Looking for Holiday Fun and More? We've got it! Music, theatre, art, events are what are in store in WCW's Dec. issue. Start with our profile of Empanada Girl Stef Fochi. Find articles on Perlman Suncoast, Westcoast Black Theatre, Sarasota Art Museum, Art Center Sarasota, Soundbox and Sarasota Chamber Orchestra

Looking for Holiday Fun and More? We've got it! Music, theatre, art, events are what are in store in WCW's Dec. issue. Start with our profile of Empanada Girl Stef Fochi. Find articles on Perlman Suncoast, Westcoast Black Theatre, Sarasota Art Museum, Art Center Sarasota, Soundbox and Sarasota Chamber Orchestra


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•Season Preview• Preview<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Stefania<br />

Fochi<br />

Owner and Top Chef at<br />


Also in this issue:<br />

■ Salute to the Arts, Part 2<br />

■ Arts: Perlman Suncoast<br />

■ Arts: Sarasota Art Museum<br />

■ Arts: Soundbox Ventures<br />

■ Arts: Chamber Orchestra

Join us for Listening to Women<br />

January 18-February 22<br />

Thursdays, 1-2:30 pm<br />



“Listening to Women” is a six-session<br />

series which recognizes women<br />

whose brilliance and fortitude<br />

have reshaped industries and who<br />

are making a difference in today’s<br />

communities. Each week we will<br />

hear the inspiring personal stories of<br />

women who, driven by vision, passion,<br />

and determination, have achieved<br />

success in a variety of fields.<br />

Immediate Relief Beginning<br />

with the First Session:<br />

Chronic Pain: Sciatic, Back, Neck and TMJ<br />

Migraines, Foggy Brain and<br />

Lack of Concentration<br />

Sight and Eye Problems<br />

Asthma, Bronchitis, COPD, Shallow Breathing<br />

Digestive and Constipation Issues<br />

Leaky gut and Autoimmune problems<br />

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Depression<br />

Concussions, Brain and Spinal Cord Health<br />

Mobility and Energy Issues for Seniors<br />

T. Grywinski specializes in difficult issues with great success<br />

How Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />

“Doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists and chiros<br />

gave me little relief. Terry relieved my pain, after all these years!<br />

He has also helped four of my other friends. The man is an angel,<br />

with a gift from God....thank you Terry!!”<br />

For information or to register, call 941-309-5111 or visit<br />

www.OLLIAtRinglingCollege.org<br />

Listening to Women six-session series fees:<br />

Gold Member: $81; Silver Member and General Admission: $90<br />

“After 3 sessions, I had more range of motion and mobility in my<br />

neck, shoulders and hips. I was getting to the point where walking<br />

and moving was difficult. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my<br />

shoulders, my voice is stronger and my energy is greatly increased.<br />

I feel much calmer and more grounded!!”<br />

“I no longer feel physically sick each morning. No gastroenterologist<br />

or physician has ever properly diagnosed my mucus build up until<br />

now. As well as bringing about healing in my gut, he released an<br />

incredible amount of tension in my upper body.”<br />

Registration now open!<br />

Jan 18: “Keeping Hope Alive”<br />

with Charlayne Hunter-Gault<br />

and Liz Walker<br />

Jan 25: “Why Are We Exploring<br />

and Exploiting Space? Who is<br />

‘We’? And What’s the Point?”<br />

with Dr. Linda Billings<br />

Feb 1: “Curating Life<br />

from Seoul to Sarasota”<br />

with Dr. Rangsook Yoon<br />

and Stephenie Frasher<br />

Feb 8: “Women With Purpose—<br />

Ensuring Our Childrens’ Future”<br />

with Lisa Bechtold, Suriya Khong,<br />

Dr. Rachel Shelley, and<br />

Melanie Custer<br />

Feb 15: “Freedom is an Inside Job”<br />

with Dr. Brook Parker-Bello<br />

and Dawn Sakes<br />

Feb 22: “Beyond White<br />

Sharks and White Men”<br />

with Jasmin Graham, Raven<br />

Harrison, Magrieli Rodriguez Ruiz,<br />

and Carlee Jackson Bohannon<br />

“The question is where has he been all my life? Terry is a true healer<br />

and if you are serious about being well, you are in luck.<br />

He is effective and lovely.”<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

Listening to Women is made possible, in part, with support from<br />

Terrence B. Grywinski<br />

B.A., B.Ed., LMT MA6049<br />

25 Years of Experience<br />



advcst.com<br />

OLLI is located at Sarasota Art Museum<br />

on the Ringling College Museum Campus<br />

1001 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota<br />

941-309-5111<br />

OLLIatRinglingCollege.org<br />

See full page explanation of Craniosacral Therapy and<br />

how it can help you in another section of this issue<br />

Downtown Sarasota • 941-321-8757<br />

Google “Advanced Craniosacral Therapy Sarasota” for more info<br />

2 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong><br />

contents<br />

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Louise M. Bruderle<br />

Email: westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

EARS<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Carol Darling<br />

Contributing Photographer<br />

Evelyn England<br />

Art Director/Graphic Designer<br />

Kimberly Carmell<br />

Assistant to the Publisher<br />

Mimi Gato<br />

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n Out & About: includes<br />

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west coast<br />

WOMAN<br />

The Perlman Music Program<br />

Suncoast’s 20<strong>23</strong>-2024 Season<br />

Celebrating 20 Years of the PMP Winter Residency<br />

p20<br />

Sarasota Art Museum’s<br />

20<strong>23</strong>/2024 Season<br />

It’s a blend of artists presenting their first solo<br />

exhibitions along with artists renowned worldwide<br />

p27<br />

Season Preview, Part 2<br />

Not deja vu - there really is more Season Preview in this<br />

issue including Sarasota Art Museum, Perlman Music,<br />

ArtCenter Sarasota, Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe<br />

(and more) and a look at arts events coming up.<br />

p18<br />

The Chamber<br />

Orchestra of Sarasota<br />

They’ll perform a 3-concert orchestra series at First<br />

Presbyterian Church, plus present a recital series at<br />

St. Boniface Episcopal Church<br />

p22<br />

departments<br />

4 editor’s letter<br />

7 Out & About: listings for things to do<br />

12 get to know:<br />

Bay Street Village Towncenter<br />

14 health: The Renewal Point<br />

15 health: all about Craniosacral Therapy<br />

16 west coast woman:<br />

Stefania Fochi aka Empanada Girl<br />

18 Season Preview II: Highlights & more<br />

20 Season Preview: Perlman Suncoast<br />

22 Season Preview:<br />

Chamber Orchestra of Sarasota<br />

<strong>23</strong> Season Preview:<br />

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe<br />

24 Season Preview: Art Center Sarasota<br />

25 Season Preview: Soundbox Ventures<br />

27 Season Preview:<br />

Sarasota Art Museum<br />

29 Coming Up: Sunshine from Darkness<br />

31 dining in: Guests for the Holidays?<br />

Coffeecake to the rescue<br />

32 you’re news<br />

34 good news<br />

■ on the cover: Stefania Fochi, Empanada Girl at the Philllippi Mansion Farmer’s Market.<br />

■ Image: Evelyn England<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 3

just some<br />

thoughts<br />

Louise Bruderle<br />

Editor and Publisher<br />

West Coast Woman<br />

Stefania Fochi<br />

This month’s profile of Stefania Fochi is a great<br />

story about entrepreneurism, but with a local angle.<br />

Trained as a chef, Stef as she’s called, quit her day job<br />

and began selling as the Empanada Girl at the Downtown<br />

Sarasota Farmer’s Market in 2010 with one table,<br />

a toaster oven and only seven types of empanadas for<br />

sale which she made by hand.<br />

From that modest start, her business has grown to<br />

include a retail store and booths at three farmer’s markets,<br />

a brand new food truck, catering and delivery. It’s<br />

Stefania Fochi quite a successful trajectory.<br />

Photo: Evelyn England<br />

Some 40% of US businesses are women-owned, and<br />

women started 1,821 new businesses every day last year (2022). According<br />

to NerdWallet, “Women in business are a driving force in the nation’s<br />

economy. The US economy is increasingly reliant on the work of female<br />

entrepreneurs. Women are starting and running businesses at a stunning<br />

rate—and they’re doing so with demonstrable skill and expertise.”<br />

In this month’s profile, you’ll also read about her family and their own<br />

food business and the influence it had on Stef. Visit her store at 4141<br />

S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, or go to The Sarasota Downtown Farmer’s<br />

Market, The Phillippi Farmhouse Market or The Lakewood Ranch<br />

Farmer’s Market. I’ve enjoyed her empanadas for years at the Sarasota<br />

Farmer’s Market.<br />

Promise me, if there’s one thing you must take away from this profile<br />

besides the fact that Stef is a great chef and businesswoman (as well as a<br />

super nice woman), is that you will never microwave the empanadas you<br />

purchase from her company, Empanada Girl (FYI she doesn’t even own a<br />

microwave). Do you promise?<br />

Here’s her company’s website: www.empanadagirl.com. Enjoy!<br />

In This Issue<br />

As we move into milder weather, we can all finally get out and enjoy what<br />

brought us to this sunny peninsula - blue skies, white sandy beaches and<br />

no cold weather.<br />

I’ve noticed that when you ask people when or why they moved to<br />

Florida they say something like, “The blizzard of…” and mention the<br />

precise year that a midwestern storm or a nor’easter dumped tons of<br />

snow where they were then living.<br />

It’s a vivid memory, almost like a<br />

trauma, but then their faces light<br />

up and they add how many years<br />

they’ve been here.<br />

It’s also the time of the year<br />

when our community kicks into<br />

high gear. My eyeballs have just<br />

about recovered from editing all<br />

the art schedules, events, highlights<br />

and features for the upcoming<br />

season in this issue. I’ve<br />

observed that there’s even more<br />

diversity in the offerings - which is great news.<br />

I can’t emphasize enough how healing, relaxing and refreshing the<br />

arts can be - and we all could use a lot of that these days. Pause the<br />

streaming and head to a gallery (there are lots opening up these days) or<br />

walk the grounds of The Ringling, or head to the Sarasota Art Museum or<br />

head up to the MFA or the Dali in St. Pete and surround yourself with art.<br />

I know that works for me.<br />

Happy Anniversary<br />

Congratulations to Tammy Hauser<br />

whose Discover Sarasota Tours marked<br />

five years in business last month. She<br />

adds, “It’s an important milestone only<br />

three per cent of all businesses ever<br />

reach…As you know, it’s been a hard<br />

climb over the past few years, and we<br />

have much to be grateful for.”<br />

Discover Sarasota Tours offers enjoyable tours around Sarasota as<br />

well as themed tours with actors providing some theatrics along the<br />

way. Check them out at www.discoversarasotatours.com.<br />

Welcome Aboard!<br />

Nelle S. Miller has been named President & Chief Executive<br />

Officer of All Faiths Food Bank (AFFB). She will<br />

succeed longtime CEO Sandra Frank, who will retire in<br />

March 2024.<br />

As President & CEO, Miller will have the opportunity to<br />

actualize a comprehensive vision – set forth by Frank – for<br />

the central role AFFB plays in providing solutions to end<br />

hunger in its service area, across Florida and within the<br />

Feeding America network.<br />

Miller returns to All Faiths Food Bank after having<br />

served on the AFFB Board from 2016-2021, including<br />

service as Chair of the Board from 2018-2020, during which time she<br />

assisted in the development of a succession plan for the organization.<br />

“For the past 12 years, it has been my great honor and privilege to lead<br />

this incredible organization and I will cherish my final months at the<br />

helm,” said Frank.<br />

For over 20 years, Miller has served the as the Board Chair of many<br />

leading philanthropic organizations and human services agencies. Miller<br />

is currently serving as the Interim CEO of Unidos Now.<br />

Last year, she acted as Interim President and CEO of JFCS of the<br />

Suncoast. She is currently Board Chair of the Education Foundation of<br />

Sarasota County and is an Advisory Board member for the Boxser Diversity<br />

Initiative. Additionally, she has been Board Chair of the Community<br />

Foundation of Sarasota County, Glasser Schoenbaum Human Services<br />

Center, and the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee, among others.<br />

Miller will assume her responsibilities as President & CEO of All Faiths<br />

Food Bank on January 3, 2024.<br />

For more about All Faiths Food Bank, visit allfaithsfoodbank.org.<br />

Nelle S. Miller<br />

Save Sarasota’s History<br />

The Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation (SAHP) has launched the<br />

Sarasota Preservation Program to save and protect historic buildings<br />

through a suite of tools that have never been deployed in the region.<br />

These include historic preservation easements; low-cost financing<br />

for maintenance and restoration of historic buildings; and technical<br />

assistance for repairs<br />

and upkeep. The<br />

goal is to combat the<br />

Sarasota region’s<br />

rapid loss of historic<br />

buildings through<br />

tangible help to<br />

homeowners –<br />

including low-cost<br />

loans and help for<br />

those who own even<br />

modest-scale older<br />

dwellings.<br />

Some of the first<br />

Example of historic home in Sarasota’s Central Cocoanut District.<br />

beneficiaries will<br />

be historic homeowners in Sarasota’s Central Cocoanut and Newtown<br />

neighborhoods. The SAHP board of directors has kicked off a matching<br />

gift challenge to double every dollar raised for the program up to<br />

$30,000. Donate here SAHP.<br />

For more information on their invaluable work, visit preservesrq.org<br />

Louise Bruderle | Editor and Publisher |<br />

westcoastwoman@comcast.net<br />

We welcome your thoughts and comments on this column and on other columns and features in this issue.<br />

You can reach us at westcoastwoman@comcast.net. We’re on the web at www.WestCoastWoman.com.<br />

