Somerset Folk Harp Festival

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Dedicated to expanding and<br />

connecting the folk harp community<br />

around the world.<br />

July 20 - 23<br />

Parsippany, NJ

carbon fiber<br />

Flight Case<br />

22 pounds<br />

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3<br />

23rd somerset folk harp festival<br />

11th Lifetime achievement award<br />

Deborah Henson-Conant<br />

“A volcano of constantly bubbling<br />

creativity” is how Jakez Francois<br />

President of Camac <strong>Harp</strong>s describes<br />

Deborah Henson-Conant. Anyone who<br />

has spent even five minutes with Deborah<br />

will get a sense of her bottomless well of<br />

inspiration. Her dedication to the harp<br />

and sharing that love and passion with<br />

others is palpable.<br />


© Jake Jacobson<br />

Instrument: “DHC” Electric <strong>Harp</strong> (CAMAC <strong>Harp</strong>s)<br />

Go to one of her classes or performances<br />

and you can’t help but be roused. She<br />

is endlessly encouraging and is equally<br />

at home teaching a workshop as she is<br />

performing on stage. Deborah has been a<br />

steller member of the <strong>Somerset</strong> family for<br />

around a decade and her star truly shines.<br />

I reached out to Jakez Francois, President of Camac <strong>Harp</strong>s and he had this to say:<br />

I can speak for many European harpists of my generation in saying that Deborah Henson-Conant was a sensational discovery! I would go so<br />

far as to describe her as a musical,aesthetic, psychological and emotional sensation. At the time of her famous concert at the 1990 World<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Congress (Paris, France), Deborah was pioneering a new musical genre fusing jazz and entertainment. Aesthetically, she was the first<br />

harpist who dared to go on stage completely ignoring classical norms. The way she challenged harp traditions resulted in a psychological<br />

Before- and After Deborah. Emotionally, I was lucky enough to meet her, thanks to Camac’s founder Joël Garnier. I am privileged to count<br />

her among my dearest friends in the harpist community. Deborah is a volcano of constantly bubbling creativity. In every discussion with her,<br />

I can see in her eyes that she is full of constantly spinning ideas. One idea leading to another, this is how her amazing idea for a portable<br />

electric harp was born. She experimented firstly for years on her own, then with Joël Garnier, and finally I had the opportunity to bring the<br />

project to fruition. The famous “DHC” harp now proudly bears her name.Dear Deborah, I am very proud to be associated with this Lifetime<br />

Achievement Award presented to you by the <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Festival</strong>. The harp would not be what it is today if you had not opened all these<br />

doors, and shown us the harp belongs to all styles, on all stages and in all creative contexts. We harpists and harp makers are indebted to<br />

you, for what you have given us is now an integral part of our creative DNA. On behalf of all harpists and harp makers, I thank you. And… I<br />

look forward to hearing your next idea!<br />

-Jakez Francois, President<br />

Camac <strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

4<br />

05<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Layout &<br />

Hotel Map<br />

07<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Schedule<br />

July 21 - 24<br />

08<br />

Special Events<br />

10<br />

2023 <strong>Festival</strong> Presenters<br />

18<br />

Online <strong>Festival</strong> Schedule<br />

19<br />

Exhibitor List & Exhibitor Hall<br />

20<br />

What You Need To Know<br />

Presented by:<br />

Moon Over the Trees Music and Theatre Productions®<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong><br />

228 E. Route 59, Ste 419<br />

Nanuet, NY 10954<br />

USA<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

5<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

6<br />

Come to <strong>Somerset</strong> and get inspired!<br />

This year we are starting a new <strong>Somerset</strong><br />

tradition where we will showcase an artist<br />

from a different country that has a harp<br />

tradition. This year we begin our journey in<br />

Ireland. I‘m so excited to share this beautiful<br />

artwork by Sorrell Reilly. During my podcast<br />

interview with Aisling Lyons on <strong>Harp</strong>Song®<br />

we spoke about the lovely artwork on her<br />

newest album, “Aistear“ and it‘s been in<br />

the back of my mind ever since. (Btw, Aisling<br />

will be joining us from Ireland on the second<br />

weekend of the festival: July 29-30.)<br />

Sorrell‘s image invokes the beauty of the<br />

land, the music, and the harp and how the<br />

music and the musician grow out of the<br />

land. If you love this image we have some<br />

items available on the website and we‘ll<br />

have posters and other limited edition items<br />

available as well.<br />

Maureen Buscareno<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Director<br />

official artwork<br />

2023 <strong>Festival</strong><br />

Artwork by<br />

Sorrell Reilly | Co. Clare, Ireland<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

2023 <strong>Somerset</strong> herp festival schedule<br />

July 20 - 23, 2023 | on-site and online<br />

THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2023<br />

Salon 1 Salon 4 Concert Hall Troy Hills 11 Room 5 Room 3 Room 7 Room 8 Room 9 Room 10 Room 4 Rm 1<br />

9:30-11am<br />

1-2:30pm Add-on: Hambly:<br />

Escape, Adv<br />

3-4:30pm Add-on: Hambly:<br />

Escape, Adv<br />

PM<br />

Add-on: Jackson:<br />

Escape, Int.<br />

Add-on: Jackson:<br />

Escape, Int.<br />

Maeve: Effortless<br />

technique I (Beg.) Add-on: Shelly<br />

Fairplay 1-5pm<br />

Maeve: Effortless<br />

technique II (int.<br />

/adv.)<br />

Add-on Shelly<br />

Fairplay 1-5pm<br />

CONCERT at 7:<br />

00pm 7:00pm Reception after concert in <strong>Festival</strong> Lobby<br />

Pierce: Youth<br />

Program Day 1<br />

Ortiz: Protection<br />

from Injury 1<br />

Hair: Scottish<br />

Ceilidh Dancing in<br />

Salons 2&3 9:<br />

30pm<br />

Bunn: Doublestrung<br />

harp<br />

improv techniques<br />

in therapy settings<br />

Staneslow: The<br />

Art of Practicing<br />

Tolosa:<br />

Venezuelan<br />

Caribbean<br />

Rhythms: Joropo<br />

Add-on: Brewin-<br />

Wilson: Escape,<br />

Beg.<br />

Add-on Brewin-<br />

Wilson: Escape,<br />

Beg.<br />

LIZA <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Regulation<br />

FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2023<br />

9:30-11am Gannon: Irish<br />

Dance Music:<br />

Dancing the tune<br />

Lunch Jaque Davison:<br />

"Internet for<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>ers 12:00-12:<br />

