2011 AnnuAl RepoRt - Jewish Family and Children's Service


2011 AnnuAl RepoRt - Jewish Family and Children's Service

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis

2011 AnnuAl RepoRt

to our supporters

2 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Photo by Laurie Schneider Photography

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis is a strong and healthy organization and is among

the top 20% of nonprofits in the state of Minnesota. Even so, the net effect of the past several years of a

struggling economy has had a significant impact on our ability to meet the needs of more than 17,000

people we served this year. In recent years, JFCS has experienced a loss of $1.4 million in funding resulting

in a 20% reduction in staffing—big numbers for even a strong, healthy organization. We have consistently

communicated that the needs of our community continue to rise while resources continue to decline. The one

silver lining in this gray story is that our caring supporters have truly stepped up and demonstrated their desire to

help strengthen our community one person at a time.

With the help of our generous donors and dedicated supporters, JFCS was able to serve the most vulnerable in

our community and those individuals who have never needed help before but now find themselves without a

job, potentially without a home or enough to eat, or without the support to manage unplanned-for struggles.

Nearly $350,000 was raised through our Membership Campaign, and

an equal amount was raised through our Annual Benefit. Other donors

generously contributed more than $1 million through new Program

Sponsorship opportunities and our Endowment continues to grow,

with more than 300 funds and a value approaching $8 million.

We are planning for a continuing “rocky road” that will likely follow us

through the end of this decade. Through strategic planning efforts

of our administrative team and Board, the dedication of our talented

and hard-working staff, and the generosity of our community, JFCS is

creating new avenues to maintain the viability of the agency.

To ensure leadership from generation to generation, JFCS launched the NextGen Program—a Fund, Club and

Board that promotes philanthropy and community involvement among young adults ages 21 to 36. NextGen

encourages young philanthropists by offering hands-on giving opportunities, professional experience and a

vibrant social network to build a more cohesive community. We welcome the involvement of the NextGen Board

and we know that our future is brighter because of its contribution to the agency.

JFCS has also established a business advisory council to develop strategic partnerships, explore social enterprise

and seek business relationships that will provide more employment opportunities for JFCS’s job-seeking clients.

As we look back on the past year, we are grateful for our dedicated and engaged Board of Directors, a community

of 900 volunteers, support from the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, the Greater Twin Cities United Way and JFCS’s

generous donors in helping to ensure the continuation of all that JFCS does for the community today and for

generations to come.

With best wishes for a healthy and happy year,

Judy Halper

Chief Executive Officer

Robin Sharpe Landy

Board President

DiFFiCult thingS

we Do quiCkly. the

iMpoSSible tAkeS A

little longeR.

DaviD Ben Gurion



table of Contents

03 To our supporters: a letter from

CEO Judy Halper & President

Robin Sharpe Landy

04 Our Mission, Vision & Values

05 Programs & Services in pictures

30 Program Listing & 2011

Program Highlights

33 Program Sponsors, Donations &

Endowment Funds

44 Financial Information

46 Staff

47 Board of Directors

Robin Segal, Communications Director

Martha Garcés, Graphic Designer © 2011–2012 JFCS. All rights reserved.

4 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Since 1984, JFCS has held the highest level (3-year) of

accreditation from CARF International, which requires

adherence to high standards of business operations

and best practices including agency-wide standards

for accessibility, leadership, human resources, finance

and safety. JFCS has been designated by the Minnesota

Department of Health as an Essential Community Provider

and is licensed to operate a Class B Professional Home

Care Agency. JFCS is certified by Minnesota Rehabilitation

Services and the U.S. Department of Labor. In addition,

JFCS is a member of the Alliance for Children & Families,

the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, the

national 2-1-1 Information & Referral System, the

Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, and

the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services.

In 2006, JFCS was named one of the Minneapolis/St. Paul

Business Journal’s Great Places to Work. In 2011, JFCS was

named a Top Workplace by the Minneapolis StarTribune.

Our Mission

Inspired by the wisdom and values of our tradition, Jewish

Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis supports

people of all backgrounds to reach their full potential.

Our Vision

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis is the

first place people choose: for help, to volunteer, to donate,

and to work.


People: We recognize the unique qualities of our clients,

staff, volunteers, contributors and community.

Compassion: We nurture and treat people with

understanding and respect.

Empowerment: We help people identify and maximize

their strengths and potential.

Integrity: We operate in a professional manner and provide

high-quality services in an ethical and responsible fashion.

to SAve A Single liFe

iS to SAve the woRlD. 1


We would like to thank the clients, Board members and volunteers who shared their stories with interviewer Sarah Malakoff in the pages that follow.

Thank you also to the photographers who captured the many faces of JFCS: Martha Garcés, Sarah Malakoff, and Laurie Schneider Photography.

1 A paraphrase of the Jerusalem Talmud, Sanhedrin 4:1 (22a)




l’Chaim Senior Services

6 JFCS 6 2011 JFCS 2011 Annual Annual Report Report

Photos by Sarah Malakoff

“iF i DiDn’t hAve

the help FRoM JFCS,

i woulD loSe My


JewiSh FAMily

MAkeS liFe betteR.”

—Faina, who was a Senior Companion volunteer and now has her own Companion, receives case management from

L’Chaim Senior Services

Faina is pictured above during a visit with JFCS Case Manager Amy Taswell



healthy youth–healthy Communities

“theRe wAS only one otheR giRl in hebRew

ClASS with MiRiAM, So it wAS ReAlly niCe

to Meet A gRoup oF A Dozen JewiSh giRlS.

it wAS AlSo A gReAt oppoRtunity to ShARe

ChAllengeS with otheR MoMS.”

—Adina, pictured with her daughter Miriam. The two participated in “Empowering Our Daughters” offered by

Healthy Youth–Healthy Communities

8 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Photos by Sarah Malakoff


“i think pRepARe/enRiCh iS

the FiRSt Step oF builDing

A RelAtionShip with JFCS,

StARting with pRe-MARitAl

CounSeling, up thRough

SenioR CARe. in eveRy StAge

oF liFe, JFCS CAn be theRe.”

—Jason Bass, JFCS Board member who participated in PREPARE/ENRICH for pre-marital counseling with his wife, Robyn



parent-Child home program

“i got the Joy oF

ShARing bookS with

My Son. now he

wAkeS up wAnting

to go to SChool.”

—Tiyanna, pictured with son JJ, at the Parent-Child Home

Program Graduation in May of 2011

10 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Photos by Sarah Malakoff

Hag Sameach program

“the beSt thing

you CAn Do iS to

Do SoMething FoR

SoMeone elSe.”

“I see the same

look in everyone’s

eyes, regardless

of their religious

background, that

says ‘thank you.’

I’ve seen many

different people’s

lives touched by

Hag Sameach.”

—Barbara Amdur Hirshberg, who has volunteered for 11 years with Hag Sameach (Happy Holidays) by wrapping, sorting, and

delivering gifts to referred individuals and families for the holidays



Jewish big brother/big Sister program

12 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Photo by Sarah Malakoff

“when eStheR RivkA

wAS little, She uSeD

to tell Me thAt She

hopeD i woulD be

heR big SiSteR until

She wAS A ‘gRown up’.”

“We both know

That we will

always be a part of

one another’s lives.

I cannot even

begin to share the

wonderful feelings

I got when Esther

Rivka shared with

me that some

time in the future,

she would like to

be a Big Sister!”

—Roni Gingold (left), pictured with Little Sister Esther Rivka—the two were matched in 2005



twin Cities Jewish healing program

—Bart Berlin, volunteer with the Healing Program

14 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

“i’M gRAteFul

thAt i CAn be

theRe when


iS in neeD.

theRe ARe

MAny tiMeS

the peRSon


know i’M

theRe, but

JuSt hAving

A pReSenCe




This page: photo by Martha Garcés. Facing page: photos by Sarah Malakoff & Martha Garcés

pJ library®

“it’S niCe to hAve high-quAlity JewiSh

bookS Sent to uS. it pRoviDeS uS with A

libRARy we woulDn’t hAve otheRwiSe.”

—Alex, husband to Dani, and father of (from left) Judah, Aviva, and Ruben

“PJ Library” is a registered trademark of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. All rights reserved.



Financial Assistance

—Mel, who received financial assistance to go back to school and change careers

16 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

“it’S JuSt AMAzing

i got thiS


“If an individual is

looking for career

help, I feel very

strongly that if it’s

within the power

of JFCS and if they

apply themselves,

they will get

whatever JFCS can

help them get.”

Photos by Sarah Malakoff

immigrant and Refugee Services

“we ReSettleD in the u.S. with A liMiteD

AMount oF inFoRMAtion. JFCS pRoviDeD

bASiC neeDS AnD gAve uS A SenSe oF being

pARt oF A CoMMunity, AnD toDAy we ARe

Able to give bACk to the CoMMunity.”

—Greg, who emigrated to Minnesota from the former Soviet Union with his wife, Polina, and now owns and operates a real

estate group, where he says many clients are new to the U.S.




beyond Safety

“Being an


has taught

me to


my own life

more fully.”

18 JFCS 18 2011 JFCS 2011 Annual Annual Report Report

Photo by Sarah Malakoff

“iF A woMAn hAS

SuFFeReD with AbuSe,

heR voiCe iS oFten

SilenCeD. being An

ADvoCAte MeAnS

Allowing heR to

hAve heR voiCe

heARD AgAin.”

—Jodi Alter, volunteer advocate with the Jewish Domestic Abuse Collaborative’s Beyond Safety Program.



Deikel Family AlterCare Adult Day program

“My MotheR iS hAppy.

thAt’S the MoSt CRitiCAl thing.

i think the StAFF iS outStAnDing.

AlteRCARe MAkeS My liFe eASieR.”

—Barbara (left), whose mother Diane attends the Deikel Family AlterCare Adult Day Program

20 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

This page: photo by Martha Garcés. Facing page: photo by Sarah Malakoff.

Caring Connections

“I like the Caring

Connections because

they’re nice people.

When I see everybody,

I enjoy the time that

I’m with them. They’re

my friends. They’re

nice to me. I feel like

it’s a big family.”

“CARing ConneCtionS

MeAnS thAt being

JewiSh iS SpeCiAl.”

—Laura, participant in Caring Connections




“i wAnt

J-pRiDe to


—Jeremy Hanson Willis,

J-Pride Member

22 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

It’s important that Jews are

visible in the larger GLBT*

community and for GLBT

Jews to be visible in the

larger Jewish community.

It’s also important that

GLBT Jews do not feel

alone, but part of a

community. J-Pride helps

make both possible.”

* GLBT stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender

Photos by Sarah Malakoff.

Career Development

“JFCS helpeD Me FiguRe out how i DeFine

My SkillS AnD CAReeR inteReStS, AnD how

to Apply thAt to My Job SeARCh goAlS.”

—Gayle, who changed career paths and became a technical writer for Boston Scientific



Survivor Support Services

24 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Photo by Martha Garcés

“JFCS neveR ReFuSeS

to give you help.

they MAke Me Feel

veRy gooD. i’ve neveR

been DiSAppointeD,

AnD i’M veRy


—Sam, a Holocaust survivor, receives L’Chaim Senior Services cleaning and shopping help that is subsidized through Survivor

Support Services at JFCS

Above, a young Sam practices proper form with his instructor



Special events

“i’M pRouD to

ContRibute to An

oRgAnizAtion thAt

helpS So MAny

people, JewiSh AnD


—Rhonda Stein (left), Co-Chair of JFCS’s 23 rd Annual Benefit with fellow Co-Chair Marcia Cohodes (right)

26 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

“JFCS is such

an important

organization for

our community

that I felt it was

an honor to

volunteer for

their biggest

fundraiser of

the year.”

Photos by Sarah Malakoff

vocational Rehabilitation

“i CAn’t tell

you how



been to Me”

—Georganne, who called JFCS’s

Intake and Resource Connection

seeking help and was paired with

Voc Rehab staff, who helped her

obtain a job as a telefundraiser

for the Guthrie Theater



volunteer Resources

“Many people

have the same

concerns, the

same problems,

but they feel

isolated. It’s nice

to let them know

they’re not

alone in their


28 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Photos by Sarah Malakoff

“volunteeRing hAS

tAught Me thAt

theRe’S A lot oF

neeD out theRe.”

—Arnie Blatt, JFCS Board member and volunteer with Deikel Transportation and household financial management for seniors



programs & Services


Provides free, confidential

answers to parenting and

relationship questions from

expert Barbara Rudnick at


Beyond Safety

Advocates for women who

have experienced intimate

partner abuse and are seeking


New this year, Beyond Safety served

17 women in 2011 and trained 12


Camp Scholarships

Awards funds to help youth

participate in various summer


104 campers received support in 2011.

Career Development

Empowers people to identify

and explore their vision of

career success

30 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Career Initiatives

Offers an array of services that

help job seekers prepare for

success in today’s job market

Nearly 100 job seekers attended Career

Access for Everyone (CAFÉ), where they

learned networking skills and received

materials to prepare them for the world

of work. Many have found employment

success as a result.

Caring Connections

Organizes programs and

events that enable Jewish

adults with developmental

disabilities to connect with

Jewish life

60 plus adults with intellectual

and developmental disabilities

attended JFCS’s Caring Connections

events throughout the year. Caring

Connections is a collaboration between

JFCS, the Sabes JCC, St. Paul JCC and St.

Paul JFS.

Consultation Services

Professional guidance to

clarify issues and identify



Clinically trained staff help

maximize strengths and skills

with individualized plans

Deikel Family AlterCare

Adult Day Program

Safe, enriching environment

that offers socialization for

individuals with or without

impairments who otherwise

might be alone during the

day, and respite for caregivers

Deikel Family AlterCare Adult Day

Program provided 20,742 hours of

adult day service allowing caregivers

much needed respite.

Deikel Transportation


Staff and volunteers drive

adults 60 and older to medical

appointments, social

activities and on errands

within Hennepin county

Deikel Transportation Services provided

3,100 rides to clients this year.

Emergency Financial


Funds are available for eligible

individuals experiencing

financial crises

The Association of Jewish Family and

Children’s Agencies awarded JFCS’

video on the need for emergency

financial assistance with the national

Kovod Award for best video.

Family Life Education

Provides interfaith

programming and forums to

create healthier individuals,

families and communities

Through Family Life Education, JFCS

runs an ongoing support group at

Temple Israel for Jewish caregivers

providing care to loved ones with

Alzheimer’s disease or other memory


Hag Sameach (Happy

Holidays) Program

Provides gifts, ritual items and

traditional food for referred

individuals and families who

are isolated or in need during

the holidays.

Hag Sameach volunteers delivered

items to more than 1,100 individuals.

Healthy Youth-Healthy


Presents interactive programs

for Jewish youth in grades 5

through college

Healthy Youth–Healthy Communities

provided more than 40 presentations to

Twin Cities Jewish youth. Young people

from primary school through college

discussed topics such as body image,

chemical dependency and healthy


Immigrant and Refugee


Culturally and linguistically

appropriate services,

information and referral

Individual Referral Program

Provides eligible residents of

the City of Minneapolis with

career counseling, academic

advising and financial support

for short-term training

leading to sustainable

employment in high-growth,

high-demand occupations

Intake and Resource


A team of clinically trained

professionals who work to

connect you with appropriate

resources at JFCS or

elsewhere in the community

Jewish Big Brother/Big

Sister Program

Pairs children with Jewish role

models to foster meaningful


The Jewish Big Brother/Big Sister

program is working with 67 matches,

including more children with special

needs than ever before.

Jewish Domestic Abuse


Individuals and families

receive resources and

advocacy to assure safety

from abusive relationships

Jewish Free Loan Program

Grants interest-free loans to

eligible members of the Twin

Cities community

expenSeS by pRogRAM AReA


An organization for GLBTQ

Jews and their allies working

to affect positive change

through social activities,

educational events,

spiritual opportunities, and

community outreach

Kosher Meals on Wheels

Delivers a nutritious, kosher,

mid-day meal five days a

week for people who are

homebound or have difficulty

preparing meals

25,106 kosher Meals on Wheels were

delivered in 2011.

L’Chaim Senior Services


Ensures safe, independent

living for seniors and support

for their caregivers

More than 5,500 hours of homemaking

service was provided to LCSS clients.

This included 589 shopping trips.

Homemaking service helps older

adults maintain their independence

and dignity.

14.4% Clinical & Case Management Services

19.4% Aging & Disability Services

3.8% Community Services

6.0% Children’s Services

38.0% Career Services

12.7% Clinical & Case Management Management Services

Community & Services

Career Services


5.7% 12.0% Development 4.4% & Fundraising37.0%

Mental Health Education


Raises community awareness

of mental health issues,

offering support and

education through a free

annual conference

Mental Health Support

Services (MHSS)

Clinically trained staff help

individuals cope with mental

illness and maintain stability

JFCS served more than 100 adults

with serious and persistent mental

illness through Mental Health Support

Services to help them maintain stability

and independence.

Minneapolis Jewish

Community Inclusion

Program for People with


Facilitates meaningful

participation and involvement

for all people

More than 20 events were planned

and coordinated for Jewish Disability

Awareness Month in February.

0 20 40 60 80 100


Aging & Disability Services


Children’s Services

For more detailed financial information on services provided, see pages 44–45.

Continued on next page...

Development & Fundraising



Management & General



Minnesota Family

Investment Program (MFIP)

Helps families transition to

economic stability

JFCS led the way by successfully

testifying before the Special

Master during the 2011 Minnesota

government shutdown to keep all

MFIP Employment Services open.

Our program serves hundreds of

individuals who need assistance as

they move from welfare to work.


A Fund, Club and Board that

promotes philanthropy and

community involvement

among young adults ages

21 to 36

JFCS launched NextGen and recruited

25 young adults to serve on its first

Board at the close of 2011.

Nurturing Our Retired

Citizens (NORC)

Mobilizes the community to

enable healthy aging and

help seniors “age in place”

NORC worked with 20 faith

communities through its West Metro

Congregational Nurse Network.

These nurses serve more than

3,000 individuals per year. NORC

also provided 79 reverse mortgage

counseling sessions in 2011.

32 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Parent-Child Home

Program (PCHP)

Prepares preschool-aged

children and their families for

academic success through

weekly home visits over a

two-year period

PCHP will graduate the largest class

since the program opened six years

ago—60 children and their proud

families! The reports we’ve received

from kindergarten and first grade

teachers about the graduates’ progress

indicate that the children are wellprepared

and ready for school, helping

to close the achievement gap.

PJ Library®

Provides free Jewish

children’s books, events and

music for ages 6 months to 8


Nearly 800 children enrolled in PJ

Library. More than 75 families—

including children, parents and

grandparents—attended a

multigenerational concert presented

by Jewish rock musician and PJ Library

Musical Advisor Rick Recht. The

concert was made possible by the PJ

Library program at JFCS and partners

at Jewish community preschools,

Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day

School and Sholom.


Assists couples at all stages

of life to strengthen their


Scholarship Services

Awards funds for postsecondary


Shalom Baby!

Welcomes newborns into

the Jewish community

with hand-delivered tote

bags filled with gifts and

information for families

*Social services for Nazi victims have been supported by a grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against

Germany, including funds from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Holocaust Survivor Emergency Assistance Fund, for

the benefit of Jewish Holocaust survivors in need.

