West Newsmagazine 1-24-24

Local news, local politics and community events for West St. Louis County Missouri.

Local news, local politics and community events for West St. Louis County Missouri.


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Vol. 29 No. 2 • January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />

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Pointing the way<br />

to local businesses<br />

Meet Doctors In Your Area<br />

Accepting New Patients<br />

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2 I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




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A nation Dr. King<br />

would not recognize<br />

This year, 20<strong>24</strong>, marks the 60th anniversary<br />

of the signing into law of the landmark<br />

1964 Civil Rights Act.<br />

(Each January) we observe the national<br />

day set aside to note and honor the leader<br />

of the movement that led to that act becoming<br />

law: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.<br />

We must ask how, after 60 years, with<br />

vast changes in the world, with developments<br />

in technology unimaginable 60<br />

years ago, that we remain obsessed with<br />

race. How is it that claims of racism, injustice<br />

and unfairness persist like nothing<br />

happened?<br />

Indeed, data suggest that Black Americans,<br />

on average, still lag behind economically.<br />

The Federal Reserve recently published<br />

its Survey of Consumer Finances showing<br />

that average Black family income is 43%<br />

that of white families. In 1989, it was 42%.<br />

Average Black household net worth now<br />

is 15.6% that of white households. In 1989,<br />

it was 17.8%.<br />

The deterioration of traditional religious<br />

values in the country has taken a toll on<br />

all American families. But proportionally<br />

more on Black families.<br />

Per the U.S. Department of Justice,<br />

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency<br />

Prevention, in 2022, 43% of Black children<br />

lived in a two-parent home – down 26.5%<br />

from 1970. Among white children, 75.6%<br />

lived in a two-parent home, down 15.5%<br />

from 1970.<br />

America today is a far different country<br />

than the one where King led the Civil<br />

Rights Movement.<br />

The language that King used to lead and<br />

animate his movement was the language of<br />

the Bible. He spoke as a pastor.<br />

But in 1965, according to Gallup, 70% of<br />

Americans said religion is “very important”<br />

in their life.<br />

In 2023, 45% of Americans say religion<br />

is “very important” in their life.<br />

In the last speech of his life in 1968, in<br />

Memphis, Tennessee, King spoke about<br />

“injustice,” that “we are God’s children.”<br />

He spoke about not being afraid of death,<br />

that “I just want to do God’s will,” and then<br />

spoke those famous words that he’d been<br />

“to the mountain top” and that he’d seen<br />

“the promised land.”<br />

“I’m not worried about anything. I’m not<br />

fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the<br />

glory of the coming of the Lord.”<br />

Can anyone imagine a leader of a major<br />

political or social movement today speaking<br />

this way?<br />

Over these 60 years since the Civil<br />

Rights Act became law, courts took the<br />

Bible and prayer out of public schools,<br />

legalized abortion and changed our legal<br />

understanding of what defines marriage.<br />

The godless socialism of DEI – diversity,<br />

equity, inclusion – has replaced good and<br />

evil as our perspective on social justice.<br />

As we have purged religion and replaced<br />

it with politics, we have lost the core of a<br />

religious world view. There is good and<br />

evil, and the Creator gave free choice and<br />

personal responsibility to choose to each<br />

individual.<br />

Without this, the freedom we allegedly<br />

care so much about has little meaning.<br />

Government has become our new religion.<br />

In 1964, federal spending took 17.3%<br />

of our GDP. Today it takes <strong>24</strong>.4%. In 1964,<br />

gross federal debt equaled 46.2% of our<br />

GDP. Today it equals 119.8%.<br />

It is an unfortunate quirk of history that<br />

the Civil Rights Movement, led by a Black<br />

Christian pastor, reached its peak at the<br />

moment when Americans decided to start<br />

banishing the Bible from our culture.<br />

A movement informed by good and<br />

evil and personal responsibility has been<br />

replaced by politics, interest groups and<br />

victimhood.<br />

The community most hurt by the purge<br />

of personal responsibility that defines individual<br />

freedom is the one that started out<br />

the weakest and the greatest victim of our<br />

moral failures.<br />

Without a new birth of faith, we for sure<br />

will not have a new birth of freedom in<br />

America.<br />

The whole nation and our future are in<br />

danger. And the weakest, those whom the<br />

socialists claim to care the most about, will<br />

suffer the most.<br />

• • •<br />

Star Parker is president of the Center<br />

for Urban Renewal and Education and<br />

host of the weekly television show “Cure<br />

America with Star Parker.”<br />

© 20<strong>24</strong> Creators.com<br />

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January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


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4 I OPINION I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />



Trouble with NextDoor<br />

To the Editor:<br />

In the last issue of <strong>West</strong> <strong>Newsmagazine</strong>,<br />

Michael Sargent, opined that as a society<br />

we have become overly sensitive to dissenting<br />

viewpoints, especially on social<br />

media, which gets in the way of open<br />

discourse needed in a democratic society.<br />

I agree, and it has been my personal experience<br />

(and according to thousands of people<br />

who signed a petition on change.org) that<br />

the NextDoor platform allows those “sensitive<br />

viewpoints” to bully and censor dissenting<br />

viewpoints.<br />

NextDoor boasts that it has algorithms<br />

to detect “harmful content” (for sensitive<br />

viewpoints) and has Leads who are<br />

“granted some additional functions … to<br />

remove messages … to cultivate a strong<br />

and healthy community.” When I joined<br />

NextDoor I found it informative and<br />

entertaining, valuing the opportunity to<br />

hear the views of those around me and<br />

engage in civil discourse. Soon I noticed<br />

that “approved viewpoints” were allowed<br />

to bully. Those who retaliated in kind<br />

with dissenting opinions were censored. A<br />

“lead,” who I was informed had harassed<br />

and removed others, had an unhealthy fixation<br />

with the coherency and popularity of<br />

my unapproved viewpoints and followed<br />

me from post to post baiting me, engaging<br />

in “not so civil” discourse, stating on my<br />

post that she had looked up my personal<br />

information on the County Assessor’s<br />

website, and using her “additional functions”<br />

to remove 9 of my comments on all<br />

different posts within 1 minute.<br />

I even know two local candidates who<br />

have had their NextDoor accounts, which<br />

had thousands of regular viewers, “suspended”<br />

mid-election; one, a week before<br />

an election, which was lost by only a small<br />

margin.<br />

So many throughout the history of our<br />

nation have sacrificed so much for our free<br />

speech, that we must always stand up to<br />

bullies who seek to infringe on that right,<br />

even if the bully is NextDoor.<br />

Lynn Link<br />

Words and politics<br />

To the Editor:<br />

Words have meanings.<br />

Politics continues to co-opt words and<br />

misrepresent specific definitions. <strong>24</strong>-hour<br />

news cycles, entertainment, and partisan<br />

information industries create a herculean<br />

amount of misinformation and disinformation<br />

supporting new levels of ridiculousness.<br />

Misinformation is untrue or incorrect.<br />

Disinformation is deliberately false, used<br />

to influence opinions or obscure the truth.<br />

Misusing words and meanings to misrepresent<br />

information and facts to a distracted<br />

populace while purposefully attempting to<br />

Submit your letter to: editor@newsmagazinenetwork.com<br />

create an atmosphere of fear about the future<br />

is repulsively manipulative. Political and<br />

media onslaughts of “danger to democracy”<br />

messaging has reached ad nauseam level.<br />

Attention spans and retention abilities of the<br />

general populace seems short and finite.<br />

History is littered with collapsed democracies.<br />

Focusing on emotional triggers of<br />

partisan messages of political parties and<br />

media reveals the consequences of our<br />

collective ignorance, we are a republic.<br />

Understanding our own republic by the<br />

general populace has been both neglected<br />

and actively misrepresented through a<br />

compromised educational system, political<br />

opportunists take advantage of ignorance<br />

every election cycle. Promising more<br />

government and to change Constitutional<br />

structure is often the answer to issues. In<br />

a republic, the smallest minority is the<br />

individual. The Articles of our Constitution<br />

created the framework for a government<br />

“of the people.” The Amendments<br />

restrict government and create a promise<br />

of governmental protection of the rights<br />

of the individual. Nowhere in our founding<br />

documents will anyone find the word<br />

“democracy.” Democracies dislike the<br />

rights of individuals. Liberty is an inalienable<br />

individual right of self-determination<br />

to live without control or interference by a<br />

government or other power.<br />

Mark T. Ryan<br />

Founder<br />

Publisher Emeritus<br />

Publisher<br />

Managing Editor<br />

Associate Editor<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Features Editor<br />

Business Manager<br />

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January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


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We have been publishing a newsmagazine for nearly 28 years in <strong>West</strong><br />

St. Louis County and nearly 20 years in St. Charles County. But we have<br />

printed more stories about public school boards of education in the last<br />

<strong>24</strong> months than we did in all the previous years combined. Did we hire<br />

a new crackerjack reporter who is uncovering all these scoops, using<br />

covert sources and pure tenacity? Not at all. We didn’t find the stories.<br />

The stories stood up, raised their hand, lit themselves on fire, and then<br />

started doing one of those TikTok dances. In other words, the stories<br />

found us.<br />

For the first, let’s just say, 20 years we were in print, the local school<br />

boards – every single one of them – intentionally operated in the background.<br />

They were quiet, supportive and steadfastly focused on student<br />

performance. The members of the school board were largely unknown.<br />

The regular school board meetings were lightly attended. Mild controversy<br />

would arise whenever the issue of taxes was raised, pun intended.<br />

In those cases, very clear lines were drawn. Voters with children in the<br />

district favored the tax increases. Voters without children in the district<br />

opposed them. At the end of the day, everything smoothed itself<br />

out because all of the districts within our coverage area were – as they<br />

remain today – very high-performing districts. As such, there was no<br />

value placed on a board drawing attention to itself. Their job was to keep<br />

the train on the tracks, not to see how fast the train could go.<br />

This is no longer the case. Lately, school board candidates have gone<br />

the way of Trump, leading school boards to go the way of MAGA. In<br />

a MAGA world, controversy is oxygen, and in modern education, there<br />

is all of a sudden, no shortage of oxygen. Critical Race Theory, porn<br />

in school libraries, transgender participation in sports, Black history<br />

classes, transgender bathrooms; America’s culture wars have come to<br />

the local school board.<br />

To give credit where it is due, some boards have managed to remain<br />

mostly quiet (Parkway and Fort Zumwalt). Some have heated up and<br />

cooled down (Rockwood). A few, however, have jumped into the fray<br />

with both feet and just keep throwing punches (Francis Howell and<br />

Wentzville).<br />

Last week, Wentzville’s board voted 5-2 to adopt rules that require<br />

students to use whichever restroom matches “an individual’s reproductive<br />

biology at birth.” To ensure that Wentzville did not get the news<br />

cycle all to itself, Francis Howell’s board announced that they would<br />

vote in March on a revised curriculum for Black history and Black<br />

literature courses. The board had previously decided to eliminate the<br />

courses before agreeing to keep them if the curriculum could be rendered<br />

“politically neutral.”<br />

At the risk of sounding like the old man shaking his fist at the clouds,<br />

we miss the days of mundane school boards. We miss the days when student<br />

academic performance and fiscal responsibility were the hallmarks<br />

of good governance and too uninteresting to really cover at all. We miss<br />

the days of reviewing the meeting agenda and groaning at the dullness.<br />

The local board of education is not a place from which to launch a<br />

political career. It is a place to steward with care and consideration the<br />

social, emotional, physical and academic success of our children.<br />

Here’s hoping we can put the “bore” back into the school board.<br />

Follow us on



January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


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Locally Owned & Operated | Residential or Commercial

8 I NEWS I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




Like the Scott Brothers — some things in life are just better in pairs.<br />

Another great pairing? Bundling your auto and home policies for up to 28% in savings.*<br />

Plus, the more policies you bundle — the more you can save!<br />

*The average customer who bundles can save these discounts on each policy. Discounts may vary by state, property, policy form and company underwriting the auto or property policy.<br />

Discounts may not apply to all coverages on an auto or property policy. Discounts do not apply to a life policy.<br />

Contact me today to get a quote and start saving.<br />

John Shannon Ranson, Agent<br />

Ranson & Associates LLC<br />

160<strong>24</strong> Manchester Rd Ste 100<br />

Ellisville, MO 63011<br />

(636) 391-4855<br />

American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. & its<br />

Operating Companies, Life insurance underwritten by<br />

American Family Life Insurance Company,<br />

6000 American Parkway, Madison, WI 53783<br />

©2021 019569 – 4/21 – 15488813<br />

Newly sworn-in Chesterfield Police Chief Cheryl Funkhauser with<br />

Mayor Bob Nation<br />

NEWS<br />

BRIEFS<br />


New police chief sworn in<br />

The city swore in Capt. Cheryl Funkhouser<br />

as its second chief of police in a<br />

public ceremony on Jan. 1.<br />

Funkhouser, a 28-year veteran of the<br />

city’s force, replaces Chief Ray Johnson,<br />

the first and only police chief Chesterfield<br />

has had since its incorporation in 1988.<br />

She was selected for the position following<br />

a regionwide candidate search and multiple-round<br />

interview and screening process.<br />

Last November, the City Council consented<br />

to Mayor Bob Nation’s appointment<br />

of Funkhouser to the role of police chief.<br />

Funkhouser began her law enforcement<br />

career in 1993 with the University City<br />

Police Department. She joined Chesterfield<br />

in 1995 and has served in several roles as<br />

she progressed through the ranks, beginning<br />

as a patrol officer and community affairs<br />

specialist before being promoted to sergeant<br />

and supervising the Bureau of Community<br />

Affairs and the Bureau of Uniformed Patrol.<br />

She has served as Commander of the Division<br />

of Operational Support since 2017.<br />

Funkhouser graduated magna cum laude<br />

from Lindenwood University with a Bachelor<br />

of Arts in human resource management<br />

and from the University of Virginia<br />

with a master’s degree in public safety. In<br />

addition to her collegiate education, she is<br />

also a graduate of Session 279 of the FBI<br />

National Academy.<br />


City to vote on Centennial<br />

Greenway funding<br />

When complete, the Centennial Greenway<br />

will connect Forest Park to Creve<br />

Coeur Lake Park and beyond to St. Charles<br />

County and the Katy Trail. In Creve Coeur,<br />

it will also pass through the 39 North<br />

Agtech Innovation District.<br />

In 2019, the 39 North Greenway Plan<br />

identified points of connection along the<br />

Centennial Greenway within the agtech<br />

district as it traverses from Warson Park<br />

in the city of Olivette to the intersection of<br />

Lindbergh Boulevard and Schuetz Road in<br />

Creve Coeur.<br />

At the Jan. 8 City Council meeting, City<br />

Administrator Mark Perkins spoke about<br />

Creve Coeur’s portion of the greenway<br />

and proposed funding resources in relation<br />

to the first reading of Bill 6101, which<br />

would establish cost-sharing parameters<br />

between the city and Great Rivers Greenway<br />

(GRG).<br />

“We were in a work session with the<br />

Great Rivers Greenway staff last month,<br />

and discussed how the city and the Great<br />

Rivers Greenway would partner with<br />

regards to the Centennial Trail,” Perkins<br />

said. “The city would apply for a grant to<br />

help use some of the funds for the Centennial<br />

Greenway. GRG will be funding the<br />

programs. The city’s contribution will be<br />

serving as the grantee. We’ll also be paying<br />

the ($12,800) grant application fee. If we<br />

are not successful, we will be reimbursed<br />

for that.”<br />

Per Bill 6101, the city will submit an<br />

application for receipt of up to $2,560,000<br />

in federal grants administered by the East-<br />

<strong>West</strong> Gateway Council. If the bid is successful,<br />

Great Rivers Greenway would<br />

provide the necessary funds up to $640,000.<br />

While the city will ultimately own<br />

the portion of the greenway that passes<br />

through its boundaries and be responsible<br />

for ordinary operations and maintenance of<br />

the greenway, the project would not cover<br />

any bridge work, including over Lindbergh<br />

Boulevard.<br />

Perkins noted that Creve Coeur will be<br />

seeking a further grant for this project in<br />

February and another grant will be applied<br />

for this summer to further expand the project.<br />

City receives high marks<br />

in annual audit<br />

Creve Coeur has received “the highest<br />

form of assurance a city can receive on its<br />

financial statement,” according to Tammy<br />

Alsop, partner with Sikich LLP.<br />

Also presented were the findings of an<br />

audit that included general numbers for the<br />

past 10 fiscal years, dating back to mid-2014<br />

and including the year ending June 30, 2023.<br />

The information showed consistent surpluses<br />

throughout that time period.<br />

Per the report, governmental fund revenues<br />

were $26,431,191. Sales taxes<br />

accounted for 45% and public utility<br />

licenses were 23% of the revenue stream.<br />

The categories of intergovernmental, property<br />

taxes, and licenses and permits added<br />

up to 18% of revenue.<br />

Of the $21,995,372 in total expenditures,<br />

34% went toward public safety, 22% for<br />

capital outlay, 17% for public works and<br />

16% for general government uses. Debt<br />

service and community development<br />

added up to 11%.<br />

Regarding the $4,677,715 spent on capital<br />

improvements, a full $2,616,837 went<br />

toward streets and sidewalks, followed by:<br />

• $811,655 for parks and recreation<br />

• $595,369 on stormwater issues<br />

• $355,125 on capital equipment<br />

• $260,412 on administrative costs<br />

• $38,317 on building improvements<br />

Outstanding debt as of June 30 was<br />

$8,327,521 with a full $7,668,588 related<br />

to the police building, which dates back<br />

to 2017 and includes improvements to the<br />

Creve Coeur Government Center.<br />

Alsop noted that in addition to the standard<br />

audit, Sikich LLP was required to do<br />

a single audit related to the spending of<br />

federal dollars.<br />

“Since the city spent over $750,000 in<br />

federal awards, we actually had to do a<br />

single audit,” Alsop explained. “In that,<br />

we had no significant deficiencies and no<br />

compliance problems on that audit, either.<br />

So, that’s a very good opinion to have on<br />

those reports.<br />

On the primary audit the city received a<br />

so-called “Unmodified Opinion.”<br />

“That’s the highest form of assurance a<br />

city can receive on its financial statement,”<br />

Alsop said.<br />

She noted that “everything looks very<br />

good for the city” and she thanked city staff<br />

members who added the Sikich LLP team.<br />

“We appreciate all the help we received<br />

from Lori (Obermoeller), Tracy (Brothers)<br />

and the whole department,” Alsop said.<br />

“The positions are very good, the fund balances<br />

of the general fund is at $19 million,<br />

which is very good. You’ll notice they usually<br />

compare that to the total expenditures<br />

of the general fund, which is $15 million.<br />

So, you have over a year’s worth of expenditures<br />

in unassigned fund balance. That’s<br />

very good and there’s really not much difference<br />

between the last year and prior<br />





Local museum nominated<br />

as one of nation’s best<br />

The National Museum of Transportation,<br />

located at 2933 Barrett Station Road,<br />

has been nominated as a “best open-air<br />

museum” for the USA Today 10 Best<br />

Readers’ Choice - 20<strong>24</strong> list.<br />

As St. Louis transportation enthusiasts<br />

know, and the Smithsonian Institution<br />

concurs, the museum, now in its 80th year,<br />

houses one of the largest and best collections<br />

of transportation vehicles in the country.<br />

Executive Director Terri McEachern<br />

noted that the museum’s collection of artifacts<br />

dates back to the mid-1800s.<br />

“Two of our most recent acquisitions<br />

include the first F/A-18 E1 Super Hornet<br />

and the Virgin Hyperloop XP-2 Pegasus<br />

Pod direct from the Smithsonian Institution’s<br />

Futures Exhibit,” McEachern said.<br />

To vote in the USA Today poll and move<br />

the Transportation Museum to the top of the<br />

list, visit 10best.usatodaycom/awards/travel/<br />

best-open-air-museum-20<strong>24</strong> or this story<br />

online. Voting ends on Monday, Feb. 12.<br />

vehicle when the installation is complete.<br />

Additionally, every Hyundai owner who<br />

visits the clinic will receive a free steering<br />

wheel lock.<br />

Hyundai Motor America sponsors the<br />

drive-thru event in collaboration with<br />

St. Louis County Council member Mark<br />

Harder (R-District 7). Since July of 2023<br />

when the nationwide events began, more<br />

than 1 million Hyundai vehicles have<br />

received software updates.<br />

To see a list of vehicles eligible for the<br />

update, visit hyundaiantitheft.com and<br />

enter the vehicle’s VIN to see if the software<br />

update is needed.<br />


More than $67 million<br />

raised for United Way<br />

The United Way of Greater St. Louis’<br />

annual community campaign raised over<br />

$67 million dollars to help neighbors<br />

across our 16-county region, providing<br />

vital funding and support to over 160 local<br />

nonprofit partner agencies.<br />

United Way’s annual community campaign<br />

brings together thousands of individuals,<br />

companies, unions and foundations<br />

to help make a collective impact on local<br />

nonprofits. Their support gives United Way<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Freezing weather is here!<br />

I NEWS I 9<br />

the capacity to help more than 1 million<br />

people every year.<br />

Ten companies, their employees and<br />

participating labor unions gave combined<br />

team gifts of $1 million or more: Edward<br />

Jones at $7 million, World Wide Technology<br />

at $5 million, Ameren and Enterprise<br />

Mobility at $3 million each, Bayer U.S.<br />

and Spire at $2 million each, and Schnucks,<br />

BJC HealthCare, Emerson, and Nestle<br />

Purina at $1 million each.<br />

The St. Louis Regional Business Council,<br />

which represents more than 100 area<br />

firms, raised more than $15.8 million for<br />

the 2023 campaign.<br />


Hyundai hosts anti-theft<br />

drive-thru event<br />

Hyundai owners can receive a free antitheft<br />

software update at a drive-thru event<br />

from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. on Feb. 2-3 in the Chesterfield<br />

Mall parking lot, outside the closed<br />

Sears store.<br />

This event is being held in response to<br />

persistent thefts targeting certain Hyundai<br />

vehicles without push-button ignitions and<br />

immobilizing anti-theft devices. It’s goal<br />

is to complement Hyundai’s nationwide<br />

network of dealerships and drive further<br />

installations of Hyundai’s free anti-theft<br />

software upgrade for customers who continue<br />

to be affected by the thefts.<br />

Slips and falls affect us all.<br />

Frost, ice and snow are particularly dangerous for our seniors.<br />

If you slip, give us a call!<br />

95% of our rehab residents return to home.<br />

(Source: Hyundai USA)<br />

No appointment is needed. The update<br />

takes around 20 minutes to install.<br />

When drivers arrive, they will check in and<br />

be escorted to a customer lounge. A valet will<br />

take their vehicle to the service bay for the<br />

software update. The valet will return the<br />


gardenviewcarecenter.com<br />

636-537-3333 | CHESTERFIELD<br />

636-861-0500 | DOUGHERTY FERRY<br />

636-<strong>24</strong>0-2840 | O’FALLON

10 I NEWS I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Former Ballwin police chief sues city over recent dismissal<br />