30pm<br />

1-2:30pm Hambly: From<br />

Scotland to Ireland<br />

3-4:30pm Gannon: Irish<br />

Music:<br />

Discovering the<br />

Music of the Petrie<br />

Collection<br />

Jackson: Messing<br />

with Chords<br />

Exhibit Hall<br />

Opens! 11am<br />

Hair: Mannin<br />

Aboo!<br />

Hair: <strong>Harp</strong>y-golucky<br />

Henson-Conant:<br />

Tell Your Story<br />

with Music<br />

Lunchtime<br />

Concert 11:30am-<br />

12:15pm <strong>Festival</strong><br />

Lobby<br />

Henson-Conant:<br />

Sing and Play<br />

Jackson:<br />

Accompanying<br />

Other Instruments<br />

Maeve: Create a<br />

Singing Tone<br />

Small <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Tasting 12-12:<br />

45pm Salon 4<br />

Maeve: Waltz<br />

Through Lever<br />

Changes<br />

Staneslow:<br />

Christmas in July<br />

Events CONCERT at 7:00pm <strong>Harp</strong>ers' Escape<br />

Play-Along<br />

Salon 4 at 9:30pm<br />

Sangineto: Italian<br />

Dance Music:<br />

Getting the<br />

Groove (beginner)<br />

Fairplay: Beauty of<br />

Simplicity<br />

Robertson:<br />

American Ballads<br />

& Airs<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong>'s Got<br />

Talent <strong>Festival</strong><br />

Lobby at 9:30pm<br />

Pierce: Youth<br />

Program Day 2<br />

Pierce: Youth <strong>Harp</strong> Day 2 Robertson:<br />

Inspired Arranging<br />

Elkan: Creating a<br />

Cradle of Sound<br />

Bunn: Playing<br />

Your Music for<br />

Single Strung<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> on a Double<br />

Hurrell: Playing<br />

Weddings of<br />

Different Faiths<br />

Hurrell: Spanish<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>'s Fiery<br />

Improvs &<br />

Sublime Fantasias<br />

Gordon-Cartier:<br />

Let the Spirit Move<br />

You<br />

Ortiz: Latin <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Special Effects<br />

Carter:<br />

Storytelling and<br />

the <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Patton:<br />

Troubadour songs<br />

for harp<br />

Sangineto: Italian<br />

Dance Music:<br />

Getting the<br />

Groove<br />

(intermediate)<br />

Tolosa: Ancient<br />

Romantic music<br />

from Venezuela<br />

Brewin-Wilson:<br />

Beginner's Basics<br />

Jensen: DIY Knot<br />

Tying 11:30am-<br />

12pm<br />

Brewin-Wilson:<br />

Beginner's Chord<br />

Basics<br />

SATURDAY, JULY 22, 2023<br />

9:30-11am Hambly: Carolan &<br />

the Music of the<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>er Composers<br />

Lunch Erika Lieberman:<br />

12-12:30pm<br />

The Modern Bard:<br />

Marketing<br />

Methods<br />

1-2:30pm Hambly:Irish<br />

Dance Music:<br />

Technique and<br />

Style<br />

3-4:30pm Gannon:<br />

Arranging Irish<br />

Slow Airs<br />

Hair: Highland<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>beat<br />

Exhibit Hall<br />

Opens! 11am<br />

Jackson:<br />

Arranging Pipe<br />

and Fiddle Tunes<br />

for <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Henson-Conant:<br />

Play Along Songs<br />

for Kids<br />

Lunchtime<br />

Concerts 11:30-12:<br />

15pm <strong>Festival</strong><br />

Lobby<br />

Henson-Conant:<br />

Power<br />

Progression<br />

Jackson: Where<br />

did that come<br />

from? Sangineto: Italian<br />

folk dances from<br />

the South<br />

Sangineto: Italian<br />

folk dances from<br />

the North<br />

Large <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Tasting 12-12:<br />

45pm Salon 4<br />

Gannon:<br />

accompaniment :<br />

Finding the tune<br />

within the tune<br />

Gordon-Cartier:<br />

Rhythm me this,<br />

Rhythm me that!!<br />

Events CONCERT at 7:00pm Italian Dancing w/<br />

Adriano 9:30pm<br />

Salon 4<br />

Fairplay:Pop with<br />

Pizazz – Create<br />

Your Own!<br />

Patton & Carter:<br />

The <strong>Harp</strong> in Spain<br />

and the New World<br />

Robertson: Lilting<br />

Lullabies<br />

Irish Session with<br />

Kim Robertson 9:<br />

30pm <strong>Festival</strong><br />

Lobby<br />

Pierce: Youth<br />

Program Day 3<br />

Pierce: Youth<br />

Program Day 3<br />

Hurrell:<br />

Renaissance <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Ensemble<br />

Ortiz: Latin<br />

American<br />

Rhythmic and<br />

Accompaniment<br />

Patterns<br />

Waring: on-site<br />

only, no zoom 9:<br />

30-1:30pm<br />

Staneslow:<br />

Shetland tunes to<br />

get your playing to<br />

flow<br />

Ortiz: Protection<br />

from Injury 2<br />

Elkan: Fifty Ways<br />

to Play Your<br />

Tunes<br />

Patton: 17th<br />

century Spanish<br />

Dances<br />

Gordon-Cartier:<br />

Let's Get It Started<br />

Tolosa:<br />

Venezuelan<br />

Merengue<br />

Carter: Latin<br />

American Song:<br />

Learn Moliendo<br />

Café” (Grinding<br />

Coffee)<br />

Patton: Lute music<br />

for the harp<br />

Hurrell: Irish <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Music in the<br />

Regency Era<br />

Fairplay: Time for<br />

your Left Hand to<br />

Shine!<br />

Brewin-Wilson:<br />

Beginner's<br />

Coordination<br />

Basics<br />

Jensen: DIY 2:<br />

Tuning 11:30-12<br />

Jensen: <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Regulation &<br />

Maintenance<br />

SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2023 Kathy Blair Nyx Shyamali Bennett Blake Eli Wendy Mike Debbie<br />

