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Prophet River First Nation News


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Lands Dept. Update

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PRFN on LinkedIn

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Education Update

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November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com

Prophet River Business World Cafe

A big thank you to everyone that came out on

Monday, November 21st for our first Prophet

River Business World Cafe!

We had a great turnout & we look forward to

hosting another event like this soon!

How to Reach Us

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From the CAO

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Patient Travel


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Upcoming Events

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Road Trip to Whitehorse!

Below are a couple photos from our recent trip to Whitehorse. See page 9 for more!

Christmas Food

Program Reminder

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Whitehorse Pictures

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Prophet River First Nation

Dene Tsaa Tse K’Nai First Nation

P.O. Box 3250

Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0


1.844.323.0324 (Toll Free)

Lands Department Update

We are very excited to have welcomed five new staff to the

lands department over the past few weeks.

Jenn Reno – OGC Liaison

Robin Tsakoza – Senior Lands Technician

Land Ealey – Reclamations Manager

Timber Bigfoot – Lands Manager

Penny St. Pierre – Referrals Technician

The lands department has another job still posted for a Lands Technician. We also are developing a list of monitors and

people interested in going out as monitors. If we don’t get applicants for this position, there is the potential for one

of those monitors to step into this full-time role.

The lands team is also going to be forming an Advisory Committee. We are hoping to have Elders, youth, and leadership

on this committee. The lands team will coordinate meetings and update the committee on lands department activities

more in depth than these updates, so that committee can help inform and direct the lands team work. There will be a

letter going to all members in the near future for people interested in sitting on the committee.

A really big announcement! Council has signed a BCR designated a large area of the traditional territory that includes the

“Trutch” area as a PRFN Traditional Use Preserve. This means that the lands team, working with other First Nations in the

region, will not be allowing any further development in this area. We will be doing a study to see what disturbances are

currently in this area and will be working with companies to reclaim those disturbances. We will be talking to members

about traditional use of this area, about making sure there is access for members to use this area, and about enhanced

monitoring involving band members in this area.

The lands team is considering a new motto, “Protecting our rights, protecting our territory” as that the main function of

the lands department. There is a lot of meaningful, long-term employment that can happen with that as the goal.

Did You Know Prophet River Is Now On LinkedIn?

Make sure to follow Prophet River First Nation on LinkedIn! We will be sharing information about job opportunities,

training programs & more! Simply search Prophet River First Nation on LinkedIn.com & connect with us now!

2 November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com

Education Department Update

Our PRFN students are receiving instruction at the levels they are at, in both

literacy and numeracy. This is important in a classroom so that kids are not

at a frustration level or that their work is too easy for them.

Students traveled to Edmonton to participate in the Memorial Round Dance

at Enoch Cree Nation. They enjoyed a variety of activities on their trip,

including Galaxyland, Pumpkins after Dark, and Haunted Houses. It was such

a great trip and everyone was excited to talk about their experiences when

they returned home.

Darylyn got her first moose and invited students to help with the

preparation. Lorraine spent the day with the students showing them how to

butcher the hind quarter and make dry meat. Students have also started

swimming and swim to survive lessons at the NRRM pool. Rock climbing

lessons have also started.

We have written several proposals and grants to support the school and are

happy to report that many have been approved! One of the proposals that

got approved included free snowshoes. We are excited for those to arrive

and know that they will be put to good use.

We have ordered some sound equipment and a recording device to move

forward with interviews with the Elders. We hope to start this very soon.

Stay tuned for a start-up date. We would like to host an engagement dinner

with the Elders to kick start discussions about what they would like to see


Recently Education supported the development of the proposal and planning

for the Saw Mill Program and a Sewing class. Congratulations going out to

a successful completion of the program and to the graduating students.

Candace has been looking at expanding the school playground with some

rubber matting and updated equipment, in hopes to integrate some language

components as well. She has completed a proposal and we are just waiting


Don't Forget! We Need Your Input!

