Edition 68 (October-December, 2022)

GLASS BULLETIN is a publishing company, managed by a highly experienced editorial and administrative staff. It has a dedicated and responsible team for providing quality journals and related services to its readers. The company publishes GLASS BULLETIN which is the fastest growing top-notch journal of India for the global glass industry. It is published quarterly and circulated among glass manufacturers, glass processors, glass-machinery & tool manufacturers, art glass processors, glass dealers, architects, builders, aluminium fabricators, interior decorators and the automobile industry across the globe. GLASS BULLETIN is the ideal platform, both in the print and digital media, for worldwide exposition of news, reports, products and exhibitions related to the glass industry. It is a one-stop solution for all queries and needs related to glass–machinery and technology, its innovation, product-procession and marketing in India. By its permanent columns, it enjoys the status of highest readership among all Indian glass journals. GLASS BULLETIN is the media partner for international glass exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China besides in other parts of the world, including Europe, India and the Middle East. GLASS BULLETIN e-magazine, the first glass-related e-magazine of India, is also available online and on mobile phone, free of cost at http://www.glassbulletin.com

GLASS BULLETIN is a publishing company, managed by a highly experienced editorial and administrative staff. It has a dedicated and responsible team for providing quality journals and related services to its readers. The company publishes GLASS BULLETIN which is the fastest growing top-notch journal of India for the global glass industry. It is published quarterly and circulated among glass manufacturers, glass processors, glass-machinery & tool manufacturers, art glass processors, glass dealers, architects, builders, aluminium fabricators, interior decorators and the automobile industry across the globe.

GLASS BULLETIN is the ideal platform, both in the print and digital media, for worldwide exposition of news, reports, products and exhibitions related to the glass industry. It is a one-stop solution for all queries and needs related to glass–machinery and technology, its innovation, product-procession and marketing in India. By its permanent columns, it enjoys the status of highest readership among all Indian glass journals.

GLASS BULLETIN is the media partner for international glass exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China besides in other parts of the world, including Europe, India and the Middle East.

GLASS BULLETIN e-magazine, the first glass-related e-magazine of India, is also available online and on mobile phone, free of cost at http://www.glassbulletin.com


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Interview<br />

‘When we place customers’ interest<br />

above ours, we earn their trust’<br />

Hanjiang Director Ashley Quan Talks About Company Strategy, Focus And<br />

Future Plans In India<br />

In an interview with Glass Bulletin,<br />

the Beijing Hanjiang Automatic<br />

Glass Machine Equipments Co.<br />

Ltd. director talks about how setting<br />

up service centres and storing spare<br />

parts abroad helped cement the<br />

company’s position in international<br />

markets.<br />

Excerpts from the conversation:<br />

Q: How long have you been<br />

associated with Hanjiang?<br />

Hanjiang was my first job after I<br />

graduated as an MBA in 2012. This<br />

year marks my 10th year working for<br />

Hanjiang. This also is Hanjiang’s 20th<br />

anniversary. I am proud of the 10<br />

golden years I have spent here.<br />

Q: What steps does Hanjiang<br />

follow for development of its<br />

machines?<br />

First, we focus on the market<br />

trend. A lot of new demand and even<br />

new equipment appear in the market,<br />

we should not follow anyone blindly.<br />

Our teams analyse what value we can<br />

bring to our end-customers with these<br />

new products and what benefit can<br />

bring to Hanjiang by following a new<br />

trend. We analyse SWOT and decide<br />

our development direction.<br />

Once we have decided on a<br />

new development, we put in the<br />

best resources to make it happen.<br />

For example, in 2008, we got an<br />

enquiry from a European company<br />

about online gas filling line. At that<br />

time, argon gas filling was a very<br />

new technology in China. Through<br />

two years of continuous efforts, we<br />

put major R&D on one thing, and<br />

we achieved it. Still now, argon gas<br />

filling line is one of the hottest selling<br />

products in Hanjiang. It’s the same<br />

logic we applied for the high speed<br />

sealing robot, super spacer robot, and<br />

even on TPS.<br />

Q: Hanjiang is a reputed<br />

name in IG line machines across<br />

the globe. What does it take<br />

to maintain this reputation<br />

internationally?<br />

In my opinion, we should<br />

understand our core competence<br />

well and try to keep it. Obliviously,<br />

without continuous development in<br />

terms of technology, we cannot keep<br />

up a good reputation in the market.<br />

Refreshing technology is always the<br />

most important thing what we follow.<br />

But it is not enough on this case.<br />

60 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Hanjiang• 2<br />

Hanjiang team realized that if we<br />

care for our customers’ interest ahead<br />

of ours, we can win their trust. We<br />

started building service centres in<br />

many regions in China and overseas.<br />

Till now, we have reliable service<br />

centres in more than 20 countries.<br />

When Hanjiang service and spare<br />

parts are easily reachable to endcustomers,<br />

trust building becomes<br />

easier.<br />

During the pandemic, we never<br />

stopped sending engineers to our<br />

customers when needed. “Easily<br />

reachable” is what we have been<br />

bringing to our customers for 20<br />

years. For our users, Hanjiang is safe<br />

to invest, trustable and reliable, so<br />

they can repeat orders with Hanjiang<br />

and they love to recommend us to<br />

other industrial people too.<br />

Q: Currently Hanjiang is the<br />

market leader in the Indian<br />

subcontinent. What makes you<br />

the leader in the Indian glass<br />

processing industry?<br />

When I join Hanjiang in 2012,<br />

we had this idea that Indian market<br />

is tough – margin is low and market<br />

" Now we have installed more<br />

than 70 IG lines in India with<br />

a market share of 50 per cent<br />

and will complete our 100th<br />

installation in the country by the<br />

end of this year. Our warehouses<br />

in Mumbai and Delhi keep<br />

spare parts for daily running<br />

and sufficient material for IGU<br />

production."<br />

demand less. I remember the first<br />

time I came to India with an assistant<br />

in 2014, we planned to stay one<br />

month see the market. We faced<br />

a lot of troubles, but I could feel<br />

very strongly that the market had<br />

potential and we could change the<br />

market situation. So I hired two local<br />

engineers during that trip and set up<br />

our first office in India.<br />

Then we have decided to bring our<br />

IG lines to Indian local exhibitions. At<br />

that time, people knew about IG lines<br />

from Europe, Turkey or Korea, but<br />

rarely from China.<br />

We want to be the first Chinese<br />

company to display an IG line in an<br />

India expo. From 2014 to 2019, we<br />

successfully displayed IG lines to<br />

potential Indian customers at expos.<br />

We realized that customers also need<br />

reliable consumable material for IG<br />

production.<br />

So in 2018, we build “UNEX<br />

INDIA”. Customers can now get<br />

comprehensive service from Hanjiang<br />

team. Surprisingly, with this new<br />

segment, we covered more customers<br />

without using Hanjiang equipment.<br />

Now we have installed more<br />

than 70 IG lines in India with a<br />

market share of 50 per cent and will<br />

complete our 100th installation in the<br />

country by the end of this year. Our<br />

warehouses in Mumbai and Delhi<br />

keep spare parts for daily running<br />

and sufficient material for IGU<br />

production.<br />

Q: How is the India market<br />

crucial for Hanjaing?<br />

We do believe the Indian market<br />

will be one of the most significant<br />

markets for Hanjiang in the next<br />

5-10 years. Currently, the Indian<br />

market is around three per cent of<br />

Hanjiang turnover. But if we consider<br />

the population of India, development<br />

speed of the market, and the rising<br />

demand, we are sure our size in the<br />

Indian market will become bigger in<br />

the future.<br />

Q: With travel being closed<br />

between India and China, how<br />

are you managing sales and<br />

installation here?<br />

It was very challenging for our team<br />

at the beginning. The first challenge<br />

was the service part. We had one<br />

fixed engineer in 2019, but due to too<br />

many machines awaiting installation,<br />

we hired one more. With our online<br />

and on-site training, both engineers<br />

can now work well independently.<br />

Very soon, a third engineer will join us<br />

from this month. I am sure Hanjiang<br />

service will maintain very high<br />

standards.<br />

We use most of all the traditional<br />

ways for sales – calls, emails,<br />

WhatsApp etc – and we manage social<br />

media more actively. We also invite<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 61

Interview<br />

customers to online meetings so<br />

we can show our factory, workshop.<br />

We also organize visits to Hanjiang<br />

customers’ factories to see our<br />

machinery in running condition.<br />

Q: Tell us about the advantages<br />

Hanjiang machines offer<br />

I believe any investment should<br />

consider return on investment as the<br />

most important factor.<br />

“Future of IG processors will<br />

belong to someone who get higher<br />

productivity with less manpower<br />

and better quality with products<br />

differentiation. We can help<br />

customers from the following ways.<br />

Productivity: To achieve target<br />

output, we recommend suitable<br />

solutions for customers and help them<br />

achieve their 3-5 years’ target on IG<br />

production.<br />

Quality products: We must help<br />

customers make their IGU quality<br />

different from normal standard.<br />

Hanjiang has very strict Q/C system to<br />

challenge more difficult IGU products.<br />

Varieties of products: Hanjiang<br />

provide full solution for various IGU<br />

products with various spacers, such<br />

as architectural glass, window &<br />

door(including blinds glass), metro/<br />

bus glass, home appliance IGU, solar<br />

IGU, or vacuum IGU, etc.<br />

Labour: Labour is another issue<br />

most customers face now. We focus on<br />

increased automation level to increase<br />

productivity with limited labour.<br />

Data collection: Hanjiang built<br />

an Industrial cloud department to<br />

help customers collect and analyse<br />

production and machinery. Glass<br />

factory owners can check machine<br />

status, production status on mobile<br />

devices easily. With this data, users<br />

can understand their situation better<br />

and Hanjiang will improve faster with<br />

these.<br />

So, we are not simply offering<br />

machines for today, we consider<br />

future development and try to create<br />

more possibilities together with our<br />

users.<br />

Q: You are well aware that the<br />

Indian glass processing industry<br />

is very price-sensitive. How do<br />

you balance quality and prices<br />

here?<br />

Machines we supply to India and<br />

Europe are the same. We do not<br />

engage in product differentiation. If<br />

customers know how to make wise<br />

calculation on productivity, labour<br />

saving and future development, they<br />

will notice Hanjiang machines are one<br />

of the best cost-performance products<br />

in this industry. So we help customers<br />

understand their investment and not<br />

just simply compare machine cost.<br />

In India, around 80 per cent<br />

of Hanjiang orders are from old<br />

customers or someone who has rich<br />

experience about IGU production. We<br />

are quite happy with the numbers, it<br />

means the market accepts our value.<br />

For new processors or those with zero<br />

experience on IG, we make them<br />

understand the Hanjiang value.<br />

Q: Do you have any other<br />

business activity or associates<br />

except selling IG lines in India?<br />

Yes, UNEX, as I mentioned is<br />

for IG consumables. Hanjiang also<br />

manufactures industrial caster. We<br />

apply our own foot on Hanjiang<br />

equipment as well. We hope to open<br />

more market for our foot and caster<br />

business in India.<br />

Q: What is the future vision of<br />

your company?<br />

For the products part, we will<br />

still focus on higher automation<br />

and reduced labour. Our industry is<br />

moving towards Industrial 4.0 rapidly.<br />

To reduce the human factor, increase<br />

productivity, collect production data<br />

and machine data on time, we have<br />

to increase automation level on<br />

mechanical and software both.<br />

We will keep to building jumbo IG<br />

solution, high automation IG solution<br />

and develop more intelligent software<br />

to contribute on industrial 4.0.<br />

For the service part, we will help<br />

international service become more<br />

efficient and cost effective. We will<br />

reinforce our team to bring more<br />

value to the market.<br />

To corresponding Carbon neutral,<br />

Hanjiang will help bring environment<br />

friendly and energy-saving insulating<br />

glass to thousands of households.<br />

– Ms. Ashley Quan<br />

Email: Asia@hjglass.com.cn<br />

Website: www.hjglass.com.cn<br />

62 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Event<br />

glasstec <strong>2022</strong> sees<br />

successful restart<br />

World’s Leading Trade Fair Underlines Its<br />

Relevance In ‘International Year Of Glass’<br />

glasstec has clearly underscored its relevance for the<br />

global glass industry with its restart as a face-to-face trade<br />

fair after the pandemic-induced break.<br />

In the “International Year of Glass”,<br />

936 exhibitors from 47 countries<br />

impressively demonstrated to<br />

30,000 visitors from 119 countries<br />

the operational excellence of the<br />

sector. In focus were the global trend<br />

topics Climate, Resource Efficiency,<br />

Urbanisation, Value and Well-Being<br />

but also current challenges such<br />

as high energy costs, supply chain<br />

bottlenecks or skilled labour shortage.<br />

Held concurrently over three<br />

days, the decarbXpo trade fair with<br />

its ranges revolving around the<br />

decarbonisation of industries was also<br />

perceived as a meaningful addition in<br />

this context.<br />

“glasstec <strong>2022</strong> came at precisely<br />

the right point in time to provide<br />

the glass industry with orientation<br />

again after the pandemic-induced<br />

changes and in a difficult economic<br />

climate. The participants’ feedback<br />

has been unambiguous here: as a<br />

face-to-face trade fair glasstec allows<br />

in-depth exchange of experience and<br />

knowledge transfer on a global level in<br />

a uniquely concentrated form as well<br />

as offering an unparalleled, packed<br />

line-up of innovations and solutions,”<br />

Erhard Wienkamp, Managing Director<br />

at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, said.<br />

64 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

glasstec• 2<br />

This impression was also shared<br />

by Egbert Wenninger, CCO and<br />

board member at Grenzebach<br />

Maschinenbau GmbH, Chairman of<br />

VDMA’s Glass Technology Forum as<br />

well as Chairman of the Exhibitors’<br />

Advisory Board at glasstec.<br />

“We are very happy with the<br />

way the fair went! It was absolutely<br />

the right decision to participate in<br />

glasstec. We notice the positive mood<br />

in the teams, among customers and<br />

new contacts. Personal meetings and<br />

the opportunity to see innovations on<br />

the machines on site as an essential<br />

experience that was simply missing<br />

in the last few years. Now you really<br />

realise the importance of a trade<br />

fair like glasstec, and we are already<br />

looking forward to the next event in<br />

two years,” Wenninger said.<br />

Many decision-makers, very<br />

international<br />

Over 75 per cent of visitors travelled<br />

to Düsseldorf from abroad. This<br />

means the share of international<br />

guests continues at a very high level,<br />

confirming the leading global position<br />

of glasstec for the industry in the<br />

“International Year of Glass”.<br />

The United Nations declared <strong>2022</strong><br />

as the International Year of Glass<br />

to create visibility for the scientific,<br />

economic and cultural importance<br />

of the material that is glass as well as<br />

its vital role in future-focused topics<br />

like climate protection and CO2-<br />

reduction.<br />

At 75 per cent, the equally high<br />

percentage of executives who are<br />

involved in investment decisions<br />

underlines the high quality of the<br />

trade fair. Visitors were highly satisfied<br />

with the ranges on display at glasstec.<br />

Well over 90 per cent stated they had<br />

achieved their objectives set for the<br />

visit. For the majority, seeking new<br />

suppliers as well as innovations and<br />

trends was the main goal.<br />

Not only have the broad-based<br />

ranges displayed by exhibitors made<br />

glasstec so attractive for decisionmakers<br />

but also the high-calibre<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 65

