Renegade Rip, issue 3, March 2, 2022

The Rip produces news, features, sports and campus events at Bakersfield College

The Rip produces news, features, sports and campus events at Bakersfield College

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BC Counselor talks about<br />

coping with OCD<br />

News Page #2<br />

‘Uncharted” is a light, fun<br />

find film review<br />

Opinion Page #7<br />

Vol. 98 ∙ No. 3 Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 2, <strong>2022</strong> Bakersfield College<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong><br />


Centerfielder Jacob Baker swings at a pitch during<br />

Feb. 24 game vs. Golden West.<br />





The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> @bc_rip @bc_rip Follow us online at www.therip.com

Page 2<br />

News<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 2, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Helping others with OCD<br />

By Alyssia Flores<br />

Reporter<br />

Being diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive<br />

Disorder<br />

(OCD) at the age of 22,<br />

Bakersfield College Counselor<br />

of Business Jonathan<br />

Schultz did not receive popper<br />

help until the age of 32.<br />

Now Schultz is wanting to<br />

help people overcome their<br />

OCD by writing a book<br />

called, “OBSESSED! A couple’s<br />

story living with Obsessive-Compulsive<br />

Disorder<br />

and their strategies on how<br />

to deal with this condition.”<br />

For those who don’t know<br />

what Obsessive-Compulsive<br />

Disorder is, Schultz explains,<br />

“OCD is an anxiety disorder<br />

that causes certain thoughts,<br />

images and feelings to get<br />

‘stuck’ in your head. This<br />

causes immense anxiety,<br />

pain and fear.” Schultz talks<br />

about how OCD affects people’s<br />

mental health. “To get<br />

rid of the anxiety people<br />

perform rituals or ‘compulsions’<br />

to make the feelings go<br />

away. But compulsions only<br />

give momentary relief and<br />

the thought or feelings will<br />

just come back harder” said<br />

Schultz. If OCD is left untreated<br />

or treated incorrectly<br />

there are horrible outcomes.<br />

These outcomes are “immense<br />

fear, anxiety and panic,<br />

losing jobs and suicide,”<br />

says Schultz. Some common<br />

forms of OCD that Schultz<br />

explained were, “Relationship<br />

OCD (fear you do not<br />

love your partner), Scrupulosity<br />

OCD (a fear you are<br />

going against or have done<br />

something against your religion<br />

or spiritual belief), Sexual<br />

orientation OCD (the fear<br />

or thought you are “turning”<br />

into the opposite of what<br />

your gender identity is. So<br />

some straight people think<br />

they are turning gay or gay<br />

people think they are turning<br />

straight) this is different than<br />

being non-binary or questioning<br />

your orientation.”<br />

Most often OCD is a misunderstood<br />

mental health<br />

condition and Schultz explains<br />

why that is, “normally<br />

people think that if you have<br />

OCD you have to have everything<br />

neat and in order,<br />

or you just constantly wash<br />

your hands. While those are<br />

