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THE HOLY<br />



// VOL 16 //<br />

// NO 2 //<br />

FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />

Nazareth<br />



Finding Nazareth<br />

in a Storybook<br />



PROVI<strong>NC</strong>IAL SUPERIOR<br />

Dear Friends of Nazareth,<br />

There is a famous quote from St.<br />

Catherine of Siena, a Doctor of the<br />

Church, that says, “Be who you are<br />

meant to be, and you will set the<br />

world on fire.”<br />

It is a mystery to ponder that<br />

stepping into the knowledge of<br />

being who we are meant to be<br />

can transform the world and set it<br />

ablaze with the love of Jesus Christ.<br />

As a sister of the Holy Family, I<br />

immediately think of the example<br />

of the Holy Family in Nazareth and<br />

reflect on this beautiful revelation.<br />

I think of Mary and Joseph and<br />

how they each received the gift of<br />

their identity, as a child of God, as a<br />

spouse, a homemaker, a carpenter,<br />

a parent, a friend, family member,<br />

and set the world on fire.<br />

I think of our founding sisters.<br />

When they came to the United<br />

States, they also witnessed the<br />

reality of this beautiful revelation.<br />

As children of God, our sisters<br />

utilized their unique gifts and<br />

talents to serve the people<br />

placed in their paths, and by<br />

their examples, hearts were set<br />

ablaze and transformed. And still<br />

today, this revelation holds true<br />

as modeled through the lives of<br />

our incredible sisters and the<br />

wonderful people we work with<br />

every day.<br />

In this issue of Nazareth<br />

Connections, you will see some<br />

admirable ways our sisters and<br />

friends utilize their gifts and<br />

experiences to set the world on<br />

fire. You will see the extraordinary<br />

witness of our Jubilarians, the<br />

legacy of our sisters who have<br />

gone to the Lord this year, and<br />

how utilizing our unique identity<br />

and gifts allows us to tend to the<br />

needs and kindle the fires of our<br />

local “Nazareth.”<br />

Our prayers are with you and<br />

your loved ones, and may God<br />

continually be glorified in all we<br />

say, think, and do.<br />

In the Holy Family,<br />

Sister Kathleen Maciej, CSFN<br />


We invite you to pray with us, to listen to God’s call with us, and to love with<br />

us as we find God in ordinary experiences. Learn more about our community<br />

life, our ministries, and our mission at nazarethcsfn.org/join-us. Contact<br />

Sr. Emmanuela Le, CSFN, National Vocation Director, at 682-203-967 or<br />

vocations@nazarethcsfn.org.<br />


VOLUME 16 //<br />

NUMBER 2 //<br />

FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />

Nazareth Connections is published<br />

three times a year by the Sisters of<br />

the Holy Family of Nazareth<br />

in the USA.<br />

Editor:<br />

Rachel Neubauer<br />

Proofreaders:<br />

Sr. Angela Szczawinska<br />

Sr. Mary Ellen Gemmell<br />

Sr. Katherine Barth<br />

Sr. Lucille Madura<br />

Amanda Giarratano<br />

Contents<br />


4 The Province National<br />

Assembly Goes Virtual<br />



16 Sr. Geraldine Marie Wodarczyk<br />

Sr. M. Dorothea Jurkowski<br />

Sr. M. Constance Sabalauskas<br />

Sr. Catherine O’Malley<br />

Province Communications Committee:<br />

Sr. Mary Ellen Gemmell<br />

Sr. Angela Szczawinska<br />

Amanda Giarratano<br />

Katherine Barth<br />

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Sr. Danielle Jacob<br />

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6 Finding Nazareth in a Storybook<br />

<strong>2022</strong> JUBILARIANS<br />

12 Sr. Elaine Marie Klugiewicz<br />

Sr. Mary Lou Kwiatkowski<br />

Sr. Maria Annette Mallen<br />

Sr. Linda Yankoski<br />

Sr. Susan Therese Rojek<br />


Sr. Antonina Gadacz, CSFN<br />


18 Thank You from Our<br />

Development Office<br />

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Please contact:<br />

Communications Department<br />

Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth<br />

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communications@nazarethcsfn.org<br />

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NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />



The Province<br />

National Assembly<br />

Goes Virtual<br />

When considering how they would<br />

proceed with the biennial 2021<br />

Province National Assembly, Sr.<br />

Michael Marie Franzak, CSFN and<br />

her co-chair, Sr. Mary Joan Jacobs,<br />

knew it would need to be quite<br />

different than in years past.<br />

“The Province National Assembly<br />

(PNA) always provided a time for<br />

our sisters to come together for<br />

business and fellowship. It was a<br />

time to reconnect as a Province, to<br />

celebrate, to appreciate what each<br />

of us does, and to get to know one<br />

another — especially those of us<br />

that live away from each other,”<br />

said co-chair Sr. Michael Marie.<br />

“[As we began to plan in the spring<br />

of 2021], the first thought that<br />

came to our mind was, ‘What<br />

happens if the pandemic isn’t<br />

through?’ said Sr. Michael Marie.<br />

“We knew we needed to plan this<br />

one differently, so we decided to<br />


send out a list of questions<br />

to the sisters and from there<br />

we created our plan.”<br />

What they decided turned out to<br />

be quite a departure from previous<br />

PNAs. With a desire to go deeper<br />

into the topics typically scheduled<br />

over a weekend, the sisters devised<br />

a plan for a series of seven virtual<br />

[Zoom] retreat days, beginning in<br />

July 2021 and ending in June <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

