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NextGeneration - Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula

NextGeneration - Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bauer Mr. Alyn Beals Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bergren Mr. Bernard Shay Mrs. Margaret C. Brandon III Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brege Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Bretall Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brooks Todd and Marilee Brooks Mr. Craig Buchsbaum Bulkeley Family Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ceremsak Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Christensen Coca-Cola Company Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cooper County of San Mateo Mrs. Jean Curtiss Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dallmar Mrs. June Diller Mr. and Mrs. Tim Draper Ms. Susan Eschweiler and Mr. John Rivlin Mr. and Mrs. Jarold Evans Mr. and Mrs. Mark Farino Dana and Anthony Fenwick Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Finch Mr. and Mrs. Terry Fuqua Galileo Educational Services, LLC Gap Foundation Mr. Gary L. Reback Mr. and Mrs. Milo S. Gates Glaziers Archictectural Metal and Glassworkers, Local 718 Ms. Kate Godfrey Mrs. Robert J. Gressens Mr. Anthony Gschwend and Janine O'Flaherty Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hazard Ms. Laurita J. Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. John T. Holloway Homestead Foundation Ms. Joyce J. House Mr. and Mrs. Deke Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Dick Jacobsen Ms. Elizabeth Joss Margaret H. Kavalaris Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Rich Kelley Mr. and Mrs. James G. Laplante Ms. and Mrs. Anne Lawler Mr. and Mrs. Hank Lawson Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Lizaur Mr. James M. Lundy Mr. and Mrs. William Malkmus Terri Matthews Mr. Samuel Mayerson Ms. Lynn McGowin Ms. Cindy McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Neil McKinnon Ms. Milbrey W. McLaughlin and Mr. Lawrence W. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Mendelson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Mielke, Jr. Mr. Geoffrey A. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Matt Moran Mr. Allen Morgan and Ms. Patricia McClung Mr. and Mrs. David Nee Mr. and Mrs. Dan Niehans Mr. Christopher R. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. George R. Offen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pitchford Mr. and Mrs. Jon Q. Reynolds, Jr. Ms. Peggy Richards Mr. and Mrs. Leonard E. Rohde Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rooney Mr. Marty Ruberry Paul and Stephanie Russell Safeway Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Sandell Mr. and Mrs. John Santana Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Seiger Selby House Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. John Shenk Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Shepard Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sinnott Mr. and Mrs. Burnie E. Sparks Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Stein Tobacco Schmidt Charity Account Ms. Rhea Z. Tombropoulous Mr. and Mrs. John Troedson Mr. and Mrs. Cortland Van Rensselaer Marlene M. Veach Mr. Joseph G. Welsh Jr. Ms. Jeanne Wohlers Who's Who International Silicon Valley Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wilsey Mr. John Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yochum Guides ($100-$499) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ackley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adams Mr. William A. Alfano Ronald and Editha Altamiran Mr. and Mrs. Mike Althouse Amigos de las Americas Peninsula Chapter Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson Alice and Forrest Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Anderson Mr. Charles A. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Angioletti Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Anisman Mr. and Mrs. David Armstrong Dr. and Mrs. Charles Arnold Mr. and Mrs. David Arscott Mr. and Mrs. Regan Avery Mr. and Mrs. Scott Baird Mr. Mark A. Baker Mr. and Mrs. James Balderston Mr. Steve Baloff Bank of America NA Ms. Beverly H. Barkhau Mr. Paul Barker Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Barthold Jr. Ms. Marianne Barulich Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bastian Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bates Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bautista Ms. Barbara Behling Ms. Cynthia Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Berman Mr. and Mrs. Ozdemir Beyce Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bezazian Mrs. Barbara Bigelow Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bird Bizzarro's Inc. Ms. Dawn Y. Black Mr. Roger Boles Maxine and David Bonnette Mr. and Mrs. Adam Borison Mr. and Mrs. James B. Brady Mr. and Mrs. David Braker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Branning Mr. and Mrs. Bradley M. Breyman Mrs. Catherine Brisbin Mrs. Marian Brooks Dee and Loren Brown Mrs. Shemekia Brown Muriel Brown Mr. Reuben D. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bukstein C and S Enterprises C.M. Capital Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Callaghan Mr. and Mrs. George H. Cameron Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Scott Carey Mr. and Mrs. Doug Carlson Mr. Curt Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Bob Carter Mrs. Patti Cavender Challenge Learning Center Ms. Susan Charley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chess Mr. and Mrs. Herman Christensen Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Christensen Mrs. Aurelie Christiansen Tim and Mia Clark Mr. Michael Clarke Ms. Diane Clausen Mr. and Mrs. Neal D. Coberly Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Codding Cohn, Reid, O'Neill Insurance Services Ms. Edith Collin Mr. Charles Compton Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Conlan Mr. Tom Cooper and Mary Hom Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cornish Mr. Kevin Coyne Ms. Patti Crisafi Ms. Nancy Critchfield Ms. Gayle Crossley Mr. and Mrs. Ron Currier Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Curtis Mr. Peter B. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dau Mr. Dennis DeBroeck and Nancy R. Heinen Ms. Sharon Delly Mr. and Mrs. Reid Dennis Mrs. Mary Jo Denton Ms. Tara Denuccio Mr. Marc P. Desautels Mr. Paul Diamond Mr. A. B. Dolan Barbara and Peter Dolliver Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dooley Lani and Gary Dorff Mr. and Mrs. James Drake Dr. and Mrs. David Druker Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Duhring Mr. Leonard E. Dulski Mrs. Francesca Eastman Mr. and Mrs. Doug Emery Eppie's Day Care Ms. Louise Faulkner Felton Gables Homeowner's Association Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Flaxman Mr. and Mrs. John Flegel Mr. Arthur E. Flegel Mr. and Mrs. William S. Floyd Jr. Susan and Sean Foley Ms. Miriam Foreman Mr. Gay Fortier and Hans Slade Mr. and Mrs. Randy Fowkes Ms. Abigail Freeman Ms. Lois Frontino Mr. Bob Gallagher Ms. Daniela Gasparini Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gates Jr. M.L. Gibbons Mr. Walter Girdlestone Glennys M. Bowerman Mr. and Mrs. Jean Goity Mr. Keith Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Ike Goodman Hon. and Mrs. Charles Gordon Mr. and Mrs. James Grace Mr. and Mrs. William J. Graham Peter and Paula Grassi Dr. and Mrs. Harry B. Greenberg Mr. Steven Guerra William Guilford and Marcella Lillis Mr. Leonard E. Haile Ms. Stacy Hall-Tannura Noble and Lorraine Hancock Mr. Kirk Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Harrison Mrs. Frances B. Hart Mr. Kenneth M. Helwig Mr. and Mrs. Conrad B. Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hilbers Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hill Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hill Ms. Elena H. Hobbs-Minor M.A., LTC Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hooper Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Hootnick Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hoover Jody and Joseph Horowitz Dr. and Mrs. Steven Howard Ms. Joan M. Hunt Mrs. Betty Irvine Donna Ito and Jozef Ruck Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jacobson Mrs. Cynthia Jamplis Mrs. Ann B. Jeffries Ms. Carol G. Johnson Ms. Charlene H. Johnson Mr. Craig Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Willbur H. Johnston Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Jones Mr. Paul S. Jones Mr. Thomas A. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Kangas Ms. Janet Kanios Ms. Ruth Kasle Mr. David M. Katz Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kavanaugh Ms. Beverly Ann Kiltz Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. King Ms. Jane King Mr. and Mrs. James Kitch Mr. David Koffman Ms. Tanya Koka Konditorei Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Krakower Ms. Gladys Kwong Ms. James Lalonde Mr. and Mrs. Rob Lamm Mr. and Mrs. Jay Larson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larramendy Mr. Andrew Laszlo Mr. Victor Lecha Jay and Heidi Leupp Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Levick III Mr. and Mrs. David Levison Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lieberman Ms. Yvonne M. Lo Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lockareff Dr. and Mrs. Jay Long Mr. and Mrs. Harry Louchheim Mr. Douglas Lowney Heath and Carrie Lukatch Mr. Jim Lussier Mr. Christopher Mac Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Robert Machlin Dr. and Mrs. Steven Machtinger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth MacWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Madding Mr. Richard Madigan Mr. Thomas Maier Mr. David J. Mampel aka “Daffy Dave” Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Mann Mr. Charles Marsala Mr. and Mrs. Mark Matteucci Ms. Jenny McCall Mrs. June McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McGee Amy and Rob McHugh Denise M. McInerney Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. McIntosh III Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Mc Lure, Jr. Dirk Mendel and Nancy Mak Menlo Park Presbyterian Church Menlo Park Host Lions Club Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Menninger Mr. George Menzoian Ms. Vicky Merchant Mr. Arthur W. Middleton Mr. and Mrs. William Millichap Mr. Charles Mitchell David and Lynn Mitchell Dr. David Mohler and Jo Ann H. Roizen Mr. John B. Montgomery John Moragne and Kim Young Ms. Olga Moran Mr. and Mrs. James I. Morrison Mr. Anthony Mrsich Mr. and Mrs. George F. Murphy Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Nell Mr. Michael Nelson Ms. Rebecca J. Nelson Ms. Nina Nesmith Mr. Nils Nilsson Northcross, Hill & Ach, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Oczkus Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Padovese Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parcell Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parker Ruth and Tom Patterson Mrs. Boyd C. Paulson Mr. and Mrs. Reed Payne Shannon and April Pekary Peninsula Bridge Program Linda Persson and Jim Little Mr. and Mrs. Ron Peyton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pickering 8