4 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>


THE BEST<br />






(Sarasota, Florida) Dr. David Cifra, DC who<br />

is board certified in the specialty of Non-<br />

Surgical Spinal Decompression has been<br />

peer-nominated and recently recognized by<br />

the International Medical Advisory Board on<br />

Spinal Decompression.<br />

This advanced certification is provided in<br />

conjunction with Disc Centers of America,<br />

which sets the gold standard in<br />

training and research, on the latest,<br />

most effective options for the<br />

alleviation & treatment of<br />

spinal disc disorders,<br />

which often cause low back<br />

pain, neck pain, sciatica,<br />

numbness, tingling, pins<br />

and needle sensations<br />

and more.<br />

Dr. Cifra is committed to<br />

helping his patients AVOID<br />

narcotics, epidural injections,<br />

and unnecessary surgeries.<br />

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression<br />

provides safe, gentle, and effective<br />

relief for upwards of 90% of patients<br />

that qualify for care.<br />

Neck or<br />

Low Back Pain?<br />

Avoid Surgery?<br />

Get Your Life Back!<br />


1215 S. EAST AVE. SUITE 210, SARASOTA FL 34<strong>23</strong>9<br />

SarasotaDiscCenter.com<br />

CALL (941)358-2224 OR (315) 345-7390 TODAY<br />





Heidi K. Anderson<br />

MD<br />

Amy Fenenga<br />

PA-C, MPA<br />

Bradley Kovach<br />

MD<br />

Megan Sorensen<br />

PA-C<br />

Check our website for upcoming<br />

cosmetic specials and events!<br />


Dr. David Cifra, D.C.<br />

2415 University Parkway<br />

Sarasota, Fl 34243<br />

315-345-7390<br />


Dr. Steven Thain, D.C.<br />

14700 NE 8th St. # 115<br />

Bellevue, WA 98007<br />

425-644-8386<br />


Dr. Brian Monika Hesser, Holder D.C.<br />

3850 PA-C E. Lohman Ave.<br />

Las Cruces, NM 88001<br />

575-521-0793<br />


Dr. Chris Lauria, D.C.<br />

4915 Brambleton Ave.<br />

Roanoke, VA 24018<br />

540-725-9501<br />

OHIO<br />

Candice Staron<br />

Dr. APRN, Carey FNP-C Girgis, D.C.<br />

383 West Main Street<br />

Westerville, OH 43081<br />

614-890-3500<br />

For your Skin.<br />

For your Well-Being.<br />


5310 Clark Rd. Suite 201 • Sarasota, FL 34<strong>23</strong>3<br />

Dr. Richard Lohr, D.C.<br />

3090 N. Main Street<br />

Decatur, IL 62526<br />

941-925-3627 • DocsofSarasota.com<br />

217-706-5551<br />

Best. Labiaplasty. Ever.<br />


by the area’s ONLY Cosmetic Gynecologist<br />

Call or Text our<br />

Private Line<br />

(727) 403-0573<br />

Natural Results.<br />

Affordable Pricing.<br />

“My insecurity is gone”<br />

“I feel confident & sexy”<br />

“Well cared for”<br />

“Positive experience”<br />

“Warm & friendly staff ”<br />

“I can wear anything now”<br />

“Exceeded expectations”<br />

“100% comfortable sex”<br />

“Wish I did it sooner”<br />

“Better than I ever imagined”<br />

“I’m ready to date again”<br />

“Wonderful experience”<br />

“I enjoy sex more”<br />

“No longer self-conscious”<br />

Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes, DO, FACOOG<br />

Board Certified in Gynecology<br />

Fellowship Trained in Cosmetic Gynecology<br />

25+ years vaginal surgery experience<br />

Beverly Hills trademarked techniques<br />


DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 5


VICTOR DeRENZI, Artistic Director | RICHARD RUSSELL, General Director<br />

CARMEN<br />

by Georges Bizet<br />

Feb. 17 - Mar. 22, 2024<br />

LUCIA<br />


by Gaetano Donizetti<br />

Feb. 24 - Mar. <strong>23</strong>, 2024<br />

CARMEN<br />


by Giuseppe Verdi<br />

Mar. 9 - 24, 2024<br />


DECEIT<br />


(L’infedeltà delusa)<br />

by Joseph Haydn<br />

Mar. 15 - <strong>23</strong>, 2024<br />


All operas performed in the<br />

original language with translations<br />

above the stage.<br />


(L’infedeltà delusa)<br />


(941) 328-1300 • SARASOTAOPERA.ORG<br />




A Magical HOLIDAY Circus Tale<br />



A Portion of the<br />

proceeds support<br />

& Johnny Rockett<br />


CIRCUSARTS.ORG | 941.355.9335<br />


All American Veteran Owned<br />

www.OSAGlobalSecurity.net<br />

941-896-3189<br />

scan qr code<br />

for tickets<br />

6 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

out &about<br />

Special Events<br />

The EcoSummit, on October<br />

22. taking place Dec. 5-6 at the Van<br />

Wezel, offers lectures, panel discussions,<br />

storytelling, and music. Dozens<br />

of national, regional, and local experts<br />

will share fascinating insights and<br />

innovations for recharging our environment<br />

and reducing our impacts.<br />

Author Carl Hiaasen will lead a<br />

special evening of Florida environmental<br />

stories with local storytellers<br />

and music. Australian environmental<br />

thought leader and filmmaker Damon<br />

Gameau will kick off the EcoSummit<br />

with a keynote that re-envisions mankind’s<br />

relationship with Earth and how<br />

we find a new balance with nature.<br />

The Green Living Expo, which<br />

takes place Dec. 2-3 at the Sarasota<br />

Municipal Auditorium, is a trade<br />

show featuring sustainable products,<br />

services, and opportunities to<br />

get involved in local environmental<br />

issues. Meanwhile, outside at The<br />

Bay, Sarasota’s newest signature park<br />

along Sarasota’s bayfront, families<br />

can enjoy hands-on environmental<br />

activities and eco-tours from SEC’s<br />

partners. All activities are free and<br />

open to the public. To learn more,<br />

visit eco-summit.org.<br />

▼<br />

PINC Experience returns to the<br />

Sarasota Opera House on December<br />

7, 8 am - 8 pm at the Sarasota Opera<br />

house. An initiative of DreamLarge<br />

and presented by All Star Children’s<br />

Foundation and Ringling College of<br />

Art & Design, PINC promises a day<br />

of intellectual indulgence, featuring<br />

12 thought-provoking speakers from<br />

every discipline imaginable who will<br />

immerse you in innovation, and creativity,<br />

and leave you with renewed<br />

sense of community.<br />

PINC brings together thought leaders,<br />

innovators, creative thinkers,<br />

entrepreneurs, specialists, designers,<br />

artists, scientists, and anyone<br />

looking to stimulate their minds,<br />

hearts, and brains.<br />

Learn more at www.PINCexperience.com.<br />

▼<br />

The 34th Annual Hob Nob BBQ<br />

Event is on December 6 put on by<br />

the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance.<br />

This event has been the premier<br />

networking event in the region for<br />

decades, which brings together the<br />

business community from the Sarasota,<br />

Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch<br />

Region to enjoy an evening of food,<br />

drinks and fun. The event will be held<br />

at the Premiere Sports Campus from<br />

5:30pm to 8:30pm. For more information,<br />

visit members.lwrba.org.<br />

▼<br />

Selby Gardens has its Lights in<br />

Bloom, December 8-January 3,<br />

2024. Featuring more than two million<br />

lights illuminating the gardens<br />

and walkways of our Downtown<br />

Sarasota campus. Tickets: selby.org.<br />

▼<br />

Venice Symphony<br />

▼<br />

Venice Symphony presents A<br />

Holiday Spectacular on Dec. 15-16.<br />

This season’s Holiday Spectacular<br />

includes yuletide favorites “God Rest<br />

Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “Carol of the<br />

Bells, ” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed<br />

Reindeer” and “Sleigh Ride,”music<br />

from Home Alone and A Christmas<br />

Carol and contemporary holiday<br />

favorites.<br />

Next up is Tall Tales and Treasure<br />

on Jan. 12-13, 2024. This concert features<br />

swashbuckling<br />

music<br />

from Captain<br />

Blood and<br />

Pirates of the<br />

Caribbean,<br />

Mulan and How<br />

to Train Your<br />

Dragon. Guest<br />

Vocalist Lauren<br />

Jelencovich,<br />

who<br />

has toured<br />

with Yanni as<br />

his featured<br />

vocalist, performing<br />

to<br />

sold-out venues<br />

all over<br />

the world,<br />

will wow you<br />

with songs<br />

from The Lord<br />

of the Rings:<br />

The Fellowship of the Ring and songs<br />

from Aladdin and The Little Mermaid<br />

in a concert that will be treasured<br />

by music lovers of all ages.<br />

Tickets: www.thevenicesymphony.org<br />

The Circus Arts<br />

Conservatory<br />

Sailor Circus<br />

▼<br />

The Circus Arts Conservatory<br />

Sailor Circus presents Candyland<br />

running December 26-31 at Sailor<br />

Circus Arena, 2075 Bahia Vista St.,<br />

Sarasota.<br />

This annual holiday spectacle<br />

features students, ages 8-18, who<br />

will dazzle audiences with acts that<br />

include acrobatics, aerial feats, juggling,<br />

contortion and soaring on the<br />

flying trapeze. The fun-filled show<br />

offers families the perfect opportunity<br />

to get into the holiday spirit.<br />

Hometown hero and international<br />

superstar Nik Wallenda is collaborating<br />

with the Circus Arts Conservatory<br />

to bring a holiday spectacle,<br />

“A Brave New Wonderland,” to the<br />

CAC’s Holiday-Themed Big Top in the<br />

East District at UTC.<br />

The show, with performances<br />

through December 31, promises a<br />

blend of thrilling circus acts, aerial<br />

performances, and holiday storytelling,<br />

curated and produced under<br />

the creative eye of the “King of the<br />

High Wire” Wallenda himself, along<br />

with his world record-holding wife,<br />

Erendira Wallenda.<br />

To purchase tickets, visit circus<br />

arts.org.<br />

Artist Series<br />

Concerts<br />

Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota<br />

has The Queen’s Six direct from<br />

Windsor Castle where they work<br />

and live. This extraordinary vocal<br />

sextet, drawn from the lay clerks of<br />

St. George’s Chapel, was recently<br />

featured on “CBS Sunday Morning.”<br />

In addition to their royal duties, they<br />

present concerts that include austere<br />

early chant, bawdy madrigals,<br />

haunting folk songs, and upbeat jazz<br />

and pop arrangements. They perform<br />

on December 17.<br />

Jonathan Mamora has taken the<br />

piano world by storm after winning<br />

first prize in the Olga Kern International<br />

Piano Competition, AntwerPiano<br />

International Competition, Dallas<br />

International Piano Competition,<br />

American Virtuoso International<br />

Music Competition, and “Sviatoslav<br />

▼<br />

Richter” International Piano Competition.<br />

He takes to the Historic<br />

Asolo Theater stage on January 9 for<br />

a program that includes Schubert’s<br />

iconic “Trout” Quintet. In 2019, Lin<br />

Ye wowed Sarasota audiences in two<br />

sold out programs.<br />

For information, visit ArtistSeries<br />

Concerts.org or call (941) 306-1202.<br />

Soundbox Ventures<br />

Soundbox Ventures announces<br />

its 20<strong>23</strong>-2024 season of the “Listen<br />

Hear” salon concert series in partnership<br />

with St. Boniface Episcopal<br />

Church. Curated by Max Tan, each<br />

salon-style event includes a classical<br />

music program, insights from<br />

the artists, and conversations with<br />

the audience. The three-event series<br />

begins with “Preludes with Marisa,”<br />

a world premiere of “12 Preludes for<br />

Solo Piano” by Catalonian composer<br />

Marc Migó, on December 16.<br />

Each program is free and registration<br />

is required. Register at www.<br />

soundboxventures.org/events. St.<br />

Boniface Episcopal Church is located at<br />

5615 Midnight Pass Road on Siesta Key.<br />

▼<br />

The Ringling’s<br />

Art of Performance<br />

Season<br />

The Ringling’s Art of Performance<br />

season in the Historic Asolo Theater<br />

continues. On December 12 there’s<br />

a sunset celebration of Our Lady of<br />

Guadalupe Feast Day with an evening<br />

of music and song with La Santa<br />

Cecilia straight from Los Angeles.<br />

La Santa Cecilia exemplifies the<br />

modern-day creative hybrid of Latin<br />

culture, rock and world music. The<br />

group draws inspiration from all over<br />

the world, utilizing Pan-American<br />

rhythms including cumbia, bossa-nova,<br />

rumba, bolero, tango, jazz and<br />

klezmer music. Named after the patron<br />

saint of music, La Santa Cecilia is composed<br />

of accordionist and requinto<br />

player Jose ‘Pepe’ Carlos, bassist Alex<br />

Bendaña, percussionist Miguel ‘Oso’<br />

Ramirez, and vocalist ‘La Marisoul.’<br />

Held bayfront at The Ringling’s Ca’<br />

d’Zan Campiello, the evening will celebrate<br />

Virgen de Guadalupe’s Feast Day.<br />

Tickets: www.ringling.org.<br />

▼<br />

The Glen-ridge<br />

Performing<br />

Arts Center<br />

The Glenridge Performing Arts<br />

Center’s 20<strong>23</strong>-2024 season runs<br />

▼<br />

through April<br />

3. On December<br />

8 Nate<br />

Najar’s “Jazz<br />

Holiday” will<br />

perform.<br />

This annual<br />

tradition<br />

showcases<br />

Najar’s band,<br />

made up of<br />

local and New<br />

York based<br />

talent. Najar<br />

puts together<br />

a swinging<br />

group every<br />

year—a welloiled<br />

jazz<br />

machine that<br />

never fails to<br />

delight.<br />

Maria Wirries<br />

performs<br />

on January 6, 7:30 p.m. Wirries started<br />

giving concerts at GPAC when she<br />

was just 13 years old. Her voice teacher<br />

was Glenridge musical director<br />

Alan Corey. Since then, she graduated<br />

with honors with a degree in musical<br />

theater from Penn State.<br />

Wirries was most recently seen in<br />

the Off-Broadway revival of “Kinky<br />

Boots” and the Broadway and touring<br />

productions of “Dear Evan Hansen.”<br />

She was recently accepted into<br />

the prestigious Lehman Engel Musical<br />

Theatre Workshop.<br />

The Glenridge Performing Arts<br />

Center, 7333 Scotland Way, Sarasota.<br />

For tickets, call (941) 552-5325 or visit<br />

GPACtix.com.<br />

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe presents the high-spirited musical revue, “Joyful!<br />

Joyful!” through December 30. Tickets: westcoastblacktheatre.org.<br />

Choral Artists<br />

Choral Artists presents its Christmas<br />

Celebration concert. Celebrate<br />

the spirit of Christmas through the<br />

power of song. Featuring an evening<br />

of holiday harmonies and festive<br />

favorites, including African-American<br />

spirituals on December 10, 7<br />

p.m., at Church of the Redeemer, 222<br />

S. Palm Avenue, Sarasota.<br />

Choral Cinemagic: Featuring<br />

popular movie music, including<br />

from the James Bond films, “Momma<br />

Mia!,” “Sister Act,” and a medley of<br />

all-time favorites. Sunday, February<br />

4, 7 p.m., at First Presbyterian<br />

Church, 2050 Oak Street, Sarasota.<br />

Tickets: choralartistssarasota.org/<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota<br />

Contemporary<br />

Dance<br />

Sarasota Contemporary Dance<br />

has Evolving/Revolving: Alyson<br />

Dolan & Drew Silverman on<br />

January 18-21 in the Jane B. Cook<br />

Theatre at the FSU Center for the<br />

Performing Arts.<br />

2024 launches with artists who<br />

have influenced the company in a<br />

collaboration that will expand the<br />

breadth of SCD’s repertory. SCD<br />

invites back choreographer/dancer<br />

Alyson Dolan (2006-2010) and composer/musician<br />

Drew Silverman<br />

(2009-2010) to co-create with Artistic<br />

Director, Leymis Bolanos Wilmott.<br />

Evolving/Revolving: Alyson<br />

Dolan & Drew Silverman, is a captivating<br />

new, multi-disciplinary<br />

work with projection design by New<br />

College of Florida student Lindsey<br />

Jennings. www.sarasotacontemporarydance.org<br />

▼<br />

Musica Sacra<br />

of Sarasota<br />

On December 8, Musica Sacra of<br />

Sarasota has A Celtic Christmas, celebrating<br />

the season with the magic of<br />

pipes, fiddles, enchanting songs and<br />

dance. Presented in partnership with<br />

First Presbyterian Church Choir &<br />

The Lubben Brothers Band. Tickets:<br />

www.musicasacrasarasota.org or<br />

call 941-374-0940.<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota Concert<br />

Association<br />

Sarasota Concert Association<br />

announces its 2024 Music Matinees<br />

concert series. These free afternoon<br />

concerts showcase regional musicians<br />

performing a variety of musical<br />

styles. From classical to marimba,<br />

this concert series includes something<br />

for everyone.<br />

Coming up is Corda Voce on<br />

Wednesday, January 10, at 2 p.m.<br />

Jenny Kim-Godfrey and Dr. Jonathan<br />

Godfrey form the soprano and classical<br />

guitar duo known as Corda Voce<br />

(Cor-da VO-chay - Italian for “string<br />

voice”). Since 2015 they have intertwined<br />

the influences of cabaret, classical,<br />

jazz, and popular music.<br />

The concerts are free but pre-registration<br />

is required and available 30<br />

days before each concert at SCAsarasota.org,<br />

or through our box office<br />

at (941) 966-6161. Attendees can<br />

reserve up to two tickets per matinee<br />

performance.<br />

Note their new time and location:<br />

First Presbyterian Church, 2050<br />

Oak Street, downtown Sarasota, at 2<br />

p.m. For more information about SCA,<br />

visit www.scasarasota.org or call the<br />

box office at 941-966-6161.<br />

Sarasota Concert Association has<br />

Canadian Brass Holiday Concert on<br />

December 4 at the Sarasota Opera<br />

House. Celebrating 50 years of making<br />

spirits bright, the world’s most famous<br />

brass quintet performs festive holiday<br />

favorites, from Carol of the Bells, to A<br />

Charlie Brown Christmas, swinging<br />

Glenn Miller tunes and more.<br />

Their Great Performer series kicks<br />

off with Sofia Philharmonic on January<br />

15, 2024 at the Van Wezel with<br />

Nayden Todorov, conductor and Liya<br />

Petrova, violin.<br />

Praised as “Bulgaria’s most illustrious<br />

musical institution” by Gramophone<br />

Magazine, the acclaimed Sofia<br />

Philharmonic makes its Sarasota<br />

debut to open the Sarasota Concert<br />

Association’s Great Performers Series.<br />

General director Nayden Todorov<br />

leads the orchestra in Beethoven’s<br />

beloved Symphony No. 7 and Brahms’<br />

romantic Violin Concerto featuring<br />

violinist Liya Petrova.<br />

Tickets: www.SCAsarasota.org.<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota Ballet<br />

Next up is Program 3 on December<br />

15-16 at the Sarasota Opera<br />

House. Program includes Theme<br />

and Variations with choreography<br />

by George Balanchine and music by<br />

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.<br />

Divertissements include: Les<br />

Lutins with choreography by Johan<br />

Kobborg and music by Henryk Wieniawski<br />

and Antonio Bazzini<br />

In the Upper Room with choreography<br />

by Twyla Tharp and music by<br />

Philip Glass<br />

Tickets: www.sarasotaballet.org.<br />

▼<br />

continued on page 8<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 7

out and about continued<br />

At the Van Wezel<br />

▼<br />

Coming up (partial list):<br />

• Sweet Caroline Tour: A Neil Diamond<br />

Christmas - December 4<br />

• Allman Betts family - December 12<br />

• Marie Osmond - December 13<br />

• Daniel O’Donnell - December 15<br />

• Celtic Angels Christmas -<br />

December 21<br />

• The Illusionists: Magic of the<br />

Holidays - December 16<br />

• Wheel of Fortune LIVE!” -<br />

December 17<br />

• Cirque Musica Holiday<br />

Wonderland - December <strong>23</strong><br />

Pre-show dining for both shows is<br />

available through Mattison’s at the<br />

Van Wezel which is located inside the<br />

theatre. Reservations can be made<br />

on VanWezel.org or through the box<br />

office. Tickets: www.VanWezel.org<br />

Bishop Museum<br />

of Science and<br />

Nature<br />

The Bishop has SHE ENGINEERS<br />

through December 31, 20<strong>23</strong>. SHE<br />

ENGINEERS is a bilingual (English<br />

and Spanish) poster exhibition<br />

highlighting eight women in various<br />

engineering fields. In their own<br />

words, the women share their passion<br />

and what inspired them to become<br />

engineers.<br />

The Bishop Museum of Science and<br />

Nature, 201 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information:<br />

bishopscience.org.<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota<br />

Art Museum<br />

Sarasota Art Museum of Ringling<br />

College has:<br />

• Contemporary/Traditional: Selections<br />

from the Basch Glass Collection<br />

through Feb. 11, 2024. Drawn<br />

from the Richard and Barbara Basch<br />

Collection, Contemporary/Traditional<br />

gives a glimpse into the dynamic<br />

world of international contemporary<br />

glass art of the late 20th and 21st centuries.<br />

This exhibition showcases a<br />

range of glasswork styles, from delicate<br />

figural sculptures to powerful<br />

abstract shapes.<br />

• Juana Valdés: Embodied Memories,<br />

Ancestral Histories through<br />

Feb. 11, 2024. This is Valdés’ first solo<br />

exhibition at a museum. It will showcase<br />

a range of works drawn from her<br />

three-decade-long career. Valdés’<br />

work, anchored in history and narratives<br />

related to her Afro-Cuban heritage,<br />

addresses colonization’s history<br />

and migration’s impact, as well as the<br />

issues of gender, race, and the representation<br />

of the female body.<br />

• Judy Pfaff: Picking up the Pieces<br />

runs November 19-March 24, 2024.<br />

Pfaff, widely regarded as a pioneer of<br />

installation art, has created work that<br />

spans disciplines from painting to<br />

printmaking and sculpture to installation,<br />

eschewing definition. Pfaff<br />

ingeniously transmutes and transforms<br />

materials, including natural<br />

objects from her garden, hand-painted<br />

and digitally manipulated images,<br />

welded steel, aluminum, wood,<br />

expanded foam, melted plastic, blown<br />

glass, neon, and LED lights.<br />

Visit sarasotaartmuseum.org to<br />

learn more. Sarasota Art Museum<br />

is located at 1001 S. Tamiami Trail,<br />

Sarasota.<br />

▼<br />

The Hermitage<br />

The Hermitage<br />

Cross Arts<br />

Collaborative on<br />

December 14 features<br />

Hermitage<br />

Fellow Cleyvis<br />

Natera who will<br />

read from and<br />

offer insights into<br />

her debut novel,<br />

Neruda on the<br />

Park. She’ll also<br />

share a glimpse<br />

into her writing<br />

process at the<br />

Johann Fust Community<br />

Library in<br />

Boca Grande.<br />

The book is<br />

based in a Dominican<br />

community in<br />

New York City on<br />

the brink of the seemingly inevitable<br />

gentrification process, Natera’s novel<br />

charts the varied reactions to this new<br />

reality: some are willing to accept it,<br />

some may even benefit, but others are<br />

planning to risk everything to fight<br />

to keep their home. Offering no easy<br />

answers, the story ultimately asks:<br />

who are the people and where are the<br />

places that make us who we are? Hear<br />

the author read and discuss her work<br />

and gain insight into what’s up next for<br />

this much-praised writer.<br />

Registration is required at: HermitageArtistRetreat.org.<br />

▼<br />

At The Ringling<br />

The John and Mable Ringling<br />

Museum of Art has Mountains of the<br />

Mind: Scholars’ Rocks from China<br />

and Beyond which runs through June<br />

<strong>23</strong>, 2024 in The Ringling’s Ting Tsung<br />

and Wei Fong Chao Center for Asian<br />

Art. The exhibit features a selection of<br />

scholars’ rocks and related paintings<br />

and prints, including rocks recently<br />

donated from the extensive collection<br />

of Nancy and Stan Kaplan, a new<br />

acquisition funded by Lucia and Steve<br />

Almquist and paintings on loan from<br />

the Dongguan Lou Collection.<br />

Scholars’ rocks are collected from<br />

remote geographic locations, where<br />

they have been formed by natural<br />

elements over millions of years. The<br />

stones may then be carved, polished<br />

and inscribed before being displayed<br />

in a custom-made stand to enhance<br />

their visual appeal. Scholars’ rocks are<br />

both natural objects and products of<br />

human creativity.<br />

Mountains of the Mind will feature<br />

a wide array of scholars’ rocks in<br />

various shapes, textures and geological<br />

properties. The rocks are further<br />

contextualized by paintings, prints<br />

and texts that illuminate their cultural<br />

importance for scholars across<br />

the centuries. The stones have been<br />

appreciated and admired in China<br />

for more than a thousand years;<br />

historically, connoisseurs displayed<br />

their stones in their studios alongside<br />

paintings and other treasures, where<br />

they served as a focus for meditation<br />

or creative contemplation.<br />

On view through March 3 is Working<br />

Conditions. Explore labor through<br />

The Ringling’s Photography Collection.<br />

The Industrial Revolution of the<br />

eighteenth and nineteenth centuries<br />

radically changed the nature of human<br />

labor. Photography was itself introduced<br />

to the public in 1839.<br />

The subsequent development of<br />

photographic media has thus been<br />

intertwined with the culture of labor<br />

▼<br />

ever since. In addition to the camera’s<br />

technical use as an instrument to record,<br />

photographers have also created<br />

images over the decades that have<br />

helped shape how we think about<br />

work and the politics of labor. This<br />

exhibition explores the myriad ways<br />

in which photographs have communicated<br />

ideas about labor since the<br />

nineteenth century through examples<br />

from The Ringling’s photography permanent<br />

collection.<br />

The John and Mable Ringling<br />

Museum of Art, 5401 Bay Shore Rd.,<br />

Sarasota. Info: www.ringling.org.<br />

Theatre<br />

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe<br />

presents its Christmas card to the<br />

community with the high-spirited<br />

musical revue, “Joyful! Joyful!” A<br />

blend of new takes on traditional<br />

holiday tunes, gospel-infused classics<br />

and pop songs, the show will<br />

include a twist on the carol “Joy to<br />

the World,” a version of “Carol of<br />

the Bells” that is an homage to the<br />

O’Jays, and a lively gospel rendition<br />

of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus,” to<br />

name a few.<br />

Some favorite WBTT performers,<br />

talented Stage of Discovery students,<br />

and some fresh new faces will<br />

put audiences in a festive holiday<br />

spirit. Jacobs will direct. Show runs<br />

through December 30.<br />

Location: WBTT’s Donelly Theatre,<br />

1012 N. Orange Ave., Sarasota. Tickets:<br />

westcoastblacktheatre.org<br />

▼<br />

The Players Sarasota has A Tuna<br />

Christmas running December 2-17.<br />

In this sequel to Greater Tuna, it’s<br />

Christmas in the third-smallest town<br />

in Texas. Radio station news personalities<br />

Thurston Wheelis and Arles Struvie<br />

report on various Yuletide activities,<br />

including the hot competition in<br />

the annual lawn-display contest. In<br />

other news, voracious Joe Bob Lipsey’s<br />

production of A Christmas Carol is<br />

jeopardized by unpaid electric bills.<br />

Moses and Kitch stand around on<br />

the corner – passing the time and hoping<br />

that maybe today will be different.<br />

As they dream of their promised land,<br />

a stranger wanders into their space<br />

with his own agenda and derails their<br />

plans. Emotional and lyrical, Pass<br />

Over crafts everyday profanities into<br />

poetic and humorous riffs, exposing<br />

the unquestionable human spirit of<br />

young men stuck in a cycle just looking<br />

for a way out.<br />

Held at The Players Studio Black Box,<br />

1400 Blvd. of the Arts, Suite 200,<br />

Sarasota. Tickets: theplayers.org<br />

▼<br />

Manatee Performing<br />

Arts<br />

Center has these<br />

shows:<br />

• She Loves Me<br />

— In this case of<br />

mistaken identity<br />

and letter writing,<br />

two feuding<br />

perfume clerks<br />

have no idea that<br />

they are in love.<br />

Runs through<br />

December 10.<br />

• Disney’s The<br />

Aristocats Kids<br />

Show — Based<br />

on the Disney<br />

animated film,<br />

and featuring<br />

a jazzy, upbeat<br />

score, Disney’s<br />

▼<br />

The Aristocats KIDS is a thrill ride of<br />

feline fun. December 9.<br />

• Tis the Season Concert— Recording<br />

artist and singer-songwriter, Joe<br />

Gattuso, has brought together musicians<br />

to create a show that will flood<br />

you with Christmas memories. Nyke<br />

van Wyk, a violinist will dazzle you<br />

with his modern take on Christmas<br />

classics. Melinda Drake, international<br />

singing competition winner of 20<strong>23</strong><br />

will captivate your imagination as she<br />

sings both original and classic Christmas<br />

melodies. Runs December 21-22.<br />

• The Nutcracker — Under the artistic<br />

direction of Darya Fedotova and<br />

Sergiy Mykhaylov, The International<br />

Ballet of Florida will present “The Nutcracker”<br />

Ballet a Christmas tradition<br />

for the entire family. The original choreography<br />

is by Vadim Fedotov and is<br />

set to the music of Pyotor Tchaikovsky.<br />

International Ballet of Florida will<br />

join dancers from the National Ballet<br />

of Ukraine, Lithuanian National<br />

Baller, Orlando National Ballet, and<br />

more. December <strong>23</strong>.<br />

• You’re Some Kind of Wonderful<br />

— US soul legend John Ellison was<br />

the lead singer and songwriter of the<br />

Legendary Atlantic Recording Group<br />

known as the Soul Brothers Six who<br />

first recorded the classic song, “She’s<br />

Some Kind of Wonderful”. To date<br />

“Some Kind of Wonderful” has been<br />

covered by more than 70 artists. This<br />

great classic song has received millions<br />

of airplays, and in 1994 it was the<br />

third most played song in the world.<br />

Now it’s time that the world be introduced<br />

to the person who wrote this<br />

iconic and classic song with John Ellison<br />

delivering his ultimate version of<br />

that instant classic. December 30.<br />

Box Office: 941-748-5878. Manatee<br />

Performing Arts Center, 502 Third<br />

Avenue W, Bradenton.<br />

Venice Theatre ’s Raymond Center<br />

(Venice Theatre’s 130-seat temporary<br />

stage in the Raymond Center directly<br />

behind the main building) will be A<br />

Christmas Carol running Dec. 1-20.<br />

Based on the story by Charles Dickens,<br />

Venice Theatre’s musical version<br />

of A Christmas Carol returns with the<br />

joyous spirit of the year-end holidays.<br />

Intergenerational veterans from past<br />

productions (including Brad Wages as<br />

Scrooge) join with new cast members<br />

to tell Charle Dickens’ story of redemption<br />

and rebirth.<br />

Info: venicetheatre.org/<br />

▼<br />

▼<br />

At the Van<br />

Wezel the<br />

Allman Betts<br />

family on<br />

December 12.<br />

Tickets: www.<br />

VanWezel.org<br />

Asolo Rep has Crazy For you<br />

through January 4, 2024. Put on<br />

your dancing shoes as you are transported<br />

back to the Roaring Twenties<br />

by this Tony Award-winning, romantic<br />

musical comedy. Featuring iconic<br />

Gershwin songs such as “Someone<br />

to Watch Over Me,” “I Got Rhythm,”<br />

and “Embraceable You,” Crazy For<br />

You delivers comic high jinks, spectacular<br />

dance numbers, and fun for<br />

the entire family.<br />

Visit asolorep.org to learn more info.<br />

FSU/Asolo Conservatory for<br />

Actor Training has Miss Julie running<br />

February 15 -March 10. By<br />

August Strindberg. Witness a clandestine<br />

encounter of desire, lust and forbidden<br />

love. On a Midsummer Night,<br />

the count’s daughter, Julie, enters<br />

the kitchen, sparking a dangerous<br />

connection with the servant, Jean. As<br />

their illicit affair unfolds, Christine,<br />

another servant and Jean’s fiancé,<br />

quietly observes, leading to a shocking<br />

climax. Experience a naturalistic<br />

tragedy where class, sex and fate<br />

intertwine, as Julie and Jean spiral<br />

into a mesmerizing “dance of death”.<br />

For information, visit asolorep.org/<br />

conservatory<br />

▼<br />

Florida Studio Theatre has the<br />

latest iteration of Deck the Halls. This<br />

interactive family-friendly, musicfilled<br />

show celebrates everything<br />

that makes the holidays in Sarasota<br />

special. Since Deck the Halls was<br />

first produced in 2016, the show has<br />

become a holiday tradition for many<br />

families on the Suncoast.<br />

This year, the festivities return<br />

with all-new sketches, all-new songs,<br />

and all-new memories ready for<br />

the making. Created by Caroline<br />

Saldivar and Sarah Durham with<br />

additional material by Dellan<br />

Short and Jeremy Weinstein, Deck the<br />

Halls plays select Saturdays and Sundays<br />

in FST’s Keating Theatre.<br />

Inspired by happenings in the<br />

community and trends in popular<br />

culture, this year’s edition of Deck the<br />

Halls will lovingly spoof everything<br />

from over-the-top commercials and<br />

Taylor Swift-mania to snowbirds and<br />

the rise of TikTok—all shared through<br />

a family-friendly lens. Audiences<br />

can also expect entertaining parodies<br />

of classic holiday songs—such as<br />

“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”<br />

and “Jingle Bells”—as well as original<br />

comedy sketches featuring five of Santa’s<br />

favorite elves and Mrs. Claus herself.<br />

Runs to December 24.<br />

Florida Studio Theatre’s has It’s A<br />

Blunderful Life, an improvised holiday<br />

musical playing one-night only:<br />

December <strong>23</strong>. With no scripts, no<br />

musical score, and absolutely no idea<br />

what will happen next, FST’s ensemble<br />

of improvisers will deliver fullblown<br />

musical numbers, drama, and<br />

spontaneous choreography in this<br />

musical improv show.<br />

Visit FloridaStudioTheatre.org or<br />

call 941-366-9000.<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota Jewish Theatre has<br />

three plays from January through<br />

May: “Fully Committed” by Becky<br />

Mode, “Better Late” by Larry Gelbart,<br />

and “The Immigrant” by Mark<br />

Harelik. The plays are presented at<br />

The Players Centre Studio 1130 at the<br />

Crossings at Siesta Key mall, 3501 S.<br />

Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.<br />

To purchase tickets and subscriptions,<br />

visit ThePlayers.org or call 941-365-<br />

2494. For information, visit Sarasota-<br />

JewishTheatre.org.<br />

▼<br />

continued on page 10<br />

8 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

Engaging Adult Day program<br />

for your Loved One<br />

& Caregiver respite time<br />

for You<br />

Take a few hours for self-care<br />

or to run errands weekly without<br />

concern for your loved one home alone.<br />

1820 Brother Geenen Way, Sarasota<br />

Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 3:30pm<br />

<strong>23</strong>50 Scenic Drive, Venice<br />

Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 3:00pm<br />

Call for a tour! (941) 556-3268<br />

See our website for details and virtual tour<br />

www.friendshipcenters.org<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 9