symptoms of OCD there are<br />

so many more things people<br />

deal with.”<br />

One example that Schultz<br />

explained is “some get<br />

thoughts stuck in their head<br />

that they are going crazy<br />

or that they will be fired at<br />

work.” Some advice that<br />

Schultz would give to others<br />

with OCD is, “you have<br />

to go to someone who specializes<br />

in OCD. Traditional<br />

therapy will not work and if<br />

the therapist is not specifically<br />

trained in OCD they<br />

can hurt you more than help<br />

you.”<br />

If Schultz could go back in<br />

time to his younger self he<br />

would say, “get the appropriate<br />

help sooner…but, if I did<br />

I may never have wrote this<br />

book so I think it worked out<br />

for the best to help the greater<br />

good.”<br />



Page 3<br />

By Raul Padilla<br />

Features Editor<br />

The Bakersfield College Student<br />

Government Association invited guest<br />

speaker Justin Hansford to their series<br />

of Distinguished Speaker events on<br />

Feb. 24. Hansford spoke of his experiences<br />

regarding the first amendment,<br />

free speech, hate speech, and protests.<br />

Justin Hansford is a Howard University<br />

School of Law Professor of Law<br />

and Executive Director of the Thurgood<br />

Marshall Civil Rights Center, a<br />

leading scholar and activist in the areas<br />

of critical race theory, human rights,<br />

and law and social movements.<br />

He began his movement when he had<br />

participated as an observer in a protest<br />

at a Wal-Mart in Ferguson, Missouri.<br />

He had been arrested on that day as a<br />

trespasser when the store had suddenly<br />

closed and subsequently arrested by the<br />

police.<br />

“I asked “what did I do?” The officer<br />

replied, “shut up’ and put me in the<br />

squad car and pinching my wrist and<br />

five legal observers in total. Four were<br />

News<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

white and one was Asian and me. I<br />

was the only black one and I was the<br />

only one that was arrested” Hansford<br />

recalled.<br />

It was from here that Hansford became<br />

much more interested in the first<br />

amendment, and how it corresponds to<br />

protestors and race.<br />

He explained the disparity in how<br />

protestors are treated throughout the<br />

country as a result of race has never<br />

been so evident as how Black Lives<br />

Matter protestors had been treated as<br />

opposed to the people who had entered<br />

the capitol building on Jan. 6.<br />

“This event has demonstrated that<br />

to the contrary extreme speech experienced<br />

is already here” he explained.<br />

Hate crime convictions were also<br />

brought up by Hansford, stating that<br />

only around a fourth of hate crimes are<br />

prosecuted by courts and judges, meanwhile<br />

the actual number of hate crimes<br />

has been found to be much higher than<br />

reported.<br />

He explained that when these hate<br />

crimes are performed, it allows for discussion<br />

to take place and potentially<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 2, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Justin Hansford talks race and speech<br />