On Jan. 5, former Ballwin chief of police<br />

Doug Schaeffler filed a lawsuit in St. Louis<br />

County Circuit Court, which<br />

alleges that “the city of Ballwin<br />

and its aldermen and employees<br />

conspired to remove from office<br />

and wrongfully discharge” him.<br />

The lawsuit points to the Dec.<br />

6, 2023, closed meeting of the<br />

city’s Board of Aldermen at<br />

which Schaeffler’s removal was<br />

considered and voted on. It<br />

alleges that during that action<br />

Schaeffler was denied due process<br />

and a formal hearing and<br />

that “no sworn testimony from<br />

any competent witnesses in<br />

support of the alleged grounds<br />

for removal, relying instead on<br />

double and triple hearsay and<br />

unauthenticated documents.”<br />

But Ballwin Mayor Tim Pogue<br />

Schaeffler<br />

Pogue<br />

in a public statement released to the city’s<br />

website on Jan. 12, calls those allegations<br />

“baseless.”<br />

In his statement, Pogue says city officials<br />

voted to place Schaeffler on paid administrative<br />

leave on Oct. 9 after allegations were<br />

brought forward to city staff by police officers<br />

within the Ballwin Police<br />

Department.<br />

According to Pogue, on Oct.<br />

30, the city hired an outside<br />

investigator, Erin Williams, of<br />

Clayton-based Ogletree, Deakins,<br />

Nash, Smoak & Stewart, to<br />

look into the allegations. He says<br />

Williams interviewed a number<br />

of Ballwin Police staff and city<br />

staff from Oct. 30 through Nov.<br />

21 and found that five allegations<br />

brought forward against Schaeffler<br />

were substantiated.<br />

“Some of those allegations<br />

include violations of written<br />

established policy. Things like<br />

purchasing alcohol while on<br />

duty and/or in uniform, misuse<br />

of the REJIS system to obtain<br />

criminal and traffic information for nonlaw<br />

enforcement purposes, and harassment,<br />

discrimination and/or retaliation<br />

with respect to supervision of department<br />

employees,” Pogue states. “That included<br />

creating a culture where the perception is<br />

that subordinate officers are rewarded for<br />

consuming alcohol with the Chief and<br />

those that do not are passed over for promotion<br />

or feel that applying is fruitless.”<br />

Pogue alleges that “some of those substantiated<br />

allegations ... were more serious<br />

and violations of Missouri State Statute<br />

106.273, like operating a city vehicle after<br />

consuming alcohol ...”<br />

For his part, Schaeffler in his lawsuit<br />

claims that his removal from office was<br />

a “coordinated, planned and premeditated”<br />

action that began taking shape in September<br />

2023 after an alderman made a criminal<br />

complaint against Pogue and a former<br />

city administrator.<br />

Schaeffler’s petition states that, per<br />

police protocol, he disclosed the matter<br />

to the Ellisville Police Department so it<br />

could investigate the claims made by the<br />

alderman against the mayor and former<br />

city administrator. He says his actions<br />

took place shortly before the city began its<br />

investigation into him.<br />

Per the mayor’s statement, what Pogue<br />

and Schaeffler appear to agree on is that<br />

Schaeffler “acted appropriately in regards<br />

to an investigation brought forward by an<br />

alderman against (Pogue) and a former city<br />

administrator.”<br />

Where they differ is in whether or not<br />

Schaeffler was denied due process in<br />

regard to his dismissal.<br />

Schaeffler maintains that the board’s final<br />

decision to remove him from office was<br />

“made upon unlawful procedure or without<br />

a fair trial” and that it was “unconstitutional,<br />

unlawful, arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable,<br />

and/or involves an abuse of discretion.”<br />

Pogue maintains that proper procedures<br />

under state law were followed in the<br />

board’s unanimous decision to terminate<br />

the police chief.<br />

Schaeffler is seeking reinstatement to his<br />

former position, removal of all documents<br />

related to his removal proceeding from his<br />

personnel file, backpay and lost benefits,<br />

pre- and post-judgement interest, and compensatory<br />

and punitive damages.<br />

Regardless of who wins the case, the taxpayers<br />

of Ballwin will pay the price.<br />

New branding unveiled during ‘state of the county’ address<br />


A new logo and branding for St. Louis<br />

County was unveiled by County Executive<br />

Dr. Sam Page on Jan. 10 at his State of the<br />

County address. Page said the new branding<br />

will give the county a unified identity,<br />

making the area more promotable to businesses<br />

and individuals looking for a place to<br />

call home. The new logo contains a rose-red<br />

fleur-de-lis in the center of a woven circle<br />

and comes with the tagline “Opportunity<br />

Central” to describe St. Louis County.<br />

“The logo serves as a cohesive symbol of<br />

Saint Louis County, bringing our brand tagline<br />

‘Opportunity Central’ to life,” Page said.<br />

“Our region’s population has been stagnant<br />

for decades. We can’t compete against ourselves.<br />

We must work as one. We want the<br />

Austins, the Nashvilles and the other metro<br />

regions that have done a fine job of branding<br />

themselves to know that we see you, but we<br />

are also competing with you.”<br />

The fleur-de-lis is a nod to St. Louis’s<br />

French history and heritage. The woven<br />

circle represents the rivers that border the<br />

county and also represents the partnership<br />

between the government and its people and<br />

the county and its 87 municipalities, the<br />

county said in describing the new branding.<br />

According to the county, its new slogan,<br />

Opportunity Central, represents the many<br />

possibilities the county holds for people of<br />

all kinds. Page said it serves as an invitation<br />

for businesses to come and thrive, a call for<br />

families to make their homes here or a destination<br />

for visitors.<br />

The rebranding campaign, which included<br />

the logo, tagline and the narrative behind<br />

the choices, cost $90,000.<br />

The contract for those services was<br />

approved in 2022 and came from the county<br />

executive’s budget, officials said. The contract<br />

also includes a new county flag design<br />

that will be completed later this year.<br />

With the county budget in a deficit, some<br />

county council members questioned the<br />

decision to spend tax dollars on a rebranding<br />

project.<br />

“I don’t understand why now and why<br />

this is so important for our future,” council<br />

member Dennis Hancock (R-District 3) said.<br />

“If you’re in the business world, in competition,<br />

it makes sense to rebrand your logo. We<br />

don’t have any competition, we’re the government.<br />

The fact we are spending any money<br />

at a time when our income and expenses are<br />

way out of whack with each other, holding<br />

up ARPA funds that have been committed<br />

(to nonprofits), and now we’re going to pull<br />

the rug out from under them. You have to be<br />

prudent with the taxpayers’ money.”<br />

In a letter dated Dec. 28, Hancock asked<br />

the county counselor, Dana Redwing, if the<br />

county executive has the power to hold ARPA<br />

funds, or any funds, that were allocated by<br />

the county council.<br />

“I received a long winded<br />

response that basically said,<br />

‘Of course he (has that power)<br />

because he’s the county executive,’”<br />

Hancock said. “To me<br />

they’re talking about whether<br />

he has the discretion to do this.<br />

“There’s going to be more<br />

discussion about this (use of<br />

ARPA funds). (The ordinances)<br />

don’t say may, they say shall.<br />

(The money) has to be used<br />

the way the council said it can<br />

be used. The council has a very important<br />

role in the power of the purse. If we allocate<br />

funds, we expect those funds to be used in<br />

the way in which they were allocated.”<br />

Hancock said the council will seek some<br />

clarification on this through either an ordinance<br />

or through the charter.<br />

Council member Mark Harder (R-District<br />

7) agrees that the rebranding is an unnecessary<br />

expense, which council members knew<br />

nothing about until a few days before Page’s<br />

message when they received an email mentioning<br />

the rebranding<br />

“$90,000 seems a little steep seeing that<br />

Chesterfield is in the process of updating their<br />

logo and they are only going to spend $5,000<br />

on the design,” Harder said. “After <strong>24</strong> hours<br />

of the community commenting, I would say<br />

what I’ve seen is people either don’t like it, or<br />

(Source: St. Louis County)<br />

don’t care. Of all the priorities we have right<br />

now in the county that we need to deal with, I<br />

don’t see this in the top 20 or 30.”<br />

The county’s website has already been<br />

updated, but Page’s chief communications<br />

officer, Doug Moore, said the county “will<br />

not immediately replace all signs, vehicles,<br />

uniforms, etc. with the (new) logo.”<br />

“Rather, we will do it gradually as we<br />

replace items through the typical purchasing<br />

process. So, it could take two to three years<br />

to see everything switched over,” Moore said.<br />

Harder said there might have been more<br />

community support if there had been community<br />

involvement in the design, such as a<br />

competition or community vote.<br />

“The justification in this branding effort is<br />

See COUNTY, page 12

Left: Associate Medical Director<br />

Dr. Lenise Cummings-Vaughn,<br />

Administrator Kathy Kelley, and<br />

Medical Director Dr. David Carr<br />

meet with a resident.<br />

To truly lead the way in memory care,<br />

It takes a village.<br />

A village of expert memory care clinicians. A village of highly-skilled nurses<br />

and staff for every stage of dementia—from assisted-living to skilled-nursing<br />

care. What’s more, we’ve designed Parc Provence to function as a village—<br />

with five levels of care provided in a household setting. Plus a greenhouse,<br />

ice cream parlor, library, art gallery, chapel and more, all nestled amongst<br />

private pathways and gardens exclusively for residents and their visitors.<br />

Put our village to work for your family.<br />

Leading the Way in Memory Care<br />

314-542-2500<br />


605 Coeur de Ville Drive<br />

Creve Coeur, MO 63141<br />

Located near the intersection of Olive and I-270<br />

Parc Provence is committed to equal housing opportunity and does not discriminate in housing and services because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

12 I NEWS I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


décor<br />

and lifestyles<br />

COMING AGAIN 2.7.<strong>24</strong><br />


636.591.0010<br />

As anticipation builds for Dr.<br />

Michael Greger's upcoming book<br />

tour, eager attendees can expect<br />

a deep dive into the science<br />

behind a vibrant and healthy life.<br />

Dr. Greger breaks down the<br />

eleven key aging pathways,<br />

providing a glimpse into how<br />

these mechanisms influence our<br />

biological clocks. Each pathway<br />

offers unique insights into the<br />

aging process, empowering<br />

readers with actionable knowledge.<br />

“How Not To Age” serves as a<br />

comprehensive guide to navigate<br />

the intricate pathways of aging.<br />

Dr. Greger provides not only<br />

knowledge but practical<br />

strategies to implement lifestyle<br />

changes that support a more<br />

resilient and youthful journey<br />

through the aging process. "How<br />

Not to Age" emerges as a beacon<br />

of hope, offering the tools to<br />

unlock the secrets of youthful<br />

aging.<br />

Event Details:<br />

Tuesday, Feb 13, 20<strong>24</strong><br />

From 6:00pm - 8:00pm<br />

The Sheldon Concert Hall,<br />

3648 Washington Blvd., St.<br />

Louis, MO, 63108<br />




GREGER<br />



Ticket Options:<br />

General Admission ($40)<br />

Standard Admission ($65):<br />

Includes a copy of Dr.<br />

Greger's book, "How Not To<br />

Age."<br />

Premium Admission ($100):<br />

Offers preferred seating, a<br />

signed copy of the book, a<br />

chance to win luxury<br />

transportation to the event,<br />

and an exclusive Private<br />

Cooking Class with Caryn<br />

Dugan of The Center for<br />

Plant-Based Living.<br />

Tickets Are Selling Fast!<br />

Interested individuals are urged<br />

to secure their tickets promptly,<br />

as they are quickly selling out.<br />

Tickets can be purchased at<br />

STLHowNotToAge.eventbrite.c<br />

om or by scanning the QR Code<br />

Below.<br />

HouseFit<br />

3809 Lemay Ferry Rd.<br />

Saint Louis, MO 63125<br />

(314) 939-1377<br />

info@housefitstl.com<br />

www.housefitstl.com<br />


Wildwood residents are apprehensive<br />

about the prospect of a residential development<br />

they thought had been put to rest surfacing<br />

again.<br />

TB Realty and Development and<br />

Benton Homebuilders are appealing their<br />

request for a rezoning of an approximately<br />

6-acre tract in Wildwood’s Town Center.<br />

Lattitude N38 would consist of 57 rental<br />

homes at the southeast corner of Eatherton<br />

Road and Crestview Drive. A homeowners’<br />

association would manage the<br />

property.<br />

The project, which was defeated twice by<br />

the Planning and Zoning Commission, still<br />

faces opposition.<br />

At the Jan. 8 City Council meeting, Jean<br />

Obrien said that residents in the nearby<br />

neighborhoods do not want rental properties.<br />

“His (Tony Bosworth) proposal has been<br />

denied twice but he continues to tweak his<br />

idea and bring it back and appeal it again,”<br />

she said. “Members of the community<br />

have objected to the rental development for<br />

months.”<br />

William Levinson, president of Benton<br />

Homes, pointed out that the Planning<br />

Department had recommended approval of<br />

the project and that it aligns with the city’s<br />

guiding documents.<br />

In a letter to the city, Bosworth stated that<br />

Latitude N38 meets the requirements of the<br />

Neighborhood General District in Town<br />

Center, and all of the design components<br />



Lattitude N38 in flux while McKelvey<br />

Homes project moves forward<br />

COUNTY, from page 10<br />

that somehow this is going to attract more<br />

people or businesses to St. Louis County<br />

than before,” Harder said. “I don’t see<br />

people making a decision whether to move<br />

based on a brand, flag or logo. People want<br />

good schools, safe neighborhoods, and nice<br />

homes. They want a good quality of life for<br />

their family to prosper.”<br />

In addition to unveiling the new county<br />

brand, Page highlighted the accomplishments<br />

of the St. Louis County government<br />

over the past year. He mentioned new jobs<br />

brought by Clayco’s expansion in North<br />

County, the demolition of Jamestown Mall<br />

and construction on Gateway Studios in<br />

Chesterfield moving ahead as planned. He<br />

also noted that Spirit of St. Louis Airport<br />

had 400 flights a day in 2023, a number he<br />

expects to increase once the Gateway Studios<br />

buildout is complete.<br />

When it comes to the budget, Page pointed<br />

out that the county has more than $2 billion<br />

and architectural guidelines. In addition, the<br />

developers plan to donate a sizable contribution<br />

of land to the city for right-of-way.<br />

The council will set a date for the appeal<br />

hearing at its meeting in February.<br />

• • •<br />

On another proposal, amendments were<br />

approved for a mixed-use development in<br />

Town Center. The project spearheaded by<br />

Greenberg Development Company will be<br />

located east of the B&B Theater to Taylor<br />

Road, then south to Manchester Road. The<br />

11-acre site will include 14 single-family<br />

homes and 189 multi-family units.<br />

Joe Vujnich, director of planning and<br />

parks, noted amendments in the company’s<br />

plans, which relate to front porches in the<br />

development and their extent across the<br />

front of the dwellings, along with their<br />

depth; access to the garages from the front<br />

rather than the rear; soundproofing associated<br />

with the single-family units; and allowing<br />

Eastgate Lane to remain a private street<br />

but with public access.<br />

Ed Kohn, of Greenberg Development,<br />

explained that with a builder in place<br />

(McKelvey Homes), it was determined that<br />

buyers are looking for 3-car garages, which<br />

necessitated the changes.<br />

Kohn asked the council to break with<br />

protocol and take a second reading on the<br />

amendments on Jan. 8 to keep the project<br />

moving forward and allow him to submit a<br />

site plan.<br />

The council gave final approval to the<br />

changes at the meeting.<br />

in infrastructure projects that don’t have<br />

funding and emphasized that he does not<br />

believe the county can cut its way out of the<br />

deficit. Even with an estimated $3 million in<br />

additional revenue from the marijuana use<br />

tax projected, Page said it’s not enough. He<br />

added the county is missing out on an estimated<br />

$10 million a year by not taxing online<br />

purchases, something proponents of the tax<br />

say will also help small brick and mortar<br />

businesses compete with online sales.<br />

Hinting that a tax increase could be on<br />

the horizon, Page noted that the county’s tax<br />

rate has not been raised for a long time.<br />

“We work to be fiscally responsible while<br />

providing the services our residents have<br />

come to expect and we can’t let them down.<br />

But that’s what we’re going to do if we can’t<br />

make the difficult decisions to increase<br />

revenue streams,” Page said in his address.<br />

“The county’s tax rate has not been increased<br />

since 1984. Several of my staff members<br />

were not even born the last time the county<br />

government increased its tax rate.”



January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


Creve Coeur Council takes next steps in Ballas Road improvements<br />

I NEWS I 13<br />


Ballas Road is the lengthiest continuous<br />

road in the city of Creve Coeur,<br />

stretching from Craig Road in the north<br />

roughly down to Conway in the south.<br />

It’s also one of the most important and<br />

highly traveled roads as is it home to the<br />

city’s police and government centers as<br />

well as a slew of medical facilities.<br />

At its Jan. 8 meeting, the Creve Coeur<br />

City Council considered one bill and<br />

two resolutions regarding improvements<br />

to Ballas Road. Both resolutions passed<br />

unanimously. Bill 6100 will also undoubtedly<br />

pass following a second reading that<br />

was expected after press time on Jan. 22.<br />

The improvement phases are:<br />

Phase 1: Olive Boulevard to Craig<br />

Road with construction to begin in spring<br />

20<strong>24</strong>.<br />

Phase 2: Conway Road to Ladue Road.<br />

Phase 3: Ladue Road to Magna Carta<br />

Drive.<br />

Phase 4: Magna Carta Drive to Olive<br />

Boulevard.<br />

Sweetens Concrete Services, the lowest<br />

bidder in the amount of $1,160,688 was<br />

chosen for Phase 1 of the project. Per the<br />

resolution, this portion of New Ballas<br />

Road “is among the worst stretches of<br />

pavement in the city’s roadway network.<br />

The pavement is badly deteriorated and<br />

sections of the sidewalk network do not<br />

meet current ADA standards.”<br />

Plans are to replace about 25% of the<br />

concrete pavement and to diamond grind<br />

all the pavement. All the curb ramps,<br />

about 40% of the sidewalks and all but<br />

one entrance will be replaced.<br />

“A mid-block crossing will also be<br />

installed near #2 City Place Drive. This<br />

project will also improve the traffic<br />

signal, pedestrian crossing and slotted<br />

drain at the intersection of New Ballas<br />

Road and City Place Drive,” the resolution<br />

said.<br />

“Fortunately, this is a federally funded<br />

project through a Surface Transportation<br />

Program (STP) Grant, so MoDOT has<br />

concurred with us, and with that, out of<br />

the $1.16 million, $920,000 would be<br />

paid for by federal money,” City Engineer<br />

Steven Berecz said. “If approved,<br />

the work would start around March of<br />

this year and be done around fall. Sweetens<br />

has worked in the community before<br />

and has really good references.”<br />

Bill 6100 would authorize the execution<br />

of a Surface Transportation Block Grant<br />

(STBG) Program agreement with the<br />

Missouri Highways and Transportation<br />

Commission for Phase 2 improvements<br />

to include asphalt pavement resurfacing,<br />

curb repairs, and sidewalk and bus stop<br />

improvements to South New Ballas Road.<br />

“These grants take a while to progress<br />

from design to construction,” Berecz said.<br />

“So, the design will probably occur in the<br />

next year or two with construction likely<br />

commencing on this project in 2026 for<br />

Ballas from Ladue to Conway roads.”<br />

Instigated by Ward 4 council members<br />

Dan Tierney and Joe Martinich, there was<br />

a brief discussion about ownership of bus<br />

shelters and the need for them.<br />

Next, council members reviewed and<br />

also approved a resolution authorizing<br />

a contract with Horner & Shifrin, Inc<br />

for services related to Phase 2, between<br />

Ladue and Conway roads. The cost is<br />

expected to be $148,160 or less.<br />

Considered the top engineering firm<br />

in the St. Louis area, Horner & Shifrin<br />

has been the design consultant for several<br />

projects along Ballas Road. They’ve also<br />

had great construction success on Emerson,<br />

Ladue and Mosley roads.<br />

Per the resolution, “the goal of the project<br />

is to create a safer and smoother road<br />

and sidewalk.”<br />

Easements and right-of-way likely will<br />

be needed from two properties at the corner<br />

of Sackston Ridge because part of the sidewalk<br />

appears to be outside of the right-ofway,<br />

according to project documentation.<br />

“They are very familiar with the project<br />

and the city, and they were the best qualified<br />

for this project,” Berecz said. “Like<br />

other projects, the city pays for design<br />

costs which is just under $150,000. The<br />

whole grant to have the construction is<br />

about $1.2 million for this project. Again,<br />

the heavy bulk of this would be federally<br />

funded. It is a long process to secure federal<br />

funds; normally about two years. So,<br />

the construction would probably be done<br />

in 2026.”<br />

Details of the project note that the<br />

design phase should run between fiscal<br />

years 20<strong>24</strong>-2026, and would be fully<br />

funded by the city. Right-of-way acquisition,<br />

which includes necessary easements<br />

for two properties at the corner of<br />

New Ballas and Sackston Ridge, would<br />

be handled for fall and winter 2025. The<br />

federal grant will reimburse the city up<br />

to 80% of those costs as well as the total<br />

construction cost, set to be completed<br />

sometime in 2026.<br />

LIKE<br />


AT<br />

ICE<br />

CREAM<br />

PARLOR<br />

Now Open!<br />



Sudoku brought to you by Brooking Park<br />

Complete the grid so that every row, column, and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.<br />

• Affordable Rates/All Inclusive<br />

• 3 Delicious Meals Daily<br />

• Weekly Housekeeping Services<br />

• Weekly Laundry Services<br />



Activities, Transportation, Entertainment, Theatre & Much More<br />



CHESTERFIELD, MO 63017<br />

314-576-5545 | BROOKINGPARK.ORG<br />

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January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




Furniture, accessories, design services and more<br />

For those looking for a new style for a room or a suite of rooms, visit The Porch in<br />

Wildwood and find a warm, welcoming experience with inspiring new ideas everywhere.<br />

The Porch in Wildwood features timeless home furnishings in a variety of styles. There<br />

are accessories, barware, kitchen goods,<br />

lighting, wall paintings, custom rugs and<br />

pillows – everything needed to create a<br />

beautiful home that’s uniquely yours.<br />

If you need a little help pulling your<br />

ideas together there are professional<br />

design services available.<br />

The Porch, established in 2010, has a new<br />

owner and designer Jan Coffman, who is<br />

ready to help her customers create the<br />

home of their dreams.<br />

“I recently purchased the business in<br />

October of 2023,” Jan said. “I am excited to offer my design services, as well as provide a fresh<br />

take on home decor, accessories and gifts in the store.”<br />

She is just finishing the final touches on the Design Center where clients can see exciting<br />

plans for their rooms come together.<br />

New design offerings are already available at The Porch.<br />

“We now offer custom-made upholstery furniture with designer fabrics and high-quality<br />

materials that are made in the USA,” Jan said.<br />

In addition, there are women’s apparel and statement jewelry pieces that will take your<br />

style out into the world, as well as one-of-a-kind gifts.<br />

The best part is there is always something new at<br />

The Porch. If one week you don’t find the item you’re<br />

looking for, come again.<br />

“We are ever changing! New items are coming in<br />

weekly,” Jan said.<br />

Stop by, and you’ll surely find something to inspire<br />

you at The Porch.<br />

16957 Manchester Rd. • Wildwood<br />

(636) 273-3745<br />

Celebrating over 31 years of quality work<br />

Is 20<strong>24</strong> the year you decide to<br />

upgrade the appearance of your<br />

home? If it is, then look to Penick<br />

Construction Co. Bill Penick, owner,<br />

has been in business in the St. Louis<br />

area for over 31 years.<br />

If a referral is needed, just ask. Bill<br />

can provide thousands of referrals<br />

from satisfied customers in the <strong>West</strong><br />

St. Louis County area alone. One could<br />

be your neighbor!<br />

Eureka resident Gayle said, “This is<br />

the most professional group of people we have ever dealt with! The detail in his quality<br />

presentation and quote is continued in the execution of his precision work.”<br />

Penick Construction Co. is the exclusive dealer for the Generations line of thermal windows,<br />

doors and insulated siding, as well as being a certified installer for Certainteed shingles,<br />

Harbor insulated siding, and Newton and Windcore thermal-insulated windows. Penick<br />

Construction Co. also is proud to offer the ProVia line of steel entry and fiberglass doors.<br />

Penick Construction Co. also offers soffit, fascia, gutters, gutter covers, roofs and fiberglass<br />

and steel entry doors that are the best the industry has to offer. In addition to its highestquality<br />

products, Penick Construction Co. offers a 10-year warranty on its expert installations.<br />

Penick Construction Co. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau with an<br />

A+ rating and a member of the Eureka Chamber<br />

of Commerce. It has also been recognized by<br />

Norandex/Reynolds with the Master Craftsmen<br />

award. This award is given to those contractors who<br />

have not just met, but exceeded, their commitment<br />

to customer satisfaction.<br />

For a professional residential remodel, call Penick<br />

Construction Co. for a free estimate or visit<br />

penick-construction.com today!<br />

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www.penick-construction.com<br />

Customized transportation for special needs<br />

Ronda Meriweather,<br />

owner<br />

Sometimes people need a little help getting where they<br />

need to go. Whether it is a trip home from the hospital, a<br />

doctor’s appointment, dentist appointment or any nonmedical<br />

event, Transport-U can help!<br />

“Transportation is what we do,” said Ronda Meriweather,<br />

owner. “We are transporting people who are unable to drive<br />

themselves to non-emergency events, such as doctor and<br />

dentist appointments, the airport, family events or leisure<br />

trips,”<br />

“We are not Uber; we are not Lyft; and we are not a cab<br />

company,” Ronda said.<br />

“The difference between Transport-U and those other<br />

services is that we are dedicated to handle a situation when<br />

someone has a medical issue. After a procedure, hospitals are<br />

restricted on who they can release patients to when they are<br />

medicated because patients may be sick, dizzy or nauseous.”<br />

All staff, drivers, dispatchers, office staff including Ronda are trained in CPR and AED and have<br />

taken special driving courses which educate drivers on how to handle passengers with special<br />

conditions that need customized care like people who are visually or hearing impaired.<br />

