Swaffham Newsletter

July 2023

July 2023


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July 2023<br />

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Revitalising <strong>Swaffham</strong>'s<br />

History and Heritage...<br />

Read the latest update on <strong>Swaffham</strong> High Street Heritage Action Zone on p.7<br />

Swaam Town Council Newsleer June 2023<br />

Elecons<br />

There was no need for a Town Council election in May 2023, as<br />

all 13 were elected unopposed. We welcome four new Cou<br />

Ellerbeck, Sarah Pickard and John Zielinski. We also pay tribute<br />

Anscombe, Colin Houghton, Shirley Matthews, and Ian Pilcher.<br />

At Breckland Council level there was an election, with a welcome<br />

joining David Wickerson re-elected for another four-year term,<br />

in a different area and Ed Colman resigning back in February<br />

Colman also resigned as our Norfolk County Councillor, and we<br />

elected representative on the County Council.<br />


<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

& District<br />

Lions Club<br />

p.8<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Jazz<br />

Club<br />

p.16<br />

Swaam Town Council are pleased to announce that on 17 Ma<br />

the Town Council appointed Cllr Stewart Bell as Mayor and Cllr P<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Town<br />

Council<br />

p.18<br />

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Solider Silhouee unveiling at the War Memorial site

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<strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

Iceni Partnership<br />

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<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

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We are always open to new contributors from<br />

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Contents<br />

3 Iceni Antics/Library News<br />

4 Church News<br />

5 Ashill & Holme Hale Garden Club<br />

7 Community Hospital/u3a<br />

8 <strong>Swaffham</strong> Lions Club/Rugby Club<br />

9 <strong>Swaffham</strong> Library News<br />

10 NGS/Authors, Books & Cakes<br />

11 Local WI's/The Hive<br />

12 Museum Matters<br />

13 Merle Boddy/Climate Action Group<br />

14 <strong>Swaffham</strong> Rotary/NarVOS<br />

16 W.Norfolk Council/Jazz Club<br />

18 <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />

Iceni Antics<br />

On Friday 26th May we had some very special<br />

visitors to view to progress of work at <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Assembly Rooms. Liz Truss MP, along with Tony<br />

Calladine, Regional Director for Historic England, and<br />

Cllr Paul Claussen, Executive Member for Economic<br />

Development at Breckland Council, were given a tour<br />

of the High Street Heritage Action Zone.<br />

As part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone,<br />

the Grade II listed Assembly Rooms, built in 1776,<br />

are undergoing repair and restoration work, led by<br />

Cliveden Conservation. Exterior restoration work,<br />

including urgent roof repair, is currently underway to<br />

return the building to its former Georgian glory.<br />

A focal point in the town for over 200 years the<br />

restored building, which will be repainted in a<br />

sympathetic conservation paint scheme, will continue<br />

to be a landmark local building and important<br />

community resource for years to come. Ms Truss saw<br />

the restoration work underway and met the skilled<br />

craftspeople working on the project.<br />


Work on the interior is very nearly complete and on<br />

Wednesday 31st May we welcomed back our very<br />

first group to the Ball Room. We have an excellent<br />

new screen, which is ideal for illustrated talks and<br />

presentations. By the time this goes to print we<br />

should have some beautiful new wall lights installed,<br />

we can't wait to show off the finished look!<br />

1<br />

3<br />

You can keep up-to-date with everything we have<br />

going on at <strong>Swaffham</strong> Community Centre and<br />

Assembly Rooms by visiting our website: www.<br />


St Peter and St Paul, <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

The July 2023 services in <strong>Swaffham</strong> parish church will<br />

be as follows:-<br />

Sunday 2nd<br />

9.30am Sung Eucharist<br />

6.00am Said Evening Prayer (BCP)<br />

Wednesday 5th<br />

10.00am Holy Communion (BCP)<br />

Sunday 9th<br />

9.30am Sung Eucharist<br />

Wednesday 12th<br />

10.00am Holy Communion (BCP)<br />

Sunday 16th<br />

8.00am Holy Communion (said)<br />

9.30am United Benefice Sung Eucharist<br />

Wednesday 19th<br />

10.00am Holy Communion (BCP)<br />

Sunday 23rd<br />

9.30am Sung Eucharist<br />

Wednesday 26th<br />

10.00am Holy Communion (BCP)<br />

Sunday 30th<br />

9.30am United Benefice Sung Eucharist<br />

Presider and preacher: the<br />

Dean of Norwich<br />

For updates, see also our website: https://www.<br />

swaffhamparishchurch.org/ and our <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Parish Church Facebook page and via Twitter @<br />

swaffhamchurch. Church is open daily for private<br />

prayer and for visitors from 9am until 4pm outside<br />

services. Saturday Coffee and Cake is every Saturday.<br />

Concert<br />

Elizabeth Lodge (piano) will be giving a concert in<br />

church on Saturday 29th July at 7.30pm. All welcome<br />

– see posters for details.<br />

Mothers’ Union<br />

The <strong>Swaffham</strong> branch of the Mothers’ Union usually<br />

meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The 13th<br />

July meeting will be a garden party/social. Enquiries<br />

to Julia on 720041.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Methodist Church<br />

• Sat 1st July 9.30am Church coffee morning with books,<br />

puzzles, games stall.<br />

• Sun 2nd July 10.45am. Morning Worship led by the<br />

Worship Leaders. Refreshments served afterwards.<br />

• Tues 4th July 10am-12noon. The Meeting Place Drop<br />

In. Free refreshments and good company. Come along<br />

and meet new friends.<br />

• Sun 9th July Church Anniversary Service led by Rev<br />

Phillip Butcher. Refreshments afterwards.<br />

• Tues 11th July 10-12noon. The Meeting Place Drop In.<br />

Free refreshments. All welcome.<br />

• Fri 14th July 9.30am The Power of Prayer. Phone 01760<br />

722611 for venue.<br />

• Sun 16th July 10.45am. Morning Worship led by the<br />

Worship Leaders. Refreshments served afterwards.<br />

• Tues 18th July 10am-12noon. The Meeting Place Drop<br />

In. All welcome. Free refreshments.<br />

• Fri 21st July 9.30am. The Power of Prayer. Phone 01760<br />

722611 for venue.<br />

• Sun 23rd July 10.45am. Morning Worship led by<br />

Deacon Jen Woodfin. Refreshments served.<br />

• Tues 25th July 10am-12noon. The Meeting Place Drop<br />

In. All welcome. Free refreshments.<br />

• Fri 28th July 9.30am. The Power of Prayer. Phone 01760<br />

722611 for venue.<br />

• Sun 30th July 10.45am. BIG SUNDAY. Service where<br />

all the Circuit contribute and Worship together.<br />

Refreshments served afterwards.<br />

Royal British Legion<br />

The July meeting will be at The Con Club<br />

on Tuesday 18th July 8pm. All Welcome.<br />

Some of our Branch members attended a very interesting<br />

meeting at the community centre, hosted by the<br />

Campingland Surgery Patient Participation Group. The<br />

meeting was very well attended and was about Veterans<br />

receiving appropriate care.<br />

All Veterans are supposed to be asked the question, Are<br />

you a Veteran?’ when joining a medical practice. This is<br />

not to send them to the top of the waiting list, but to<br />

ensure that Drs are aware of their background and able<br />

to diagnose their symptoms more accurately.<br />

Since that meeting, my husband and others, have<br />

received a simple text message asking if they are a<br />

Veteran, to which they simply reply yes or no. So things<br />

are moving in the right direction.<br />

The word ‘ Veteran’ is a strange word for us to understand.<br />

It sounds like something old, doesn’t it? But the military<br />

definition of the word Veteran is one who has served in<br />

the armed forces for at least one day! Our young service<br />

personnel are Veterans from day one.<br />

My thanks to the PPG for organising the meeting.<br />

Anne Thorp<br />

Hon President, Royal British Legion<br />

The Oasis Centre<br />

A church in the heart of the community<br />

Sundays weekly<br />

• 10am: Praise & Prayer<br />

• 10.30am: Tea & Coffee<br />

• 11am: Worship, Teaching and Communion<br />

Wednesdays weekly<br />

• 10am Worship & Prayer<br />

The Oasis Centre, Cley Road, <strong>Swaffham</strong> PE37 7NP T: 01760 723175<br />