“It was important for us that<br />

this represented what the sisters<br />

wanted, and we knew we couldn’t<br />

do this alone, so we began to build<br />

our committee and ask sisters<br />

within the Province to chair the<br />

specific meeting topics that would<br />

be covered throughout the year,”<br />

Sr. Michael Marie explained.<br />

From there, those initial sisters<br />

reached out to other sisters,<br />

forming sub-committees for<br />

each meeting. The theme for the<br />

year of assembly sessions was<br />

entitled “Adventure of Love and<br />

Grace,” since it would be a year of<br />

adventuring through each topic. Sr.<br />

Pia Marie, then known as postulant<br />

Kaitlyn Shelton, used her graphic<br />

design talents and created a logo<br />

replicating a passport stamp,<br />

signifying the year’s journey upon<br />

which the sisters would embark.<br />

Supported by the CSFN<br />

Communications Office, the PNA<br />

began with great momentum on<br />

July 17, 2021, and ended with<br />

resounding success among the<br />

community, with the last session<br />

held on June 18, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

With sisters serving from Texas to<br />

Connecticut, the virtual PNA was<br />

a time for the sisters to connect<br />

as a whole and (virtually) be with<br />

one another — something that<br />

hadn’t happened since 2018<br />

and was made more difficult<br />

within the last two years of<br />

the pandemic.<br />

Though it is always more<br />

favorable to meet in person,<br />

the virtual 2021-<strong>2022</strong> PNA still<br />

allowed the greatest amount<br />

of sisters to participate in each<br />

session and connect during a time<br />

of uncertainty.<br />

Whatever the future may<br />

hold, the sisters are up for<br />

the challenge, ready to meet<br />

whatever obstacles come their<br />

way with grace and adventure in<br />

their hearts.<br />

“The amount of talents and gifts<br />

among the sisters is incredible.<br />

Additionally, many of the sisters<br />

reached out to their work<br />

colleagues to help collaborate and<br />

make each session of the PNA<br />

the best it could be,” said CSFN<br />

Communications Director<br />

Rachel Neubauer.<br />

Sr. Michael Marie Franzak, CSFN<br />

waves hello as cameras are prepared<br />

for the Livestreaming of PNA sessions<br />

CSFN sisters from all over the country<br />

joined together digitally for the PNA!<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />



Finding Nazareth<br />

in a Storybook<br />


A little girl, a goat, a hippo with a<br />

belly button — these are just a<br />

few characters brought to life by<br />

the creative genius of Sr. Antonina<br />

Gadacz, CSFN. “The goal of my<br />

stories is to send a message to<br />

each child, to each person who<br />

reads them, that they are a gift and<br />

that God is actively present in their<br />

daily life… We just have to learn<br />

to stop and recognize Him.”<br />

From her earliest childhood<br />

memory, Sr. Antonina always<br />

enjoyed art. “It came easy to<br />

me,” she said. “I always had an<br />

imagination and was creative in<br />

how I did things. If I imagined<br />

something, I was able to plan it<br />

out and accomplish the vision<br />

I had for the project.” In her<br />

childhood, she began creating<br />

beautiful puppets from old clothes<br />

stored in her family’s attic. “I would<br />

use the puppets for play or tell<br />

stories to the little neighbor girls<br />

I would watch on occasion,” said<br />

Sr. Antonina. “However, it wasn’t<br />

until I entered the community<br />

“I found that my<br />

characters and<br />

storytelling were<br />

a way to reach the<br />

children and teach<br />

them about God.”<br />

and began working with a lot of<br />

children that I realized being able<br />

to draw, create puppets, and tell<br />

stories was truly a gift.”<br />

A gift her talent truly is. With<br />

vibrant characters and colorful<br />

scenery adorning her many<br />

stories, Sr. Antonina’s stories<br />

were launched to the public<br />

this September as a ministry<br />

to families and young children.<br />

“I found that my characters<br />

and storytelling were a way to<br />

reach the children and teach<br />

them about God.” Finding<br />

inspiration from the lives of her<br />

friends and students, Sr. Antonina<br />

creates entertaining but relatable<br />

characters in each of her stories.<br />

“My stories are based on reallife<br />

situations and have a simple<br />

message to teach. [I want my<br />

readers to know] God is present<br />

in our everyday lives through<br />

nature, family, friendships, and the<br />

people we meet daily. Each story<br />

is a lesson to remember that life<br />

is not perfect. We are not perfect.<br />

We are human. We get hurt. We<br />

hurt others, but we are called to<br />

be mindful and take those simple<br />

occurrences of life to prayer every<br />

day to ask God to help us.”<br />

A native of Poland, Sr. Antonina<br />

entered Nazareth with the<br />

Krakow province and in 2004<br />

answered an invitation to come<br />

and serve in the United States. Her<br />

first set of original stories, with<br />

several of her student volunteers<br />

providing the voice work, are now<br />

available on our YouTube page<br />

and nazarecsfn.org.<br />

Sister Antonina, CSFN<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />


8<br />


Nuns4Fun<br />

Supporting Sisters<br />

Pictured: Vicki Quade and ‘Sister,’ portrayed by actress Rose Guccione. Photo by Kat Phillips.<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />


Much of Vicki Quade’s childhood<br />

was spent around Catholic sisters.<br />

Her family was devoutly religious<br />

and did all they could to help<br />

the sisters who worked at the<br />

Catholic school Vicki and her<br />

siblings attended, including always<br />

leaving a family car available should<br />

the sisters need transportation.<br />

The convent where the sisters<br />

lived was less than a mile from<br />

Vicki’s family home, and she fondly<br />

remembers the sisters arriving —<br />

always in pairs — and knocking at<br />

a window to request use of the<br />

family car. Her mother would often<br />

send the young Vicki out to deliver<br />

the keys to the sisters, whose<br />

strict traditions made it so they<br />

would not set foot upon the stairs<br />

and quietly wait for Vicki or one of<br />

the other children to seek them<br />

out and offer the keys.<br />

It seems fitting then that as an<br />

adult, Vicki would find inspiration<br />

in her Catholic upbringing,<br />

and specifically in the Adrian<br />

Dominican sisters who meant so<br />

much to her as a child. Vicki would<br />

go on to co-author the wildly<br />

successful “Late Nite Catechism,”<br />

an audience interactive onewoman<br />

play that places audiences<br />

in the role of schoolchildren and<br />

the performer as their teacher,<br />

a Catholic sister. With classes of<br />

nearly 40 children each, the<br />

sisters at St. Albert the Great<br />

Parish in Burbank, IL, certainly<br />

had their work cut out for them.<br />

Their devotion to their students<br />

stayed with Vicki over the years,<br />

providing not only inspiration for<br />

her theatrical work but also a<br />

calling of sorts to continue to offer<br />

a helping hand to Catholic sisters<br />

everywhere, just as her family had<br />

always done in her youth.<br />

Since the debut of “Late Nite<br />

Catechism” and the founding of<br />

her production company, Nuns<br />

4 Fun Entertainment, Vicki has<br />

taken it as her mission to do<br />

what she could to provide for<br />

the sisters she remembers so<br />

fondly into their elder years.<br />

Nuns 4 Fun theater events<br />

are interactive productions<br />

revolving around lighthearted<br />

looks at the culture of Catholic<br />

sisters within our churches and<br />

schools and include regular<br />

performances of both “Late<br />

Nite Catechism” and “Bible<br />

Bingo,” another play authored<br />

by Vicki.<br />

“It’s important to<br />

help these nuns who<br />

are helping these<br />

individuals who are in<br />

such dire shape. It’s<br />

such a message. These<br />

nuns are there; they<br />

are on the front line,<br />

committed to helping.”<br />

Following each show, the main<br />

performer speaks to the audience,<br />

highlighting the essential works<br />

of the many sisters working in<br />

our schools and the need to help<br />

care for them in their retirement,<br />

followed by a collection. To date,<br />

Vicki and her production company<br />

have distributed nearly $4 million<br />

to the retirement needs of many<br />

different congregations of<br />

Catholic sisters!<br />

In March, something changed.<br />

Vicki had long been devoted to<br />

providing retirement funds as her<br />

singular mission, but after she<br />

received a Nazareth & You email<br />

bulletin detailing the plight of our<br />

CSFN sisters serving in war-torn<br />

Ukraine, Vicki knew a change was<br />

in order.<br />

“I’d like to be a part of this; I’d like<br />

to help,” Vicki states. “It’s important<br />

to help these nuns who are helping<br />

these individuals who are in such<br />

dire shape. It’s such a message.<br />

These nuns are there; they are<br />

on the front line, committed<br />

to helping.”<br />

Since March, all the collections<br />

taken at Nuns 4 Fun productions<br />

have supported our Ukrainian<br />

Relief Fund, created to help<br />

support the needs of CSFN sisters<br />

serving Ukrainian refugee families<br />

in both Ukraine and Poland!<br />

We are so incredibly grateful for<br />

Vicki and her devotion to helping<br />

Catholic sisters over the years,<br />

as well as her current focus on<br />

fundraising for our CSFN sisters<br />

in Ukraine and Poland. It warms<br />


Liz Cloud as Sister in Late Night Catechism<br />

Vicki Quade, present day<br />

Vicki Quade at her first Holy Communion, 1961<br />

the heart to know that those<br />

sisters who so timidly knocked<br />

at her window all of those years<br />

ago struck such a chord, leading<br />

Vicki to celebrate her Catholic<br />

upbringing and education with<br />

family-friendly entertainment<br />

and inspiring her to give back to<br />

Catholic sisters everywhere.<br />

As Vicki told us, noting the critical<br />

value she sees in Catholic sisters<br />

today, “Sisters get the job done —<br />

and anything we can do to help<br />

people realize that, we’ll do.”<br />

We invite you to continue<br />

joining us in praying for peace<br />

and safety for all those in<br />

Ukraine and those helping the<br />

refugees. If you wish to donate<br />

to the sisters’ Ukrainian Relief<br />

Fund, please visit our website<br />

nazarethcsfn.org and click<br />

“Ukrainian Relief Fund.”<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />


<strong>2022</strong> JUBILARIANS<br />

Congratulations<br />

TO OUR <strong>2022</strong> JUBILARIANS<br />



Entered August 15, 1947<br />

Sr. Elaine Marie Klugiewicz first felt a stirring in her heart towards her<br />

vocation as a child attending St. Casimir Elementary School. The loving<br />

and prayerful example set by the Sisters of the Resurrection, who staffed<br />

the school, made a strong impression. It seemed almost certain she would<br />

continue her education with the Sisters of the Resurrection, but God had<br />

other plans; when her mother suggested Holy Family Academy as another<br />

choice, something resonated with the young woman that made her choose to<br />

attend. It was there that she first encountered the Sisters of the Holy Family<br />

