Swaffham Newsletter

June 2023

June 2023


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June 2023<br />

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<strong>Swaffham</strong> celebrates<br />

King Charles III coronation<br />

Swaam Town Council Newsleer June 2023<br />

Elecons<br />

There was no need for a Town Council election in May 2023, as<br />

all 13 were elected unopposed. We welcome four new Cou<br />

Ellerbeck, Sarah Pickard and John Zielinski. We also pay tribute<br />

Anscombe, Colin Houghton, Shirley Matthews, and Ian Pilcher.<br />

At Breckland Council level there was an election, with a welcome<br />

joining David Wickerson re-elected for another four-year term,<br />

in a different area and Ed Colman resigning back in February<br />

Colman also resigned as our Norfolk County Councillor, and we<br />

elected representative on the County Council.<br />


Royal<br />

British<br />

Legion<br />

p.5<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Library<br />

News<br />

p.8<br />

Swaam Town Council are pleased to announce that on 17 Ma<br />

the Town Council appointed Cllr Stewart Bell as Mayor and Cllr P<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Town<br />

Council<br />

p.18<br />

published by<br />

Solider Silhouee unveiling at the War Memorial site

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Contents<br />

3 Iceni Antics/Library News<br />

4 Church News<br />

5 School Speak/Royal British Legion<br />

7 Ashill & Hale Garden Group<br />

8 NarVOS/<strong>Swaffham</strong> Lions Club<br />

9 The Hive Gt Cressingham<br />

10 NGS/<strong>Swaffham</strong> Swimming Pool<br />

11 Local WI's<br />

12 Museum Matters<br />

13 Merle Boddy/Climate Action Group<br />

14 <strong>Swaffham</strong> Rotary<br />

16 History Group/Jazz Club<br />

18 Town Council<br />

Iceni Antics<br />

May was a busy month here at Iceni HQ, but luckily<br />

we had an extra pair of hands to help. The lovely<br />

Molly, a student at Nicholas Hamond Academy was with<br />

us for four days on work experience. Whilst here she<br />

got to experience the variety of groups and activities we<br />

have here at <strong>Swaffham</strong> Community Centre, including the<br />

Teeny Iceni's Day Nursery and our Friday Lunch Club.<br />

Molly's time with us coincided with the run-up to the<br />

Coronation weekend, so she was a massive asset in<br />

helping to organise a special afternoon tea for Lunch Club.<br />

Our guests were treated to a range of cakes (very kindly<br />

provided by the wonderful Lynette), individual trifles,<br />

homemade sausage rolls, a selection of sandwiches and<br />

much more!<br />

We were very impressed with the effort some of our<br />

guests went to in dressing for the occasion - certainly fit<br />

for a royal event!<br />


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Iceni Partnership<br />

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You can keep up-to-date with everything we have<br />

going on at <strong>Swaffham</strong> Community Centre and<br />

Assembly Rooms by visiting our website: www.<br />


St Peter and St Paul, <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

The June 2023 services in <strong>Swaffham</strong> parish church<br />

will be as follows:-<br />

Sunday 4th<br />

9.30am<br />

6.00am<br />

Wednesday 7th<br />

10.00am<br />

Sunday 11th<br />

9.30am<br />

Wednesday 14th<br />

10.00am<br />

Sunday 18th<br />

8.00am<br />

9.30am<br />

Wednesday 21st<br />

10.00am<br />

Sunday 25th<br />

9.30am<br />

6.00pm<br />

Sung Eucharist<br />

Evensong (BCP)<br />

Holy Communion (BCP)<br />

Sung Eucharist<br />

Holy Communion (BCP)<br />

Holy Communion (said)<br />

United Benefice Sung Eucharist<br />

Holy Communion (BCP)<br />

Patronal Festival Sung Eucharist<br />

Patronal Festival Songs of Praise<br />

For updates, see also our website: https://www.<br />

swaffhamparishchurch.org/ and our <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Parish Church Facebook page and via Twitter @<br />

swaffhamchurch<br />

Church is open daily for private prayer and for visitors<br />

from 9am until 4pm outside of services. Morning<br />

prayer is normally held in church at 9am Monday –<br />

Thursday. Saturday Coffee and Cake is every Saturday.<br />

Mothers’ Union<br />

The <strong>Swaffham</strong> branch of the Mothers’ Union usually<br />

meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The 8th<br />

June speaker is Sheila Tuffield from M.U. Enterprises.<br />

Enquiries to Julia on 720041.<br />

The Oasis Centre<br />

A church in the heart of the community<br />

Sundays weekly<br />

• 10am: Praise & Prayer<br />

• 10.30am: Tea & Coffee<br />

• 11am: Worship, Teaching and Communion<br />

Wednesdays weekly<br />

• 10am Worship & Prayer<br />

The Oasis Centre, Cley Road, <strong>Swaffham</strong> PE37 7NP T: 01760 723175<br />

@oasiscentreswaffham<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Methodist Church<br />

• Fri 2nd June 9.30am. Power of<br />

Prayer. Phone 01760 722611 for<br />

venue.<br />

• Sat 3rd June 9.30am-12noon.<br />

Church Coffee Morning.<br />

• Sun 4th June 10.45am. Morning<br />

Worship with Holy Communion<br />

led by Rev Jacqui Horton.<br />

Refreshments served afterwards.<br />

• Tues 6th June 10am-12noon. The Meeting Place<br />

Drop In. Join us to catch up with old friends and meet<br />

new ones. Free refreshments.<br />

• Fri 9th June 9.30am. Power of Prayer. Phone<br />

01760722611 for venue.<br />

• Sun 11th June 10.45am. Morning Worship led by<br />

the Worship Leaders and followed by refreshments.<br />

• Tues 13th June 10am-12noon. The Meeting Place<br />

Drop In with free refreshments. Open to all.<br />

• Fri 16th June 9.30am. The Power of Prayer. Phone<br />

01760722611 for venue.<br />

• Sun 18th June 10.45am. Morning Worship led by<br />

Mr Steve Jones. Refreshments served afterwards.<br />

• Tues 20th June 10am-12noon. The Meeting Place<br />

Drop In. All welcome. Free refreshments.<br />

• Sun 25th June 10.45am. Morning Worship led by<br />

Mrs Aileen Fox. Refreshments served afterwards.<br />

• Tues 27th June 10am-12noon. The Meeting Place<br />

Drop In. Come and join us for fun laughter lots of<br />

chatter and refreshments.<br />

Coronation Weekend May 6th-8th<br />

Following our Church Service on Sunday 7th May,<br />

we decided to open the Church from 2pm -4pm and<br />

serve tea, coffee, scones and cakes, free of charge,<br />

for anyone wishing to join us. We were delighted that<br />

people came in and enjoyed watching a film about<br />

the Royal Family, whilst enjoying their refreshments.<br />

TNHA News<br />

It would be remiss of us not to add our<br />

congratulations to <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town<br />