@oasiscentreswaffham<br />

Manor Farm Medical Centre PPG<br />

Manor Farm Medical Centre PPG now has a core group<br />

of 6 members, we have elected our Chair, Treasurer<br />

and Minute Secretary. We would be very pleased to<br />

welcome any patients who would like to join us as<br />

we are aiming for a group that is represented by a<br />

cross section of the patients who attend Manor Farm<br />

Medical Centre.<br />

Sara Briggs recently joined Manor Farm in the role<br />

of Practice Manager. Sara has worked with PPG's<br />

in her previous roles as Practice Manager and she<br />

has been able to direct us in our function to work<br />

with the Practice and to ensure a good relationship<br />

between patients and our medical professionals. We<br />

look forward to working with her.<br />

Our principle aims as a PPG are quite simple, they<br />

are to:<br />

• Give patients and practice staff the opportunity to<br />

meet and discuss topics of mutual interest<br />

• Provide a means for patients to become more<br />

involved and to make suggestions about the<br />

healthcare service offered<br />

• Explore patients’ concerns and patient surveys<br />

contributing to action plans and help monitor<br />

improvements.<br />

Our last meeting was attended by Emily Styles who is<br />

the Practice Matron she explained that her main role<br />

is to oversee the care of Manor Farm patients who are<br />

in local care homes or housebound. Emily informed<br />

us that Manor Farm Medical Centre is an “Armed<br />

Forces Veteran friendly accredited GP Practice” and<br />

explained some of the benefits for veterans. She is<br />

the Veteran Champion for any Manor Farm Patients<br />

who are ex service personnel and their families.<br />

If you are interested in joining our Patient Group you<br />

can contact us the Group on manorfarmppg@gmail.<br />

com or email Sara on manorfarmreception@nhs.net.<br />

You can also register your interest via our website<br />

https://www.swaffham-doctors.co.uk/navigator/<br />

patient-participation-group-registration/<br />

Ashill & Holme Hale Garden Club<br />

Website: ashillgardeningclub.wordpress.com/<br />

Email: ashillholmehalegardenclub@gmail.com<br />

Colour in the Garden<br />

Getting the ideal balance of colours in your garden is<br />

nearly always a work in progress, but there are some<br />

clear principles and tips that expert gardeners use to<br />

great effect. At our<br />

May meeting garden<br />

designer and lecturer<br />

Andrew Sankey gave an<br />

excellent presentation<br />

on how to get the best<br />

colour combinations in<br />

your garden. Andrew<br />

began his talk with a<br />

a bit of history on the<br />

use of colour schemes<br />

in the garden, noting<br />

that Gertrude Jeckyll<br />

is credited as the first garden designer to talk about<br />

‘painting with flowers’ and used a colour wheel in her<br />

designs. A contemporary of Jeckyll’s was Nora Lynsday,<br />

who also emphasised the use of colour and re-designed<br />

the gardens at Blicking Hall in North Norfolk with hot<br />

and cool squares on the formal lawns.<br />

Andrew talked about planting in drifts of the same<br />

colour, rather than clumps to draw your eye through<br />

the border. He also talked about the use of colour to<br />

change the viewer’s perspective of the garden, lighter<br />

shades look further away and brighter colours appear<br />

nearer, even if planted at same distance. For example<br />

use a light colour like pale blue to paint your fence<br />

if you want the garden to look bigger. White flowers<br />

reflect the moonlight so look lighter at dusk and are<br />

easy to create large drifts as not mixing colours (white is<br />

white), whereas there are a wide range of reds, yellows<br />

blues which all differ slightly in hue so can be harder to<br />

create a drift effect. The talk finished with a lively Q&A<br />

session which kept the audience of nearly 80 members<br />

enthralled from start to finish.<br />

Upcoming Meetings & Events<br />

Our June meeting (June 22nd) will be given by Stephen<br />

Foster on ‘Sweet Peas - How to grow them and show<br />

them’. The club’s Annual Flower Show will be held on<br />

Sunday June 25th at Holme Hale Pavilion. All entries<br />

(approx 200) can be viewed by the general public from<br />

2-4.30pm, with refreshments, plant sales and tombola<br />

prizes available. Our July meeting (July 27th) entitled<br />

‘Growing and caring for Hostas’ will be given by Ken<br />

Abel. Monthly meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of<br />

the month at Holme Hale Pavilion and start at 2.30pm.<br />

New members from anywhere in the district are always<br />

welcome, so come along and join us at one of our<br />

monthly meetings or visit our Annual Flower Show.<br />

4<br />


View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

Pre-paid funeral<br />

plans available<br />


Ben Burgess Beeston Dereham Road, Beeston, Norfolk PE32 2LE<br />

01328 701347 | www.benburgess.co.uk<br />

Open Mon - Fri 08:00 to 18:00 | Sat - 08:00 to 12:00<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> High Street<br />

Heritage Action Zone<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> is benefiting from a High Street Heritage Action<br />

Zone. This project aims to use history and heritage to help<br />

revitalise the Market Place. The project is being grant<br />

aided by Historic England and Breckland District Council.<br />

There are three main strands to the programme. The<br />

building grants programme is currently working with the<br />

Town Council and Iceni Partnership to help fix the front<br />

façade and the roof of the Assembly and works are well<br />

underway. Small scale repairs to 'Jewellery Unique' are<br />

due to start in June and new shopfronts for 'Mr Chips' and<br />

'Tutankhamun’s' have been designed and are currently<br />

going through planning.<br />

The public realm project has already delivered new<br />

benches, planting and trees in the Market Place area –<br />

helping to ensure that the Market Place is a more pleasant<br />

place to pass time. This summer new cycle stands, lighted<br />

bollards approaching St Peter and St Paul’s Church and<br />

new bus shelters with real time information and green<br />

roofs will be installed. All of these will help to create<br />

more sustainable ways of getting into <strong>Swaffham</strong>. Work is<br />

being developed to investigate new heritage signage and<br />

wayfinding in the town.<br />

The final strand is the cultural programme run by<br />

the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Cultural Consortium who successfully<br />

organised the cream tea event which more than 1300<br />

people attended and took place over the Coronation<br />

Weekend. They are also running a number of events<br />

around the Market Place this summer. Look out for the<br />

local food fair on 13th August.<br />

On 26th May local MP Liz Truss came to see the works and<br />

was shown around the Market Place by representatives<br />

from Historic England and Breckland District Council.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Community Hospital<br />