out and about continued<br />

Soundbox Ventures<br />

Their “Listen Hear” Salon Concerts<br />

are on December 16, March 8<br />

and March 20 at St. Boniface Episcopal<br />

Church. This interactive “exhibition<br />

for music” series examines a<br />

specific way we hear expression and<br />

meaning. Curated by Max Tan, each<br />

salon-style event includes a classical<br />

music program, insights from the<br />

artists, and conversations with the<br />

audience.<br />

The three-event series begins with<br />

“Preludes with Marisa,” a world premiere<br />

of “12 Preludes for Solo Piano”<br />

by the Catalonian composer Marc<br />

Migó, on December 16. American pianist<br />

Marisa Gupta will present the<br />

world premiere of “12 Preludes for Solo<br />

Piano” by the Catalonian composer<br />

Marc Migó. Max Tan will host a conversation<br />

with Migó and Gupta about<br />

the process of composing new works<br />

and the relationships between composers<br />

and performers. This program<br />

is sponsored, in part, by the Iberian<br />

Foundation of the City University of<br />

New York Graduate Center for Music.<br />

Each program is free and registration<br />

is required. Register at www.<br />

soundboxventures.org/events. St.<br />

Boniface Episcopal Church is located<br />

at 5615 Midnight Pass Road on<br />

Siesta Key.<br />

▼<br />

At The Galleries<br />

Island Gallery and Studios presents<br />

“Enchanted Florida Holidays.”<br />

The Art Walk reception is on December<br />

9, from 5-8:30 pm. Mingle with<br />

artists while taking in the artworks<br />

and enjoying holiday refreshments.<br />

Holiday creations by member<br />

artists will showcase throughout<br />

the gallery in December. You’ll find<br />

hand-crafted ornaments, cards and<br />

prints, and a variety of original artworks<br />

that make great gifts.<br />

Downtown Bradenton’s Winter<br />

Wonderland on Old Main Street includes<br />

live music and dancing, vendors,<br />

food and activities for the kids.<br />

Added this year - a hayride.<br />

Island Gallery and Studios is<br />

located at 456 Old Main Street in<br />

downtown Bradenton. Visit www.<br />

islandgalleryandstudios.org or call<br />

941-778-6648.<br />

▼<br />

Art CenterManatee has Joyful<br />

Expressions and the annual Holiday<br />

Extravaganza in their galleries<br />

through December 29.<br />

January 30 -March 8 brings the<br />

156th International American<br />

Watercolor Society Traveling Exhibit<br />

and Florida Suncoast Watercolor<br />

Society Annual Aqueous Exhibit.<br />

AWS features master watercolor<br />

artists from around the world and<br />

the ArtCenter will be one of only<br />

three venues in the United States to<br />

host the traveling exhibit. The opening<br />

reception for these two don’t miss<br />

shows will be February 1, 5-7pm.<br />

They’re at 209 9th St W, Bradenton.<br />

Info: ArtCenterManatee.org.<br />

▼<br />

Sarasota Orchestra’s Harmony<br />

Gallery features local artists showcasing<br />

their work in solo exhibitions<br />

throughout the Orchestra’s season.<br />

These juried exhibitions feature<br />

artists with mediums ranging from<br />

painting to pastels to mixed media.<br />

Twenty-five percent of all proceeds<br />

from the sale of the artwork benefit<br />

Sarasota Orchestra.<br />

▼<br />

JoAnn Golenia Exhibition<br />

Titled: Take a<br />

Hike! runs through<br />

December 11. Golenia is<br />

a painter and has exhibited<br />

in international<br />

venues including the<br />

International Festival in<br />

Houston, Texas, the Carnegie<br />

Center for Art and<br />

History in New Albany,<br />

Indiana, and the Schweinfurth<br />

Memorial Art<br />

Center in Auburn, New<br />

York. Locally, she has<br />

exhibited at Art Center<br />

Sarasota, Lighthouse<br />

Center for the Arts,<br />

Tequesta, FL, and the<br />

Venice Art Center.<br />

Next up is Booker<br />

High School VPA Student<br />

Exhibition. VPA<br />

visual art students will<br />

present a collection<br />

of two-dimensional<br />

artwork from various<br />

genres. Exhibit<br />

Dates: December<br />

14-January 25. Reception:<br />

January 24, 5 - 6:30<br />

pm.<br />

Information: www.<br />

Sarasota Orchestra.org.<br />

Art Center Sarasota<br />

Cycle 2: Runs through January 13,<br />

2024. Opening Reception: December<br />

7, 6-8 p.m.<br />

• Aimee Jones: Aimee Jones’<br />

paintings use Florida’s landscape of<br />

desire and lust to portray the body,<br />

interwoven with the American idea<br />

of paradise. She plays with the dichotomy<br />

of the female form as a political<br />

landscape and the power of a woman’s<br />

bodily agency.<br />

• Ethan Fielder: Ethan Fielder will<br />

exhibit a body of sculptural ceramics,<br />

which examines personal and collective<br />

growth inspired by formative<br />

moments of transformation that he<br />

experienced through his turbulent<br />

countrywide travels in 2020.<br />

• Tom Casmer: In his upcoming<br />

exhibition, “ges•talt,” Tom Casmer<br />

brings to life the infrastructure that<br />

lies beneath the skin, the fabric of the<br />

world around him. Drawing inspiration<br />

from the organic and inorganic alike,<br />

Casmer’s sources include the human<br />

figure, nature, and machine-made elements.<br />

His work recognizes the mechanism<br />

of organic and addresses the connection<br />

between the mechanical form<br />

and the human system.<br />

• Juried Show: “Still Life.” Artists<br />

are invited to present their formal<br />

and conceptual notions of modern<br />

day still life. Still life work often holds<br />

suggestive and symbolic imagery that<br />

informs the viewer on the artist’s message,<br />

biography, or cultural climate.<br />

The juror for this exhibition is Mara<br />

Torres, owner and curator of MARA<br />

Art Studio + Gallery in Sarasota.<br />

Art Center Sarasota, 707 N. Tamiami<br />

Trail, Sarasota. Info: www.<br />

artsarasota.org.<br />

▼<br />

SPAACES presents EXIT MUSIC:<br />

Continuum, featuring the work of<br />

St. Petersburg-based artist Nathan<br />

Beard through December 16. Lecture<br />

by Nathan Beard is on December<br />

16, 10-11 a.m.<br />

As patrons leave a movie or theatrical<br />

performance, Exit Music helps<br />

usher our senses from the imaginary<br />

world back to the mundane. Beard<br />

▼<br />

The<br />

Glenridge<br />

Performing<br />

Arts Center<br />

has Maria<br />

Wirries on<br />

January 6,<br />

7:30 p.m.<br />

For tickets,<br />

call (941)<br />

552-5325<br />

or visit<br />

GPACtix.com.<br />

employs Exit Music as a metaphor<br />

for transition through liminal space.<br />

Meditating upon the connective patterns<br />

underlying events, Beard seeks a<br />

deeper understanding of the intricate<br />

relationships between matter, space,<br />

energy and time. Beard’s richly-layered<br />

Exit Music paintings combine<br />

playful Abstract Expressionism with<br />

fields of color that transition slowly<br />

through color and temperature. He<br />

slices blue painter’s tape, strip-bystrip,<br />

and methodically applies it to<br />

create cyclic patterns that enhance<br />

the dimension and movement of<br />

roughly-hewn serpentine forms floating<br />

in an expressionistic soup.<br />

For tickets and reservation<br />

(required) www.spaaces.art. SPAAC-<br />

ES is at 2051 Princeton St., Sarasota.<br />

Selby Gardens has Clyde Butcher:<br />

Nature Through the Lens at the<br />

Historic Spanish Point campus on<br />

view to August 31, 2024. Featuring<br />

extraordinary, large-format wildlife<br />

prints by this well-known landscape<br />

photographer and conservationist,<br />

Clyde Butcher: Nature Through<br />

the Lens gives viewers the chance to<br />

engage with Clyde Butcher’s artwork<br />

against the backdrop of our Historic<br />

Spanish Point campus. selby.org.<br />

Sarasota<br />

▼<br />

Orchestra<br />

▼<br />

Masterworks performances take<br />

place at Van Wezel and Neel Performing<br />

Arts Center.<br />

• The Scottish – December 2, 3 with<br />

Johannes Debus, conductor; Randall<br />

Goosby, violin performing John Corigliano<br />

– Stomp; Mozart – Violin Concerto<br />

No. 3 and Mendelssohn – Symphony<br />

No. 3 (Scottish)<br />

• Friends & Inspirations – January 5,<br />

6, 7 with Miguel Harth-Bedoya, conductor<br />

and Sir Stephen Hough, piano,<br />

performing Clarice Assad – Bonecos<br />

De Olinda; Rachmaninoff – Rhapsody<br />

on a Theme of Paganini; Elgar –Enigma<br />

Variations<br />

The Discoveries series features bitesized<br />

programs delighting<br />

both devotees and<br />

newcomers to great<br />

chamber orchestra repertoire.<br />

Discoveries performances<br />

take place<br />

at the Sarasota Opera<br />

House.<br />

• Next up is Cheers to<br />

the Music of Dance on<br />

December 20 with Yue<br />

Bao, conductor, performing<br />

J. Strauss, Jr.<br />

–Voices of Spring; Gluck<br />

– Dance of the Blessed<br />

Spirits; J. Strauss,<br />

Jr. – Emperor Waltzes;<br />

Brahms – Hungarian<br />

Dance No. 5 and Poulenc<br />

– Sinfonietta<br />

The Great<br />

Escapes series offers a<br />

mix of popular tunes,<br />

light classics and conductor<br />

commentary.<br />

Great Escapes performances<br />

take place at<br />

Holley Hall.<br />

• Next top is Holiday<br />

Party on December<br />

6-10 with Kelly Corcoran,<br />

conductor<br />

The Chamber<br />

Soirées series offers the<br />

opportunity to get up close and personal<br />

with Sarasota Orchestra musicians<br />

as they perform magnificent,<br />

small ensemble works. This season<br />

includes six programs featuring string<br />

and piano quartets, classics for wind<br />

and brass instruments, rare gems and<br />

more. Chamber Soirées performances<br />

take place at Holley Hall.<br />

• Next up is Beethoven and Berio on<br />

December 21 with Gabrieli – Four<br />

Canzoni (Arr. For Brass Quintet);<br />

Berio –Opus Number Zoo and Beethoven<br />

– String Quartet No. 2<br />

For further information, visit www.<br />

SarasotaOrchestra.org.<br />

Art Around<br />

the State<br />

The legacy of writer and painter<br />

Leonora Carrington on view at The<br />

Dalí Museum. During her lifetime,<br />

Leonora Carrington produced more<br />

than 2,000 paintings and authored<br />

several notable written works, earning<br />

the Women’s Caucus for Art Lifetime<br />

Achievement award in 1986. The Dalí<br />

Museum will present “Leonora Carrington:<br />

Writer, Painter, Visionary,”<br />

to Jan. 7, 2024 in The Museum’s Raymond<br />

James Community Room. The<br />

exhibition will highlight Carrington’s<br />

personal life, her written work and her<br />

visionary images.<br />

Carrington’s remarkable life was<br />

filled with adversity and profoundly<br />

shaped her artistic endeavors. Born<br />

into a wealthy conservative English<br />

family, she rebelled early on, finding<br />

solace in her partnership with Ernst.<br />

WWII ruptured their bond when<br />

Ernst was arrested by the French<br />

police and German Gestapo. These<br />

separations initiated Carrington’s<br />

collapse, propelling her to leave<br />

France. In Madrid, another mental<br />

breakdown led her to be institutionalized<br />

in a Spanish asylum against<br />

her will. She orchestrated an escape<br />

by a marriage of convenience with<br />

Mexican Ambassador Renato Leduc,<br />

which facilitated her flight to New<br />

York. She eventually settled in Mexico,<br />

where she thrived creatively,<br />

▼<br />

forming connections with expatriate<br />

artists and marrying photographer<br />

Emerico “Chiki” Weisz. The majority<br />

of her most notable work was created<br />

in Mexico, her primary residence<br />

until her death in 2011 at the age of 94.<br />

Visit TheDali.org.<br />

Explore the Vaults: Water + Color.<br />

This exhibition explores paintings and<br />

drawings from the MFA’s permanent<br />

collection made using water-based<br />

media, including ink, gouache, and of<br />

course watercolor. The works in this<br />

gallery, both on the walls and in the<br />

cabinet drawers, show the wide array<br />

of visual effects—from crisp lines to<br />

delicately hued washes to intensely<br />

saturated passages—created through<br />

water’s interaction with pigments<br />

upon various surface. Among the<br />

most ancient of all artistic techniques<br />

is painting or drawing with pigments<br />

suspended in water.<br />

Because they can be created from<br />

simple substances—such as naturally<br />

occurring minerals, soot,<br />

plant materials, and water—these<br />

paints and inks are found in cultures<br />

around the globe. This exhibition<br />

explores paintings and drawings<br />

from the MFA’s permanent collection<br />

made using water-based media,<br />

including ink, gouache, and of<br />

course watercolor. In contrast to<br />

more complicated media, like egg<br />

tempera or oil paint, water-based<br />

paints and inks are easier to work<br />

with, dry more quickly, and can be<br />

used successfully without specialized<br />

training. Over the last two hundred<br />

years, commercially produced<br />

pigments and new media like acrylic<br />

paint have expanded the range of<br />

colors and finishes for water-based<br />

techniques. The works in this gallery,<br />

both on the walls and in the cabinet<br />

drawers, show the wide array of visual<br />

effects—from crisp lines to delicately<br />

hued washes to intensely saturated<br />

passages—created through<br />

water’s interaction with pigments<br />

upon various surfaces. Runs through<br />

January 7. Info: mfastpete.org.<br />

▼<br />

Meetings<br />

On December 15, The Palm-Aire<br />

Women’s Club has Broadway musical<br />

actress Ann Morrison who will<br />

perform for their holiday luncheon.<br />

Morrison is best known as Mary Flynn<br />

in the Stephen Sondheim/George<br />

Furth musical Merrily We Roll<br />

Along. She won the Theatre World<br />

Award for her performance. She has<br />

performed on television, stage and<br />

in cabaret.<br />

Contact Ann King at Pawc20<strong>23</strong>@<br />

gmail.com to be included on the<br />

email list. Visit the PAWC website:<br />

www.palm-airewomensclub.org.<br />

▼<br />

The Manatee Genealogical Society<br />

will have its 2024 Annual Seminar<br />

on Saturday, January 27, 2024.<br />

The theme of the seminar is “Finding<br />

Your Elusive Ancestors” and as<br />

in the past, with nationally known<br />

speakers. For more information, visit<br />

https://mgsfl.org/.<br />

▼<br />



Contact us:<br />

westcoastwoman<br />

@comcast.net<br />

10 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

Quit Quit tobacco tobacco with wit<br />

virtual virtual Group Group Quit. Quit<br />

There’s never There’s never been been never a more a been more a mo<br />

important important time time to to quit. time quit. to qu<br />

Free, Free, expert-led Free, online expert-led online sessions sessions online are are sessions<br />

now now available now for available for all Florida all Florida for all residents, Florida residen<br />

regardless of regardless of insurance of status. insurance status. Upon Upon status. class class Upon cl<br />

completion, completion, participants participants are are eligible eligible to are to eligible<br />

receive receive free free nicotine receive nicotine free replacement nicotine replacement therapy therapy thera<br />

such such as gum, as gum, such patches patches as gum, or or patches lozenges.* or lozenge<br />

For For more more information For more on information virtual on virtual on vir<br />

Group Group Quit Quit classes, Group classes, contact: Quit contact: classes, cont<br />

Gulfcoast South Gulfcoast South AHEC AHEC South AHEC<br />

866-534-7909 866-534-7909<br />

*if medically *if medically appropriate appropriate *if medically for those for appropriate those 18 years 18 years for of age those of or age 18 older or years older of age or o<br />

rn ore more about Learn about all more of all Tobacco of about Tobacco Free all of Free Florida’s Tobacco Florida’s tools Free tools Florida’s tools<br />

services at and at services at tobaccofreeflorida.com/quityourway.<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 11

get to know<br />

Meet the Women<br />

Behind Osprey’s Most Exciting Destination:<br />

Bay Street Village Towncenter<br />

Diamonds, jewels,<br />

flowers, art,<br />

music, textiles,<br />

and photography<br />

from distant<br />

shores along<br />

with wonderful dining options<br />

are waiting to be discovered<br />

on Destination Drive, at<br />

the shops of Bay Street Village<br />

Towncenter, Osprey, FL.<br />

from distant shores along<br />

with wonderful dining options<br />

are waiting to be discovered<br />

on Destination Drive, at<br />

the shops of Bay Street Village<br />

Towncenter, Osprey, FL.<br />

All thanks to the talented<br />

women entrepreneurs who<br />

have created this special<br />

place that is nestled in a<br />

beautifully designed Mediterranean-style<br />

town center,<br />

near the intersection of Bay<br />

Street and South Tamiami.<br />

Diamond Bay Jewelers’ owner<br />

Monica Galfre is one the<br />

women business entrepreneurs<br />

behind these unique<br />

and successful business.<br />

After she and her Swisstrained<br />

watchmaker husband<br />

Jorge Rysko opened Diamond<br />

Bay Jewelers in January 20<strong>23</strong>,<br />

Monica began to meet her<br />

business neighbors. She<br />

saw opportunity. “Working<br />

together, I thought that we<br />

could create a wonderful<br />

shopping and dining destination.<br />

All our stores and<br />

businesses complement each<br />

other, and we’re all only steps<br />

away.” Her fellow women<br />

business owners agreed. They<br />

began coordinating their<br />

efforts and cross promoting<br />

each other’s services and<br />

talents. Today, the Bay Street<br />

Village Towncenter is one<br />

of the region’s most exciting<br />

destinations.<br />

Monica is also the woman<br />

behind the highly successful<br />

18-year-old Silver City Jewelry,<br />

a Siesta Key landmark. “When<br />

my husband and I decided to<br />

open Diamond Bay Jewelers<br />

in Osprey, in January, 20<strong>23</strong>,<br />

we returned to our roots in<br />

the fine jewelry world.” Silver<br />

City carries the area’s finest<br />

silver jewelry, custom designs,<br />

L to R - Dr. Karolina Baker, MD, Aven Clinic; Monica Galfre, Diamond Bay Jewelers; Abbey Box, Sutra Fine Art &<br />

Textiles from India Photo Gallery; Dr. Doaa Talees, DPT, Physical Therapy Doctors; Midge Johnson, Midge Johnson’s<br />

Fine Art Studio; Susan Pohlmann, By-the-Bay Bistro; Gemma Lewis, Flowers on Bay Street and Dr. Delia Cotera, DDS.<br />

and trademarked Watercolor<br />

Gemstone and Tide Away jewelry<br />

line. Trip Advisor named<br />

Silver City Sarasota’s #1 destination.<br />

The store has over 350<br />

reviews and more than 5,000<br />

likes on Facebook.<br />

Diamond Bay Jewelers is<br />

where Monica’s customers<br />

find exquisite gems, fine<br />

watches and jewelry for<br />

women and men in gold,<br />

platinum and silver. “We<br />

specialize in fine watches and<br />

watchmaking and we are one<br />

of a select number of jewelers<br />

nationwide to carry the elegant<br />

Gabriel & Co. line of fine<br />

jewelry as well as the beautiful<br />

Imperial Pearl line.”<br />

Flowers on Bay Street, Diamond<br />

Bay Jewelers’ neighboring<br />

business, showcases<br />

the talented New York City<br />

floral designer Gemma Lewis.<br />

The shop is filled with silk<br />

and natural flowers arrangements.<br />

Gemma also visits<br />

client’s homes and offices<br />

to decorate with her floral<br />

designs and for the holidays,<br />

she is decorating Christmas<br />

trees in her client’s homes.<br />

Her monthly classes in flower<br />

design are also popular. Next<br />

door, Midge Johnson’s Fine<br />

Art studio is where the artist<br />

creates and sells her original<br />

abstract paintings. Midge and<br />

her classically trained pianist<br />

husband, Alan Wasserman,<br />

who has performed at New<br />

York City’s Carnegie Hall, also<br />

offer performance sessions<br />

where he plays a classical<br />

piece of music and discusses<br />

the work, as she paints.<br />

When photographer Abbey<br />

Box opened her Sutra Fine<br />

Art & Textiles from India Photo<br />

Gallery in early November,<br />

next door to Midge Johnson,<br />

customers discovered Box’s<br />

rare collection of exquisite<br />

silk and embroidered<br />

cashmere stoles from India,<br />

textiles, paintings and more.<br />

“Abbey,” Monica noted, “is a<br />

wonderful photographer. Her<br />

images in black and white,<br />

and color, from India and the<br />

United States, would grace<br />

any home’s walls. We’re so<br />

happy that she joined us.”<br />

Three talented culinary<br />

artists also have their restaurants<br />

at the Bay Street Village<br />

Towncenter. The charming<br />

By-the-Bay-Bistro is open or<br />

breakfast and lunch where<br />

chef and owner Susan Pohlmann<br />

makes every item to<br />

order. “Her delicious baked<br />

goods are imported from<br />

Europe,” Monica advises. At<br />

the front of the Towncenter,<br />

the lively Tacos & Tequila<br />

Mexican restaurant opens for<br />

lunch and dinner. On the second<br />

floor, for dinner, a taste<br />

of Italy awaits at Bella Vino<br />

& Cucina Italian restaurant.<br />

Dana Lopez and her husband<br />

Isell own and managed both.<br />

Representing the medical<br />

community at her Aven<br />

Clinic are Dr. Karolina Baker,<br />

MD, a board-certified family<br />

medicine and functional<br />

medicine provider, Dr. Gabby<br />

Doaa Talees, PTDPT, PCS ,of<br />

Physical Therapy Doctors,<br />

and Dr. Delia Cotera, DDS.<br />

“I know that I speak for all of<br />

my fellow business entrepreneurs<br />

in saying thank you,”<br />

said Monica. “We at Diamond<br />

Bay Jewelers look forward to<br />

being your home town jeweler<br />

and welcoming everyone<br />

to the women-owned businesses<br />

on Destination Drive,<br />

at the Bay Street Town Center<br />

in Osprey! ”<br />

Coming up at<br />

Bay Street Village Towncenter<br />

♦ Friday, December 22, Diamond Bay Jewelers’ Men’s<br />

Christmas Shopping Event<br />

♦ On Friday, December 22, from 3 pm–7 pm, Diamond<br />

Bay Jewelers will host a special men’s shopping event. Visit<br />

diamondbayjewelers.com.<br />

♦ Saturday, January 27, Diamond Bay Jewelers One Year<br />

Anniversary Celebration<br />

In-store celebration. Wine and cheese. Visit diamondbayjewelers.com<br />

♦ Saturday, February 3, 15th Anniversary Celebration – Bay<br />

Street Village Town Center, Osprey<br />

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12 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

Merry Christmas<br />

Susan Goldfarb<br />


20<strong>23</strong>-2024<br />



















& MUCH MORE!<br />

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DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 13

healthier you<br />

Rodney D. Gerling, Esq.<br />

Dana Laganella Gerling, Esq.<br />

Marla Stewart Owczarek, Esq.<br />

Estate Planning, Probate,<br />

Trust Administration<br />

and Elder Law<br />



Simple Will $ 195.00<br />

Revocable Living Trust:<br />

Single, Non Taxable $ 1,195.00<br />

Married, Non Taxable $ 1,795.00<br />

Power of Attorney $ 150.00<br />

Health Care Surrogate $ 130.00<br />

No additional costs required other than filing fees, if applicable<br />

Offices: East Bradenton<br />

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♫Deck the halls with boughs of holly,<br />

