Playwriting Camp 2023

Fighting Words staff and volunteer mentors were privileged this year to work with a gifted, talented and fun bunch of 11 to 13 year olds! Over the course of five days working, we explored playwriting and helped these fantastic individuals to craft their own short plays from scratch. The work each author selected for inclusion is collected here. To all the young playwrights - keep writing all of you! We hope we work with you again soon!

Fighting Words staff and volunteer mentors were privileged this year to work with a gifted, talented and fun bunch of 11 to 13 year olds!

Over the course of five days working, we explored playwriting and helped these fantastic individuals to craft their own short plays from scratch. The work each author selected for inclusion is collected here.

To all the young playwrights - keep writing all of you! We hope we work with you again soon!


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<strong>Playwriting</strong> <strong>Camp</strong><br />


The Authors and Artists:<br />

Annie<br />

Alfie and Evan<br />

Emily<br />

Eric<br />

Ethan<br />

Sophie<br />

Eve<br />

Amelie<br />

Jaime<br />

Cara<br />

Oliwia<br />

Saoirse<br />

Robyn<br />

Ruaidhrí<br />

Mason<br />

Ruby<br />

Julia<br />

4<br />

8<br />

12<br />

16<br />

19<br />

26<br />

28<br />

33<br />

37<br />

41<br />

45<br />

48<br />

60<br />

63<br />

67<br />

72<br />

76<br />


Annie<br />


Characters:<br />

Patricia<br />

Angela<br />

The Restaurant<br />

*Patricia marches in from up stage left and seats herself in down stage right*<br />


ANGELA: hi! How can I help you-<br />

*Patricia interrupts*<br />

PATRICIA: Yes I would like to order, I heard this place was “the next big thing” or<br />

something so I just had to check it out for myself.<br />

ANGELA: Ok, do you mind waiting a few minutes I have other people who were waiting<br />

for a table first.<br />

PATRICIA: OH, but I want to order now.<br />

ANGELA: Yes, I’m sorry ma’am but we have to give the table to the people who were<br />

waiting to be seated first so please go wait over there.<br />

*Angela points to upstage right and turns to walk away*<br />


*Angela takes two slow steps back to center stage*<br />

ANGELA: Please don’t raise your voice, I’m very sorry but I have to get the next people<br />

in line seated.<br />


PATRICIA: Do NOT speak to me in that tone young lady, I’d like to speak to your manager.<br />

ANGELA: B-but I-<br />

PATRICIA: NOW!!!<br />

ANGELA: The manager is a very busy woman she won’t have time to-<br />

*Patricia interrupts*<br />


ANGELA: I’m sorry ma’am but I don’t think I’ll do that for you.<br />

*Patricia stands up and takes a few steps towards Angela*<br />


ANGELA: You heard me.<br />


ANGELA: I raised me, along with my six siblings.<br />

PATRICIA: Well that explains a lot. While you were out probably selling drugs or something<br />

my husband was off fighting for our country.<br />

ANGELA: And what were you doing? Shopping?<br />


*Patricia throws a fist at Angela*<br />


ANGELA: I’m going to have to ask you to leave.<br />

*Patricia throws a fit and tries to flip over the table but is not strong enough so kicks<br />

the leg of it resulting in her hurting her toe.<br />


ANGELA: I’m sure he will<br />


ANGELA: Good bye!!<br />

*Patricia storms out of up stage left*<br />

End Scene<br />


Alfie and Evan<br />



By Evan Oglesby<br />

Setting: the forest with the wolfs<br />

Characters:<br />

Gitogles (76/152 you.), half-demon, war veteran<br />

Mix (22/44 y.o.), demon<br />

G: Ok, we’re at the forest now, let’s get our marshmallow.<br />

M: This forest is comfy.<br />

G: Wait a silly little second. THIS IS THE FOREST WITH THE WOLVES!<br />

M: It’s totally fine…<br />

G: Why are ya acting like this, Mix? Aren’t ya scared?<br />

M: NOT AT ALL…<br />

G: Ok, Mix.., you want a marshmallow?<br />

M: Sure.<br />

G: Hold on, I’ve got a notification on my phone.<br />

(commercial)<br />

G: Huh… that’s strange<br />

M: Not at all<br />


G: You’re acting real strange, Mix.<br />

M: Not at all<br />

G: You just said that!<br />

M: NOT AT ALL<br />

(Gitogles wakes up from a dream)<br />

G: ARGHHHH! Phew! It’s just a dream.<br />

M: Hello!<br />


To be continued…<br />


By Evan Oglesby<br />

As Axle got up from his bed he realised it was<br />

criminal season, so Axle got fully black clothes<br />

on and rang Gitogleswas getting his firearms<br />

ready while Walter was hair-spraying his fur<br />

black. Axle drove over to Gitogles house by<br />

going through the teleport machine and<br />

picked up Gitogles opened the time wrap<br />

machine to bring them both back to when<br />

Axle left home. Axle speeded over to<br />

Walter’s tunnel at 150 mph going going<br />

over the speed limit! When Axle made it<br />

to the Walter’s tunnel, he brought Walter to the truck, and drove off to the bank.<br />

When they got to the bank, Gitogles kicked the door down and he saw guards and<br />

screamed: “Time for the BAD BOYYS!” And Axle quickly started to fire his harpoon gun<br />

and passed the magnum to Walter. Gitogles ran out and got his 5mgs and started to<br />

fire rapidly at the guards but they just kept on coming! WHO DO YOU THINK WINS!<br />


Characters:<br />

Chief Donut - Puppet police<br />

Sam - Puppet builder<br />

The Brick of Revenge<br />

by Alfie and Evan<br />

We open with Chief Donut explaining to the audience he will wear a disguise to<br />

go into a construction site to get his sausages.<br />

Sam The Puppet Builder: Get Out!!!!<br />

Chief Donut: I want my sausages.<br />

Sam The Puppet Builder: Sorry sir, you need to get out.<br />

Chief Donut: Takes off his disguise. Hahaha I’m a cop/<br />

Sam: You know what…<br />

He throws a brick.<br />

Sam picks up his hat.<br />

Sam The Puppet Builder: I’ve scored a new hat.<br />

The Brick kills Sam too.<br />

They come back as angels and die again<br />

End Scene<br />


Emily<br />


Characters:<br />

B<br />

P<br />

The Last Flight<br />

B: (stomach growls) I am soooo hungry!<br />

P: same! I got some bread at the park today. I stole it out of someone’s lunchbox.<br />

B: score!! I got a few slices of pizza from the bin in the back garden of that pub what’s<br />

it called…<br />

P:- Guiness gills? The one with the drawing on it?<br />

B: Yea it seems we are gonna have one heck of feast tonight!<br />

P: and its for a good cause. Cause its our…..<br />

P and B: (Together) 6 year anniversary!!!!!<br />

B: I have been saving all the room in my stomach for the past few hours-<br />

P: HOURS?? I have never seen you not eating before. Wait what about that price of<br />

bread someone dropped at the zoo earlier?<br />

B: when I said hours I think we both know I meant minutes.<br />

P: haha of course. That’s my Barry!!<br />

(Penny pats Barry on the back)<br />

(They giggle)<br />


P: I can’t believe we have been together for six years.<br />

B: Yeah, it’s crazy! Penny a question. Have you ever thought about what will happen<br />

to us?<br />

P: What do you mean?<br />

B: like what will happen when we become to old to fly<br />

P: yeah I guess. Why are you asking?<br />

B: Well, I think... we no I… don’t have much time left. And I guess I am just.. scared.<br />

P: We may not have much time left but think about all the time we have lived. Do you<br />

not remember the time we have spent flying over the city when the stars shine and<br />

the moon glistens, or when we flew so close to the ocean we would get splashed by<br />

the water? I could go on forever.<br />

B: I know. I just don’t want to disappear over the horizon and never come back. I want<br />

to live longer so we can continue to make these amazing memories.<br />

P: I agree but the thing is we can not change time. It is what has to happen. We all<br />

must die at some point.<br />

B: yeah but can they just give us one more week?<br />

P: You have less than a week to live?<br />

B: I am not certain but I am so weak I can barely fly<br />

P: oh.<br />

B: Yeah.<br />


P: then lets have one more flight, one more adventure. Just you and me, Penny and<br />