We held a very well supported Coffee morning at the<br />

Methodist Church on Saturday 20th May and thanks to<br />

all those who came as well as the committee members<br />

who brought cakes etc and who helped on the day.<br />

We have booked another date for Saturday 21st October,<br />

so please add this to your diary, we will look to hold a<br />

garden party at the Hospital for patients, staff, visitors and<br />

the public in the summer months.<br />

Work continues in the Hospital garden to prepare<br />

for Summer and keep it looking its best. We did lose<br />

some plants over the winter, so we will source some<br />

replacements. We have added new plants in the front<br />

garden of the Hospital to enhance its appearance.<br />

On fundraising, I would like us to continue with the<br />

scheme for the public to save up small change in jars/tins<br />

to donate to us. These can be left at Hospital reception or<br />

I can collect.<br />

The new TV's have been welcomed by patients and the<br />

staff are really pleased with their new fridge-freezer in the<br />

staff room.<br />

I am also pleased to say that the original "Quiet Room" is<br />

now once more available for visitors and others to use.<br />

This was fitted out by the "Friends" some time ago, but<br />

had to be used over Covid for patient use.<br />

Nothing further yet on our new Capital Scheme to expand<br />

the Day Room facilities.<br />

As ever we welcome enquiries and potential new<br />

members. Do call on 07767 262108.<br />

Colin Houghton (Chairman)<br />

u3a Line Dancers<br />

Celia Batty, who manages the Dementia Cafe asked the<br />

leader of the Wissey u3a Line Dancers to demonstrate<br />

some country and western dances. On 7th June, the<br />

Line Dancers demonstrated 7 dances for the Cafe in the<br />

Community Centre. Everyone had a really enjoyable time<br />

and members of the Cafe were invited to join in to dance<br />

with music to 'Achy Breaky Heart' sung by Billy Ray Cyrus.<br />

The dancing was excellent and a great deal of fun. After<br />

dancing everyone had tea and biscuits. The day would<br />

not be complete without a photo, taken by Line Dancing<br />

group leader Ian Clews, which is shown here.<br />

Behind every<br />

PAID TILL FEB 24<br />

independent<br />

business is<br />

a family<br />

that cares<br />


King’s Lynn 01553 771399 | Dersingham 01485 598598 | <strong>Swaffham</strong> 01760 721305<br />

www.tfs.co.uk<br />

If you own or lease a historic property around the Market<br />

Place and are interested in a grant next year to repair the<br />

building or to create a traditional shopfront then please<br />

get in touch – Joe.Warburton@Brecklands.gov.uk<br />


<strong>Swaffham</strong> & District Lions Club<br />

Last month we were very saddened by<br />

the passing away of Lion Colin Mowles, a<br />

much loved founder member of the Club<br />

back in 1984, and whose life was dedicated to<br />

serving the Community in so many ways. Not only<br />

was he an enthusiastic Lion, he also worked for the<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> & Litcham Home Hospice, and was a<br />

great fund-raiser for the East Anglian Air Ambulance<br />

amongst other things. He will be greatly missed by<br />

us all.<br />

Several Lions helped with the preparations for the<br />

Coronation Cream Tea held in the Market Place,<br />

in an attempt to break the world record number<br />

of Cream Teas served in one session, as recorded<br />

by the Guinness Book of Records. Hopefully, we<br />

have succeeded with everyone’s support by eating<br />

them!<br />

On 20th May we held our Sponsored Walk for “Magic<br />

Breakfast”, a charity which provides free healthy<br />

school breakfasts to children at risk of hunger in<br />

disadvantaged areas of the UK. The weather was<br />

perfect and we completed our walk around Ashill,<br />

finishing with a well- deserved lunch at The Ashill<br />

White Hart Pub. About £400 was raised.<br />

In June the Lioness Branch Club held another of<br />

their popular Pudding Quizzes, a fun quiz with<br />

delicious desserts served at the interval. This was<br />

again well supported and raised £363, which will<br />

go to the children’s Cancer charity Clic Sargent.<br />

At the end of June after a successful year, our Lion<br />

President David Merchant will hand over to our<br />

new incoming President Nicola Claxton.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> & District Lions and Lionesses<br />

Wissey u3a<br />

The guest speaker at our last<br />

meeting was Saffron Summerfield who gave us a very<br />

interesting 'tweet' on Bird Song. She played us many<br />

recordings she had made in different locations, and<br />

also explained how birds will adjust their calls to their<br />

surroundings. As a musician, Saffron had also made<br />

recordings of birds singing along with her whilst she<br />

played her guitar. Having listened to her stories and<br />

recordings, it certainly encourages one to just sit in a<br />

garden or woodland and just listen to the wonderful<br />

sounds of the birds.<br />

Our next meeting takes place on Thursday, 6th July<br />

when their will be a talk<br />

on Gilbert & Sullivan.<br />

If you are interested<br />

why not come along<br />

- new members are<br />

always welcome. For<br />

further information<br />

contact the Chairman,<br />

David Moncaster on<br />

01760724755, or go to<br />

www.wisseyu3a.org.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> RUFC<br />

We have decided to continue running our Touch<br />

Union sessions throughout the summer. Everyone<br />

over 14 irrespective of skill, experience or gender is<br />

welcome to come along to North Pickenham Road<br />

at 7pm on Tuesday and join in this non-contact<br />

version of our sport. Interesting to see that on 7th<br />

June, the Princess of Wales, patron of the Rugby<br />

Football Union, visited Maidstone Rugby Club and<br />

played some Touch Union with players including<br />

Harlequins and England’s Danny Care. Why not<br />

come along on Tuesdays and give Touch Union a go!<br />

By the time you read this, our Touch Union squad<br />

will have played in their first competition at<br />

Wymondham Rugby Club on 24th June.<br />

The Rugby World Cup starts on 7th September, with<br />

the final on the 28th October. This event is very<br />

likely to raise the profile of our game, and lead to<br />

increased interest and participation.<br />

Our Club is run thanks to a dedicated group<br />

of volunteers. We are always looking for new<br />

volunteers to help run our Club both on and off<br />

the pitch. We aim to be a friendly community club,<br />

and welcome everyone with an interest in Rugby,<br />

both spectators and players who would like to<br />

get involved. It you are interested, please contact<br />

chair@swaffhamrugby.co.uk.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Library News<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Library, The Pightle, <strong>Swaffham</strong> PE37 7DF Tel 01760<br />

721513. Staffed opening times: Tuesday and Thursday 10am-<br />

7pm, Friday 1-7pm and Saturday 10am-4pm<br />

The Summer Reading Challenge 2023 will be launching<br />

in Norfolk Libraries on Saturday 8th July. It’s free, it’s<br />

fun, it builds confidence and supports children reading<br />

for pleasure. Children’s reading can ‘dip’ during the long<br />

summer break making it harder for them returning<br />

to school. In addition, reading for pleasure has so<br />

many proven benefits including developing empathy<br />

by identifying with characters and improving mental<br />

wellbeing. This year the theme is Ready, Set Read! It has<br />

been produced by the Reading Agency in partnership<br />

with the Youth Sport Trust. It will be delivered by Norfolk<br />

Library and Information Service and there will be lots of<br />

exciting activities in your local library.<br />

Over 700,000 children sign up to the challenge every<br />

year. To join the challenge children will need to be a<br />

library member. This is free of charge and children will<br />

receive their own library card for which there are no<br />

overdue fees.<br />

Children will be given a pack; they can set their own<br />

reading challenge (we recommend six books over the sixweek<br />

period). Children choose their own books which<br />

can include e-books from our virtual library. The children<br />

will collect stickers along the way and on completion of<br />

the challenge they will receive a medal and certificate<br />

of achievement. There is a digital platform too, so the<br />

fun can carry on at home! Children can take part in the<br />

Challenge at summerreadingchallenge.org.<br />

For information about what’s on in libraries across the<br />

county visit https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/libraries-localhistory-and-archives/libraries/whats-on<br />