Senior Community Service

Employment Program

Facilitates opportunities for

low-income seniors to gain

employment at nonprofit


Special Events

Hosts an Annual Meeting,

client Passover Seders and

Chanukah parties and

other events throughout

the year, culminating in the

JFCS Annual Benefit each


JFCS’s 23rd Annual Benefit was the

agency’s most successful to date.

Nearly 200 young adults attended the

Benefit’s Under 40 Pre-Party.

St. Louis Park School-Based


Partners with St. Louis Park

Schools to serve as a resource

to parents through the Parent

Resource Center at Peter

Hobart Elementary School

and a lunch-buddy program

which partners adult

volunteers with elementaryaged


Survivor Support Services

Offers guidance and

assistance for Jewish victims

of Nazi persecution*

Twin Cities Jewish Healing


Provides visits, resources and

spiritual wisdom for those

encountering life-altering


Vocational Rehabilitation

Provides services for

individuals with barriers to

employment who are looking

for work

More than 60% of JFCS Vocational

Rehabilitation clients were employed

in jobs where they worked at least 70

hours a month and earned an average

of $14.22 per hour. Participants in our

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

worked 4,653 hours at our work site at

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

Volunteer Resources

Organizes opportunities to

help the community through

JFCS’s many programs and


More than 900 volunteers provided

meaningful services to those in need

through flexible, short and long-term


West Hennepin Community

Outreach Project

Provides employment

assistance for individuals who

live in West Hennepin County

program Sponsors, Donations & endowment Funds

JFCS Program

Sponsors †

Founding Sponsors

Anonymous (1), Counseling

Anonymous (1), Parent-

Child Home Program

The Cargill Foundation,

Parent-Child Home


Conference on Jewish

Material Claims Against

Germany, L’Chaim Senior


Deikel Family Foundation,

Deikel Transportation


N. Bud & Beverly Grossman

Foundation, Parent-Child

Home Program

Lynne & Andy Redleaf,

Minneapolis Jewish

Community Inclusion

Program for People with

Disabilities and Parent-

Child Home Program

Wendy Lovell-Smith and

Colin Smith, Parent-Child

Home Program

Lead Sponsors

The Beverly Foundation,

Emergency Financial


Otto Bremer Foundation,

Beyond Safety

The Kohler Family, Healthy



Lynne & Andy Redleaf,



Bernard and Fern Badzin

Foundation, Counseling

The Beverly Foundation,

CAFÉ and Parnossah


The Blythe Brandon Fund

of the Ted & Dr. Roberta

Mann Foundation,

Beyond Safety

The Ezrilov Family, Healthy



General Mills Foundation,

Parent-Child Home


The David B. Gold

Foundation, Parent-Child

Home Program

Grotto Foundation, Parent-

Child Home Program

St. Louis Park Family

Services Collaborative, St.

Louis Park School-Based


The following donors

have made unrestricted

sponsorship-level gifts of

$10,000 or more to JFCS:

Anonymous (1)

Helena Bigos

Jake Garber

Sharon & William Hope

The McKnight Foundation



Anonymous (1)

The Cargill Foundation

Conference on Jewish

Material Claims Against


Deikel Family Foundation

Cindi & * Harold Goldfine

Nancy J. Gordon

Greater Twin Cities United


Hennepin County Human

Services and Public

Health Department

Minnesota Department

of Employment and

Economic Development,

Vocational Rehabilitation


Minneapolis Jewish


Lynne & Andrew Redleaf

US Department of Labor/

Senior Services of

America, Inc.

US Department of Health

and Human Services

Administration on Aging


Anonymous (1)

The Beverly Foundation

N. Bud & * Beverly Grossman


Deborah Kohler & * Gary


Estate of Jerry Lavin

The McKnight Foundation

Wendy Lovell-Smith & Colin


Stillman Family Foundation/

Ralph & Faye Stillman

and * Andrew & Cass


US Department of Labor/

International Association

of Jewish Vocational



Amport Foods–American

Importing Co.

Bernard and Fern Badzin


Judith & Michael Berman

New this year, JFCS Program Sponsorship is an opportunity to sponsor

a program on an annual basis at the Sponsor ($10,000–$24,999),

Lead Sponsor ($25,000–$49,999) or Founding Sponsor level ($50,000+).

* 2011 Volunteer

Helena Bigos

BOND (Branching Out in

New Directions)

The Blythe Brandon Fund

of the Ted & Dr. Roberta

Mann Foundation

* Carole Davidson

Vivian & Bob Ezrilov

Mike and * Linda Fiterman

Family Foundation/Mike

and Linda Fiterman

Jake Garber

General Mills Foundation

The David B. Gold


Grotto Foundation

Sharon & William Hope

Barb Anderson & Irv Kessler

Matt Lerner

Metropolitan Area Agency

on Aging

Ben Miller Foundation

Otto Bremer Foundation

June & Al Perlman

Carl & Eloise Pohlad Family


Linda & Max Rutman

St. Louis Park Family

Services Collaborative

* Liba & Tom Stillman

Tankenoff Families


Twin City Fan Companies,

Ltd/Melanie & Chuck


US Department of

Housing and Urban

Development/City of

Minneapolis Community

Planning and Economic


* Sharon & Joel Waller

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota,


Estate of Shale Wilensky

* Randi & * Barry Wolfish


Anonymous (1)

Affiance Financial, LLC

* Kerry & * Scott Bader

Sarah & * Mike Badower

Baratz Family Foundation

Christopher & Banks


Federal Emergency

Management Agency


Neil Feinberg

Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper &


Lois Goodman

* Karen Grabow & Keith


Nancy & Bob Hartman

Kathrine & Louis Hill

Hunger Related Events/

Taste of the NFL

Kelen Family Foundation

Jane & Robert Ketroser

Land O’Lakes, Inc.

M & I Marshall Ilsley Bank

* Charles & Candice Nadler

Family Foundation

* Harriet & Nathan Newman

Edward J. Phillips Family


* Nancy & * Kevin Rhein

Robins, Kaplan, Miller &

Ciresi, L.L.P.

Steven Roth

Mimi & David Sanders

Schechter, Dokken, Kanter,

Andrews & Selcer Ltd.

Estate of Anita B. Schwartz

Beth Ann & Saul Segal

The Sheltering Arms


The Oren and Sharron

Steinfeldt Foundation

Susie & Stuart Swartz

Paula & * Jim Tankenoff

United Jewish Fund and


Weiser Family Foundation/

Irving & Marjorie Weiser

Debra & Steve Weiss

Judy Witebsky

Women’s Endowment

Fund of the Minneapolis

Jewish Federation

Jill Zipkin


Sybille Aaron

Accredited Investors, Inc.

Adath Jeshurun


Susan Alpert

Yaffa & Mark Appelbaum

Lorraine & Sidney


Patrick Atkinson

Kelly & David Auerbach

Amy & Stan Baratz

Marilyn & Larry Barenbaum

Judy & Bruce Barnett

* Etta & Mike Barry

Michelle & Neville Basman

* Barbara & Lee Bearmon

* Ellyn Wolfenson & Michael


Benchmark Reporting


Linda & Paul Benenson

Pearl & Dan Berdass

Allison & Joshua Berdass

* Gail & Brian Berger

Toby & Frank Berman

Lyle Berman

* Charlotte & * Richard


Bet Shalom Congregation

Joanne Ferraro & Bob


Ted Bigos

B’nai Emet Women’s League

Iris & Steve Borowsky

Linda & Miles Braufman

Bremer Bank

Sally & * Eric Bressler

Rachel Liba Cardozo

Children’s Foundation

Barbara & Tom Carlstrom



Lynn Blumenthal & * Stuart

A. Chazin

Marcia & Mark Cherniack

Ann & Michael Ciresi

* Margaret Macneale & * Gary


* Diane & Richard Cohen

Judy & Rod Cooperman

Coordinated Business

Systems, Ltd.

Ann & Neil Covin

Beatrice Cowle

Betty Kay & Jay Crothers

Toni & Bruce Dachis

Elaine & Gary Dachis

Darchei Noam


* Karen & Morris Davidman

Susan & Robert Diamond

Financial Concepts, Inc.

Fingerhut Family


Gigi & Ron Fingerhut

Ernest I. Fink Agency

Beverly & Richard Fink

* Lucy Rose & * Mark Fischer

Fay Fishman

Bernice Fiterman

Amy & Jack Fiterman

Shari & Todd Fleming

* Mari Forbush

Bruce Frank

Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

Rivi & Michael Galinson

Micki & Ronald Gamer

Karen & Bruce Gershman

* Natalie Levin & Steve


* Roni & Alan Gingold

* Roy Ginsburg

Leah Golberstein

* Lynn & * Alan Goldbloom

Golden Valley Human

Services Foundation

* Diane & Louis Goldenberg

* Rhonda Stein & Stuart


* Miriam Goldfein

May & Maurice Goldman

* Marcia Cohodes & * David


Harriet & Marvin Goldstein

Dani & David Gotlieb

Jacy & * Jason Grais

Rani Halpern & * Joel Green

Kim & Cliff Greene

* Nan & Jim Greenfield

Melanie & Vic Greenstein

Joanne & Bruce Gruen

Gurstel Chargo

* Judy & * Andy Halper

Jill & Jon Halper

Barbara & Gary Hanovitch

Sid Hartman

Debbie & Marc Hasko

Bonnie & Steven Heller

* Jory M. Herman

Hodroff-Epstein Funeral


Cindy & Bruce Idelkope

Ann Rockler-Jackson &

Robert Jackson, III

Margaret & Stan Jaffy

Jewish Community Center

of the Greater St. Paul


Hope Frisch Kalin & Jeremy


* Steve Kalin

Susan Nudell Kalin

* Cindy & Doug Kanter

Eloise & Elliot Kaplan

Suzanne & Harvey Kaplan

Carole & Martin Kaplan

Donna & Michael Kaplan

Stefanie & Robert Karon

* Sandra & Mark Kaster

* Fay & Mitch Kaye

* Rita & Ron Kelner

Sharon & Martin Kieffer

* Eileen & David Kohn

Julie & Marc Kozberg

* Laurie & Joel Kramer

Susi Saxl & * Robert Kramer

Margie & Steve Krause

Linda Singer & * Steven


Barbara & Gary Krupp

* Diane & Allen Kuperman

Elaine & Howard Kuretsky

Teresa & Robert Laing

* Robin & * Bryan Landy

Noreen & Edward Levine

Judy & Ray Lazar

Bonnie & Steve Lazar

Julie & Paul Leff

Beth & Todd Leonard

Leonard, Street and Deinard,


Joan & Bob Levine

Lexus of Wayzata–Lexus of


Leonard Lichtblau

Sheila & Stephen Lieberman

Lindquist and Vennum, PLLP

Ned Litin

Hinda & Tom Litman

Elinore Locketz

Gifts listed include foundation, corporate, government, endowment, United Way

designated gifts, membership, Annual Benefit, general contributions, program

sponsorships and pledges received between January 1, 2011, through December 31, 2011.

Gifts to JFCS’s collaborative programs are also included.