Barry. It will be like when we were younger! It will be the best adventure we will ever<br />

have had.<br />

B: that’s sounds great!!<br />

P: Yes! (she gets up and moves her wings slowly) my wings are so stiff.<br />

B: (He gets up and moves his wings aswell) Same.<br />

P: But don’t let that stop us!! We can go over the highest buildings<br />

B: and through the strongest winds!<br />

P: our last adventure! our best adventure!! let’s go!!<br />

B: wait<br />

P: what?<br />

B: What about supper? I am starving.<br />

P: oh yea I nearly forgot! Well we’ll go after tea.<br />

(Yhey both waddle of the stage)<br />

Writen by Emily Ryan<br />

the end<br />


Eric<br />


Susie is limping through the derelict remains of a town, sweating heavily in the arid<br />

weather, bleeding at the leg from the fight with mechi.<br />

S can’t huff huff last, pant much longer<br />

She Clambers through an exploded window, but her legs give out and she falls to the<br />

ground, groaning in pain.<br />

S he cough cough h-help me<br />

Susie touches her head and when she looks at her hand she sees blood<br />

S NONONONONONO p-please help m-me<br />

Her vision fades to black…<br />

Later she wakes up in a bright room with a light shining in her eyes<br />

S: where am I<br />

Captor: shut up robot trash,<br />

S: I’m not a robot, and who are you<br />

C:I decided shut it machine<br />

S: I swear I didn’t do anything, I was attacked by a robot, just look at this cut on my<br />

leg!<br />

She looks at her leg the cut is gone.<br />

C: (Mockingly) Cut on your leg liar, when we found you you were fine!<br />


S But, I was bleeding from my leg, it wouldn’t have healed that quickly.<br />

C: ha! Fat chance now stop your yapping.<br />

Susie looks around and falls asleep<br />

Later<br />

C: Hey! HEY! Ugh stupid hunk of metal WAKE! UP!<br />

S: Huh? wha?<br />

C: Finally, who knew robots could sleep.<br />

S: I told you, I’m not a robot!<br />

C: sarcastically yeah sure, normally anyways the director wants to meet you so behave<br />

yourself.<br />

End Scene<br />


Ethan<br />


Characters:<br />

Bob<br />

Mom<br />

Dad<br />

The boy that cried dream…<br />

Scene 1<br />

September 11 <strong>2023</strong>,Bob and his parents are driving to the campsite that they will be<br />

camping at for 3 nights.Bob is watching Netflix and he is 6 years old.<br />

Bob: Mom,when will we get there?<br />

Mom: We’ll get there when we get there.<br />

Bob: Can I at least have a packet of crisps?<br />

Mom: No Bob, it has only been 30 minutes.<br />

Bob: So?<br />

Mom:The car ride is 3 hours!<br />

Bob: Oh…Dad can I have a packet of crisps?<br />

Dad: What did your mother say?<br />

Bob: No bu-<br />

Dad: No buts. What your mother says goes.<br />

Bob: You’re so mean.<br />


Dad: What did I just hear?<br />

Bob: Nothing.<br />

Scene 2<br />

2 and a half hours later…<br />

Bob: Are we there yet?<br />

Mom: Actually we are here!<br />

Bob: Yay! How many bedrooms are there? I dibs a double bed!<br />

Mom: You know we aren’t sleeping in bedrooms, we are sleeping in tents.<br />

There is silence for a few moments…<br />

Bob: TENTS?! You never said we were sleeping in tents!<br />

Mom: Well we are now.<br />

Bob: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!<br />

Mom: Stop acting like a 5 year old!<br />

Bob: I’m 6!<br />

Mom: Exactly.<br />

Scene 3<br />

Later that day…<br />


Mom: Bob set up your tent.<br />

Bob: There is no signal out here!<br />

Mom: Well of course there isn’t, it’s a campsite!<br />

Bob storms into the woods in anger.<br />

Mom: Bob where are you going?!<br />

Bob: Anywhere away from you.<br />

Scene 4<br />

Bob: Where am I? I don’t know how to find my way back to the campsite.<br />

Bob hears some rustling in the bushes…<br />

Bob: Who’s there?!<br />



.Bob jumps he looks behind him but there was<br />

no wolf.<br />

Bob: That was scary. I need to tell Mom.<br />

Scene 5<br />

Mom: Bob what are you doing on the floor? Get up and make your tent.<br />

Bob: Mom there was a wolf chasing me!<br />

Mom: Are you out of your mind! Go make your tent.<br />


Bob: FINE!!! Why doesn’t she believe me?<br />

Bob sets up his tent and gets ready for bed.<br />

Bob: Goodnight Mom. Goodnight Dad.<br />

Mom: Goodnight Bob.<br />

Dad: Goodnight Bob.<br />

Scene 6<br />

That night Bob sneaks into the woods to find the wolf.<br />

Bob: Come out, come out wherever you are???<br />

He finds nothing. Bob goes back to sleep in his tent.<br />

Bob: I need to get some sleep. I’ll go back tomorrow night.<br />

Scene 7<br />

Mom: Good morning everyone!<br />

Bob: Good morning Mom and Dad.<br />

Dad: Good morning son.<br />

Bob: What is for breakfast?<br />

Mom: Tuna sandwiches.<br />


Bob: What?! No way I’m eating tuna for breakfast!<br />

Mom: Well then you will have to wait until lunchtime if you want any food.<br />

Bob: Fine, I’ll eat the tuna.<br />

Mom: That is what I thought.<br />

Bob: That was disgusting.I’m never eating that again.<br />

Scene 8<br />

For the rest of the day Bob explores the campsite.He goes into the woods…<br />


Again he jumps out and looks behind him…<br />

Bob: What!Where is the wolf?!<br />

Mom: Stop being the boy that cried wolf!<br />

Bob: Mom please believe me!<br />

Mom: I’m really going to lose it with you if you don’t stop.<br />

Scene 9<br />

A few hours later…<br />

Bob: Goodnight Mom goodnight Dad.<br />

Mom: Goodnight Bob.<br />


Dad: Goodnight Bob.<br />

Bob: I’m going to make a dagger out of this cardboard…This looks amazing!<br />

Bob sneaks out again.<br />

Bob: This time I came prepared, Wolf.I have 5 layers of clothes on and I brought my<br />

dagger!<br />

Bob: Come get me.I am not afraid of you anymore<br />

Boom…Boom…BOOM!THE WOLF JUMPED OUT.But Bob didn’t run.<br />

The dagger flew through the air but it phased through the wolf!<br />

Bob: I’m so confused,I need some sleep.<br />

He wakes up in his bedroom.<br />

Bob: IT WAS A DREAM?!<br />

Mom: Get ready for school!<br />

Bob: Okay Mom!<br />

The End<br />


Sophie<br />


The pink princess<br />

One day in a far away land there’s a princess called ‘Lana’.<br />

She is 17 years old and she’s a runaway princess. She wouldn’t normally do this<br />

but there’s a reason why she did it…<br />

Sometime later there was a knock on the castle door.<br />

“May I speak with the prince?’<br />

‘I am the prince, why do you ask?’<br />

‘Your sister went missing.’<br />

The prince runs up to her room and sees she’s no longer there.<br />

Before he left, he saw a black figure jump out of the window & swimming<br />

in the water, he jumps out of the window and leaps into the water following it.<br />

Sometime later the princess hides from her follower, she stares at the moon<br />

waiting for *him*. At 19:30 he comes ..<br />

He: Oh hey<br />

She: (quietly) What took you so long ?<br />

He: Sorry dear, the guards nearly caught me.<br />

She: Where?<br />

He: Where? What? May I ask.<br />

She: Where, did I ask?<br />

He is speechless.<br />

She: Well, I better go.<br />

He: Why?<br />

She leaves him with no words.