Event<br />

accompanying programme of Special<br />

Shows and conferences. This way<br />

glasstec provides a comprehensive<br />

platform for knowledge transfer and<br />

presents all target groups – from the<br />

skilled trades to architects’ offices,<br />

from glass processors to producers<br />

and from upstream suppliers to the<br />

industry and technology vendors –<br />

with innovations and solutions for<br />

their respective demands.<br />

glasstec conference – the think tank<br />

for the glass industry<br />

The programme of the glasstec<br />

conference combined the industry<br />

know-how from theory and practice<br />

in the context of the five global trend<br />

topics Climate Protection, Resource<br />

Efficiency, Urbanisation, Value and<br />

Well-Being. Every day, the glasstec<br />

visitors were informed about current<br />

developments and trends in lectures<br />

on glass production, glass processing<br />

and finishing as well as glass products<br />

and applications. In addition, the<br />

Conference was streamed on the<br />

glasstec website.<br />

Foresight. Sustainable architecture<br />

with glass – The International<br />

Architecture Congress<br />

Also forming a traditional part of<br />

the line-up of side events is the<br />

International Architecture Congress.<br />

Eight representatives from renowned<br />

architects’ and engineering offices,<br />

who are pioneers in planning and<br />

building with glass, presented their<br />

exciting projects to the approx.<br />

100 participants. Discussions also<br />

revolved around the contribution that<br />

glass facades can make to moving<br />

away from fossil fuel dependence,<br />

improving human well-being in<br />

increasingly warmer climates and<br />

highlighted the technical and design<br />

potential glass holds for architecture<br />

today.<br />

Innovation Show glass technology<br />

live<br />

The Innovation Show glass technology<br />

live was centre stage in the line-up<br />

of side events and under the heading<br />

“NEXT IN GLASS” presented<br />

spectacular exhibits to reflect the<br />

latest trends and results of scientific<br />

research thereby providing insights<br />

and outlooks on the performance of<br />

the sector. The Innovation Show was<br />

organised by the network of the four<br />

technical universities Darmstadt,<br />

Delft, Dortmund and Dresden.<br />

Craft LIVE and WorldSkills Germany@<br />

glasstec<br />

The Special Area Craft LIVE in Hall<br />

10 again showed the top innovations<br />

for skilled craftsmen in the glazing<br />

trade in hands-on demonstrations<br />

this year. At the WorldSkills<br />

Germany@glasstec young glaziers<br />

from throughout Germany competed<br />

with each other to secure a place<br />

for participation in the EuroSkills<br />

2023 in Poland. Maximilian Kröger<br />

from Dieburg is the winner of the<br />

WorldSkills Germany@glasstec.<br />

With a live demonstration on the<br />

fire resistance of fire-resistant glass,<br />

ift Rosenheim showed how glass can<br />

ensure safe containment in the event<br />

of a fire. The supporting programme<br />

was rounded off by the Special Show<br />

“glass art”, which showed art objects<br />

made of glass.<br />

START-UP ZONE – market entry for<br />

young companies from the glass<br />

industry<br />

The glasstec “START-UP ZONE”<br />

offered a total of 11 young and<br />

innovative companies an excellent<br />

platform for networking and<br />

professional exchange with top<br />

decision-makers from the glass<br />

industry. Visitors benefited from<br />

new and innovative applications and<br />

solutions.<br />

First decarbXpo builds momentum<br />

for energy transition in industry and<br />

commerce<br />

The first international trade fair<br />

for industrial and commercial<br />

66 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

glasstec• 4<br />

decarbonisation, decarbXpo, came<br />

to a successful close. Around<br />

100 exhibitors from 15 countries<br />

presented their technologies and<br />

solutions in Hall 9 of Düsseldorf’s<br />

exhibition centre. Together with three<br />

concurrent conferences, the trade<br />

fair demonstrated both investors’<br />

and industrial users’ need for an<br />

intensive exchange of information on<br />

new technologies and cooperation for<br />

climate protection. Held concurrently<br />

with glasstec, provided additional<br />

attention: production companies from<br />

the glass industry visited decarbXpo<br />

to discuss reducing energy costs and<br />

CO2 emissions as well as energy<br />

storage.<br />

-------------------------------------------------<br />

The next glasstec will be held<br />

in line with its two-year cycle<br />

from 22 nd to 25 th <strong>October</strong> 2024 in<br />

Düsseldorf.<br />

-------------------------------------------------<br />

– Brigitte Küppers<br />

Email: KueppersB@messe-duesseldorf.de,<br />

KraussD@messe-duesseldorf.de<br />

Website: www.glasstec.de<br />

Voices of glasstec <strong>2022</strong><br />

“Meeting customers and partners in person after a long time is something we’ve all been<br />

waiting for. Joining glasstec <strong>2022</strong> as unified Glaston team with extended offering covering the<br />

wide range of insulating glass, heat treatment and automotive and display glass technologies<br />

has been a great experience.<br />

In addition to good discussions and seeing happy faces, we have had a very successful four<br />

days with new deals, new insights and strengthening existing relationships.”<br />

– Sasu Koivumäki, CSO at Glaston Corporation<br />

“Since the beginning, SCHOTT has been an exhibitor at glasstec in Düsseldorf. After four<br />

years, we could participate on-site again with a great booth, engage in exciting conversations<br />

and expand our overall network.<br />

In addition to our creative product presentation, visitors learned how we, as an energyintensive<br />

specialty glass company, plan to become climate-neutral by 2030. All in all, the<br />

glasstec has been a great success.”<br />

– Dr Frank Heinricht, CEO of SCHOTT<br />

“It was an important signal that glasstec <strong>2022</strong> could take place. Personal contact is a<br />

catalyst for successful international business. What was apparent was as well the high quality<br />

of visitors in terms of expertise and professional competence. It was an excellent fair.”<br />

– Dr Philipp Zippe, CEO, Zippe Industrieanlagen GmbH.<br />

“We are very satisfied with the trade show. As in previous years, our booth was very<br />

well attended and we were able to have a good exchange with our local and international<br />

customers in the numerous, intensive discussions.<br />

A central theme throughout glasstec was sustainability and the decarbonization of the<br />

glass industry. We were therefore particularly pleased with the high level of response to the<br />

world’s first low carbon glass ORAÉ®, which we are now making available for our customers.<br />

Leading in decarbonization is completely in the sense of our purpose. So, all in all, we draw a<br />

very positive conclusion from glasstec <strong>2022</strong>.”<br />

– Dr Stephan Kranz, CEO, Saint-Gobain Building Glass Deutschland<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 67

Event<br />

<strong>68</strong> Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

glasstec• 6<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 69

Event<br />

Sişecam presents new<br />

launches at glasstec<br />

Showcases Stunning Installation To Mark United<br />

Nations International Year Of Glass<br />

Şişecam attended glasstec in Düsseldorf, Germany,<br />

where it exhibited its array of innovative and wide range<br />

of products which provide effective thermal insulation and<br />

solar control.<br />

Şişecam, the only global player<br />

operating in all key areas of<br />

glass, presented its wide range<br />

of innovative products to visitors at its<br />

exclusively designed booth at glasstec.<br />

The company attracted great interest<br />

from visitors with its innovative<br />

product offerings.<br />

In addition, a stunning installation<br />

was exhibited at the booth to mark the<br />

United Nations International Year of<br />

Glass, of which Şişecam is the main<br />

sponsor.<br />

A special installation, composed<br />

with glassware, glass packaging, and<br />

flat glass, in Şişecam’s booth conveyed<br />

to the visitors the company’s strong<br />

and extensive relationship with glass<br />

70 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Sişecam• 2<br />

through an abstraction of nature.<br />

Visitors were invited to an<br />

underwater world to experience the<br />

contribution of glass to a sustainable<br />

and healthier world in an imaginary<br />

environment. The magical effect<br />

of brilliant green oceanic plants,<br />

multi-coloured fish, floating jellyfish,<br />

and sea urchins were conveyed via<br />

Şişecam products in this captivating<br />

installation.<br />

Şişecam’s installation served as a<br />

clear reminder of how sustainability is<br />

critical to ensuring a healthier world.<br />

Şişecam is focusing on sustainability<br />

as a key topic of discussion in <strong>2022</strong><br />

which is declared as the International<br />

Year of Glass by the United Nations.<br />

Şişecam presented its hightech<br />

products to visitors at the fair,<br />

demonstrating its expertise in product<br />

development and R&D. Visitors<br />

were informed about Şişecam’s new,<br />

advanced technology, and value-added<br />

products that provide energy savings,<br />

safety, security, and noise control.<br />

The comoany also exhibited<br />

the triple silver product ‘Şişecam<br />

Temperable Solar Control Low-E<br />

Glass Neutral 63/29’ which has the<br />

highest selectivity value. Neutral<br />

63/29 provides energy savings with<br />

maximum solar control and U value<br />

of 1.0 W/m²K without compromising<br />

natural daylight and offers solutions to<br />

prestigious projects.<br />

‘Şişecam Temperable Solar Control<br />

Low-E Glass Neutral 70/40’ has the<br />

same colour and performance with its<br />

standard equivalent ‘Şişecam Solar<br />

Control Low-E Glass Neutral 70/40’,<br />

provides high light transmission<br />

and low reflection. Neutral 70/40 is<br />

preferred for residences, villas, and<br />

retail stores where natural appearance<br />

is desired.<br />

Another product that was exhibited<br />

at the Şişecam booth is ‘Şişecam<br />

Temperable Solar Control Low-E<br />

Glass Neutral 50/25’. It has the same<br />

colour and performance with its<br />

standard equivalent ‘Şişecam Solar<br />

Control Low-E Glass Neutral 50/25’,<br />

provides effective solar control and<br />

excellent thermal insulation with U<br />

value of 1.0 W/m²K. Neutral 50/25<br />

offers solution for projects where<br />

the neutral effect on façade, low<br />

reflectance indoor and outdoor are<br />

required.<br />

‘Şişecam Temperable Solar<br />

Control Low-E Glass Neutral 43/28’<br />

is designed for warm climates and<br />

skylights where daylight control and<br />

efficient solar protection are required.<br />

‘Şişecam Temperable Solar Control<br />

Low-E Glass Neutral 40/22’ was one<br />

of the most outstanding products at<br />

the Şişecam booth with its excellent<br />

thermal insulation, maximum solar<br />

control and neutral effect on façade.<br />

Neutral 40/22 offers solutions for<br />

warm climates and skylights with its<br />

U value of 1.0 W/m²K and provides<br />

controlled daylight.<br />

‘Şişecam Temperable Solar Control<br />

Low-E Glass Green 40/28’ coloured by<br />

coating on the clear glass is preferred<br />

in warm climates and skylights where<br />

daylight control and more efficient<br />

solar control are required. The<br />

neutral effect continues when looking<br />

through inside to outside while<br />

creating green color effect on the<br />

façade.<br />

About the company<br />

Founded in 1935 in Turkey, Şişecam<br />

is a strong global player in the fields<br />

of glass and chemicals. It is the only<br />

global company operating in all core<br />

areas of glass production – including<br />

flat glass, glassware, glass packaging<br />

and glass fiber. Currently, Şişecam<br />

ranks among the world’s top two<br />

manufacturers of glassware and the<br />

top five producers of glass packaging<br />

and flat glass.<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 71

Event<br />

Cugher introduces plant<br />

configurator EVA at<br />

glasstec<br />

Local Partner Kunal Enterprise Ensures Sales And<br />

After-Sale Support For Clients In India<br />

EVA provides a vision of Cugher machinery with a<br />

tri-dimensional perspective. It allows customized<br />

configuration of a line and its direct representation in a real<br />

space through augmented reality.<br />

Glasstec, the world’s foremost<br />

trade fair for the glass industry<br />

held in Germany, was the<br />

first international event to witness<br />

Cugher’s innovative plant configurator<br />

EVA.<br />

EVA is a brand-new virtual<br />

technology that affords a vision of<br />

Cugher machinery by leveraging<br />

digital. It is an innovative application<br />

which enables customized<br />

configuration of a plant to its direct<br />

representation within real space - all<br />

through augmented reality.<br />

In fact, framing the surrounding<br />

environment with a camera’s device,<br />

the machinery previously configured<br />

are projected in the display, in overlap<br />

with the real space. Once placed in<br />

the line, it is possible to discover its<br />

details simply by moving the tablet<br />

around and inside the machinery.<br />

EVA involves the visitor to<br />

experience an immersive feeling<br />

in Cugher’s world. It facilitates the<br />

enrichment of sensorial perception by<br />

way of a perfect integration between<br />

physical reality and the digital world.<br />

Indeed, by simply moving a tablet<br />

‘inside and around’ the projected<br />

machinery, it’s possible to discover<br />

every detail whilst enhancing the<br />

characteristics of each component.<br />

Not only that, an information<br />

section will enable simultaneous<br />

consultation of the technological<br />

details, with photos and videos<br />

included, thus widening the data<br />

scope accessible to the user.<br />

EVA allows a vision of Cugher<br />

machinery with a tridimensional<br />

perspective, thanks to an application<br />

which allows the customized<br />

configuration of a line and its direct<br />

representation in a real space through<br />

augmented reality.<br />

The big advantage of augmented<br />

reality is that it can integrate the<br />

real world with a digital/virtual one,<br />

creating a unique experience for the<br />

user.<br />

With companies facing increasing<br />

competition within a global market,<br />

innovation alone remains the sole<br />

pathway towards a competitive<br />

advantage. Here Cugher’s own<br />

interventions in engineering,<br />

72 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Kunal Enterprise• 2<br />

