VIVAREA Newsletter - 1

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of VIVAREA’s Newsletter! We are thrilled to present the first edition of our residential newsletter; bringing you the latest updates, events, and happenings within our vibrant condominium community. Stay connected, informed, and engaged as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of VIVAREA’s Newsletter!

We are thrilled to present the first edition of our residential newsletter; bringing you the latest updates, events, and happenings within our vibrant condominium community. Stay connected, informed, and engaged as we embark on this exciting journey together.


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Dear Residents,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to

the newest edition of our VIVAREA

condominium newsletter. As we move into the

coming months, we are excited to share all the

recent developments and events happened within

our community, with all of you .

In this issue, you will find information on

upcoming social events, community initiatives,

and important updates from the management

team. We have also included news articles, as well

as tips and resources to help you make the most of

your time here at our condominium.

Like always, we welcome your feedback and

suggestions for future editions of the newsletter. If

there is anything you would like to see included or

if you have an interesting story or experience you

would like to share, please do not hesitate to reach

out to us.

Thank you for your continued support, we hope

you enjoy reading this edition of our newsletter.

Best regards,

Ahmar Syed

Editor, VIVAREA Newsletter

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our upcoming events!

2. Don't forget to check out our newly renovated

common areas.

3. Keep our community safe: remember to follow

our parking and security guidelines.

4. Join our resident committee to have your voice

heard and make a difference in our community.

5. Stay informed: Never miss-out on our quarterly

newsletter and never miss an important update.




VIVAREA makeover

03 Newly added amenities and recent renovations

done at VIVAREA.

ESG updates


Event highlights


Upcoming Events


Using Environmental, Social and Governance

factors to evaluate our sustainability.

Sneak-peek into the management team's

planner and creating a sense of anticipation.

New Campaigns

Recap of the various events done so far.

14 List of the latest initiatives and wellness

campaigns organized.

Residents speak

15 Residents, who came forward to share their

experience at VIVAREA, with us.

Medical Centre

Provides convenient access to healthcare

services for residents.


VIVAREA recently opened a new Medical Centre and a

Centre for Rehabilitation and Sprots, both managed by the

H.N Reliance Foundation Hospital. The Medical Centre,

located at tower A, LB, aims to provide top-quality

healthcare services to the residents. The state-of-the-art

facility offers a wide range of medical services, including

general health checkups, diagnostic services, and specialized


The Medical Centre is equipped with the latest medical

equipment and technology to provide accurate and timely

diagnosis to patients. The Centre also has a team of highly

skilled and experienced doctors, nurses, and support staff

who provide personalized care to patients. The focus is on

providing comprehensive healthcare services to patients,

right from the initial consultation to post-treatment care.



The Centre for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine is a

unique addition to the facility. Situated at Tower A ML area,

it caters to specialized needs athletes and sports enthusiasts,

who require rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. The

Centre is staffed with trained professionals who provide

customized rehabilitation programs for each patient, based on

their individual needs.

These Centers are expected to become go-to destinations for

all residents of the area who require medical attention or

rehabilitation services.

Centre for Rehabilitation

and Sports Medicine

Imparting tailored rehabilitation services to athletes and

sports enthusiasts, recovering from injury.


New property

management office

for JLL.

Features modern amenities and

spacious facilities to providing a

feeling of grandeur and comfort.

With the establishment of the new Property Management Office for the

JLL team at Tower C, UB level, we can look forward to even more

efficient and personalized services to cater to our community's needs.

The office will serve as a hub for all property-related matters, ensuring a

seamless and hassle-free living experience for everyone.

JLL's property management services include everything from

maintenance and upkeep of our condominium's facilities,

comprehensive administrative support, to fostering community

engagement and security. Their team is dedicated to ensuring that our

community remains a safe and comfortable place to call home.

Additionally, JLL works closely with our condominium's board to ensure

that all policies and procedures are being followed and that our

community's needs are being met.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about JLL's

services, please feel free to stop by the new office on Tower C, UB Level.



changing room

Features modern amenities and

spacious facilities to providing a

feeling of grandeur and comfort.

Men's changing


Boasts contemporary design and latest

features giving off a very rich,

convenient and warm experience.

The Men's and Women's changing

rooms near the swimming pool have

recently undergone a renovation to

enhance the overall swimming

experience for residents. The renovation

involved a complete overhaul of the

changing rooms, including updated

flooring, new lockers, and improved

shower facilities.

One of the primary goals of the

renovation was to create a more modern

and welcoming environment for

residents. The new flooring features a

slip-resistant surface that is easy to clean

and maintain, making it safer and more

hygienic for swimmers. The lockers have

also been replaced with new, sturdy

units that offer ample storage space for

residents' belongings.

In addition to these

improvements, the renovated

changing rooms now feature

updated shower facilities that

offer improved water pressure

and temperature control. This

ensures that residents can rinse

off after their swim in a

comfortable and efficient


These upgrades are aimed at

improving the overall quality of

life for residents and ensuring

that VIVAREA remains one of

the most desirable places to live,

for years to come.