Eve<br />


Characters:<br />

Jess<br />

Elaine<br />

Receptionist<br />

Security<br />

The Job Interview<br />

The stage is set as a flashy modern office block and Jess enters upstage left<br />

JESS: pants × excuse me? I’m here for a job interview for Ms. Malone on the 12th, no<br />

11th floor at… umm.. 10 am! Yes! That’s it! × grabs a steel flask from her faded, blue<br />

rucksack ×<br />

RECEPTION: OK, × frowns × you are late so let me give her a call to see if she can still<br />

take you.. Ms. Mason DOES have a bust schedule you know!<br />

× picks up an I phone and dials a number as jess nervously raps her knuckles on the<br />

desk ×<br />

RECEPTION: OK, yes… uh huh. I see. OK I’ll send her right up thank you bye, bye!<br />

× hangs up × She’s ready for you now! × forces a smile ×<br />

JESS: Great! × smiles and runs to the lift × Thank you so much!<br />

× she presses number 11 on the lift and tries to smoothen her hair and jumper in the<br />

mirror, when she arrives on her floor, she takes a deep breath as she knocks on the<br />

second door to the left with a shiny brass plate saying: ELAINE MALONE. Elaine opens<br />

the door and let’s put a sigh and rubs her temples as she waves her inside ×<br />

ELAINE: Jess, your late.<br />

JESS: I know- I’m sorry about that. I just had to run some errands × laughs nervously ×<br />

ELAINE: Right. Let’s just get this over with I suppose.. take a seat.<br />


JESS: OK then- × hands CV and sits down slowly and stiffly ×<br />

ELAINE: × flips through in the tense silence ×<br />

JESS: × taps fingers on the desk<br />

ELAINE: Do you have any experience in this area?<br />

JESS: Well, I have worked in the subway across the road a year or so ago…<br />

ELAINE: × cringes × Oh. Umm- Great. Anyway, what’s your greatest strength?<br />

JESS: Well- I can fly! × laughs stiffly ×<br />

ELAINE: Be serious Jessica.<br />

JESS: Sure, sure. OK. I suppose I can multitask! × smiles ×<br />

ELAINE: × snorts × Whatever you say<br />

JESS: I- never mind..<br />

ELAINE: So what position do you feel comfortable with?<br />

JESS: A board member perhaps?<br />

ELAINE: × giggles × I think cleaner maybe..<br />

JESS: Elaine- what happened to you? Remember in secondary school? When we both<br />

ate lunch together because we didn’t know anyone?<br />

ELAINE: Uh- I don’t remember that<br />


JESS: You’ve turned into a monster …<br />

ELAINE: × jabs finger at her chest × No I haven’t! I’ve grown up and chosen the right<br />

path unlike you because your begging your younger sister for a job because you-<br />

JESS: Elaine don’t-<br />

ELAINE: ×stand up and marches over × BECAUSE YOU STOLE!<br />


ELAINE: Wait- you have a daughter? That means I have a-<br />

JESS: Yes- you have a four month old neice called Olivia!<br />

ELAINE: I want to meet her! Why didn’t you call?<br />

JESS: I thought you’d be embarrassed and never talk to me again! And of course you<br />

can meet her!<br />

× they both squeal with excitement and they hear a knocking on the door ×<br />

ELAINE: Enter!<br />

SECURITY: Excuse me Ms.Malone? We heard screams coming from this room- you and<br />

umm.. × nods at Jess as they both stand rooted to the spot trying not to laugh ×<br />

This is a very prestigious building so I’m afraid you’ll have to be asked to leave as you<br />

have disturbed a VERY important board meeting. × hands over a slip of paper × this is<br />

your date to be packed and gone Ms. Malone. × exits ×<br />

× they both stand shocked for a moment and suddenly they are both rolling around in<br />

fits of laughter as they both link arms and race each other down the stairs shrieking<br />

the door ×<br />


× they both skipped outside and hopped in a taxi while they both reminisce they’re<br />

times apart×<br />

JESS: She’s back to normal..

Amelie<br />


Characters:<br />

Narrator<br />

Mr. Jacob<br />

Lucy<br />

Principal Stacy<br />

Ms Lord<br />

Mr. lord<br />

Prim<br />

The Magical land<br />

Setting: The Magical Land<br />

Narrator: One day there was a girl named Lucy. She had an extraordinary mind, but<br />

she wasn’t quite like most people. She was able to move things without touching<br />

them you see her little on her right hand would glow up it was just like magic and<br />

before you could blink, she would move an object toward her at the speed of lighting.<br />

Most people thought it was crazy that she was just like a witch and should be burned<br />

alive! but few people such as her principal Stacy thought it was amazing and that she<br />

was extraordinary. Lucy is 13 she goes to secondary school in Portugal. Her parents<br />

Ms. And Mr lord were awful and were always fighting. Her teacher Mr. Jacob was not<br />

a fan of Lucy he was always sending her to the principal office because he was afraid<br />

of her doing something awful with her powers something evil! But Lucy would never<br />

she was to sweet and innocent. But one day he got mad really mad.<br />


(Lucy opens the door gently and walks into the office)<br />

Principal Stacy: oh, Lucy back again. What did you do this time?<br />

Lucy: well, I used my powers to get a book and well Mr. Jacob just kind of exploded.<br />

Principal Stacy: well Lucy you probably shouldn’t be using your powers in class I mean<br />

I don’t really care but it really bothers Mr. Jacob so best not to use. Is that ok.<br />

Lucy: yes. It’s just sometimes I feel like they take over me like I just can’t stop myself<br />

from using them.<br />

Principal Stacy: I understand that Lucy and I’ll talk to Mr. Jacob about it but please do<br />

try a bit harder to control it.<br />

Lucy: Yes, I will Thank you Ms. Stacy<br />

Narrator: Lucy always thought that Stacy was so kind and understanding unlike many<br />

of the other teachers. That day when Lucy comes home from school that day to find<br />

her parents having a heated argument.<br />





NOW<br />

Narrator: Lucy was hiding behind the wall trying to make out all the words they were<br />

saying when suddenly Ms. Lord Saw her from behind the wall.<br />

Ms. Lord: What is that I see behind the wall it looks like a little maggot. Oh, look its<br />

Lucy explain yourself.<br />


Lucy: welllll… its<br />



Narrator: That night Lucy was enraged by the thought of her cruel and vicious parents.<br />

The next morning, she woke up to the sound of banging on her door then she<br />

felt the bed shake suddenly she was teleported to a new world.<br />

Lucy: where am I?<br />

Prim: You are in the world of magic<br />

Lucy: the world of magic? Who are you.<br />

Prim: I am Prim. This is the world of magic the place for people who are special people<br />

who can do magic and you have been accepted to join our people.<br />

Lucy: Wait so am I ever going back?<br />

Prim: Unfortunately, not but you will make new friends hear in magical land don’t<br />

worry<br />

Lucy: Unfortunately, are you kidding this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to<br />

me. I will never see those idiots ever again.<br />

Narrator: and now Lucy’s story is over, and she finally got the happy ending she deserved<br />

and escaped her awful life and made a new life in the magical world.<br />

End<br />


Jaime<br />


Characters:<br />

Stella<br />

Miss Nelson<br />

Krista<br />

Nona<br />

The Weird Wonder<br />

Stella: *knock Knock*?<br />

Miss Nelson: Come in. Ah, you must be Stella, I’m Miss Nelson, the school counsellor!<br />

Stella: Hi<br />

Krista: Call me Krista, please. Now let’s get to business, I understand that you have<br />

been to six schools in the last five years, Adelaide Academy being the seventh, that<br />

must be tough.<br />

Stella: I guess so, but I don’t really care.<br />

Krista: Stella, this is a safe place, anything you say will be kept completely confidential.<br />

I mean if I were you and have been moving from state to state so often, I think I would<br />

care.<br />

Stella: yes, well you’re not me.<br />

Krista: Okay. Well, you’re going to be staying here for three years so I think it would be<br />

a good idea to join a club or two to get you settled in with a few other students.<br />