Lurie, Besikof, Lapidus and

Co., LLP

* Sandra & David Lynn

Kris & John MacDonald

* Gail & Steve Machov

* Paula & * Robert Maisel

* Debbie & Gil Mann

* Jill Ann Marks

Maslon Edelman Borman &

Brand, LLP

Amy-Ann & Jeremy Mayberg

* Susan & * Brad Melnick

Mary & Bob Mersky

Metro Meals On Wheels

Bill Meyers

David Meysembourg

Esta Miller

Minnesota Vikings Football


* Jill & * Jeff Mirviss

* Louise & * Bruce Moss

Mutual of America–

Minneapolis Region

Stacie & * Joe Nabedrick

Lynne & David Nathan

Bobbi & Larry Newman

Sheryl & Steve Newman

Linda & Jeff Noddle

* Marcia & * Allen Oleisky

Phil Oxman & Harvey


* Gabrielle & David Parish

Kristine Bassett & Barry


MaryAnn & Scott Portnoy

* Susan & * Richard Proman

Lil Raen

* Tina & Ivan Rafowitz


Diane & Jon Rappaport

RBC Wealth Management

Louise & Jerry Ribnick

Marilyn & Jeff Rivkin

* Mark Robbins

Dr. Gerald Roberts

Bridget & Steven B. Robin

Ann & Mark Robinow

The Robins Family


Jeffrey Robinson

Harold Roitenberg

Lindsey & * Jason Rose

Terrie & Larry Rose

Renee & * Marc Rubenstein

Harriette & Harold Rutstein

Sheryl & Randy Rutzick


* Van & * James Sanders

Sheva & * Tom Sanders

Annette & Vic Sandler

Saxon AutoGroup

Polly & Michael Saxon

* Nancy & Steve Schachtman

* Judith & Steven


* Robin & * Nolan Segal

* Cindy & Joel Shapiro

The Shared Fund/Joanne &

Howard Weiner

Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

Melissa Cohen Silberman &

Sheldon Silberman

Joanne & Michael Silverman

* Loreen & Perry Silverman

Susan Chalfen & Dan Silvers

34 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Susie & Jim Simon

Eleanor & Gary Singer

Dorothy & William Sipkins

Estelle & Robert Stillman

Alex and Mollie Tankenoff


* Betsy & * Mayer Tapper

Target Corporation/


Kim & Scott Teplinsky

Gail & Joel Tilsner

Nancy Toberman


Toodie & Frank Trestman

Brenda & Jeff Vogel

Volunteers of America

Judi Belzer & * Jerry Waldman

David J. & Mabel Weiner


Elizabeth & Fred Weiner

Dori & * Gary Weinstein

Dori & Herb Weisman

Gloria Weisskopf

Gail & Robert Werner

Violet Werner

Judy & Stephen Witebsky

Cindy & Perry Witkin

Anne & Allen Wolf

Kathy & * Howard Zack

Lynn & Ron Zamansky

Shirley & * Larry Zipkin

Bonnie & Alan Ziskin

Dawn & * Danny Zouber

Elly & Mike Zweigbaum


Stuart Bader

Jenny & Jon Benowitz

* Pam & * Robert Berkwitz

* Heather & * Kevin Besikof

Beth El Women’s League

Carolyn & Stuart Bloom

Rick Chamlin

Paula & Arvin Cohen

Community Health Charities

Judy & * Richard Cook

Kathy & Gary Diamond

* Sherri & Larry Feuer

Heidi & Howard Gilbert

Susan & Richard Goldman

* Leslie & Jerad Hahn

Myra Juster

Mitzi & Terry Kane

Jill & Lennie Kaufman

Sandi Laskin

Joy Leibman

Betty Sue & David Lipschultz

Laura & * Martin Lipshutz

* Sandra & * David Marrinson

Sara & Mark Mekler

Elizabeth & David Nirenstein

Andrea & * Bob Oleisky

* Joyce & * Martin Orbuch

Elyse Rabinowitz & Jim


* Sharon & Marvin Resnick

* Rollye & Chuck Rinkey

Tamara & Michael Root

Barbara & David Rosenberg

Lois & Chick Schenfeld

Martin Segal

Ricki Roberts & Mark Simon

Linda & Tom Sklar

Debbie & Craig Spencer

Janet & * Howard Tarkow

Saul Taylor

Wireless World


Beverly & Marvin Aaron

Karen & Rick Aberman

Sally & Michael Abrams

Sheri & Steve Abrams

Joyce & * David Abramson

Edward Alch

Loni & Darrell Ansel

Terry & Jack Appleman

Arby’s Leadership Team &

Arby’s Franchisees

The Aronson Philanthropic


Ben Badiner

Abby & Shel Badzin

* Abbey & * Seth Baker

* Robyn & * Jason Bass

Myrna & Gary Bell

Jane & Steve Benowitz

Larissa & Jake Berenberg

Etta & Donald Bernstein

Shirley & Marshall Besikof

Birthday Club

* Sura-Fraida & * Arnie Blatt

Elsa Shapiro & Victor


BlueWater Manufacturing

Peggy & Harlan Blumenthal

* Julie Silverman & Bard


Jill & Kevin Brazner

Sandra & David Brown

* Fran & Marvin Burstein

Abigail Barrett & Dan Burton

Ricki & Conrad Butwinick

CDF Foundation/Carolyn


Ilene & Jason Cohen

Tammy Cohen

Jeanne Corwin

The Culp Family Foundation

Linda & Kenneth Cutler

* Esther Goldberg-Davis &

* Rabbi Alexander Davis

Linda Foreman & Mel


Alecia & Gus Dotterweich

Mischa Dworsky

Peretz Dworsky

* Margie & Michael Earhart

Betty Eisenstadt

Geoffrey Fages

Nancy & Neil Fink

* Janet & Darryl Flam

Carolyn Fletcher

* Shirley & Byron Frank

* Barbara & * Neal Frank

Julie & Peter Gainsley

Jeffrey Gans

Phyllis & Phil Garon

* Judy & * James Gaviser

Celia & Hillel Gershenson

Natalie Ginsburg

Rabbi Sim & Barbara Glaser

Debbie & Mark Glotter

* Barbara Goldberg

Marlene & Sandy Goldberg

* Bonnie & Lester Goldblatt

Sheree Goldblatt

Nancy & Marshall Golden

* Cheryl & * David Goldenberg

Judy & Herb Goldenberg

Judie & Norman Goldetsky

Judy & Mel Goldfein

Laurie Stone & Joel


John Goodman

Lisa & Jeff Gottstein

Susan & Doug Greenberg

Susan & Peter Gross

Judy & Jon Harris

Thomas Heady

Andrea & Steven Heifetz

Elissa Heilicher

Phyllis Heilicher

Charles Horwitz

Jewish Family Service of

St. Paul

Jill & Brad Johnson

Merle & Mort Kane

Joy & Sid Kaplan

Karon Family Foundation

Beverly & Alan Kasdan

Esther Malabel & Stuart


Neil Kay

Nancy Gildin & Allan


* Harriet & Dan Kohen

Lois & Marty Kozberg

Rabbi Harold Kravitz & *

Cindy Reich

Susan & Hart Kuller

Gary Laskin

Arlene & Zvi Leibovich

Joanie Levinsohn

Bonnie Shapiro & Richard


Jeffrey Levy

Kenneth Levy

Laurel & Scott Lifson

Lisberg Family Foundation

Maria Loucks

* Amy Rosenblatt Lui & David


Jorie & Robby Malk

Alyssa & Jon Marker

Marilyn Marker

* Amy & David Mastbaum

Merrill Communications

Marlene & Marshall Miller

Ilene & Patrick Moore

Joyce Moscoe

Jane Newman & Amy Lange

Joan Noun

Jill & David Orbuch

* Ruth & Nathan Paley

Ellen Sue & Jonathan Parker

* Leslie & Ross Paskoff

Heidi & Brian Pergament

Marian Perling

Dorothy & Norman Pink

* Alina & Alexander Portnoy

Jeanne & Steven Prawer

Kenny Rafowitz

Lynn Lederman & Ken


Sue & Martin Ring

Sheldon Rivkin

Carol & David Rosenblatt

Ronna Rossman

Ann Kaner-Roth & Marc


Lisa & Doug Rozen

* Karen & Russ Rubin

* Janice & * Jeff Schachtman

Alice & Steven Schultz

* Jan & Alan Schwartz

* Pennie Shapiro

Carol Sarnat & Rick


Patti & * Andrew Silverstein

* Suzie Singer

Cathy & Gene Snyder

* Sherry Stern & Steven


Sandy & Jason Sondell

David Steinhaus

Kristi Bader & Gary Swartz

Jeff Swartz

* Harriet Swatez

Jane & Mike Swenson

Jodi & Jeff Upin

Stacie & Jeff Usem

Mary Tambornino & Ronald


Bud Vesta

* Ann & Neil Wasserman

* Suzanne & * Everett


Susan & Rob White

Karen & Alan Winner

Randee & Sam Wolfson

Ellie & Mark Wolpert

Ilene & Bruce Zwick


Bill Aberman

Olga & Vladimir Abramovich

Leslie & Harry Adler

Bridget Manahan & Joseph


Alvin Apple

* Debra & Alex Arbit

Lisa & Glenn Aronauer

Howard Atkin

Sari & Jeff Axelrod

Wendy & Howard Bach

Richard Bachrach

Marissa & Robb Bader

* Susan Colby & Larry Baill

Sandra & Barry Baines

Adrienne & Morton Bank

* Irene Bartram

Marilyn & Allan Baumgarten

* Carol & * Alan Bensman

Anne & Lionel Bercovitch

Margo Berdass

Minnie Bergman

Abby Halper & Seth


Hallie & Barry Bershow

Linda & Butch Bialick

Brian Bix

Lauren Baker & Eric Black

Debbie & Jim Bomberg

Eleanor & Bernard Borkon

Edward Borkon

Betty & Marvin Borman

Elena & Alexander Borochin

Michael Bortinger

Carol & Michael Bromer

Jane & David Broude

Cindy & Donald Brown

Jean & Robert Bundt

Harriette & Fred Burstein

Bonnie & Martin Bush

Beverly Calmenson

Bruce Campbell

Marilyn & Richard Chern

Sheryl Cohen & Dan Fink

Peggy & Billy Cohn

Laurie & Charlie Corson

Carol & Kim Culp

Hedy Haas-David & Bill


Mitzi Diamond

* Susan Dingle

Yve & Paul Dinte

Carol & Stan Dobrin

* Judy & Ross Dworsky

Jill & Bob Edelstein

Judy & Joseph Edwards

Alan & Lollie Eidsness

Sparky & Thomas Eisenstadt

Lorna & Alan Ellison

Inna & John Elsner

Judy & Michael Emmons

Carol & Mark Epstein

Rabbi Avraham & Linda


Shannon & Mark Evenstad

Cheryl & Mark Feinberg

Corrine & Thomas Feinberg

Aimee & Noah Feldman

Sue & Steve Feldman

Linda & Les Fieldman

Elaine & David Fink

Libby & * Andrew Finn

Liz & Harry Fischman

Barb & Andy Fishman

Sally Forbes Friedman

Alvera & Roland Franceschi

Sharie & Jerry Frank

Connie & Peter Frank

Friday Morning Maj Group

Asya & Sender Fridland

Pam & Howard Friedman

Charles Frisch

* Carol & Glen Fuerstneau

Cindy & Michael Garr

Anita Geller

Beth Pearlman & Garry


Lael & Gary Gerding

Terry & David Gilberstadt

* Jeannie & * Steve Gilfix

Debra Oberman & Mark


Mimi & Sherman Gleekel

* Tatiana Glistvain

Patti Goldberg

Shelly & Ira Golden

Susan & Bill Goldenberg

* Bobbie & Steve Goldfarb

Arnold Goldman

Daniel Goldman

Edith Goldschmidt

Sandy & Brian Golob

* Terri & Scott Gordon

Sherri & Jay Gould

Beth & Dewey Graff

Reginald Graupmann

* Debra Orbuch Grayson & *

Scott Grayson

Alice & Larry Greenbaum

Bernice & Percy Greenberg

Michelle Johnson & Andrew


* Barbara & James Gurovitsch

Hadassah–Upper Midwest


Wendy Goldberg & Dan


Barbara & Ronald Harris

Cheryl & Scott Harris

Arlene & Sidney Harris

Kathy & Edward Hartman

Susie & * Howard Held

Joan Cleary & Jerry Helfand

Jackie Henning & Jim Waters

Audrey & Herbert Hillman

Barb & Earl Hoffman

Diane & Neil Hoffman

Jean Holloway

Home Services of America

* Doreen Frankel & Jake


Vicki & Thomas Hurwitz

Diana Idelkope

* Evie & * Alan Ingber

Diane & Marvin Ingber

IWJ Charitable Foundation

Gloria & Manuel Jaffe

Roz & Arthur Jaffee

Marion & Steven Kahn

Marlee & * Howard Kaminsky

* Amy & * Brad Kanter

Mollie Halper & Daniel


* Lauren & Danny Kaplan

Harmony & Joel Kaplan

Manuel Kaplan

Marilyn Karasov

Hanna Bloomfield & Robert


Bev & Michael Karch

Bruce Karsner

Karen & Irving Katz

* Audrey & * Alvin Kaufman

Julie Berman & Hal Kaufman

Micki & Neil Kay

Miriam & Erwin Kelen

Colleen & Alan Keller

Pamela & Marc Kermisch

* Becky & Abe Kern

* Wendy & * Nissim Khabie

Melissa & David Kieffer

Miriam & Lee Kieffer

Alec Kiperstin

Sharon & Jeffrey Kivens

Alexei Sacks & Wendy Kivens

Mimi & Steve Klane

Beth & Ansel Kleiman

Terri Bonoff & Matthew


Deb & Jeff Kohen

Bette & Louis Kotlarz

Julia & Yan Kravchenko

Shira & Ronald Krebs

Andrea Krelitz

Brina & Milton Krelitz

Judy & Harold Kuller

Judy & Martin Kuretsky

* Charlotte & Arnie Labofsky

Nancy & Stephen Lane

* Linda & Bill Lapp

Lydia Roth Laube & Herb


* Joey & Jerry Laurie

Greg Leder & Tom Glaser

Sue & Mark Leder

* Lynne Lee

Karee & * Brad Lehrman

Jack E. Leibman

Elaine & Leon Lerner

Monroe Levie

Barbara & Steve Levie

Marilyn & Donald Levin

Rose & Jules Levin

Nancy & Allen Levine

Beryl & Zelman Levine

Sharon & Matthew Levitt

Lois Liss

Roberta & Howard Liszt

Amy Litman

Marsha & Daniel Loewenson

Ann & John Lonstein

Jan & Robert Lubar

Karen & Ronen Malka

Roberta & Mark Mandel

Susan & Seymour Mansfield

* Margie & Michael Marks

Marnie Dachis-Marmet &

Jordan Marmet

* Linda & Ron Mash

Donald Masler

Kim & Ron Meshbesher

Pamela & Tom Meyers

Esther Miller

* Gail & * Howie Milstein

Heidi Schneider & Joel


Amy Taswell & Jim


Susan & * Neil Moses-Zirkes

Richard Mullenbach

Mitzi & Larry Mulmed

* Gloria & * Jeffrey Murman

Nan & Ed Murphy

Sue & Chuck Muscoplat

NCJW-Greater Minneapolis


NCJW-St. Paul Section

Burton Neff

Corky & Robert Neuman

Rabbi Amy Eilberg & Louis


Charlotte & Irving Nudell

Jean Nudell

Sandra Okinow

Leslie & David Orenstein

Carol & Michael Orren

Marjorie & Charles Ostrov

Esther & Jim Paletz

Ben Paley

* Rachel & Gary Parnes

* Sandra Pasmanter

Ann & Felix Phillips

Lisa & Rabbi Stephen Pinsky

Anne & Chris Policinski

Renee & Michael Popkin

James Preston

Louise & Joe Price

Beth & Scott Puchtel

Wendy & Michael Rabin

Susan & Robert Rappaport

Joyce & Edward Ratner

Jeanne & Paul Ravich

* Arlene & Michael Reich

Zoe Adler & Joshua Resnik

* Gail & Bill Ribnick

Tema & Marty Rosenbaum

Sydney & John Rosenberg

Andrea & James Rovner

Lynn & David Rudick

Nancy & Steve Rush

* Rochelle Rubin & Scott


Traci Rutzick

Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Jeri & * Adeel Saad

Sabes Family Foundation

Gail Bender-Satz & Mark


Alison & Mark Savin

* Joanne & Douglas Savitt

Debra & Gregg Savitt

Karen & Paul Schanfield

Susan Feuer Schmidt & Bill


Barbara & Phil Schneider

Darlene & Nathan Schwartz

Roz & David Schwartzman

Stan Schweitzer

* Millie & * Howard Segal

Stefanie & Marvin Segal

Carol & Sheldon Segal

Marilyn & Paul Serber

Ross Shaich

Kate & Scott Shamblott

Marilyn & Ralph Shapiro

Cynthia Sherman

Sarah & Robert Shragg

Ione & Sam Siegel

Leonard Silesky

Janny & Alan Silver

* Anita Lurye-Silver

Georgia & Robert Simenson

Jeff Singer

Debbie & Brian Slovut

* Betty Smithberg & Marty


Greg Sparber

Kaye & Mitchell Spector

Stacey & * David Spencer

Marilyn & Dan Spiegel

Judith & Richard Spiegel

Robert Stein

Rosa Stein

* Sue Steinberg & Peter


Chelle & * Marvin Stillman

Susan Stillman

* Julie Sinykin & Buck Strifert

David Sturges

Joni & Peter Sussman

Robert Swartz

Harriet & * Stephen Swartz

* Jerry Swarsensky

Justin Swiller

Shawn B. Taher

Cathy Gorlin & Marshall


* Cindy & Jon Tarshish

Jennie & Steven Teichman

* Linda & Brian Tell

Temple Israel

Beth Toso & Eric Freeburg

Deera Tychman

Erin & Michael Waldman

Sandra & Bob Wallack

Susan Gray & Paul Waytz

Chana & Philip Weber

Beth & Jay Weinblatt

* Diane & Burt Weisberg

* Lauren & Josh Weiser

* Alice Okrent & * Larry


Muriel Wexler

Ardis & * Thomas Wexler

* Stacy White

Clarissa Wien

* Alaine & Howard Wilensky

Sybil & Seymour Wilensky

Michelle Easton & Mark


Betty & Jack Winston

Elayne & Marvin Wolfenson

Gail & Michael Wolfson

Stanton Wolkoff

Peter Yackel

Belle & Harry Yaffee

* Suzann & * Steven Yussen

Joni & Jeff Zalasky


Cantor Barry & * Margo


Carolyn Abramson

Barbara & Frank Abramson

Lisette Ackerberg

Margie Adler

Christenia Ahmed

Patricia Aletky

Allina Hospitals & Clinics

Jill & Andy Altman

Lisa Cordes Alton

* Lynne Hvidsten & * Cindy



Howard Ansel

Phyllis Appelbaum

Jerry Ann Applebaum

Julienne Applebaum

Maxine & Stuart Applebaum

Diane & Ivan Arenson

Molly & Sid Bader

Eileen & Alvin Badiner

Patti & Tom Badiner

Irwin Baker

Estelle & Bob Baldinger

Mary Banken & Terry Rizzuti

Christopher Bargeron

Dori & Robert Barman

Ethel Barr

Roz & Sidney Bearman

William Bearman

Arie Beitman

Emily Beker

Elliott Belzer

Priscilla Chester & Mitchell


Maryann & David Benditt

Suzanne & Steve Bennett

Cassie & David Benowitz

Carol & Michael Berde

Carol & Rick Berg

* Gail & F * rank Berman

Theresa Berman

Nicholas Bernard

Lisa & Alan Bernick

Sue & Mark Bernstein

Bet Shalom Sisterhood

Beth El Synagogue

* Beth & Steve Birke

Tammy & Carl Birnberg

Ronnie & Sheldon Bland

Michelle & Mitch Bloom

Bette Ann & Richard Bloom

Sorah & * Robert Blumenfeld

Shussie & Allen Blumenthal

Ardis & Fred Blumenthal

Lynn & Mike Bolnick