solve the <strong>issue</strong>s, however another <strong>issue</strong><br />

then arrives in which some states do not<br />

allow the discussion of the topic. Education<br />

is mentioned as one of the primary<br />

ways to combat these <strong>issue</strong>s and<br />

suppressing the people’s education on<br />

critical race theory only serves to harm<br />

free speech.<br />

“If I was to end my talk today with<br />

a call to action, I call on you to continue<br />

to defend your right to teach the<br />

truth and continue to defend your right<br />

to demonstrate in support of justice.”<br />

Hansford said, finishing his presentation.<br />


Justin Hansford discussing race to BC<br />

Discussing anthems and modalities<br />

Aubrianna Martinez<br />

Senior Digital Editor<br />

University of Southern California<br />

professor of gender studies, political<br />

science, as well as gender and sexuality<br />

studies Dr. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro<br />

led the virtual presentation “Anthems<br />

and Modalities” which focused on the<br />

connections between African American<br />

music and African American political<br />

theory was held on Feb. 23.<br />

Hancock Alfaro engaged with the<br />

webinar’s attendees through reference<br />

and deep examination of both contemporary<br />

and older African American<br />

musicians’ use of purposeful repetition<br />

of positive statements that she defines<br />

as anthems. Referencing the use of<br />

Kendric Lamar’s song “All Right” as<br />

having been adopted as an anthem by<br />

members of Black Lives Matter in protesting<br />

police violence, Hancock Alfaro<br />

explained “you can see that the anthem<br />

has this very deep meaning for folks<br />

who are committed to this particular<br />

political agenda.”<br />

She added shortly after on the subject,<br />

“anthems can certainly be adopted<br />

but then they also end up taking on different<br />

meanings in different moments.”<br />

Later still she expounded upon this<br />

point, “music can become an anthem,<br />

but anthem status is contingent upon<br />

socio-political movement that make<br />

them so” Hancock Alfaro said.<br />

Hancock Alfaro likened the use of an<br />

anthem to “a crack within the concrete<br />

walls of racism” that African Americans<br />

use to escape the trapping debris.<br />

She detailed that the Black Atlantic is<br />

another way to explore and experiment<br />

with wide-ranging concepts such as<br />

equality compared to injustice.<br />

Hancock Alfaro also spoke on the<br />

subject of presumed self-censorship in<br />

the case of Lamar’s performance at the<br />

Superbowl this year due to the political<br />

atmosphere, compared to the restricted<br />

censorship of artist Nina Simone wherin<br />

the second word in her song title<br />

“Mississippi Goddamn” was reduced to<br />

asterisks because of the time in which it<br />

was produced.<br />

In regards to the shift in messaging<br />

in Lamar’s performance at the Superbowl,<br />

Hancock Alfaro pondered if he<br />

chose to omit the ‘problematic’ lines in<br />

his song or if he was pressured by the<br />

NFL to do so, and was asked by an attendee<br />

to speak more on the subject of<br />

minority artists choosing to censor their<br />

work in order to sanitize their art for a<br />

wider audience.<br />

“We don’t think about enough […]<br />

the degree of which people are carrying<br />

not just the hopes and dreams of<br />

extended family and extended community<br />

of an entire set of folks, but also<br />

carrying, economically speaking. To<br />

those folks, to have something go away<br />

is very much a real threat to their being<br />

able to continue,” she stated.

Page 4<br />

Sportss<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 2, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Gades lose<br />

heartbreaker to<br />

Golden West<br />


BC pitcher Jarrett Brannen throws a pitch during Feb. 24 loss<br />

Justin White<br />

Sports Editor<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong>s lost their Thursday night Feb. 24 game against Golden<br />

West.<br />

Golden West got off to a hot start, scoring a run in each of the 2nd<br />

and 3rd innings. BC was able to collect one hit during the early innings,<br />

but remained silent for much of the game.<br />

Tensions ramped up in the bottom of the 8th inning when shortstop<br />

Gillermo Monje singled to Golden West’s shortstop, scoring pinch hitter<br />

Grant Holleman. On the same play, Monje was able to advance to<br />

second on a throwing error, which also allowed infielder Joseph Alatorre<br />

to score. Monje then tried to advance to third, but was thrown out<br />

to end the 8th inning, the score tied 2-2 heading into the 9th.<br />

Pitcher Brady Fox was brought into the game to keep the score the<br />

way it was to allow his team a chance to walk it off in the 9th. After<br />

forcing a pop out, Fox allowed a single to center field, and with one out<br />

the Golden West designated hitter blasted a home run to left-center to<br />

take a 4-2 lead. Fox would allow another hit before forcing a fly out and<br />

then striking out the next batter to head into the bottom of the 9th.<br />

After a fly out and a strikeout, BC once again made things interesting<br />

when pinch hitter Jordan Lopez was able to reach base on a throwing<br />

error, and advanced to second before Golden West could collect<br />

themselves. Second baseman Andrew Townson then also managed to<br />

reach base on a throwing error, and Lopez was able to advance to<br />

third. With runners on the corners, Holleman walked to load the bases<br />

with 2 outs, giving BC hope for a walkoff victory. However, Alatorre<br />

then went down on three strikes, ending the game in heartbreaking<br />

fashion for BC.<br />

The loss, given to Fox, drops Bakersfield College to 4-9 on the season.<br />

Tomorrow on Feb. 25, the <strong>Renegade</strong>s will have a chance at revenge as<br />

