July 2023 - Volume 07 Issue 02

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Hot Girl's Guide to Summer:

Catch Flights not Feelings

Written by Sydne Ware

It is officially the time of the year to book

flights, not feelings, and go on as many trips

as you can. I am a firm believer in traveling all

year around but there is something about

going on vacation in the summer that feels

different. The vibes are immaculate; the air is

warmer, your skin is glowing, and the clothes

just look better with the sun shining!

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The Reading Nook 03

Life's Unfair Paradox 08

Hot Girl's Guide: Catch

Flights not Feelings 14

Not You Usual Love Story:

Chapter 5 20

July 2023





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- Canada Day

- National Disco Day

- International Plastic Bag Free Day

- Fourth of July

- National Graham Crackers Day

- National Fried Chicken Day

- National Koi Day

- National Blueberry Day

- Argentine Independence Day

- Summer Session C Ends

- Cow Appreciation Day

- Malala Day

- National French Fry Day

- National Be Nice to Bugs Day

- National Pet Fire Safety Day

16 - Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

17 - Coral Reef Awareness Week

18 - Nelson Mandela International Day

19 - National Football Day

20 - International Chess Day

21 - National Junk Food Day

22 - Mango Day

23 - National Parents' Day

24 - International Self Care Day

25 - Guanacaste Day

26 - World Tofu Day

27 - Ashura

28 - National Milk Chocolate Day

29 - International Tiger Day

30 - National Cheesecake Day

31 - World Ranger Day



Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023








“The Cuban Heiress” is about two women

traveling on a luxury cruise in the

1930s, but each travels for a very

different reason. They have crossed

paths before, but in what capacity?

This is one of those books that I

picked up solely based on the cover.

Crazy, right? But just diving into it I

know I’ll enjoy it!

The Reading Nook 03

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023




“City on Fire” is book one of Don Winslow’s Danny Ryan series.

This story takes place in the 1990s and is your typical east

coast mobster storyline, but with a soft side (if you can

believe that). Winslow guides you through the life of Danny Ryan

who married into a mob family and tries to not only provide for

his family, but also do the right thing. But will he?

I flew through this book, it was that intriguing. Winslow’s

writing style is down to earth and raw, like you’re truly in the

book and can relate to each character.

Do you want to know how much I loved book one of the Danny Ryan

series? Just take a look at the next book.




“City of Dreams” is book two of Don Winslow’s Danny Ryan

series, and it picks up right where book one, “City on

Fire” left off. Danny Ryan is now on the west coast (for

reasons I won’t say - read book one!) with his young son

and a few of his crew members. “City of Dreams” almost

has a lighter tone as he tries to find himself and

figure out what he wants to really do with his life…

again. This was another knock-out book by Winslow.

Similar to “City on Fire,” the writing was emotional and

raw, but in this book I really felt like it wasn’t a

story about the mob, rather just a man trying to find

his way. I read this in one day, so this entire series

deserves a place on your ‘to read next’ shelf!


Do you ever pick up a book, read the back cover, and

have a pretty good idea of what the story is? This next

book was the opposite of what I expected and that’s the

best kind of surprise.

The Reading Nook


Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023



“Saint X” follows the life of a young woman, Claire, trying to

solve the murder of her older sister during a holiday vacation to

the island of Saint X. Claire gets a taxi ride from a man that was

a suspect in her sister's murder and becomes obsessed with him and

tries to find out if he truly murdered her sister. The writing was

intriguing because you really felt like you were in Claire’s head,

becoming obsessed with this man's every move. While I give this

book 4 out of 5 stars, it is a little slower to get into because

of the writing style and jumping from one time period to another.

However, once you get past the first couple of chapters you’ll be

so curious that you won’t be able to put the book down!

This next book will probably make my book nerds out there gasp in

horror. So, let’s clear the air; no, I’ve never read an Agatha

Christie book but you better believe I’ll be obsessively reading

them now.





“Murder on the Orient Express” is a classic story of

just that - murder on a train. A man named Samuel

Ratchett is found murdered in his cabin and a renowned

detective, Hercule Poirot, is also on the train. He

leads the investigation by interviewing each and every

passenger that was in the car at the time of the murder

with some fun twists and turns along the way. It’s a

short book and easy read but so phenomenally written

that you feel like you’re right there. I also enjoyed

how animated each and every character was; it really

came through on paper, especially when Poirot interviews

them. If any of you are still undecided about jumping

into the Agatha Christie world, don’t be a fool like me.

Do it!

I had to take a break from historical fiction books and

this next book got me right back into the mood!