Transport-U’s vehicles are wheelchair and gurney accessible.<br />

“We love our seniors,” Ronda said. “Most of our customers live in senior communities and do<br />

not live close to family who can help.”<br />

Family members who live outside of Missouri often<br />

rely on these services, entrusting their loved ones will<br />

be safely transported to their destination.<br />

Transport-U is a private pay company located in the<br />

Chesterfield area and provides transportation in a 30-<br />

mile radius as well as rural communities.<br />

For more information or to schedule a trip, give them a<br />

call or visit Transport-U’s website.<br />

(314) 970-3438<br />

www.transport-u.com<br />

info@transport-u.com<br />

Giving children skills for the future<br />

A business that opens an exciting<br />

new world of technology for children<br />

is now enrolling future Ninjas. Code<br />

Ninjas Wildwood opened its doors on<br />

January 8, 20<strong>24</strong>.<br />

“We are excited to be a part of the<br />

technology movement to help children<br />

build technical and leadership skills so<br />

they’re well prepared for the future<br />

world,” said Shawn Young, co-owner<br />

with her husband Jeff.<br />

Code Ninjas Wildwood teaches<br />

children ages 5-14 computer coding and problem-solving skills while they have fun building<br />

video games. They will learn how to code in a fun, safe social learning environment, where<br />

gaming is celebrated, and STEM is cool. Code Ninjas Wildwood accomplishes this with a<br />

robust, game-based curriculum made up of nine belts, just like martial arts. The curriculum<br />

is self-paced, but not self-taught; kids get immediate help and encouragement from Code<br />

Senseis and fellow students as they advance from white to black belt.<br />

“Our business focuses on the fun while also teaching valuable life skills and lessons,” Shawn<br />

said. “We are the only place in the west county area that offers a base curriculum in coding<br />

that is not one-on-one tutoring and gives all kids at all different levels a chance to dive into<br />

coding and STEM educational activities. We provide the building blocks of what coding is<br />

through a technology that is attractive to kids of all ages,” she said.<br />

The couple are the new owners of a location that<br />

closed at the end of 2022.<br />

“We are excited to offer a brand new curriculum<br />

and services to the area,” Shawn said. “We are a local<br />

family-owned business that wants to invest in our<br />

kids’ future.”<br />

Enrollment for the program is ongoing. Visit the<br />

Code Ninja website or give them a call.<br />

16747 Main St. • Wildwood<br />

(636) 422-1457<br />




January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />



It’s official – another season is coming<br />

A rendering of St. Paul’s Lutheran School’s<br />

addition<br />

For 175 years, God has blessed the<br />

ministry of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church<br />

and School of Des Peres – and He’s not<br />

finished! This year the organization<br />

will break ground to add a new twostory<br />

building to its campus with these<br />

amenities: gymnasium with regulationsized<br />

court, locker rooms and concession<br />

stand; music suite and performing<br />

arts stage; worship space; fellowship<br />

lobby; and additional classrooms and<br />

collaboration rooms. Through this<br />

expansion, St. Paul’s yearns to tell more<br />

children and their families about the<br />

wonders God has done. Come and hear! Limited openings for the 20<strong>24</strong>-2025 school year are<br />

available.<br />

St. Paul’s first began its ministry in church and school in 1849 in a one-room log cabin. In<br />

1867, a brick church took its place. The following year, an<br />

orphans’ home (now Des Peres City Hall) was founded.<br />

In 1883, a separate school building was constructed. In<br />

1938, the building parallel to Manchester Road with<br />

the bell tower was erected. In the 1950s and 1960s,<br />

the current school building directly behind the church<br />

on Ballas Road was added to the campus. In 1985, the<br />

church building parallel to Ballas Road with the tall<br />

steeple was built. In 2001, St. Paul’s acquired a second<br />

campus next to <strong>West</strong> County Mall which serves as the<br />

Early Childhood Center. In 2020, St. Paul’s opened its<br />

current three-story K-8 building attached to the 1960s<br />

building. The new addition will replace that older<br />

building and is expected to open in 2026.<br />

1300 N. Ballas Road • Des Peres<br />

(314) 822-2771<br />

stplutheranschool.org<br />

Experienced, knowledgable and dedicated to clients<br />

Bob Offerman, C.P.A. may be new to Morice, List &<br />

Associates, but he’s not new to the accounting and tax<br />

planning and preparation services they provide.<br />

Bob has 50 years of experience in accounting and<br />

assurance services. His expertise includes tax and<br />

accounting services as well as employee benefit plan<br />

audits, governmental services, individual taxes as well<br />

as support for small and medium-sized businesses.<br />

“Tax planning is critical for every business because<br />

you want to take advantage of every opportunity<br />

within the law, to minimize your taxes,” Bob said.<br />

With 47 years with one firm and the role of managing<br />

partner for 20 years until the firm was sold, Bob<br />

continues doing what he does best because he loves it, he said.<br />

“I enjoy working with clients. There is a lot of gratification in knowing that you’ve been<br />

able to help a client.”<br />

Many of his clients will be following Bob to Morice, List & Associates because of the service<br />

he has provided for them all these years, he said.<br />

“Clients confide in their CPA’s more than they do any other professionals.” Bob said. “They<br />

are like family to me.”<br />

Bob is glad to be working with his new firm Morice List and Associates, and business clients<br />

will be too, he said.<br />

“It’s a midsize, local firm that offers close personal attention that you might not get from<br />

a large CPA firm. Also, the tax work is done<br />

locally and not outsourced like some larger<br />

companies do,” he said.<br />

“It’s good to know and trust the people you<br />

are working with,” Bob said. “Morice, List &<br />

Associates has a great team of people here<br />

that can help and support you whatever your<br />

business needs.”<br />

8700 Manchester Road • St. Louis<br />

O: (314) 647-3005 • C: (314) 378-9753<br />

www.moricelist.com<br />

Authentic Mexican cuisine, inspired by family recipes<br />

Whether it's dining on savory seafood dishes or enjoying appetizers with a hint of<br />

spice, one thing is certain – when customers walk through the doors of Charro Mexican<br />

Restaurant, each dish is crafted based on a homemade recipe. In fact, owner Ezequiel<br />

Camacho based the restaurant’s dishes on recipes<br />

from his mother, Raquel, and his big sister, Dolores.<br />

When Ezequiel couldn’t find a restaurant that<br />

offered authentic Mexican cuisine with farm-fresh<br />

ingredients, he opened his own.<br />

He began by working for other restaurants to<br />

start learning the management side of the industry,<br />

Ezequiel said.<br />

By 2009, Charro was born. Since then, the<br />

restaurant has expanded to two restaurant<br />

locations managed by Ezequiel and his wife, Fan.<br />

Customers can sample a variety of popular dishes<br />

like the Charbroiled Shrimp or the tacos al pastor<br />

which features marinated pork cooked on the grill<br />

and topped with cilantro, onions, fresh lime and the<br />

Ezequiel Camacho, owner<br />

family recipe salsa. According to Ezequiel, the salsa<br />

is full-bodied with “just the right amount of spice.”<br />

The restaurant also features a fully stocked bar<br />

that carries American and Mexican brews and 30 types of tequila.<br />

The restaurant’s atmosphere can’t be overlooked. From the cozy bar to the spacious<br />

patio to the private event space, customers<br />

of any taste will feel welcomed into the<br />

restaurant’s family.<br />

“We have a lot of customers that keep<br />

coming back,” Ezequiel said. “I have a lot of<br />

friends here.”<br />

14839 Clayton Road • Chesterfield<br />

(636) 256-7071<br />

Retire in style at a lakeside community<br />

Discover the year-round charm of<br />

Cape Albeon, where every season<br />

is a celebration!<br />

Nestled lakeside, this retirement<br />

community is a hidden jewel,<br />

offering residents a resort-like<br />

experience. Julie Beck, a resident<br />

for over four years, describes it as<br />

“a delightful haven.”<br />

The lakes and lush surroundings<br />

captivated Jacqueline Pell,<br />

influencing her decision to make<br />

Cape Albeon her home. The<br />

community’s ambiance, complete with lakes and greenery, sealed the deal. The addition<br />

of a pickleball court was the perfect touch for Jacqueline, showcasing the community’s<br />

commitment to active living.<br />

Residents like Jacqueline and Julie embrace an active lifestyle. Whether it’s playing pickleball<br />

or enjoying card games, Cape Albeon fosters camaraderie and engagement.<br />

The dining room serves exceptional meals, and retirement apartments offer spacious<br />

comfort. Residents appreciate the all-inclusive amenities and apartment design.<br />

What sets Cape Albeon apart is its intimate<br />

size, fostering a close-knit community where<br />

residents and staff genuinely care for one<br />

another. The friendly staff and residents<br />

create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.<br />

Cape Albeon, a St. Andrews Resources for<br />

Seniors Systems community, invites you<br />

to schedule a tour and discover why it’s<br />

the preferred choice for retirement living.<br />

Experience the joy of year-round living at<br />

Cape Albeon!<br />

3380 Lake Bend Drive • St. Louis<br />

(636) 861-3200<br />


16 I SCHOOLS I<br />

Breadings<br />

Batters<br />

and<br />

P R E M<br />

–<br />

–<br />

I U M<br />

Q U A L I T Y<br />


When you taste Andy’s Breading and<br />

Batter, you will enjoy the quality and<br />

craftsmanship.<br />

www.andysseasoning.com<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />





Ellisville trio finishes third in Missouri S&T start-up challenge<br />

“Know your core competencies and focus<br />

on being great at them.”<br />

Mark Cuban, American businessman and<br />

principal owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is<br />

noted for having made that statement on<br />

the TV show, “Shark Tank.” It’s a quote<br />

that exemplifies the strength of a young<br />

Ellisville trio who recently excelled in what<br />

all three referred to as a true “Shark Tank”<br />

experience.<br />

<strong>West</strong>minster Christian Academy graduate<br />

Ava Berutti (2022) and Lafayette High<br />

graduate Hayden St. John (2023) both<br />

earned Kummer Vanguard Scholarships to<br />

Missouri S&T in Rolla. The award requires<br />

being a STEM student with a very high ACT<br />

score. It also made them eligible to compete<br />

in the Kummer Institute’s second annual<br />

startup challenge. But the duo wanted one<br />

more mind.<br />

St. John chose Marquette graduate Devin<br />

Keating (2023) whom he knew from Ellisville<br />

Elementary and Crestview Middle.<br />

“They let you add another team member,<br />

which is a good thing. Devin is super smart<br />

in everything and already had this great idea!”<br />

Berutti exclaimed. “So we banded together<br />

and did Safe Plate as our presentation.”<br />

Safe Plate is a weight plate/clip-pin combination<br />

that allows for the quick release of<br />

weights from the barbell, allowing weightlifters<br />

to safely workout without a spotter.<br />

As noted in the student’s presentation,<br />

when a weightlifter is exhausted or tries to<br />

bench more than they can handle, the barbell<br />

can easily become stuck across the lifter’s<br />

body. In a traditional barbell system, the<br />

release clip is on the outside of the weight,<br />

making it difficult to remove. And even if<br />

the weight did release, it would likely land<br />

on the lifter’s body, which could lead to a<br />

wide variety of injuries.<br />

With Safe Plate, the release clip and pin<br />

slide into place on the inside edge of the<br />

weight. That makes it much easier for a solitary<br />

lifter to remove the clip and allow the<br />

weight to slide off the bar away from his or<br />

her body when in a benching position.<br />

St. John noted that during the COVID<br />

pandemic, many people invested in home<br />

gyms. No one can spot themselves. But with<br />

Safe Plate, if you were to push yourself to<br />

your last rep and couldn’t get the bar up, you<br />

could unclip the weights and they would fall<br />

off away from you.<br />

There would be no need for a spotter, and<br />

the lifter would always be able to complete<br />

their lifting unharmed.<br />

Berutti led the presentation and was the<br />

perfect choice, given that she is an accomplished<br />

speaker. In 2022, she won a St.<br />

Louis High School Musical Theater Award<br />

as best leading actress. She has also performed<br />

on Broadway. She transferred to<br />

MS&T after her freshman year at Missouri<br />

Baptist University.<br />

“Public speaking and communicating with<br />

others are what I’m used to,” Berutti said.<br />

“That’s kind of what I thought I brought to<br />

the table.”<br />

It was only natural for Keating, a mechanical<br />

engineering student, to handle the product<br />

description. After all, as Berutti explained,<br />

“Devin is the father of the product!”<br />

Having been an ardent gym goer for several<br />

years, Keating explained that in bench<br />

press, not every lifter always has the option<br />

of having a spotter nearby.<br />

“I’ve actually seen several times where<br />

someone is benching without a spotter,<br />

they’ll get stuck under the bar, and someone’s<br />

got to run over and help them,” Keating<br />

said. “So, I could see this was a problem<br />

that we could come up with a solution for.”<br />

He added that through a massive amount<br />

of research, they learned there were already<br />

several different clips to put on barbells<br />

on the outside of the weights. They also<br />

found different weight plates. But none<br />

See ELLISVILLE TRIO, page 37<br />

Love the<br />

life you live.<br />

The best of Assisted Living and<br />

Memory Care in <strong>West</strong> St. Louis County<br />

Please call Katrie at 636-778-4800 to schedule<br />

a tour or visit TheGrandeAtChesterfield.com<br />

Ask about our new 20<strong>24</strong> Rates!<br />

16300 Justus Post Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017




BOARD<br />

A ton of caring<br />

Parkway South High students collected<br />

one ton of canned goods to donate to the<br />

Circle of Concern Food Pantry during the<br />

holiday season. The collection is part of an<br />

annual project where students in the essential<br />

skills program travel to different places<br />

in the community to help others.<br />

South High students also collected the<br />

most donations in the high schools annual<br />

Charity Clothing Pick Up. Students at all<br />

four high schools collected winter clothing<br />

items for local organizations serving those<br />

in need. For their efforts South High won<br />

the 2023 Holiday Cup.<br />

• • •<br />

Students at Ross Elementary recently<br />

filled two school buses with cereal for the<br />

Parkway Food Pantry.<br />

Ross’ student character committee led<br />

the donation drive for all students to participate<br />

in and earn a school-wide incentive.<br />

Student leaders on the principals’<br />

cabinet delivered the donation to the Parkway<br />

Food Pantry and received a tour of the<br />

facility. Learn more at parkwayschools.net,<br />

search “student services/food pantry.”<br />

Math is his ‘super power’<br />

Green Trails first grader Nathan Katcher,<br />

known as the “Nathan the Number Kid,”<br />

and his mom Rachel welcomed in the<br />

new year as guests on the Jennifer Hudson<br />

Show.<br />

“I started doing math when I was 3 1/2.<br />

I started counting buses. I went up to 500<br />

and I don’t start over when I go in the car I<br />

just keep where I’m at,” Nathan said.<br />

After asking mom about her memories of<br />

how Nathan’s love of math began, Hudson<br />

asked Nathan to show off his “super power.”<br />

“Because you’ve got a supper power on<br />

you,” she said. “Don’t y’all think so.”<br />

Nathan went on to solve three math problems,<br />

including solving for the square root<br />

of 256÷2×10+40×2-15. Check out more<br />

of Nathan’s incredible problem solving @<br />

NathanTheNumberKid on TikTok.<br />

Exceptional young writers<br />

A total of nine Rockwood School District<br />

students from fourth through eighth<br />

grade earned recognition in the 2023 St.<br />

Louis Writers Guild Young Writers Awards<br />

competition.<br />

Eighth-graders Amanda Vache (Crestview<br />

Middle) and Cassidy Proost (LaSalle<br />

Springs Middle) placed first and second,<br />

Nathan and Rachel Katcher with<br />

Jennifer Hudson. As a parting gift,<br />

Nathan was given passes to enjoy<br />

Universal Studios with his family.<br />

respectively, in the Grades 6-8 age category.<br />

LaSalle Springs eighth-graders<br />

Haiden Antonacci and Brooke Schneider<br />

were also named among 10 finalists.<br />

In the Grades 4-5 category, the <strong>West</strong>ridge<br />

Elementary team of fourth-graders Simran<br />

Choudhary, Veda Valsa Pradeep and Genevieve<br />

Woolley; Wild Horse Elementary<br />

fifth-grader Rishi Mital; and Woerther Elementary<br />

fourth-grader Harper Morris were<br />

named among the top 10 finalists.<br />

Elementary and middle school writers<br />

were given the prompt, “When the lights<br />

went out …,” and asked to write up to 500<br />

words.<br />

The award winners and finalists were<br />

recognized at a St. Louis Writers Guild<br />

event on Jan. 13. Their work and that of<br />

other finalists is published in the 2023<br />

Young Writers Collection, which is for sale<br />

on Amazon.<br />

Nominate a Pillar of Parkway<br />

Do you know a Parkway Schools volunteer<br />

or employee who has provided<br />

extraordinary service to the Parkway<br />

community? Someone who demonstrates<br />

consistent leadership – inspires others and<br />

goes beyond what is expected? If so, the<br />

time has come to nominate that person for<br />

a Pillar of Parkway award.<br />

Any employee, parent or community<br />

member is eligible, though board members<br />

are excluded. Nomination forms are available<br />

online at parkwayschools.net, search<br />

“Pillar of Parkway.” The deadline for submitting<br />

nominations is Feb. 8, and winners<br />

will be announced in March.<br />

The Pillars of Parkway will be honored<br />

at Appreciation Evening on April 15, along<br />

with retirees, service award honorees,<br />

Teachers of the Year, Light of Parkway<br />

awardees and Albert award winners.<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




COMING 2.21.<strong>24</strong><br />

To Advertise call 636 591.0010<br />



January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




HIGH & DRY foundation repair has a solution for your foundation problems. Whether it’s<br />

a leaky spot in the basement, a crack in the concrete or a leaning/settling foundation wall,<br />

HIGH & DRY can provide a cost-effective, professional<br />

repair.<br />

Co-owned by husband and wife Tom and Cindy Ely, the<br />

full-service foundation repair company has fixed tens<br />

of thousands of foundations in the St.Louis metro area<br />

since 2006. The company specializes in cost-effective<br />

crack injection, wall stabilization, settling foundations<br />

and interior drain systems. HIGH & DRY’s highly trained<br />

team members are not commission based, so they only<br />

recommend necessary repairs.<br />

The family-owned company also can structurally<br />

repair cracks and bowing walls using its carbon fiber<br />

Tom and Cindy Ely, owners<br />

Keeping your home HIGH & DRY<br />

products.<br />

“We use state-of-the-art technologies to provide a<br />

reliable and cost-effective solution for our customers’ needs,” Tom said. “Our goal is to provide<br />

the best quality and customer service in the industry. What makes us different? Others have<br />

sales processes for their products; we try to solve problems and then present solutions.”<br />

HIGH & DRY uses material supplies of only the highest caliber, made in the USA and keeps<br />

up with the latest technologies and techniques to ensure the best repairs available. The<br />

company offers free estimates for waterproofing and foundation repair, as well as a “Life<br />

of the Structure” transferable warranty.<br />

HIGH & DRY Foundation Repair has received<br />

the Super Service Award from Angie’s List<br />

several years in a row. The company is A+<br />

rated with the Better Business Bureau with<br />

no complaints.<br />

“We’re honest, with no intimidation,” Tom<br />

said. “We are going to tell the customer what<br />

they need – and nothing more.”<br />

2103 Penta Drive • High Ridge<br />

(636) 273-1150 • (314) 426-0900<br />

www.highanddrystl.com<br />

New products, expanded services, new showroom<br />

Owners Michael and Delayna Pascoe are bringing new products and expanded services to<br />

Tile & Bath Service.<br />

As the 20<strong>24</strong> remodeling season approaches, they will be moving to a new location just four<br />

doors down in the same Wildwood Plaza on Clayton Road.<br />

“This location has been good to us,” said<br />

Delayna. “We just wanted a bigger, fresher<br />

space to enhance the customer experience and<br />

show more of our product.”<br />

The pair, who have more than a combined 40<br />

years experience in the field, say that Tile &<br />

Bath Service’s installers, quality products and<br />

customer service are hallmarks of excellence<br />

that customers can count on.<br />

Delayna and Michael Pascoe, Derek, Victor<br />

“Our experienced installers, Derek and Victor,<br />

are the same installers our clients have known<br />

for many years and they are our employees,<br />

not subcontractors. We have a quick turnaround time once we start your project and offer<br />

free design help which will be a simplified, more enjoyable experience in the new shop,”<br />

Michael said.<br />

Tile & Bath Service remodels bathrooms, only bathrooms, so they are experts in their field,<br />

and they can transform the whole room or one part at a time.<br />

“Our experts will help you avoid common mistakes,” Michael said. “We only sell quality<br />

products and materials that last, so you can count<br />

on a bathroom that lasts.”<br />

Tile & Bath Service can provide the options you<br />

really need. Large, small or custom, they can do<br />

it. The family-owned business will also have a<br />

continued focus specializing in aging-in-place<br />

designs, maintenance-free showers and universaldesign<br />

bathrooms. To learn more, call Tile & Bath<br />

Service or visit their website, and stay tuned for the<br />

grand opening this spring in their new space.<br />

14770 Clayton Road • Ballwin<br />

(636) 394-0315<br />

www.tileandbathservice.com<br />

Smaller, more comfortable and closer to home<br />

When it comes to memory care, Family Partners Home designs its assisted living homes<br />

with one idea in mind – people with dementia do best in a small homelike environment.<br />

The result is an intimate,<br />

comfortable environment for<br />

family members with dementia.<br />

“When you are forgetful, a<br />

small environment is better,”<br />

said Barth Holohan, the<br />

company’s president. “And it’s<br />

best to have the environment<br />

you’re used to, a home with a<br />

kitchen, living room and dining<br />

room, where people are hanging<br />

out in the living areas and only<br />

going to the bedroom at night or when they are sick.”<br />

Large retirement communities often overwhelm people with dementia, Holohan said. The<br />

idea is to keep the number of people small and give them more attention. Resident to staff<br />

ratios average one to four, or one to five. The industry average is one to 15, Holohan said.<br />

“Even if you don’t consider the environment, just the ratio itself, it is so much better,” he<br />

said. “The nice thing about a small home is that it is easier to navigate and there are more<br />

people with eyes and ears on your needs. And you can add some meaning to someone’s life.<br />

That’s what really is accomplished by a smaller environment.”<br />

The homes, located in Manchester, also have<br />

a house doctor, nurse and specialists who<br />

regularly visit, along with an activities director<br />

and chef to prepare meals.<br />

Families have been happy with the choice, he<br />

said.<br />

“We’ve heard story after story about what<br />

a transformation it has been in their lives,”<br />

Holohan said.<br />

(314) 686-4468<br />

www.FamilyPartnersHome.com<br />

Lisa Clemente<br />

Call Clemente for all your insurance needs<br />

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing<br />

insurance – that’s why you want to do business<br />

with an experienced professional you can trust.<br />

Lisa Clemente is that professional. Lisa began<br />

working with Allstate more than 30 years ago,<br />

first in a claims office and in 2002 as the owner of<br />

Allstate - Clemente Insurance Agency.<br />

Her experience gives her an insider’s knowledge<br />

of the claims process and she knows the policies<br />

she sells intimately.<br />

“I love helping customers understand their<br />

coverage options and identifying risks or gaps, all<br />

while offering choices that fit their unique needs<br />

and budget,” Lisa explained.<br />

Lisa works with clients in both Missouri and<br />

Illinois. She and her husband/partner, Joe, are<br />

focused on providing honest, personal attention to<br />

their clients Monday through Friday with <strong>24</strong>-hour<br />

agent accessibility through the company’s national call line.<br />

“We are a family business. It is just me and my husband here – which means when you<br />

call here you always get to talk to an agent – never support staff. This guarantees personal<br />

interactions with all of our customers,” Lisa said. Winnie, the family Shih Tzu, is the third<br />

member of the Clemente team.<br />

“I am so excited that we are now offering discounts<br />

for low mileage drivers like remote workers, stay-athome<br />

parents and seniors. We’ve also got discounts<br />

for safe drivers and homeowners with newer roofs,”<br />

Lisa said. “We have competitive rates for auto,<br />

homeowners, condo, renters, boat, motorcycle, atv and<br />

life insurance. Our mission is to get to know our clients<br />

so we can craft policies that perfectly protect their<br />

world. We want every customer to feel confident that<br />

the coverage they have is exactly what they need.”<br />

110A Holloway Road • Ballwin<br />

(636) 227-1072



January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />



Trusted, respected, and now expanding<br />

Hoeferkamp Real Estate (HRE) in <strong>West</strong> County provides a superior<br />

level of informed, professional real estate services to buyers and sellers<br />

in the St. Louis area and is now expanding! HRE is looking to add a likeminded<br />