Susan Wolf & Eugene


Jane & Gene Borochoff

Norlin Boyum

Cheri Brady

Jethra Brand & * Duane Kelm

Madalyn Braufman

Eileen & Howard Bream

Pam & Bud Brin

Rebecca & Jeffrey Brindle

Stephanie & Ernest Brody

* Marilyn & Tim Broms

Laney & Brad Brown

Dr. Robin L. Brown

Cantor Scott & Marcy


Esther Burke

* Jan & Mitchell Burke

Shannon & Paul Burke

Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold Burns

Genya & Josef Buslovich

Lois & Ron Butwin

Nancy Calvin

Ricky Calvin

* Carole Cera & Dave Reitman

Deborah Charan

Carmella & Alan Chazin

Reida Lazer-Chein & David


* Patty & Mark Chodosh

Kathy Cleary

Mary & Arlan Cohen

Andrea & Rabbi Norman


Shana Cohen

* Eileen Cohler

Avi Comay

Dianne & Kerry Conner

Sherry & Bill Cooper

Leslie & Lilo Cooper

Irene & James Cooperman

Francie & Gregg Corwin

* Alan Cosentino

* Elsabeth Crohn

Judith & Nathan Curland

Diana & Jerry Cutts

Anne Dachis

Toni & Ron Dachis

Babe Davis

Sheila & Jerry Davis

Nora Davis

* Rita Davis

Beverly & Stanley Davis

Gayle & David Deshong

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Desnick

Wendy & David Devin

Anne & Steve Devitt

Julie Luner & Bruce Dien

Nancy & Dennis Ditlove

Susan & Alan Divine

Debbie Donaldson

Paulette & Max Donath

Carol Donen

Diane Coplan & * Mike


Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Bonnie & John Driggs

Susan & Len Druskin

Sylvia Druy

DS&B CPA’s, Consultants &


Brian Durmaskin

Natalie Dworsky

* Fran & Robert Edelson

Helen & James Ehrlich

Barbara Eiger

Gabriela & Jay Eisenberg

Jill & Jon Eisenberg

Deborah Eisenstadt &

Alfonso Menendez

Electric Fetus

Manuel Englander

Julie & Allen Engle

Barry Engle

Evie & Jeffrey Engler

Patti & Lee Engler

Gloria Esensten

* Liz Evans

Rosanne & Kenneth


Susan & Phillip Fantle

Lori Farmer

Melissa Fatchett

Hillary & Daniel Feder

David Feinberg

Joan Feinberg

Bracha & Josh Feldman

Mary & Steven Feldman

Sandra & Isaac Felemovicius

Jill & Larry Field

Caryn Fine

Sheri Fine & Dale Enquist

Stephanie Bell & Howard


* Harriet Finkelstein

* Beverly & Jerry Finkelstein

Ricki & Alfred Fish

Bev & Bill Fishman

Maura Fisk

Fred Fiterman

Marlys Fiterman

Beverly FitzGerald

Susan Flecker

Roslyn & Edward Fletcher

* Paula & Michael Flom

Carole & Harold Fogel

Morris Fogel & Family

Riv-Ellen Prell & Steven


* Paula & Norman Fox

Ruth & Leon Frankel

Barbara Swaiman & Mark


Marles & Leland Frankman

Jennifer Gray & Mark


Judy & Todd Freeman

Mina Freier

Arlene Fried

Sally & Gerald Friedell

Nancy & Stuart Friedell

Rachel Friedenberg

Sandra & Paul Friedman

Jan Frisch

Arthur From

Maida & James Fruen

* Julia Funari

Nathan Fursetzer

* Renee & Jim Gainsley

Bonnie & Phillip Gainsley

* Robin & Jim Gale

Penny & Robert Galinson

* Michal & Micah Garber

Linda & Juan Garcés

Robbie Perl & Rick Garon

Idy & Allan Garvis

Sue-Ann & Gary Garvis

Hilde & Stephen


Mindy Geisser

Sharon & David Gelperin

Margie Wasserman & Neal


* Eloise & * Jeff Gershone

Lois & Lawrence Gibson

Gerald Gilchrist

* Linda Gilfix

Gail & Seymour Glatzer

Sue Godes

Caryn & Fred Goldberg

* Rosalie & * Fredric Goldberg

Joseph Goldberg

Kaye Goldberg




Max Goldberg

Leslie & Bernie Goldblatt

Debbie & Chad Goldenberg

* Merna Goldetsky & Dave


Nancy & Alan Goldfarb

Audrey & Mace Goldfarb

Bonnie & Gary Goldish

Connie Goldman & Kenneth


Glen Goldman

* Cookie & Michael Goldman

Ilyse & Lonny Goldsmith

Mary Levine & Alan


Richard Goldstein

* Bette Globus Goodman

* Andrea Gordon

Bari & Avron Gordon

Jane & Jonathan Gordon

* Joy Leslie Gordon

Merry & Lowell Gordon

Larry Goss

* Francine Gersh Gottlieb &

Ellis Gottlieb

Judy Graceman

Ronya & Lawrence


Lisa & John Greenberg

Marilyn Greenberg

* Beth Silverwater & Norman


Lori & David Greenblat

Doreen & Marvin Greenblat

Elizabeth & Rick Greenblat

Debra & Paul Greenblatt

Carole & Leonard Greene

* Anya Greengauz

Anita & Marvin Greenstein

* Teri & Michael Greenstein

Carol Grabowski & Joel


James Griffiths

* Heidi Gedis Grimsby &

* Gordy Grimsby

Dina Gross

Wendy & Steven Grosser

Marc Grossfield

Liz & David Grossman

Jean Grossman

* Molly Grossman

Pat & Tom Grossman

Riva Gruenberg

Susan Grupe

Sandra Rosen & Todd


Debby & Matthew Guttman

Gerda Haas

Lisa Haffely & Joe Selby

Susan & Bruce Hammer

* Claire Harding

Barbara Harris

* Phyllis & Howard Harris

Marcy Harris

Bess & Sam Harris

Rebecca Skelton & Shep


Christine & Seth Hausman

HCMC Medical Staff

Shirley & Joel Heiligman

Chick Held

Avis & Robert Held

Hilda Hellman

Denise & Marshall Hertz

Rosemary & Sandy Hertz

36 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Shirley & Earl Hill

Ruth Hampton & David


* Roberta & * Jay Hoffman

Janet & Michael Holmquist

Janice Hope

Susan & Michael Horovitz

Stacy & Greg Horwitz

Ann Hunegs

Dobie & Richard Hunegs

Mildred Ingber

Leora & Michael Itman

Heidi Waller & Ini Iyamba

Bette & Sol Jacobs

* Carrie & Ralph Jacobson

Deborah & Ted Jewett

Cheryl Wiitala & Bruce


Deanna & Kevin Johnson

Jan Saffron-Johnson & Tom


* Diane & Brad Jolson

Lois Kahan

Rosann Kahner

Ruth & Harold Kaiser

Janice Kalin

Raleigh & Randy Kaminsky

Laurie & Lee Kamman

Shirley & Arnold Kaplan

Roz & Fred Kaplan

Cheryl & Gerald Kaplan

Patrice & Harold Kaplan

Diane & Howard Kaplan

Rivia & Sheldon Kaplan

Janice & Mark Karon

Cookie Karsh

Judith & Clifford Kashtan

Karen & David Katz

Harriet & Joel Katz

Susan & Clayton Kaufman

Esther Kaufman

Isaac Kaufman

Pam & Ronald Kaufman

Sharon & Allen Kaufmann

Carolyn & Harold Kaufmann

Simie & Al Kaye

Delores Kelber

Tasya & * Robert Kelen

* Sam Kelner

Judy & Orrin Kessel

Terry & Bart Ketover

Eva & Sheldon Kieffer

Roxie & Eric King-Smith

Mark Kiperstin

Jane & David Kirshbaum

Tybe & Arlen Kitsis

Crickie & Richard Klegon

Klein Family Foundation

Reesa & Steve Kleineman

Miriam Kline

* Sandy Kloempken

Leslee & Steve Kollins

Donamae Koppelman

Dianne & Noel Korengold

Carrie & Tony Korsh

Lisa & Corey Kotlarz

Paula & Vernon Kozlen

Roberta & Fred Kravitz

Jennifer Kreiman

Dale & Robert Krishef

Becky & Adam Kristal

Cristiana Giordano & David


Harriet Kronick

Mayer Krupp

Ted Kuller

Mardi & Mark Kunik

Jeanette Kurnow

Debbie & * Robert Kusnetz

Janice Kwiat

Joan LaBelle

Susan & Cliff Lake

Renee & Mark Lampert

Rollie Langer

Kirsten & Alan Langohr

Joyce Lapinsky

Rachel Lasky

Eva & Robert Launer

Sandy & Art Lavintman

Mary & Barry Lazarus

Jon Lebewitz

Sally & Morton Leder

Sanford Lederfine

Tamara Schneiter & Barry


Paula & Marshall Lehman

Nancy & Arnold Lehrman

* Sarah Lehrman

Rhona Leibel

Gloria & Arthur Leon

* Delores Lerman

* Angela Podvin & Tim Lester

Jeanne & Albert Levin

Liza & Gert Levin

Joy Greenberg & Marshall


Delores & Sheldon Levin

Stephanie & Jimmy Levine

Seymour Levitt

Chris Levy

Dorothy & Morris Levy

Petrina Iverson Levy &

Rand Levy

Roberta & Robert Levy

Virginia Levy

* Jennifer & Jeff Lewin

Rhoda & Thomas Lewin

Susan & Bob Lewis

Lois & Erwin Lichten

Lauren & Daniel Lieber

Debra & Bruce Lieberman

Amy & Tom Lieberman

Barbara & Stephen Liebo

* Jane & Todd Lifson

Gayle Lightowler

Bonnie & Steve Litton

Janie Mayeron Lockhart

Susanna & Tim Lodge

Jan Withers & Harold Londer

Stephanie Lundorff

Andor Madarasi

* Gerri & Stan Maisel

* Sarah & * Ben Malakoff

Gail & Jim Malkus

Karen & Fred Malver

Larisa & Alex Maly

Jeff Mandell

David Mann

Carol Manning

* Judy & Alfred Marcus

* Marcia & Philip Marcus

Ellyn & Michael Marell

* Nancy & Herman Markowitz

Joan Marks

Chele & Ruben Marmet

Judi & Todd Marshall

Esther Maruani

* Sally & Sheldon Masnek

Naomi & Stutz Maul

Virginia May

Cindy & Jack Mayeron

Susan Tish McMorris & Brian


Fern & Leo Melzer

Katy & Kenneth Meshbesher

Susan & Bruce Meyer

Kenneth Meyer

* Gail & Neil Meyer

Harriet & Norman Meyers

Diane & Alan Miller

Rise & Jeff Miller

Ann & Todd Miller

Sam Miller Foundation

Noreen & Bernie Milstein

Eileen & Jim Mitson

Cathy & Jeff Molever

Sonja & David Monskey

Rachel & Steven Moore

Sarah & Ira Moscovice

Frances & Joseph Moses

Wanda & Arnold Moss

Mount Zion Hebrew


Astrid & Tiberiu-Ro Mozes

* Kristi & * Michael Murray

Micki & Mort Naiman

Judith & Aaron Nathenson

Averiel Nelson Jr.

* Bobby & Bruce Nemer

Karin & Rick Nemer

* Mary Neuman

Barbara Rawley & Dan


Fira Novoseletskaya

Cheryl & Tom Obinger

Carolyn Oleisky

Jacque Olson

Debbie & John Orenstein

Richard Orenstein

Garnet Ostlund

Patti & Howard Palay

Jill & Wayne Palmeter

Francie & Mark Paper

Park Office Centers

Leslie & Andrew Parker

Mary & David Parker

Denise Pasmanter

Marcy & Sam Pearlman

Lisa & Bruce Peilen

Nitzan Peleg

Dana Yugend-Pepper &

* Larry Pepper

Cheryl & Jack Perecman

Joy Peria & Family

Lynn & * Justin Perl

Lorrie & Peter Pesheck

* Harriet & * Stan Phillips

Sydney & William Phillips

* Tamar Fenton & David Pink

Fredda & Paul Pink

Linda & Michael Platt

* Patricia Kenton & Philip


Linda Pollari & Bernard


Sharon & Michael Posnansky

Ann Post

* Nancy & * James Proman

Jill & Jeff Rabinovitz

Sam Rafowitz

* Anne-Monique & * Ed


Susan Rappaport & David


Jeff Raymond

Shelly & Howard Reichert

Barbara Grossman & Ron


Linda & Stanley Rein

Victoria & Mike Resig

Helen & Sheldon Resig

Frances Richter

Barbara & Bill Ritzen

Vicki & Dennis Rivas

Susan & Geoff Roether

Cheri & Art Rolnick

Layne & Dave Rosen

Marcia Rosen

Elaine & Richard Rosen

Gwynn & Thomas Rosen

Timmie Rosen

Joyce & David Rosenbaum

Betty Rosenberg

Lesli Rosenberg

Micki Okane & Richard


Marsha McDonald & Amos


Barbara Friedman & Lon


Harold Rosenthal

Audrae & Jerry Rosenzweig

Tudie Ross

Francie & Barry Ross

Pam Rothstein

Delores Rozman

Roslyn Rubenstein

Sally Rubenstein

Yael & David Rubin

Rhonda & Harry Rubin

Jana Rubin

Stacey Rubsam & Elizabeth


* Barbara & Lawrence


Nancy & Donald Rush

Wendie & Steve Ryter

Janet & Robert Sabes

Frances Salper

Phyllis & Al Salsberg

Dorothy Saltzman

Phyllis Saltzman

Renee & Michael Salzer

Stuart Samsky

‘DeGalynn & Lance Sanders

David Sandler

Hy Sandler

Judy & Reid Sandler

Scott Sansby

Nancy & Peter Saretsky

Leonard Savitt

Fannie Schanfield

Eileen & Harold Scherling

Melissa & Jim Schifman

Denise & Peter Schlesinger

Charles Schneider

Claudia & Gary Schnitker

Nancy & Michael


Vicki Schraber

Peggy Schraiber

Michelle & Mark Schuleman

Marilyn & Seymour Schuster

Sue Schwartz

Jane & Jon Schwartzman

Shelley Segal

Miriam Segall

Yvonne & Chuck Selcer

Bonnie Sell

Kathryn Selmo

Shaare Shalom


Rabbi Joseph & Chana


Rollie & Stuart Shanedling

* Carol & Alan Shapiro

Beth Shapiro

Merle Shapiro

Vicki & Rich Shapiro

Mary Jane & Skip Shapiro

Steven Shapiro

Beth & Allen Shaw

Susan & Michael Shields

Judith & Neal Sher

* Estie & * Jim Sherman

Judy & Morris Sherman

Ronna & Tom Sherman

Shir Tikvah Congregation

Wendy & Marty Shragg

Jane & Leonard Siedband

Lois Siegel

Jody & Howard Sigal

Barbara & Lloyd Sigel

Delores & Melvin Sigel

Signature Bank

Edward Silberman

Myndal & Daniel Silver

Susan & Thomas Silver

Jen & Jay Silverberg

Patricia & Marvin Silverman

Orlin Silverman

Toby Silvermann

Wendy & Steve Simenson

Beverly Simon

Laurie Simon

Regina Sindalovsky

Minnie & Gordon Singer

Jacqueline & Robert Singer

Allison Sipkins

* Betsy & Steve Sitkoff

* Maraline & Gordon Slovut

Maxine & Saul Smiley

Edith Smith

Mary Chanen Smith

Nancy Smith

Laura & Stan Smith

Laurie & Thomas Smith

Rene Snook-Foley

Betty & Herman Snyder

Lois Solomon

Leonid Sonkin

Phyllis Sperling

Richard Spielberg

* Jennifer & Daniel Spiller

Frances & Leonard Spira

St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox


Stages Theatre Company

Gayle Stein

Robin & Henry Stein

Cheryl & Sandy Stein

Ben Steinberg

Barbara & Norman


Bernice & Phillip Steinberg

Lynda Stern

* Zoe Stern

Marilyn & Marvin Sternberg

Heather & Mark Stesin

Kathleen & Farrell Stiegler

Michael Stiffman

Nancy & Craig Stillman

Debbie & Jed Stillman

Mindy & Jeff Stillman

Margaret & Arthur Stone

Shelley Itman & Dick Studer

Deborah Sugerman

* Adrienne Summerfield

Harriet Sundet

Marilyn & Zorra Sussman

Helen & Donald Swartz

Patrick Sweeney

Laurie & Greg Swiler

* Missy & Robert Swiller

Patricia & Richard Taylor

* Leah & Simon Temkin

Jennifer & Daniel


Judith & Bruce Tennebaum

Joanie & Stephen Thompson

Stephani & James Tikalsky

Lisa & Bruce Tilsner

Bob Tomasik

Barb Beutler & Michael


Sharon & Jerry Trestman

Andrea Trimble Hart

Trust Point, Inc.

Paul Tuchman

Pamela & Steven Tuschman

Upsher-Smith Laboratories,


Nancy Van Giesen

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vodovoz

* Annette Walder

* Zelda Rae Walder

Erin & Michael Waldman

Chlo & Loren Walensky

* Linda & Allen Ward

Mary & Robert Weil

Suzanne Weil

Corie & David Weinberg

Barbara Weingarden

Janet & Luke Weisberg

Marilyn Weisberg

Scott Weisberg

Dana Beth & David Weisman

Lori & Doug Weissman

JoAnn Wellner

Nancy Entwistle & Mark


Joan & Paul Wernick

Stephanie Kvasnik & Daniel


Mrs. Michael Wexler

Mindy Wexler

Debra & Byron Wieberdink

Heidi Wilensky

Sally & * Norman Winer

* Randi & * Scott Winer

Sandy & Alan Witebsky

Judy & Peter Wolf

* Debbie & * Brent Wolfe

Lisa & David Wolfe

* Pamela Wolfe & * Gerald


Helen & Leo Wolk

Evelyn & Harold Wolovitch

Dian & Stuart Yellen

Andrea & Howard Yesnes

Ellen & Steven Young

Craig Zaligson

Cleo Zalk

David Zalk

Ilene & Gary Zechmann

* Jane & * Ed Zeman

Linda & Bruce Zempel

Penny & Mark Ziessman

Lonnie & Casey Zimmerman

Shirley Zimmerman

Laura Zimmermann

Loretta Zook-Stanley

Sylvia & Jack Zouber

Dr. Kenneth & Shelley


Sara & Boris Zuk

Up to $99

Rabbi Kassel Abelson

Joan & Jack Abrahamson

Lucille Abramovitz

Lorie & Al Abrams

Merilyn & Bill Abrams

Richard Abrams

Joanne Rogin-Abrams &

Ronald Abrams

Lynn & Bernard Abramson

Elaine & Charles Abramson

Betsy & J.David Abramson

Nina & Kevin Abramson

Julie & Michael Abramson

Jeanne & Elliot Abrons

Orit & Dominic Ackerman

Donna Adams

Sara Adams

Andrea & Floyd Adelman

Marge & * Ed Agranoff

* Aarah & Craig Aizman

Jennifer & Tony Ajsenberg

Lilya & Gilya Alchits

Michael Aldes

Gloria & Stan Alexander

Jean Allan

Marian & Osher Altrowitz

Harwell Amlee

Barbara Amram

Roberta & Michael


Rebecca Anderson &

Richard Baker

Shirley & Harvey Ansel

* Jan & Fred Apple

Diane & James Archer

Diane & Steven Arenson

DeDe Armel

Sharon Armus

Naomi & Neil Arnold

Amy & Jeff Aronow

Mark Arth

Lorraine & Alex Astren

Maralyn & Ralph Atlas

Ax-Man Surplus

Marina Usacheva & Mikhail


Barbara Bach

Celia & Daniel Backman

Arlene & Steven Badiner

Nina & Bryan Badzin

* Laura Migliorino & * Mary


Heidi & Jeff Baill

Jeff Bakal

Leah Baker

Rosalyn Baker

Evelyn Ballen

Ruth Balto

Stephanie & David Bank

Sally & Charlie Bans

Shirley Baratz

* Sharline Barberio

David Bardin

Bettie Barenbaum

Stephen Barger & Co, Inc.