Council who organised the celebrations for the<br />

coronation weekend and amongst these co-ordinated<br />

the World Record Attempt for the most people eating<br />

an Afternoon Tea – and incidentally smashed this -<br />

subject to verification. What an achievement!<br />

Meanwhile at the academy, our Year 10 Humanities<br />

students are planning a visit to the beach! This is<br />

to enable them to complete their final piece of<br />

coursework where they will take measurements at<br />

Overstrand and assess how management in this area<br />

impacts processes. This is always a favourite day<br />

amongst our geographers and we are hopeful that we<br />

don’t get sand in our sandwiches due to inclement<br />

weather. Our younger cohort have been working on<br />

endangered and extinct animals around the world<br />

and have spent an exciting few weeks investigating<br />

the Dodo, Rhino and Orangutan. They are currently<br />

creating their own presentations to share in class.<br />

It is the time of year when our older students go out<br />

in the community for a week on work experience<br />

which is vital in helping them to understand the<br />

world of work. This is aimed at affirming punctuality,<br />

acting responsibly, doing routine tasks and following<br />

instructions. There is also the chance to practise<br />

knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom in a work<br />

setting, developing and learning new skills and using<br />

initiative to deal with varying situations they may<br />

encounter. The exposure to ‘the world of work’ also<br />

presents the opportunity to help students develop a<br />

mature attitude and an increased motivation to study,<br />

ideas of many different career paths and to gain a<br />

better understanding of options available along with<br />

seeing how the range of subjects studied in school<br />

translate to the work environment. We look forward<br />

to hearing of their experiences when they return to<br />

the academy.<br />

Our close working partnership with the University<br />

of East Anglia continues. The UEA is able to offer<br />

our students a lot of exciting opportunities that help<br />

towards future aspirations, especially geared towards<br />

considering university as an option. The most recent<br />

visit saw our Year 9 students take part in a Subject<br />

Discovery Event (this visit being the first of 3 modules<br />

between now and May) and exploring how their core<br />

GCSE subjects of English and Maths can support their<br />

future pathways. The challenge on this visit was to<br />

come up with an idea for a new university and our<br />

students designed ‘The Norwich University of Textiles<br />

& Science’ (NUTS) offering a unique blend of subjects.<br />

Their fantastic presentation was delivered to the<br />

organisers of the event together with their peers from<br />

other schools at the end of the day.<br />

Finally, the main exam season is upon us and our<br />

students in their final year are revising for their exams<br />

and working really hard to achieve these. We are<br />

incredibly proud of the dedication that they have<br />

put into achieving their potential. Students have<br />

been given plenty of revision material and there is<br />

a week-by-week plan in place. At the end of these<br />

they will celebrate at ‘The TNHA Class of 2023’ Prom<br />

which promises to be an exciting evening. The red<br />

carpet will be ready to welcome our students on<br />

arrival in their finest outfits and various modes of<br />

transportation. This is always a wonderful way to say<br />

a ‘goodbye’ to their friends as they part ways to follow<br />

their individual paths towards their future careers. An<br />

evening of dancing, good food and fun is afoot!<br />

Royal British Legion<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Branch Royal British Legion,<br />

together with their Standard were joined by the<br />

Town Mayor, Cllr Stuart Bell, Deputy Mayor Cllr<br />

Judy Anscombe and members of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town<br />

Council, at the War Memorial Gardens on 26th April<br />

for the unveiling of the WW1 Silhouette Soldier.<br />

The unveiling ceremony was performed by General<br />

Jacko Page, Norfolk County British Legion President.<br />

The Branch Chairman, Lt Colonel Jonathan Hull<br />

welcomed those gathered.<br />

4<br />


View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

Behind every<br />

PAID TILL FEB 24<br />

independent<br />

business is<br />

a family<br />

that cares<br />


King’s Lynn 01553 771399 | Dersingham 01485 598598 | <strong>Swaffham</strong> 01760 721305<br />