Realtor – a professional, full-time agent who takes exceptional<br />

care of their clients and enjoys a smaller office atmosphere with close<br />

contact to the broker. If you are an agent looking for a culture that is<br />

focused, data driven and interactive, contact Gary now for a private<br />

interview.<br />

Gary Hoeferkamp, Gary Hoeferkamp, the broker/owner, has 34 years experience with<br />

Broker/Owner more than 480 home sales he has personally handled from start to<br />

finish. Amy Nahorski is an experienced real estate specialist focusing<br />

on <strong>West</strong> County homesellers with an emphasis on seniors and their<br />

families and sellers facing a divorce.<br />

Each have their own clientele, but both are experts in guiding home<br />

sellers through every aspect of home preparation, pricing, negotiations<br />

and closing details, utilizing an extensive network of marketing<br />

professionals and deep data analysis to bring clients the best return<br />

on their sale.<br />

Amy Nahorski, <strong>West</strong> County residents can count on Gary and Amy. They can<br />

Real Estate<br />

professionally guide clients through every aspect of the sale to the final<br />

Specialist<br />

walk-through and closing. They have the industry connections and an<br />

elevated promotional campaign that are crucial to their clients’ success.<br />

For those looking for a home and/or planning to sell their home, remember experience<br />

matters! Call Gary or Amy today and experience the seamless buy or sell only a seasoned<br />

professional can provide.<br />

1190 Meramec Station Rd, Ste. 206 • Manchester • Office: (314) 925-0551<br />

Gary Hoeferkamp • Cell: (314) 440-<strong>24</strong>00 | Amy Nahorski • Cell: (314) 221-3500<br />

www.HoeferkampRealEstate.com<br />

75 years of swimming lessons and more to come<br />

From left, Bev’s daughter,<br />

Carol Shoop Carlstrom, nephew,<br />

Oliver Ackermannn and son,<br />

Michael Shoop.<br />

Ackermann’s Swim Camp, the long-time Kirkwood<br />

mainstay for swimming education, will be celebrating a<br />

milestone this summer – 75 years.<br />

Registration opens for this summer’s swimming lessons<br />

the first week of February.<br />

The outgrowth of a nursery school founded in 1942 by<br />

Alice Ackermann, Ackermann’s Swim Camp opened with<br />

an inflatable pool as Happy Times Swim Program in the<br />

summer of 1949 to help teach pre-schoolers water safety.<br />

Through the years, both Alice and her husband Al<br />

worked to expand the program, adding pools with<br />

different water levels to meet the needs of swimmers at<br />

different levels of experience.<br />

The nursery school closed when Al retired in 1975, and<br />

Alice passed in 2007, but the swim camp went on under<br />

the directions of their daughter Bev Shoop and her son<br />

Michael Shoop for many years. Later, Bev’s daughter,<br />

Carol Shoop Carlstrom joined the family at Ackermann’s Swim Camp.<br />

Over the last 75 years, thousands of children have learned to swim in the Ackermann Swim<br />

Camp and some later joined the staff or won awards for swimming, said Bev.<br />

“Many who took their first strokes at Ackermann’s Swim Camp have competed successfully at<br />

the high school and collegiate levels,” she said. “Several of them went on to set national records<br />

and tried out for the Olympics.”<br />

Ackermann’s provides group swimming lessons<br />

for children aged 4-11 years old in four heated<br />

pools. Lessons are taught by Red Cross certified<br />

instructors. The swim camp provides children with<br />

a non-competitive, safe environment where they<br />

can build confidence and self-esteem learning the<br />

life skills of swimming and water safety.<br />

For more information including camp dates or<br />

registration, visit their website.<br />


1044 Curran Ave. • Kirkwood<br />

(314) 821-1070 • www.aspkirkwood.com<br />

aspkirkwood@icloud.com<br />

Advice to find the perfect fit for senior living<br />

When it comes to choosing a senior living community, a local advisor who knows the ins and<br />

outs of senior care in the St. Louis area makes a difference.<br />

Shona McIntyre said Senior Community Connections<br />

is about finding the right fit for seniors and their<br />

families, and she knows the St. Louis area well.<br />

“About two-thirds of seniors who move into a<br />

community find out that it’s not the right fit for them<br />

within the first six months,” she said. “So when they<br />

work with me, I really hone in on what’s important to<br />

them. And I know all the communities well.”<br />

National companies that have advisors don’t always<br />

know the local scene, she said.<br />

As a social worker and a certified dementia<br />

practitioner from the St. Louis area, Shona knows what<br />

to look for; she knows the questions to ask.<br />

“A local senior care advisor helps narrow down the<br />

search to two or three communities that meet all their<br />

Shona McIntyre, owner criteria, saving them thousands of dollars and lots of<br />

time,” she said.<br />

“Everyone’s needs are different, but the bottom line is quality care," Shona said. “I really dig<br />

in and look at communities to make sure they are offering the best care.”<br />

If you or a loved one needs to start thinking about a new, more convenient place to live, call<br />

Shona to set up a consultation. She will ask the right questions, then connect the family with<br />

those communities that are the best fit<br />

in lifestyle and affordability.<br />

“I am a neutral party that’s here to<br />

guide seniors and their families so<br />

they can make the best decisions for<br />

themselves or a loved one," she said.<br />

The service is free.<br />

(314) 401-0399<br />

www.seniorcommunityconnections.net<br />

From their family to yours for 91 years<br />

“The best kept secret in <strong>West</strong> County” is how<br />

owners Nick and Olivia Clancy describe their<br />

family business.<br />

The original Clancy’s Irish Pub in Ellisville has<br />

been owned and operated with pride by the<br />

same family continuously for six generations.<br />

That makes it the longest-running, singlefamily-owned<br />

restaurant in <strong>West</strong> County.<br />

“My grandfather turned our family’s summer<br />

home into a deli to sell sandwiches with meat<br />

from the family’s butcher shop,” Nick explains.<br />

“We’re not a chain restaurant. We’re one-of-akind<br />

— a small, cozy, intimate , family-friendly,<br />

family-owned and family-operated business.<br />

We host a lot of local community events throughout the year, have a beautiful patio<br />

in the spring, summer and fall, and a cozy, charming dining room with fireplace in the<br />

winter.”<br />

Since 1933, Clancy’s Irish Pub in Ellisville has been providing quality food and drinks,<br />

character, history and service – the kind that brings customers back time and time again.<br />

Homemade sauces, dips and dressings are served alongside fresh, never frozen meats<br />

and hand-pattied burgers. A seasonal selection of local beers rotate on tap, as well as<br />

one-of-a-kind bourbons and an ever expanding selection of Irish whiskies and tequilas.<br />

“It’s the perfect backdrop for a great dining experience in every season from flowerfilled<br />

dining in the spring and summer, to<br />

pumpkins and mums in the fall,” Nick says. “We<br />

are not a fancy, state-of-the-art, brick-andmortar<br />

restaurant. Our Pub has character, charm<br />

and history. If you haven’t been here in a while,<br />

give us a try!”<br />

On- and off-site catering are available and<br />

space for private parties is available as well.<br />

40 Old State Road • Ellisville<br />

(636) 391-6154<br />


22 I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />





Teaching power skills at home can lead to career and life success<br />


It doesn’t matter who you ask, the answer remains the<br />

same. The question is what do employers look for in<br />

employees? The answer, according to a 2023 survey by<br />

education company Pearson, is communication, customer<br />

service, leadership, attention to detail and collaboration.<br />

By 2026, Pearson says that list of “power skills” will<br />

include personal learning and mastery, achievement focus<br />

and cultural and social intelligence.<br />

OK, that’s a lot of buzzwords but what it really comes<br />

down to is communication, collaboration and confidence.<br />

Those are skills that can be taught at any age, at home.<br />

In fact, they’re some of the best gifts a parent can give<br />

a child.<br />

Take communication for example. Pearson describes<br />

communication as “the ability to express thoughts and<br />

ideas clearly, and to listen to, understand and respond to<br />

others’ ideas.” Similarly, cultural and social intelligence<br />

is defined as having an “awareness and understanding of<br />

other’s reactions.”<br />

At home, this sharing of conversation and ideas, developing<br />

good listening skills and understanding another’s<br />

reaction can begin around the dinner table or in what actressturned-life-coach<br />

Lisa Whelchel calls “window time.”<br />

In a segment on haventhepodcast, Whelchel explains<br />

that life was very busy when her now-grown kids were<br />

little. Sound familiar? Still, she wanted personal time with<br />

each of her children.<br />

“I discovered that nighttime is when the kids are stalling.<br />

They don’t want to go to bed, and so I decided, ‘Well, I’ll<br />

take advantage of that.’ So after baths and teeth brushing<br />

and pajamas, each child was able to lay in their bed and<br />

read a book while I spent at least 15 minutes<br />

with one of their siblings,” Whelchel explains.<br />

She says she called it “window time” because it<br />

was a window into what each child was thinking,<br />

going through at the moment, or struggling with.<br />

Building on the ability to share and listen to<br />

members of the family, comes the ability to have<br />

genuine conversations with adults – neighbors,<br />

teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, store<br />

clerks, friends’ parents and so on.<br />

Encounters for teaching communications are<br />

all around us, though in today’s “don’t talk to<br />

strangers” society, parents and kids might have<br />

to seek them out with purpose.<br />

I used to send my children into large family<br />

gatherings with this command: “OK guys, this is<br />

a target-rich environment. I want to see each of<br />

you exchanging handshakes and having conversations<br />

with at least two adults.” For my supershy<br />

youngest son the assignment was never easy,<br />

but ultimately it gave him confidence, which is<br />

another power skill.<br />

“Our kids step up to the expectations we set,” says Melanie<br />

Broyles, owner of Etiquette Saint Louis, which started<br />

in 2000 and also offers corporate seminars.<br />

“I used to make my twin boys, before they asked a girl<br />

to a school dance, call the parents and explain their plans,”<br />

she said. “Now, my boys can interview with the best of<br />

them. They can have a conversation with anyone. It wasn’t<br />

about the girl-boy thing, it was about having a conversation<br />

that was new to them with somebody that was new to<br />

them – and potentially scary or intimidating to them.”<br />

So if increased conversation can lead to confidence, what<br />

Spending time learning something new with a grandparent helps to<br />

encourage communication, confidence and collaboration skills, even<br />

in young children.<br />

about collaboration? Broyles says they’re all connected.<br />

For instance, during her company’s manners classes, Broyles<br />

said she and her business partner-daughter, Sarah, teach<br />

how to begin conversations starting with the introduction.<br />

“Whose name should be mentioned first, how the handshake<br />

should be … and then we talk about how to have<br />

conversations and what the purpose of a conversation is …<br />

it’s about looking for a common bond,” Broyles said.<br />

Whether socially or professionally, seeking out common<br />

See POWER SKILLS, next page<br />

Local volunteers honor of Martin Luther King in day of service<br />


A frigid day didn’t keep 40 volunteers from carrying out<br />

their mission of service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.<br />

on Jan. 15 at Camp Wyman in Eureka.<br />

Students from LaSalle Middle and Eureka High, along<br />

with volunteers from St. Francis Episcopal Church in<br />

Eureka, were ready to roll up their sleeves and help with<br />

projects that will help prepare the camp for the youth they<br />

serve in the spring and summer. This is the second year the<br />

group has done a day of service at Wyman.<br />

St. Francis church member and 2023 Eureka High<br />

graduate Katie Jones began organizing the event during<br />

her senior year when she was vice president of the school’s<br />

National Honor Society chapter.<br />

Jones said since St. Francis was partnering with Wyman<br />

for other events throughout the year, scheduling a day of<br />

service on Martin Luther King Jr. day made sense. She credits<br />

her passion for serving others as the catalyst for the idea.<br />

“My parents taught me that helping your neighbor was<br />

important,” Jones said. “These service projects are a great<br />

way to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of service. It’s<br />

Katie Jones (at right) building lanterns at Camp Wyman<br />

great that we can all come together, and I love working with<br />

kids, so this is perfect.”<br />

Because of the low temperature, this year’s volunteers<br />

worked indoors painting bed frames for cabins and making<br />

LED candle lanterns for campers to use on evening hikes.<br />

Salle Mazzola, a seventh grader at LaSalle, worked on<br />

the lanterns. She said she knows it’s important to help give<br />

back to the community, especially to an organization that<br />

gives so much to the youth they serve. Her mom, Erin,<br />

also volunteered at the event this year as they did in 2023.<br />

During that day of service, they tore down fences and a<br />

bridge that needed to be replaced.<br />

“It’s nice to come back this year and see what they did to<br />

improve the areas that we tore down last year,” Erin said.<br />

“Part of Martin Luther King’s message was about giving<br />

back to your community. Where I work I don’t get the day<br />

off, so I take the day off to give back through a service<br />

project. I want to show my kids that it’s important, so I do<br />

this in honor of him.”<br />

Skylar Stinnett and Cooper Jackson, both seventh graders<br />

at LaSalle, were part of the group painting bed frames.<br />

Stinnett said she likes volunteering at Wyman because she<br />

attended sixth-grade camp there with her class and had fun<br />

doing all of the team-building activities. Jackson agreed.<br />

“It’s fun,” Jackson said. “This brings together the community<br />

to help Wyman with work that needs to be done to<br />

improve the camp for others.”



POWER SKILLS, from previous<br />

bonds helps to strengthen collaboration.<br />

Pearson describes that powerskill as “the<br />

ability to develop constructive and cooperative<br />

working (and social) relationships<br />

with others.”<br />

Parent Donna Deck points to the power<br />

of common purpose when it comes to<br />

teaching the importance of personal<br />

responsibility.<br />

“Picking up after themselves, saying<br />

please and thank you, not making ‘eww’<br />

sounds at the dinner table when they’re<br />

being served something they think they<br />

might not like. It’s my job to make sure<br />

they learn these things,” Deck said. But<br />

she admits it’s hard. “It takes time and<br />

guidance for a child to become a highfunctioning<br />

adult. Life is so busy that we,<br />

as parents, are constantly wishing that we<br />

had more time in the day. Often, the first<br />

things to go are manners and responsibility.<br />

Rather than waiting for my child to do as I<br />

asked, it’s easier to do it myself.”<br />

That’s a common slide as every parent<br />

knows, but really the one who suffers is the<br />

child. Deck says one way she combats that<br />

slide is by trading favors.<br />

“If they want to go somewhere or do<br />

something, I often respond with, ‘OK, but<br />

these things have to happen first. It’s a winwin.<br />

We get the chores done together and<br />

still have time for fun.”<br />

Ultimately, Deck’s goal is for her kids<br />

to learn another of Pearson’s power skills:<br />

achievement focus, defined as “the ability<br />

to take on responsibilities and challenges<br />

with little or no supervision, develop one’s<br />

own way of doing things, and depend on<br />

oneself to get things done.”<br />

As her oldest daughter recently moved<br />

successfully into the workforce, Deck was<br />

able to witness the fruit of her labor. Meanwhile,<br />

her youngest daughter recently participated<br />

in a class Etiquette Saint Louis<br />

offered at her Parkway middle school. The<br />

class taught social confidence, good manners<br />

and culminated with teaching social<br />

dance and a modern-day cotillion that<br />

parents were encouraged to attend. Deck<br />

described the cotillion as a “well-oiled<br />

machine.”<br />

“Everybody had a great time and it was<br />

awesome for the parents to see how much<br />

the kids had learned in eight weeks,” Deck<br />

said.<br />

As a group the kids achieved yet another<br />

Pearson power skill: personal learning and<br />

mastery, defined as the ability to acquire<br />

knowledge or skills through one’s study or<br />

experience.<br />

Whether alone or with help from a pro<br />

like Broyles, teaching children and teens<br />

the power skills they’ll need to succeed is<br />

a great commitment for a new year.<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I FAMILY & KIDS I 23<br />




Serving the community for over 50 years<br />


$<br />

99<br />

99 OR<br />

$ 100 OFF<br />


New patients only. Cleaning, X-rays (up to 4), comprehensive exam, oral cancer<br />

screening. Not valid with other offers, including botox. Offer ends 2/7/<strong>24</strong>.<br />

$99 not valid for patients with gum disease.<br />

Dr. Kimberly Simonds & Associates<br />

14649 Manchester Road | Ballwin<br />

636-227-2552<br />

5.50<br />

%<br />

APY*<br />

12 Month CD<br />

5.65<br />

6 Month CD<br />

www.mwrbank.com • 636-937-5351<br />

*CD Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of January 19, 20<strong>24</strong> and is subject<br />

to change. CD Interest compounded quarterly. $1,000 min to open account and obtain<br />

APY, penalties may apply for early withdrawals. Fees, such as penalties, may reduce<br />

earnings. QwickRate and National CD Rateline customers are not eligible for this offer.<br />


%<br />


<strong>24</strong> I BUSINESS PROFILES I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




Founded in 1975 and specializing in customized estate planning solutions to meet your<br />

needs, this Manchester-based law firm has the experience, integrity and dedication to best<br />

represent your interests. With attorneys Brian G.<br />

Quinn and Gregory F. Quinn, this firm has over 60<br />

years of combined legal expertise to provide you the<br />

peace of mind you deserve. Additionally, Brian Quinn<br />

holds the designation of Certified Elder Law Attorney<br />

(CELA ® ) from the National Elder Law Foundation.<br />

Choosing the right attorney to assist in navigating<br />

the complex issues related to Estate Planning, Long-<br />

Term Care Planning and Special Needs Planning is<br />

crucial.<br />

Quinn Estate & Elder Law, LLC is the right choice.<br />

The firm provides Estate Planning, Elder Law and<br />

Long-Term Care Planning, guidance on Medicaid and<br />

VA Benefits, Special Needs Planning, Probate, and<br />

more. The firm also offers a free eldercare assistance<br />

Brian G. Quinn<br />

Helping you navigate a better future<br />

program through Elder Care Advisors to help guide<br />

families on VA and Medicaid Benefits, retirement<br />

community options and other resources to help seniors and their loved ones who are trying<br />

to navigate the complex maze of long-term care.<br />

Quinn Estate & Elder Law, LLC will listen to what your goals are, then educate you on your<br />

options. They can assist you with getting<br />

your affairs in order by protecting your<br />

assets using specialized trusts, avoiding<br />

probate, honoring your healthcare wishes,<br />

and maintaining your quality of life and care.<br />

Most importantly, they will give you peace<br />

of mind. Call Quinn Estate & Elder Law, LLC*<br />

today for your free consultation.<br />

14611 Manchester Road • Manchester<br />

(636) 394-7<strong>24</strong>2<br />

www.quinnestatelaw.com<br />

*The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.<br />

A place for peace, strength and healing<br />

Wildwood Yoga & Wellness is a place<br />

where people of all ages and levels can<br />

come to awaken their hearts and open<br />

their minds and bodies through yoga,<br />

meditation and bodywork.<br />

“It is a place to gather, create con–<br />

nections, provide resources and be<br />

a community where people see the<br />

good in each other,” said certified yoga<br />

instructor and owner Jill Dunlap.<br />

Jill has been practicing yoga for<br />

over two decades and counting and has over 2,000 hours of immersion and teacher training<br />

studies.<br />

Jill said yoga is something that everyone can reap benefits from.<br />

“Some people need strength, some need flexibility, some need relaxation and some need<br />

movement to clear the excess energy that shows as anxiety. We offer lots of different styles<br />

and classes to meet people where they are,” she said.<br />

Jill and her highly-dedicated, vetted expert instructors bring decades of experience to<br />

every session. “We offer many things beyond just physical movement,” Jill said. “We offer<br />

services such as Reiki, sonic massage or sound healings that work on the subtle energy body<br />

to help clear blockages of energy that can eventually manifest as illness in the body or mind.”<br />

Just like their name says, yoga and overall wellness are<br />

staples of the studio.<br />

“We want to guide you back to the place inside that<br />

resets you at a deep level where healing can occur,” Jill said.<br />

Whether you’re looking for a new way to exercise or<br />

for a place to find solace while the kids are in school,<br />

Wildwood Yoga & Wellness is the place to find tranquility<br />

amidst whatever chaos life throws your way. Stop in and<br />

see the new studio or for a list of upcoming classes and a<br />

studio schedule, visit wwyogastl.com<br />

2642 Hwy. 109, Ste. B • Wildwood<br />

(636) 541-<strong>24</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

www.wwyogastl.com<br />

Making dream kitchens a reality<br />

A home’s kitchen is more than a room. It’s the heart of the home and a gathering place for<br />

family and friends. From refinished cabinets to updated countertops, the experts at Classic<br />

Kitchen Refacing can help make your dream kitchen a reality.<br />

Since 2015, Classic Kitchen Refacing<br />

owner Don Sheehan and his staff have<br />

worked with each individual client<br />

on designing refacing options as an<br />

affordable alternative to remodeling.<br />

“We do cabinet refacing, custom<br />

countertops and tile backsplashes.<br />

That’s our niche in the market,” Don<br />

explained.<br />

That niche has allowed Classic<br />

Kitchen Refacing to focus its services<br />

and provide customers with the<br />

utmost excellence in both at-home service and quality materials.<br />

“The cabinet stays in place, and we cover the sides and front with quarter-inch solid wood,”<br />

Don explained. “All the exposed surfaces get covered. Then, we add new doors. You can<br />

change the color or the style of your door. If you have an arched oak door that you’re tired<br />

of, we can do a new shaker door or just a totally new style.”<br />

In addition to updating aesthetics and style, Classic Kitchen Refacing also offers assets like<br />

new soft-close hinges, handles and other hardware pieces to add a finishing touch. Plus, they<br />

have the latest in quartz countertop selections.<br />

“It’ll look and act like a brand new<br />

kitchen for less than half the price of<br />

tearing everything out and replacing<br />

it,” Don said.<br />

Financing options are available with<br />

a no pressure guarantee. Call today to<br />

learn more, get a free consultation or<br />

secure a quote for your next project!<br />

3444 North Lindbergh Blvd. • St. Ann<br />

(314) 739-1730<br />

www.classickitchenrefacing.com<br />

Where quality dental care is a family tradition<br />

When it comes to personal dental care, Ballwin<br />

Dental Care understands the value of treating clients<br />

like family. In fact, this family owned and operated<br />

general dental practice has transformed more than<br />

30,000 smiles in <strong>West</strong> County over the last 50 years.<br />

Dr. Kimberly Simonds purchased the practice in 2015,<br />

following in her father’s footsteps who founded the<br />

practice in 1973. With assistance from Dr. Maya Habibi,<br />

Dr. Jessica Chellis and Dr. Nolan Finney, the team at<br />

Ballwin Dental Care provides an array of services<br />

including preventive, restorative and cosmetic<br />

dentistry. Ballwin Dental Care also features appliances<br />

like Invisalign®, and advanced dental technologies like<br />

the Itero Scanner, intraoral cameras, digital X-rays<br />

and the Wand®, a computerized anesthetic delivery<br />

system.<br />

Ballwin Dental also has a new location which effectively quadrupled the size of its office, so<br />

that hypothetically, a family of five could schedule a cleaning all at once. Ballwin Dental Care<br />

also has extended their hours to include hours before and after school or work, so no one has<br />

to rearrange their schedule. They also offer Saturday appointments.<br />

For dentists who are experienced, use cutting-edge technology, offer affordable financing<br />

and provide exceptional care, call Ballwin Dental<br />

Care. They truly offer the highest quality dental care<br />

available and deliver it with a genuine concern for<br />

your comfort and oral health.<br />

Also take advantage of the New Patient Coupon.<br />

It includes a comprehensive exam, cavity-detecting<br />

digital x-rays (up to 4), a professional cleaning and<br />

an oral cancer screening – a $330 value for only $99.<br />

Patients with insurance can take $100 off, depending<br />

on the insurance. Some restrictions apply.<br />

14649 Manchester Road • Ballwin<br />

(636) 552-9627<br />




January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />



A personalized plan for every student<br />

At EYC Academy, they realize that<br />

every student’s journey is different,<br />

and learning isn’t one-size-fits all.<br />

Created by a team of experienced<br />

educators, EYC Academy opened<br />

its doors in 2018 to bring a nontraditional<br />

school experience to<br />

students. EYC removes barriers to<br />

success by offering a personalized<br />

plan for every student and supporting<br />

their individual academic, social and<br />

emotional needs in a safe environment.<br />

The day school program for grades 6-12 gives students greater one-on-one access to<br />

teachers, small groups, remote flexibility to recover after illness or significant life events, the<br />

ability to self-pace, writing and tutoring support, college planning, a national diploma and<br />

career certificate program and more.<br />

EYC Academy works in partnership with families and schools, navigating an array of<br />

learning environments together. But it goes beyond academics. Their wraparound services<br />

support the full student. They help align additional resources, such as counseling or therapy,<br />

should a student need it.<br />

Every student — no matter their age, background, or circumstance — has a place at EYC<br />