9:30-11am Robertson:<br />

Groovy Basslines<br />

Exhibit Hall<br />

Opens! 11am-3pm<br />

Staneslow:<br />

Creating Beauty<br />

and<br />

improvisational<br />

patterns used in<br />

therapeutic harp<br />

Fairplay:Sunday<br />

Meet-Up 9-9:30<br />

Henson-Conant:<br />

The Art of Creative<br />

Confidence 9:30-5:<br />

30<br />

Brewin-Wilson:<br />

Celtic Service 8am<br />

on Bennett's Zoom<br />

in Executive Suite<br />

HHS 9:30-10pm Fairplay:<br />

Arranging<br />

Lullabies: The Gift<br />

of Lullabies<br />

HHS 9:30-10pm CONCERT at 12pm<br />

Salons 2&3<br />

5<br />

Pierce: Youth<br />

Program Day 4<br />

Hair: Pipe down<br />

with the harp<br />

Tolosa:<br />

Venezuelan<br />

Orquídea<br />

Hambly: The<br />

History of the <strong>Harp</strong><br />

in Ireland:<br />

Carter: Playing<br />

Pachelbel’s Canon<br />

in Different Latin<br />

American<br />

Rhythms<br />

Gordon-Cartier:<br />

Making a living as<br />

a gigging harpist -<br />

‘You want me to<br />

play what??

8<br />

special events<br />

Evening Concerts will be held in the Concert Hall<br />

General seating for all concerts.<br />

Thursday 7/20/2023<br />

evening CONCERT<br />

FriDAY | 7 pm<br />

Eileen Gannon, Deborah Henson-Conant, Robbin<br />

Gordon-Cartier and Friends, Maeve Gilchrist<br />

lifetime achievement<br />

award presentation<br />

Deborah Henson-Conant<br />

opening night soireé<br />

after the concert<br />

Sponsored by Camac <strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

special event<br />

thursDAY | 9:30 pm<br />

Scottish Ceilidh Dancing with<br />

Rachel Hair<br />

friday 7/21/2023<br />

lunchtime CONCERT<br />

FriDAY | 11:30 am<br />

Bedside <strong>Harp</strong> Ensemble under the<br />

direction of Edie Elkan<br />

special event<br />

FriDAY | 12 pm<br />

Small <strong>Harp</strong> Tasting and Small Double<br />

Strung Tasting with Kim Adamson<br />


FRIDAY<br />

Christa Patton, Nicolas Carter, Sunita Staneslow,<br />

Angel & Luis Toloso<br />

special event<br />

friDAY | 9:30 pm<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong>’s Got Talent<br />

special event<br />

friDAY | 9:30 pm<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>ers’ Escape Play-Along<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

9<br />

saturday 7/22/2023<br />


SATURDAY | 11:30 am<br />

Youth <strong>Harp</strong> Program Under the Direction of Nia<br />

Pierce and The Cicely Tyson School of the Arts<br />

Under the Direction of Robbin Gordon-Cartier<br />

special event<br />

saturDAY | 12 pm<br />

Large <strong>Harp</strong> Tasting with Kim<br />

Adamson<br />


saturDAY | 7pm<br />

Shelley Fairplay, Rachel Hair, Gráinne Hambly &<br />

William Jackson, Ensemble Sangineto<br />

special event<br />

saturDAY | 9:30 pm<br />

Irish Session with Kim Robertson<br />

special event<br />

saturDAY | 9:30 pm<br />

Italian Traditional Dancing with<br />

Ensemble Sangineto<br />

sunday 7/23/2023<br />

afternoon CONCERT<br />

SUNDAY | 12 pm<br />

Kathy DeAngelo & Dennis Gormley,<br />

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz<br />


SUNDAY | 8 pm<br />

HHS Conference Concert: William Jackson,<br />

Adriano Sangineto, Christa Patton, Nancy<br />

Hurrell and Mara Galassi<br />

The use of cellphones or other devices to<br />

photograph or record during the concerts is<br />

not only distracting to others but is strictly<br />

prohibited. If you value an artist’s performance,<br />

take them home with you by buying their<br />

books and CDs at the festival desk in the lobby<br />

following the concert.<br />


Hallway outside Room 11<br />

Friday & Saturday<br />

11:30am-1pm<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

10<br />

2023 presenters<br />

in-person presenters | july 20-23, 2023<br />

Debbie Brewin-Wilson is a passionate musician, ordained priest, and creator of <strong>Somerset</strong>’s<br />

Basically Beginning program. She blends her artistry with her love for Robert Burns, creating<br />

music that reflects his appreciation for natural and unpretentious singing. Cofounder, with<br />

Kathy DeAngelo of the <strong>Harp</strong>er’s Escape, she was on staff at the Escape for all of its 24 years<br />

and co-authored the Escape tunebooks.<br />

Lute and harp builder David Brown will present at the Historical <strong>Harp</strong> Society‘s conference. He<br />

has worked on museum projects and contributed to seminars on early instrument construction.<br />

His interest in Welsh triple harp construction spans the 18th to 19th centuries.<br />

Deette Bunn is a passionate harpist who has performed and taught throughout the US. She is<br />

a faculty member at Syracuse and Cornell Universities and directs Harmony of <strong>Harp</strong>s, a local<br />

lever harp ensemble. She also works as a double-harp therapist. Deette has been a long-time<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong> attendee and her workshops are always well-received.<br />

Nicolas Carter, a Paraguayan-American harpist, has a love for both music and theater. He has<br />

performed internationally as a solo harpist and accompanist, and his CDs reflect his fluency in<br />

multiple musical idioms. Nicolas combines his passion for music with a deep interest in theatre,<br />

and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Direction from the University of Minnesota. He<br />

is based in White Plains, NY, and gigs all over the United States.<br />

Jaque Davison, an author, cartoonist, and retired Army officer, created „<strong>Harp</strong>s: A Virtual<br />

Reality World,“ a website with over 2100 harp-related links. His research will help you learn<br />

about the harp, no matter your level of experience.<br />

Kathy DeAngelo, Director ​Emeritus of <strong>Somerset</strong> and passionate harper with a great love of Irish<br />

Music, has been involved in the folk music scene for over 40 years. In the 1990’s with Debbie<br />

Brewin-Wilson she started the <strong>Harp</strong>er’s Escape in an effort to create a shared repertoire for<br />

harpers. She is a talented harpist, teacher, and organizer. She has been inducted into the Mid-<br />

Atlantic Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann Hall of Fame and the Delaware Valley Irish Hall of Fame.<br />

To read more about our presenters, please visit somersetharpfest.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

2023 presenters<br />

in-person presenters | july 20-23, 2023<br />

11<br />

Edie Elkan found solace in the harp during her own grief. She founded Bedside <strong>Harp</strong> in<br />