they will take on Golden West once more at 4pm.<br />

Super Bowl LVI in L.A.<br />

On Feb. 13,<br />

the Los Angeles Rams<br />

hosted the Cincinnati<br />

Bengals with the Lombardi<br />

Trophy on the<br />

line. This game would<br />

be the finale of an incredible<br />

2021-22 NFL,<br />

which saw everything<br />

from players running<br />

off the field mid game,<br />

new superstars being<br />

recognized, and the<br />

ending to the career of<br />

the greatest athlete to<br />

ever play football. The<br />

Cincinnati Bengals lead<br />

by Joe Burrow were one<br />

win away from hoisting<br />

the Lombardi Trophy.<br />

All that stood in Cincy’s<br />

way were the Los Angeles<br />

Rams. The Rams<br />

were the powerhouse of<br />

the west and the powerhouse<br />

of the NFC<br />

whose goal all year<br />

was to bring another<br />

championship to Los<br />

Angeles. Both teams<br />

started with 3 and out<br />

drives, but it was not<br />

much longer before the<br />

Rams would score a<br />

touchdown when Matthew<br />

Stafford would<br />

hit Odell Beckham Jr.<br />

with a pass that would<br />

open the game up giving<br />

them a 7-0 lead.<br />

The Bengals would respond<br />

with a field goal,<br />

ending the first quarter<br />

at 7-3. Then in the second<br />

quarter both teams<br />

scored a touchdown,<br />

but the Rams would<br />

botch a PAT only gietting<br />

the six. Going into<br />

the half the score was<br />

13-10 with the Rams<br />

still leading. Then in<br />

National Sports<br />

by Jacub Bill<br />

Reporter<br />

the third quarter as the<br />

L.A. sun was setting is<br />

when the game started<br />

to head south for<br />

the Rams as Matthew<br />

Stafford threw an interception<br />

early on in their<br />

drive, Los Angeles gave<br />

up 10 points, and were<br />

Jacub Bill<br />

only able to score three.<br />

Going into the fourth,<br />

the Bengals had the<br />

lead 20-16. The fourth<br />

quarter is where the<br />

Rams defense proved<br />

why they were one of<br />

the best defenses in the<br />

league. L.A. did not<br />

give up a single point,<br />

and neither did the<br />

Bengals until late in the<br />

game Matthew Stafford<br />

saw receiver Cooper<br />

Kupp on the right side<br />

of the endzone and<br />

connected with him<br />

for a clutch touchdown<br />

placing the Rams on<br />

top 23-20 with 1:25 left<br />

on the clock. With the<br />

Bengals last possession,<br />

on a 4th and 1 play with<br />

45 seconds remaining,<br />

the Rams defensive<br />

line would hold strong,<br />

and under the pressure<br />

from Donald, Burrow<br />

would throw an incompletion<br />

giving the Rams<br />

the football with 39<br />

seconds left. Matthew<br />

Stafford took a knee on<br />

the final play, and the<br />

Rams were crowned<br />

world champions. This<br />

win gave the city of<br />

L.A. their third title in 2<br />

years, placing Stafford<br />

on hallowed grounds<br />

with other Rams greats.


Page 6<br />

Campus<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 2, <strong>2022</strong><br />

BC mental health screenings<br />

By Collin Acevedo<br />

News Editor<br />

Bakersfield College hosted a mental health screening day<br />

on Feb. 16 led by the Office of Student Life and the Student<br />

Health and Wellness Center, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m on Zoom.<br />

A beneficial promotion for all Bakersfield College students<br />

to be screened privately by Students of Concern (SOC) interns<br />

for depression and anxiety. To help promote a healthy<br />

BC, it is free of charge for all of those who are currently enrolled<br />

and stand to help connect those who need assistance<br />

to the help they require.<br />

Speaking with Vanessa Nunez, who helped run the program<br />

and explained a bit more about it she stated, “We are<br />

Students of Concern (SOC) MSW student success interns,<br />

and our role at BC is to connect students with wraparound<br />

services both on campus and in the community.”<br />

“After screening students, we will discuss BC resources such<br />

as SHWC services which are available to enrolled BC students.<br />

All students who partake in the event will receive crucial<br />

information and services to assist them in their journey<br />

at BC,” Nunez said.<br />

With this being the third year of the program running, it<br />

continues to benefit Bakersfield College students in years to<br />

come.<br />

Nunez also stated “to normalize mental health and address<br />

health equity for the student body. Everyone needs help or<br />

someone to work through situations. It’s important to understand<br />

that asking or receiving help is needed, and we are here<br />

to help.”<br />

Remembering that no one is alone in mental health situations<br />

is an important thing to realize. The Student Health<br />

and Wellness Center services are open for all Bakersfield<br />

College students, with online and in-person counseling being<br />

available Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. You can<br />

also schedule an appointment by calling (661)395-4336 or<br />

emailing us at BCStudentHealth@bakersfieldcolleg.edu.<br />

Nunez lastly stated “while this event is only once a year,<br />

First place nationally for two year college Websites at<br />

the Associated Collegiate Press 2020 midwinter conference.<br />

Fifth place newspapers. First place for newspaper<br />

in 2011, third place in 2013, 2014, 2015 for CNPA General<br />

Excellence<br />

Fourth place nationally in 2019 for website publication<br />

by Associated Collegiate Press<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> is produced by Bakersfield College<br />

journalism classes and is circulated on Thursdays<br />

during the fall and spring semesters. The newspaper is<br />

published under the auspices of the Kern Community<br />

College District Board of Trustees, but sole responsibility<br />

for its content rests with student editors. The <strong>Rip</strong> is<br />

a member of the California Newspaper Publishers Association,<br />

Associated Collegiate Press, and California<br />

Colleges Media Association.<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong><br />


