Co-op News November 2022

The November edition of Co-op News: connecting, challenging and championing the global co-operative movement. This issue covers a busy conference season, including coverage of the Co-op Party conference and a report from Rose Marley of Co-operatives UK at the Labour and Conservative conferences. We also look at the Confederation of Co-operative Housing conference, the Ways Forward event in Manchester, the US Co-op Impact conference, the Global Innovation Summit and the Mondiacult UNESCO event which looked at co-ops, the SDGs and cultural preservation. Plus the latest news from the sector and a look at Scotmid Co-op's innovative staff development programme, and a visit to the Mondragon Corporation in the Basque Country, Spain.

The November edition of Co-op News: connecting, challenging and championing the global co-operative movement. This issue covers a busy conference season, including coverage of the Co-op Party conference and a report from Rose Marley of Co-operatives UK at the Labour and Conservative conferences. We also look at the Confederation of Co-operative Housing conference, the Ways Forward event in Manchester, the US Co-op Impact conference, the Global Innovation Summit and the Mondiacult UNESCO event which looked at co-ops, the SDGs and cultural preservation. Plus the latest news from the sector and a look at Scotmid Co-op's innovative staff development programme, and a visit to the Mondragon Corporation in the Basque Country, Spain.


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<strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> gatherings look for <strong>op</strong>tions<br />

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It's been conference season for the co-<strong>op</strong> movement, keeping us busy this<br />

month at <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> <strong>News</strong> and ensuring that this edition is packed with event<br />

reports. There's a common thread that runs through these gatherings:<br />

response to crisis. With the world looking set to miss its 1.SC climate target<br />

by some distance, no end in sight to the war in Ukraine and the economic<br />

chaos it has unleashed, and living costs running out of control, there was<br />

much to focus minds. Even at the Labour and <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> Party conferences,<br />

where speakers managed to have some fun at the expense of the doomed<br />

Liz Truss premiership, the main focus was on the challenges to be faced if<br />

the next election goes their way (p33-37).<br />

The co-<strong>op</strong> movement has long trumpeted its ability to deal with challenges<br />

around equality, sustainability and climate, if only it is given the chance,<br />

and various sector events expanded on this theme. In the US, NCBA<br />

CLUSA's Impact conference looked at local and international devel<strong>op</strong>ment<br />

(p30-32); in Manchester, Ways Forward argued for a more radical stance -<br />

although some argued that there are areas, such as utilities provision,<br />

where the state is better suited than co-<strong>op</strong>s to lead the way (p38-39).<br />

Mondiacult, a Unesco side conference, explored how co-<strong>op</strong>s can mobilise<br />

the creative sector to protect local identities from neoliberal forces<br />

(p26-27); the Global Innovation Summit looked at how co-<strong>op</strong>s can<br />

respond to climate change (p28-29) and, taking things right down to the<br />

specifics of one sector in one country, the UK <strong>Co</strong>nfederation of <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong><br />

Housing (CCH) conference asked how the UN's sustainable devel<strong>op</strong>ment<br />

goals can be embedded into our homes (p40-41).<br />

CCH CEO Blase Lambert also stressed the importance of inter co-<strong>op</strong> learning.<br />

Clearly there is a lot of knowledge and experience co-<strong>op</strong>s can share. With<br />

that in mind, the <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> <strong>Co</strong>uncils Innovation Network headed to the Basque<br />

<strong>Co</strong>untry (Spain) to visit the Mondragon <strong>Co</strong>rporation, a federation of worker<br />

co-<strong>op</strong>s which has formed the cornerstone of a resilient and innovative local<br />

economy. <strong>Co</strong>uncil representatives were keen to find examples to replicate<br />

at home - and learned that Mondragon was born from a regional crisis<br />

every bit as daunting as those facing the world today (p42-43).<br />

There's also a look at Scotmid <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong>'s colleague growth programme (p46-<br />