2002, offering harp therapy in hospitals. Her research project in 2005 demonstrated the<br />

anxiety-reducing effects of live harp music during chemotherapy. Edie authored books on<br />

harp therapy and teaching, including “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (about <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Therapy)“ and “The Edie Elkan Method of Teaching <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> as an Instrument of Healing“.<br />

Her workshop recording, “Oodles of Noodles“, is available on a 4-set.<br />

Shelley Fairplay began playing the harp at 9 after studying the piano for several years. She<br />

played in ensembles, orchestras, and provided music for theater performances. She has a<br />

BMus from Cardiff and a Masters from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. She is a<br />

qualified Primary School teacher and has an online teaching program. She is passionate about<br />

the harp and is presenting at the festival for the third time, this time in person.<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong> welcomes world-renowned harpist and musicologist Mara Galassi to The<br />

Historical <strong>Harp</strong> Society’s Sunday Conference Add-On. Galassi specializes in music for early<br />

harps, including gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque instruments—double (cross-strung) and<br />

triple harps of the Renaissance and Baroque eras and Classical-era single-action pedal<br />

harps in particular. and has taught at prestigious music schools around the world.<br />

Eileen Gannon is an acclaimed Irish harper, director of St. Louis Irish Arts, and touring musician. Eileen<br />

has one solo album, The Glory Days are Over, and appears on albums with Tommy Martin, Eimear<br />

Arkins, Bernadette NicGabhann, and Robert Ryan. With a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance<br />

from St. Louis University, and a master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from University of Limerick, She<br />

has a unique accompaniment style and clear tone, and teaches technique to all levels.<br />

As a harper and composer Edinburgh-born Maeve Gilchrist thrives on innovation and<br />

improvisation. Steeped in both classical and traditional music with a great love of jazz,<br />

Maeve also studied jazz at Berklee and became their first lever harp instructor. She tours<br />

internationally and has performed at many prestigious events.<br />

Robbin Gordon-Cartier is a harpist and educator who teaches a well-regarded harp program<br />

in East Orange, NJ, at the Cicely Tyson‘s School of the Performing Arts. She has performed at<br />

Carnegie Hall, events honoring Cicely Tyson and Sir James Galway, and churches and gospel<br />

events. She also teaches at Kean University. Her CD is called Just As I Am.<br />

To read more about our presenters, please visit somersetharpfest.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

12<br />

2023 presenters<br />

in-person presenters | july 20-23, 2023<br />

Rachel Hair is an acclaimed harper and teacher. She won two BBC Alba Scots Trad awards for<br />

her online harp music events and classes during the pandemic. She grew up in the Highlands<br />

and now divides her time between Glasgow and the Isle of Man. She just released her sixth<br />

album, élan.<br />

Grainné Hambly is a world-renowned Irish harpist who has inspired a generation of harpists<br />

through her mastery of the instrument. Popular worldwide for her performing and arranging<br />

of tunes she is also a sought after educator. Her classes are a perfect match for the advancing<br />

student, eager to take on challenges.<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong> welcomes Deborah Henson-Conant, 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award<br />

recipient, to challenge you to boldly go where no harper has gone before. A Grammynominated<br />

musician,Deborah has brought the harp out of the demure background and into<br />

the electric limelight! Mixing music and theatre Deborah performs solo or with a symphony<br />

with equal ease.<br />

Nancy Hurrell is a harpist who plays modern and historical harps. She promotes her interest<br />

in harp history in workshops, journal articles and her book on the nineteenth century Irish harp<br />

maker John Egan, “The Egan Irish <strong>Harp</strong>s:Tradition, patrons and players “(Four Courts Press, 2019).<br />

She has presented at museums and universities, and teaches harp classes.<br />

William Jackson is a multi-talented musician, composer, and performer. He is a founding<br />

member of the Scottish band Ossian and has released several solo albums. He is also the<br />

author of a book on Scottish traditional music. Jackson will be leading the <strong>Harp</strong>ers‘ Escape<br />

Add-On at <strong>Somerset</strong> on Thursday. He is a highly respected musician and we are happy to have<br />

him in person.<br />

Liza Jensen is a harp technician who has studied with master harp builders and is a warranty<br />

repair service for Triplett <strong>Harp</strong>s and Camac <strong>Harp</strong>s. She is the only American woman to be invited<br />

by Jakez Francois, president of Camac <strong>Harp</strong>s, the most innovative harp manufacturer in the<br />

world, to become a warranty repair service for their company. She travels the world for her work<br />

and will be available for harp regulation and minor repairs on-site at <strong>Somerset</strong>.<br />

To read more about our presenters, please visit somersetharpfest.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

2023 presenters<br />

in-person presenters | july 20-23, 2023<br />

13<br />

Erika Lieberman fell in love with the harp 25 years ago at a California Renaissance festival. She<br />

now performs with her harp at renaissance festivals, weddings, nursing homes, and theatrical<br />

events. She is a solo harpist, member of ensembles and folk bands, and graduate of New York<br />

University. She teaches beginner harp students in Portchester, NY.<br />

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz is a Cuban-born composer and performer of the Paraguayan harp.<br />

He has a multi-cultural repertoire that covers folk, classical, and popular music. He was<br />

commissioned to compose a piece for the Tenth World <strong>Harp</strong> Congress, which was performed by<br />

232 harpists. He has also received awards for his work.<br />

Christa Patton is a classically trained oboist who discovered the harp as an adult. She<br />

was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study the Baroque harp in Milan, Italy. She has<br />

performed with many early music ensembles and is a past president of the Historical<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Society. She will be presenting at the Historical <strong>Harp</strong> Society‘s Conference on<br />

Sunday.<br />

Nia Pierce is a talented musician who graduated from The College of New Jersey with a BA in Music<br />

Education. She has worked as a music teacher and mentor, and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts<br />

in Education Policy at Columbia University’s Teachers College. Nia hopes to use her education to<br />

inspire the next generation of leaders.<br />

Kim Robertson is a pioneer of the American folk harp. She is classically trained but brings<br />

a contemporary touch to her music. She has a loyal following and has released many<br />

CDs and instructional videos. She is a popular workshop leader and received our Lifetime<br />

Achievement Award in 2019. Welcome back, Kim!<br />

Celtic harpist Adriano Sangineto, who grew up in a musical family, performs at <strong>Somerset</strong> for<br />

the first time. He‘ll play folk music from Italy and Early Music, and his sister Caterina and Jacopo<br />