Pre-paid funeral<br />

plans available<br />

www.tfs.co.uk<br />


Ben Burgess Beeston Dereham Road, Beeston, Norfolk PE32 2LE<br />

01328 701347 | www.benburgess.co.uk<br />

Open Mon - Fri 08:00 to 18:00 | Sat - 08:00 to 12:00<br />

The Magpie Centre<br />

Magpie Centre Welcomes A New Arrival<br />

A new arrival at the Magpie Centre, home of West<br />

Norfolk Riding for the Disabled Association, was a<br />

great surprise for staff and volunteers alike.<br />

Ginger, one of the smallest ponies, acquired last<br />

September, had been suffering from a gastric disorder,<br />

and seemed unwilling to work. When the vet did an<br />

internal examination, she said: ‘There’s a foal in here’!<br />

Two weeks later, Jo Gordon, who works at the Centre,<br />

went to the paddock to give Ginger her breakfast,<br />

and found that the foal, a filly, was being born.<br />

A vet check gave Ginger and her foal a clean bill of<br />

health and the next task was to name the new arrival.<br />

Staff, volunteers and friends submitted suggestions,<br />

at £2 each, which raised £192 for the Centre, and the<br />

name Luna was finally chosen.<br />

Said Natalie: ‘An equine pregnancy lasts 11 months,<br />

and Ginger was only in her previous home for a short<br />

while. She and baby are both doing well, although we<br />

have no idea what breed the sire might be.’<br />

And now an update on the Quiz with Hog Roast<br />

supper, held at Stowbridge Village Hall on 22nd April:<br />

this was a great success, with 17 teams participating,<br />

and raised £924 for the Magpie Centre.<br />

Many thanks to all who supported the event, and for<br />

the generous donations of raffle prizes.<br />

Upcoming events:<br />

• Saturday 3rd June: Craft Fair and Have a Go<br />

Dog Agility at the Magpie Centre, Wallington Hall,<br />

South Runcton, PE33 0EP 10 am – 4 pm. There are<br />

around 50 stalls to browse in the indoor school, with<br />

wheelchair-friendly access. Admission £2.00; under<br />

16’s free. Free parking. Refreshments served all day.<br />

Dog Agility £2. Well-behaved dogs on leads welcome.<br />

• Saturday 10th June: Bingo at Stowbridge Village<br />

Hall, Downham Road, Stowbridge PE34 3PE.<br />

Doors open 6.30 for Eyes Down at 7.00 pm. Light<br />

refreshments available. For more details see Magpie<br />

Centre Facebook page. Proceeds to the West Norfolk<br />

Riding for the Disabled Association.<br />

• Sunday 11th June: Sponsored ride around<br />

Wallington Hall estate. Rides of varying lengths,<br />

including a short route for lead-rein riders. No road<br />

work. For more details visit Hoofbeats Facebook page.<br />

Ashill & Holme Hale Garden Club<br />

Website: ashillgardeningclub.wordpress.com/<br />

Email: ashillholmehalegardenclub@gmail.com<br />

Fungi - Friend or Foe?<br />

In the last few years there has been an explosion of interest<br />

in the role of mycorrhizal fungi and their involvement in<br />

the Wood Wide Web, a network of underground fungi<br />

that helps trees and plants communicate with each other<br />

and supply nutrition. So we were fortunate that our April<br />

2023 monthly meeting was a presentation by well known<br />

fungi expert Dr Tony Leech, the Norfolk County recorder<br />

of Fungi. His talk entitled ‘Fungi – Friend or Foe?’ gave a<br />

fascinating and informative insight into the world of fungi,<br />

both what we see above ground, the fruiting body, and<br />

the roots below, which form the mycorrhizal network, so<br />

vital to tree and plant life.<br />

Tony began his talk by explaining a bit about the anatomy<br />

and biology of fungi, from the gills which produce the<br />

spores and the stalks which keep the spores off the<br />

ground to assist dispersion. Some fungi such as ‘bracket<br />

fungi’ do not have gills but tubes instead where the<br />

spores drop down from. He discussed the vast array of<br />

enzymes and bacteria which fungi use to breakdown the<br />

soil, thus decomposing it, so it can then be reabsorbed to<br />

enable growth. Tony discussed the intimate relationship<br />

between trees and fungi, where the tree invites in the<br />

fungus because the mycelium collects more minerals<br />

than it needs itself so provides it to the tree, in return the<br />

tree provides the fungi with nutrition.<br />

Tony focussed the latter part of his talk on the fungi we<br />

see in our gardens and stressed the fact that the vast<br />

majority of fungi are beneficial for our plants and trees.<br />

However, some fungi are detrimental and can eventually<br />

kill a tree, such as hoof fungus, which can kill birch trees.<br />

Another fungus you do not want in your garden is ‘Honey<br />

Fungus’ which attacks the living roots and kills plants by<br />

blocking tubes that carry water up the plant, so the plant<br />

dies from the top down. The bumper<br />

turnout of over 70 members clearly enjoyed this<br />

fascinating presentation, which was followed by a lively<br />

Q & A about members issues with fungi in their own<br />

gardens.<br />

Upcoming Meetings & Events<br />

• Our May monthly meeting (May 25th) will be given by<br />

garden designer and author Andrew Sankey, who will talk<br />

about ‘Colour in the Garden’.<br />

• Our June meeting (June 22nd) will be given by Stephen<br />

Foster on ‘Sweet Peas’.<br />

• The club’s Annual Flower Show will be held on Sunday<br />

June 25th. All entries (some 200) can be viewed by the<br />

public 2.00-4.30pm, with refreshments, plant sales and<br />

tombola available.<br />

All meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month<br />

at Holme Hale Pavilion and start at 2.30pm. New members<br />

from anywhere in the district are always welcome, so<br />

come along and join us at one of our monthly meetings<br />

or visit our Annual Flower Show.<br />


<strong>Swaffham</strong> & District Lions Club<br />

Members of <strong>Swaffham</strong> & District Lions<br />

Club paid a visit to Meadow House<br />

Care Home in <strong>Swaffham</strong> last week and<br />

presented them with a cheque for £500 to<br />

boost their fundraising during National MS Week.<br />

Meadow House specialises in care for people of all<br />

ages who have MS, and lots of fundraising activities<br />

had been going on during the week by the staff<br />

and residents of the home, led by manager Joanna<br />

Jankowska. The busy week ended with a fun party<br />

with entertainment by singer Chris Wilson, a regular<br />

visitor to Meadow House. The Lions members were<br />

delighted to attend the party, where Lion President<br />

David Merchant presented the cheque to Gordon<br />

Cochrane, the CEO of Healthcare Homes, of which<br />

group Meadow House is a part.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Library News<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Library, The Pightle, <strong>Swaffham</strong> PE37 7DF Tel 01760 721513<br />

Staffed opening times: Tuesday and Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday<br />

1-7pm and Saturday 10am-4pm<br />

Meet the Author – Heidi Swain<br />

Join us for a Q & A session with bestselling local author<br />

Heidi Swain on Friday 9th June, 7.30pm.<br />

Tickets £5 including refreshments. Book online at<br />

https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/libraries-local-historyand-archives/libraries/whats-on<br />

or with library staff.<br />

The Hive at Great Cressingham<br />

Stretch yourself at The Hive!<br />

The current season at The Hive is all about stretching –<br />

bodies, mind and spirit!<br />

Throughout June and July there are 7 events in our<br />

Summer programme of creativity, spirituality and wellbeing.<br />

On Saturday 17th June there is a Walk and Talk<br />

on a local route from The Hive in Great Cressingham.<br />

The following Saturday, 24th June the Casual Choir<br />

meets for a Summer Sing. Join us on Saturday 22nd<br />

July for Summer Picnic Fun in the grounds of The Hive.<br />

Thoughts on Thursdays take place on the first Thursday<br />

of the month from 3 - 4pm. Watch a short inspirational<br />

film to inspire discussion on a wide range of topics.<br />

Friday is the day for finding out. On 30th June, we will<br />

be continuing to hear about the contemporary history<br />

of Russia, and on Friday 14th July, we have a visiting<br />

speaker from Lyn’s House in Cambridge.<br />

You can discover more about the events at The Hive<br />

and book your place by visiting the eventbrite page at<br />

https://tinyurl.com/2e5pdwa4 or by scanning the QR<br />

code below.<br />


Yoga Class at The Hive led by Susan Jones<br />

NarVOS<br />

Indoor meeting at The Assembly Rooms,<br />

1 Market Place, <strong>Swaffham</strong> PE37 7AB,<br />

Wednesday 28th June 2023 at 7.30pm,<br />

“Social Evening”.<br />

A social evening to meet the committee and other<br />

members and visitors.<br />

A short introductory talk will be followed by free<br />

refreshments and displays of items of natural history<br />

interest, including books, photos and artwork. It’s your<br />

opportunity to exchange birding news and discover<br />

more about the area from experienced birdwatchers.<br />

Members are encouraged to bring along items which<br />

may be of interest of others, perhaps an exchange<br />

of books and magazines. Please inform in advance if<br />

you wish to offer a short presentation or discourse<br />

on the night. Please come along. Visitors welcome.<br />

Admission £4 on the night; free to NarVOS members.<br />

For more information contact Ian Black on 01760<br />

724092 or go to www.narvos.org.uk.<br />

Volunteer with us this summer!<br />

We are looking for young volunteers aged 13-25 to help<br />

us with Ready, Set, Read Summer Reading Challenge for<br />

2023. Find out more and pick up a recruitment pack from<br />

your local library or email volunteercontact@norfolk.<br />

gov.uk for more information and to request a pack.<br />

Regular activities at the library<br />

• Baby Bounce and Rhyme - Tuesday 10.30-11am.<br />

Stay and Chat afterwards.<br />

• Digital Support - Tuesday 2.30-4.30pm and Friday<br />

2.30-3.30pm. Booking essential.<br />

• Knit, Stitch and Natter - Tuesday 3-4.30pm<br />

• Library Friends - Monthly every second Tuesday,<br />

5-6pm<br />

• Storytime - Thursday 10.30-11am<br />

• Lego Club - Thursday 4-5pm<br />

• Just a Cuppa - Saturday 10:30am-12noon<br />

• Pokemon Club - Alternate Saturdays 12noon-1pm<br />

(from 17th June)<br />

• Autism Friendly Meet Up - Monthly every last<br />

Saturday, 10.30am-12noon (from 24th June)<br />

For more information about what’s on in libraries<br />

across the county visit https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/<br />