47), news of much-needed co-<strong>op</strong> legislation in progress in the UK (p12),<br />

and, to round things off on a lighter note, our Christmas gift guide (p44-45).<br />


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NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong> I 3



The <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> Party <strong>Co</strong>nference (p33-35);<br />

I Ilia Gorokhovskyi, chair of <strong>Co</strong><strong>op</strong> Ukraine,<br />

speaking at the <strong>Co</strong><strong>op</strong> Impact conference<br />

(p30-32); Part 1 of the <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> Christmas Gift<br />

Guide (p44-45); Scotmid colleague growth<br />

programme (p46-47); US celebrates<br />

Fairtrade Month and <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> Month with<br />

three new murals (p18)<br />

COVER: Rio Vista Windmills, California<br />

<strong>Co</strong>nferences - including the Global<br />

Innovation <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> Summit in Paris -<br />

discussed how co-<strong>op</strong>eratives are tackling<br />

the climate and energy crises<br />

(Photo: Getty/Ajith Kumar)<br />

Read more: p28-29<br />


A global co-<strong>op</strong> has launched to connect<br />

pe<strong>op</strong>le around the world and aid common<br />

problem-solving<br />


Round ups of co-<strong>op</strong> events as conference<br />

season gets under way<br />

25-27 MONDIACULT <strong>2022</strong> SIDE EVENT<br />

How can co-<strong>op</strong>s advance the SDGs<br />

through culture and the creative sector?<br />


Tackling climate change through<br />

co-<strong>op</strong>erative innovation<br />



The role of co-<strong>op</strong>s in international<br />

devel<strong>op</strong>ment<br />


Drawing up plans for a nation in crisis -<br />

and a renewed commitment to the<br />

co-<strong>op</strong>erative economy<br />



<strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong>eratives UK's Rose Marley on the<br />

political party conference circuit<br />

38-39 CO-OP WAYS FORWARD<br />

Exploring community-led responses to<br />

the climate crisis<br />



The sector meets to discuss its approach<br />

to the UN SDGs<br />


<strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> councils head to the Basque<br />

Region for lessons in economic revival<br />


Ethical giving on a budget this festive<br />

season<br />



The Scottish retailer commits to<br />

growing from within<br />


5-13 UK news<br />

14-21 Global news<br />

22 Letters<br />

48-49<br />

50<br />

Book reviews<br />

Events<br />

4 I NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong>


Leeds Credit Union partners with east London council on cost-of-living support<br />