Academy and creating a safe space for them to learn is<br />

their main priority.<br />

Just because every student’s path to success is different<br />

it doesn’t mean they should have to walk it alone.<br />

Enrollment is ongoing for full- or part-time students,<br />

and a nationally approved digital curriculum allows<br />

the school to deliver services anytime and anywhere.<br />

Families from districts state-wide can choose to attend<br />

EYC virtually through the MOCAP (Missouri Course<br />

Access Program).<br />

13718 Olive Blvd. • Chesterfield<br />

(636) 220-3344<br />

info@eycacademystl.org<br />

Buying ‘as-is’ homes and properties since 1999<br />

Robang Properties, LLC prides itself on being a local, family-owned, general contracting<br />

company that has been buying “as-is” homes and properties since 1999. Robang Properties<br />

Owner Michael Robinson said the company was started as a way to help families in the<br />

greater St. Louis area who are faced with foreclosure or<br />

unwanted properties. Perhaps a homeowner needs to sell<br />

their home in a short amount of time, or perhaps they<br />

are looking to get a home off their hands that needs<br />

excessive repairs.<br />

Robinson said Robang Properties buys houses<br />

regardless of their condition. Whether it be fire damage,<br />

water damage, foundation issues, termites or any other<br />

problem homeowners face, it’s no problem for Robang<br />

– they stand ready to provide a cash offer for nearly<br />

any property. If a homeowner needs to sell their home<br />

quickly, Robang will provide a cash offer and have closing<br />

set up within two weeks.<br />

Here’s how the process works. A Robang homebuyer will<br />

come out and assess the property for free. During the consultation, the Robang homebuyer<br />

will answer any questions or concerns the homeowner may have. Robang then provides<br />

a cash offer for the property based on the best market price for the home, taking into<br />

consideration the location and any repairs<br />

needed. Because the home is purchased asis,<br />

no inspection is necessary, which saves<br />

time and money, and Robang covers the<br />

closing fees. The company’s homebuyers do<br />

not work on commission, ensuring there is<br />

no pressure on the homeowner.<br />

Robang Properties stands ready to assist<br />

homeowners looking to sell their property in<br />

a hassle-free manner.<br />


148 Royal Manor Court • Creve Coeur<br />

(314) 283-0867<br />

www.RobangProperties.com<br />

Get in the ‘yellow seat’ at the 2nd Outdoor Show<br />

Enjoy the show Feb. 2-4 at the St. Charles<br />

Convention Center<br />

It’s time to think spring, and if you need<br />

a tough tractor or equipment to get some<br />

real work done, stop in at Sydenstricker<br />

Nobbe Partners (SNPartners). They<br />

have just what you need.<br />

“We sell everything John Deere from<br />

compact tractors, lawn tractors, Gator<br />

utility vehicles, compact construction<br />

equipment and Stihl outdoor power<br />

tools,” said Vice President of Marketing<br />

Lee Ann Sydenstricker. “Plus, we feature<br />

service for equipment with pick up<br />

options, plus parts including oil, filters,<br />

and home maintenance kits.”<br />

Why not check out the latest tractors and equipment at the 2nd Outdoor Show at the St.<br />

Charles Convention Center Feb. 2-4? Bring the kids and take photos on the equipment.<br />

The SNPartners Outdoor Show is a great opportunity to learn from industry experts<br />

including YouTube star Tim Marks of “Tractor Time with Tim.” He will be giving consumers<br />

ideas for attachments and use of their compact tractors plus answering questions.<br />

In addition to a fabulous exhibit of all the latest John Deere equipment, Stihl will have a<br />

full display with tips and tricks. Plus take advantage of show-only equipment specials with<br />

low, easy finance options.<br />

Admission to the Outdoor Show is free. Show times are Friday, Feb. 2, from 12-5 p.m.,<br />

Saturday, Feb. 3, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 4, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.<br />

Work with top-rated industry professionals<br />

to get the job done this year. SNPartners has<br />

the tools and equipment needed for anyone<br />

that has a yard to mow, a building site to<br />

clear or a field to plant. The company has 28<br />

full-service John Deere locations in Missouri<br />

and Illinois.<br />

St. Charles • Dutzow • Moscow Mills<br />

3575 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. • St. Charles<br />

(636) 493-0288<br />

www.SNPartners.com<br />

Where great food and service is a tradition<br />

Michael Bunyatove, server<br />

Hospitality, great food and value are core principles<br />

at Spiro’s. And with more than 45 years of pleasing<br />

long-time customers and winning new ones, it seems<br />

to be the perfect recipe for a restaurant’s success and<br />

longevity.<br />

Hospitality means service. Tableside service may be<br />

uncommon at other restaurants, but it is a tradition<br />

at Spiro’s. The experienced staff will make your dinner<br />

an enjoyable experience and guide guests through the<br />

menu and wine list to help them select the perfect<br />

combinations.<br />

Great food begins with Mediterranean recipes<br />

made from scratch that have been time-tested for<br />

generations.<br />

“We make everything from scratch, even our sauces<br />

and stocks because it makes food taste richer. You can’t get that from a package,” said Spiro’s<br />

general manager Stacy McCullison. Traditional, classic dishes are best, she said.<br />

“We get it right. And we keep getting it right,” she said. “You can sift through all the trends<br />

of new-fangled recipes, but you can always trace them back to the basics, the classics. That’s<br />

why our motto is ‘Make tradition the new trend.’”<br />

Value means extraordinary menu items at reasonable prices and a variety of choices for<br />

the perfect fit for your event. Relax and let Spiro’s staff serve your guests in the banquet<br />

room at the restaurant, have your party<br />

catered at your location, order and pick up<br />

party pans of appetizers, pasta and salad<br />

or build a gyro bar for your party. Or for a<br />

special meal at home Spiro’s has authentic<br />

Mediterranean dishes that are packaged<br />

for four and are perfect for families.<br />

Come experience Spiro’s, and start your<br />

own tradition.<br />

1054 N. Woods Mill Road • Chesterfield<br />

(314) 878-4449<br />



January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




Huntington for better grades, higher scores<br />

Huntington Learning Center provides tutoring<br />

for students in grades K-12, as well as ACT and SAT<br />

preparation for students getting ready for college.<br />

“Huntington is the oldest provider of supplemental<br />

education services in the U.S.,” said David Huguelet,<br />

Center Director in Ellisville.<br />

Huntington Learning Centers have provided quality<br />

instruction to hundreds of thousands of students, and<br />

that kind of experience leads to strategies that work.<br />

Individualized attention is key, Huguelet said.<br />

“Every student starts with a comprehensive<br />

evaluation and every student has their own program<br />

based on their strengths and areas of opportunity,”<br />

he said.<br />

Instructors tutor in reading, phonics, math and<br />

David Huguelet, center director study skills; as well as advanced math and science<br />

subjects ranging from algebra through calculus and<br />

general science through physics.<br />

In addition to outstanding academic results, Huntington Learning Centers help students<br />

build confidence and motivation to succeed.<br />

Huntington also helps students score higher on important college entrance and scholarship<br />

exams like the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. Higher scores can mean better schools, more scholarship<br />

and financial aid opportunities, and more career choices in the future.<br />

Huntington also provides flexible<br />

schedules for students with hours<br />

from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through<br />

Thursday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on<br />

Saturday.<br />

Choose a program with proven<br />

results. Call Huntington Learning Center<br />

in Ellisville today.<br />

1370 Clarkson Clayton Center • Ellisville<br />

(636) 536-7800<br />

www.huntingtonhelps.com/center/chesterfield<br />

St. Louis’ trusted resource for senior care options<br />

Transitions for Senior Living is a free, handson<br />

referral service that helps St. Louis seniors<br />

and their families find appropriate care when<br />

living independently is no longer a safe option.<br />

What sets Transitions for Senior Living apart is<br />

their dedication to the time and effort needed<br />

to personally meet with you and your loved ones<br />

so that they can truly understand the care needs<br />

of your family before beginning to recommend<br />

a community.<br />

Jeff and Sharon Balleau, along with a team of<br />

Jeff and Sharon Balleau, founders<br />

advisors work closely with area independent,<br />

assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing<br />

communities to find the best level of care for the individual needs of each client. Certified as<br />

dementia practitioners, with more than 20 years of combined experience, our team provides<br />

unbiased and professional advice to help make the best decision possible.<br />

Locally owned and operated, Transitions for Senior Living is committed to personalized<br />

service. They take the time to meet with families to understand the senior’s unique needs<br />

– and those of the family. This process takes into account many criteria, including physical,<br />

cognitive, financial, social, spiritual and geographical aspects of the individual’s needs. Next,<br />

they arrange and accompany families on tours to ask questions to help make the best choice<br />

throughout the transition process. So, whether in crisis<br />

mode or planning ahead, Transitions for Senior Living<br />

is there to help each and every step of the way. They<br />

also can refer families to professional resources in the<br />

community to further assist in the transition process.<br />

“St. Louis has many good options for senior living,<br />

but they are not one-size-fits-all,” Sharon explained.<br />

“So take a deep breath; we can help! Call or visit<br />

online for more information.”<br />

<strong>24</strong>64 Taylor Road, Ste. 178<br />

Wildwood • (314) 606-8531<br />

www.stlseniors.com<br />

Inside-out knowledge of carpentry<br />

While some services fade in and out over time, the need for masterful carpentry and fine<br />

craftsmanship has continued to stand the test of time. When looking for a skilled craftsman<br />

to take on any woodworking or carpentry needs, look no further than Joe Overman, founder<br />

of Affordable Carpentry.<br />

With 20 years of experience, Joe provides a wide<br />

array of carpentry, all with a low overhead cost.<br />

Joe specializes in many interior and exterior jobs,<br />

including the installation of trim, framing, crown<br />

molding, chair rail, wainscoting and more. Joe can<br />

also do projects like stairs and doors, in addition to<br />

taking on multi-step builds like bookshelves. Inside or<br />

out, Joe treats every carpentry job as if it is a project<br />

in his own home.<br />

“I have skills with wood working and I enjoy it,” Joe<br />

said. “I have great satisfaction seeing my customers’<br />

faces when the job is completed.”<br />

Joe also ensures that each job is completed with<br />

Joe Overman, owner<br />

integrity while on the job and behind-the-scenes.<br />

“I care about my customers and their needs; I will<br />

try to help them by offering suggestions, but in the<br />

end it is their decision,” Joe said. “I do my job with the highest quality and standards.”<br />

Joe can also do installation jobs for items like kitchen cabinets and other built-in structures.<br />

He’s even built custom decks for multiple<br />

clients.<br />

“Those are really the kind of projects that<br />

you want someone with a lot of experience<br />

on,” Joe said.<br />

Services are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.<br />

daily, so don’t hesitate to call Joe today! Free<br />

estimates are offered.<br />

One-on-one complimentary design services<br />

The Foyer is a furniture and home decor store in Chesterfield that puts a unique spin on<br />

home decorating with design services for free. “It’s what sets us apart from other home<br />

décor stores,” said owner Carrie Keipp.<br />

They start, however, with beautiful decor<br />

– mirrors, pictures, florals accented with<br />

lights, vases, candleholders, trays, beads<br />

and large contemporary florals that will<br />

make your home something special.<br />

As for furniture, the tables, cabinets and<br />

chairs The Foyer offers are “statement<br />

pieces” that you can build your style<br />

around and accent pieces that complement<br />

Owner Carrie Keipp (left) and designer<br />

Chantell Gibson<br />

that style. Then, for some expert advice,<br />

make an appointment with designer<br />

Chantell Gibson or just walk in and meet<br />

one of the other associates. They have the expertise to make your home one of a kind.<br />

Take pictures and measurements of the space you need help with, whether it’s a giant wall,<br />

the area behind a couch, a fireplace mantel or a dining room tablescape. With customers’<br />

preferences in color and style, and an idea of how they want their own space to look and feel,<br />

designers can create a customized new look.<br />

Customers can also see how the design is put together to recreate it in their own home. The<br />

design team works with items in the store, but if<br />

a customer has a special piece to incorporate into<br />

the design, they will be happy to work with it.<br />

Beautiful decor, furniture and personalized oneon-one<br />

free design services is The Foyer’s way to<br />

help you create your own “home sweet home.”<br />

“Our goal is that customers leave here with<br />

something that expresses who they are and<br />

sets their home apart from everyone else’s,”<br />

Keipp said.<br />

1649 Clarkson Road • Chesterfield<br />

(636) 778-1400<br />




January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />



Experienced in real estate, committed to clients<br />

When it comes to navigating the ever-changing<br />

world of real estate, it’s vital to have an expert<br />

at your side who has the experience to provide<br />

guidance each step of the way.<br />

Peter Lu with eXp Realty has been helping<br />

folks buy and sell homes since 2006. He has<br />

experienced the market’s highs and lows and<br />

has had great success helping his clients navigate<br />

through the good, the bad and the ugly. He is<br />

committed to helping clients find the home of<br />

their dreams without the stress and worry the<br />

process can entail. Whether you are looking to<br />

buy or sell a home, Peter’s passion for real estate<br />

and in-depth knowledge of the market makes<br />

him an invaluable partner. The Peter Lu Team<br />

prides themselves on their service, high standards<br />

and exceptional rates. Peter and his team have worked with clients from across St. Louis<br />

and <strong>West</strong> County, and in a myriad of municipalities. Whether you’re in the market for a new<br />

home, condominium or acres of beautiful land for a personal project or endeavor, Peter and<br />

his team have inside knowledge and experience with sought-after locations. For those who<br />

don’t know where to start, skip the guesswork and let Peter and his team help match you<br />

with one of the area’s many available properties. They serve St. Charles County, St. Louis<br />

County, St. Louis City and Jefferson County.<br />

Trust a real estate professional who will have your best interests in mind throughout every<br />

step of the process. Call Peter today at (314) 662-6578, and experience the difference firsthand.<br />

11142 Olive Blvd. • St. Louis<br />

3636 S. Geyer Rd., Ste 100 • St. Louis<br />

Mobile: (314) 662-6578 • (866) 2<strong>24</strong>-1761 • www.peterluteam.com<br />

New location, same quality, comfortable dental care<br />

Matthew P. Cline, D.D.S. has a new location<br />

in Ellisville. The move benefits patients and the<br />

practice, Dr. Cline said.<br />

“We have more availability and capabilities in our<br />

new space,” he said. “One day dentistry is provided<br />

with in-office crowns and 3D X-rays onsite. Oral<br />

surgery (extractions) and implants are still provided<br />

in one location, and our friendly team is still working<br />

together to deliver comfortable care.”<br />

Dr. Cline and his staff provide the best of both<br />

worlds – personal, compassionate care and cuttingedge<br />

technology. The dental team’s goal is not only<br />

to take care of their smiles but to build patient<br />

relationships and provide each person with an ideal<br />

dental experience. During each patient’s first visit,<br />

Dr. Cline examines and discusses the patient’s dental needs and wishes. This comprehensive<br />

exam lays a strong foundation for all future visits.<br />

Dr. Cline and his team see patients of all ages and perform all aspects of dentistry including<br />

cleanings, routine dental care, extractions, crowns, veneers, dentures and implants.<br />

“This is also a great local office for Invisalign,” he said. “With our digital scanned impressions<br />

and doctor supervision, patients will always have more accurate results.”<br />

New technology applied to traditional services can mean fewer visits, quicker results and<br />

better outcomes. Even simple exams are more productive as digital pictures can track areas<br />

of concern from one six-month visit to<br />

the next, Dr. Cline said.<br />

“It’s a completely new world,” he said.<br />

Dr. Cline is listed among the top St.<br />

Louis dentists in 20<strong>24</strong> and has received<br />

the honor each year since 2016. Dr. Cline<br />

and his staff enjoy providing excellent<br />

dental care to St. Louis. They are always<br />

welcoming new patients.<br />

428 Old State Rd. • Ellisville<br />

(636) 230-8081<br />

College planning takes time and effort, and when students have their own academic future<br />

in front of them, they need a plan customized to their needs and their dreams.<br />

Enter Class 101, a national corporation that not<br />

only strives to help students prepare for college,<br />

but also wants to help families pay less for it.<br />

St. Louis area Class 101 graduates earned over<br />

$3,540,000 in merit scholarship money.<br />

“We’re the largest college planning firm in the<br />

U.S.,” Owner and College Planning Advisor Gary<br />

Jones said. “The first in St. Louis.”<br />

Their professional and experienced counselors<br />

walk students through the college admission<br />

process step-by-step.<br />

As part of its College Planning Package, Class<br />

101 provides services like college cost evaluations,<br />

Owner and College<br />

Planning Advisor Gary Jones<br />

A lesson in college preparation<br />

guidance with scholarship and financial aid<br />

application, matching students with potential<br />

colleges based on preferences, assistance with<br />

creating a resume and other introduction/review<br />

materials, coaching in essay writing, scheduling campus visits and more.<br />

Before a student even applies to a school,<br />

Class 101 can help a student with their high<br />

school grades and even provide ACT/SAT<br />

practice-test sessions to help reduce anxiety<br />

level when test day arrives, further reassuring<br />

that there are as few obstacles as possible<br />

between a student and their dream college.<br />

Students are already preparing for the 2025<br />

college year and beyond. Will your child be<br />

ready? Call today for a free consultation.<br />

15457 Clayton Rd. • Ballwin<br />

(636) 299-1944<br />

www.class101.com/weststlouiscountymo<br />

A service-oriented approach<br />

Before<br />

After<br />

For both home and business owners, maintaining<br />

concrete surfaces like driveways, patios and pool<br />

decks “may not be the most glamorous job on your<br />

list, but it will definitely help you avoid costly repairs<br />

and replacements down the road,” according to Jerry<br />

Loosmore of JL Concrete Sealing & Caulking.<br />

After more than 26 years of experience on concrete<br />

projects, Jerry started his own company seven years<br />

ago because he saw a better, more service-oriented<br />

way to approach concrete maintenance, he explained.<br />

That’s why Jerry works on every job personally, using<br />

only time-tested, high-quality sealing materials and<br />

the best caulk product on the market.<br />

As its name says, JL Concrete Sealing & Caulking<br />

works to extend the life and greatly improve the<br />

appearance of concrete surfaces by caulking between<br />

joints and slabs, and then sealing them against the<br />

effects of time, traffic and Missouri’s wide weather<br />

variations. The company’s services also include grinding and filling any existing cracks prior<br />

to sealing.<br />

The sealing process helps to restore the original color and luster of decorative, aggregate<br />

and other concrete surfaces while protecting them from wear. In most circumstances, sealant<br />

will last a minimum of three years, Jerry said.<br />

He emphasized that customer service excellence is the company’s highest priority.<br />

“I treat every job like it’s my own home, my own driveway, and I probably want it to<br />

look better when we’re finished than the<br />

homeowner does,” Jerry said.<br />

He encourages <strong>West</strong> County residents and<br />

business owners to contact him by phone<br />

or email loosmore7@gmail.com for a free<br />

estimate.<br />



<strong>24</strong>9 Ramsey Lane • Ballwin<br />

(636) 399-6193

28 I SPORTS I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




Start Strong<br />

Stay Healthy<br />

St. Luke’s Urgent Care Centers<br />

are here to help you kickstart a<br />

year of vitality and well-being.<br />

8 convenient locations:<br />

Arnold, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur,<br />

Des Peres, Ellisville, Fenton,<br />

Ladue and O'Fallon.<br />

stlukes-stl.com/urgent-care<br />

314-205-6200<br />


7-0151<br />

01/20<strong>24</strong><br />

The Eureka Wildcats at the 20<strong>24</strong> Nancy Brandt Invite.<br />

SPORTS<br />

BRIEFS<br />


High school girls swimming<br />

The Eureka Wildcats are the 20<strong>24</strong> Nancy<br />

Brandt Invite champions once again. Make<br />

that thrice again.<br />

The Wildcats were one of eight teams<br />

competing in the annual event at Summit.<br />

Eureka had 537 points and won by more<br />

than 200 points. Summit came in second<br />

with 307.5 points.<br />

“I’ve been coaching the last three years and<br />

we’ve won all three years,” Eureka coach<br />

Anna Jovanovic said. “Eureka has a relatively<br />

good showing at this meet every year.”<br />

Jovanovic said no school or meet records<br />

were set.<br />

“A lot of girls swam some off events to<br />

get times for those races and so it was a different<br />

lineup than usual,” Jovanovic said.<br />

“We aren’t looking for records, we are just<br />

looking for good racing.”<br />

Eureka recorded first-place finishes in<br />

diving, the 200-medley relay, the 200 freestyle,<br />

the 500 free, the 100 fly and the 400-<br />

(Photo provided)<br />

free relay.<br />

Some freshmen performances caught<br />

Jovanovic’s eye in the meet.<br />

“It was nice to see some freshmen swim<br />

with confidence in finals,” Jovanovic said.<br />

“Rylie Lynch dropped a good amount of<br />

time in her 500 for her regular in season<br />

time and it was awesome to see her go out<br />

after the race. Chloe Robinson also had<br />

a great 100 backstroke. She took second<br />

but really did a nice job racing and we are<br />

faster than we were at this time last year so<br />

I’m excited to see what she can accomplish<br />

the remainder of the season.”<br />

High school girls basketball<br />

Incarnate Word Academy senior Zoe<br />

Best has reached the 1,000-point milestone<br />

in her career with the Red Knights.<br />

The 5-foot-11 Southeast Missouri State<br />

recruit who lives in St. Charles went into a<br />

game against Cape Girardeau Notre Dame<br />

in the Visitation Christmas Tournament<br />

needing 11 points. She proceeded to score<br />

12 of the first 14 points in the game.<br />

“She was on a mission,” Incarnate Word<br />

Academy coach Dan Rolfes said. “Not a<br />

lot of people are able to achieve that. It<br />

something that separates players. It shows<br />

someone who’s had some consistency over<br />

time, too.”<br />

Best drained a jump shot to pass the<br />

1,000-point mark. Visitation Academy<br />

Athletic Director Paul Stoecklin knew she<br />

would hit the total during the game.<br />

“(He) said we’ll stop the game when she<br />

does it,” Rolfes said. “He gave her the ball<br />

we were playing with in the game. That<br />

was extremely kind of him to do that. It’s a<br />

special moment in a kid’s career.”<br />

The Red Devils went on to defeat Notre<br />

Dame in the tournament championship<br />

game. Best was named the tournament’s<br />

MVP and earned a spot on the tournament’s<br />

first team.<br />

“This has been a breakout year for Zoe,”<br />

Rolfes said. “Honestly, she’s doing it on<br />

both ends. She’s aggressive and playing<br />

extremely hard defensively in our press<br />

and in our half court game.<br />

“She’s guarding the other team’s best<br />

player and leading us in scoring. That’s<br />

shows you how well she is playing and at<br />

what level. So much of her defensive effort<br />

is leading to our offense.”<br />

• • •<br />

The Marquette Mustangs finished second<br />

again this season in the Don Maurer Holiday<br />

Invitational at MICDS. Top-seeded<br />

Fort Zumwalt <strong>West</strong> knocked off the No.<br />

2-seeded Mustangs 42-36 in a rematch<br />

from last winter.<br />

“They are a very tough, defensive-oriented<br />

team,” coach Tim Bowdern said about Fort<br />

Zumwalt <strong>West</strong>. “In order to win championship<br />

games, you have to score and defend<br />

four quarters. We just didn’t do that in the<br />

third. Too many turnovers and lack of scoring<br />

and rebounding hurt our chances. But<br />

they were the better team that day unfortunately.<br />

We will try to use these experiences<br />

to get ready the next opponent.”<br />

Marquette was outscored 14-6 in that<br />

pivotal third quarter after leading 17-15 at<br />

halftime.<br />

Mustangs junior Macie McNece made<br />

the all-tourney team. She had 28 points<br />

apiece in the first two games and then she<br />

scored nine in the title game.<br />

“Macie is doing a great job. She is definitely<br />

one of the best shooters in the St.<br />

Louis area and maybe the best pure shooter<br />

Marquette has ever had,” Bowdern said.<br />

“She controls the ball for us and finds ways<br />

to get her shot off. I think she is finding her<br />

grove at the right time of the year.”<br />

High school boys basketball<br />

De Smet Jesuit finished second in<br />

the annual Coaches vs. Cancer game at<br />

Maryville University, even though junior<br />

Riley Massey sparked the Spartans attack<br />

with 16 points. The Webster Groves Statesmen<br />

scored a 60-55 victory over De Smet<br />

for its third tournament championship in<br />

five years.<br />

High school football<br />

The 2023 American Cancer Society<br />

All-Star Football Game recently was<br />

held on Spartan Field at Missouri Baptist<br />

University. This time, Team White ended<br />

up the victor with a 17-14 win in the final<br />

seconds of the game.<br />

There were 150 nominations from<br />

more 35 schools in the St. Louis and surrounding<br />

areas. Sorrell Harvey was the<br />

head coach of Team White. John Pukala<br />

was the head coach for Team Red.<br />

Some of the <strong>West</strong> County players on<br />

Team White were Lafayette wide receiver<br />

Zae Jones, CBC quarterback Cole<br />

McKay, De Smet Jesuit wide receiver<br />

Thomas Stewart, De Smet Jesuit long<br />

snapper Andrew McLaughlin Jr., Parkway<br />

North tight end Henry Mohrmann,<br />

Parkway Central linebacker Connor<br />

Lander, MICDS free safety Jeremiah<br />

Clay, and MICDS guard Davis Schukar.<br />

Local players on Team Red were CBC<br />

linebacker Andrew Moore, Parkway<br />

<strong>West</strong> punter/kicker Kyle Parini, Eureka<br />

wide receiver Allen Brown III, Parkway<br />

North center Keylan Mitchell, De Smet<br />

Jesuit offensive lineman DeAndrew Baylark,<br />

and Eureka middle linebacker Eli<br />

Craft.<br />

Three awards were given out:<br />

Red Team MVP: Elijah Stevens (Rockwood<br />

Summit)<br />

White Team MVP: Justin Moore<br />

(Soldan)<br />

Jennifer Younkins Inspiring Champions<br />

Award: Davis Schukar (MICDS) for<br />

most funds raised by an individual player.<br />

Jennifer Younkins is the founder of the<br />

all-star game and a breast cancer survivor.<br />

She is a nine-year breast cancer<br />

survivor and long-time volunteer of the<br />

American Cancer Society.