production and sales procedures have<br />

all generated positive change in its<br />

introduction of new products and<br />

services.<br />

In this context, technology<br />

represents a great ally when it comes<br />

to innovating to do things in new<br />

ways - enabling transition against the<br />

backdrop of digital while contributing<br />

to both operational flexibility and the<br />

optimization of customer experience.<br />

Cugher is also a very reputed<br />

brand name in automotive and<br />

home appliance screen printing lines<br />

because of the centering systems in its<br />

printers, handling of big-size frames<br />

and handling of glass during printing.<br />

The company emphasizes a lot on<br />

high-quality drive and motors and<br />

mechanical equipment.<br />

Cugher has been producing screen<br />

printing plants for flat glass processing<br />

for more than 50 years, offering a<br />

wide range of solutions that cover the<br />

entire productive process, starting<br />

immediately after the cutting and<br />

washing of glass sheets, up to the<br />

phases preceding tempering and<br />

bending processes.<br />

Besides printing machines, the<br />

company provides technologically<br />

advanced systems for drying and<br />

handling glass, such as IR and UV<br />

dryers, tilt loading and unloading<br />

conveyors, flat and vertical inspection<br />

stations, rotating tables, stackers,<br />

roller and belt conveyors, corner<br />

conveyors, tilting bridge conveyors and<br />

booking stations.<br />

Cugher also offers the flexibility of<br />

creating entire lines as per customer<br />

needs and requirements. It has<br />

printing machines which can print<br />

different size of glass on one machine.<br />

The company can also supply<br />

individual vision systems, different<br />

types of handling equipment like the<br />

Symphonia Rack System, which can<br />

be used for loading and unloading<br />

glass. This can be used in any glass<br />

processing technique and can be<br />

in addition to all solar module glass<br />

manufactures.<br />

Apart from these, Cugher also<br />

supplies different types of conveyor for<br />

handling glass like roller conveyor, belt<br />

conveyor, lift conveyor, rotating table,<br />

corner conveyor and stacker to stack<br />

glass (long and short edge).<br />

The entire printing lines of Cugher<br />

can be operated automatically via<br />

remote display. Even an unskilled<br />

operator can run its machines easily<br />

after just a day’s training. The entire<br />

parameters of a job can be stored as<br />

a recipe for a particular company.<br />

One just needs to select a job and<br />

automatically it will run the specific<br />

job without any human intervention.<br />

Cugher also provides machine<br />

solutions for automotive glass,<br />

architectural glass, home appliances<br />

and solar glass modules. All of these<br />

and more from the house of Cugher is<br />

brought to the Indian market by Kunal<br />

Enterprise.<br />

Kunal Enterprise is a leading<br />

complete solution provider in<br />

industrial printing/packaging industry,<br />

specifically in the screen printing<br />

genre in India since 2001.<br />

Email: kunalgandhi@kunalenterprise.com,<br />

uday@kunalenterprise.com<br />

Website: www.kunalenterprise.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 73

Event<br />

D-arc BUILD creates<br />

benchmark in building<br />

and construction industry<br />

Expo Saw Over 25,000 Visitors From Across India,<br />

150+ Exhibitors & International Participation<br />

Architecture industry of India witnessed the grand opening<br />

of one of the biggest expos – D-arc BUILD – which took<br />

place from 22nd to 25th September, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

D-arc BUILD was organized by<br />

Zion Exhibitions with an aim<br />

to bring forth a venture with<br />

worldly opportunities for B2B industry,<br />

manufacturing brands, entrepreneurs<br />

and organisations from the industry<br />

of architecture, design, building<br />

and construction with an innovative<br />

approach of showcasing their latest<br />

trends, technological advancements<br />

and related services.<br />

With the presence of relevant and<br />

niche crowd of architects, interior<br />

designers, builders, developers,<br />

hoteliers, purchasing managers,<br />

more than 150 exhibitors across<br />

India showcased their innovations,<br />

including leading industry players<br />

such as Philips India, Jk Cement, Apl<br />

Apollo, Saint Gobain, K2India, Bestone<br />

Impex, Hogar, Epson, RAK Ceramics,<br />

Alankaram, Dolphy India, Zen Stone,<br />

Interior Craft, Maranello, Daikin,<br />

Lamiwood Floorings, Surie Polex,<br />

Mahayco.<br />

The mega exhibition was supported<br />

by many acclaimed associations and its<br />

hosted a series of conferences:<br />

On 22nd September, the Indian<br />

Institute of Architects (IIA) held its<br />

Northern Regional Conference, BUZZ,<br />

moderated and conceptualized by IIA-<br />

Northern Chapter.<br />

On 23rd September, the Institute<br />

74 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Zion Exhibitions• 2<br />

of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)<br />

celebrated its golden jubilee by holding<br />

a national-level conference attended<br />

by interior designers and architects<br />

from 34 regional chapters curated and<br />

conceptualized by IIID- Delhi Regional<br />

Chapter. In the evening, a gala<br />

networking dinner was organised.<br />

On 24th September, Prof Charanjit<br />

Shah also known as the ‘Airport<br />

King’ hosted a global conference<br />

with a theme- ‘The Dawn of Modern<br />

Infrastructure and Transportation’<br />

with prominent architects, urban<br />

planners, engineers, builders,<br />

developers construction consultants,<br />

project management consultants<br />

for construction of railways sidings,<br />

highways, railway and road over<br />

bridges, buildings and mechanical,<br />

electrical, and plumbing consultants.<br />

On 25th September, the Hospitality<br />

Purchasing Managers’ Forum (HPMF),<br />

a forum of purchasing managers from<br />

the hospitality Industry representing<br />

star hotels, catering companies, standalone<br />

restaurant chains and airlines,<br />

held a national-level conference on<br />

the theme – “Reinvent X Rethink, The<br />

Future of Hospitality Procurement”<br />

attended by over 250 hospitality<br />

professionals.<br />

The event has been marked as a<br />

huge success with more than 25,000<br />

visitors from across India, over 150<br />

exhibitors, international participation<br />

from more than five countries,<br />

exclusive pavilion exhibiting premium<br />

and luxury brands, and showcase by<br />

renowned architects.<br />

The Indian construction industry<br />

recorded a growth of 17.1 per cent<br />

in 2021 and it is expected to register<br />

an average annual growth of 6.2 per<br />

cent during 2023-2026, becoming one<br />

of the major contributors to Indian<br />

Economy.<br />

The purpose of this exhibition was<br />

to offer a platform for networking and<br />

knowledge-sharing. The show was<br />

held at a venue with over 16,000 sq. m<br />

space that provided visitors a hasslefree<br />

experience where they could<br />

explore all things design under one<br />

roof.<br />

Additionally, there was presence<br />

of premium and affordable<br />

manufacturing brands showcasing<br />

their proprietary products, innovative<br />

solutions equipped with next-gen<br />

technologies.<br />

What stood out most to the visitors<br />

was the exclusive, D-arc Ultra Luxe<br />

Pavilion – a decorated and stand-out<br />

pavilion meant for signature collections<br />

and premium ranges of products.<br />

The expo turned out to be a great<br />

success and witnessed the presence<br />

of architects, designers, engineers,<br />

real estate developers and consultants<br />

apart from huge number of general<br />

visitors and has been possible with the<br />

strength of the team of D-arc BUILD.<br />

D-arc BUILD wishes on creating a<br />

revolution of the construction and the<br />

infrastructure industry and hopes do<br />

so to every year.<br />

—: INDUSTRY SPEAK :—<br />

“I would like to congratulate D- arc<br />

BUILD because the way they have<br />

exhibited the things and the quality of<br />

the exhibitors is fantastic. Whosoever<br />

participated have participated with<br />

complete excitement. I would also<br />

like to congratulate D-arc BUILD team<br />

for relentless efforts in putting up a<br />

fantastic show.”<br />

–Sunil Jha, Bestone Impex<br />

“Thank You D-arc BUILD, Adarsh and<br />

team for bringing us here on this great<br />

platform. I would like to wish you the<br />

best for next year. We had a good time.”<br />

–Mahesh Nagreja, Super Surfaces<br />

“We participated in D-arc BUILD<br />

<strong>2022</strong> and received a huge response, it<br />

was very well managed and we got a<br />

huge amount of enquiries and orders.<br />

Everything was amazing and we are<br />

in full support of Zion. Kudos to team<br />

Zion.”<br />

–Ratan Sehgal, MD, Hybon Elevators<br />

Website: www.darcbuild.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 75

Event<br />

Glasstech Asia & Fenestration Asia <strong>2022</strong><br />

reinstate position as industry meeting<br />

point<br />

Leading Trade Fair For Glass And Façade Industry Marks Successful<br />

Comeback In Southeast Asia<br />

Three-day event hosted over 1,500 unique visitors and 535 industry professionals<br />

covering 19 countries. Marks a pivotal restoration of physical meetings to aid in growth of<br />

businesses<br />

The latest edition of Glasstech<br />

Asia and Fenestration Asia<br />

celebrated its success after its<br />

conclusion on <strong>October</strong> 28. In total,<br />

more than 2,000 attendees from over<br />

28 countries were attracted to the<br />

event that held the fair alongside an<br />

all-inclusive variety of side events<br />

such as the inaugural Asia Façade &<br />

Glass Conference, Singapore façade<br />

tour, International Year of Glass<br />

(IYOG) art exhibition – Through the<br />

Looking Glass, buyer-seller meetings,<br />

and an annual networking gala dinner.<br />

The influx of exhibitors, delegates<br />

and visitors demonstrates the<br />

importance of the onsite exchanges<br />

of knowledge and the value of<br />

establishing our regional platform as<br />

the leading industry meeting place.<br />

A brief analysis of the post-show<br />

statistics reflects a promising rise of<br />

international visitor and exhibitor<br />

support on having real time, in-person<br />

display and sharing of new technology<br />

and innovations amongst the industry,<br />

proving an increasing confidence of<br />

the ASEAN market’s role.<br />

The positive turnout at the event<br />

indicates the region’s demand for a<br />

holistic space to conduct physical<br />

meetings in lieu of restrictions caused<br />

by the recent pandemic.<br />

Mr Michael Wilton, CEO and<br />

Managing Director of MMI Asia,<br />

underlined, “The importance of<br />

this event and its success shows a<br />

promising trajectory for the glass and<br />

façade sector. The personal touch<br />

of having face-to-face discussions<br />

remains undisputed as the most<br />

effective way to set growth in the<br />

industry. The event was very well<br />

received from both exhibitors and<br />

visitors alike to mediate companies<br />

in their endeavour to pursue deeper<br />

connections with their audiences.<br />

With more plans to integrate<br />

Glasstech Asia and Fenestration Asia<br />

into the global BAU Network, I foresee<br />

an exciting future in providing the<br />

76 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Glasstech Asia <strong>2022</strong>• 2<br />

industry with increasing opportunities<br />

to share their story with a wider global<br />

audience.”<br />

Two-thirds of surveyed trade<br />

visitors expressed interest in<br />

returning for the next edition of<br />

the show, projecting a definite rise<br />

in numbers and traction in the<br />

trade fair’s popularity. In addition<br />

to aisle discussions and hosted<br />

buyer gatherings, a total 519 private<br />

meetings were created to facilitate<br />

businesses in engaging the highquality<br />

trade visitors present and<br />

expanding their global business<br />

contacts.<br />

“The success of this edition does<br />

not only represent a restoration of<br />

industry norms, but the revival of<br />

close knitted connections made<br />

possible by regional platforms such<br />

as Glasstech Asia and Fenestration<br />

Asia,” emphasised Mr Gan Pay<br />

Yap, Chairman of Singapore Glass<br />

Association. “We are excited to see the<br />

continuation of the industry’s success<br />

next year and witness the sharing of<br />

new developments and innovations in<br />

the region”.<br />

The next Glasstech Asia - the<br />

19th International Glass Products,<br />

Glass Manufacturing, Processing &<br />

Materials Exhibition, and Fenestration<br />

Asia – the 6th International Windows,<br />

Doors, Skylights, Curtain Wall &<br />

Facade Technology Exhibition, will<br />

take place from 29 November - 1<br />

<strong>December</strong> 2023 at the IMPACT<br />

Exhibition and Convention Centre in<br />

Bangkok, Thailand.<br />

About Glasstech Asia and<br />

Fenestration Asia <strong>2022</strong><br />

Glasstech Asia and Fenestration<br />

Asia aims to meet and satisfy the<br />

increasing global demands for ecofriendly<br />

windows, doors, and facades<br />

by focusing on new industry standards<br />

in sustainability, automation, and<br />

energy-efficiency topics.<br />

About BAU Network<br />

BAU is the world’s leading trade<br />

fair for architecture, materials and<br />

systems. Everyone involved in the<br />

international community for planning,<br />

building and designing buildings<br />

comes together here—i.e., architects,<br />

planners, investors, representatives of<br />

the industrial and commercial sectors,<br />

the building trades, etc.<br />

About Messe München<br />

Messe München is one of the leading<br />

exhibition organizers worldwide with<br />

more than 50 of its own trade shows<br />

for capital goods, consumer goods<br />

and new technologies. Every year, a<br />

total of over 50,000 exhibitors and<br />

around three million visitors take<br />

part in more than 200 events at the<br />

exhibition centre in Munich, at the<br />

ICM – Internationales Congress<br />

Centre München and the MOC<br />

Veranstaltungs centre München<br />

as well as abroad. Together with<br />

its subsidiary companies, Messe<br />

München organizes trade shows in<br />

China, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey,<br />

South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam, and<br />

Iran.<br />

Email: syafia@mmiasia.com.sg<br />

Website: www.glasstechasia.com.sg<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 77

Event<br />

glasstec <strong>2022</strong>: Quality footfall, great<br />

interactions at Bavelloni booth<br />

Bavelloni Set Up Live Demos Of Its Glass Processing Solutions, Expert Meets<br />

Company’s straight-line edgers and cutting tables were hot topics of several negotiations.<br />