Ventura will join him at the Historical <strong>Harp</strong> Society’s Sunday Add-On. Adriano will also teach<br />

traditional Italian dances on Saturday night.<br />

To read more about our presenters, please visit somersetharpfest.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

14<br />

2023 presenters<br />

in-person presenters | july 20-23, 2023<br />

Sunita Staneslow is a versatile musician who plays the flute, harp, and piano. She studied<br />

classical music with renowned harpists and began arranging Jewish music for the harp while<br />

living in Jerusalem, and now works as a therapeutic musician at a children‘s hospital. She also<br />

provides resources for aspiring harpists.<br />

Bill Taylor is a harpist who specializes in ancient music from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. He<br />

performs and teaches in the Scottish Highlands and has recorded extensively. He is also a popular<br />

teacher and workshop leader.<br />

Angel Tolosa, a Venezuelan musician, is considered one of the best harpists of his generation.<br />

He founded the A Contratiempo Ensemble at 18 to explore Venezuelan musical genres on<br />

the harp. He is a professor, member of the Official Association of Culture, and Venezuelan<br />

representative in the First Mexican <strong>Folk</strong>loric <strong>Harp</strong> School.<br />

To read more about our presenters, please visit somersetharpfest.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

2023 presenters<br />

online presenters | july 29-30, 2023<br />

15<br />

Erik Ask-Upmark is a Swedish folk musician who<br />

plays the piano, harpsichord, Swedish bagpipes,<br />

and Gothic harps. He has recorded several CDs and<br />

earned the title of “Riksspelman“ (Master musician of<br />

the Realm in Sweden) and performs with his groups<br />

Svanevit, Dråm and Falsobordone. He lives at the tip<br />

of Sweden.<br />

Màiri Chaimbeul is a versatile harper and composer<br />

from the Isle of Skye. She tours internationally with<br />

US/Scottish fiddler Jenna Moynihan, Canadian <strong>Folk</strong><br />

Music, Aerialists, and Quilting. She is a graduate of<br />

Berklee College of Music where she was awarded<br />

the American Roots Award, before joining the<br />

college‘s faculty from 2018-2022. She also maintains<br />

a small online private teaching studio as well as<br />

regularly teaching workshops internationally.<br />

Dr. Sandra Joyce is a traditional singer, bodhrán<br />

player, and academic. She has performed all over<br />

the world and released a CD in February 2023.<br />

She is Executive Dean at the University of Limerick<br />

and Course Director of the MA Irish Music Studies.<br />

Her research interests include Irish harp and<br />

song traditions, historical ethnomusicology, and<br />

environmental humanities.<br />

Tristan Le Govic, a Celtic harpist from Brittany, will<br />

regale us with his music. He began playing at six and<br />

has traveled widely, performing in Ireland, Scotland,<br />

and beyond. He is a master of both acoustic and<br />

electric harp, and his music ranges from traditional<br />

to jazz. He has released numerous CDs and music<br />

collections, and is featured in a documentary on the<br />

Celtic harp.<br />

To read more about our presenters, please visit somersetharpfest.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

16<br />

2023 presenters<br />

online presenters | july 29-30, 2023<br />

Karen Loomis, Assistant Director of the Historical<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Society of Ireland, is a specialist in musical<br />

instrument research, with expertise in the historical<br />

harps of Ireland and Scotland. . She has conducted<br />

groundbreaking studies on historical harps, shares<br />

her knowledge at workshops and passion for<br />

these harps at workshops, and is a teacher and<br />

administrator for Acadamh na gCláirseach–Academy<br />

of Early Irish <strong>Harp</strong>.<br />

Aisling Lyons is a multi-award-winning harper,<br />

concertina player, and composer from County Clare.<br />

Aisling has been described as ‘one of the rising stars<br />

and budding composers of the Irish harp world –<br />

rooted in tradition and beautifully inventive’, Holder<br />

of 8 All-Ireland titles. She has performed all over the<br />

world and has been nominated for several awards.<br />

Her debut album, Aistear, was released in 2021 to<br />

critical acclaim.<br />

Tomoko Sugawara studied harp at Tokyo<br />

University of the Arts and Cultural History at Seijo<br />

University. She has conducted research and<br />

received awards from the Dunhuang Foundation<br />

and NYC Arts and Cultural Affairs. In 2013, Tomoko<br />

founded the Eurasia Consort, which performs<br />

ancient music from the Chinese Tang Court. She<br />

was a visiting researcher and kugo teacher at the<br />

Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2018 - 2019.<br />

Tomoko enjoys playing harps from East & West,<br />

including the kugo, Renaissance harp, and Baroque<br />

triple harp.<br />

Everything you need to attend the<br />

festival Online can be found in the<br />

Member Area of our website. There<br />

you can find a Live Events page which<br />

will bring you to the Zoom rooms. You<br />

can take any of the other video online<br />

workshops at your convenience (Curated<br />

Archive Videos from 2020-2022 can be<br />

added to your subscription). All-Access<br />

registrants have access from July 1 -<br />

October 31. Limited-Time registrants<br />

have access from July 1 - July 31.<br />

To read more about our presenters, please visit somersetharpfest.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

2023 presenters<br />

online presenters | saturdays in september<br />

17<br />

Singer/songwriter Martha Gallagher defies<br />

musical pigeon-holes and has been sharing her<br />

distinctive and richly varied performances with<br />

audiences for over 30 years. Her diverse musical<br />

experiences range from playing as a classical<br />

flautist in a symphony orchestra to being lead<br />

singer in rock and jazz/blues bands. Her original<br />

songs glide from wailing blues to Latin grooves to<br />

Classical inspirations, from swingin‘ Jazz to vibrant<br />

contemporary <strong>Folk</strong>. Her voice can be smokin‘ hot<br />

or achingly tender. Martha has performed with<br />

such luminaries as six-time Grammy winners, The<br />

Chieftains. The 2007 premiere of her innovative<br />

original work featuring Celtic harp, voice,<br />

and taiko drums marked a world’s first of this<br />

performance configuration.<br />

In 2002 Karen Petersen discovered lever harps at<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong> and was intrigued by the healing work<br />

of therapeutic harp programs. Before long Karen<br />

became a Certified Music Practitioner. Since 2010,<br />

she has played harp at Cooperman Barnabas<br />

Medical Center, and found ways to provide music<br />

for staff when patient access was restricted<br />

during COVID. Karen has served on the Board of<br />

Directors for MHTP and the National Standards<br />

Board for Therapeutic Musicians. She arranges<br />

harp music and gives private lessons and enjoys<br />

helping adult learners have fun playing. Her first<br />

book, Enjoy the Modes, demonstrates on lever<br />

and pedestal harps, the characteristics of music<br />

modes. We welcome her for her third time as a<br />

presenter at the festival.<br />

To read more about our presenters, please visit somersetharpfest.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