We need your input for the 2022 Prophet River Health and Wellness Survey! This survey will be used to support the

development of Prophet River's health and wellness services. Your truthful responses to the following questions will help us

develop services that best meet the needs of our community.

If you are uncomfortable responding to any question, please leave it blank and move on to the next question. To help

preserve your anonymity, please do not write your name on this survey or provide any identifiable information. Your

responses will be kept strictly confidential.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Renee Lomen at renee.lomen@prophetriverfn.ca

November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com


How To Reach Us

We are always looking for ways to reach out to our members and help

you stay connected with our community. We have started several

initiatives that will help us stay connected.

Are you online?


We have moved several functions online including community notices, job

postings, access to council minutes, and community news. Be sure to go to

www.prophetriverfirstnation.com for regular updates and sign in to the Members Only section to view

communications that are private for our members only. This includes access to the AGM, Members Forum, Council

Minutes, Updates to the Trust and more.


Don't forget to subscribe to updates so we can send you this newsletter by email as well as other PRFN updates. If you

want a printed copy we are happy to mail one or drop it off for you.

Social Media:

We are regularly posting to our Official PRFN Facebook page. Please follow our page and share it with other members so

we can all stay connected.

Member Forums:

We’ve been hosting regular online member forums every month for members to connect with each other and talk

to the Chief and Council. These forums will be recorded so you can view them online if you are unable to attend. If

you have a question for the Chief and Council and it will be answered in the monthly forum.

Please send it to: communications@prophetriverfirstnation.com.


Chief and Council, CAO and all department managers review their

email regularly. Please see list of emails and extensions here.


We encourage you to call us anytime at 1.844.323.0324 and leave

a message with the department manager you wish to speak to.

Your message will be automatically sent as an email to the person

you have called.


We’ve upgraded our communications to include texting. If you can

receive text messages on your phone we encourage you to text us

at 1.888.710.2318 and let us know your name and your phone

number. We will keep you updated by text message. We will also

send out member surveys this way to make it easier for you to



Printed copies of newsletters and announcements will be put in

community members' mailboxes. If you are an urban member and

would like us to mail you monthly updates and newsletters we are

happy to do that.

1.844.323.0324 (Toll Free)

Chief Valerie Askoty


Councillor Beverly Stager


Councillor Deshanna Tsakoza





Communications Department



CAO Devin Bellerose


Lands Department

Dene Tsaa School

Finance Department

Health Department

Housing Department







Prophet River Trust 1.833.396.1895


November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com

From the CAO

As the year comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Staff & Chief

& Council for the great things we have happening in this wonderful community. We want

everyone to have access to the information they need to ensure transparency &

accountability. We continue to make inroads with this, & more to come in 2023!

We have the privilege of working with a Chief & Council that are focused on moving

forward & making decisions that benefit the community for both the short & long term. We

are an inspired, dynamic & vibrant nation that feels anything is possible when we work

together & make true connections with each other. We have demonstrated this time & time


Devin Bellerose, CAO

Our operational & capital plans have progressed significantly with the final stages of the skating rink, the CCP, & new

initiatives that allow us to continue to move sustainability forward. Regional cooperation is an essential element in our

continued success including the recent MOU signed with the City of Fort St. John outlining plans for an urban reserve for

members of the nation living in the city.

We continue to invest in our employees whenever possible to ensure they have the best equipment & resources that we can

afford & the training to do the job right. As part of this process, we will be reviewing our service standards this year to better

align what we want to achieve with what we are capable of achieving.

I am very proud to lead our staff team in making Prophet River a great place to live, work & grow. We are stronger together!

Wishing you & your loved ones a wonderful Christmas & holiday.

November Community Forum Prize Winners!

A big congratulations to our prize winners from the November Community Forum! Make sure to join us on Monday,

December 12th for our next meeting and more chances to win!