Techni’s waterjet system was much appreciated.<br />

At glasstec <strong>2022</strong>, Bavelloni,<br />

manufacturer of machinery<br />

and tools for flat glass<br />

processing and Techni Waterjet (coexhibitor),<br />

one of the oldest and most<br />

experienced waterjet makers in the<br />

world, utilised the opportunity to<br />

re-engage with customers in person,<br />

re-establish personal relationships and<br />

reconnect with people.<br />

The company offered visitors<br />

the opportunity to experience its<br />

complementary glass processing<br />

solutions, live demos and meet<br />

experts.<br />

The meetings and discussions held<br />

during the event were interesting. The<br />

attendance was good and, certainly,<br />

of a high standard. Visitors showed<br />

interest in investing, with clear ideas<br />

about products to focus on, with some<br />

of them even expressing willingness to<br />

place orders at the show itself.<br />

“We registered a high attendance<br />

especially in the central days of the<br />

event,” reported Federico Bassi,<br />

Sales Director, Bavelloni Spa.<br />

“As usual, there was a significant<br />

participation from central Europe<br />

and the Mediterranean basin, even<br />

though there were also visitors from<br />

overseas; Asian operators and visitors<br />

were almost absent. Besides many<br />

handshakes and conviviality - which<br />

we really needed – some deals were<br />

also signed at the show.”<br />

“We felt a positive mood at our<br />

booth, although the pandemic is<br />

not yet completely over and there<br />

are some economic and political<br />

uncertainties in the global scenario.<br />

Our customers’ confidence in<br />

Bavelloni’s products and in our<br />

organization was noticeable. There<br />

was also strong commitment and<br />

involvement from our partners and<br />

distributors,” Bassi said.<br />

Visitors were able to attend live<br />

demonstrations of the machines on<br />

display and take advantage of the<br />

combined presence of Bavelloni<br />

and Techni Waterjet specialists, all<br />

together on the same stand for the<br />

first time.<br />

Bavelloni straight-line edgers and<br />

cutting tables were the hot topic of<br />

several negotiations. Techni’s waterjet<br />

system was also much appreciated.<br />

“Thanks to the interesting group<br />

synergies and the complementarity<br />

of our respective portfolios, we are<br />

able to propose targeted solutions<br />

to the market for each specific<br />

requirement,” Bassi added.<br />

Stanislaw Jakubiec, General<br />

Manager of EMEA, Techni Waterjet,<br />

also expressed his satisfaction:<br />

“Techni’s waterjet solutions are<br />

suitable for cutting any material,<br />

including glass. We are confident that<br />

our attendance at glasstec together<br />

with Bavelloni will certainly drive the<br />

development of our business in the<br />

glass segment as well.”<br />

About the company<br />

Bavelloni’s machinery range, entirely<br />

made in Italy, includes NC machining<br />

centers, technologies for cutting,<br />

edging, drilling/milling, bevelling and<br />

washing, available as stand-alone<br />

solutions and in integrated lines. It<br />

also specializes in the design and<br />

production of a wide variety of tools.<br />

– Bavelloni SpA<br />

Email: info@bavelloni.com<br />

Website: www.bavelloni.com<br />

78 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Event<br />

glasspro India & glasspex India set to<br />

return in September 2023<br />

Events Will Present Integrated Platform To Showcase Latest Trends,<br />

Innovations In Flat, Processed Glass<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India and Glass Bulletin are gearing up for the fourth edition of India’s<br />

premier exhibition on glass products and technology, glasspro India 2023.<br />

Glasspro India will be held from<br />

September 14-16, 2023 at the<br />

Bombay Exhibition Centre,<br />

Mumbai. Alongside with this, Messe<br />

Düsseldorf India will also organise the<br />

seventh edition of glasspex India, the<br />

nation’s leading exhibition on glass<br />

production and processes. Both events<br />

are powered by glasstec Düsseldorf,<br />

the world’s leading exhibition for the<br />

glass industry.<br />

Block your calendars as glasspro<br />

India and glasspex India 2023 will<br />

bring together a well-integrated<br />

platform to showcase the latest trends<br />

and innovations in the field of flat<br />

and processed glass. Once again, the<br />

exhibition will feature the largest<br />

display of the latest glass processing<br />

solutions, tools, auxiliary products and<br />

services.<br />

A spirited and future-ready<br />

comeback<br />

The shows have seen tremendous<br />

year-on-year growth in terms of the<br />

participation from domestic and<br />

international players. This time,<br />

the show will continue the streak<br />

of unrivalled participation from the<br />

entire glass fraternity. It will feature<br />

dynamic discussions on sustainable<br />

building technologies and trends<br />

that will shape the future of energyefficient<br />

designs. The concurrent<br />

conference, organised by All India<br />

Glass Manufacturers’ Federation<br />

(AIGMF) will talk about the shifting<br />

trends inspired from climate change<br />

and the emerging need for sustainable<br />

designs.<br />

With participation from major<br />

global players, both the shows will<br />

be attended by architects, interior<br />

designers, façade consultants,<br />

builders and developers, construction<br />

engineers, dealers and distributors,<br />

glass manufacturers, processors<br />

and fabricators, serving as a unique<br />

confluence of India’s massive glass<br />

community.<br />

In addition to that, glasspro India<br />

will bring along fenestrationpro<br />

India, a show dedicated to the door,<br />

window and the façade segments.<br />

fenestrationpro India will take place<br />

in conjuction with glasspro India 2023<br />

and glasspex India 2023 at the same<br />

time.<br />

Visitors for this interesting and<br />

evolving section of the show will<br />

range from architects, fabricators,<br />

developers, façade consultants<br />

and engineers to policymakers and<br />

stakeholders from the Indian industry.<br />

Appreciating the great response<br />

from the industry on the comeback,<br />

Thomas Schlitt, Managing Director,<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India, said, “It is<br />

wonderful to see an encouraging<br />

response from the industry for the<br />

upcoming edition of glasspro India,<br />

glasspex India and fenestrationpro<br />

India. The forthcoming edition will<br />

reflect the modern and innovative<br />

facet of the glass, façade, door and<br />

window industry and position the<br />

leading Indian market as a forerunner<br />

on the global stage. We look forward to<br />

welcoming the industry stakeholders<br />

for this impressive line-up of<br />

innovative and sustainable products<br />

on display to discuss and steer<br />

conversations on upcoming design<br />

trends.”<br />

The shows continue to receive<br />

support from leading associations and<br />

media of the industry. With the display<br />

of latest innovations, products and<br />

trends along with the conversations<br />

that matter, the stage is set for a<br />

promising show in September 2023.<br />

About Messe Düsseldorf India<br />

Messe Düsseldorf India Pvt. Ltd. is<br />

a fully owned subsidiary of Messe<br />

Düsseldorf GmbH which is a global<br />

player both as a trade fair organizer<br />

and as a provider of trade fair-related<br />

services for exhibitors and visitors.<br />

About Glass Bulletin<br />

Glass Bulletin is the fastest growing<br />

top-notch quarterly journal of India<br />

for the global glass industry. It is the<br />

ideal platform, in print and online, for<br />

publication of news, reports, products<br />

details and exhibition information<br />

related to glass industry.<br />

Website: www.glassproindia.com,<br />

www.glasspexindia.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 79

Interview<br />


National Manager – Distribution,<br />

Hafele India Pvt. Ltd.<br />

‘Hafele perfect fit for customers looking<br />

for ease of mind’<br />

Head Of Hafele’s National Sales Vikram Yatendra Singh Tells GB About<br />

Company, Its Products & Plans<br />

In India, the company is recognized as a one-stop solution brand for any home interior<br />

needs owing to its vast product portfolio and strong service approach.<br />

In an interview with Glass Bulletin,<br />

Hafele National Sales head Vikram<br />

Yatendra Singh spoke about the<br />

company’s heritage, work culture,<br />

focus on quality, vast product range,<br />

as well the challenges the company<br />

faces in the country.<br />

Excerpts of the interview:<br />

Q: Tell us about Hafele India<br />

Häfele India is a wholly-owned<br />

subsidiary of the Häfele Global<br />

network and has been operating in<br />

India since 2003. An authority in<br />

the field of architectural hardware,<br />

furniture and kitchen fittings and<br />

80 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Hafele India• 2<br />

Asia, including Nepal, Bhutan and<br />

Maldives.<br />

Q: Take us through your<br />

journey with the company<br />

I joined the organization as a<br />

market head for Delhi in 2013 and<br />

worked there for around five years. I<br />

was primarily responsible for the retail<br />

business in the northern part of India.<br />

In 2018, I took over as national sales<br />

head for Hafele’s Distribution vertical,<br />

which deals in furniture fittings,<br />

glass fittings, glass sliding solutions,<br />

architectural hardware, and digital<br />

locks.<br />

Q: Describe the Hafele product<br />

range for us<br />

Häfele has pioneered the way<br />

interior fittings are sold across the<br />

globe for many years now. Being<br />

a German company, our foremost<br />

concern has always been to offer<br />

our customers, premium quality<br />

products at competitive prices<br />

paired with solution-based services.<br />

In India, we are also recognized as<br />

a one-stop solution brand for any<br />

home interior needs. This is owing<br />

to our vast product portfolio that<br />

includes door hardware (wood and<br />

glass), sliding solutions for doors<br />

and furniture, furniture fittings,<br />

kitchen solutions, digital locks, home<br />

appliances, lighting, interior surfaces,<br />

and bathroom fittings. These holistic<br />

solutions are backed by a strong<br />

service approach which has over<br />

the years made Häfele the preferred<br />

partner for our different customer<br />

accessories, the company also has<br />

a strong presence in synergized<br />

product categories like home<br />

appliances, interior and furniture<br />

lighting, sanitary solutions and<br />

surfaces positioning itself strongly as a<br />

complete solution provider for interior<br />

solutions in India and South Asia.<br />

Hafele India has a strong<br />

nation-wide presence with offices<br />

in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad,<br />

Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad,<br />

Delhi, Kolkata and Cochin. It has<br />

full-scale operations in Sri Lanka<br />

and Bangladesh with regional offices<br />

and design showrooms in both the<br />

countries; and has also spread its<br />

operations to other regions of South<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 81

Interview<br />

segments.<br />

Q: What is the latest trend in<br />

the hardware industry?<br />

While the market is moving<br />

toward providing solutions, the<br />

hardware industry is transitioning<br />

towards becoming organized from<br />

what was earlier a fairly unorganized<br />

set-up. Many European companies<br />

are attempting to enter the Indian<br />

market with a variety of product<br />

offerings. According to estimates,<br />

65 per cent of the Indian hardware<br />

market is still unstructured, leaving<br />

several competitors a lot of room for<br />

expansion.<br />

Q: Have you launched any new<br />

products recently?<br />

Our latest launches include<br />

;;<br />

A comprehensive range of<br />

digital locks that include<br />

models with a host of security<br />

and access features along with<br />

a variety of executing different<br />

applications like main-door<br />

security, office-cabin security,<br />

access for hotel rooms, etc.<br />

;;<br />

A complete range of kitchen<br />

solutions that are engineered<br />

by Häfele and come with<br />

assured Hafele quality. This<br />

range includes the Matrix<br />

Drawer and Runner systems,<br />

Free Flap Fittings, Metalla<br />

Furniture Hinges, and Clever<br />

Storage Solutions like tall<br />

units, side pull-outs, narrow<br />

cabinets, and corner units.<br />

;;<br />

A floor-to-ceiling sliding range<br />

called the Aluflex that can<br />

execute the most flexible<br />

applications within your home<br />

- be it an enclosure for a walkin<br />

wardrobe or an attractive,<br />

life-sized wardrobe unit<br />

;;<br />

Additions in colours to our<br />

in-house range of Premium<br />

Interior Surfaces – Terra.<br />

Terra was launched in 2021<br />

and we have now added three<br />

new colours to this range to<br />

provide you with more options<br />

in design and applications<br />

;;<br />

Additions in our floor spring<br />

and door closer range<br />

Q: What are some of the<br />

prestigious projects you have done<br />

at Hafele?<br />

At present, I work in the retail<br />

market where Hafele is growing by<br />

approx. 60-70 per cent annually.<br />

The fundamental rule for gaining a<br />

good and sustainable customer base<br />

is to offer good customer service,<br />

high-quality products, and timely<br />

availability of stocks.<br />

Q: What should be the criteria<br />

to select good architecture<br />

hardware?<br />

There are two categories of<br />

architectural hardware: One is used<br />

for functional purposes while the<br />

other is used to make your door<br />

look aesthetically pleasing. Products<br />

like mortise locks, cylinders, door<br />

closers, and floor springs are used<br />

for functional purposes while door<br />

handles and other door accessories<br />

enhance the look of the door. Hafele<br />

is known for its product range that<br />

delivers top notch functionality along<br />

with stylish aesthetics.<br />

Q: How do you compete with<br />

cheap and unbranded hardware<br />

available in the market?<br />

Although Hafele will always<br />

face competition with unbranded<br />

products in the market, what sets it<br />

apart is its attention to the quality of<br />

products it introduces, its competitive<br />

pricing strategy, its ability to cater to<br />

the leading market trends and the<br />

standard of service it offers to its<br />

customers. For customers who are<br />

hence looking for ease of mind, Hafele<br />

becomes the perfect fit.<br />

Q: What are the major<br />

challenges to the hardware<br />

industry?<br />

Although we are making progress,<br />

65-70 per cent of the hardware<br />

market in India still remains relatively<br />

unorganized. There is a need to<br />

educate the retail industry regarding<br />

the benefit of working with organized<br />

players. Besides this, some of the<br />

other challenges faced are:<br />

;;<br />

Recommendation of the right<br />

hardware to the end customer<br />

;;<br />

Availability of the product in<br />

the city<br />

;;<br />

Good product quality that<br />

can be perceived as value for<br />

money<br />

;;<br />

Display space available for<br />

hardware that is offered by<br />

major branded players<br />

Q: What is your future plan for<br />

your business?<br />

We aspire to achieve a sales<br />

revenue of approx. Rs 1,800-2,000<br />

crores in the next three years of which<br />

the retail vertical will contribute to<br />

more than 50 per cent of the share.<br />

Q: Describe the current scenario<br />

of the Indian architectural<br />

hardware industry.<br />

The Indian architectural hardware<br />

industry is majorly dominated<br />

by players who have a strong<br />

manufacturing set-up, whose products<br />

majorly follow the ‘Make-in-India’<br />

theme or those who can guarantee<br />

ready availability of stocks.<br />

Q: How much does your<br />

company focus on quality?<br />

Our focus has always been on<br />

providing our customers with the<br />

best quality products and there is<br />

absolutely no compromise in that. In<br />

the Indian Hardware industry, people<br />

buy or recommend products based<br />

on their quality and sustainability<br />

so for us it all the more becomes<br />

very important to ensure that our<br />

products excel in quality as well as<br />

functionality.<br />

Q: What is the future of the<br />

architectural hardware industry<br />

in India?<br />

The building material industry<br />

is growing by 8-10 per cent yearon-year.<br />

Any branded player can<br />

expect a growth of 20-25 per cent<br />

in architectural hardware with good<br />

quality and value-for-money products.<br />

The purchasing power of the upper<br />

middle class and salaried employees is<br />

increasing year after year. At least for<br />

the next five years, there is a scope for<br />

growth in the architectural hardware<br />

industry.<br />

Email: customercare@hafeleindia.com<br />

Website: www.hafeleindia.com<br />

82 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>


Interview<br />

Filtraglass and Daks-96: A successful<br />

partnership<br />

Filtraglass Specialises In Water Filtration Systems For All Types Of Glass<br />

Industries<br />

Daks-96 reports reduction in water consumption, improvement in quality of final product<br />