Wendy & * Jeff Barin

Judy & * Fred Baron

* Sandy & Gary Baron

Linda & Robert Barrows

Melanie & Chuck Barry

Lori Bassin

Julie & Ben Baum

Lois & Walter Baum

Laura Bauman

Ann Baumann

Liz & Sam Baumel

Mary & Jack Baumgarten

* Diane Baumwald

Fran & David Bayer

Debbie & Sol Bear

Jeanne Bearmon

Alanna Beaubaire

Karen & Joseph Bebchuk

* Brittany Beck

* Jody Beck

* Debi & Phillip Becker

Stacy Beckwith

David Beebe

Nettie & Joe Beers

Esther Begam

Jerome Beker

Mariya & Leyb Bekker

Marjorie Belkin

Beth Bell

Erin & Randy Bell

Robert Beller

Sally & James Beloff

Joy & Don Belzer

Randi Livon-Bemel & Bob


Earl Bender

Sandra & Louis Bennett

Harriet & Ted Benowitz

Diane & Brad Benyas

* Sivan Benzaquen

Bonnie & Bruce Berezovsky

Sandra & Julius Berezovsky

Diane Berg

Elaine Lehman Berg & Henry


Sally & Nathan Berg

Barbara Bergeron

* Charlotte & Lanny Berke

Beryl & Mark Berke

* Ellen Berkelhamer

Vivian & Ronald Berkovitz

Judy & Dennis Berkowitz

Carolyn Levy & Sheldon


Connie Berman

Joyce & Harvey Berman

Hava Berman

Lilly & Hersh Berman

Maureen & Saul Bernick

Ann Bernstein

Paula & Don Bernstein

Harriet Bernstein

Marian Bernstein

Ralph Bernstein

Harold Berris

Andrew Berton

Erica & Dan Besikof

Beth El Young Adults Group

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Beto

Paula & Michael Beugen

* Mara & * Troy Beugen

Edward Bialick

Lynn & Ed Bick

Rebecca Biderman

Jay Binder

Karin Binder

Laurie Rosenwasser &

David Bine

Jennifer Birnbaum

* Stacy Pinck & Brad Birnberg

Deb & Chris Bjorgaard

Donna Blacker

Rachael Blackman

Eileen & Ed Blake

Sue & Michael Blehert

Sadie Blicher

Lesley Blicker

Joanne Blindman

Joni & Jerry Blizen

Donna & Allan Block

Bobby & Phillip Bloom

Peggy & Richard Bloom

Susan & Jim Bloom

Wendy J. Bloom

* Carrie & Ricky Bloomfield

Bluestem Brands

Neil Blumberg

Harvey Blumenberg

Kia & Jon Blumenthal

Karen & Bruce Blumenthal

Jodie & Greg Boderman

Janelle Bohrod

Sue & Harry Bojman

Arthur Bolnick

Dorothy Bomberg

Lou Ann Bongard

Sue Ellen & Stuart Borken

Sherrill & Irving Borkon

Galina & Alexander


Wendy Bowers

Ruth Brand

Gail & Steve Brand

Marlene Brandys

Cathy Bratter

Joy & Jerry Bratter

Lorin Braufman

Pam Lifson & Alan


Nicky & Douglas Bredeson

Liubov & * Barys Brehman

Bernice Richter Breitman

Carole & Leo Breitman

Shirley Breitman

Judy Brenner

Laurie Levin & James


McKenzie Brink

Laura & Kevin Britting

Fae Brodie

Karen & Ivan Brodsky

Maggie & Richard Brody

Cathy & Richard Broms

Helen Brooks

* Eva & Milton Broude

Robin & Chip Brown

* Nancy Brown

Rose J. Brown

Jacalyn & Bill Broze

Erin Bryan

Shura & Yefim Budilovskiy

Marlene & James Bukstein

Marjorie & Bruce Bundgaard

Marcia Kohn-Bunin & James


Eunice & Robert Burk

Nancy & Paul Burns

Brian Burnstein

Melinda & David Burstein

Trudy & Jeffrey Burstein

* Ronnie & Melvin Burstein

Scott Burstein

Vera Burstein

Karen & Andy Burton

Elaine & Ron Burton

* Leah Burtzlaff

Cathy & Edward Bush

Stacey & Gary Bush

Dina & Lev Buslovich

Bella & Alek Buzhaker

Susan & Jeff Byers

Alan Calof

Joyce & Ted Cardozo

Marci & Adam Carl

Bev & Frans Carlson

* Julia & Tom Carpenter

The Center for



Susan & David Cera

Marilyn & Harvey Chanen

Howard Chanen

Suzanne & Sam Chanen

Roberta & Edward Chargo

Bette Charney

Glenn Charney

Meriam Charney

Hazel Chase

Barbara & Bernie Chauss

Sara & Marty Chelstrom

Sofiya Chernyavska

Basya & Grigoriy Chertkov

Debra & Ed Chesen

Lili & Sheldon Chester

Marilyn Chiat

Beth & Peter Choukalas

Marilyn & Gary Christensen

Shelly & Rick Christensen

Judy Chucker

Phyllis Chucker

Elinor & Michael Cihlar

Jayne Clairmont

Wendy & E.J. Clyman

Sherry & Joel Coffino

CeCe Rubin & Al Cohen

Iris & Alan Cohen

Beverly Cohen

Rusty & Burton Cohen

Amy & David Cohen

Diana Cohen

Phyllis & Earl Cohen

Christine & Gary Cohen

Karen & Gerald Cohen

Linda & Henry Cohen

Ethelyn & Howard Cohen

JoEllyn & Jamie Cohen

Jim Cohen

Fredell & Joe Cohen

Loretta Cohen

Ilene & Michael Cohen

Neena Cohen

Sabina Cohen

Sally Cohen

Abbe Blacker & Stephen


Sheila & Steve Cohen

Margie & Stuart Cohen

Maddy & Yosef Cohen

Char Cohodes

George Coklas

Barb & Andy Cole

Julie Coleman

Eileen & Loren Colman

Freda & Kent Confeld

Carole & Francis Conlee

Josh Cooner

Rae Cooper

John & Marcia Copeland

Joan Blinkoff Corbett

Judith & Louis Cosentino

Mr. & Mrs. Ionel Costea

Raquel & Kevin Counihan

Rita & Larry Covin

Andrea Stern & Robert


David Crosby

Meredith Cuda

Laurie Curtis

Clarice Cutts

Louise & * Bruce Dahlgren

Micki & Burt Danovsky

Sheila & Stuart Dansinger

Elyse Cohen & Andrew Danz

Bella & Leon Dashevsky

Shellie Specter & Robert


Arlene Davis

Beatrice Davis

Ida & Fred Davis

* Maureen & Greg Davis

Harriet Davis

Lionel Davis

Jodi Lebewitz-Davis &

Michael Davis

Dr. Michael Davis

Yuriy & Susana Daylis

Michelle & Paul DeHaven

Julia DelCol

Marlene Delott

Mr. & Mrs. Andre Deloya

Susan & Troy DeLuca

Lisa & Marc DeMaat

Cary Demont

Dee Dempsey

Pam & Mark Denesuk

Vadim Derman

Shirley Desnick

Sheri Sell & David Destiche

Lois & Sherman Devitt

Lisa & Harlyn Dill

Rita & * Harold Divine

Lois & Dale Dobrin

Cecilia & Steven Dobrin

Bob Dockman

Kim Dockter

* Judy Dodd

Diane & Yale Dolginow

Beverly Dolinsky

Nadia Donchenko

Ivan Doneshefsky

* Sharon Levine & Pat Doran

Bernice Dorfman

Tanni Stone-Dorshow &

Loren Dorshow

Tanya & Vladimir Drits

Barb & Harold Drucker

Bonnie Dudovitz

Elaine DuFresne

Devorah Goldstein &

William Durfee

Zina & Yacov Dvoskin

* Jean Efron

Brad Eggen

Dory & Isaac Einisman

Corky & Mitchell Einzig

Laura & David Eisen

Rori & Jeff Eisenberg

Linda & Larry Eisenstadt

Elijah’s Cup

Betsy & Ian Ellis

Judie & Stephen Elston




Justin Elvebak

Sari & Harry Engel

Debbie Engelen-Eigles

Ilene & Edward Engle

Marilyn Engle

Rolla & Marvin Engler

Sally Engleson

Margarita Kharshan &

Gennadiy Epshteyn

Bradley Epstein

Carole & Gene Epstein

Melissa Epstein & Rick


Lois & Sheldon Epstein

Linda & David Estrin

Paul Estrin

Ralph Estrin

Joyce Ettedgui

* Ellen Etzkin

Abby Lou Evans

* Julie & David Ezrilov

Esther Fabes

Lil & * Max Fallek

Fantasia Salons

Joan & Elliott Farber

Tanya & Michael Farber

Marilyn Feder

Toby & Dale Feiges

Lenore & Al Feldman

Julie Hirsch & * Ron Feldman

Gerry & Sheldon Feldman

Yelena Feldman

Rabbi Moshe & Mindy Feller

Laura & David Ferenci

Barbara & Norman Feuer

Joyce & Hal Field

Sylvia Field

Jennifer Fieldman

Aga & David Fine

Judy & Rich Fine

Sylvia & Robert Fine

Sally Fingerman

Stephanie & Jeremy Fink

Margie & Mitchell Fink

Judy Finkelstein

Barbara Bank & Phil


Marsha & Stan Finkelstein

Gail Finney

Esther & Ed Firestone

Robert Fisch

Marilyn & Howard Fischbein

Irving Fischbein

Roberta & Merrill Fischbein

Colleen Fischer

Sharon & Joe Fischman

Chris Pierce & Kenneth


Dani & Alex Fisher

Noreen Fisher

Linda & Robert Fisher

Erna Fishhaut

Barbara & Charles Fishman

Stella & Greg Fishman

Gerda & Haskel Fishman

Michael Fishman

Naum Fishman

Amy & Jack Fistler

Emilie & Carl Flink

Evelyn & Harvey Flom

Jean & Michael Folger

Paula Forman

Dana Fox

Rhonda & Kenneth Fox

Stephanie Fox

38 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Allison Frailich

Midge & Barry Frailich

Debbie Frank

Elaine & Krzysztof


Muriel Frederick

Rachael Freed

Esther & Larry Freeman

Audrey Freidson

Mark Freidson

Miriam Freidson

Laura French

Robyn Frick

Basya Fridman

Tracy & Gary Friedell

Sharon & Allen Friedman

Evelyn Friedman

* Amy & Lee Friedman

Marc Friedman

Julie & Steven Friedman

Barbara & Zola Friedman

Patti & Melvin Frisch

Marjorie & Don Frishberg

Lisa & Igor Furman

Michael Furman

* Nancy & David Fursetzer

Rhonda Feist & Gary


Robert & Natalie Furst

Janet Gabor

Sandy & Neal Gale

Pauline Gale

Julie & Tom Gallant

Cynthia & Michael Gallo

Merrilee & * Michael Gallo

Eleanor Gantman

Eileen & James Gantman

Gwyneth Leder & Leonard


Sharon & William Garber

Margaret Garberick

* Martha Garcés & * Tom Nehil

Edwin & Deanna Gardner

Molly & Kenneth Garelick

Charles Garetz

Lili & Barry Garfinkel

Miriam Garland

* Sue Garnett

Kathy & Andy Garon

Lorraine & Sherman Garon

* Marlene & Arlan Garvis

* Rhonda & William Garvis

Jodi Gavren-Shapiro &

Sanders Shapiro

* Jane Gazman

Zvi Geffen

Julianne Geiger

Eunice & Howard Gelb

Chris & Susan Geller

Rosalie & Andrew Gellman

Donna & David Gellman

Kim & Aaron Gelperin

Cerna Gendler

Lisa & Paul Gendler

* Susan Genis

Debra & Mitchell Gensler

David Gerber

Suzi & Steven Gerber

Aryeh Geretz

Alla & Rafael Geretz

Sue Gershman

Ann & Jerrold Gershone

Beatrice & Leonard Getzkin

Missy & David Gewolb

Nancy & Steve Gilats

Darcy & David Gilbert Burke

Joanne & Bob Gillman

Barbara & Stan Gillman

Marlene & Aaron Gimpel

Doris Ginsberg

Abbey & Bruce Glassman

Sandy & Ron Glassman

Lyn & Michael Gleeman

Joanne & Joel Glotter

Barbara & Steven Godes

* Debbie Dachis Gold &

Michael Gold

Peter Gold

Ruth Marell-Goldberg &

Abraham Goldberg

Phyllis & Don Goldberg

Rivia & Harold Goldberg

Lois Goldberg

Lynne Goldberg

Nancy Goldberg

Luella & Stanley Goldberg

Rabbi & Ms. Chaim


Debbie Goldberger

Shirley Goldberger

Nella & Mark Goldburt

Rivoli Golden

Celia Goldetsky

Cindy & Jeff Goldish

Nanette & Bill Goldman

Lynn & Howard Goldman

Pamela & Robert Goldman

* BJ & Simon Goldman

Susan Goldman

Corrine Goldsmith

Nancy & David Goldstein

Dorothy Goldstein

The Goldstein Family

Gail Goldstein

Gertrude & Henry Goldstein

Janice & Jules Goldstein

Rosalie & Milton Goldstein

Cecile & Sidney Goldstein

Mary & Steven Goldstein

Toni Goldstein

* Marsha Chernoff Golob

Wendy & Andy Goltzman

Lillian Goltzman

Bruce Goodman

Elaine & Myron Goodman

Cookie & Frank Gordon

Gerda Gordon

Nancy J. Gordon

Leslie & Paul Gotlieb

Susan & Jeffrey Gottlieb

Susan & Rand Gottlieb

Jill & Steven Gottlieb

Carolyn & Jeremy Gottstein

Adeline Gould

Janice & Jerry Gould

Reva Gould

Eugene Goulin

Judy Goulin

Anna Granat

Reva & Alan Greenberg

Barbara Greenberg

Barbara Rubin-Greenberg &

Barry Greenberg

Bayle Greenberg

Elizabeth Nager & Charles


Cindy & Craig Greenberg

Lisa & Gary Greenberg

Diane & Malin Greenberg

Janice & Michael Greenberg

Sandra & Morton Greenberg

Shelley & Mickey Greenberg

Rivel & Phil Greenberg

Rita Greenberg

Myra & Roger Greenberg

Tina Greenberg

* Diane Greenberger

Ida Greenfield

Marilyn & Michael


Andrea Zerin & Daniel


Betty & Jerry Greenstein

Brooke & Cyle Greenwell

* Ester & Girsh Greyzdorf

Klavdya & * Yakov Grichener

Ellen & * Jay Grobstein

Shirley & Lowen Grodnick

Joan & Stuart Grossfield

Barbara Grossman

Arlis & Erv Grossman

Melissa & Steve Grossman

Pamela & Joshua Gruber

Carolyn & Mark Gruesner

Sarah Gruesner

Shari & Mitchell Grunes

Ioni Gueron

Jim & Judy Guerrero

Betty & Jerry Gurewitz

Anna & Nazim Guseynova

Bella & Alex Gusovsky

Dana & David Gustafson

Robert Gyurci

* Brian Hage

Geraldine & William Hagg

Mavis & Larry Hainrick

Joan Hallock

Anna & Kenneth Hampton

Pat Harlow

Nancy Harold

Sandy & Allen Harris

Jackie Harris

Frima & Mort Harris

Susan & Stephen Harris

Ruth Hartman

Shirley Haskovitz

Elizabeth Haugen

Pattye & Byron Hechter

Bernice Heiligman

Bobbi & Randy Heiligman

Judi Heitman

Nancy & Jack Held

Shirley Held

Anne & Richard Heller

Barbara & Bradley Herman

* Dorothy Herman

Francis Herman

Marsia & Lowell Herman

Lory & Randall Herman

Judy & Ryan Herman

Sarah & Micah Herman

Kate & Irwin Hershkovitz

William Hershleder

Lorraine Hertz

Laura Silver & Jeffrey


Ann Herzog Morrison

Harriet & Dan Hilecher

Allison & Jared Hillman

Anne & Merle Hillman

Melanie Hodroff

Colleen & Monroe Hodroff

Bonnie Dickel Hoffman

* Karen & Thomas Hoffman

Geraldine & Morris Hoffman

Howard Hollischer

Ruth Hollischer

William & Julie Howard

Heather Hussong


Lillian Indeck

Diane & Irwin Ingber

Judith & Jerry Ingber

Joe Ingber

Robyn & * Marc Ingber

Mindy Isaacs

Katherine & Herbert Isbin

Gabriella Israel

Linda & Joe Itman

* Natalya & Ilya Itskovich

Rosemary Carol Iverson

Heidi Rivkin & Ben Jacobs

Shelley & Harry Jacobs

Linda Jacobs

Georgia & Gary Jacobsen

Rosanne & Larry Jacobsen

Phyllis & Barry Jacobson

Trudy & Howard Jacobson

Roberta & Alan Jaffe

Janet Jaffe

Joan Jaffee

Lynn & Steven Jaffee

Jenny Javitch

Tanya Feldberg & Neal


James Johnson

Andrea & William Johnstone

Marlys Joly

Betty & Peter Jonas

Ellen Joseph

Betty & Lois Josewich

Susan Jourdain

Sharon & Ken Kadet

* Amy Kahn

Bruce Kahn

Phyllis & Don Kahn

Judith Kahn

Nancy Krawetz & Ross Kahn

Mary & Otto Kaiser

Cynthia Kalland

Alla Kalman

Georgia Kalman

Liliya Kalman

Lee Kamel

Susan & Joseph Kaminsky

David Kanatz

Abbie Kane

Clara Kaner

Carol & Ned Kantar

Gretchen & Errol Kantor

Esther Kaplan

Helene Kaplan

Anna & Joseph Kaplan

Judy & Larry Kaplan

Marge & Harvey Kaplan

Marilynn Kaplan

Steven Kaplan

Erica & * Aaron Karasov

Shayne Brody Karasov

Markle Karlen

Norene & Everett Karon

Judy Karon

Frances & Larry Karp

Ruth Kasdan

Naomi & Barry Kassler

Ida & Mozus Kats

Tsilia & David Katsnelson

Gail Katz

Harvey Katz

Jon Katz

Sybil Katz

Carole & Leon Katzovitz

Isla & Frank Katzovitz

* Judy & Howard Kauffman

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Kaufman

Esther Kaufman

Karen & Farley Kaufmann

Sylvia & Harvey Keller

Christine Kellogg & Jack


* Josh Kelner

Nancy Kessler-Moore

Jan & * Steven Keswin

Cheryl & Harvey Keynes

Lev Khazanovich

Cym & Jesse Kibort

Mary & Phillip Kibort

Audrey Kiges

Joseph King

Sandi & Michael King

* Ruth King-Smith

Julie & Hugh Kirsch

Janie & Orrin Kirschbaum

Mitchel Kirshbaum

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Kiselow

Amy & David Klaiman

Wendy Cammins &

Frederick Klass

Kyoko Ikeda & Donald Klein

Wendy & Michael Klein

Rachel & Michael Klein

Ellen Kleinbaum

Terry & Richard Kleinbaum

Miriam & Robert Kleinbaum

George Kleineman

Louise Kloner

* Sheldon Klugman

Marcia Koester

Jack Kohler

Betty Kohn

Mark Komen

Anita & Sid Konikoff

Elaine & Howard Koolick

Eileen & Michael Kopman

Tova & Mike Koren

Heidi Korengold

Shirley Korengold

Adrienne Koritz

Sue & Harold Koritz

Fred Korotkin

Doris Korsh

Diane & Howard Korsh

Sally Grans & Ron Korsh

Marvin Koursh

Cantor Mitchell Kowitz

Natasha & Lev Koyrakh

Jill & Steven Kozberg

Nettie & Ben Kramer

Myra & Ronald Krank

Harriette & Mike Krasnoff

Marguerite & Michael


Sharon & Paul Krause

Alex Kremenetsky

Marvin Krichmar

Donna Krietzman

Polly Krinsky

Steve Krovitz

Faye & Stephen Krupp

Simona & Leonid


Raleigh Kuller

Riva & Craig Kupritz

Jan & Bill Kuretsky

Renee & Mel Kurnow

David Kushner

Debbie Kusnetz

Nichole Kuster

Bertha Kutoff

Rebecca & Jonathan Kvasnik

Lindsay & Scott Kvasnik

Renee & Walter Kvasnik

Natalie LaBelle

Diane Ladenson

Nessa Lee Laiderman

Janeen Laird

Cindy Landis

Rochelle & James Landy

Jennifer & Scott Landy

Penny Lane

Shirleymae Lane

Rebecca & Paul Langeness

Marilyn & Jerry Lapides

Lizbeth Stein & Rob Larson

Marissa Lasky

Carolyn & Robert Latz

Cynthia Launer & Will


Sadie Laurie

Marnie Lazarus

Sharon Lazarus

* Kimmy Lear

Kathy Lebewitz

Mimi & Melvin Lebewitz

Mary Nudell & Dean Lee

* Pam & Jerry Lehman

* Sharon Lehrman

Donna Lenmark

Mary Jo & David Lenzen

Sue & Stanley Leonard

Shashe Lepinski

Trudy & Earl Lerner

Joyce Levenson

Larry Leventhal

Mindy & Seymour Leventhal

Joanie & Alan Levey

Laurie & David Levi

Ginny & Ray Levi

Barbara S. Levie

Irving Levin

Janice Levin

Irina & Valery Levin

Tatyana Levina

Barbie Levine & Sara Lynn


Shirley & Jeff Levine

Marcia Levine

Kathryn & Sam Levine

Sandra & Darrin Levine

Rachel Banken & Craig


Chernie Levinson

Donna & Harvey Leviton

Sharon Levitsky

Elena Levitt

Rachel & John Levitt

* Bonnie Levy

Stacy & Clifford Levy

Linda Levy

Elaine & Peter Levy

Paula & Ronald Levy

Kristen & Jeff Lewis

* Lynn Liberman

Judy & Mark Libman

Suzanne & Bruce Libson

* Carol Lichterman

Patricia & Samuel


Lois & Richard Liebo

Joyce & Robert Liebo

Lynn & Stanley Liedman

Reverend Jennie Lightfoot

Dana & Andrew Lightowler

Pam Lillehei

Beverly & George Lillquist

Helen Lipets

* Jodi & Noah Lipschultz

Tom Lipschultz

William Lipschultz

Zhanna Malashevich &

Lev Lis

Marsha Liss

Mary Jane Liss

Carol Chomsky & Steven Liss

Litin Everything Party n


Ben Litman

Pam & Shelly Litman

Brendalee & Theodor