Fa la la la la– la la la la!♫<br />

That’s right, ‘Tis the season<br />

to be jolly.’ Soon we’ll be<br />

donning our gay apparel<br />

and heading to Grandma’s<br />

house (or other relative<br />

or friend) for holiday<br />

fun, songs, and gifts. And<br />

let us not forget Grandma’s table<br />

filled to the brim with a bountiful<br />

feast: pecan pie, honey-baked ham,<br />

sweet potato casserole with marshmallow<br />

topping and candy cane<br />

truffles – Yum-yum! It causes me to<br />

pause and think of all the fun, family,<br />

and friends of holidays past.<br />

Sweet treats and rich meals can<br />

be tempting, yet no one wants to<br />

feel deprived during the holidays.<br />

I confess, even as an expert in<br />

nutrition and metabolic medicine,<br />

I have a long history of letting the<br />

holidays get the better of me too.<br />

Fear not – Read on. I promise,<br />

you’ll not be asked to lock yourself<br />

in a closet for the month or be<br />

made to eat a dinner of iceberg lettuce.<br />

There are more sensible and<br />

fun ways to navigate this territory<br />

and come out January 2nd even<br />

healthier.<br />

1<br />

Nix the guilt. – Feeling guilty<br />

after eating foods you don’t<br />

usually allow yourself to eat<br />

can breed more unhealthy behaviors.<br />

So, abandon those negative<br />

voices in your head, give yourself<br />

permission to enjoy the indulgence,<br />

guilt-free, and then remember<br />

to get back on track with your<br />

normal eating routine the very<br />

next day.<br />

2<br />

Three<br />

bites and good<br />

night. – Stick to the threebite<br />

rule for desserts: The first<br />

bite is the best, the last the grand<br />

finale, and every bite in between<br />

is the same. In three bites, you get<br />

the full dessert experience, so really<br />

focus on savoring those three and<br />

you’re less likely to overindulge.<br />

3<br />

Alternate<br />

your drink with<br />

sparkling water. – On average,<br />

most adults consume<br />

almost 100 calories a day from<br />

alcohol. Alternating between an<br />

alcoholic beverage and a zero-calorie<br />

sparkler can help you avoid<br />

pouring on the pounds. Plus, sparkling<br />

water keeps things festive<br />

and, bonus, you’ll avoid entering<br />

the hangover zone, a not-so-happy<br />

holiday tradition side-effect.<br />

4<br />

Stay<br />

physically active. – If<br />

you are not a gym or sports<br />

buff, make a holiday tradition<br />

of walks or bike rides around<br />

the neighborhood or park with<br />

friends and family (or your dog).<br />

5<br />

Get<br />

enough rest. – Between<br />

holiday traveling,<br />

work schedules, and all that<br />

shopping, it can be easy to skimp<br />

on sleep in order to get your to-dolist<br />

done, but getting a consistent<br />

seven to nine hours of sleep every<br />

night helps regulate hormones,<br />

promotes recovery from workouts,<br />

and prevents daily fatigue. Plus,<br />

it keeps you from face-planting<br />

directly into your mom’s apple<br />

pie. There’s really no such thing as<br />

“catching up” on sleep, so the key<br />

is consistency.<br />

To Your Good Health,<br />

Dr. Dan Watts<br />

—————————————————<br />

Dr. Watts, MD, ND, MSNM and Deb<br />

Spinner, ARNP, MSN, are experts in<br />

Integrative Medicine.<br />

With over 25<br />

years experience in<br />

Hormone Balancing,<br />

a Post-doctoral Certification<br />

in Metabolic<br />

Endocrinology,<br />

and a Fellowship in<br />

Anti-Aging, Regenerative,<br />

and Functional<br />

Medicine, Dr. Watts<br />

has put together<br />

programs that have<br />

helped thousands of<br />

patients renew their<br />

love and vigor for life.<br />

Dr. Dan Watts<br />

MD, ND, MSMN<br />

The Renewal Point<br />


4905 Clark Road, Sarasota<br />

Phone: 941-926-4905<br />

www.TheRenewalPoint.com<br />


14 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

your healthier health you<br />

Craniosacral Therapy Can Be Life Changing<br />

CST treats the whole body physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally and energetically<br />

Clients come to me because they are in physical<br />

pain such as neck, back, pain and TMJ as well as<br />

for chronic headaches and migraines.<br />

Pain and stress caused by<br />

shortened Fascia<br />

Fascia (strong connective tissue) encases all<br />

our muscles, organs, brain and spinal cord.<br />

Whenever fascia shortens any place in the<br />

body, the entire network of fascia creates an<br />

increased tension affecting the functioning<br />

of our physical body as well as our organs,<br />

our brain and spinal cord.<br />

Our body is the history of every major<br />

trauma we have experienced physically and<br />

emotionally beginning with birth issues, falls,<br />

head trauma, car accidents, childhood abuse<br />

issues, death, divorce and other emotional<br />

issues. Our body tries to minimize each trauma<br />

by shortening fascia to isolate the energy<br />

coming into the body from that trauma.<br />

Shortened fascia results in pain, loss of mobility<br />

and range of motion, organs becoming<br />

less efficient and with parts of the brain and<br />

spinal cord becoming stressed.<br />

To keep the brain functioning, the body<br />

transfers some of your functional work play<br />

energy (7:00 AM-10:00 PM) to the brain resulting<br />

in less energy to make it through each<br />

day. As we age, the accumulation of all the<br />

tightened fascia, from every major trauma<br />

in life, begins to restrict every aspect of our<br />

body’s functions resulting in pain, loss of mobility,<br />

mis-functioning organs, loss of energy,<br />

as well as our brain losing some its sharpness.<br />

How Craniosacral<br />

Therapy Works<br />

The Craniosacral Therapist creates a safe<br />

place, with gentle holding techniques, that<br />

engages your body’s ability to self correct,<br />

reorganize and heal itself with the release<br />

of some of that tightened fascia during<br />

each session. As the Craniosacral Therapist<br />

engages your body, you will feel fascia releasing.<br />

As the fascia releases, pain begins to<br />

decrease, range of motion and mobility improve,<br />

organs begin functioning better and<br />

with less stress on the brain feels, it returns<br />

the energy it borrowed at the time of each<br />

trauma resulting in an immediate increase in<br />

your energy levels. Rarely does anyone leave<br />

from my first session not feeling better.<br />

Short Leg Syndrome<br />

Eighty-five percent of my clients have one<br />

of their legs pulled up 1/2 to 1 by shortened<br />

fascia. The tension from short leg syndrome<br />

on the sacrum (5 fused vertebrae at bottom<br />

of the spine) is transferred up the dural tube<br />

that encases the spinal cord into the lower<br />

and upper back, the neck, the cranium and<br />

The physical stress in bodies caused by shortened<br />

fascia (connective tissue) shuts down<br />

energy flows to certain organs. Short leg syndrome<br />

by ½ to 1 in (where one leg is pulled up<br />

by shortened fascia) shuts down energy flow to<br />

the spleen (an important part of your immune<br />

system) and the small and large intestine. With<br />

the release of that shortened fascia, energy returns<br />

to these organs.<br />

the brain. Headaches, migraines, TMJ and<br />

neck problems can originate from the fascial<br />

stress in the sacrum.<br />

Releasing this sacral stress increases energy<br />

in the bladder, sex organs, kidneys and<br />

the chakras as well as releasing major stress<br />

in the upper part of the body.<br />

Cause of Shallow Breathing<br />

A great majority of the clients who come to<br />

me for various problems are also shallow<br />

breathers. Fascial stress in the diaphragm<br />

restricts the depth of breathing by restricting<br />

energy flow to the lungs, the pericardium<br />

and the heart. With the release of fascial diaphragm<br />

restriction, the client immediately<br />

starts breathing deeply and energy is restored<br />

to the pericardium and the heart.<br />

Shoulder blades that are cemented to the<br />

body also restricts how much the rib cage can<br />

open and thereby also restricting depth of<br />

breath. Without proper breathing, your cells<br />

do not get enough oxygen. Everyone, especially<br />

people suffering from bronchitis, asthma<br />

and COPD as well as shallow breathing can<br />

benefit when the fascial stress is released.<br />

Specialized Training<br />

to work with Brain<br />

Dysfunctions<br />

Just as the body physically gets stressed from<br />

physical and emotional trauma, the functioning<br />

of the brain is also affected by fascial stress. For<br />

our brains to remain healthy, we need dynamic<br />

production of craniosacral fluid which performs<br />

the important function of bringing nourishment<br />

to all the cells in the brain and spinal<br />

cord as well as cleansing all the metabolic<br />

wastes given off by those same cells.<br />

Once the craniosacral fluid cleanses these<br />

metabolic wastes, efficient drainage of these<br />

metabolic wastes into the lymph system is<br />

absolutely necessary. Research has shown,<br />

that at night, craniosacral fluid cleanses amyloid<br />

plaques from the brain. If the drainage<br />

is inefficient, then the brain is being bathed<br />

in a toxic slurry. How does 15 or 20 years of<br />

your brain being bathed in a toxic slurry<br />

affect you: senile dementia, Parkinson’s,<br />

Alzheimer’s and other brain dysfunctions?<br />

A Craniosacral Therapist, who has received<br />

training in working with the brain, can reverse<br />

that stress on the brain that eventually can<br />

result in those brain dysfunctions. As we all<br />

know, the proper functioning of the body is<br />

dependent on a healthy functioning brain.<br />

Babies and Children can benefit<br />

■ Our little boy Leo, four years of age, had a<br />

difficult birth and at 7 months was put on antibiotics<br />

for an ear infection and as a result developed<br />

c-diff. His development came to a stop.<br />

At 3 years, with the help of an OT, he started<br />

to walk and talk. In spite of the improvements,<br />

he was unable to answer questions and his<br />

communication skills were very poor. Leo<br />

had very poor muscle tone, a lot of stress in<br />

his body and physical activities such walking,<br />

jumping and climbing were difficult for him.<br />

Beginning with the first session with Terry,<br />

he began showing improvement and with each<br />

following session. Everyone from his teachers<br />

to his grandparents noticed an increase in his<br />

■ “I was in awful pain and the<br />

MRI showed 2 pinched nerves<br />

and stenosis. I scheduled surgery.<br />

My daughter suggested Craniosacral therapy.<br />

After only 2 visits the pain was reduced to<br />

advanced craniosacral about 80% and therapy I canceled the surgery. I went<br />

for a 3rd visit and I am about 90% better.”<br />

■ “Simply Amazing! One visit was all it took for<br />

Terry to relieve 85% of my year long, nagging<br />

(sometimes severe) neck/shoulder tightness/<br />

pain!! My breathing improved tremendously.”<br />

physical strength, as well as improvements in<br />

comprehension, speech and communication<br />

skills. For the first time, he started participating<br />

in class lessons and interacting with his<br />

classmates. Terry has made a huge impact on<br />

getting Leo to a place a little boy should be at<br />

age four. We cannot thank Terry enough.<br />

■ Terry’s treatment helped our 6 week old<br />

baby boy from recent hospitalization into<br />

the first series of healthy bowel movements<br />

when seemingly nothing could help. Our son<br />

was able to latch onto the breast and for the<br />

first time completed his feeding. He was much<br />

calmer after working with Terry.<br />

■ “He was able to relieve tension that I have<br />

been carrying around for 15 years or more.<br />

I left his office table with more energy than I<br />

have had in years.”<br />

■ “I began working with him because I was<br />

dealing with anxieties, depression and lots of<br />

emotional pain inside and out. You don’t realized<br />

how much stress can cause damage to<br />

your body, mind and soul. I can say Terry was<br />

a big help.”<br />

Terrence Grywinski<br />

of Advanced<br />

Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049<br />

Testimonials from Clients<br />

SOURCE:<br />

■ Terrence Grywinski of Advanced Craniosacral Therapy,<br />

B.A., B.ED., LMT #MA 6049. Terry has specialized in Craniosacral<br />

Therapy since 1994 when he began his training at the Upledger<br />

Institute. Described by his teachers, clients and colleagues<br />

as a “gifted healer”, Terry’s intuitive sense and healing energy<br />

provides immediate and lasting relief from injury, pain, mobility<br />

issues as well as dysfunctions of the body and the brain. Part<br />

of Terry’s ongoing education, he has completed 4 craniosacral<br />

brain and peripheral nervous system classes which enables him<br />

to work at a cellular<br />

level and with brain<br />

dysfunctions.<br />

Call 941-321-8757<br />

for more information,<br />

Google Advanced<br />

Craniosacral<br />

Therapy.<br />

■ “On a recent vacation to Siesta Key, I re-injured<br />

my back. I found Terry online. I can say<br />

with complete joy that was the best decision<br />

I made in the history of my back pain. I have<br />

sought many modalities and visit a CST regularly<br />

and never have I had such a healing in<br />

my entire body.<br />

After 3 sessions, I made a 16-hour drive<br />

home with no pain or discomfort in my entire<br />

body. Unbelievable. My body has a sense of<br />

moving freely and that is completely new. I’m<br />

advanced craniosacral therapy<br />

so grateful to Terry for his knowledge, for his<br />

sensitivity to my needs and his kind generosity<br />

in healing my body. I will see him when I return<br />

next year.”<br />

■ “I am a snowbird who spends 7 months<br />

in Sarasota. I have had back problems for 25<br />

years. Terry’s techniques have led to a great<br />

deal of release and relief in areas that have<br />

been problematic. I have been seeing him over<br />

the years when my body says ”it’s time”. Usually<br />

after a few sessions, I can tell a huge difference.”<br />


DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 15

Stefania<br />

Fochi<br />

Owner and Top Chef at<br />


With Stef is her grandmother Paula Piccaluga<br />

She’s the owner of The Empanada Girl in Sarasota.<br />

Trained as a chef, she quit her day job and began selling<br />

at the Downtown Sarasota Farmer’s Market in 2010.<br />

Now she’s at three farmer’s markets, has a retail store with<br />

her family, has a new food truck and offers takeout and delivery.<br />

16 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

They fit in your hand so nicely<br />

and make for a savory or sweet<br />

on-the-go light meal or snack.<br />

We’re talking empanadas.<br />

They’re not calzones, tacos or<br />

wraps. Nope to pierogies, ravioli<br />

or egg rolls. Closest would<br />

be the English pasty, but the empanada is<br />

creatively diverse especially in the hands of<br />

Stefania Fochi, the owner and chef behind<br />

The Empanada Girl in Sarasota.<br />

So how is your empanada IQ? From The<br />

Empanada Girl website, “They [empanadas]<br />

are much like a turnover or pastry;<br />

they’re essentially a filling folded inside<br />

of a dough, which is then served either<br />

baked or fried. Empanadas are a staple Latin-American<br />

hand-held food-pocket, originating<br />

in Spain that has since made its way<br />

to all of South and Central America. Each<br />

culture has adapted them into their own<br />

unique version.” They left out one thing:<br />

they’re delicious.<br />

Rather than just meat-flavored, Stefania<br />

has diversified her offerings: Curried Veggie<br />

Chickpea, Margherita, Meatballs and<br />

Cheese, Spinach - to name a few. There are<br />

30 flavors in total and they offer gluten-free<br />

and vegan options.<br />

The Empanada Girl is a classic entrepreneur<br />

story—the one where someone makes<br />

a small batch of something, works from<br />

home, then starts selling small locally. Fast<br />

forward, their food is “discovered” and it<br />

takes off. In Stef’s case, she began selling at<br />

the Downtown Sarasota Farmer’s Market in<br />

2010 with just a small table table, one toaster<br />

oven, and seven empanada flavors.<br />

She used to seal every single empanada<br />

by hand. Tendonitis in her hands and<br />

arms meant importing a semi-automatic<br />

empanada sealing machine. Out went the<br />

physical hand-sealed shape, but in came<br />

consistent production. Their dough is made<br />

weekly, from scratch, with Italian 00 wheat<br />

flour. All of their empanadas are baked, not<br />

fried. Her flavors are “customer-driven” she<br />

explains, which is why there’s scrambled<br />

eggs in one of her empanadas. She admits<br />

resisting at first, but turns out it’s one of her<br />

best sellers.<br />

Years of experience have fine-tuned her<br />

business. She uses only whole foods and<br />

nothing is “precut”, meaning everything is<br />

made from scratch. “We have a cycle. Monday<br />

is prep day; Tuesday is dough [making]<br />

day and Wednesday and Thursday are machine<br />

days.” Describing herself as a “master<br />

delegator” she has moved away from doing<br />

it all - something most startups find hard to<br />

do. “I did everything myself - purchasing,<br />

cooking, marketing, rinse and repeat.”<br />

Another reason for delegating is that she<br />

is mom to twin, toddler boys which means<br />

she can’t be in the kitchen or at the markets<br />

all the time. The new food truck has also<br />

simplified things greatly. There’s no setup<br />

for one (that typically requires five people<br />

at the Sarasota Downtown Market, for<br />

example). Their food truck at the Phillippi<br />

Farmhouse Market is self-contained, requires<br />

no setup and the menu is on the side<br />

of the truck.<br />

Before The Empanada Girl, Stef earned<br />

a culinary degree locally, graduated, then<br />

started working for a high-end retirement<br />

community. It wasn’t for her, but there’s<br />

no acrimony, just the feeling that “there<br />

was no love” in the food being created and<br />

served. Food is love, she believes.<br />

Starting her own business was “a leap of<br />

faith” that now includes a retail store at 4141<br />

S. Tamiami Tr., Sarasota and booths at The<br />

Sarasota Downtown Farmer’s Market, The<br />

Phillippi Farmhouse Market and The Lakewood<br />

Ranch Farmer’s Market. She also purchased<br />

a food truck that you can’t miss due<br />

to its bright pink color. Takeout, catering<br />

and wholesale round out her business.<br />

Cooking runs in the family from her<br />

mother to her grandmother. The three<br />

generations operate out of the S. Trail store<br />

called Peperonata Pasta and The Empanada<br />

Girl. Enter and you’ll find all kinds of<br />

fresh-made pastries, pastas and entrees to<br />

go. From their website, “We are a family of<br />

Italian immigrants from Argentina. We’ve<br />

been making pasta and empanadas all our<br />

lives and professionally in the US since<br />

2002.” Stef’s grandmother runs the store<br />

and bakes all the fabulous cookies on display.<br />

“She’s the best cook I ever met,” says<br />

Stef. Her mother makes all the pasta and<br />

does the baking. “Everything is made from<br />

scratch,” Stef says.<br />

It was her mother who came up with the<br />

idea of Stef selling empanadas and “I ran<br />

with it,” she explains. From her website,<br />

“Cooking is in my blood. Growing up, my<br />

mom cooked meals from scratch every single<br />

night. Very early on, I would hop on to<br />

assist doing whatever I could do: peel potatoes,<br />

bread milanesas, washing dishes.”<br />

Nothing prepared her for COVID, however,<br />

and like so many other businesses, she<br />

had to radically adjust. Her business closed<br />

for six months and reopened offering delivery<br />

- which she did herself - driving to and<br />

from Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Bradenton<br />

and Punta Gorda. This also meant being<br />

online “all the time” doing marketing. And,<br />

she adds with pride, her staff never missed<br />

a paycheck.<br />

But there’s more to Stef’s great products<br />

and great family narrative. It’s how she<br />

feels about food and its preparation. From<br />

her website, “Everything began with the<br />

core values of respecting the food, using<br />

exclusively whole foods as ingredients,<br />

and cooking with love. It was a venture<br />

that really made my soul happy as I shared<br />

love and joy through my food. Through<br />

the years, I slowly expanded on flavors in<br />

response to the demand, as well as evolved<br />

the existing recipes. I spent years on every<br />

single recipe, slowly playing with proportions<br />

and seasonings until they reach perfection.<br />

It took me three years to evolve the<br />

proportions in my traditional beef recipe to<br />

the point to where it currently is today.”<br />

She goes on to say, “We cook with the<br />

intention that everyone that eats our empanadas<br />

feels the joy that we create them<br />

with, that everyone nutritionally receives<br />

exactly what they need from our food, and<br />

that everyone feels the satisfaction of eating<br />

food that is respected.”<br />

To learn more about The Empanada Girl,<br />

visit empanadagirl.com.<br />

STORY: Evelyn England<br />

IMAGES: Evelyn England<br />

Editor’s note: for me, I like contrasting<br />

sweet and savory flavors so I order spinach<br />

and butternut squash empanadas along<br />

with the guava and cheese empanada.<br />

Photo: peopleImages<br />

A Tuna<br />

Christmas<br />

By Ed Howard, Joe Sears, Jaston Williams<br />

Nov. 29-Dec. 17, 20<strong>23</strong><br />

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Amanda Stiff is a financial educator and coach<br />

- someone you can trust and feel comfortable<br />

with - confiding your most private, and<br />

sometimes vulnerable, financial picture.<br />

Call today 941-914-1560.<br />

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DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 17

