a deep ruby<br />

colour with very good intenstity. A blend of Tinta Amarela,<br />

Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Sousao, Tinta Francisca<br />

makes this wine very elegant, vigourous with a fantastic<br />

complexity. Black mature fruits, very spicy with hints of<br />

toasted and soaked oak cask. Wide and persistent tannins<br />

with a sweet, fruity sensation and hints of black chocolate.<br />

After a careful and classic vinification, the wine spent 22<br />

months in new French oak casks. It is unfiltered and was not<br />

cold stabilised in order to preserve all its natural qualities.<br />

It will therefore with time throw a natural sediment in the<br />

bottle. We recommend decantation of this weighty 1.5kg<br />

bottle.<br />

Quinta Valle<br />

Longo Reserva 2016/17<br />

ES394 6x75cl<br />

Gold medal winner. The grapes for this wine were harvested from the<br />

single vineyard of Quinta de Valle Longo, the estate only has 10 hectares<br />

of vineyards.<br />

Deep red colour with good intensity. Complex wine showing elegant notes<br />

of red and black matured fruits. Floral hints, velvety, good structure, tannins<br />

well-integrated by the fruit. Very long finish.<br />

Using only traditional grapes from the Douro Valley, Touriga Nacional,<br />

Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz, the same grapes used in the making of<br />

Port wines. There may be a natural sediment in the bottle as this wine is<br />

unfiltered to retain all of its natural qualities.<br />

Vista Alegre Fortified <strong>Wines</strong><br />

Port and sweet Moscatel from the heart of the Douro.<br />

Pink Port<br />

FW116 6x75cl<br />

A wonderful pink port with aromas of<br />

raspberry and floral notes.<br />

There are deliciously ripe cherry and<br />

raspberry fruit flavours with nuances of<br />

honey and grapefruit. It’s best served<br />

slightly chilled as an aperitif or with<br />

dessert.<br />

Quinta Da Vista<br />

Alegre Moscatel<br />

ES252 6x75cl<br />

Spicy and nutty with burnt sugar<br />

and bitter orange notes. Enjoy<br />

as an aperitif with nuts, olives or<br />

charcuterie, also excellent with<br />

sweet desserts.<br />

This wine is the result of a<br />

combination of Douro muscatel<br />

wines (DOP) aged in oak casks<br />

for 3-4 years. Winemaking follows<br />

the traditional ‘Mocadel do Douro’<br />

method.<br />

*Further fortified wines pages 89 - 91<br />

60<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Terra de Lobos<br />

Portugal<br />

ES254<br />

Terra de Lobos Fernão Pires and<br />

Sauvignon Blanc 2019<br />

12x75cl<br />

A blend of Fernão Pires and Sauvignon Blanc from the<br />

Ribatejo region. Fresh and crisp palate with notes of toast<br />

and well balanced mineral notes.<br />

Terra de Lobos Castelão, Trincadeira<br />

and Cabernet Sauvignon 2020<br />

ES255 12x75cl<br />

Bright purple in colour, a blend of Castelão, Trincadeira and<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon. A pleasant red fruit and spice aroma.<br />

Soft and fruity with a rich complex character.<br />

Smart Dog<br />

Smart Dog<br />

Syrah 2020<br />

ES256A 6x75cl<br />

Full bodied, deep red wine with an intense and inviting aroma<br />

on the nose. Full of mineral, spices and ripe dark fruit.<br />

Vinho Verde<br />

Vinho Verde<br />

Loureiro 2020<br />

ES259 6x75cl<br />

The quintessential Portuguese wine; clean, crisp and<br />

refreshing. But what’s less well known is that Vinho Verde is<br />

not a grape, or a blend: it’s a region - The Vinho Verde DOC<br />

which may be found in North West Portugal, just below the<br />

Spanish border.<br />

Romania<br />

Cramele Recaş<br />

Cramele Recaş is Romania’s largest<br />

exporter of wine and is responsible<br />

for many of the country’s best-selling<br />

wines thanks to its unique and<br />

effective consumer-centric approach.<br />

Lautarul Pinot Noir 2020<br />

RO007 6x75cl<br />

Gorgeous flavours, almost syrupy in its<br />

concentration.<br />

Dark, rich and potent with layers of complex<br />

black cherry, raspberry and cinnamon. Deep,<br />

with pretty fruit cake and spicy aromatics.<br />

Pleasantly lingering after-taste.<br />

Owned by Englishman, Philip Cox and<br />

his Romanian wife Elvira, the team<br />

have put in a huge amount of work<br />

into transforming their slice of grape<br />

growing history into a contemporary<br />

winemaking haven. Romania is ideally<br />

positioned for winemaking, with a<br />

Mediterranean climate and on the<br />

same latitude as Bordeaux.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


South Africa<br />

South Africa was hit hard by Covid-19.<br />

Throughout 2020 and 21, the country’s<br />

Government introduced multiple bans on<br />

the sale of alcohol - some total bans, some<br />

dependent on curfew.<br />

Trade groups had urged the removal of the<br />

alcohol ban over fears of a ‘total collapse<br />

of the industry’ and increased illicit trading.<br />

Understandably this had a negative effect on<br />

wineries’ sales volumes and led to higher stock<br />

levels.<br />

While the Northern Hemisphere and New Zealand<br />

experienced poor harvests, South Africa’s harvest<br />

2021 looks favourable and yields are expected to<br />

be almost 10% larger than 2020.<br />

South Africa’s 2021 vintage excels not just in<br />

volume, but quality too. Moderate weather<br />

throughout the season, and specifically during<br />

harvest time, resulted in grapes ripening slower,<br />

while developing exceptional colour and flavour.<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> has launched a new range<br />

of South African wines including Moloko Bay<br />

which celebrates the very best of the country’s<br />

Sauvignon Blancs.

South Africa – Moloko Bay / Land of Plenty / Kingklip Bay<br />

South Africa<br />

Introducing our range of South African Sauvignon Blancs, created with the consumer in<br />

mind. These Southern Hemisphere wines are easy drinking, approachable and have all the<br />

characteristics you’d expect from the UK’s favourite style of white wine.<br />

These wines are new for 2021/22 and created as an alternative to New Zealand Sauvignon<br />

Blanc. As you’ll have read in the press, the UK wine trade was facing a potential crisis when it<br />

became apparent that New Zealand’s 2021 vintage was going to have incredibly small yields<br />

and, such was the popularity of the previous vintage, there was nothing left from 2020.<br />

The challenge for us at <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> is that we would normally buy over 1million litres of<br />

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc a year. So we worked hard to find a solution which will suit both<br />

your customers’ taste buds and wallets, working with our South African partners to replicate the<br />

style we all love.<br />

We’re not replacing our New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs because they will always be a consumer<br />

favourite, and we are confident our range of South African Sauvignon Blancs will be too.<br />

Moloko Bay<br />

ZA001<br />

Moloko Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2021<br />

6x75cl<br />

This Southern Hemisphere Sauvignon Blanc offers a fresh, zesty<br />

palate with tropical fruit and green apple. Lemon and lime tease<br />

the palate into a crisp refreshing finish with long lasting fruit. A<br />

refreshing finish.<br />

We’re sitting on the dock of this Cape Coastal bay, taking five to<br />

relax while we savour a glass of cool Moloko Bay.<br />

Land of Plenty<br />

Land of Plenty Sauvignon Blanc 2021<br />

ZA002 6x75cl<br />

Somewhere close to Cape Coastal there is a mythical Land of<br />

Plenty, where Sauvignon Blanc flows in rivers down from Du<br />

Toits Peak to the clear blue sea.<br />

Wonderful Limes and lemons and hint of green apple are<br />

combined with Sauvignon Blanc’s signature note of nettles. On<br />

the palate there is wonderful freshness, crisp, great acidity and<br />

length.<br />

Kingklip Bay<br />

Kingklip Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2021<br />

ZA006 6x75cl<br />

Kingklip Bay Sauvignon Blanc is a refreshing, aromatic wine<br />

with passionfruit and gooseberry flavours. With a crisp and<br />

zesty finish and a harmonious style from the picturesque Cape<br />

winelands.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


South Africa<br />

Franschhoek Cellars<br />

The town of Franschhoek was founded by French Huguenots in 1688. Franschhoek Cellar is<br />

a wine co-operative producer for a community of grape farmers in the Franschhoek valley of<br />

South Africa. As a pillar of the community, they operate as a private cellar delivering fantastic<br />

quality wines with a distinctive personality and character that emulates the grace and charm<br />

of their French Huguenot heritage.<br />

Freedom Cross<br />

Chenin Blanc 2021<br />

ZA094 12x75cl<br />

Harvested at optimum ripeness from bush vines<br />

grown under low yielding dry land conditions.<br />

Young, fresh and fruity, the zesty palate offers<br />

citrus flavours with a hint of peach. Easy drinking<br />

on its own or with a light meal.<br />

Freedom Cross<br />

Sauvignon Blanc 2020<br />

ZA098 12x75cl<br />

This wine offers alluring flavours and aromas<br />

of fresh cut grass and tropical fruit with green<br />

apple, pineapple and fig. Fresh and zesty on the<br />

palate with a lingering herbaceous taste.<br />

Freedom Cross<br />

Pinotage 2020<br />

ZA096 12x75cl<br />

Medium to full bodied dry red wine with an<br />

approachable, earthy and berry fruit aroma.<br />

Soft styled in character. Delicious at room<br />

temperature or lightly chilled.<br />

Wide River<br />

Chenin Blanc<br />

2020/21<br />

ZA112 12x75cl<br />

Clean and bright, peppery and<br />

aromatic. Tropical fruit flavours of ripe<br />

fig and melon backed up with crisp<br />

refreshing acidity.<br />

Viognier<br />

2021<br />

ZA111 12x75cl<br />

Long aromatic nose of apricot, peaches<br />

and lemon with orange peel on the palate.<br />

This has the tell-tale mouthfeel and<br />

viscous texture of Viognier.<br />

Shiraz<br />

2020<br />

ZA113 12x75cl<br />

Easy going soft red with plenty of spicy,<br />

peppery fruit, good berried flavours and<br />

length.<br />

64<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


South Africa<br />

Clos Malverne Estate<br />

Seymour Pritchard bought the 10-hectare farm, Malvern Heights, in 1969 from Colonel<br />

JW Billingham, who had named the farm after the rolling hills around Malvern in his native<br />

England.<br />

When winemaking came into Seymour’s sights in the mid-1980’s, France was still the<br />

epicentre of the wine universe. He then added some “French Flair” to the name and changed<br />

it to Clos Malverne, due to the homestead on the farm being reminiscent of a Clos in France.<br />

Clos Malverne<br />

Sauvignon Blanc 2020<br />

ZA003 6x75cl<br />

The wine is full and dry with well-balanced<br />

acid. It has tropical fruit, flintiness and hints<br />

of asparagus and figs on the nose that that all<br />

follow through to the palate.<br />

Clos Malverne<br />

Merlot 2017<br />

ZA004 6x75cl<br />

True to its varietal, this wine is elegant yet<br />

complex with a long mouth feel. This merlot<br />

shouts red fruit on the nose with underlying hints<br />

of star anise and smoky aromas.<br />

Clos Malverne<br />

Auret Reserve 2018<br />

ZA005 6x75cl<br />

The flagship wine of Clos Malvern. A fullbodied<br />

blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage<br />

and Merlot. Pleasantly dry tannins, spicy with<br />

underlying ripe red berries.<br />

Painted Wolf<br />

The Painted Wolf is also known as the African Wild Dog or Painted Dog – a highly social<br />

animal, each with its own ornate markings. The den is at the heart of the pack, a place where<br />

Painted Wolves relax and bond. Paint your palate with this trio of Paarl <strong>Wines</strong> and you will be<br />

making a contribution to the conservation of this rare and endangered animal as proceeds go<br />

to Endangered Wildlife Trust and Tusk.<br />

ZA195<br />

The Pack, Penny<br />

Viognier, Swartland<br />

2018/19<br />

6x75cl<br />

The intense, organically cultivated, dry<br />

farmed Swartland grapes produce an<br />

elegant, alluring wine with an exotic<br />

aroma and lingering flavours of jasmine,<br />

dry peach, lime and vanilla.<br />

The Den,<br />

Pinotage Rosé<br />

2019<br />

ZA196 6x75cl<br />

A bright fruity wine with lingering<br />

strawberry, glacé cherries and<br />

cranberry flavours, a gentle<br />

underlying minerality is well<br />

balanced by a refreshing<br />

acidity.<br />

The Den Shiraz<br />

2019<br />

ZA197 6x75cl<br />

Medium to full bodied with spicy black cherry and black berry fruit, chewy<br />

savoury mid palate and evident wood flavours. The wine has a well-rounded<br />

mid palate with creamy berry flavours which carry through to the finish of the<br />

wine where they are supported by soft tannins.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


