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THE HOLY<br />


NAZARETH //<br />

VOL. 15 //<br />

NO 2 //<br />

FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />

Nazareth<br />



Escapades<br />

in Nazareth<br />



Faithful Listening<br />


Dear Friends of Nazareth,<br />

Faithful listening transforms lives.<br />

It is a value adopted by our Holy<br />

Family Province that calls us to a<br />

loyal, constant posture of attending<br />

to ourselves, others, and God<br />

for the purpose of hearing and<br />

transformation.<br />

We see faithful listening best<br />

exemplified through the lives of the<br />

Holy Family. Mary listens to the angel<br />

Gabriel and responds with her “Fiat,”<br />

becoming Mother of the Savior of the<br />

world; Joseph hears the revelation of<br />

the angel in his dream and leads his<br />

family safely into Egypt; Jesus answers<br />

His mother’s request and performs<br />

His first miracle at the wedding feast<br />

in Cana. What transformation can<br />

happen when we stop to listen!<br />

However, in our busy world, stopping<br />

to listen can be incredibly challenging.<br />

Our lives become overwhelmed<br />

with tasks and obligations that<br />

compete for our time, yet daily we<br />

are presented moments to stop and<br />

listen to ourselves, others, and God.<br />

These new and old voices invite us<br />

to discover more significant growth,<br />

development, and openness in the<br />

mission God sets before us each day.<br />

In this issue, you will find articles<br />

about our new postulant, our<br />

new novices, the sisters who have<br />

celebrated jubilees, and our sisters<br />

who have journeyed on towards our<br />

Savior. It is humbling to think of the<br />

transformations that have happened<br />

because they each listened and<br />

responded. We also recognize our<br />

faithful donors who have continued to<br />

listen to the needs of our community<br />

and generously responded. They have<br />

and continue to transform the lives<br />

of our sisters and the communities<br />

we serve.<br />

During this season of autumn, I pray<br />

God’s guidance upon you to joyfully<br />

receive His invitation to stop and<br />

listen to yourself, to others, and to<br />

Him. May the fruit of what you hear<br />

enrich your lives.<br />

In The Holy Family,<br />

Sister Kathleen Maciej, CSFN<br />


We invite you to pray with us, to listen to God’s call with us and to love with<br />

us as we find God in ordinary experiences. Learn more about our community<br />

life, our ministries, and our mission at nazarethcsfn.org/join-us. Or contact<br />

Sr. Emmanuela Le, CSFN, National Vocation Director, at 972-641-4496 ext. 111<br />