Season Highlights:<br />

events we think you’ll find interesting or unique<br />

Direct from<br />

Windsor Castle<br />

The Queen’s Six comes direct from<br />

Windsor Castle where they work and<br />

live. This vocal sextet, drawn from<br />

the lay clerks of St. George’s Chapel,<br />

was recently featured on “CBS Sunday<br />

Morning.” In addition to their royal duties,<br />

they present concerts that include<br />

austere early chant, bawdy madrigals,<br />

haunting folk songs, and upbeat jazz<br />

and pop arrangements this time with<br />

The Queen’s Six CREDIT Gill Heppell<br />

Artist Series Concerts. They perform on<br />

December 17.<br />

For information, visit ArtistSeries<br />

Concerts.org or call (941) 306-1202.<br />

Do You Believe<br />

the Cher Show is at<br />

the Van Wezel?<br />

The Cher Show (January 10-12), also<br />

a Sarasota Premiere, is 35 smash hits,<br />

six decades of stardom, two rock-star<br />

husbands, a Grammy ®, an Oscar ® , an<br />

Emmy ® , and enough Tony Award-winning<br />

Bob Mackie gowns to cause a<br />

sequin shortage in New York City, all in<br />

one unabashedly fabulous new musical<br />

that will have audiences dancing in the<br />

aisles! www.vanwezel.org.<br />

Key Chorale has a<br />

US Premiere in 2024<br />

“The Legend of Bijan and Manijeh”<br />

will have its US Premiere in February<br />

2024 with Key Chorale and Orchestra,<br />

Joseph Caulkins conducting.<br />

“The Legend of Bijan and Manijeh”<br />

by Iranian composer Farhad Poupel for<br />

piano, choir, and orchestra with pianist<br />

Jeffrey Biegel, is an evocative work is<br />

based on an ancient Persian love story<br />

taken from the Shahnameh (The Book<br />

of Kings), an epic poem<br />

by Persian poet Ferdowsi<br />

written between 977 and<br />

1010 CE.<br />

The friendship between<br />

artistic director Joseph<br />

Caulkins and pianist Jeffrey<br />

Biegel led to this opportunity<br />

for Key Chorale.<br />

They have done numerous<br />

projects together, including<br />

one memorable performance<br />

of Beethoven’s<br />

“The Legend of Bijan and<br />

Manijeh” by Iranian composer<br />

Farhad Poupel<br />

“Choral Fantasy” in 2018<br />

with the Chorale.<br />

“I am deeply honored<br />

that this new piece of<br />

mine will be presented<br />

for the first time in the<br />

US by the distinguished<br />

forces of Jeffrey Biegel,<br />

Joseph Caulkins and Key<br />

Chorale,” says composer<br />

Farhad Poupel.<br />

“Key Chorale is thrilled to present the<br />

US premiere of this evocative and magisterial<br />

setting of this ancient Persian love<br />

story,” says Maestro Caulkins. “Poupel’s<br />

music is full of deep, rich orchestral<br />

colors with an incredible sensitivity to<br />

how the voices and piano interact with<br />

the orchestra.<br />

For more information visit<br />

keychorale.org.<br />

Sarasota Concert<br />

Association Chopin<br />

International Piano<br />

Competition Concert<br />

Sarasota Concert Association<br />

has pianist Bruce Liu on March 29 at<br />

Riverview Performing Arts Center.<br />

First Prize winner in the 2021 Chopin<br />

International Piano Competition,<br />

and the pianist who brought down<br />

the house two years ago in Sarasota<br />

with his incredible virtuosity, Bruce Liu<br />

pianist Bruce Liu<br />

will perform a recital including<br />

works by Rameau, Ravel, Chopin<br />

and Liszt. Tickets: SCAsarasota.<br />

org or call the box office at 941-<br />

966-6161.<br />

Selby Gardens: Yayoi<br />

Kusama: A Letter to<br />

Georgia O’Keeffe<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens<br />

will present Yayoi Kusama: A<br />

Letter to Georgia O’Keeffe as the<br />

eighth iteration of its annual Jean<br />

& Alfred Goldstein Exhibition, which<br />

examines the work of major artists<br />

through the lens of their connection to<br />

nature.<br />

The exhibition, which will be on view<br />

from February 11 through June 30, 2024,<br />

at Selby Gardens’ Downtown Sarasota<br />

campus, will explore the unexpected<br />

yet profoundly impactful mentoring<br />

relationship that developed between<br />

iconic artists Yayoi Kusama and Georgia<br />

O’Keeffe.<br />

Yayoi Kusama has become one of the<br />

world’s most influential contemporary artists.<br />

“The exhibition will emphasize the<br />

meaningful connection between Kusama<br />

and fellow artist Georgia O’Keeffe, based<br />

on their personal correspondence at a<br />

critical point in Kusama’s artistic development.<br />

This show also will explore the<br />

ways in which the work of both artists<br />

is rooted in nature, befitting an art and<br />

horticultural experience set in a botanical<br />

garden.” At Downtown Sarasota campus,<br />

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.<br />

In the mid-1950s, Yayoi Kusama was<br />

a young artist living in Japan, where<br />

her future was very uncertain. Seeking<br />

advice from a more established female<br />

artist, Kusama wrote to Georgia O’Keeffe,<br />

whose work she greatly admired but<br />

whom she had never met. To Kusama’s<br />

surprise, O’Keeffe responded, thus<br />

establishing a correspondence that gave<br />

the young Japanese artist the courage to<br />

move to America and pursue her career<br />

in New York City, which was then the<br />

center of the art world.<br />

More information at selby.org/<br />

Clyde Butcher<br />

at Selby Gardens’<br />

Historic Spanish Point<br />

Clyde Butcher: Nature Through the<br />

Lens is on view through August 31, 2024.<br />

Clyde Butcher<br />

continued >><br />

18 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

season highlights continued<br />

Featuring extraordinary, largeformat<br />

wildlife prints by this wellknown<br />

landscape photographer and<br />

conservationist, Clyde Butcher:<br />

Nature Through the Lens gives<br />

viewers the chance to engage with<br />

Clyde Butcher’s artwork against the<br />

backdrop of the Historic Spanish<br />

Point campus. selby.org/<br />

Not to be Missed<br />

at ArtCenter Manatee<br />

January 30 -March 8 brings the 156th<br />

International American Watercolor<br />

Society Traveling Exhibit and Florida<br />

Suncoast Watercolor Society Annual<br />

Aqueous Exhibit. AWS features<br />

master watercolor artists from around<br />

the world and the ArtCenter will be one<br />

of only three venues in the United States<br />

to host the traveling exhibit. The opening<br />

reception for these two don’t miss<br />

shows will be Thursday, February 1,<br />

5:00-7:00pm. 209 9th St W, Bradenton, FL<br />

34205 A complete schedule is available<br />

at the ArtCenter or online at ArtCenterManatee.org.<br />

Twelve Angry Men:<br />

The New Musical<br />

The spring brings the Theater Latté Da<br />

world premiere production of Twelve<br />

Angry Men: A New Musical (May<br />

8 – June 9). Propelled by a jazz-infused<br />

score, one of America’s greatest dramas<br />

reaches new heights in this searing<br />

story of a lone juror who demands that<br />

our legal system lives up to our ideals.<br />

This groundbreaking new musical is<br />

directed by Asolo Rep’s new Producing<br />

Artistic Director Peter Rothstein, who<br />

has played an integral role in bringing<br />

this new work to the stage. Tickets<br />

at asolorep.org.<br />

Wasting Away Again…<br />

At Venice Theatre in their Raymond<br />

Center and running January 19 - February<br />

18, 2024 is Jimmy Buffett’s Escape to<br />

Margaritaville. Music and Lyrics<br />

by Jimmy Buffett; Book by<br />

Greg Garcia and Mike O’Malley<br />

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere,<br />

so escape to Jimmy<br />

Buffett’s Margaritaville! The<br />

popular musical with a buffet<br />

of Buffett hits promises<br />

to change your attitude and<br />

latitude. Paradise is found in<br />

Jimmy’s jukebox jam, Jimmy<br />

Buffett’s Escape to Margaritaville.<br />

venicetheatre.org/.<br />

Did Shakespeare<br />

have a Sister?<br />

Urbanite theatre presents: JUDITH<br />

running January 5 - February 18, 2024.<br />

The world premiere of JUDITH poses<br />

a question: What if Shakespeare had a<br />

sister? Playwright Katie Bender offers<br />

an answer in this one-woman show,<br />

which follows Judith’s transformative<br />

journey to save her brother’s<br />

reputation. Gallivanting in<br />

and out of character, she<br />

discovers the pleasures<br />

and pitfalls of passing as<br />

the bard himself. www.<br />

urbanitetheatre.com.<br />

Ruby is back at WBTT<br />

After two painful postponements due to<br />

COVID, WBTT is thrilled to finally bring<br />

the world-premiere musical “Ruby”<br />

to the stage. (Book by Nate Jacobs<br />

and Michael Jacobs, lyrics by Michael<br />

Jacobs, music by Nate Jacobs, Nehemiah<br />

Luckett, Brennan Stylez and Antonio<br />

Wimberly.)<br />

On August 3, 1952, the unthinkable<br />

happened: A Black woman murdered<br />

a white doctor in Live Oak, Fla., guaranteeing<br />

a conviction for the woman<br />

bold enough to commit such a shocking<br />

crime and bringing celebrated writer<br />

Zora Neale<br />

Hurston to<br />

town to cover<br />

the story for<br />

a northern<br />

newspaper.<br />

This powerful<br />

and haunting<br />

musical<br />

explores the<br />

secrets just<br />

beneath the<br />

Nate Jacobs<br />

surface of the<br />

idyllic, genteel exterior of a quaint Florida<br />

town. Jacobs will direct. Show runs<br />

February 28-April 7, 2024.<br />

Tucci at Town Hall<br />

Stanley Tucci will take the stage February<br />

26. Tucci is an Academy Award<br />

nominated actor known for his versatility<br />

as an actor, writer, director, and producer.<br />

He has appeared in over<br />

90 films, countless television<br />

shows, and more than a dozen<br />

plays, on and off Broadway. Tucci<br />

reached his widest audience<br />

yet in the role of Caesar Flickerman<br />

in The Hunger Games<br />

franchise. Big Night, Stanley<br />

Tucci’s first pursuit as co-director,<br />

co-screenwriter, and<br />

actor on the same<br />

film, earned him<br />

numerous honors.<br />

Stanley Tucci:<br />

Searching for Italy<br />

is Tucci’s latest<br />

endeavor, which<br />

was greeted with<br />

excitement and<br />

success from<br />

both its fans and<br />

Stanley Tucci critics.<br />

Visit www.rclassociation.org.<br />

New in 2024<br />

Sarasota Rising is an interdisciplinary<br />

arts festival scheduled to launch in 2024.<br />

The festival will emphasize performing<br />

arts while offering visual arts exhibitions,<br />

family-friendly events, live music<br />

and more.<br />

Living Arts Festival will be a weeklong<br />

celebration emphasizing performing<br />

arts, with visual and other ancillary arts<br />

programming scheduled throughout.<br />

Established organizations will offer special<br />

accessibility to new visitors, while<br />

others will produce works specifically<br />

for the festival.<br />

Expect kick-off events, world premieres<br />

of performing arts productions,<br />

art exhibitions, youth and family<br />

programming, celebrations of diversity,<br />

block parties, inspired food and beverage<br />

showcases, educational outreach<br />

and philanthropic activation. Info: www.<br />

sarasotarising.org<br />

Anniversaries:<br />

Venice Symphony will mark its 50th anniversary<br />

in 2024. The Venice Symphony<br />

was incorporated in November 1974<br />

when 56 area volunteer musicians joined<br />

together under the leadership of Hartley<br />

Haines, the director of music in the<br />

public schools. Originally, the orchestra<br />

played three concerts in the Venice High<br />

School auditorium with banks and subscribers<br />

covering the costs.<br />

They’ve come a long way since then<br />

with a new conductor/artistic director<br />

Troy Quinn, new offices, a new performance<br />

place,<br />

expanded<br />

programming<br />

and more.<br />

Celebrate<br />

with the Venice<br />

Symphony<br />

on their 50th<br />

at their Venetian<br />

Nights,<br />

January 5,<br />

2024 at the<br />

Conductor/Artistic Director<br />

Troy Quinn<br />

Venice Community<br />

Center.<br />

www.thevenicesymphony.org/<br />

—————————————————<br />

In 2024 Sarasota Orchestra is celebrating<br />

75 years of live music. Since 1949,<br />

Sarasota Orchestra has entertained music-lovers<br />

across the region and visitors<br />

from around the world.<br />

As the oldest continuing orchestra<br />

in the state of Florida, each year the<br />

76-member Orchestra performs more<br />

than 100 classical, pops, chamber music,<br />

and community outreach concerts.<br />

They’ll celebrate with a concert and<br />

gala on February 15. Peter Oundjian,<br />

conductor with Garrick Ohlsson on piano<br />

will perform Copland – Fanfare for the<br />

Common Man; Tower – Fanfare No. 6 for<br />

the Uncommon Woman; Rachmaninoff –<br />

Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor, Op. 30<br />

and Gershwin – An American in Paris.<br />

For tickets, visit sarasotaorchestra.org<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 19

The Perlman Music Program Suncoast’s<br />

20<strong>23</strong>-2024 Season<br />

Celebrating 20 Years of the PMP Winter Residency<br />

This year marks a milestone for<br />

The Perlman Music Program<br />

Suncoast (Perlman Suncoast).<br />

It’s the 20th anniversary of one of<br />

its largest events: The Perlman<br />

Music Program (PMP) Winter Residency.<br />

Led by acclaimed violinist and conductor<br />

Itzhak Perlman and his wife, Toby Perlman,<br />

this two-week event energizes local audiences<br />

while providing unparalleled musical<br />

training for gifted students ages 12-20+ from<br />

all over the world, who play the violin, viola,<br />

cello and bass.<br />

Led by acclaimed violinist and conductor<br />

Itzhak Perlman and his wife, Toby Perlman,<br />

The Perlman Music Program Winter Residency<br />

providing musical training for gifted students<br />

from all over the world.<br />

Lisa Berger, executive director of Perlman<br />

Suncoast says that they are “honored<br />

to support the PMP Winter Residency for<br />

the past two decades. Last year, after a<br />

two-year hiatus, audiences were thrilled to<br />

watch the transformative interplay once<br />

again between young, gifted musicians and<br />

world-renowned faculty, including Itzhak<br />

Perlman.”<br />

Berger explains that, in addition to the<br />

PMP Winter Residency, Perlman Suncoast<br />

also presents PMP alumni concerts and recitals<br />

throughout the year—and this year<br />

is no exception. “Some of the outstanding<br />

events we’ve planned include a concert celebrating<br />

the legacy of Juilliard Quartet violist,<br />

Roger Tapping; the Carr-Petrova duo’s<br />

“HERS” celebration of women composers<br />

throughout history; and the return of the beloved<br />

Ariel Quartet.”<br />

As PMP participants complete their graduate<br />

studies and become professional musicians,<br />

Perlman Suncoast supports their<br />

future endeavors by inviting them back for<br />

concerts and recitals, as well as school and<br />

community outreach programs. “With this<br />

opportunity, they gain performance experience<br />

and delight new audiences as their<br />

careers advance,” says Berger. She adds<br />

that PMP alumni are “trained in community<br />

outreach, providing educational information<br />

and insights into classical string music.<br />

In addition, Q&A sessions at each performance<br />

allow audiences to ask questions<br />

of the musicians, broadening their engagement<br />

and enjoyment.”<br />

PMP Winter Residency<br />

Each December, musically gifted students<br />

from the Perlman Music Program (PMP)<br />

Summer Music School, Israel Residency and<br />

Chamber Music Workshop reunite on the<br />

USF Sarasota-Manatee campus for lessons,<br />

studio classes, works-in-progress (WIP) recitals,<br />

chorus and orchestra rehearsals. Participants<br />

come from all over the world and<br />

include 28 gifted students, ages 12 to 20+,<br />

alumni fellows who mentor the students,<br />

and an exceptional faculty led by acclaimed<br />

violinist and conductor Itzhak Perlman.<br />

Starting on December 29, the public can<br />

attend free master classes and works-inprogress<br />

(WIP) recitals. Special evenings are<br />

scheduled for guests to watch PMP orchestra<br />

rehearsals under the baton of Itzhak Perlman.<br />

Audiences will also be able to watch<br />

Patrick Romano, choirmaster, rehearse with<br />

the PMP choir. This season’s Winter Residency<br />

runs December 29-January 5 in a heated<br />

tent on the campus of USF Sarasota-Manatee.<br />

On January 6, PMP Winter Residency<br />

students and faculty present the “Celebration<br />

Concert,” featuring the PMP String Orchestra<br />

under the baton of Itzhak Perlman,<br />

and the PMP Chorus, led by Patrick Romano,<br />

at the Sarasota Opera House. The “20th<br />

Anniversary Celebration Gala” follows the<br />

concert at Michael’s on East.<br />

PMP Alumni Concerts<br />

Perlman Suncoast’s season includes special<br />

performances and recitals by PMP alumni<br />

including the Punchline Quartet on February<br />

12. Berger says she is especially honored to<br />

present “Remembering Roger: Celebrating<br />

the Legacy of Roger Tapping,” on January 20.<br />

A beloved member of the Juilliard quartet and<br />

faculty member of The Perlman Music Program<br />

for many years, Tapping inspired generations<br />

of musicians for his wit and charm,<br />

biting humor, and consummate artistry.<br />

Violist Molly Carr and pianist Anna Petrova<br />

will present “HERS” on March 3. As the<br />

Carr-Petrova Duo, they will perform pieces<br />

from their new album, which celebrates<br />

female composers from the 1100’s to the<br />

present day. “HERS vibrantly celebrates the<br />

vision, strength, resilience, and incredible<br />

accomplishments of eight fearless women –<br />

from the 12th-century’s Hildegard Von Bingen<br />

to today’s Beyoncé,” says Berger.<br />

The Ariel Quartet returns to Sarasota on<br />

April 4 in partnership with The Jewish Federation<br />

of Sarasota-Manatee. This exhilarating<br />

quartet has garnered critical praise worldwide<br />

for more than 20 years—and is a favorite<br />

among regional audiences. The concert will<br />

be at the Ora on the Federation’s new campus.<br />

20<strong>23</strong>-2024 Season at a Glance<br />

g 20th Annual PMP Winter Residency -<br />

December 29-January 8<br />

PMP Suncoast hosts the PMP Winter Residency<br />

for young musical prodigies ages<br />

12-20+ who play the violin, viola, cello and<br />

bass. The program provides valuable mentoring<br />

and performance opportunities for<br />

young, promising musicians from all over<br />

the world. This is a life-changing experience<br />

that shapes the lives of these young musicians.<br />

PMP’s world-class faculty, led by acclaimed<br />

violinist and conductor Itzhak Perlman,<br />

oversee a curriculum of solo, chamber<br />

music, and orchestral repertoire at the<br />

highest level. Events include orchestra and<br />

chorus rehearsals, works-in-progress (WIP)<br />

recitals, and master classes.<br />

g Tent Rehearsals, Master Classes<br />

and Recitals: December 29-January 5 on<br />

the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus. Non-reserved<br />

seats are free to the public for master<br />

classes and WIPs. Reserved seats for all<br />

tent events are free to supporters. The Winter<br />

Residency’s daily schedule is available at<br />

www.PMPSuncoast.org.<br />

g Celebration Concert: January 6, 5<br />

p.m., at the Sarasota Opera House. Get tickets<br />

by calling Sarasota Opera House’s box<br />

office at 941-328-1300 or at www.sarasotaopera.org.<br />

g 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner:<br />

January 6, following the Celebration<br />

Concert at Michael’s on East, 1212 S East<br />

Ave., Sarasota. The evening includes dinner<br />

and entertainment with PMP students, faculty<br />

and the Perlmans.<br />

g NEW! PMP Student Chamber Quartet<br />

Recitals: January 8, 5 p.m., at First<br />

Presbyterian Church of Sarasota, 2050 Oak<br />

St, Sarasota. The PMP students, under the<br />

direction of violist Caitlin Lynch, are paired<br />

together in quartets that blend their individual<br />

styles. Seven quartets that were formed<br />

during the residencies will perform at this<br />

event, showcasing the students’ talents.<br />

PMP Alumni Recital<br />

g Punchline Quartet on February 12, 7 p.m.<br />

Sarasota Art Museum, Thomas McGuire<br />

Hall, Sarasota.<br />

Combining musical mastery with a touch of<br />

wit, the Punchline Quartet delivers engaging<br />

performances that crescendo to a captivating<br />

musical punchline.<br />

Formed in 2022 by violinists Kate Arndt,<br />

Ria Honda, violist Sarah Sung, and cellist<br />

Elena Ariza, the quartet members have individually<br />

been a part of the PMP community<br />

as far back as 2010 and have found their way<br />

together in the fall of 2022 with the shared<br />

passion for chamber music and community<br />

engagement. Comprising four women, they<br />

felt it most suitable to champion Caroline<br />

Shaw’s music, alongside the classic Beethoven<br />

and Dvorak.<br />

PMP Alumni<br />

Special Performances<br />

g Remembering Roger: Celebrating the<br />

Legacy of Roger Tapping is on January 20<br />

Pre-performance salon talk at 6 p.m., with<br />

concert to follow.<br />

Unitarian Universalist Church, Sarasota.<br />

Roger Tapping, former violist of the Juilliard<br />

Quartet, passed away in January 2022.<br />

This concert was conceived by Michelle<br />

Ross and Max Tan<br />

as an opportunity<br />

for PMP alumni<br />

from different<br />

generations to pay<br />

tribute to a mentor<br />

whose legacy lives<br />

Remembering Roger:<br />

Celebrating the Legacy<br />

of Roger Tapping is on<br />

January 20<br />

through them. A beloved<br />

faculty member<br />

of The Perlman<br />

Music Program for<br />

many years, Tapping<br />

inspired generations of musicians for<br />

his wit and charm, biting humor, and consummate<br />

artistry.<br />

Michelle Ross’ String Quartet, titled “For<br />

Roger,” will receive its Sarasota premiere at<br />

this concert. Her work is built on themes of<br />

a Haydn string quartet, a favorite of Roger’s<br />

and incidentally, the last quartet that Michelle<br />

played with him. With David Kaplan, piano;<br />

Michelle Ross, violin; Max Tan, violin; William<br />

Frampton, viola; and Lev Mamuya, cello.<br />

g “HERS”<br />

The Carr-Petrova Duo: Molly Carr, viola;<br />

Anna Petrova, piano on March 3<br />

Artist talk at 6 p.m.; followed by a concert<br />

at 7:15 p.m.<br />

The Harvest, 3650 17th Street, Sarasota.<br />

Carr Petrova Duo:<br />

Violist Molly Carr and pianist Anna Petrova<br />

Violist Molly Carr and pianist Anna Petrova<br />

will present a concert performing pieces<br />

from their album that celebrates female<br />

composers from the 1100’s to the present<br />

day. In a pre-performance talk, they will<br />

speak about the composers and their importance<br />

in music history. “HERS” celebrates<br />

the vision, strength, resilience, and incredible<br />

accomplishments of eight fearless women<br />

– from the 12th-century’s Hildegard Von<br />

Bingen to today’s Beyoncé.<br />

g The Ariel Quartet<br />

In partnership with The Jewish Federation of<br />

Sarasota-Manatee on April 4, 7 p.m. concert<br />

The Ora, 578 McIntosh Road, Sarasota<br />

The Ariel Quartet<br />

This quartet has garnered critical praise<br />

worldwide for more than 20 years. They<br />

formed when they were just teenagers<br />

studying at the Jerusalem Academy Middle<br />

School of Music and Dance in Israel. Celebrating<br />

their 25th anniversary in 20<strong>23</strong>, the<br />

quartet serves as the Faculty Quartet-in-Residence<br />

at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory<br />

of Music (CCM), where<br />

they direct the chamber music program<br />

and present a concert series in addition to<br />

touring in the United States and abroad.<br />

With Gershon Gerchikov, violin; Alexandra<br />

(Sasha) Kazovsky, violin; Jan Grüning, viola;<br />

Amit Even–Tov, cello.<br />

For tickets, visit www.PMPSuncoast.org.<br />

For more information,<br />

visit PerlmanSuncoast.org.<br />

20 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>



YOU<br />

(with a little help.)<br />

Implant Removal — Breast Lift — Fat Grafting<br />

Breast Augmentation<br />

Tummy Tucks — Liposuction — Body Sculpting<br />

Arm & Thigh Lifts — Breast Reduction<br />

Sovereign Plastic Surgery<br />

Alissa M. Shulman, M.D., F.A.C.S.<br />

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon<br />

1950 Arlington Street • Suite 112 • Sarasota<br />

941- 366-LIPO (5476)<br />

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Tom Arnold<br />


Bunny Skirboll,<br />

Founder of Compeer, Inc.<br />



Roger Capote<br />

Kelvin Foster<br />

Sydney Koffman<br />

Linda Larsen<br />


Quintessence and special guest artists<br />

Chris Eisenberg and Raleigh Mosely II<br />



Tickets and Information: SunshineFromDarkness.org<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 21

SAVE $3 W/CODE WCW<br />



Christmas Carol Trolley:<br />

Letters To Santa<br />

<br />




The Chamber Orchestra<br />

of Sarasota<br />

They’ll perform a 3-concert orchestra series<br />

at First Presbyterian Church, plus present a<br />

recital series at St. Boniface Episcopal Church<br />

A Holiday Music & Light Show!<br />

NIGHTLY DECEMBER 5-29 • 5:30 & 7:30PM<br />

Includes FREE Soft Drinks/Beer/Wine Before Boarding<br />

Sip & Shop<br />


Monday, December 4, 20<strong>23</strong> • 4PM-7PM<br />


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• PUBLIC ART<br />


Who Killed The Circus Queen?<br />


Music & Craft Beer<br />


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The Trolley Cottage Gift Shop | 1826 4th Street | FREE Parking!<br />

