Swaffham Newsletter

January 2024

January 2024


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January 2024<br />

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Lions' Christmas Lunch<br />

brings lots of happiness<br />

Read about their annual good deed for the town on p.15<br />

Iceni Partnership wishes<br />

all our readers<br />

a very happy new year<br />

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<strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

Iceni Partnership<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Community Centre<br />

The Campingland<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

PE37 7RB<br />

Registered in England Company Number 4257830 Charity Number 1101814 VAT Number UK800057775<br />

Comments or queries welcomed - we are a<br />

resource for all of the community to enjoy.<br />

We are always open to new contributors from<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> and surrounding villages.<br />

Deadline for editorial and advertising is the<br />

12th day of the previous month.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> is available to pick up from<br />

various locations across the town, including: Tesco,<br />

Waitrose, <strong>Swaffham</strong> Library, <strong>Swaffham</strong> Musuem<br />

and <strong>Swaffham</strong> Community Centre.<br />

Online versions of all our previous issues are available<br />

to view online: www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

1<br />

Contents<br />

3 History Group/Iceni Antics<br />

4 Church News<br />

5 <strong>Swaffham</strong> WEA<br />

8 Climate Action Group/NarVOS<br />

9 Men's Shed/Cultural Consortium<br />

11 u3a/Castle Quilters<br />

12 Museum Matters<br />

13 Merle Boddy/Lynn Borough Council<br />

15 NGS/<strong>Swaffham</strong> & District Lions<br />

17 Local WI Groups<br />

18 <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />


<strong>Swaffham</strong> History Group<br />

The <strong>Swaffham</strong> History Group, normally<br />

meets on the second Monday of the<br />

month at 2pm in the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />

Chamber, accessible via the Museum (there is a lift<br />

to the Council Chamber). Anyone can join and there<br />

is no subscription except an annual registration fee<br />

of £1 (this so that our Group Secretary, Gerry, can<br />

keep the register of members up-to-date).<br />

Our focus is on the history of <strong>Swaffham</strong> but we also<br />

have invited speakers to present interesting, locally<br />

related, historical topics and have outings to places<br />

of historic interest in the region. If that sounds like<br />

something that would interest you, please feel free<br />

to drop in for a ‘taster’.<br />

Over the last 18 months TSHG has been working<br />

with the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Cultural Consortium to compile<br />

a history of the buildings and their occupiers<br />

around the Market Place – the project was called<br />

‘Mapping the Market Place’ and included an event<br />

in June when people of the Town were invited to<br />

participate. Members of TSHG have undertaken<br />

research using publicly available resources including<br />

the archives of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage Museum and also<br />

talked to members of the community to hear their<br />

recollections of the Town and some of its characters.<br />

Beginning 16 March 2024 TSHG will be publishing<br />

a series of booklets on the buildings and people<br />

based on the research from the project. These will<br />

be available to purchase in the museum shop. At<br />

the same time the Consortium will be publishing a<br />

website drawing on some of the detail of the research.<br />

We in TSHG are very excited about this project<br />

as the present stage comes to an end. Of course,<br />

historical research is always turning up something<br />

new and we know that we probably do not have all<br />

the information of the historic Market Place and<br />

possibly some information we have might not be<br />

absolutely correct. That is the challenge of historical<br />

research. So, if you feel you have something to add<br />

we will always welcome any additions, corrections,<br />

photos or documents to either website or booklets.<br />

Please email theswaffhamhistorygroup@gmail.com<br />

You can find out more about us online in the<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage website at https://www.<br />

swaffhammuseum.co.uk/history/swaffham-historygroup<br />

or just drop in at our next meeting date<br />

which will be in February when Dr Sue Gattuso will<br />

be speaking about the <strong>Swaffham</strong> (Spelman) Town<br />

Library 1679.<br />

New members are always welcome; you are not<br />

required to do any research or have any qualifications,<br />

just obviously an interest in the history of <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

and our local area.<br />

3<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong>’s Youth Literature Project<br />

An exciting new youth literary project is aiming to take<br />

over <strong>Swaffham</strong> in the New Year. The project is asking<br />

young people to respond to the theme ‘Harvest,’ with<br />

a clear focus on <strong>Swaffham</strong> Market Place and the town’s<br />

rich agricultural heritage.<br />

The town has developed a tradition of hosting writers<br />

and running community creative writing events and<br />

this new expansion of the work is in co-operation with<br />

Iceni Partnership, Historic England, <strong>Swaffham</strong> Library,<br />

and supported by <strong>Swaffham</strong>’s Cultural Consortium. The<br />

project will encourage students from <strong>Swaffham</strong> Primary<br />

School and Year 8 students at the Nicholas Hammond<br />

Academy to respond creatively to the theme working<br />

with a writer in residence and creative facilitator, Bel<br />

Greenwood, for a week with the aim of inspiring and<br />

encouraging students to develop their own individual<br />

responses to the theme. All entries will be entered into<br />

a competition. The work will be displayed throughout<br />

the town and the project is asking shops to volunteer<br />

a corner of their windows to host some of the work.<br />

There will be a display at <strong>Swaffham</strong> Library, as well as<br />

an exhibition and a celebration and prize-giving event<br />

at <strong>Swaffham</strong> Assembly Rooms on 27th April 2024.<br />

Norfolk storyteller Su Squires aka Tilly the Talespinner<br />

and award- winning teen author Polly Crosby who<br />

will hold a session during the day, sharing the thrilling<br />

adventure of putting pen, pencil or crayon to paper<br />

and coming up with a creative response.<br />

Any shops keen to host an A4 poster or two of the<br />

young people’s work please get in touch with Lynette<br />

on 07900 570765.<br />

Iceni Antics<br />

At the time of writing we are gearing up for our<br />

final Friday Lunch Club of the year - a festive affair<br />

with a full Christmas Dinner and all the trimmings. We<br />

hope that everyone in attendance had a wonderful<br />

time! Aside from Lunch Club we also catered for<br />

several of our group's Christmas parties. We are<br />

getting quite good at this catering lark (if we do say<br />

so ourselves!).<br />

We look forward to continuing to challenge ourselves<br />

with new ventures in 2024. A big thank you to our<br />

many supporters for their ongoing encouragement.