Stella: …<br />

Krista: what are you into? Hobbies? Any at all?<br />

Stella: I don’t know.<br />

Krista: Well, here are your options, cheerleading, crochet, debate, basketball, music,<br />


scouts, and the mathletes.<br />

Stella: music sounds good and debate.<br />

Krista: Perfect! Now you will have something to do after classes! I suppose we’re<br />

finished here, Stella, the debate club has interviews today so the map on the Adelaide<br />

academy app will show you your way there.<br />

Stella: Here we go again *knock knock*?<br />

Nona: Come in if you really must *ugh*<br />

Stella: I’m here for the debate club try-outs, Krista sent me.<br />

Nona: Who’s Krista?<br />

Stella: Oh, er Miss Nelson<br />

Nona: Oh, right well I’m Nona Fuller, the president of the debate team and I’m afraid<br />

that try-outs ended an hour ago. That Krista lady doesn’t know what she’s on about.<br />

Stella: Please can you just hear me out, I will work hard and will be a brilliant candidate<br />

for our school.<br />

Nona: *sigh* we have 7 minutes exactly make it quick. Ok, have you ever done debate?<br />

Stella: A little<br />

Nona: what age are you because our group only excepts 14-16 years old.<br />

Stella: Oh, I’m 112 in dog years.<br />

Nona: Anyway, I hope that’s 14-16, when have you done debate, whatever your name<br />

is?<br />

Stella: It’s Stella, I’ve done debate with my dog.<br />


Nona: …………… You like dogs am I right?<br />

Stella: YUP<br />

Nona: Well lucky you, the debate team is having a debate about whether dogs should<br />

be neutered, so Percy Patel here will walk you through the rules.<br />

Percy: Follow me newb *walks* when it comes to debate there are two teams…<br />

Stella: Which team is winning at the moment?<br />

Percy: Oh, er the one where dogs shouldn’t be neutered.<br />

Stella: yes *hehehe*<br />

Percy: As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, the two teams decide on a<br />

topic and basically fight over it.<br />

Stella: *clearly not listening*<br />



Stella: Alrighty<br />



Krista: Ok now I understand why you move so much… WHAT THE HECK STELLA<br />

Stella: I just really like dogs A LOT<br />

End<br />


Cara<br />


Characters:<br />

Sally<br />

Man<br />

The Academy of Magic<br />

Setting: A road. Daytime.<br />

Sally: (hums tunelessly while skipping down the road) Don’t worry, Mam! You won’t<br />

be sick any more once I get you some delicious nutritious mushroom soup! (Stops<br />

suddenly, tilting her head) Who’s there?(Turns around abruptly) C-come out! I have<br />

sharp teeth and formidable claws, and I won’t hesitate to use them if necessary!<br />

(Figure creeps closer, until Sally can make out a man of about twenty)<br />

Sally: (sighs in relief) Oh, thank god! I thought you were the monster from my nightmare<br />

coming to haunt me in the day!<br />

Man: I’m sorry I have to do this, but I’m going to have to knock you out. You have to<br />

trust me, I swear!<br />

Sally: “What?! It’s not me who’s gonna be knocked out, but you! If you don’t get outta<br />

my way, you’ll regret it! I’m getting my mother some mushroom soup and you’re not<br />

gonna stop me!”<br />

Man: “Just agree to come with me or I AM going to have to knock you out.” (Steps<br />

threateningly forward) “I’m sorry, Sally.”<br />

Sally: “Wait, how do you know my name? Who are you? Wait-”<br />

Man: (leans forward, his fists on fire)<br />

Sally: “What the hell?!”<br />


Man punches Sally in the head with his hand on fire, burning her and making her unconscious.<br />

Three hours later…<br />

Sally: (opens eyes groggily) “What? Wait - where am I?” ( Roars) “LET ME OUTTA<br />

HERE, YOU FREAK!” (Sits up on her bed, eyes furious) “I’ll get you, I will - I’ll scrape<br />

you so hard you’ll be begging for mercy!” (Tries to stand up but fails, falling on the<br />

floor)<br />

Man: (Walks over slowly, uncertainly) I always hate having to do this, but it’s necessary.<br />

I’m sorry, kid.<br />

Sally: (Weakly) Where am I?<br />

Man: “The Children’s Academy of Magic.”<br />

Sally: “Like a magical school?”<br />

Man: “Yeah. Aren’t you surprised?”<br />

Sally: “Naw, I remember. You’re an elemental, right? Oh, this is so cool! What’s my<br />

mother gonna say when I come back with her soup AND magic?<br />

Man: (hesitates) “I’m sorry, girl, but… you’re not going back. It’s simply too dangerous<br />

- sorcerers living among the mortals. That’s simply too risky!”<br />

Sally: “WHAT?! NO! What about Mother? I need to get her the mushroom soup to<br />

make her all better! I’m not staying here, right? You can’t keep me here!<br />

Man: It’s okay, I’ll get some doctors to take care of your mother, I’ll do whatever you<br />

want-”<br />

Sally: “NO! She needs me, and I need her! I’m not some evil sorcerer, I’m just a kid!<br />

Let. Me . GO! (Shape-shifts into a wolf, hackles raising, ears flat)<br />


Man: (cries out in surprise) “I knew you were magical, but.. you’re a shapeshifter?!”<br />

(Backs away slowly, until he’s against the wall) “You don’t wanna fight me… please,<br />

calm down! This is EXACTLY why we can’t have you living with mortals - your power’s<br />

outta control!”<br />

Sally: (whines, watching the man with sad eyes, before turning back into her human<br />

form) “Okay, I get what you mean. I’ll stay with you for the time being - but only if you<br />

promise to look after my mother and teach me to control my power.”<br />

Man: (cheers,punching the air in victory) “Yes! Your class starts tomorrow morning,<br />

nine o’clock sharp! Good luck!”<br />

Sally: “And don’t think I’m gonna be staying here - I’m not. As soon as I can control<br />

these powers, I’ll be right out the door of this damned place!”<br />

Man: (chuckles) “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”<br />

Sally: Well, I can’t wait to get out of here!”<br />

Man: (closes door as he exits the room)<br />

Sally: (sighs) “Mum, please get better. I won’t stay long! Who knows what I can<br />

achieve as a human with magical powers?”<br />

End Scene<br />


Oliwia<br />


September 11 1918<br />

The Hidden Oasis<br />

Dear diary….<br />

Today I heard horrible news I have to move from Hawaii to some ridiculous island.<br />

Ugh, I wanted to stay.<br />

September 12 1918<br />

We got on a boat and rode all the way to the island called “Hidden Oasis”.<br />

It had lots of dolphins.<br />

There were pink and blue ones, I’ve never seen pink dolphins before!<br />

I even touched her calves (the baby dolphin).<br />

When we got there, we started off by going to our new house.<br />

It was massive.<br />

I really liked my new bedroom.<br />

—---------------------------------------------<br />

September 13, 1918<br />

I had such a good sleep this night. In the morning, after I ate, I called my best friends<br />

on the cellphone. I finally got one! Since my mom also had a better job, we could afford<br />

more expensive stuff! In the afternoon, I went to the beach. A girl was crying, so I<br />

decided to ask if she’s O.K. I tapped her shoulder, and I said: “Hey, are you okay?” She<br />

replied: “Yes, b-but my family… they left me for being different.” “How are you different?<br />

You look beautiful!” I told her. After she dragged me into the water and somehow<br />

I could breathe! I was surprised.<br />

She showed me her necklace, and she turned herself into a mermaid! And I asked her:<br />

“I can breathe underwater, how’s that possible?” She said: “Oh no, I think you’re the<br />

chosen one.” She pulled me with her, and we swam into a kingdom. She introduced<br />

me to the king. The king said: “If you are breathing right now, you’re a mermaid, and<br />

you can’t get out of the water, here is a necklace, so you can breathe as a human.”<br />