South Africa<br />

The Mentors Range<br />

The Mentors Range honours the diversity of terroir and climate<br />

which influence the different styles of wine from South Africa.<br />

The team at KWV believes that in life, Mother Nature is the<br />

greatest mentor. With uncontrolled raw power and beauty<br />

she provides the platform for growth and, through skill and<br />

knowledge KWV has learnt to harness these conditions and craft<br />

this range of superior wines.<br />

Abraham Perold, recognised as the father of Pinotage is mentor to both nature and man alike,<br />

and is the icon of THE MENTORS range.<br />

ZA223<br />

Grenache Blanc<br />

Western Cape 2017<br />

6x75cl<br />

This refreshing wine displays a variety of flavours on the nose and<br />

palate. Aromas of orange peel, mandarin and Granny Smith apples<br />

transcend into a rich, generous and flavoursome palate of white<br />

peach, mineral, lime and spice. The palate is creamy and layered<br />

with subtle aromas of cedar oak which is fresh and persistent.<br />

Verdelho, Stellenbosch<br />

2013<br />

ZA220 6x75cl<br />

Complex and full bodied, the wine displays floral, peach, apricot<br />

and flinty notes. The palate is rich and structured, complemented by<br />

hazelnut and dried fruit while still crisp with linear acidity.<br />

Petit Verdot<br />

Western Cape 2017<br />

ZA224 6x75cl<br />

This wine is ruby red in colour and is concentrated with initial sweet<br />

spice on the nose followed by aromas of dark cherry and plums.<br />

The palate is rich and juicy with upfront fruit sweetness. The angular<br />

tannin structure is well integrated and complements the intense and<br />

lingering finish.<br />

Orchestra Red Blend, Coastal Region 2018<br />

ZA222 6x75cl<br />

As with the gathering of talented musicians, this blend<br />

showcases the magic of inspired collaboration. Here, unique<br />

individual attributes of different varietals deliver the complexity<br />

beyond the sum of the components.<br />

The result is layers of rich red berry fruit, herbs and violets<br />

complemented with subtle integrated nuances of cedar, cigar<br />

box and toffee. The palate is juicy and structured with a lingering<br />

smooth after-taste.<br />

This Bordeaux-style blend includes Cabernet Sauvignon,<br />

Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Merlot.<br />

66<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />



South Africa<br />

Running Duck<br />

The range is named after the Indian Runner ducks sent roaming into the<br />

vineyards to eat snails and other threats to the vines. This natural pest control<br />

allows the winery not to use pesticides and other harmful chemicals.<br />

The Running Duck range is made by Stellar Organics – the pioneer winery<br />

from Western South Africa. The wines are certified organic and have also<br />

been made according to “Fair For Life” guidelines.<br />

Chenin Sauvignon<br />

Blanc 2020/21<br />

ZA170 6x75cl<br />

Crisp and grassy nose with attractive<br />

weight of fruit and lovely lingering<br />

freshness. Made from certified<br />

Organic and Fairtrade grapes.<br />

Chenin Blanc<br />

2020/21<br />

ZA173 6x75cl<br />

Quince and elderflower fruit, fresh<br />

acidity to give balance and also the<br />

merest hint of sweetness to add extra<br />

texture.<br />

Rosé<br />

2020/21<br />

ZA172 6x75cl<br />

A big, bold and full flavoured rosé that<br />

is packed with raspberry and redcurrant<br />

flavours but topped off with nice acidity<br />

and balance. A good food rosé.<br />

Shiraz<br />

2019/20<br />

ZA171 6x75cl<br />

A remarkably soft and juicy Shiraz<br />

without any of the aggressive tannins or<br />

domineering fruit often associated with<br />

this variety. Immensely easy to drink and<br />

gluggable.<br />

Merlot<br />

2020<br />

ZA174 6x75cl<br />

Soft and rounded with gentle, plummy<br />

fruit character. Very attractive and easy<br />

drinking.<br />

Running Duck<br />

No Added Sulphur (NSA)<br />

Sulphur dioxide has been used in wine since<br />

ancient times. Running Duck believes wine<br />

made without this addition offers a great point<br />

of difference; the flavours are cleaner and more<br />

“transparent”.<br />

NSA Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2020<br />

ZA175 6x75cl<br />

Quite firm with blackcurrant and stewed plums on both nose and<br />

palate as well as excellent structure.<br />

Made without the addition of any sulphites during the<br />

winemaking process.<br />

NSA Pinotage<br />

2020<br />

ZA176 6x75cl<br />

Very ripe and luscious with trademark Pinotage aroma of cut<br />

grass and plum skins. The wine has really nice depth of fruit<br />

and a soft, rounded finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Spain<br />

2021 started in a dramatic fashion in much<br />

of Spain with the arrival of storm Filomena,<br />

bringing with it record-breaking 50cm<br />

snowfall. Then followed excitement about<br />

how melt water would top up water tables<br />

for the year ahead, and the useful effect of<br />

the big freeze on vine pests. However, it also<br />

saw damage to some younger vines.<br />

The spring started out with very little rainfall,<br />

until various storm-fronts came in with heavy<br />

rain. The summer was similar, very dry, but<br />

with storms until the end of the season when<br />

torrential rainfall, the likes of which had not<br />

seen since 1960 (up to 160 litres in a few<br />

hours).<br />

With such disparate conditions, together<br />

with the fact that last year was an abundant<br />

vintage, this year’s harvest is smaller in<br />

comparison, with around 50% of the kilos<br />

harvested in 2020.<br />

Spain has the largest vineyard surface in the<br />

world and, with it, an extremely varied climate<br />

with lots of smaller micro-climates, each<br />

perfect for growing different grapes.<br />

Each wine region in Spain has something<br />

different to offer: winery architecture and<br />

design, vineyard patterns, the colors and<br />

scents of the different soils and terroirs, the<br />

local food produce to accompany the wine,<br />

and of course, the wine itself.

Spain<br />

Altas Cumbres<br />

ES460<br />

Blanco<br />

6x75cl<br />

Bright pale yellow colour with green<br />

hints. Fresh and lightly fruity. Soft,<br />

well-balanced and easy to drink.<br />

Rosado<br />

ES461 6x75cl<br />

Bright and brilliant pink colour with matt<br />

tones. Fresh and lightly fruity. Smooth<br />

and harmonious.<br />

Tinto<br />

ES462 6x75cl<br />

Brilliant red ruby colour with slightly<br />

matt tones. Fresh and lightly fruity.<br />

Smooth, harmonious and well bodied.<br />

Vega Badenes<br />

Vega Badenes is a modern Bodega based in La Mancha with a family history as fruit growers<br />

going back three generations - the company is also one of the largest producers of Olive Oil in<br />

Andalusia. The winery is based in Manzanares, close to Cuidad Real and boasts a production of<br />

40 million litres per annum.<br />

Verdejo<br />

ES400 6x75cl<br />

Pale yellow in colour with green hints.<br />

Tropical fruit aromas of pineapple and<br />

guauva with a soft, fresh fruity palate.<br />

Everything is high-tech, as you would assume for<br />

such a modern<br />

winery.<br />

Syrah Rosé<br />

ES401 6x75cl<br />

Lovely pink colour. Strawberry and<br />

raspberry on the nose with a fresh red<br />

fruit palate.<br />

Tempranillo Roble<br />

ES402 6x75cl<br />

Intense red colour with violet hue.<br />

Blackberry and cherry nose. Wonderful<br />

dark fruit palate, cherries leading<br />

to plums. A lengthy finish with well<br />

integrated tannins.<br />

The wine has six months in American<br />

oak barriques.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />






Spain<br />

Sal de Fiesta<br />

Sal de Fiesta is our range of Spanish wines celebrating the crazy,<br />

colourful and cheeky side of wine.<br />

While Sal de Fiesta takes wine making seriously, they have fun with packaging creating a<br />

strikingly beautiful bottles perfect for any table.<br />

All wines in the Sal de Fiesta range are organic.<br />

ES410<br />

El Pulpo Chardonnay<br />

6x75cl<br />

An elegant golden yellow colour with<br />

delicate aromas of ripe fruit. A rich and<br />

buttery Chardonnay with a long lasting<br />

finish.<br />

La Mona Moscato<br />

Verdejo<br />

ES411 6x75cl<br />

Presented in a beautiful blue bottle, the<br />

wine is a golden yellow colour with green<br />

hints. It has a wonderful perfumed aroma<br />

reminiscent of summer flowers. The<br />

palate is voluptuous and long lasting.<br />

El Gallito Merlot<br />

ES413 6x75cl<br />

Wonderful deep cherry colour. Aromas<br />

of ripe dark fruit and oak. On the palate,<br />

juicy cherries and plums give way to a<br />

very luscious rounded finish with good<br />

oak integration.<br />

70<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Spain<br />

From the founding of Bodegas Isidro Milagro with wines from the best vineyards in La Rioja, the<br />

focus has always been to offer innovation, high-quality bottling and tailor-made wines.<br />

Grapes for the Marcelino wines are grown in vineyards located between 300 and 650 metres of<br />

altitude. Fermentation is carried out in steel vats with controlled temperature followed by 8 days<br />

maceration<br />

The Marcelino label pays homage to the father of the three winemaker brothers. On the labels a<br />

unique pen drawing makes a reference to the guidance and love of the current owners for their<br />

father and the wines from the Rioja.<br />

Marcelino Rioja<br />

Blanco 2020/21<br />

ES385 6x75cl<br />

A hugely aromatic wine expressing<br />

intense flavours of apples and pears with<br />

a light floral background. On the palate<br />

a freshness and vivacity comes through<br />

with an additional handful of lavish fruit.<br />

Ideal served as an apéritif or a perfect<br />

accompaniment to fish and seafood.<br />

Marcelino Rioja<br />

Joven Tempranillo<br />

2020/21<br />

ES386 6x75cl<br />

A fabulously sweet young Rioja, made<br />

with Tempranillo grapes. It has delicious<br />

fruit aromas in the mouth and presents a<br />

lovely soft and mellow red wine. Its good<br />

structure and vibrant red berry flavours<br />

mean it can be opened at any time.<br />

Marcelino Rioja<br />

Crianza 2017/18<br />

ES387 6x75cl<br />

A lively cherry-red appearance leading<br />

to a nose of light summer fruits. This<br />

wine has undergone a period of one year<br />

in oak giving beautiful hints of vanilla<br />

amongst fruity cherry notes. A real treat,<br />

with a long and elegant finish. Partner<br />

with dry cured ham or roasted stuffed<br />

peppers.<br />

ES388<br />

Marcelino Rioja Reserva<br />

2013/14<br />

6x75cl<br />

Deep ruby red in colour with terracotta hints. An<br />

aroma of balsamic and spiced tobacco notes with toasted<br />

coffee, reminiscent of black fruit. Wonderful vanilla notes<br />

on the palate and complex flavours of ripe plums and dark<br />

cherries. 24 months in French and American oak casks and<br />

a further 12 months in bottle give this wine its very developed<br />

structure with rounded and elegant tannins.<br />

5 Oros Graciano<br />

2015<br />

ES420 6x75cl<br />

A bright cherry red in colour, the wine has aromas of cherries<br />

and fruits of the forest with elegant touches of spiciness and<br />

toasted notes. On the palate it is long and tasty, harmonious,<br />

balanced with elegant and wraparound tannins, controlled<br />

capacity and nice toasted after-taste. Best served in<br />

temperature from 14 to 16 ºC.<br />

91 Points Decanter.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />



Spain<br />

Rioja<br />

The Rioja wine region in north central Spain is home to 63,593 hectares of vineyards which is<br />

split across three provinces on the Upper Ebro – La Rioja, Alava and Navarre.<br />

The dominant grape used is normally Tempranillo, which although native to Spain, now grows<br />

more widely. Garnacha (or Grenache), Mazuelo (Carignan) and Graciano make up the balance.<br />

Rioja uses a fairly simple classification system:<br />

• Joven / Rioja: ‘young’, low / no oak, 1-2 years aging<br />

• Crianza: 1 year in oak and 1 year in bottle<br />

• Reserva: 1 year in oak and 2 years in bottle<br />

• Gran Reserva: 2 years in oak and 3 years in bottle<br />

Rioja Vega Tempranillo Blanco 2019<br />

ES151 6x75cl<br />

This Rioja Blanco has complex and expressive aromas,<br />

intense notes of tropical fruits and white flowers over delicate<br />

hints of herbs. Unctuous and sweet silky texture from ageing<br />

on fine lees in French oak barrels. A complex wine which will<br />

keep well for many years to come.<br />

Rioja Vega Crianza 2017<br />

ES137 12x75cl<br />

The winery at Rioja Vega was overhauled in 2001 and its wines<br />

have surged forward. This smooth, soft, richly-fruited red has<br />

spice and vanilla from 12 months in American oak. Clean,<br />

bright, ruby red with aromas of vanilla and balanced in the<br />

mouth.<br />

Rioja Vega Semi Crianza 2018<br />

ES001 6x75cl<br />

A brilliant and intense colour that preserves a purple colour<br />

from its youth with violet hues. Elegant on the nose, notes of<br />

liquorice sustained. Dark fruit on the palate with presence of<br />

slight tannins. Well structured. Very pleasant to drink.<br />

Tahon de Tobelos Reserva<br />

Bodegas Encina 2013<br />

ES155 6x75cl<br />

From vineyards at the foot of the Sierra de Tolono, vines are<br />

over 55 years old and have immense character. This incredible<br />

wine is aged 18 months in new American oak barrels, bottled<br />

and then aged another 16 months. This gives it a dark cherry/<br />

plum colour. Fruity damsons, plums, vanilla, cocoa. Very<br />

complex with fathomless depth and elegance. Wondrous.<br />

Tobelos Rioja Crianza<br />

Bodegas Encina 2016<br />

ES154 12x75cl<br />

Intense black-cherry colour with an attractive, powerful berryfruit<br />

nose with hints of vanilla and spice. Velvety soft on the<br />

palate, this is a wine with grace and character.<br />

ES351<br />

Navardia Organic Rioja Joven,<br />

Bodegas Bagordi 2020<br />

12x75cl<br />

Grapes grown on the fertile plains of the rivers Ebro and Ega<br />

come together to produce this wonderful organic wine. This is a<br />

classic Tempranillo, spicy, toasty aromas, rich, warm, red fruit<br />

flavours and a smooth, oaky finish.<br />

72<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Spain<br />

Federico Paternina, Rioja<br />

With a history of wine-making excellence expanding more than 115 years, Paternina is<br />