18<br />

Second “Live” Weekend<br />


All times shown in ET. Adjust for your own time zone.<br />

Workshops are recorded and available later for replay.<br />

SATURDAY 7/29/23<br />

10-11:30am Early Irish <strong>Harp</strong>: Introduction to playing Karen Loomis<br />

10-11:30am Alan Stivell’s Breton Music Tristan LeGovic<br />

10-11:30am Music Business Basics Kathy DeAngelo<br />

1-2:30pm Silk Road Journey of the Ancient Asian <strong>Harp</strong> Tomoko Sugawara<br />

1-2:30pm Breton Music's Early History Tristan LeGovic<br />

3-4:30pm<br />

Scottish Gaelic Language and Song: Isle of<br />

South Uist<br />

Màiri Chaimbeul<br />

3-4:30pm <strong>Harp</strong> Studies : Perspectives on the Irish <strong>Harp</strong> Sandra Joyce<br />

SUNDAY 7/30/23<br />

10-11:30am Composers from County Clare Aisling Lyons<br />

10-11:30am Breton Music Made Easy Tristan LeGovic<br />

10-11:30am Traditional Swedish Christmas music Erik Ask-Upmark<br />

1-2:30pm<br />

Scottish Gaelic Language and Song: Isle of<br />

Skye<br />

Màiri Chaimbeul<br />

1-2:30pm Breton Legends & Myths Tristan LeGovic<br />

3-4:30pm Arranging Music Through the Centuries Tomoko Sugawara<br />

1-2:30pm Inspiration for composition Aisling Lyons<br />

5-6:30pm Recording the <strong>Harp</strong> Erik Ask-Upmark<br />


9/2/2023<br />

Presented on Zoom<br />

Therapeutic <strong>Harp</strong> Discussion Panels Part 1 and<br />

Part 2<br />

9/9/2023 10-11:30am Seasons of the <strong>Harp</strong> Sampler Martha Gallagher<br />

Led by Karen Peterson & Maureen Buscareno<br />

9/16/2023 1-4:30pm <strong>Harp</strong>ers' Escape Use it or Lose It Day ( Add-on) Brewin-Wilson (beg), DeAngelo (int), Hambly (adv)<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

exhibit hall<br />

Friday: 11 am – 6 pm • Saturday: 11 am – 6 pm • Sunday: 12 pm – 3 pm<br />

19<br />

Hayden<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

Clairsech<br />

House<br />

Carol<br />

Kappus<br />

Sherring<br />

Energy<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> for<br />

Healing<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>li<br />

Virginia<br />

<strong>Harp</strong><br />

Center<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Jewelry<br />

Designs<br />

by Luzma<br />

Deep<br />

Peace<br />

Music<br />

FomoFX/<br />

Virtual Jeff<br />

Marini Made<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

Wind<br />

River<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

Camac<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

Cape Side<br />

Music<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Parking<br />

Concert Hall<br />

Evening Concerts at 7:30pm<br />

Masks are Optional<br />

STAGE<br />

Musicmakers<br />

Dusty<br />

Strings<br />

Stoney End<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

Bedside<br />

<strong>Harp</strong><br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Lobby<br />

Use this entrance<br />

for harp parking<br />

Bedside <strong>Harp</strong><br />

P.O.Box 656<br />

Langhorne, PA 19047<br />

215-752-7599<br />

www.bedsideharp.com<br />

Deep Peace Music<br />

267-227-3019<br />

info@deeppeacemusic.com<br />

www.joannamell.com<br />

harpli<br />

PO Box 572<br />

Ft Garland, CO 81133<br />

844-711-HARP<br />

www.harpli.com<br />

Virginia <strong>Harp</strong> Center<br />

14356 Sommerville Ct<br />

Midlothian, VA 23113<br />

804-378-3761<br />

www.vaharpcenter.com<br />

Camac <strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

La Richerais – BP 15<br />

44850 Mouzeil – France<br />

+33 (0) 2 40 97 24 97<br />

info@camac-harps.com<br />

www.camac-harps.com/en/<br />

Cape Side Music<br />

P O Box 922<br />

West Chatham, MA 02669<br />

508-945-9525<br />

www.capesidemusic.com<br />

Carol Kappus<br />

9703 Island Lake Rd.<br />

Dexter, MI 48130<br />

734-355-0578<br />

www.carolkappus.com<br />

Clairsech House<br />

F. Marion Redd<br />

North Carolina<br />

scribexyz777@gmail.com<br />

Dusty Strings<br />

3450 16th Ave W<br />

Seattle, WA 98109<br />

206-634-1656<br />

www.dustystrings.com<br />

FomoFX/Virtual Jeff<br />

Melbourne Victoria<br />

Australia<br />

https://fomofx.au/<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> for Healing<br />

920 4th Avenue<br />

Havre, Montana 59501-4506<br />

harpforhealing@gmail.com<br />

www.harpforhealing.com<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Jewelry Designs by Luzma<br />

P. O. Box 911<br />

Corona, CA 92878-0911<br />

Luzma@<strong>Harp</strong>Jewelry.com<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>Jewelry.com<br />

Marini Made <strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

704 Wallace Rd.<br />

New Holland, PA 17557<br />

(717) 355-0897<br />

www.marinimadeharps.com<br />

Musicmakers<br />

P O Box 2117<br />

Stillwater, MN 55082<br />

651-439-9120<br />

www.harpkit.com<br />

Sherring Energy<br />

Sherri Nicholas<br />

(Licensed Massage Therapist)<br />

about.me/sherrianicholas<br />

Stoney End <strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

920 MN 19<br />

Red Wing, MN 55066<br />

651-388- 8400<br />

www.stoneyend.com<br />

Wind River <strong>Harp</strong>s<br />

1413 Wind River Drive SE<br />

Huntsville, AL 35802<br />

www.windriverharps.com<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

20<br />

what you need to know<br />

Welcome to the 23rd Annual<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong>!<br />

We’d like to make your festival<br />

experience as positive and<br />

rewarding as possible. Please<br />

take a few moments to review the<br />

information on this page.<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Desk & Staff: Open 9am-<br />