Campingland PPG<br />

Campingland Patient Participation Group are looking<br />

for new committee members. We meet for about an<br />

hour every 4 to 6 weeks. Can you join us?<br />

If you would like to know more about us please<br />

contact Ann:07887 516565 or anewmeir1@sky.com<br />

View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />


Severn Valley Safari & Shire Counties of the West Midlands<br />

Severn Valley Safari & Shire Counties of the West Midlands<br />

Mon 7 Mon Aug 2023 7 Aug - Fri 2023 11 Aug - Fri 2023 11 Aug 2023<br />

Four nights Four Dinner nights Bed Dinner & Breakfast Bed & Breakfast<br />

Highlights Highlights<br />

• West Midlands Safari Park<br />

• West Midlands Safari Park<br />

• Black Country Museum<br />

• Cathedral • Black City Country of Worcester Museum<br />

• RAF • Cosford Cathedral Aerospace City Museum of Worcester<br />

• Coalport • RAF China Cosford Museum Aerospace Museum<br />

• Coalport China Museum<br />

Price £490.00<br />

Price £490.00<br />


8<br />


The National Garden Scheme<br />

Full bloom ahead<br />

July is a brilliant time for garden visiting, borders<br />

are abundant, vegetable plots delicious with edible<br />

produce, and beautiful scented flowers ready for<br />

cutting. Garden owners have worked hard to get their<br />

gardens to a good standard so why not make a visit and<br />

take the family for an inexpensive day out.<br />

Sunday 2nd July<br />

• Manor Farm Coston, Coston Lane, Wymondham NR9<br />

4DT. 12-5pm, adm £6 chd free. Home-made teas.<br />

Fun country garden with formal and informal planting.<br />

Walled kitchen garden, herbaceous and shrub borders,<br />

box parterres and areas of wildflowers. Sculptures<br />

throughout. Fun for the children. Dogs welcome<br />

Sunday 9th July<br />

• Holme Hale Hall, <strong>Swaffham</strong>, IP25 7ED<br />

12-4 adm £7 chd fee. Light refreshments.<br />

Walled kitchen garden with soft palette of herbaceous<br />

plants which include some unusual varieties. Greenhouse,<br />

vegetables, trained fruits, and roses. Wildlife-friendly<br />

with wildflower meadow. Long season of interest.<br />

Sunday 16th July<br />

• Dunbheagan, Dereham Rd, Westfield, NR19 1QF<br />

1-5 adm £5 chd free. Home-made teas.<br />

Rare and unusual plants grow with the more recognisable<br />

in densely planted borders to make a riot of colour.<br />

• Tudor Lodgings, Castle Acre, Kings Lynn, PE32 2AN<br />

10-30–5.30 adm £6 chd free. Home-made light<br />

refreshments<br />

A 2-acre garden that has evolved over the years to give<br />

variety, colour and interest. Uniquely situated within<br />

Norman earthworks, with fine views across the Nar<br />

valley. Pond and wild area with ducks and chickens.<br />

Sunday 30th July<br />

Dale Farm, Sandy Lane, Dereham, NR19 2EA<br />

11-5 adm £6 chd free. Home-made teas.<br />

2-acre plant lovers' garden surrounding spring-fed pond.<br />

Exuberantly planted with over 1000 plant varieties.<br />

Music during the day. Wide choice of plants for sale.<br />

Before visiting a garden, we advise checking website for<br />

any up-to-date information ngs.org.uk<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Walking Group<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Walking Group is a small friendly group of<br />

keen walkers who enjoy the countryside and cake.<br />

Meeting every Wednesday at 9.30am and every<br />

Sunday at 10.00am in various locations around<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> and the surrounding villages to enjoy a<br />

walk from around 3 to 6.5 miles. Afterwards enjoying<br />

Tea, Coffee & Cakes/biscuits. For more information<br />

and details on the next walk, please contact Graham<br />

Lathwell on 07486 901 948.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Speed Watch<br />

Fed up with speeding traffic?<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Speedwatch volunteers are slowing traffic<br />

in 10 locations around the town; if you would like to<br />

volunteer we can try to encourage more responsible<br />

driving, reduce pollution and make <strong>Swaffham</strong> a safer,<br />

cleaner, healthier place. Contact <strong>Swaffham</strong> Speed<br />

Watch at swaffhamcsw@gmail.com<br />

Authors, Books and Cakes<br />

Afternoon Tea with an Author.<br />

Next events will be on:<br />

• Sunday 10th September - Louise Doughty for<br />

the Norfolk Hospice, author of Appletree Yard and<br />

Platform Seven.<br />

• Sunday 15th October - Alison Weir for the King's<br />

Lynn Night Shelter, widely acclaimed historical<br />

fiction author.<br />

• Sunday 5th November - Sarah Perry and Julie<br />

Walker for the Norfolk Hospice, authors of The<br />

Essex Serpent and Bonny & Read.<br />

From 12th May all tickets can be bought from The<br />

Green Parrot in <strong>Swaffham</strong> or online at the Norfolk<br />

Hospice or by phone: Lynette 07900 570765.<br />

Thank you all who continue to support the events<br />

and help us raise money for charity.<br />

The Sunday afternoon teas will continue to support<br />

independent bookshops. We are pleased we will<br />

be supported by Bookbugs and Dragon Tales. (Tel<br />

Number 01603 964022). You can order any books<br />

from the bookshop.<br />

Pickenham's WI<br />

Our June WI meeting was held in St<br />

Andrew's Church, North Pickenham.<br />

Our President, Carol, welcomed two<br />

new members and then we heard our speaker, Nik<br />

Ravenscroft, embroiderer, and saw her fascinating slides<br />

tracing the progress made in creating a Bayeux style<br />

tapestry for East Anglia. The plan is for it to be displayed<br />

at the Castle Keep Museum in Norwich, which is Norman<br />

and will resemble a palace with textiles. The Bayeux<br />

Tapestry itself is over 1,000 years old and Nik showed<br />

us slides representing the story the Norwich tapestry is<br />

going to tell. It has been funded by the Friends of the<br />

museum and it is anticipated that it will be finished by<br />

Christmas. It is planned to put it on the wall in the King's<br />

bedchamber during 2024, and it will definitely be worth<br />

a visit! Other WI activities in June and July include the WI<br />

Table Top Sale at St Andrew's Church, a walk at Lynford<br />

Arboretum, coffee at Margaret's Tea Rooms, <strong>Swaffham</strong>,<br />

and a visit to Dale Farm, Dereham to view the garden and<br />

have afternoon tea. Our President, Carol, held a tea party<br />

for all of us in July in her garden - a very enjoyable event<br />

for everyone.<br />

Next Meetings: Tuesday, 11th July - Stephen Amer will<br />

entertain us with Singing for Wellbeing.<br />

The Hive at Great Cressingham<br />

Flights of Fancy at The Hive<br />

Our Summer programme is in full swing and there have<br />

been inspiring talks and presentations as well as a lovely<br />

local walk and Summer Sing.<br />

The images are of the creative results of a session with<br />

Jane Leach, Principal of Wesley House, Cambridge.<br />

Among Jane’s passions are photography and painting<br />

and through ‘The Art of Seeing’ she gave people the<br />

confidence to create their own images of nature.<br />

Still to come in July are more Thoughts on Thursdays (6th),<br />

a talk on the Cambridge Lyn’s House Community Project<br />

(14th) and a Summer Picnic with entertainment (22nd).<br />

If you care about your creativity, spirituality and wellbeing<br />

– any one of these or all three! – do join us for the<br />

free events at The Hive in Great Cressingham. You can<br />

discover more about the events at The Hive and book<br />

your place by visiting the eventbrite page at https://<br />

tinyurl.com/2e5pdwa4<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> WI<br />