St Peter & St Paul, <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

swaffhamchurch@gmail.com<br />

or 01760 725051<br />

Services for January 2024 (to which all are welcome)<br />

Sunday 7 January Feast of Epiphany celebrating the<br />

coming of the wise men<br />

9.30am Sung Eucharist<br />

3.30pm Evensong<br />

Sunday 14 January<br />

10am United Benefice<br />

Sung Eucharist with<br />

Confirmation Service<br />

with Bishop of Lynn<br />

Sunday 21 January<br />

8am Holy Communion<br />

10am United Benefice Sung Eucharist<br />

Sunday 28 January<br />

9.30am Sung Eucharist<br />

Mid-week service Wednesday Mornings<br />

10am Holy Communion (said)<br />

Saturdays Coffee & Cake<br />

9.30am to 12noon<br />

on Saturdays 6, 13, 20, 27 January<br />

The Church is open daily for Private Prayer and for<br />

Visitors between 9am and 3pm<br />

A Bible Study Group meets on Wednesday 17 January<br />

at 2.30pm at 15 Wroxham Avenue - new members<br />

welcome.<br />

Our glorious Christmas Tree Festival was another<br />

outstanding success. People were welcomed into the<br />

churchyard and church along an avenue of daisy chains<br />

crafted in wire by local artist and sculptor Jo Pluckrose<br />

of Pentney.<br />

The Christmas Trees were decorated by local charities<br />

and organisations. A HUGE THANKYOU TO EVERYONE<br />

involved from Church and Community as we shared<br />

the Christian message of joy, peace, hope and goodwill.<br />

Contact may be made via email: swaffhamchurch@<br />

gmail.com or 01760 725051.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Mothers' Union<br />

The members of the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Mothers' Union would<br />

like to thank everyone who kindly left a donation at the<br />

Mothers’ Union Christmas Tree, at the recent Festival<br />

at <strong>Swaffham</strong> Parish Church.<br />

Our tree looked magnificent, with a knitted “likeness”<br />

of our Founder Member Mary Sumner looking down<br />

benevolently from the topmost branch. Born in 1828,<br />

Mary wanted to create an organisation for women<br />

that brought together rich and poor to build a network<br />

that would support mothers in caring for their families.<br />

The Mothers’ Union was one of the first women-led<br />

organisations and is spread across 84 countries, and<br />

our movement seeks to bring about justice, challenge<br />

prejudice and advocate change, whilst caring for the<br />

vulnerable in our society.<br />

Your kind donation will go towards a number of<br />

charities the Mothers' Union support, and we fund<br />

raise for these throughout the year: AFIA is a Mothers'<br />

Union funded holiday scheme to give the opportunity<br />

of a break to those who may be experiencing stress or<br />

difficulties in their family life. Families are able to spend<br />

time together “away from it all”, and hopefully obtain<br />

relief and healing.<br />

The Angel Tree is a prison fellowship project that gives<br />

parents in prison the opportunity to send a present to<br />

their children. The Mothers' Union provide presents<br />

each year for children via this charity.<br />

We also donate money or items to Baby Basics. This<br />

project aims to support new mothers and<br />

families, including women fleeing domestic abuse, who<br />

are struggling to meet the financial burden of looking<br />

after a new baby. The Mothers' Union are also active<br />

in providing support to refugees. We also care for each<br />

other within our group and keep other MU groups in<br />

our prayers. As well as being grateful for donations, we<br />

are always happy to welcome new members or visitors<br />

to any of our monthly meetings. Contact Julia Higbee<br />

for details: 01760 720041. Contact may be made via<br />

email: swaffhamchurch@gmail.com or 01760 725051.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Baptist Church<br />

38 Station Street, <strong>Swaffham</strong>, Norfolk PE37 7HP<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Baptist Church is a caring and friendly<br />

congregation. As a united church body, we seek<br />

to explore and deepen our Christian life together<br />

by serving God in the local community. If you are<br />

interested in finding out more about the Christian<br />

faith or if you are a Christian looking for a loving<br />

and friendly fellowship, then you will find a warm<br />

welcome at any of our services or activities.<br />

*A warm welcome is extended to all*<br />


• 10:00 - 10:30 – Weekly prayer time in the church<br />

hall prior to regular worship service.<br />

• 10:45 – Weekly Morning Worship Service, followed<br />

by fellowship with Tea/Coffee/biscuits served in the<br />

hall.<br />


• 10:00 – 12:30- Foodbank Distribution Centre Open<br />


• 19:00 – 20:30 – The 1st &amp; 3rd Wednesday of<br />

the month- Bible study in the church office.<br />

www.swaffhambaptistchurch.org.uk<br />

t: 01760 725684<br />

e: swaffhambc2020@outlook.com<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Methodist Church<br />

Happy New Year Everyone<br />

*Please note there will be no drop in on 2nd January.*<br />

• Friday 5th Jan 9.30am. Power of Prayer. Praying for<br />

our troubled world. Phone 01760 722611 for venue.<br />

• Saturday 6th Jan 9.30-12noon CHURCH COFFEE<br />


• Sun 7th January 10.45am. Covenant Service.<br />

Congregation from Sporle join us to renew our<br />

promises to God. Rev Jacqui officiating. Holy<br />

Communion.All welcome . Refreshments afterwards.<br />

• Tues 9th January 10am-12noon. The Meeting Place<br />

Drop In. Free refreshments. A warm and welcoming<br />

atmosphere awaits you.<br />

• Thurs 11th January 2.30pm. <strong>Swaffham</strong> Friendship<br />

Group Beetle Drive. Refreshments served.<br />

• Fri 12th January 9.30am. The Power of Prayer.<br />

Phone 01760 722611 for venue.<br />

• Sun 14th January 10.45am. Morning Worship led<br />

by some of the Worship Leaders . Refreshments<br />

served afterwards.<br />

• Tues 16th January 20am-12noon. The Meeting<br />

Place Drop In. Increasingly popular, come and join us<br />

for a good chat and a laugh. Free refreshments and a<br />

warm space.<br />

• Fri 19th January 9.30am. The Power of Prayer.<br />

Phone 01760 722611 for venue.<br />

• Sun 21st January 10.45am. Morning Worship led by<br />

Quentin Stephen. Refreshments served afterwards.<br />

All welcome.<br />

• Tues 23rd January 10am-12noon. The Meeting<br />

Place Drop In. All welcome.<br />

• Thurs 25th January 2.30pm. <strong>Swaffham</strong> Friendship<br />

Group. Speaker is Surgeon Jonathan Hull and his<br />

subject is about joint replacement, entitled ‘60 years<br />

of searching for the perfect joint!’<br />

• Fri 26th January 9.30am. The Power of Prayer.<br />

Phone 01760 722611 for venue.<br />

• Sun 28th January 10.45am. Morning Worship led<br />

by Deacon Jen Woodfin. Refreshments served.<br />

• Tues 30th January 10am-12noon. The Meeting<br />

Place Drop In. Free refreshments and a warm space<br />

to make friends.<br />

The Oasis Centre<br />

A church in the heart of the community<br />

Sundays weekly<br />

• 10am: Praise & Prayer<br />

• 10.30am: Tea & Coffee<br />

• 11am: Worship, Teaching and Communion<br />

Wednesdays weekly<br />

• 10am Worship & Prayer<br />

The Oasis Centre, Cley Road, <strong>Swaffham</strong> PE37 7NP T: 01760 723175<br />