Editor-in-Chief....Hugo Maldonado Garcia<br />

Senior Digital Editor....Aubrianna Martinez<br />

News Editor...........................Collin Acevedo<br />

Features Editor.........................Raul Padilla<br />

Sports Editor............................Justin White<br />

Adviser.........................................Erin Auerbach<br />

For those students who can’t make our event, they are encouraged<br />

to reach out to Students of Concerns interns and<br />

schedule a later screening. We are housed in the Office of<br />

Student Life, call us directly at (661)395-4383.”<br />

Mental health is a sensitive and serious matter, and the<br />

Office of Student Life is here to help, so please, if you need<br />

help, do call.<br />



STAFF<br />

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Jacub Bill<br />

Alyssia Flores<br />

Nathaniel Simpson<br />

Anthony Vasquez<br />

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Page 7<br />

Opinion<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 2, <strong>2022</strong><br />

“Uncharted” is<br />

a light, fun find<br />

By: Nathaniel Simpson<br />

Tom Holland is<br />

perhaps one of the<br />

most famous actors<br />

in the world right<br />

now, so it didn’t<br />

come as much of<br />

a surprise that he<br />

was cast as Nathan<br />

Drake in the<br />

film adaption of<br />

the popular video<br />

games series, “Uncharted”.<br />

The series,<br />

which follows<br />

Drake around the<br />

world as he searches<br />

for hidden and lost<br />

treasure, has been<br />

played by millions<br />

of people around<br />

the world, prompting<br />

Sony to pursue<br />

a cinematic path for<br />

this character. They<br />

were also lucky<br />

enough to cast acting<br />

heavyweights<br />

like Mark Wahlberg<br />

and Antonio<br />

Banderas alongside<br />

Holland in this fun,<br />

mindless action-adventure<br />

film.<br />

Drake has been<br />

on the search for<br />

Ferdinand Magellan’s<br />

hidden treasure<br />

all his life. After<br />

learning the trade<br />

of treasure hunting<br />

from his brother<br />

(who runs away after<br />

getting caught<br />

trying to steal the<br />

map to Magellan’s<br />

treasure) at a young<br />

age, he starts to<br />

hone his craft and<br />

journeys after big-<br />

Reporter<br />

ger and bigger treasures.<br />

When he is<br />

approached by Victor<br />

“Sully” Sullivan<br />

(Wahlberg), who<br />

claims he knows<br />

his brother and is<br />

on the hunt for the<br />

treasure, Drake<br />

jumps at the chance<br />

of finding both his<br />

brother and the coveted<br />

treasure.<br />

However,<br />

when the duo is<br />

being chased by<br />

Santiago Moncada<br />

(Banderas) and<br />

Braddock (Tati Gabrielle),<br />

who also<br />

want the treasure,<br />

the two unlikely<br />

heroes must force<br />

themselves to trust<br />

one another and try<br />

to find the treasure<br />

as a pair. Things<br />

are further complicated<br />

by the beautiful<br />

Chloe Frazer<br />

(Sophia Ali), which<br />

Drake falls head<br />

over heels for.<br />

This film is,<br />

without a doubt,<br />

extremely fun and<br />

exciting. Our characters<br />

are thrust<br />

into crazy situations<br />

where they have to<br />

fight to survive. One<br />

of the biggest action<br />

sequences in the<br />

film comes towards<br />

the middle, and it<br />

is beautifully shot,<br />

and Holland is able<br />

to bring in his fun<br />

sense of humor into<br />

action sequences<br />

like this.<br />

Speaking of<br />

humor, this film is<br />

full of it. The characters<br />

crack jokes<br />

whenever they get<br />

the chance, which<br />

gives a real adventure<br />

vibe to it. It<br />

calls back on the<br />

jokes that are made<br />