Our meeting, on Wednesday 7 th June<br />

commenced at 2.30pm with a warm<br />

welcome from the President and<br />

greetings to three ladies with birthdays in June each<br />

receiving a small gift.<br />

We were then introduced to our speaker for the<br />

afternoon Mr Peter Goodrum who gave us a very<br />

interesting and lively talk on the History of the Jarrold<br />

Family Business founded in 1770. Peter had been<br />

commissioned by Jarrolds to write the book and we<br />

were surprised to learn that the founder John Jarrold<br />

opened his first shop, where he lived, in Woodbridge,<br />

Suffolk. In 1883 Jarrold and Son was<br />

established in Norwich where it stands today and is still<br />

extremely popular with shoppers.<br />

The June completion was a decorated handkerchief<br />

one of which was of Tufty the Highway Code Squirrel.<br />

Remember Him? Others included pretty embroidered<br />

flowers and a handkerchief from Paris.<br />

Boards were available before and after the meeting to<br />

sign up for future outings and events:-<br />

• ACWW( Associated Country Women of the World )<br />

walk at Lynford Arboretum on Friday 14 th July.<br />

• Outing to South Pickenham Vineyard on Wednesday<br />

13th September.<br />

Dates were given for Knit-and-Natter and Ten Pin<br />

Bowling. A reminder about the visit to the Sandringham<br />

Stud in June. Also, the guided Walk in Watton conducted<br />

by the Town Cryer also in June.<br />

Following the talk from Peter Goodrum tea was served.<br />

The business meeting was then held and the afternoon<br />

concluded at 4.30pm.<br />

Final news, on Tuesday 23rd May a group of eight<br />

members attended the Annual Norfolk Federation of<br />

WI's at the Theatre Royal<br />

Norwich. It was a most<br />

enjoyable and informative<br />

day. In the afternoon we<br />

were treated to a talk and<br />

presentation by Esme<br />

Young from the Great<br />

British Sewing Bee who<br />

recounted her start in<br />

the fashion world and<br />

the variety of experiences<br />

she encountered in her<br />

career, it was fascinating.<br />

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 5 th July at<br />

2.30pm in the Community Centre. The speaker will be<br />

Stuart Burrell and the subject is on Heritage Wills.<br />

Should you wish for any more information please<br />

contact our President Pauline Senton on 01760 788046<br />

or our Secretary Christiane Hewitson on 07389 813386.<br />

10<br />


Merle Boddy Centre<br />

The Merle Boddy Day Centre provides a<br />

warm and friendly Social Day Care Service<br />

for people living with dementia including<br />

mental health problems and physical disabilities, in<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> and the surrounding area.<br />

You will recall that some of the long-serving directors of<br />

our overseeing board retired a little while ago. We now<br />

have to tell you that David Morris, our Chair for the last<br />

three years has also stepped down. David has worked<br />

tirelessly for the Centre and has also put in some time<br />

as a volunteer on the floor, assisting our dedicated<br />

professional staff.<br />

In the meantime Julie Grapes has stepped up to become<br />

Chair. Julie brings a wealth of experience in business,<br />

and also in running a charity, the Dereham Hockey Club,<br />

including fundraising from corporate donors.<br />

It’s always great to see Linda, the bearer of good tidings<br />

and welcome donations from <strong>Swaffham</strong> Conni Bingo.<br />

Linda popped in with another one recently to present to<br />

Georgie, our Centre Manager. A big thank you to <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Conni Bingo players! So nice to enjoy yourselves and help<br />

a good cause at the same time!<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Climate Action<br />

Action<br />

June meeting<br />

We were very pleased to hear from<br />

inaugural Chair of the group, Colin<br />

Abbiss, talking on “Carbon negative, not just<br />

carbon zero!" He highlighted the need to aim for<br />

carbon removal from the atmosphere and described<br />

some ways that individuals can help to reduce carbon<br />

emissions, for example creating biochar from green<br />

waste and use of liquid air as fuel and energy storage.<br />

to put in the money saved can be a good incentive.<br />

Climate Friendly Tip of the month<br />

One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to walk<br />

and cycle more, with the added benefits of increased<br />

fitness and getting your Vitamin D! Currently Norfolk<br />

County Council has a consultation open about the<br />

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)<br />

suggestions,<br />

for Norfolk.<br />

and receive<br />

The<br />

all<br />

aim<br />

meeting<br />

is to<br />

notes<br />

enable<br />

and information.<br />

increased levels<br />

of cycling, walking, and wheeling in the county and<br />

supports the Government's ambition for cycling<br />

and walking to be the natural first choice for many<br />

journeys. The link is below; you can click on <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

and download the plans as well as commenting.<br />

https://norfolk.citizenspace.com/consultation/<br />

have-your-say-on-your-towns-lcwip/<br />

The consultation is open until 13th July so there is<br />

plenty of time to complete the survey. It is a chance<br />

to make your views known on the best way to<br />

encourage safe active travel in our town and provide<br />

good infrastructure for future generations.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Social was a great opportunity to talk to people about our<br />

group and we were pleased to have a list of potential new members and a<br />

good level of interest in our stand. It was lovely to see the range of activities<br />

and social groups in the community. The Community Fridge is a brilliant initiative to reduce<br />

waste, a big contributor to climate change. By using the Community Fridge, making sure that<br />

we only buy the food we need, and ensuring it is all used, we can all make a difference. An<br />

estimated 9.5 million tonnes of food waste is created annually in the UK and if this goes into<br />

landfill it releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. If you have leftovers or a surplus<br />

food it can often be frozen or recycled into another recipe and a piggy bank (or a spreadsheet!)<br />

We have resumed monthly in person meetings in February but will be trying out a new<br />

format of alternating between morning meetings in person and Zoom meetings in the evening<br />

so please get in touch to find out the latest. Contact Cathy Mumford on 01760 721847,<br />

cathyjmumford@gmail.com or David Jones on 01760 722468 / 07806 435066,<br />

dljdav@gmail.com. Anyone with an interest in climate awareness in the community is most<br />

welcome to join us. If you are not able attend, you can still join the group, contribute with<br />