one of the few pre-phylloxera wineries in Rioja.<br />

In 1896, D.Federico Paternina Josué founded the Paternina Wineries in Ollauri, a group of<br />

three wineries with around a thousand American oak barrels.<br />

In 1922 they took over the bodegas of the Catholic Farming Syndicate<br />

Co-operative in Haro.<br />

Today Paternina is one of the leading Rioja wineries. Well-equipped<br />

cellars incorporate some of the latest technology along with tried and<br />

tested practices.<br />

Its vast cellar contains nearly 50,000 barrels of gently ageing wine and<br />

has been described as a ‘cathedral of wine’.<br />

Monte Haro Rioja 2018/19<br />

ES104 6x75cl<br />

Cherry red with purple overtones.<br />

Very intense aromas with red fruit character<br />

and some elements of creamy, toasted oak.<br />

Full flavoured and well structured with soft<br />

tannins.<br />

Regional Classics<br />

Galicia, Rías Baixas<br />

Ribera Del Duero<br />

ES111A<br />

Albariño Bodegas<br />

Aquitania 2020<br />

6x75cl<br />

Light yellow with fresh citrus and<br />

orchard fruit aromas and flavours.<br />

A minerally element adds vivacity. Silky<br />

and precise, showing good lift but a bit<br />

of heat in the mid-palate.<br />

Closes clean and tight with a lingering<br />

bitter lemon zest note.<br />

Prios Maximus Roble<br />

2019<br />

ES150 6x75cl<br />

From Bodegas de Los Rios Prieto,<br />

100% Tempranillo hand harvested from<br />

25 year old vines in Pesquera vineyards<br />

- a legendary wine estate of Ribera del<br />

Duero.<br />

Powerful, clean bouquet of cherries,<br />

ripe blackberries, blueberries with hints<br />

of brioche, mocha, toasted almonds<br />

and hazelnuts. These rich red fruit and<br />

chocolate notes transfer to an elegant,<br />

silky smooth, mouth-wateringly juicy,<br />

rounded palate with soft tannins leaving<br />

a fresh and bright finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


U.S.A.<br />

The USA is now the 4th largest<br />

wine producing country in the world.<br />

Unfortunately, it has not escaped the affects<br />

of global warming or Covid, with each<br />

wine producing region experiencing their<br />

own problems in 2020. However, for most,<br />

harvest 2021 seems promising.<br />

For Oregon’s winemakers, 2020 held<br />

challenges including a western U.S. weather<br />

phenomenon combined with naturally lower<br />

yields, wildfires and COVID-19-related labour<br />

shortages and restrictions. However, the<br />

region’s winemakers are excited about the<br />

2021 vintage with some claiming ‘its the best<br />

harvest in recent memory’ thanks to hot,<br />

dry weather leading to lower yields / higher<br />

quality and less disease pressure.<br />

Washington’s wine grape growers have<br />

generally seen smaller crops in 2021, but the<br />

state as a whole should produce more wine<br />

this vintage - in 2020 uncertainty about the<br />

wine market led many growers to simply<br />

leave their grapes on the vine.<br />

Meanwhile, California’s winemakers are also<br />

happier. The grapes have exceptional flavour<br />

and concentration, they say, due in part to<br />

ongoing drought. After last year’s wildfires<br />

destroyed 30 wineries and tinged grapes with<br />

smoke taint in Napa, that’s certainly great<br />


California<br />

USA<br />

Giant<br />

Old Vine Red 2019/20<br />

US0039 6x75cl<br />

Fruitful, robust and punchy. Giant brings together<br />

Ruby Cabernet, Zinfandel, Petit Verdot – all old vine<br />

and a few splashes of Petite Sirah in an utterly outstanding<br />

sweeter red wine.<br />

Fee fie foe fum! While Jack may have found an ogre at the top<br />

of his vine, Giant Old Vine Red is far from feindish. A medium<br />

bodied wine, full of black fruit flavour and extremely easy<br />

drinking.<br />

Waters Edge<br />

Pink Fox<br />

US077<br />

QB180<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

6x75cl<br />

24x187ml<br />

A delicate blush pink colour introduces this fresh, lively wine to<br />

your palate. Light creaminess surrenders to a refreshing sweet<br />

finish of strawberries and melon.<br />

Angel’s Flight<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

US016A 6x75cl<br />

A light to medium bodied wine with bright aromas of<br />

strawberry and watermelon. The full ripe flavours are<br />

well-balanced with a refreshing mouth feel and a crisp lingering<br />

finish.<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

WE062 6x75cl<br />

QB237 24x187ml<br />

Coral pink in colour. Delicate<br />

and refreshing with soft fruit<br />

flavours of strawberries and<br />

peaches.<br />

Founders Stone<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

WE475 6x75cl<br />

QB133 12x187ml<br />

QB133A 24x187ml<br />

Delicate and refreshing with<br />

delicious soft fruit flavours of<br />

strawberries, raspberries and<br />

melon.<br />

Foxcover<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

US079A 6x75cl<br />

Light, fruity White Zinfandel which blends fresh<br />

raspberry and strawberry flavours with hints of watermelon.<br />

Sierra Creek<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

US151A 6x75cl<br />

QB110 24x187ml<br />

An easy drinking rosé wine, full of<br />

strawberry and raspberry fruit<br />

aromas from grapes harvested<br />

in California.<br />

Light-bodied and refreshing,<br />

this wine is rich in flavours of<br />

red berry fruits. This wine can<br />

be drunk on its own and will<br />

also be a perfect partner for<br />

salads and barbecued seafood.<br />

Serve chilled.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


USA<br />

California<br />

Riesling, Monteray<br />

County 2020<br />

US002 12x75cl<br />

Pale straw coloured wine with strong<br />

aromas of spice and floral notes. On<br />

the palate, notes of honey and nutty<br />

hazelnut.<br />

The vast expanse of the Central<br />

Coast is matched only by its<br />

diverse topography. Stretching<br />

250 miles south from San<br />

Francisco Bay to Santa Barbara<br />

County, the region’s 90,000<br />

acres of vineyards are woven<br />

together by a single thread:<br />

proximity to the Pacific Ocean.<br />

The undeniable influence of the sea shapes the terroir<br />

here as it ushers wind and fog across the vines, creating<br />

California’s longest growing season.<br />

US001<br />

Chardonnay, Santa<br />

Barbara County<br />

2020<br />

12x75cl<br />

Light golden colour with lifted aromas<br />

of stone-fruits and melons. Medium<br />

bodied, containing flavours of ripe<br />

peaches and tropical fruit.<br />

Pinot Noir, Santa<br />

Barbara County<br />

2019<br />

US003 12x75cl<br />

Bright ruby-red colour, this wine offers<br />

layered notes of cherry, mulberry and<br />

raspberry. On the palate, it is complex<br />

and supple, with ripe berry flavours<br />

framed by silky tannins.<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

Central Coast<br />

Region 2020<br />

US004 12x75cl<br />

Bright ruby-red colour, this wine offers<br />

layered notes of cherry, mulberry and<br />

raspberry. On the palate, it is complex<br />

and supple, with ripe berry flavours<br />

framed by silky tannins.<br />

Lodi<br />

The Specialyst<br />

Zinfandel 2019<br />

US006 12x75cl<br />

Rich aromas and flavours of blackberry,<br />

cherry and vanilla, with a smooth, wellbalanced<br />

finish. This wine is delicious<br />

on its own and pairs perfectly well with<br />

grilled vegetables and meats, hearty<br />

pastas and aged cheeses.<br />

Napa Valley<br />

Taken 2018<br />

US005 12x75cl<br />

A delightful blend of Cabernet<br />

Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot, Malbec<br />

and Petit Sirah.<br />

At first, the nose seems dominated by<br />

ripe notes of raspberry, blackberry,<br />

blackcurrant and plum, which then<br />

reveals soft floral undertones.<br />

Delicate hints of jasmine and vanilla<br />

bean elevate the palate while the body is<br />

defined by flavours of quince, roasted fig,<br />

and extra dark chocolate with a dash of<br />

allspice.<br />

The texture is full and robust, but gives<br />

way to rich, supple tannins on the finish.<br />

76<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


California<br />

USA<br />

Napa Cellars has been a true Napa Valley Classic<br />

since 1976. Though Napa Valley is small — 30 miles<br />

long and only a few miles across at its widest point<br />

— its varied microclimates and soils make it possible<br />

to successfully grow a variety of wine grapes.<br />

This gives Napa Cellars the luxury to choose the<br />

best fruit for each wine it makes without ever having<br />

to look beyond the Napa Valley.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2020<br />

US258 12x75cl<br />

Green apple, spring grass, melon and<br />

passion fruit aromas followed by white<br />

peach and honey tones.<br />

Full and lively on the palate, flavours of<br />

guava, lemon, grapefruit, floral notes<br />

and subtle hints of lime complement a<br />

crisp and bright acidity.<br />

Chardonnay<br />

2018/19<br />

US259 12x75cl<br />

Aromas of vanilla, caramel, honey melon<br />

and hints of baked apple crisp excite<br />

the senses. Soft, balanced acidity and<br />

creamy finish.<br />

Five Stars Harpers Wine Stars USA<br />

Gold Global Chardonnay Masters 18<br />

Gold Decanter WWA 2019<br />

Wine Enthusiast 90 Points<br />

Pinot Noir 2018<br />

US260 12x75cl<br />

Beautiful aromas of black cherry, cola, earth,<br />

spice and dark caramel. Abundant flavours of<br />

cherry pie, dark fruit, toasted pie crust and dried<br />

herbs are framed by rich vanilla notes on the<br />

palate. Well structured with a balanced acidity<br />

leading to a long and lingering finish.<br />

Global Pinot Noir Masters 21 (Gold)<br />

Zinfandel 2016/18<br />

US261 12x75cl<br />

Lush flavours of ripe jam with notes of mocha,<br />

spice, subtle pepper and sweet notes of oak on<br />

the finish.<br />

This wine is medium-bodied with bright acidity<br />

and a smooth, juicy and lasting mouthfeel. A true<br />

Napa Classic.<br />

Trinchero, Napa Valley<br />

The Trinchero family came to the Napa Valley from New York in 1948. Trinchero Napa Valley<br />

is the first winery to showcase their name, with wines and vineyards named to honour the<br />

family and their heritage. Every Trinchero Napa Valley wine is crafted with estate-grown fruit,<br />

selected by hand from TNV’s best vineyards throughout Napa Valley.<br />

US240<br />

BRV<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2014<br />

6x75cl<br />

A fitting tribute to the second generation<br />

of the Trinchero family - Bob, Roger and<br />

Vera - BRV brings together two of the<br />

family’s estate vineyards, Haystack and<br />

Cloud’s Nest, from Napa Valley’s most<br />

esteemed mountain appellations.<br />

The wine presents liquorice, plum and<br />

hints of cigar box on the nose, followed<br />

by abundant blueberry, blackberry and<br />

violet. A muscular, full-bodied showing<br />

from a warm vintage.<br />

Wine Enthusiast 93 points.<br />

Decanter 90 points.<br />

Mario’s<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2018/19<br />

US241 6x75cl<br />

Opulent fruit with a fleshy mid-palate thanks to its valley<br />

floor origins, velvety tannins with elegant structure.<br />

Aromas of mocha, crushed red berry fruit, plum, forest<br />

floor and hints of refreshing mint. Bright flavours of<br />

raspberry jam, tobacco and fig are complemented with<br />

a soft texture, rich mid-palate and a polished finish.<br />

This wine’s valley floor origins give it a fleshy midpalate,<br />

with tannins that are light and pure and a<br />

mouthfeel that is incredibly round and supple.<br />

Mario’s Cabernet Sauvignon is a tribute to the strength<br />

and perseverance of Mario Trinchero, the first family<br />

member to move to the Napa Valley back in 1948.<br />

Sustainably sourced from two estate vineyards in St<br />

Helena, the aptly named Mario’s Vineyard and Central<br />

Park West which pay homage to the Trinchero’s New<br />

York heritage.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


USA<br />

California<br />

Napa based The Three Thieves began liberating fine wines in 2003, finding killer wines<br />

they could sell at absurdly low prices. Meet The Dreamer, The Hustler and The Master, AKA<br />

winemakers Charles Bieler and Joel Gott.<br />

The Three Thieves believe that great wine is not a pleasure reserved for kings, but rather a<br />

privilege of life - something for everyone to enjoy. With every vintage of Three Thieves, each<br />

Thief brings his own unique personality and perspective on a global hunt for the next great<br />

wine finds.<br />

US250<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

2019/20<br />

12x75cl<br />

A pale sunshine colour in the glass with<br />

bright aromas of citrus with subtle floral<br />

notes. Vibrant juicy pear, green apple<br />

and citrus flavours that bring your palate<br />

to life.<br />

US251<br />

Chardonnay<br />

2019/20<br />

12x75cl<br />

Complex varietal aromas with citrus and<br />

pineapple flavours, and a top note of<br />

sweet oak. It’s creamy and full-bodied on<br />

the palate, perfectly balanced by bright<br />

acidity. Crisp and refreshing.<br />

Pinot Noir<br />

2019/20<br />

US252 12x75cl<br />

Beautiful violet and fresh cherry aromas<br />

lead to raspberry and juicy cherry<br />

flavours with hints of berry jam and<br />

toasty oak on the palate. This medium<br />

bodied Pinot Noir is a generous, fruity<br />

wine with silky textures balanced by<br />

mouthwatering acidity – it’s the kind of<br />

wine that can turn a rough, rugged Thief<br />

into a gentleman.<br />

Five Stars Harpers Wine<br />

Stars USA<br />

Wine Enthusiast 89 Points ‘Best Buy’<br />

US253<br />

Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

2018/19<br />

12x75cl<br />

The Three Thieves can’t resist the allure<br />

of rubies and this Cabernet Sauvignon<br />

sparkles like a gem. In the glass, it’s a<br />

brilliant ruby red with inviting aromas of<br />

fresh cherries and toasted vanilla. Deep<br />

cherry and berry flavours are rich on the<br />

palate, leading the way for a powerful,<br />

full finish.<br />

Wine Enthusiast ‘Best Buy’<br />

78<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


USA<br />

Washington State<br />

Washington has a magical balance of heat and continentality that provides a contrast of ripeness with<br />

preserved acidity. The cool nights keep the wines of Washington fragrant and fresh. The Charles &<br />

