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Bulletin for Jul-Aug 08 - Sertoma Club of Downtown Fort Worth

Bulletin for Jul-Aug 08 - Sertoma Club of Downtown Fort Worth

Couple from

Couple from Lockheed-Martin apply for club membership Kevin and Monique Purdon, friends of Chris Hetreed, have submitted applications for membership in our Sertoma club. Both are aeronautical engineers at Lockheed-Martin, and both have attended club meetings and have participated in our Flag Program. We will surely welcome them gladly once the formal steps are completed. Thanks, Chris, for bringing them! “Bring a new member in September” Chris Hetreed has a head start on the rest of us for our upcoming membership drive. Can he do it again in September? Can you? (Of course you can!) You can bring a guest or prospective member any time, but we encourage you to do so particularly on Tuesday, Sept. 23. That’s when we say, “Each one bring one!” Mike and Marsha will lead a “Membership Information” session for our guests. It will be a great way for them to learn about who we are, what we do, and why they should consider joining. Start now thinking of people you can invite. We will help you prepare the invitations. Resignations and deletions Barbara Baganz has tendered her resignation from the club. She says between work, the children, and grandchildren, she is “just too busy and too tired to attend the early morning meetings.” We will miss her enthusiasm, her vision, and her creative thinking. Barbara also brought a long list of great speakers for our meetings. We wish her well in her new directions. Lloyd Muhlinghause has joined the Yellow Rose Sertoma Club in Burkburnett and has asked to be taken off our roll after all these years as a member. We have greatly missed his leadership and experience, as well as his humor. Lloyd and Juanita are both doing well now, after some earlier major health issues. Our loss is Yellow Rose’s gain! Regards and best wishes! Four other members have been deleted from the roll for not attending and not paying dues for many months. They are Dan and Donna Hall and Sid and Janis Siddiqui. This action was approved by the board. Miss Deaf Texas wins first runner-up Miss Deaf Texas, Katherine Murch, won First Runner- Up in the Miss Deaf America pageant in New Orleans in July. Michelle Lapides, Miss Maryland, won the top honors. We contributed support to Miss Deaf Texas. Bank fraud hits club account Treasurer Charlotte Daugirda reported that new club checks were stolen and several were cashed, but the bank has replaced the funds. With the merging of club and foundation accounts, the bank printed new checks and sent them to Charlotte’s address as a convenience. Well, it was also a convenience for thieves, who stole the blank checks and passed a series of them before a bank teller became suspicious and called Charlotte. The check passer ran from the bank, but managed to take $2,850 from our account. The bank, however, has replaced the funds and Charlotte has reported the fraud to the police. (Several jurisdictions are involved.) One check shows a driver’s license number (possibly phony), and another appears to have a thumb print. That account has been closed and a new one opened. The new checks will go to the Post Office box. Letter from Marsha and Mike Hey, Sertomans, McGees in Idaho just checking in with you all. We hope that you are having a great summer and supporting Sertoma each week. I know that it’s tough to keep going, especially when the crowd is small. Mike and I are doing our part in Idaho! This week is the Valley County Fair in Cascade. We have volunteered to man the State Park booth at the County Fair part time to help out the park’s interpreter. Below is a picture of Mike in his “uniform” at the booth this week. We’ve had fun talking to all the locals from the valley, handing out camping, reservation, boating, and hunting information. Mike is excited about becoming Sertoma President again when we return. The Membership Information Breakfast in September will be a great way to kick off the fall. Mike asks that each of you plan to have someone attend breakfast with you that morning. It’s time to share our club with others! We’ve had time this summer to talk “Sertoma,” and he is really looking forward to new projects this year. He got really excited about the children’s new shoes project that the Watauga Club sponsors, and we are very much interested in working with a nearby downtown school and Payless to begin that service when we return home. Find the excitement. Get Involved. Life is too short to watch it go by! From Idaho, Marsha and Mike

Program and Club Calendar Aug. 5 – Emily Robinson, DARS Deafness Resource Specialist, housed at the Goodrich Center for the Deaf. Aug. 12 – Roger Norman, club vice president, will talk about an archeological mystery, the Decalogue Stone, near Los Lunas, New Mexico. Thursday, Aug 14, Board Meeting at Ol’ South. Come for dinner at 6:00 (on your own) and board meeting at 7:00 PM at Ol’ South Pancake House, 1507 South University Drive. Aug. 19 – Bill Hetreed, club board member, will speak on “Animal Husbandry and The Ladies – Adventures with Exotic Birds in the Henhouse.” Aug. 26 – Program to be announced. Monday, Sept. 1, Labor Day – Flag Program. Sept. 2 – SamariTour, (if details can be worked out) – a breakfast and tour of the Villages at Samaritan House, 929 Hemphill Street (just north of Rosedale). Steve Dutton, Executive Director, received our Service to Mankind Award two years ago, and Bob Middlebrook has performed much volunteer service there. Sept. 9 – Juan Rangel, FWISD board member representing district 9. Mr. Rangel is a former candidate for the city council and is very knowledgeable about Hispanic issues, education, and city politics. Sept. 16 – Program to be announced. Sept. 23—Introduction to Sertoma – Membership Drive. Invite guests who may be interested in joining and in supporting our service projects. Sept. 30 – Program to be announced. Program ideas and speakers needed Obviously we have some gaps in our program schedule. We need your suggestions. What would you like to learn more about? What persons or organization reps would you like to hear? The alternative is to give you an assigned month to fill. You wouldn’t want that, would you? So come on, let’s hear your suggestions! We’ve had some great programs! During the month of July we had City Council member Danny Scarth (a wheelchair user), FAA’s Hal Buie (deaf), City of Fort Worth Disability Coordinator David Ondich (blind), and Mike Doyle of Cornerstone Assistance Network. All of these have presented most interesting and informative programs on coping effectively with life’s challenges. Member News Charles Cook has been suffering from leg pains so much that he is able to walk only a short distance. His condition has not been diagnosed, although he has seen two doctors. We miss you, Charlie! Get well! Chris Hetreed is still distributing copies of the Declaration of Independence to fifth graders in the Aledo schools. We may need to get more printed. Attaboy! Glen Key has been attending meetings regularly and doing well with monthly infusions. Joy is doing great. Bob Middlebrook is staying at home most of the time, but going to rehab three times a week. Maydelle was doing very well, but now problems have recurred. Bob we miss you and pray for you and Maydelle. Jim Van Antwerp is doing well. Emily is planning to go into assisted living later this month at the Courtyards at River Park. Jim hopes to be back with us soon. Dan White is back at Goodrich Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, this time as acting director. In late June, Dan and Sandy led a group of about fifty people from various churches on their annual Navajo mission trip to Red Valley Arizona. Officers Officers of of the the the Sertoma Sertoma Clu Club Clu of of Downtown Downtown Fort Fort Worth Worth President – Mike McGee Vice President/Membership – Everett Young Vice President/Sponsorships – Roger Norman Secretary – Marsha McGee Treasurer – Charlotte Daugirda Sergeant-At-Arms – Claire Collins Chairman of the Board – Dan White Club Meetings The Sertoma Club of Downtown Fort Worth meets at 7:00 AM each Tuesday, downstairs at the Colonial Country Club, 3735 Country Club Circle. Visitors are always welcome for great fellowship, programs, and an avenue for service in our local community.

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