LookBook87 - September 2022

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1 August 2022

Ph: Christian Papagni @christian.papagni.ph

Model: Alexia Carpineanu @ alexia_carpy_

Location: Parco Sempione

(Milano, italy)

2 August 2022

Photographer: Alex Annen

Model: Crettaz Eliane @ elianecrettaz

3 August 2022

Photographer and Creative director:

MADY KANZ (www.mady.photography)

Styling: Tamila Zima

Styling Assistant: Antonia te Stylist

Makeup: K. STARKEY

Model: Germaine Zhu

Model: Petra Kern

4 August 2022

Model: Petra Kern

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

Model: Aurélie Beautymodel

Photographer: Chris Carolina

7 August 2022

Model: Crettaz Eliane

Photographer: Thierry Galeuchet

8 August 2022

Photographer: Christophe Serra

Model: Serra Ornella

9 August 2022

Model: Kahulaa

Photographer: Pawel Gerula

Stylist & Makeup: Kasia Tręda

10 August 2022

Model: Kahulaa

Photographer: Pawel Gerula

Stylist & Makeup: Kasia Tręda

11 August 2022

Model: Sarah Salomonsen

Photographer: Jonas eggers

Model: Nora Ventriglia

12 August 2022

13 August 2022

Photographer: Damien Mohn,

Model: Estelle Martin

MUAH: Diane Martin

14 August 2022

Model: @Morgan.mannequin

Photographer: @chrislangphotographe

15 August 2022

Model: Anastasia Kulakoff

Photographer: Tian Ronghua

16 August 2022

Photographer: Luca Bartoli

Model: Sofia Laklaai

17 August 2022

Photographer: Guillaume de Lafontaine "DWAMPIX"

18 August 2022

Ph: Christian Papagni (ig: christian.papagni.ph)

Model: Andreea Maresof (IG: andreeamaresofmdl)

Location: Milano, Italy

19 August 2022

Photographer Jon Master (Norway)


20 August 2022

Model: Teresa Monteiro

Make-up: Safaa Khraiss

Fotografie, licht, post productie: Xavier Jacky

21 August 2022

Model: Jill Petrova

Photographer: David Wiki


22 August 2022

Model: Katya Bakat

Photographer: by Igor Malakhov / Shandrew

23 August 2022

Photographer: Tim Steele

Model: Alexa Taylor

24 August 2022

Model: Alicia Masters

Photographer: Glockner Alicia

25 August 2022

Model: Kristina Kitova

Photographer: Andrey Efremov

26 August 2022

Model: Helene Kirstine


Photographer: PAGE7 Photo


27 August 2022

Photographer Sinéad Bunn (Germany)


28 August 2022

Photographer Sinéad Bunn (Germany)


Model: Triulzi Michela

29 August 2022

30 August 2022

Model: Giorgia Pepe

Photographer: Valerio Dolce

31 August 2022

Model: Lada Brik

Photographer: David Dubnitsky

1 September 2022

PRODUCER Live Production studio @liveproductionstudio

PHOTO & RETOUCH Latil Pascal @latilpascal

HAIR Eric Maurice @ericmaurice57

STYLING Ruben DLima @rdlima

MUA Yely Rodríguez @yelyicon

MODEL Silvia Cabrera @silvia__rguez

THANKS TO Turismo de Pajara @turismopajara


Creative Director and Editor in Chief:

Van Poucke Peter

Website: http//modellenland.com

Email: info@modellenland.com







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