Meanwhile inside the Centre...<br />

There’s always something interesting going on at the<br />

Centre – a game of strategy like dominoes, or some<br />

handicrafts such as decorating pots. And our lovely staff<br />

also enjoy joining in the fun, as well as taking good care of<br />

our clients.<br />

Would the person you care for benefit from a day or two<br />

at the Centre in a stimulating and caring environment,<br />

and also allow you a little time to get things done? Why<br />

not talk to us; the details are below.<br />

If you are interested in our work and would like to be<br />

involved, we always welcome volunteers, friends and<br />

supporters to help us. We also welcome your donations,<br />

small as well as big. You can give by visiting our website<br />

and clicking on Fundraising, where we have a link to<br />

JustGiving.<br />

If you want to know more, find us on Facebook – @<br />

merleboddycentre – or see our website - www.<br />

merleboddy.org.uk – or email to us at office@merleboddy.<br />

org.uk - or phone the Centre on 01760 724527.<br />

Come and join us!<br />

Our regular meetings are on the second Thursday of<br />

each month at 10am in the Methodist Church but<br />

there may be some visits coming up over the summer<br />

so best to check with us on the date and time of the<br />

next meeting. We warmly welcome anyone with an<br />

interest in climate change and how we can reduce<br />

our impact on the climate as a community. Please<br />

get in touch with either Cathy Mumford on 01760<br />

721847 / 07799 642271, cathyjmumford@gmail.com<br />

or David Jones on 01760 722468 / 07806 435066,<br />

dljdav@gmail.com.<br />


Rotary<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

President's Corner<br />

I am proud to be a Rotarian and a member of the<br />

Rotary Club of <strong>Swaffham</strong>. - a group of like-minded<br />

men and women who are passionate about making<br />

a difference to the lives of people who may be<br />

struggling with all sorts of challenges in these difficult<br />

times. On 1st July I take on the role of club President.<br />

Our Rotary Club has been built on the Rotary ideal of<br />

Service Above Self. During the recent months eight<br />

new members have joined the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Rotary Club,<br />

which means we can continue to carry out the many<br />

projects we undertake for the benefit of the local and<br />

international community.<br />

We are so very fortunate to live in this wonderful<br />

part of Norfolk. We are lucky we don’t live with the<br />

constant threat of war, most of us don’t have to worry<br />

about hunger, political or religious persecution; we<br />

are free to make choices and can walk our streets<br />

without fear for our lives. Unfortunately that isn’t<br />

always the case around the world and although it’s<br />

not always possible for us, as individuals, to change<br />

the world, being a member of a Rotary allows each<br />

member to make connections, to give service and<br />

to make the world a better place to live for many<br />

people. Rotary truly is a force for good.<br />

The <strong>Swaffham</strong> Rotary Club is one of over 56,000 clubs<br />

worldwide in over 200 countries, which means we<br />

have an incredible system for networking, both on a<br />

personal and business level.<br />

We meet at 6.30 p.m. on the first and third Monday<br />

of the month at the George Hotel, when we have a<br />

good meal, an interesting speaker and discuss our<br />

community projects. We enjoy each other’s company<br />

and from the friendships we make through Rotary, we<br />

look to change lives for the better in our community<br />

and around the world.<br />

NarVOS<br />

Indoor meeting at The Assembly Rooms,<br />

1 Market Place, <strong>Swaffham</strong> PE37 7AB.<br />

Wednesday 26th July 2023 at 7.30pm<br />

“Working with Raptors”<br />

Simon Dudhill from the Hawk and Owl Trust will<br />

talk about working with raptors and how he helps<br />

improve the habitats they need and monitors their<br />

populations, with barn owls and red kites as a special<br />

focus. This includes the provision of nest boxes for<br />

owls and small falcons and advising landowners on<br />

habitat management.<br />

For 50 years the Hawk and Owl Trust has been<br />

dedicated to conserving owls and birds of prey in the<br />

wild and increasing knowledge and understanding of<br />

them. The Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve, close to<br />

Fakenham, is the base for this national charity and<br />

Simon will describe its range of managed landscapes<br />

including meadow, wood, fen and wetland and the<br />

species to be seen there.<br />

Please come along. Visitors welcome. Admission £4<br />

on the night; free to NarVOS members.<br />

For more information contact Ian Black on 01760<br />

724092 or go to www.narvos.org.uk<br />

The Campingland PPG<br />

Open meetings for Veterans was well attended by<br />

patients from all three surgeries. After the speakers<br />

the meeting was opened for a Q and A session which<br />

was really helpful and well supported.<br />

MUSEUM<br />


www.swaffhammuseum.co.uk<br />

www.swaffhammuseum.co.uk<br />

Open 10am to 4pm Mon to Fri & Sat 10am to 1pm<br />

Last entry to collection half an hour before closing<br />

Prices: adults £3. Children 5 and over £1. Family tickets available<br />

Tel: 01760 721230 Email: info@swaffhammuseum.co.uk<br />

Next Big Date for your Diary<br />

Food and Artisans’ Fair, Sunday, 13 August: 10am<br />

to 4pm. On the Marketplace and in the Assembly<br />

Rooms. Free entry.<br />

• Cookery Theatre hosted by<br />

Mary Kemp with local chefs<br />

• Stalls • Craft demonstrations<br />

and exhibitions • Climbing wall<br />

for the young or adventurous<br />

• Music from The Shantymen<br />

Also note in your diary<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Harvest Horkey<br />

Sunday 24th September: 11am<br />

to 3pm.<br />

A traditional and modern<br />

funfair over the Market Place.<br />

Followed by a picnic non<br />

denominational Thanksgiving<br />

on the Campingland. More<br />

details next month.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage/<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

History Group<br />

Mapping the Market Place<br />

Would you like to take part in this web based project?<br />

We are looking for:<br />

• Memories and images of the Market Place shops<br />

in past years • Memories and images of events on<br />

the Market Place you remember • And researchers to<br />

help us plug the gaps.<br />

Contact Barry from the <strong>Swaffham</strong> History Group on<br />

jbaz@go-plus.net or Sue Gattuso on swaffhamheritage@<br />

outlook.com, or pop into the museum<br />

Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage<br />

The Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage would like to give<br />

a big thank you to Cloe Reynolds, one of the bar<br />

staff team at the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Conservative Club who<br />

organised a Quiz Night for the Friends which raised<br />

£260 for the organisation.<br />

Our next event will be a coach trip to Sheringham in<br />

September to attend the 1940's weekend there. If<br />

you would like to go on this trip please contact Stuart<br />

Clapton, our membership secretary (details below).<br />

This is open to non-members as well.<br />

For later in the year, in mid-November, Stuart has<br />

been organising a trip to the Ely Cathedral Christmas<br />

Market, so also let him know if you would be<br />

interested in going; again open to non-members.<br />

We are currently looking for new members of our<br />

committee following the resignation of John Wallace,<br />

who was our Treasurer, and Katrina Stockdale. We are<br />

most grateful to both John and Katrina for their work<br />

and contribution over several years. Any member of<br />

the Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage is eligible to join<br />

the committee, we have several vacancies at the<br />

moment. We are also looking at having a different,<br />

closer association with <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage.<br />

100 Club<br />

The 100 Club is a steady contributor of funds for<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage, run by the Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Heritage exclusively for its members.<br />