The Reading Nook


Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023



“The Call of the Wrens” follows the lives of two people,

one during World War I and another during World War II.

Marion Hoxton, an orphan, serves in the Women’s Royal

Naval Service and cares for carrier pigeons that help

men on the fronts in France. Evelyn is an only child of

a well-to-do family, and also enlists in the Women’s

Royal Naval Service as a motorcycle driver delivering

messages across England. So how do their stories come



Wow, what a book! I’ll be honest, I was a few chapters

in and I had NO idea how Marion and Evelyn were

connected, and that was my favorite part of the book -

the sheer suspense and curiosity. The writing was so

well done, it was like you were right there on the

frontlines. Walsh really captured the time period well!




Jumping back into this amazing series

by James Patterson with the third

installment. Following the lives of a

San Francisco Detective, a medical

examiner, reporter, and an assistant

D.A. as they try to solve the murder of

three people found in a burning home.



While dealing with a possible careerending

event, Detective Lindsay Boxer

is fighting for her life while still

trying to solve a string of murders in

a small California town.



The Reading Nook


Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

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Find Us Online 07

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

Life’s Unfair Paradox:




This is dedicated to my grandfather,

my Aajoba, Sharad Gajanan Chivate.

Life’s Unfair Paradox: Suffering the Fate Of the Kind and Simple 08

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

June 18, 2023

Why is it that the people who are nice and the ones who live a

simple life, are the ones who suffer? They’ve never done

anything to cause trouble or to harm anyone; yet, they are the

ones who are punished by their health or situations around

them. Who does this? Who chooses which people are

punished and which people are happy? Whomever does

choose this, if that person is in heaven or hell right now, I

would like to have a word with them.

Losing someone is hard and unfortunately everyone goes

through that pain. The punishment I'm referring to is when

that person suffers. A short, quick death is easy. All family

members are affected by it and they mourn the loss of that

person. We say that they are free and try to move on with life,

but if it is a prolonged health issue, where the person is

hospitalized or has severe problems, then we, as the family,

can't bear to see it. After a certain amount of time, everyone

starts to feel that maybe it’s time, but who wants that fate?

How much we convince ourselves that death is inevitable or

in Hindi as they say, मौत सबको आनी है, we always hope and

pray that it never comes to any of our family members. I feel

that as an individual person, it is easy to see ourselves die.

Life’s Unfair Paradox: Suffering the Fate Of the Kind and Simple 09

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

Seeing any of our family members die however, is one of the

worst things in the world- even if you expect it. A family

member can be hospitalized for months and you know that

death is coming for them, but you can never bear to hope that

death will come. You can never pray saying “Please God, let

my family member die peacefully.” Yes, they might be

suffering and dying will set them free, but us human beings

are selfish. Especially when it comes to family, we want them

to live forever. We want them to see all of our achievements

and failures. We want their smiles, their jokes, their endless

knowledge, their disappointed looks, but more importantly

we want their love. Why? Because they’re our family.

The reason behind this memoir-like article is that I’ve

personally been experiencing it for the past two months. My

grandfather had been admitted into the hospital since April

30th and today, [June 18th], marks the seventh week of him

being hospitalized. These two months have by far, been the

worst of my life. I thought last year was tough, but life sure

knows how to throw you into difficult situations. On April

30th, our lives were flipped upside down with no idea what

was coming next. We had no idea if or when this would end

or better yet, what was the cause of all of it. My grandfather

had a fever for 10 days which wasn’t going down, therefore

he was admitted to the hospital.

Life’s Unfair Paradox: Suffering the Fate Of the Kind and Simple 10

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

For the first few days, the doctors performed at least 100 tests

to find the cause of the fever, but they came up empty. Then

one day, he started turning down meals, saying that he

couldn’t swallow; then he started coughing and hiccuping,

and that’s how we knew there’s something we didn’t notice.

After that scare, he had an MRI done that revealed that he had

a brain stroke, which only affected his swallowing

mechanism- basically, he suffered from Acute Left Half

Medullary Infarct. He was then moved to the ICU and a

tracheostomy was conducted and various tubes were

connected to his neck. Food was given through a peg in his

stomach and it looked like he was getting better, but we

didn’t know that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

After the tracheostomy, he was moved to the HDU and then

into a room. When we thought that he was getting better, his

fever came back and he was moved back to the ICU; then the

HDU and room again… then back to the ICU. This cycle

happened six times and throughout it, he had an infection in

his lung which wasn’t responding to the antibiotics. His body

wasn’t fighting the infection either. His oxygen levels were

dropping dangerously low and at the end, he was put on a

portable ventilator. The doctors gave us a choice, either

continue this treatment or allow nature to take its course. We

made the call on June 17th. We didn’t want him to suffer so

much so we signed the 'Allow Natural Death' document.