Leeds Credit Union (LCU) is working with<br />

east London's Barking and Dagenham<br />

<strong>Co</strong>uncil to offer savings accounts and<br />

affordable loans.<br />

It is h<strong>op</strong>ed the joint project, Barking<br />

and Dagenham Money (BD Money), will<br />

help residents become more financially<br />

secure, keep more money in their pockets<br />

and access appr<strong>op</strong>riate services to meet<br />

their financial needs and ambitions.<br />

The council commissioned a report in<br />

2020 which found that every year, at least<br />

6,000 households in the borough were<br />

taking out more than 20,000 subprime<br />

loans, worth over £9.4m - and paying<br />

back £7.3m in interest and fees.<br />

"Times are really tough and we're<br />

doing all we can to support residents,"<br />

said deputy leader Saima Ashraf, who<br />

serves as cabinet member for community<br />

engagement. "The launch of BD Money<br />

couldn't have come at a better time and<br />

brings a more affordable <strong>op</strong>tions for our<br />

residents when it comes to borrowing.<br />

"We want to ensure every <strong>op</strong>tion is<br />

available in terms of the support residents<br />

can access - including safe borrowing<br />

<strong>op</strong>tions instead of high-cost lenders.<br />

"We look forward to working with Leeds<br />

Credit Union to provide a trusted service<br />

to our residents when it comes to savings<br />

accounts, loans and much more."<br />

One of the country's largest credit<br />

unions, LCU carried out a survey earlier<br />

• <strong>Co</strong>uncil leader Darren Rodwell and Leeds CEO Paul Kaye<br />

this year that revealed 49o/o of respondents<br />

saw their financial situation worsening.<br />

However, 96% of its members said they<br />

would 'definitely recommend' the credit<br />

union to help alleviate these stresses.<br />

CEO Paul Kaye said: "Leeds Credit Union<br />

is excited to be working with Barking and<br />

Dagenham <strong>Co</strong>uncil on this initiative to<br />

offer our great range of savings and loans<br />

to support the residents of the borough.<br />

We already offer our services to over<br />

35,000 members, helping them access<br />

savings accounts to assist with budgeting<br />

plus a variety of loans.<br />

"This could be anything from a small,<br />

short-term need of £500 to larger longterm<br />

requirements of up to £25,000 for<br />

anything from a car repair through to<br />

debt consolidation and family loans. As<br />

a mutual organisation we offer fair and<br />

ethical products for the benefit of all our<br />

members."<br />

In terms of its common bond, the credit<br />

union got agreement for a rule change<br />

from its members at its AGM, adding<br />

Barking and Dagenham, and secured<br />

regulatory approval.<br />

Through the partnership, BD Money<br />

will offer a variety of savings accounts,<br />

including regular saver, Christmas club,<br />

young saver and membership accounts,<br />

as well as access to various responsible<br />

and affordable loan facilities. LCU prides<br />

itself on providing members with the most<br />

appr<strong>op</strong>riate services based on their own<br />

individual circumstances.<br />

For more information on BD Money<br />

affordable loan and savings products,<br />

plus a range of money support tools and<br />

guidance visit bdmoney.org.uk<br />

MEDIA<br />

The Canary news website switches to a workers' co-<strong>op</strong> structure<br />

Online news outlet the Canary has become<br />

a worker-owned co-<strong>op</strong>erative.<br />

Following a row between staff and<br />

the Canary's previous directors, a new<br />

business - the Canary Workers' <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> -<br />

was set up in August by employees. Staff<br />

say although the co-<strong>op</strong> is legally required<br />

to have directors, all 15 of its worker<br />

members now take decisions collectively<br />

through <strong>op</strong>en meetings and transparent<br />

processes, using the decentralised<br />

governance model of sociocracy.<br />

Changes so far include a horizontal<br />

leadership and flat pay structure, fully<br />

paid sick leave, and mental health days<br />

written into workers' contracts.<br />

Members say the new structure is<br />

already more aligned with its purported<br />

values and editorial line, which aims to<br />

"amplify marginalised communities that<br />

seek radical social justice", and had seen<br />

it working with activist organisations such<br />

as Netpol, CAGE, and Disabled Pe<strong>op</strong>le<br />

Against Cuts.<br />

Canary member Maryam Jameela told<br />

<strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> <strong>News</strong>: "We reviewed the kind of<br />