libraries-local-history-and-archives/libraries/whats-on<br />

Campingland PPG<br />

Campingland Patient Participation Group are looking<br />

for new committee members.<br />

We meet for about an hour every 4 to 6 weeks.<br />

Can you join us?<br />

If you would like to know more about us please<br />

contact Ann:07887 516565 or anewmeir1@sky.com<br />

View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

Severn Valley Safari & Shire Counties of the West Midlands<br />

Severn Valley Safari & Shire Counties of the West Midlands<br />

Mon 7 Mon Aug 2023 7 Aug - Fri 2023 11 Aug - Fri 2023 11 Aug 2023<br />

Four nights Four Dinner nights Bed Dinner & Breakfast Bed & Breakfast<br />

Highlights Highlights<br />

• West Midlands Safari Park<br />

• West Midlands Safari Park<br />

• Black Country Museum<br />

• Cathedral • Black City Country of Worcester Museum<br />

• RAF • Cosford Cathedral Aerospace City Museum of Worcester<br />

• Coalport • RAF China Cosford Museum Aerospace Museum<br />

• Coalport China Museum<br />

Price £490.00<br />

Price £490.00<br />


8<br />


The National Garden Scheme<br />

Joyful June sees an Abundance of Gardens Open<br />

Enjoy the summer scents and colours in the rich<br />

variety of gardens opening across the county for the<br />

National Garden Scheme next month.<br />

Sunday 11 th June<br />

• Elsing Hall, Hall Road, Elsing, Nr Dereham, NR20 3DX.<br />

10-4 adm £8 chd free. Home-made teas.<br />

10 acre garden and park with significant collection of old<br />

roses, walled garden, formal garden, Gingko avenue &<br />

viewing mound.<br />

• High House Gardens, Blackmoor Row, Shipdham IP25<br />

7PU. 12-5 adm £5 chd free. Home-made teas.<br />

3 acre well-developed plantsman's garden with colourthemed<br />

herbaceous borders, an extensive range of<br />

perennials & shrubs, box-edged rose and shrub borders,<br />

large vegetable garden.<br />

• The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House, Hillington,<br />

Kings Lynn, PE31 6BH. 9–5 adm £4 chd free. Light<br />

refreshments. Dogs allowed. Plants for sale.<br />

2 acres planted in 2016 and created by volunteers to<br />

provide a peaceful space for residents, staff and visitors.<br />

Includes a variety of cottage garden plants, a wildlife<br />

pond and a vegetable patch.<br />

Sunday 18 th June<br />

• Manor House Farm, Wellingham, Fakenham, PE32<br />

2TH. 11-5 adm £6.50 chd free. Home-made teas. Dogs<br />

allowed.<br />

Much-loved, mature romantic country garden filled with<br />

variety and colour. Old fashioned roses, grasses, tree<br />

peonies.<br />

Friday 23 rd June<br />

• Silverstone Farm, North Elmham, Dereham NR20 5EX.<br />

Evening opening 6-8 adm £6.50 Wine. Dogs allowed.<br />

Formal garden of 2 acres home of designer George<br />

Carter, divided into various rooms, a palette of evergreens<br />

& ornament.<br />

Mary Ferneley, a regular visitor to open gardens told<br />

us “June is the perfect month to visit gardens open for<br />

the National Garden Scheme; they are at their best and<br />

even if you are not a gardener you can enjoy swallows<br />

flying high above, borders brimming with colour and the<br />

scents of summer”.<br />

Before visiting a garden, we advise checking website for<br />

any up-to-date information: ngs.org.uk<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Swimming Pool Group<br />

AGM Tuesday 20th June 2023 6.30pm at <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Community Centre<br />

The Group continues to keep outdoor swimming on<br />

the agenda for residents of <strong>Swaffham</strong> and surrounding<br />

villages. Our business model is a seasonal Community<br />

Pool to be leased from the Town Council and selffinancing<br />

through ticket sales and private hire.<br />

Please come along and join in our Start <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Swimming discussion. This is an informal session<br />

about the benefits of swimming and also information<br />

gathering about outdoor swimming in the area.<br />

Come and chat to swimming experts and enthusiasts.<br />

Bring a swim photo and swim stories to share. Healing<br />

Waters Project display panels on loan from BFER.<br />

All welcome!<br />

Contact: Sarah Skinner 07881 780030<br />



AGM<br />

20 th June AGM 6:30pm<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> 20 th June Community 6:30pm Centre<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> All Community welcome Centre<br />

All Followed welcome by<br />

Let’s Followed talk swimming! by<br />

Let’s talk swimming!<br />

Bring a swim photo<br />

Share Bring a swimming a photo memory<br />

Talk Share exercise, a swimming fun, health, memory wellbeing<br />

water safety<br />

Talk exercise, fun, health, wellbeing<br />

Healing water Waters safety Project display<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> WI<br />

The focus of our meeting, on<br />

Wednesday 3rd May at 2.30pm in the<br />

Community Centre, was to celebrate<br />

the forthcoming Coronation of King Charles III and<br />

Queen Camilla. Brightly coloured bunting was placed<br />

around the hall and all the tables were decorated<br />

with Union Flag runners, serviettes and plates. A<br />

replica of the Royal Crown, Orb, and Sceptre were<br />

placed on the President’s table, and many of the<br />

ladies took part in the May competition for the best<br />

Coronation-themed hat, all decorated especially for<br />

the occasion. We raised a toast to King Charles III<br />

before enjoying light refreshments whilst we were<br />

serenaded by Richard Winch with tunes from over<br />

the ages, including a rousing chorus of Land of Hope<br />

and Glory.<br />

The May Competition was, of course, a hat decorated<br />

to celebrate the Coronation.<br />

Prior to the celebrations a short business meeting<br />

was held and birthday cards and small gifts were<br />

given out to four of our members who had birthdays<br />

in May.<br />

Boards giving details of future outings were displayed<br />

which included:<br />

• Outing to Sandringham Stud Thursday 15th June<br />

A guided walk in Watton on local history of the area<br />

Wednesday 28th June . The Town Crier will conduct<br />

the tour.<br />

• Outing to Peter Beales Roses, near Attleborough on<br />

26th July.<br />

• South Pickenham’s Vineyard on 13th September.<br />

Dates were also given for ‘Knit and Natter’ and<br />

Bowling Get Togethers.<br />

Our next monthly Meeting will be on Wednesday<br />

7th June at 2.30pm in the Community Centre. The<br />

speaker will be Peter Goodrum and the subject is<br />

Jarrold’s Family History and Business.<br />

Should you wish for any more information please<br />

contact our President Pauline Senton on 01760<br />

788046 or our Secretary Christiane Hewitson on<br />

01760 328128.<br />

Pickenham's WI<br />

At the beginning of the year, 11 of us<br />

decided we wanted to put on some<br />

sort of show for our members. It was<br />

decided to do a short play. So two of us sat down one<br />

afternoon and came up with a basic idea. I took this<br />

away and started to write a draft script. At the next<br />

meeting we read it through and decided who wanted<br />

to play which part. And that’s how it all started!<br />

We then met every Thursday morning in our local<br />

church, come rain or shine, and slowly built on the<br />

draft script. We even recruited one of the cast’s<br />

husbands to be our narrator. Everyone contributed<br />

to building props, growing their character, sourcing<br />

their costumes and most importantly – providing<br />

many biscuits to keep us going!<br />

It was decided we would also invite friends and family<br />

to watch and that we would ask for donations towards<br />

our charity for this year, the Merle Boddy Centre in<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong>.<br />