@oasiscentreswaffham<br />

View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> WEA<br />

We are very pleased that there will be two<br />

WEA courses in the spring: a Day School with<br />

Fiona Fitzgerald on "Women Artists from 1500 to 2000":<br />

and a 3 week course with Mary Fewster following on with<br />

part 2 of "Health, Medicine and Social Care". Both courses<br />

will take place at the Community Centre, Campingland,<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> PE37 7RB.<br />

Fiona's course will look at who the women artists were<br />

and why we know so little about them; how the ways in<br />

which art education, studio set-ups and writing about art<br />

have enabled some members of that society to become<br />

well known while others remain in obscurity. Fiona's<br />

course will run on Saturday 24th February from 10am -<br />

3pm with breaks for refreshments (which we will provide)<br />

and lunch (please bring your own). The fee for the course<br />

will be £25. The course number is Q00013239.<br />

Mary's course starting on Wednesday 28th February will<br />

continue her study of health, welfare and social provision:<br />

who the carers werem what kinds of medicines were<br />

used, with reference to the local institutions involed in the<br />

nursing of the sick. Mary's diligent research of historical<br />

documents forms the basis of all her teaching. New<br />

students will be welcomed, as well as those following<br />

on. Tea and coffee will be served from 1.30 - 2pm, with<br />

the course running from 2-4pm with a short break in the<br />

middle. The fee for the course will be £36. The course<br />

reference number is Q00013188.<br />

You can find more information at wea.org.uk under<br />

'<strong>Swaffham</strong>' and can book in advance here or by calling<br />

0300 303 3464 to speak to a friendly (real) voice. Both<br />

courses are going to be very interesting - we look forwrad<br />

to seeing old friends and new faces!<br />

Happy New Year!<br />

4<br />


Would you like a career<br />

working with children?<br />

Would you like a job that is flexible and rewarding?<br />

Come along to Adult Learning’s FREE Working with<br />

Children course, and take the first stepping-stone in your<br />

journey to a fulfilling career, working with children.<br />

Starts Tuesday 16th January for 3 weeks<br />

10am to 12pm<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Community Centre, Campinglands,<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong>, PE37 7RB<br />


Scan the QR code or visit the website to check out<br />

the full range of courses running in <strong>Swaffham</strong>, which<br />

includes: Intro to Teaching Assistants and computer skills.<br />

www.norfolk.gov.uk/adultlearning<br />

0344 800 8020 (option 5)<br />

@norfolkadultlearning<br />

@norfolklearn<br />

@norfolk_adult_learning<br />



Your legal matters in safe hands<br />

• Property Sales and Purchases<br />

• Children and Family Law<br />

• Wills and Probate<br />

• Lasting Powers of Attorney<br />

• Employment Law<br />

• Business and Company Law<br />

• Agricultural Law<br />

• Commercial Property<br />

1 Beacon House, Turbine Way PE37 7XJ • Free on-site parking with disabled access<br />

Call us today 01760 724424<br />

www.hayesandstorr.co.uk<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> | Fakenham | King’s Lynn | Holt | Sheringham

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Climate Action<br />

& Environment Group<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Social was a great opportunity to talk to people about our<br />

We will start the New Year with support<br />

from Breckland District Councillor, David<br />

Wickerson, who has facilitated our meeting<br />

on Thursday 11th January at 10am in the Methodist<br />

Church. We look forward to welcoming Cllr Helen<br />

Crane, Executive Member for Waste, Environmental<br />

Health, Licensing & Sustainability at the council and<br />

Jason Cole, Net Zero Innovation & Delivery Manager<br />

to put in the money saved can be a good incentive.<br />

at the Norfolk Climate Change Partnership (NCCP).<br />

Helen will be presenting an update on the Breckland<br />

Sustainability Strategy and Jonathan will be talking<br />

about the recent news that <strong>Swaffham</strong> will be the<br />

Breckland community involved in the Norfolk Net<br />

Zero Clean Growth project. All are welcome to come<br />

along and hear the latest news from them and we<br />

suggestions, and receive all meeting notes and information.<br />

are very grateful to both Helen and Jason for coming<br />

to update the group, and to David for organising this.<br />

Come and join us<br />

As always everyone is welcome to our regular<br />

monthly meetings, usually on the second Thursday<br />

of each month at 10am in the Methodist Church.<br />

Please get in touch with either Cathy Mumford on<br />

01760 721847 / 07799 642271, cathyjmumford@<br />

gmail.com or David Jones on 01760 722468 / 07806<br />

435066, dljdav@gmail.com to check on meeting<br />

dates and times as they can vary.<br />

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year! We<br />

have to all remain positive about how we in <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

can make a contribution towards a better future,<br />

more resilient to climate change.<br />

group and we were pleased to have a list of potential new members and a<br />

good level of interest in our stand. It was lovely to see the range of activities<br />

and social groups in the community. The Community Fridge is a brilliant initiative to reduce<br />

waste, a big contributor to climate change. By using the Community Fridge, making sure that<br />

we only buy the food we need, and ensuring it is all used, we can all make a difference. An<br />

estimated 9.5 million tonnes of food waste is created annually in the UK and if this goes into<br />

landfill it releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. If you have leftovers or a surplus<br />

food it can often be frozen or recycled into another recipe and a piggy bank (or a spreadsheet!)<br />

We have resumed monthly in person meetings in February but will be trying out a new<br />

format of alternating between morning meetings in person and Zoom meetings in the evening<br />

so please get in touch to find out the latest. Contact Cathy Mumford on 01760 721847,<br />

cathyjmumford@gmail.com or David Jones on 01760 722468 / 07806 435066,<br />

dljdav@gmail.com. Anyone with an interest in climate awareness in the community is most<br />

welcome to join us. If you are not able attend, you can still join the group, contribute with<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Arts<br />