and increased productivity after installation of Filtraglass system.<br />

Filtraglass, water filtration system<br />

specialist for all types of glass<br />

industries, has recently installed<br />

one of its systems at Daks-96.<br />

With more than 15 years of<br />

experience, Filtraglass covers a wide<br />

sector of the automotive and optics<br />

industries, and the transformation of<br />

flat glass in general.<br />

Throughout its long history, the<br />

company has managed to become an<br />

international market leader, breaking<br />

new ground and exporting its systems<br />

to several different countries. Today,<br />

its water filtration systems can be<br />

found in the Americas, Europe and<br />

Asia.<br />

Following are excerpts from an<br />

interview of Viktor Zdravkov, General<br />

Manager of Daks-96.<br />

Q: Why did you decide to buy a<br />

purification machine?<br />

For many reasons, actually.<br />

Having a water treatment system in<br />

place reduces water consumption<br />

considerably. This way we are able to<br />

improve our production rate (because<br />

we don’t have to stop the machine<br />

to change water) and we can reduce<br />

pollution. It was also very important<br />

to us that by using clean and good<br />

quality water in our handling<br />

machines help these last longer. This<br />

means we would have to change<br />

their parts much less frequently. And<br />

we also reduce the consumption of<br />

84 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Filtraglass• 2<br />

coolant, because water is not changed.<br />

Q: Why did you choose<br />

Filtraglass systems?<br />

We chose Filtraglass because it’s<br />

an internationally recognised brand<br />

with many years of experience.<br />

What’s more, they were reliable and<br />

professional from the onset, which<br />

inspired a great deal of trust when it<br />

came to making our decision. When<br />

we met them, they understood our<br />

needs and were able to offer us<br />

customised advice on which system<br />

best suited the characteristics of our<br />

company. For us, their professionalism<br />

and attentiveness was key. In addition,<br />

of course, it was a plus for us that<br />

their systems allowed us to do our bit<br />

to combat pollution.<br />

Q: On a day-to-day basis, what<br />

are the most noticeable differences<br />

you have experienced after<br />

purchasing a Filtraglass system?<br />

In addition to the obvious reduction<br />

in water bills, I would highlight<br />

two changes. First, of course an<br />

improvement in the quality of the final<br />

product. Since we installed the first<br />

Filtraglass system, our glass has had<br />

a transparent finish and is completely<br />

clean and free of dust marks and<br />

debris. This clean finish reflects<br />

positively on the quality of the product<br />

we offer and the image our customers<br />

have of us. What’s more, and also<br />

very importantly, our productivity has<br />

improved because now we no longer<br />

have to stop the production line for<br />

maintenance work. Our machines are<br />

constantly working, so we’re now able<br />

to offer more within the same time<br />

frame.<br />

Q: What are your reasons for<br />

repurchasing a system?<br />

Basically, since our previous<br />

experience with Filtraglass had been<br />

positive in every way, we didn’t want<br />

to take any risks and decided to stick<br />

with them, as they already know our<br />

company and our way of working, and<br />

we know theirs. We were very satisfied<br />

with the purchase of the first system.<br />

Since we installed the machine, our<br />

productivity has increased and our<br />

costs have gone down. Naturally, as I<br />

said, the environmental factor is also<br />

important to us. In this day and age,<br />

commitment to the environment and<br />

sustainability is, or should be, key for<br />

all companies. We’re glad that our<br />

values and those of Filtraglass are<br />

aligned in this regard.<br />

Q: What has your relationship<br />

with Filtraglass been like over<br />

time?<br />

Our business relationship with<br />

Filtraglass has been positive from<br />

the beginning. First, before buying<br />

the machine, with their advice,<br />

then during installation, which<br />

also went very smoothly, with the<br />

technical and after-sales service. The<br />

Filtraglass team is always available<br />

to resolve any queries or problems<br />

and we also appreciate being able<br />

to contact them by various means,<br />

including WhatsApp, which is very<br />

practical. Since we started working<br />

with Filtraglass, Luis and his team<br />

have been monitoring the smooth<br />

running of the machine and have<br />

always offered to help when necessary.<br />

This excellent relationship and aftersales<br />

service is, of course, a plus to<br />

everything else the company offers.<br />

Email: info@filtraglass.com<br />

Website: www.filtraglass.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 85

Company News<br />

Glaston Convection<br />

Control tech marks new<br />

era of structural glazing<br />

production<br />

Developed Specifically To Increase Production<br />

Capability With Structural And High-Strength<br />

Laminates<br />

Convection Control system makes processing complex<br />

laminates feel more like working with standard ones<br />

which means glass processors will be able to reach higher<br />

capacity and yield.<br />

Laminated glass is one of the<br />

fastest-growing product areas<br />

in the glass industry today.<br />

The primary reason for the growth<br />

is the increasing demand for safety.<br />

More and more regulations require<br />

safer products, and the number of<br />

applications mandating safety glass<br />

86 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Glaston• 2<br />

is booming, too. At the same time,<br />

architects are looking to maximize the<br />

transparency of their buildings while<br />

making their designs unique.<br />

Greater demand for high-strength<br />

laminates<br />

One of the products increasingly<br />

required by the market is highstrength<br />

/ structural laminate.<br />

Originally this demand started<br />

from special applications, such as<br />

structural laminates (that can replace<br />

load-bearing structures such as pillars<br />

in buildings, perhaps the most famous<br />

example being the Apple Store in New<br />

York) and hurricane-resistant glazing.<br />

But with ever-increasing safety<br />

demands for products, high-strength<br />

laminates are rapidly making their<br />

way to traditional applications such as<br />

railings, as well.<br />

While these type of laminates<br />

offer often superior performance for<br />

the application, they also are more<br />

complex to process. This leads to a<br />

situation where glass processors are<br />

facing a demand to produce these<br />

products in increasing quantities,<br />

while struggling with yield and<br />

capacity. When this is combined with<br />

the fact that structural interlayers<br />

are typically more expensive than<br />

traditional ones, being able to ensure<br />

high yield is of utmost importance.<br />

Narrow operating window resulting<br />

in air bubbles<br />

A narrow operating window (range<br />

of optimal process temperature) is<br />

the main reason for these difficulties.<br />

In general, the more complex the<br />

laminate is in terms of size, shape,<br />

glass type or laminate composition,<br />

the narrower the range of optimal<br />

temperature is for the process. As a<br />

result, quality can be impaired.<br />

One of the most common quality<br />

issue seen in the laminating process<br />

is bubbles at the trailing end of the<br />

laminate. In practice what the bubbles<br />

mean is that there is too much air left<br />

inside the laminate. While there can<br />

be multiple reasons that are causing<br />

this, with high-strength laminates<br />

the reason is often overheating of the<br />

edge areas of the laminate. The same<br />

phenomenon happens regardless<br />

of the heating type used, and it<br />

happens on every edge of the laminate<br />

(leading, left, right and trailing). The<br />

issue is predominantly seen on the<br />

trailing edge as that’s where most of<br />

the air gets pushed during pressing.<br />

New convection technology cracks<br />

the challenge<br />

The good news is that an efficient<br />

solution for the issue has been found.<br />

Glaston’s patented Convection Control<br />

technology has been developed<br />

specifically to increase production<br />

capability with structural and highstrength<br />

laminates.<br />

Until now, glass processors have<br />

had to be very precise to achieve good<br />

quality with complex laminates while<br />

struggling with yield. With the new<br />

convection control system, processing<br />

these products becomes more like<br />

working with standard laminates.<br />

In practice this means that glass<br />

processors will be able to reach higher<br />

capacity and yield with complex<br />

laminates.<br />

-------------------------------------------------<br />

Source: https://glastory.net<br />

-------------------------------------------------<br />

Email: info@glaston.net<br />

Website: www.glaston.net<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 87

Company News<br />

Automated insulating<br />

glass production by LiSEC<br />

at Felbermayer Fenster &<br />

Türen<br />

Felbermayer Confident Full Automation, Output<br />

And Actual Costs Give It Massive Advantages<br />

‘LiSEC only manufacturer that can supply everything<br />

needed – machinery, software and services. Thanks to its<br />

all-in-one solutions, all coordination takes place internally.’<br />

Felbermayer Fenster & Türen<br />

combines the tradition of<br />

window and door construction<br />

with innovative technology. Previously,<br />

the insulating glass required to<br />

manufacture the products was bought<br />

in. This year, however, the company<br />

started its own insulating glass<br />

production and LiSEC was allowed to<br />

support Felbermayer with this project.<br />

Felbermayer Fenster & Türen was<br />

founded as a joinery back in 1964. In<br />

1993, Helmut Felbermayer took over<br />

the company from his father. Back<br />

then, only two employees worked in<br />

the small company in Klosterneuburg/<br />

Lower Austria. Over the years<br />

that followed, Mr Felbermayer has<br />

gradually expanded the company.<br />

Today, 210 employees work at the site<br />

in Unterwaltersdorf, Lower Austria,<br />

on the production of windows and<br />

doors, insulating glass manufacturing<br />

and powder coating. Felbermayer<br />

works together with subcontractors on<br />

installations.<br />

Felbermayer owns two companies:<br />

Felbermayer Fenster & Türen<br />

Erzeugungs GmbH, which produces<br />

the windows and then sells them to<br />

Felbermayer Vertriebs GmbH, which<br />

in turn takes care of the installation.<br />

88 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

LiSEC• 2<br />

The company is primarily active<br />

in the contract market and it covers<br />

the market from Vienna and Graz to<br />

Salzburg and Vorarlberg - supplying<br />

windows made of wood, woodaluminium,<br />

plastic and plasticaluminium.<br />

In 2021, Felbermayer<br />

generated sales of 44.2 million euros,<br />

while the figure this year is expected<br />

to stand at 50 million euros. “We<br />

have developed the window such that<br />

highly automated finishing is possible.<br />

That’s our strength compared to<br />

the competition. We achieve a high<br />

output with a very small number<br />

of employees,” Managing Director<br />

Helmut Felbermayer said.<br />

From green field to insulating glass<br />

production<br />

Previously, Mr Felbermayer always<br />

bought in the insulating glass.<br />

He said, “I always purchased<br />

exclusively from Interpane. Then<br />

the company’s managing director,<br />

Mr Hattmannsdorfer, recommended<br />

that we manufacture the insulating<br />

glass ourselves because the required<br />

quantities and scale were suitable<br />

for in-house production. Initially, I<br />

literally laughed at him. However, one<br />

time while away on holiday I mentally<br />

went over the scenario and relatively<br />

quickly came to the conclusion that it<br />

wasn’t such a bad idea at all.”<br />

The project was originally planned<br />

for 2023/2024, but thanks to an<br />

investment grant it was rescheduled<br />

and could be started at the end of<br />

2020. Within a very short time, a new<br />

hall for insulating glass production<br />

had been built and intensive work had<br />

taken place on the layout planning:<br />

“Over a period of two months, plans<br />

were sent back and forth almost daily<br />

to identify the best possible solution<br />

- and I think we succeeded. The<br />

collaboration worked really well. It was<br />

a joint project that was also thoroughly<br />

enjoyable,” said Mr Felbermayer.<br />

And he is delighted with the project<br />

progress to date: “Top performance<br />

was delivered by everyone involved.<br />

The excavator arrived at the end<br />

of February/beginning of March<br />

2021. In August, the hall was ready<br />

on schedule and installation of the<br />

machinery began. This continued<br />

in stages at full throttle, right up to<br />

the start of production. We had an<br />

outstanding team from LiSEC!”<br />

Mr Felbermayer went on to report<br />

that everything on the project worked,<br />

from the machines to the software,<br />

and no mistakes were made: “We<br />

would do everything exactly the same<br />

again. Throughout my career - during<br />

which we have bought numerous<br />

machines and planned plants - I<br />

have never experienced such perfect<br />

implementation within such a<br />

timeframe.”<br />

Felbermayer is the only contract<br />

window company that manufactures<br />

the insulating glass itself. Mr<br />

Felbermayer is confident that “thanks<br />

to the full automation, output and<br />

the actual costs, we enjoy massive<br />

advantages over the competition”.<br />

All solutions from a single source<br />

LiSEC’s solutions satisfy Mr<br />

Felbermayer’s expectations. He has<br />

always known the LiSEC name: “I<br />

have always had an eye on insulating<br />

glass production - we are genuine<br />

machine freaks at heart. We’ve been<br />

attending trade fairs for years and we<br />

have seen LiSEC machines and the<br />

machines offered by competitors. It<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 89

