Italy In General - Issue 8 - Fall 2022

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ITALY<br />

DEC<br />

<strong>2022</strong> • ISSUE. 8<br />


Benvenuta<br />

fragrante<br />

2 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong><br />


FRESCA<br />



Dear Editor,<br />

As an expat this magazine provided me with ideas on how to survive covid at home and around <strong>Italy</strong>. The regional<br />

lockdowns saddened me as I was hoping to explore <strong>Italy</strong> more, but this magazine made me realize there is still so<br />

much for me to do and see in the region of Lazio. Hopefully <strong>Italy</strong> will be open to exploration soon again, but until<br />

then I’ll be dreaming through this magazine.<br />

This team of creators aided readers into diving deeper on the issues Covid has caused for restaurant owners, expats,<br />

and Italian citizens. Bravo to all who contributed, as each article was well designed and provided thoughts and<br />

stories to open my eyes on better ways to deal with the effects of Covid and understand how others are surviving<br />

as well.<br />

I hope that the whole team continues to enjoy their time in <strong>Italy</strong>, especially through these tips that were provided.<br />

Best Regards,<br />

Ashley<br />

Dear Ashley,<br />

I’m glad that you enjoyed the 5th edition of <strong>Italy</strong> <strong>In</strong> <strong>General</strong>. This edition was created by a team who went out<br />

of their way to make the best magazine yet. The information and stories provided in the magazine were decided<br />

in a tactical way to guide readers through this tough time. As a society, we must come together as one,<br />

as it is not possible to survive covid alone.<br />

This semester was difficult as we dealt with hybrid situations and dealt with 2 school wide quarantines, but<br />

the team of wonderful women used their time wisely in order to build each article. Many articles dealt with<br />

in person situations such as interviews and photoshoots, but all covid guidelines were followed. Ideas for at<br />

home entertainment are here to make sure that you can have the best experience while being stuck inside<br />

your home.<br />

Here’s to another year. Make it a good one.<br />


Editor<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 3



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Photo by: Prof. Brian Koperski<br />

4 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

N<br />

EVERY<br />

bole<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 5


IRENE<br />



DEWULF<br />




GOMEZ<br />


GUERRA<br />


GUIGA<br />




LEVI<br />

AMINA<br />


AUTUMN<br />


MARCO<br />





ULISSI<br />

6 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>


of<br />

ROM<br />

Running up those hills<br />

Have you ever felt lonely on a Sunday evening<br />

and torn apart between the ideas of exploring the<br />

world around you and exploring your Netflix homepage?<br />

Are you a music enthusiast? Do you like<br />

jazz? If you have answered YES to at least one<br />

of these questions, this article was meant to find<br />

you. Let’s have a walk along the streets of Rome<br />

and discover the rhythm of this well-tuned city!<br />

There are seven days of the week, seven notes, and seven<br />

hills of Rome. There are also only seven questions<br />

in this test that will unleash your music personality<br />

type and find a place that will strike a chord with you.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 7

Music is the answer personality test<br />

1. You were walking down the street. You saw a ball. Can you<br />

kick it?<br />

a) Yes, I can.<br />

b) I would rather not.<br />

c) I wish.<br />

2. Your partner asked you the date you two met. Do you<br />

remember?<br />

a) The 21st of September<br />

b) I don’t remember, Maybe I’m a Fool<br />

c) I don’t want to know.<br />

3. I feel bad because I have nothing.<br />

What’s your advice?<br />

a) Don’t stop the music<br />

b) That’s life. You will get through it.<br />

c) Search for something and destroy it.<br />

4. Do you have any bad habits?<br />

a) I bite my tongue<br />

b) You’ve become a habit to me<br />

c) Exhibition is my habit.<br />

5. How deep do you think your love is?<br />

a) You know it’s not the same as it was.<br />

b) My love is your love.<br />

c) It is deep and purple.<br />

6. Can you pay my bills? I don’t think you do.<br />

a) My money don’t jiggle jiggle<br />

b) I need a dollar, darling<br />

c) Nothing else matters to you?<br />

7. I had a terrible nightmare last night. Could you hear me<br />

roar?<br />

a) I was never there<br />

b) It was you?<br />

c) Yes, you sounded like a teenage werewolf<br />

8 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

aA<br />

It’s a party in the USA Rome<br />

You like to be loud and have lots of fun with your<br />

friends. You might like these places:<br />

Sweet Bunch – Rome, Via Casilina, 283a<br />

Located in a lively Pigneto<br />

neighborhood, Sweet<br />

Bunch is a place to<br />

be! It is a very unique<br />

space with a stage for<br />

live shows and a bar<br />

with good wine. Here<br />

you can have fun with<br />

your friends, listen to<br />

Anatolian fusion, or<br />

even attend a jam session.<br />

You can check<br />

the upcoming events<br />

on the Facebook page:<br />

https://www.facebook.<br />

com/sweetbunchroma<br />

Traffic Live – Rome, Via Prenestina, 738<br />

If you and your friends love rock, this place was<br />

made for you! Here you will discover new bands<br />

and waves or even find new members for your<br />

prospective music project. Who knows? We recommend<br />

you take a look here: www.trafficlive.org<br />

Vinile – Rome, Via Giuseppe Libetta, 19<br />

This place is out of ordinary and will help you experience<br />

truly unique moments: the performances<br />

and concerts in Vinile are meant to bring the viewer<br />

closer to the performer. It also serves amazing<br />

food and drinks! Vinile transports you to a new<br />

reality, so don’t miss your ticket: www.vinileroma.it<br />

Le Mura – Rome, Via degli Aurunci, 26 – 28<br />

If you would like to discover new bands or even<br />

listen to some Italian comedy, you should definitely<br />

come to Le Mura! The upcoming events of this<br />

live music club are regularly update, so you will<br />

surely find something for your lonely Sunday evening<br />

here: https://www.facebook.com/lemuralivemusicclub

Let’s Fly You to the Nearest Moon<br />

You like your music soft and your drinks strong.<br />

You might like these places:<br />

Charity Café – Rome, Via Panisperna, 68<br />

Located in the<br />

heart of the<br />

eternal city, this<br />

live music club<br />

would have certainly<br />

been popular<br />

among the<br />

Roman Emperors<br />

if they had only known<br />

about it. If you are jazz<br />

and blues enthusiast, this is<br />

a perfect place for you! You<br />

will discover new voices<br />

or even rediscover your<br />

own during the local<br />

jam session. Check<br />

the upcoming events<br />

here: https://www.<br />

facebook.com/CharityCafeJazzBlues<br />

Casa Del Jazz – Rome, Viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55<br />

Jazz lovers like you should have their home.<br />

Here in Rome we have one for you – Casa<br />

Del Jazz, which takes pentatonic scale on a<br />

new level. With a regularly updated agenda,<br />

you will not miss any legendary performance.<br />

Find your ticket here: https://casadeljazz.com<br />

Alcazar Live – Rome, Via Cardinale Merry del<br />

Val, 14b<br />

Located in the heart of Trastevere, this amazing<br />

restaurant is famous for its live shows and<br />

DJ sets. You might want to book your table before<br />

you hit the dancefloor: www.alcazarlive.it<br />

Let It Beer – Rome, Piazza delle Crociate 26/28<br />

If you are a big fan of rock and beer, you should<br />

definitely check Let It Beer! Located right next to<br />

Tiburtina station, this place is a go-to place to discover<br />

new bands and sounds. Check their upcoming<br />

events on: https://www.facebook.com/letitbeerRoma

We Can Be Heroes every weekend<br />

You like to experiment and get lost in every note.<br />

You might like these places:<br />

Fanfulla 5/a – Rome, Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 5/a<br />

Located in the heart of Pigneto neighbourhood,<br />

this place will stay in you heart as well! It<br />

is full of unique shows and performers, so you<br />

will never get bored. Here you will also discover<br />

new voices and genres, so don’t miss this opportunity<br />

and find your event: www.fanfulla5a.it<br />

Ultrablu – Rome, Piazza Americo Capponi, 7<br />

Ultrablu is a very unique artistic space, where you<br />

can not only attend creative workshops and seminars,<br />

but also discover new artists and DJs. If you<br />

like art and would like to meet like-minded people,<br />

check the upcoming events of this creative<br />

space: https://www.facebook.com/ultrablupublishing<br />

Trenta Formiche<br />

– Rome,<br />

Via del Mandrione,<br />

3<br />

Trenta Formiche<br />

is one of a kind,<br />

just like you!<br />

If you wanted<br />

to explore the<br />

underground<br />

scene of Rome,<br />

you will certainly<br />

enjoy the<br />

time spent in this space. Find the upcoming<br />

events here: https://www.facebook.com/trenta.formiche<br />

Largo Venue – Rome, Via Biordo Michelotti, 2<br />

Urban redevelopment project, space rescued from decay<br />

and recovered through creativity, greenery, and culture.<br />

If you are creative and love experiments, this<br />

space was made for you! Largo Venue is famous<br />

for its DJ sets and discos. If you are<br />

ready to hit the dance floor, check the upcoming<br />

events: https://www.facebook.com/largovenue<br />

Photo credits: Sweet Bunch, https://www.facebook.<br />

com/sweetbunchroma; Le Mura, https://www.facebook.<br />

com/lemuralivemusicclub; Traffic Live, https://www.<br />

facebook.com/traffic.live; Casa Del Jazz, https://facebook.com/casadeljazz;<br />