content we wanted to cover and the team<br />

was in agreement that we'd like to focus<br />

our energies on reporting on grassroots<br />

politics, and activists who wouldn't be<br />

given a platform in mainstream media.<br />

Of course, we already did do this kind of<br />

reporting, but now we're building towards<br />

doing so in a more concerted way."<br />

Beyond its new co-<strong>op</strong> structure, the<br />

Canary team say they want the way they<br />

<strong>op</strong>erate in practice "to mirror a deeper<br />

radicalism and militancy", and that the<br />

way they <strong>op</strong>erate as a co-<strong>op</strong> will be an<br />

"unfolding process".<br />

They have committed to providing<br />

education and training for its members, as<br />

well as to working with other co-<strong>op</strong>s and<br />

wider communities to achieve its aims.<br />

The next step, said Jameela, is "to reach<br />

out to other co-<strong>op</strong>s and build community<br />

and solidarity with them ... We want to be<br />

in community with fellow activists."<br />

8 I NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong>


Queer co-<strong>op</strong> venue calls<br />

on community to save it<br />

from closure<br />

Bonjour, a worker-owned queer club and<br />

community space in Glasgow, is calling<br />

for support to save it from closure.<br />

In an online statement, Bonjour said<br />

that since it <strong>op</strong>ened its doors in 2021, it<br />

has "weathered various storms", with the<br />

rising cost of energy being the latest.<br />

"Recently, these financial factors have<br />

hit us hard. We have struggled to absorb<br />

the costs of backdated rent payments<br />

resulting from the pandemic, unforeseen<br />

closures related to plumbing issues on<br />

Saltmarket and the high cost of security<br />

staffing - something which is essential to<br />

our venue in order to keep our community<br />

members safe."<br />

Due to these pressures, Bonjour, which<br />

prioritises underrepresented groups in<br />

the LBGTQ+ community, such as pe<strong>op</strong>le of<br />

colour, trans and nonbinary pe<strong>op</strong>le, and<br />

queer women, will now only be <strong>op</strong>en for<br />

events, and has increased drinks prices.<br />

"The co-<strong>op</strong> board is assessing all<br />

<strong>op</strong>tions to save the business," it added.<br />

"We're facing the reality that we may have<br />

to close. We have no intention of giving up<br />

without a fight and we're reaching out to<br />

ask for help."<br />

As well as holding fundraising events,<br />

Bonjour has launched a membership<br />

scheme to raise funds, in returns for<br />

benefits including access to exclusive<br />

digital content, a quarterly zine and riso<br />

prints.<br />

Bonjour is also encouraging supporters<br />

to get in touch with their MSPs and MPs.<br />

"We want [MSPs and MPs] to<br />

understand how much Bonjour means to<br />

the community and ask that Scotland does<br />

more to support co-<strong>op</strong>erative community<br />

driven businesses like ours," said Bonjour.<br />

To support Bonjour visit ko-ji.com/<br />

bonjourglasgow<br />

October Books makes a call for more member investors<br />

October Books, an independent booksh<strong>op</strong><br />

which is now a community benefit society<br />

in Southampton, is running a £175,000<br />

share offer to secure its long-term future<br />

and expand its services. Alongside the<br />

share offer, it is converting £171,346 of<br />

existing loans tock to shares. bit.ly/3fena6u<br />

Central England sh<strong>op</strong>pers save 100,000 meals from waste<br />

A partnership Central England <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> and<br />

food saving app Too Good To Go has now<br />

saved over 100,000 meals from going<br />

to waste. The scheme, run by a number<br />

of retail co-<strong>op</strong>s, allows customers and<br />

members to purchase bags of discounted<br />

food which would otherwise go to waste.<br />

It is in <strong>op</strong>eration across all the retail<br />

society's 260 food stores.<br />

Organiclea community farm hosts pre-school visits<br />

North London worker co-<strong>op</strong> OrganicLea,<br />

which grows food on a 12-acre at Chingford<br />

in the Lea Valley, is holding winter<br />

Forest Time sessions for pe-schoolers,<br />

with woodland activities. Sessions take<br />

place Friday and Tuesday mornings<br />

9.45am - 11.45am, offering a naturebased<br />

exploration based in free play &<br />

community-building, using crafts,<br />

stories, songs and games. bit.ly/3/bTfM9<br />

Southern launches rehab scheme for retail offenders<br />

Southern <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> has launched a<br />

partnership with Portsmouth <strong>Co</strong>uncil, the<br />

police and charity the Society of St James,<br />

which will use positive intervention<br />

to tackle retail crime. It will appoint a<br />

"navigator" to work with local services<br />

to identify prolific offenders, and offer<br />

treatment and support to break free from<br />

a cycle of offending.<br />

Radstock <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> gives £25k to food causes from bag levy<br />

Somerset retail society Rads tock <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> has<br />

distributed £25,000 to local food causes<br />

from the Sp carrier bag levy. Organisations<br />

receiving support include schools, food<br />

pantries and community gardens. CEO<br />

Don Morris said: "The aim is to empower<br />

and educate the local community to<br />

become self-reliant while ensuring they<br />

have access to essential food supplies."<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong> I 13