Next time you pass through the

main lobby doors, take a

moment to admire the fresh,

polished look.

Smooth Sailing


Bumpy ramp of Tower D rectified.

We are pleased to inform you that

the bumpy ramp issue at Tower D

has been successfully rectified,

ensuring a smooth and hassle-free

experience for all residents and

visitors. The civil team has

worked diligently to address this

concern and restore the ramp to

its optimal condition.

The rectification process involved

meticulous evaluation, planning,

and execution to ensure the

highest standards of quality. The

team has taken into consideration

various factors to ensure a safe

and seamless transition along the

ramp. With the completion of

this rectification, navigating the

ramp at Tower D will be a

comfortable experience while

driving, using mobility aids,

strollers, or simply walking.

Furthermore, we're delighted to

announce that a touch of elegance has

been added to our condominium's main

lobby entrances and various areas at

Tower A, B, C, and D. The ML doors

have undergone a meticulous

lamination and the walls have been

polished, resulting in a stunning

transformation that enhances the

overall aesthetic appeal of our


The lamination project was undertaken

with careful attention to detail, using

high-quality materials and skilled

craftsmanship. The newly laminated

doors now boast a sleek, durable surface

that not only adds a layer of protection

but also elevates the visual charm of our

residential towers. The wall polishing

initiative ensured that our structure

reflects the elegance and sophistication

that our community embodies.

We are thrilled to announce the

opening of WeClean, a dedicated

laundry company catering exclusively

to our residents. Located right here at

the Tower C LB level, WeClean

provides a wide array of services to

meet all your laundry needs. From

dry cleaning and wash and iron to

wash and fold services. With their

state-of-the-art facilities and

experienced team, your garments and

fabrics will receive the utmost care

and attention.


Your one-stop laundry solution,

where laundry becomes a


But that's not all! WeClean goes the

extra mile to ensure a premium

experience for our residents.

Alongside regular laundry services,

they offer specialized treatments such

as steam ironing, shoe spa, bag spa,

and even curtain and carpet cleaning.

Rest assured that your belongings will

be handled with the utmost care and

returned to you in pristine condition.


What's more is that we are

proud to share that a new

initiative is underway to protect

and maintain the beauty of our

gardens at Tower A, B, C, and

D. Introducing the installation

of bund walls, a thoughtful

addition aimed at preventing

soil aging and erosion, ensuring

the longevity of our lush green


The bund walls serve as a

barrier, effectively retaining soil

and preventing erosion caused

by water runoff. By containing

the soil within the garden areas,

we can maintain a healthy and

fertile environment for our

plants, flowers, and trees. This

proactive measure will

contribute to the vibrancy and

sustainability of our cherished

green spaces.

Bund Walls at

Tower A, B, C,

and D Gardens

By safeguarding against soil aging and

erosion, we are investing in the longterm

health and vitality of our gardens,

enhancing the overall ambiance for

residents and visitors alike.



Offers wide range of plants and

expert advice to residents

pursuing their gardening


The Gym lockers in a residential

condominium are an essential

amenity for residents who use the

fitness center. However, after years

of wear and tear, the lockers were in

need of a renovation to improve

both their functionality and

appearance. Thus, after the

collaborative effort of the

condominium's management and

residents the installation of new,

spacious lockers, was done.

Moreover, a Nursery was freshly

fabricated near the waste segregation

area at the LB level, is easily accessible

to all residents. The facility is

equipped with a sturdy shed and the

latest equipment to ensure that

plants receive optimal care and

attention. The Nursery offers

practical solutions to storage and

maintenance of a wide range of

plants, including seasonal flowers,

shrubs, and trees .

Gym locker room

Enhanced security for residents'

personal belongings while they

work out

The lockers were equipped with

password encoded, digital locks,

ensuring that residents' personal

belongings are safe and secure while

they work out. Overall, the

renovation of the Gym lockers in the

residential condominium is a

testament to the management's

commitment to providing ultramodern

amenities for the residents.

It is staffed with trained professionals

who provide expert advice on plant

care and maintenance. They also

offer landscaping services and can

help residents design and implement

their dream gardens.

This unique facility is an excellent

example of how residential

condominiums can create a sense of

biophilia among their residents.



Environmental Social Governance


Working towards a

greener future

Creating a greener world requires

collective efforts from all the individuals

of our management team, as well as our

residents. Not only promoting

environmental awareness but also

implementing various sustainable

practices, is very important. We can

proudly state that VIVAREA as a

condominium is doing wonders in

ensuring a healthier planet for

generations to come.

The management team of VIVAREA

along with its residents is actively

building a culture of environmental

responsibility. From installing common

EV charging stations, collecting e-waste

to creating green spaces, organizing

waste segregation campaigns, energy

conservation seminars and a lot more.

We are also ecstatic to announce a major

step towards sustainable living within

our community. TATA Power, a

renowned leader in renewable energy

solutions, has proposed to share the

energy generated at their solar powered

plants, at a very feasible rate as a

compensation for our investment in

their projects. This significant

development will help us reduce our

carbon footprint and significantly cut

down our electricity bills.