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pless Jeanne and Mark Vander Ploeg Mrs. Lilian Poladian Mr. and Mrs. Randall Pond Ms. Bonnie Pospisil Ms. Lauren Potter Mr. and Mrs. David Poulin Anthony Powell and Melinda Moir Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Powell Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Preuss Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pyne Mr. Victor Quijano Mr. and Mrs. Richard Quinlan Ms. Lori Rafield Ms. Gwen Raney Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Rea Mr. Patrick Reday Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Richards Mr. Henry L. Riggs Ms. Nell Riley, Ph.D Ren and Ashley Riley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ringe Mr. and Mrs. Dean Riskas Robert Half International Roger P. Roberts and Ariel Balter Mr. and Mrs. John Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rominger Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Roos Mr. Marc Roos Mr. Bob Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. William E. Roth Mr. Stephen Rothenberg Mr. and Mrs. James Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ruffner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Russo Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Saal Ms. Joan S. Sain Mr. and Mrs. William R. Salisbury Mr. and Mrs. George B. Saxe Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Schafer Ms. Barbara Schoeffel Ms. Diane Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schultz Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schumacher Mrs. S. D. Schwabacher Seaport Industrial Association Mr. William Seawick and Ms. Susan Solat Mr. and Mrs. Donald Seiler Mr. John R. Seyfarth Mr. and Mrs. Chris Shadix Mr. and Mrs. George Shaheen Mr. and Mrs. Brett Sharkey Mr. Richard J. Shavdon Ms. Barbara Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Greg Shove Mr. Hans Slade Dr. and Mrs. David Slone Mr. David R. Smith Walter and Doris Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Soltau Spencer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Tod Spieker SPX Foundation Ms. Diana Stark Ms. Janet R. Steele Ms. Lillian Stenfeldt Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sterngold Ms. Susan Stern Ms. Dorothy H. Stivers Mr. Elmer E. Strehly Debra Szecsei and Chris Bryeans Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Szymanski Mr. and Mrs. Ted Tanner Richard Taylor and Belle Taylor Ms. Christy F. Telch Theodore and Sharon Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thompson Mr. Spencer J. Thomas Ms. Kimberly Torregano Toys R' Us TrendFocus Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Tuch Ms. Debbie Turner Mr. Peter Uccelli Mr. and Mrs. George Varian Mr. and Mrs. Eric Vettel Mr. and Mrs. Ray Villeneuve Mr. and Mrs. Rob Wagner Mr. Allan Wallace Mr. Lyman Wear Mr. and Mrs. William E. Weseloh Mr. and Mrs. Tom West Dr. and Mrs. Harry G. Whelan Mr. Bruce H. Whitson Mr. Ed Wienholz Ms. Kathy Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wilensky Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. N. Parker Willis Mr. and Mrs. Garth Wilson Frances Wong Mr. and Mrs. John E. Woodside Mr. and Mrs. Will Wood Mr. Curtis Wozniak Yahoo! Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Yam Mr. and Mrs. James B. Young The Yum Family Mr. William A. Zappettini Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Ziegler Friends (under $100) AAA Ms. Christine M. Abato Ms. Jazmin Abundes Dr. Steven Alexander Ms. Edith Altamiran Ms. Jennifer Amaya Mr. Michael A. Amorose Argonaut Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aronstam Assefu H. Asrat Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Aveson Mr. and Mrs. Darrell W. Baggs Ms. Sandy Bardas Ms. and Mrs. Gail S. Barklow Mr. and Mrs. Scott Barnum Eilenn Barry and Mike D'arcy Mr. Jose Beltran Mrs. Betty Bernstein Ms. Kathy Bilbro Mr. and Mrs. Angus Blackwood Black Student Union at Notre Dame de Namur University Mr. Raymond L. Bly Mr. Scott Borden Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bouret Mr. Clinton H. Brazzill Ms. Margaret S. Bridgeman Dr and Mrs. George Bright Ms. Rachel D. Brown California Offender Program Services Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carney Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Carrillo Ms. June Casey Ms. Virginia Castillo Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cator Mr. and Mrs. George Caughey Ms. Helen Chen ChevronTexaco Employees' ''People Making a