Cheyenne - Bath Basket & Water Bottle

Sheldon - Megalight & Socks

Larissa - Salt/Pepper & Binoculars

Andy - Bingo Bag

Marina - Scarf & Beauty Set

Craig - Blanket

Youth Draw #1 - Ashley Birkbeck

Youth Draw #2 - Trevathan Tsakoza

November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com


Patient Travel Reminders

As per FNHA policy, the Nation can only provide coverage for appointments to the nearest provider. In our case, this usually

means Fort Nelson, for regular dentist or eye check ups. Regular check-ups not scheduled in Fort Nelson require a Benefits

Exception from FNHA. The Benefits Exception is approved or denied by FNHA. See link to more information below.

Required Documentation

Members are expected to pick up their Appointment Confirmation forms from Elders & Patient Travel Clerk (or Reception)

prior to leaving community for their appointment and return them once appointment is completed. PRFN has the right to

deduct monies owing from future travel funds should the member not return their Appointment Confirmation form or miss/

no-show their appointment.

For more information, visit https://www.fnha.ca/benefits/medical-transportation or contact Lorraine Chipesia (Patient &

Elders Travel Clerk) at 250.773.6555 or by emailing lorraine.chipesia@prophetriverfn.ca.

Sawmill Training Program

Congratulations to all of the members who completed the recent Sawmill Training!


November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Fort Nelson Parade of Lights

Sunday, December 4th at 5:30pm along 50th Avenue North

December Member Forum

Monday, December 12th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm in the Gym & on Zoom

PRFN Christmas Dinner

Thursday, December 15th at 5:00pm in the Multiplex Gym

PRFN Office & School Closure for Christmas Break

Friday, December 16th, 2022 to Monday, January 2nd, 2023

November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com


Get Your Christmas Food Program

Application in Now!

Christmas Dinner is just around the corner! Don't forget that each household of PRFN member(s)

is eligible for ham, roast beef, or turkey for Christmas dinner.

Overall Process

1. Fill out the Christmas food application completely indicating your food choice.

2. All applications will be reviewed and are subject to available funds to cover the costs.

3. You will be contacted by PRFN on whether to pick up your food or if it will be delivered to you.

Eligible Expenditures

Note that you cannot purchase your own food and seek reimbursement, PRFN will purchase it for you. Apply online or

reach out to Lynette in the office.

Need help with your member login? Are you unsure how to access the trust portal? Book an appointment today. If you don't

have online access, call us and we will go over the programs and options with you. Call or text 1.833.396.1895 or

email Lynette Tsakoza at L.tsakoza@prophetriverfn.ca.

Check for updates on Trust Programs

Many of the PRFN Trust programs have been updated. You can visit our Member’s Section to view the most

current programs available and to apply to the programs you qualify for. You can keep track of your application

and past applications here as well.

What do I do if I’m having trouble logging in to my member portal?

If you require any assistance with your login, we can set up an appointment to help. Call/text 1.833.396.1895 or email


How do I request a new password?

You can visit the member’s login page and click on ‘Forgot

your password?’ you will then be requested to enter your

email address, click on ‘Request reset link’, and then proceed

to the instructions in your email address inbox.


November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com

More Photos from the Whitehorse Road Trip!

November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com


We have made it easier than ever to apply for your

PRFN Trust Programs!

We can help you easily access the programs you

qualify for and get all the up-to-date application

information with a quick phone call.

We are inviting members to set up a meeting with

a PRFN Trust Advisor to assist in getting you


To set-up a short meeting, please email us at

trust@prophetriverfirstnation.com, or call or text


From the Archives

St. Pierre Camp at Trutch (1966)

Photos courtesy of the Ridington Dane-zaa

Archives. The archives contain hundreds of

hours of historical audio recordings and

thousands of photographs.

Prophet River News is published monthly.

For past issues, visit: ProphetRiverFirstNation.com/newsletter

November/December 2022 | ProphetRiverFirstNation.com

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