Company News<br />

has been clear to us that LiSEC tops<br />

the list when it comes to machinery<br />

construction.”<br />

The software is also impressive:<br />

“Machines are one thing, but the<br />

software behind them makes a big<br />

difference too. The installation went<br />

without a hitch - we had nothing to<br />

worry about. Our LiSEC software<br />

contact worked together with my<br />

colleague Gerhard Czervenka to<br />

compile all the basic data and update<br />

the master data and the whole thing<br />

was up and running.”<br />

Mr Felbermayer highlighted the<br />

advantages of obtaining solutions from<br />

a single source: “With the project<br />

being highly complex in nature, it<br />

was hugely beneficial to work with<br />

LiSEC - because everything came<br />

from a single source. LiSEC is actually<br />

the only machine manufacturer<br />

that can supply all the elements<br />

you need: Machinery, software and<br />

services. Thanks to the all-in-one<br />

solutions at LiSEC, all coordination<br />

takes place internally and you don’t<br />

really notice (or only rarely notice)<br />

the coordination and planning<br />

measures that are taking place in<br />

the background - yet another huge<br />

advantage with LiSEC: they make it<br />

look easy!”<br />

Felbermayer was also impressed<br />

with the electronic plans. Planning<br />

had to be accurate down to the<br />

last centimetre here, because all<br />

connections are in the ground and<br />

were laid before the concrete slab<br />

was cast. Mr Felbermayer emphasises<br />

that although other suppliers also<br />

offer good stand-alone machines,<br />

you just cannot beat LiSEC when it<br />

comes to high-quality fully automatic<br />

machinery and high-output processes.<br />

The LiSEC fleet of machines at<br />

Felbermayer<br />

It was not only the range of machines<br />

and software that impressed Mr<br />

Felbermayer: “I believe that the<br />

machinery construction is more<br />

carefully thought-out than in other<br />

companies. The development<br />

phase takes longer than that of the<br />

competition. It is clearly apparent in<br />

the workmanship and components<br />

that everything is very coherent. The<br />

LiSEC design department does an<br />

excellent job.”<br />

The LiSEC machinery fleet at<br />

Felbermayer includes the following<br />

machines: PKL/SBL, ESL-RS, two<br />

VSL-A stations, KSR, GSL, VHW-F,<br />

ARL, TPA-A, AGP-A, VFL-1F as<br />

well as automatic tempering bed<br />

loading and unloading. The glass is<br />

loaded by the PKL/SBL glass gantry<br />

loading system. With its rotating<br />

double suction frame, the system<br />

is able to stack large format sheets<br />

automatically and precisely.<br />

In addition to cutting flat glass<br />

using the LiSEC ESL-RS cutting<br />

table, Felbermayer has two LiSEC<br />

VSL-A cutting systems with Dynamic<br />

Load Balancing for cutting laminated<br />

glass. This is an intelligent form of<br />

dynamic utilisation control that can<br />

achieve a high output. The edges<br />

are seamed with the LiSEC KSR<br />

processing machine.<br />

Once the quality has been checked<br />

by the GSL quality scanner, the<br />

sheets are sorted into the ASM sorting<br />

magazine by the SHL glass transport<br />

shuttle. The system is able to pick<br />

up glass lites sheets vertically and<br />

horizontally, buffer and transfer the<br />

90 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

LiSEC• 4<br />

sheets, and transport them between<br />

the processing stations.<br />

The VHW-F is characterised<br />

by features including its flexible<br />

expandability, the contactless spindle<br />

guide and the self-cleaning gap filter<br />

system in the washing zone area.<br />

The sheets are washed and dried in<br />

an energy-efficient manner and with<br />

optimum polishing quality. With the<br />

desiccant filling machine ARL-45F,<br />

spacer frames made from all common<br />

materials can be filled with desiccant,<br />

both as rectangular frames and as<br />

shapes.<br />

Filling at the back of the frame<br />

guarantees a stable process, even<br />

with delicate plastic materials.<br />

The optional measurement of the<br />

desiccant quantity can ensure that<br />

there is sufficient desiccant in the<br />

frame compared to other systems.<br />

The LiSEC TPA - a fully automatic<br />

system for applying thermoplastic<br />

spacers - enables maximum flexibility<br />

by seamlessly changing between the<br />

different dimensions of the glass.<br />

The stepless width adjustment allows<br />

switching between different spacer<br />

widths without the requirement for a<br />

waiting time.<br />

The high-end gas filling press<br />

AGP-A is suitable for a wide range<br />

of applications due to the individual<br />

configuration options and impresses<br />

with the highest precision and quality.<br />

The LiSEC VFL-1F is a system for<br />

sealing insulating glass units with twocomponent<br />

sealants. The perfected<br />

build-up of this system guarantees a<br />

high degree of process reliability and<br />

top corner quality - even for units<br />

with a high weight.<br />

Changes to the market<br />

The economy has changed<br />

dramatically since 2020. “We are<br />

currently experiencing an economic<br />

situation that we have never had<br />

before. The damage is not even fully<br />

tangible yet. The coming years will be<br />

difficult for every company,” said Mr<br />

Felbermayer.<br />

He is delighted to have accelerated<br />

the insulating glass production<br />

project: “The insulating glass and the<br />

financial savings it delivers benefit us<br />

because we have a huge advantage<br />

over the competition, thanks to<br />

production automation. It was the<br />

right decision for us to bring this<br />

forward. It will be a big help to us in<br />

the long run and with the challenges<br />

of the coming years.”<br />

About the company<br />

LiSEC, headquartered in<br />

Seitenstetten/Amstetten, is a globally<br />

active group that has provided<br />

individual and comprehensive<br />

solutions in flat glass processing and<br />

finishing for 60 years.<br />


– Claudia GUSCHLBAUER<br />

Email: claudia.guschlbauer@lisec.com<br />

Website: www.lisec.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 91

Company News<br />

Alstone, VMZINC unite to<br />

redefine cladding industry<br />

Announce “Sustainable Growth Partnership” To<br />

Make Zinc Composite Panels, Zinc Honeycomb<br />

Panels<br />

Alliance provides a wide range of products for exterior<br />

cladding with FR-grade safety standards for commercial,<br />

institutional, and residential requirements.<br />

Alstone, one of India’s leading<br />

manufacturers of high-pressure<br />

laminate (HPL) and fire-rated<br />

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP),<br />

joined hands with VMZINC, France,<br />

the world’s largest zinc titanium<br />

rolled products and finished goods<br />

manufacturer in a recent event held<br />

in Delhi.<br />

The two conglomerates announced<br />

a “sustainable growth partnership” to<br />

manufacture zinc composite panels<br />

and zinc honeycomb panels, which<br />

eventually becomes one of the biggest<br />

initiatives towards green metal being<br />

used in the Indian cladding industry.<br />

Zinc as a metal is eco-friendly due<br />

to its recyclability, longer life, and<br />

self-healing properties yet providing a<br />

beautiful aesthetician effect due to its<br />

naturally ever-changing appearance.<br />

This alliance provides a wide range<br />

of products for exterior cladding<br />

with FR-grade safety standards<br />

for commercial, institutional, and<br />

residential requirements while taking<br />

care of the aesthetician effect.<br />

It will combine Alstone’s worldclass<br />

metal composite panel<br />

manufacturing expertise with<br />

VMZINC’s extensive access to the<br />

zinc value chain. The combination<br />

will create the largest and most<br />

credible partner for building<br />

material sectors and an ecosystem<br />

that embraces architects, urban<br />

planners, and city planners that are<br />

seeking a role in accelerating the<br />

longer-lasting building and cladding<br />

infrastructure sector. It will meet the<br />

enormous demand from governments,<br />

corporations, and investors and<br />

ensure adequate and long-term<br />

aesthetics and functionality in the<br />

metal composite sector – for all times<br />

ahead.<br />

The event comprised a crosssection<br />

of the premier and most<br />

reputed architects from the country<br />

– who were avid participants in an<br />

animated panel discussion on fireretardant<br />

materials and zinc and<br />

sustainability in the building and<br />

construction sector and the notable<br />

role of zinc in such materials.<br />

The highlight of the evening was<br />

the stunning product launch of<br />

Alstone Zinc honeycomb panels and<br />

Alstone Zinc Composite Panels –<br />

which was the cynosure of the entire<br />

gathering, including the press and<br />

electronic and digital media.<br />

Speaking on the collaboration, Mr<br />

92 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Alstone• 2<br />

Sumit Gupta, Managing Director,<br />

Alstone, said, “We are proud to have<br />

collaborated with VMZINC- one of<br />

the world’s leading Zinc titanium<br />

players, and join hands to lead this<br />

initiative. This alliance will not only<br />

offer revolutionary cladding products<br />

to Indian consumers but also will<br />

take care of the environment and<br />

sustainable future.”<br />

“We understand participants at<br />

various climate conferences globally<br />

– including India have declared their<br />

intention to decrease the carbon<br />

footprint globally, and it is a great<br />

responsibility for us to lead such an<br />

initiative,” he added.<br />

“We have been early backers of the<br />

renewables building material market,<br />

and in terms of capacity enhancement<br />

– all along and it is clear to us<br />

that zinc is going to take a similar<br />

trajectory,” Gupta said.<br />

“This collaborative partnership is<br />

exactly in line with how Alstone has<br />

operated so far. We are confident<br />

that the partnership will be able to<br />

play a leading role in accelerating the<br />

building and cladding scale-up needed<br />

to decarbonize our economies. And<br />

most importantly - lending a hand<br />

to renewable and recyclable building<br />

materials and going the extra mile in<br />

the process of nation building,” he<br />

noted.<br />

Commenting on the alliance, Ms<br />

Judith Juando Ribe of VMZINC said,<br />

“As Alstone is a trusted brand in the<br />

market for the last 20 years, we are<br />

building upon the equity that our<br />

customers have come to expect from<br />

us – building upon the legacy of Zinc<br />

from VMZINC and Alstone’s metal<br />

composite expertise and quality – will<br />

work wonders in the Indian, regional<br />

and global market, in the times<br />

ahead. We are truly invested in this<br />

partnership and confident of doing<br />

well.”<br />

Mr Sumit Sahay, General<br />

Manager of VMZINC, said, “Together<br />

with Alstone, and the ambitious<br />

backing of VMZINC’s zinc sheet<br />

metal excellence, global reach and<br />

networks, we are well-placed to do<br />

this, combining a unique skill set and<br />

track record. With strong industrial<br />

expertise at its core, the joint venture<br />

will have a unique capacity to scale up<br />

the manufacture of zinc honeycomb<br />

and zinc composite panels.”<br />

About the company<br />

Alstone is a leading manufacturer<br />

of high-pressure laminate, firerated<br />

composite panels, aluminum<br />

honeycomb panels, and louvers in<br />

India. It was established in 2004<br />

and has its manufacturing unit near<br />

Dehradun.<br />

– Lalit Midha<br />

Email: lalit.midha@alstoneindia.com<br />

Website: www.alstoneindia.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 93

Company News<br />

Gold Plus Glass Industry,<br />

Uniparts India get nod to<br />

float IPOs<br />

They Filed Preliminary IPO Papers With The<br />

Securities Exchange Board Of India (Sebi) In April<br />

Both companies have obtained observation letters from<br />

the regulator during September 22-23, a recent update<br />

from the markets watchdog showed.<br />

Float glass maker Gold Plus<br />

Glass Industry and engineering<br />

solutions provider Uniparts<br />

India have received capital markets<br />

regulator Sebi’s approval to raise<br />

funds through initial public offerings<br />

(IPOs).<br />

The two companies, which had<br />

filed preliminary IPO papers with the<br />

Securities Exchange Board of India<br />

(Sebi) in April, obtained observation<br />

letters from the regulator during<br />

September 22-23.<br />

In Sebi’s parlance, the regulator’s<br />

observation implies its go-ahead to<br />

launch an initial share-sale. Going<br />

by the draft papers, Gold Plus Glass<br />

Industry’s IPO comprises a fresh issue<br />

of equity shares aggregating up to Rs<br />

300 crore and an offer for sale (OFS)<br />

up to 1,28,26,224 equity shares by<br />

promoters and existing shareholders.<br />

As a part of the OFS, promoters —<br />

Suresh Tyagi and Jimmy Tyagi — will<br />

offer up to 10,19,995 equity shares<br />

each and investor PI Opportunities<br />

Fund-I will sell up to 1,07,86,234<br />

equity shares.<br />

The company proposes to utilise<br />

net proceeds from the fresh issuance<br />

of equity shares towards funding debt,<br />

working incremental requirements<br />

and general corporate purposes.<br />

Gold Plus Glass Industry is one<br />

of the leading float glass makers in<br />

India with a 16 per cent share of<br />

manufacturing capacity in fiscal<br />

2021. The company’s products cater<br />

to a range of end-use industries,<br />

including automotive, construction<br />

and industrial sectors, with a variety<br />

of applications.<br />

The initial share-sale of Uniparts<br />

India is entirely an OFS of<br />

1,57,31,942 equity shares by promoter<br />

group entities and existing investors,<br />

according to the draft papers.<br />

Those offering shares in the OFS<br />

are promoter group entities — The<br />

Karan Soni 2018 CG-NG Nevada<br />

Trust, The Meher Soni 2018 CG-NG<br />

Nevada Trust, Pamela Soni — and<br />

investors Ashoka Investment Holdings<br />

Ltd and Ambadevi Mauritius Holding<br />

Ltd.<br />

Since the IPO would be entirely an<br />

OFS, the company will not receive any<br />

proceeds from the public issue.<br />

This would be the company’s third<br />

attempt to go public. Earlier, Uniparts<br />

had filed its IPO papers with Sebi in<br />

<strong>December</strong> 2018 and in September<br />

2014. It also obtained the regulator’s<br />

clearance to launch the IPO on two<br />

occasions but did not go ahead with<br />

the initial share sale.<br />

Uniparts India is a global<br />

manufacturer of engineered systems<br />

and solutions. It is one of the leading<br />

suppliers of systems and components<br />

for the off-highway market in<br />

agriculture and construction, forestry<br />

and mining and aftermarket sectors<br />

on account of its presence across over<br />

25 countries.<br />

Email: info@goldplusgroup.com<br />

Website: www.goldplusgroup.com<br />

94 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Company News<br />

Glaston wins deal for 5<br />

new-generation solar<br />

lines in China<br />

Solar Industry Growth-Capturing Customer<br />

Segment, Already A Booming Market<br />

Glaston Group has signed a contract for five flat tempering<br />

lines for solar panel tempering with Chinese company<br />

Kibing Glass. This is the first win for Glaston’s new tailormade<br />

concept for the solar industry.<br />

In Glaston’s updated strategy,<br />

the solar industry is identified<br />

as a growth-capturing customer<br />

segment. Amid rising concerns over<br />

climate change and energy security,<br />

significant growth in renewable energy<br />

is expected.<br />

In China, the solar market is<br />

booming and the new installed solar<br />

capacity was up 148 per cent in<br />

the first quarter of <strong>2022</strong> compared<br />

to the corresponding period in<br />

2021 (Source: China National<br />

Energy Administration, April <strong>2022</strong>).<br />

Reflecting these growth numbers,<br />

the output of solar glass in China has<br />

increased thereby driving demand<br />

for solar panel glass processing<br />

equipment.<br />

Glaston’s long-term customer,<br />

Kibing Glass is an innovative hightechnology<br />

company, specializing<br />

in float glass, energy-saving<br />

building glass, low-iron ultrawhite<br />

glass, photovoltaic glass, and<br />

pharmaceutical glass. Currently,<br />

Kibing Glass invests heavily to expand<br />

its photovoltaic glass production<br />

base in China and Malaysia and the<br />

number of photovoltaic glass projects<br />

has been accelerating.<br />

Kibing Glass already operates close<br />

to 20 Glaston insulating glass lines.<br />

Glaston’s technological advantage,<br />

service capabilities and strong brand<br />

name contributed to the positive<br />

outcome when the customer was<br />

looking for a technology supplier for<br />

their growing solar business.<br />

“Kibing Glass is a highly valued<br />

customer and we are honored to<br />

support their growth initiatives in the<br />

solar business. Glaston’s tailor-made<br />

solar concept, which combines huge<br />

volumes and high-quality thin glass,<br />

is a perfect choice,” Sasu Koivumäki,<br />

CSO at Glaston Corporation, said.<br />

The CHF Solar line is designed<br />

for high volume and operates 24/7<br />

with an automatic setup. The cycle<br />

time per glass is only 15 seconds. As<br />

the line is running continuously, the<br />

daily throughput is approximately 250<br />

tonnes.<br />

The order, valued at close to EUR<br />

5 million, is booked in Glaston’s<br />

Q3/<strong>2022</strong> order book. The CHF<br />

Solar lines will be delivered to the<br />

customer’s facility in Malaysia during<br />

the first half of 2023.<br />

With total assets of RMB 19 billion<br />

and more than 10,000 employees,<br />

Kibing operates from six glass<br />

processing plants located throughout<br />

China and Malaysia. The company<br />

also has 26 high-quality float glass<br />

lines in production. Since 2011, the<br />

company is listed on the Shanghai<br />

Stock Exchange.<br />

About the company<br />

Glaston is the glass processing<br />

industry’s innovative technology<br />

leader supplying equipment, services<br />

and solutions to the architectural,<br />

automotive, solar and display<br />

industries. The company also supports<br />

the development of new technologies<br />

integrating intelligence into glass.<br />

-------------------------------------------------<br />

Source: https://glaston.net<br />

-------------------------------------------------<br />

Email: info@glaston.net<br />

Website: www.glaston.net<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 95