Charles range is a collaboration founded in 2008 between Charles Smith (K Vintners, Charles Smith<br />

<strong>Wines</strong>) and Charles Bieler (Three Thieves, Bieler Père et Fils).<br />

Charles Bieler had a dream to make world-class rosé in Washington State and called his good friend,<br />

Charles Smith. From here, the Charles and Charles legacy was born. When Charles met Charles they<br />

both commented it was unusual to find two ‘Charles’ - the name ‘Charles’ is usually shortened to Charlie,<br />

Chuck or Chaz in America - so commemorated the brand with their names.<br />

The iconic Charles and Charles Stars & Stripes label is a nod towards the American Legion Post No.<br />

35 building in Waitsburg, WA (north of Walla Walla). Charles Smith bought this building and painted it to<br />

create a conceptual art piece, its intention is to provoke thought about the future while honoring the past.<br />

The label of Post 35 Blend shows the two Charles standing in front of this building - strong, bold, true.<br />

US256<br />

Rosé, Columbia<br />

Valley 2017/20<br />

12x75cl<br />

67% Syrah, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon,<br />

9% Grenache and 7% Mourvedre.<br />

Pale salmon colour, copper pink with<br />

flashes of Fuschia. An aromatic nose<br />

of raspberries and cherry, a light but<br />

dynamic palate with a tangy bright finish.<br />

Post No. 35 Blend<br />

Columbia Valley<br />

2018/19<br />

US257 12x75cl<br />

60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40%<br />

Syrah. Aromas of black cherry,<br />

blackberry and earthy, savoury notes of<br />

tobacco and herbs, vanilla and cocoa.<br />

It’s an intense dark blue / purple in colour<br />

with tremendous purity and depth.<br />

Joel Gott <strong>Wines</strong><br />

Joel Gott has been making his own label wines since 1996, selecting<br />

the best fruit from growing regions in California, Oregon and<br />

Washington which he blends to create balanced, clean, complex, and<br />

elegant wines.<br />

Joel is also one third of the Three Thieves (page 78) and visitors<br />

to Northern California are likely to have eaten in one of his chain of<br />

Gott’s Roadside Diners.<br />

Pinot Gris, Willamette<br />

Valley 2021<br />

US265 12x75cl<br />

Aromas of citrus, fresh peach blossoms<br />

and melon. The wine opens with bright<br />

acidity followed by notes of key lime and<br />

Crenshaw melon on the mid-palate, with<br />

the light sweetness of stone fruit on the<br />

finish. *Available April <strong>2022</strong>*<br />

US266<br />

Pinot Noir 2018/19<br />

12x75cl<br />

Aromas of pomegranate, red<br />

raspberry and strawberry with notes of<br />

sandalwood. On the palate, bright red<br />

fruit flavours lead to soft, velvety tannins<br />

with candied cranberry and subtle<br />

vanilla notes on the mid-palate. Sweet,<br />

fruit flavours and notes of spice offer a<br />

long, elegant finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Sparkling Wine<br />

England<br />

Bolney Estate<br />

Bubbly NV<br />

GB140 6x75cl<br />

Delightful floral and brioche notes<br />

combine with zesty fruit, honeysuckle<br />

and elderflower, finishing with just a<br />

hint of sweetness. Multi-award winning<br />

including Silver, Premium Select Wine<br />

Challenge, Prowein<br />

Bolney Estate<br />

Blanc de Blancs<br />

GB125 6x75cl<br />

A very stylish vintage made in the<br />

traditional method. Lots of yellow fruit<br />

character, floral notes and wonderful<br />

yeasty undertones. Smooth texture with<br />

a fine mousse and a lovely length.<br />

Bolney Estate<br />

Cuvée Rosé<br />

GB141 6x75cl<br />

Traditional method quality sparkling wine<br />

with a fine mousse, tightly beaded. On<br />

the nose a touch of yeast with notes of<br />

raspberry and wild strawberry.<br />

GB139<br />

Bolney Estate<br />

Cuvée Noir<br />

6x75cl<br />

Aromas reminiscent of red stone fruits,<br />

especially red cherry, redcurrants and<br />

sweet blueberries. On the palate, a<br />

wonderful creamy richness and full<br />

bodied mousse, packed full of ripe<br />

summer fruits with a hint of sweet spice<br />

on the finish.<br />

Nyetimber’s vineyards are ideal for sparkling<br />

wine, sharing many characteristics with some<br />

of the best sparkling wine vineyards in the<br />

world.<br />

The perfect greensand and chalk soils allow<br />

its vines, in each of nine separate sites, to<br />

flourish across the South of England.<br />

The climate here allows for the slow ripening<br />

of grapes, achieving the optimum levels<br />

of ripeness and acidity, as well as the<br />

complexity and finesse for which Nyetimber<br />

is renowned.<br />

Nyetimber ‘Classic’ Cuvée<br />

NV<br />

GB090 6x75cl<br />

The signature wine of Nyetimber is<br />

a classic blend of Chardonnay, Pinot<br />

Noir, and Pinot Meunier and is a perfect<br />

balance of elegance and intensity.<br />

Released after six years ageing on the<br />

yeast lees, this is rich and toasty, but with<br />

great freshness. The palate has superb<br />

complex fruit flavours and exceptional<br />

length.<br />

Made in true Champagne fashion, the<br />

result is a creamy and rich wine with notes<br />

of brioche complimented with a refreshing<br />

citrus twist.<br />

An English classic.<br />

80<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Sparkling Wine<br />

Italy<br />

IT355<br />

IT356<br />

Trevisana Prosecco<br />

6x75cl<br />

24x20cl<br />

Straw yellow colour with golden hints,<br />

fruity with scents of apple and peach.<br />

Fine and persistent perlage, fresh with a<br />

crisp finish.<br />

Trevisana Rosé Prosecco<br />

IT357 6x75cl<br />

A new phenomenon to the world of<br />

Italian Prosecco – the first ever vintage<br />

of Prosecco Rosé. This beautifully made,<br />

fine and elegant Prosecco is created<br />

with 90% Glera and the addition of 10%<br />

Pinot Nero to create a stunning bright<br />

pink colour. Flavours of red fruits on the<br />

palate with lots of bubbles leading to a<br />

creamy after-taste.<br />

Back Label Only<br />

Prosecco<br />

IT350BLO 6x75cl<br />

Boasting aromatic notes of apple, citrus<br />

and white flowers, refreshing flavours of<br />

apple and pears.<br />

Abbazia Prosecco<br />

Spumante D.O.C.<br />

Collio<br />

IT182 6x75cl<br />

Elegant and aromatic, wonderfully<br />

refreshing with delicate flavours of pear<br />

and apple. Presented in the Collio heavy<br />

weight bottle.<br />

Ca’Vittoria Prosecco<br />

Di Valdobbiadene<br />

IT005 6x75cl<br />

Packed with summer fruits, this is a<br />

fresh, dry and sparkling take on the<br />

Italian classic grape, Glera, It’s best<br />

enjoyed chilled and is perfect for all<br />

occasions.<br />

No 10 Baglietti<br />

Prosecco<br />

IT349A 6x75cl<br />

IT362 6x150cl<br />

Stunning presentation in this crystal style<br />

bottle. A dry, well made Prosecco, it is<br />

elegant with refreshing apple and pear<br />

flavours.<br />

No 7 Baglietti<br />

Rosé Spumante<br />

IT348 6x75cl<br />

Lovely salmon colour with fine and<br />

prolonged perlage in the glass. Elegant<br />

floral notes on the nose, well balanced<br />

palate with small red fruit flavours and<br />

persistent duration in the mouth.<br />

Abbazia Cuvée<br />

Prestige Rosé Brut<br />

IT158 6x75cl<br />

Pale pink colour – very well presented.<br />

A dry sparkling rosé, strawberries and<br />

raspberries on the palate with a creamy<br />

dry long lasting finish.<br />

Effervescence has been<br />

observed in wine throughout<br />

history and has been noted<br />

by Ancient Greek and Roman<br />

writers, but the cause of this<br />

mysterious appearance of<br />

bubbles was not understood.<br />

Over time it has been<br />

attributed to phases of the<br />

moon as well as both good<br />

and evil spirits.<br />

However you prefer your fizz,<br />

we have a selection of the<br />

world’s finest to choose from.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Sparkling Wine<br />

Argentina<br />

Gouguenheim<br />

Sparkling Malbec<br />

Bubbles Rosé<br />

AR039 6x75cl<br />

Love Malbec? Love Bubbles? An<br />

excellent extra brut rosé made from<br />

Malbec. Very easy to drink with a strong<br />

colour and red fruit flavours with very<br />

fine bubbles.<br />

France<br />

Dopff & Irion<br />

Crémant d’Alsace Blanc<br />

de Blancs Brut<br />

FR264 6x75cl<br />

Sparkling wine with light bubbles and<br />

sophisticated notes of apple, quince,<br />

fine herbs and discreet spices. On the<br />

palate, it is fresh, supple and refined<br />

with citrus notes and almond on the<br />

finish.<br />

Spain<br />

Castell d’Olerdola<br />

Cava Brut Reserva<br />

ES122 6x75cl<br />

This excellent dry Cava has a very pale<br />

primrose transparency and a fine bead. It<br />

has a fine delicate aroma, slightly lemony<br />

nose with touches of butter and yeast<br />

from ageing. It is very fruity, creamy and<br />

silky on the palate.<br />

ES121<br />

Castell d’Olerdola<br />

Cava Brut Rosado<br />

6x75cl<br />

This has an elegant, brilliant pale<br />

raspberry colour, well developed summer<br />

fruit aromas, light on the palate with a<br />

dry finish.<br />

Australia<br />

Semi-Sparkling<br />

McPherson Moscato<br />

AU187A 6x75cl<br />

Lifted floral aromas and flavours of<br />

strawberries, rose petals and a hint of<br />

musk. This wine has a fine spritz, an<br />

uplifting finish and is best enjoyed chilled.<br />

Princess Butterfly<br />

Moscato<br />

AU377 12x75cl<br />

Made from fruit grown in Victoria by<br />

award winning winemaker Jo Nash. This<br />

delightful Moscato is pale blush pink in<br />

colour with a light spritz to add a tingle<br />

on the palate. Aromas of rose petals<br />

and grapefruit dominate the bouquet,<br />

whilst the palate is a refreshing, sweeter<br />

style with fruit flavours of strawberries,<br />

nectarines and lime.<br />

McGuigan’s Black<br />

Label Sparkling Shiraz<br />

XX328 6x75cl<br />

Ruby red sparkling wine with an<br />

excellent mousse. A soft wine with a<br />

refreshing finish.<br />

82<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Champagne<br />

Baron de Beaupré<br />

FR910A<br />

FR911A<br />

Baron de Beaupré Brut<br />

6x75cl<br />

12x37.5cl<br />

Fresh, delicate and racy with a dry<br />

palate long lasting bubbles and a strong<br />

finish.<br />

FR915A<br />

Baron de Beaupré Brut<br />

Back Label Only<br />

6x75cl<br />

Baron de Beaupré Rosé<br />

FR924A 6x75cl<br />

Delicate rose petal colour, with a<br />

nose recalling ripe red fruits. Fresh and<br />

fruity on the palate, well balanced wine<br />

of character with long finish.<br />

Branded NV Champagnes<br />

Moët & Chandon<br />

Brut Impérial<br />

FR950 6x75cl<br />

FR951 12x37.5cl<br />

One of the most famous Champagnes.<br />

Light, delicate and well balanced. Dry<br />

in style.<br />

Bollinger<br />

FR920 6x75cl<br />

The most famous of all Champagnes,<br />

one of the world’s finest. Blended from<br />

65% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay and<br />

5% Pinot Meunier with an average<br />

rating of 98%. Aged for four years<br />

before disgorging.<br />

Veuve Clicquot Brut<br />

FR301A 6x75cl<br />

Rich flavoursome and fruity. The<br />

world renowned ‘widow’ bearing the<br />

distinctive lovely yellow label.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Champagne<br />