Ultrablu, https://www.facebook.<br />

com/ultrablupublishing<br />

Created by: Amina Mamedova

The Edge of Tomorrow<br />

the search for a new home begins<br />

Platinum Dunes Presents a Michael Bay and Brad Fuller and Andrew Form Production “the edge of tomorrow” starring Mayim Bialik Survivor<br />

Frank and Drew Barrymore Survivor 2 Henry and Danai Gurira scientist Lara mad man Donald trump Support by Rosario dawson and jeremy<br />

Renner and peter dinklage and simon pegg and live schreiber and jeff goldblum and morgan freeman Cinematography by Seamus McGarvey<br />

Music by seven nation army special vfx ilm directed by taika waititi Filmed on Location on earth<br />






A Guide to ESQUILINO: A Neighborhood<br />

of EAST ASIAN <strong>In</strong>fluence<br />

By: Autumn Mc<strong>In</strong>tyre<br />

Located near Rome’s main train station of Termini, Esquilino is an immigrant neighborhood<br />

filled with Asian and African influence.<br />

By taking the 75 bus from Monteverde and stopping at Cavour/Esquilino, you can see<br />

wondrous sights such as the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Basilica Papale di Santa Maria<br />

Maggiore, and the Porta Maggio.<br />

However, one of the best parts of Esquilino is exploring the East Asian influence.<br />

From restaraunts, boba places, grocery stores, and more, Esquilino the perfect place to<br />

spend an afternoon exploring new cultures with friends.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 13

The Best Places to<br />

EAT<br />

Huaweiju Restaurant is a Chinese restaraunt<br />

located on Via Filippo Turati, 9. A four minute<br />

walk from Termini, this is the perfect place for<br />

high-quality, affordable, and authentic Chinese<br />

food.<br />

Dishes include dumplings, spring rolls, rice,<br />

and noodles. They have plates focused on beef,<br />

pork, duck, chicken, fish, and vegetables. For<br />

dessert they offer lychee, caramelized bananas,<br />

and ice cream.<br />

My favorite dishes are the grilled dishes, noodles<br />

with beef, and caramelized bananas.<br />

Ravioleria Esquilino - Asian Fusion<br />

Street Food is located on Via Principe Eugenio,<br />

80. A four minute walk from Piazza<br />

Vittorio Emanuele II, Ravioleria Esquilino<br />

is the ideal place to get quick, easy, and<br />

delicious dishes.<br />

The street food included are those of<br />

dumplings, pad thai, egg noodles, tteokbokki,<br />

bao, and bibimbap. A small and<br />

cozy setting, this is the perfect place to eat<br />

when in a rush or to grab food to go<br />

My favorite dishes are the dumplings,<br />

tteokbokk, and bibimbap.<br />

14 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

The Best Places to<br />

HANG OUT<br />

512TEA Bubble Tea is located on Via Prinicipe<br />

Eugenio, 76. Right across the street from<br />

Ravioleria Esquilino, this is the best place in<br />

Rome to sit down and drink boba with friends<br />

and family.<br />

512TEA not not only offers a vast array of<br />

choices from milk tea to fruit tea to frappuccino’s,<br />

but is also affordable. Their drinks are<br />

fresh and they have a great area to sit down<br />

and chew on tapioca pearls.<br />

My go-to order is the strawberry milk tea or<br />

the watermelon milk tea. I also enjoy the mango<br />

fruit tea with popping boba.<br />

Cheng Gong is located on Via delo Stauto,<br />

35c. A five minute walk from Piazza Vittorio<br />

Emanuele II, this is the perfect place for<br />

every K-pop fan.<br />

Packed with albums, photocards, posters, and<br />

merchandise, this is the only store in Rome<br />

that sells K-pop paraphernalia. Their stock is<br />

constantly changing, allowing for a new experience<br />

everytime you enter. It’s the ideal place<br />

to browse before or after getting lunch.<br />

I enkoy going to the store to buy albums and<br />

search for photocards.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 15

The Best Places to<br />


Pacific Trading SRL is a grocery store<br />

located on Via Prinicipe Eugenio,<br />

1/19/21. A three minute walk from<br />

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Pacific<br />

Trading is one of the best stops to buy<br />

East Asian groceries.<br />

Filled with noodles, rice, drinks, tea,<br />

sauces, candy, and produce, Pacific<br />

Trading offers a vast array of products.<br />

This is a great place to buy a monthly<br />

supply of groceries.<br />

I like to go to this one to stock up on<br />

essentials such as noodles, sauces, rice,<br />

and ramen.<br />

Asia Supermarket is another grocery store. Located<br />

on Via Riscasoli, 20, Asia Supermarket is<br />

a minute walk from Piazza Vittorio Emnuele<br />

II and is idela for a quick shopping trip.<br />

Asia Supermarket also offers an incredible<br />

amount of product, but the store is best for<br />

emergency shopping or grabbing a few items.<br />

I like to go here to grab snacks, drinks, and<br />

candies.<br />

16 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 17

Amazing Apps for<br />

Adventure in Rome<br />

Travel in Rome<br />

- Brayden Johnson<br />

The Eternal city creates a beautiful narrative in its own right,<br />

from its iconic landmarks, to its elegant churches and so much<br />

more. One could take years to visit every heritage site, church,<br />

archaeological site and theatre, but unfortunately this is time<br />

that does not exist for most individuals who need to work and<br />

provide for themselves along with their families. Those who can<br />

only visit during their vacation periods may find themselves<br />

pressed for time.<br />

Fortunately for us and travelers of Rome, in our digital age,<br />

there are helpful apps that can aid international as well as local<br />

visitors navigate the city. This article will go into detail on some<br />

of the most helpful apps you can use to explore Rome to the fullest<br />

before returning home back to work or other responsibilities.<br />

18 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Moovit<br />

“Moovit has been an incredibly reliable app for me,<br />

unfortunetly the same thing can’t be said about atac<br />

buses...”<br />

- Victoria McAteer<br />

Moovit is an Israel-based mobility as a service provider and<br />

journey planner app. It has been owned by <strong>In</strong>tel through the<br />

Mobileye subsidiary since 2020. The company uses both crowd<br />

sourced and official public transit data to provide route planning<br />

to users as well as transit data APIs to transit companies, cities,<br />

and transit agencies. Because Moovit integrates crowdsourced<br />

data, it is able to provide transit information for areas where no<br />

data is officially available.<br />

Moovit offers a real-time journey planner mobile and web app<br />

to navigate public transit networks with GPS navigation across<br />

transit modes, including buses, ferries, rapid transit (metro/subway/underground,<br />

etc.), trains, trams, trolleybuses, ride-hailing,<br />

shared bicycle, car sharing, and scooters. Users can access a live<br />

map, and view nearby stops and stations based on their current<br />

GPS location, as well as plan trips across transportation modes<br />

based on real-time data.<br />

The application differs from traditional public transit applications<br />

as it integrates official public transit data from transit<br />

operators with real-time data collected from users via crowd<br />

sourcing. <strong>In</strong> addition to passively sharing data, users can actively<br />

send reports, including reasons for delays, overcrowding, satisfaction<br />

with their bus driver, and Wi-Fi availability.<br />

This app is readily available to use and is quite useful, especially<br />

in Rome when planning travel, whether it be a archaeological<br />

ruin, or to more established settings such as the post office.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 19