Date for the diary: March 16th at 7.30pm at <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Assembly Rooms. Chaos Collective will perform a<br />

concert of music to celebrate the achievements of<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Cultural Consortium's events and findings<br />

of the past three years, devoted to appreciating the<br />

qualities of our town.<br />

We hope you will be able to come. More details later.<br />

View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

8<br />

NarVOS<br />

Indoor meeting at The Assembly<br />

Rooms, 1 Market Place, <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

PE37 7AB Wednesday 31 January 2024<br />

at 7.30pm “The Norfolk Plover”<br />

Our first guest speaker of 2024 is a long-time friend<br />

of NarVOS and an unwavering supporter of the<br />

Breckland avifauna, the incomparable Chris Knights.<br />

Chris has lived in Norfolk all his life and been keen<br />

on birds and natural history subjects for the greater<br />

part of it. He first became interested in photography<br />

in the late 1950’s which has played an everincreasing<br />

part in his life, many of his pictures have<br />

been taken on his own farm in Norfolk and on his<br />

travels to various parts of the world including Spain,<br />

Poland, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. Over a 25-<br />

year period he made wildlife films for television.<br />

Chris has recently published his spectacular opus on<br />

the bird which symbolises the unique habitat in which<br />

we live, the Stone Curlew, known affectionately as<br />

the Norfolk Plover.<br />

Talks by Chris have always been popular and in no<br />

small part to the extraordinary lengths to which Chris<br />

has gone in capturing at close hand his favourite<br />

subject on camera. Chris’s beautiful book will delight<br />

all of those with a love for the countryside, farming<br />

or wildlife and we can look forward to hearing the<br />

stories of how the book came to be written.<br />

Please come along. Visitors welcome. Admission £4<br />

on the night; free to NarVOS members. For more<br />

information contact Ian Black on 01760 724092 or<br />

go to www.narvos.org.uk<br />

Caram Voice in Norfolk<br />

Volunteer With Children<br />

Looking for a fun volunteering opportunity that fits<br />

around your other commitments? Want to help some<br />

of our most vulnerable children and inspire them<br />

towards better, brighter things?<br />

For some children in care, most adults in their<br />

lives are social workers or other paid professionals.<br />

Please consider becoming an Independent Visitor,<br />

a volunteer who visits a child for a few hours each<br />

month to build a valuable and consistent relationship<br />

by spending time together doing fun activities.<br />

Thorough training and support provided, as well as<br />

reimbursement of reasonable expenses.<br />

To find out more about volunteering as an Independent<br />

Visitor with Coram Voice in Norfolk please email :<br />

norfolk@coramvoice.org.uk, or visit coramvoice.org.<br />

uk and select current vacancies.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Walking Group<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Walking Group is a small friendly group of<br />

keen walkers who enjoy the countryside and cake.<br />

Meeting every Wednesday at 9.30am and every<br />

Sunday at 10.00am in various locations around<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> and the surrounding villages to enjoy a<br />

walk from around 3 to 6.5 miles. Afterwards enjoying<br />

Tea, Coffee & Cakes/biscuits. For more information<br />

and details on the next walk, please contact Graham<br />

Lathwell on 07486 901 948.<br />

9<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Cultural Consortium<br />

To celebrate and end the series of community events<br />

which have been funded over the last two years by Historic<br />

England the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Cultural Consortium is holding<br />

a Heritage Week in mid-March with events around the<br />

town during the week, a final display of everything we<br />

have done in the Assembly Rooms on Saturday 16th<br />

March and a concert shared with <strong>Swaffham</strong> Arts in the<br />

parish church in the evening.<br />

The 16th will also feature the launch of Mapping the<br />

Marketplace website and some of the associated booklets<br />

produced by <strong>Swaffham</strong> History Group. Every building on<br />

the Marketplace has been researched for this project but<br />

we will need the community’s help to fill the gaps and tell<br />

us what mistakes we have made!<br />

The finds that were discovered on the Campingland dig<br />

will also be on display. At the moment they are being<br />

photographed and recorded by the Camera Club. There<br />

will be a free mosaic workshop for all ages and many<br />

photographs of everything we have done. Breckland<br />

Council will also be on hand to display what the High<br />

Street/Heritage Action Zone initiative, also part funded by<br />

Historic England, has achieved around the Marketplace.<br />

The Hive at Great Cressingham<br />

Baah Humbug at The Hive!<br />

A fantastically varied Autumn Inspiration season at The<br />

Hive in Great Cressingham was rounded off at the year<br />

end with an entertaining afternoon reading a dramatized<br />

version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Not<br />

everyone got to be an angelic Tiny Tim or a curmudgeonly<br />

Ebenezer Scrooge, but everyone did manage to say ‘Baah<br />

Humbug’ at the finish!<br />

Across 2023, The Hive welcomed over 300 visitors to<br />

its many activities which span creativity, spirituality and<br />

well-being. This included walks, talks, yoga, singing, Celtic<br />

traditions, art, poetry and music – as well as the Christmas<br />

play-reading. All events at The Hive are free and we can<br />

continue to do this as people donate generously to cover<br />

the basic costs, for which a big ‘thank you’.<br />

Our new season will be launched in the Spring with many<br />

of the activities which people already enjoy together<br />

with some new ideas. Do follow us on facebook at /<br />

GreatCressinghamHive/. A happy and healthy new year<br />

to everyone!