Laurie Vodnoy-Wright, an experienced violinist,<br />

founded the Chamber Orchestra of Sarasota<br />

seven years ago along wither her brother,<br />

Robert Vodnoy.<br />

The COS opens its season with “Holiday Gems”<br />

on Dec. 5 featuring Giuseppina Ciarla, the<br />

principal harpist with the Sarasota Opera and<br />

the Chamber Orchestra of Sarasota.<br />

Let’s start a chamber orchestra!”<br />

is what Laurie Vodnoy-Wright said<br />

to her brother, conductor Robert<br />

Vodnoy, when he and his wife Kayla<br />

came to visit her in Sarasota in 2016.<br />

“Sounds great, but do you know how<br />

much work that will be?” was his reply, but<br />

her infectious optimism and vision won the<br />

day. “Oh, I know everyone, and Sarasota<br />

doesn’t have a chamber orchestra,” was<br />

her confident reply. Seven years later, her<br />

vision is proving to be correct.<br />

Laurie is a violinist who has lived and<br />

worked in Florida since 1981 when she<br />

joined The Florida Orchestra under Irwin<br />

Hoffman. Her master’s degree from the Chicago<br />

Music College of Roosevelt University<br />

and her subsequent study with Victor Aitay,<br />

concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony,<br />

well prepared her for a lifelong career as<br />

a violinist. In addition, Laurie and Bob attended<br />

the Monteux School for Conductors<br />

and Orchestral Training in Hancock, Maine<br />

for many years.<br />

Laurie moved to Sarasota in 2003, and<br />

has played with the Venice Symphony,<br />

Sarasota Opera, and many other orchestras<br />

in SW Florida along with her busy career as<br />

a wedding violinist and teacher.<br />

In addition to playing in orchestras and for<br />

weddings, Laurie enjoys playing music for<br />

people as music therapy. “One of my biggest<br />

joys has been performing at Parkinson Place,<br />

Kobernick Aviva, and Tidewell Hospice. Violin<br />

music comforts our loved ones. When<br />

I perform songs at the tempo of the heart it<br />

is so wonderful for calm and hope.” She also<br />

regularly plays at the Don CeSar, the Vinoy,<br />

the Ritz Carlton, and many other venues.<br />

She is a new grandmother, too. Her youngest<br />

daughter, artist Abby Wright Day, recently<br />

gave birth to a daughter Clementine. Laurie’s<br />

other daughter, Sarah Wright Altman, is a<br />

fashion designer who lives in New York City.<br />

Laurie and Bob are from a musical family.<br />

Their mother Elsye was a piano teacher<br />

who studied with Louise Robyn at the<br />

American Conservatory in Chicago. “I<br />

credit my parents love and support for this<br />

multi-generational devotion to the Arts,”<br />

Laurie says. “Our mother was a talented<br />

water-colorist in addition to being a pianist<br />

and our father was an internationally renowned<br />

optometrist.”<br />

“The Chamber Orchestra is a labor of<br />

love for Bob and me,” Laurie says, “and it’s<br />

doubly rewarding that it is a brother-sister<br />

project. This season we will perform our<br />

3-concert orchestra series at First Presbyterian<br />

Church, plus present a recital series<br />

at St. Boniface Episcopal Church and an<br />

education/outreach concert with the Venice<br />

High School Orchestra at the VPAC. We<br />

have wonderful musicians to work with,<br />

great soloists to present, and the best audiences<br />

in the world to play for.”<br />

Audiences can experience the joys of the<br />

chamber orchestra repertoire on December<br />

5 at 7:30pm at First Presbyterian Church,<br />

when the COS opens its season with “Holiday<br />

Gems.” The program will feature<br />

Giuseppina Ciarla, the principal harpist<br />

with the Sarasota Opera and the Chamber<br />

Orchestra of Sarasota. In addition to her<br />

regular performances as a guest principal<br />

harpist with the Sarasota Orchestra, she<br />

freelances with major orchestras in southwest<br />

Florida and pursues her cross-over<br />

project for harp and voice which draws on<br />

classical and jazz genres.<br />

Giuseppina says: “I am thrilled about my<br />

upcoming concert with Chamber Orchestra!<br />

Under the direction of Maestro Robert<br />

Vodnoy, the program features two exceptional<br />

pieces from the harp repertoire. One<br />

of the highlights is Debussy’s “Danse sacrée<br />

et profane” for harp and string orchestra.<br />

This exquisite masterpiece showcases the<br />

harp in all its vibrant colors and emotions.”<br />

“The other piece I will be performing<br />

with the COS is the renowned Adagietto<br />

from Mahler’s Fifth Symphony. This piece<br />

rightfully belongs on the Mount Olympus of<br />

classical music. The Adagietto is a deeply<br />

moving and poetic composition, touching<br />

the hearts of listeners like no other piece of<br />

music ever composed.”<br />

Other pieces on the concert include Vivaldi’s<br />

Concerto in A Minor for mandolin<br />

and orchestra with Rafael Ramirez, soloist,<br />

Hanukah Festival Overture by Calvin<br />

Custer, and Christmas Overture by Samuel<br />

Coleridge Taylor.<br />

Learn more at<br />

www.ChamberOrchestraSarasota.org<br />

or call 219-928-8665.<br />

22 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

WBTT presents this<br />

season’s holiday show,<br />

‘Joyful! Joyful!’<br />

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe’s<br />

‘Christmas card to the community’<br />

features traditional holiday tunes, gospelinfused<br />

classics and pop songs<br />




Artists featured in<br />

‘Joyful! Joyful!’<br />

include (clockwise<br />

from left) Ariel Blue,<br />

Nate Summers,<br />

Michael Mendez,<br />

Raleigh Mosely II,<br />

Amber Myers and<br />

Stephanie Zandra.<br />

Photo by Sorcha Augustine<br />

Mattison's Forty-One<br />

South Sarasota<br />

Live<br />

Music<br />

Schedule<br />

Mattison's City Grille<br />

Downtown Sarasota<br />

Mattisons.com<br />

Mattison's Riverwalk Grille<br />

Downtown Bradenton<br />

Westcoast Black Theatre<br />

Troupe is gearing<br />

up for the holidays,<br />

ready to celebrate the<br />

season with its holiday<br />

production and Christmas card to the<br />

community, “Joyful! Joyful!” Theater<br />

fans of all ages and religious backgrounds<br />

are invited to celebrate the season with<br />

high-spirited, uplifting songs as only<br />

WBTT’s singers, dancers and musicians<br />

can perform them. The show runs from<br />

November 29-December 30, 20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

The original musical revue – created,<br />

adapted and directed by WBTT Founder/<br />

Artistic Director Nate Jacobs and performed<br />

for the first time in 2021 – features<br />

a blend of new takes on traditional holiday<br />

tunes, gospel-infused classics and pop<br />

songs. The show will include “Joy to the<br />

World,” an O’Jays-inspired take on “Carol<br />

of the Bells,” a gospel-infused rendition<br />

of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus,” “African<br />

Drummer Boy” and many more.<br />

Performing in “Joyful! Joyful!” are a number<br />

of WBTT regulars, including Ariel Blue,<br />

Michael Mendez, Delores McKenzie, Nate<br />

Summers, Raleigh Mosely II, Jazzmin Carson,<br />

Stephanie Zandra, Maicy Powell and<br />

Samuel “Sammy” Waite as well as artists<br />

new to WBTT’s stage. Students from the<br />

Stage of Discovery summer musical theatre<br />

intensive program will also be featured.<br />

“As the holidays approach, there is so<br />

much for our organization to be thankful<br />

for, and we’re honored to share our joy<br />

with families and the wider community,”<br />

said WBTT Founder and Artistic Director<br />

Nate Jacobs. “We’ve made some changes<br />

in the show since its premiere in 2021 and<br />

welcome previous and new patrons to join<br />

us for this year’s production. In fact, we<br />

invite everyone to attend and help us unwrap<br />

the present of joyful, seasonal music<br />

with WBTT!”<br />

Choreographer is Donald Frison. Music<br />

director is Matthew McKinnon, who also<br />

plays main keys. The rest of the band is<br />

Charlotte Corporan, auxiliary keys; Marvin<br />

Hendon, bass; Brad Foutch, guitar; and<br />

Caleb Miller, drums.<br />

Kevin White is production manager,<br />

Jennifer Woodford is stage manager, Ka-<br />

Cie Ley is assistant stage manager, Patrick<br />

Russini is sound designer, Michael Pasquini<br />

is lighting designer, Austin Jacobs is projection<br />

designer, Darci Collins is costume<br />

designer, Donna and Mark Buckalter are<br />

scenic designers, and Annette Breazeale is<br />

properties designer.<br />

Tickets are $50/adults, $20/students and<br />

active military (prices include all applicable<br />

ticket fees). Showtimes are 7:30 p.m.<br />

Tuesdays through Saturdays, and 2 p.m. on<br />

Saturdays and Sundays; there will be no<br />

performances on December 24, 26 or 27.<br />

For more information or to purchase tickets,<br />

visit westcoastblacktheatre.org or call<br />

the Box Office at 941-366-1505.<br />

ABOUT Westcoast Black<br />

Theatre Troupe<br />

The mission of Westcoast Black Theatre<br />

Troupe (WBTT) is to produce professional<br />

theatre that promotes and celebrates<br />

African American history and experience,<br />

engages a broad base of patrons and audiences,<br />

supports the development of a dynamic<br />

group of aspiring artists, and builds<br />

self-esteem in youth of color.<br />

Visit westcoastblacktheatre.org<br />

for more information.<br />


NOVEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> - APRIL 2024<br />




Dec. 15 • 7:30 pm<br />

Dec. 16 • 3:30 and 7:30 pm<br />


Jan. 12 • 7:30 pm<br />

Jan. 13 • 3:30 and 7:30 pm<br />



Feb. <strong>23</strong> • 7:30 pm<br />

Feb. 24 • 3:30 and 7:30 pm<br />




Mar. 15 • 7:30 pm<br />

Mar. 16 • 3:30 and 7:30 pm<br />


Apr. 26 • 7:30 pm<br />

Apr. 27 • 3:30 and 7:30 pm<br />


EVENT<br />

February 9-10<br />

Hooray for Hollywood<br />

with<br />

Michael Feinstein<br />

SAVE<br />

THE DATE<br />

Venetian Nights<br />

For more information, visit<br />

thevenicesymphony.org or call 941-207-8822<br />

January 5, 2024<br />

Venice Community<br />

Center<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN <strong>23</strong>

Art Center Sarasota’s<br />

20<strong>23</strong>-2024 Exhibition Season<br />

Diverse offerings include both solo exhibits and group shows<br />

Art Center Sarasota’s<br />

20<strong>23</strong>-2024 exhibition<br />

season is underway and<br />

features an array of “captivating<br />

solo artists and<br />

thought-provoking juried shows that shed<br />

light on our unique cultural climate,” says<br />

Christina Baril, ACS’s exhibition director.<br />

“At the heart of this season is a celebration<br />

of diversity, not only in the personal histories<br />

of our artists, but also in their materials,<br />

techniques, and concepts.”<br />

According to Baril, the season explores a<br />

spectrum of artistic prowess by solo artists<br />

whose distinct voices capture an array of<br />

visual expressions. “Inspired by topics from<br />

Brutalism to feminism, these solo artists are<br />

sure to inspire creativity and lively debate.”<br />

She adds that, in addition, to the solo<br />

shows, the unique open call shows, juried<br />

by professionals in the arts community, “are<br />

carefully curated to spark intrigue and contemplation.<br />

We invite artists from all walks<br />

of life to submit their artwork, resulting in<br />

an eclectic fusion of styles, concepts, and<br />

cultures.” Art Center Sarasota will also offer<br />

Artist Talks, lectures, and special events.<br />

“The opening of a new season is a highlight<br />

for our artistic community as well as the<br />

many visitors who travel to Sarasota to enjoy<br />

and engage with the multitude of arts and cultural<br />

programs offered,” says Kinsey Robb,<br />

ACS’s executive director. “We live in a world<br />

where we see, read, and hear about events<br />

that impact us all the time—these are things<br />

that cannot be captured by words alone.”<br />

Art Center Sarasota’s 20<strong>23</strong>-2024<br />

Season at a Glance<br />

Cycle 2: through January 13, 2024<br />

Opening Reception: Thursday,<br />

December 7, 6-8 p.m.<br />

• Aimee Jones: Aimee Jones’ paintings use<br />

Florida’s landscape of desire and lust to portray<br />

the body, interwoven with the American<br />

idea of paradise. She<br />

plays with the dichotomy<br />

of the female form as a<br />

political landscape and<br />

the power of a woman’s<br />

bodily agency.<br />

Aimee Jones, Situationship<br />

• Ethan Fielder: Ethan<br />

Fielder will exhibit a body<br />

of sculptural ceramics,<br />

which examines personal<br />

and collective<br />

Ethan Fielder, In Bloom<br />

growth inspired by formative moments of<br />

transformation that he experienced through<br />

his turbulent countrywide travels in 2020.<br />

• Tom Casmer: In his<br />

upcoming exhibition,<br />

“ges•talt,” Tom Casmer<br />

brings to life the<br />

infrastructure that lies<br />

Tom Casmer, Solstice<br />

beneath the skin, the fabric of the world<br />

around him. Drawing inspiration from the<br />

organic and inorganic alike, Casmer’s sources<br />

include the human figure, nature, and machine-made<br />

elements. His work recognizes<br />

the mechanism of organic and addresses the<br />

connection between the mechanical form<br />

and the human system.<br />

• Juried Show: “Still Life.” Artists are invited<br />

to present their formal and conceptual<br />

notions of modern day still life. Still life work<br />

often holds suggestive and symbolic imagery<br />

that informs the viewer on the artist’s<br />

message, biography, or cultural climate. The<br />

juror is Mara Torres, owner and curator of<br />

MARA Art Studio + Gallery in Sarasota.<br />

Cycle 3: January 25 - March 2, 2024<br />

Opening Reception: Thursday,<br />

January 25, 6-8 p.m.<br />

• Brian V. Jones: Brian Jones’ upcoming<br />

exhibition is a visual conversation with light<br />

and color, traditions and growth, fear and<br />

joy, technology, and romance. An ongoing<br />

project of over three years, these photographs<br />

serve as a visual narrative representing<br />

the artist’s relationship with the complexities<br />

of the city of Sarasota.<br />

• Carole Lyles Shaw: Carole Lyles Shaw<br />

exhibits a series of textile collages, or art<br />

quilts, that represent the essence of an individual<br />

and their personal and historical<br />

context. These “Spirit Portraits” celebrate<br />

Black women musicians who played significant<br />

roles in the history of music, from<br />

opera to country to rock and roll.<br />

• Christopher Skura: Emphasizing improvisation<br />

and freehand drawing for phenomenological<br />

effect, Christopher Skura captures<br />

the speed of living in Lower Manhattan.<br />

His new body of work took root during<br />

the 2020 pandemic.<br />

• Juried Show: “Annual Members Juried<br />

Show.” Juror: Paul Toliver is a passionate<br />

advocate in promoting all forms of<br />

art and is particularly motivated to uplift<br />

artists of the African Diaspora.<br />

Cycle 4: March 14 - April 20, 2024<br />

Opening Reception: Thursday,<br />

March 14, 6-8 p.m.<br />

• Natasha Dikareva: Natasha Dikareva reflects<br />

on the current state of her homeland,<br />

Ukraine in her upcoming exhibition featuring<br />

a variety of narrative, figurative ceramic<br />

sculptures.<br />

• Angela Pilgrim: Drawing on a skillful<br />

fusion of printmaking, painting, and mixed<br />

media, Angela Pilgrim imbues each work<br />

with a sense of depth and dimensionality,<br />

presenting each subject as an essential living,<br />

breathing entity. Her upcoming exhibition<br />

celebrates the complex inner worlds<br />

of Black women and invites viewers to contemplate<br />

the spiritual dimensions of our existence,<br />

exploring themes of identity, faith,<br />

and resilience.<br />

• Michael Kinsey: Michael Kinsey’s exhibition,<br />

“Listening to Black Voices,” showcases<br />

stunning black and white portraits, highlighting<br />

the richness and diversity of Sarasota’s<br />

Black community.<br />

• Juried Show: “Great Artists Steal.”<br />

“Great Artists Steal” encourages artists to<br />

create works inspired by their favorite artists<br />

and artworks from contemporary art<br />

and art history. This inspiration may come<br />

from the technique, content, or style of the<br />

artist(s) or artwork(s) in reference, and<br />

uniquely recontextualizing these elements.<br />

Juror is Alecia Harper, professor, State<br />

College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.<br />

Cycle 5: April 30 - May 11, 2024<br />

• North County Sarasota Public<br />

Schools, Spring Art Show: Organized by<br />

school coordinators Angela Hartvigsen and<br />

Debra Markley, the Spring Art Show is one<br />

of the art center’s most cherished exhibition<br />

traditions. The North County Sarasota<br />

Schools Spring Art Show highlights over<br />

1500 pieces of artwork from the county’s<br />

youngest artists in grades K-12, representing<br />

the best of their creations from the past<br />

school year.<br />

Cycle 6: May <strong>23</strong> - July 27, 2024<br />

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 27,<br />

6-8 p.m.<br />

• Annual Juried Regional Show: “Beyond<br />

Comfort.” The Annual Juried Regional<br />

Show is Art Center Sarasota’s largest<br />

juried show of the year and encompasses<br />

all four gallery spaces. The show is open<br />

to all artists in the southeast region of the<br />

United States. The juror for this season’s<br />

show is Virginia Shearer, executive director,<br />

Sarasota Art Museum of Ringling College of<br />

Art and Design. This year’s show, “Beyond<br />

Comfort,” invites artists to express their<br />

perception of beauty and/or the grotesque<br />

in contemporary art and society. This show<br />

allows artists to define and explore aesthetics<br />

while joining the long debated concept<br />

of beauty and its function in art.<br />

Cycle 7: August 15 - September 28, 2024<br />

Opening Reception: Thursday, September<br />

28, 6-8 p.m.<br />

• Precious Darling will present an exhibition<br />

that explores the complexity of femininities<br />

and its relation to objectification<br />

through photography and sculpture.<br />

• Boys & Girls Club: Art Center Sarasota<br />

and Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County<br />

(BGCMC) have teamed up to present a special<br />

exhibition of artwork created by BGC-<br />

MC members. ACS youth instructors will<br />

guide these young artists in the creation<br />

of works inspired by the Annual Juried Regional<br />

Show on view during the summer of<br />

2024. Showcasing a variety of styles, media,<br />

and expression, these unique pieces will<br />

reflect the artistic voices of our youngest<br />

generation.<br />

• Tanner Simon will present an installation<br />

of his large-scale paintings that explore the<br />

intersection of humor, seriousness, and the<br />

absurd. This installation invites viewers to<br />

engage with the dynamic relationships and<br />

visual conversations that emerge between<br />

imagery and paintings in space.<br />

• Juried Show: “Flora & Fauna” invites<br />

artists to celebrate characters of the natural<br />

world, real and imagined, living and<br />

extinct, peaceful and poisonous. The juror<br />

is David Berry, vice president for visitor<br />

engagement and chief museum curator at<br />

Selby Gardens.<br />

Art Center Sarasota,<br />

707 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.<br />

Visit www.artsarasota.org.<br />

24 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

Intimate musical experiences.<br />

ArtistSeriesConcerts.org<br />

941-306-1202<br />

Season 28|Stars Ascending<br />

Direct from Windsor Castle!<br />

The Queen’s Six<br />

December 17 • 2 pm • First Presbyterian Church<br />

Soundbox Ventures Announces<br />

“Listen Hear” Salon Concerts<br />

“Exhibition for music” series examines<br />

a specific way we hear expression and meaning<br />

Sound Ventures’ 20<strong>23</strong>-<br />

2024 season of the “Listen<br />

Hear” salon concert series<br />

in partnership with St. Boniface<br />

Episcopal Church begins<br />

this month. Curated by Max Tan, each salon-style<br />

event includes a classical music<br />

program, insights from the artists, and conversations<br />

with the audience.<br />

The three-event series begins with “Preludes<br />

with Marisa,” a world premiere of “12<br />

Preludes for Solo Piano” by the Catalonian<br />

composer Marc Migó, on December 16.<br />

Founded in November 2022 by violinist<br />

Max Tan, Soundbox Ventures is a project-based<br />

performing arts management<br />

organization headquartered in Sarasota.<br />

invitation to contemplate profound beauty<br />

in community.”<br />

The 20<strong>23</strong>-2024 “Listen Hear”<br />

Salon Concert Series At a Glance<br />

December 16, 7 p.m.:<br />

“Preludes with Marisa”<br />

American pianist Marisa Gupta will present<br />

the world premiere of “12 Preludes for<br />

Solo Piano” by the Catalonian composer<br />

Marc Migó. Max Tan will host a conversation<br />

with Migó and Gupta about the process<br />

of composing new works and the relationships<br />

between composers and performers.<br />

~ Featured on “CBS Sunday Morning”<br />

~ Sang at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle<br />

A program of austere early chant, florid Renaissance<br />

polyphony, bawdy madrigals, haunting folk songs,<br />

upbeat jazz and pop arrangements, and seasonal favorites<br />

in the incomparable British tradition.<br />

This project is supported in part by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County; Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council of Arts and Culture and the State of Florida (Section 286.25 Florida Statutes);<br />

The Exchange; Gulf Coast Community Foundation; National Endowment for the Arts; the Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues; and the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.<br />

Max Tan, founder Soundbox Ventures<br />

Tan explains that the mission is to “build<br />

meaningful connections between musicians<br />

and audiences by organizing artist<br />

residencies and concerts that focus on<br />

making the artist process accessible.” Tan<br />

adds that the group’s pilot “Listen Hear”<br />

series was incubated at the Sarasota Art<br />

Museum last season.<br />

The “Listen Hear” series is “an interactive<br />

exhibition for music,” says Tan. “Each<br />

program examines a specific way we hear<br />

expression and meaning. Imagine walking<br />

into a musician’s living room and witnessing<br />

music being written, or artists gathering<br />

to explore chamber music…all with food<br />

and drink!” He adds that the series was inspired<br />

by Alex Ross’ book “Listen to This.”<br />

“One of the joys of being an artist is to<br />

connect with a local community of friends<br />

and to produce art that is homegrown,”<br />

says Tan. “Think of Soundbox as the musician’s<br />

sandbox; it provides the resources to<br />

enable them to develop a project and then<br />

share it with the local community. I am extremely<br />

excited for this series and other<br />

projects ahead – stay tuned.”<br />

Mia Laity, the executive director of<br />

Soundbox Ventures, says that the Soundbox<br />

team “believes in facilitating as many<br />

opportunities as we can for every individual<br />

to engage with music in a way that<br />

nourishes their inner artist. I’m especially<br />

excited to watch the ‘Listen Hear’ series<br />

further spread its wings in the grand space<br />

of St Boniface’s sanctuary. The space is ideal<br />

for gathering; the room is an acoustical<br />

instrument in itself; and the context of the<br />

sacred space is in perfect harmony with the<br />

American pianist Marisa Gupta<br />

March 8, 7 p.m. “Ned Rorem’s<br />

Centenary: Celebrating His Life<br />

in Music and Words.”<br />

Curated by pianist Marisa Gupta and baritone<br />

Tom Meglioranza, this program honoring<br />

the centenary of the late American<br />

composer Ned Rorem centers on his<br />

masterpiece “Aftermath,” written in the<br />

wake of 9/11. Through 10 heart-wrenching<br />

songs for baritone and piano trio, Rorem’s<br />

“Aftermath” focuses on the universal experience<br />

of grief and loss and invites us to<br />

contemplate what it means to be human<br />

and at peace.<br />

The March 8 program will honor the late<br />

American composer Ned Rorem<br />

March 20, 7 p.m.: Max Tan and Marisa<br />

Gupta: Carnegie Hall Recital Debut<br />

Preview<br />

Max Tan presents a concert previewing<br />

his Carnegie Hall recital debut on<br />

April 3, 2024. The program features Clara<br />

Schumann’s “Three Romances,” Thomas<br />

Ades’ “Märchentänze,” Igor Stravinsky’s<br />

“Divertimento,” Eugène Ysaÿe’s “Ballad”<br />

Sonata No. 3 for solo violin, and Richard<br />

Strauss’s Violin Sonata.<br />

TICKETS:<br />

Each program is free and registration<br />

is required. Register at www.<br />

soundboxventures.org/events. St. Boniface<br />

Episcopal Church is located at 5615<br />

Midnight Pass Road on Siesta Key. For more<br />

information, visit SoundBoxVentures.org.<br />

JoshProvides Epilepsy Assistance Foundation<br />

Helping Children<br />

Diagnosed With Epilepsy<br />

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder<br />

that can strike ANYONE, ANYTIME,<br />

ANYWHERE. In fact, 1 in 26 people<br />

will have a seizure during their lifetime.<br />

Seizures impact both the individual and<br />

the family. The stigma and social isolation; the inability to operate a vehicle to get<br />

to school, work or medical appointments; the uncertainty of when the next seizure<br />

might occur; and the fear of SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) are<br />

the frightening realities for many families in our community. JoshProvides pulls<br />

back the curtain on epilepsy, the fourth most common neurological disorder,<br />

through community awareness, education, offering a local monthly Epilepsy<br />

Support Group, and providing seizure detection & alert devices, transportation<br />

assistance and assistance with medical services to children, families and<br />

individuals. Our families are NOT defined by their disorder…they are warriors<br />