- EUROPE<br />

Resco<strong>op</strong> says EU<br />

must do more for vulnerable<br />

groups in its climate plan<br />

The Eur<strong>op</strong>ean federation of renewable<br />

energy co-<strong>op</strong>s (Resco<strong>op</strong>) is suggesting<br />

a range of changes to the Eur<strong>op</strong>ean<br />

<strong>Co</strong>mmission's 'fit for 55' package, which<br />

aims for 55o/o cut in greenhouse emissions<br />

by 2030.<br />

Currently under debate in the Eur<strong>op</strong>ean<br />

Parliament and <strong>Co</strong>uncil, the package<br />

includes a new social climate fund (SCF)<br />

to help vulnerable households, microbusinesses<br />

and transport users meet the<br />

costs of the green energy transition.<br />

But in its recent position paper Resco<strong>op</strong><br />

says the <strong>Co</strong>mmission has "reduced the fund<br />

to a predominantly reactive instrument,<br />

aimed at mitigating the distributional<br />

impact of the Emission Trading System to<br />

buildings and Transport (ETS 2)".<br />

Resco<strong>op</strong> argues that while the fund<br />

has "significant potential to serve as a<br />

cornerstone of a just energy transition,<br />

ensuring vulnerable social groups are<br />

addressed", several changes are needed<br />

to realise this potential. It suggests: a<br />

more substantial and impactful sc<strong>op</strong>e<br />

and size for the SCF, delinking the ETS<br />

2 as a prerequisite for the creation of an<br />

SCF; targeted support for low-income<br />

and vulnerable households and their<br />

empowerment; and acknowledgment and<br />

support for the role renewable and citizen<br />

energy communities can play in achieving<br />

the objectives of this regulation.<br />

Resco<strong>op</strong> also calls on the EU and<br />

national governments to provide support<br />

through grants, procurement, incentives<br />

for vulnerable consumer groups, and<br />

dedicated measures to support schemes<br />

for renewable energy communities that<br />

want to focus on energy poverty as a<br />

priority.<br />

The full position paper is available on<br />

Resco<strong>op</strong>'s website at bit.ly/3CLjjpo<br />

Electric co-<strong>op</strong>s call for domestic boost<br />

Rural electric co-<strong>op</strong>s in the USA are asking<br />

the Department of Energy to use funding<br />

received via the Inflation Reduction Act<br />

to address the shortage of distribution<br />

transformers. According to the National<br />

Rural Electric Association (Nreca) and<br />

American Public Power Association, the<br />

shortage "poses an unacceptable risk to<br />

the electric reliability".<br />

Dure <strong>Co</strong>nsumer <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong> joins march for climate justice<br />