Difference'' Campaign Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Clark Mr. Willie B. Clewies Ms. Joyce Cohen Ms. Grace Connolly Ms. Carmen Contreras Ms. Tracy Coogler Mr. and Mrs. Coogler Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cooke Costco - Redwood City Barbara Crawford and Susan Lockwood Mrs. Eleanor B. Crippen Ms. Carolyn F. Culp Ms. Margo Ann Culps Mr. Daniel M. Da Silva Ms. Marie N. Daniele David and Edith Davis Ms. Tayischa Deldridge Ms. Ta'Marra Devaroe Ms. Susan T. Diederichsen Mrs. Victoria A. Dimitroff Direct TV Mr. Robert E. Doherty Ms. Paula Dorst Ms. Mary Dutcher Mr. David Dutcher Ms. Yvette Edwinson Electrical Concepts Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ernst Mr. Daniel J. Faria Mrs. Leslee A. Feinstein Audrey Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Larry Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Hugo M. Friend Jr. Ms. Eula Fung Mrs. Portia R. Gaddi Mr. and Mrs. John A. Galen Florinda Garcia Leveen Ms. Barbara Glazier Mr. and Mrs. Juan Gonzalez Google Matching Gifts Program Dr. Brian L. Greenberg Ms. Bonnie Grifin Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Guedon Ms. Dorothy Guidici Ms. Patricia Guttierrez Mrs. Gloria J. Haars Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Hall Ms. Nancy Hall Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Hall Ms. Tamika Hall Mrs. Carmen F. Harbert Mr. and Mrs. Allan A. Harris Cynthia and John Harrison Ms. Patricia Hausmann Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Haynes Lawrence Hebb and Michelle Bonat Mr. Levan F. Hiemke Patricia and Robert Huegle Ms. Jo Ann Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Hillard G. Huntington Mr. Syed B. Hyder Ms. Barbara N. Jabba Mr. William E. Jackson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jarvis Mr. Matthew Jaunich Mr. and Mrs. W. Christopher Jeffers Jesse Johnson Mr. Rodney Johnson Mr. Anthony Johnson Mr. Gerald T. Kelly Ms. Heidi Kennedy Ms. Caroline J. Keough Kids Komfort Daycare Ms. Janet Kluczynski Mr. and Mrs. Emil Korn Mr. and Mrs. Tom Korn-Walker Mrs. Svetlana Kotwicki Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kraft Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Kridl Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund A. Kriegsman Jr. Mrs. Faith M. Kroeger Ms. Beatrice Kwan Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Laliotis Ms. Ana Leech Ms. Emily Lee Mr. Stephen Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Glen Lillington Mr. Larry Livers / YTB Travel Mr. and Mrs. Harry Look Mr. Mark Lundstrom Mr. and Mrs. James Luther Mr. and Mrs. Sushant Malhotra Ms. Donna Marcus Ms. Betty Maroder Frances and Bruce Martin Mrs. Lynne Mayer Ms. Florence McCullough Ms. Jean R. Mc Hugh Michael and Marybeth McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. McNamara Ms. Yndra Medina Dr. Stacy Mettier Jr. Ms. Jane Micheli Mid-Peninsula Education Center, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thormund A. Miller Ms. Tukicia Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Rasheed Mohammed Mr. Larry Moody Mr. Ivan A. Morales Ms. Michele Morrison Morpace International, Inc. 9 Ms. Anita Motiram Ms. Joyce A. Murphree National Semiconductor Mr. Ken Neding Francis D. Nehring Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William Oldfield Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Olson Ms. Dana O'Neill Shirley and John Ortega Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ott Mr. Frank J. Pagliaro, Jr. Mrs. Katherine J. Paolino Ms. Annie R. Patterson Ms. Joan Pelletier Pepsico Foundation Mr. John M. Perez Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Petrzelka Ms. Melissa Ann Phillips Ms. Ruth Pinxus-Resnik Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Morton B. Potter Ms. Sharon G. Poulsen Mr. Johnathon Propp Daniel and Catherine Quigg Mr. and Mrs. George Raines Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Randall Ms. and Mrs. Jeannette A. Remmel Young M. Rhee Ms. Monica Rodriguez Mr. Peter Rolla Ms. Saran O. Roundtree Mr. Joseph Roy Ms. Dana Scheer Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Seiden Mr. Robert Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sheble Mr. David J. Sherden Jack and Carla Silva Ms. Trenica Smith Heather and Ian Smith Ms. Betty Snowden Ms. Patricia Snowden Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Socci Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Spring Ms. Betty St. Clair Mr. Jeffrey W. Stallings Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Stetson Mr. Robert Stiff Mr. Brian Stuart Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Bill Swan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Swezey Eugenie and Hugh Taylor Ms. Natalie N. Tercero Ms. Sandra Thomas Ms. Veronica Tincher Mrs. Dolores Togneri Ms. Sarah A. Tull United Way of Silicon Valley United Way Special Distribution Acount United Way of the California Capital Region Ms. Geraldine Upshaw Mrs. Wilma A. Velez Alejandro and Michelle Vilchez Mrs. Donna Wells Mr. Edward J. Westnedge Mrs. Barbara B. Wolff Judy Worster and Andra Morgan Ms. Peg Wynn Ms. Barbara Yates Ms. Marilyn Zack Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zeitman

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