in films such as “Indiana<br />

Jones”, which<br />

makes our characters<br />

so much more<br />

fun and lovable.<br />

Although the<br />

biggest peeve in this<br />

movie is the lack of<br />

characterization,<br />

especially for the<br />

villains of this film.<br />

There is a major<br />

plot twist towards<br />

the middle of the<br />

film, which practically<br />

shifts focus<br />

from one villain to<br />

another. However,<br />

they never really<br />

gave this character<br />

much of a backstory<br />

or a real purpose<br />

for why they are<br />

there.<br />

Overall, this<br />

movie is definitely a<br />

film to just sit back,<br />

relax, and enjoy<br />

watching. It doesn’t<br />

make you think too<br />

hard, and you can<br />

just turn your brain<br />

off while the movie<br />

plays on the screen.<br />

Adaptations<br />

Aubriana Martinez<br />

Senior Digital Editor<br />

When Netflix announced<br />

a new adaptation<br />

of Lemony Snicket’s<br />

book series, “A Series of<br />

Unfortunate Events” fans<br />

of the original series were<br />

reasonably wary. This was<br />

due to it being the second<br />

time the series has been<br />

adapted to screen, the first<br />

being in 2004 with the<br />

film adaptation, “Lemony<br />

Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate<br />

Events.”<br />

The 2004 movie is infamous<br />

among book fans for<br />

being close but so far from<br />

the series. While the film<br />

hit the nail on the head<br />

in its—rare—depiction<br />

of the distinct stylism that<br />

Snicket filled the pages<br />

with, it ultimately missed<br />

the important themes that<br />

left lasting impressions.<br />

The Netflix series included<br />

the author in a<br />

much more hands-on<br />

capacity that led to these<br />

<strong>issue</strong>s being assuaged and<br />

for the story to develop<br />

past the original version,<br />

as the author helped build<br />

new connections within<br />

the story and elevate subtext<br />

to the text.<br />

A significant critique in<br />

comparing adaptations is<br />

that the film was greatly<br />

limited by its nature as it<br />

sought to encapsulate the<br />

events of fourteen books.<br />

The film holds a runtime<br />

of 1 hour and 48 minutes,<br />

which certainly is enough<br />

time to tell a story, but<br />

not this one. The Netflix<br />

adaptation holds the advantage<br />

of being a wellpaced<br />

show: it was able to<br />

efficiently and accurately<br />

execute the intricate story<br />

over the course of three<br />

seasons.<br />

Aubriana Martinez<br />

The film’s tone should<br />

be addressed, as it is severely<br />

confused. The<br />

books are known for being<br />

incredibly and even<br />

outlandishly tragic, and<br />

while the film attempts to<br />

portray this, it ultimately<br />

shies away from committing<br />

to this choice in favor<br />

of asking the audience to<br />

laugh with a silly villain.<br />

Despite the antagonist’s<br />

incompetence, he is truly<br />

meant to be an obstacle<br />

for the characters.<br />

The show accurately reflects<br />

this, as the majority<br />

of laughs are derived from<br />

the ridiculousness of situations<br />

and commentary<br />

made by the interrupting<br />

narrator played by Patrick<br />

Warburton instead of Jim<br />

Carrey uncomprehendingly<br />

pretending to be a<br />

dinosaur.<br />

Ultimately, the film<br />

promises in its first few<br />

minutes to tell a story<br />

that it ultimately fails to<br />

faithfully finish, while the<br />

show occasionally strays<br />

from the well-turned pages<br />

of the books in order to<br />

flesh out the original tale<br />

to surprise and devastate<br />

fans one more time.

