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Operation Iraqi Freedom (icasualties) - Freedom Memorials

Operation Iraqi Freedom (icasualties) - Freedom Memorials

West, James G. 34

West, James G. 34 Watertown New York 7/11/2004 US Bruckenthal, Nathan B. 24 Brook (Long Island) New York 4/25/2004 US Pernaselli, Michael J. 27 Monroe New York 4/24/2004 US Dunham, Jason L. 22 Scio (Allegany Co.) New York 4/22/2004 US Kolm, Kevin T. 23 Hicksville New York 4/13/2004 US Brown, Nathan P. 21 South Glens Falls New York 4/11/2004 US Nieves, Isaac Michael 20 Unadilla New York 4/8/2004 US McKeever, David M. 25 Buffalo New York 4/5/2004 US Toney, Timothy 37 Manhattan New York 3/27/2004 US Chan, Doron 20 Highland New York 3/18/2004 US Ling, Roger G. 20 Douglaston New York 2/19/2004 US Robbins, Thomas D. 27 Schenectady New York 2/9/2004 US Moreno, Luis A. 19 Bronx New York 1/29/2004 US Bush Jr., Charles E. 43 Buffalo New York 12/19/2003 US Wood, George A. 33 New York New York 11/20/2003 US Medina, Irving 22 Middletown New York 11/14/2003 US Fletcher, Jacob S. 28 Bay Shore New York 11/13/2003 US Jimenez, Linda C. 39 Brooklyn New York 11/8/2003 US Johnson, Rayshawn S. 20 Brooklyn New York 11/3/2003 US Williams, Michael L. 46 Buffalo New York 10/17/2003 US Friedrich, David Travis 26 Hammond New York 9/20/2003 US Kimmerly, Kevin C. 31 North Creek New York 9/15/2003 US Robsky Jr., Joseph E. 31 Elizaville New York 9/10/2003 US McMillin, Heath A. 29 Canandaigua New York 7/27/2003 US Heighter, Raheen Tyson 22 Bay Shore New York 7/24/2003 US Evans Jr., David 18 Buffalo New York 5/25/2003 US Sahib, Rasheed 22 Brooklyn New York 5/18/2003 US Acevedo, Joseph 46 Bronx New York 4/13/2003 US Tejeda, Riayan Augusto 26 New York New York 4/11/2003 US Huxley Jr., Gregory Paul 19 Forestport New York 4/6/2003 US Gooden, Bernard George 22 Mt. Vernon New York 4/4/2003 US Smith, Eric Allen 41 Rochester New York 4/2/2003 US White, William Wayne 24 Brooklyn New York 3/29/2003 US Williams, Eugene 24 Highland New York 3/29/2003 US Rodriguez, Robert Marcus 21 Queens New York 3/27/2003 US Burkett, Tamario Demetrice 21 Buffalo New York 3/23/2003 US Orlowski, Eric James 26 Buffalo New York 3/22/2003 US

McClamrock, James F. 22 Huntersville North Carolina 9/7/2010 US O’Leary, Daniel T. 23 Youngsville North Carolina 2/23/2010 US Kramer, Edward C. 39 Wilmington North Carolina 6/29/2009 US Adams Jr., Roger L. 36 Jacksonville North Carolina 6/29/2009 US Baldeosingh, Juan C. 30 Newport North Carolina 6/29/2009 US Bittiker, Robert L. 39 Jacksonville North Carolina 6/29/2009 US Barnard, Leevi K. 28 Mount Airy North Carolina 5/21/2009 US Springle, Charles K. 52 Wilmington North Carolina 5/11/2009 US Poche, Devin C. 25 Jacksonville North Carolina 3/31/2009 US Taylor, Joel A. 20 Pinetown North Carolina 6/25/2008 US Marion, Adam L. 26 Mount Airy North Carolina 4/28/2008 US Eakes, Lance O. 25 Apex North Carolina 4/18/2008 US Pickett, Emanuel 34 Teachey North Carolina 4/6/2008 US Ray, II, Thomas C. 40 Weaverville North Carolina 3/22/2008 US Williams, David B. 26 Tarboro North Carolina 3/22/2008 US Bradley, Juantrea T. 28 Greenville North Carolina 3/12/2008 US West, Laurent J. 32 Raleigh North Carolina 3/11/2008 US Elrod, Steven R. 20 Hope Mills North Carolina 9/10/2007 US Wilson, Lee C. 30 Chapel Hill North Carolina 9/6/2007 US Flynn, Paul J. 28 Whitsett North Carolina 8/22/2007 US Fielder, Michael S. 35 Holly Springs North Carolina 8/19/2007 US Jewell, Steven R. 26 Bridgeton North Carolina 8/14/2007 US Johnson, Courtney T. 26 Garner North Carolina 7/11/2007 US Linder, Darryl W. 23 Hickory North Carolina 6/19/2007 US Johnson, William C. 22 Oxford North Carolina 6/12/2007 US Sutton, Greg L. 38 Spring Lake North Carolina 6/6/2007 US Kirk, Johnathan E. 25 Belhaven North Carolina 5/1/2007 US Rodriguez, Michael J. 20 Sanford North Carolina 4/23/2007 US Moore, William C. 27 Benson North Carolina 4/23/2007 US Bowman, Larry R. 29 Granite Falls North Carolina 4/13/2007 US Holden, Brian Lee 20 Claremont North Carolina 4/9/2007 US Emolo, Ebe F. 33 Greensboro North Carolina 4/7/2007 US Vick, Eric R. 25 Spring Hope North Carolina 4/1/2007 US Russell, Ryan D. 20 Elm City North Carolina 3/5/2007 US Mcarn, Montrel S. 21 Raeford North Carolina 2/19/2007 US Rode, John D. 24 Pineville North Carolina 2/14/2007 US Grant, Sandra S. 23 Linwood North Carolina 12/31/2006 US

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