Winners for June 2023 were:<br />

• £100 – no 2273 special half year prize<br />

• £40 – no 2290<br />

• £20 – no 2216<br />

If you are interested in finding out more about Rotary<br />

then please contact me via our club website www.<br />

swaffhamrotary.org.uk<br />

Reverend Ray Burman<br />

President <strong>Swaffham</strong> Rotary Club<br />

Photo courtesy of Frank Nicholls<br />

View <strong>Swaffham</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> Online<br />

www.swaffhamcommunityhub.co.uk<br />

• £10 – no 2253<br />

Cheques are on their way to our lucky winners! Next<br />

£100 winner will be in December.<br />

For further information about the Friends of <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Heritage contact the Membership Secretary by<br />

email stuartclapton@aol.com, or see our webpage,<br />

on the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Heritage website https://www.<br />

swaffhammuseum.co.uk/support-us#friends-ofswaffham-<br />

heritage or call in to the Museum.<br />


1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

A<br />

OPEN<br />

CLEAR<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

0<br />

B<br />

Borough Council of Lynn & W. Norfolk<br />

King's Lynn summer events programme announced<br />

The Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk has<br />

announced its programme of King’s Lynn events for 2023.<br />

Cllr Simon Ring, Cabinet Member for Tourism, Events<br />

and Marketing, said: "Events in King’s Lynn are always<br />

well supported by our residents. Despite the inclement<br />

weather over Coronation weekend many still came and<br />

enjoyed the activities in King’s Staithe Square. The aim<br />

of this schedule is to encourage people into King’s Lynn<br />

town centre to support our local retailers and hospitality<br />

businesses.”<br />

Events organised or supported by the borough council<br />

announced so far are:<br />

• Friday 30th June, Saturday 1 July, Friday 7 July and<br />

Saturday 8 July: Festival Too, Tuesday Market Place.<br />

The final two weekends of Festival Too are on the<br />

Tuesday Market Place. Visit festivaltoo.co.uk for the<br />

latest information.<br />

• 16th - 29th July: King's Lynn Festival, several<br />

historic buildings in town.<br />

Supported by the borough council, this festival<br />

features stars of the international stage, BBC New<br />

Generation artists, television celebrities and prizewinning<br />

young musicians. Find out what's happening<br />

and when on their website kingslynnfestival.org.uk<br />

• Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July: Folk in the<br />

Town, Tuesday Market Place.<br />

Two days of traditional folk, Americana, folk rock,<br />

bluegrass and everything in between, all live and free<br />

in the Tuesday Market Place.<br />

• Sunday 30th July: Soulful Sunday, Tuesday Market<br />

Place.<br />

A day of soulful music in the Tuesday Market Place<br />

hosted by DJ Mark Purdy.<br />

• Sunday 13th August: Mods and Rockers, Tuesday<br />

Market Place.<br />

Scooter and motorbike enthusiasts gather for a look<br />

back at these 60s subcultures.<br />

• Sunday 27th August: 90’s/00’s Day, Tuesday<br />

Market Place.<br />

Enjoy music from the 90’s and 00’s in the Tuesday<br />

Market Place.<br />

• Sunday 3rd September: The Mini Meet, Tuesday<br />

Market Place.<br />

The Tuesday Market Place fills with vintage and<br />

modern examples of this iconic car. Sign up now at<br />

west-norfolk.gov.uk/minimeet<br />

Sunday 10th September: Classic Car Day, Tuesday<br />

Market Place.<br />

This very popular event returns, as part of Heritage<br />

Open Day organised by King's Lynn Civic Society. Sign<br />

up now at west-norfolk.gov.uk/classiccarday<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Jazz Club<br />

I am sorry to write that once more our monthly Tuesday<br />

session took place after the deadline for the report to be<br />

sent to the <strong>Newsletter</strong>.<br />

Looking back at our May session we had the Phil<br />

Brooke’s Trio consisting of violin, guitar and double<br />

bass. It occurred to me that the violin rarely plays in<br />

a jazz band and the guitar never plays in a symphony<br />

orchestra, whereas the string bass is a regular member<br />

of both mediums.<br />

In fact Ivars Galeniek, the<br />

bass player in last month’s<br />

trio, is quite exceptional in<br />

that he plays regularly both<br />

in Jazz groups and symphony<br />

orchestras. So when he was<br />

playing at the Jazz Club last<br />

month, I took the opportunity<br />

to ask him how he came to be<br />

playing both classical and jazz<br />

bass.<br />

Ivars told me he was born in<br />

Riga, the capital of Latvia, which was then part of the<br />

Soviet Union. Until he was 15 he never heard a note of<br />

jazz. His mother played the piano and his elder brother<br />

was learning to play the violin. He started to learn the<br />

piano when he was six, and went on to a music school<br />

to learn the oboe. When he was fourteen he went to<br />

music college to learn to play the double bass.<br />

The first time he encountered jazz was when he was<br />

fifteen. As the Soviet Union began to “thaw” - after the<br />

death of Stalin - it began to open up more to Western<br />

influences, and he went to hear a jazz quartet from<br />

Moscow. He was totally “blown away” by what he<br />

heard and lost interest in classical music. Ivars said that<br />

“If I played jazz (at his college) they would kill me!” so<br />

he would go round to a friend, who was an engineer,<br />

to play along with his collection of jazz recordings and<br />

music taped from the radio.<br />

I think the above helps to explain how Ivars, with his<br />

classical training and his own efforts to teach himself<br />

jazz, can move so easily from one to the other. He is now<br />

happy to play classical music again and says his favourite<br />

composers are Mahler, Shostakovich and Brahms.<br />

Thirty years ago, Ivars came to settle in England. He<br />

now lives near Norwich and says that he finds Norfolk<br />

peaceful, and not over-crowded, and he has plenty of<br />

opportunities to play his double bass. He currently plays<br />

in the Dereham, Norwich and <strong>Swaffham</strong> Jazz Clubs,<br />

the Norwich Philharmonic and the Norfolk Symphony<br />

Orchestra. We could say he has the best of both worlds!<br />

Coming up:<br />

Jazz Signs Sextet, Tuesday 11 July at 7.30pm, <strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Conservative Club, 23 London Street. PE37 7DD<br />

£10 cash on the door. More information from Norman<br />

01760 722 384 or Geoff 01366 328 730<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong><br />

Branch<br />

01760<br />

725801<br />

http://www.family-action.org.uk<br />

familyactionswaffham<br />

building better families<br />


Expert legal help and advice from<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong>’s most recommended solicitors<br />

star-hal<br />

Talk face to face with your local lawyers, at our<br />

London Street office, who are here to help by<br />

giving you clear and practical legal advice.<br />

Divorce and Separation • Employment Issues • Wills, Trusts and Probate<br />

Settling a Dispute • Moving Home • Personal Injury • Commercial Services<br />

01760 721992<br />

wardgethinarcher.co.uk<br />

Chatteris • Dereham • Downham Market • Ely • Heacham • King’s Lynn • <strong>Swaffham</strong> • Watton<br />