Life’s Unfair Paradox: Suffering the Fate Of the Kind and Simple 11

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

We are just hoping that he is happy with the life he led, he is

proud of his sons and grandchildren, and that he is peaceful as

he moves on.

It’s always hard to see a loved one leave this world. My

grandfather is still here thankfully but I can’t imagine the day

when I would have to say my goodbye. I don’t want to either.

I love my grandfather more than I can express in words. Even

though I don’t have a lot of memories alone with him, I have a

lifetime of memories with him and the whole family, which I

will treasure forever. He is the smartest person I know, next to

my father. He is a great human being and I don’t want to say

goodbye yet. This is Sharad Gajanan Chivate, a fighter, a

father, a grandfather and a loving human being. He’s my

grandfather, my Aajoba and I will love him till I can. He

deserves the world.

June 20, 2023

Aajoba passed away today and while I am grateful that he is

now free from the suffering, I also have a hole inside me. A

hole which only he can fill. Even though I knew this was

coming, I still can't believe that it actually happened.

Rest in peace Aajoba. I love you and I miss you. God, please

take care of my Aajoba and please look over my Aaji.

Life’s Unfair Paradox: Suffering the Fate Of the Kind and Simple 12

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

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Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023



C a t c h F l i g h t s N o t F e e l i n g s

By Sydne Ware

Pack your bags and buckle up

because we are going on vacation!

Metaphorically, at least.

Continued from

Cover Page


Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

Plus, you feel lighter and all your problems slip away once you

pass airport security- at least for me they do. My brain gets

turned off and Do Not Disturb gets turned on. Whether traveling

solo or with a group, there is something about being away from

the stresses of life that can't be beat.

“Hop on a flight and don’t look back" has been a motto I’ve tried

to incorporate into my life these past months. There are places I

want to go, and I don't want to wait for anyone to take me. There

have been bumps along the way, but I’ve learned so much and it

has made me a better traveler. Take these lessons from me as a

guide to see if traveling is something you want to try for yourself

or, if you already do, maybe we can compare notes.

1st lesson- This may sound controversial, but packing light is not

your best friend. You're in a place you've never been before; it's

not your house or your closet. You only brought half your skin

care routine and now you don't feel like the best version of

yourself because you left the things you like at home. So, if you

can, pack the extra outfit and the two alternative pairs of shoes.



Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

Pack as much as your suitcase holds so that you’re prepared for

anything. Of course, take this with a grain of salt because

sometimes over-packing can lead to problems too; but packing

efficiently so you are prepared without taking everything or

sacrificing half your routine is a happy balance.

Trust me, I have been the over-packer.

Stressing about my suitcase being too heavy and having to lug a

super heavy suitcase everywhere is no fun. I have been forced to

throw stuff away just to make sure I wouldn’t go over the weight

limit, and that is the worst way to end a trip. But I have also been

the under-packer who is not prepared because I tried to keep it

light. I have forgotten toothbrushes, combs, and entire outfits in

the name of packing light, and not being prepared leads to much

more stress. Either one ruins your experience, especially in the

airport, which brings me to my next lesson.

2nd lesson- Airports are the best and worst place you will ever

be. If you are going to an unfamiliar one, look up the layout

beforehand. See if it gets busy, check for places to eat and how far

those places are from your gate; the bigger the airport the worse

off you are because finding your way around becomes a

nightmare. Getting there early has always been a big help too.



Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

I turn into an “airport dad” because I need to be two hours early

with all my flight information ready. One thing I recommend is

getting CLEAR or TSA PreCheck. Using CLEAR has made my life

so much easier and hassle-free. If you are worried about cost, they

always have free trials and sales going on, and using it has helped

significantly with getting through travel days. The transportation

to and from the airport is important too. This is how I learned my

next lesson.

3rd Lesson- Keep Uber and Lyft updated, ready to use. Having

your rideshare apps available and updated is a lifesaver. There is

nothing worse than being stranded somewhere because your

account isn't working, or a card is not updated. I suggest using

UberOne because you can earn perks and rewards, and get

discounts just for using Uber. Even connecting points from

airlines like Delta can earn you rewards for both. There are so

many things that can happen, so having reliable transportation is

key when traveling.

Even having multiple apps can be a life saver. With varying wait

imes and fares, multiple options are helpful. Some places even have

a rideshare app called Alto that can be so nice depending on where

you are. It even has more safety precautions than Lyft and Uber.