10pm<br />

Got Questions? Our staff will be at the<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Desk, just outside Salon 4, from<br />

9am to just after each concert. We’re<br />

here to help you get the most out of the<br />

festival.<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> & Presenter Merchandise<br />

The <strong>Festival</strong> Desk is your destination<br />

for purchasing presenter music and<br />

recordings as well as festival wearables<br />

and items. NJ State Sales Tax is 6.625%<br />

will be added to merchandise, except<br />

clothing. We take credit cards. Need<br />

cash? The hotel has an ATM just off their<br />

main lobby.<br />

Badges with Dots<br />

Attendees who signed up for Add-ons:<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>ers’ Escape, Shelley Fairplay,<br />

Deborah Henson-Conant, or The<br />

Historical <strong>Harp</strong> Society’s Sunday<br />

conference will have a dot on their<br />

badges to indicate their chosen Add-on.<br />

Masks<br />

Do whatever makes you feel<br />

comfortable. They are optional, but<br />

encouraged at the evening concerts.<br />

Meal Tickets<br />

If you paid for meal tickets they will be<br />

given to you at check-in. If you need to<br />

purchase Breakfast and/or Dinner buffet<br />

tickets you can purchase them at The<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Desk.<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Lounge<br />

New this year is the <strong>Festival</strong> Lounge in<br />

Salons 2&3. There you will find a place<br />

to relax, connect with friends, try out<br />

some crafts, have a cup of coffee/tea<br />

and even say hi to folks online.<br />

Meals and Refreshments<br />

Meal Tickets: If you purchased Meal<br />

Tickets, you will get those tickets when<br />

you check-in. Want to purchase tickets<br />

to the Breakfast and/or Dinner Buffets?<br />

Stop by The <strong>Festival</strong> Desk.<br />

Where: All buffets will take place in<br />

a private dining area of the Amuse<br />

restaurant.<br />

Meal Times: Breakfast 7:30-9:30am;<br />

Dinner 5-7:00pm. To-go containers are<br />

available.<br />

The Amuse Restaurant: If you prefer you<br />

can dine à la carte at Amuse. Open daily<br />

for breakfast from 7-11am. The Amuse<br />

bar opens at 4pm.<br />

Lunch: a Grab & Go station with assorted<br />

salads, sandwiches & wraps, fruit,<br />

beverages and other quick-grab items<br />

you can purchase as you’re running into<br />

the <strong>Harp</strong> Tastings, Lunchtime concert or<br />

just want to have lunch with your friends.<br />

Complimentary Refreshment Station:<br />

This year as a thank you to our In-<br />

Person attendees and guests and<br />

our Presenters and Exhibitors we are<br />

setting up a refreshment station in our<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Lounge Salons 2&3. You’ll find<br />

complimentary coffee, tea, and water.<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Parking<br />

Is located adjacent to the Exhibit Hall<br />

(see map). Hours of operation are 9am-<br />

9pm. You can temporarily park your<br />

harp while you are shopping or eating.<br />

Space is limited. <strong>Harp</strong> parking at your<br />

own risk. Not responsible for harps left<br />

overnight. Feel free to leave your harp<br />

at the back of the workshop room at<br />

lunchtime preferably in its case (except<br />

for Salons 2&3, which will be used for<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Tastings)<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Regulator<br />

Liza Jensen is our on-site harp regulator<br />

and will perform minor maintenance and<br />

repairs. Liza’s workroom at the festival<br />

is Boonton, Room 1 (see map). Don’t<br />

miss this chance to have somebody else<br />

change your strings or fix that buzz!<br />

Call her at 917-696-5974 or email her at<br />

info@lizaharpcentral.com to get on her<br />

schedule.<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>ers Ferry<br />

We have a harp cart/dolly you can<br />

borrow to get your harp to/from<br />

workshops. Inquire at the <strong>Festival</strong> Desk.<br />

Lost & Found Box<br />

We have a Lost & Found box at the<br />

Registration Desk for all those items<br />

like tuning keys, tuners, clothing items<br />

and other things that get left behind in<br />

workshop rooms.<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

Workshop Etiquette & Guide<br />

Workshop Length: Workshops are 90 minutes, except for some<br />

workshops during lunchtime.<br />

Here are some general guidelines for attending<br />

the workshops, outside of the golden rule of being<br />

considerate.<br />

• Turn off your cell phone or put it on vibrate mode.<br />

• Do NOT talk on cell phones at all during the workshop.<br />

• Arrive on time and be in tune. If you arrive late, come in<br />

quietly and without fanfare. If it’s a hands-on workshop in<br />

progress, please take your harp out of the case outside of<br />

the room to be less of a distraction.<br />

• Making recordings of workshops: No need. Workshops<br />

are being recorded so you can go back and rewatch on<br />

<strong>Somerset</strong> Online until October 31 for VIP and Online All<br />

Access. Limited Time folks have until Aug 7, 2023.<br />

• Handouts: Print out the workshop handouts from the<br />

member area of the festival’s website before you get to the<br />

workshop or download to your device and use that. We are<br />

limiting the number of copies we are doing on-site.<br />

• Workshop levels: if a workshop is listed for beginners,<br />

anyone can attend, but don’t overwhelm the real beginners<br />

or push the presenter to go faster. Likewise, if the level is<br />

listed as Advanced, bear that in mind if you’re a beginner.<br />

Remember, all workshops are recorded and online later for<br />

replay.<br />

• Pay attention and do not noodle on your harp strings<br />

unless asked to! Avoid chatting with your neighbor while<br />

the presenter is talking.<br />

21<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Tastings<br />

This is an ideal tool for novice harpers and any potential harp<br />

buyers. We have a Small <strong>Harp</strong> Tasting on Friday and a Large<br />

<strong>Harp</strong> Tasting on Saturday at noon in Salons 2&3. Use the harp<br />

tasting to augment your selection process for a new harp.<br />

You’ll get a handy form to write down your comparisons, which<br />

you can take with you when you go to try out the harps in the<br />

Exhibit Hall.<br />

<strong>Festival</strong> Bulletin Board<br />

We’ll have a big bulletin board near the <strong>Festival</strong> Desk where<br />

we’ll post lake changes to workshops’ times/locations. You can<br />

use the bulletin board to get a lift back to the airport or arrange<br />

meet-ups for meals – anything you need except posting harps<br />

for sale.<br />

Errata<br />

There may be unanticipated changes to the schedule or<br />

workshop locations. Check the <strong>Festival</strong> Website or Bulletin<br />