or vocations@nazarethcsfn.org.<br />


4<br />

VOLUME 15 //<br />

NO 2 //<br />

FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />

8<br />

Nazareth Connections is published<br />

three times a year by the Sisters<br />

of the Holy Family of Nazareth<br />

in the USA.<br />

Contents<br />


4-5 Welcome Our<br />

New Novices<br />

6-7 Prayers for Our<br />

New Postulants<br />

6<br />


16 Sr. Florence M. Klaniecki<br />

Sr. M. Josepha (Theresa) Gagliardi<br />

Sr. M. Bernice Andrelczyk<br />

Sr. Mary Aquinas Tolusciak<br />

12<br />

Editor:<br />

Rachel Neubauer<br />

Proofreaders:<br />

Sr. Mary Ellen Gemmell<br />

Sr. Lucille Madura<br />

Amanda Giarratano<br />

Editorial Board:<br />

Sr. Angela Szczawinska<br />

Sr. Barbara Frances Samp<br />

Sr. Carol Szott<br />

Sr. Jude Carroll<br />

Sr. Kathleen Ann Stadler<br />

Sr. Lucille Madura<br />

Sr. Marcelina Mikulska<br />

Sr. Marcella Louise Wallowicz<br />

Sr. Mary Louise Swift<br />

Sr. Teresilla Kolodziejczyk<br />

Katherine Barth<br />

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McDaniels Marketing<br />


8-11 Escapades<br />

in Nazareth<br />

<strong>2021</strong> JUBILARIANS<br />

12 Sr. Marita Ruppe<br />

Sr. Joanne Mary Goscicki<br />

Sr Mary Joan Jacobs<br />

Sr. Mary Anthony Lovezzola<br />

Sr. M. Marcelina Mikulska<br />

Sr. Marta Gadzinowska<br />


18 Thank You from Our<br />

Development Office<br />


Mount Nazareth Convent Chapel<br />

decorated by Sister Magdalena<br />

Tkaczyk for Jubilarian Celebration.<br />

Questions, comments, suggestions?<br />

Please contact:<br />

Communications Department<br />

Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth<br />

310 N. River Road,<br />

Des Plaines, IL 60016<br />

847-298-6760, ext. 144<br />

communications@nazarethcsfn.org<br />

nazarethcsfn.org<br />

facebook.com/csfn.usa<br />

twitter.com/csfn_usa<br />

instagram.com/csfn.usa<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />



Welcome Our New Novices:<br />



“Reflecting on the holy House of<br />

Nazareth, where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph<br />

served the Eternal Father, and united in<br />

thoughts, sentiments, aspirations, and in<br />

fulfilling God’s divine will, I ask the Lord<br />

that you may lead courageous lives of<br />

holy unity, love, and mutual service so<br />

that among you, like in the Holy Family<br />

of Nazareth, love flourishes and God’s<br />

Kingdom grows. I beg our Divine Lord,<br />

that you remain faithful to Him, cultivate<br />

peace, harmony, and love.”<br />

– Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good<br />

Shepherd from Counsels of the Heart.<br />

On August 8 at our Provincialate in<br />

Des Plaines, IL, our postulants Kayla<br />

Danks, Katie Allen, Molly Spiering,<br />

and Binh Nguyen became novices<br />

during the Rite of Initiation into the<br />

Novitiate. As novices, these young<br />

women also received their religious<br />

names. Kayla is now Sr. Esperanza<br />

Marie; Katie is Sr. Therese Marie;<br />

Molly is Sr. Molly Bernadette; and<br />

Binh is Sr. Mary Clare.<br />

During this period of their structured<br />

discernment, the novices will work<br />

with the novice director, Sr. Joanna<br />

Filip, to deepen their knowledge about<br />

the CSFN charism, spirituality, and<br />

history. This two-year period includes<br />

additional time for contemplation,<br />

reflection, and structured retreats.<br />

Sr. Esperanza Marie grew up in<br />

Wichita <strong>Fall</strong>s, TX, as one of seven<br />

children. After attending our<br />

discernment retreats, she found<br />

herself drawn to our charism and<br />

mission. Although she says she was<br />

first attracted to religious life at nine<br />

years old after watching “The Sound<br />

of Music,” she became an affiliate in<br />

2018 and a postulant in 2019.<br />


Sr. Therese Marie has been actively<br />

discerning her vocation since 2011.<br />

Originally from Texas, she was drawn<br />

to our Congregation because of<br />

the holiness our sisters find within<br />

ordinary life. With a degree in<br />

English/Spanish education, she<br />

previously served as an English<br />

and Spanish teacher.<br />

Sr. Molly Bernadette was raised on<br />

a farm in Powell, WY, with her 10<br />

siblings. She earned a bachelor’s<br />

degree in theology from Christendom<br />

College in Front Royal, Virginia. She<br />

has been in discernment for her<br />

vocation since October 2018.<br />

Sr. Mary Clare is originally from<br />

Vietnam where some of her<br />

immediate family still lives. She has<br />

been discerning her vocation since<br />

2017. Inspired by our Nazareth family<br />

and the life of our Mother Foundress,<br />

she feels at home among our sisters.<br />

Please pray with us for these young<br />

women as they share in our life of<br />

prayer and community and get to<br />

know our Congregation better.<br />

For more information on discerning a<br />

call to religious life, please contact our<br />

vocation director, Sr. Emmanuela Le, at<br />

vocations@nazarethcsfn.org.<br />

“The soul which aspires to the life of union with<br />

Jesus and accepts its requirement, will not be<br />

harmed by her weakness, interior opposition, or<br />

sinful tendencies, as long as she does not yield to<br />

them, but focuses her attention upon Jesus, heeds<br />

Him, and remains devoted to Him.”<br />

— Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd<br />

(Frances Siedliska), Rome, June 16, 1886<br />

Novice Director — Sr. Joanna Filip,<br />

Sr. Therese Marie, Sr. Molly<br />

Bernadette, Sr. Esperanza Marie,<br />

Sr. Mary Clare, and Provincial<br />

Superior — Sr. Kathleen Maciej.<br />

Upon receiving the Rite of Initiation<br />

into the Novitiate, the CSFN new<br />

novices receive the white veil, a<br />

CSFN crucifix, and the CSFN<br />

Covenant of Love.<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />


6<br />


Prayers For Our<br />

New Postulant<br />


Surrounded by sisters, friends, and<br />

family from across the U.S. watching<br />

in person and on Zoom, Kaitlyn<br />

“Katie” Shelton became a postulant<br />

of the Sisters of the Holy Family of<br />

Nazareth on August 14 at Jesus the<br />

Good Shepherd Convent in Grand<br />

Prairie, TX. Katie was welcomed<br />

by our sisters in a formal ceremony<br />

where she received a medal of the<br />

Holy Family.<br />

any and everyone.” While attending<br />

a discernment retreat in 2018, she<br />

sensed “a deep peace” in her heart,<br />

which she said “rested in Jesus, the<br />

spirit of the sisters, and their loving<br />

hospitality.”<br />

Katie is joined by Rebecca “Becky”<br />

Garcia, who began her postulancy<br />

in 2020. The young women have<br />

entered into a period of structured<br />

“In His infinite mercy, Jesus was always close to my<br />

soul, I exerted myself little to think of Him. He was<br />

drawing me continuously, reminding me of His<br />

presence, leading me by the hand as a mother does<br />

her child.”<br />

—Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd (Frances Siedliska)<br />