Danielle Livon-Bemel

Rabbi David & * Debbie


Jeff Locketz

Sheila & * Joel Locketz

Heather & Seth Locketz

Seymour Locketz

Annette & Sidney Locketz

Sandy & Robert


Stacy Lome

Vicki & Howard Londer

Brian London

Mr. & Mrs. David London

Idelle Longman

Sally Lorberbaum

Debbie Louisell

Mardi Louisell

Marisse & Bob Lovich

Melissa & Robert Lowe

Esya & Aron Lunin

Sarah Lupa

Rita Lusky & Pat Eckelberry

Kate Lutes

Hanna Lyon

Patti & Steve Lyons

Ellen Mack

Patricia & Robert Mack

Susan Mackay

Rhoda & Donald Mains

Susan Mainzer

Debbie & Dan Maisel

Julie Maisel

Rona & Burton Malinsky

Stanley Malmon

* Nadia & * Arzu Mammadov

Dee & Gerry Mann

Mina Manville

Lynn & Robert Margolies

Pasha Margolina

Clara Margolis

* Krista & Jeff Margolis

Karin Stuhr & Larry Margolis

Candace Margulies & Zoe


Gayle Marko

* Terry Nolan & * Carl Markus

Elizabeth Marlow

Stuart Martin

Jeannie & John Marver

Florie & Bob Marvy

Estelle & Dr. Sheldon Mauer

Janet Mayer & Paul


Carol & Robert Mayeron

Bronia & Samuel Mayzlina

Michael McCloskey

Shirley & J.D. McClung

* Nancy McKay

Jane McNaughton

* Ellie Meenan

Fran & Bernard Meier

Caron Rubin & * Marc


Sara Meirovitz

Violet Mekler

Igor & Maya Melamed

Mindy & Steven Melemed

Beverly Melsness

Mendota Mdewakanton

Dakota Community

Ardene & David Meshbesher

Sandra & Bruce Metchnek

James Metchnek

Lee Ann & Bruce Meyer

Janice Meyer

Patti Meyer

Marion Meyers

Eve Meys

Els & Michael Michlin

Nicole Mickelson

Allen Micklin

Anne Milavetz

Sue Smukler & Brian


Richard Milavetz

Joline & Steve Miles

Abbie Miller

Sharon & Alan Miller

Bobbie & Alan Miller

Alan Miller

Faye Miller

Joan A. Miller

Leanne Miller

Mildred Miller

Sandra & Morris Miller

Judith & Preston Miller

Tom Miller

* Sally & Jonathan Minsberg

* Diane & Michael Mintz

* Carolyn & John Mirviss

Galina & Yefim Mishelevich

Vivi & Eli Mizrahi

Vicky & Chuck Mogilevsky

Ella Mogilevsky

Saralee & Neil Mogilner

Yevgeniya & Mikhail


Maxine & Edward Molloy

Michele Montan

Colleen Moore

Linda Moore

Lois & Alan Moorvitch

Lee Moral

Eva & Jack Moreimi

Evelyn Morgan

Francine & Joseph Morgan

BettySue Morris

* Laurie Moser & Bruce Lehrer

Monica Moshier

Claudia Miller & Wayne


* Anna & * Alexander Mostov

Inna & Valeriy Mostova

Susan Mueller

Dee & Joel Muscoplat

* Barbara Myers

Emma Nadler & Christopher


Jane & Terry Nali

Lenore Nash

Kim & Wayne Nash

Shirley & Fred Nassauer

Maggie & Doug Nathan

Debbye Nathanson

Suzi & Fred Nathanson

* Rita Nathanson

* Dianne Neiman

Dolores Neiman

Judy & William Neiman

Frances Nemet

Ev Nerenberg

* Leslie & Lex Nerenberg

Richard Neuman

Lois Newberger

Gayle Newman

Ardelle & Demetre Nicoloff

Samuel Nilva

Tomas Normile

Shirley & Joe Novich

Barbara Nussbaum

Wayne Odegard

Alvin Odermann

Nathalie Odryzynski

Cary Oleisky

* Helen Oleisky

Jolene & Adam Olkon

* Ruth & David Olkon

Nancy & Ellis Olkon

Sandy & Sheldon Olkon

Katie Olmanson

Sofiya Olshanskya

* Erica Strohl & * Craig


Susan & Michael Oreck

Beatrice & Melvin Orenstein

Zipora & Ed Orensten

Andrea & * David Ornstein

Catherine & Craig Oskow

Susan Osman

Susan & Robert Ostrow

Patricia Ostrowsky

Pam & James Ottenstein

* Naomi & Joel Oxman

Meryll & Chris Page

Sheila & Hy Paisner

David Palay

Linda & Stan Palumbo

Vicki Rosenberg & Eddie


Ruth & Jonathan Paradise

Aaron Parker

Parkshore Senior Campus

Pam & Jon Passman

Jacki Paster

Judy Pastuszak

Barbara & * David Patchen

Catherine Patterson

Ralyhe & Ron Patterson

* Loie & Michael Paul

Jim & Bobby Pazol

Linda & Avi Pelc

Patricia Pennington

Alex Perelman

Adam Perlman

Barbara Masler & David


Jerri Ann Meshbesher &

Steven Perlman

Zack Perlman

Maya & Peter Peschanker

Ann & Curtis Petersen

Matt Peterson

Harriette & Steven Peterson

Abram Peysman

Kathleen Pfleghaar

Laura & David Philbrook

Frances Phyle

Vicki & Ben Pieser

Margery & Stuart Pihlstrom

Lillian & Ben Pilcher

Gloria Pinck

Linda Pinck

Rochelle Pincovich

Marcia & Aaron Pinkus

Myrna Pinto & Sanford


Elena & Eugene Pisarenko

Abram Plotkin

Yelena & Yevgeniy Plotkin

Nikolay Plyavin

Barbara & Andrew Pogoler

Tonya Pogorelskaya

Emiliya & Dmitry Pogorelsky

Lois Polinsky

Marni Pollack

Deborah Pollak

Svetlana & Evgeni


Galina & Sema Povolotsky

Suzanne Prass

Candy Price

Joyce & Edward Prohofsky

Janis Propper

Dana & Jeff Prottas

Asya Viner & David


Interna Putimtseva

Debra & Michael Pysno

Maureen & Sheldon Rabin

Nella Goldis & Villen


Dr. & Mrs. Mark Rabinovitch

Karen & Robert Rabinovitz

Tatyana Vorotinova & Lev


Sharon Rackner

Sandy & William Raiche

Toni & Sanford Raihill

Marilyn Reiter & Jeffrey


Marilyn & Stan Rakieten

Julie & Robert Ramerth

Ida Rapoport

Susan & Gary Rappaport

Jessica Rappaport

Martha & Timothy Rast

Pauline & Barney Ratner

* Lisa & Mark Ratner

Shirley & Norbert Raucher

Marsha Raviv

Raisa Ravkina

Deborah & Patrick Redmond

Audray & Robert Rees

Marilyn & Larry Reich

Joan Reichert

Ann Reilly

Kathy Scherling & Richard


Ellen & Earl Reinhardt

Ethel Reinharz

Stephen Remole

Audrey Resig

Bonnie & Sanford Resig

Shirley & Harlan Resnick

Barbara & Lee Resnick

Rae Resnick

Lori Reznick

* David Rhein

Arnold Ribnick

Mindy & Dan Ribnick

Renee Ribnick

Gloria Rice

Margaret & Don Richards

* Joe Rine

Muriel Stern Riseman

Jean Rivkin

Susan Robertson

Jeanne & David Robin

Gerald Robitz

Karen & Jerry Robitz

Harriett & Harvey Rochlin

Susan & Geoff Roether

Yelena & Eugene


Elaine & Norton Rogin

Ellen & Aron Rolnitzky

Linda & Joe Romeo

Andrea & Fred Rose

Sally & Barney Rosen

* Jodi & Danny Rosen

Denise Rosen

Helen & Don Rosen

Doris Rosen

Janice Rosen

Sari & Larry Rosen

Leslie & Bruce Rosenberg

Debbie Rosenberg

Robert Rosenberg

Demmie & William


Justin Rosenblatt

Cynthia Rosenblatt Ross

Gail Rosenblum

* Jodi Winger & * Bill


Phyllis Rosenfield

Barbara & Barry Rosenzweig

Pati & Ron Rosenzweig

Judy Roska

Rosalie & Dean Rosoff

Bonnie Ross

Connie & Paul Ross

Stephanie Ross

Irene Rossman

Eileen & David Roston

Amy & Mark Rotenberg

Naomi Rotenberg

Lisa & Richard Rotenberg

Adele Roth

Elaine & Michael Rothman

Olivia Rothstein

Louise & Jerry Rotman

Jill & L. J. Rotman

Marilyn Rovner

Helene & Ralph Rovner

Elizabeth Royal

Barbara & David Rozenberg

Josef Rozenberg

Stephanie Rozman

Robert Rubenstein

Lisa & Benjamin Rubin

* Dana Rubin

Marguerite & Joseph Rubin

Barb & Roger Rubin

Rosalyn Rubin

Wendy & Steve Rubin

Sybil Rubin

Allison & Tony Rubin

Chelle & Art Rudick

Florence Rudoy

* Harolyn & Steven Rudoy

Ted Rueff

Bert Russick

Jane & Don Rutman



Donations & Funds

Marlene Rutman

Yale Rutzick

Elizabeth & Doug Ryan

Deborah Saadi

Eileen Sadoff

Jackie & Harold Sadoff

Irving Sadoff

Tammy & Naften Sadoff

Sue & Alan Sadowsky

Harold Saks

Roz & Alan Salita

Wendy & Wayne Salita

Larry Saliterman

Nancy Saliterman

Naomi Salloway

Elizabeth Salsberg

James Salsberg

Sandra Salsberg

Esther Samuels

Lee & JoAnn Sandermeyer

Fern & David Sanders

Rebecca & Matthew Sanders

Connie & Gerald Sandler

Joy Sandler

Virginia & Sam Sarat

Sue & Larry Savett

* Georganne & Arnold Savitt

Kori & Charles Savitt

Jessica Savitt

Esther Schak

Ceil & Irving Schechter

Sandra Scherling & Louie


* Julie & David Schlaifer

* Dolores Schlaifer

Betty & Irving Schloner

Holly Schmidt

Marina & Vadim Schmidt

Barbara Schneider


Ruthann & Michael


Ruth Schoenberger

Larry Schoenfeld

Debbie Orenstein & Brett


Paula & David Schraber

Sharon & Gerald Schraber

Nola Schreiner

* Barry Schwabe

Lee Schwanke

* Janie Rockler & Allan


Bailey Schwartz

Clare Schwartz

Nina Samuels & Earl


Jennifer Schwartz

Merle & Ron Schwartz

* Raleigh Schwartz

Robyn & Reid Schwartz

Tammy Schwartz

Nancy & Abe Sclar

Melissa & Daniel Segal

Faye Segal

Helen Segal

Sandra & Jim Segal

Tamra & Jim Segal

Raleigh & Jon Segal

Mara Segal

Sue & Robby Segal

Sharon & Stephen Segal

Lynne & Stewart Segal

Sylvia Segal

Amy Baum & * Tom Segal

40 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Les Seglin

Carol Seidenfeld

* Jessica & * Anthony Seipp

Susan & Abraham Seitel

Kathy Wilson & Neil Sell

Renee & Mike Selnick

Ruth Seltz

Bella & Yanak Shagalov

Judie & Cary Shaich

Shelly Shamblott

Stacy Shamblott

Steve Shamblott

Esther Shanedling

Suzy Shanedling

Annette Shapiro

Beverly Shapiro

Bonni Shapiro

* Dana Shapiro

Molly & Eric Shapiro

Gary Shapiro

Mimi Winger & Howard


Janet & Irving Shapiro

* Judy & Jerel Shapiro

Michelle & Lawrence


Marilyn Shapiro

Leslee & Merton Shapiro

Joyce & Mike Shapiro

Kathy & Allan Share

Marjorie Shark

Rose Jean Sharpe

Cari & Jeff Shaw

Nan Shaw

* Rita Shear

Amy Sheldon

Sandy & Mike Shelist

* Pneena & Sheldon Sheps

Dana Gurstel & Dan Sher

Sandy & Edward Sher

Rona Sher

Harriet & Alan Sherman

Bernie Sherman

Julie & David Sherman

Doris & Edwin Sherman

Jeffrey Sherman

Stan & Judie Sherr

Semen Shmedrik

Elana Shneur

Alice & Lawrence Sholler

Zel Shrell

Leslie & Glenn Shriberg

Barbara & Bob Sichel

Dianne & Leighton Siegel

Anita & Myron Siegel

Esther Sieger

* Susan Sigal

Marjorie Sigel

Judy & Michael Sigelman

Shirley Silberman

Joseph Silbert

Anita & Ralph Silesky

Sally Silk & Tom Wolfe

Bethaviva Cohen & Harry


Marilyn & Howard Silver

* Eileen & Jeff Silver

* Sarene Silver

Peshie & Frank Silverberg

Anna & Charles Silverman

Jeanne Silverman

Shelly & Jerry Silverman

Artice & Morton Silverman

Dianne & Stephen


Stephanie Silvers

* Lee Silverstein

Frances & Morton Silverstein

Sybil & Paul Silverstein

Anna Simon

Elaine Simon

Maxine & Leon Simon

Serene & Peter Simon

Blanche Singer

Ann & Charles Singer

Jill & Neal Singer

* Hidee & Steven Singer

Jackie & Stephen Sinykin

Vicki & * Mike Siskin

Six Quebec Owners’


Anne & Stuart Sklar

Fran Zimmerman & Bernie


Dede & David Smith

Janis & Steven Smith

Marilyn & Stephen


Rabbi Lee & Judy Snitzer

Lynn & Len Snyder

Sharon & Phil Snyder

Myra & Arnold Snyderman

Marlene & Norbert Sobek

Janet Seidman & Mark Sokol

Michelle Solomon

Rita & Harvey Soltan

Suzanne Sornson

Abigail Sookrag

Marcee & Bruce Specktor

Mark Specktor

Maj-Britt Syse & Mordecai


Sharon Specktor

Allen Spencer

Marlene & Jack Spencer

Margaret Spiegel

Mary Ann Spielberg

Stephen Spielberg

* Jerry Stamm

Suzi & Michael Stanley

Tobie & Burton Starr

Candice & Guy Stearns

Elizabeth Steblay

Gloria & Alan Stein

Bonnie & Arthur Stein

Jeanne & Jeffery Stein

Hilarie & Norman Stein

Maxine & Benjamin


Rebecca Steinberg

Elaine & Stuart Steinman

Evan Stern

Vicki & Lloyd Stern

Amy & Michael Stern

Jane Sternberg

Bill Sternberg & Tim Zuel

Muriel Sterne

Cathy & Robert Steyaert

Jill Stiber

Rabbi Sharon Stiefel &

Davida Alperin

Ione & Alan Stiegler

Barbara Stillman

Amy Susman-Stillman &

Marty Stillman

Faye & Ralph Stillman

Sue & Tom Stillman

Lou Ann & Alan Stone

Rita & Rick Stone

Rita & Bruce Stough

Sara Strand

Cara & Andy Strauss

Eileen Strauss

Abby & Michael Strauss

Nancy Strauss

Lucille Streifer

Lisa Segal & Arthur


* Sharon & Myron Stulberg

Sivie Suckerman

* Phyllis Sudit

Nicole & William Sugarman

Sarah & Jonathan Sulman

Jeannie & Gary Sultan

Shirley Supak

Cathy & David Sussman

David A. Sussman

* Marge & * Lloyd Sussman

Lori Suvalsky

* Janet & Edward Swadden

Shane Swanson

Laura & Dan Swartz

Helen Swatez

Elaine Sweet

Arlene & Hill Sweet

Geri Serber Sweet & Jeff


Shirley & Paul Swerdlick

Jill Swiler

Sandra & Michael Swirnoff

Dianne & Hector Sztainer

Jim & Leoda Swanson

Talmud Torah of


Michele Taly

Katherine Tane

Marsha & Gary Tankenoff

Patti & Stan Taube

Sandy & Marcus Teichner

Shendel & Isaak Temkin

Amanda & Mark Tempel

Lyn & Steve Tesler

Irina & Gennadiy Teyvel

Jeff Thaler

Gordon & Sheila Thayer

* Eve Winters & Brian Tifft

Sandra & Robert Tilsen

Ryvelle & Bill Tilsner

* Jake Timian

Debbie & Howard Toberman

Elsa & Norman Tolchiner

Rhoda Toles

Norma & Bill Topp

* Corrine & Morris Toretsky

Sharon & Bill Torodor

Elisabeth Trach

Dr. Elliot Trach

Judy & Fred Traub

Sharon Traub

Marilyn & Harold Trestman

Sally & John Turrittin

Eveline Tysk

Jason Uller

Joseph Ulrich

Roslye Ultan

* Shirley & Frank Ungar

* Sandy Unger

Cindy Uran

Lynn & Mark Usem

Erica Van Adelsberg

Julie & Steve Vanderbloom

Richard VanSickle

Sahra & Abram Vaynberg

Sofya Vayner

Sally Velick

Marianne Ventura

Teresa & Irving Victor

Visiting Angels

Sherryl & Paul Volkert

Bonnie & Steven Waldman

Curtis Wall

Janice & Bruce Waller

Bruce Walonick

Ellen & John Walthour

Diane & Russell Walzer

Sylvia B. Walzer

Mark Warner

Marlea Warren

Robert Warshawsky

Susie & Jeremy Wartnick

* Babe & Norm Wartnick

Esther & Lee Wattenberg

Kim Kotzen Wear & Stuart


Elaine Weber

Laura Weber

Barb Weil

Gail & Richard Weinberg

Linda & Rob Weinberg

Eileen & Ted Weinberg

Gert Weiner

Joanne & Howard Weiner

Paula & Michael Weiner

Marla & Richard Weiner

* Diane Weinerman

Amy Ollendorf & Miriam


* Joan & Sheldon Weinstein

Sue & Stuart Weinstein

Rabbi Simkha Weintraub &

Simha Rosenberg

* Julie & Brian Weisberg

Sophie Weil & * Freddie


Lois Weisberg

‘Lynn Weisberg

Marilyn & Martin Weisberg

Jerry Weisman

Lisa Weisman

Charlotte & Alex Weiss

Amy & Dan Weiss

RuthAnn & Jon Weiss

Rochelle Weiss

Joy Wener

Ellen Wersan & Tim Sandry

Marilyn & Warren Wert

Marcia Wertheimer

Sheri & Lon White

Gayle & Ron Wiederholt

Marge Juster Wilder & Leo


Connie & Alan Wilensky

Serena Willey

Elena Wilsey

Marguerite & Alex Wilson

Mark & Pamela Windfeldt

Eileen Winger

Barbara & Arnold Winikoff

Deb & Ken Winkelman

Gertrude Wippman

Harriet & Arthur Wiss

Bonnie & Jeff Wittenberg

Callie Wnuk Family

Barbara & Stanley


Melissa & Danny


Brenda Wolfe

Fremajane & Blair Wolfson

Marilyn & * Nate Wolk

Deb & Robert Wolk

* Jill & Stephen Wolpert

Judy & Elliot Wolson

Kimberly Wolson &

Norman Abramson

Rabbi Barry & Zena Woolf

Julie & Jim Yarosh

Shirley & Sam Yarosh

Judy Yellin

Susan & Paul Yellin

Judith Yesnes

Valentina & Vladimir


Marni Zaideman

Mary LeSourd & * Rosanne


* Amy & David Zaroff

Betty & Harold Zats

* Randy Zats

Sue & Al Zelickson

Max Zeman

Sabina & Ruben Zimering

Tatyana & Naum Zitserman

Teri & Barry Zoss

Lisa Pogoff & Jeff


Kathleen Zuckerman

Clarice Zuckman

Miriam Zukerman

Barbara & Larry Zweigbaum

Minnie Zweigbaum

Muriel & Felix Zwiebel

Evelyn Zylberberg

Membership Major


Pillar ($5,400+)

Anonymous (1)

Tankenoff Families


Sustainer ($3,600+)

Anonymous (1)

Beth Ann & Saul Segal

Guardian ($1,800+)

Susan Alpert

Baratz Family Foundation

Beverly & Richard Fink

Shari & Todd Fleming

Leah Golberstein

Miriam Goldfein

Karen Grabow & Keith


Kathrine & Louis Hill

Joan & Bob Levine

Mary & Bob Mersky

Lil Raen

Ann & Mark Robinow

Steven Roth

Van & James Sanders

Estelle & Robert Stillman

Alex and Mollie Tankenoff


Jim Tankenoff

Randi & Barry Wolfish

Jill Zipkin

Trustee ($1,000+)

Anonymous (1)

Sybille Aaron

Toby & Frank Berman

Charlotte & Richard Berman

Iris & Steve Borowsky

Sally & Eric Bressler

Betty Kay & Jay Crothers

Vivian & Bob Ezrilov

Lucy Rose & Mark Fischer

Fay Fishman

Mari Forbush

Rivi & Michael Galinson

Micki & Ronald Gamer

Natalie Levin & Steve


Roy Ginsburg

Lynn & Alan Goldbloom

May & Maurice Goldman

Rani Halpern & Joel Green

Kim & Cliff Greene

Sid Hartman

Debbie & Marc Hasko

Bonnie & Steven Heller

Eloise & Elliot Kaplan

Donna & Michael Kaplan

Margie & Steve Krause

Beth & Todd Leonard

Matt Lerner

Elinore Locketz

Bill Meyers

David Meysembourg

Jill & Jeff Mirviss

Sheryl & Steve Newman

June & Al Perlman

Susan & Richard Proman

Diane & Jon Rappaport

Marilyn & Jeff Rivkin

Harold Roitenberg

Terrie & Larry Rose

Harriette & Harold Rutstein

Annette & Vic Sandler

The Shared Fund (Joanne &

Howard Weiner)

Nancy Toberman

David J. & Mabel Weiner


Dori & Gary Weinstein

Gloria Weisskopf

Violet Werner

Cindy & Perry Witkin

Kathy & Howard Zack

Bonnie & Alan Ziskin

Dawn & Danny Zouber

Annual Benefit Major


Platinum Sponsors

Mike and Linda Fiterman

Family Foundation

Deborah Kohler & Gary


Gold Sponsors

Barb Anderson & Irv Kessler

Lynne & Andrew Redleaf

Cass & Andrew Stillman

Liba & Tom Stillman

Twin City Fan Companies,


The Waller Family

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota,


Silver Sponsors

Affiance Financial, LLC

Kerry & Scott Bader

Sarah & Mike Badower

Bermo, Inc.