Light up for our Lisa Fundraiser<br />

Kay and her girls from the Market Cross and Gill,Keith<br />

and all their girls from Just Hair along with Lucy, Lesley<br />

and all of Lisa's family would like to say a huge thankyou<br />

to everyone who came and supported their Hogroast,<br />

with entertainment by the wonderful ''Pot of<br />

Gold Shanty Crew'' who so generously donated £200<br />

of their fee back for Lisa. Also huge thanks to Alex<br />

and his team at Impson's Butchers and his abattoir<br />

for donating all the meat and to Dougie and Jacob<br />

for cooking it so perfectly. Another huge thankyou<br />

to Emma and Andy from Wellbread bakers for<br />

donating all the bread rolls, mince pies and raffle<br />

prize along with so many other people, including<br />

friends and family who gave wonderful raffle prizes.<br />

Finally, thanks to Father Christmas for entertaining<br />

children big and small and to everyone who gave<br />

such generous donations and made and donated all<br />

the delicious chocolate Brownies.<br />

Wissey u3a<br />

On Thursday 7th December<br />

we enjoyed our Christmas Party when we were<br />

entertained by Rockavox and what a joyful way it<br />

proved to be to start the season’s celebrations.<br />

At our first meeting of the New Year, on Thursday 4th<br />

January 2024, our guest speaker will be Don Mobley,<br />

who will give an illustrated talk about US Military<br />

Aviation.<br />

As well as a monthly meeting, we have 20 Activity<br />

Groups, organised by our members, where interests<br />

are shared and friendships forged. To learn of the<br />

range of these groups please visit our website www.<br />

wisseyu3a.org or contact our Chairman, David<br />

Moncaster on 01760 724755 for further information.<br />


PLEASE RING ON 01328 701531 FOR YOURS<br />

OR VISIT www.peelingscoaches.co.uk<br />

Ben Burgess Beeston Dereham Road, Beeston, Norfolk PE32 2LE<br />

01328 701347 | www.benburgess.co.uk<br />

Open Mon - Fri 08:00 to 18:00 | Sat - 08:00 to 12:00<br />

Special thanks to Jonathan and Claire at Iceni<br />

Partnership for all their support with printing and<br />

to Debbie and Stewart Bell for allowing use of the<br />

Assembly Rooms when their light switch on event<br />

was running. In total we managed to raise an amazing<br />

£2,000 for Lisa, who has worked for Gill at Just Hair<br />

for 16 years and suffered a devastating Brain bleed<br />

in September at the age of 34. Lisa is still in the West<br />

Raynham Stroke Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital<br />

in Kings Lynn, and is still paralysed down her left side.<br />

We are all so grateful to everyone for everything you<br />

have all done to support Lisa. Thank you all from the<br />

bottom of our hearts, with love from Kay, Gill, Keith &<br />

all their girls Xxx<br />

Phoenix Singers<br />

On Friday 8th December in The Methodist Church<br />

the Phoenix Singers gave their usual polished<br />

performance entertaining the audience with a<br />

programme of Christmas music. They were joined by<br />

guests THREE’S COMPANY reciting some very amusing<br />

poems and writings from Christmas past and present.<br />

Behind every<br />

PAID TILL FEB 24<br />

independent<br />

business is<br />

a family<br />

that cares<br />


King’s Lynn 01553 771399 | Dersingham 01485 598598 | <strong>Swaffham</strong> 01760 721305<br />

Pre-paid funeral<br />

plans available<br />

www.tfs.co.uk<br />

Castle Quilters Group<br />

(Formally Castle Quilters)<br />

Are you looking for a friendly, creative group in<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong>? Come and try us. Starting in January we<br />

will be meeting on the first Monday of each month at<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Community Centre on Campingland. The<br />

first meeting is free, thereafter we charge £24 per<br />

annum. We would love to welcome new members.<br />

We hold occasional workshops.<br />

Contact Margaret on 07767 435090 or Linda on<br />

07884 077191.<br />

Members of the choir also added to the festive<br />

atmosphere with accompanying jingle bells and<br />

recorder. What a versatile group of ladies they are.<br />

During the interval a very lively raffle took place<br />

with plenty of prizes. Mince pies and a fruit punch<br />

were also on the menu. Once again a very enjoyable<br />

evening was had by all.<br />

The evening was sponsored by The <strong>Swaffham</strong> Cultural<br />

Consortium, funded by Historic England. All proceeds<br />

from the evening will go to a local Charity.<br />


MUSEUM<br />


www.swaffhammuseum.co.uk<br />

There are changes afoot at the museum as it enters a new<br />

phase of life. Sue is stepping down as Museum Manager<br />

after ten years but will still be around as the archivist.<br />

The museum has a large and unwieldy collection of local<br />

documents – originals and copies - which need organising<br />

and eventually digitising and adding to a database so that<br />

they are more easily accessible to researchers. We are<br />

always anxious to unravel a little more of the history of<br />

the town.<br />

Over the last four years our curating team has audited all<br />

of the artefacts in the museum so that we know what and<br />

where everything is. All pieces have been photographed<br />

and are being added to a database to make searches<br />

easier. Now it’s the documents’ turn!<br />

We have been working with the History Group on the<br />

Mapping the Marketplace website project with the<br />

support of Historic England and intend to develop this<br />

site over time so that it includes people of <strong>Swaffham</strong> and<br />

gathering on the Marketplace (you would be surprised<br />

how rebellious we were further back) and other areas<br />

and buildings of the town so that eventually we have<br />

a readily accessible “Story of <strong>Swaffham</strong>” backed by<br />

documentation which we can find with little difficulty.<br />

Meanwhile our large collection of posters from Coe’s the<br />

printers – some dating back to the 19th century - have now<br />

been photographed – thank you Alan – and are waiting<br />

to be catalogued. They have been hidden in drawers for<br />

many years with the occasional couple brought out for<br />

display. They deserve much more recognition.<br />

The museum closes on December 22nd for our Winter<br />

clean. When we reopen on 12 February 2024 you may<br />

find some small changes in the museum displays. We<br />

have one interesting new artefact – more about that next<br />

month. We would like to thank everyone for their support<br />

over 2023 and wish you all a very Happy Christmas.<br />

View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage<br />

The Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage are pleased to have<br />

helped to run the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Cultural Consortium<br />

‘Under the Eye of the Buttercross’ events over the<br />

past year which will come to a conclusion at the end<br />

of March 2024. It has been a fantastic year overall<br />

and the events were enjoyed by so many of our<br />

townsfolk, demonstrating how the Market Place is<br />

such a valued asset to the town beyond hosting our<br />

ancient Saturday Market.<br />

100 Club<br />

The 100 Club is a steady contributor of funds for<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage, run by the Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Heritage exclusively for its members.<br />

Winners for December 2023 were:<br />

• £40 – no 2309<br />

• £20 – no 2382<br />

• £10 – no 2396<br />

• Special Prize £100 – no 2312<br />

Note that the numbers begin with 23...<br />

Cheques are on the way to our lucky winners!<br />

If you are not already a member of the 100 Club, you<br />

can apply to join. It’s £20 for the year, for a chance<br />

to win one of the monthly prizes of £40, £20 and<br />

£10, and a twice a year the chance to win £100!<br />

You also have the satisfaction of knowing that your<br />

subscription helps the work of our museum, even if<br />

you don’t win.<br />

Also, you could consider joining the Friends of<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage. The current membership fee to<br />

join the Friends is a one-off Life membership fee of<br />

£10 for an individual or £15 for a family (two adults<br />

and two children under 16 years of age living at the<br />

same address). This gives you free access to all the<br />

museum galleries for life.<br />

Ask at the museum about becoming a Friend or<br />

use the contact details below or on the <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Heritage website.<br />