Last year we received<br />

over 62,000 alarm<br />

calls, and 97% of them<br />

were answered within<br />

60 seconds.<br />

We are here to help.<br />

Careline<br />

alarm<br />

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Button<br />

(GPS tracker)<br />

Vibby<br />

Fall<br />

Detector<br />

To find out more, call us on 01553 616200<br />

or visit careline-cs.org.uk and careandrepair-wn.org<br />

Supra<br />

Keysafe<br />

1170-120-6<br />


In Touch With Your Town<br />

It’s time to say goodbye <strong>Swaffham</strong>...<br />

“My retirement becomes a reality in<br />

July this year, although my last day<br />

at work in the Town Hall is 30th June.<br />

It has been an absolute honour and a<br />

privilege to serve as your Town Clerk for the past<br />

22+ years.<br />

I am delighted too that the Town Council have decided<br />

to promote from within and my Deputy Clerk, this<br />

past 15 months Helen Carrier will become your Town<br />

Clerk on 1st July. It has been good for continuity, as<br />

we have had a bit of a long run up at the handover<br />

as succession planning has been in place for a while<br />

now. I have certainly seen a change or two in the<br />

past 22 years, with some weird and some wonderful<br />

decisions made along the way, I have many really<br />

lovely memories and achievements to look back<br />

on. I would like to thank all of the Mayors and Town<br />

Councillors I have worked with during my time in<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong>. All my staff too, as I would have achieved<br />

absolutely nothing without them. All my Deputy<br />

Clerks for keeping me sane, particularly Michelle<br />

Meyrick and Claire Smith, the two who endured the<br />

most, covering 16 of my 22 and a bit years. My very<br />

best wishes to Helen Carrier, my successor as your<br />

new Town Clerk. My one wish for her is that she has<br />

a progressive Council that works<br />

with the staff, respects democracy and each other.<br />

There is nothing more powerful and effective than<br />

a Council led by the Mayor, working with the staff<br />

led by the Town Clerk, for the benefit of the Town,<br />

backed by the residents, then they can truly make a<br />

difference, which is after all why we do what we do.<br />

If you can be anything in this world, then be kind to<br />

each other, trust me it WILL make a difference.<br />

Part of me will always be here in <strong>Swaffham</strong>, this town<br />

has been a big part of my life, I can’t say I have loved<br />

every minute, as being a Town Clerk is not always<br />

about being popular, but my love for the job, for the<br />

town, my family and<br />

friends has kept me<br />

resilient, committed,<br />

and motivated. So,<br />

now it’s time to say<br />

goodbye <strong>Swaffham</strong>,<br />

mind how you go...<br />

take care and look<br />

after each other, my<br />

time is done.”<br />

Richard Bishop,<br />

Town Clerk<br />

(February 2001<br />

– July 2023)<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council organised a celebration for<br />

the retirement of Richard Bishop from the Town Clerk<br />

position after 22 years of service. <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town<br />

Council would like to thank Helen Carrier, Kay Wells<br />

and Claire Cotterill who helped organise the event.<br />

Stewart Bell, Mayor of <strong>Swaffham</strong> said, “Thank you to<br />

Richard for his time in post and for being an integral<br />

part of the community for 22 years.”<br />

Sheep Fayre<br />

On Saturday 3rd June <strong>Swaffham</strong> Market held their<br />

annual Sheep Fayre. It was great to see members of<br />

the public enjoying the additions to the usual Saturday<br />

market and learning about the history and<br />

origins of the rare breed sheep. Throughout the day<br />

the Mid Norfolk Guild of weavers, spinners and dyers<br />

held demonstrations of their skills on the Buttercross.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council would like to thank Melsop<br />

Farm Park for bringing a selection of rare breed sheep<br />

to <strong>Swaffham</strong> and the Mid Norfolk Guild of Weavers<br />

for being part of the day.<br />

Toilets<br />

Due to the vandalism and misuse of the public toilets<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council have lost another cleaner who<br />

had been contracted to clean these public spaces.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council are now in the process of<br />

installing combined coin pay and contactless access<br />

to the toilets as they are being left exceptionally and<br />

intentionally dirty. Disappointingly it may be necessary<br />

to take drastic measures and close these toilets until<br />

this system is in place.<br />

New staff<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council would like to welcome three<br />

new staff members:<br />

• Leanne Jarratt – Deputy Clerk<br />

• Phoebe Harrison – Community Engagement Officer<br />

• Ryan Folker – Grounds Maintenance<br />

Dominos opening<br />

On Monday 5 June Deputy Mayor Paul Darby opened<br />

the Dominos establishment in town. The event saw<br />

free pizza being given to<br />

members of the public.<br />

It was great to see the<br />

community engage with<br />

this new business on<br />

the highstreet.<br />

Save the date!<br />

Classic Car Show –<br />

Sunday 27th August. A<br />

long-standing annual<br />

event planned for this<br />

year, applications are<br />

open on the <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council Website. If you<br />

would like to volunteer or sponsor this event then<br />

please get in touch.<br />

If you have any queries about any of the items<br />

mentioned or would like to hear more updates on<br />

projects etc, please contact <strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />

on telephone 01760 722922 or pop in and see us.<br />

Remember we do not do bus passes however Norfolk<br />

County Council do.<br />

Town Council Committee<br />

meeting dates - JULY 2023<br />

• Monday 3rd July 1pm Finance<br />

• Wednesday 12th July 6.30pm Full Council<br />

• Monday 17th July 6.30pm Market & Tourism<br />

• Tuesday 25th July 11am Planning & Built Environment<br />

• Wednesday 26th July 1pm Assets & Open Spaces<br />

Did you know...all council meetings include a 15 minute session<br />

set aside for public participation. This is your opportunity to<br />

put questions to your Councillors about things that matter<br />

to you and the town. Why not come along and see how your<br />

Councillors manage the council's affairs.<br />

<strong>Swaffham</strong> Town Council<br />

Tel: 01760 722 922<br />

www.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Town Hall opening times:<br />

Monday to Thursday: 10am - 4pm.<br />

Friday: 10am - 1pm.<br />

reception@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Mayor - Cllr. Stewart Bell<br />

bell@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Deputy Mayor - Cllr. Paul Darby<br />

darby@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Lindsay Beech<br />

beech@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Wendy Bensley<br />

bensley@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. David Braithwaite<br />

braithwaite@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Stephanie Cooper<br />

cooper@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr Graham Edwards<br />

edwards@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Caroline Ellerbeck<br />

ellerbeck@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Graham Eves<br />

eves@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Sarah Pickard<br />

pickard@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Leslie Scott<br />

scott@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Jill Skinner<br />

skinner@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. John Zielinski<br />

zielinski@cllr.swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Officers:<br />

Helen Carrier – Town Clerk<br />

townclerk@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Leanne Jarratt – Deputy Town Clerk<br />

deputyclerk@swaffhamtowncouncil.gov.uk<br />

Breckland District Council<br />

www.breckland.gov.uk<br />

01362 656 870. For all enquiries regarding: Planning,<br />

Refuse Bins, Housing, Recycling, Licensing & Benefits<br />

Your Breckland District Councillors:<br />

Cllr. David Wickerson<br />

david.wickerson@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Jacob Morton<br />

Jacob.Morton@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. Judy Anscombe<br />

Judy.Anscombe@<br />

breckland.gov.uk<br />

Cllr. William Nunn<br />

William.nunn.cllr@<br />

norfolk.gov.uk<br />

Highway issues<br />

Norfolk County Council – www.norfolk.gov.uk<br />

– 0344 800 8020<br />

- Highways issues - please give the location of the<br />

issue and a telephone number where further<br />

information can be obtained.<br />

- Faulty streetlights – please give the precise location<br />

of the light and the number on the column.<br />

Alternatively visit the website and search for<br />

Highways or Street Lights to report your concerns.<br />

18<br />




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