Page 8<br />

Opinions<br />

The <strong>Renegade</strong> <strong>Rip</strong> www.therip.com<br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 2, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Indoor theatre returns<br />


Bakersfield College indoor theatre returns with “The House of<br />

Bernarda Alba” which ran from Feb. 24-27.<br />

By Anthony Vasquez<br />

Reporter<br />

The curtains rose up from the<br />

stage last Thursday night, Feb. 24<br />

and Bakersfield College’s theater<br />

program had its very first opening<br />

night of their production of the<br />

well-known play, “The House of<br />

Bernarda Alba,” by Federico Garcia<br />

Lorca.<br />

Held at the Edward Simonson<br />

Indoor Theater, and directed by<br />

Cody Ganger, the excited audience<br />

was welcomed inside at 7 p.m. The<br />

play began at about 7:30 p.m. and<br />

the audience was immediately captivated<br />

by the stage.<br />

The characters, Bernarda Alba<br />

(Rachel Daguman), and her five<br />

daughters Angustias (Madison<br />

Shuck), Magdalena (Karina Ronquillo),<br />

Amelia (Trinity Coston),<br />

Martirio (Alana Edwards), and<br />

Adela (Alexis Long), allured the<br />

audience at the beginning of the<br />

play with entrancing mournful<br />

looks. The design of the scenery<br />

and lighting, which is done by Kevin<br />

Ganger, made a huge impact<br />

towards the start of the play as it<br />

complemented the scene in its entirety.<br />

The play focuses on the family in<br />

the house of Bernarda Alba, and<br />

the events within their period of<br />

mourning. The characters fall into<br />

a dramatic and intensive storyline<br />

that had the audience sit on the<br />

edge of their seats, just waiting for<br />

what happened next.<br />

The characters were all played<br />

very well, as it could be seen that<br />

each and every cast member fully<br />

committed to playing their respective<br />

roles. Some significant roles<br />

like Daguman’s role of Bernarda<br />

Alba were played amazingly, as<br />

they perfectly captivated the angry,<br />

yet powerful emotions of the character.<br />

The roles of the daughters<br />

were all played uniquely differently,<br />

but their roles were dramatic and<br />

full of real emotions that made the<br />

audience connect and understand<br />

them on a deeper level. The supportive<br />

roles of the maids, played<br />

by Suzana Louden and Margarita<br />

Diaz Alcala, allowed the audience<br />

to understand the other characters.<br />

The Production Crew’s work also<br />

played a huge part in the play, every<br />

detail that was involved created<br />

an overall amazing performance<br />

and a special and unique experience<br />

for the audience.<br />

Along with opening night, the<br />

play was continued throughout the<br />

rest of the week. It was the first of<br />

the semester, and the next play that<br />

is set to be in production soon is<br />

“The Wolves,” which will run from<br />

April 27-30, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

<strong>Renegade</strong> Events<br />

Campus Events<br />

<strong>March</strong> 1-18: BCSGA Elections filing period<br />

<strong>March</strong> 8: Women’s History Month Mural<br />

at the Campus Center from 10:00 a.m. to<br />

2:00 p.m.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 10: Closing Reception for the<br />

Panaroma Invitational (Kern County High<br />

School Art Exhibit.)<br />

<strong>March</strong> 11: Groundbreaking at the Delano<br />

Campus from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 14: BC Blood drive from 9:00 a.m.<br />

to 4:00 p.m.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 24: DSS Speaker: Erika Sanchez<br />

via Zoom from 10:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 24: Opening Reception for the BC<br />

Art Student Show (Runs through May 5)<br />

<strong>March</strong> 27: Bakersfield Youth Symphony<br />

Orchestra at the Edward Simonsen Outdoor<br />

theatre at 4 p.m.<br />

April 7: KMCEA Jazz Day at the Edwards<br />

Simonsen Performing Arts Center from 8<br />

a.m. to 4 p.m.<br />

April 22: Spring Choral Concert at the<br />

Edwards Simonsen Indor Theatre at 7:30<br />

pm.<br />

April 25: Jazz Ensemble Spring Concert<br />

at the Edward Simonsen Indoor Theatre at<br />

7:30 p.m.<br />

April 28: Concert Band Spring Concert<br />

at the Edward Simonsen Indoor Theatre at<br />

6:30 p.m.<br />

April 28- May 1: Spring Play #2 (The<br />

Wolves).<br />

May 4: Performing Arts Combined Concert<br />

at Edward Simonsen Outdoor Theatre<br />

at 7:00 p.m.<br />

May 11: BC/CSUB Orchestra Concert at<br />

CSUB Dore Thatre at 7:30 p.m.

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