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Operation Iraqi Freedom (icasualties) - Freedom Memorials

Operation Iraqi Freedom (icasualties) - Freedom Memorials

Mahlenbrock, David P. 20

Mahlenbrock, David P. 20 Maple Shade New Jersey 12/3/2004 US Benish, Stephen C. 20 Clark New Jersey 11/28/2004 US Ryan, Marc T. 25 Gloucester City New Jersey 11/15/2004 US Freeman, Bryan L. 31 Lumberton New Jersey 11/8/2004 US Aneiros, Yoe M. 20 Newark New Jersey 9/7/2004 US Tarlavsky, Michael Yury 30 Passaic New Jersey 8/12/2004 US Dixon, Anthony J. 20 Lindenwold New Jersey 8/1/2004 US Sullivan, Vincent M. 23 Chatham New Jersey 7/24/2004 US Sherman, Alan David 36 Wanamassa New Jersey 6/29/2004 US Timoteo, Humberto F. 25 Newark New Jersey 6/5/2004 US Doltz, Ryan E. 26 Mine Hill New Jersey 6/5/2004 US Duffy, Christopher M. 26 Brick New Jersey 6/4/2004 US Carvill, Frank T. 51 Carlstadt New Jersey 6/4/2004 US Spakosky, Philip I. 25 Browns Mill New Jersey 5/14/2004 US Wroblewski, John Thomas "J.T. 25 Oak Ridge New Jersey 4/7/2004 US Froehlich, Adam D. 21 Pine Hill New Jersey 3/25/2004 US Miller Jr., Bruce 23 Orange New Jersey 3/22/2004 US Dvorin, Seth J. 24 New Jersey 2/3/2004 US Seiden, Marc S. 26 Brigantine New Jersey 1/2/2004 US Baker, Ryan T. 24 Brown Mills New Jersey 11/15/2003 US Jackson, Marlon P. 25 Jersey City New Jersey 11/11/2003 US Hunte, Simeon 23 Essex New Jersey 10/1/2003 US Philippe, Gladimir 32 Linden New Jersey 6/25/2003 US Griffin, Kyle A. 20 Emerson New Jersey 5/30/2003 US Sullivan, Narson Bertil 21 N. Brunswick New Jersey 4/25/2003 US Mercado, Gil 25 Paterson New Jersey 4/13/2003 US Hemingway, Terry Wayne 39 Willingboro New Jersey 4/10/2003 US Curtin, Michael Edward 23 Howell New Jersey 3/29/2003 US Guardado-Ramirez, Francisco J 21 Sunland New Mexico 6/2/2010 US Carrasco Jr., Tony 25 Berino New Mexico 11/4/2009 US Gallegos, Joseph L. 39 Questa New Mexico 10/28/2009 US Kurth, Christopher M. 23 Alamogordo New Mexico 6/4/2009 US Escobedo Jr., Jose R. 32 Albuquerque New Mexico 3/19/2009 US Fernandez, Darrell L. 25 th or Consequences New Mexico 1/31/2009 US Sanders, Christopher A. 22 Roswell New Mexico 1/9/2008 US Brown, Menelek M. 24 Roswell New Mexico 1/4/2008 US Casey, Thomas J. 32 Albuquerque New Mexico 1/3/2008 US

Naylor, Brynn J. 21 Roswell New Mexico 12/13/2007 US Byrd III, Henry G. 20 Veguita New Mexico 6/24/2007 US Dahl, Joel A. 21 Los Lunas New Mexico 6/23/2007 US Akin, James C. 23 Albuquerque New Mexico 6/3/2007 US Zembiec, Douglas 34 Albuquerque New Mexico 5/10/2007 US Lewis, Joel W. 28 Sandia Park New Mexico 5/6/2007 US Spohn III,, Clifford A. 21 Albuquerque New Mexico 4/9/2007 US Chavez, Steven M. 20 Hondo New Mexico 3/14/2007 US Apuan, Matthew S. 27 Las Cruces New Mexico 2/18/2007 US Sanchez, Emilian D. 20 Santa Ana Pueblo New Mexico 1/21/2007 US Vizcaino, Eric 21 Albuquerque New Mexico 11/21/2006 US Gutierrez, Marshall A. 41 Not reported yet New Mexico 9/4/2006 US Harris, Shane P. 23 Las Vegas New Mexico 9/3/2006 US Zamora, Jose 24 Sunland Park New Mexico 8/6/2006 US Segura Jr., Leroy 23 Clovis New Mexico 8/4/2006 US Salas Jr., Ricky 22 Roswell New Mexico 3/7/2006 US Zamora, Jesse M. 22 Las Cruces New Mexico 2/3/2006 US Yazzie, Clifton J. 23 Fruitland New Mexico 1/20/2006 US Reyes, Mario A. 19 Las Cruces New Mexico 11/7/2005 US Hildebrandt, Chad R. 22 Springer New Mexico 10/17/2005 US Westbrook, Marshall A. 43 Farmington New Mexico 10/1/2005 US Cambridge, Lyle J. 23 Shiprock New Mexico 7/5/2005 US Grant, Jonathan Walter 23 Santa Fe New Mexico 5/11/2005 US Rodriguez, Joseph E. 25 Las Cruces New Mexico 1/28/2005 US Adlesperger, Christopher S. 20 Albuquerque New Mexico 12/9/2004 US Christensen, Jeremy E. 27 Albuquerque New Mexico 11/27/2004 US Merville, Christopher A. 26 Albuquerque New Mexico 10/12/2004 US Rocha, Moses Daniel 33 Roswell New Mexico 8/5/2004 US Gray, Tommy L. 34 Roswell New Mexico 8/3/2004 US Todacheene, Lee Duane 29 Farmington New Mexico 4/6/2004 US Ramos, Christopher 26 Albuquerque New Mexico 4/5/2004 US Pirtle, James H. 27 La Mesa New Mexico 10/3/2003 US Jones Jr., David R. 21 Saint Johnsville New York 10/24/2010 US Hurt, Gifford E. 19 Yonkers New York 1/20/2010 US Tirador, Amy C. 29 Albany New York 11/4/2009 US Rivera, Daniel J. 22 Rochester New York 10/18/2009 US Hartford, Justin P. 21 Elmira New York 5/8/2009 US

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