trainline<br />

Trainline (formerly Thetrainline.com) is an international<br />

digital rail and coach technology platform with<br />

headquarters in London. It sells train tickets and<br />

railcards as well as providing free access to live train<br />

times and railway station information through its<br />

website and mobile app which is available on the iOS<br />

and Android platforms. Listed on the London Stock<br />

Exchange.<br />

The service does not require the creation of a user account,<br />

but with an account, tickets can be saved and<br />

pre-booked for a certain amount of time (without<br />

requiring payment). It also stores applicable fare information<br />

(such as age and loyalty cards) in addition<br />

to preferences and patterns of travel (such as comfort<br />

class and frequently searched for destinations). The<br />

customer can then compare itineraries between any<br />

two stations served by the included railway services,<br />

and reserve, buy or cancel tickets. The service prefers<br />

e-tickets, where available, over traditional physical<br />

tickets. Any vouchers or coupons offered by carriers<br />

are accepted for payment. Once a ticket is booked,<br />

it is saved in the user account which can be accessed<br />

via web interface or one of the service’s respective<br />

apps.<br />

20 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

TicketAppy<br />

Although a user account is required to use this account,<br />

TicketAppy is practical for buying tickets in<br />

Rome. <strong>In</strong> an instant you can buy your ticket, which<br />

will be immediately available on your mobile phone,<br />

and will be ready to activate instantly or when you<br />

decide. Showing your ticket is as simple as showing a<br />

photograph.<br />

The ticket is available regardless of your connection<br />

and you can use it for both buses and the metro. It<br />

has been designed to offer an easy-to-use interface. A<br />

simple screen gives access to available tickets and the<br />

purchase of new ones, with a simple Click. The ticket<br />

will always be available on your mobile phone ready<br />

to be used and displayed like a paper ticket.<br />

The entire purchasing process is carried out through<br />

an encrypted connection according to the highest<br />

standards on the market. There is no printing and<br />

waste of paper, the ticket is present on the mobile<br />

through a simple image, making it an ecofriendly<br />

option.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 21

22 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Visiting Rome’s<br />

parks<br />

and making a cocktail inspired by each<br />

by Elianne Dewulf<br />

<strong>Italy</strong> has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe which<br />

attract millions of visitors each year. With more than 20 national<br />

parks, the country offers charming public spaces and lush gardens<br />

to its locals and foreign visitors. Today, we will look at some based<br />

in the eternal city of Rome. During the warm months, from late<br />

April to mid-June, a multitude of flowers begin to blossom and<br />

decorate the parks. When visiting these ‘must-sees’, we will also look<br />

at some local flora in the hopes of making cocktails along the way.<br />

Villa Doria Pamphili <strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 23

Villa Borghese<br />

<strong>In</strong> 1580, Cardinal Scipione Borghese planted a<br />

small vineyard on an estate on top of the Piniciano<br />

hill. Over time, his family purchased the<br />

surrouding land starting their extensive empire.<br />

<strong>In</strong> 1605, they erected their familian chateau with<br />

surrounding gardens, wooded glades and grassy<br />

banks. At the time, these gardens were the most<br />

grand since antiquity- a clear symbol of wealth<br />

and greatness. Later in 1633, the villa was transformed<br />

into an extensive art collection. The<br />

Casino Nobile, or today Galleria Borghese, was<br />

bought by the state in 1901 as a national museum<br />

and has been open to the public ever since 1903.<br />

Today, Villa Borghese is one of the largest parks<br />

in Rome, having several restaurants, museums<br />

and facilities which are accessible to all visitors.<br />

The site is over 1977 acres but is very well connected.<br />

<strong>In</strong>side the park, you can rent bikes and<br />

tour the villas, fountains, monuments, piazza’s<br />

and museums. As you go along the paths you can<br />

also enjoy the local flora and fauna, one of which<br />

are the hundreds of white, red and purple tulips<br />

decorating the back gardens of the Borghese<br />

museum.<br />

The Borghese Gardens<br />

<strong>In</strong>structions:<br />

Stir all ingredients together, except for the garnish,<br />

into a mixing glass. Then strain the mixture<br />

into a rocks glass with ice cubes. Garnish<br />

with an orange zest slice and enjoy.<br />

<strong>In</strong>gredients:<br />

Tulip Negroni<br />

- 1/3 Dutch Tulip Vodka<br />

- 1/3 Campari<br />

- 1/3 Sweet red vermouth<br />

- Orange zest slice (garnish)<br />

24 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Aventine Hill<br />

The Rose Garden of Rome<br />

Rome’s municipal rose garden is located on the<br />

eastern side of the Aventine hill, close to the Colosseum.<br />

The area has over 1,200 different rose<br />

speciments which blossom from May through to<br />

mid-June. First opened to the public in 1931, it<br />

got a lot of attention until it endured immense<br />

destruction post-world war. Luckily the garden<br />

recovered soon after.<br />

<strong>In</strong>structions:<br />

Combine the rose water, cranberry juice and fresh<br />

lemon juice in a glassware. Then pour the rosé<br />

champagne into the glass and top with dried rose<br />

<strong>In</strong>gredients:<br />

-4 oz sweet Rosé Champagne<br />

-1 Tbsp Rose Water<br />

-1 Tbsp Cranberry Juice<br />

-1 Wedge Lemon Juice<br />

-Dried Rose Pedals (optional)<br />

Rose Champagne<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 25

The hill of Gianicolo, also known as Janiculum,<br />

has the most beautiful panorama’s in all of<br />

Rome. The area is decorated with monuments<br />

and lush greenery, overseeing the eternal city and<br />

its people. This spot is great all year around, and<br />

espacially perfect during the summer months<br />

when there is the the music festival- Gianicolo<br />

in Musica. As you walk along the Passeggiata del<br />

Gianicolo, you will be mesmerized by a wall of<br />

wisteria blossoms. During the spring months,<br />

the statua di Ciceruacchio is surrounded by soft<br />

purples and light greens.<br />

Gianicolo Hill<br />

Wisteria Blossom<br />

Whiskey Sour<br />

<strong>In</strong>gredients:<br />

-1.05 oz Tamworth<br />

Distilling Chocorua<br />

Rye<br />

- 1 oz lemon juice<br />

- .5 oz violet liqueur<br />

- .25 oz wisteria blossom<br />

syrup*<br />

- Handful frozen blueberries<br />

- 1 cup sugar<br />

- 1 cup water<br />

- 1-2 cups wisteria blossoms<br />

<strong>In</strong>structions:<br />

Gather your wisteria blossoms and remove their stems.<br />

<strong>In</strong> a large glass add the cup of sugar and wisteria<br />

blossoms. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over the<br />

mixture and stir until the sugar dissolves fully.<br />

Then add wisteria blossomw until it covers the<br />

liquid, while using a spoon to press them down.<br />

Then let it cool down in the fridge over a few<br />

hours and cover it. Once chilled, finely strain<br />

the mash and keep it in the cocktail glass or jar.<br />

Now add the vodka and syrup. Then mash the<br />

bluberries in a shaker with the lemon juice. Add all<br />

the other ingredients together with ice, and shake until<br />

chilled. Finally, use a fine strain into a glass filled with ice<br />

and decorate with wisteria flowers. Enjoy.<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

26 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

# SeeBetterBeBetter<br />

Book an<br />

appointment<br />

with us<br />

Y<br />

E H<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

Call +39 348 9006088 } visit www.glasses.gov<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 27