Republic of Korea's Dure <strong>Co</strong>nsumer<br />

<strong>Co</strong><strong>op</strong>erative Union took part in a Climate<br />

Justice March in Seoul last month, under<br />

the slogan "Climate disaster, we can't live<br />

like this". The march, one of a number of<br />

demonstrations around the world, gathered<br />

an estimated 35,000 citizens and over 400<br />

civic groups in Seoul on 24 September.<br />

Fonterra says new framework will aid sustainability goals<br />

Dairy co-<strong>op</strong> Fonterra has released<br />

Sustainable Finance Framework, which<br />

aims to align its funding strategy with its<br />

sustainability ambitions.<br />

The New Zealand co-<strong>op</strong> has been working<br />

with Joint Sustainability <strong>Co</strong>-ordinators<br />

HSBC and Westpac NZ to devel<strong>op</strong> the<br />

framework, which has been independently<br />

verified to confirm alignment with globally<br />

agreed sustainable finance principles.<br />

Woccu 2021 report reveals credit union priorities<br />

2021<br />

WORLD (OUN(ll Of<br />



REPORT<br />

The World <strong>Co</strong>uncil of Credit Unions<br />

(Woccu) has published its Statistical<br />

Report for 2021, providing data on the<br />

global credit union movement.<br />

Through a global member survey, Woccu<br />

found that 81 o/o of respondent credit union<br />

associations ranked digitisation at or near<br />

the t<strong>op</strong> of their priorities.<br />

Agri co-<strong>op</strong>s to set up bank to access affordable loans<br />

The Uganda <strong>Co</strong><strong>op</strong>erative Alliance has<br />

announced plans for a new co-<strong>op</strong>erative<br />

bank to give agricultural co-<strong>op</strong>s access to<br />

loans, in a plan backed by the government.<br />

An earlier co-<strong>op</strong>erative bank, set up in<br />

1964, was seized by the Central Bank of<br />

Uganda in 1999, which cited inadequate<br />

capitalisation and insolvency as the<br />

reasons for closing the bank.<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong> I 21

"We cannot wait for the system to be the solution.<br />

World problems are severe and worsening, yet we<br />

still look to governments for the answers instead<br />

of making the change [as citizens].<br />

"We must help each other to act now. We do<br />

not need permission to act from national<br />

politicians or global authorities. We must create<br />

the changes we need and use these changes to<br />

help bring about the deeper systemic reforms the<br />

world urgently needs."<br />

The CEO of the new co-<strong>op</strong>erative is Markus<br />

Va.ha.la. "I believe this is what the world needs at<br />

the moment: a network of pe<strong>op</strong>le and trust, which<br />

is values-based, and works on the street level," he<br />

says. "To support this momentum, we needed a<br />

new platform to bring together the pe<strong>op</strong>le excluded<br />

in life and communities."<br />

He describes how the co-<strong>op</strong> will be providing<br />

training, education and support, and how<br />

technology will be a key part of this: "We see the<br />

real potential of technology serving pe<strong>op</strong>le, to<br />

bring inclusion to pe<strong>op</strong>le in society."<br />

Also involved in the project is professor Iiro<br />

Jussila of Skillmotor Finland, founding editor<br />

of the Journal of <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong>erative Organisation and<br />

Management (JCOM / Elsevier) and founding<br />

member and a member of the Supervisory Board of<br />

Citizen Network Osk, who helped create the rules<br />

surrounding what the co-<strong>op</strong> is, how it acts and how<br />

it can scale.<br />

"It is often said that co-<strong>op</strong>s are a tool for societal<br />

and systemic change through reaching markets<br />

and democracy," he says, "but if you consider<br />

change that is sustainable in terms of economy and<br />

society, the interaction happens between the co-<strong>op</strong><br />

and citizens. It is also a mechanism to combine and<br />

accumulate capital - human, technological, and<br />

economic capital - to create impact. In our case,<br />

global impact.<br />

He sees real change happening through the<br />

neighbourhood democracy movements. "Everyone<br />

is somewhere!" he says. "And if we make citizenship<br />

real, we make neighbourhood democracy real.<br />

The key to co-<strong>op</strong>eration is about changing things<br />

''<br />

This era is made for co-<strong>op</strong>s<br />

and pe<strong>op</strong>le empowerment<br />

but somehow it seems like<br />

co-<strong>op</strong>s are being massively<br />

misused. They are an<br />

invisible giant We want to<br />

help make them visible"<br />

for the better [ ... ] We will be organising meetings<br />

around core challenges looking at how to create a<br />

world where everyone matters - firstly by pe<strong>op</strong>le<br />

recognising other pe<strong>op</strong>le around as pe<strong>op</strong>le too, and<br />

seeing how we can help them."<br />

One of the challenges to this, he says, is collective<br />

global burnout. "Often the most interesting things<br />

are being done by pe<strong>op</strong>le who are lonely - they are<br />

often working in areas and sectors and projects<br />

that are high risk, with little validation. They feel<br />

vulnerable, pe<strong>op</strong>le are tired."<br />

The co-<strong>op</strong>erative aims to provide a level of<br />

networking and peer support to these pe<strong>op</strong>le, and<br />

has a goal to reach millions of pe<strong>op</strong>le in the next<br />

few years.<br />

"We want to be a powerful force for progressive<br />

change around the world," says Jussila. "This era<br />

is made for co-<strong>op</strong>s and pe<strong>op</strong>le empowerment, but<br />