of Nazareth.<br />

When asked of an experience in her vocation journey that stands out, Sr.<br />

Elaine will laugh as she begins her tale. “I think God tricked me into coming<br />

to Nazareth,” she will tell you with a smile. Though she kept in contact with<br />

the Sisters of the Resurrection while attending Holy Family Academy, there was a change within her heart<br />

even she did not readily realize. She made an appointment to discuss beginning the admission process with the<br />

Sisters of the Resurrection, but when asked by the sisters if she was ready to enter, she blurted out, much to<br />

her own surprise, “I’m not! I’m going to Nazareth!” It was truly the Holy Spirit at work in her heart!<br />

“God’s trick” led Sr. Elaine Marie to continue her education with a Bachelor in Education from Loyola<br />

University and a Masters of Library Science from Dominican University. Her ministry as a CSFN brought her to<br />

Texas, serving as a teacher at St. Thomas Aquinas School in Dallas, Holy Family School in Irving, Sr. Luke School<br />

in Irving, and later back to Chicago at St. Ann High School and her own alma mater, Holy Family Academy,<br />

ending her ministry in education as the Director of Religious Education at St. Patrick Parish in Hickory Hills.<br />

These days, Sr. Elaine has retired from public service and instead focuses on her prayer ministry. Though illness<br />

in her youth had led doctors to surmise that she wouldn’t see past her 35th year, Sr. Elaine is now celebrating<br />

her 75th year with the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth! Time hasn’t slowed her earnest heart; she<br />

spends her days in prayer, reading, and listening to the stories of the residents of her home at Nazarethville.<br />




Entered August 13, 1972<br />

It was during her formative years attending St. Stanislaus School (later<br />

Cleveland Central Catholic School) in Cleveland, OH, that Sr. Mary<br />

Lou Kwiatkowski first encountered the Sisters of the Holy Family of<br />

Nazareth. She thinks back fondly on Sr. Mary Joseph Mielcuszna, a teacher<br />

of math and English who quickly became a close friend. Sr. Mary Lou<br />

fondly remembers attending Benediction at St. Stanislaus each Sunday<br />

and then walking Sr. Mary Joseph back to her convent, often stopping<br />

to have a quiet chat in the convent parlor. It was here that Sr. Mary Lou<br />

first felt inklings of her vocation, recognizing that “God placed a calling in<br />

[her] heart,” and was helped along on her path by Sr. Mary Joseph, who<br />

put her in contact with the CSFN Vocations director.<br />

After graduating from 12th grade at Cleveland Central Catholic School, Sr. Mary Lou went on to earn her<br />

LPN certification from Connelly Learning Center (now Connelly Technical Institute). She continued on in<br />

her education with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Theology at Duquesne University, and then her RN<br />

certification from Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh. Her education led her towards a ministry that to this day<br />

remains very close to her heart.<br />

Sr. Mary Lou spent much of her ministry years working with the elderly, working in various nursing and<br />

healthcare positions for 20 years. Her dedication to her work brought her to Holy Family Manor, where she<br />

took care of the aging sisters who lived there. She also worked with the elderly at St. Leonard’s Home, helping<br />

them adjust to their new circumstances living in a personal care home. Sr. Mary Lou served in many capacities<br />

over the years, as a nurse’s aide, an LPN, an RN, and an assistant superior before transitioning her ministry into<br />

more pastoral care for many years, serving at times as a healthcare coordinator and chaplain. She found great<br />

joy in serving her patients, particularly the elderly sisters she got to know during their care.<br />

Today, Sr. Mary Lou has retired from healthcare but continues serving others as a volunteer with the Diocese<br />

of Pittsburgh Archives, work she thoroughly enjoys. In her downtime, Sr. Mary Lou loves to take quiet time to<br />

read, pray, and spend time in nature among the flowers.<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />




Entered August 12, 1972<br />

Sr. Maria Annette likes to joke that she has an “invisible tattoo on the back<br />

of [her] neck: RETURN TO NAZARETH.” The niece of two CSFN sisters<br />

who have since gone home to God, Sr. Regis M. Wesolowski and Sr. M.<br />

Loretta Wesolowski, Nazareth is not just a cornerstone of her faith, but<br />

also something of a family tradition.<br />

With education including a BA in Biology from Holy Family College (now<br />

Holy Family University) as well as intensive study in Nuclear Medicine, Sr.<br />

Maria Annette has had a long ministry both as an elementary education<br />

teacher at several Catholic schools and also as an X-Ray and Nuclear Medicine Technician at Nazareth<br />

Hospital. Currently, Sr. Maria Annette serves as a Development Assistant at her alma mater, Holy Family<br />

University. In her spare time, Sr. Maria Annette is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, and her<br />

spontaneous — perhaps even adventurous — nature has led her towards the high-octane sport of racecar<br />

driving. Sr. Maria Annette has even once driven 10 laps at Dover Downs, with speeds over 120 mph!<br />