Katie considers Texas her home,<br />

but spent the first eight years of<br />

her life living in South Carolina and<br />

Tennessee. She graduated in 2015<br />

from Texas Tech University where<br />

she studied Graphic Design and<br />

Advertising. Following graduation,<br />

Katie worked six years in the creative<br />

world, with the last four operating<br />

as a graphic designer for a fast-paced<br />

creative agency in Fort Worth, TX.<br />

Upon encountering the Sisters of the<br />

Holy Family of Nazareth at a retreat<br />

for youth, Katie recounts, “I felt the<br />

Holy Spirit tug at me the moment<br />

I met Sr. Margo and Sr. Josephine.”<br />

Katie became drawn to the sisters by<br />

their “ability to create family among<br />

discernment guided by Sr. Marietta<br />

Osinska, Director of Postulants.<br />

Please join us in praying for Katie<br />

and Becky as they share in our life<br />

of prayer and community and get to<br />

know our Congregation better.<br />

For more information on discerning a<br />

call to religious life, please contact our<br />

vocation director, Sr. Emmanuela Le,<br />

at vocations@nazarethcsfn.org.<br />

Provincial Superior — Sr. Kathleen<br />

Maciej welcomes new postulant,<br />

Kaitlyn Shelton.<br />

Postulant Kaitlyn Shelton receives<br />

a medal of the Holy Family from Sr.<br />

Kathleen Maciej, Provincial Superior.<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />


8<br />


My Escapades<br />

in Nazareth<br />

1898-1901<br />

By Sr. M. Simplicia of the Cross<br />

Editor’s Note: Sr. Mary Simplicia of<br />

the Cross (Marian Ławecka – died<br />

July 18, 1963) was one of the very few<br />

who had the good fortune of meeting<br />

our Foundress, Blessed Mary of Jesus<br />

the Good Shepherd (Frances Siedliska).<br />

During a visit with her eldest sister, Sr.<br />

Pancratius, who was then a postulant at<br />

the Precious Blood Convent in Pittsburgh,<br />

little Marian first encountered Blessed<br />

Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd who<br />

spoke with her. Marian soon followed her<br />

sister to Nazareth, taking the name Sr. M.<br />

Simplicia of the Cross. Several years later,<br />

their two younger sisters, Sr. Laura and Sr.<br />

Marinelle, joined the community, making<br />

them the first “Nazareth Quartet” in the<br />

history of the Congregation.<br />

Since there was no Polish High School<br />

in Pittsburgh, at the suggestion of<br />

Sister M. Pancratius (my oldest sister)<br />

who was already a professed sister,<br />

I was sent to attend the Holy Family<br />

Academy in Chicago where she was<br />

stationed alongside Rev. Mother M.<br />

Lauretta, Provincial Superior of our<br />

province in America.<br />

The Provincial Councils were usually<br />

held on Saturdays because the<br />

Councilors were the Superiors from<br />

different homes. On these Saturdays,<br />

a big card with the word “Rada”<br />

(Council) was hanging on Mother<br />

Provincial’s door. We were told<br />

before not to pass that corridor going<br />

up because the footsteps resounded<br />

in Mother’s room. Instead, we were to<br />

use the stairs on the other side of<br />

the building.<br />

The following excerpt comes from Sr.<br />

Simplicia’s “My Escapades In Nazareth,”<br />

a compilation of stories written from the<br />

time she was a boarder attending Holy<br />

Family Academy in Chicago. She writes,<br />

“So it was during the time of Mother<br />

Lauretta’s time in the Academy in<br />

Chicago that I had all kinds of adventures,<br />

more than any other of the girls…<br />

I was of a very lively disposition and God<br />

endowed me with a brilliant memory<br />

that made me useful at times; but also<br />

at times prone to mischief as one can<br />

see from the following ‘Escapades.’<br />

Enjoy reading and have a good hearty<br />

laugh, which is so beneficial to health.”<br />

Holy Family Academy, Chicago, IL<br />

Sr. Mary Simplicia of the Cross,<br />

(Marian Ławecka – died July 18, 1963)<br />

continued on next page...<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />


It just happened that I was in a hurry,<br />

as usual, running up the forbidden<br />

stairway. To my great embarrassment,<br />

there stood Mother Provincial at<br />

the post on the second floor. Now,<br />

surely I will get the penance for being<br />

disobedient. One could imagine my<br />

relief when Mother said, “How good<br />

that you came here for I have been<br />

waiting quite a while for someone<br />

to go for Mr. Kiolbassa and ask him<br />

kindly to come to the Academy, right<br />

now.” Overjoyed that there was no<br />

penance for such disobedience, truly I<br />

did not hear exactly what Mother was<br />

saying; all I heard was “Kiolbassa” – so<br />

I ran as quickly as I could through the<br />

alleys to Noble Street to our butcher.<br />

The store was full of women buying<br />

meat for Sunday. Knowing that<br />

Mother was in a hurry, I asked Mr.<br />

Pstrong, the butcher, to wait on me<br />

because Mother sent me for sausage.<br />

Surprised, Mr. Pstrong stopped his job,<br />

looked at me searchingly, and asked,<br />

“For whom does Mother want the<br />

sausages? You people don’t eat meat<br />

on Saturdays.” So, I answered, “I know,<br />

but there is a Council today, so I think<br />

those Councilors will eat meat.” Then<br />

he asked, “What kind of sausages<br />

does Mother want?” Naturally, I did<br />

not know what kind, so I answered<br />

hesitantly, “Perhaps the same as usual.”<br />

The butcher said, “Sr. Monica, the<br />

cook, always takes the frankfurters<br />

for Sunday supper.” So, I said, “Then,<br />

please give me the frankfurters.” But<br />

the butcher had one more question<br />

to ask, “How many pounds of these<br />

do you want?” Well, that was the<br />

limit! All these questions and I am in<br />

a hurry, so again I said, “I think the<br />

same as always!” Mr. Pstrong replied,<br />

“Sr. Monica always buys 10 lbs of<br />

these sausages.” I interrupted him<br />

impatiently, “Please hurry and give<br />

me 10 lbs because I am to hurry up<br />

since Mother is waiting.” Mr. Pstrong<br />

weighed the 10 lbs of sausages,<br />

wrapped them up, and called his son<br />

Bruno, a college boy, and said, “Carry<br />

this to the Academy. It is too heavy<br />

for her.” Our interesting dialogue,<br />

gave a good laugh to all who were in<br />

the store.<br />

At the Academy door, I took the<br />

heavy bundle, thanked Bruno, and<br />

ran down to the kitchen. According<br />

to the Rule, no one was allowed to<br />

enter the kitchen, so I threw the<br />

heavy package on the windowsill on<br />

the kitchen door and hollered, “Sr.<br />

Monica! Sausages!” She looked at me<br />

questioningly and asked, “Why meat<br />

today? This is Saturday!” My only<br />

answer was, “I don’t know. Mother<br />

told me to bring it, so here it is!” I<br />

then ran upstairs, again on the same<br />

forbidden stairs, and Mother was<br />

standing at the post as I left her.<br />

“Already?” “Yes, Mother, and in the<br />

kitchen!” Mother looked at me and<br />

said, “What is he doing in the kitchen?”<br />

And I said, “That’s not he, that’s<br />

sausages!” She then asked, “Where<br />

have you been?” So, I answered, “At<br />

the butcher shop!” I was positive<br />

that Mother could not control her<br />

laughter that day, but she tried to be<br />

stern and said, “Go back, but not to<br />

the butcher, to Mister Kiolbassa”—<br />

the rest was again lost on me, for I<br />

quickly answered “Yes, Mother” and<br />

ran downstairs and across the street<br />

to the Chicago Alderman’s office.<br />

Mr. Kiolbassa was sitting at his desk,<br />

spectacles on the tip of his nose,<br />

busy writing, when I dashed in and<br />

hurriedly asked him to come to<br />

the Academy because Rev. Mother<br />

has some business to transact. He<br />

looked at me and told me to sit down<br />

until he finished his writing. Then<br />

I interrupted him, “Oh no! Please!<br />

Come at once because I was to<br />

be here long before, but I went to<br />

the butcher for sausages.” Then he<br />

exploded with laughter. His terribly<br />


loud laugh could be heard on the<br />

street, I am sure. Calling his wife,<br />

Harriet, he said, “This little one was<br />

to come for me long before, but<br />

she went to the butcher instead!”<br />

And they both laughed. I waited<br />

impatiently until finally, Mr. Kiolbassa<br />

got up, put on his coat and hat, and<br />

we both started for the Academy.<br />

I surely looked quite small walking<br />

alongside this giant.<br />

Mother Provincial was already<br />

downstairs at the door waiting for<br />

Mr. Kiolbassa, so when we came in,<br />

she said rather timidly that she was<br />

waiting for him. And Mr. Kiolbassa<br />

told her right off hand, “I know,<br />

I know, this little one was supposed<br />

to come for me, but she went to the<br />

butcher for sausage.” I ran upstairs to<br />

tell the girls my terrific mistake, and<br />

we all had a hearty laugh. Years after,<br />

when I became a professed, those<br />

Superiors told me that they could not<br />

restrain from laughing during their<br />

Council when Mother told them of<br />

my big mistake.<br />

Sr. Simplicia’s younger sister Sr. Laura<br />

Lawecka, CSFN<br />

Sr. Simplicia’s other younger sister Sr.<br />

Marinelle Lawecka, CSFN<br />

Sr. Simplicia’s oldest sister, Sr.<br />

Pancratius Lawecka, CSFN<br />

Mother Lauretta with sisters in Des<br />

Plaines in 1907<br />

Mother Lauretta<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />


<strong>2021</strong> JUBILARIANS<br />

Congratulations<br />

TO OUR <strong>2021</strong> JUBILARIANS<br />




Entered August 10, 1971<br />

Sr. Marita first considered the religious life when she was in eighth grade and<br />

her teacher, a CSFN sister, encouraged girls to enter following graduation.<br />