In the last few weeks leading up to the performance,<br />

we encountered viruses, Covid, pulled muscles and<br />

loss of voice but everyone was determined to carry<br />

on. Performance day finally arrived on 15th April.<br />

Doors opened at 2:45pm and by 3pm every seat in<br />

the church was taken!<br />

To say we were a little nervous was an understatement!<br />

But, like true professionals, we all took deep breaths<br />

and put our all into the performance. Half an hour<br />

later it was all over and the audience was clapping,<br />

laughing and beaming! I turned to our cast and every<br />

one of them was grinning from ear to ear. We’d done<br />

it! But best of all, we raised a whopping £155.00 for<br />

the Merle Boddy Centre, <strong>Swaffham</strong>.<br />

I had the pleasure of presenting the cheque to<br />

Georgie on Tuesday 18th April. They were extremely<br />

grateful, so thank you everyone who contributed.<br />

And who knows, the Pickenham WI players may strike<br />

again, watch this space!<br />

Carol Richards<br />

President of The Pickenhams WI<br />

10<br />

Healing Waters Project display<br />


MUSEUM<br />


www.swaffhammuseum.co.uk<br />

www.swaffhammuseum.co.uk<br />

Open 10am to 4pm Mon to Fri & Sat 10am to 1pm<br />

Last entry to collection half an hour before closing<br />

Prices: adults £3. Children 5 and over £1. Family tickets available<br />

Tel: 01760 721230 Email: info@swaffhammuseum.co.uk<br />

What a day the Cream Tea Challenge was!<br />

Enormously grateful to everyone who took part in<br />

any way. That so many people would give up a bank<br />

holiday to bake scones, move furniture around, pack<br />

bags, waitress etc and stand in a queue for over an<br />

hour to eat one scone (albeit with jam and cream) and<br />

have a cup of tea was absolutely amazing. Many, many<br />

thanks. And also many thanks to the businesses and<br />

organisations who so generously supported the event.<br />

We had passed our world record goal of 1089<br />

participants before the 3pm targeted deadline and<br />

kept going until the scones ran out at participant<br />

number 1321. We now have to put all of our evidence<br />

together for verification and this might take some<br />

months. So fingers crossed that <strong>Swaffham</strong> becomes a<br />

record breaking town.<br />

The next event is:<br />

'Mapping the Marketplace Pop-In' on Monday<br />

12th June, 10am – 3pm in the Regency Room in the<br />

Assembly Rooms.<br />

This is the first public event on a project on which the<br />

History Group has been working for some time. They<br />

are trying to uncover the history behind the buildings<br />

and people of the Marketplace. Their research so far<br />

will be on display as well as copies of old maps and a<br />

slide show of old photographs.<br />

We are looking for YOUR MEMORIES of who had which<br />

shop where or whether you remember any particular<br />

shopkeeper or worked in one of the businesses.<br />

You can tell us your story on the day. We can record<br />

or video if you prefer in private. Or you can write your<br />

memories. This will become a free to view website<br />

– and – hopefully – the beginnings of a larger online<br />

collection of <strong>Swaffham</strong> history nuggets. Do drop in<br />

and help us map the Marketplace.<br />

Merle Boddy Centre<br />

The Merle Boddy Day Centre provides<br />

a warm and friendly Social Day Care<br />

Service for people living with dementia<br />

including mental health problems and physical<br />

disabilities, in <strong>Swaffham</strong> and the surrounding area.<br />

Carol from Pickenham WI popped in recently to give<br />

us a welcome donation that was raised by the lovely<br />

ladies of the WI putting on a play. A big thank you<br />

from us to Pickenham WI!<br />

Like everyone, we celebrated the Coronation here at<br />

the Centre, with activities base on that theme. Here<br />

we had those splendid Guardsmen, in their scarlet<br />

tunics and busbies, guarding the Tree of Crowns.<br />

We also enjoyed Coronation scones with jam and<br />

cream – which way round though? Jam then cream,<br />

or cream then jam? And we got all dressed up for the<br />

Coronation.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Climate Action<br />

Back in March we were pleased to host<br />

Christian Creed from CRC Electricals and<br />

Renewables Ltd about the supply and<br />

installation of solar panels within the group<br />

purchase. Please contact us if you would like more<br />

information. Some have already been provided with<br />

quotations and work is progressing. If you have already<br />

expressed an interest you will have received contact from<br />

CRC, if not please contact us at the details below. It would<br />

very positive to see all new housing in <strong>Swaffham</strong> built<br />

with solar panels too!<br />

Wild West Acre<br />

We were very pleased to welcome Alec Birkbeck from<br />

the West Acre Estate at our April meeting. He gave a very<br />

interesting insight into the rewilding project there which<br />

involves 788ha of lowland woodland, flood meadows,<br />

rivers, wetlands and grassland habitats managed for<br />

habitat restoration and natural regeneration.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Social was a great opportunity to talk<br />

group and we were pleased to have a list of potential n<br />

good level of interest in our stand. It was lovely to see th<br />

and social groups in the community. The Community Fridge is a brilliant<br />

waste, a big contributor to climate change. By using the Community Fridg<br />

we only buy the food we need, and ensuring it is all used, we can all ma<br />

estimated 9.5 million tonnes of food waste is created annually in the UK<br />

landfill it releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. If you have le<br />

food it can often be frozen or recycled into another recipe and a piggy bank<br />

to put in the money saved can be a good incentive.<br />

We have resumed monthly in person meetings in February but will<br />

format of alternating between morning meetings in person and Zoom mee<br />

so please get in touch to find out the latest. Contact Cathy Mumford<br />

cathyjmumford@gmail.com or David Jones on 01760 722468<br />

dljdav@gmail.com. Anyone with an interest in climate awareness in the<br />

welcome to join us. If you are not able attend, you can still join the gro<br />

suggestions, and receive all meeting notes and information.<br />

The lights on the Buttercross, the crowns, the flags,<br />

the music, the town crier and the happy crowd all set<br />

a special tone.<br />

Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage<br />

During May the Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage had a<br />

guided tour of the West Tofts/STANTA army training<br />

area. A coach load of 40 members and guests were<br />

conducted around the site by Warrant Officer WO2<br />

Pete Goodchild, who we thank for an interesting tour.<br />

Our next event will be to Sherringham in September<br />

to attend the ‘40s weekend there. Look out for details<br />

of how to join this event.<br />

100 Club<br />

The 100 Club is a steady contributor of funds for<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage, run by the Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Heritage exclusively for its members.<br />