Sr. Maria Annette’s family connection to the CSFNs reaches even further back than her contemporary aunts,<br />

Srs. Regis and Loretta; Sr. Celine Bednarska, who ministered as superior to the sisters serving in Nowogrodek,<br />

Poland, was her great-aunt. Asked to accompany others out of the city as it was thrust into the conflict of<br />

World War II, Sr. Celine handed over leadership of the sisters in Nowogrodek to Sr. Stella Mardosewicz, who<br />

would go on to be martyred for the sake of the families in her charge and become Blessed Mary Stella. There<br />

is no doubt this had a profound influence on Sr. Celine and, in turn, Sr. Maria Annette; she devoted herself to<br />

her CSFN ministry, knowing she carries on a family and faith tradition.<br />



Entered August 13, 1972<br />

When it comes to her experience with the sisters of the Holy Family of<br />

Nazareth, Sr. Linda Yankoski’s began early on with the CSFN sisters she got to<br />

know while attending grade school at St. Christopher’s in Detroit. Her decision<br />

to pursue a vocation with the sisters was cemented as her understanding of<br />

“scripture and God’s mercy through the life of Jesus” grew, thanks in no small<br />

part to the guidance of one of her teachers, Fr. Demetrius Dumm, OSB.<br />

It came as something of a surprise to Sr. Linda as she was asked to choose a “mystery” upon first entering<br />

the Novitiate; Sr. Linda chose “Jesus, Son of David” as her mystery, connecting to David’s innate creativity and<br />

humanness, seeing the spirit of David in many people who have been a part of her life. A flawed man who gave<br />

in to sin, David nonetheless persevered and held steadfast to his faith in God’s mercy, a lesson along with the<br />

Psalms that are thought to have been written by David and have provided Sr. Linda with a source of inspiration,<br />

love, courage, and hope.<br />

Following her entrance into the Novitiate, Sr. Linda continued her education. A tenacious learner, Sr. Linda<br />

went on to receive her Doctor of Education degree from Duquesne University, building on an educational<br />

background in social work and administration. Her ministry brought her to the Holy Family Institute, where<br />

she has served in various positions for 45 years, the past 34 of which have been spent serving in the role of<br />

Executive Director or CEO.<br />

Her ministry with the Holy Family Institute is held close to Sr. Linda’s heart. She keeps in touch with past<br />

clients and residents of HFI as the years pass, never forgetting the connections she has made over the years. In<br />

her free time, Sr. Linda enjoys the outdoors while engaging in gardening, hiking, and even golfing.<br />




Entered August 12, 1972<br />

While attending Nazareth Academy High School, Sr. Susan Therese met two<br />

women who would change the course of her life: Sr. Francesca Onley, then the<br />

guidance counselor at the school, and Sr. Catherine Gumienna, who taught biology<br />

and physics. Through their quiet humanity, Sr. Susan Therese learned of the loving,<br />

nurturing nature of the CSFNs and the true meaning of a sisterly community.<br />

Though still a young woman, Sr. Susan Therese took these lessons to heart and<br />

carries them with her to this day as she serves as a Sister of the Holy Family of<br />

Nazareth.<br />

Sr. Susan Therese began her educational journey with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Holy Family College<br />

(now University) and began her ministry as a junior high teacher of both science and math at Our Lady of<br />

Calvary School. Sr. Susan Therese moved on to several different elementary and high schools over the years of<br />

her teaching ministry, including a position teaching physical science, chemistry, and theology at her own alma<br />

mater, Nazareth Academy High School, where she had first encountered the CSFNs. After earning a master’s<br />

degree in Theology, Sr. Susan Therese saw her time as an educator conclude after 30 years. She spent 10 years<br />

in a secretarial position at St. Katherine of Siena Rectory before moving to her current ministry as a Pastoral<br />

Associate at Immaculate Mary Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare in northeast Philadelphia, becoming<br />

the Director of Pastoral Care in January of this year.<br />

Ministries that serve families are of particular interest to Sr. Susan Therese. “Families form the heart of our<br />

world. Without them, we could not exist as a society,” she stated. “I try to see Christ at work in families, and<br />

I try to develop that aspect in my ministry. To touch families in my religious life makes Christ truly present in<br />

our world.” Truly, those early lessons she learned from the first CSFNs she encountered have resonated with<br />

Sr. Susan Therese and became the center of her life and her ministry, employing the same loving, nurturing<br />

nature she learned all those years ago to serve the families in her care, and sharing in the love of a sisterly<br />

community even in her downtime with quiet, home-based activities like reading and crocheting.<br />