For further information about the Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Heritage see our webpage, on the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage<br />

website https://www.swaffhammuseum.co.uk/<br />

support-us#friends-of- swaffham-heritage , or email<br />

to friends@swaffhammuseum.co.uk , or call in to the<br />

Museum.<br />

For the 100 Club contact the Membership Secretary<br />

by email stuartclapton@aol.com<br />

Royal British Legion<br />

2024 Meetings of the Royal British Legion resume<br />

8pm at Con Club <strong>Swaffham</strong> Tuesday 16th January.<br />


Merle Boddy Centre<br />

The Merle Boddy Day Centre provides a<br />

warm and friendly Social Day Care Service<br />

for people living with dementia including<br />

mental health problems and physical disabilities, in<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> and the surrounding area.<br />

In the run up to Christmas our lovely clients and staff<br />

were very busy with decorating the Centre and we think<br />

they did a fine old job.<br />

It’s so nice when you have some wonderful musicians to<br />

get you into the holiday spirit with an interactive music<br />

session; a lovely visit from Jim and his fellow musicians for<br />

a Christmas music session.<br />

We will have had our Annual General Meeting on 21st<br />

December by the time you are reading this. In particular<br />

we are considering how to bring the governance of our<br />

parent charity up to date, to allow the Centre to run more<br />

efficiently. This should not affect the day-to-day running<br />

of day care by Georgie, Steph and the professional staff,<br />

but should help make the administration side more<br />

practical for Fran.<br />

If you are interested in our work and would like to be<br />

involved, we always welcome volunteers, friends and<br />

supporters to help us. In particular we would love to<br />

hear from you if you would be interested in becoming a<br />

Trustee of our parent charity, the <strong>Swaffham</strong> and District<br />

Mental Health Association. We also welcome your<br />

donations, small as well as big. You can give by visiting our<br />

website and clicking on Fundraising, where we have a link<br />

to JustGiving.<br />

If you want to know more, find us on Facebook:<br />

@merleboddycentre – or see our website:<br />

www.merleboddy.org.uk – or email to us at<br />

office@merleboddy.org.uk - or phone the Centre on<br />

01760 724527.<br />

12 13<br />

Borough Council of Lynn & W.Norfolk<br />

How the council is helping people to beat their bills<br />

this winter<br />

Following the success of the council’s Big Beat Your<br />

Bills Event in King’s Lynn last month, it has been<br />

decided to run a series of these bigger events over<br />

the winter months – and the next one is just days<br />

away. The success of these events speaks for itself<br />

– one couple saved around £2,000 per year when<br />

they spoke to our team at the King’s Lynn event.<br />

Cllr Jo Rust, the council’s cabinet member for<br />

people and communities, said: “This success story<br />

gets to the heart of what Beat Your Bills is about.<br />

Rises in the cost of living affect us all and for some,<br />

can lead to difficult choices about staying warm<br />

or eating well. No one should have to make these<br />

choices and we feel it’s a great success when we can<br />

help people to reduce their outgoings, boost their<br />

income, eat healthily and generally stay well. We<br />

would encourage anyone who might benefit from<br />

talking to someone about their bills to come to one<br />

of our events to see how much they can save.”<br />

The couple who saved £2,000 p.a. spoke to advisors<br />

at the most recent event on 31st October and<br />

discovered they were eligible to claim council tax<br />

support. Working with DWP the council completed<br />

an application form for them, which included<br />

backdating their payments. Within 2 days their<br />

application had been processed and they were<br />

awarded full support from the end of July 2023,<br />

which generated a refund of overpaid council tax<br />

of around £500. By not paying in future, the couple<br />

will save around £2,000 per year.<br />

Other people have been helped with debt advice,<br />

making their homes more energy efficient, eating<br />

healthily on a budget (and with limited cooking<br />

facilities) and maximising their income.<br />

Future events are as follows:<br />

• King’s Lynn – Tuesday 23rd January (The Place)<br />

• Downham Market – Tuesday 26th March (Town Hall)<br />

All events run from 10am-2pm.

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Branch<br />

01760<br />

725801<br />

http://www.family-action.org.uk<br />

familyactionswaffham<br />

building better families<br />


Expert legal help and advice from<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong>’s most recommended solicitors<br />

star-hal<br />

Talk face to face with your local lawyers, at our<br />

London Street office, who are here to help by<br />

giving you clear and practical legal advice.<br />

Divorce and Separation • Employment Issues • Wills, Trusts and Probate<br />

Settling a Dispute • Moving Home • Personal Injury • Commercial Services<br />

01760 721992<br />

wardgethinarcher.co.uk<br />

The National Garden Scheme<br />

Garden visiting at an all-time high for the<br />

Norfolk National Garden Scheme<br />

The Norfolk National Garden Scheme which opens<br />

gardens, (mainly private) across the county, last year<br />

received a record number of visitors and raised a record<br />

£155,000 for the many health & nursing charities it<br />

supports. Garden visiting continues to be an enjoyable<br />

and inexpensive day out for the family, with children<br />

going free. This year a diverse selection of over 70<br />

glorious gardens will open over the period of eight<br />

months: from the country estates to cottage gardens,<br />

both rural and urban, a community garden, a hospice<br />

garden, evening openings, guided tours and those open<br />

by arrangement. Details can be found in our booklet or<br />

on the website ngs.org.uk<br />

The garden visiting year begins in February with the<br />

ever-popular snowdrop festival and who doesn’t enjoy<br />

a walk through a carpet of snowdrops?<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> & District Lions Club<br />

A Happy New Year to one and All. We had a<br />

very busy time over the Christmas period,<br />

starting with collecting for the foodbank, and<br />

taking part in the St. Peter & Paul’s Church Christmas<br />

Tree Festival with our Lions tree.<br />

Our big event was the Pensioners Christmas Party,<br />

held at the Nicholas Hamond Academy, where we put<br />

on a lovely Christmas dinner for 98 guests, plus all the<br />

helpers.<br />

Chatteris • Dereham • Downham Market • Ely • Heacham • King’s Lynn • <strong>Swaffham</strong> • Watton<br />