28 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Veni, Vidi, Bibi<br />

By Francesca Ferarro<br />

Mixology is the activity or skill of mixing drinks<br />

such as cocktails. Jerry Thomas, the father of mixology,<br />

pioneered the creativity and spectacle of the modern<br />

vision of bar tending as a creative profession.<br />

Thanks to Mr. Thomas, in the beautiful city of Rome,<br />

there are hundreds of bars to choose from on a night<br />

out in the ancient city. Whether you are a fan of gin,<br />

tequila, whiskey, vodka, or mezcal, there are so many<br />

wonderful options of bars to explore. For a more<br />

unique experience, the best bars in Rome have created<br />

signature cocktails that pay homage to the location, the<br />

views, old Hollywood stars, roman emperors and more.<br />

The best part of Rome’s colorful nightlife is the variety.<br />

There is a little something for everyone, and if you’re<br />

tired of the same old gin and tonic, international bartenders<br />

from all over the globe have traveled to and<br />

from Rome sharing their enthusiasm for drink<br />

culture and supplying new twists to<br />

classic drinks.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 29

What’s your drink of choice?<br />

Negroni<br />

1 ounce gin<br />

1 ounce Campari<br />

1 ounce sweet vermouth<br />

Garnish: orange peel<br />

Margarita<br />

2 ounces blanco tequila<br />

1/2 ounce orange liqueur<br />

1 ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed<br />

1/2 ounce agave syrup<br />

Garnish: lime wheel, salted rim<br />

Rome recommendation:<br />

Terrazza Borromini<br />

Rome recommendation:<br />

La Punta Expendio de Agave<br />

Cocktailored<br />

30 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong><br />


Whiskey Sour<br />

2 ounces bourbon<br />

3/4 ounce lemon juice, freshly<br />

squeezed<br />

1/2 ounce simple syrup<br />

1/2 ounce egg white (optional)<br />

Garnish: Angostura bitters<br />

3 mint leaves<br />

Mojito<br />

1/2 ounce simple syrup<br />

2 ounces white rum<br />

3/4 ounce lime juice, freshly<br />

squeezed<br />

Club soda, to top<br />

Garnish: mint sprig and lime<br />

Rome recommendation:<br />

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy<br />

Rome recommendation:<br />

Bum Bum Bar Brasilerio<br />

Elin PK<br />

Casandramonaha<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 31

Where there are some of the best<br />

bars in the world, there will always be<br />

the best bartenders. Because of it’s<br />

<strong>In</strong>ternational fame, Rome attracts aspiring<br />

mixologists from all over the world. The<br />

eternal city is home of Mixology Academy,<br />

a bar tending school with various courses<br />

dedicated to expanding the creative<br />

profession of bar tending to new levels.<br />

They offer certifications in global<br />

bar tending, molecular mixology, cafe<br />

barista, vintage cocktails, bar management,<br />

masterclasses in distribution and licensing,<br />

and many more! Because the academy is<br />

frequented by many international students,<br />

there are classes available in both Italian and<br />

English. Students of the academy are offered<br />

a course in Advanced Mixology, in which<br />

they are asked to create their own signature<br />

cocktail in which the sky is the limit.<br />

Students incorporate techniques they acquire<br />

throughout their courses to craft something<br />

entirely unique to themselves. And luckily for<br />

them, Rome is the perfect place for constant<br />

inspiration.<br />

32 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

CLOWN<br />

U N I V E R S I T Y<br />


A D M I S S I O N S<br />

N OW O P E N<br />

1 ( 8 0 0 ) 7 3 3 - 6 6 7 3<br />

Apply Today<br />

www.sendintheclowns.com<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 33


AND<br />


34 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong><br />



H O W<br />

R O M A N<br />


L<br />

I<br />

K<br />

T<br />

A<br />

E A<br />

E<br />

T O<br />

L O C<br />

L<br />

A<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 35

SUPPLI’<br />

C R U N C H Y<br />

A N D<br />

S T<br />

I N G Y<br />

36 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong><br />

[Credits | Foto: © Flickr/ Manuela




Supplizio’s offers a variety of delicious<br />

options, including the original,<br />

all’arrabbiata, and butter and anchovies.<br />

Whatever you choose, the breadcrumbs<br />

are thick, coarse-grained, and<br />

crispy, which is the chef ’s characteristic.<br />

SUPPLI’<br />

An iconic location in the middle of<br />

Trastevere and a must-see for anyone<br />

looking for a quick and good meal,<br />

with pizza by the slice and suppli, the<br />

restaurant’s genuine stars. The typical<br />

ones, with lots of sauce and a core<br />

of stringy mozzarella to produce the<br />

‘telephone’ effect.<br />

Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 143<br />

Via Francesco a Ripa, 137<br />


BONCI<br />

A ‘trapizzino’ is a pocket-shaped triangle<br />

of white pizza stuffed with various<br />

fillings. The ‘supplì’ stuffed with various<br />

ingredients are also well-known.<br />

The most well-known are, of course,<br />

the traditional, but also the ones filled<br />

with aubergine parmigiana, garlic, oil,<br />

and chili.<br />

Piazza Trilussa, 46<br />

Crispy supple with basic fillings (tomato<br />

and meat sauce) or unique and<br />

appealing ones, with ‘nduja, or with<br />

pasta, especially spaghetti alla carbonara<br />

and spaghettoni alla genovese.<br />

Prepared, seasoned, and breaded using<br />

premium ingredients in abundant<br />

servings.<br />

Via della Meloria 43, Roma<br />

Via Trionfale 34, Roma<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 37

THE BEST<br />

R O M A N<br />


It is easy to get lost among the restaurants<br />

in the centre of Rome that attract<br />

the usual tourists. If you really want to<br />

taste Roman food and all its specialities,<br />

I suggest you try these places!<br />

Trust a local.<br />



Trecca, in the Ostiense neighborhood,<br />

was founded from the desire of two young<br />

brothers to bring classic Roman cuisine<br />

back into the spotlight. The absolute<br />

protagonists are bucatini all’Amatriciana,<br />

coda alla vaccinara, trippa alla romana,<br />

rigatoni alla carbonara, and meatballs<br />

with sauce. A cuisine that transports you<br />

back to the flavors you remember from<br />

Sunday dinners with the family. A cuisine<br />

composed of basic, authentic recipes<br />

with a focus on raw components.<br />

Via Alessandro Severo 222<br />

38 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

FELICE A<br />


Located in the heart of Testaccio, this<br />

restaurant will leave you satisfied in every<br />

way. The signature dish is the ‘cacio<br />

e pepe’, which is mixed right in front of<br />

you. Of course, there are traditional Roman<br />

dishes such as artichokes, chicken<br />

cacciatore and much more. The price is<br />

medium-high<br />

Via Mastro Giorgio 29<br />


ENZO AL 29<br />

A stone’s throw from Trastevere, Enzo<br />

al 29 represents typical Roman cuisine<br />

without the pitfalls. Here, too,<br />

you can find traditional dishes, but<br />

perhaps compared to Felice a Testaccio<br />

it is less polished and a little more<br />

down-to-earth. Despite this, the prices<br />

remain medium-high.<br />

via dei Vascellari 29<br />



The Mori family portrays Roman cuisine<br />

with masterfully performed dishes<br />

that will appeal to both super traditionalists<br />

as well as those wanting<br />

a modern version of the capital’s cuisine,<br />

just a few hundred metres from<br />

the Piramide Cestia. The menu features<br />

classic cuisine that are complemented<br />

by an intriguing wine list.<br />

Via dei Conciatori 10<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 39

Transportation in Rome<br />

Discover the best ways to move around Rome!<br />

by Marco Parolin<br />

Rome is a very accessible city. You can get anywhere inside of the Grande Raccordo Anulare in less than an<br />

hour, if you know the city of course. <strong>In</strong> this article you will discover the different ways of transportation availble<br />

in the Eternal City and how to get to some of the major monuments in Rome.<br />

A map of the 3 Metro lines in Rome<br />

40 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Metro<br />

The Metro is the best way to cover long distances in Rome. There are currently 3 active<br />

lines, which are A, B and C, sort of. As you can see from the map, part of the C line is currently<br />

under construction, but the rest of the stations are available. Keep an eye on the opening<br />

times, they like to change. And quite a lot too. Currently Metro A closes at 9PM from Sunday<br />

to Thursday.<br />

Bus<br />

Busses are essential to move around Rome, but that doesn’t mean they actually work. They<br />

teach you the ways of patience, faith and above all, the dynamics of the uncertain nature of<br />

life. But at the same time there’s something poetic to their shakiness. Anyways, they are the<br />

best way to reach those areas that are not covered by the Metro, one above all, Transtevere.<br />

Tram<br />

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about trams. They are practically busses on rails. They<br />

can be a bit quicker than their four-wheeled alternative, but they are often under renovation,<br />

at least in Trastevere.<br />

Train<br />

Trains are an often underestimated way to move around Rome. They only work during<br />

certain times, but they are always strangely on time and very fast to get you where you need<br />

to go. Transtevere station is the closest station to AUR, and from there you can take a train<br />

to quickly move across Rome.<br />

Taxi<br />

Almost every Friday, a student knows that they will need to run faster than others to jump<br />

into a taxi to get to school. Yes, because recently public transportation strikes are becoming<br />

more and more frequent, and since when they happen Metro lines are shut down and busses<br />

don’t really show up, the only option is to take a taxi. The have only one major downside,<br />

they are quite expensive.<br />

Go to the next page for a full map of Rome!<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 41


Bus 870 - 13 minutes<br />

Bus 982 - 4 minutes<br />

The center of the catholic church is only 19 minutes<br />

away from AUR! 2 busses and a couple of minutes of<br />

walking will bring you there.<br />



Bus 44 - 21 minutes<br />

A majestic yet controversial monument only 20 minutes<br />

away from campus.<br />



We are here!<br />

Via Pietro Roselli 4<br />

42 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>


Bus 75 - 40 minutes<br />

The starting point for many of your adventures!<br />


Bus 75 - 28 minutes<br />

Probably the greatest landmark of Rome is simply one<br />

bus away from AUR!<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 43

44 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 45


IN ROME<br />

by Yasmine Guiga<br />

T he Grand Tour, a custom that flourished between the<br />

17th and 19th centuries in Europe, was a rite of pas-<br />

sage for young, British nobles who would take a trip across<br />

Europe, with <strong>Italy</strong> as their principal destination.<br />

The goal was to expose young British aristocrats to the cul-<br />

tural legacy of classical Antiquity and the Renaissance.<br />

Rome was a central location in the Grand Tour, and many<br />

artists and writers chose to live in the Eternal City. This<br />

article has compiled a list of four spots you can visit today<br />

if you want to find a taste of the Anglo-Saxon tradition in<br />

Rome!<br />

1. The Keats-Shelley Memorial House<br />

26 Piazza di Spagna<br />

Piazza di Spagna has been a vibrant epicenter of art and culture for centuries. Visited by painters, musicians, architects, and<br />

poets who were drawn to and inspired by the centro storico. George Eliot, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, and<br />

