TSS SIT-REP 01-13-2024 (2)

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<strong>SIT</strong>-<strong>REP</strong> <strong>01</strong>-<strong>13</strong>-<strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>SIT</strong>-<strong>REP</strong> <strong>01</strong>-<strong>13</strong>-<strong>2024</strong><br />

22222222<br />


INDEX<br />

<strong>SIT</strong>UATION TO DATE<br />



ISSUES<br />


(After you read the blue highlighted sentences, click on them.)

<strong>SIT</strong>UATION TO DATE:<br />

• Migrant caravan regroups in Mexico after<br />

government promise of papers falls through<br />

• Earth shattered global heat record in ’23<br />

• Israel faces genocide charges at World Court<br />

• Explosions in Yemen as US and UK launch<br />

airstrikes on Houthis<br />

• UNICEF: 600k vaccines delivered to Gaza<br />

• Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin remains<br />



SUNDAY 7 th<br />

MONDAY 8 th<br />

TUESDAY 9 th<br />

WEDNESDAY 10 th<br />

THURSDAY 11 th<br />

FRIDAY 12 th<br />

SATURDAY <strong>13</strong> th


• Hezbollah leader warns US that Houthi attacks<br />

in Red Sea will not stop<br />

• Scenes of devastation in Texas as explosion<br />

rips through hotel.<br />

• AI l will supersede man.<br />

• Joe Biden: 'Iran does not want a war with us’.

ISSUES:<br />

• Biden BOMBS YEMEN In Response To Houthi<br />

Attacks in Red Sea, NO CONGRESSIONAL<br />

Authorization.<br />

• Houthi rebels threaten 'strong response' after<br />

new US strike<br />

• This Bible Prophecy Is Happening RIGHT NOW.<br />

• Defense Secretary Austin STILL MISSING!


Throughout mankind's existence large numbers of people<br />

have, and are, dying without God’s forgiveness.<br />

He uses wars, earthquakes, volcanos, storms, floods, famines,<br />

and pandemics to reap the good from those He has sewn.<br />

What is happening in the world today is under God's control.<br />

Everything has been foretold in His version of the Truth.<br />

God created mankind. Mankind created religions.<br />

God has a code of conduct.<br />

God gave Moses 10 Commandments. Jesus came with His<br />

Law. There are only two.<br />

Since no one can go through a day without breaking one or<br />

more of the other eight, there is the Lord’s Prayer.<br />

“Give us this day…” combined with “Go and sin no more”<br />

(Don’t make a habit of it!), offer a reset for each new day.<br />

Judaism, Islam, and Christian faiths have common threads;<br />

• There is a God.<br />

• That there was a Jesus on earth.<br />

• The Messiah is coming to earth with His version of <strong>TSS</strong>.<br />

Jews witnessed His miracles but feared for their positions.<br />

They disavowed He was the Messiah, had the Roman military<br />

execute Him on trumped up charges and have been paying the<br />

price ever since. They are waiting for the Messiah.<br />

Muslims don’t believe Jesus is the son of God. They do believe<br />

He was a prophet. They, too, are waiting for the Messiah.

The original Christians got it right.<br />

• He was God on His earth.<br />

• He did die for mankind's salvation.<br />

• He did prove that the dead are only sleeping.<br />

• He is proof that life is eternal.<br />

• He is coming back to clean up our mess.<br />

• We need His redemption!<br />

God has consequences for those who disobey. The ultimate on<br />

this planet is death.<br />

People are not eternally dead. Our souls will be rejuvenated.<br />

A majority will answer for their biographies.<br />

"All the world's a stage". God is the director. We are<br />

actors/actresses playing out our own scripts. For many, when<br />

their scenes are over, their “just” awards will given.<br />

God scattered the Jews centuries ago. Partially, because of the<br />

Jesus thing. As promised, many have come home to Israel.<br />

All other religious sects in the world, atheists, and many<br />

members in these three sects, are disobeying His two rules.<br />

They are disregarding one or more of the other eight, and<br />

failing to ask for His forgiveness. (“Give us this day…”)<br />

God gives us all the opportunity to ask for forgiveness.<br />

Right up until our last breath. “Like a thief in the night."<br />

Regardless of your man-made religion, or your lack of one, the<br />

most important common thread for all of God’s children is…<br />

Pray for everyone else. Pray for yourself.

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