Winners for May 2023 were:<br />

• £40 – no 2290<br />

• £20 – no 2228<br />

• £10 – no 2215<br />

Cheques are on their way to our lucky winners! Next<br />

month we have additional prize of £100!<br />

For further information about the Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Heritage contact the Membership Secretary by<br />

email stuartclapton@aol.com, or see our webpage,<br />

on the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage website https://www.<br />

swaffhammuseum.co.uk/support-us#friends-ofswaffham-<br />

heritage or call in to the Museum.<br />

Would the person you care for benefit from a day<br />

or two at the Centre in a stimulating and caring<br />

environment, and also allow you a little time to get<br />

things done? Why not talk to us; the details are below.<br />

If you are interested in our work and would like to<br />

be involved, we always welcome volunteers, friends<br />

and supporters to help us. We also welcome your<br />

donations, small as well as big. You can give by visiting<br />

our website and clicking on Fundraising, where we<br />

have a link to JustGiving.<br />

If you want to know more, find us on Facebook – @<br />

merleboddycentre – or see our website - www.<br />

merleboddy.org.uk – or email to us at office@merleboddy.<br />

org.uk - or phone the Centre on 01760 724527.<br />

More information is available at westacre.info including a<br />

walking map. The group is very grateful to Alec for such an<br />

engaging presentation which was thoroughly enjoyed by<br />

all, and we look forward to a summer visit.<br />

Climate Friendly Tip of the month<br />

Some waste which cannot be put into your Breckland<br />

District Council recycling can be deposited at the local<br />

supermarkets. Batteries and soft plastics can be recycled<br />

at Waitrose (soft plastics are sent to a reprocessor for<br />

washing, separation and then flaked or pelletised to be<br />

made into new materials such as: secondary packaging,<br />

shrink wrap, delivery/carrier bags, refuse sacks, bags for<br />

DIY, industrial and horticultural products and guttering,<br />

buckets or plastic furniture). A bigger range is accepted<br />

at Tesco: batteries, old make-up containers, ink cartridges<br />

and soft plastics too.<br />

You are always welcome!<br />

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 8 th June at 10am<br />

in the Methodist Church and will be a presentation from<br />

Colin Abbiss entitled “Carbon negative, not just carbon<br />

zero!”. We warmly welcome to our meetings anyone<br />

with an interest in climate change and how we can<br />

reduce our impact on the climate as a community. If you<br />

would like more information, or to check on the next<br />

meetings, please get in touch with either Cathy Mumford<br />

on 01760 721847 / 07799 642271, cathyjmumford@<br />

gmail.com or David Jones on 01760 722468 / 07806<br />

435066, dljdav@gmail.com.<br />

12<br />


14<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Walking Group<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Walking Group is a small friendly group of<br />

keen walkers who enjoy the countryside and cake.<br />

Meeting every Wednesday at 9.30am and every<br />

Sunday at 10.00am in various locations around<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> and the surrounding villages to enjoy a<br />

walk from around 3 to 6.5 miles. Afterwards enjoying<br />

Tea, Coffee & Cakes/biscuits. For more information<br />

and details on the next walk, please contact Graham<br />

Lathwell on 07486 901 948.<br />

Rotary<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

President's Corner<br />

Following on from the<br />

magnificent Coronation Day we were asked to<br />

participate in volunteering for 'The Big Help Out' on<br />

Monday 8th May. The town’s most ambitious plan<br />

was to make it into the Guinness Book of Records<br />

by hosting the world’s biggest ever free cream tea<br />

party - and my goodness what a lot of people were<br />

fed. Many of our Rotary Club members, led by Kurt<br />

Oliver, were able to help the event which was run<br />

by The <strong>Swaffham</strong> Consortium. Their official count<br />

was 1317 teas consumed, well beating the existing<br />

record of 1088. The result is now in the hands of<br />

the record keeping Gods to see if their criteria was<br />

met. Regardless of the final decision an outstanding<br />

achievement happened here in our own lovely town<br />

- well done <strong>Swaffham</strong>.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Speed Watch<br />

Fed up with speeding traffic?<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Speedwatch volunteers are slowing traffic<br />

in 10 locations around the town; if you would like to<br />

volunteer we can try to encourage more responsible<br />

driving, reduce pollution and make <strong>Swaffham</strong> a safer,<br />

cleaner, healthier place. Contact <strong>Swaffham</strong> Speed<br />

Watch at swaffhamcsw@gmail.com<br />

Authors, Books and Cakes<br />

Don’t delay booking for…<br />

Exciting events happening in <strong>Swaffham</strong>. We are<br />

welcoming a range of authors to share with us<br />

information about the books they have written and<br />

their research.<br />

• 11th June - Robin Ince - from The Infinite Monkey<br />

Cage on Radio 4.<br />

• 10th September - Louise Doughty - author of Apple<br />

Tree Yard and Platform Seven.<br />

• 15th October - Alison Weir - acclaimed author of<br />

historical fiction. The event will include music by<br />

Pearlintheegg, historical musicians.<br />

• 5th November - Sarah Perry - author of The Essex<br />

Serpent and Julie Walker whose debut novel was<br />

‘Bonny and Read’. (Two women pirates of the 17th<br />

Century).<br />

All events will be held at <strong>Swaffham</strong> Assembly Rooms<br />

at 3pm. Tickets cost £20 and include a full afternoon<br />

tea. All money raised in aid of Norfolk Charities.<br />

To avoid disappointment please book a place at<br />

Ceres Bookshop - tel: 01760 722504. For further<br />

information please phone Lynette on 07900 570765.<br />

Soon our Rotary District of East Anglia (No. 1080) will<br />

hold its Annual Assembly in Norwich. This planning<br />

meeting is to decide how all of us in the Rotary<br />

movement can plan and co- ordinate our Service in<br />

the coming year which starts on July 1st. Each year<br />

the Incoming Rotary International President for the<br />

coming year decides on an emphasis and theme<br />

which we can all follow. The next year’s International<br />

leader is a Scotsman, Gordon McInally and his theme/<br />

slogan is 'create hope in the world'. Something which<br />

we can all relate to I am sure at the moment.<br />

We have some interesting speakers coming to our<br />

meetings in June:<br />

• Graham Watts who will continue our gardening<br />

theme, talking to us about The Dale Farm Garden in<br />

Dereham (part of the National Open Garden Scheme).<br />

• Mrs Jacqueline Lake, the Norfolk Coroner, and Phil<br />

Godfrey, telling us about APS Support UK (APS is an<br />

immune system disorder in which antibodies attack<br />

and damage your own tissues or cells.)<br />

If anyone is interested in hearing about any of these<br />

talks please contact me before the meeting 01760<br />

722111 (malcolmwhittley@me.com) and come<br />

and meet us 6.30pm at the George Hotel, Monday<br />

22nd May, Monday June 5th and Monday 19th May<br />

respectively.<br />

Malcolm Whittley

<strong>Swaffham</strong> History Group<br />

A new publication by the <strong>Swaffham</strong> History Group entitled<br />

'From Reformation through Rebellion to Restoration, The<br />

Church and Life in Tudor and Stuart <strong>Swaffham</strong>' written<br />

by one of our members, Michael Medlar who has<br />

meticulously researched this part of <strong>Swaffham</strong>'s historical<br />

past. A must read for anyone interested in this 200 year<br />

period of <strong>Swaffham</strong>'s history.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Jazz Club<br />