Guided by her parents, Sr. Marita decided to attend and finish high school, but<br />

the thought of becoming a sister remained. As she approached her early 20s,<br />

the call to religious life surfaced again; so, she decided to explore and see if<br />

it was meant for her. Sr. Marita discerned with several communities, but the<br />

welcoming spirit of the CSFN Sisters made her feel at home.<br />

With an MA in American History, and certifications in Biology, General<br />

Science, Earth Science, Leadership, and Supervision, Sr. Marita served in the<br />

education world for 25 years. She is a lover of Broadway and live theatre and is passionate about dance. Sr. Marita enjoys<br />

reading, walking, and visiting art museums in her free time.<br />

Reflecting on the past 50 years, Sr. Marita is grateful for the many sisters who helped her “discover, use, and nurture”<br />

the talents and aspects of her personality she had not yet recognized. She is grateful for the various leadership<br />

opportunities that have allowed her to travel throughout the United States and Europe, meeting many of the sisters<br />

and forming relationships that continue today.<br />



Entered September 8, 1971<br />

Sr. Joanne Mary Goscicki credits entering religious life to her parents and<br />

the sisters who taught her in elementary and high school. She recalls, “After<br />

Vatican II, some of the CSFN Sisters held classes for parishioners who wanted<br />

to learn more about the decrees and what they meant to us.” Through<br />

attending the classes, Sr. Joanne Mary’s vocation was aflame.<br />

A loving and attentive individual, Sr. Joanne Mary is also known for her great<br />

sense of humor. She is a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT,<br />

and Quinnipiac College in Hamden, CT, where she earned a BS in Physical<br />

Therapy. Sr. Joanne has known the titles of Teacher, Physical Therapist,<br />

Development Director, and Provincial Treasurer. She is the Business Manager at St. Stanislaus Kostka Academy in<br />

Brooklyn, NY, where she has served for the past 17 years.<br />

“In looking back at my years in the community,” she says, “I have been blessed in so very many ways. Thanks to the<br />

many joys, ups and downs, and ministries I have served... I always try to encounter people as they are and treat them as<br />

Christ would, in a Spirit of Love.”<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />





Entered September 8, 1971<br />

It was a desire to grow into a deeper relationship with God in a community<br />

setting that led Sr. Mary Joan Jacobs to enter the religious life. She was drawn<br />

to CSFN’s sense of community and willingness to serve others, and for the past<br />

50 years, she has done just that.<br />

A caring, resilient academic, Sr. Mary Joan currently serves as an Assistant<br />

Professor of English at Holy Family University. Serving students ranging from<br />

pre-K3 through college over the years, she is dedicated to nurturing their<br />

growth and always challenging her students towards excellence.<br />

Holding not only a BA and MA in English but also a Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration, Sr. Mary<br />

Joan has served in a number of schools, including: St. John Cantius, St. Mary of Czestochowa, Nazareth Academy High<br />

School, all in Philadelphia; St. Brendan in Miami, FL; Visitation BVM in Trooper, PA; and St. Kunegunda in McAdoo, PA.<br />

In her free time, Sr. Mary Joan enjoys reading, writing, serving in ministry with her students’ families, and teaching CCD<br />

to third-grade students preparing for Reconciliation and First Communion. She believes the most rewarding aspect of<br />

religious life is being able to deepen her relationship with God through community and working with her students.<br />



Entered August 15, 1996<br />

Born and raised by parents whose faith was tangible, Sr. Mary Anthony<br />

Lovezzola attributes their everyday actions of how they treated others, dealt<br />

with adversity, and reached out to those in need as the seeds to her vocation.<br />

Her desire for religious life continued to be nurtured by the example of<br />

her first-grade teacher, Sr. Paula Tinlin, SNDdeN, whose love of God and<br />

gentleness left a lasting impression. During her college years, Sr. Mary Anthony<br />

participated in volunteer work in Haiti and Guatemala. The significance that<br />

amid great poverty rose a joyful love of family among the people challenged her<br />

ideals and what she valued. Moved by this witness, she surrendered to God,<br />

praying, “My heart is open to You, help me to do Your will.”<br />

Sr. Mary Anthony desired to share the love she experienced from her family with others in ministry and community and<br />

was drawn to the CSFN Sisters. She currently serves as an educator at Christ the King School in Philadelphia, PA, where<br />

she teaches seventh- and eighth-grade science, math, and religion. “The Kingdom of God is within,” she said.<br />

“We are filled with faith so that we may, in turn, share it with others.”<br />




Entered August 26, 1996<br />

For Sr. Marcelina Mikulska, being a sister is a precious gift of life that God, the<br />

Giver of Life, calls us to cooperate with Him. Attributing her discernment of<br />

religious life to Divine Providence and the faith of her parents, brothers, and<br />

grandparents, Sr. Marcelina prayed to the Blessed Virgin to show her God’s<br />

plan and credits the Blessed Mother with leading her to Nazareth. Sr. Marcelina<br />

recalls, “I was captivated by the sisters’ faithfulness and authenticity.”<br />

Sr. Marcelina obtained a Master’s in Counseling and Psychology and currently<br />

serves in the following; as a counselor for Catholic Social Services in the<br />

Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Rachel’s Vineyard, the world’s largest ministry<br />

for healing after abortion; Grief to Grace, healing the wounds of abuse ministry; and teaches at St. John Cantius Polish<br />