Edith Wharton were only a few of the many who at one point lived in this historical site.<br />

<strong>In</strong> the heart of Rome, right at the foot of the Spanish steps, stands the Keats-Shelley Memorial House, a museum dedicated to<br />

the British Romantic poets who fell in love with the<br />

Eternal City.<br />

The museum’s collection contains many<br />

lives and works of the Romantic<br />

decorated exhibitions rooms, two<br />

views of the city, a book and gift<br />

where visitors can watch an exthe<br />

Romantics before the start<br />

More than a museum, the<br />

House is a vital part of the<br />

regularly host art exhibitions,<br />

gala events.<br />

pieces and treasures that relate to the<br />

poets, all displayed in beautifully<br />

spacious terraces with stunning<br />

shop, and a small movie theater<br />

clusive introductory film about<br />

of their tour.<br />

Keats-Shelley Memorial<br />

cultural life in Rome. They<br />

poetry recitals, lectures, and<br />

46 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

The house is famously known for being the final dwelling<br />

place of John Keats, who passed away there in 1821, when<br />

he was only 25 years old. Keats’s bedroom has since been preserved<br />

was a shrine to his story and remarkable poetic talent.<br />

Keats died on February 23, 1821 and is buried at the<br />

non-Catholic cemetery in Rome. On his gravestone are carved<br />

the words, “HERE LIES ONE WHOSE NAME WAS<br />


2. Cimetero Acattolico<br />

visit to the resting place of John Keats, Percy Shelley, and<br />

A Joseph Severn is a must during a trip to Rome. The cemetery<br />

is located by the pyramid of Caius Cestius in the Testaccio<br />

neighborhood. The place is enclosed by high stone walls that keep<br />

it insulated from the bustling sounds of the city.<br />

Aside from visiting one of Rome’s most famous historical sites,<br />

you also get the chance to pet the friendly cemetery cats who are<br />

always all-too eager to curl up in your lap!<br />

Entry to the cemetery is free, but visitors are encouraged to make<br />

a three-euro donation upon leaving.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 47

3. Babington’s Tea Room<br />

Images via Babington’s tea room<br />

Your next stop after visiting the Keats-Shelley Memorial<br />

House should be the adjacent building with its picturesque<br />

terraces and delicious tea.<br />

4. Anglo-American Bookshop<br />

Babington’s Tea Room has been in Rome since 1893, when two<br />

English sisters decided to invest their savings in opening a tea<br />

room and reading room for the Anglo-Saxon community.<br />

Today, although tea remains their most requested beverage, the<br />

establishment has evolved to include cakes, pastries, and a variety<br />

of proper English dishes,<br />

48 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Founded in 1953 by an Englishmen named Patrick Searle,<br />

this bookstore went through many changes of names and<br />

locations before it became what it is today: the Anglo-American<br />

Bookshop.<br />

Located in the buzzing city center, not far from Piazza di Spagna<br />

this independent bookstore has one of the biggest collections<br />

of English books you’ll find in the city.<br />

It is bright and clean, with staff that are always willing to help,<br />

and you can spend as much time as you want browsing through<br />

their selection!<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 49

50 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Gems of Antiquity<br />

in Lazio<br />

From the earliest Bronze Age Greek settlers, to the Etruscans, and<br />

through to the rise of the Romans, Lazio has been home to numerous<br />

civilizations over the last 3000 years. And while the rise of the city of<br />

Rome would mark the construction of some of the greatest and most<br />

famous works of both archaeology and architecture in all of the world,<br />

the area surrounding Rome would become littered with their own stunning<br />

gems of historical beauty. Although the Colosseum, Vatican City,<br />

the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain remain the most visited sites by<br />

traveling tourists to Rome, taking the time to learn about and potentially<br />

visit the lesser known enclaves of antiquity throughout Lazio will leave<br />

one with a much richer idea and experience of the once great civilizations<br />

of <strong>Italy</strong>. The early Bronze Age Etruscans would rise out of northern<br />

Lazio in the 9th century BCE, and establish their people across the entire<br />

region, their dominion also spreading well into modern Campania,<br />

Umbria, Emiliglia-Romagna, and Veneto. The great necropolises<br />

and other evidence of these early Etruscans can be visited<br />

in Cerveteri and Tarquinia among other smaller towns. And<br />

of course, the might of Imperial Rome would come to dominate<br />

the entire Italian Peninsula by the 1st century BCE. As<br />

the citizens and nobles become richer, their influence would<br />

spread across Europe, most famously the buildings funded and<br />

constructed by the all powerful emperors of Rome. Whether its<br />

emperor Hadrian’s stunning villa in Tivoli, or the ruins of the<br />

infamous emperor Nero’s most decadent villa on the coasts of<br />

Anzio, there remains numerous sites outside of Rome just waiting<br />

for the adventurous traveler to be inspired by their alluring<br />

history.<br />

Written by Orlando Guerra<br />

ABOVE- Viale degli Scavi, remains of the<br />

main road that ran through the ancient city<br />

of Ostia.<br />

BELOW- A map depicting the Italian region<br />

of Lazio, including the main archaeological<br />

sites discussed in this article.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 51

Archaeological Sites<br />


Cervetri is home to the Necropoli della Banditaccia, a UNESCO<br />

World Heritage site which covers an area of over 900 acres and<br />

contains over 1,000 tombs. These mostly include Etruscan tombs<br />

dating between the 5th-3rd century BCE, however some older<br />

tombs have been attributed to the 9th century BCE Early Iron Age<br />

Villanovan culture. Cerveteri remains the largest necropolis found<br />

in the Mediterranean area, and lies about 50 kilometers to the<br />

Northwest of Rome.<br />


The Etruscans dominated modern day Northern Lazio in antiquity,<br />

therefore we are left with hundreds of tombs dating from the 7th<br />

century BCE, covered in beautifully painted and well preserved<br />

frescoes in the hills of Tarquinia. The Necropoli dei Monterozzi<br />

was also given UNESCO World Heritage status, as it contains<br />

the largest documentation of Etruscan society, culture, and art<br />

anywhere in <strong>Italy</strong>. Tarquinia is 100 kilometers Northwest of Rome<br />

although easily accessible by train.<br />

TIVOLI<br />

Tivoli rests just 25 kilometers from the center of Rome, pleasantly<br />

sitting on the Apennine Mountains that surround Rome. The city<br />

would gain Roman citizenship early in the 1st century BCE, and<br />

would then receive an influx of wealthy Roman citizens and nobles<br />

who would build magnificent villas dotting the mountainside.<br />

The most famous of which is the Villa Adriana, built in the 1st century<br />

CE, it remains one of the best preserved imperial villas in <strong>Italy</strong>.<br />

52 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Across Lazio<br />


Once acting as the main port of the ancient city of Rome, Ostia Antica<br />

now lies nearly 3 kilometers inland as centuries of silting and<br />

floods have moved the modern coastline. However, the city was<br />

once home to nearly 50,000 Romans, and many of the main residential,<br />

economic, and religious buildings have been incredibly<br />

preserved, including the amphitheater. Thousands of intricate mosaics<br />

dating from the Late Republic and beyond can also be viewed<br />

here.<br />


Connected to ancient Rome through the construction of the Via<br />

Appia, and the eventual establishment of Via Severiana, a coastal<br />

road connecting the city to Ostia, Terracina would become a vital<br />

agricultural hub as the fertile valleys around the city provided<br />

both food and wealth for the citizens in the area. Jupiter was the<br />

city’s tutelary god, and a large temple was dedicated to him on the<br />

highest hill, the Temple of Jupiter Anxur remains one of the city’s<br />

most popular archaeological destinations.<br />

ANZIO<br />

Although more famous as the site of the Allied Forces landing<br />

during World War II, Anzio is also full of Roman archaeological<br />

locations dating throughout the empire. Founded by the Romans<br />

as Antium, its fruitful land provided Rome with a large amount of<br />

grain. The Emperor Nero would build one of his most lavish villas<br />

here, the Domus Neroniana, and the ruins can be visited to this<br />

day. Anzio is 60 kilometers South of Rome on the Tyrrhenian coast.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 53