somehow it seems like co-<strong>op</strong>s are being massively<br />

misused, and also underuse their main business<br />

advantage. They are an invisible giant. We want<br />

to help make them visible."<br />

Find out more about the co-<strong>op</strong>erative at citizennetwork.org/<br />

about/ Membership is currently only<br />

<strong>op</strong>en to organisations, with individual<br />

membership launching in a few months' time.<br />

24 I NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong>

HONEY<br />

olive oil soap<br />

Handmade n .ablus<br />

0 0

tCI REVIEW<br />

Ideas for a new world: Winners of the Social<br />

and Solidarity Economy Book Prize<br />

PftlXDUllVIE<br />


ET SOIIDAlftE <strong>2022</strong><br />

w, .... ,,..,.111,<br />

Un "notre monde"<br />

est possible (An "our<br />

world" is possible)<br />

by Sebastien Chaillou­<br />

Gillette, Stephane<br />

Pfeiffer,<br />

LesPetitMatins<br />

....__ ..___<br />

.,.......,_,__<br />

PftlX OU llVftE<br />


ET SOIIOAlftE <strong>2022</strong><br />

w1-,n..-...1,<br />

Etre radical - Dialogue<br />

entre deux generations<br />

pour transformer<br />

l'economie (Be radical<br />

- Dialogue between<br />

two generations<br />

to transform the<br />

economy)<br />

by Bastien Sibille and<br />

Hugues Sibille,<br />

LesPetitMatins<br />

The winners of the Social and Solidarity Economy<br />

(SSE) Book Prize were announced at the Paris Expo<br />

Porte de Versailles last month.<br />

In its ninth year, the prize, for French writers,<br />

had two categories, reflection and testimonials.<br />

Both winners came from the Monde en transitions<br />

collection published by Les petits matins.<br />

The prize for reflection went to Un "notre monde"<br />

est possible (An "our world" is possible) by Sebastien<br />

Chaillou-Gillette (pictured) and Stephane Pfeiffer.<br />

Testimonials was won by Etre radical - Dialogue<br />

entre deux generations pour transformer /'economie<br />

(Be radical - Dialogue between two generations<br />

to transform the economy) by Bastien Sibille and<br />

Hugues Sibille.<br />

The awards were presented by Roger Belot,<br />

president of the prize jury, and Patrick Gobert,<br />

president of Tait citoyen, a club of members of<br />

staff representative bodies known as social and<br />

economic committees.<br />

"The books elected this year question the future<br />

of our world and the role that the SSE will play in<br />

it," said Belot. "The authors do not doubt it and<br />

show their commitment. An "our world" is possible<br />

offers concrete actions to invite each citizen to<br />

become an actor in the economy. In response,<br />

Bastien and Hugues Sibille discuss their past<br />

and current experiences. The jury found its own<br />

questions there."<br />

Gobert added: "The jury wanted to emphasise<br />

the value of the works selected for the diversity<br />

of approaches to the SSE in the books of experts<br />

and in the testimonials that are both committed<br />

and clearly show the variety of backgrounds and<br />

experiences. All have the values of the SSE in<br />

common: working together, civic engagement,<br />

personal accomplishment."<br />

An "our world" is possible explores how citizens<br />

can make their voices heard and influence decisions<br />

through economic citizenship, by reclaiming<br />

economic and social issues, rather than acting as<br />

easily influenced consumers. It uses examples from<br />

the social and solidarity economy in various fields<br />

(education, work or corporate governance) to offers<br />

concrete courses of action for both individual and<br />

collectives on the premise that "the economy must<br />

become everyone's business".<br />

Be radical - Dialogue between two generations<br />

to transform the economy is an intergenerational<br />