Language School in Philadelphia, PA.<br />

“I love to accompany people as they experience the mercy and compassion of God,” said Sr. Marcelina. “In my<br />

ministries, it is very rewarding to observe every person as they journey through the Paschal Mystery of life with<br />

compassionate reverence, dignity, and worth, which is given to us by Jesus Christ.”<br />



Entered August 26, 1996<br />

“It was the realization that God was calling me to be a religious sister,” recalls<br />

Sr. Marta Gadzinowska. “I did not decide on it, I discovered the call in my<br />

heart, and once I did, I followed it.” An avid Chicago Bears and Blackhawks<br />

fan, Sr. Marta currently serves as a Certified Medical Interpreter, where she<br />

provides language services via phone or video. “I see myself living out our<br />

Nazareth charism by trying to fulfill my daily responsibilities to the best of my<br />

ability, remembering that even the smallest and humblest things have a great<br />

value when performed as an act of love for God and others.”<br />

Deeply passionate about her vocation, Sr. Marta shares, “The experience<br />

of community, the Holy Family as their life model, and the simplicity of it all led me to the CSFN Sisters. The fact<br />

that we CSFN Sisters are called to celebrate and live the spirit of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph — the reality of God’s<br />

presence in ordinary and simple aspects of human life — is a great mystery that is so profound, yet so attainable,”<br />

she said. “Discovering it for the past 25 years has been one of the greatest blessings and adventures of my life.”<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />


In Memoriam<br />

Sr. Florence M.<br />

Klaniecki<br />

November<br />

22, 1925 –<br />

February<br />

24, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Florence Klaniecki<br />

was born in<br />

Pittsburgh on November 22, 1925,<br />

to Matthew and Laura (Nuszkiewicz)<br />

Klaniecki. She was baptized at the<br />

former Saints Cyril and Methodius<br />

Church in McKees Rocks,<br />

Pennsylvania and attended Saints<br />

Cyril and Methodius School, staffed<br />

by the Sisters of the Holy Family of<br />

Nazareth. She completed her high<br />

school education at Miles Bryan<br />

High School.<br />

Florence became a postulant in 1944<br />

and entered the novitiate in St. Joseph<br />

Province on June 24, 1945, receiving<br />

the name Sr. Mary Eugene. She later<br />

returned to her baptismal name. After<br />

completing two years of novitiate,<br />

she professed her temporary vows in<br />

1947. She prepared for her perpetual<br />

commitment in Albano, Italy, and<br />

made her final vows on June 29, 1953.<br />

Sr. Florence began her ministry<br />

teaching at Immaculate Heart of<br />

Mary School in Pittsburgh and at St.<br />

Stanislaus School and in Our Lady of<br />

Czestochowa School in Cleveland,<br />

OH. In 1966, Sister returned to the<br />

Provincialate to serve as a provincial<br />

councilor, as school supervisor, and<br />

dean of studies for the, then, St.<br />

Joseph Province.<br />

Sr. Florence was instrumental in<br />

developing our Associate program in<br />

the St. Joseph Province centralized in<br />

Pittsburgh. From 1971 through 1974,<br />

she served as one of the Pittsburgh<br />

diocesan educational consultants.<br />

Concurrently with this role, she<br />

began doctoral studies at the<br />

University of Pittsburgh. In 1990, Sr.<br />

Florence served as director of Mt.<br />

Nazareth Learning Center. With<br />

nearly a half-decade ministering in<br />

education, she inspired countless<br />

students to be life-long learners.<br />

Though she left the education<br />

ministry in 1996, her kindness and<br />

compassion for others continued. She<br />

served wherever she was needed,<br />

including being a chaplain for elderly<br />

residents at HCR Manor Care and<br />

patient advocate at Mercy Hospital,<br />

both in Pittsburgh.<br />

Sr. M. Josepha<br />

(Theresa)<br />

Gagliardi<br />

November<br />

12, 1938 –<br />

May 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

On November<br />

12, 1938, Santina<br />

and Floyd Gagliardi welcomed a baby<br />

girl whom they named Theresa. Soon<br />

after, Theresa was baptized at Our<br />

Lady of Loreto Church in Southwest<br />

Philadelphia. Once enrolled at St.<br />

Mary of Czestochowa parish school,<br />

Theresa met the Sisters of the Holy<br />

Family of Nazareth, whose profound<br />

influence on her began in her early<br />

education. Theresa was always a good<br />

student and a fine musician from a<br />

young age. She graduated from West<br />

Catholic High School for Girls in 1956<br />

and found herself even more sure of<br />

her budding vocation.<br />

Theresa became a postulant on<br />

September 8, 1956. Upon entering<br />

the novitiate, she received the name<br />

Josepha, a name that held profound<br />

meaning for her throughout her<br />

lifetime. She made her final vows on<br />

August 8, 1965.<br />

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in<br />

education from Holy Family College<br />

in Philadelphia and a master’s in<br />

history from the University of<br />

Scranton in Scranton, PA, Sr. Josepha<br />

was already well underway as an<br />

exceptional classroom teacher. She<br />

ministered at Our Lady of Calvary<br />

parish school, Cardinal Dougherty<br />

High School, Nazareth Academy High<br />

School, and Archbishop Ryan High<br />

School for Girls, all in Philadelphia.<br />

She retired from her education<br />

ministry in 2013.<br />

Always found to be laughing at a<br />

good joke, Sr. Josepha was sensitive<br />

by nature, a woman of principle,<br />

and a private person by all accounts.<br />

From her personality, uniquely<br />

her own, flowed so many gifts for<br />

others, each refined over a lifetime<br />

of generous giving. She was at home<br />

in the kitchen, where her cooking<br />

and baking for the sisters through<br />

the years was a sheer joy for her.<br />

Her listening presence to those<br />

who would confide in her is fondly<br />

remembered. It was a loving and loyal<br />

sense of family that motivated her<br />

relationships with her own family,<br />

community, and friends alike as, when<br />

asked, she readily assisted others with<br />

whatever was needed.<br />


Sr. M. Bernice<br />

Andrelczyk<br />

April 22, 1933 –<br />

June 3, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Sr. Bernice was a<br />

simple, intelligent,<br />

loving person<br />

with a Nazareth<br />

heart. She loved learning, reading,<br />

and helping others. Dedicated to her<br />

family, she kept in touch with them,<br />

supporting them in prayer.<br />

Born on April 22, 1933, in Throop,<br />

PA, Helen Mary was the daughter of<br />

Anthony and Sabina Andrelczyk, an<br />

immigrant family from Poland. She<br />

had four sisters and two brothers.<br />

Baptized on May 7, 1933, at St.<br />

Anthony Church in Throop, she was<br />

graced to be part of a family that had<br />

strong religious beliefs.<br />

Helen attended the local elementary<br />

parish school, and later, St. Paul’s High<br />

School in Scranton. Upon graduation,<br />

she became a postulant in 1950.<br />

When she entered the novitiate, she<br />

received the name Sr. Mary Bernice.<br />

She professed her first vows in 1953<br />

and her perpetual vows in 1959.<br />

Sr. Bernice began her dedicated<br />

service in education first in Brooklyn,<br />

NY, as a first-grade teacher, and<br />

later at Nazareth Academy Grade<br />

School in Philadelphia. She was always<br />

recognized for her ability to assist<br />

children in their own growth and<br />

development.<br />

In 1959, Sr. Bernice earned her<br />

bachelor’s degree from Holy Family<br />

College and was immediately assigned<br />

to teach there. She completed a<br />

master’s degree at the University<br />

of Detroit and continued her studies<br />

at Wayne State University, where<br />

she received a PhD in Chemistry.<br />

From 1972 till 1989, Sr. Bernice<br />

resumed full-time teaching at Holy<br />

Family College where she encouraged<br />

students to pursue degrees in<br />

the sciences.<br />

After 30 years at the college, she<br />

accepted an assignment to serve<br />

as the home and school liaison to<br />

Saint Mary’s Villa in Ambler. She also<br />

pursed a degree in pastoral counseling<br />

at Newman College in Aston, PA.<br />

When Saint Mary’s Villa closed, she<br />

was transferred to Our Lady of<br />

Calvary in Philadelphia, where she<br />

continued to work in support<br />

services to needy students struggling<br />

with math.<br />

In retirement, Sr. Bernice loved to<br />

cook, do puzzles, and play games on<br />

the computer. She was a homebody<br />

who enjoyed doing the simple tasks<br />

that made community life easier<br />

for others.<br />

Sister Mary<br />

Aquinas<br />

Tolusciak<br />

April 14, 1917-<br />

July 19, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Cecilia Tolusciak<br />