Eureka’s Bailey Boulay shines as a<br />

three-sport standout for Wildcats<br />


Eureka senior Bailey Boulay is a girl for<br />

all seasons.<br />

In an era where most high school athletes<br />

play and concentrate on just one sport.<br />

Boulay is a triple threat. She plays tennis<br />

in the fall before switching to basketball in<br />

the winter. Then, caps off her year by playing<br />

lacrosse in the spring.<br />

Barring injury, she will finish her time as<br />

a Wildcat with 12 letters. Scott Allen, the<br />

Eureka athletic director, said he doesn’t<br />

think that’s ever been done at the school.<br />

According to Wildcats basketball coach<br />

C.J. Herbert, 11 is the previous top achievement,<br />

earned by Melanie Wallach Rouggly,<br />

now an assistant principal at Lindbergh.<br />

Eureka’s Bailey Boulay playing last spring for the<br />

Wildcats.<br />

(Bob Miller photo)<br />

“It is rare to see kids play three sports<br />

because of the demand on their bodies,”<br />

Wildcats tennis coach Jason Conley said.<br />

“She played No. 1 singles and doubles<br />

the last two years and that is rare for one<br />

player to do that on the boys or girls side,”<br />

Conley said. “She is mentally strong and<br />

can grind out points versus her opponent.<br />

She shows good sportsmanship and treats<br />

other players with respect. She improved a<br />

lot and got a lot stronger in the four years<br />

she played.”<br />

Herbert agreed.<br />

“What it says is that she’s a tremendous<br />

athlete who works incredibly hard,”<br />

Herbert said. “The number of hours she<br />

has committed as a multi-sport athlete is<br />

incredible. And, to top it off, she’s never<br />

had a B in high school.”<br />

Boulay said academics are important to<br />

her.<br />

“I won’t be able to compete in sports<br />

for the rest of my life,” she said, “so it is<br />

important to have a good education. I take<br />

my classes very seriously.”<br />

Lacrosse coach Melissa Menchella said<br />

Boulay also has a high sports IQ.<br />

“To most outsiders, people would probably<br />

just say that she’s naturally gifted<br />

as an athlete, which she undoubtedly is,”<br />

Menchella said. “What people should<br />

know is that Bailey is so much more than<br />

that.<br />

“Bailey does not take advantage of her<br />

natural gift. Her major success in all three<br />

sports is due to how hard-working and disciplined<br />

she is as well as how coachable<br />

she is. Bailey is the type of athlete<br />

who wants to be coached, despite<br />

her crazy natural ability, and she<br />

intently listens to every word that<br />

we say as coaches.”<br />

Boulay is the highest scorer in<br />

the history of the girl’s lacrosse<br />

program. In three seasons, she<br />

accumulated 206 points.<br />

Recently, Boulay made another<br />

major mark in Eureka sports history.<br />

She became one of eight<br />

athletes in Eureka basketball to<br />

reach 1,000 points in her career<br />

when she scored 32 points in a<br />

58-43 win over Pattonville in the<br />

Visitation Christmas Tournament.<br />

Herbert said the basket that put<br />

her over the milestone was typical<br />

for her.<br />

“Bailey had down-screened and<br />

then sealed her defender,” said<br />

Herbert. “Jenna Cubbage made<br />

a great pass over the defender<br />

to Bailey’s back shoulder, and<br />

Bailey scored an easy two right at the<br />

basket with her left hand.”<br />

The moment left Boulay feeling great.<br />

“I was super excited. It was really<br />

fun seeing my parents and everyone so<br />

excited,” Boulay said. “But we were still<br />

in the middle of the game obviously so I<br />

couldn’t be too excited and had to keep<br />

playing. My teammates all made me posters,<br />

and my coaches got me little balloons<br />

that spelled out 1,000. This has always<br />

been a dream of mine, so it’s really cool<br />

to see that all my hard work is paying off.”<br />

Paul Stoecklin, the Visitation athletic<br />

director, made the moment even more special<br />

for Boulay.<br />

“There is probably no better place to<br />

See BOULAY, page 36<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I SPORTS I 29<br />

20<strong>24</strong> BASEBALL<br />






Fun Family Activities!<br />

Serving the Local Youth Since 1963<br />

Team & Individual Player Sign-Up<br />

Practice Fields Available Starting in March<br />

League Play: April - July<br />

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*includes hat/visor & shirt<br />

Registration is Now Open - Visit PondAthletic.net<br />

Youth & Adult Leagues & Tournaments<br />

International Games | HS Feeder Leagues<br />

Easter Egg Hunt & Many More Events<br />


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January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




Make your kitchen and bath dreams come true<br />

In 1950, Vern DuPree opened Modern Kitchens & Baths. He claimed it was one of his<br />

greatest accomplishments along with his children and grandchildren. Now, it’s those<br />

later generations who are helping<br />

homeowners create more beautiful<br />

and enjoyable places in which to live.<br />

The family owned and operated<br />

business offers both skilled staff<br />

and critical resources, such as design<br />

and drafting services, cabinet and<br />

appliance acquisition and installation,<br />

8-plus different cabinet lines and even<br />

flooring installation.<br />

Modern Kitchens & Baths’ expansive<br />

<strong>West</strong> County showroom features over<br />

35 displays to spark your inspiration<br />

and an always friendly staff who are ready to assist with free planning, design and<br />

estimates. They offer many budget levels to accommodate their customers’ goals and<br />

their designers consistantly create kitchens and bathrooms that are truly unique. And<br />

before any work is done, customers always receive complete, computer-drawn renderings.<br />

There’s no guesswork.<br />

Modern Kitchens & Baths offers an impressive selection of cabinets, countertops, fixtures,<br />

appliances and flooring with low prices on the<br />

products you want most – granite and quartz<br />

countertops, Cambria, Silestone, Caeserstone,<br />

touchless/smart fixtures and more.<br />

When you are ready to remodel and you want<br />

to get it right, choose Modern Kitchens & Baths<br />

and get decades of experience, dedicated<br />

customer service and the resources needed to<br />

make your kitchen and bathroom dreams come<br />

true.<br />

14381 Manchester Road<br />

(636) 394-3655<br />

www.modernkitchensandbaths.com<br />

Buying & selling jewelry, collections & whole estates<br />

The love of antiques may have spurred Maria Lambert<br />

and her partner to launch St. Louis Estate Buyers 13<br />

years ago, but today, their business has evolved into a<br />

full-service estate liquidation company specializing in<br />

estate buyouts.<br />

“Our service is an alternative to an estate sale; we buy<br />

everything in the house and can completely clean it out,<br />

typically in two to three days,” Maria said.<br />

The buyout allows a client to liquidate the estate<br />

immediately, receive cash for all the items and empty the<br />

house at the same time. The process is quick and efficient<br />

and can help those who need to disburse an estate,<br />

downsize their home and belongings or prepare for a move.<br />

Of the purchased items, the best of the best are then<br />

put on the sales floor at one of St. Louis Estate Buyers<br />

retail stores in <strong>West</strong> County or South County Centers<br />

where shoppers can find everything from jewelry to<br />

legacy furniture pieces, collectibles, art and more. Maria<br />

is a certified appraiser, so the selection of items for sale is<br />

vetted by a professional. St. Louis Estate Buyers’ selection<br />

also rotates frequently depending on what has been purchased, so there is always a reason<br />

to stop in and shop.<br />

For sellers of jewelry, there are good reasons to<br />

stop by and sell. Maria hosts monthly Jewelry<br />

Buying Events on three days every month at<br />

the <strong>West</strong> County Mall location. Sellers can get<br />

paid cash for gold, silver, diamonds, costume<br />

jewelry, watches and coins!<br />

If you are planning to disburse an estate,<br />

call St. Louis Estate Buyers first, for a free<br />

consultation.<br />

<strong>West</strong> County Center<br />

Lower Level Near JCPenney<br />

(314) 691-2888<br />

www.stlouisestatebuyers.com<br />

They answer, help and haul it away<br />

Ben Boland and Jim Menner<br />

Honest Junk Hauling, a local, family-run<br />

business, specializes in aiding individuals in<br />

downsizing and decluttering their homes,<br />

businesses and properties. Owners Jim Menner and<br />

Ben Boland have expanded their company through<br />

a dedication to exceptional customer service.<br />

While their primary service involves removing<br />

furniture and household items, Honest Junk<br />

Hauling offers a broader spectrum of assistance for<br />

their customers. From relocating furniture within<br />

the house to tearing down fences or decks, and<br />

even providing demolition services to prepare for<br />

remodeling projects, they can handle any project.<br />

Ben emphasizes their personalized approach:<br />

“Understanding diverse needs is crucial. That’s<br />

why I personally engage with each customer to<br />

determine how we can best assist.”<br />

One of their popular services involves providing a container for customers to fill at their<br />

location, which is then hauled away. Ben highlights its usefulness: “Many opt for this choice<br />

to clear items gradually, making it ideal for DIY remodelers or families undertaking a gradual<br />

house clean-out.”<br />

Planning a move soon? Even if you don’t need items hauled away, Honest Junk Hauling<br />

offers loading and unloading services. Our team can load or unload your moving truck.<br />

Above all, their business focuses on<br />

exceptional customer service and catering to<br />

individual requirements. That’s why you will<br />

speak directly with Ben when you call, unlike<br />

some national junk companies that route calls<br />

through a call center. “Feel free to give me a<br />

call anytime to discuss your next project.”<br />


(314) 312-1077<br />

www.honestjunk.com<br />

Make it a great 20<strong>24</strong> in wine country<br />

Nestled in the hills overlooking the Missouri River Valley, Augusta with its vineyards and<br />

wineries, restaurants and bed and breakfasts has become a destination in Missouri wine<br />

country, part of the beautiful landscape that brings visitors from all over the country.<br />

Adding to the interest, are themed festivals with food, wine, music and activities for the<br />

whole family. Coming up is the 21st Annual<br />

Augusta Plein Air Festival April 25 to May 4.<br />

On May 4, we will have a street festival with<br />

over 100 booths including art booths, food<br />

vendors, and an art tent for kids. Come out<br />

and take home a piece of original art.<br />

The Augusta Harvest Festival is planned<br />

for Sept. 20-21 with “Swingin’ in the Vines,”<br />

a gourmet picnic at Honey Bee Vineyard<br />

on Friday. Take a ride on a pumpkin wagon,<br />

collect your picnic basket for two, select<br />

your bottle of wine, enjoy a port tasting in<br />

The Augusta Plein Air Festival<br />

a historic wine cellar and dance under the<br />

stars to a live band. The all-inclusive cost<br />

of the evening is $125 for two people. Call 636-228-4005 to reserve your place. On Saturday,<br />

September 21, enjoy the parade; compete in the pie contest! Children’s activities are planned<br />

as well as live music.<br />

While you’re in Augusta, stop in at the Augusta Visitor Center, home to The Wandering Owl,<br />

a new gift shop providing a wide variety of<br />

items such as home décor, t-shirts, coffee mugs,<br />

Christmas ornaments and personal items you<br />

may have forgotten for your visit. The clerks<br />

will assist you in learning about the town<br />

with directions and contact information for<br />

the various businesses in the area. The Center<br />

is open daily with brochures and information<br />

about area attractions.<br />

See Augusta, a Missouri gem in your backyard!<br />

5577 Walnut Street • Augusta<br />

(636) 228- 4005<br />

gacc.augusta@gmail.com<br />




January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />



Registration opens for summer programs Feb. 1<br />

Dancers from two through adult can find their niche in classes at Saint Louis Ballet School.<br />

Registration opens Feb. 1 for Summer Programs – the perfect time to further develop or begin<br />

your path in dance.<br />

Last year, a 5th studio was added providing another level to the daytime summer program<br />

and more room to better place students among their peers.<br />

“Ballet teaches you discipline and focus<br />

and is a great form of exercise. It can<br />

also be fun!” said Administrator Tanya<br />

Strautmann, who danced professionally<br />

with Saint Louis Ballet Company for 16<br />

years and has co-directed the school for<br />

over 15 years. “Saint Louis Ballet School<br />

is the educational branch of Saint Louis<br />

Ballet Company, the city’s regional<br />

professional ballet company, so students<br />

learn from those professionals as well as<br />

guest instructors.”<br />

“Dance requires muscle development<br />

and skill that needs continued training year-round including during the summer, especially for<br />

tween ages and up” Tanya explained. “You don’t want to lose that developed muscle training<br />

gained during the school year, so the summer is a great time to continue dance classes or try a<br />

new dance form.”<br />

Summer programs are offered for every age and level.<br />

Storybook Camps for ages 3-6 offer Disney themes plus<br />

favorites like “The Nutcracker,” and include dance, crafts,<br />

and a performance for parents. For ages 7-21, the school<br />

offers up to five weeks of programs. Participants take daily<br />

ballet interspersed with classes in contemporary, musical<br />

theater, jazz, hip hop and conditioning.<br />

“Saint Louis Ballet School offers well-rounded programs<br />

for students whether it be year-round or for the summer,”<br />

Tanya said. “We’ve become a trusted institution for St. Louis<br />

families, and we continue to strive to earn their trust.”<br />

218 THF Blvd • Chesterfield<br />

(636) 537-1998<br />

stlouisballet.org<br />

Quality you can trust<br />

Eureka Contracting & Roofing, LLC is a veteran owned business located in beautiful Eureka,<br />

Missouri. Their knowledgeable team brings over 60 years of experience in the construction<br />

and insurance industry, both working as adjusters for insurance companies and contractors<br />

completing storm repairs.<br />

Rick Hinkson, president, has over 30 years’ experience in the construction and insurance industry.<br />

Working with some of the best and most<br />

skilled crews around, they can tackle<br />

almost any residential or commercial<br />

roof. They also do siding, facia, soffit and<br />

gutters. Eureka Contracting & Roofing<br />

promotes preventative maintenance on<br />

roofs and encourages customers to call<br />

before they see water damage inside<br />

their home, business or church.<br />

Eureka Contracting & Roofing understands<br />

insurance policies. With their<br />

extensive insurance knowledge, they can advise you on whether you should file a claim<br />

or not. A no pay claim is still considered a claim. They work with insurance companies not<br />

against them to get your needs met.<br />

Eureka Contracting & Roofing LLC carries $1 million liability and $1 million workman’s<br />

compensation insurance with a $2 million aggregate.<br />

Eureka Contracting & Roofing has a commercial roof coating division that can coat an existing<br />

roof with a 100% silicone product that will extend the life of an existing roof, promote lower<br />

energy bills and qualify for the EPA’s Energy Star program,<br />

all for about 40% of the cost to replace the same roof.<br />

Eureka Contracting & Roofing, LLC will inspect your<br />

roof, church, building or home with absolutely no costs<br />

or obligations to you. They will always look at your roof<br />

with your best interest in mind.<br />

Call their office at (636) 938-ROOF, or call Rick’s cell<br />

phone at (314) 614-0216.<br />

128 S. Virginia Ave. • Eureka<br />

(636) 938-7663<br />

www.eurekacontracting.com<br />

Well-dressed and efficient in every season<br />

Winter is a great season for homeowners to<br />

reevaluate window treatments to keep their<br />

home more climate-controlled during the colder<br />

months of the year. At Victor Shade Company,<br />

customers can choose from a wide variety of<br />

features, including those that provide variable<br />

light control, insulate rooms, lower energy bills<br />

and protect from damaging UV rays.<br />

The long-time business with a new<br />

showroom has every kind of shade, shutter<br />

President Scott Segall and<br />

or blind to make your home comfortable,<br />

Vice President Rachel Segall<br />

efficient and stylish every day of the year.<br />

Victor Shade is a fourth-generation window treatment company. Scott Segall became the<br />

current president in 2005 when his uncle retired, and today, he continues the quality and<br />

traditions that began in 1908.<br />

Victor Shade is a Hunter Douglas Gallery dealer, which means customers have access to<br />

all Hunter Douglas’ beautiful quality products at competitive prices. In addition, they offer<br />

other popular brands in order to provide the best option for every window while also<br />

remaining on top of the latest trends.<br />

For example, all of Victor Shade’s motorized products include an app to create scenes and<br />

automation from your smart device.<br />

“In addition, if someone has an Apple HomePod, Google Home or Amazon Alexa, they can<br />

control their window treatments with them,” Vice<br />

President Rachel Segall said.<br />

The Victor Shade showroom offers over 20 displays<br />

of shades, shutters, and blinds. Customers can browse<br />

sample books and interact with different models,<br />

including the motorized ones. Visit them at their new<br />

showroom- no appointment needed. Victor Shade<br />

also offers free in-home consultations, making the<br />

process convenient and easy for customers.<br />

11477 Page Service Dr. • St. Louis<br />

(314) 428-7979<br />

www.victorshade.com<br />

Focused on quality artwork from start to finish<br />

Whether it’s time for family portraits or images and videos to brand a business, the goal<br />

for Higher Focus Photography is to create quality artwork that stands apart from the rest.<br />

“When it comes to high school senior or family portraits, we are a different kind of<br />

photography studio,” said Jill Gray, photographer<br />

and co-owner with her husband Tim. “We know how<br />

important your loved ones are to you, and we want to<br />

help you celebrate them by creating beautiful works<br />

of art that you will treasure for years to come.”<br />

Families deserve more than digital files delivered<br />

on a disc, she said. They deserve heirloom quality<br />

portraits that will be displayed and enjoyed.<br />

“With that in mind, we simplify the process of<br />

getting beautiful artwork into your home created<br />

from photos of those that mean the most to you,” Jill<br />

said. “From the initial consultation to determine what<br />

best suits your style to installing your artwork on<br />

your walls, we will guide you every step of the way.”<br />

Jill and Tim Gray<br />

For business owners, professional photography<br />

makes a difference. Higher Focus can tell your story,<br />

highlight your products and services, and brand your<br />

business in the minds of your customers. They create high quality images and exciting<br />

videos for your website, social media or any other visual application.<br />

“We specialize in telling your story and<br />

promoting your services by creating captivating<br />

images and video,” Jill said.<br />

For those who want more from a photographer<br />

than just pictures, Higher Focus Photography<br />

offers a boutique-level service that will create<br />

the best images possible for your family or bring<br />

your company to the forefront with spectacular<br />

images and videos. Call for a consultation today.<br />

(636) 273-6600<br />


32 I HEALTH I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


The Experts in Finding the Right Senior Care Options, For FREE!<br />

Transitions For Senior Living is St. Louis’ most trusted team to help you navigate your long-term care options ...<br />

from local Assisted, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Independent Living Communities, we simplify your search.<br />

We understand the differences in standards of care, staffing ratios, social dynamics and take the time<br />

to explain those differences; so you can make the best decision. We personally evaluate your physical,<br />

cognitive, financial and social care needs. Completely Free Of Charge!<br />

Whether you are in a crisis or planning ahead, give us a call.<br />

We are a local, family-owned service, with over 12 years of experience helping families just like yours.<br />

Personalized Service, because every situation is unique!<br />



(314) 606-8531<br />

www.STLsenior.com<br />

The American Red Cross recently issued an emergency call for blood<br />

donations as a 20-year low in its donor numbers threatens critical<br />

blood supplies.<br />

(Adobe Stock photo)<br />

HEALTH<br />



Blood donations fall<br />

to 20-year low<br />

As the U.S. marks National Blood Donor<br />

Month in January, The American Red Cross<br />

has also issued an emergency call for donations<br />

as it faces the lowest number of people<br />

giving blood in the last 20 years. Blood<br />

and platelet donations are urgently needed<br />

to help alleviate the shortage and ensure<br />

lifesaving medical procedures can continue,<br />

according to its chief medical officer.<br />

“One of the most distressing situations for<br />

a doctor is to have a hospital full of patients<br />

and an empty refrigerator without any blood<br />

products,” said Dr. Pampee Young. “A<br />

person needs lifesaving blood every two seconds<br />

in our country – and its availability can<br />

be the difference between life and death.”<br />

The Red Cross received about 7,000 fewer<br />

units of donated blood than it needed between<br />

Christmas and New Year’s Day alone, which<br />

left the organization with a major deficit<br />

of life-sustaining blood products to begin<br />

20<strong>24</strong>. Additional challenges may lie ahead as<br />

winter weather and seasonal respiratory illnesses<br />

like the flu affect donor turnout.<br />

To find an upcoming blood drive near<br />

you, visit the organization’s website at<br />

RedCrossBlood.org. Appointments can<br />

also be made by calling 1-800-733-2767.<br />

Translating thoughts into<br />

speech comes closer to reality<br />

The ability to “read” and translate a person’s<br />

thoughts into speech is no longer a<br />

concept found only in science fiction. An<br />

implantable speech prosthetic developed<br />

by a team of neuroscientists, neurosurgeons<br />

and engineers at Duke University<br />

can translate a person’s brain signals into<br />

words they’re trying to say.<br />

In a recent trial, the team fabricated a<br />

postage stamp-sized piece of flexible, medical-grade<br />

plastic containing hundreds of<br />

microscopic brain sensors. They recruited<br />

four patients who were undergoing brain<br />

surgery for some other condition, such as<br />

to treat Parkinson’s disease or remove a<br />

brain tumor, to test the implants.<br />

During their surgeries, the devices were<br />

temporarily implanted in these patients,<br />

who were awake. They were given a simple<br />

listen-and-repeat activity in which they<br />

“heard” a series of nonsense words via the<br />

sensor, and then spoke each one aloud. The<br />

device recorded activity from the speech<br />

motor cortex of each patient’s brain, and<br />

was able to coordinate nearly 100 muscles<br />

that move the lips, tongue, jaw and larynx.<br />

The Duke researchers hope this new technology<br />

could one day help people who are<br />

unable to speak, due to neurological disorders<br />

such as ALS, to communicate effectively<br />

again.<br />

On the calendar<br />

BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital sponsors<br />

a Babysitting 101 virtual class on<br />

Tuesday, Jan. 27 from 6-8:30 p.m., live via<br />

Teams Meeting. This interactive class is a<br />

great introduction to the basics of babysitting<br />

and is recommended for ages 10 and<br />

above. The cost is $25 per child. Parents<br />

may sit in on the class at no additional cost.<br />

Register online at bjc.org/babysitting-class.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC presents a Family and Friends<br />

CPR virtual course on Wednesday, Jan.<br />

28 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., live via Teams<br />

Meeting. This class uses the American<br />

Heart Association curriculum to teach<br />

hands-on CPR skills. This course does not<br />

include certification upon completion. The<br />

cost is $50. Registration for a seat in this<br />

class is for two people. Register online by<br />

visiting bjc.org/cpr-class.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC St. Louis Children’s Hospital presents<br />

a Staying Home Alone virtual class on<br />

Wednesday, Feb. 7 from 6:30-8 p.m., live via<br />

For the seventh year in a row, the<br />

Mediterranean diet has topped U.S.<br />

News and World Report’s annual list of<br />

Best Diets for 20<strong>24</strong>.<br />

The diet focuses on eating mainly nutrient-dense<br />

fruits, vegetables, whole grains,<br />

fish, nuts, seeds and healthy fats such as<br />

olive oil. It’s a consistent winner because<br />

research shows people who stick to a Mediterranean-style<br />

eating plan tend to live<br />

longer – and are also less likely to suffer<br />

from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart<br />

disease and Type 2 diabetes.<br />

While red meats and sugary sweets<br />

can be part of the Mediterranean diet as<br />

well, they should be kept to a minimum.<br />

Teams Meeting. An in-person class is also<br />

offered on Saturday, Feb. 17 10-11:30 a.m.<br />

at the SLCH Specialty Care Center <strong>West</strong><br />

County, 13001 N. Outer Forty Road in Town<br />

and Country, in the third-floor conference<br />

room. Parents and children attend the class<br />

together to ensure a child’s readiness to stay<br />

at home alone. The registration fee is $25 per<br />

family. To register, call (314) 454-5437.<br />

• • •<br />

BJC offers a Bariatric Surgery Information<br />

Session on Monday, Feb. 19<br />

from 5:30-6:30 p.m., live via Zoom. Join<br />

a Washington University bariatric physician<br />

to learn more about surgical treatment<br />

options available at Barnes-Jewish Hospital<br />

and Barnes-Jewish <strong>West</strong> County Hospital<br />

for patients who meet certain criteria.<br />

During this free session, you will learn<br />

about options including laparoscopic gastric<br />

bypass, gastric sleeve, duodenal switch<br />

and revisions to bariatric surgery. To register,<br />

visit classes-events.bjc.org.<br />

• • •<br />

Mercy St. Louis offers a Sitter Skills<br />

course on Friday, March 1 from 6-9 p.m.<br />

at the hospital, 615 S. New Ballas Road,<br />

in Classroom #2 on the 7th floor. Children<br />

should bring a doll or stuffed animal to class<br />

to learn how to change diapers. The cost is<br />

$30 per child. Register online by visiting<br />

mercy.net/practice/mercy-hospital-st-louis<br />

and clicking on Classes, Seminars and<br />

Events, then Skills Classes for Kids.<br />

Mediterranian Diet again ranked No. 1 for health<br />

An occasional glass of red wine is also<br />

acceptable, according to its guidelines.<br />

The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches<br />

to Stop Hypertension) and the MIND<br />

diet (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention<br />

for Neurodegenerative Delay)<br />

were named the second- and third-best<br />

overall diets by the publication. The<br />

DASH eating plan is aimed at reducing<br />

or preventive high blood pressure, while<br />

MIND includes elements of both the<br />

Mediterranean and DASH approaches,<br />

concentrating on foods (such as leafy<br />

greens, berries, nuts and fish) that may<br />

improve brain health to potentially lower<br />

the risk of mental decline.