Moving into March and April the spring bulbs begin<br />

to bring colour into the gardens, followed in May by<br />

riotous rhododendrons and azaleas which feature in<br />

some of our larger gardens. June is the busiest month,<br />

with a medley of gardens filled with the joy and scents<br />

of summer; evening guided tours of peony fields, an<br />

evening opening in the garden of a famous designer, and<br />

three new gardens opening near East Rudham, are just<br />

a few examples. In July, take a guided tour of the Walled<br />

Garden, Little Plumstead, visit two new gardens opening<br />

in the rural village of Tittleshall, or admire an interesting<br />

group of small town gardens in Norwich; perhaps you<br />

might be tempted by a collection of four gardens in the<br />

historic village of Castle Acre. During August the gardens<br />

continue to flourish with a masterclass of grasses and<br />

late planting at Severals Grange, a new garden called<br />

Charnwood at Brundall, and the quirky Fiddian’s Folly.<br />

September sees Holkham Hall walled garden return to<br />

the Scheme with an exclusive evening opening, plus in<br />

the south of the county Vicarage House, a new garden<br />

will welcome visitors over two days.<br />

October brings autumnal colours which you can enjoy at<br />

the extensive gardens at East Ruston as well as another<br />

new garden at East Carleton Manor. All these gardens<br />

are featured in our popular county booklet which will be<br />

available from February in garden centres, nurseries and<br />

horticultural outlets.<br />

Transport was provided for those who needed it, and<br />

the food was cooked for us by the wonderful canteen<br />

staff at the academy, who very kindly gave up their<br />

time to provide us with the traditional turkey dinner<br />

and Christmas pudding. The lunch was followed by a<br />

Bingo session led by Deputy Mayor Councillor Paul<br />

Darby with some lovely prizes.<br />

Santa in his sleigh and along with his elves will have<br />

visited Tesco and Waitrose in the run up to Christmas<br />

to help us with our charity collections.<br />

Wishing you all the best for 2024.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> & District Lions<br />


Walking Rugby Groups<br />

Walking Rugby Is Growing In Popularity In Norfolk<br />

Two clubs more rugby clubs have recently started<br />

their own Walking Rugby groups, and the county now<br />

has four teams playing this great sport. This is a far cry<br />

from the two clubs that have offered this variation of<br />

the game since Fakenham started in 2019. In addition<br />

to Fakenham and Yarmouth Rugby Clubs, we now have<br />

Diss and North Walsham with regular playing sessions.<br />

What is Walking Rugby? It is a fun, team-based, game<br />

and a great way of introducing an element of lighthearted<br />

exercise into your weekly routine.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> WI<br />

On 6th December we all joined<br />

together for our Christmas Lunch at<br />

the George Hotel, which was a great<br />

success. The President announced that this month<br />

four ladies were celebrating their birthdays and as<br />

usual each lady was given a card and a small gift<br />

and we sang the Happy Birthday song, followed by<br />

a Seasonal poem read by our President. There was a<br />

very happy atmosphere and the Christmas Lunch was<br />

excellent, a good time was had by all.<br />

With Christmas in mind two of our members decorated<br />

a Christmas Tree on behalf of <strong>Swaffham</strong> W.I. for the<br />

Christmas Tree Festival in the Parish Church. Many<br />

thanks go to the Organisers of the Festival and to our<br />

tree decorators also.<br />

We were reminded of upcoming events in 2024:<br />

• Coach trip to the V&A Museum in London 1st<br />

February 2024 to see the 'Re:imagining Musicals'<br />

Exhibition.<br />

Walking Rugby is a relatively new sporting activity - in<br />

a similar vein to both Walking Football and Walking<br />

Netball - and it aims to attract both men and women,<br />

who are, in the main, in their 40s or older. At Fakenham<br />

48% of members are ladies and most players are in the<br />

50s and 60s. As a form of “touch rugby” this is a much<br />

less physical and has minimal contact compared to its<br />

standard counterpart. Its main aim is participating,<br />

competing, and enjoying all the benefits of a team sport.<br />

We have found that it is attractive to both ex-players and<br />

those who are completely new to the game of rugby;<br />

being a much simpler version of the traditional game.<br />

Players do not need to have any specialist equipment to<br />

join-in; but they must wear some suitable clothing and<br />

footwear for playing on a natural grass pitch surface. We<br />

can help with advice on this before you attend. Based<br />

at the Fakenham Rugby Club’s Stringer Ground, off Old<br />

Wells Road, on the edge of Fakenham town itself, the<br />

current group of members are drawn from across north<br />

and mid- Norfolk.<br />

Our Walking Rugby Group sessions take place on<br />

Wednesday evenings throughout the year at the<br />

Fakenham Rugby Club ground, arriving at 6-45pm for<br />

a 7pm start. Sessions last for an hour, beginning with a<br />

gentle warm-up before game-time. There is also a great<br />

social side to the Group, and with new clubs starting<br />

we hope to have fixtures played against these other<br />

Walking Rugby Groups before too long. Please do come<br />

along and join us on a Wednesday night - your first ‘taster<br />

session’ will be free-of- charge. Contact the Organiser,<br />

Jeffrey Pearce, for any further information and details:<br />

jdpearce@btinternet.com<br />

16<br />

• Norfolk Federation of WI 18 th March at the Theatre<br />

Royal, Norwich.<br />

• W.I National Annual Meeting 2024 at the Royal<br />

Albert Hall 4 th -5 th June 2024.<br />

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd January<br />

2024 at 2.30pm in the Community Centre and will<br />

include a Bring and Buy.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> W.I. wish you all a happy and peaceful<br />

Christmas and New Year.<br />

Should you wish for any more information please<br />

contact our President Pauline Senton on 01760<br />

788046 or our Secretary Christiane Hewitson on<br />

07389 813386

In Touch With Your Town<br />

Christmas Light Switch On<br />

Despite the rainy weather, the<br />

community spirit prevailed, making<br />

the event a successful celebration. It<br />

was great to see the community come<br />

together and share warmth and festive cheer.<br />

The Christmas Market hosted a variety of craft and<br />

food stalls and there was entertainment throughout<br />

the day on the Buttercross from Fakenham Town<br />

Band, The Rock Choir, Heartwood Primary School<br />

Choir, The Ukulele Band and Jay Harrison. <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Town Council would like to thank all the volunteers,<br />

performers and participants who made the event a<br />

success. Your contributions created memories for<br />

the community. Santa’s Grotto was a success thanks<br />

to Cllr. Steph Cooper and her team of volunteers.<br />

Thank you to KL1 Radio for hosting the day.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council would like to thank Abel<br />

Homes, Crocus, Greene and Greene, Uncle Lukes,<br />

GEBE and Barratt Developments who helped make<br />

the event happen through their kind sponsorships.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council were honoured to have<br />