Regardless, having multiple options will get you out of any situation

you find yourself in.



Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023




Honorable Mentions:

While I think the lessons above are the most important, some

other things I learned from travel are:

Keep track of your spending- This might be self-explanatory,

but the last thing you want is to be broke in another city, state,

or country. Have a budget and give yourself some wiggle room

because anything can happen.

Never let anyone you don't know have information on where

you're going or where you're staying- stranger danger is a thing

for a reason, use your best judgment if you get creepy vibes and

always trust your gut.

Always ask questions- Closed mouths don’t get fed! Ask for

what you want, even if you are not sure it’s possible. Asking

questions can get you to try new things, have once in a lifetime

experiences, and can help you in the future, so just ask.

These are just a few of the things that helped me, but I really

think they are the key to making traveling smooth when starting

out on your own. Packing, airport hacks, and methods of

transportation are so vital to your travel experience. Trial and

error are normal, but having smart decision-making skills and

having an open mind will get you far. Getting into your own

groove and figuring out how to travel your way makes it even

more enjoyable. Happy traveling hot girls!



Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023









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Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

N o t y o u r u s u a l



By: Sayalee Chivate

C h a p t e r

It was the morning of October 9th, my birthday. I

was excited for this birthday because it was the

first one with Oliver. At that thought, I woke up

and turned my alarm off. I checked my phone and I

saw Oliver’s message wishing me a happy birthday.

I typed out a quick thank you, played my favorite

songs, and got ready for the day.


I am out of the door by 8 am and have a coffee in

my hand when my phone buzzes. It’s Oliver again.

Not Your Usual Love Story: Chapter 5 20

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

O: Hey birthday girl! Do you

have time for dinner today?

S: I don’t know, I have to check my

schedule. But if I can’t, then we

will video call and have dinner.

O: Sure

Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

He read my message but didn’t reply to it which was strange, but

instead of fretting over it, I got back to work. It was around 8 pm

when I heard a knock at my door. Most of the people had already

left so I didn’t know who it was.

“Come in,” I said without looking up.

“Hey beautiful!” the guest said.

I whipped my head so fast that I was sure I broke my neck. But

that didn’t matter because standing in my office was my boyfriend

with a cake in one hand and a bag of takeout food in the other.

“Oliver!” I screamed/squeaked.

I quickly got up from my desk and ran to him. He had the same

idea so he kept the cake and food on the table, and gathered me in

his arms.

“Hi! What are you doing here? I thought we were video calling.”

“Yeah but I couldn’t leave you alone on your birthday.” he said. I

gave him a quick peck and he said...

Happy Birthday


Not Your Usual Love Story: Chapter 5


Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

I said “Thank you” while laughing.

Shortly after, we sat down and opened up the food and

started talking.

“So how was your day?”

“Boring and hectic. I had to juggle birthday phone calls and

work phone calls. What about yours? Speaking of, how are you

free right now?”

“I told the director that I needed to leave by 7:30 for my

girlfriend’s birthday. He was more than happy to comply.”

“Well I am glad he did because otherwise

this birthday would have been really sad.”

I said that and gave him a quick peck. We continued with our

conversation and finished our dinner. He took out the cake

and sang happy birthday as I cut it. I cut a small piece and fed

it to him. He then cut one more piece and fed it to me. After

eating it, I noticed that he had a mischievous look on his face.

I scooched away from him.

Not Your Usual Love Story: Chapter 5


Volume 07 Issue 02

July 2023

I have learned that when he gets that look, and if it is aimed at you, run away. Nothing

good can come out of that. He seemed to recognize my thought process as he grabbed

my arm with his one hand and kept me in place. He took the second hand, dipped it in

the cake and smeared cream on my face. I laughed and got away from him. I took off

running- not that it did anything good for me. The office was not a huge space to be

running around. He caught up to me and pulled me back using my waist. Both of us

were laughing hysterically as I turned to face him. He gently wiped the cream off my

face while I stared into his eyes.

“I love you.” he said.

I was shocked. And for a whole 10 seconds I was

completely speechless. “Hey, you okay?” he asked me.

I shook my head and said

“Yes, and…… I love you too Oliver.”

That’s when he gave me one of his swoon worthy smiles, lifted me up and spun me

around, again making me laugh. We stayed like that for some time and then started

cleaning everything.

It was one of the sweetest and simple birthdays I have ever had. It was like everything

was falling into place and I was finally happy. I never wanted this to change but fate

had other plans.

Not Your Usual Love Story: Chapter 5


Volume 06 Issue 04

April 2023

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