29 8-14 Brumby St, Surry Hills Sales Brochure

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<strong>29</strong>/8-<strong>14</strong> <strong>Brumby</strong> <strong>St</strong>reet,<br />

<strong>Surry</strong> <strong>Hills</strong><br />

A Property Magazine Published by Tower & London<br />

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Contents<br />

About the property<br />

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About the building<br />

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Floor plan<br />

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Elements of <strong>Surry</strong> <strong>Hills</strong><br />

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Two Bedrooms on Two Levels Near the Belvoir<br />

In the heart of <strong>Surry</strong> Hill’s creative district is this amazing modern building with a curved roof that<br />

stands out like a cathedral. A middle-rise building with no expensive amenities such as pools and<br />

gyms, just solidly built and well designed. Up on the highest floor is this two-level apartment comprising<br />

two bedrooms and bathroom on the top floor, the main follows the curve of the roof line;<br />

living, dining kitchen and balcony on the lower. Nothing is usual about this property, not the least<br />

the industrial staircase and a massive skylight in the living room. Includes a basement parking space<br />

on a separate title.<br />

This building is close to central station with all its<br />

new splendour, Price Alfred Park and the Belvoir<br />

theatre; not to mention the variety of shops, cafés<br />

and restaurants. It’s a middle rise building with no<br />

expensive amenities such as pools and gyms; just<br />

solidly built and well designed.<br />


Building & Location<br />

Built in the 1990s when construction was at a higher quality and design was important, this 6-level residential<br />

building is one of the smartest in the area with its distinctive semi-circular roof line. The building comprises<br />

31 apartments of a good combination of modern terraces and townhouse-like apartments with an attractive<br />

street presence, surrounding a paved and beautifully landscaped central courtyard. Parking is on one basement<br />

level, and all parking lots are separately titled, thus allowing them to be traded between owners in the<br />

building.<br />

Outgoings for the property (Approximately):<br />

<strong>St</strong>rata Levy: $2,243.16/Quarter<br />

Council Fee: $289.40/Quarter<br />

Water Rate: $165.02/Quarter<br />


Floor Plan<br />

<strong>29</strong>/8-<strong>14</strong> <strong>Brumby</strong> <strong>St</strong>reet, <strong>Surry</strong> <strong>Hills</strong><br />


This floor plan is a graphical representation of the property and<br />

should not be relied on for measurements. Buyers should make<br />

their own enquiries regarding the size of elements in the property.<br />

Materials are also for illustration purposes only and may not be a<br />

true representation of the real product. Tower & London hold no<br />

responsibility for differences indicated in this floor plan.<br />

Apartment: 79 sqm<br />

Parking: 13 sqm<br />

Total lot area: 92 sqm<br />


Elements of <strong>Surry</strong> <strong>Hills</strong><br />

Belvoir <strong>St</strong> Theatre<br />

One of Australia’s most beloved theatre company located<br />

in the heart of <strong>Surry</strong> <strong>Hills</strong>. Each year the theatre present<br />

an annual season of shows.<br />

Central Train <strong>St</strong>ation<br />

Central Train <strong>St</strong>ation is the largest and busiest railway station<br />

in Australia. Located with only a 5 minutes walk from the<br />

unit.<br />

Prince Alfred Pool<br />

Prince Alfred Park Pool provides world-class swimming and aquatic<br />

fitness facilitates.<br />

Prince Alfred Park<br />

Prince Alfred Park offers 7.5 hectare of park lands, sports<br />

courts, playgrounds and fitness equipment to enjoy.<br />


Elements of <strong>Surry</strong> <strong>Hills</strong><br />

Bills <strong>Surry</strong> <strong>Hills</strong><br />

Bills is famous for their breakfast scene. Known for their<br />

creamy scrambled eggs and ricotta pancakes.<br />

Golden Age Cinema & Bar<br />

Located inside the heritage listed Paramount Pictures Building<br />

on Commonwealth <strong>St</strong>reet. Refurbished with a screening<br />

room and old school bar.<br />

Three Williams<br />

Large warehouse café in <strong>Surry</strong> <strong>Hills</strong> famous for their incredible<br />

brunch.<br />

<strong>St</strong>rawberry <strong>Hills</strong> Hotel<br />

Classic Australian Pub that’s been opened since 1870.<br />

Perfect for afterwork drinks.<br />


John Tower<br />

M.D. Tower & London<br />

Licensed Real Estate Agent<br />

Property Valuer<br />

M: 0408 216 979<br />

E: john@towerlondon.com<br />

Nicole Zheng<br />

Senior Property Manager<br />

M: 0438 077 451<br />

E: nicole@towerlondon.com<br />

Quality Service<br />

Sound Advice<br />

Honest Approach<br />

138 Walker <strong>St</strong>reet,<br />

North Sydney, NSW 2060<br />

Ph: 02 8904 1318<br />

Disclaimer:<br />

The information contained in this publication is for general<br />

information purposes only. Readers are advised that while an<br />

earnest effort has been taken to ensure the information in<br />

this document was obtained from reliable sources, Tower &<br />

London gives no guarantees or warranties, written or implied,<br />

over the accuracy of the information provided. Tower &<br />

London Pty Limited disclaims all responsibility for any loss<br />

or damage suffered as a result of the use of the contents of<br />

this publication. The views expressed in this publication are<br />

those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of<br />

the publisher.

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