When I told my mom, she also kicked my out for that. “I guess, I have to live as a mermaid<br />

now,” I said and went to sleep on the beach.<br />


September 19, 1918<br />

I packed today and went underwater. I hope nobody will find me ever again…<br />

June 19, 1925<br />

I found my diary! I was searching for years…<br />

I’m living an amazing life as a mermaid. I’m 23 now, I got married last year and twins. I<br />

will miss you, Diary, because I will give it to my daughter.<br />

As she finished her diary, she was never seen on land ever again.<br />


Saoirse<br />


SCENE 1<br />

New York, New Name<br />

An ordinary day. The sky was bright and blue filled with chirping birds, the sun was<br />

gleaming through the gaps in the curtains of an old red brick apartment, Brooklyn,<br />

New York.<br />

A girl peeks out of the curtains looking frightened.<br />


She races out the front door down the brick steps, out into the middle of the busy<br />

road.<br />

Scene stops. Freezeframe. Cars stop, people stop walking, the birds stop chirping,<br />

GIRL : “Uh uh” pants<br />

The freeze frame breaks, a car comes and BAM! Darkness.<br />

SONIA: What was that!( off stage )<br />

JIMMY: I don’t know ! Let’s go check<br />

The scene brightens again, Sonia and Jimmy walk onto the stage. Jimmy speaks with<br />

a light New York accent mixed with an Eastern European, Sonia speaks with an Eastern<br />

European accent, they are both around 60. SONIA: OH MY GOSH! What has happened!<br />

A character steps out of the car.<br />

CAB DRIVER: I was just driving, I didn’t see her, she ran out into the middle of the road<br />

and just stopped.<br />

The cab driver had a thick New Jersey accent. His breath smelled like smoke and<br />

alcohol.<br />

JIMMY : Call an ambulance!<br />

Nee naw, nee naw an ambulance enters the stage. They pull out the gurdey.<br />


P1: Call the ER, tell them to prepare ICU right away. She’s not breathing! Get the defibrillator!<br />

SONIA: Oh, dear! She looks as if she hasn’t eaten in weeks.<br />

JIMMY : She’s ghostly white.<br />

CAB DRIVER : She looks like just a kid, maybe 15.<br />

More people enter the stage.<br />

NB1: What has happened?<br />

NB2: What is going on?<br />

SONIA : Does anybody know this girl?<br />

NB1: I have only seen her house. The curtains are always shut.<br />

P1 : We have to get her to the hospital!<br />

The ambulance races off the stage.<br />

SONIA : Oh dear, I have to follow her. It doesn’t seem that she has any family to care<br />

for her.<br />

JIMMY : Okay, honey, but I have to go to work soon so you will have to go on your<br />

own.<br />

SONIA : Okay, they peck on the lips, bye love. SCENE 2<br />

Sonia enters upstage right. The hospital is packed with people, machines beeping.<br />


SONIA : Wow! This is busy, I’ll go up to the reception to try and find out where that<br />

poor girl is situated.<br />

The gurdey with the Girl on it passes her, rushing. They walk around while dialogue is<br />

happening.<br />

SONIA : Oh, excuse me, where are you taking her? Excuse me, excuse me.<br />

D1 : Please move out of the way, this girl is in a critical condition.<br />

SONIA : I know this girl. Please let me come with her.<br />

D1 : Oh wait, are you her mother?<br />

SONIA : No....<br />

Sonia stops and thinks for a moment. Screen goes black, the spotlight is on Sonia,centre<br />

stage.<br />

SONIA : The only way I’ll be able to stay with this poor girl is by pretending to be her<br />

mother. I must help this girl.<br />

The stage brightens up.<br />

SONIA : Yes, I am. Please let me stay with my daughter!<br />

D1 : Okay, follow us.<br />

Sonia follows the doctor to a busy room. Patients are in beds, hooked up to oxygen,<br />

machines beeping.<br />

SONIA : What is this place?<br />

N1: This is ICU. This is where all the desperate patients come, all the coma ones. Could<br />

you please state your child’s name.<br />


SONIA : Emmmmm....<br />

Stage goes dark, spotlight centre stage on Sonia.<br />

SONIA : I have no clue! I should make up a name. What would I have named my<br />

daughter if I had one the same.<br />

Stage gets bright again.<br />

SONIA : It’s Maria, Maria Wozowsky.<br />

SCENE 3:<br />

Sonia is sitting down next to the hospital bed upstage right, “Maria” is lying down in<br />

the bed. She is hooked up to an oxygen machine and a heart rate machine that are<br />

both beeping loudly. The beeps of the various machine are unsettling towards Sonia.<br />

Jimmy enters downstage left and walks toward Sonia.<br />

JIMMY : Oh gosh, honey, this kid looks really sick, doesn’t she.<br />

SONIA : Yes dear, it is frightening how many machines she is hooked up to.<br />

It is making my stomach turn.<br />

JIMMY : Yes, honey. I can’t believe that they let you in here, usually they only let family<br />

come in.<br />

SONIA : Well... about that I....<br />

The doctor walks in, firstly only noticing Sonia.<br />

D1 : Hello, Mrs Wozowsky. How are you doing? I know this might be quite a scare for<br />

you....<br />

He suddenly notices Jimmy.<br />


D1: Oh! Hello. I didn’t see you there. I’m Dr. Adams. Are you the father? Jimmy<br />

looks at Sonia confused, Sonia looks straight at home in the eye and says quickly.<br />

SONIA : Ye-ye-yes, this is my husband Jimmy, Jimmy Wozowsky.<br />

Jimmy looks at her, she nods.<br />

D1 : Well Mr and Mrs Wozowsky, Maria is in a stable coma. We don’t know how long<br />

she’ll be in it though, some people take days, some people take weeks, some people<br />

take months, some even years.<br />

SONIA : Oh, gosh, that doesn’t sound very good. Is there anything you could tell us<br />

to reassure us?<br />

D1 : Unfortunately not ma’am. It is a very unpredictable state. All we can do is hope.<br />

SONIA : Well I will stay here day and night watching over her until she gets better.<br />

SCENE 4<br />

It’s the next day. Sonia is asleep in a chair beside “Maria’’s bed in upstage right.<br />

It’s the break of dawn, the light is little, seeping in from the centre left stage. Sonia<br />

moves into centre stage. Stage goes dark, spotlight on Sonia. SONIA : This poor girl,<br />

all alone in this world. I remember when I was younger, oh how it is so blurred. I<br />

wonder who her real parents are. Are they walking around right now? Or driving a<br />

car. I wonder if they’re dead or alive. Oh god I hope this girl survives. Now I know<br />

what I must do. I’ll take care of her and find her parents too.<br />

Light comes back, Sonia goes back to her chair, Jimmy enters from centre leftstage.<br />

He has trousers on that have paint on them he also has a hard hat.<br />

JIMMY : Hi, honey . How you doing? Just popping in before I go to work. I can’t believe<br />

what you did yesterday.<br />

SONIA : Shhhhhhhh, dear, nobody can know. I’ve had an idea on how to help the poor<br />

girl.<br />

JIMMY : Oh, gosh, Sonia are you joking me, you’re meddling in this girl’s life and you<br />


don’t even know her!<br />

SONIA : I know, I know, but if you were the parents of this poor girl wouldn’t you want<br />

to know about her?<br />

JIMMY : Oh, for god sake, we don’t even know them!<br />

SONIA : Look, the only thing I need you to do is to ask around the neighbourhood to<br />

see if anybody knows anything about her. Maybe even ask the landlord what name<br />

her apartment was under.<br />

JIMMY: Fine... I’ll ask the landlord, but if we do find them we have to tell the doctor<br />

that you are not the real mother and that “Maria” is not her real name.<br />

SONIA : Fine... I agree. Now go to work but when you get home talk to the landlord<br />

and find out some information.<br />

JIMMY : Bye, love you.<br />

SONIA : Bye,<br />

Sonia blows an air kiss.<br />

SCENE 5<br />

Back on the street where the accident happened, it’s dusk, light is fading, Jimmy<br />

enters from upstage left. He is tired after a long day’s work. It’s been weeks since the<br />

girl went into a coma, he spots the landlord walking quickly across down stage, he’s<br />

in a hurry.<br />

JIMMY : Oh! Yoohoo, goodday Mr Stanley. How you doing ?<br />

Mr Stanley answers absentmindedly, not even looking up.<br />

MR S : Oh, hello Mr Wozowsky. I’m good. How are you doing? I’m sorry if I’m acting<br />

rude but I am terribly busy.<br />


JIMMY : Oh, no worries........Terrible thing that happened to that girl in<br />

number 13, isn’t it, what was her name again....<br />

MR S : Jenny.<br />

JIMMY : Jenny....<br />

MR S : Jenny Richards.<br />

SCENE 6<br />

In the hospital, it’s morning again, Jimmy is back in his work clothes, Sonia is still<br />

sitting beside Maria/Jenny’s bed. Jimmy gently shakes Sonia to wake her up.<br />