For our May session we welcomed the Phil Brooke<br />

Trio, Phil on guitar, Mark Jolly violin and Ivars Galenieks<br />

on double bass. They have all played for us before,<br />

but not in this combination. The line-up is unusual<br />

nowadays, but the famous Hot Club of Paris in the<br />

1930s and 1940s was based on Django Reinhardt<br />

guitar, Stephane Grappelli violin, and a double bass<br />

rather than a drummer.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Branch<br />

01760<br />

725801<br />

http://www.family-action.org.uk<br />

familyactionswaffham<br />

building better families<br />


Expert legal help and advice from<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong>’s most recommended solicitors<br />

star-hal<br />

Talk face to face with your local lawyers, at our<br />

London Street office, who are here to help by<br />

giving you clear and practical legal advice.<br />

Divorce and Separation • Employment Issues • Wills, Trusts and Probate<br />

Settling a Dispute • Moving Home • Personal Injury • Commercial Services<br />

This book and the full range of all the publications by<br />

the <strong>Swaffham</strong> History Group is available at <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Heritage shop outlet.<br />

As a reminder, don't forget the workshop at the Assembly<br />

Rooms, June 12th, where we are looking for information,<br />

stories etc. on <strong>Swaffham</strong> Market Place properties.<br />

For further details of the <strong>Swaffham</strong> History Group please<br />

contact 01842 879140 or email; jbaz@go-plus.net<br />

View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

During the evening Phil mentioned Django several<br />

times, describing him as a “guitar genius”. The Trio<br />

played several numbers which the Hot Club of Paris<br />

had recorded including Dinah, Honeysuckle Rose,<br />

Nuages, After You’ve Gone, and ending the evening<br />

with Sweet Georgia Brown. When Mark and Phil<br />

were playing together there was a continuous flow<br />

of intricate lines of music weaving together which<br />

then untangled themselves just before the end of<br />

the number. Underneath this web of sound Ivars was<br />

supporting the chord changes and providing a gentle,<br />

swinging beat to enhance the rhythm. His bass is<br />

bigger than most used for jazz. Also, Ivars uses his<br />

bow more than most jazz bassists (of course, bowing<br />

on an electric bass guitar is not an option). His bowed<br />

notes have a deep, rich, velvety sound which creates<br />

a good contrast to the higher pitched violin and guitar.<br />

It was very noticeable how much the audience was<br />

concentrating on the music, as though they were<br />

listening to a Beethoven string quartet. The Trio has<br />

reached a very high level of music-making which was<br />

greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all.<br />

Coming up:<br />

Sidecar Sadie and the Champagne Charlies - “playing<br />

a well shaken cocktail of music: jazz, swing, soul etc”<br />

Tuesday 13 June at 7.30pm, <strong>Swaffham</strong> Conservative<br />

Club, 23 London Street. PE37 7DD<br />

£10 cash on the door. More information from Norman<br />

01760 722 384 or Geoff 01366 328 730.<br />

01760 721992<br />

wardgethinarcher.co.uk<br />

Chatteris • Dereham • Downham Market • Ely • Heacham • King’s Lynn • <strong>Swaffham</strong> • Watton<br />


In Touch With Your Town<br />

Elections<br />

There was no need for a Town Council<br />

election in May 2023, as there were<br />

13 candidates for 13 seats, all 13 were<br />

elected unopposed. We welcome four<br />

new Councillors, David Braithwaite, Caroline Ellerbeck,<br />

Swaam Town Council Newsleer June 2023<br />

Elecons<br />

Solider Silhouhette unveiling at the War Memorial Site<br />

On 26 April <strong>Swaffham</strong> Royal British Legion and<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council unveiled a WW1 Silhouhette<br />

Soldier at the War Memorial site in town. Mr Jonathan<br />

Hull Chairman of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Royal British Legion<br />

opened the unveiling<br />

along with General Jacko<br />

the Page President of<br />

the Norfolk Royal British<br />

Legion.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />

would like to give thanks<br />

to Mr Peter Garner of<br />

PGMS at Shingham who<br />

made the soldier silhouhette. Mr Richard Burns<br />

of Breckland Finishing, who generously offered to<br />

uncil unveiled a WW1 Silhouee<br />

man of Swaam Royal Brish<br />

18<br />

powder coat the soldier free of charge. Helen Carrier<br />

and Graham West from <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council who<br />

helped organise and create space for the memorial<br />

piece to stand and Mr Duncan Scott the Royal British<br />

Legion Standard Bearer.<br />

In attendance was Mr Stewart Bell <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town<br />

Mayor, Cllr Judy Anscombe Deputy Town Mayor,<br />

Coronaon<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council staff, Town Councillors, Mrs<br />

Anne Thorpe the President of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Royal British<br />

Legion and members of the Royal British Legion.<br />

Coronation<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council apologises for the technical<br />

difficulties regarding the coronation not being<br />

live streamed, this was out of our control and in<br />

many the hands families of Breckland enjoying Council. the free <strong>Swaffham</strong> fun! Town<br />

Council are currently in the process of requesting<br />

compensation for this. However, the open-air cinema<br />

screening which <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council organised<br />

was a success and it was great to see so many families<br />

enjoying the free fun!<br />

Coronation window and stall displays<br />

It was great to see the businesses in town put in such<br />

effort to celebrate the King’s coronation through their<br />

Coronaon window and stall displays<br />

shop window displays and market stall decoration.<br />

Thank you to all who joined in the celebration and<br />

congratulations to Starlings of <strong>Swaffham</strong>, The Green<br />

Parrot, EACH charity shop, Carol’s Collectables, Earl<br />

Ratcliffe the jeweler and Lindsey Beech for placing in<br />

the competition.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> achieved a new World Record!<br />

On 8 May Sue Gattuso, Kurt Oliver and Kay Wells<br />

planned to break a world record by attempting to<br />

host the world's largest cream tea. It was a successful<br />

day and the crowds of people who came let out a big<br />

cheer when the event surpassed the previous<br />

attempts number of entries. Thank you to the<br />

organisers, volunteers, Historic England for<br />

sponsoring the day, the many donations and support<br />

from local businesses as well as Breckland council for<br />

supplying the organisers with a Coronation grant. The<br />

verification process can take up to a year to confirm<br />

the achievement.<br />

There was no need for a Town Council election in May 2023, as there were 13 candidates for 13 seats,<br />

all 13 were elected unopposed. We welcome four new Councillors, David Braithwaite, Caroline<br />