Branded NV Champagnes<br />

Laurent-Perrier Brut<br />

FR918 6x75cl<br />

FR922 24x20cl<br />

Very popular Champagne, intense<br />

mousse, light dancing bubbles.<br />

Laurent-Perrier<br />

Blanc de Blanc<br />

Brut Nature<br />

FR906 6x75cl<br />

This is a crisply fruity Blanc de Blanc,<br />

crafted using Chardonnay sourced<br />

from prime Grand Cru and Premier Cru<br />

vineyards and is the only zero dosage<br />

(Brut Nature) Grande Marque Blanc de<br />

Blancs.<br />

Laurent-Perrier<br />

Grand Siècle<br />

FR908 6x75cl<br />

The Champagne Cuvée par excellence,<br />

Grand Siècle is a blend of wines from<br />

three great Laurent-Perrier vintage years<br />

made from the finest Crus and grapes.<br />

The Grand Siècle style combines<br />

finesse, power and balance. Powerful<br />

andyet well-rounded, this wine is rich<br />

and savoury finishing with a deliciously<br />

fresh touch.<br />

Vintage Champagne<br />

Moët & Chandon<br />

Grand Vintage<br />

2008<br />

FR949 6x75cl<br />

A full concentrated yeasty biscuit nose<br />

character made from the finest cuvées.<br />

Laurent-Perrier<br />

Vintage 2008<br />

FR907 6x75cl<br />

The 2008 is considered an outstanding<br />

vintage – on par with the great 1996 -<br />

but arguably with better balance and<br />

great consistency. Laurent-Perrier very<br />

rarely makes vintages, declaring less<br />

than one out of two years – but when it<br />

does, it only selects the very best years.<br />

Cristal Louis Roederer<br />

In 1876, Tsar Alexander II<br />

requested the cuvée of Louis<br />

Roederer Champagne specially<br />

created in his honour should<br />

henceforth be presented in a<br />

crystal decanter.<br />

Thus, he gave birth the idea of<br />

Cristal, since then the symbol<br />

of rarity, extreme exigence and<br />

supreme refinement.<br />

FR917<br />

Cristal Louis Roederer<br />

6x75cl<br />

Rosé Champagne<br />

Laurent-Perrier Rosé<br />

NV<br />

FR919 6x75cl<br />

A light refreshing Champagne with a<br />

delicate mousse, ideal for aperitifs.<br />

H. Blin Rosé<br />

FR961 6x75cl<br />

Light, pale pink colour with a soft<br />

and generous mousse. Packed with<br />

aromas of fresh red fruits. A full and<br />

concentrated style.<br />

Limited Stock<br />

84<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Half Bottle Range (375ml)<br />

France<br />

Champagne<br />

FR309<br />

Sancerre Domaine<br />

Daulny Loire<br />

24x37.5cl<br />

FR911A<br />

Baron de Beaupré<br />

Brut NV<br />

12x37.5cl<br />

FR460<br />

Château Malbat Claret<br />

Bordeaux<br />

24x37.5cl<br />

FR105<br />

Petit Guiraud Sauternes<br />

Bordeaux<br />

12x37.5cl<br />

FR951<br />

Moët & Chandon<br />

Brut Impérial NV<br />

12x37.5cl<br />

Chile<br />

Ventopuro Sauvignon<br />

Blanc Reserva<br />

2020/21<br />

CL069 12x37.5cl<br />

Aromas of fresh tropical fruit<br />

with delicate vegetal notes.<br />

Fresh on the palate with concentrated<br />

citrus flavours.<br />

Ventopuro Merlot<br />

Reserva 2020<br />

CL070 12x37.5cl<br />

Aroma of cherries and red fruits. Soft<br />

and silky on the palate with a wellbalanced<br />

structure.<br />

CL451<br />

Ladera Verde<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

2021<br />

24x37.5cl<br />

Light yellow colour with green hues,<br />

clear and brilliant. Notes of tropical<br />

fruits (passion fruit and pineapple) with<br />

hints of citrus fruit. The wine has a<br />

well-balanced acidity and mouthfeel.<br />

Ladera Verde Merlot 2020<br />

CL450 24x37.5cl<br />

A medium bodied fruity Merlot, dried plums and a<br />

touch of chocolate on the nose. A jammy fruit filled<br />

palate, very drinkable.<br />

Magnums (150cl)<br />

No 10 Baglietti Prosecco<br />

IT362 6x150cl<br />

Stunning presentation in this crystal style bottle.<br />

A dry, well made prosecco, it is elegant with<br />

refreshing apple and pear flavours.<br />

Nika Tiki Sauvignon Blanc Rosé<br />

NZ119 6x150cl<br />

Refreshing floral aromas with berry and<br />

spices. The palate exudes fresh tropical<br />

Sauvignon Blanc flavours complemented<br />

by hints of berries from the addition of pinot noir<br />

before finishing refreshingly with spice and vibrant<br />

acidity.<br />

Malbec 2018<br />

CL247 6x150cl<br />

Dark blackberry and cherry fruit with silky firm<br />

tannins. An explosion of fruit on the palate with<br />

hints of chocolate and spice.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Quarter Bottle (187ml)<br />

We have an array of wines in quarter bottles (187ml), ideal for any occasion requiring a<br />

single serve option.<br />

Founders Stone<br />

Australia Chile Moldova<br />

QB130<br />

QB130A<br />

Chardonnay<br />

12x187ml<br />

24x187ml<br />

Fresh, ripe Chardonnay<br />

flavours of melon and peaches.<br />

A rich, creamy texture with a<br />

rounded crisp finish.<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

QB132 12x187ml<br />

QB132A 24x187ml<br />

A light, fresh and crisp dry<br />

white wine with hints of citrus<br />

and gooseberry on the palate<br />

and a crisp fruity finish.<br />

QB131<br />

QB131A<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

12x187ml<br />

24x187ml<br />

Crisp and refreshing with citrus<br />

and green apple muted with<br />

subtle notes. Superb length and<br />

flavour.<br />

Shiraz<br />

QB135 12x187ml<br />

QB135A 24x187ml<br />

A rich, plummy and spicy nose. A soft<br />

berry palate with a rounded long finish.<br />

USA<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

QB133 12x187ml<br />

QB133A 24x187ml<br />

Delicate and refreshing with<br />

delicious soft fruit flavours of<br />

strawberries, raspberries and melon.<br />

Merlot<br />

QB134 12x187ml<br />

QB134A 24x187ml<br />

A medium bodied soft Merlot.<br />

Aromas of dried plums and<br />

chocolate with a juicy palate of<br />

cherries and currants.<br />

Waters Edge<br />

Australia<br />

Chardonnay<br />

QB200 24x187ml<br />

A classic dry white wine with<br />

vibrant aromas and flavours of<br />

apple, pear and tropical fruits<br />

Shiraz<br />

QB223 24x187ml<br />

A soft, rounded easy drinking red with<br />

well balanced fruit flavours and a light<br />

spicy finish.<br />

Chile<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

QB201 24x187ml<br />

A fresh, clean dry white with<br />

hints of citrus and gooseberry<br />

on the palate, and a crisp fruity<br />

finish.<br />

USA<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

QB237 24x187ml<br />

Coral pink in colour. Delicate<br />

and refreshing with soft fruit<br />

flavours of strawberries and<br />

peaches.<br />

Moldova<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

QB203 24x187ml<br />

Pale lemon colour with<br />

aromas of citrus fruits muted<br />

with subtle floral notes. Crisp<br />

and refreshing with citrus and<br />

green apple.<br />

Merlot<br />

QB220 24x187ml<br />

An easy drinking red with lively<br />

cherry and blackberry flavours<br />

and hints of cocoa and violets.<br />

86<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Quarter Bottle (187ml)<br />

Silver Creek<br />

Chardonnay<br />

QB003 24x187ml<br />

Tropical fruits, apple and pear on the<br />

palate with a delicate creamy texture and a<br />

crisp clean finish.<br />

Shiraz<br />

QB004 24x187ml<br />

Dark red colour, flavours of plums and<br />

blackberries with a light spicy finish.<br />

Orario<br />

Orario Pinot<br />

Grigio<br />

QB010 24x187ml<br />

A delicious and perfectly<br />

balanced wine. Crisp and dry<br />

with citrus fruit.<br />

Altaria<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

CL316 12x187ml<br />

Crisp and refreshing with an abundance<br />

of grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours.<br />

Merlot<br />

CL317 12x187ml<br />

Rich, intense aromas and flavours of<br />

bramble fruits. Well rounded with good<br />

length.<br />

Quartetto<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

QB235 24x187ml<br />

A light fresh dry<br />

white wine with hints<br />

of citrus and gooseberry<br />

on the palate. A crisp fruity<br />

finish.<br />

Hacienda<br />

de Calidad<br />

Malbec<br />

AR020 24x187ml<br />

A deep, inky violet Malbec with tempting<br />

flavours of blackberry, plum and black cherry.<br />

Full bodied and luscious with well rounded<br />

tannins, nice length and weight to the finish.<br />

The Brand<br />

Malbec<br />

CL249 24x187ml<br />

Dark blackberry and cherry fruit with silky firm<br />

tannins. An explosion of fruit on the palate with<br />

hints of chocolate and spice.<br />

*Limited Stock*<br />

Pink Fox<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

QB180 24x187ml<br />

A delicate blush pink<br />

colour introduces<br />

this fresh, lively<br />

wine to your palate.<br />

Light creaminess<br />

surrenders to a refreshing<br />

sweet finish of strawberries<br />

and melon.<br />

Sierra Creek<br />

White<br />

Zinfandel<br />

QB110 24x187ml<br />

An easy drinking rosé<br />

wine, full of strawberry<br />

and raspberry fruit<br />

aromas.Light-bodied<br />

and refreshing this wine is<br />

rich in flavours of red berry<br />

fruits.<br />

Prosecco<br />

Trevisana<br />

IT356 24x20cl<br />

On the nose, there is a touch<br />

of toast and lemon peel and<br />

just a little apple. A dash of<br />

lemony acidity on the palate<br />

softened by a sweet, fruity<br />

finish.<br />

McGuigan Black Label<br />

QB020A<br />

Black Label<br />

Chardonnay<br />

12x187ml<br />

South Eastern Australia. A<br />

medium to full bodied wine showing<br />

buttery flavours along with fresh tropical<br />

fruit nuances.<br />

Black Label Shiraz<br />

QB021A 12x187ml<br />

South Eastern Australia. Deep garnet<br />

red in colour with delicious, fruity plum<br />

flavours and a peppery finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Back Label Only<br />

Ever wanted your own bespoke wine?<br />

Through our back label only service, you now have the chance to create<br />

your own wine labels featuring your own logo, or that of your customers.<br />

Bow Tie on a Llama<br />

The service is simple: we create the back label, which includes details<br />

about the wine and all legal information, leaving you free-rein to create<br />

the front label in any style you like. The only limitation is your imagination.<br />

Malbec<br />

Prosecco<br />

<br />

We’ve a selection of the most popular wine varieties available as back<br />

label only, meaning you’ll always be able to find something to suit your<br />

customer.<br />

Australia<br />

Chardonnay<br />

WE100 6x75cl<br />

Fresh, ripe Chardonnay flavours of<br />

melon and peaches. A rich, creamy<br />

texture with a rounded crisp finish.<br />

Shiraz<br />

WE102 6x75cl<br />

A rich, plummy and spicy nose. A soft<br />

berry palate with a rounded long finish.<br />

Moldova<br />

Pinot Grigio<br />

WE101 6x75cl<br />

Crisp and refreshing with citrus and<br />

green apple muted with subtle notes.<br />

Superb length and flavour.<br />

Chile<br />

WE103<br />

Sauvignon Blanc<br />

6x75cl<br />

A light, fresh and crisp dry white wine<br />

with hints of citrus and gooseberry on<br />

the palate and a crisp fruity finish.<br />

Merlot<br />

WE104 6x75cl<br />

A medium bodied soft Merlot, aromas of<br />

dried plums and chocolate with a juicy<br />

fruit filled palate of cherries and dark<br />

currants.<br />

Argentina<br />

Malbec<br />

WE106 6x75cl<br />

Aromas of plum and raspberry, a very<br />

well-balanced palate with sweet tannins<br />

and a velvety finish.<br />

California<br />

White Zinfandel<br />

WE105 6x75cl<br />

Delicate and refreshing Californian White<br />

Zinfandel with delicious soft fruit flavours<br />

of strawberries, raspberries and melon.<br />

Champagne, France<br />

Baron de Beaupré Brut<br />

Back Label Only<br />

FR915A 6x75cl<br />

Fresh, delicate and racy with a dry palate<br />

long lasting bubbles and a strong finish.<br />

Prosecco, Italy<br />

Prosecco<br />

Back Label Only<br />

IT350BLO 6x75cl<br />

Straw yellow colour with golden hints,<br />

fruity with scents of apple and peach.<br />

Fine and persistent perlage, fresh with a<br />

crisp finish.<br />

10 Litre Wine Boxes<br />

France<br />

Germany<br />

BIB1<br />

Waters Edge Dry White<br />

1x10 litre<br />

BIB25<br />

Waters Edge<br />

Liebfraumilch<br />

1x10 litre<br />

BIB2<br />

BIB13<br />

Waters Edge Medium Dry<br />

White<br />

1x10 litre<br />

Waters Edge Merlot<br />

1x10 litre<br />

California<br />

Waters Edge White<br />

Zinfandel<br />

BIB6 1x10 litre<br />

South Africa<br />

BIB4<br />

Waters Edge Pinot Grigio<br />

1x10 litre<br />

BIB18<br />

Waters Edge Chenin<br />

Blanc<br />

1x10 litre<br />


BIB8<br />

Waters Edge Shiraz<br />

1x10 litre<br />


ABV 12.5%<br />



ABV 12.5%<br />



ABV 10.5%<br />

88<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Dessert and Fortified<br />