Did you know you can help us<br />

raise money to support our sisters<br />

by setting up your own birthday<br />

fundraiser on Facebook?<br />

So many people are already<br />

accustomed to using Facebook to<br />

send birthday greetings to their<br />

friends and loved ones; it seems a<br />

natural progression to ask that they<br />

make a donation to your favorite<br />

nonprofit in honor of your birthday!<br />

Such a gift provides a way for those<br />

who care about you to both honor<br />

your birthday and provide muchneeded<br />

funding to an organization<br />

you hold in esteem.<br />

There are two ways to do this —<br />

and both are easy!<br />

If you have your birthday listed<br />

in your Facebook profile, you will<br />

receive a prompt about two weeks<br />

prior to your birthday encouraging<br />

you to host a fundraiser in honor<br />

of your special day. Setting up the<br />

fundraiser takes just a few simple<br />

clicks. Once the fundraiser is started,<br />

your friends will see it posted to<br />

your page and can donate quickly<br />

through a two-tap process, either<br />

publicly or anonymously.<br />

If your birthday is not included in<br />

your Facebook profile, go to the<br />

CSFN Facebook page (https://www.<br />

facebook.com/csfn.usa), click the<br />

Fundraisers tab at the top of the<br />

news feed, then click “Raise Money.”<br />

A few clicks later, your fundraiser<br />

will be ready to go! You can then<br />

share the fundraiser with your<br />

friends. The best part is Facebook<br />

doesn’t charge any fees, so our<br />

sisters receive the total amount<br />

raised!<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />



In Memoriam<br />

Sr. Geraldine<br />

Marie<br />

Wodarczyk<br />

(1946-<strong>2022</strong>)<br />

Sr. Geraldine<br />

Marie was born<br />

in Erie, PA, to Lillian and Joseph, and<br />

was baptized Geraldine on November<br />

3, 1946, in the family parish, St.<br />

Stanislaus, in a show of gratitude to<br />

St. Gerard for the healthy birth. Sr.<br />

Geraldine attended the parish school<br />

and later attended Mount Nazareth<br />

Academy in Pittsburgh as an aspirant.<br />

She became a postulant in September<br />

1963 and entered the novitiate in<br />

Albano, Italy, receiving the name Lillian<br />

in honor of her mother.<br />

Upon returning to the U.S., Sr.<br />

Geraldine lived in the provincial<br />

house as a student at Mount Mercy,<br />

studying psychology and serving as a<br />

case worker with the children of Holy<br />

Family Institute, as well as taking the<br />

role of housemother to 11 preteens.<br />

The love she felt from Jesus,<br />

she shared with these children.<br />

In 1973, she was called to serve as<br />

the Province Vocation and Postulant<br />

Director and began work towards<br />

her master’s in Fundamental Catholic<br />

Spirituality at Duquesne University,<br />

graduating in 1978 and returning to<br />

her vocation ministry. In 1983, she<br />

took on the role of campus ministry<br />

in at Point Park College, later moving<br />

on to Jesus Redeemer Convent on the<br />

Provincialate grounds to serve as the<br />

local superior while assuming the role<br />

of facilitator for the pastoral plan<br />

of St. Joseph Province. She later<br />

served as the Provincial Councilor<br />

for ongoing formation.<br />

Sr. Geraldine then returned to Holy<br />

Family Institute and served in the<br />

role of administrative assistant until<br />

1995, when she began serving as<br />

superior of Holy Family Manor. She<br />

was the last Provincial Secretary<br />

for St. Joseph Province and the first<br />

Assistant Provincial in Holy Family<br />

Province. She then accepted the<br />

position of Delegate for Religious<br />

in the Pittsburgh Diocese in 2010,<br />

faithfully serving for nearly 10 years.<br />

Sr. Geraldine was called home to the<br />

Lord on February 28, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

She was laid to rest after a life of<br />

following the call of Jesus to love<br />

others as God does.<br />

Sr. M. Dorothea<br />

Jurkowski<br />

(1936 – <strong>2022</strong>)<br />

Sr. Dorothea was<br />

born on January 8,<br />

1936, in Springfield,<br />

MA, to Mary and John Jurkowski.<br />

The youngest of 12 children, being<br />

born after her twin sister, Dorothy,<br />

she was baptized at Our Lady of the<br />

Rosary Church and given the name<br />

Dolores. She attended Our Lady of<br />

the Rosary Elementary School and<br />

Cathedral High School, and entered<br />

the Congregation of the Sisters of<br />

the Holy Family of Nazareth on<br />

September 8, 1954.<br />

A year later, Dolores entered the<br />

novitiate in Albano, Italy, and received<br />

the name Sr. Dorothea. Returning to<br />

the United States in1957, she began<br />

teaching at St. Cyril and Methodius<br />

School in Brooklyn, NY. Sr. Dorothea<br />

earned her bachelor’s degree from<br />

Holy Family College in Philadelphia,<br />

PA, and her master’s in English from<br />

St. John’s University in Jamaica, NY. She<br />

ministered in education as a teacher<br />

or principal at St. Cyril and Methodius<br />

School and St. Stanislaus Kostka School<br />

in Brooklyn, NY; Holy Cross School<br />

in Maspeth, NY; St. Mark School in<br />

Stratford, CT; St. Stephen School in<br />

Paterson, NJ;<br />

and St. Mary Elementary School in<br />

Worcester, MA.<br />

In 1966, Sr. Dorothea became Director<br />

of Novices and Temporary Professed<br />

Sisters, serving through 1971. She was<br />

later elected as Assistant Provincial<br />

of the Immaculate Heart of Mary<br />

Province. In 2020, Sr. Dorothea retired<br />

to Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent<br />

in Monroe, CT.<br />

Sr. Dorothea embraced life, loving so<br />