JIMMY : Hi, honey, goodmorning.<br />

SONIA : Oh hi, dear, how are you ? She says yawning.<br />

JIMMY : I found her name.<br />

SONIA : WOW! That was easy. What is it ?<br />

JIMMY : It’s Jenny Richards.<br />

SONIA : Oh my ! Have you found out about the parents?<br />

JIMMY : I went to the police earlier and they told me that the parents are named<br />

Michelle and Anthony Richardson. I also got their address<br />

SONIA : Oh my god that’s great news!<br />


JIMMY : I’m going to go see them later.<br />

SONIA : Okay, you’d better skedaddle.<br />

JIMMY : Bye, honey.<br />

SONIA : Bye....<br />

Sonia picks up a book and starts reading aloud.<br />

SONIA : Once upon a time...<br />

SCENE 7<br />

A dark, gloomy apartment block. It looks old and rundown, light is scarce as it’s 8pm.<br />

Jimmy is arriving after work, tired yet excited to find the parents of Jenny/Maria.<br />

When he walks in his excitement drops as he looks at the state of the apartment<br />

block. He smells smoke and alcohol, he sees obscene graffiti writings on the walls.<br />

JIMMY : Well this isn’t the nicest apartment block, maybe even worse than ours. So<br />

I’m looking for number 74.<br />

He walks past door 1, door two, walks offstage. He comes back panting.<br />

JIMMY: 72,73,74! Oh finally! That was a long walk! This apartment is basically on the<br />

roof!<br />

He knocks on the door, it isn’t closed fully. He walks in.<br />

MICHELLE : Who’s there, Tony? Go check!<br />

A woman said in a thick New Jersey accent. A man answered also in a thick New<br />

Jersey accent.<br />

TONY : Give me a second sweetheart! Who are you?<br />

He said this gesturing towards Jimmy.<br />

They both were staggering as if they were drunk, the smell of smoke and alcohol<br />

wafted out of their mouths.<br />


JIMMY : Hi, I’m Jimmy. Are you Anthony and Michelle Richardson?<br />

Michelle answered annoyedly.<br />

MICHELLE : What do you think? Tony, what’s this guy’s deal?<br />

Tony started but Jimmy interrupted and said.<br />

JIMMY : Do you have a daughter named Jenny? She was in a terrible car accident.<br />

TONY : Oh my god! Michelle, did you hear that! Our daughter has been in a car accident!<br />

JIMMY : Wait, do I know you from somewhere? I feel like I recognise you…<br />

Then it dawned on him. J<br />



TONY : Oh that little shit! Serves her right!<br />

MICHELLE : We were searching all over for her. Did you know that she ran away leaving<br />

a note saying “ Dear Mom and Dad, I’ve taken all the things you’ve stolen and<br />

dropped them into the police station, you’ve never loved me and you never will, I<br />

can’t stand living with you anymore.<br />

Jenny<br />

We’ve been looking for that little bitch so she could give our stuff back. Isn’t that funny.<br />

Where is she?<br />

Stage goes black, Jimmy moves to centre stage, spotlight on Jimmy.<br />

JIMMY : Oh god! We’ve made a terrible mistake. I need to save this girl before it’s<br />

too late!<br />

Light comes back to the stage.<br />

JIMMY : She’s dead.<br />


SCENE 8<br />

Back in the hospital, it’s morning, it’s turned light. Jimmy walks in and sees Jenny/<br />

Maria sitting up in the bed, Sonia sitting beside her a smile from ear to ear a tear in<br />

her eyes<br />

SONIA : Look, dear, she’s out of the coma! Isn’t it amazing!<br />

JIMMY : Yes dear but there’s something I have to tell you. I went to her parents<br />

and…<br />

JENNY/MARIA : NO! DON’T SEND ME BACK THERE! They are horrible<br />

people : they steal, they lie, they even killed my puppy Nobby! Don’t send me back<br />

there! Please don’t!<br />

JIMMY : Don’t worry ,honey, you won’t be going anywhere near them as long as I<br />

live.<br />

The doctor enters from downstage left, he has a smile on his face.<br />

D1 : Oh Maria! How wonderful it is to see you awake!<br />

MARIA/JENNY : Thanks doc! It’s good to be awake.<br />

D1 : You look pretty good! We just have to run a couple more tests to make sure and<br />

then you’re free to go!<br />

MARIA/JENNY : Awesome!!<br />

SONIA : That’s amazing news! Thank you so much Dr Adams!<br />

Doctor Adams exits the stage.<br />

JIMMY : Honey, can I talk to you for a minute?<br />


Sonia nods. Jimmy pulls Sonia over to downstage right. Stage darkens. Spotlight is on<br />

Jimmy and Sonia.<br />

They start whispering, Jimmy tells Sonia the entire story. There are gasps and oos<br />

and aas.<br />

SONIA : So you told them that she’s dead.<br />

Jimmy nods and says finally…<br />

JIMMY : Honey, these people are maniacs. We have to get Maria-Jenny as far away<br />

from them as possible.<br />

SONIA : I know. I think that we should take her to Canada. They won’t even know that<br />

she’s gone,it’s much safer up there.<br />

JIMMY : I agree. Let’s talk to the kid.<br />

Stage lightens up. They go back to Maria-Jenny and start whispering. After a long<br />

discussion they come to a conclusion.<br />

SONIA : So after the doctor gives the all clear we will head to Canada. Now, Jimmy,<br />

you go home, pack up the suitcases with only the essential items and we’ll go, before<br />

they figure out that she’s still alive.<br />

JIMMY : Okay, let’s do this!<br />


Robyn<br />


Characters:<br />

J= Jake<br />

T= Tim<br />

M = Mother<br />

Setting:<br />

The Homecoming<br />

It is a rainy April day as the clouds begin to soak.<br />

Scene One<br />

The lights come on and we see Jake looking lonely sitting on the bench. He looks into<br />

a puddle on the ground.<br />

We see Tim a young, distressed boy run onto the stage<br />

J: (grumbles)<br />

T: ’’Hey!’’ (He blubbers)<br />

J: ’’whaaaat’’<br />

T: i-i-i<br />

J: Look kid I don’t need another problem on my hands today.<br />

T:’’but pleeeeeease’’ (he starts to cry)<br />

J puts down his newspaper down and looks at him)<br />

J:’’ what do you want!’’?<br />

T:’’i-i-I lost my mummy!!’’<br />

J:*sigh*<br />

J: If you need help don’t come to me, ok? (grumpy and uninterested)<br />

T: But you’re the only person in this park!’’ (Through sobbing)<br />

J: I’m not in the mood to be helping little kids find their mammy! (Ticked off)<br />