LEFT- A view of the modern city of<br />

Terracina, as seen from the ancient<br />

Temple of Jupiter Anxur (right).<br />

MIDDLE- An illustration of the<br />

Circus Maximus, with the Imperial<br />

Palace looming over.<br />

BOTTOM- A Panoramic view of<br />

the Forum Romanum most famous<br />

archaeological site in <strong>Italy</strong>.<br />

Whether its viewing the stunning mosaics at Ostia Antica, or experiencing the<br />

tranquility of a garden that once belonged to the most powerful man in the<br />

world at Tivoli, you can easily be intoxicated by the sense of history and<br />

inspired to see more. But of course we cannot forget that we can see the<br />

greatest jewel of all archaeology and history found not only in <strong>Italy</strong>, but<br />

in the entire world, in the city of Rome itself. When visiting the city for<br />

the first time, you can become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of<br />

monuments and historical markers to both seek out and discover new<br />

ones. However a trip to Rome with the thought of delving deeper into<br />

the history and archaeology in mind would not be complete without<br />

making it out to these lesser visited sites in the city. First, The Circus<br />

Maximus, an ancient arena whose capacity would have dwarfed that<br />

of the Colosseum. Able to hold over 200,000 people, this incredible<br />

stadium was mostly used for chariot races. Second, the Romans built<br />

many bathhouses, but none so great as the Baths of Caracalla, another<br />

must see site. The sheer size of the complex can still be understood<br />

from the massive set of extensive walls that remain. Featuring some<br />

of the most incredible technology available in the 3rd century CE,<br />

this bathhouse serves as a clear statement of ancient Roman ingenuity.<br />

Lastly, after you have visited the Colosseum, do not forget to check<br />

out the Forum Romanum, the beating heart of the ancient city of Rome.<br />

Where all economic, political, and social action took place, and where ever<br />

famous Roman you’ve ever heard of stepped foot in. Rome is truly bursting<br />

with a majestic history unmatched anywhere in the world, get out there and<br />

explore all it truly has to offer!<br />

54 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 55

SAVE<br />

THE<br />

PLANET<br />



QR CODE<br />

56 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>


by Alexandra Shaburova<br />

Rome is an open air museum<br />

where you can find all different<br />

kinds of art that suits your taste the<br />

best. Rome is a unique city where<br />

you can start your day by looking at<br />

Medieval art and finish by admiring<br />

the contemporary art in a gallery on<br />

some piazza. Art is everywhere you<br />

go, on the walls, under your feet and<br />

literally everywhere you direct your<br />

gaze to. Rome is not only about Baroque<br />

and Renaissance architecture<br />

and sculpture. Rome is progressing<br />

like any other city. Even though it is<br />

still important to know the basics of<br />

art and where it originated from, it<br />

is also essential to know where art is<br />

now.<br />

<strong>In</strong> this article you will be introduced<br />

to a number of Galleries<br />

where you can enjoy art for<br />

free. You will also be presented<br />

with some specific<br />

famous and important art<br />

pieces by famous Baroque<br />

and Renaissance artists.<br />

located in different places<br />

all around Rome. Of Course<br />

there are alot of famous museums<br />

you can explore, but the tickets<br />

and fees can add up to an unwanted<br />

amount.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 57

Dorothy Circus Gallery<br />

Via dei Pettinari 76<br />

Mon-Fri 11;30-18;30<br />

sat 11;30-20;00<br />

Vars<br />

Via d<br />

<strong>In</strong> this gallery, exhibits regularly change and there<br />

is always something interesting on the display. But there is<br />

a permantent collection which includes work of the street<br />

artist called ‘ROA’ and Margaret Keane. She is famouse for<br />

inspiring the film called ‘Big Eyes’. The interior design is a<br />

bit extravagant due to the red painted walls. There is also a<br />

bookshop collection which adds to the whole atmosphere of<br />

this gallery. If you ever visit this gallery do not miss a mural<br />

58 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

i Gallery<br />

i Grotta Pinta 38<br />

Tues – Sat 12 – 20;00<br />

Sun 3 – 20;00<br />

Varsi gallery is a small magical place in Rome. It is a cantemprorary<br />

art studio which transofrms every centimeter every time that<br />

is has a new installation. The artists who are responsible for this art<br />

space are both local and international.<br />

Galleria Russo<br />

Via Alibert, 20<br />

Mon, 4:30pm – 19:30<br />

Tues – Sat, 10 – 19:30<br />

This Gallery is ran by a family, which has<br />

been changing the loccation from where they were<br />

operating since 1898. But now they are set on a<br />

charming street close to Piazza Di Spagna and Piazza<br />

del Popolo. The content of this gallery is not<br />

entirely contemporary. It includes the hightlight<br />

work of 20th century Italian artists.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 59

Magazzino Modern Art<br />

Via dei Prefetti 17<br />

Tues – Sat, 11 – 20:00<br />

Magazzino Gallery<br />

of modern art always<br />

shows a big variety<br />

of modern and contemprorary<br />

artists from all<br />

around the world. This<br />

gallery also has a website<br />

where they have a great<br />

list of artists and their<br />

biographies and photos<br />

of their work.<br />

RVB Arts<br />

Via delle Zoccolette 28 and Via Giulia 193<br />

Tues – Sat, 11 – 13;00 16;00pm – 19;30<br />

The RVB showroom is used as an art<br />

space to display a unusual collection of electronic<br />

based artworks that are also affordable.<br />

There are lots of various artists that present<br />

their works in this showroom. It is not a curated<br />

gallery, more of a showroom with different<br />

collections. This art space includes works of<br />

artists who have won international awards<br />

and participated in the Venice Biennale. As<br />

mentioned before the works are affordable, the<br />

prices vary from 100 to 5,000 euro, but entrance<br />

and admiration of the work is free.<br />

60 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Boroque and Renaissance ART in Rome<br />

If you prefer baroque<br />

paintings and sculpture<br />

then there are also plenty of<br />

free places that you can visit<br />

all around Rome. Rome is filled<br />

with churches in which they<br />

store some historical works of<br />

famous baroque and renaissance<br />

artists.<br />

The statue of Blessed Ludovica (1674) is hidden in the Church of San Francesco a<br />

Ripa, Trastevere, Rome. This is a sculpture by a famous Italian sculptor, Gian Lorenzo<br />

Bernini. The sculpture is located in a specially designed chapel. The chapel around the<br />

sculpture compliments the masterpieces.<br />

This sculpture captured Ludovica in an ecstasy state between two worlds, forever petrified<br />

at her last breath. The details of the fabric that surrounds Ludovica and further details<br />

in the surroundings is typical of Lorenzo Bernini. Another aspect that is very typical of<br />

Bernini is parted lips of the depicted person. He believed that this detail is essential for<br />

expressing real emotions and to the sculpture.<br />

Church of San<br />

Francesco a Ripa,<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 61

62 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 63

Tattoos in Rome<br />

By: Maria Estela Gomez<br />

Tare a great way not only to express our selves,<br />

but to document meaningful memories, so why not<br />

get a tattoo while you are in Rome? Ive taken the task<br />

to ask around, do some research and also visit some<br />

of the best tattoo shops and tattoo artist in Rome<br />

so you don’t have to. From big pieces to small dainty<br />

tattoo or perhaps a color tattoo, Rome has it all.<br />

Choosing from a very big array of recommendations,<br />

Ive chosen three amazing places to get<br />

tattoos here in Rome. The first is a tattoo shop<br />

called Aureo Roma, located near the Colosseum,<br />

in Via Degli Zingari, 12. Aureo Roma offers different<br />

types of Tattoos but predominantly focuses<br />

on color tattoos. They offer all types of designs<br />

from dainty fine line tattoos to big detailed pieces.<br />

If you are looking for a specific kind<br />

of tattoo and need someone that will do a good<br />

job, I recommend booking an independent artist,<br />

it is definitely on the more expensive side,<br />

but you ensure a great job. One of my favorite<br />

tattoo artist here in Rome is Luca Cospito,<br />

Also known as Lucky Luchino. Luca specializes in<br />

fine line work and creates stunning pieces of work.<br />

If you are interested in a complex and difficult<br />

piece of fine line he is your guy. Either you want<br />

something<br />

Specific or have a general idea of what you would<br />

like, show him an inspiration or describe him you<br />

Idea a he will make your concept come to life.<br />

Find him on <strong>In</strong>stagram @lucky_luchino but make<br />

sure to make a booking in advance because he is a<br />

highly requested artist.<br />

If you inclined to get a more traditional<br />

tattoo, Francesco Ferrara is a great traditional tattoo<br />

artist. He is know for his clean dark lines and<br />

vivid color. Francesco Ferrara is one of Rome’s<br />

greatest in the tattoo industry. Find him on his<br />

<strong>In</strong>stagram francesco__ferrara or on hi web-page<br />

francescoferrara.bigcartel.com.<br />

@aureoroma (<strong>2022</strong>) Artist Alessandro Cappozzi<br />

Photo:Maria E.Gomez. Artist: Cospito,<br />

64 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

The girl on the horse is a costumed<br />

piece by artist Francesco Ferrara.<br />

The client wanted a tattoo that<br />

celebrated his indigenous descent<br />

and provided a basic description.<br />

The artist draw an image based on<br />

the description by the client, and the<br />

executed this traditional work on the<br />

clients leg.<br />

Photo:Maria E.Gomez. Artist: Francesco<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 65