dialogue between 42-year-old son, and his<br />

70-year-old father, both of whom are leaders in<br />

SSE enterprises. The book explores how the two<br />

generations have sought to change the world while<br />

revealing the two writers' views on the SSE. The<br />

father shares his experience as someone who was<br />

involved in promoting democracy in the workplace<br />

while the son reveals his involvement in the<br />

movement for the management of the commons.<br />

The authors of both books are actively involved<br />

in the sector: Sebastien Chaillou-Gillette is director<br />

of the regional chamber of the ESS (Cress) Ile-de­<br />

France and former president of the International<br />

<strong>Co</strong><strong>op</strong>erative Alliance's Youth Network; Stephane<br />

Pfeiffer is second deputy mayor of Bordeaux where<br />

he is leading on SSE initiatives; Hugues Sibille is<br />

president of the Labo de l'ESS, an SSE think-tank,<br />

former vice-president of Credit co<strong>op</strong>erative and<br />

former interministerial delegate for the social<br />

economy; and Bastien Sibille is president of the<br />

Mobico<strong>op</strong> as well as Licoornes, an alliance of co<strong>op</strong>s<br />

for ecological and solidarity transition.<br />

The books can be pre-ordered at lespetitsmatins.fr<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong> [ 49

Do you have a co-<strong>op</strong>erative<br />

event - taking place in person,<br />

online, or as a hybrid - to be<br />

featured?<br />

Tell us at: events@thenews.co<strong>op</strong><br />

Owning the Future<br />

4-6 <strong>November</strong> (Rio de Janeiro)<br />

Organised by the Platform <strong>Co</strong><strong>op</strong>erativism<br />

<strong>Co</strong>nsortium, the event will look at how<br />

platform co-<strong>op</strong>s in the Global South can<br />

scale to successfully compete with large<br />

tech companies.<br />

C-::> bit.ly/3QbdExl<br />

Locality <strong>Co</strong>nvention<br />

8-9 <strong>November</strong> <strong>2022</strong> (Sheffield)<br />

Locality's annual convention brings<br />

together pe<strong>op</strong>le who believe in the power<br />

of community to explore how best to<br />

build thriving neighbourhoods and how<br />

policymakers can support this.<br />

C-::> locality.org.uk/events<br />

<strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong>erative Women's Voices:<br />

Tiziana O'Hara<br />

15 <strong>November</strong> (11am-12 noon, online)<br />

CWV is a series of monthly interviews<br />

with women from the global co-<strong>op</strong><br />

movement. <strong>November</strong>'s guest is Tiziana<br />

O'Hara, from Northern lreland's<br />

<strong>Co</strong><strong>op</strong>erative Alternatives.<br />

c-::> bit.Jy/3SiYcAY<br />

Young pe<strong>op</strong>le and the future of<br />

co-<strong>op</strong>eration in Eur<strong>op</strong>e<br />

21 <strong>November</strong> (Cardiff)<br />

Cwmpas and <strong>Co</strong><strong>op</strong>eratives Eur<strong>op</strong>e will<br />

welcome co-<strong>op</strong>erators from across Eur<strong>op</strong>e<br />

to explore the role of young pe<strong>op</strong>le in the<br />

co-<strong>op</strong>erative movement.<br />

c-::> bit.ly/3DM2c8/<br />

Practitioners Forum<br />

23 <strong>November</strong> (Manchester)<br />

Organised by <strong>Co</strong>-<strong>op</strong>eratives UK, the<br />

Practitioners Forum is a professional<br />

training and devel<strong>op</strong>ment <strong>op</strong>portunity,<br />

featuring specialist forums.<br />

c-::> bit.ly/3LCUHTz<br />

ethical P.fOP.er t'::)<br />

-. .<br />

ethicalpr<strong>op</strong>erty.co uk<br />

. . -<br />

50 I NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong>

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