Board by the <strong>Festival</strong> Desk daily.<br />

Jam & Sessions & Meeting Rooms<br />

Most meeting rooms are available during lunch and dinner<br />

breaks for “pick-up” sessions and informal meetings. All<br />

meeting rooms are open after the concert for casual gettogethers.<br />

We’ll also post a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board<br />

if you want to host your own harp circle. If you have a harp<br />

circle at home and would like to reach out to other harpers in<br />

your area that may not know about you, get on the list and host<br />

a “meet & greet” session.<br />

Artwork created exclusively for SFHS by Irish Artist<br />

Sorrell Reilly<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

www.moonoverthetrees.com<br />

Learn, perform, and believe — three words which capture the spirit and purpose of AhHa!Broadway,<br />

a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which fosters the arts and enhances education through musical<br />

theatre in New York City and the surrounding areas.<br />

ahhabroadway.org<br />

Therapy <strong>Harp</strong> TRAINING PROGRAM<br />

harpsicleharps.com<br />


Train to be a<br />

Certified Healthcare<br />

Musician and make<br />

a difference playing<br />

compassionate,<br />

therapeutic music.<br />

Bring peace and<br />

calm to hospital<br />

patients, aged care<br />

residents and the<br />

wider community.<br />

The Therapy <strong>Harp</strong><br />

Training Program<br />

(THTP) is a<br />

comprehensive,<br />

online, self-paced<br />

course with<br />

support from the<br />

Director and the<br />

global network of<br />

THTP students<br />

and graduates.<br />

For more information go to<br />

www.therapyharp.com<br />

or email<br />

helen@therapyharp.com<br />

Director Helen Morrison (B.Ed Mus)<br />

THTP is proud to be accredited by the Australian Therapeutic <strong>Harp</strong>ists Association

Now anything is possible<br />

Vibrato has been part of<br />

music for centuries -<br />

opera singers and string<br />

players are famous for<br />

their distinctive styles.<br />

Now it's available on<br />

harp. With a capo too!<br />

As seen on!<br />

See this ground-breaking<br />

product in action and<br />

meet the inventor from<br />

Australia.<br />

www.fomofx.com<br />

Join us at<br />

Booth 7<br />


New tunes from Sharon Thormahlen<br />

inspired by a story from Rosiee Thor<br />

A truly magical book<br />

of 13 new tunes that tell the story of what<br />

happens when a dragon wakes up from<br />

100 years of slumber.<br />

You don’t have to slay the dragon when<br />

a hero with a harp<br />

can save the day.<br />

Available in print and pdf.<br />

Thorharp.com<br />

Thormahlen <strong>Harp</strong>s*Corvallis, OR* 541-753-4334*harps@thorharp.com<br />

15% OFF<br />


During checkout, use Coupon code*:<br />

SOMERSET2023<br />

*Cannot be combined with other discounts. In stock items only.<br />

Other restrictions may apply. Valid through July 28, 2023.<br />


The Delight<br />

Only 12 lbs<br />

The Legend<br />

Only 11 lbs<br />


HARPS<br />

<strong>Harp</strong>s That Make<br />

A Difference!<br />

- Lightweight<br />

- Incredibly Durable<br />

- Delivery 3-5 months<br />

The Brand New<br />

Heartland Tablet Holder<br />

“The most functional<br />

and secure tablet holder<br />

I’ve found...love it!”<br />

- Denise Grupp-Verbon<br />

(828) 708-3151 Heartland<strong>Harp</strong>s.com

AdobeStock©Laura<br />

L’Espace Camac<br />

92 rue Petit 75019 Paris, France<br />

www.camac-harps.com<br />

Workshop & Offices<br />

La Richerais BP15 44850 Mouzeil, France

Look how we've grown! Watch over 400 video tut<br />

from the world's best master teachers now.<br />

Look how we've grown! Watch over 400 video tut<br />

Look how we've grown! Watch over 400 video tutorials<br />

from the world's best master teachers now.<br />

from the world's best master teachers now.<br />

e've grown! Watch over 400 video tutorials<br />

Look how we've grown! Watch over 400 video tutorials<br />

e world's best master teachers now.<br />

from the world's best master teachers now.<br />

how we've grown! Watch over 400 video tutorials<br />

h over 400 video tutorials<br />

k<br />

the world's best master teachers now.<br />

aster teachers now.<br />

from<br />

Gráinne<br />

Hambly<br />

Maeve<br />

Gilchrist<br />

Tristan<br />

Le Govic<br />

Coming soon!<br />

Deborah<br />

Henson-<br />

Conant<br />

Sunita<br />

Staneslow<br />

Kim<br />

Robertson<br />

Rhett<br />

Barnwell<br />

Amanda<br />

Whiting<br />

Felice<br />

Pomeranz<br />

Learn at YOUR pace, all year long!<br />

Join or gift a membership to <strong>Harp</strong> Column Academy now<br />

harpcolumnacademy.com<br />

Join <strong>Harp</strong> Column Academy for access to hundreds<br />

Join or gift a membership to <strong>Harp</strong> Column Academy now!<br />

of lessons from the world’s best folk harp teachers.<br />

Join or gift a membership to <strong>Harp</strong> Column Academy now<br />

harpcolumnacademy.com<br />

Exclusive discount for <strong>Somerset</strong> participants!<br />

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harpcolumnacademy.com<br />

or gift a membership to <strong>Harp</strong> Column Academy now!<br />

rp Column Academy now!<br />

oin<br />

ademy.com harpcolumnacademy.com

–<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

“A master of the peaceful melody, this is some of the most beautiful harp music you will ever hear.<br />

Looking for deep peace? You found it. This is IT.” –<br />

<br />

“… harpist Laurence Furr has produced some of the mos<br />

ever listen to on his new album…” <br />

<br />

“Upon the Corner of the Moon –and last year’s Deep Peace –<br />

w Age music scene today.” <br />

<br />

“There is a power behind music that is so meaningful, so tender and focused, it can be created by<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

most blissful acoustic music you’re ever likely to hear.”

31<br />

23rd <strong>Somerset</strong> <strong>Folk</strong> <strong>Harp</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> | 2023

Find Your<br />

Peace<br />

at<br />

Visit our booth this weekend for more<br />

information on how you can start<br />

your therapeutic harp journey<br />

215.752.7599 • Bedside<strong>Harp</strong>.com

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