ut side activities to do in Rome<br />

Beauiful places you can visit when you want to clear your mind.<br />

Photo: Maria E. Gomez<br />

66 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

We all know the city of Rome is full<br />

of life, art, and delicious food, but one<br />

thing that is hard to find: out door activities,<br />

yes, as hard as it is to believe it.<br />

Coming from an island in the Caribbean<br />

I was used to exercising in different way,<br />

particularly out doors. The hardest transition<br />

was not the language or the food<br />

but not being able to go on a walk on the<br />

beach or on a hick on the mountains. Some<br />

times, we all have the urge to just pack a<br />

bag and leave the city chaos, at least for a<br />

day. So, I gave my self the task of finding<br />

the best out door activities in Rome.<br />

Hiking is a great way to get your<br />

mind off work or school, sometimes we<br />

need a place where we can leave all our<br />

worries behind. Hiking is a great sport to<br />

do so, you need to concentrate enough<br />

on where you are walking an at the same<br />

time you get to see and enjoy wonderful<br />

views. One of my favorite places to<br />

clear my head is Villa Glori located on<br />

the north of the city. It offers easy to<br />

moderate hiking trails. Another beautiful<br />

place to go hiking is Lago di Albano, located<br />

at the south of Rome its just a forty<br />

minute train ride from Termini Station.<br />

If you are looking for something a<br />

little bit more challenging, mountain biking<br />

is a good option. It is a more active and physically<br />

demanding sport than hiking, but it is<br />

a great way to explore. I was very surprised<br />

to find out that there is a big community of<br />

mountain bikers in Rome. There are plenty<br />

of bike rentals in Rome, but I would recommend<br />

Top Bike Rentals and Tours. If<br />

you want to start just rent some equipment<br />

and go to Villa Pamphili and test the waters.<br />

Running is also a great way to relive<br />

stress and get some endorphins running. If<br />

you are looking for a way to exercise but<br />

just don’t want to go to a gym, running<br />

definitely is a good option. Running in the<br />

streets of Rome is quite a hassle and probably,<br />

dangerous too. So if you ever get the<br />

urge to go on a good jog, bring yourself<br />

down to the Lungotevere where there is a<br />

pedestrian safe running track. Not only that<br />

but you can enjoy the nice view of the lake<br />

and trees. Just look for some stairs, head<br />

down to the trail and have a great workout.<br />

Going on a hike or run is a great<br />

your head. It is also great way to meet<br />

knew people and become part of a community.<br />

Living in a city doesn’t have to<br />

mean you have to disconnect from nature,<br />

there are plenty hidden gems in<br />

Rome for you to venture out and discover.<br />

By: Maria Estela Gomez<br />

Photograph of<br />

Peonie flowers<br />

taken in Villa Glori<br />

on a mornig hike.<br />

Photo:Maria Estela<br />

Gomez<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 67

Street Markets in Rome<br />

Porta Portese<br />

By: William Levi<br />

Porta Portese is one of the premier street<br />

markets in the world! Located in the heart<br />

of Rome and comprised of hundreds of<br />

local, independent vendors. Whatever you are<br />

looking for they are likely to have it. The goods<br />

sold in Porta Portese range from clothes, jewelry,<br />

and accessories to kitchenware, antiques and<br />

furniture. Not only is it a great place to buy a<br />

wide range of items, it is also a fun way to spend a<br />

Sunday morning. If you take your time, it can take<br />

over an hour to get the full experience. It is very<br />

fun to walk through the market and look at each<br />

individual shop and what they are selling, even if<br />

you do not intend on buying anything. Porta Portese<br />

takes place every Sunday from 6:00 AM - 2:00<br />

PM(with some shops staying open until 5:00PM).<br />

I recommend getting there early as it gets very<br />

crowded quite quickly. The next time you have<br />

a free Sunday morning, check out Porta Portese.<br />

You will not be disappointed!<br />

68 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Where’s Porta Portese?<br />

Porta Portese is located<br />

close to the center of<br />

Rome. Next to the Tiber<br />

River and only a short<br />

walk from The American<br />

University of Rome, Porta<br />

Portese is very accessible<br />

for AUR students.<br />

Porta Portese is home to<br />

a wide variety of different<br />

shops in many different<br />

categories. Porta Portese is<br />

also accessible from several<br />

different entrances. This<br />

map shows the different<br />

ways you can get into Porta<br />

Portese.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 69

Trastevere Farmers Market<br />

Rome is home to countless amazing farmers<br />

markets. My personal favorite is the Trastevere<br />

farmers market. The Trastevere farmers<br />

market is in Piazza San Cosimato. This market<br />

takes place everyday starting early in the morning<br />

and ending around 2:00pm. You can find any kind<br />

of fruit, vegetable or fresh produce that you may<br />

need here. Everything at the market is very affordable<br />

and fresh as well. I recently purchased a bunch<br />

of about five tomatoes and it only cost around one<br />

Euro. If you live in Trastevere and need fresh fruits,<br />

vegetables or produce, then this is where you want<br />

to go. <strong>In</strong> addition to fresh produce there are also<br />

several small specialized shops connected to this<br />

market. There is a fish market that sells a wide variety<br />

of fresh fish. There is also a cheese shop, and<br />

a butcher. Regardless of what you are buying in the<br />

market, anything you get will be fresh, cheap. and<br />

most importantly, delicious!<br />

70 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Where is the Farmers Market?<br />

Just like Porta Portese, the<br />

Trastevere Farmers market<br />

is located close to the center<br />

of Rome. It is very accessible<br />

to AUR students as it is<br />

less than a ten minute walk<br />

from campus.<br />

This more zoomed in image<br />

shows precisely where the<br />

market is. It is in the middle of<br />

Trastevere at piazza San Cosimato.<br />

It is also near several bus<br />

stops, so there really isn’t any<br />

reason not to check it out. You<br />

won’t be disappointed!<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 71

72 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Sports in <strong>Italy</strong><br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 73

Sports in <strong>Italy</strong><br />

Sport in <strong>Italy</strong> is very popular: there are as many as<br />

three national newspapers that deal exclusively<br />

with sports (La Gazzetta dello Sport-easily recognizable<br />

because it is printed on pink paper- Il Corriere<br />

dello Sport-Stadio and Tuttosport), and many daily<br />

or weekly television programs are devoted to sports<br />

subjects (the most watched program is La Domenica<br />

Sportiva).<br />

<strong>In</strong> addition to soccer, cycling, which has its most famous<br />

event in the Giro d’Italia, a stage race that crosses<br />

the entire peninsula and is held every year between<br />

the end of May and the first days of June, is very<br />

popular. Not only Italian athletes participate in this<br />

competition, but also cyclists from all over the world.<br />

Another passion of Italians is motor racing. It is<br />

widely followed, in fact, usually on live television, the<br />

Formula 1 world championship. Ferraris, known as<br />

the “rosse” of Maranello (a small town in the province<br />

of Modena, where these famous racing cars are<br />

built), race in this championship.<br />

Just as popular as cycling and motor racing have recently<br />

become skiing, basketball, volleyball or tennis,<br />

which are popular especially among young people.<br />

Less popular than these are other sports, such as<br />

swimming ball, fencing, athletics, horseback riding,<br />

rowing and skeet shooting, although Italian athletes,<br />

the Azzurri, achieve notable results in the international<br />

arena in these very disciplines, especially at the<br />

Olympic<br />

Sport has a lengthy history in <strong>Italy</strong>. <strong>Italy</strong> has strong<br />

presence and many successes in a variety of sports,<br />

both individual and team. Football is the most popular<br />

sport in <strong>Italy</strong>. <strong>Italy</strong>’s national football team is one<br />

of the most successful in the world, having won four<br />

FIFA World Cups (1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006). <strong>Italy</strong><br />

is the second most successful country in European<br />

football, with 48 major European titles won by Italian<br />

clubs. Serie A is <strong>Italy</strong>’s top-flight club football competition,<br />