many different things. She had a great<br />

sense of humor and always thought<br />

of others before herself. An avid<br />

baseball fan, Sr. Dorothea continued<br />

to follow her favorite team, the<br />

New York Yankees, well into her<br />

retirement. In fact, so excited was Sr.<br />

Dorothea about the Yankees that she<br />

“converted” her table companions<br />

to the sport! Each morning after a<br />

baseball game, the breakfast table<br />

Donations in memory of a<br />

deceased sister may be mailed<br />

to Development Office, Sisters<br />

of the Holy Family of Nazareth,<br />

310 N. River Road., Des Plaines,<br />

IL 60016. Please include a note<br />

with the name of the sister in<br />

whose memory you are giving.<br />

Donations may also be made<br />

online at nazarethcsfn.org/<br />

donate.<br />


conversation was about the team’s<br />

loss or victory from the previous<br />

night’s game.<br />

Sr. Dorothea passed peacefully on May<br />

28, <strong>2022</strong>. She will be remembered for<br />

her trust in God, kindness, simplicity,<br />

love of life, devotion to her family,<br />

willingness to serve others, and her<br />

eternal smile.<br />

Sr. M.<br />

Constance<br />

Sabalauskas<br />

(1942 – <strong>2022</strong>)<br />

Constance Helen<br />

Sabalauskas was<br />

born on April 10,<br />

1942, to parents Stanley and Helen,<br />

and was baptized in the parish of St.<br />

Stanislaus in Philadelphia, PA. It was<br />

here that she received her sacraments<br />

and was schooled up to eighth grade,<br />

continuing her education and vocation<br />

journey at Nazareth Academy High<br />

School, Holy Family College, and<br />

Villanova University in the pursuit of<br />

a bachelor’s and master’s in English.<br />

Further schooling at the University<br />

of Dallas produced a master’s in<br />

Theological Studies.<br />

Her interest in Nazareth began during<br />

her time at Nazareth Academy. After<br />

postulancy and novitiate, Sr. Constance<br />

received the name Sr. Chrysostom,<br />

later reverting to her baptismal<br />

name of Constance as she began<br />

her ministries.<br />

The “teacher,” as she was known to<br />

the postulants and novices she trained<br />

at Villa Nazareth in Meadowbrook, PA,<br />

continued to teach at St. John Cantius<br />

and Nazareth Academy High School<br />

in Philadelphia as well as Queen of<br />

Peace in Ardsley, PA, St. Mary’s Home<br />

in Ambler, PA, Colegio Espiritu Santo<br />

in Puerto Rico, St. Brendan’s in Miami,<br />

and St. Thomas Aquinas in Texas. She<br />

also held the positions of superior,<br />

principal, and guidance counselor<br />

at various times. Whether she was<br />

instructing the postulants and novices<br />

or students, she embedded principles<br />

of faith and love.<br />

Her participation in the Sisters’<br />

Orchestra enhanced her love of music.<br />

Her knowledge of flora and fauna<br />

were intermingled with her musings<br />

about poetry, prose, and plays. All<br />

these allowed her to see the spirit<br />

of the divine love in every facet on<br />

earth. Sr. Constance was called home<br />

to the Lord on April 7, <strong>2022</strong>. May she<br />

continue to give glory to God as she<br />

blossoms in her heavenly life with the<br />

Spirit of Divine Love.<br />

Sr. Catherine<br />

O’Malley, CSFN<br />

(1935 – <strong>2022</strong>)<br />

Barbara O’Malley<br />

was born in<br />

Pittsburgh, PA, on<br />

February 8, 1935,<br />

to Joseph O’Malley and Catherine,<br />

and was baptized at St. Paul Cathedral<br />

in Oakland, PA. She developed an<br />

interest in religious life while in high<br />

school. Her pastor recommended she<br />

contact the “Nazareth” sisters. She<br />

entered the novitiate on August 12,<br />

1955, receiving the name Catherine.<br />

On August 11, 1963, she professed her<br />

perpetual vows.<br />

Sr. Catherine received her Bachelor<br />

of Education and Master of Education<br />

from Duquesne University, as<br />

well as accounting diplomas from<br />

Pennsylvania and Ohio. From 1957-<br />

1968, Sr. Catherine taught grade<br />

school at St. Frances Cabrini and<br />

St. Christopher Schools in Michigan<br />

and St. Malachy School in Pittsburgh.<br />

Sr. Catherine went on to teach high<br />

school at Mt. Nazareth Academy in<br />

Pittsburgh and St. Frances Cabrini in<br />

Allen Park, MI. She was known to be<br />

an excellent math teacher.<br />

From 1974-1980, Sr. Catherine<br />

ministered as the Assistant Treasurer<br />

at the Provincialate, then serving as<br />

Provincial Treasurer and Councilor for<br />

St. Joseph Province from 1980-1986.<br />

Following this, Sr. Catherine used her<br />

skills in accounting to hold positions<br />

over the next 20 years with Mercy<br />

Hospital, St. Augustine Academy, North<br />

Hills Catholic High School, the School<br />

Sisters of St. Francis, Mt. Nazareth<br />

Center, FOR, and Holy Family Manor.<br />

Sr. Catherine was always faithful to<br />

prayer. She loved saying the rosary and<br />

participating in community prayers.<br />

Sr. Catherine also enjoyed opera. She<br />

lived a simple and private life.<br />

In July 2011, Sr. Catherine moved to<br />

Holy Family Manor. While there, she<br />

was instrumental in forming the “Table<br />

Tops,” which was a practice of filling<br />

tables with goodies and practical<br />

needs for the sisters to take freely.<br />

From there, she moved to Vincentian<br />

Home in Pittsburgh.<br />

Sr. Catherine went home to God<br />

on March 9, <strong>2022</strong>. Sr. Catherine is<br />

remembered as a dedicated teacher,<br />

a faithful steward of the community’s<br />

finances, and someone who was<br />

always willing to share her many gifts.<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />



Thank You from Our<br />

Development Office<br />

Looking back over the 15 years I have served as Development Director for the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth,<br />

I find myself humbled by the faithful and loving support of our friends and benefactors. Year after year, you have been<br />

unfailingly generous, even — and especially — during this pandemic, which has lasted much longer than any of us could<br />

have imagined. We are so very thankful for each and every one of you!<br />

Thanks to your kindness and support, in the past year we were able to renovate bathrooms at several of our convents,<br />

making them handicapped accessible. We were also able to replace second-floor windows at Nazareth Retreat Center.<br />

These wonderful and much-needed repairs could not have been done without you! In short, because of you, we were<br />

able to meet ALL the needs of ALL our sisters throughout the year!<br />

Over the years, you have not only become a part of our history, but also a deep part of our lives. You are a gift to us, a<br />

true blessing, and we are incredibly grateful! Please know our sisters keep you in their daily prayers.<br />

Katherine Barth<br />

National Director of Development<br />


We would also like to offer many thanks to the wonderful individuals who have served on our committees and all those<br />

who have been instrumental to the success of our fundraising programs! There is truly no way to thank you enough for<br />

the time and talents that you have shared with us.<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Nazareth Retreat Center Committee, Southwest Area<br />

Tim Moloney, Mary Jean Moloney, Bill Quinn, Polly Weidenkopf, Sr. Francesca Witkowska, CSFN, Sr. Mary Louise Swift,<br />

CSFN, Sr. Monika Brulinska, CSFN, Sr. Marietta Osinska, CSFN, and Katherine Barth.<br />

2021-<strong>2022</strong> Oktoberfest Committee<br />

Elaine Beatovic, Irene Delgiudice, Gunther Dorth, Margaret Gorder, Dan Gott, Michael Hoban, Jacqueline Hyzy, Jackie<br />

Pokorny, Mary Puente, Bob Neil, and Sr. Clare Marie Kozicki, CSFN.<br />

2021 Income<br />

2021 Income<br />

2021<br />

2021<br />

Expenses<br />

Expenses<br />

3%<br />

59%<br />

4%<br />

17% 1%<br />

19%<br />

Salaries/Social Security<br />

Rental Income<br />

Donations<br />

Investment Income<br />

Other<br />

27%<br />

17%<br />

7%<br />

46%<br />

Srs Living & Retirement<br />

Buildi ng /Property<br />

Gener al Operation<br />

Development Office<br />

Ministry Support<br />


Join Us for the <strong>2022</strong> Virtual Social, “Sweet Memories”<br />

Due to continuing health and safety concerns, we<br />

again made the decision to move forward with<br />

a virtual CSFN Social. That said, join us at 7p.m.<br />

EST/6p.m. CST Friday, October 21, for the <strong>2022</strong><br />

CSFN Social, “Sweet Memories.”<br />

For more information, contact Heidi Scheuer<br />

at 847-298-6760 ext. 238 or go to the “News &<br />

Events” section of our website, nazarethcsfn.org.<br />



I agree to make a contribution of $______ per month.<br />

___ Please bill my credit card each month. I have provided my credit card information for my monthly donations below.<br />

___ Please transfer my monthly gift from my checking account using the automatic payment plan. I’ve enclosed a check<br />

for my first monthly gift.<br />

Account No.:_________________________________ Exp. Date:_________________ Security Code:________<br />

I authorize my bank/credit card company to transfer the amount indicated on this form from my account on a monthly basis. I<br />

understand that a record of each donation will be included on my year-end summary and that I can cancel my donation at<br />

any time.<br />

____________________________________________________________ _________________<br />

Name (signature required)<br />

Date Signed<br />

Name: _____________________________________ Address: ______________________________________<br />

City: _______________________ State: ____ Zip: ______________ Email: ____________________________<br />

Birthday:_________________<br />

Please complete this form and return it to:<br />

CSFN Development Office, 310 N. River Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016-1211<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2022</strong><br />


310 N River Rd<br />

Des Plaines, IL 60016<br />

www.nazarethcsfn.org<br />

Non-profit<br />

Organization<br />

U.S. Postage<br />

Paid<br />

Des Plaines, IL<br />

Permit No. 340<br />



We are once again pleased to offer our friends and family oplatki for the<br />

Christmas season. Oplatki (“oplatek” is the singular form) are paper-thin<br />

wafers of unleavened bread embossed with symbols from the Christmas<br />

story. Our oplatki (2 x 4 inches) are baked by our Sisters in Nowogrodek,<br />

Belarus. This symbol of unity is made available to you with the sincere prayer<br />

that you will find peace of mind and heart as you recall the sacred mystery of<br />

the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary.<br />

You may order these special wafers by calling our Development Office at<br />

847-298-6760 ext. 137 or online at nazarethcsfn.org/donate/request-oplatki.<br />

We, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, are called to extend the Kingdom of God’s love among ourselves and<br />

others by living the spirit of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph whose lives were centered in the love of God and one another.<br />

We witness to this love through dedicated service to the Church, especially in ministry to the family.

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