Williams & Humbert<br />

Dry Sack<br />

Medium Sherry<br />

19.5%<br />

FW200 6x75cl<br />

Amontillado. An amber<br />

coloured wine of intense<br />

aroma suggesting dry nuts.<br />

Full bodied and balanced,<br />

with little acid, slightly sweet.<br />

France<br />

FR105<br />

Petit Guiraud,<br />

Sauternes<br />

2016<br />

12x37.5cl<br />

Bright lemon-gold with rich,<br />

spicy ripe apricot aromas.<br />

The palate is clean and fine,<br />

with splendid middle richness.<br />

The finish is lively, fresh and<br />

strong.<br />

Australia<br />

Deen de<br />

Bortoli Vat 5<br />

Botrytis<br />

Semillon 2017/18<br />

AU088A 6x37.5cl<br />

An elegant, sweet white wine<br />

with aromas of apricot and<br />

citrus. A small portion was<br />

matured in oak, adding<br />

complexity to the final wine.<br />

Canasta Cream<br />

Sherry 19.5%<br />

FW201 6x75cl<br />

Sweet Oloroso. Mahogany<br />

colour and aromas of dried<br />

nuts with a hint of raisins<br />

and brown sugar. Smooth,<br />

velvety palate, warm alcohol<br />

flavours and persistent aftertaste.<br />

Portugal<br />

Quinta Da Vista<br />

Alegre Moscatel<br />

ES252 6x75cl<br />

Traditional method of wine<br />

making “Moscatel do Douro”<br />

produced in this region.<br />

The fermentation occurs with<br />

temperature control, being<br />

stopped by adding brandy. The<br />

vinification process is strictly<br />

controlled, bringing it expertly<br />

to the exact level of maturation<br />

and sweetness desired.<br />

Madeira<br />

3 Year Old<br />

d’Oliveira<br />

Sweet<br />

Madeira 19%<br />

FW085 12x75cl<br />

In the style of a good<br />

Malmsey, this has a<br />

distinctly sweet, fat palate<br />

with a sharpness so typical<br />

of a Madeira.<br />

An affordable introduction<br />

to a classic style or a good<br />

option for cooking.<br />

Pfeiffer <strong>Wines</strong><br />

Rutherglen<br />

Muscat 17%<br />

AU450 12x50cl<br />

The Pfeiffer Rutherglen<br />

Muscat is a fine example of this<br />

foundation style. It has a bouquet<br />

of floral and raisin fruit, and a<br />

rich, luscious palate. The blend<br />

has been carefully prepared<br />

to incorporate the youthful<br />

freshness of the younger parcels,<br />

with the complex, concentrated<br />

flavours of the older parcels.<br />

Marsala<br />

Marsala Superiore<br />

Secco, Lombardo<br />

FW050A 6x75cl<br />

The Lombardo winery has been<br />

producing Italy’s finest Marsala<br />

wine for well over 100 years.<br />

In fact, of the major Marsala<br />

producers only Lombardo is<br />

family owned and bears the<br />

family name on the label.<br />

Dry Oloroso<br />

12 Year Old<br />

FW204A 12x37.5cl<br />

Bright amber colour. Intense<br />

aromas characteristic of the<br />

type of wine and a hint of dried<br />

nuts and fruits. Dry rich with<br />

smooth tannins. It is luscious<br />

and balanced with a long<br />

finish.<br />

Pedro Ximénez<br />

12 Year Old<br />

FW205A 12x37.5cl<br />

Mahogany-black.<br />

Characteristic PX flavours<br />

of raisin and fig. Low acidity,<br />

very sweet with a long finish.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Port<br />

Vista Alegre Port Range<br />

Vallegre Vinhos do Porto SA is rooted in family history in the Douro region of Portugal. It is<br />

based at Quinta de Vista Alegre on the right bank of the Douro River and is dedicated to the<br />

production of Port Wine and high quality Table Wine DOC Douro.<br />

It has three farms in the Douro region, with around 100ha of vineyard, the first of which was<br />

established well before the 19th Century.<br />

FW105<br />

FW106<br />

Fine Ruby Port<br />

6x75cl<br />

12x37.5cl<br />

Complex mature fruits,<br />

with a full bodied,<br />

smooth, round<br />

palate and sweet<br />

tannins with a<br />

sumptuous long<br />

finish. Matured for<br />

an average of 3-4<br />

years in oak casks.<br />

Vista Alegre Ruby<br />

Port Decanter<br />

FW023 4x75cl<br />

Full ruby with violet nuances. A perfumed<br />

aroma with a very fruited complex aroma.<br />

Full-bodied and luxuriously smooth with<br />

sweet tannins and a long finish. Ready<br />

for consumption in this fantastic decanter.<br />

Each decanter has its own gift box.<br />

Fine White Port<br />

FW107 6x75cl<br />

Clean and bright, the colour of straw gold.<br />

Slightly developed aroma with fruited<br />

vanilla notes. Sweet, soft, unctuous,<br />

slightly oaky with a long elegant finish.<br />

An average of 4-5 years maturing in oak<br />

casks.<br />

Fine Tawny Port<br />

FW108 6x75cl<br />

Red colour with strong brownish<br />

nuances. A fresh, delicate aroma with<br />

a touch of spices and dried fruits due to<br />

the maturation in oak casks. Elegant,<br />

persistent and smooth.<br />

5 years in oak casks.<br />

Pink Port 20%<br />

FW116 6x75cl<br />

A wonderful pink port with aromas of<br />

raspberry and floral notes. There are<br />

deliciously ripe cherry and raspberry<br />

fruit flavours with nuances of honey<br />

and grapefruit. It’s best served slightly<br />

chilled as an aperitif or with dessert.<br />

Vista Alegre Vintage<br />

Port 2004<br />

FW114 6x75cl<br />

Silver Concours Mondial<br />

de Bruxelles - Dark<br />

blue in colour. Still juicy<br />

and fruity in the nose.<br />

Medium body. Lots of<br />

tannin. Loaded with<br />

fruit but easy to drink.<br />

Excellent finish.<br />

Vista Alegre LBV 2015<br />

Unfiltered<br />

FW109 6x75cl<br />

Rich, it exhales an intense aroma of black<br />

mature fruits. Very powerful structure, full<br />

of fruit, full-bodied, fat and round. This is<br />

a traditional LBV which means it’s not cold<br />

stabilised and not filtered. As the wine<br />

ages some natural sediment may occur in<br />

the bottle, it should be carefully opened<br />

and decanted.<br />

Vista Alegre 40 year<br />

Old White<br />

FW115 6x50cl<br />

Amber, greenish hints colour. Elegant<br />

and distinct. It exhales an intense<br />

perfume of “nougat”, citric<br />

skin, coffee and mint.<br />

Impresses by the age. Silky,<br />

exquisite, full-bodied, with a<br />

very long and persistent finish.<br />

Decanter Best in Show<br />

Vista Alegre Colheita<br />

Vintage 1996<br />

FW110 6x75cl<br />

A rare wine of unique<br />

characteristics, spending<br />

at least 8 years in oak<br />

casks to develop its smooth<br />

tannins and enhance its<br />

soft spicy flavours. The<br />

word “Colheita” means<br />

tawny port produced from<br />

a single vintage – we have<br />

chosen 1996 as we feel<br />

it was a fantastic year<br />

and best represents this<br />

fantastic port.<br />

90<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Port<br />

Taylor’s LBV<br />

FW018 6x75cl<br />

Full bodied with a lovely soft flavour.<br />

Flavoursome character with backbone.<br />

Fonseca Bin 27<br />

FW010 6x75cl<br />

FW011 24x37.5cl<br />

The Fonseca flagship, a 4 year<br />

old reserve Port. Full bodied and<br />

flavoursome.<br />

Fonseca Vintage 1998<br />

FW014A 6x75cl<br />

This Port shows good depth of colour.<br />

Full flavoured with a marvellous<br />

character.<br />

Fonseca Siroco White<br />

Port<br />

FW015A 6x75cl<br />

Full and fruity on the palate with a<br />

glorious lingering finish.<br />

Taylor’s First Estate Port<br />

FW002 6x75cl<br />

Selected grapes from the Quinta das<br />

Lagas vineyards. Aged 3-4 years to<br />

produce a rich full bodied Port.<br />

Rhum Depaz<br />

Rums<br />

Depaz rhums draw their flavours and characteristics from Martinique’s volcanic soil. They<br />

present floral notes of ripe sugar cane, orange blossom and exotic fruits.<br />

SP440<br />

Depaz<br />

Plantation 45%<br />

6x70cl<br />

Ageing at least three years. A<br />

rum with a rich, complex range of<br />

aromas. A blend of subtle notes<br />

of vanilla, coconut and chocolate.<br />

Notes of fruit and spices, prune,<br />

candied fruit, nutmeg, cinnamon.<br />

Good roundness and a very<br />

pleasant finish.<br />

Depaz<br />

Port Cask<br />

Finished 45%<br />

SP443 6x70cl<br />

Matured for at least eight years<br />

in selected small oak barrels. It is<br />

then finished for eleven months<br />

in port casks which endow it<br />

with gourmet stewed fruit and<br />

fig aromas. A mature rum with a<br />

complex wealth of aromas.<br />

Depaz Reserve<br />

Speciale VSOP 45%<br />

SP441 6x70cl<br />

Ageing seven years. Light<br />

mahogany colour like golden<br />

almonds. A rum with a rich,<br />

complex range of aromas, a blend<br />

of vanilla and chocolate. Fruity<br />

notes of roasted dry fruit and prune.<br />

Hints of tobacco and coffee with<br />

characteristic touches of mellow<br />

woodiness and liquorice.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Gins<br />

Yorkshire Dales Distillery is a family run craft Distillery set on the edge of the<br />

Yorkshire Dales just outside the historic market town of Richmond. Taking<br />

inspiration from its stunning surroundings, Yorkshire Dales Distillery hand crafts<br />

exceptional spirits which embody the essence of Yorkshire.<br />

Bramble Berry Gin 40%<br />

SP631 6x70cl<br />

SP632 12x20cl<br />

Creamy nose of summer berries. Bold<br />

blackcurrant with red fruit palate. A sour<br />

cherry with juniper finish.<br />

Wild Ram<br />

Yorkshire Berry<br />

London Dry Gin 40%<br />

SP635 6x70cl<br />

SP636 12x20cl<br />

Red fruit and juniper nose. Smooth<br />

balanced redcurrant and juniper palate.<br />

Strawberry cheesecake to finish.<br />

Honeyed Rhubarb Gin<br />

40%<br />

SP633 6x70cl<br />

SP634 12x20cl<br />

Sweet and soft Rhubarb on the nose,<br />

candied berries on the palate. Silky<br />

honey finish.<br />

SP637<br />

SP638<br />

Purple Ram<br />

London Dry 40%<br />

6x70cl<br />

12x20cl<br />

Sweet, gentle nose of spicy orange.<br />

Smooth citrus and spice on the palate.<br />

Balanced juniper finish.<br />

92<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Spirits<br />

Greensand Ridge<br />

Greensand Ridge is an award-winning, carbon neutral distillery specialising in gins, rums and<br />

fruit brandies, making spirits with provenance, using sustainable practices and turning surplus<br />

produce from local growers into fine spirits.<br />

Based in Kent, Greensand Ridge is named for the line of hills surrounding the Weald of Kent<br />

and Sussex, which is where the team sources its ingredients and captures flavours - the fields,<br />

orchards, nutteries and hedgerows.<br />

Greensand Ridge Distillery was founded in 2015 with three guiding principles:<br />

Quality: To make world class spirits exceptional within their category.<br />

Provenance to reflect the flavours and produce of the Weald<br />

Sustainability<br />

1. To have the smallest possible environmental footprint<br />

2. To have a positive impact on the environment by working with farmers and<br />

producers to take quality surplus or by- product produce for its spirit<br />

3. To be an agent of change in its industry<br />

London Dry Gin 40%<br />

SP680 6x70cl<br />

Distilled in small batches from a<br />

carefully selected combination of fifteen<br />

botanicals - eight of which grow within a<br />

mile of the distillery in the fields, woods<br />

and orchards beneath the Greensand<br />

Ridge. On the nose, aromatic citrus<br />

and pine give way to a full and complex<br />

warming sweetness on the palate. A<br />

hint of nuttiness carries through to the<br />

finish, complimented by a gentle floral,<br />

aromatic quality.<br />

Raspberry Ghost 40%<br />

SP681 6x70cl<br />

A delicious Eau de Vie which captures<br />

the aroma of ripe Kentish raspberries.<br />

Drunk as a gin with tonic, the delicate<br />

raspberry flavour bursts onto the palate<br />

and endures long into the finish. Named<br />

Ghost for the subtlety of the spirit and<br />

in homage to the German name for the<br />

distillation technique, Geist. A dry spirit<br />

with a clean and fresh raspberry aroma.<br />

This is a true Eau de Vie, not a raspberry<br />

liqueur, so don’t expect a sickly sweet<br />

and bright red assault on the taste buds!<br />

Wealden Rum 40%<br />

SP682 6x50cl<br />

A delicate and smooth Rum with a floral<br />

nose, giving way to subtle honeycomb<br />

and roast cobnuts on the palate. A long<br />

finish with raisin and oak on the finish<br />

and a sweet, full mouthfeel.<br />

Molasses is fermented using nontraditional<br />

techniques to achieve a more<br />

honey floral flavour profile than classic<br />

rums. Aged in oak casks to develop the<br />

flavours and allow the spirit to mellow,<br />

it’s a spirit to treasure.<br />

PX Cask Gin 41%<br />

SP684 6x50cl<br />

The sweet, spicy and intensely rich character of the Pedro<br />

Ximénez sherry cask is layered on top of Greensand’s already<br />

complex and aromatic gin to present a full flavoured spirit,<br />

capable of everything from a sipping serve to a big spiced<br />

punch.<br />

SP683<br />

Rye Cask Gin 40%<br />

6x50cl<br />

An adapted version of London Dry is aged in 220 litre<br />

hogshead Rye Whiskey casks for 10 months to achieve a<br />

perfect balance between the complexity of both the gin and the<br />

cask’s characters. Citrus is more apparent in this Gin, balanced<br />

by the cask’s warm and complex whiskey character with vanilla<br />

and toffee-apple aromas dominating.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Spirits and Liqueurs<br />