who will overcome these obstacles thanks to your support!<br />

Mission: To improve the quality of life for those living with epilepsy<br />

or other seizure disorders.<br />

(800) 706-2740<br />

JoshProvides.org<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 25

Program 3 | Sarasota Opera House<br />


of<br />


Accompanied by the Sarasota Orchestra<br />

George Balanchine’s Theme and Variations<br />

Twyla Tharp’s In the Upper Room<br />

Program Media Sponsor<br />

DEC 15<br />

7:30 PM<br />

DEC 16<br />

2:00 PM | 7:30 PM<br />

941.359.0099 | SarasotaBallet.org<br />

Twyla Tharp’s In the Upper Room | Photography by Matthew Holler<br />



NOV 29–DEC 30, 20<strong>23</strong><br />

westcoastblacktheatre.org<br />

941-366-1505<br />


Sponsored in part by the State of Florida through the Division of<br />

Arts and Culture and the National Endowment for the Arts.<br />

26 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

Sarasota Art Museum’s 20<strong>23</strong>/2024 Season<br />

It’s a blend of artists presenting their first solo exhibitions<br />

along with artists renowned worldwide<br />

The Museum’s season features a<br />

blend of artists presenting their first<br />

solo exhibitions along with artists<br />

renowned worldwide for their work.<br />

This includes several exclusive exhibitions<br />

created and installed at the Museum<br />

from the ground up by world-class artists.<br />

• Judy Pfaff: Picking up the Pieces, on<br />

view through March 24, 2024, explores the<br />

devastating impact of Hurricane Ian that battered<br />

southern Florida as a Category 4 storm<br />

in September 2022. In her largest solo show<br />

since 2017, Pfaff will present paintings and<br />

sculptures that celebrate Florida’s beauty and<br />

acknowledge its vulnerability to environmental<br />

threats.<br />

News coverage of Hurricane Ian’s extensive<br />

damage sparked the idea for the installation.<br />

Pfaff often keeps the televisions<br />

in her studio tuned<br />

to the news and was struck<br />

as she watched the storm<br />

ravage the homes and vegetation<br />

in its path. A January<br />

20<strong>23</strong> visit to Florida’s Fort<br />

Myers Beach and Sanibel<br />

Island gave the artist a firsthand<br />

look at the destruction<br />

left by the storm that killed<br />

more than 150 people. For<br />

Pfaff, exploring the area was<br />

reminiscent of her childhood<br />

in post-World War II London<br />

and her experiences living in<br />

New York during 9/11 when<br />

white dust blanketed the<br />

area following the collapse<br />

of the World Trade Center.<br />

“Seeing with my own eyes<br />

the major impact Ian had on<br />

the land and homes completely<br />

shook me. In Picking<br />

up the Pieces, I use ordinary<br />

materials and natural<br />

detritus to distill what I saw<br />

during my visit to Florida,”<br />

said Pfaff. “Since moving to the Hudson Valley<br />

10 years ago, I have become more aware of the<br />

wind, rain, and sun in the extreme. Winter can<br />

be extremely fierce and harsh, and because of<br />

that, I repair and repurpose a lot of elements<br />

around me to put new life into them.”<br />

Pfaff routinely uses elements from her garden,<br />

hand-painted and digitally manipulated images,<br />

welded steel, aluminum, Plexiglas, wood,<br />

photographs, expanded foam, melted plastic,<br />

blown glass, neon, and LED lights to build<br />

captivating, large-scale installations that invite<br />

viewers on a fantastic and unexpected journey.<br />

Welded metal trees, photographic flower wallpaper,<br />

and painted metal flowers often anchor<br />

her work. As a carpenter, welder, printer, painter,<br />

designer, and glassblower, Pfaff partners<br />

with several studio assistants to bring her hypnotic<br />

installations to fruition.<br />

Pfaff created a plethora of new objects<br />

for Picking up the Pieces, including several<br />

translucent fiberglass boats made from a mold<br />

at her studio and numerous glass pieces made<br />

at Pilchuck Glass School this summer. She is<br />

also fashioning her two- and three-dimensional<br />

works in response to the unique architecture of<br />

Sarasota Art Museum, which is housed in the<br />

building that was once the historic Sarasota<br />

High School.<br />

Learn more about Picking up the Pieces<br />

at sarasotaartmuseum.org/judy-pfaff.<br />

Public Programs:<br />

• Director’s Tour: Judy Pfaff: Picking up<br />

the Pieces<br />

December 18, 1-2<br />

pm in the Wendy<br />

G. Surkis & Peppi<br />

Elona Lobby. Free<br />

for members.<br />

Sarasota Art Museum’s<br />

executive<br />

director, Virginia<br />

Judy Pfaff.<br />

Installation view<br />

of ar.chae.ol.o.gy at<br />

the Pamela<br />

Salisbury Gallery,<br />

Hudson, New York,<br />

2021. Mixed media.<br />

Courtesy of the artist.<br />

Judy Pfaff. Installation view<br />

of Tivoli → Tisbury (A Romance),<br />

at Messums Wiltshire, Tisbury,<br />

England, 2017. Wooden<br />

beams, fluorescent light bulbs,<br />

expandable paper, painted<br />

steel, expanded foam, chalk,<br />

glass drops, steel weights, steel<br />

column, and wooden cutouts,<br />

tree roots, stones, steel staircase,<br />

and glass panes.<br />

Shearer,<br />

will lead<br />

a walkthrough<br />

of<br />

the exhibition,<br />

offering<br />

insights<br />

into the<br />

artist’s methods and practice.<br />

Judy Pfaff. Installation view of<br />

Notes on Light and Color, at Jaffe-Friede and<br />

Strauss Galleries, Dartmouth College, Hanover,<br />

New Hampshire, 2000. Plaster, dyes, UV<br />

fluorescent and incandescent lights, contact<br />

paper, pencil, and glass.<br />

• Art at Noon with Joe Fig<br />

December 19, 12-1 pm in the Wendy G. Surkis<br />

& Peppi Elona Lobby. Free for members.<br />

Enjoy discussions with specialists and artists<br />

covering various topics related to Sarasota Art<br />

Museum’s exhibitions, architecture, and areas<br />

of interest with Joe Fig, Ringling College of<br />

Art and Design Fine Arts department head and<br />

practicing artist.<br />

• Curator Tour:<br />

Judy Pfaff: Picking up the Pieces<br />

January 29, 2024 from 1-2 pm in the Wendy G.<br />

Surkis & Peppi Elona Lobby. Free for members.<br />

Join Rangsook Yoon, Ph.D., Sarasota Art Museum’s<br />

senior curator, for a tour of Judy<br />

Pfaff: Picking up the Pieces. She will share<br />

in-depth curatorial insights about the artist’s<br />

pioneering career and her site-specific installation<br />

on view.<br />

• Contemporary/Traditional: Selections<br />

from the Basch Glass Collection<br />

Continues through Feb. 11, 2024<br />

• Juana Valdés: Embodied<br />

Memories, Ancestral<br />

Histories<br />

Continues through Feb.<br />

11, 2024<br />

Embodied Memories, Ancestral<br />

Histories, Valdés’ first<br />

solo exhibition at a museum,<br />

will showcase a range of<br />

works drawn from her threedecade-long<br />

career. Valdés’<br />

work, anchored in history<br />

and narratives related to<br />

Laura de Santillana. Uran, 2014. Blown and slumped glass. her Afro-Cuban heritage, addresses<br />

colonization’s history<br />

and migration’s impact, as well as the<br />

issues of gender, race, and the representation<br />

of the female body.<br />

Working in a range of both traditional<br />

and non-traditional media—from<br />

ceramics, with all its associations of<br />

feminine and manual work, to new-media—Valdés<br />

communicates ideas of the<br />

personal and subjective while at the<br />

same time challenging the canon of art.<br />

Philip Baldwin and Monica<br />

Guggisberg. Nero (from Species Novae series),<br />

2018. Blown and carved glass.<br />

Drawn from the Richard and Barbara<br />

Basch Collection, Contemporary/<br />

Traditional gives a glimpse into the<br />

world of international contemporary<br />

glass art of the late 20th and 21st<br />

centuries. This exhibition showcases<br />

a range of glasswork styles, from<br />

delicate figural sculptures to abstract<br />

shapes.<br />

Artists featured in this exhibition include<br />

artist-duo Philip Baldwin and<br />

Monica Guggisberg, Lucio Bubacco,<br />

Dale Chihuly, Václav Cigler, Jun<br />

Kaneko, Carmen Lozar, married duo Stanislav<br />

Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová, Dante Marioni,<br />

Debora Moore, Alessandro Diaz de Santillana,<br />

Laura de Santillana, Livio Seguso, Preston<br />

Singletary, and Lino Tagliapietra.<br />

Contemporary/Traditional reveals how<br />

today’s glass artists are pushing traditional<br />

boundaries, innovating, and asserting their own<br />

vision in their works. The artists featured in the<br />

exhibition have mastered classical approaches<br />

and chosen to bend or abandon the rules, expand<br />

ideas, and develop new techniques, giving<br />

a contemporary interpretation of the medium<br />

and revolutionizing glass art.<br />

Visitors will have a chance to discover more<br />

than 40 works by some of the world’s leading<br />

glass artists, including artist-duo Philip Baldwin<br />

and Monica Guggisberg, Lucio Bubacco,<br />

Dale Chihuly, Václav Cigler, Jun Kaneko, Carmen<br />

Lozar, married duo Stanislav Libenský and<br />

Jaroslava Brychtová, Dante Marioni, Debora<br />

Moore, Alessandro Diaz de Santillana, Laura<br />

de Santillana, Livio Seguso, Preston Singletary,<br />

and Lino Tagliapietra.<br />

• Molly Hatch Commission<br />

TBD Spring 2024<br />

Ceramic artist Molly Hatch will create<br />

a brand-new commissioned site-responsive<br />

installation inspired by<br />

Sarasota’s cultural landscape. Hatch’s<br />

signature plate paintings—large-scale<br />

installations of hand-glazed ceramic<br />

plates—reimagine historical decorative<br />

arts through a contemporary lens,<br />

while bridging the gap between decorative<br />

and fine art.<br />

• Impact! Contemporary Artists at<br />

the Hermitage Artist Retreat<br />

March 10-July 7, 2024<br />

Impact! presents recent works by 10<br />

contemporary U.S.-based artists, all alumni of<br />

the Hermitage Artist Retreat in Sarasota: Diana<br />

Al-Hadid, Sanford Biggers, Chitra Ganesh,<br />

Todd Gray, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Michelle<br />

Lopez, Ted Riederer, John Sims, Kukuli Velarde,<br />

and William Villalongo.<br />

Dan Cameron, the exhibition’s guest curator,<br />

is a former Hermitage Curatorial Council member.<br />

The exhibition will feature works across a<br />

range of media, including sculpture, painting,<br />

installation, video, photography, printmaking,<br />

ceramics, and performance.<br />

• The Truth of the Night Sky: Anne Patterson<br />

and Patrick Harlin<br />

April 21-Sept. 29, 2024<br />

Hermitage Artist Retreat Fellows Anne Patterson<br />

and Patrick Harlin will collaborate to create<br />

a multimedia site-specific installation. Composer<br />

Harlin’s original orchestral work, Earthrise, will<br />

serve as an integral part of the immersive installation<br />

work by multidisciplinary artist Patterson.<br />

Patterson’s large-scale installations combine<br />

sculpture, architecture, lighting, video, music,<br />

and scent. As a synesthete (when she hears<br />

sound, she sees color and shape), Patterson<br />

seeks to transport audiences to a multi-sensory<br />

realm. This immersive installation will engage<br />

the senses: visitors will plunge into color-filled<br />

light or enveloping darkness, and move in<br />

rhythm with exalting music or in ambient sound.<br />

Just the Facts:<br />

Sarasota Art Museum is located at 1001<br />

South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. Visit Sarasota-<br />

ArtMuseum.org for more information. General<br />

Admission $15; Museum Members Free.<br />

Open 7 days a week - Monday-Saturday: 10 am<br />

to 5 pm; Sunday: 11 am to 5 pm<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 27

Forty-One City Grille Riverwalk Grille<br />

mattisons.com<br />

28 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

coming up<br />

20 TH<br />


Celebrating the Future of Classical Music<br />

Sunshine From Darkness<br />

announces Inspiring Hope<br />

Dinner program<br />

Dinner benefiting youth emotional literacy and<br />

youth mental health research to feature keynote by<br />

Tom Arnold, personal stories from local notables<br />

Sunshine From Darkness, a<br />

nonprofit organization dedicated<br />

to the funding of local<br />

mental health services<br />

and programs and mental<br />

health research, has announced its 2024<br />

Inspiring Hope Dinner. The organization’s<br />

annual fundraising event will take place<br />

on Friday, January 12, 2024 at 6:30 p.m.<br />

at the Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota (1111 Ritz<br />

Carlton Drive).<br />

This year’s keynote speaker will be<br />

American comedian, actor, producer and<br />

writer Tom Arnold, who will speak about<br />

his journey with<br />

anxiety and longtime<br />

battles with<br />

addiction. Arnold<br />

has been sober<br />

for over five years<br />

but he’s faced addiction,<br />

sobriety,<br />

and relapse at<br />

different points<br />

in his Hollywood<br />

Tom Arnold will be<br />

career as well<br />

the keynote speaker<br />

as significant for the 2024 Inspiring<br />

health challenges.<br />

Today, he is presented by Sunshine<br />

Hope Dinner, which is<br />

in recovery and<br />

From Darkness<br />

sharing his journey publicly in order to give<br />

hope to others who face the same demons.<br />

The evening will feature “Faces Behind<br />

the Stories,” shining a spotlight on the<br />

personal, sometimes difficult journeys of<br />

four members of our community: Roger<br />

Capote, senior vice president, marketing &<br />

community relations and CCO, CAN Community<br />

Health; Kelvin Foster, chaplain,<br />

North River Fire District and American Red<br />

Cross Disaster spiritual care regional advisor<br />

for Central and SW Florida; Sydney<br />

Koffman, chemical engineer; and Linda<br />

Larsen, motivational speaker.<br />

The event will also feature the bestowing<br />

of the 2024 Lee and Bob Peterson Legacy<br />

Award to Bunny Skirboll, founder of<br />

Compeer, Inc., a lively paddle raise, live<br />

music with Quintessence – featuring some<br />

very special guest vocalists, including<br />

Chris Eisenberg – who will perform selections<br />

from his Frank Sinatra tribute show,<br />

“Frank & Me,” Raleigh Mosely II and Ariel<br />

Blue – and dancing.<br />

Co-chairs are Amie Austin, Ph.D., Sarah<br />

Karp Renkliyuz and Taylor Karp Teymuri.<br />

More than 380 were in attendance for the<br />

Inspiring Hope Dinner in January of 20<strong>23</strong>;<br />

the event grossed more than $200,000, with<br />

Co-chairs for the 2024 Inspiring Hope Dinner are<br />

Sarah Karp Renkliyuz, Amie Austin, Ph.D. and<br />

Taylor Karp Teymuri Photo by Cliff Roles<br />

proceeds allocated toward the mission of<br />

Sunshine From Darkness, the local mental<br />

health services of Harvest House and<br />

Teen Court of Sarasota, and cutting-edge<br />

research funded by the Brain & Behavior<br />

Research Foundation.<br />

Founded as a subsidiary of the Lee and<br />

Bob Peterson Foundation, Sunshine From<br />

Darkness hosts events throughout the year<br />

that bring mental health and addiction<br />

awareness and education to the forefront of<br />

the community, providing professionals and<br />

philanthropists with the opportunity to engage<br />

with the broader mental health community.<br />

Its mission is to enhance and promote<br />

mental health wellness in our community.<br />

Tickets are $350; proceeds will benefit<br />

Sunshine From Darkness’s “blue door services,”<br />

which will focus on emotional literacy<br />

for youth, and youth mental health<br />

research. For more about Sunshine From<br />

Darkness or to purchase tickets to the Inspiring<br />

Hope Dinner, visit sunshinefromdarkness.org.<br />

ABOUT<br />

Sunshine From Darkness<br />

Sunshine From Darkness is a nonprofit<br />

organization dedicated to raising funds<br />

for local charities that provide health and<br />

addiction disorder services in the Sarasota<br />

community and funding cutting-edge mental<br />

health research. Founded as a subsidiary<br />

of the Lee and Bob Peterson Foundation,<br />

Sunshine From Darkness hosts events<br />

throughout the year that bring mental<br />

health and addiction awareness and education<br />

to the forefront of the community,<br />

providing professionals and philanthropists<br />

with the opportunity to engage with<br />

the broader mental health community. Its<br />

mission is to enhance and promote mental<br />

health wellness in our community. Visit<br />

sunshinefromdarkness.org.<br />

Visit our website for tickets and more<br />

information: PERLMANSUNCOAST.ORG<br />

Sponsored in part by:<br />

The Daniel E. Offutt, III Charitable Trust Richard Orenstein, Trustee<br />

In partnership with<br />



December 29, 20<strong>23</strong> – January 5, 2024<br />

USF Sarasota-Manatee<br />


January 6, 2024 | Sarasota Opera House<br />

Tickets: SOH Box Office 941-328-1300<br />

or sarasotaopera.org<br />


January 6, 2024 | Michael’s on East<br />



January 8, 2024 | First Presbyterian Church<br />



January 20, 2024 | Unitarian Universalist Church<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 29

Is independence in your own home your goal?<br />

Choose a trusted, professional nursing team to ensure the years ahead and your health<br />

care path align with your wishes.<br />

Take Care provides all levels of care—from<br />

skilled nursing to helping with groceries<br />

and companionship—for clients in any<br />

home setting. We remain dedicated to<br />

helping you and your loved ones.<br />

Erika Wise Borland, MA, Vice President<br />

Celebrating<br />

(941) 927-2292<br />

www.TakeCareHomeHealth.com<br />

info@takecarehomehealth.com<br />

Lic. # HHA 21657096 | 299991405<br />

Take Care is locally nurse and familyowned<br />

with 28 years of experience meeting<br />

your health care needs, from a quick home<br />

visit once a week to around-the-clock<br />

support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.<br />

Susanne S. Wise, RN, MBA, CEO & Owner<br />

28<br />

Personalized care in your own home has<br />

never been more important.<br />

Our Registered Nurse New Services team<br />

is ready for your call.<br />

Courtney Wise Snyder, MSG, CMC, President<br />

Years of Caring<br />

2022<br />

Community Voted Best Home Health since 2012<br />

30 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

dining in<br />

Guests for the Holidays?<br />

Coffeecake to the rescue<br />

F Cinnamon-Crisp Coffee Cake<br />

Cinnamon-Crisp Coffee Cake T<br />

F Glazed Espresso Coffee Cake<br />

Glazed Espresso Coffee Cake T<br />

Crowned<br />

with cinnamonscented<br />

crumbs<br />

and hiding<br />

a layer<br />

of sweet,<br />

fudgy<br />

filling, this<br />

coffee cake<br />

is an updated<br />

classic.<br />

Makes 9”<br />

round<br />

coffee cake<br />

FILLING:<br />

1/3 cup granulated sugar<br />

2 teaspoons Vietnamese cinnamon*<br />

2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa,<br />

Dutch-process or natural<br />

Crumbs<br />

1 cup King Arthur Unbleached All-<br />

Purpose Flour<br />

6 tablespoons granulated sugar<br />

2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar,<br />

sifted if lumpy<br />

CAKE:<br />

2 cups King Arthur Unbleached All-<br />

Purpose Flour<br />

3/4 cup granulated sugar<br />

1 teaspoon baking powder<br />

3/4 teaspoon salt<br />

1/4 teaspoon baking soda<br />


2 teaspoons Vietnamese cinnamon*<br />

1/4 teaspoon salt<br />

6 tablespoons unsalted butter,<br />

cut into 1/2” cubes; at room<br />

temperature<br />

1 teaspoon Vanilla<br />

*If using a different kind of cinnamon,<br />

increase to 1 tablespoon<br />

8 tablespoons unsalted butter,<br />

cut into 1/2” cubes; at room<br />

temperature<br />

2 teaspoons Vanilla<br />

2 large eggs<br />

1 cup buttermilk or plain Greek yogurt*<br />

*Whole milk or full-fat yogurt (about 5%<br />

fat) is preferred for the most tender cake.<br />

Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a 9” cake pan with a round piece of parchment or round<br />

reusable liner and lightly grease the sides.<br />

To make the filling: In a small bowl, combine the sugar, cinnamon, and cocoa. Set aside.<br />

To make the crumbs: Weigh your flour; or measure it by gently spooning it into a cup,<br />

then sweeping off any excess. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, sugars,<br />

cinnamon, and salt. Add the butter and vanilla; toss to combine. Using a bowl scraper,<br />

fork, or your fingers, work in the butter until crumbs form and no dry spots remain. The<br />

crumbs should be irregular, ranging in size from a pea to walnut. Set aside.<br />

To make the cake: In a large bowl or bowl of a stand mixer, combine the flour, sugar,<br />

baking powder, salt, and baking soda. Add the butter and mix at low speed using an<br />

electric hand mixer or the flat beater attachment of a stand mixer until the mixture<br />

looks sandy, about 1-2 minutes.<br />

Beat in the vanilla and eggs, then mix until no dry spots of flour remain. Stop the mixer<br />

and scrape the bowl and beater attachment as needed; the mixture will be thick.<br />

If using buttermilk, slowly pour it into the mixture while the mixer is running on low<br />

speed. If using Greek yogurt, add the yogurt all at once before starting to mix. Continue<br />

to stir until the batter is smooth. Stop to scrape the bowl and then mix again at low<br />

speed for 1 minute; this final mix is key to ensuring the best texture so don’t skip it.<br />

To assemble and bake the coffee cake: Transfer half the batter (about 1 1/2 cups) into<br />

the prepared pan, spreading it all the way to the edges. Sprinkle the filling evenly across<br />

the batter.<br />

Transfer the remaining batter atop the filling and gently spread to the edges. (The batter<br />

will be pourable if you’ve used buttermilk; otherwise, transfer the thick batter by dolloping<br />

portions over the filling then use a spatula to smooth it out into an even layer.)<br />

Sprinkle the crumbs evenly over the batter and gently press to adhere.<br />

Bake the cake for about 45-50 minutes, until it’s set in the middle and light brown.<br />

When it’s done, a toothpick or paring knife inserted into the center should come out<br />

with a few moist crumbs clinging to it. Remove the cake from the oven and allow it to<br />

cool in the pan for 20 minutes.<br />

Featuring<br />

dazzling zebra<br />

stripes of<br />

chocolate and<br />

vanilla cake<br />

batter along<br />

with a bold<br />

coffee glaze,<br />

this espresso coffee<br />

cake brings<br />

extra caffeine to<br />

the table.<br />

Makes one<br />

9” round<br />

coffee cake<br />

CRUMBS:<br />

1 cup King Arthur Unbleached All-<br />

Purpose Flour<br />

6 tablespoons granulated sugar<br />

2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar,<br />

sifted if lumpy<br />

1 teaspoon Vietnamese cinnamon*<br />

1/4 teaspoon salt<br />

CAKE:<br />

2 1/4 cups King Arthur Unbleached<br />

All-Purpose Flour<br />

1 cup granulated sugar<br />

1 teaspoon baking powder<br />

3/4 teaspoon salt<br />

1/2 teaspoon baking soda<br />

8 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into<br />

1/2” cubes; at room temperature<br />

2 teaspoons Vanilla<br />


2 teaspoons espresso powder<br />

6 tablespoons unsalted butter,<br />

cut into 1/2” cubes; at room<br />

temperature<br />

1 teaspoon Vanilla<br />

*If using something other than<br />

Vietnamese, increase to 2 teaspoons.<br />

2 large eggs<br />

1/2 cup buttermilk<br />

1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon cold brew<br />

concentrate or brewed coffee,<br />

strong; divided<br />

3 tablespoons espresso powder<br />

2 teaspoons black cocoa*<br />

*For the most contrast, use black cocoa.<br />

Substituting another cocoa will create a<br />

lighter chocolate batter.<br />

Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a 9” cake pan with a round piece of parchment or round<br />

reusable liner and lightly grease the sides.<br />

To make the crumbs: Weigh your flour; or measure it by gently spooning it into a cup,<br />

then sweeping off any excess. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, sugars, cinnamon,<br />

salt, and espresso powder. Add the butter and vanilla; toss to combine. Using<br />

a bowl scraper, fork, or your fingers, work in the butter until crumbs form and no dry spots<br />

remain. The crumbs should be irregular, ranging in size from a pea to walnut. Set aside.<br />

To make the cake: In a large bowl or bowl of a stand mixer, combine the flour, sugar,<br />

baking powder, salt, and baking soda. Add the butter and mix at low speed using an<br />

electric hand mixer or the flat beater attachment of a stand mixer until the mixture<br />

looks sandy, about 1 to 2 minutes. (This mixing method is called reverse creaming and<br />

is also known as the paste method.)<br />

Beat in the vanilla and eggs, then mix until no dry spots of flour remain. Stop the mixer<br />

and scrape the bowl and beater attachment as needed; the mixture will be thick.<br />

Combine the buttermilk and 1/2 cup of the coffee or cold brew concentrate. Keep the<br />

mixer running and slowly add the wet mixture to the bowl. Mix until smooth, then stop<br />

the mixer to scrape the bowl and mix again at medium-low speed for 1 minute; this<br />

final mix is key to ensuring the best texture so don’t skip it.<br />

To assemble and bake the coffee cake: In a medium microwave-safe bowl, combine the<br />

espresso powder, black cocoa, and the remaining 1 tablespoon of coffee or cold brew<br />

concentrate. Stir to combine. Heat briefly in the microwave if the mixture remains lumpy.<br />

Transfer slightly less than half, about 1 1/2 cups, of batter to the medium bowl with<br />

the espresso/cocoa mixture. Stir until the batter is uniform in color with no dark streaks<br />

remaining; this will be the espresso batter. (The remaining batter is the vanilla batter.)<br />