was born on<br />

April 14, 1917, in<br />

the Polish Hill section of Pittsburgh.<br />

Her parents, Basil and Theophilia<br />

(Bielewicz), presented Cecilia for<br />

baptism at Immaculate Heart of Mary<br />

Church. Raised in Pittsburgh, she<br />

attended Immaculate Heart of Mary<br />

School and was a member of the<br />

historic parish on Polish Hill, one of<br />

the city’s oldest and largest churches.<br />

Before graduating from Mount<br />

Nazareth Academy and entering the<br />

Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth,<br />

she was a young athlete. She excelled<br />

at basketball and tennis and developed<br />

a teamwork principle that would<br />

guide her entire life. Cecilia became a<br />

Postulant on November 5, 1933, was<br />

given the name Sr. Mary Aquinas as a<br />

novice on July 16, 1934, and professed<br />

her perpetual vows July 16, 1942.<br />

Sr. Aquinas began preparing herself<br />

for a life of service in education,<br />

earning a bachelor’s degree at Villa<br />

Maria College, a theology degree<br />

at Carlow College, and a master’s<br />

from Duquesne University. She did<br />

graduate work at the University of<br />

Notre Dame, Ohio University, and the<br />

University of Rochester. She taught<br />

32 years in schools in Pennsylvania,<br />

Ohio, and Michigan. She gained<br />

guidance counselor certification in<br />

Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan<br />

and served at Bishop Guilfoyle High<br />

School, Altoona PA, as a guidance<br />

counselor and assistant principal. In<br />

1974, Sr. Aquinas left education and<br />

became part of Mercy Hospital, where<br />

she served for the next 40 years.<br />

Mercy Hospital became Bon Secours-<br />

Holy Family, and is now UPMC,<br />

Altoona. While the name changed,<br />

two things remained the same — a<br />

dedication to community healthcare<br />

and Sr. Aquinas. She was 97 years old<br />

when she retired in November 2014<br />

and joined her sisters at Holy Family<br />

Manor in Pittsburgh.<br />

Much more could be said for a<br />

dedicated life of 88 years as a Sister<br />

of the Holy Family of Nazareth and<br />

104 years celebrating life. However,<br />

it was always Sr. Aquinas’ wish that<br />

at the time of her death, there be no<br />

fanfare and no long words about her<br />

life of service. She wanted simplicity<br />

and privacy. In life, she never sought<br />

publicity or popularity. In death, she<br />

wanted the same.<br />

She passed away on July 19, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Her Mass of the Resurrection was<br />

celebrated on July 28.<br />

NAZARETH CONNECTIONS // FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />



Thank You From Our<br />

Development Office<br />

In looking back at 2020, despite dealing with the pandemic and all that it entailed, we realize how much we have to be<br />

grateful for: our families, our health, our friends… the list could go on and on! We are also grateful for each and every<br />

one of you, our generous friends and benefactors. Because of you, we were able to renovate the Sister’s section of Holy<br />

Family Manor, Pittsburgh. You also helped us replace the chapel carpet in our Grand Prairie, TX, convent and replace a<br />

smaller air handler at Mount Nazareth convent in Philadelphia. In short, because you are so very generous, we were able<br />

to meet ALL the needs of ALL of our sisters throughout the year!<br />

Each time we asked you, our loving and faithful benefactors, for help, you came through for us. You never let us down.<br />

Throughout the years, you have not only become a part of our history, but a deep part of our lives. You are a gift to<br />

us — a blessing to us — and we are thankful! Please know that our Sisters keep you in their daily prayers. We would<br />

also like to offer many thanks to the wonderful individuals who have served on our committees and all those who have<br />

been instrumental to the success of our fundraising events. There is truly no way to thank them enough for the time and<br />

talents they have shared with us.<br />

2020 Nazareth Retreat Center Committee, Southwest Area: Tim Moloney, Mary Jean Moloney, Bill Quinn,<br />

Polly Weidenkopf, Sister Francesca Witkowska, CSFN, Sister Mary Louise Swift, CSFN, Sister Rita Fanning, CSFN, Sister<br />

Marietta Osinska, CSFN, and Katherine Barth.<br />

2020 Oktoberfest Committee: Elaine Beatovic, Irene Delgiudice, Gunther Dorth, Margaret Gorder, Dan Gott,<br />

Michael Hoban, Jacqueline Hyzy, Jackie Pokorny, Mary Puente, Bob Neil, and Sister Clare Marie Kozicki, CSFN.<br />

2020 Holy Family Academy Alumnae Committee: Lydia Cabello, Margaret Gorder, Monica Hernandez, Adriana<br />

Jimenez, Jacqueline Hyzy, Cindy Perales, Jackie Pokorny, Mary Puente, and Sr. Clare Marie Kozicki, CSFN.<br />

2020 Province Financials<br />

Income<br />

Expenses<br />


Join “Friends of the Sisters”<br />

Monthly Giving Program<br />

There is now a simple, convenient, and safe way for you to donate monthly to the sisters without the need to write a<br />

check every month. First, decide on a monthly gift amount that fits your budget. Then, complete the authorization form<br />

on this page, allowing your bank or credit card company to transfer this amount directly to the sisters on a monthly<br />

basis. Your monthly gift helps support our retired sisters.<br />

To join “Friends of the Sisters,” complete and mail the form on this page, visit our website and click “Donate,” or call<br />

Katherine Barth, Development Director, at 847-298-6760, ext. 143. If you want to change or stop your gift, or if you<br />

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Please complete this form and return it to:<br />

CSFN Development Office, 310 N River Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016-1211<br />

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Des Plaines, IL 60016<br />

www.nazarethcsfn.org<br />

Non-profit<br />

Organization<br />

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Rockford, IL<br />

Permit No. 2495<br />



We are once again pleased to offer our friends and family oplatki for the<br />

Christmas season. Oplatki (“oplatek” is the singular form) are paper-thin<br />

wafers of unleavened bread embossed with symbols from the Christmas<br />

story. Our oplatki (2 x 4 inches) are baked by our Sisters in Nowogrodek,<br />

Belarus. This symbol of unity is made available to you with the sincere<br />

prayer that you will find peace of mind and heart as you recall the sacred<br />

mystery of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, born of the Blessed<br />

Virgin Mary.<br />

You may order these special wafers by calling our Development Office at<br />

847-298-6760 ext. 137, or online at nazarethcsfn.org/donate/request-oplatki.<br />

We, the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, are called to extend the Kingdom of God’s love among ourselves and<br />

others by living the spirit of Jesus, Mary and Joseph whose lives were centered in the love of God and one another.<br />

We witness to this love through dedicated service to the Church, especially in ministry to the family.

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