Poetic License Graceful Vodka 40.4%<br />

Northern Dry Gin 43.2%<br />

Welcome to the Poetic<br />

License Distillery, an<br />

independent small batch<br />

distillery making big, bold<br />

gin in the North East of<br />

England.<br />

SP282 6x70cl<br />

When we say Graceful, we mean it’s a<br />

gloriously smooth spirit, to be sipped and<br />

savoured. Created entirely from British<br />

wheat giving a velvety smooth texture,<br />

we distil our vodka seven times for purity,<br />

while preserving its subtle taste.<br />

Strawberry & Cream Gin<br />

37.5%<br />

SP312 6x70cl<br />

A London Dry style Gin, additionally rested<br />

in fresh strawberries and vanilla pods. A<br />

beautiful fruity gin, creamy in texture and<br />

in taste, with a strong strawberry nose as<br />

well as more typical gin notes of juniper,<br />

coriander and orris root.<br />

SP280 6x70cl<br />

Expect a big punch of juniper that is<br />

finely balanced with green cardamom<br />

for a warm and spicy flavour. With<br />

undertones of lemon and eucalyptus,<br />

the inclusion of Persian lime intensifies<br />

the citrus feel while adding a note of<br />

perfume.<br />

Tutti Frutti Gin Liqueur<br />

21%<br />

SP310 6x70cl<br />

It has a vibrant nose of tropical fruit<br />

with more mellow stone and berry fruits<br />

in the background. Sweet pineapple<br />

arrives immediately on tasting, followed<br />

by a tang from juniper and mixed fruits<br />

intermingling; vibrant kiwi and peach<br />

followed by subtler cherries and berries,<br />

then plum and apple.<br />

Baked Apple & Salted<br />

Caramel Gin Liqueur 21%<br />

SP311 6x50cl<br />

A tempting aroma of spiced apples lures<br />

you in. The drink first delivers flavours<br />

of sweet, cooked apple backed up with<br />

warming cinnamon which complements<br />

the spiciness of the Old Tom Gin. Further<br />

sweetness then comes through from the<br />

seasoned caramel which lingers to leave<br />

lasting flavours of caramelised apple<br />

Durham Distillery<br />

As the name suggests, Durham Distillery<br />

is based in the history city of Durham.<br />

The circular logo is a distinctly modern<br />

interpretation of Durham Cathedral’s<br />

magnificent Rose Window.<br />

SP035<br />

SP036A<br />

Durham Gin 40%<br />

6x70cl<br />

16x20cl<br />

This exceptional Gin is produced in very small batches. The<br />

recipe is a secret, but 10 separate botanicals are used, two<br />

of which are juniper and pink peppercorns.<br />

Sloe Gin 25%<br />

SP560 6x70cl<br />

SP561 16x20cl<br />

The nose is bright red berries, strawberry, orange, with<br />

some sweetened citrus in the mid notes, and some spice<br />

hints in the lower notes. Also as with most sloe gins, the<br />

overwhelming olfactory character is ripe, bright fruit. The<br />

palate is bright fruit once again: plum, grilled cherries, tart<br />

and sweet.<br />

Durham Mango Gin 25%<br />

SP091 6x70cl<br />

SP093 16x20cl<br />

A unique recipe of botanicals including juniper, elderflower<br />

and pink peppercorn combined with a burst of citrus from<br />

mango, lime and grapefruit. Best served with a quality tonic<br />

water, ice and a slice of mango, grapefruit or lime.<br />

Durham Vodka 40%<br />

SP037 6x70cl<br />

SP093 16x20cl<br />

The Vodka is produced in the same Copper Still used for the<br />

Gin. It is triple distilled and slow filtered through a custom<br />

built filtration column.<br />

94<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Spirits and Liqueurs<br />

Tequila Espolon,<br />

100% Agave<br />

W0220<br />

Espolon Reposado<br />

Super Premium Tequila 38%<br />

4x3litres<br />

W0132<br />

W0222<br />

Espolon Añejo Tequila 38%<br />

6x70cl<br />

4x3litres<br />

Armagnac<br />

Johnny Reb<br />

SP300<br />

SP301<br />

Château du Tariquet ***<br />

40%<br />

6x70cl<br />

Château du Tariquet<br />

VSOP (Flasks) 40%<br />

6x70cl<br />

Johnny Reb 22%<br />

SP700 6x70cl<br />

Mellow Schnapps with fine American<br />

sour mash Whiskey.<br />

SP302<br />

Château du Tariquet XO<br />

40%<br />

6x70cl<br />

Van Roos Premium<br />

Liqueurs<br />

Peach Schnapps 20%<br />

SP452 6x50cl<br />

Fresh and sweet, a perfect partner to<br />

Champagne or sparkling wine.<br />

Crème de Menthe 20%<br />

SP453 6x50cl<br />

Made from macerated mint leaves, this<br />

fresh and powerful deep green liqueur is<br />

refreshing and sweet.<br />

Crème de Cassis 20%<br />

SP454 6x50cl<br />

Intense blackcurrant flavour, dark purple<br />

in colour, fragrant and fruity.<br />

Blue Curaçao 20%<br />

SP450 6x50cl<br />

A deep blue colour, with sweet and bitter<br />

oranges distilled in this citrusy fresh<br />

liqueur.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Other Spirits<br />

Blended Whisky<br />

SP174 Scots Poet 6x150cl<br />

SP655 Lawrence Scott 12x70cl<br />

SP356AA The Famous Grouse 6x70cl<br />

SP367 The Famous Grouse 6x150cl<br />

SP152 Bells 6x150cl<br />

Malt Whisky<br />

SP007 Glenfiddich 12 year old 6x70cl<br />

XX586 Glenmorangie 6x70cl<br />

SP038 Highland Park 12 year old 6x70cl<br />

SP851 Glenkinchie 12 year old 6x70cl<br />

SP852 Talisker 10 year old 6x70cl<br />

XX596 Isle of Jura 12 year old 6x70cl<br />

SP363 Laphroaig 10 year old 6x70cl<br />

XX588 Craggenmore 12 year old 6x70cl<br />

XX592 Lagavulin 16 year old 6x70cl<br />

Deluxe Blends<br />

XX599 Chivas Regal 6x70cl<br />

SP026 Johnny Walker Black 6x70cl<br />

Irish Whiskey<br />

SP018 Jameson 6x70cl<br />

SP027 Jameson 6x150cl<br />

North American<br />

SP040 Canadian Club 6x70cl<br />

SP019A Jack Daniel’s 6x70cl<br />

SP043 Jack Daniel’s 6x150cl<br />

SP024 Jim Beam White Label 6x70cl<br />

White Rum<br />

SP650 Rebellion White Rum 6x70cl<br />

SP397 Rebellion White Rum 6x150cl<br />

SP069A Bacardí 6x70cl<br />

SP081 Bacardí 6x150cl<br />

SP017 Havana Club 3 year old 6x70cl<br />

Dark Rum<br />

SP396 Ron Calados Dark Rum 12x70cl<br />

SP395 Ron Calados Dark Rum 6x150cl<br />

SP138B Captain Morgan 6x70cl<br />

SP139 Captain Morgan 6x150cl<br />

SP144 Lambs Navy 6x70cl<br />

SP145 Lambs Navy 6x150cl<br />

Gin<br />

SP175 Kensington Gin 6x70cl<br />

SP256A Gordon’s Gin 6x70cl<br />

SP257 Gordon’s Gin 6x150cl<br />

SP340 Plymouth Gin 6x70cl<br />

SP254 Bombay Sapphire Gin 6x70cl<br />

Vodka<br />

SP041 Kirov 37.5% 6x70cl<br />

SP370A Smirnoff Red 6x70cl<br />

SP359 Smirnoff Red 6x150cl<br />

SP345 Vladivar Imperial 12x70cl<br />

SP344 Vladivar Imperial 6x150cl<br />

SP099 Stolichnaya 6x70cl<br />

Specialities<br />

SP551 Antica Sambuca White 6x70cl<br />

SP550 Antica Sambuca Black 6x70cl<br />

SP854 El Bandido / La Chica<br />

Silver Tequila<br />

6x70cl<br />

SP855 El Bandido / La Chica<br />

Gold Tequila<br />

6x70cl<br />

SP170 Aftershock Green 12x70cl<br />

SP199 Aftershock Black 6x70cl<br />

SP067A Amaretto Disaronno 6x50cl<br />

SP674 Soiree Amaretto 6x70cl<br />

XX584A Baileys Irish Cream 6x70cl<br />

XX625 Campari 6x70cl<br />

XX585 Cointreau 6x70cl<br />

XX582A Drambuie 6x70cl<br />

SP351 Glayva 6x70cl<br />

SP166 Grand Marnier 6x70cl<br />

SP154 Jägermeister 6x70cl<br />

SP066 Kahlúa 12x70cl<br />

SP065A Malibu 6x70cl<br />

SP673 Kokomo Coconut Rum 6x70cl<br />

SP168 Midori 6x70cl<br />

SP260 Pernod 6x70cl<br />

SP261 Pernod 6x150cl<br />

SP068A Southern Comfort 6x70cl<br />

XX583A Tia Maria 6x70cl<br />

SP181 Tia Maria 6x150cl<br />

GB046 French Apple Brandy 12x70cl<br />

XX627A Pimm’s No. 1 6x70cl<br />

Martini<br />

SP059B Martini Bianco 6x75cl<br />

SP353 Martini Bianco 6x150cl<br />

SP057 Martini Rosso 6x150cl<br />

Brandy & Cognac<br />

SP400 Javert Brandy 12x70cl<br />

SP399 Javert Brandy 6x150cl<br />

SP042 Baron de Beaupré Brandy 12x70cl<br />

SP073 Courvoisier VS 6x70cl<br />

SP044 Courvoisier VS 6x150cl<br />

SP341 Remy Martin Gran Cru 6x150cl<br />

SP013 Rémy Martin VSOP 6x70cl<br />

96<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Ciders / Alcohol Free<br />

Thistly Cross Cider<br />

Thistly Cross was established on Belhaven Fruit Farm West Lothian in 2008 with its first cider<br />

batch in the Spring of 2009. It has developed a unique portfolio of award-winning Traditional<br />

and Real Fruit Ciders.<br />

Real Elderflower 4%<br />

CP091 8x500ml<br />

A freshly floral cider made by sweeping<br />

real elderflowers into a giant cup of<br />

elderflower ‘tea’. A pungent sweet<br />

flavour with a floral zest aroma.<br />

Real Ginger 4%<br />

CP092 8x500ml<br />

Packed full of zingy warming ginger.<br />

Real root ginger is infused and then<br />

pressed into a medium sweet cider.<br />

Real Strawberry 4%<br />

CP093 8x500ml<br />

A premium fruit cider made with<br />

Scottish strawberries. Fresh berries and<br />

apple in the mouth with a fruit preserve<br />

aroma.<br />

Whisky Cask 6.9%<br />

CP094 8x500ml<br />

Matured in whisky casks from Glen<br />

Moray distillery, a palate of whisky<br />

blended with honey with a spirituous<br />

oak aroma.<br />

CP095<br />

Traditional 5.4%<br />

8x500ml<br />

A bright golden easy drinking cider. A<br />

real thirst quencher packed full of fruit<br />

with a freshly peeled apple aroma.<br />

McGuigan Zero<br />

Zero Chardonnay<br />

AU029 6x75cl<br />

Attractive aromas of white peach<br />

combine with subtle influences of vanilla<br />

and oak. The palate is intensely driven<br />

by stone fruit and honey melon flavours.<br />

Zero Sauvignon Blanc<br />

AU030 6x75cl<br />

Aromas of rich gooseberry and citrus<br />

with a subtle grassy tone. A medium<br />

bodied but refreshingly full flavoured<br />

Sauvignon Blanc with notes of<br />

passionfruit and lime with a persistent<br />

finish.<br />

Zero Rosé<br />

AU031 6x75cl<br />

Aromatic and vibrant, the scent of<br />

garden flowers combine with fresh<br />

strawberries and citrus fruits. The palate<br />

is generous with distinct forest berry and<br />

citrus fruits leading to a clean, crisp and<br />

refreshing finish.<br />

Zero Shiraz<br />

AU032 6x75cl<br />

Subtle spice and vanilla notes<br />

complemented by plum and forest berry<br />

aromas. The shiraz has good length of<br />

flavour with sweet blackcurrants and a<br />

round balanced finish.<br />

Zero Sparkling<br />

AU033 6x75cl<br />

Elegant and refreshing featuring crisp<br />

pear and green apple, lively bubbles<br />

and an attractive crisp and zesty finish.<br />

Perfect with celebrating any occasion or<br />

enjoy as an aperitif.<br />

Bucks Fizz<br />

Sol Club<br />

Bucks Fizz 4%<br />

CP024 6x75cl<br />

A light, refreshing sparkling drink made<br />

from wine and orange juice ideal for<br />

reception drinks. Serve well chilled.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Full Circle Brew Co was established in late 2019 and is based in Hoults Yard,<br />