and it is followed by millions of fans worldwide.<br />

Basketball, volleyball, and rugby are other prominent<br />

team sports in <strong>Italy</strong>.<br />

<strong>Italy</strong>’s men and female national volleyball teams are<br />

frequently ranked among the best in the world. The<br />

finest results for the Italian national basketball team<br />

were gold at Eurobasket. 1983, EuroBasket 1999, and<br />

an Olympic silver medal in 2004. Lega Basket Serie A<br />

is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most competitive<br />

leagues. The Italian national rugby team participates<br />

in the Six Nations Championship and is a regular<br />

in the Rugby World Cup. The men’s volleyball team<br />

won three World Championships in a row (in 1990,<br />

1994, and 1998) and three Olympic silver medals (in<br />

1996, 2004, and 2016).<br />

74 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

Basketball<br />

Basketball has a long and illustrious history in <strong>Italy</strong>.<br />

The Italian men’s national basketball team has qualified<br />

for 38 EuroBasket tournaments and has won two gold<br />

medals, four silver medals, and four bronze medals.<br />

While <strong>Italy</strong> has participated in nine World Cups, the<br />

closest they have been to winning a medal was fourth<br />

place in 1970 and 1978. The Italian women’s national<br />

basketball team won gold in 1938 and bronze in 1974<br />

at the European Women’s Basketball Championship.<br />

According to the national league coefficients of FIBA<br />

Europe and Euroleague Basketball, the LBA was the<br />

Historically top-ranked national domestic league in<br />

Europe from 1958 to 2007.<br />

Athletics<br />

The Italian Athletics Federation is the governing<br />

body of athletics in <strong>Italy</strong>. It is affiliated with the European<br />

federation, the European Athletic Association<br />

(EAA), the international federation, the <strong>In</strong>ternational<br />

Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), and the<br />

Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), which<br />

is a member of the <strong>In</strong>ternational Olympic Committee<br />

(IOC).<br />

<strong>Italy</strong>’s national athletics team competes in international<br />

athletics tournaments such as the Olympic<br />

Games and global athletics championships. Among<br />

the most well-known Italian sportsmen is sprinter<br />

Pietro Mennea (1952-2013), who held the 200m<br />

world record (19:72) for 17 years from 1979 to 1996<br />

and is still the European record holder.<br />

Rugby<br />

Rugby union is quite popular, particularly in the<br />

north of the country. The two Pro12 teams have<br />

taken over <strong>Italy</strong>’s current slots in the highest<br />

European club tournament, formerly known as the<br />

Heineken Cup and now known as the<br />

European Rugby<br />

Champions Cup, while four Eccellenza sides<br />

participate in the second-tier European Rugby<br />

Challenge Cup. The Federazione Italiana Rugby is<br />

the governing organization of Italian rugby union<br />

(FIR). An initial organizational committee was<br />

formed in 1911, but it wasn’t until 1928 that the entity<br />

was renamed the FIR, and it joined the <strong>In</strong>ternational<br />

Rugby Board in 1987. The FIR was a founding<br />

member of the Federation <strong>In</strong>ternationale de Rugby<br />

Amateur in 1934.<br />

The historic heartland of rugby union was tiny rural<br />

communities in the Po Valley and other regions of<br />

Northern <strong>Italy</strong>.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 75

Tennis<br />

Italian professional tennis players are consistently<br />

ranked among the top 100 male and female players<br />

in the world.<br />

Nicola Pietrangeli, Adriano Panatta, Francesca<br />

Schiavone, and Flavia Pennetta are the four most<br />

successful Italian tennis players in terms of Grand<br />

Slam event results. The <strong>Italy</strong> Davis Cup team won<br />

the Davis Cup in 1976, and the <strong>Italy</strong> Fed Cup team<br />

won the Fed Cup four times in 2006, 2009, 2010, and<br />

2013. <strong>In</strong> their careers, Italian players such as Sara Errani,<br />

Flavia Pennetta, Roberta Vinci, and Francesca<br />

Schiavone have reached the WTA Top 10. Schiavone<br />

was the first Italian player to win a Grand Slam singles<br />

title, winning the French Open in 2010; Camila<br />

Giorgi is the top Italian player in the WTA rankings,<br />

while Jannik Sinner is the top Italian player in the<br />

ATP rankings.<br />

MotoGP<br />

<strong>In</strong> motorcycling, renowned champions of the past,<br />

like as Umberto Masetti, Carlo Ubbiali, Tarquinio<br />

Provini, and Giacomo Agostini, the most successful<br />

rider in World Championship history, (15 times<br />

world champion in the 350 and 500 cc classes with<br />

10 victories at the.<br />

They are followed by current champions Max Biaggi,<br />

Loris Capirossi, and, in especially, Valentino Rossi,<br />

who has won 89 Grands Prix and 9 World Championships,<br />

making him the only motorcycle racer<br />

to have won world titles in four classes: one each in<br />

125cc, 250cc, and 500cc, and six in MotoGP.<br />

Bianchi, Aprilia, Beta, Cagiva, Gilera, Guzzi, MV<br />

Agusta, TM Racing, Benelli, and Ducati have all won<br />

the most important races and world championships.<br />

Tony Cairoli is the most titled Italian in Motocross,<br />

whereas Kiara Fontanesi is the most titled woman in<br />

the world, having won six championships in a row.<br />

76 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong><br />

Car racing<br />

From Formula One to endurance racing to rallies,<br />

auto racing is huge in <strong>Italy</strong>. Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati<br />

(the only Italian manufacturer to win the <strong>In</strong>dianapolis<br />

500 twice), Ferrari, Abarth, and Lancia have<br />

won the most important races (Targa Florio, Rally<br />

of <strong>Italy</strong>, Mille Miglia, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Nürburgring<br />

24 Hours, Carrera Panamericana) and world<br />

and continental titles in all categories since the first<br />

races of the twentieth century. Scuderia Ferrari is<br />

the oldest surviving Grand Prix racing team, having<br />

participated since 1948, and the most successful Formula<br />

One team in history.<br />

Ferrari has had a long history of success in Formula<br />

One, having raced in the sport since 1950.

Football<br />

Football is the most popular and<br />

most played sport in <strong>Italy</strong>, with over<br />

1.4 million participants and 14000<br />

teams. It was imported from England at the<br />

end of the nineteenth century and is managed<br />

by the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, which<br />

directs and organizes the various national teams as<br />

well as supervising and coordinating the leagues, which<br />

organize championships and cups, both professional and<br />

amateur.<br />

The Italian soccer league, Serie A, is one of the most watched in<br />

the world, along with the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier<br />

League. Furthermore, <strong>Italy</strong>’s top soccer clubs have won the most international<br />

trophies, with 51 recognised championships, making <strong>Italy</strong> the second<br />

most successful nation in Europe behind Spain and ahead of England.<br />

With four World Championships, two European Championships, one Olympic event,<br />

and two <strong>In</strong>ternational Cups, <strong>Italy</strong>’s men’s national soccer squad is among the most successful<br />

in the world. The youth national teams have also won European category championships<br />

and gold medals in soccer at multi-sport events like as the Universiade and the Mediterranean<br />

Games. One of the most important sport event for the country is the Rome Derby, played<br />

between AS Roma and SS Lazio.<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 77


<strong>In</strong> general...<strong>2022</strong> has seen a return to a somewhat normal life in Rome. Gone are the days of logging into classes<br />

via zoom, or seeing each other in masks on a daily basis. We finally have the chance to get out and explore the<br />

best of <strong>Italy</strong> as it was pre-COVID. We hope you have enjoyed learning about some new locations and topics<br />

that have never been featured in our publication. The contributors would like to thank you for taking the time<br />

to enjoy reading and viewing their works for this 8th issue in both print and digital format. We look forward<br />

to enhancing your awareness of <strong>Italy</strong> with AUR unique perspectives in the next issue, launching in May 2023.<br />


AT AUR?<br />

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graduates to thrive in the global communications industry, from social media to PR, online journalism, and advertising. The<br />

program has been designed to extend and enhance students’ communication skills while giving them a deep understanding<br />

of communication theory and how it applies to intercultural communication, organizational communication, and the management<br />

of social networks and mass media.<br />

Communication is at the center of the 21st Century, it is the main engine of our age. The way we communicate through<br />

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A communication degree is not only about learning how to communicate information proficiently. It is also essential in just<br />

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Students who complete the BA in Communication and Digital Media will gain the following core competencies:<br />

• Articulate a wide range of concepts and ideas relating to digital media<br />

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degree of control over language, narrative technique and form<br />

• Apply skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation in the world of digital media<br />

• Identify information needs, access and evaluate information from a variety of sources and use information ethically and<br />

legally to accomplish specific purposes within the context of digital media research<br />

• Demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the power of digital media to persuade and inform audiences, and to<br />

foster a sense of social responsibility, professionalism, ethics and civic engagement diversity and inter-cultural understanding<br />

and respect.<br />

FRONT cover image by: Orlando Guerra<br />

BACK cover image by: Prof. Brian Koperski<br />

78 | <strong>Italy</strong> in <strong>General</strong>

<strong>Issue</strong> 8 - Dec <strong>2022</strong> | 79

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