Portion roughly 1/2 cup of the vanilla batter into the prepared pan (a scone or muffin<br />

scoop works well here; use 2 scoops for 1/2 cup). Next, use the same scoop to portion<br />

about 1/4 cup of the espresso batter into the center of the vanilla batter and gently spread<br />

it in a small circle using the back of the scoop. (This will cause the vanilla batter to spread.)<br />

Continue to scoop the batters, alternating between espresso and vanilla, in 1/4 cup<br />

increments (like you’re creating a bull’s eye pattern) until all the batter is used. You<br />

will now have thin rings of each batter towards the edges of the pan and thicker rings<br />

towards the center.<br />

SOURCE: King Arthur www.kingarthurbaking.com<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 31

you’re news<br />

Accolades<br />

■ The Circus Arts Conservatory<br />

recently hosted its 6th annual<br />

Legacy Society Appreciation<br />

Luncheon. Longtime supporters,<br />

volunteers and founding Society<br />

Members Shirley and Jack<br />

Brown were recognized as the 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Legacy Society Honorees.<br />

From left to right: Pedro Reis,<br />

Dolly Jacobs, Shirley & Jack Brown,<br />

Jennifer Mitchell<br />

For more than 13 years, Jack has<br />

served The CAC as board member,<br />

treasurer, board chair and fundraising<br />

chair. Throughout, Shirley<br />

has championed The CAC as<br />

School Board of Sarasota County<br />

Member and as a Florida State<br />

House Representative.<br />

The Legacy Society Luncheon<br />

celebrates and thanks those select<br />

individuals who have included The<br />

CAC in their charitable estate giving.<br />

Appointments<br />

■ Nelle S. Miller has been named<br />

President & Chief Executive Officer<br />

of All Faiths Food Bank (AFFB).<br />

She will<br />

succeed<br />

CEO Sandra<br />

Frank, who<br />

announced<br />

her intention<br />

to retire back<br />

in March<br />

20<strong>23</strong>.<br />

Miller<br />

Nelle S. Miller<br />

returns to<br />

All Faiths<br />

Food Bank after having served on<br />

the AFFB Board from 2016-2021,<br />

including service as Chair of the<br />

Board from 2018-2020, during<br />

which time she assisted in the development<br />

of a succession plan for<br />

the organization.<br />

Miller has a background in the<br />

nonprofit world of Sarasota and<br />

Desoto counties and the issues of<br />

hunger, health and nutrition, and<br />

access to healthy food have been at<br />

the heart of the philanthropic work.<br />

Miller is currently serving as the<br />

Interim CEO of Unidos Now. Last<br />

year, she acted as Interim President<br />

and CEO of JFCS of the Suncoast. She<br />

is currently Board Chair of the Education<br />

Foundation of Sarasota County<br />

and is an Advisory Board member for<br />

the Boxser Diversity Initiative.<br />

Additionally, she has been Board<br />

Chair of the Community Foundation<br />

of Sarasota County, Glasser<br />

Schoenbaum Human Services<br />

Center, and the Jewish Federation of<br />

Sarasota-Manatee.<br />

Miller will assume her responsibilities<br />

as President & CEO of<br />

All Faiths Food Bank on January<br />

3, 2024. For more information,<br />

visit allfaithsfoodbank.org.<br />

■ The Ringling has announced the<br />

promotion of Sarah Cartwright to<br />

Chief Curator,<br />

making her the<br />

first person in<br />

more than a<br />

decade to hold<br />

this title at the<br />

museum. As<br />

Chief Curator,<br />

Dr. Cartwright<br />

will have<br />

Sarah Cartwright<br />

oversight of<br />

the curatorial<br />

department and will help shape the<br />

museum’s long-term exhibitions<br />

and collections strategies in pursuit<br />

of institutional strategic goals.<br />

She will continue as the Ulla R.<br />

Searing Curator of Collections, a role<br />

she has held since 2017, maintaining<br />

responsibility for the museum’s collections<br />

of European and American<br />

paintings, sculpture, and works on<br />

paper from Antiquity to 1900 CE.<br />

Her current projects include the<br />

international loan exhibition Guercino’s<br />

Friar with a Gold Earring: Fra<br />

Bonaventura Bisi, Painter and Art<br />

Dealer, open through Jan. 7, 2024,<br />

which she co-curated with David M.<br />

Stone, Professor Emeritus, University<br />

of Delaware. The exhibition is<br />

accompanied by a book of the same<br />

title, co-authored by Stone and Cartwright<br />

(Scala Arts Publishers). In<br />

December, Cartwright will open Shinique<br />

Smith: Parade, an exhibition<br />

curated in collaboration with<br />

Smith, which marks the first time<br />

the artist’s work will be displayed in<br />

museum galleries of European art.<br />

■ All Faiths Food Bank has created<br />

a new, senior-level communications<br />

position. In early October,<br />

new hire Nina Harrelson began<br />

her work as All Faiths Food Bank’s<br />

Director of<br />

Strategic Communications.<br />

Harrelson’s<br />

responsibilities<br />

will include<br />

strategic<br />

marketing<br />

planning and<br />

execution,<br />

Nina Harrelson<br />

development<br />

and implementation<br />

of the organization’s<br />

overall communications strategy,<br />

brand management, oversight of<br />

public and media relations, crisis<br />

plan management, and more.<br />

Harrelson comes to AFFB from<br />

HCA Florida Fort Walton-Destin<br />

Hospital/HCA Florida Twin Cities<br />

Hospital, where she served as the<br />

Director of Communications &<br />

Community Engagement.Prior to<br />

that, she served as the Public Relations<br />

Specialist for The Salvation<br />

Army of Memphis & the Mid-South.<br />

■ The Manatee County Board of<br />

County Commissioners has appointed<br />

Nicole Knapp as Director<br />

of Development Services. She started<br />

her Manatee County career eight<br />

years ago, bringing with her nearly<br />

20 years of<br />

land development<br />

experience<br />

spanning<br />

several areas.<br />

In the early<br />

part of her<br />

career, Knapp<br />

worked for<br />

the Village of<br />

Bolingbrook,<br />

Nicole Knapp<br />

IL, where she<br />

played an integral role in managing<br />

Bolingbrook’s rapid growth in housing,<br />

commercial development and<br />

infrastructure improvements, which<br />

led to Bolingbrook being recognized<br />

as one of the top 50-best places to<br />

live in the United States.<br />

At Manatee County, she has<br />

served as the Public Hearing<br />

Section Manager, Planning Section<br />

Manager for Emergency Management<br />

in Public Safety, Comprehensive<br />

Planning Division Manager,<br />

and the Impact Fee Administrator.<br />

For the past four months, Nicole has<br />

been serving as the Interim Director<br />

of Development Services. Knapp<br />

was born and raised in Stoney<br />

Creek, Ontario Canada, where she<br />

earned a degree in Municipal Planning<br />

and Development.<br />

Board News<br />

■ Embracing Our Differences<br />

(EOD), announced recently that the<br />

organization has appointed Chloe<br />

Niebuhr as a STAR student board<br />

member.<br />

Niebuhr, a<br />

12th-grade<br />

student at Pine<br />

View School,<br />

is a member<br />

of The Boys<br />

& Girls Club’s<br />

STAR (Students<br />

Take<br />

Chloe Niebuhr<br />

Active Roles)<br />

Leadership<br />

Training program. After completion<br />

of the program, students are<br />

eligible to give back to a cause they<br />

care about by serving as a voting<br />

board member for one of STAR’s 90<br />

partner agencies.<br />

Niebuhr, 17, was chosen to be<br />

a Pine View Unity Day leader for<br />

EOD’s Unity Day in 2022. She says<br />

this offered her “first opportunity<br />

to gain a deep understanding of the<br />

organization’s goals and its impact<br />

on my community.”<br />

In addition to her work with EOD,<br />

Niebuhr pursued independent<br />

study in art and attended Ringling’s<br />

Precollege Program and Sotheby’s<br />

Summer Institute of Art. With this<br />

experience, she was chosen as the<br />

STAR Student Representative on<br />

Sarasota’s Public Art Committee.<br />

“Art is something I’ve been passionate<br />

about my entire life. In addition<br />

to being an artist, I love how art<br />

connects people, how it influences<br />

thought processes, and how it can<br />

change people’s opinions and beliefs<br />

for the better,” she says.<br />

Community service has been vital<br />

to Niebuhr since she was little. She<br />

has served as a teacher’s assistant<br />

at Visible Men Academy, helping<br />

direct math and science projects.<br />

She also served as a unit leader for<br />

Growing Strong Stem (GSS), an<br />

organization dedicated to helping<br />

middle and elementary school students<br />

at Laurel Civic Association.<br />

“My students at VMA and GSS<br />

come from different backgrounds<br />

and cultures than my own,” she<br />

says. “My experience with them<br />

has taught me how important<br />

initiatives such as Embracing Our<br />

Differences are for bringing us all<br />

together and teaching respect,<br />

inclusivity and kindness.”<br />

At Pine View, Niebuhr was<br />

responsible for its largest fundraiser,<br />

with the proceeds funding the<br />

Speech and Debate team. Other<br />

accolades include being nominated<br />

for the Education Foundation<br />

STRIVE Award, receiving the 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Biology Honors Award, and being<br />

named AP Scholar with Honors.<br />

Embracing Our Differences’<br />

board of directors includes Judge<br />

Charles E. Williams, Chair; Linda<br />

Poteat-Brown, Vice-Chair; Kaitlin<br />

Yelle, Treasurer; Richard Bergman,<br />

Secretary; and Christina<br />

de Guia, M.D., John Weber, and<br />

Sarah Wertheimer.<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

embracingourdifferences.org.<br />

■ Four new board members have<br />

joined JFCS of the Suncoast. They<br />

include Adam Gersh, SPHR, GPHR,<br />

Talent Acquisition Leader with<br />

Arcadis North America. Joining<br />

him are Ellen Goldner, a former<br />

Director of Admissions for Alexander<br />

Muss High School in Israel, and<br />

Director of Development for the Y<br />

Camps in New Jersey; Dan Dannheisser,<br />

P.A., founding partner<br />

at Dannheisser Injury Law and<br />

member of the Bar Associations for<br />

Florida, District of Columbia, Colorado,<br />

the American Bar and Florida<br />

Justice Academy has also served on<br />

the Sarasota Rotary, Sarasota African<br />

American Cultural Coalition,<br />

Safe Children Coalition and Temple<br />

Sinai; Sasha Rosin, currently a<br />

realtor with Horizon Realty and a<br />

background in volunteer work, has<br />

also joined the board.<br />

■ Visit Sarasota County (VSC)<br />

has welcomed Susie Bowie,<br />

President and CEO of The William<br />

G. and Marie Selby Foundation, to<br />

its Board of Directors.<br />

After seven years as the Executive<br />

Director of Manatee Community<br />

Foundation, Bowie became the<br />

President and CEO of the William<br />

G. and Marie Selby Foundation in<br />

March of 20<strong>23</strong>. She is a graduate of<br />

Leadership Florida and Vice President<br />

of the Charitable Gift Planners<br />

of Southwest Florida.<br />

The other members of the Visit<br />

Sarasota County 2024 Board of Directors<br />

are: Lorrie Liang, President<br />

of Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s<br />

Sarasota Campus; Nick Mavrikas,<br />

Owner of Magna Hospitality; Richard<br />

Russell, General Director of<br />

the Sarasota Opera; John LaCivita,<br />

President of Willis Smith Construction;<br />

Hon. Ron Cutsinger of the<br />

Sarasota County Commission; Ann<br />

Frescura, Executive Director of the<br />

Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce;<br />

Mark Gordon, Managing Editor<br />

of the Business Observer; Rick<br />

Konsavage, Managing Director of<br />

The Resort at Longboat Key Club;<br />

Kara Morgan, CEO of Venice Main<br />

Street; Mike Quillen, President of<br />

Gecko’s Hospitality Group; Wes<br />

Santos, General Manager of the<br />

Hyatt Regency Sarasota and Tim<br />

Self, Financial Advisor at Gulfside<br />

Investment Services.<br />

■ The Child Protection Center,<br />

Inc. (CPC) have announced the<br />

appointment of Nikki Williams<br />

and Christie Mucha to its Board<br />

Nikki Williams and Christie Mucha<br />

of Directors. Williams has been<br />

serving the Child Protection Center<br />

for over a decade as a volunteer,<br />

donor, and event attendee. She<br />

has served as a Co-Chair of the<br />

Blue Ties and Butterflies signature<br />

fundraiser for the organization<br />

among other event support.<br />

Nikki was the 20<strong>23</strong> Volunteer of<br />

the Year for the Child Protection<br />

Center. Mucha joins their Board of<br />

Directors as a volunteer, advocate<br />

and donor for the prevention,<br />

intervention, and treatment of<br />

child abuse. Christie has a Masters<br />

in Education and has worked in<br />

early childhood and elementary<br />

education. She has served on the<br />

Blue Ties and Butterflies committee<br />

for the past two years.<br />

Other CPC board members include<br />

Tina Granthon, Board Chair, Jennifer<br />

Steube, Board Vice Chair, Alina<br />

Cemitier, Charlie Brooks, Tony<br />

Dempsey, Jennifer Douglas, Jennifer<br />

Fox, Edward Griese, Tammy<br />

Karp, Donna Koffman, Graci Mc-<br />

Gillicuddy, Tom McLaughlin, Freya<br />

Robbins, and Dan Starostecki.<br />

For information on CPC, visit<br />

www.cpcsarasota.org.<br />

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westcoastwoman@comcast.net.<br />

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32 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

Open again in<br />



Nancy’s remains downtown Sarasota’s ONLY and ORIGINAL BBQ joint, and stands alone in our tradition of slow smoking ALL our pork and beef brisket overnight,<br />

EVERY night and serving it strictly FRESH FROM THE SMOKER.<br />

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NFL Sunday Ticket®<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 33

good news department<br />

IMPACT100 SRQ<br />

Announces Ten Grant Finalists for 20<strong>23</strong><br />

Members of Impact100 SRQ celebrated<br />

their 5th Giving Year on Wednesday, November<br />

8, at their Annual Celebration &<br />

Award Ceremony. They heard presentations<br />

from the 10 nonprofit grant finalists<br />

who were selected by volunteer members<br />

from this year’s applicants, each<br />

with the opportunity to receive funding.<br />

The 763 members in 20<strong>23</strong> funded 7 grants<br />

of $109,000 each in keeping with the organization’s<br />

giving model: At least 100<br />

women annually donate $1,000 each to<br />

fund grants of at least $100,000 to local<br />

nonprofits.<br />

The 20<strong>23</strong> Impact100 SRQ grant recipients are:<br />

■ Arts, Culture & History Focus Area:<br />

Art Center Sarasota<br />

The proposed Youth Digital Art Lab &<br />

Classroom Upgrade: Building a Digital Arts<br />

Program + Expanding Classroom Capabilities<br />

initiative will create opportunities<br />

for students to explore digital art such<br />

as photography, animation, graphics, and<br />

visual effects by expanding the youth program<br />

to include digital technology, and<br />

will upgrade classroom space to allow for<br />

increased enrollment.<br />

■ Education Focus Area:<br />

Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc.<br />

The proposed Girl Scouts Amphitheater<br />

on the River initiative will provide a gathering<br />

space for educational, recreational,<br />

environmental, and social activities at<br />

Camp Honi Hanta with the construction of<br />

a new outdoor amphitheater.<br />

■ Environment & Recreation Focus Area:<br />

The Paul A. and Veronica H. Gross<br />

Wildlife Center of Southwest Florida<br />

The proposed Help Florida’s Raptors Soar<br />

– Construction of a 100 ft. Flyway for Raptor<br />

Rehabilitation initiative will strengthen<br />

the healthy raptor population and<br />

therefore the local ecosystem with the<br />

construction of a critical rehabilitation<br />

flyway for birds of prey.<br />

■ Family Focus Area:<br />

Legal Aid of Manasota, Inc.<br />

The proposed Legal Lifeline For Youth initiative<br />

will increase their ability to assist<br />

children in foster care at every stage of<br />

their proceedings by expanding the Lifeline<br />

Project with the funding of a second<br />

children’s attorney.<br />

Teen Court of Sarasota, Inc.<br />

The proposed Empowering Families<br />

through a Second Chance initiative will<br />

provide more support for first-time misdemeanor<br />

youth offenders and their families<br />

by funding an additional client coordinator<br />

and support staff.<br />

■ Health & Wellness Focus Area:<br />

Easterseals Southwest Florida<br />

The proposed Bringing the Magic of Gardening<br />

to Children, Teens, and Adults with<br />

Disabilities initiative will construct a new,<br />

wheelchair accessible Grow and Learn<br />

Garden, where clients will have experiences<br />

in nature that will enhance learning,<br />

support motor skill development, decrease<br />

anxiety, and improve self-esteem<br />

from learning new skills.<br />

Jewish Family and Children’s Services<br />

of the Suncoast<br />

The proposed School and Family Wellness<br />

Support Services initiative will improve<br />

the emotional, social, and physical<br />

well-being of more youth/teen clients<br />

and their families by funding a mental<br />

health professional with a focus on family<br />

and a part-time case manager to coordinate<br />

wrap-around services.<br />

At the event, the 10 nonprofit grant<br />

applicant finalists each gave short presentations<br />

to explain their initiatives and<br />

the sustainable impact each project<br />

would have on the community. Following<br />

all the presentations, Impact100 SRQ<br />

members were able to cast their votes<br />

for which initiatives they wanted to fund.<br />

Upon tabulation of the votes, the 7 recipients<br />

were announced.<br />

The more women who join the organization,<br />

the more grants can be funded.<br />

The membership drive for 2024 is<br />

now open until March 26, 2024. To learn<br />

more about Impact100 SRQ and how to<br />

become a member, visit the website at<br />

www.Impact100SRQ.org.<br />

Forty Carrots<br />

Expansion Reaches Milestone for Campus<br />

Forty Carrots Family Center’s Generations<br />

of Change Expansion Campaign reaches<br />

another milestone as its new building for<br />

expanded Mental Health and Parenting<br />

Education services takes shape as the roof<br />

goes on. Architects<br />

the Schimberg<br />

Group and<br />

builder Tandem<br />

Construction<br />

are ahead of<br />

schedule with<br />

plumbing and<br />

electricity completed<br />

and windows<br />

installed.<br />

The campaign has reached $8.75 million<br />

of the $10 million dollar goal for the building<br />

and program expansion. Since 2020,<br />

Forty Carrots has increased child and family<br />

mental health services by over 70%, and the<br />

expansion will allow for a 100% increase in<br />

Mental Health and 30% in Parenting Education<br />

services over the next several years.<br />

The Generations of Change expansion<br />

Wilson-Wood Foundation<br />

funds early education for area families<br />

The Wilson-Wood Foundation recently<br />

awarded a grant of $15,000 to Safe Children<br />

Coalition (SCC), for its HIPPY (Home<br />

Instruction for Parents of Preschool<br />

Youngsters) program. The grant will help<br />

area families with young children to prepare<br />

their children for success in school<br />

and beyond.<br />

This is the fifth year that the Wilson-Wood<br />

Foundation has provided support – totaling<br />

$55,000 – for the HIPPY program.<br />

The HIPPY program helps parents to<br />

provide educational enrichment for preschool-age<br />

children and is designed to<br />

remove barriers to participation in education.<br />

The program is offered to all participants<br />

free of charge so that disadvantaged<br />

children can enjoy future success;<br />

the goals of HIPPY are consistent with the<br />

mission of the Wilson-Wood Foundation,<br />

which aims to do good deeds in health,<br />

education and human services.<br />

In fiscal year 20<strong>23</strong>, HIPPY served 125 parents<br />

and children with economic, social<br />

and educational challenges in Sarasota<br />

includes a new 6900 sq ft building on<br />

1.72 acres at 1350 Cattlemen Rd. It offers<br />

a Child and Family Therapy Center with 6<br />

therapy rooms, intake office, waiting area<br />

and Parenting Education Center equipped<br />

Aerial view of Forty Carrots Family Center new building on Cattlemen Road, Sarasota.<br />

with flexible capacity with moveable wall<br />

and observation capabilities, virtual program<br />

rooms, administrative offices, and<br />

program staff workspaces.<br />

The addition of the Cattlemen property<br />

allows the existing buildings on S. Tuttle<br />

Avenue to expand early education and<br />

house administrative offices.<br />

To learn more, visit www.fortycarrots.org.<br />

A recent grant from the Wilson-Wood Foundation will support Safe Children Coalition’s HIPPY program.<br />

County. Every HIPPY family is TANF (Temporary<br />

Assistance for Needy Families) eligible<br />

and faces overwhelming poverty.<br />

In the most recent monitoring of the<br />

program, 100% of HIPPY children, ages<br />

3-5, improved their School Readiness Curriculum-Based<br />

Scores, 100% of children<br />

transitioning to kindergarten passed the<br />

school readiness assessment, and 100%<br />

of parents surveyed indicated that the<br />

program helped their child(ren) to learn<br />

skills to succeed in school. Additionally,<br />

100% of the parents served increased<br />

their engagement in parent activities.<br />

“Since 1992, HIPPY has encouraged<br />

participation from local parents who<br />

might otherwise not feel empowered or<br />

equipped to get involved in a meaningful<br />

way with their children’s education,”<br />

said SCC president and CEO Brena Slater.<br />

“We are grateful to the Wilson-Wood<br />

Foundation for its continued support of<br />

our HIPPY program to help the children of<br />

low-income families to succeed in school<br />

and break the cycle of poverty.”<br />

34 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>




Monday, Dec 4, 20<strong>23</strong>, 7:30 pm | Sarasota Opera House<br />

Performing fun and festive holiday favorites.<br />



Nayden Todorov, conductor<br />

Monday, Jan 15, 7:30 pm | Van Wezel<br />

An All-Beethoven program!<br />


Wednesday, Jan 24, 7:30 pm<br />

Riverview Performing Arts Center<br />

Mendelssohn, Britten, and jazz standards<br />



Jader Bignamini, conductor<br />

Monday, Feb 19, 7:30 pm | Van Wezel<br />

Elgar Cello Concerto and Scheherazade<br />



Lahav Shani, conductor<br />

Sunday, March 3, 7:30 pm | Van Wezel<br />

Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 2 and<br />

Romeo and Juliet<br />


Friday, March 29, 7:30 pm<br />

Riverview Performing Arts Center<br />

Performing Ravel, Chopin and Liszt<br />

20<strong>23</strong>-24 Season single tickets on sale now!<br />

SCAsarasota.org | 941-966-6161<br />

DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong> WEST COAST WOMAN 35

Enhance the Quality of Your Daily Life<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing Program<br />

Photo credit: Puckons<br />

Seasoning Greetings<br />

From Our Team<br />

Wishing Everyone a<br />

Happy Holiday and<br />

Healthy New Year!<br />

Dan Watts, MD, ND, MSMN<br />

Board Certification:<br />

American Board of Integrative Medicine<br />

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology<br />

Post-doctoral Certification in Metabolic Endocrinology<br />

Post-doctoral Master's in Nutritional and<br />

Metabolic Medicine<br />

Fellowship: American Academy of Anti-Aging<br />

Medicine: Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and<br />

Functional Medicine<br />

Fellowship: American College of Surgeons<br />

Why men and women join our Bio-identical<br />

Hormone Balancing Program…<br />

• Restoring mental and physical balance<br />

• Weight loss and management<br />

• Gaining control over emotions<br />

• Reducing anxiety and depression<br />

• Improving sleep, energy and focus<br />

• Boosting intimacy and sexuality<br />

For more information Call 941.926.490<br />

With over 30 years of experience and numerous board certifications<br />

and credentials, Dan Watts, MD, ND, MSNM and Deb Spinner, APRN, MS<br />

are experts in the Science and Art of Bio-identical Hormone Balancing<br />

Deb Spinner, APRN, MS, NP-C<br />

Board Certified Advanced<br />

Registered Nurse Practitioner<br />

Specialties Include:<br />

Gynecology<br />

Bio-identical Hormone Balancing<br />

Metabolic Weight Loss<br />

IV Therapy<br />

Family Medicine<br />

Age Management | Men's Health | Gynecology | Bio-identical Hormone Balancing | Strength and Conditioning<br />

Weight Loss | IV Therapy | Brain Health | Toxin Elimination | Digestive Health | Heart Health<br />

4905 Clark Road, Sarasota, FL 34<strong>23</strong>3 941.926.4905 www.TheRenewalPoint.com<br />

36 WEST COAST WOMAN DECEMBER 20<strong>23</strong>

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