Residents of VIVAREA, congratulations are in

order because through our extensive efforts we

have been able to achieve ISO certification.

This is a significant accomplishment that

demonstrates our commitment to quality and

excellence in all aspects of building operations.

Moreover, our condominium have also been

awarded a Certificate of Recycling for being a

Plastic Neutral residential complex and

reducing 293.856 tons of CO2 by diverting

234.21 cubic yards of landfills. Each one of us

surely deserves a pat on the back.



Over the past few months, we have had the pleasure of organizing several

exciting events. Here is a quick recap of some of the most happening days and

nights at the condominium;

The year at VIVAREA started off with our annual breakfast. It was a delightful

affair. The aroma fresh and delicious food filled the air. Following that an

overnight camping was held at the turf and lawn area by our

team. All the families came together, snuggled up in their duvet's

and braced themselves for an amazing movie night. Furthermore,

on the occasion of Republic Day, the whole of VIVAREA family

came together to celebrate the spirit of unity and patriotism, like


Moving onto the king of tournaments, VPL'23 was a tremendous

success. With nearly 250 VIVAREA residents participating in the

tournament, the 4 day-long competition witnessed 50 matches

with several memorable innings and fabulous finishes. Numerous

people from VIVAREA put in considerable amount of efforts to

secure sponsorships, arrange team auctions and conduct the

matches, among other tasks; thereby ensuring a competition of

the highest professional cricket standards!



Lately, the word on the street is, the fun never stops at

VIVAREA. Though, we don't count ourselves as talebearers,

we would like to term this rumour as a fact. Right after

VPL's success, the joyful festival of Holi had arrived.

Residents of all ages came together to celebrate the vibrant

rang utsav. The shower sprinklers, water colour pool and the

DJ music just added to the whole lively experience.

Shortly afterwards, marking the end of the holy month of

Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr was around the corner. The Eid

celebration included a rich and appetizing buffet spread

coupled with a Sufi night. All the guests and residents

enjoyed a peaceful evening, cherishing the soulful Sufi

music, sung by Abhigyan Das, a renowned Indian singer.

In addition these cultural events, we also hosted two

delightful food pop-ups; The Nara-Thai pop-up brought the

flavours of Thailand to our doorstep while the Yayutcha

had the taste of Taiwan accompanied with it. Dishes such as

the Pad Thai noodles, mango-sticky rice, and bao buns won

everyone's hearts.




Fun Fair

We are thrilled to announce that a Fun Fair will be held at

VIVAREA, super soon. A day comprising of exhilarating

activities, games and entertainment for residents of all

ages, is being planned.

Vivarea Badminton League

It's that time of the year again when excitement and friendly

competition fill the air. Gather your rackets, form your

teams, and get ready for some thrilling matches as we come

together to welcome VBL 2023. Stay tuned for more details

and registration information.




Great ways for VIVAREA to give back to the wider community

while also promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle within.

Blood Donation


The blood donation camp held at

VIVAREA's Medical Centre, was

a great success, with many

residents showing their support

for the initiative. It not only

helped to increase awareness

about the importance of blood

donation but also provided an

opportunity for everyone to come

together and support a good

cause. Overall, the blood donation

camp organized by H.N Reliance

Foundation Hospital was a great

example of how a small initiative

can make a big impact.

Shoes Donation


Goonj, a non-profit

organization that works towards

humanitarian causes, organized

the camp in collaboration with

VIVAREA to collect and

distribute shoe soles to those in

need. The camp was a great

opportunity for residents to give

back to the community and

support a noble cause. It was

heartening to see the enthusiasm

and generosity of the residents,

who came forward to donate

their old shoes for a good cause.

Health Talk


A special seminar led by Dr.

Ashish Contractor form H.N

Reliance Foundation Hospital

was held on 9th April at the

MPR, clubhouse. He

emphasized that regular

exercise can help reduce the

risk of hear-related diseases,

stroke and other chronic

diseases. However, he also

highlighted the potential risks

associated with high-intensity

sports, particularly for those

with underlying heart





"It's a modern building yet maintains the essence of a traditional home."

~ Mr. Kumar Goradia

Mr. Kumar Goradia, shares his experience on

VIVAREA and how premium amenities,

architecture and transparency during the home

buying process have appealed to him.

He clearly states that VIVAREA is as well

managed as a 5-star hotel.

"Moving to VIVAREA was one of the best decision we have taken

as a family till date."

~ Mrs. Pinky Dalal

Our resident Mrs. Pinky Dalal, has finally

found the perfect indoor and outdoor space

that transitions into the perfect leisure spot for

her, and her loved ones.

She emphasizes upon how serene it is from the

balcony, during monsoon.


We would like to extend our gratitude to all the residents for their continued support and

cooperation in making VIVAREA a wonderful place to live. We hope that you have found this

newsletter informative and useful. If you have any feedback or suggestions, do reach out to us. Thank

you making VIVAREA, what it is!



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