T: Can you at least tell me YOUR name SO I can tell EVERYONE that this man is in a<br />

baaaad mood (angry sassy and childish)<br />


T:’’uuhh i-i-m um sorry’’<br />

J: *sigh* ‘’I’m sorry kid I didn’t mean to lash out on you like that’’<br />

T: i-i-its ok.<br />

T: I know that is touching and all, but I’m still lost’ (he smiles weakly)<br />


J: ok kid. Where do you live? (Softly)<br />

T: uhhhh 47 oak wood street<br />

J: ham’ the old, abandoned house, when I was a little kid around your age. I spent my<br />

summers there (pause) playing away…<br />

J:’’anyway let’s get you home then eh,’’<br />

T: yes! I’m hungry for dinner!<br />

They both walk of the stage chatting.<br />

SCENE Two<br />

They are standing outside the house. it looks new and the fireplace is lit it looks very<br />

homely.<br />

J: I guess they did it up, wonderful use for the place if you ask me’’<br />

T: yay home! (He sounds excited)<br />

The mother looks out the window and sees Timmy. She immediately runs out and<br />

wraps her arms around Timmy almost in tears.<br />

M: oh my gosh! Timmy!!! you’ve been gone for a whole day. I was so worried! I had<br />

the whole neighbourhood looking for you.<br />

J: I didn’t know about that! (He looks a Timmy sternly but understanding)<br />

T: You would have called the police if you knew. (he giggles)<br />

M: Come on in Timmy. (She holds his hand and walks him in)<br />

J: Goodbye Timmy (he ruffles his hair)<br />

Jack walks away and turns around to get one last look at the house. He is surprised<br />

to see the house is back to its original abandoned state he smiles softly with a face of<br />

contentment he thinks of Timmy as he walks to his own home.<br />

End Play<br />


Ruaidhrí<br />


The fox and the pigeon<br />

Characters:<br />

Narrator<br />

Pigeon<br />

Fox<br />

Setting: Dublin<br />

Narrator: A long time ago in Dublin there was a cruel fox. All the animals were scared<br />

of the fox. The fox would brag about it’s soft fur and beautiful tail. One day the fox<br />

was looking at an apple in a tree and spotted a pigeon.<br />

Pigeon<br />

Hello. I have never seen a creature like you before.<br />

Fox: Hello you hideous creature. Fly up and get that apple for me.<br />

Pigeon: And why would I do that?<br />

Fox: So that I don’t eat you.<br />

Pigeon: OK<br />

Narrator: The pigeon flew up and grabbed the apple in his beek.<br />

Pigeon: Instead of giving it to you I am going to put it at the top of the tree<br />

Fox: Why did you do that? Do you not respect me?<br />

Pigeon: No, there is another that I respect. I can take you to him, if you please.<br />

Fox: Take me to him now!<br />

Pigeon: OK I will take you there.<br />

Fox: Why have we stopped at this riverbank?<br />


Pigeon: He is past the river, so you must swim over. It’s not far.<br />

Fox: Are you sure? I’m not used to swimming that distance….<br />

Pigeon: Just jump in. At least try it!<br />

Fox: I’ll give it a shot………<br />

(Panting) How did you get here so quickly?<br />

Pigeon: I flew over the river.<br />

Fox: I thought you were going to swim too. That’s not fair.<br />

Pigeon: Why wouldn’t it be. I can fly!<br />

Fox:<br />

Hmm. Where is this one that you respect?<br />

Pigeon:<br />

He’s just over that ravine. Not far.<br />

FOX:<br />

What is this? How should I get over this chasm?<br />

Pigeon:<br />

Well, you will have to run around it while I fly over.<br />

Fox:<br />

How much further is he? I’ve been running for 3 days.<br />

Pigeon:<br />

The one that I respect is just ahead in the well. You really took your time.<br />

Fox:<br />

Is that it? (pointing at the well.)<br />


Pigeon:<br />

Yes he is in there.<br />

Fox:<br />

Hisssssss!(into the well.) What’s making that hissing sound.<br />

Narrator:<br />

The hiss echoed back from the darkness of the well.<br />

Pigeon:<br />

That’s the one I respect. You can see that he is not scared of you.<br />

Fox:<br />

How can he not be scared of me! I will challenge him to a fight.<br />

Narrator:<br />

And without a second thought he jumped into the well. The pigeon heard him fall<br />

down and down until he heard a splash.<br />

(Splashing sound effect.)<br />

Pigeon:<br />

Foolish fox!<br />

Narrator:<br />

Then the pigeon flew away.<br />

(Pigeon starts to fly away.)<br />

End Play.<br />


Mason<br />


Nanny Margaret:<br />

Marion’s Funeral and Looking Back on My Life<br />

Characters:<br />

Alana<br />

Margaret<br />

Cillian<br />

Nurse<br />

Scene 1<br />

We open on the funeral of Nanny Margaret’s daughter Marion.<br />

Use two chairs and the prop box as casket. Place Marion’s personal affects (hat, picture,<br />

flowers, etc.) on ‘casket.’ The audience is part of the funeral.<br />

“Dancing In The Sky” by Dani & Lizzy is playing.<br />

Split audience creating a pathway to wheel casket through by the pallbearers.<br />

Holy water is sprinkled on the casket by the Priest.<br />

Nanny Margaret is tearfully standing awaiting the casket to give her eulogy.<br />

Margaret – (Sniffling) I just want to say thank you everybody for coming here today.<br />

You know I was only just in this Chapel in December burying my grandfather. But at<br />

my age you are meant to lose a lot of people that you love. But not in a million years<br />

did I think that my baby Marion would be the person who we are remembering here<br />

today. (She starts to quiver.)<br />

I just want to say…<br />


Scene 2<br />

Change ‘personal affect’ props on top of casket for Mary.<br />


We are in the 1950’s at the funeral of Margaret’s mother.<br />

Use two chairs and prop box as casket<br />

The Priest speaks to the attendees:<br />

Priest - Ladies and gentleman you are welcome to this mass today here in the year of<br />

our Father 1953. Mary was a very young woman. We hope that the almighty Father<br />

in heaven and all the angels and saints look after her. Although Mary’s short life she<br />

fulfilled her quest and gave this world three beautiful children. Margaret, Conor and<br />

Mary. But now we ask all the close family to come help the pallbearers wheel dearest<br />

Mary to Newlands Cross. Amen.<br />

Scene 3<br />

The year is 1958. The year Margaret meets her husband to be James, as well as finds<br />

out she’s pregnant.<br />

Alana – Did you get the results yet? It’s hard holding the door.<br />

Margaret – Shit. We better start planning a wedding.<br />

Alana – What if he doesn’t want to marry you?<br />

Margaret – Well I’ll fucking drag him up to church!<br />

Alana – That will be hard dragging him to the church. The fat bastard.<br />

Margaret – He’s not that fat. Trust me he has a few abs.<br />

Alana – What abs you talking about. John’s so bloody fat.<br />

Margaret – I’m not talking about John.<br />

Alana – How many men have you been with!?<br />


Margaret – Ah it’s only that James from Pearse St.<br />

Alana – Ah the one you’ve been dancing with.<br />

Cillian, Margaret’s Father, shows up.<br />

Cillian – Are you nearly done in that toilet I’m going to piss myself!<br />

Scene 4<br />

Nanny Margaret prepares for Marion’s birth at the hospital.1975.<br />

Nurse- how many children do you have<br />

Margaret- 2 sons and 2 daughters<br />

Baby arrives allolalia<br />

Scene 5<br />

James’s funeral<br />

Fr-our father in the holy heaven may he bless our soul<br />

The rest of the scenes in this piece were performed live in Fighting Words on July 20 th .<br />

Scene 6 Marion kids<br />

7- cremation<br />

8-party<br />

x-end<br />


Scene X<br />

Nanny Margaret is sitting by herself in her living room reminiscing about her lost<br />

loved ones and the life she has had. She begins speaking to the audience.<br />

Margaret - God that funeral was hard. Now I’ll tell you what I need to prepare the<br />

house for the after party. I should have done it yesterday but I didn’t bother. Oh God I<br />

remember what my life was like.<br />


Ruby<br />


Characters:<br />

The Class Trip Out<br />

Lucy Tommy<br />

Favorite color: purple<br />

favorite color: blue<br />

Age:12<br />

age:11<br />

Pets: I have a dog named fluffy

Tommy<br />

(Answers)<br />

Where are you? It’s been 15 minutes.<br />

Lucy<br />

I had to get ready and pack my bag.<br />

Tommy<br />

Right just hurry up and come around. (hangs up)<br />

Lucy<br />

(Walks around to the bus stop and sees all her friends from her class)<br />

Hi guys it’s been so long .<br />

Everyone says hi back then they get on the bus to Portmarnock.<br />

The beach<br />

Scene 2<br />

When they get there the beach was packed it took them a while to find a spot but<br />

eventually they did and all them tossed there stuff on the sand and ran into the water.<br />