Community Events for Older Adults<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I 33<br />


n CRAFTERNOONS • Heart Book Folding Art •<br />

Tuesday, Feb. 27. • 1-2:30 p.m. • Schroeder Park<br />

Building • Registration is required. • $6 residents;<br />

$7.80 all others. Supplies included. • All abilities.<br />


• Tuesdays, Feb. 13 (1875-1901) & Feb. 27<br />

(1902-1953) • 6-8 p.m. • Schroeder Park<br />

Building • Registration is required. • Price per<br />

date is $10 residents; $13 all others.<br />

n MAHJONG LESSONS • Tuesdays, Feb.<br />

13 - March 5 • 1-2:30 p.m. • Chesterfield<br />

Community Center • $64 for residents; $77 for<br />

all others • Registration is required.<br />

n SENIOR PAINTING • Fridays • 9:30-11 a.m.<br />

• Schroeder Park Building • Drop-in classes. •<br />

All abilities. • Free.<br />


More Out of your Home” • Tuesday, March 5<br />

• 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. • Chesterfield Community<br />

Center • Registration is required.<br />


n 50-PLUS & FIT • Mondays, 8-8:45 a.m. or<br />

10:20-11:05 a.m. or 11:20 a.m.-12:05 p.m. •<br />

Wednesdays, 11-11:45 a.m. • Fridays, 10:20-<br />

11:05 a.m. & 11:20 a.m.-12:05 p.m. • The<br />

Pointe • Drop-in classes. • Pointe members<br />

free; fee all others.<br />

n ABLT • Tuesdays & Thursdays • 9:30 a.m. •<br />

Drop-in water aerobics. • The Pointe • Platinum<br />

free; residents $7; all others $9.<br />


1-18 and March 1-17 • Complete two designated<br />

hikes within the timeframes and submit selfies<br />

DISC GOLF is available daily at Bluebird Park<br />

in Ellisville, Schroeder Park in Manchester<br />

and Railroad Park in Chesterfield.<br />

PICKLEBALL is available daily at Bluebird<br />

Park in Ellisville, Schroeder Park in<br />

Manchester and The Pointe in Ballwin.<br />

TENNIS is available daily at Bluebird Park in<br />

Ellisville and Schroeder Park in Manchester.<br />



Your Loved One with Dementia<br />

Deserves to Live In a Home!<br />

My husband and I had previous experience with<br />

his mother residing in a large scale community<br />

and I was determined to find a better<br />

solution Our residential for my mother. homes At Family are built<br />

Partners Home, my mother receives<br />

specifically for the specialized needs<br />

wonderful care from a tight knit team<br />

of of those professionals with dementia that understands<br />

promote<br />

safety, her individual comfort, needs and engagement<br />

desires.<br />

with – Paula a family R., Daughter feel. of Resident<br />

of each to earn prizes. Selfies must be taken<br />

at designated selfie sites. • Details and route<br />

maps at cityofwildwood.com. • Free<br />


Wednesdays & Fridays at 9-9:45 a.m.; Wednesdays<br />

at 10-10:45 a.m. • The Pointe • Drop-in classes. •<br />

Pointe members free; fee all others.<br />

n FIT 4 ALL • Tuesdays, 11-11:45 p.m. • The<br />

Pointe at Ballwin Commons • Drop-in classes. •<br />

Free for Pointe members; drop-in fee all others.<br />

n JOINTS IN MOTION • Mondays,<br />

Wednesdays & Fridays • 10:30 a.m. • Drop-in<br />

water aerobics. • The Pointe • Platinum free;<br />

residents $7; others $9.<br />

n SENIOR FITNESS • Mondays-Thursdays;<br />

several time options. • Schroeder Park Building<br />

• Free with Silver Sneakers or Renew Active •<br />

Registration is required • Classes fill quickly.<br />

n STRIVE TO FITNESS • Mondays and<br />

Thursdays • 10-11 a.m.; 11 a.m.-noon. •<br />

Chesterfield Community Center • $60 for<br />

5-class pass; $15 for drop-in class • Register at<br />

strive2fitness.com/book-online.<br />

n TAI CHI • Thursdays • 1-1:45 p.m. and<br />

2-2:45 p.m. • Drop-in classes • The Pointe •<br />

Free for Pointe members; drop-in fee all others.<br />

n WATER AEROBICS • Monday-Friday,<br />

8:30 a.m. • Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays,<br />

9:30 a.m. • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:45 p.m.<br />

• Drop-in classes • The Pointe • Platinum free;<br />

residents $7; all others $9.<br />

n CHAIR YOGA • Wildwood Yoga & Wellness,<br />

2642 Hwy. 109, Suite B • Tuesdays • 1:30-2:30<br />

p.m. • Residents free; all others $5 per class •<br />

Register online up to one day prior to class.<br />

n MERAKI YOGA • Tuesdays: 9:30-10:30<br />

a.m. (gentle); 10:45-11:45 a.m. (chair) •<br />

Wednesdays: 9:45-10:45 a.m. (chair); 10:45-<br />

11:45 a.m. (morning flow) • Chesterfield<br />

Community Center • $60 for 5-class pass;<br />

$100 for unlimited monthly pass (registration is<br />

required) • $20 per drop-in class.<br />

n SILVER SNEAKERS YOGA • Wednesdays<br />

• 10:10-10:50 a.m. • All fitness levels. • Free with<br />


n Ballwin (636) 227-8950 • ballwin.<br />

mo.us • Ballwin Golf Course, 333<br />

Holloway Road • The Pointe, 1 Ballwin<br />

Commons Circle<br />

n Chesterfield (636) 812-9500 • email<br />

olderadults@chesterfield.mo.us •<br />

Community Center, 237 Chesterfield Mall,<br />

second floor by Macy's<br />

Pointe membership; drop-in fee all others.<br />

n YOGA SLOW FLOW • Wildwood Yoga &<br />

Wellness, 2642 Hwy. 109, Suite B • Fridays • 11<br />

a.m.-noon • Residents free; all others $5 per class<br />

• Register online up to one day prior to class.<br />

n ZUMBA GOLD • Thursdays • 11:30 a.m.-<br />

12:15 p.m. • No registration needed • Free with<br />

Pointe membership; drop-in fee all others.<br />


n BINGO • Wednesdays, Feb. 14 & 28 • 11:15<br />

a.m.-1 p.m. • Chesterfield Community Center. •<br />

$5 per person, cash at the door. • Register by<br />

emailing olderadults@chesterfield.mo.us.<br />

n LUNCH & BINGO • First and third Wednesdays<br />

• 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. • The Pointe • Registration<br />

is required. • $8 per person, per date.<br />

n MORNING BINGO • Thursdays, Feb. 1 &<br />

15. • 9-10:30 a.m. • Schroeder Park Building •<br />

$2 per person, per day.<br />

n BOOK CLUB • Tuesday, Feb. 20: “The<br />

Murmur of Bees” by Sofia Segovia • 11 a.m.-<br />

noon • Schroeder Park Building • Free<br />

n BRIDGE • Mondays, Jan. 29 & Feb. 5. • 1-3<br />

p.m., open play. • Schroeder Park Building • $1<br />

per person.<br />

n BRIDGE CLUB • Tuesdays through April<br />

• 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. • The Pointe • Some<br />

experience required. • Drop-in. • Free.<br />

n BUNCO • Tuesdays, Feb. 6 & 20 • 1-2:30<br />

p.m. • Chesterfield Community Center • $5<br />

per person, cash at the door. • by emailing<br />

n Ellisville (636) 227-7508 • ellisville.<br />

recdesk.com • Bluebird Park, 225 Kiefer<br />

Creek Road<br />

n Manchester (636) 391-6326, ext 401 or<br />

402 • manchestermo.gov • Schroeder Park,<br />

359 Old Meramec Station Road<br />

n Wildwood (636) 458-0440 •<br />

wildwoodmo.recdesk.com • City Hall,<br />

16860 Main St.<br />

olderadults@chesterfield.mo.us.<br />


Decorate a wooden egg • Pick up egg starting<br />

Feb. 23 • Bluebird Park • $5 per person •<br />

Winner announced March 25.<br />

n ELECTRONIC RECYCLING • Thursday,<br />

Feb. 1 • Noon - 5 p.m. • Fee for certain items •<br />

Information at ellisville.mo.us.<br />


Second and fourth Mondays through May • 10<br />

a.m.-1 p.m. • Ballwin Golf Course • Entertainment,<br />

speakers, bingo, socializing • Bring lunch;<br />

dessert and drinks provided. • $2 per person. •<br />

Contact Stephanie at (636) 391-6326, ext. 401,<br />

or by email to shardesty@manchestermo.gov to<br />

be added to the day-trip list.<br />

n MAH JONGG • Mondays, Jan. 29 & Feb. 5<br />

• 1-3 p.m., open play • Schroeder Park Building<br />

• $1 per person per date.<br />

n MAHJONG CLUB • Tuesdays through April •<br />

1-3 p.m. • The Pointe • Drop-in. • Free.<br />

n MAHJONG MONDAYS • Weekly • 10 a.m.<br />

• Chesterfield Community Center • Participants<br />

are welcome to bring their own sets. • Free.<br />

n SENIOR DAY TRIP • Thursday, April 25 • Trip<br />

to Arthur, Illinois. • Step-on guide through Amish<br />

country • Space limited • Register by emailing<br />

olderadults@chesterfield.mo.us<br />

n SENIOR HEALTH FAIR • Thursday, April 4 •<br />

10 a.m. • Chesterfield Community Center • Free<br />

• Register by emailing olderadults@chesterfield.<br />

mo.us.<br />

It feels like home. It is a home.<br />

• Only 8-13 residents<br />

• Private Rooms<br />

• Best Caregiver to resident ratio 1:5 Avg<br />

• Around the clock professional care<br />

• Family Style Meals<br />

Manchester, MO • Call Jonna at 314.686.4468 • www.FamilyPartnersHome.com

34 I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />





$27. 99<br />

Install new filter, refill up to 5 quarts 5W-30 or<br />

5W-20 Valvoline conventional oil & lubricate<br />

chassis if applicable.<br />

• Most cars & light trucks. Not valid with any other offer. Present<br />

coupon at time of purchase. Shop supplies & sales tax are additional.<br />

• Coupon Code: m21oc6<br />

www.PlazaTireService.com<br />


CHANGE<br />

Expiration:<br />



Install new filter, refill up to 5 quarts 5W-30, 5W-20<br />

or 0W-20 Valvoline Synpower synthetic oil, top off<br />

most fluids & lubricate chassis if applicable.<br />

• Most cars & light trucks. Not valid with any other offer. Present coupon<br />

at time of purchase. Shop supplies & sales tax are additional.<br />

2/21/<strong>24</strong> • Coupon Code: m10syn6 Expiration:<br />

2/21/<strong>24</strong><br />

17520 Chesterfield Airport Rd • Chesterfield • 636.536.2007 | 105 Baxter Rd • Ballwin • 636.256.2989<br />

The Perfect Solution for the Outdated Kitchen<br />

3444 N. Lindbergh • St. Louis, MO 63074<br />

314-739-1730<br />

20% OFF<br />

Complete Kitchen<br />

Cabinet Refacing<br />

Expires 2/29/<strong>24</strong><br />

Don’t Replace - Reface!<br />

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Free Consultation and Estimate<br />

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www.ClassicKitchenRefacing.com<br />





Serving <strong>West</strong> County &<br />

surrounding areas since 1985<br />

10% OFF<br />



EXPIRES 2/29/<strong>24</strong><br />

Edwards Remodeling • Call 314-397-5100 • Licensed & Insured<br />

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636.686.51<strong>24</strong> • WWW.ULTIMATELACROSSE.COM<br />

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Bathtub Conversion<br />

into Walk-in Shower<br />

References Available<br />

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Install Fans, Fixtures, Outlets, A/C, etc. Landscape Lighting<br />

Over 20 Years Experience • Licensed, Bonded & Insured<br />

Full Service Electrical Contractor • Radio Dispatched<br />

Trenching & Bucket Truck Service Available By F.E.S.<br />

Fielder Electrical Services<br />

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314-966-3388 • www.fielderelectricalservices.com<br />

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Facebook.com/westnewsmagazine<br />

Reserve your ad space today<br />

CALL 636.591.0010



January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I EVENTS I 35<br />

October 26 to<br />

November 4th<br />

20<strong>24</strong><br />

LOCAL<br />

EVENTS<br />


The J’s Winter Used Book Sale is<br />

Sunday, Jan. 28 through Thursday, Feb. 1 at<br />

The Jewish Community Center, 2 Millstone<br />

Campus Drive in Creve Coeur. For details<br />

and times, visit jccstl.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Casino Night Meets Margaritaville<br />

is from 6-10 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 2 at the<br />

Wings of Hope hangar, 18370 Wings Of<br />

Hope Blvd. in Chesterfield. Guests enjoy<br />

gaming, prizes, a “Taste of the Chamber”<br />

and adult beverages. Admission is $50 per<br />

person. Register at chesterfieldmochamber.<br />

com or call (636) 532-3399.<br />

• • •<br />

The Pond Athletic Association Trivia<br />

Night is at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3 at Bullpen<br />

Brothers, 15139 Manchester Road in<br />

Ellisville. Cost is $<strong>24</strong>0 for a table of eight and<br />

includes light snacks, soft drinks and adult<br />

beverages. Register at pondathletic.com.<br />

• • •<br />

The annual Knights of Columbus Trivia<br />

Night featuring Zip Rzeppa is at 7 p.m.<br />

(doors open at 6 p.m.) on Saturday, Feb. 10 at<br />

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 567 St. Joseph<br />

Lane in Manchester. Admission is $<strong>24</strong>0 for<br />

a table of eight and includes beverages and<br />

popcorn. Tickets at kocstjoe.org/trivia.<br />

• • •<br />

Art and Wine, a local art exhibition<br />

is from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 23 at the<br />

Longview Farm House, 13525 Clayton<br />

Road in Town & Country. Admission is<br />

$25 per person and includes food and drink.<br />

Proceeds benefit the Military and First<br />

Responders Tribute. For tickets, call (314)<br />

587-2814 or visit town-and-country.org.<br />

• • •<br />

A fish fry is from 4:30-7 p.m. on Fridays,<br />

Feb. 16 and 23, March 1 and 8 at St. Alban<br />

Roe, 2001 Shepard Road in Wildwood.<br />

Baked and fried cod, fried catfish, butterfly<br />

shrimp, mac and cheese, cheese pizza by<br />

the slice with assorted sides and desserts.<br />

Carry-out is available.<br />


Tot Time for kids aged 5 and younger<br />

is from 9-11 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 2 at the<br />

Chesterfield Community Center in the<br />

Chesterfield Mall. Features activities, story<br />

time, group games, and arts and crafts. Siblings<br />

ages 6-11 are welcome. An adult per<br />

tot is required. Cash-only $3 drop-in fee<br />

per child.<br />

• • •<br />

A ‘50s-themed Family Dance Night is<br />

from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 3<br />

at the Ballwin Golf Course, 333 Holloway<br />

Road. For ages 3-13 with adult accompaniment.<br />

Cost is $10 per person for residents;<br />

$15 for non-residents. Register by Jan. 26 at<br />

ballwin.mo.us/Events.<br />

• • •<br />

Got events? Want publicity?<br />

Send all the pertinent details to<br />

events@newsmagazinenetwork.com.<br />

Event notices for print publication are due at least six weeks<br />

out from the date of the event. Events with advance registration<br />

should be submitted six weeks out from that deadline.<br />

All events will be listed online and in print when sent in with<br />

enough advance notice.<br />

A Daddy & Daughter Glow Dance is<br />

from 6-7:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 9 at the<br />

Schroeder Park Building, 359 Old Meramec<br />

Station Road in Manchester. Wear your<br />

brightest clothes and enjoy dancing, snacks,<br />

games and a craft. For ages 2-11 with adult<br />

accompaniment. Cost is $27 for resident<br />

pairs; $35 for non-resident pairs. Register at<br />

manchestermo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

A Mother-Son Dance Party is from<br />

6:30-8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 23 at the Eureka<br />

Community Center, 333 Bald Hill Road.<br />

Pizza, dessert, craft activity and dancing<br />

are featured. Dressing up is encouraged but<br />

optional. Cost is $12 pereperson for residents;<br />

$13 for non-residents. Spots will fill<br />

up fast. Register at eureka.mo.us.<br />

• • •<br />

A Daddy Daughter Dance is from 6:30-8<br />

p.m. on Saturday, Feb. <strong>24</strong> at the Eureka<br />

Community Center, 333 Bald Hill Road.<br />

Pizza, dessert, craft activity and dancing<br />

are featured. Dressing up is encouraged but<br />

optional. Cost is $12 pereperson for residents;<br />

$13 for non-residents. Spots will fill<br />

up fast. Register at eureka.mo.us.<br />

• • •<br />

Pages and Pals: Messy Munchkins is<br />

from 10-11 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 29 at<br />

the Paul Schroeder Park Building, 359 Old<br />

Meramec Station Road in Manchester. Story,<br />

snack and craft are featured. An adult must<br />

accompany the participating child. Cost is<br />

$5 for residents; $6.50 for non-residents.<br />

Register at manchestermo.gov.<br />

• • •<br />

gooD FrienDS.<br />

great FooD.<br />

colD DrinkS.<br />

Daily lunch & Dinner SpecialS<br />

288 lamp & lantern Village - upper leVel<br />

636-256-7201<br />

Family Bingo Night is from 6:30-8 p.m.<br />

(doors open at 6:15 p.m.) on Friday, March 1<br />

at The Timbers of Eureka Gymnasium, 333<br />

Bald Hill Road. Wear bright colors and bring<br />

glow sticks. The cost is $7 for residents; $8<br />

for non-residents and includes bingo supplies,<br />

prizes, pizza and refreshments. Register<br />

before Feb. 27 at eureka.mo.us.<br />


The Chesterfield Men’s Roundtable<br />

meets from 9-11 a.m. on Mondays by<br />

Zoom, or sometimes at Chesterfield City<br />

Hall. Members discuss the news of the<br />

day or suggested topics. Free. New members<br />

welcome. For details, email paul.<br />

eckler@att.net or call (636) 273-5398 or<br />

email johnbohney@aol.com or call (314)<br />

956-9905.<br />

• • •<br />

The One Wow Moment Biblical Course<br />

is from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. or 6:30-8 p.m. on<br />

Thursday, Feb. 8 at Chabad of Chesterfield<br />

in the Chesterfield Mall. The course discusses<br />

six women who used one moment<br />

to change everything and teaches how to<br />

make courageous and meaningful decisions.<br />

Additional classes will be offered on March<br />

14, April 11 and May 16. The cost starts at<br />

$99; scholarships are available. Register at<br />

JewishChesterfield.com/wow.<br />

• • •<br />

Garden Club meets at 6:30 p.m. on<br />

Wednesday, Feb. 28 at the Chesterfield<br />

Community Center, 237 Chesterfield Mall.<br />

Make connections with fellow gardeners<br />

while learning new tips and tricks. Membership<br />

is free. To register, email recreation@<br />

chesterfield.mo.us.<br />

• • •<br />

The Chesterfield Regional Chamber of<br />

Commerce presents a Community & Lifestyle<br />

Expo from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Thursday,<br />

March 7 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel,<br />

16625 Swingley Ridge Road in Chesterfield.<br />

An array of vendors from higher education<br />

and banking to health initiatives and dining<br />

will be showcased along with the latest<br />

products, services and technologies. Admission<br />

is free for the general public. Interested<br />

vendors can reserve a booth by applying<br />

at chesterfieldmochamber.com or calling<br />

(636) 532-3399.