Company News<br />

The eT-Litocran700, originally an autonomous add-on module for cranes and telehandlers,<br />

has been fully integrated by MAGNI TH.<br />

MAGNI TH, euroTECH mark partnership<br />

with joint appearance at BAUMA <strong>2022</strong><br />

Visitors Admired Litocran At The International Trade Fair For Building<br />

Industry Held In Munich<br />

Collaboration will offer unprecedented levels of precision and mobility to customers<br />

seeking to moving loads with telehandlers.<br />

In the end of June, euroTECH<br />

managing director Thomas Schulz<br />

travelled to Castelfranco Emilia in<br />

Italy to seal an important partnership:<br />


SRL, a local manufacturer of<br />

telehandlers, has chosen the eT-<br />

Litocran700 as an add-on module for<br />

the precision vacuum lifters used in<br />

its products.<br />

This new collaboration between<br />

two innovative companies will offer<br />

unprecedented levels of precision<br />

and mobility to customers seeking to<br />

moving loads with telehandlers. The<br />

Magni family looks back on 50 years of<br />

experience in mechanical engineering<br />

with a focus on telescopic handlers.<br />

As early as 1980, their company –<br />

then trading under the name FARGH<br />

– designed and constructed the first<br />

reach forklifts with a patented boom<br />

in continental Europe. Following a<br />

joint venture with a global industry<br />

leader, the Magni family decided<br />

to forge its own path in developing<br />

innovative heavy-duty telehandlers in<br />

2013.<br />

Drawing from its own strengths and<br />

experiences, they founded MAGNI<br />

96 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

euroTECH• 2<br />

The two managing directors, Carlo Magni (on the right) and Thomas Schulz (euroTECH), will be focusing on the Litocran as a high-precision<br />

add-on module with a sensitive 3D control system for efficient installation of window and facade elements in future.<br />


initially with a team of ten. Today,<br />

MAGNI TH employs 450 members of<br />

staff around the world and produces<br />

more than 3000 units every year. An<br />

efficient decision-making process<br />

and a keen understanding of its<br />

customers’ needs have made this<br />

steep and successful growth curve<br />

possible.<br />

Of course, euroTECH in Rosenfeld<br />

adhere to the exact same philosophy,<br />

so Thomas Schulz and Carlo<br />

Magni found it easy to come to an<br />

agreement. With their Litocran,<br />

the specialists for vacuum lifting<br />

technology have filled a very specific<br />

gap between telehandlers and vacuum<br />

lifters.<br />

Unlike other devices currently<br />

available on the market, the<br />

Litocran is equipped with a highly<br />

sensitive 3D control system offering<br />

maximal mobility across the last<br />

few centimetres. It enables the user<br />

to carry out all movements with<br />

millimetre precision.<br />

This is particularly interesting<br />

for facade engineers, for instance,<br />

as it allows them to install even<br />

hard-to-place elements rapidly<br />

with minimal staff. The system<br />

completely eliminates the need<br />

for elaborate preparations. In<br />

times of surging building costs and<br />

personnel shortages, this constitutes<br />

a considerable competitive advantage<br />

for the window and facade sector,<br />

especially when the combination<br />

of a MAGNI telehandler and the<br />

et-Litocran700 can be sourced costefficiently<br />

from an equipment hire<br />

provider.<br />

High flexibility<br />

Users of the Litocran do not need<br />

to set up scaffolding to install,<br />

repair or replace window and facade<br />

elements. Instead, the elements are<br />

simply loaded onto the Litocran on<br />

the ground, which is easily possible<br />

even on construction sites with lessthan-ideal<br />

surface conditions for the<br />

transport rack. The Litocran can,<br />

for example, reach across an A rack<br />

and manoeuvre individual elements<br />

to their precise installation site at a<br />

height of up to 50 metres depending<br />

on the lifting height of the MAGNI<br />

telehandler.<br />

MAGNI TH and Litocran at BAUMA<br />

The ‘red gazelle’, as the Litocran has<br />

been dubbed for its remarkable speed<br />

and precision, provides clear value to<br />

customers of MAGNI TH. Its seamless<br />

integration in the form of controls,<br />

hydraulics and energy supply was an<br />

obvious choice for managing director<br />

Carlo Magni.<br />

Visitors to BAUMA <strong>2022</strong> admired<br />

the Litocran at the MAGNI TH<br />

booth at Freigelände Süd 1108/3,<br />

where the combination of MAGNI<br />

telehandlers and the eT-Litocran700<br />

was on impressive display. The joint<br />

appearance of the two partners<br />

also granted insights into future<br />

installation possibilities in the window<br />

and facade sector.<br />

About the company<br />

euroTECH offers handling and<br />

transport solutions in the field of<br />

vacuum technology. The company<br />

develops and produce customerspecific<br />

vacuum systems and<br />

components for automated handling<br />

tasks.<br />

– euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH<br />

Email: info@etvac.de<br />

Website: www.etvac.de<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 97

Company News<br />

Ozone sets up its first<br />

‘experience centre’ in<br />

Lucknow<br />

Aims To Provide Live Display Of Its Range Of<br />

Architectural Hardware And Security Solutions<br />

The centre is dedicated to the people of Lucknow to dwell<br />

in the world of Ozone and experience the world-class<br />

offering of modern and contemporary interiors<br />

Ozone Group, a leading<br />

Indian company in the<br />

architectural hardware and<br />

security solutions space, has recently<br />

inaugurated its experience centre,<br />

The Ozone Hub, in Lucknow.<br />

The hub comprises a live display<br />

of architectural glass fittings, shower<br />

enclosures, digital locks and safes,<br />

hardware for wooden and glass doors,<br />

and more.<br />

The centre is dedicated to the<br />

people of Lucknow to dwell in the<br />

world of Ozone and experience the<br />

world-class offering of modern and<br />

contemporary interiors.<br />

The hub was launched to impart<br />

technical know-how, functionality, and<br />

usage of the products to both B2B and<br />

B2C audiences. At this experience<br />

centre, the product displays and<br />

practical demonstrations from<br />

Ozone’s experts will give a first-hand<br />

experience to the customers, offering<br />

them an end-to-end exposure to the<br />

perfect blend of modern aesthetics<br />

and innovative designs that are a vital<br />

component in Ozone offerings.<br />

Speaking on the launch, Mr Alok<br />

Aggarwal, Managing Director, Ozone<br />

Group, said, “We are delighted to<br />

announce the launch of our latest<br />

98 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Ozone• 2<br />

experience centre, The Ozone Hub<br />

in Lucknow, one of our key markets<br />

in the north region. This strategic<br />

expansion will play an integral role<br />

in increasing our footprint in the<br />

region. We are confident that this will<br />

help our audience make informed<br />

decisions while choosing from our<br />

‘Made in India’ products portfolio and<br />

be assured of their quality.”<br />

Rajiv Agarwal from Doorbhai, the<br />

local channel partner of Ozone, said,<br />

“The experience centre will enable<br />

a client to perceive how a solution<br />

will look once installed. The centre<br />

will also be used as a training centre<br />

for architects, dealers, installers, and<br />

fabricators to understand the actual<br />

installation process of the Ozone<br />

fittings & give a better finish to the<br />

final solution.”<br />

Ozone provides a wide variety<br />

of solutions across safety, security,<br />

and hardware across residential and<br />

commercial establishments. All fittings<br />

are manufactured as per international<br />

standards and come with certifications<br />

proving their quality and sustainability.<br />

Email: customercare@ozone-india.com<br />

Website: www.ozone-india.com<br />

Vinod Tandon,<br />

Secretary, Federation of Safety Glass<br />

Mob: +91 9810176936<br />

E-mail: vinod.tandon@fosg.in<br />


This is an important information for all our members as Quality Control Order (QCO) on safety glass is going to be mandatory<br />

and implemented from 1st of April 2023.<br />

Keeping in view of the above, we strongly recommend/request all our members those who have not yet got the BIS<br />

certification to please expedite the process and get the BIS certification done ASAP.<br />

Please note you will not be able to sell/buy material without BIS marking after the above mentioned date i.e. 1st April 2023.<br />

In case of any assistance required please feel free to contact the undersigned 24x7.<br />

We also take this opportunity to inform all that FOSG will be participating in the upcoming Zak Glass Technology Expo<br />

scheduled in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 1st to 3rd <strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 99

Company News<br />

Şişecam Chairman receives<br />

top award from Italy’s Le<br />

Fonti business news channel<br />

The Award Is A Recognition Of Company’s Inclusive,<br />

Excellence-Oriented, And Sustainable Activities<br />

Professor Ahmet Kırman, Şişecam Chairman & Executive<br />

Member Of Board, Accepted The Award At A Ceremony<br />

Held In Milan On <strong>October</strong> 6th.<br />

Şişecam, a global player in the<br />

glass and chemicals industries,<br />

is a standout with its worldwide<br />

footprint and exemplary practices. In<br />

recognition of its inclusive, excellenceoriented,<br />

and sustainable activities,<br />

Şişecam received an award at the Le<br />

Fonti Awards.<br />

The Chairman of the Year<br />

(Chairman Dell’Anno) award was<br />

granted by a platform organized by<br />

Le Fonti, a leading economic and<br />

business news broadcaster in Italy.<br />

The Le Fonti Awards recognize<br />

outstanding organizations and their<br />

leaders who demonstrate corporate<br />

excellence in business innovation,<br />

leadership, technological achievement,<br />

and employee engagement. Professor<br />

Ahmet Kırman, Şişecam’s Chairman<br />

and Executive Member of the Board,<br />

was presented the award.<br />

Dr Kırman said: “Şişecam, a global<br />

player in the glass and chemicals<br />

industries, ranks in the top five<br />

globally in its core business areas.<br />

In our pursuit of sustainable valuecreating<br />

growth and global excellence,<br />

we conduct manufacturing operations<br />

in 14 countries on four continents at<br />

45 facilities with 24,000 employees.<br />

We are focused on investing and<br />

growing further to become one of the<br />

world’s top three players in our core<br />

business areas.”<br />

“Şişecam is committed to creating<br />

sustainable value in every geography<br />

where it operates. To ensure our<br />

ongoing success, we focus on<br />

achieving excellence across all our<br />

business operations and processes<br />

while effectively managing our<br />

robust and agile global organization.<br />

At Şişecam, we believe that healthy<br />

growth is only possible with an<br />

inclusive approach that supports the<br />

development of our entire ecosystem.<br />

With this perspective, we are<br />

implementing innovative projects and<br />

initiatives to improve the environment,<br />

society, and life in every territory<br />

where we operate,” he added.<br />

Dr Kırman said that Italy, where<br />

Şişecam engages in chromium, flat<br />

glass, and refractories production,<br />

is an important gateway to Western<br />

Europe. He continued: “We are<br />

expanding our business activities in<br />

Italy, which started in 2005, with new<br />

investments. Currently, we employ 550<br />

people in the country and Şişecam is<br />

the largest Turkish investor in Italy.<br />

We are also the leading manufacturer<br />

of flat glass in the country. Şişecam<br />

contributes to Italy’s economy with its<br />

value-added products, employment<br />

opportunities, and exports. We are<br />

pleased that the significant value<br />

we add to the country’s economy is<br />

recognized and appreciated. In 2019,<br />

I was honored with the “Cavaliere”<br />

of the Order of the Star of Italy,<br />

bestowed by the President of the<br />

Italian Republic. This distinction was<br />

a source of tremendous pride for me.<br />

Today, I am very pleased once again to<br />

receive such a meaningful award from<br />

Le Fonti TV. I would like to thank for<br />

this special award. I sincerely believe<br />

that Şişecam’s strong cooperation with<br />

Italy will continue and contribute to<br />

our ongoing global success story.”<br />

About the company<br />

Founded in 1935 in Turkey, Şişecam<br />

is a strong global player in the fields<br />

of glass and chemicals. It is the only<br />

global company operating in all core<br />

areas of glass production – including<br />

flat glass, glassware, glass packaging,<br />

and glass fiber. Currently, Şişecam<br />

ranks among the world’s top two<br />

manufacturers of glassware and the<br />

top five producers of glass packaging<br />

and flat glass.<br />

Website: www.sisecam.com<br />

100 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Technical Article<br />

What to know before<br />

buying glass tempering<br />

furnace<br />

Industry Leader Landglass Lists Knowhow<br />

Gathered Over 20 Years In Business<br />

LandGlass talks about product positioning, criteria that<br />

determines the correct furnace, different kinds available<br />

in the market and ways to make a furnace more profitable<br />

among others.<br />

Buying a glass tempering furnace<br />

is the largest investment for<br />

a glass processing enterprise.<br />

It could determine an enterprise’s<br />

market value, the distribution<br />

of customer base, and overall<br />

profitability.<br />

Being in the glass processing<br />

machinery business for more than 20<br />

years, LandGlass has seen numerous<br />

successful cases of investment in<br />

glass tempering furnaces. This article<br />

intends to help those who plan to<br />

invest in glass tempering machines<br />

to properly evaluate the operating<br />

environment and their own situations<br />

before making a purchasing decision.<br />

Before purchasing a glass tempering<br />

furnace, have a clear view of the<br />

product positioning.<br />

The customers of the tempered glass<br />

market can be divided into Type B<br />

customers (who place more regular<br />

orders) and Type C customers (mostly<br />

are small and irregular orders). Type<br />

B customers place engineering orders<br />

including glass for doors, windows<br />

and curtain walls. These products<br />

generally have standard specifications;<br />

Type C customers refer to the<br />

customers in the home improvement<br />

market that can be further divided<br />

into customers for high-end system<br />

windows and for general household<br />

windows.<br />

Among them, both Type B curtain<br />

wall and Type C system windows<br />

have very high requirements on<br />

optical quality and glass surface<br />

quality. As such, the requirements<br />

for machine configurations are also<br />

high. Customers should choose the<br />

glass tempering furnace with the<br />

appropriate configurations according<br />

to their product positioning.<br />

What are the criteria typically used<br />

to determine the right tempering<br />

furnace?<br />

Capacity matching: The capacity<br />

of the glass tempering furnace should<br />

match the estimated annual overall<br />

production output. Take LandGlass<br />

A2850 glass tempering furnace as<br />

an example, to produce 5mm Low-E<br />

glass (E=0.08), the production<br />

capacity is 15-18 loads/hour. The<br />

annual output is approximately<br />

1.50 million square meters of glass.<br />

An enterprise may calculate the<br />

required capacity according to the<br />

estimated annual output and select<br />

the appropriate model of the glass<br />

tempering machine.<br />

Floor space: Different types of<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 101