It was getting late and the class started to leave but Lucy was still in the water when<br />

they left Lucy got out and there was no one on the beach she was devastated.<br />

Lucy<br />

I can’t believe they left me here i’ll have to get the bus omg where Is my leap card<br />

gone out of my bag I have no change for the bus.i’ll ask can I have a free bus ride I<br />

asked everybody they all said no what am I supposed to do I’ll have to sleep outside<br />

in the cold it about 2 in the morning I am so tired (falls asleep).<br />

Lucy hears police sirens she wakes up over someone tipping her shoulder she looks<br />

up and see a policeman.<br />


Policeman<br />

He said your parents are looking for you they man he said your parents are looking<br />

for you they are really worried let me bring you home.she gets in the police car and<br />

he brings her home in the end she was never allowed the beach again by herself and<br />

she lived happily ever after.<br />


Julia<br />


Characters:<br />

Water Tribe Chief<br />

Water Tribe Chieftainess<br />

Lilly<br />

Maid<br />

Lara<br />

Gea<br />

Mysterious Voice<br />

Sindhu<br />

The Elementals<br />

SCENE 1<br />

In the far north there lived 4 tribes:Water, Earth, Fire and Air.When they ,etc they<br />

would sit down, share food and tell stories. Sometimes witches and wizards appeared<br />

in the tribes…<br />

Water tribe chief:That’s the third magicless generation in our tribe. Lilly can’t control<br />

as much as a drop of water though we have given her the name of our sacred<br />

plant,the water flower<br />

Water tribes chieftainess: The seer said that Lily can control water. You just haven’t<br />

seen her do it.<br />

Chief: The other tribe chief’s daughters are all witches. Flame can make fire appear<br />

out of nowhere,Oxygen can make a hurricane appear with a twist of her finger and<br />

Gea can make terrestrial animals and plants appear out of nowhere.<br />

Chieftainess: And Lily can control water in her sleep<br />

Chief: What?!?!<br />

Chieftainess: I saw her practicing the other day.<br />

Chief: But she hasn’t told me.<br />

Chieftainess: Go ask her then.<br />

SCENE 2<br />

Lily is lying on the water when…<br />


Chief: Hello Lily<br />

Lilly:(Water exploding from her fingertips) Father you startled me!<br />

C:I see that you are a witch.<br />

L:No,I’m not when I get angry or startled, water explodes from me pushing everyone<br />

in a radius of 100 meters to the other side of the continent.<br />

C:Well as you have powers you will go to Powerup School.<br />

L: Powerup School! What in the ocean is that?<br />

C: In Powerup, you will learn how to control your powers as well as using them for<br />

your defense.<br />

L: How many years will I have to stay there?<br />

C: As long as it takes for you to be Fleged.<br />

L: Fleged?<br />

C:As long as it takes for you to master your powers and create your own mount.<br />

SCENE 3<br />

The Chief and Chieftainess are discussing angrily<br />

Chief: With the power she has, Lily will be Fleged in a year.<br />

Chieftainess: Not necessarily, she has a lot of power and no control. Control is one of<br />

the most difficult things so it’ll take her more than a year to be Fleged.<br />

C: How many years then?<br />

CS:Why do you want to know?<br />

C:sheepishly The oldest son of the fire chief offered 100 cresents to marry Lily…<br />

LILLY:Angrily entering So basically you want to sell me to the Fire tribe.<br />

C:Of course not dear. You know that all I want is your happiness.<br />

L:What does my happiness have to do with your wallet?<br />

She runs off<br />

SCENE 4<br />

Lily prepared to go down to breakfast.<br />

Maid:Your ready princess<br />


Lily:Thanks Lara, gracias<br />

Lara:Your welcome cariño<br />

Downstairs<br />

C and CS:Hello dear.<br />

L:Morning, Mom, Dad.<br />

L:You know- I’ve been thinking about yesterday and I’m really sorry. I’ll be delighted<br />

to marry Spark. Oh and Mom after breakfast would you mind coming to my bedchamber?<br />

CS:Sure<br />

L: When shall I be leaving for Powerup?<br />

CS:Tomorrow<br />

L: Well then I’d better go get Lara to get my suitcase ready.<br />

CS: I’ll be up there at 9:30<br />

L:I’ll be waiting<br />

SCENE 5<br />

Lily is in her room when her mother knocks on the door…<br />

CS: You wanted to talk to me?<br />

L: Before you ask, I’m not marrying the Fire chief’s son.<br />

CS:Obviously<br />

L: I’m going to Powerup but I’m not coming back until Dad promises not to make me<br />

marry that buffoon.<br />

CS:If you’re running away you’ll need some good advice as well as some objects.<br />

She exits and return with a heavy looking wooden case<br />

L: What’s that?<br />

CS:Something that you will only use when you have no other escape.<br />

She opens the case and takes out some objects…<br />

CS: This is a wish encased in a diamond bracelet. To release the win you must break<br />

it and make the wish.This is a poison for someone that will hurt you because it will<br />

happen<br />

Leaving these items in her hands she exit<br />



LILY: I’m Fleging tomorrow Gea.<br />

SCENE 6<br />

GEA: sighing I know Lil, you’ve been going on with it for a month<br />

L: Remind me to drink extra Strengthening Tonic this night<br />

G: I won’t need to, you always remember.<br />

L:I think I’ll go to bed at 8 instead of at 9.<br />

G: I don’t see why you need so much sleep. Most people don’t need 12 hours of<br />

sleep. You get 16!!!!!!!!<br />

L:Yeah but Lelia said that sleep was necessary.The more the better.<br />

G: And you also have been taking extra Strengthening Tonic.Lelia didn’t say anything<br />

about that!<br />

L:Well,but it said in the book that Flame lent me about being Fleged and how to be<br />

prepared.<br />

G:Well then at least don’t go shouting it to the 7 oceans.<br />

L: Why?<br />

G:Because I went to the loo yesterday at lunch and I heard those idiots from the Air<br />

tribe debating how to slip you a Weakening potion.<br />

L: Was Oxygen there?<br />

G: No she wasn’t but I heard Carbon Dioxide’s voice.<br />

L I’m going to ask Oxy.<br />

She exits<br />

SCENE 7<br />

Oxygen and Lily are in the Great Hall. Lily tells Oxygen what Gea saw…<br />

O: Are you sure that Gea heard Carbon’s voice?<br />

L: I’m positive, Gea is my best friend, I’d trust her with my life.<br />

O: I’ll talk to Carbon.<br />

L: If you’re involved in any of this I will tell your father and anyone involved in this will<br />

go to the Headmistress.<br />

O: Please don’t do that. Carbon is very persuasive, when we were younger she persuaded<br />

me to steal some chocolates from the basement for her.<br />

L:Persuasive is a little too soft for her, she twist everyone around her finger and then<br />


uses them.<br />

O: Don’t insult my sister!!!!!<br />

She exits<br />

The next day<br />

SCENE 8<br />

LELIA: You are ready to Fledge.<br />

LILY:Offstage she whispers to herself This is what I ve been waiting for. I feel weak,<br />

how can those bitches have slipped the potion to me.<br />

Suddenly we hear rustling water that builds to a crescendo. Lily hears a voice offstage<br />

MYSTERIOUS VOICE water goddess : I am the goddess Sindhu, a goddess that your<br />

tribe has forgotten.I present myself to you because your father still worships me. You<br />

are also worthy of me so I shall give you some good advice.<br />

1st your mount shall be my symbol, a dolphin, this shall give you the power to communicate<br />

with me and other water animals.2nd you will only worship me<br />

If you don’t, your powers will be stripped from you. Now you will also be able to<br />

transform into water and water animals.<br />

LILY:I adore and revere you great Sindhu. I accept your power and I will never worship<br />

another God or goddess.<br />

SINDHU:Good. Now begin your Fledging, with my power you will be fine but concentrate<br />

all the same. She disappears with the sound of running water.<br />

We now come to the start of a new life for Lily.<br />



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