Newcastle. The brewery was awarded 2020 Best Newcomer by Beer52, and<br />

ranked in the top 10 new breweries in the World by RateBeer in 2020. A<br />

well-developed core range of 4 beers, is complemented by monthly seasonal<br />

releases exploring a range of exciting styles and flavours.<br />

LOOPER<br />

IPA | 6.4%<br />

Our flagship beer. Loads of oats giving a smooth body.<br />

A low bitterness, and hoppy, citrus, lemon/lime, give way to a<br />

soft finish with notes of grapefruit.<br />

Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Cashmere<br />

Available As: 24x440ml | 1x30l Keykeg<br />


SESSION IPA | 4.2%<br />

Our session IPA, the all-day drinker and mid-week marvel. A<br />

smooth beer with gentle carbonation, offering citrusy flavours<br />

with a little bit of a piney aftertaste.<br />

Hops: Amarillo, Centennial<br />

Available As: 24x440ml | 1x30l Keykeg<br />



Lots of oats give this a full mouthfeel, hoppy with balanced<br />

bitterness. Loads of citrus fruits and grapefruit pith.<br />

Hops: Citra, Idaho-7<br />

Available As: 24x440ml | 1x30l Keykeg<br />

HOOP<br />

AMERICAN PALE ALE | 5.5%<br />

A classic American Pale Ale creating a nice balance of flavours<br />

from the malt, hops and bitterness. A profile of citrusy flavours<br />

backed up by a nice resinous finish.<br />

Hops: Cascade, Chinook<br />

Available As: 24x440ml | 1x30l Keykeg<br />


Be quick when ordering these limited release beers as we only<br />

create one batch. New seasonal beers are brewed monthly,<br />

creating the desire to get it before it’s gone. These beers push<br />

the boundaries of flavours and introduce consumers to a<br />

variety of styles from Sours to Stouts, New England IPAs to<br />

Lagers, and everything in between.<br />

Available As: 24x440ml | 1x30l Keykeg

Services<br />

We believe in providing added value, which is why we’ve created a range of services<br />

especially for our customers. These services are designed to make your life a little easier<br />

and have been created by our expert wine team with you in mind.<br />

However, this list of additional services is not exhaustive. If there is anything else we can<br />

help you with, please do telephone our head office where we’ll always be more than happy<br />

to help.<br />

Wine Lists<br />

While sourcing your venue’s wines and spirits through <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong>, why not recruit<br />

our team of in-house designers to create your wine list too?<br />

We’ve invested heavily in new printing and laminating equipment to create our customers’<br />

wine list menus. Our designers work with you to incorporate your colours, logos and<br />

business style into a bespoke design printed onto the material of your choice.<br />

Our sales team are all highly trained wine professionals and can advise on how best to<br />

structure your list to suit, including pairing wine to your food menu and maximising sales<br />

of profitable lines. Our team will work with you throughout to ensure your wine list remains<br />

current and relevant to your customers.<br />

Staff Training<br />

Our team are wine experts, so why not invite them to train your team? Not only will your<br />

staff learn how to taste and experience wine at a higher level, they’ll also learn how to<br />

advise your customers on their wine selection, thus providing your venue with an added<br />

value service.<br />

Promotional Support<br />

Our team of in-house designers and marketing team will work closely with account<br />

managers to provide promotional support as required.<br />

Alongside your bespoke wine list, we can develop promotional marketing material such<br />

as tent cards, ‘wine of the week’ leaflets and further promotional activity. Any promotions<br />

which are run at <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> head office will be conveyed to you for sharing with<br />

customers.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Export<br />

A global wine business<br />

While <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> may be head-quartered in the UK, we’re a global business<br />

with an established and ever growing export arm. We also have a dedicated, full time<br />

sales team based in Ireland working across both Eire and Northern Ireland<br />

Our export team and our partners presently distribute <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> products<br />

across Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland and the Middle East, with more markets in<br />

development. As a business, we have experience exporting to every continent. Our<br />

customers include travel retail, airlines, hotel groups, leisure corporations, wholesalers,<br />

on trade and retailers.<br />

The key to our success is understanding each market – its focus, its approach and,<br />

most importantly, the different preferences / tastes of its consumers. No two markets<br />

are the same and we approach each customer with a bespoke offering.<br />

We work closely with our sister company Greencroft Bottling whose reputation<br />

for outstanding quality is recognised globally. We’ve developed a strong working<br />

relationship with many wineries across the southern hemisphere.<br />

If you would like to learn more about <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong>’ export capabilities, please<br />

contact sales@lanchesterwines.co.uk or call +44(0)1207 52 1234<br />

100<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Bonding and Distribution<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> Group operates four large warehouses in the North East of England.<br />

Combined, these five sites cover an area in excess of 1,028,000 ft sq of high<br />

quality, bonded warehousing.<br />

We are recognised by UK Government as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) for<br />

imports and exports. AEO status is an internationally recognised quality mark which<br />

shows:<br />

• Our role in the international supply chain is secure<br />

• Our customs controls and procedures are efficient and meet EU standards<br />

This gives our business quicker access to some simplified customs procedures and, in<br />

some cases, the right to ‘fast-track’ shipments through some customs and safety and<br />

security procedures.<br />

We are CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures) recognised which means we<br />

are HMRC authorised to send electronic customs declaration making the process<br />

quicker and smoother.<br />

We are members of the UK Warehousing Association, The Bonded Warehouse<br />

Keepers Association and the Freight Transport Association.<br />

Approved Economic<br />

Operators<br />

We understand our need to reduce our impact on the environment and continue to<br />

invest in renewable energy and heat generation across our sites. Wind turbines,<br />

solar panels and air source heat pumps provide power for our County Durham<br />

headquarters, while two of our warehouses sites in nearby Gateshead have been<br />

fitted with Europe’s largest open loop ground source heat pump system which uses<br />

geothermal warmth in disused coal mines to heat our buildings.<br />

All warehousing owned by our business undergoes ongoing maintenance. Each site<br />

has been completely refurbished including exterior cladding, new roofs, new electricity<br />

and plumbing systems, and enhanced security ensuring each property remains in-line<br />

with HMRC requirements for bonded facilities.<br />

We’ve invested in an innovative Joloda system, the first of its kind in the UK wine<br />

market. Installed across all <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> sites, we can load up to 26 pallets onto<br />

a waiting truck in just 85 seconds, compared to around 35 minutes for traditional<br />

loading systems. As you can imagine, this system radically reduces driver downtime<br />

and increases efficiencies.<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Greencroft Bottling Company<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong> fulfils its contract wine bottling through Greencroft Bottling Company, one<br />

of the largest contract wine bottlers in Europe and packs for some of the world’s leading wine<br />

companies.<br />

Greencroft Bottling has eight filling lines with the capability to fill up to 95,000 bottles, cans and<br />

boxes of wine per hour, which is equal to around 200 million litres per year.<br />

Greencroft Bottling can pack a range of products in a variety of formats including:<br />

Glass: 18.7cl, 37.5cl, 50cl, 70cl, 75cl, 1l, 1.5l<br />

PET: 18.7cl, 75cl, 1l<br />

Bag-in-box: 2.25 litre, 3 litre and 18 litre<br />

Cans: 187ml, 200ml and 250ml slimline<br />

KeyKeg: 20l slimline<br />

We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality and attention to detail, and the facility is BRC<br />

Grade AA+ rated.<br />

To support the growth of Greencroft Bottling we are building a new facility which will be powered<br />

entirely by renewable wind and solar power, all generated on site.<br />

Our new 240,000 ft 2 purpose-built bottling facility is under construction on our site in County<br />

Durham (DH9). When completed, this will be the most modern and environmentally sustainable<br />

wine bottling facility of its kind and has the potential to fill 400 million litres per year.<br />

The new facility will be powered by our wind turbines which feed directly into our on-site<br />

substations. We are installing approximately 1,000,000 Watt / 9,000m 2 of solar panels on the<br />

south-facing roof. Together, these are sufficient to power our facility and it will be the first facility<br />

equiped to run independently of the National Grid.<br />

For more information, please visit www.greencroftbottling.com<br />

or call Mark Satchwell or Trevor Lloyd on 01207 52 1400<br />

Greencroft<br />

Bottling<br />

102<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Spicers Of Hythe<br />

Spicers of Hythe was acquired by the <strong>Lanchester</strong> Group in 2015 and has operated<br />

alongside the company’s gifting division, <strong>Lanchester</strong> Gifts, for the past five years. The<br />

two operations have now merged together under the Spicers of Hythe name, and now<br />

operate from 140,000ft 2 warehouse in the North East of England with purpose built<br />

packing facilities.<br />

Spicers of Hythe was established in 1926 and the name is synonymous with luxury<br />

hampers and undeniably high-quality products. We offer a full business solution<br />

tailored to meet the needs of each specific customer and offer the following:<br />

- Design, sourcing and supply of a range of unique food<br />

and alcohol gifts to trade customers.<br />

- Contract fulfilment of alcohol gifts and food hampers<br />

for ecommerce partners, 3rd party websites and retailers<br />

offering a complete, bespoke fulfilment service.<br />

- Corporate gifting with a focus on passion, experience<br />

and a personal service.<br />

Contact: Spicers of Hythe<br />

T: +44(0)1303 235600<br />

W: www.spicersofhythe.co.uk<br />

E: customerservice@spicersofhythe.com<br />

Bon Bon’s specialises in Luxury hand<br />

packed sweets sourced from across the UK<br />

and Europe.<br />

We supply an entire solution to our<br />

retail customers incorporating exclusive<br />

products, attractive fixtures and thoughtthrough<br />

merchandising solutions. The<br />

result offers retailers straightforward<br />

solutions which deliver outstanding sales<br />

and profit.<br />

Best in Show delivers luxury pet gifting<br />

and treats to online and independent<br />

retailers as well as selling directly to<br />

the public. Best in Show believes you<br />

should treat your pet like you would<br />

treat yourself, so our products are a<br />

little bit humanised and merchandise<br />

together, standing out to the owner as<br />

well as offering benefits for the pet. We<br />

understand that pets are very much part of<br />

the family and should be treated as such.<br />

Contact: Best in Show<br />

T: 01207 523560<br />

W: www.bestinshow.co.uk<br />

E: hello@bestinshow.co.uk<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />

www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />


Terms of Trading<br />

<strong>Lanchester</strong> Wine Cellars Ltd, trading as <strong>Lanchester</strong> <strong>Wines</strong><br />

1. Payment of Account<br />

Payment must be made before the 15th of the month<br />

following the date on the Invoice. All payments to be<br />

addressed to <strong>Lanchester</strong> Wine Cellars Ltd.<br />

2. Overdue Accounts<br />

Accounts overdue will be charged at 4% interest per<br />

month after warning in writing has been given. Any<br />

represented cheques will be charged at £10.00 per<br />

presentation.<br />

4. Claims<br />

All goods must be examined on collection, signed<br />

for and any damages or partial losses noted against<br />

such signature. Claims for loss or breakage to be<br />

telephoned to us on the day goods are received and<br />

confirmed in writing with photographic evidence<br />

to ourselves within three days of the receipt of the<br />

goods.<br />




3. Title<br />

Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of the<br />

risk in the Goods or any other provision of these<br />

Conditions the property in the Goods shall not pass<br />

to the Buyer until the Seller has received in cash<br />

or cleared funds payment in full of the price of the<br />

goods and all other goods agreed to be sold by the<br />

Seller to the Buyer for which payment is then due.<br />

Until such time as the property in the Goods passes<br />

to the Buyer the Buyer shall hold the Goods as<br />

Sellers fiduciary Agent and Bailee and shall keep the<br />

Goods separate from those of the Buyer and third<br />

parties and properly stored, protected and insured<br />

and identified as the Sellers property. Until that time<br />

the Buyer shall be entitled to re-sell for the proceeds<br />

of the sale or otherwise of the goods, whether<br />

tangible or intangible, including insurance proceeds,<br />

and shall keep such proceeds separate from any<br />

monies or property of the Buyer and third parties<br />

and, in the case of tangible proceeds, properly<br />

stored, protected and insured.<br />

Until such time as the property and the goods<br />

passes to the buyer (and provided the goods are still<br />

in existence and have not been re-sold) the seller<br />

shall be entitled at any time to require the Buyer to<br />

deliver up the Goods to the Seller and if the Buyer<br />

fails to do so, forthwith to enter upon any premises<br />

of the Buyer or any third party where the Goods are<br />

stored and repossess the Goods.<br />

5. Prices<br />

Prices shown on sales invoices are strictly net and<br />

include any authorised discounts.<br />

6. Credit Accounts<br />

No credit will be given until a Credit Account has<br />

been sanctioned so goods will only be supplied on a<br />

proforma invoice.<br />

7. Credit Facilities<br />

The Company reserves the right to suspend credit<br />

facilities any time and all invoices will become due<br />

immediately.<br />

8. Value Added Tax<br />

All prices quoted are Exclusive of Value Added Tax.<br />

9. Minimum Free Delivery<br />

5 cases locally / twenty cases nationally (9 Litre),<br />

otherwise a surcharge will be applied to invoice.<br />

10. Vintages<br />

Every effort will be made to supply vintages as<br />

listed, but substitutions will be made when stocks are<br />

exhausted.<br />

E & OE All prices are correct at time of going to press,<br />

December 2021.<br />

All prices are subject to change without notice.<br />

For a full copy of Terms and Conditions please visit our<br />

website www.lanchesterwines.co.uk<br />

104<br />

Tel: 01207 52 1234<br />


Greencroft Estate, Tower Road, Annfield Plain, Stanley, Co Durham, DH9 7XP, UK<br />

Telephone: +44 (0)1207 52 1234<br />

sales@lanchesterwines.co.uk www.lanchesterwines.co.uk

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