Technical Article<br />

glass tempering furnaces, such as flat<br />

glass tempering furnace, bent glass<br />

tempering furnace, flat and bent bidirectional<br />

glass tempering furnace,<br />

combined tempering furnace, and<br />

continuous tempering furnace have<br />

very different longitudinal sizes.<br />

Customers should take into<br />

consideration the actual space<br />

available when choosing their models.<br />

Besides, the space for the temporary<br />

storage of unfinished glass products<br />

needs to be reserved in advance.<br />

Power load: Different glass<br />

tempering furnace models need<br />

different installed power. Take<br />

5mm clear glass as an example, the<br />

installed power of the A2850 single<br />

chamber is about 1300kw while the<br />

installed power of a combined glass<br />

tempering furnace is approximately<br />

2400kw. Enterprises should consider<br />

the installed capacity of their existing<br />

transformer and the possibility<br />

of expansion when choosing the<br />

machine models.<br />

Machinery the competition<br />

uses: In line with the consideration<br />

of competitive differentiation, the<br />

capacity of your glass tempering<br />

furnace generally should be larger<br />

than that of your competitors’ in<br />

the region. For instance, if your<br />

competitor is equipped with a glass<br />

tempering furnace for glass size<br />

2.4mx5m, you should consider a glass<br />

tempering machine for glass size<br />

2.4mx6 m or 2.8mx5m.<br />

Forced convection glass tempering<br />

furnace or radiation glass tempering<br />

furnace?<br />

When it comes to forced convection,<br />

we have to talk about Low-E glass.<br />

Low-E glass is known for its low-<br />

Emissivity properties. In short, it<br />

reflects a lot of radiation heat, making<br />

it difficult to heat up quickly with<br />

radiation heating. When using a<br />

radiation glass tempering furnace to<br />

heat the Low-E glass, the radiation<br />

heating takes too much time and the<br />

uneven heating between the upper<br />

and lower glass surfaces seriously<br />

affects the quality of glass.<br />

While forced convection glass<br />

tempering furnaces take the air<br />

convection approach, directly blowing<br />

heated air to the glass surface,<br />

overcoming the reflection of Low-E<br />

glass in radiation heating. Therefore,<br />

when the volume of coated glass<br />

tempering accounts for more than<br />

30% of an enterprise’s orders or there<br />

is a great variety of glass tempering<br />

tasks, it is recommended to choose a<br />

convection glass tempering furnace.<br />

Even for clear glass, the<br />

performance of a convection<br />

tempering furnace is significantly<br />

better than that of a radiation<br />

tempering furnace. Hence, it is<br />

recommended that enterprises should<br />

buy forced convection glass tempering<br />

furnaces.<br />

Are all convection technologies the<br />

same? No, they are not the same<br />

Three key factors to consider when<br />

evaluating the convection technology:<br />

;;<br />

The proportion and efficiency<br />

of convection heating<br />

;;<br />

Whether the heat is distributed<br />

evenly<br />

;;<br />

Whether the temperature<br />

control is accurate<br />

At present, there are primarily three<br />

convection technologies in the<br />

industry: pipe convection, chamber<br />

convection, and OptiFlow convection.<br />

As a basic technology, pipe convection<br />

is the transitional technology between<br />

radiation furnace and convection<br />

furnace. Chamber convection is an<br />

102 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

LandGlass• 3<br />

upgraded technology based on pipe<br />

convection.<br />

OptiFlow convection is a<br />

further upgrade from the chamber<br />

convection, effectively improving<br />

the heat exchange efficiency and<br />

heating uniformity in the furnace<br />

for a better result when tempering<br />

double-silver and triple-silver Low-E<br />

glass. In addition, for true convection<br />

heating, the heating elements should<br />

be located in the positions where the<br />

convection system blows air, not the<br />

positions where the air returns.<br />

Top and bottom full convection glass<br />

tempering furnace or top convection<br />

tempering furnace?<br />

Top convection glass tempering<br />

furnaces use air convection in its top<br />

part to heat the upper surface of the<br />

glass. The bottom part still retains<br />

the conventional radiation heating<br />

method. It will work well for those<br />

who have fewer Low-E glass orders.<br />

Full convection tempering furnace<br />

adds convection devices to the bottom<br />

part to enhance the bottom heat<br />

transfer. This will avoid the spherical<br />

bending problems caused by the<br />

situation where the heat transfer<br />

rate of the upper glass surface is<br />

significantly higher than that of the<br />

lower surface when heating largesized<br />

glass or coated glass thinner<br />

than 4mm in a top convection glass<br />

tempering furnace. It ensures that<br />

the top and bottom surfaces of the<br />

glass are heated simultaneously for<br />

better heating quality and higher<br />

productivity. Meanwhile, the full<br />

convection glass tempering furnaces<br />

can better heat Low-E glass with<br />

complicated coatings.<br />

In an era where quality dominates,<br />

the touchstone for tempered glass is<br />

anisotropy and flatness<br />

Anisotropy, also known as the<br />

iridescence, is a common defect seen<br />

on tempered glass in the curtain<br />

wall industry. It directly destroys the<br />

overall aesthetic effect of a building,<br />

may even result in product return.<br />

A good glass tempering furnace<br />

will minimize anisotropy through<br />

appropriate structural configurations<br />

and manufacturing processes,<br />

improving the quality of building<br />

curtain walls.<br />

Flatness is also an essential<br />

indicator of tempered glass.<br />

Laminated glass in particular has<br />

a higher requirement on flatness.<br />

The national standard has clear<br />

definitions on how to measure<br />

glass flatness, especially the overall<br />

bow and the waviness. At present,<br />

advanced glass tempering furnaces<br />

can achieve overall bow≤1 ‰, center<br />

waviness≤0.05/300mm, and edge<br />

waviness≤0.10/300mm in 6 mm clear<br />

glass mass production, far higher than<br />

the national standard.<br />

Customers should consult the<br />

actual machine users or do the field<br />

research before buying the machine<br />

rather than relying merely on<br />

advertising.<br />

How to make your glass tempering<br />

furnace more profitable?<br />

Generally, glass tempering furnaces<br />

account for the largest proportion of a<br />

factory’s total electricity consumption.<br />

Good integrated energy-saving<br />

technology adopted in the glass<br />

tempering machine can save you a lot<br />

of money. For 4mm or thicker glass,<br />

the main energy consumption unit of<br />

the glass tempering furnace is in the<br />

heating section.<br />

The amount of heat required to<br />

heat the glass is constant. Reducing<br />

heat loss during machine operation is<br />

a good approach to save energy. Heat<br />

loss in the heating section is primarily<br />

from the furnace walls and in the<br />

convection structure. LandGlass’<br />

glass tempering furnace adopts<br />

ThermoLock technology, Labyrinth<br />

sealing, and grid-structure insulation<br />

to minimize heat loss and reduce<br />

operating costs.<br />

How not to spend money in vain<br />

when purchasing a glass tempering<br />

furnace?<br />

The quality of the tempered glass<br />

products and the reliability of the<br />

tempering furnace will determine<br />

the development and profitability of<br />

the enterprise in the next 5-10 years.<br />

Therefore, the reliability and product<br />

quality are far more important than<br />

the price of the machine.<br />

The success of the enterprise is<br />

dependent on the high quality of your<br />

tempered glass products. Reliable<br />

machine and a complete maintenance<br />

plan can effectively reduce the<br />

frequency of machine failure and<br />

downtime. If the purchase of cheap<br />

machine leads to a substantial<br />

increase in annual maintenance time,<br />

additional labour costs and possible<br />

penalties on delayed delivery could<br />

add up to millions. As such, low cost<br />

may save you money for the moment.<br />

However, the resulting product quality<br />

issues, additional operation expenses,<br />

and increase of maintenance could<br />

cost an arm and a leg in the long run.<br />

How to choose your long-term<br />

partners to win the future?<br />

Brand strength: Major brands often<br />

have their own R&D, design, and<br />

manufacturing teams. Their products<br />

have been proven in the market and<br />

quality is guaranteed. In addition,<br />

LandGlass has the ability and<br />

experience to offer tailored design,<br />

manufacturing, and commissioning<br />

based on your actual needs to better<br />

meet your requirements for product<br />

quality. When you buy glass tempering<br />

machine from brand manufacturers,<br />

you also receive their brand support,<br />

which may directly determine your<br />

pricing power and influence on the<br />

market.<br />

Innovation strength: Companies<br />

that have powerful innovation<br />

strength are highly sensitive to<br />

the market. They can clearly<br />

identify market changes and<br />

update or upgrade their products<br />

accordingly. Partner with them<br />

may better assure the technical life<br />

of your glass tempering machine.<br />

Enterprises should focus on their core<br />

competitiveness and work with the<br />

right partners to win the future.<br />

Website: www.landglass.net<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 103

Technical Article<br />


Director & CEO, Window Magic<br />

Caring for uPVC windows<br />

& doors: Do’s & don’ts<br />

Window Magic Director & CEO Manish Bansal<br />

writes for Glass Bulletin<br />

When it comes to windows<br />

and doors, choosing the<br />

right product from the<br />

right company is quite important.<br />

Questioning which type of product<br />

you want, both aluminum and<br />

uPVC windows are considered<br />

contemporary, durable, and affordable<br />

window solutions for a home.<br />

Even more important is, choosing the<br />

right company, as in, is that company<br />

going to be there when you have<br />

problems or when maintenance is<br />

required for those products? These<br />

are the two aspects people should look<br />

at.<br />

There are a few dos and don’ts that<br />

you should follow so that you don’t<br />

have to do costly and unnecessary<br />

replacements. Here are a few tips you<br />

can follow:<br />

;;<br />

One myth that everyone<br />

believes in is that since uPVC<br />

windows and doors require less<br />

maintenance than traditional<br />

windows and doors, they don’t<br />

require being cleaned. However,<br />

it is quite the opposite. People<br />

tend to forget to clean their<br />

doors and windows which in turn<br />

destroy the product. For example,<br />

if the sliding door or window<br />

is not cleaned, the water holes<br />

get clogged and blocked and the<br />

water starts getting inside the<br />

house.<br />

;;<br />

Windows and doors need to be<br />

thoroughly cleaned regularly, just<br />

like the other parts of your house.<br />

;;<br />

Since each season brings with it a<br />

unique set of weather conditions<br />

that can have an impact on your<br />

windows and doors, be sure to<br />

regularly inspect the frames of<br />

your windows and doors.<br />

;;<br />

Having proper working locks<br />

104 Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong>

Window Magic• 2<br />

on your doors and windows is<br />

important so that you can sleep<br />

well at night knowing your loved<br />

ones are safe in their own home.<br />

If the locks have become stiff<br />

and have stopped working then<br />

lubricating them is the best idea.<br />

However to be safe, clean the<br />

locks regularly as it’s probably<br />

safe to assume many homeowners<br />

don’t tend to do that.<br />

Maintaining uPVC windows and<br />

doors is quite similar to maintaining<br />

other priceless assets like vehicles<br />

or electronics. Even though they<br />

require little maintenance, you won’t<br />

appreciate the fruits of your labour<br />

until the doors and windows continue<br />

to be sturdy decades after purchase.<br />

For a door or window to retain its<br />

brilliance and attractive aesthetics,<br />

you must be prepared to spend<br />

the time and work necessary.<br />

After all, according to a common<br />

misconception, doors serve as a<br />

welcome to a home and windows<br />

serve as our eyes from which to view<br />

the outside world.<br />

About the company<br />

Set up in 2002, “Window Magic”,<br />

a division of Window Magic India<br />

Pvt Ltd is a part of the JV Group. It<br />

emerged from collaboration with the<br />

Profine Group of Germany which is<br />

the world’s largest manufacturers of<br />

uPVC profiles operating under the<br />

brand name of Kommerling.<br />

Window Magic myriad products<br />

include casement windows & doors,<br />

tilt & turn windows, sliding windows &<br />

doors, designer window, conservatory<br />

and lift and slide doors. Vert spring<br />

windows, Plisse Double Window,<br />

Lat Single Window and Lat Double<br />

Window are their notable other<br />

products.<br />

Email: info@windowmagicindia.com<br />

Website: www.windowmagicindia.com<br />

Glass Bulletin | <strong>October</strong> - <strong>December</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> 105




glass technology<br />

Added Value Storage<br />

Broad Product Range<br />

Customer-Specific<br />

Greater Flexibility and<br />

Extended Product Range<br />

Increase your flexibility and extend the product range in your glass storage with<br />

Rapidstore. Glass and packages find their optimal place in the movable rack frames.<br />

Benefit from direct access to additional types of products in your gantry or floor<br />

loading system for customer-specific products with faster availability.<br />

• Optimal for custom-tailored extension of your glass storage<br />

• One or more cutting lines have direct access to more types of products<br />

• Ideal for flat halls without craneways<br />

HEGLA • Industriestr. 21 • Beverungen, Germany • info@hegla.de<br />

HEGLA Trading & Service GmbH • Chennai 600034, India • naresh.kumar@hegla.de

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