Nicholas and Evie join Buddy the Elf on stage to<br />

illuminate <strong>Swaffham</strong>. In the spirit of compassion and<br />

unity our community rallied together to support this<br />

family during a challenging time. <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town<br />

Council send their support and thoughts to Lisa and<br />

her family.<br />

Allotments available<br />

Four allotments are now available. Two at Shouldham<br />

Lane and two at Tumbler Hill. For more information<br />

on the plots please contact Leanne Jarrett on<br />

deputyclerk@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk.<br />

Message from the Town Clerk, Helen Carrier<br />

“As we step into the new year, let’s embrace the<br />

opportunities it brings. May it be filled with joy,<br />

growth, and prosperity for our community and each<br />

of its members. In the coming year, we will continue<br />

working to enhance the quality of life in <strong>Swaffham</strong>.<br />

The <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council team are looking<br />

forward to upcoming community projects, events,<br />

and opportunities for connection. Thank you for<br />

being an integral part of <strong>Swaffham</strong>. Here’s to a new<br />

year filled with possibilities.”<br />

Town Council Committee<br />

meeting dates - JANUARY 2024<br />

• Wednesday 10th 6.30pm Full Council<br />

• Monday 15th 6.30pm Market & Tourism<br />

• Monday 22nd 1pm Finance<br />

• Tuesday 23rd 11am Planning & Built Environment<br />

• Wednesday 31st 12.30pm Assets & Open Spaces<br />

Have your say! Did you know all council meetings include a 15<br />

minute session set aside for public participation. This is your<br />

opportunity to put questions to your Councillors about things<br />

that matter to you and the town. Why not come along and see<br />

how your Councillors manage the council's affairs. Alternatively,<br />

you can watch and listen to the monthly Full Council meetings<br />

that are live streamed on Facebook @<strong>Swaffham</strong>towncouncil<br />

Christmas Window Display<br />

It was great to see the incredible creativity displayed<br />

by the community in the Christmas Window Display<br />

Competition. Congratulations to Sue Ryder Care<br />

Charity Shop, Myhills Pet & Garden and The Red<br />

Lion. <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council would like to thank<br />

all the businesses/organisations for engaging in this<br />

and spreading Christmas joy and charm to all who<br />

passed by their windows.<br />

Town Improvements<br />

Additional electrical sockets have been installed<br />

on streetlight poles with the aim of being able to<br />

extend the Christmas light offering in the town in<br />

future years.<br />

Merryweather Road Posts<br />

New posts have been installed at Merryweather<br />

Road, to help stop vehicles being able to access the<br />

green space.<br />

If you have any queries about any of the items<br />

mentioned or would like to hear more updates on<br />

projects etc, please contact Swaĭam Town Council<br />

on telephone 01760 722922 or pop in and see us.<br />

Breckland District Council<br />

www.breckland.gov.uk<br />

01362 656 870. For all enquiries regarding: Planning,<br />

Refuse Bins, Housing, Recycling, Licensing & Benefits<br />

Your Breckland District Councillors:<br />

Cllr. David Wickerson<br />

david.wickerson@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Jacob Morton<br />

Jacob.Morton@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Judy Anscombe<br />

Judy.Anscombe@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. William Nunn<br />

William.nunn.cllr@<br />

norfolk.gov.uk<br />

18 19<br />

Highway issues<br />

Norfolk County Council – www.norfolk.gov.uk<br />

– 0344 800 8020<br />

- Highways issues - please give the location of the<br />

issue and a telephone number where further<br />

information can be obtained.<br />

- Faulty streetlights – please give the precise location<br />

of the light and the number on the column.<br />

Alternatively visit the website and search for<br />

Highways or Street Lights to report your concerns.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />

Tel: 01760 722 922<br />

www.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Town Hall opening times:<br />

Monday to Thursday: 10am - 4pm.<br />

Friday: 10am - 1pm.<br />

reception@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Mayor - Cllr. Stewart Bell<br />

bell@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Deputy Mayor - Cllr. Paul Darby<br />

darby@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Lindsay Beech<br />

beech@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Wendy Bensley<br />

bensley@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. David Braithwaite<br />

braithwaite@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Stephanie Cooper<br />

cooper@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr Graham Edwards<br />

edwards@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Caroline Ellerbeck<br />

ellerbeck@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Graham Eves<br />

eves@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Sarah Pickard<br />

pickard@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Leslie Scott<br />

scott@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Jill Skinner<br />

skinner@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. John Zielinski<br />

zielinski@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Officers:<br />

Helen Carrier – Town Clerk<br />

townclerk@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Leanne Jarratt – Deputy Town Clerk<br />




SUPER<br />


ON SOFAS &<br />


BIG<br />


ON BEDS &<br />



SALE<br />


PRICES<br />

DOWN<br />

ON DINING &<br />


EASY<br />


OPTION<br />

SPREAD<br />

THE COST!<br />


FAB<br />



CURTAINS &<br />

BLINDS<br />

STARTS<br />

9am WEDNESDAY 27 DEC<br />

IN ELY<br />

Furniture, Flooring & Bed Centre<br />

Lancaster Way Business Park, Ely<br />

CB6 3NX T: 01353 669754<br />

Opening Times<br />

20 – 23 Dec CLOSED<br />

Christmas Eve<br />

CLOSED<br />

Christmas Day<br />

CLOSED<br />

Boxing Day<br />

CLOSED<br />

27 – 30 Dec 9.00 – 5.00<br />

New Year’s Eve 10.00 – 4.00<br />

New Year’s Day 10.00 – 4.00<br />

Tues 2 Jan Normal hours resume<br />

STARTS<br />

9am WEDNESDAY 27 DEC<br />


Furniture, Flooring, Bed Centre & Homestore<br />

Bridge Street, Downham Market<br />

PE38 9DS T: 01366 382213<br />

Opening Times<br />

18 – 23 Dec 9.00 – 5.00<br />

Christmas Eve 10.00 – 4.00 (Café closed)<br />

Christmas Day<br />

CLOSED<br />

Boxing Day<br />

CLOSED<br />

27 – 30 Dec 9.00 – 5.00<br />

New Year’s Eve<br />

CLOSED<br />

New Year’s Day<br />

CLOSED<br />

Tues 2 Jan Normal hours resume<br />

reedshomestore.co.uk<br />

find us on facebook<br />





*Furniture, beds, mattresses and upholstery are available to order online.

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