The Dachis Family

Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper &


Kathrine & Louis Hill

Land O’Lakes, Inc.

M & I, a Part of BMO

Financial Group

Charles & Candice Nadler

Family Foundation

Edward J. Phillips Family


Robins, Kaplan, Miller &

Ciresi, L.L.P.

Randi & Barry Wolfish

Emerald Sponsors

Anonymous (2)

Sally & Michael Abrams

Bernard and Fern Badzin


Baratz Family Foundation/

Shirley Baratz and Amy &

David Zaroff



Marcia Cohodes & David


Elaine & Howard Kuretsky

Leonard, Street and Deinard,


Lindquist and Vennum, PLLP

Lurie, Besikof, Lapidus and

Co., LLP

Kris & John MacDonald

Debbie & Gil Mann

Maslon Edelman Borman &

Brand, LLP

Harriet & Nathan Newman

Robert & Janet Sabes Family


Schechter, Dokken, Kanter,

Andrews & Selcer Ltd.

Upsher-Smith Laboratories

Lead Online Auction Sponsor

Amport Foods–American

Importing Co.

Online Auction Sponsors

Coordinated Business

Systems, Ltd.

Financial Concepts, Inc.

Lexus of Wayzata–Lexus of


Minnesota Vikings Football



Lead Program Auction


Oak Ridge Financial/Julie &

Marc Kozberg


Continental Diamond

Amy & Jack Fiterman

Cindi & Harold Goldfine

Steve Kalin

Deborah Kohler & Gary


Marcus Hotels & Resorts

Elly & Mike Zweigbaum

Ruby Sponsors

Accredited Investors, Inc.

Susan Alpert

Patrick Atkinson & Lynne


Amy & Stan Baratz

Marilyn & Larry Barenbaum/

Christopher & Banks

Judy & Bruce Barnett

Pearl & Dan Berdass

Lyle Berman

Charlotte & Richard Berman

Joanne Ferraro & Bob


Linda & Miles Braufman

Bremer Bank

Sally & Eric Bressler

Diane & Richard Cohen

Susan & Robert Diamond

Vivian & Bob Ezrilov

Ernest I. Fink Agency/Bruce

& Neil Fink

Gigi & Ron Fingerhut

Bernice Fiterman

Natalie Levin & Steve


Aimee & Eric Goldberg

Lynn & Alan Goldbloom

Rhonda Stein & Stuart


Harriet & Marvin Goldstein

Dani & David Gotlieb

Nan & Jim Greenfield

Melanie & Vic Greenstein

Gurstel Chargo

Judy & Andy Halper

Hodroff-Epstein Funeral


Ann Rockler-Jackson &

Robert Jackson, III

Cindy & Doug Kanter

Suzanne & Harvey Kaplan

Fay & Mitch Kaye

Sharon & Marty Kieffer

Eileen & David Kohn

Susi Saxl & Robert Kramer

Robin & Bryan Landy

Bonnie & Steve Lazar

Joan & Bob Levine

Sheila & Stephen Lieberman

Hinda & Tom Litman

Gail & Steve Machov

Paula & Robert Maisel

Jill & Jeff Mirviss

Louise & Bruce Moss

Mutual of America Life

Insurance Company

Alina & Alexander Portnoy

Susan & Richard Proman

Tina & Ivan Rafowitz

Diane & Jon Rappaport

Nancy & Kevin Rhein

Louise & Jerry Ribnick

Sheva & Tom Sanders

Polly & Michael Saxon/Inver

Grove Ford

The Shared Fund

Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

Joanne & Michael Silverman

Eleanor & Gary Singer

Jim Tankenoff

Kim & Scott Teplinsky

Gail & Joel Tilsner

Tol-o-Matic/Bill Toles & Jill


Toodie & Frank Trestman

Judi Belzer & Jerry Waldman

Kathy & Howard Zack

Lynn & Ron Zamansky

Bonnie & Alan Ziskin

Promises for the


Promises for the Future are

planned gifts and pledges

through a donor’s will, trust

agreement, life insurance

policy or other means to

provide for JFCS’s future


Anonymous (7)

Alvin Apple

Mike & Sarah Badower

Nancy S. Brown

Louise Dahlgren

Beverly & Stan Davis

Bruce Frank

Neal & Barb Frank

Judy & James Gaviser

Roni & Alan Gingold

Judy & Andy Halper

Jory M. Herman

Faye & Mayer Krupp

Matthew Lane

Harriet & Nathan Newman

June & Al Perlman

Sheldon Silberman &

Melissa Cohen Silberman

Edith Naomi Smith

Named Funds

For Immediate Use

Eric & Sally Bressler Family

Fund to support the

Jewish Free Loan


Kelner-Witebsky Memory

Care Fund to provide

family consultations &

education for caregivers

MORE for NOW Fund

for mortgage or rent

emergency assistance

Waller Family Fund to

provide transportation

for older adults & to


the Jewish Big Brother/Big

Sister Program

Endowment Funds

Providing support annually

and for the future.

Bill & Bailee Aberman Family

Fund for the hearing

impaired & for use as

needed for client services

David & Joyce Abramson

Family Camp Scholarship

Fund for children &

youth who, without such

scholarships, would be

unlikely to have a camp


Bob & Sharon Ansel Fund

to support services for

senior citizens

Darrell & Loni Ansel

Family Fund to support

programs & services for


Donna & Alvin Apple Family

Fund for use where most


Lorraine & Sidney

Applebaum Family Fund

for use where most


Molly & Sid Bader Family

Fund for children with

special needs

Anita & Ben Badiner Family

Fund for use where most


Bernard & Fern Badzin Fund

for use where most


Barry K. Baines, M.D.,

Healing Library Fund

Margie & Michael Baker

Fund to provide

scholarships for

guidance counseling

Barbush/Bartram Fund for

use where most needed

Marilyn & Larry Barenbaum

Family Fund for older

adults & children

Alex, Ben & Jacob Barry

Children’s Fund for

services to children

Michael & Etta Barry Family

Fund for use where most


Irving & Deane Bassin

Senior Assistance Fund

to support programs &

services for older adults

Ralph & Charlotte Bearman

Family Fund to support

services for older

adults & for vocational


Barbara D. & Lee Bearmon

Fund for children with

special needs

Belzer Family Fund for

children & older adults

Jane & Steve Benowitz

Fund for assistance with

medical & dental needs

Fred & Margo Berdass

Family Fund to support

services to those in need

Charlotte & Richard Berman

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Sheri & Les Biller Family

Fund for émigré

educational scholarships

& general programming

Birger/Goldenberg Family

Fund for use where most


Linda & Miles Braufman

Family Fund to support

older adult services

to include assisted

transportation, respite

care or where most


Ghita Davis Brody “Dare

to Dream” Healing

Get-Away Fund to

help children who are

ill, & their families, with

recreational & cultural


‡ Elaine Budd Special

Family Life Education


Caring for Our Children

Fund to support

programs & services to

children with autism

spectrum disorders &

other disabilities

Chalfen Family Fund for use

where most needed

Sarah & Ida Chapman Camp

Scholarship Fund

Stuart A. Chazin Young

Adult Outreach Fund

Arvin Cohen Hustle Athletic

Fund to support children

& youth to participate in

athletic activities

Joe & Fredell Cohen Family

Fund for use where most


Laura Leiderman Cohen

Fund to support the Twin

Cities Jewish Healing

Program & programs for

people with disabilities

Edythe & Haskell Cohodes

Special Needs Inclusion

Fund to provide staff &

resources to children

with special needs

Judy & Rod Cooperman

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Stan Cowle Memorial Fund

to support programs &

services for older adults

Leo & Yetta Cram

Maintenance Minyan

Fund to provide

household maintenance

services to older adults &

people with disabilities

Dachis Family Fund for

services to children or

where most needed

Davidman Family Fund to

support education &

children’s needs

Stephen J. Davidson

Technology Fund

to support the services

JFCS provides

Ruth Davis Fund to support

athletic opportunities

for youth

Deikel Family Fund for

Mental Health Support

Services (MHSS) & JFCS’s

St. Louis Park School-

Based Services

Mike & Mitzi Diamond Fund

for use where most


Robert & Susan Diamond

Emergency Financial

Assistance Fund

Rita & Harold Divine Fund

for use where most


Domestic Abuse Fund to

provide prevention

education & training



endowment Funds

Caron H. Dubinsky Fund

to provide assistance

to single parents &


families with schoolrelated

costs for Jewish


Elliott S. Dubinsky Fund

to support JFCS’s St.

Louis Park School-Based


Lillian Dubinsky-Wishnick-


Dubinsky Fund to assist

with educational costs

for youth with disabilities

Doris & Mischa Dworsky

Fund for emergency

financial assistance

Michael Engel Memorial

Fund for use where most


Michael Engler Children’s

Fund to support

programs & services for


Mark & Carol Epstein Family

Fund to provide support

to children with special


Vivian & Bob Ezrilov Fund

to support services to


Francine & Neil Feinberg

Healing Fund

Joan & Arnold Feinberg

Fund for use where most



Fund to support L’Chaim

Senior Services &


‡ Harry Feinstein Memorial

Fund to meet the

needs of Russian Jewish

immigrant children

Joanne Ferraro & Robert

Beugen Fund to provide

cultural scholarships to

encourage young people

with special interests

Aaron Feuer Fund to

provide mental health

services for adolescents

& young adults

Ida Finne & Janice Kwiat

Fund for services to the


Mike & Linda Fiterman

Youth Experience Fund

to provide youth with

special opportunities

Robert & Virginia Forbush

Fund for use where most


Libby & Ben Frank Fund to

provide assistance for

children with special


Frank Family Fund for

L’Chaim Senior Services,

grocery shopping or

other programs

42 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Nancy & Stuart Friedell

Family Fund for use

where most needed

‡ Markus & Sabina Gapany

Prescription Drug

Fund for the elderly to

help with the cost of

prescription drugs

Ida & Bernard Gingold Fund

for use where most


Roy Ginsburg Fund to

support L’Chaim Senior


Greg, Tom, & Elliot Glaser-

Leder Fund for expenses

associated with adoption

& child welfare

David & Dorothy Glickson

Senior Transportation

Fund to support

transportation services

for older adults

Leah Golberstein Family

Jewish Healing Program

Fund to support the Twin

Cities Jewish Healing


Gold Family Children’s Fund

to provide services to


Richard H. Goldblatt Healing

Fund for use where most


Cindi & Harold Goldfine

Fund to support the JFCS

Annual Benefit Dessert


Sylvia & Arnold Goldman

Fund for use where most


Lois & Stanley Goodman

Family Fund for services

to children & young

adults, & to support

hospice services &


Bernice Cowl Gordon

Mitzvah Fund for use

where most needed

Guita Bearman Gordon

Scholarship Fund for

women in rabbinical or

cantorial studies

Sewell Gordon Scholarship

Fund to support

educational expenses

based on need & merit

Jacob & Golda Gottlieb Twin

Cities Free Loan Fund to

support the Jewish Free

Loan Program in the

Twin Cities area

Arlis & Erwin Grossman

Family Fund to support

services where most


Kopple & Anita Hallock

Family Fund to provide

services for children in

foster care, residential

placement & other

impermanent living


Judy & Andy Halper Family

Fund for use where most


Halpern Green Family Fund

for use where most


Sid Hartman Fund to

support the JFCS Jewish

Big Brother/Big Sister


Eugene Heck Fund for use

where most needed

Elissa Heilicher Family

Fund for Healthy Family

Relationships to support

programs & services to

combat Jewish domestic


Avron (Ron) C. Heiligman

Healing Fund to support

activities of the Twin

Cities Jewish Healing


The Jory M. Herman

Summer Youth

Experience Fund to assist

youth to attend summer

camp or have an Israel


‡ Agnes Berenberg Hoffman

Tribute Fund for

emergency financial

assistance to older adults

Holocaust Survivors Fund

for special programs &

services for survivors

Mark (Pesach) Jaffe Fund

to support services &

programs of the Twin

Cities Jewish Healing


JFCS Bequest Fund for use

where most needed

Marvin A. Jolson Fund to

support individuals with

Parkinson’s Disease &

their families

Al, Stan & Jeanne Kagin

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Orlee & Jeffrey Kahn Family

Fund for use where most


Janice & Steven Kalin Family

Fund for use where most


Joe & Estelle Kane Family

Fund to support L’Chaim

Senior Services

Esther & Reuben Kaplan

Fund for educational

expenses for single

mothers & their children

Bob & Stefanie Karon Fund

to support mental health

services for adolescents

Maynard Katz Tennis

Scholarship Fund to

support junior tennis

scholarships for young

athletes in need of

financial assistance

Alvin & Audrey Kaufman

Fund for use where most


Delores & Robert Kelber

Fund for use where most


‡ Margaret Kelen Emergency

Aid to the Elderly Fund

Eva & Sheldon Kieffer

Campership Fund

‡ Jaeson & Marjorie Kline

Tribute Fund for

emergency financial

assistance to older adults

Deborah & Gary Kohler

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Julie & Marc Kozberg Fund

to support services to


Grace & Marvin Kramer

Fund to provide

emergency financial

assistance to families

with minor children

Nettie & Ben Kramer Family

Fund for emergency

financial assistance

Kramer/Saxl Family Fund for

use where most needed

Faye & Mayer Krupp

Family Fund for adults

with developmental


Lonia & Leon Kuperman

Fund for use where most


Jeanette & Max Kurnow

Family Fund to

provide food, shelter &

emergency assistance to

people in need

Teresa & Robert Laing

Family Fund to provide

medical & dental care for

children & older adults

Cliff & Susan Lake Family

Fund to support services

for children

Robin & Bryan Landy

Family Fund to support

volunteer work at JFCS

Jerry Lavin Memorial Fund

to support services &

programs to children, &

priority to those with

special needs

Sam & Betty Lavine Family

Fund for use where most


Russell F. Lederman Big

Brother/Big Sister

Program Fund

Angela & Jack Leibman

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Levenson/Spanier Family

Fund to provide mental

health support services

Robert & Sally Leventhal

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Margie & Leo Levie & Family

Fund to provide respite

care for those who are

caregivers for a frail older

adult, ill spouse or sick


Carol & Jerry Levin Family

Fund for the Jewish

Big Brother/Big Sister

Program & for services to

older adults

‡ Jeanne & Albert Levin

Family Fund to provide

emergency aid to the


George & Marion Levine

Fund for use where most


Joan & Robert H. Levine

Family Fund for services

to children with learning

& other disabilities

Sid & Joanie Levinsohn

Family Fund for

scholarships for higher


Lucky & Leonard (Butch)

Levy Memorial Fund

to support volunteer

services & for use where

most needed

Lichtblau Family Fund

to provide support to


Ben & Ruth Liman Family

Fund for use where most


Lois & Hy Liss Family Fund

to provide services to

Parkinson’s patients

& their families, & to

support programs &

services to older adults

Francelyne & Richard Lurie

Family Spirit of JFCS

Fund for use where most


Marian Maisel Mental

Health & Healing Fund

Hymie & Doris Margolis

Fund for special

experiences for children

Alyssa & Jon Marker Fund

for use where most


Jacob, Max & Sam Mars

Fund to assist children

& youth with physical or

emotional disabilities

Metropolitan Mt. Sinai Fund

for medical prescriptions

& transportation to

medical appointments

Alvin & Mildred Miller Fund

for use where most


Ben Miller Foundation

Fund to support L’Chaim

Senior Services

Mogilevsky Family Fund for

use where most needed

John Morgan Fund for use

where most needed

‡ Joyce & Donald Moscoe

Family Emergency Fund

Charles & Candice Nadler

Family Fund to support

the Jewish Big Brother/

Big Sister Program

Edith & George E. Nadler

Fund to provide special

services for seniors

Nager Greenberg Fund for

educational scholarships

for Jewish students

based on need

Corky & Bob Neuman Fund

for services to children

Harriet & Nathan Newman

Family Fund to provide

holiday assistance for

Jewish older adults

Louis Newman & Rabbi Amy

Eilberg Fund to support

the Twin Cities Jewish

Healing Program

Irv Nudell Special Projects

Fund for use where most


Jean Nudell Fund to provide

financial assistance &

special opportunities

for single mothers &


Allen & Marcia Oleisky

Fund to support

transportation & other

services for Mental

Health Support Services


Robert E. Oleisky Fund for

young adult outreach &

Mental Health Support


Abe Olkon Fund to support

respite care

Joyce & Martin Orbuch

Family Fund to support

competitive workforce


Patients Assistance Fund

to financially assist with

medical services

Richard & Sara Pieser

Children’s Fund to

support programs &

services for children

Alvin & June Perlman Fund

to support programs &

services for older adults

Scott I. Pink Fund for

services to people with

chronic mental illness

Sharon Plotnick Memorial

Fund to support L’Chaim

Senior Services

Margot & Jeno Por Helping

Hand Fund to provide

non-interest loans or

grants, with priority

given to single parents &

new Americans

Alina & Alexander Portnoy

Fund for use where most


Tybie Proman Fund for

young adult programs

& for services to adults

with developmental


Rafowitz Family Fund to

support services related

to substance abuse

Ilana Fay Ratner Fund

to provide training &

education, emergency

financial assistance, &

support & advocacy for

children with special

needs & their families

Sylvia & David Ratner

Memorial Fund for JFCS

special needs & inclusion


Rachel Raviv Hoffer Fund

to support the Jewish

Big Brother/Big Sister


Redleaf Whitebox Fund

to support programs &

services to children

Marvin & Sharon Resnick

Family Fund to provide

dental services to those

in need & transportation

services to older adults

Rollye & Chuck Rinkey Fund

for use where most


Robbins Family Fund for use

where most needed

Roberts Family Fund for

emergency financial


Robin Family University

Merit Scholarship Fund

for educational expenses,

based on merit & need

Robins Family Fund to

support older adult


Robinson-Marks Mental

Health Fund to support

mental health programs

& projects

Norton & Bert Rockler

Family Fund for

vocational programs

& for use where most


Ruth & Harold Roitenberg

Fund for use where most


Rolnick Family Fund for use

where most needed

Phyllis & Justin Rosenblatt

Fund for services to


Ricky Rosoff Memorial Fund

to support the Jewish

Big Brother/Big Sister


Marie L. Rothschild Fund for

use where most needed

Karen Rubin Hag Sameach

Fund to provide holiday

toys, items & other goods

for families in need

Dr. Manly & Sybil Rubin

Family Fund to support

the care & shelter of

abused children

Max & Linda Rutman Family

Fund for use where most


Sabes Family Foundation

Fund for use where most


Sally Salloway Memorial

Fund for emergency

financial needs of


Saloshin Fund for special

services for older adults

& émigrés, & to support

Deikel Family AlterCare

Adult Day Program

Connell & Dorothy Saltzman

Fund for older adults

& children with special


Stephen & Suzanne

Saltzman Fund to

support Alzheimer’s &

ALS respite care

Helen & Michael Sandler

Fund to support

programs & services in

healing & hospice

Clara & Leonard Savitt

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Sborov Family Fund for

services to émigrés from

the former Soviet Union

& for use where most


Albert Schneider Memorial

Fund to support services

for older adults &

appropriate workshops

or lectures

The Schochet Family Fund

for emergency financial


Anita B. Schwartz Fund

to support emergency

financial assistance to

the elderly

Linda & Ivan Schwartzman

Fund for use where most


‡ Roz & David Schwartzman

Fund for use where most


‡ Gloria M. Segal Fund for

services to adults with

chronic mental illness

Millie & Howard Segal Acts

of Kindness Fund for use

where most needed

Serber Family Fund to

support services for

children with disabilities

Dick & Rossy Shaller

Mentoring Fund to

provide adult mentors

for children at risk

Leonard & Zetta Shapiro

Discretionary Fund for

use where most needed

Sam & Lorraine Shark Family

Emergency Fund for

emergency financial


Carl & Rose Jean Sharpe

Family Camp Scholarship

Fund for children &

youth who, without

such scholarships, would

be unlikely to have a

camping experience

Sidney Shields Simcha

Fund to support social &

cultural outings for older

adults & individuals with


Monroe J. & Charlotte K.