Ellerbeck, Sarah Pickard and John Zielinski. We<br />

Swaam<br />

also pay<br />

Town<br />

tribute<br />

Council<br />

to our<br />

apologises<br />

four retiring<br />

for the<br />

councillors,<br />

technical difficules<br />

Judy<br />

regarding the coronaon not being<br />

Anscombe, Colin Houghton, Shirley Matthews,<br />

live<br />

and<br />

streamed,<br />

Ian Pilcher.<br />

this was out of our control and in the hands of Breckland Council. Swaam Town<br />

At Breckland Council level there was an election,<br />

Council<br />

with a<br />

are<br />

welcome<br />

currently<br />

to<br />

in<br />

Judy<br />

the<br />

Anscombe<br />

process of requesng<br />

and Jacob<br />

compensaon<br />

Morton,<br />

for this. However, the open-air<br />

joining David Wickerson re-elected for another<br />

cinema<br />

four-year<br />

screening<br />

term,<br />

which<br />

with Ian<br />

Swaam<br />

Sherwood<br />

Town<br />

choosing<br />

Council organised<br />

to stand<br />

was a success and it was great to see so<br />

in a different area and Ed Colman resigning back in February due to a change in circumstances. Ed<br />

Colman also resigned as our Norfolk County Councillor, and we welcome William Nunn as our newly<br />

elected representative on the County Council.<br />

Sarah Pickard and John Zielinski. We also pay tribute<br />

to our four retiring councillors, Judy Anscombe, Colin<br />

Houghton, Shirley Matthews, and Ian Pilcher.<br />

At Breckland Council level there was an election, with<br />

a welcome to Judy Anscombe and Jacob Morton,<br />

joining David Wickerson re-elected for another fouryear<br />

term, with Ian Sherwood choosing to stand in<br />

a different area and Ed Colman resigning back in<br />

February due to a change in circumstances. Ed Colman<br />

also resigned as our Norfolk County Councillor, and<br />

we welcome William Nunn as our newly elected<br />

representative on the County Council.<br />

ere were <strong>Swaffham</strong> 13 candidates Town Council for 13 seats, are pleased to announce that<br />

cillors, David Braithwaite, Caroline<br />

on 17 May 2023 at the Annual Town Assembly the<br />

o our four retiring councillors, Judy<br />

Town Council appointed Cllr Stewart Bell as Mayor<br />

o Judy and Anscombe Cllr Paul and Darby Jacob as Morton, Deputy Mayor.<br />

ith Ian Sherwood choosing to stand<br />

e to a change in circumstances. Ed<br />

elcome William Nunn as our newly<br />

Swaam Town Council are pleased to announce that on 17 May 2023 at the Annual Town Assembly<br />

the Town Council appointed Cllr Stewart Bell as Mayor and Cllr Paul Darby as Deputy Mayor.<br />

2023 at the Annual Town Assembly<br />

ul Darby as Deputy Mayor.<br />

Royal Brish Legion Standard Bearer.<br />

grant. The verificaon process can take up to a year to confirm the achievement.<br />

In aendance was Mr Stewart Bell Swaam Town Mayor, Cllr Judy Anscombe Deputy Town Mayor,<br />

Swaam Town Council staff, Town Councillors, Mrs Anne Thorpe the President of Swaam Royal<br />

Brish Legion and members of the Royal Brish Legion.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council have newly appointed<br />

contract cleaners who will be cleaning public areas<br />

seven days a week. We have had reports of the public<br />

toilets needing additional attention due to them<br />

being used incorrectly. Please be respectful of these<br />

areas so that they can continue to be in good working<br />

condition for the community.<br />

Save the date!<br />

Classic Car Show – Sunday 27 August. A long-standing<br />

annual event planned for this year, applications are<br />

open on the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council Website. If you<br />

would like to volunteer or sponsor this event then<br />

please get in touch.<br />

If you have any queries about any of the items<br />

mentioned or would like to hear more updates on<br />

projects etc, please contact <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />

on telephone 01760 722922 or pop in and see us.<br />

Remember we do not do bus passes however Norfolk<br />

County Council do.<br />

It was great to see the businesses in town put in such effort to celebrate the King’s coronaon<br />

through their shop window displays and market stall decoraon. Thank you to all who joined in the<br />

Solider Silhouee unveiling at the War Memorial site<br />

celebraon and congratulaons to Starlings of Swaam, The Green Parro, EACH charity shop,<br />

Carol’s Collectables, Earl Ratcliffe the jeweler and Lindsey Beech for placing in the compeon.<br />

Highway issues<br />

Norfolk County Council – www.norfolk.gov.uk<br />

– 0344 800 8020<br />

For Highway issues & faulty street lights:<br />

- Highways - please give the location of the issue and<br />

a telephone number where further information can<br />

be obtained.<br />

- Faulty streetlights – please give the precise location<br />

of the light and the number on the column.<br />

Alternatively visit the website and search for<br />

Highways or Street Lights to report your concerns.<br />

19<br />

Breckland District Council<br />

www.breckland.gov.uk<br />

01362 656 870. For all enquiries regarding: Planning,<br />

Refuse Bins, Housing, Recycling, Licensing & Benefits<br />

Your Breckland District Councillors:<br />

Cllr. David Wickerson<br />

david.wickerson@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Jacob Morton<br />

Jacob.Morton@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Judy Anscombe<br />

Judy.Anscombe@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. William Nunn<br />

William.nunn.cllr@<br />

norfolk.gov.uk<br />

Town Council Committee<br />

meeting dates - JUNE 2023<br />

• Mon 5th - 12pm - HR & Governance<br />

• Weds 14th - 6.30pm - Full Council<br />

• Tues 27th June - 11am - Planning & Build Environment<br />

Did you know...all council meetings include a 15 minute session<br />

set aside for public participation. This is your opportunity to<br />

put questions to your Councillors about things that matter<br />

to you and the town. Why not come along and see how your<br />

Councillors manage the council's affairs.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />

Tel: 01760 722 922<br />

www.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Town Hall opening times:<br />

Monday to Thursday: 10am - 4pm.<br />

Friday: 10am - 1pm.<br />

reception@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Mayor - Cllr. Stewart Bell<br />

bell@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Deputy Mayor - Cllr. Paul Darby<br />

darby@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Lindsay Beech<br />

beech@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Wendy Bensley<br />

bensley@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. David Braithwaite<br />

braithwaite@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Stephanie Cooper<br />

cooper@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr Graham Edwards<br />

edwards@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Caroline Ellerbeck<br />

ellerbeck@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Graham Eves<br />

eves@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Sarah Pickard<br />

pickard@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Leslie Scott<br />

scott@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Jill Skinner<br />

skinner@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. John Zielinski<br />

zielinski@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Officers:<br />

Richard Bishop – Town Clerk<br />

townclerk@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Helen Carrier – Deputy Town Clerk<br />




RANGE OF<br />







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