36 I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />




BOULAY, from page 26<br />



JULY 1, 2023 THRU DECEMBER 31, 2023<br />

Beginning Fund Balance, July 1, 2023<br />


Real Estate & Personal Property<br />

Utilities<br />

Fines<br />

Park Programs<br />

Sales Tax & Interest<br />

Licenses & Permits<br />

Cigarette Tax & Cable TV<br />

Gasoline, Vehicle Taxes & County Road & Bridge<br />

Miscellaneous<br />

Capital Improvement Reimbursement<br />



Administrative<br />

Personnel-Admin., Park, Streets, Maintenance<br />

Public Safety<br />

Streets & Sewers<br />

Park Department<br />

Maintenance Department<br />


Ending Fund Balance DECEMBER 31, 2023<br />


BEGINNING BALANCE (7/1/2023)<br />



ENDING BALANCE (12/31/2023)<br />


BEGINNING BALANCE (7/1/2023)<br />



ENDING BALANCE (12/31/2023)<br />

27,221.35<br />

62,<strong>24</strong>4.29<br />

2 ,599.27<br />

730.00<br />

199,229.26<br />

1 2 ,035.0 0<br />

7,001.31<br />

52,490.04<br />

2 ,387.25<br />

118,925.58<br />

$484,863.35<br />

73,808.73<br />

111,451.04<br />

94,372.97<br />

15,282.76<br />

11,270.90<br />

73,446.21<br />

$379,632.61<br />

$1,097,126.18<br />

197,290.50<br />

63,260.37<br />

118,925.58<br />

$141,625.29<br />

154,121.75<br />

0.00<br />

154,121.75<br />

$0.00<br />

Barbara Beckett | City Administrator/Treasurer<br />

Residents of Winchester are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in the programs and services of the City ofWinchester regardless of race, color,<br />

religion, sex, age, disability, familial status, national origin or political affiliation. Ifyou are a person requiring an accommodation, please call (636) 391-0600<br />

or 1-800-735-2966(Relay Missouri) no laterthan 4 PM on the third day preceding the hearing. Offices are open between 9 AM and 4 PM Monday<br />

through Friday.<br />

score your 1,000th than at the prestigious<br />

Visitation Christmas tourney,” Herbert<br />

said. “The next dead ball after she scored,<br />

Paul Stoecklin goes to half court and they<br />

announce that Bailey scored her 1,000th,<br />

presented her with the game ball, then<br />

tossed it to her parents in the stands. Bailey<br />

is a very low-key and not a ‘look at me’<br />

type of person. She was obviously happy<br />

but didn’t overreact.”<br />

Menchella said Boulay was destined to<br />

make the 1,000 points club though she did<br />

not downplay its significance.<br />

“It’s an incredible accomplishment considering<br />

only eight athletes total in the history<br />

of Eureka women’s basketball have<br />

scored 1,000 points in their career, and our<br />

women’s basketball program has always<br />

been an incredibly successful and competitive<br />

program with great athletes that have<br />

come through it,” Menchella said.<br />

Boulay is averaging 16.4 points per<br />

game this season.<br />

“Bailey is having a great year. She is not<br />

a true point guard, but we’re making her do<br />

that for us,” Herbert said. “She is scoring<br />

inside and out and is an excellent defender.<br />

Not only does she lead us in scoring, but in<br />

assists as well. That’s a rare combo.”<br />

Boulay has helped elevate both Wildcats<br />

basketball and lacrosse to great heights.<br />

“She has led our school to three different<br />

Final Four appearances in two different<br />

sports, which is unheard of – two secondplace<br />

state finishes in lacrosse and a fourthplace<br />

finish in basketball,” Menchella said.<br />

“She is arguably the best multi-sport athlete<br />

to come through Eureka considering her<br />

very impressive resume in three sports, and<br />

how she has been a three-sport and fouryear<br />

varsity athlete.”<br />

Boulay is enjoying this basketball season.<br />

“I’m super happy with how my team is<br />

playing. I’m the only returning starting so I<br />

wasn’t sure what to expect coming into the<br />

season but we are playing great and getting<br />

better each game. My main goal is to just<br />

give it my all every game, and as a team, it<br />

would be amazing to make it to the Final<br />

Four again.”<br />

Playing for Eureka is a family tradition.<br />

Boulay’s mother, Jennifer, and father,<br />

Bill, along with older brothers, Billy and<br />

Braden, all played for the Wildcats.<br />

“In eighth grade, I played club basketball<br />

for the Knights and lots of my teammates<br />

were going to private schools, the main<br />

one being Incarnate Word,” Boulay said. “I<br />

debated it but knew I wanted to play for my<br />

own high school and be with all my friends.”<br />

Herbert said, “She obviously could’ve<br />

gone to a private school and played on an<br />

all-star team but she chose to stay true to<br />

Eureka and man, has it paid off. She’ll go<br />

down in Eureka history as one of the best,<br />

if not the best, we’ve ever had.”<br />

Eureka senior Bailey Boulay signs her<br />

letter of intent to play lacrosse at Maryville<br />

University.<br />

(Source: EHS Yearbook staff)<br />

Last month, Boulay signed to play<br />

lacrosse at Maryville University.<br />

“When I toured Maryville, I just fell in<br />

love with the campus. I didn’t realize that<br />

I do like being really close to home until<br />

I toured there” Boulay said. “I also just<br />

loved the coaches and everything they are<br />

about when it comes to their program.<br />

“Growing up it was always basketball<br />

but then lacrosse came into the running<br />

once I got into high school. Tennis is my<br />

‘for fun’ sport … I don’t think I can pick<br />

my favorite.”<br />

While she is the only player in school history<br />

with more than 200 points in lacrosse,<br />

the modest Boulay maintains she didn’t<br />

achieve that alone.<br />

“Lacrosse isn’t a one-man show,” she<br />

said. “Half of those points are from assists<br />

and without my teammates putting the ball<br />

I pass to them in the goal I wouldn’t have<br />

been able to accomplish that.”<br />

Last spring, she recorded 106 points,<br />

including 62 goals.<br />

“She could potentially reach 300 points<br />

this spring if she matches her junior year<br />

performance,” Menchella said.<br />

Boulay said she just wants to help her<br />

team; she’s not chasing records.<br />

“I just want to stay true to myself and<br />

just keep doing what I have been doing,”<br />

Boulay said. “I’m going to work hard and<br />

get better every day.”<br />

Menchella said there is a lot of pressure on<br />

Boulay, “considering the massive target on<br />

her back,” but “she handles incredibly well<br />

due to her great composure as an athlete.”<br />

“She also has a lot of help around her<br />

from her talented teammates, so I don’t<br />

expect her to do it all and I wouldn’t want<br />

her to either,” Menchella said.<br />

Eureka recently had its Feeder Night<br />

where young girls meet high school athletes.<br />

Many wanted to take a picture with Boulay.<br />

“It’s really a full circle moment. I remember<br />

being one of those little girls like it was<br />

yesterday,” Boulay said. “Feeder Nights<br />

were so fun to me. It’s really cool now<br />

seeing the girls look up to me like I used<br />

to look at the high school girls when I was<br />

their age.”




BRIEFS<br />

PLACES<br />

Amrut Fusion Bourbon Bar and<br />

Eatery is now open at 17392 Chesterfield<br />

Airport Road in Chesterfield. The restaurant<br />

unites an extensive bourbon selection<br />

with fusion cuisine that combines Indian<br />

spices and local sustainable ingredients.<br />

Amrut offers nearly 60 selections of bourbons<br />

including bonded, single barrel, highrye<br />

and wheated bourbons. The restaurant<br />

is open daily for lunch, dinner and drinks.<br />

DJ Nights are offered every Friday and Saturday.<br />

Co-owner and Chef Anil Jukanti is<br />

also the owner of Anis Hyderabad House,<br />

12637 Olive Blvd. in Creve Coeur, which<br />

serves a diverse menu of Indian, Chinese<br />

and Vietnamese items. To view a menu,<br />

visit amrutfusion.com.<br />

• • •<br />

Shake Shack has opened at 13239<br />

Manchester Road and features a drive-thru<br />

following the success of the chain’s other<br />

drive-thru location at 17312 Chesterfield<br />

Airport Road. The restaurant features a<br />

core menu of burgers, fries and shakes<br />

with chicken and vegetarian options.<br />

• • •<br />

Wings of Hope has received two gifts<br />

totaling $2,544,565, one from the Donald<br />

and Ruth Malvern Foundation ($27,142)<br />

and the other from Ruth Malvern Charitable<br />

Distribution Trust ($2,517,423). Don<br />

Malvern joined Wings of Hope as chairman<br />

of the board and president in 1989,<br />

Owners of Amrut Fusion Bourbon Bar and Eatery (from left) Anil<br />

Jukanti, Anitha Jukanti, Tanya Mandadi and Karunakar Mandadi at the<br />

restaurant’s grand opening on Sunday, Jan. 7.<br />

after retiring as president of McDonnell<br />

Aircraft Company. He retired as Wings of<br />

Hope’s chairman in 2004 and died in 2006.<br />

Ruth was a member of The Ninety-Nines,<br />

an international organization of licensed<br />

women pilots. In the 17 years that followed<br />

Don’s passing until her death at 101 years<br />

of age in February 2023, Ruth continued<br />

to support Wings of Hope, both financially<br />

and through participating in Wings of<br />

Hope events. To learn more about Wings<br />

of Hope, visit wingsofhope.ngo.<br />

PEOPLE<br />

Anders CPAs + Advisors has promoted<br />

Ryan M. Huff, CPA, Joshua L. Snyder,<br />

CPA and Clay M. Kniepmann, JD,<br />

CPA/CFF/ABV, CFE to principals at the<br />

firm. Huff began his accounting career at<br />

Anders in 2008 and has worked his way up<br />

to principal as a technical resource for the<br />

tax department. Snyder began his career at<br />

Anders in 2014 following an internship in<br />

the tax department and has worked with<br />

startup companies, manufacturers, athletes<br />

and high-net-worth individuals on<br />

strategic tax planning and compliance.<br />

Kniepmann joined Anders in 2019 and<br />

boasts extensive experience in forensic<br />

accounting, fraud investigation and litigation<br />

services.<br />

• • •<br />

Following a national search, the Saint<br />

Louis Zoo has named Sabarras George<br />

as its next WildCare Park director, effective<br />

Feb. 5. George has over 25 years of<br />

executive leadership and operations experience,<br />

including nearly six years at the<br />

Detroit Zoological Society. The WildCare<br />

Park is currently under development with<br />

a scheduled public opening in 2027.<br />


January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />


I 37<br />

ELLISVILLE TRIO, from page 16<br />

combined the two; even when checking<br />

patents regarding weightlifting safety<br />

items.<br />

After surveying gym members, the trio<br />

drew up models and 3D printed a couple<br />

of test models.<br />

“We went through them to see what<br />

would work best,” Keating said. “We<br />

changed our plan a couple of times ... (to)<br />

make it safe and effective.”<br />

Finally, St. John, a biochemical engineering<br />

major, wrapped up the presentation<br />

with the money side, as in the cost<br />

of what materials, where it would be sold,<br />

buyers, and the team’s future plans.<br />

Despite primarily competing against<br />

upperclassmen, the trio placed third in the<br />

Nov. 13 event, winning a $1,000 scholarship<br />

check.<br />

Their mentor, Angelina Billo, the industry<br />

engagement officer at Missouri S&T,<br />

offered tips on what they might present.<br />

It included a Rubric (scoring matrix).<br />

After the competition ended, they got the<br />

Rubric results to see what they did right<br />

and wrong in the presentation.<br />

“What they mainly wanted from us<br />

was adding more of the business blocks,”<br />

Berutti said. “Since it’s a new product,<br />

there are always more questions and<br />

whole situations we could improve on in<br />

presenting our product in the future. That<br />

helped give us a direction for where we<br />

should be going.”<br />

Meanwhile, the trio has already sent out<br />

an email for a patent to protect their idea.<br />

“We’re all great friends, but it’s also a<br />

great invention! So, I would love to help<br />

turn it into some type of operation or business<br />

in the future,” Berutti said.<br />


Patios • Driveways • Sidewalks<br />

Textured Finishes also available<br />

Licensed & Insured<br />

Rlinkconstruction@yahoo.com<br />

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When you want it<br />

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Replacement Windows<br />

Seamless Guttering<br />

Leaf Guards<br />

Gutter Cleaning<br />

TEXT JIM<br />

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43 Years!<br />

• Emergency<br />

Repairs<br />

• Free Roofing<br />

Inspections<br />

• Insurance<br />

Claims<br />

• Siding, Soffit<br />

& Fascia<br />

• Insured<br />




• NO Spraying or Rolling Mess!<br />

• NO Money Down!<br />

Locally Owned & Operated by Tim Hallahan<br />

Serving <strong>West</strong> County for 25+ Years<br />

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BY<br />



WE DO IT ALL<br />


• Residential<br />

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• Repairs<br />

• Remodels<br />

• <strong>24</strong> Hour<br />

Emergency<br />

Service<br />



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38 I<br />

January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />









314-698-0403 • www.rickthomasconcrete.com • Fully Insured<br />

636-938-ROOF (7663)<br />

Like us on Facebook<br />

Locally Owned & Operated by Rick Hinkson<br />



Stair Lifts • Platform Lifts<br />

Portable & Fixed Ramps<br />

Bath Safety & Tub Conversions<br />

Rentals • Sales • Service • Installation<br />

15461 Clayton Rd<br />

Ballwin, MO<br />

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GENERAL CONTRACTOR | All Types Of Home Improvements<br />

Insurance Specialist, Fully Insured | A+ BBB Rating, 30 Years Experience<br />


314-282-1991 | www.CovenantContractingSTL.com<br />



Build and Repair Decks & Fences,<br />

All Painting, Wallpaper Removal,<br />

Powerwash/Stain Decks, Finish Basements,<br />

Remodeling, Kitchens, Baths<br />

Senior Discounts • Military Discounts<br />

First responders must show ID<br />

Call Today • 636-466-3956<br />

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Licensed & Insured<br />


• Wood<br />

• Vinyl<br />

• Composite<br />

• Aluminum<br />

• Refacing<br />

• New Decks<br />

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• Deck Construction<br />

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• Staircases<br />

• Hand Rail<br />

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30+ YEARS<br />


County House Washing<br />

& Painting<br />

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WEST<br />




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Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans<br />

Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting<br />

Specializing in installation for two story homes<br />

with no wiring on first floor.<br />

When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.<br />

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When you want it done right...<br />

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January <strong>24</strong>, 20<strong>24</strong><br />



I 39<br />

CARPET<br />



Licensed, Bonded and Insured:<br />

Service upgrades, fans, can lights,<br />

switches, outlets, basements,<br />

code violations fixed, we do it<br />

all. Emergency calls & backa-up<br />

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DSI/Door Solutions, Inc.<br />

Garage Doors, Electric Open–ers.<br />

Fast Repairs. All makes & models.<br />

Same day service. Free Estimates.<br />

Custom Wood and Steel Doors.<br />

BBB Member • Angie's List<br />

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Junk hauling and removal. Cleanouts,<br />

appliances, furniture, debris,<br />

construction rubble, yard waste,<br />

excavating & demolition! 10, 15<br />

& 20 cubic yd. rolloff dumpsters.<br />

Licensed & insured. Affordable, dependable<br />

and available!<br />

VISA/MC accepted. 22 yrs. service.<br />

Toll Free 1-888-STL-JUNK<br />

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J & J HAULING<br />


Service 7 days. Debris, furniture,<br />

appliances, household trash, yard<br />

debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks.<br />

Garage & Basement Clean-up<br />

Neat, courteous, affordable rates.<br />

Call: 636-379-8062 or<br />

email: jandjhaul@aol.com<br />

DECKS<br />

Deck Staining<br />

• Brushed & Rolled Only<br />

• No money up front/Warranty<br />

A+<br />

Free Estimates • Insured/A+BBB<br />

EverythingDecks.net • (636) 337-7733<br />


Restretching • Reseaming<br />

& Patching.<br />

No job is to small!<br />

FREE Estimates<br />

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Traveling Fossil & Rock<br />

Presentations with a Biblical<br />

Perspective. Suitable for all grade<br />

levels. FREE Fossils for everyone.<br />

Can the Bible timeline<br />

be tested and trusted?<br />

Yes!<br />

The Rock’s Cry Out Ministry<br />

Contact Bill Barnes 314-608-2928<br />


900 sq. ft. walk in store<br />

front located on<br />

Manchester Road<br />

in Ballwin.<br />

$1500 per month<br />

with utilities included.<br />

Call Scott<br />

636-394-4911<br />


-Technician/Driver Wanted-<br />

For Mobility Equipment Dealer.<br />

Basic Mechanical skills.<br />

Will train. Valid Drivers lic, Insurable.<br />

Must be able to lift 100lbs.<br />

Part time 10-30 hrs week. $20 hour<br />

to start. Veterans & Semi-Retired<br />

Encouraged to apply<br />

Call 314-608-5789 (Bob)<br />

Mobility Plus Ballwin<br />

Technology Partners, Inc. seeks<br />

Data Scientists in Chesterfield, MO<br />

to design prescriptive type<br />

analytical models, articulate<br />

objective function and collaborate<br />

with software engineering team.<br />

Telecommuting permitted. Travel<br />

to unanticipated client locations.<br />

Applicants may apply at<br />

jobpostingtoday.com/ Ref #38063.<br />

Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For Position of:<br />

Food Service<br />

Our Child Nutrition Assistants<br />

work school days only<br />

Part time or Full time,<br />

No experience needed.<br />

Starting Pay $14 Hourly.<br />

Seven Paid Holidays,<br />

Retirement through PEERS,<br />

Perfect Attendance Days<br />

Manager positions available<br />

with full benefits.<br />

www.rsdmo.org<br />

or call 636-733-3253<br />

Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For position of:<br />

Part-Time Custodians<br />

(Temporary Position)<br />

-Flexible Work Schedule<br />

-Competitive Wage<br />

-No weekends<br />

Apply at:<br />

https://rockwood.ted.<br />

peopleadmin.com/hire/<br />

Viewjob.aspx?JobID=3198<br />

or call (636) 733-3270<br />

EEOC<br />

Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For Position of:<br />

HVAC Maintenance Technician<br />

- 40 hrs/week<br />

- 12 months/year<br />

- Competitive Salary<br />

Full Benefit Package includes:<br />

- Retirement through the Public<br />

Educational Employee Retirement<br />

System (PEERS) of Missouri<br />

- Paid Medical, Dental<br />

& Vision Insurance<br />

- Flexible Spending Accounts<br />

- Life Insurance<br />

- Long-Term Disability<br />

- Employee Assistance Program<br />

- Sick Leave Compensation<br />

- Vacation Compensation<br />

- 11 Paid Holidays<br />

Apply at:<br />

https://rockwood.ted.<br />

peopleadmin.com/hire/index<br />

or call (636) 733-3270<br />

EEOC<br />


Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For Positions of:<br />

-Plumbing Maintenance<br />

Technician-<br />

- 40 hrs/week<br />

- 12 months/year<br />

- Competitive Salary<br />

Full Benefit Package includes:<br />

- Retirement through the Public<br />

Educational Employee<br />

Retirement<br />

System (PEERS) of Missouri<br />

- Paid Medical, Dental<br />

& Vision Insurance<br />

- Flexible Spending Accounts<br />

- Life Insurance<br />

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- Sick Leave Compensation<br />

- Vacation Compensation<br />

- 12 Paid Holidays<br />

Apply at:<br />

https://rockwood.ted.<br />

peopleadmin.com/hire/index<br />

or call (636) 733-3270<br />

EEOC<br />

Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For Position of:<br />

Mowing & Landscaping<br />

Technician in<br />

Grounds Department<br />

- 40 hrs/week<br />

- 12 months/year<br />

- Competitive Salary<br />

Full Benefit Package includes:<br />

- Retirement through the Public<br />

Educational Employee Retirement<br />

System (PEERS) of Missouri<br />

- Paid Medical, Dental<br />

& Vision Insurance<br />

- Flexible Spending Accounts<br />

- Life Insurance<br />

- Long-Term Disability<br />

- Employee Assistance Program<br />

- Sick Leave Compensation<br />

- Vacation Compensation<br />

- 11 Paid Holidays<br />

Apply at:<br />

https://rockwood.ted.<br />

peopleadmin.com/hire/index<br />

or call (636) 733-3270<br />

EEOC<br />

Rockwood School District<br />

Hiring For Position of:<br />


- 40 hrs/week<br />

- 12 months/year<br />

- Competitive Salary<br />

Full Benefit Package includes:<br />

- Retirement through the Public<br />

Educational Employee Retirement<br />

System (PEERS) of Missouri<br />

- Paid Medical, Dental<br />

& Vision Insurance<br />

- Flexible Spending Accounts<br />

- Life Insurance<br />

- Long-Term Disability<br />

- Employee Assistance Program<br />

- Sick Leave Compensation<br />

- Vacation Compensation<br />

- 12 Paid Holidays<br />

Apply at:<br />

https://rockwood.ted.<br />

peopleadmin.com/<br />

hire/index or call (636) 733-3270<br />

EEOC<br />



VISITING ANGELS is hiring for<br />

Chesterfield/Wildwood/Ballwin/<br />

Des Peres/ T&C- $17-19/hr.<br />

Personal Care Assistants &<br />

Homemaker shifts. Weekly Pay,<br />

Flexible Schedules, 401K match.<br />

Health Ins. after 6 mo. if FT<br />

Call 636-695-4422 or apply at<br />

VisitingAngels.com/westplex<br />



Private Home Health<br />

<strong>24</strong> hr. Affordable<br />

Home Healthcare Service.<br />

Referencces Available.<br />

Call 314-620-3550<br />

or email<br />

trossiecares@gmail.com<br />




Specializing in<br />

Decks & Fences<br />

FREE Estimates<br />

pristinemidwest@gmail.com<br />

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Mizzou Crew LLC (Since 2004)<br />

We can’t do everything,<br />

but we CAN do a lot!<br />

Landscaping, Demolition,<br />

Flooring, Light Construction,<br />

Furniture Assembly, Fencing,<br />

Deck Repair, Rough Carpentry.<br />

Call/text Jeff 314-520-5222 or<br />

email mizzoucrewstl@gmail.com<br />


Kitchen Remodeling,<br />

Wainscoting, Cabinets,<br />

Crown Molding, Trim, Framing,<br />

Basement Finishing, Custom<br />

Decks, Doors, Windows.<br />

Free estimates!<br />

Anything inside & out!<br />

Call Joe 636-699-8316<br />

Total Bathroom Remodeling<br />

Cabinetry•Plumbing•Electrical<br />

30 Years Experience<br />


Rotted wood, Painting, Tile,<br />

Drywall, Floors, Electrical,<br />

Carpentry, Plumbing,<br />

Power Washing. Insured.<br />


Tom Streckfuss 314-910-7458<br />

sbacontractingllc@gmail.com<br />


Leaf Clean Up<br />

& Vacuuming<br />

Pruning Work, Grading,<br />

Planting, and<br />

Dormant Sod Work.<br />


636-296-5050<br />


Residential • Commercial<br />

Leaf Clean Up • Retaining Walls<br />

Tree, Schrubs & Flower Planting<br />

& Trimming • Landscaping Rock<br />

FULLY Insured • FREE Estimates<br />

Call or Text Dave 314-843-0271<br />





Free Estimates<br />

314-280-2779<br />

poloslawn@aol.com<br />

Best Landscaping Values in Town!<br />

-Mizzou Crew-<br />

Mulch, Shrub Trimming,<br />

Yard Cleanups, Power Washing,<br />

Moles, Small Walls & Paver Patios.<br />

Hauling Services,<br />

Demolition,<br />

Handyman Services<br />

& Rough Carpentry<br />

Call/Text Jeff<br />

314-520-5222<br />

or www.MizzouCrew.com<br />


Retaining Walls • Patios • Pruning<br />

Chainsaw Work • Seasonal<br />

Clean-up • Honeysuckle Removal<br />

Friendly service with attention to detail<br />

Call Tom 636.938.9874<br />

www.mienerlandscaping.com<br />






INTERIOR SPECIAL 20<strong>24</strong><br />

$75 Per Avg. Rm Size<br />

(12’x12’ Walls 3 Room Minimum)<br />


(636) 577-8960<br />

Exterior Painting!<br />

DEFINO’S<br />


EST. 2006<br />

Interior & Exterior Painting<br />

Deck Staining<br />

- Insured & Free Estimates -<br />

definospainting.com<br />

314-707-3094<br />


Yucko’s<br />

Your Poop Scoop ‘n Service<br />

FREE Estimates<br />

314-291-7667<br />

www.yuckos.com<br />



Bonded & Insured<br />

Available for all your<br />

plumbing needs.<br />

No job is too small.<br />


35 Years Experience.<br />

Senior Discounts<br />

<strong>24</strong> hours service!<br />

314-808-4611<br />



GVM Plumbing<br />

Can’t beat my prices!<br />

Repair • Remodel • Install<br />

Great Water Heater Install Rates!<br />

Licensed • Responsive • Reliable<br />

(636) 288-7002<br />


Good Prices! Basement<br />

bathrooms, small repairs & code<br />

violations repaired. Fast Service.<br />

Certified, licensed plumber - MBC<br />

Plumbing - Call or text anytime:<br />

314-409-5051<br />

PRAYER<br />

Holy Spirit, you who make me<br />

see everything and show me the<br />

way to reach my ideals. Give<br />

me the divine gift to forgive<br />

and forget them all who have<br />

done wrong to me. I, in short<br />

dialogue, want to thank you in<br />

everything and confirm once<br />

more that I never want to be<br />

separated from you no matter<br />

how great the material desires<br />

may be. I want to be with you<br />

and my beloved one in our<br />

perpetual glory. Thanks for<br />

favors. Pray this prayer for three<br />

consecutive days without asking<br />

for wish. After third day, wish<br />

will be granted no matter how<br />

difficult. Promise to publish this<br />

dialogue as soon as your favor<br />

has been granted. – GB<br />



ALL CASH - AS-IS<br />

I have been buying and selling<br />

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$ $<br />

No obligation.<br />

No commission.<br />

No fixing up.<br />

It doesn’t cost to find out<br />

how much you can get.<br />

Must ask for<br />

Lyndon Anderson<br />

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Berkshire Hathaway<br />

Select Prop.<br />

Office: 636-394-<strong>24</strong><strong>24</strong><br />

FSBO<br />

#<strong>24</strong> Chaminade Drive 63141<br />

4/1 BDR, 2700 sq. ft,<br />

2 Story, Built in 2000,<br />

Ladue Schools,<br />

OWNER Financing<br />

or LEASE Purchase<br />

$4500 monthly<br />

786-286-2971<br />



Tree and Stump Removal.<br />

Trimming and Deadwooding.<br />

Free Estimates.<br />

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www.cole-tree-service.biz<br />


SPRING 20<strong>24</strong><br />

2 BED, 2 BATH<br />

1050 SQ. FT.<br />

$1,500/MONTH<br />

55+ Community<br />

All outside maintenance<br />

included<br />


636-584-3065 • info@maritzllc.com • maritzllc.com/availability

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