Shine Family Fund for

use where most needed

Beverly Siegel Fund to

support the Twin Cities

Jewish Healing Program

Young Women’s Fund in

Memory of Debbie

Silberstein to support

single mothers & all

young women in need

of financial assistance

in furtherance of

their personal growth,

education, recreation,

familial obligations &

other wants & needs

Bobby Silverman Memorial

Fund for children who

are at risk

Loreen & Perry Silverman

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Shirley & Frances Snyder

Memorial Fund for use

where most needed

Evlyn Solomon Fund to

support the Jewish Free

Loan Program

‡ Harold & Fleurette Spear

Fund for Jewish camping

experiences & other

enriching experiences for


Mark Jon Starr Fund to

support services &

programs of the Twin

Cities Jewish Healing


Samantha & Ari Stein Tikkun

Olam Fund to support

children’s services &

where most needed

Marvin & Chelle Stillman

Fund to support the Twin

Cities Jewish Healing


Marcia & Larry Swartz Fund

to support services for

people with abuse or

mental health issues

Susie & Stuart Swartz

Family Fund to support

reproductive & infertility


Dr. Ian Swatez Medical

Scholarship Fund to

support deserving

medical students based

on merit & need

Paula & Jim Tankenoff

Family Fund to support

programs & services for


Elizabeth & Mayer Tapper

Fund to support career

services for individuals

with barriers to


Sidney & Roslyn Tarshish

Family Fund for Jewish

educational, camping

& travel experiences for

children & young adults,

& for Jewish individuals

to pursue higher


Taswell-Moscowitz Family

Fund for use where most


Twin Cities Gay/Lesbian/


Program Fund for the

Jewish community

Twin Cities Jewish Healing

Program Fund

Ruth Usem Family Fund to

provide services where

most needed

Dr. Gary Velick Memorial

Fund to provide

assistance with medical

prescriptions & other

medical needs

Jerry Waldman Fund

to provide special

experiences for children

& youth, & professional

enrichment for Jewish

communal workers

Harry & Jeanette Weinberg

Fund for services to

low-income individuals

& families

Weiner Family Fund for

innovative projects or for

use where most needed

Dr. Martin & Marilyn

Weisberg Family Fund to

support L’Chaim Senior


Paul A. Weingarden Law

School Scholarship

Fund for Jewish persons

enrolled in or accepted

to an accredited

American law school

Siegfried Weiser Memorial

Fund to support services

for older adults &


Dori & Herb Weisman Family

Fund for staff self-care


Steven & Debra Weiss Family

Fund to support L’Chaim

Senior Services

Shale & Joan Wilensky Fund

to support people with

employment issues

Sybil & Seymour Wilensky

Family Fund

for use where most


‡ Norman & Sally Winer Fund

to provide emergency

financial assistance to

low-income older adults

& youth

Sheldon & Judy Witebsky

Family Fund for use

where most needed

Anne & Allen Wolf &

Stephan Wolf Memorial

Fund to support the

Jewish Big Brother/Big

Sister Program

Wolfish Family Fund for use

where most needed

Leo & Helen Wolk Fund for

use where most needed

Yesnes/Finkelstein Family

Fund to benefit JFCS’s

St. Louis Park School-

Based Services & children

with special needs

David C. Zalk Fund for

children & youth

Shirley & Larry Zipkin Family

Fund for use where most


‡ Endowment funds

designated to JFCS through

the Jewish Community


If we inadvertently missed or misspelled your name, we apologize.

Please notify Garnet Ostlund at 952-542-4857.



Financial information

StAteMent oF FinAnCiAl poSition

Assets 2011 2010

Current Assets

Cash and cash equivalents $ 488,365 $ 873,334

Accounts receivable 185,189 320,560

Pledges receivable 1,991,681 2,141,961

Other receivables 478,810 538,783

Donated space 344,344 344,344

Other current assets 123,488 108,245

Total current assets $ 3,611,877 $ 4,327,227

Long-term assets


at fair value

44 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

$ 45,169 $ 44,307

Property & equipment, net 140,203 141,949

Lease deposit 275,000 275,000

Donated space 2,410,331 2,754,666

Endowment & other 8,642,327 7,102,350

Total long-term assets $ 11,513,030 $ 10,318,272

Total assets $ 15,124,907 $ 14,645,499

Liabilities 2011 2010

Current liabilities

Accounts payable $ 84,394 $ 120,098

Accrued liabilities 339,180 385,970

Deferred revenue and rent 148,412 241,117

Other 6,246 5,756

Total current liabilities $ 578,232 $ 752,941

Long-term liabilities

Deferred rent $ 150,209 $ 171,666

Other long-term liabilities 32,602 26,691

Total liabilities $ 761,043 $ 951,298

Net Assets 2011 2010

Unrestricted $ 1,769,795 $ 1,333,022

Temporarily restricted 8,533,636 8,304,215

Permanently restricted 4,060,433 4,056,964

Total net assets $ 14,363,864 $ 13,694,201

Total liabilities & net assets $ 15,124,907 $ 14,645,499

18.1% Direct Public Support

13.0% Mpls Jewish Federation

4.5% United Way/Other Indirect Public Support

12.8% Non-Gov’t Awards

28.3% Government Awards

inCoMe by SouRCe

15.4% Program Service Fees

8.0% Investment & Other, net

Direct Public Support


United Way/Other Indirect Public Support


Government Awards


Investment & Other, Net





0 20 40 60 80 100

Minneapolis Jewish Federation

Non-Gov’t Awards

Program Service Fees

StAteMent oF ACtivitieS

Support & Revenue 2011 2010

Direct public support

Contributions $ 1,092,220 $ 1,454,104

Contributions, in-kind 346,441 338,686

Special events, net 331,162 325,969

Indirect public support

Minneapolis Jewish Federation 1,272,949 1,623,254

United Way/Other 440,518 530,500

Total public support $ 3,483,290 $ 4,272,513

Other support

Non-governmental awards $ 1,253,295 $ 426,079

Government awards 2,771,039 3,170,980

Total support $ 7,507,624 $ 7,869,572


Program service fees $ 1,505,407 $ 1,780,528

Dividends & interest 162,140 144,259

Net gains (losses)

on investments

570,407 337,038

Other income 48,757 34,164

Total revenue $ 2,286,711 $ 2,295,989

Total support & revenue $ 9,794,335 $ 10,165,561

A complete copy of financial statements audited by

CliftonLarsonAllen LLP is available upon request.



Programs & Services

2011 2010

Clinical & Case Management


$ 1,054,333 $ 1,458,286

Aging & Disability Services 1,707,056 1,967,935

Community Services 388,995 385,398

Children’s Services 647,396 606,280

Career Services 3,260,967 3,852,244

Total program services $ 7,058,747 $ 8,270,143

Support services

Management & General $ 1,238,286 $ 1,294,459

Development & Fundraising 525,216 577,139

Total support services $ 1,763,502 $ 1,871,598

Total expenses $ 8,822,249 $ 10,141,741

Change in net assets $ 972,086 $ 23,820

Net assets, beginning of year $ 13,694,201 $ 13,670,381

Prior year restatement (302,423) –

Net assets, ending of year $ 14,363,864 $ 13,694,201

Independent Auditors: CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

CPAs, Consultants & Advisors

220 South Sixth Street, Suite 300

Minneapolis, MN 55402-1436

As an agency, JFCS has been awarded the Charities Review Council “Meets Standards”

Seal indicating that JFCS meets all of the council’s Accountability Standards, which

include standards for financial health and financial transparency.



Staff & board of Directors


Administrative Team

Judy Halper, Chief Executive Officer***

Mari Forbush, Chief Operating Officer***

Beth Toso, Chief Financial Officer

Tammy Cohen, Human Resources


Margie Earhart, Career & Community

Services Director****

Ruth Paley, Clinical Services Director**

Annette Sandler, Aging & Disability

Services Director*

Robin Segal, Communications Director***

JFCS Staff as of December 30, 2011

Deka Abdi, Home Visitor, PCHP

Emily Adams, Employment Development

Coach, Career Initiatives

Sara Adams, Home Visitor, PCHP

Carol Allesee, Social Skills Educator, St.

Louis Park School-Based Services*

Jessica Ariza, Home Visitor, PCHP

Mary Bahneman, Senior Community

Service Employment Program Manager

Sandra Baron, Shopper, LCSS

Jane Bates, Intake Counselor, Intake and

Resource Connection

Brittany Beck, HY-HC Specialist

Pam Berkwitz, Therapist, Counseling**

Alison Bey, Employment Specialist, MFIP

Debra Bjorgaard, Supervisor, PCHP*

Tonia Boike, Home Visitor, PCHP**

Elena Borochin, LCSS Program Manager*

Alex Botvinnik, Deikel Transportation

Services Supervisor, LCSS**

Cheri Brady, Program Manager, St. Louis

Park School-Based Services & PCHP**

Jethra Brand, In-Home Services & Meals on

Wheels Supervisor, LCSS

Laura Britting, Case Manager, MHSS

Darlene Burns, Data & Customer Service

Assistant, BSF**

Leah Burtzlaff, BSF Program Coordinator*

Julia Goldstein Carpenter,

Communications Specialist*

Carole Cera, Jewish Big Brother/Big

Sister Program & Intake and Resource

Connection Program Manager****

Aleksandr Chaplin, Deikel Transportation

Services Driver, LCSS

Shelly Christensen, Minneapolis Jewish

Community Inclusion Program for

People with Disabilities Program


Nicholas Cleveland, Employment

Specialist, MFIP*

Christina Corwin, Case Manager, St. Louis

Park School-Based Services*

Robert Cruse, Technical Support Specialist,

Information Systems Department

Heather Duchscherer, Beyond Safety

Program Coordinator

Justin Elvebak, Career Placement

Specialist, Vocational Rehabilitation

46 JFCS 2011 Annual Report

Janet Flam, Career Initiatives Program


Megan Flanagan, Case Manager, LCSS

Helen Fogg, Home Visitor, PCHP

Neal Frank, Planned Gifts Director,


Asya Fridland, Immigrant & Refugee

Services Program Coordinator****

Julia Funari, Accounting Assistant, Finance

Patty Gadberry, Administrative Assistant,

Administrative Professionals Team**

Ben Galperin, Deikel Transportation Driver,


Martha Garcés, Graphic Designer

Anna Geraets, Case Manager, LCSS

Gwen Ghess, Worksite Supervisor,

Corporate Services

Wendy Goda, Home Visitor, PCHP

Bobbie Goldfarb, Jewish Big Brother/

Big Sister Program Program


Joy Gordon, Community Specialist,

Nurturing Our Retired Citizens*

Brooke Greenwell, Employment

Development Facilitator, Career


Melissa Greenwood, Home Visitor, PCHP

Lisa Haffely, Case Manager, MHSS

Jackie Henning, Grants Coordinator,


Allison Hillman, Case Manager & Caregiver

Coach, LCSS

Karen Hoffman, Administrative Assistant,

Administrative Professionals Team*

Anab Ibrahim, Home Visitor, PCHP

Ann Jacobs, Intake & Employment

Facilitator, MFIP

Rosanne Jacobsen, Controller, Finance***

Deanna Johnson, Supervisor, PCHP*

Aaron Karasov, Employment Development

Facilitator, Career Initiatives

Sam Kelner, Development Associate

Opothy Kiru, Nursing Assistant, Deikel

Family AlterCare Adult Day Program

Natasha Koyrakh, Case Manager, LCSS***

Jill Kozberg, Therapist, Counseling***

Laurie Kramer, Mental Health Education

Project Conference Coordinator

Rhonda Krolak, Home Visitor, PCHP

Augustine Lahai, Nursing Assistant, Deikel

Family AlterCare Adult Day Program

Ashley Lanigan, Employment Counselor,

Vocational Rehabilitation

Lynne Lee, Case Manager, LCSS******

Melissa Lowe, Career Placement Specialist,

Vocational Rehabilitation

Margaret Lund, Payroll Administrator,


Margaret Macneale, Database

Administrator, Information Systems


Andor Madarasi, Meals on Wheels Driver,


Key to abbreviations: BSF—Basic Sliding Fee Childcare Assistance, HY-HC—Healthy

Youth-Healthy Communities, LCSS—L’Chaim Senior Services, MFIP—Minnesota Family

Investment Program, MHSS—Mental Health Support Services, PCHP—Parent-Child

Home Program

Mina Manville, Bookkeeper, Finance*****

Judy Marcus, Program Coordinator, Twin

Cities Jewish Healing Program**

Candace Margulies, Therapist,


Stuart Martin, Meals on Wheels Driver,


Mike McCloskey, Supervisor, Deikel Family

AlterCare Adult Day Program**

Nicole Mickelson, Adult Day Specialist,

Deikel Family AlterCare Adult Day


Colleen Moore, Administrative Assistant,

Administrative Professionals Team*

Laurie Moser, Lead Intake Counselor,

Intake and Resource Connection*

Alexander Mostov, Deikel Transportation

Driver, LCSS

Anna Mostov, Data & Customer Service

Assistant, BSF

Gloria Murman, Development Assistant,

Mitzvah Cards*

Kristi Murray, Case Manager, CADI/MHSS*

Emma Nadler, Therapist, Counseling

Yuriy Novik, Driver, Meals on Wheels, LCSS

Kathleen O’Brien, Case Manager, BSF*

Cheryl Obinger, Program Analyst/Worksite

Employment Program Manager,

Corporate Services**

Alvin Odermann, Meals on Wheels Driver,


Katie Olmanson, Case Manager, MHSS

Leslie Orenstein, Home Visitor, PCHP

Garnet Ostlund, Executive Assistant and

Supervisor, Development Support


Philip Oxman, Therapist, Counseling**

Laura Philbrook, Clinical Nurse Manager,

Deikel Family AlterCare Adult Day


Angie Podvin, Development Assistant,


Alina Portnoy, Major Events Development


Fran Richter, Shopper, LCSS***

Barbara Rudnick, Family Life Education

Program Manager***

Joanne Savitt, Hag Sameach Coordinator,

Volunteer Resources*

Debra Savitt, Volunteer Resources

Program Manager**

Caalynn Schiro, BSF Program Manager****

Amber Schmugge, HY-HC Associate

Thomas Segal, Administrative Support

Worker, Administrative Professionals


Jessica Seipp, Administrative Assistant,

Administrative Professionals Team

Pennie Shapiro, Development Associate

Dana Shapiro, Development Assistant,

Special Events

Linda Sicheneder, Shopper, LCSS****

Peshie Silverberg, Bookkeeper, Finance**

Betsy Sitkoff, Jewish Community Health

Awareness Initiative (J-CHAI) Program


Stacey Spencer, Home Visitor, PCHP and

Client & Volunteer Events Coordinator,

Volunteer Resources*

CJ Stanton, Employment Specialist, MFIP

Haley Stemig, Case Manager, BSF

Zoe Stern, Development Associate

Jill Stiber, Program Manager, Counseling*

Amy Taswell, Case Manager, LCSS****

Leah Temkin, Career Development

Program Manager**

Jake Timian, Case Manager, BSF

Etta Tokpah, Nursing Assistant, Deikel

Family AlterCare Adult Day Program

Bob Tomasik, Administrator, Information

Systems Department***

Cindy Uran, Vocational Rehabilitation &

MFIP Program Manager**

Jerry Waldman, Major Gifts Consultant,


Sue Wallace, Program Development

Manager, Development**

Estee Warsett, Shopper, LCSS*

Alaine Wilensky, Human Resources


Deb Winkelman, Office Manager,

Administrative Professionals Team**

Eve Winters, Insurance Billing Specialist,


Deb Wolf, Administrative Assistant,

Administrative Professionals Team****

Debbie Wolfe, PJ Library & Shalom Baby!


Darla Yerkes, Shopper, LCSS**

2011 Interns & Externs

Andrea Andersen, Intake and Resource


Dan Bloom, HY-HC

Sam Blustin, HY-HC

Adam Beck, HY-HC

Michelle Fogelson, HY-HC

Allie Greenstein, HY-HC

Erica Hanson, Intake and Resource


Mark Kaufman, Counseling

Mariya Leydernan, HY-HC

Danielle Livon-Bemel, Jewish Big Brother/

Big Sister Program

Kasey Loidolt, Counseling

Anne Sachs McGraw, Intake and Resource


Lauren Ribnick, HY-HC

Rachel Sher, HY-HC

Sharon Stiefel, Intake and Resource


Mayli Vang, Counseling

*Five years of service at JFCS.

Photos by Martha Garcés

Above: JFCS Board of Directors

Right: JFCS Board Officers (from

left) Jason Bass, Debra Orbuch

Grayson, Kevin Besikof, Tina

Rafowitz, Robin Landy, Howard

Zack and Danny Zouber

Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee

Robin Landy, President

Jason Bass, Vice President

Kevin Besikof, Vice President

Tina Rafowitz, Vice President

Howard Zack, Vice President

Danny Zouber, Vice President

Debra Orbuch Grayson, Immediate Past President

Chief Executive Officer

Judy Halper

Chief Operating Officer

Mari Forbush

Chief Financial Officer

Beth Toso

Board of Directors

Aarah Aizman

Debra Fiterman Arbit

Kerry Bader

Mike Badower

Gail Berger

Arnold Blatt

Marilyn Broms

Sherri Feuer

Roni Gingold

Roy Ginsburg

Barbara Goldberg

Lynn Goldbloom

Terri Gordon

Jason Grais

Karen Grabow

Howard Kaminsky

Gary Kohler

Eileen Kohn

Steve Krikava

Natalie Levin

Martin Lipshutz

Amy Rosenblatt Lui

Gabrielle Parish

Nancy Rhein

Mark Robbins

Marc Rubenstein

Rochelle Rubin

Adeel Saad

Andrew Silverstein

Harriet Swatez

Howard Tarkow

Amy Zaroff

Advisors to the Board

Rabbi Alexander Davis

Robert Kramer

Larry Pepper

Jason Rose

Tom Segal

Jim Tankenoff



Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis

non-profit org.

u.S. postage


twin Cities, Mn

permit no. 2669

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis

13100 wayzata blvd, Suite 400 | Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305-1842

JFCS is committed to the inclusion of all people.

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